CIA-1cdrom-detect: cjwatson * r424 ubuntu/debian/po/am.po: msgmerge07:30
CIA-1base-installer: cjwatson * r326 ubuntu/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Use powerpc64-smp kernel on PS3/Cell (LP: #221647).09:45
CIA-1anna: cjwatson * r408 ubuntu/ (66 files in 3 dirs): merge from Debian 1.3110:08
CIA-1anna: cjwatson * r409 ubuntu/debian/po/ (am.po mr.po): apply Ubuntu branding to new translations10:09
xivulondavmor2: when you have a few mins, please test rev503 attached to bug #204128, same procedure to get that in the ISO11:48
davmor2xivulon: It worked on my base unit I'm going to try it on my laptop shortly.  In the meanwhile I'm going to ask bdmurray to confirm :)12:00
xivulonah great12:01
davmor2I'm just waiting for him to come on-line12:01
xivulonI have several users asking how to access their windows drive, the fact that it is on /host (+ mentioned in the FAQ) is apparently not too obvious.12:03
xivulonI know it is a new feature, but would adding a symlink from /host to ~/Desktop using success-command be reasonable?12:04
xivulon+/- for x in /home/*/Desktop; do ln -s /host "$x/Desktop"; done12:06
xivulon"$x/Windows" ^12:07
davmor2I think that if users are wanting to access their data on the windows dive then a symlink on the desktop seem reasonable with /Desktop/Windows_Drive or something similar12:08
xivulonThis is the most requested feature at the moment, followed by "How do I use a pre-downloaded ISO"?12:09
xivulonAnswer to the latter is to place both in the same folder, but that of course assumes that people read the FAQ, which is not the case....12:10
xivulonTo fix that though would involve some interface/translation changes and probably would not pass the FFE12:11
davmor2If your going to make a symllink can it be to a specific destination on the windows drive.  Example the users document folder which I'm guessing would be where the majority of their data would be?12:12
xivulonI was thinking that!12:13
xivulonit would be nice to have My Documents linked inside of ~/12:13
xivulonit gives that woo factor12:13
xivulonthe issue being that My Documents does not necessarily sit on /host12:14
xivulonsince the target partition where Wubi is installed might be different from the one where the User is12:14
xivulonbut that should still be under /media12:14
xivulonother issue is that in theory the /host and /media should not really be world writeable (even if they now are...)12:15
xivulonlet's see what evand thinks of the above, this is m-a material anyway12:15
davmor2M-a isn't working in wubi by the way12:17
xivulondavmor2: in your test of #204128 that was of course running off CD correct?12:17
davmor2yes I swapped out wubi and ran it from cd.  If I of thought about it long enough I'd of renamed the file wubi.exe an then umenu might of picked it up :)12:19
xivulonPS do you know any russian? I would like a second opinion on bug #220112 (I am not sure whether to preseed winkeys by default or not)12:20
davmor2No non at all :(  I'm English.12:21
xivulonI meant any russian developer12:22
xivulonI'll ask on #devel12:22
davmor2I'll have a think12:22
CIA-1debian-installer-utils: cjwatson * r655 ubuntu/ (70 files in 3 dirs): merge from Debian 1.5712:27
CIA-1clock-setup: cjwatson * r193 clock-setup/ (63 files in 3 dirs): merge from Debian 0.9512:36
xivulondavmor2: for #207137 you might want to attach windbg to cd2iso, debugging symbols should be there, so you can put some breakpoints12:48
davmor2where will windbg file be?12:49
xivulonwindbg is a windows debugger, you can get it from ms website12:49
xivulonall the fun happens in ImgCreator.cpp > ImgCreator::createImg within the while loop12:51
davmor2xivulon: no probs but that'll need to wait a bit :)12:57
xivulonno rush at all!12:57
evandaiui, GNOME should place an icon on the desktop for any mounted partitions, regardless of location.  I do recall it doing this for Wubi in the past.  Has that stopped working?14:01
davmor2evand: yes I think it is listed but not running14:02
xivulon /host will not appear neither in mount nor in fstab14:04
xivulonso if gnome uses mount or fstab it will not be there14:04
xivulonalso I think that the icon on the desktop allows you to unmount devices (correct me if I am wrong)14:04
xivulonwhich is not too desirable for /host...14:05
xivulonIn fact I would feel better if /host was be a simple symlink...14:05
evandright, but what happens when that code in GNOME works?  You'll end up with a symlink and the icon.14:06
