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acacsboredandblogging: hi15:15
acacsboredandblogging: i'm translating the uwn to pt-br15:16
acacsboredandblogging: would like to know if the job should be done even if i can't finish it today15:17
acacsjohnc4510: hi15:20
acacsjohnc4510: i'm translating the uwn to pt-br and would like to know about the deadline to publish it15:21
acacsjohnc4510: currently i'm doing the job alone15:21
acacsand i'm afraid i can't finish it today15:22
johnc4510acacs: we like to have it done by wednesdays, but are flexable15:22
johnc4510acacs: don't worry about it15:22
johnc4510working alone makes it harder15:22
johnc4510and we _really_ appreciate the work15:23
acacsyes, it's harder15:23
acacsbut i've translated some issues in the past alone15:24
acacsso i'll continue with this issue15:24
johnc4510if you can, try to recruit some help for yourself15:24
johnc4510sure, and like i said, thx15:25
johnc4510let me know if you need anything too15:25
acacsok johnc451015:25
boredandbloggingacacs: excellent, looks like johnc4510 helped you out15:43
johnc4510boredandblogging: hey, good morning nick15:43
acacsboredandblogging: yes johnc4510 helped me15:44
acacsboredandblogging: thanks15:44
boredandbloggingjuliux: pong17:03
juliuxboredandblogging, hey17:04
juliuxboredandblogging, did you read my email at the loco contacts?17:04
boredandbloggingyeah, I did17:04
juliuxhow are you handling this in the us?17:04
boredandbloggingmost of the states aren't big enough to have many sub-groups inside the loco...17:06
boredandbloggingso the LoCos as a whole communicate with LUGs17:07
boredandbloggingeither on the LUGs mailing lists or on the LoCo mailing lists17:07
boredandbloggingsometimes attending the LUG meetings to let them know what the LoCos are doing17:07
boredandbloggingand holding joint activities17:07
juliuxi mean more the collaboration between the locos in the states17:09
juliuxis there a collaboration between the us locoteams? and yes how?17:09
boredandbloggingthere has been some success with that...17:09
boredandblogginglike some of the locos in the midwest held an event recently17:10
juliuxin germany we have some ubuntuusers groups in single cities17:10
juliuxthey have great ideas but the discuss that only on ther own mailinglist where only people form that city are on17:10
juliuxso i am interesting in how to get all the people to one mailinglist and who to communicate that they should use this "centrale" mailinglist17:11
boredandbloggingthere is an ubuntu-us mailing list, but it is not too active unfortunately17:11
boredandbloggingmost of the locos are focused on their single locos at the moment17:12
boredandbloggingso there are ways to communicate17:12
boredandbloggingbetween locos17:12
boredandbloggingbut not much work has been done there17:12
juliuxok so same state like in germany;)17:14
juliuxso i will continue with my mission to bring them on a central mailinglist17:16
boredandbloggingthat would be excellent17:16
boredandbloggingI would hope that between loco-contacts and country level mailing list, there would be good communication17:16
boredandbloggingthere is also an ubuntu-us irc channel, but its mainly noise, people just chattering about random things17:17
juliuxboredandblogging, lets speak about that uds;)17:18
boredandblogginggood idea17:19
juliuxperhaps we can write a "draft" on english and i will translate it to german17:19
juliuxbecause i am not a friend of the status qou17:19
boredandbloggingit would be good to try to change things...17:20
boredandbloggingin the US, it seems like LoCo activities have slowed down17:20
boredandbloggingnew ideas would help17:20
juliuxand i think it is better to have all the people under on roo17:23
juliuxi don't like splitting;) i prefer one big strong team17:23
juliuxi will be back later17:25

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