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fs_i need some help with the ubuntu kernel build process09:58
fs_may i ask here?09:58
fs_i'm using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile09:59
fs_..and a checkout of commit 273f7b551a420580307fa414fe616f0e276a403509:59
fs_it should match my current kernel 2.6.24-16-generic10:00
fs_i did some minor changes to the i386/config.generic because i need a SLAB allocator10:01
fs_debian/scripts/misc/oldconfig i386   # everything fine so far10:02
fs_then i do a ... AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic10:03
fs_it tells me /usr/src/linux-2.6.24-16 is not clean, please run 'make mrproper'10:03
fs_however "git-ls-files --others" says my HEAD was clean10:04
fs_do you know what i'm doing wrong?10:05
amitkfs_: Use the KernelMaintenance and KMStarter documents found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KnowledgeBase10:09
ckingfs_: I personally would start from scratch with a clean kernel source tree and see if you can build a kernel without patching it first by following wiki instructions10:09
amitkfs_: the instructions you are following are for a very old kernel10:10
fs_i'll try that10:12
fs_cking: if i don't change anything it build's fine, sorry it took so long.10:48
fs_i'll now try to follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMaintenance10:48
ckinggood plan.. :-)10:48
amitkfs_: just take care that you don't run the in-kernel build system (make menuconfig, oldconfig, etc.). That confuses the Ubuntu build system.10:50
fs_i'll try and see -- hope so :)10:50
fs_can i start with "debian/rules startnewrelease" or do i have to "debian/scripts/misc/getabis 2.6.24 16.30" first?10:55
alex_jonicjwatson: I now have further info on http://pastebin.ca/100222211:17
cjwatsonthis isn't really my area ...11:18
alex_joniok, I'll ask smb if he's around later11:25
alex_joniwould he be more appropriate?11:26
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cjwatsonalex_joni: well, certainly somebody on the kernel team, I don't know exactly11:48
alex_jonicjwatson: thanks11:49
fs_i followed the instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMaintenance very carefully, but i still get the same error12:04
fs_still ... "/usr/src/linux-2.6.24-16 is not clean, please run 'make mrproper'"12:05
fs_after "  scripts/kconfig/conf -s arch/x86/Kconfig"12:06
fs_i started at "Development cycle" with a fresh checkout12:08
alex_joni< fs_> i did some minor changes to the i386/config.generic <- where exactly is that file?12:08
fs_at debian/config/i386/config.generic12:08
fs_i took the /boot/config-2.6.24-16-generic ran make menuconfig on that changed SLUB to SLAB12:09
fs_cp'ed it to debian/config/i386/config.generic12:09
alex_joniwhen you run make menuconfig you taint your sources12:10
alex_joniput the config.generic somewhere safe, then revert all changes to your git checkout12:11
fs_tried both "debian/rules updateconfigs" and the long version with the for loop under "Updating configs"12:11
alex_jonigit reset --hard (or soemthing like that)12:11
fs_i think i'll start from scratch12:13
fs_do you mean i should make the change to debian/config/i386/config.generic with an editor12:14
fs_you say the menuconfig on the sources was bad -- i won't do this now.12:15
fs_oh lord12:16
alex_joniif you do any changes on the sources directly (even running make menuconfig or such) it will confuse the ubuntu scripts12:16
fs_all right!12:16
alex_jonifs_: at least that's how I made it work :)12:16
alex_jonibut you should simply get a clean checkout, put your new config in place, use dch to bump the version number, and build the binary package12:17
alex_joni(remember that newer versions released by Ubuntu will one day probably update your locally installed package)12:17
alex_joniso I would uninstall the meta packages, and use a very high number for the kernel package12:18
fs_oh thats ok, i can put them on hold12:18
alex_joniif you're carefull.. then it's ok12:18
fs_i have to get debs first12:19
fs_dch with any args?12:19