evandThis strikes me as being hackish.14:06
xivulonwell I hope that the gnome code does not work :P14:06
evandAnd I believe you're wrong about the unmounting, though I'd have to check to be sure.  I believe it only works when the mount was done as the same user, I do not think it's smart enough to ask for elevated privileges.14:07
xivulonat least last time I tried I had not virtual disk. Interestingly I had one report on the forum claiming that the desktop icons behaviour depends on the arch!!!14:07
xivulonif you cannot unmount then a gnome drive is fine!14:08
xivulonbut I do not think it was there (amd64 :)14:08
tmmoyeri was looking through the source for linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic because I want to build a custom installer kernel, and I see there is a method of building just the 386 and generic flavors but it relies on the variable is_ppa_build being defined. I don't see anywhere in the documentation that specifies the purpose of this variable, or how to set it...can someone offer some guidance?14:08
xivulonI would assume it refers to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas (might be wrong though)14:09
tmmoyerthat would make sense, and building a custom kernel to put on a PPA would need this, my question is, is there a way to exploit this functionality given that I'm not really looking to publish the result to a PPA14:10
evandxivulon: I'll look into this further to confirm what I said above, but I believe we should ultimately make sure that the desktop environment DTRT here, rather than work around it.14:11
xivulonevand, if it cannot be unmounted I agree!14:11
xivulonalso I noticed that the hibernation button is not disabled (have to open a bug)14:12
xivulonthe policy should be: if any swap device is on file do not allow hibernation (methinks)14:12
xivulonthat should go in pm-utils correct?14:14
evandaiui, yes14:17
xivulonand hibernation will not work with swap on file anyway, correct?14:17
xivulonif so I will open a new bug14:18
evandI recall you saying that mjg59 told you that it would never work properly, given the current state of affairs.  Correct?14:19
tmmoyernevermind, some more reading reveals that this is used by the Launchpad PPA build system14:21
xivulonevand yep, but that is more generic, since swap on file is not necessarily wubi specific14:24
xivulonhad a quick word with mjg59 on #ubuntu-kernel and he suggested to file a bug14:24
xivulonbug #22469714:24
xivulondavmor2: can you pls also test the desktop icon behaviour on amd64 and i386. In particular I am interested to know whether a /host icon appears in the nautilus desktop, and whether it can be unmounted via context menu14:28
davmor2I'll check for you take about 30mins or so14:29
davmor2xivulon: Vista reboot dialogue appeared then it ejected the cd then it stopped dead and hasn't rebooted on my laptop14:55
davmor2I'll try it again just to be sure14:59
xivulonso the jam is still there :(15:01
xivulonwith new build it will be after reboot dialog anyway15:01
davmor2xivulon: yes but like I say I'll recheck it maybe laptop specific15:02
davmor2as it works on the tower I have15:03
xivulonshould be: reboot page + click reboot now or reboot later + eject + reboot/quit (depending on previous choice)15:04
davmor2yes that's what it does on the tower.  on the laptop though it displays the message then nothing happens :(  But I'm retesting as we speak15:05
xivulonon the tower after ejecting do you have enough time to get the CD off the tray or does it reboot immediatelly (and the CD gets popped in)15:06
davmor2xivulon: Vista is slow at rebooting you got time to go and put the kettle on and still get the cd out :D15:09
davmor2xivulon: same again.  I can't reboot it at all now though.  I'll get bdmurray to confirm though15:16
davmor2I should think time wise between the reboot happening and the cd popping out you get a good 5 seconds.  Then you got about 15-20 for vista to logout and reboot.15:19
xivulonnot sure 5 secs is enough, anyway if that does not fix the issue I can move back the eject to before the reboot page... Only route seems to be an explicit copy onto temp15:29
davmor2xivulon: don't forget though you still have the 15-20 seconds of vista shutting down so you get between 20-25 seconds in total15:33
xivulonsure, but there is not much point in postponing eject if it does not fix the issue15:36
* xivulon should have used a separate branch for such experiments15:45
