inkynoobWhat is the purpose of the ppa apt sources? 05:41
inkynoobeg. deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports hardy-updates main restricted universe05:41
inkynoober, sorry eg : deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mobile/ubuntu hardy main05:42
Mr_Youlooking forward to trying ume05:44
Mr_Youahh.. v8.04.. I should try it out.05:45
Mr_Youdesktop edition rather.05:46
Mr_Youand it fits on a cd, cool.05:51
dholbachgood morning06:41
inkynoobHoorah! I finallaly got Ubuntu Mobile working on my EeePC. My touchscreen arrived in the mail yesterday, once I get it installed, this is going to be great!07:02
loolinkynoob: Cool07:36
loolinkynoob: What's your touchscreen?07:36
inkynoobA generic 7 inch USB touchscreen from ebay. The manual is in chinese, but I plugged it into my desktop and it worked automatically with Ubuntu Hardy07:37
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dholbachStevenK: why did you have to upload python-central to the PPA? was the reason something like bug 222829?10:10
StevenKdholbach: For the snapshot, no other reason.10:11
dholbachit was just weird that there were outdated .pyc files10:12
loolDown to 38 source packages!11:37
loolin the ppa11:37
loolamitk: Could you visit the ppa delete page and see why some linux-* stuff shows up there as superseded?  Anything we could drop from there which isn't actually useful anymore?11:38
loolasac: Hey, it's unfortunate that we have this xulrunner-1.9 fork in the ppa ATM11:39
loolasac: Could you apply the patch on lpia only?  Or apply it in all cases, add some ifdefs around its code, and only turn the flag on lpia?11:40
loolasac: Otherwise, we will have to update xulrunner-1.9 in the ume stable ppa each time we update xulrunner 1.9 in hardy...11:40
asaclool: the patch is too hacky. i hope the gconf component can be properly isolated and shipped as a separate package.11:42
loolasac: Even if it's hacky, can't it be surrounded by #ifdef GCONF_HACKY? :)11:42
asaclool: if that is done it will stay that way forever ... and lpia users cannot get  a clean xulrunner11:43
loolasac: Yeah, but it's a better solution for hardy maintenance don't you think?11:45
loolasac: Or do you think that gconf bit could be shipped in a separate component in the next month?11:45
asacno i don't think so. we should have the proper solution if possible at all11:46
asacits not rocket science ... its basically just moving the file somewhere else in the build system11:46
loolasac: Ok; will it need to be a separate package?11:46
amitklool: done11:46
loolamitk: Thanks!  did you remove many packages?11:46
loolasac: If it does need a separate binary package, I'm a bit worried that it will be acceptable under the SRU policy11:47
loolasac: Unless we can build it out of tree11:47
asaclool: a separate binary package from same source tree11:47
loolasac: Do you think it's acceptable for a SRU?11:48
asaclool: i think so11:48
loolasac: Then that'd be top notch11:48
amitklool: yeah. lots of old ones. I thought PPA got rid of superseded ones automatically11:48
loolamitk: I thought so too, I wonder whether these were really old and broke some ppa machinery11:48
loolamitk: You know we had issues with early kernel builds and all11:48
amitklool: perhaps11:48
loolamitk: What's the plan for the kernel?  Can we drop the ppa version entirely?11:49
loolamitk: Basically, what remains to be done WRT to removing packages and uploading to hardy-proposed? (based on the email exchange we had)11:50
cprovlool: amitk: when you build new binary package names the old ones remain published and hold the source in the archive disk, you have to remove them manually in +delete-packages11:51
amitkcprov: Thanks for the info.11:52
amitklool: a few trivial configs need to be patched into Ubuntu kernel, then we can get rid of all kernel stuff in PPA11:52
loolcprov: Interesting, thanks11:53
cprovyou are welcome.11:54
loolcprov: Do you beep on ppa? :)11:54
cprovlool: yes :)11:54
loolamitk: Excellent, will that land in the next hardy update?11:54
amitklool: yes, but only in July11:55
loolamitk: And the final intel drivers will be in too at that date?11:55
loolI guess so11:55
cprovlool: lots of beeps and pidging-thinkpad-light-discotech lately :) 11:55
amitklool: if they provide it by then, yes :)11:55
loolIt's a plugin to blink the backlight when someone pings you?11:55
loolSounds ultimately cool11:55
cprovlool: yes, a pigdin plugin to blink the thinkpad-light when some says one of the configurable words ...11:57
cprovit's cool and sometimes annoying ;)11:57
* lool is tempted to should p p a p p a p p a12:02
[NO]hey all, just had a excellent experience installing 8.04 from XP on a Samsung Q1 ultra :)13:07
lool[NO]: How was it?14:45
lool[NO]: You installed UME or Windows?14:45
inkynoobGood morning15:01
inkynoobWhat is the ppa repository for? 15:02
persiainkynoob: It's a place to put things that aren't necessarily fit for Ubuntu proper.  This might mean newer upstreams for basic integration testing.  While the archive is frozen, it means just about any updates.  The use should decline significantly once intrepid is open.15:04
agoliveirainkynoob: You can also use for your own packages. Just put there to be built and made available.15:04
inkynoobIf I want to be testing things and filing bug reports then, should I be using the ppa repository?15:04
agoliveirainkynoob: Yes, you can fill a bug report and add your fixed package there.15:06