alex_jonidch -i to bump version12:19
fs_is that "git-update-index debian/config/*/*"... mandatory?12:26
fs_alex_joni: hit me! :)12:32
fs_it's building12:32
fs_how great! :D12:32
amitkfs_: you should build/configure outside the kernel source tree to avoid tainting the sources. e.g. make O=`pwd`/../build menuconfig, where 'build' is a directory above the Ubuntu kernel source12:32
fs_amit: yes! and i'll never forget12:33
fs_...until building changes ;)12:33
fs_if that works .. i've to go for the lum and lrm's12:34
amitkfs_: I've put something in for UDS to create a debian/rules target to automate this12:35
alex_joniamitk: are you acustomed with ata drivers?12:36
fs_amit: what's an UDS?12:36
amitkfs_: Ubuntu Developers Summit12:36
amitkalex_joni: not an expert12:37
fs_amit: that's really, nice12:37
alex_joniamitk: mmkay.. had this issue: http://www.peters-cnc-ecke.de/forumupload/uploadFiles2008/11479_115669130125_IMGP1627.JPG12:37
amitkalex_joni: intel chipset?12:38
alex_joniamitk: I think so12:39
alex_joniamitk: regular kernel (-generic) seems to boot ok, this is using a custom flavour12:39
amitkalex_joni: what flavour?12:40
amitkalex_joni: your own flavour?12:43
alex_joniamitk: yes12:44
alex_joniamitk: wonder if it's related to bug #20663512:46
amitkalex_joni: You have to give me context before I can help you. Did you change the config from -generic? When does this appear? Did you rebuild initramfs? etc.12:47
amitkalex_joni: or if you've already talked to somebody just wait. They should be coming online soon :)12:49
alex_joniamitk: the issue is that it's not my machine, will try to bring the guy with the machine in here (I mostly built the kernel debs)12:49
alex_joniamitk: I understand more info is needed, so I mostly would appreciate pointers in what direction I should start looking12:50
alex_joniamitk: it's a changed config (basicly all power management is switched off: ACPI, APM, etc)12:50
amitkalex_joni: dmesg (if you even boot), lspci -vvnn, details of config changes are needed. BTW, you said that -generic works, right?12:53
alex_joniamitk: yes12:53
amitkalex_joni: in that case, lsmod output is also helpful with generic.12:53
alex_joniamitk: beeing that early in the stage it's probably something in initramfs? (I mean it doesn't get to load modules from lum..)12:53
amitkalex_joni: have you recreated your initramfs?12:54
amitkalex_joni: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeamBugPolicies for more info12:54
alex_joniamitk: yes12:55
alex_joniamitk: I was a bit worried about submitting a bug at launchpad.. as it might not be something wrong in the ubuntu source/packages12:55
alex_jonibut rather something I didn't do right..12:55
amitkalex_joni: it isn't a bug if the default Ubuntu kernel works :) But it will help you have all this info on a single page in order to get help12:56
alex_joniamitk: ok, thanks.. will gather more data12:57
alex_joniamitk: different topic: machine freeze and blinking keyboard lights means kernel panic?12:58
amitkalex_joni: almost always :)13:03
alex_joniamitk: cool, thanks13:10
shashi I am using Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit version, if i install any 32-bit applications like browsers, datbase clients ...etc. The 32-bit based applications not able to reach /etc/resolv.conf file to communicate to the network. Any one tell me how to resolve this issue ?13:42
maks__shashi: ask on #ubuntu for support13:43
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devindiawhere can i get ubuntu source code13:52
fs_see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelGitGuide13:53
devindiawhat language is it written13:58
devindiai mean the ubuntu kernel13:59
fs_in c or in english afaik?14:01
devindiai want to learn and understand about ubuntu kernel.. 14:01
fs_nice :)14:02
fs_the ubuntu-kernel is a linux-kernel14:02
devindiaanything more to tel me about kernel.... and can i download the source code... and get started14:05
fs_depends on what you want to do14:06
fs_linux is http://kernel.org/14:06
