LaserJockosmosis: how do you mean?00:01
osmosisLaserJock: its just strange, because everyone I talk to about ruby on rails says that is not the right way to do it. So Im trying to figure out why the official documentation recommends that, and what components it is installing exactly.00:01
LaserJockosmosis: ah, well maybe that needs to be discussed then00:02
LaserJockosmosis: the best way would be to email the ubuntu-doc mailing list00:03
LaserJockif something's wrong or there's a better way we want to hear about it :-)00:03
LaserJockalthough there's not a lot on that page, I don't know why it'd be wrong00:04
osmosisLaserJock: mostly because the gems package will generate conflicts with apt.00:05
osmosisLaserJock: but is there a way to talk to the author of the page to see what he had in mind, or see why he thinks this is the correct way to do the install ?00:05
LaserJockosmosis: yes, the mailing list is the best way to get ahold of people00:05
LaserJockosmosis: we generally don't recommend gems00:05
LaserJockthough a lot of people use them00:05
LaserJockwe generally prefer people install stuff we've packaged00:06
osmosisLaserJock: that like using ubuntu and saying you dont recommend apt-get.  Very hard to use rails without using gems.00:06
LaserJockno, use apt-get to install rails00:06
osmosisLaserJock: how do you get gems later then ?00:07
LaserJockwhy do you need them?00:07
osmosisLaserJock: using apt-get essentially disables  gem install00:07
osmosisLaserJock: most rails programmers build apps that require gems00:07
LaserJockand they can't be installed via apt-get?00:07
osmosisLaserJock: in the same way that most ubuntu admins require apt-get.00:07
LaserJocklike I said, most developers would prefer that people use the software we've packaged up00:08
LaserJockthough we may need to look more at Ruby specifically as it is pretty common for people to use gems00:08
osmosisyup. cool.00:09
LaserJockosmosis: so, currently I think the doc is the way it is because we assume people want to install software we've packaged00:09
LaserJockwhether that is really the case for Ruby may need discussion00:09
LaserJockso it'd probably be worth an email :-)00:09
osmosisLaserJock: its a bit irronic that the package would exists and not be supported at the same time.  rubygems - package management framework for Ruby libraries/applications00:11
LaserJockwe actually had a bit of a fight over that00:12
LaserJockmany developers didn't want to allow it, others did ...00:12
LaserJockI don't think apt-get kills gems altogether00:13
LaserJockbut you probably want to use one or the other as you'd probably end up with multiple versions of libraries and possibly conflicts00:14
punisherHi all!05:02
punisherany body here?05:03
robotgeekpunisher: yes05:25
punisherrobotgeek: sorry, my english no good06:33
punisherI`m russian =)06:33
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melterhow do i create an account to edit the wiki?18:00
seisendo you have a launchpad account?18:33
kirklandmelter: you need a Launchpad.net account19:03
melterkirkland, when i click the "create an account" link, i get an error message19:16
melter"launchpad.ubuntu.com uses an invalid security certificate."19:16
melter"The certificate is only valid for launchpad.net."19:17
kirklandmelter: :-)  that just means that the SSL certificate is self-signed19:17
kirklandmelter: you should be able to "add an exception"19:17
melterok, i'm not familiar with the new firefox 3 interface19:17
melterdidn't that used to be a popup?19:17
kirklandmelter: it did19:18
kirklandmelter: i'm not a big fan of the new way19:18
kirklandmelter: too many clicks for my taste :-/19:18
meltersame here :(19:18
meltermaybe that's the point, though, to make us really think about it19:19
melterwhat's launchpad?19:20
kirklandmelter: if you're looking for something to document, that might be a decent little one to start with ;-)19:25
kirklandmelter: a screen shot or two would do, if there's not already a page in the wiki on it19:25
melterkirkland, all i wanted to do was fix a typo19:26
melteri got an account, but now the server seems to be down19:33
melterare the spelling errors i get from "Check Spelling" only for the page i'm editing?19:51
meltercan anyone use the "Add checked words to dictionary" button?19:55
melterwhat a rush20:06
melterdo my changes need to be approved by anyone?20:09
LaserJockmelter: what page are you editing?20:14
melterLaserJock, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DynamicFirewall20:16
meltersee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DynamicFirewall?action=diff&rev2=13&rev1=1220:16
melterjust typos, but there's a big difference between iptables and iptbales20:17
LaserJockmelter: yeah, just go ahead and save that kind of stuff20:20
LaserJockmelter: and thanks for helping out :-)20:20
melterdoes the bread-crumb trail show the hierarchy? it almost seems to be working as a history20:33
LaserJockmelter: yeah, I believe it's juat a history of where you've been20:53
LaserJockmelter: the hierarchy is in the URL20:54
jablkowhat is the correct way to link from the ubuntu wiki to an ubuntu package page?23:43
jablkois there an "interwiki" macro for that?23:44
LaserJockI don't think there is23:44
LaserJockwhere are you wanting to link to? packages.ubuntu.com or launchpad.net?23:44
jablkoLaserJock: packages.ubuntu.com23:52
jablkowell, either really23:53
jablkoi just want the package name in my wiki page to link to something useful...23:53
LaserJockI think just go ahead and do a a linkk23:54
jablkoLaserJock: cool, thanks23:55
LaserJockjablko: it would be nice to make sure that it's a generic link though23:55
LaserJocknot specific to a release so that we don't have to keep updating it for instance23:55

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