loolpersia: BTW, not sure you followed this, but I'd like us to push as much as possible out of the ppa in hardy updates when possible15:07
loolEspecially security sensible stuff15:07
persialool: Based on SRU hijacks?15:07
loolYeah, the mail I sent to ubuntu-mobile@15:08
loolNaturally, we should make sure these have low impact, typically only applied for lpia or similar15:08
loolpersia: We will have to provide security updates and stable updates for 18 months based on this; it's best if most of it can  follow the general hardy procedure than go in the ppa15:09
persiaRight.  I'm presuming that new stuff should hit intrepid mostly directly once it's open, and that it's the current hardy PPA that we're draining in the SRUs.  Are we pushing more new stuff into the hardy PPA after intrepid opens?15:09
loolpersia: The target release date for UME is in about a month; we're pushing updates and bug fixes up to that date15:10
loolpersia: That's slightly earlier than hardy.115:10
loolWe wont focus on intrepid until the first UME release is out15:11
persialool: OK.  Thanks for the clarification.15:11
loolI think everything should happen in intrepid next cycle; no ppa-only feature shall be released15:11
inkynoobSo last night I got Ubuntu Mobile finally istalled on my EeePC. It's running very nicely, but the volume and brightness controls in the menu bar aren't working. Brightnes and volume are working with the keyboard shortcuts though. Does anyone know where I should be looking to make those work together?15:15
loolinkynoob: Looks like issues with hal; you could try the gnome brightness applet to confirm15:17
persiaLook at the special key assignments in the ume-gui-start script as one place to start.15:17
persiaI have the same issue on the SR8.15:17
inkynoobpersia, I'll look at that. lool, it might be that only a subset of Hal got installed. I started from Ubuntu JeOS and installed UME on top of that15:18
persiainkynoob: That might do it.  Check the fset definitions in the moblin-image-creator package to make sure you have the complete set of packages.  MY memory is that the metapackages don't match exactly.15:18
inkynoobAre fsets a Debian package thing? I saw them when I played with Image Creator, but I just did a CD install to my computer, didn't use an image15:19
persiafsets are a special image-creator thing.15:20
ZicI heard that port of Ubuntu Mobile to the ARM arch (to work with ITT of Nokia) is still planed, the FAQ link (in the topic) is apparently outdated about this point, have you got more info ? Thanks ;)15:47
ZicI know problems for this port about closed software of ITOS developed by Nokia with Maemo, and so, Ubuntu Mobile cannot use the full potential of ITT, if you have more info about "collaboration", I will glad to hear it too :)15:48
loolZic: What happened is that Nokia folks have rebuilt Ubuntu for ARM16:02
loolThis is not related to Ubuntu Mobile in particular16:02
loolWe do receive many requests about Ubuntu Mobile on ARM16:03
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morickso you never went bowling with goebbels either? 17:21
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Raseel@agoliveira : After your session yesterday, I finally manages to set a target , add Fsets (Samsung Full) and even see the UI in Xephyr21:16
RaseelWhat next ?21:16
agoliveiraRaseel: Well, you tell me :) What do you want to do?21:16
RaseelWell, frankly I have no idea :-) Are there any bugs I can test to reproduce an' stuff 21:25
RaseelTest in Zephyr , of course21:25
agoliveiraRaseel: well, check launchpad. There's quite. Some of them are easy to fix like problems with dialog boxes sizes and things like that. Any help will be apreciated, of course.21:31
Raseelok. Lemme see what I can dig up21:32
RaseelOne thing, btw, when I tried to install the Fset for the Full Samsung with Propreitary thingy, I get an error "apt-get install" cannot find helix-dbus-server21:33
RaseelIs this a known issue ?21:33
loolRaseel: This package needs to be available from the APT repos your configure21:46
loolRaseel: We have it in a private repo, but it relies on non-redistributable bits (helix stuff)21:46
agoliveiraRaseel: You can edit it out from the fset file description.21:52
RaseelI already selected the samsung-full-mobile-stack (no propreitary21:54
Raseel) and it worked21:55
bspencerasac, lool  despite my last email, mobile-basic-flash does not yet work with xulrunner 1.9.  Still working out the issues22:19
bspencerhopefully by end of day22:19
bspencerso v0.44 is the last stable release.  v0.45 has the patches for xul but doesn't work correctly.22:19
bspenceris there a place that identifies the licenses of all Hardy packages?23:15
bspencerlike GPL 2, 3, BSD, etc.23:15
inkynoobLooks like each installed package has a copyright file in /usr/share/docs/<packagename>/copyright23:17
bjwood0question: I just made a new project/target with MIC and when I run it in Xephyr the icons don't open up the right apps?23:17
bspencerbjwood0, what apps do they open?23:24
bspencerbjwood0,  in your drop-down menu (top-left), what categories to you have?23:24
bspencerif you have something about system management, then you are probably reading the /usr/share/applications/*.desktop files from your system, and not your target23:25
bspencerthis is a common bug, fixed by running "pkill gconfd" in the target before launching xephyr23:25
bspencer(just guessing)23:25
bspencershouldn't occur on the target of course.23:25

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