devindiai actually want to learn how a kernel is written especially about linux(my sweetheart:-[) .. thats what i am interested in14:08
fs_there are serval books about that issue14:08
devindiawhat are the pre-requisites.. i mean the language and skill i need to know ??  14:09
fs_it's mainly the c programming language14:10
devindiathen... any thing else to learn before i jump into linux kernel14:11
fs_there is so much to learn14:12
johanbrIf you don't already know C pretty well, the linux kernel is not a good place to start.14:12
devindiaC means... what subconcept you actually mean...  do i need to know pointers well ?? then about various datastructures ???14:14
xivuloncan you pls confirm that suspend-to-disk does not work with swap on file? 14:16
mjg59xivulon: Correct14:18
fs_devindia: there are serval books about the linux kernel one is "linux device drivers". you can find it at http://lwn.net/Kernel/LDD3/14:19
xivulonmjg59: would it be possible to disable hibernation within pm-util if any device in swap -s is on file?14:19
xivulonI had a couple of users ending up with a frozen system14:19
xivulonI can file a bug if you wish14:20
mjg59That would be good14:20
devindiais this  a place for kernel developers to chat?? hope i am not disturbing anyone??14:21
xivulonmjg59 bug #22469714:22
amitkdevindia: this is channel for Ubuntu kernel development. For general-purpose kernel change you should go to a channel from kernelnewbies.org14:23
devindiaok... i will do that14:25
devindiabut i want to know about ubuntu kernel..... the site is telling me about something else14:26
devindiadoes ubuntu use launchpad for its development ?/14:27
amitkdevindia: ubuntu kernel is basically the linux kernel + some extra patches. Everything you learn at kernelnewbies is applicable to the Ubuntu kernel.14:29
amitkdevindia: yes, LP is used for development14:29
devindiadevelopment in the sense i asked for "code"  if yes... can i get the sourcecode from launchpad14:30
alex_jonidevindia: most likely you get the linux kernel from www.kernel.org14:33
amitkdevindia: the ubuntu kernel code is at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git14:34
devindiawhere is git coming in... if ubuntu uses launchpad.. it must use bazaar... am  i right? 14:37
amitkdevindia: no, the kernel is an exception14:38
xivulonIn wubi I have a "Common Workarounds" boot mode for the installer14:39
devindiaso only patches are made using bazaar14:40
xivulonAt the moment it is mostly acpi=off, but what would be a reasonable combination?14:40
xivulonI was thinking: "Common Workarounds Boot" => xforcevesa acpi=off noapic nolapic all_generic_ide floppy=off irqpoll14:40
xivulonis this okish?14:41
amitkdevindia: EVERYTHING is in git14:41
xhakerrtg: you've tagged the cgroups bug verification-needed. where is it built?15:09
cjwatsonxivulon: I'm sure I said this before, but it's really not a good idea to lump everything into one like that15:10
rtgxhaker: its in progress. add the -propsed repo to your /etc/apt settings and you'll get notified when the build is complete.15:11
cjwatsonxivulon: as I pointed out before, gfxboot offers a set of checkboxes each of which separately represents a common workaround people might need, and wubi should do similarly IMO15:11
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xivuloncjwatson I have to use menu.lst 15:12
xivulonso I have a bit less flexibility 15:12
rtgxhaker: since its an ABI bump you'll want to wait until LUM etc are also uploaded.15:12
xivulonI can have one menu entry for each workaround though15:12
cjwatsonxivulon: I'm concerned that just hammering them all in will break some systems in different ways15:12
cjwatsonxforcevesa, for instance, produces severely degraded video performance if you don't need it15:12
xivulonnow I have Safe Grapghic Mode = xforceves  and ACPI workarounds = acpi=off noapic nolapic15:13
cjwatsonall_generic_ide will probably change the probe order of devices15:13
cjwatsonI'm sure acpi=off breaks suspend15:13
xivulonbut I noticed a few users required irqpoll and/or all_generic_ide15:13
cjwatsonand so on15:13