nrgare there known issues with netboot and kickstart's %post scripts?16:05
cjwatsonnrg: don't think so, what's up?16:11
nrgi am trying to run a wget command outside of the chroot and place it into the chroot16:12
nrgi am looking at the install logs to see if i can figure out what the issue is16:13
cjwatsonwould be useful if you could post the kickstart script (minus passwords) somewhere16:14
nrgi think i might figured out the issue - does the kickstart's %post script get ran before local accounts are created?16:15
nrgi thought i read that runs right /before/ reboot16:15
cjwatsonyes, as it happens16:15
nrgthat's my problem. i am trying to place a file into an a home directory...16:17
cjwatsonquickest answer is to write out another script called /lib/finish-install.d/07local (or similar; number must be >6), make it executable, and write the commands you need there16:26
cjwatsonmight be other possibilities16:26
cjwatsonas you might expect with ordering constraints, if you flip it round other things are likely to go wrong ...16:26
xivulonevand did you find out about the desktop drive icons?18:00
evandxivulon: indeed, it doesn't seem to be working, though I could've sworn it used ot.18:01
xivulonboth are very weird behaviour18:06
xivulonin one case you have the icons appear to begin with and then disappear as soon as you use some usb device.18:07
xivulonin the other you have no icons for amd64 and icons for i38618:07
xivulonI have amd64 and certainly there are no drive icons, which is weird since I would have expected icons at least for the other partitions18:08
xivulonevand ^18:08
xivulonmy initial theory was that nautilus (or whatever lower VFS layer) only looks into mount/fstab which explains the lack of /host icon, but it cannot explain the above18:09
xivulonyou tested on amd64 right?18:10
xivulondo you have drive icons for the other /media/* stuff?18:10
evandI tested on i38618:19
xivulonso the amd64 theory is wrong18:20
xivulonin any case, I have no drive icon whatsoever and there should be a few (unless they changed the way the drive icons work)18:20
xivulonwill do some more testing tonight18:21
xivulonevand, did you apply the patch in #217348?18:21
xivulontonight I might have 204128 sorted (fingers crossed) via 7z18:22
evandnot yet, though I'd like to see more testing.  I'll post in #ubuntu-testing about it.18:23
xivulonthat would be nice18:23
xivulonthey can edit manually groot and call update-grub then try to reboot18:24
xivulon"#groot=(hdX,Y)/ubuntu/disks" =>  "#groot=()/ubuntu/disks" in menu.lst18:24
nrgcjwatson: does the reboot happen at 94save-logs?20:06
nrgcjwatson: nevermind - i see that it happens at 99reboot20:11
xivulonbdmurray, when you have some spare time can you pls try last build in #204128?21:41
xivulonyou have to put that into the CD replacing wubi.exe within the ISO (see instructions in bug)21:41
bdmurrayI'll test it sometime this week21:45
xivulonevand any view on #223001?21:59
xivulonbasically shall wubi delete all installation files (including ISO) when it's done or only preseed.cfg?22:00
xivulonalso what is the current version of daily isos (.disk/info) is it 8.04 or 8.04.1?22:05
evand8.04, I imagine22:07
evandI'd say yes to having it delete all of the install files.22:08
evandor at least the ISO22:09
xivulondone, can someone pls post .disk/info from new daily ISOs?22:32
xivulonwell I guess there is no need, the ISO seem to be dated 23 of April, when will the daily builds resume?22:36
cjwatsonI guess when there are a sensible number of updates to test22:38
cjwatsonxivulon: .disk/info will end up with 8.04.122:39
cjwatsonxivulon: and will be otherwise unchanged, aside from the build date22:40
cjwatsonI've bumped it to 8.04.1 now for whenever the first set of builds run22:41
xivuloncjwatson, thanks, I will change isolist.ini in wubi then22:41
cjwatsonthe builds will live in /hardy/daily/ /hardy/daily-live/ etc., rather than /daily/ /daily-live/ etc.22:43
cjwatsonsince we'll be doing intrepid builds in parallel22:43
xivuloncjwatson, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9041/22:48
cjwatsonyes, that looks fine, at least once those URLs exist22:50
xivulonevand rev505 is up, note that there are now 2 make: make and make wubi-selfextract22:56
xivulonthe second is a 7z wrap of wubi.exe that will hopefully address #20412822:56
xivulonI would use the selfextract on the CD but the normal one as standalone23:01
* xivulon rebooting for testing23:04

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