xivulonso maybe I can do 3 groups15:14
cjwatsonevery one of those options will be detrimental in some way, otherwise it would be on by default15:14
xivulongot that, shall we then keep Safe Graphic Mode and ACPI workardounds as they are and add a new one for irqpoll + floppy=off?15:15
cjwatsonare irqpoll and floppy=off particularly connected to each other/15:15
xhakerrtg: yep, i know the drill. but i didn't notice an upload to proposed yet15:15
xivulonputting the 2 together since a couple of users apparently required them15:15
cjwatsonI think you need to do the research to understand them before just dropping them in15:15
xivulonlet me fetch the post15:15
xivulonthat's why I am here :)15:16
rtgxhaker: yeah, the SRU process is kind of a pain for the kernel. I've got all of the bugs marked for SRU. I'll bug pitti soon to release the upload.15:17
xivuloncjwatson: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77375915:17
xhakeroh.. it's in the queue :D15:17
cjwatsonxivulon: I have to say that I think it's much, much more important to gather information about what systems need those parameters and feed that information back to the kernel team, than to worry about producing a complete list15:18
cjwatsonfirstly, you're not going to be able to produce a complete list, period15:18
cjwatsonsecondly, if the kernel team get information about what systems are going wrong, they can add quirks to the kernel so that it uses those by default, which will help many more people15:19
cjwatsonso the first response should ALWAYS be to get the necessary information (dmidecode, sometimes lspci -vvnn, etc.) so that quirks can be installed by default15:19
cjwatsonwhen you find yourself designing complicated systems to divide workarounds into different groups, that's a sign that it's gone too far15:20
cjwatsonmaybe some of these are just needed for a few systems, and we could clean those up for 8.04.115:21
xivulonbut sometimes people cannot boot at all so gathering that info becomes difficult15:21
cjwatsonyou aren't going to be able to assemble a complete list of why people can't boot, though15:21
cjwatsonI'm just worried that the necessary followup might not be getting done here15:22
xivulonall I aiming for is to provide a simpler avenue to get around the most common issues15:22
xivulon2 or 3 (xforcevesa, and acpi=off are already there, so it's a matter of deciding whether I should add something else for irqpoll & co)15:22
cjwatsonright, but above you were talking about "a few users" - I'm just not sure there's enough data yet to indicate that these are really common, rather than just being something that affect a very small number of systems15:22
xivulonhttp://ubuntuforums.org/search.php?searchid=40276200 (search wubi for irqpoll)15:23
cjwatson(which might be ones that lots of users use)15:23
xivulonsomeone even added that as a recipe to the wubiguide, that is what really triggered my attention15:24
cjwatsonnone of this is specific to wubi surely, for that matter15:26
mjg59cjwatson: Well, ideally we fix the bug rather than blacklisting15:36
cjwatsonsure, I just mean as an absolute minimum15:36
xivuloncjwatson, I will leave it as it is then, If I observe more irqpoll or all_generic_ide recipes we will discuss whether it is worth to add an extra menu entry15:38
* cjwatson nods15:39
ograwho is our best FS person to look at a unionfs bug that bites classmate and MIB atm ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24/+bug/22475415:57
ZetI get this when I run the "check disk integrity" thing on the 64-bit desktop installation CD: "BUG: Soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 11s! [exe:2673]"16:00
Zetor release 8.0416:00
rtgogra: cking16:01
Zetgoogling that string suggests proprietary wireless drivers or something as the culprit, but surely none can be loaded at boot time off the live-cd?16:01
ograseems to be caused by a hardlink in the sudo package16:01
ograsomehow unionfs doesnt like hardlinks atm16:02
rtgZet: all hardware modules will get loaded off the live-cd16:02
Zetrtg: even by the integrity checker?16:03
Zetrtg: does the live-cd have proprietary drivers on it?16:03
rtgZet: I can't remember if LRM is there, but I think not.16:04
Zetwhat is LRM16:04
rtglinux-restricted-modules (where all the binary blobs live)16:04
Zetwell anyway, I checked the md5sum of the .iso I burned and it's ok16:05
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ZetI got Kubuntu installed but it completely freezes after a short while16:05
rtgZet: are you getting a stack dump from the BUG message?16:05
ZetI haven't been able to check the system logs yet either16:06
Zetmaybe I'll burn a Knoppix CD or something16:06
rtgZet: what do you have that you can unplug in order to try and isolate the problem?16:06
Zeta USB memory card reader, a wacom tablet, a digital tv card...?16:07
ckingogra: OK, will look into it. What hardlinks are you referring to for this bug to occur?16:07
Zetbut first things first: doing the dishes to reduce nagging16:08
ogracking, the sudo package ships two ahrdliks16:08
Zetget back to you later16:08
ogracking, there is one in hardy-proposed which makes unionfs oops ... i bet you can try to pull it onto the liveCD to reproduce16:09
ograume as well as classmate use both a standard rofs/cow/unionfs setup similar to the CD16:09
ckingogra: can you add some more details on how exactly to trip this on the bug report so that I can easily reproduce it?16:11
cking..if that's not too much of a problem.16:12
ograi added: to reproduce use a system with unionfs underneath (liveCD might suffice) , enable the hardy-proposed repo and install the sudo package from there (it ships two hardlinks which i suspect to be the cause here)16:13
ogradoes that suffice ? 16:13
ogracking, lool and me are both available for you if you need any tests etc16:14
ogra(lool in #ubuntu-devel)16:14
* ogra tries with a live iso in virtualbox ....16:16
ckingogra: that info is fine. It's a pity unionfs is being used - aufs is an alternative union fs16:16
ogralooking forward to intrepid for it16:16
cking..it's in hardy lum too16:17
ograi already have the necessary patches for ltsp waiting where we use unionfs extensively ... 16:17
ograbut nothing uses it yet in the ubuntu world16:17
ograso i have to stick with the supported stuff for the release16:18
cking..the kernel oops may take some figuring out.. but I start digging early tomorrow if that's OK.16:19
ograi'll roll the updates into a new rofs anyway :) and automatic updates are disabled on the classmate ... not sure how urgent its for lool though16:21
ograconfirmed on the liveCD as well16:21
ckingogra: just to confirm - which LiveCV are you using?16:23
ograthe released hardy iso16:24
ograin virtualbox16:24
aboganirtg: Is it sufficient for SRU (Bug #224788) ?16:53
rtgabogani: hang on, lemme look.16:55
aboganiSorry if it isn't looks good but it is my first SRU request. :-(16:56
rtgabogani: what about the mutex fix? The changelog entry (from the git commit) implies that the toshiba_acpi module has always been enabled.16:58
aboganirtg: No BenC disabled it times ago.16:59
rtgabogani: ok, so the SRU is really 'enable toshiba_acpi'. The changelog entry (that I created) is misleading.17:00
dhavalrtg, ping17:08
rtgdhaval: yo17:09
dhavalrtg, how do i clone your kernel tree?17:09
dhavalthe stutters should not be happening17:09
dhavalwe should fix it.17:09
rtgdhaval: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMaintenance17:10
dhavalgit://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-hardy.git ?17:11
dhavalrtg, thanks!17:13
dhavali might ask you test out some patches to confirm if i manage to nail this one tonight17:13
rtgdhaval: what problem are you pursuing? 17:15
dhavalrtg, the stutters you mentioned in the last mail to the bz17:17
rtgdhaval: that was the original behavior with USER_SCHED. Isn't it an accurate description?17:18
dhavalrtg, well, that is not expected behavior. it should not stutter.17:18
dhavali thought we had fixed it long ago17:18
dhavalbut we don't seem to have, so let's go and fix it.17:19
rtgI'm not sure what you mean. the bug report is describing _why_ I changed -generic from USER_SCHED to CGROUP_SCHED.17:19
rtgsmb: what is going on with https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/module-init-tools/+bug/140511 ? 17:21
rtgsmb: is it against the wrong package?17:21
rtgsmb: never mind. I found it: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-hardy.git;a=commit;h=77d6ec19785ff831150378a1073c21024e88fb0517:23
smbrtg: Why is that assigned to you? I fixed that in the kernel. init tools was wrong because blacklisting was no option. 17:23
rtgsmb: I'm going through the SRU process on these bug reports. its a real pain in the ass.17:23
smbrtg: for hardy?17:24
smbrtg: I am confused. You need an sru for something that was in the release?17:24
rtgsmb: as far as I can tell it was not in the release.17:25
rtgthough it looks like it should have been.17:25
smbrtg: hm. thought we had an upload for release after i put that in17:26
rtgsmb: according to the log, you appear to be correct.17:26
rtglooks like 'debian/rules insertchanges' didn't do its job correctly.17:26
smbrtg: must be something like that. i was a bit late but not that late17:27
rtgsmb: it was committed Apr 9, I uploaded twice after that.17:27
rtgsmb: hmm, maybe not. I'm gonna revert to the -16.30 tag and see just what is in the source.17:29
smbrtg: so I thought. Well the last commit before was -16.30. Hm17:29
smbrtg: No, not correct. It was the first -16 ABI17:30
smbrtg: And you checked in -16.30 relase some time after that17:31
rtgsmb: well, the blacklist code is in the -16.30 tag. damn, sure messed up m y changelog.17:32
rtganyway, I gotta bolt for a couple of hours. back in a bit.17:33
dhavalrtg, sorry missed your message. what i mean, is that even if a media player is getting lesser cpu time, it should still get scheduled quickly enough for stutters to not be noticable17:33
compbrainHowdy folks, is there a wiki page/doc suggesting how to do a complete flavor build (kernel, modules, restricted modules, metapackages, etc)18:08
compbrainI've automated my main kernel build process, but the auxiliary packages have me wondering if there is a better way18:08
alex_jonicompbrain: not that I know of, but there's info in debian/binary-custom.d (for the kernel)18:09
compbrainalex_joni: Yea, I've got that much. We're producing kernel iamges to our team ppa using that method for zumastor.org18:11
compbrainbut we've had requests for the other supporting packages to be built as well18:11
alex_jonicompbrain: it's not very different for lum and lbm18:13
alex_jonipull them from git18:13
alex_jonithen "NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary-modules-ppa && dpkg-buildpackage -S -I -i"18:13
alex_joniI also add DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=2 in the front of that (so it goes a bit faster)18:14
alex_jonilrm is not in git faik, so I usually get it with apt-get source linux-restricted...18:14
compbrainYea, right now i've got a py script to pull the latest kernel source package from our mirror, throw in the new flavor, flip a few bits, and output the modified source package for ppa upload18:15
alex_jonicompbrain: maybe pulling from git will be easier18:15
compbrainI'll try anything once ;)18:15
alex_joniheh, same here18:16
alex_jonibut for lrm you can only get it with apt-get source afaik18:16
alex_jonisame for meta18:16
alex_joni(for meta it's simply: fakeroot debian/rules binary && dpkg-buildpackage -S)18:16
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ogrartg, do you think it would be possible to get the one digit fix from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/115284 into one of the SRUs ? 20:21
ograit would really make a lot dvb users happy 20:21
rtgogra: lemme read through it. It won't go in until the next upload, but ought to make it for 8.04.120:22
ograthat would be cool :)20:25
_sourcemakerhow can i disable martian source and ll header checks?21:24
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cathyalanyone awkae23:33
cathyalwher'es tj23:35

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