ScottKhttp://ubuntu-releases.cs.umn.edu/hardy/ as an example.00:00
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sparr__this is a bug, no?  /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d: 274: /sbin/runlevel: not found01:52
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LaserJockman, I wish these earthquakes would stop :/02:41
ajmitchLaserJock: move to NZ, we never have earthquakes here...02:50
LaserJockbut you have ... new zealanders ;-)02:51
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RAOFYou could come to .au - we don't have earthquakes either, and a lower concentration of new zealander's than NZ :)03:02
ajmitchRAOF: depends on which suburb you're in :)03:03
LaserJockRAOF: sorry, you may not have many new zealanders, but your australian concentration is a bit high ;p03:11
jdongia64 build of iscsitarget 0.4.15-5ubuntu2 in ubuntu intrepid RELEASE04:46
jdongoh my god oh my god oh my god!!!104:47
jdongIT SAYS INTREPID!!!!04:47
nixternalall of my packages have been coming back with FTBFS for lpia04:47
jdongnixternal: that's a bug in the hardware then ;-)04:47
nixternalheh, rsibreak-kde4 FTBFS ia64 :)04:48
nixternaljeesh, I am getting a bunch of Intrepid emails tonight04:48
gnomefreakdo one of you remember the command to automagicly add the next build to changelog (something like dch -i debian/changelog?04:49
calcintrepid has been open for a couple days now04:49
calcwell in the archive, its still frozen aiui04:50
calcdoko has been uploading toolchain stuf for a while now04:50
calczul: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/intrepid/04:51
zulcalc: I know I was kidding04:51
calczul: ok :-P04:51
calchmm gta iv released today04:53
ajmitchah, an important release04:55
ajmitchbut will it run on ubuntu?04:55
calcisn't it for consoles? :)04:57
calcbest solution to get rid of windows, get a console for games :)04:57
calci don't actually like gta just noticed it made the news with a poll asking should violent games be sold04:59
* ajmitch doesn't tend to play many games05:00
ajmitchworld of warcraft a bit, but cutting back on that for sanity's sake05:01
zuli still like pong05:10
RoAkSoAxhi there, anyone around?05:48
CrippledCanaryjdong: I just subscribed -sponsors on bug #22424105:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 224241 in smstools "smstools stop working after upgrade" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22424105:54
dholbachgood morning06:41
LaserJockmorning dholbach06:52
dholbachhiya LaserJock06:54
LaserJockI guess this means I should be going to be06:54
* dholbach hugs LaserJock06:55
ajmitchhello dholbach, goodbye LaserJock06:55
dholbachhi ajmitch06:55
PMantisHI guys, I have my own repo setup... and I'm using "gpg -abs -o Release.gpg Release" to secure it. However, I get this on apt-get update unless I delete the .gpg file: "Failed to fetch http://domain.com/apt-repo/binary/Release"07:06
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secretlondoncan someone sanity check my bug with a .pc file before I send it to debian?08:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 214929 in soundtouch "soundtouch has problems with its .pc file" [Undecided,New]08:46
secretlondonThis is half the cause of an audacity bug08:46
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YokoZardholbach: did you catch the confusion regarding SRU process yesterday?09:00
dholbachYokoZar: no, not really - what was it about?09:01
* dholbach rushes out to walk the dog for a bit - brb09:02
\shYokoZar, what was it?09:09
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YokoZardholbach: \sh: Basically I followed the process on the SRU wiki page and ended up uploading without an ack since it wasn't clear I was supposed to wait for one between step 3 and 409:57
YokoZarI assumed that uploading to -proposed was how the SRU team reviewed proposed updates09:57
\shYokoZar, hmm...09:58
dholbachYokoZar: best to ask members of https://launchpad.net/~motu-sru/+members if they can clarify the docs09:58
lagai wonder if someone from motu-sru can take a look at bug #220087 and ACK it. it fixes an upgrade problem09:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 220087 in mythplugins "Some mythplugins packages fail to configure if /var/lib/mythtv NFS mounted" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22008709:59
YokoZarAlso I guess it's worth pointing out that I'm not sure what to do now.10:01
YokoZar\sh: you've seen the bug right?  Very minimal patch, fortunately.  Also I've tested it to work.10:01
\shYokoZar, tbh, I think there needs to be a review of the docs for SRUs...because I wonder if any member of motu-sru does know everything about special packages...10:01
\shYokoZar, yes...nothing which can break existing wine installations10:02
coolbhaviHello  Can you please point out the errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8868/10:05
\shcoolbhavi, you still have diff fragments in your control file10:07
\she.g. <<<<<<< mon-0.99.2-11ubuntu1 (ubuntu)10:07
\shand ====10:07
\shand other stuff10:07
coolbhaviHow to overcome?10:07
\shcoolbhavi, remove it in the right way?10:08
\shfollowing merging documentations :)10:08
* \sh fights more with bacula10:11
coolbhavimeans removing lines 9 10 and 11?10:11
\shcoolbhavi, dunno...it depends if the package is a merge or not.10:12
\shcoolbhavi, if there is an ubuntu change, so it's a merge, you need to follow the DebianMaintainerField guidelines for ubuntu (which you can find on the wiki)10:13
coolbhaviI have got the major part of merging into my head but the conflicts part I m not understanding at the moment...:(10:14
Hobbseecoolbhavi: differences between ubuntu and debian.  you have to merge them, and keep the bits you want.10:14
coolbhaviHobbsee : I understood that but how to edit control files? I m up with it for past hour but I keep getting same error... :(10:18
Hobbseecoolbhavi: ...with a text editor.10:18
\shbacula is missing somehow the drop tables script in /usr/share/bacula-director10:20
coolbhaviHobbsee : yes I know but can you give an example please of a sample control file before changes and after changes in merging?10:20
Hobbseecoolbhavi: wouldn't that depend on the changes to the control file?10:20
Hobbseethe non-merged is what you have now.10:20
Hobbseethe merged looks more like a standard control file, which you'll find in the packaging guide.10:21
coolbhaviOK thanks I ll come come back if any doubts are there.. Please bear my questions....10:22
coolbhaviOK is this a standard control file? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8874/10:28
coolbhaviOk thanks10:30
coolbhaviNow is my control file correct? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8878/10:39
Hobbseecoolbhavi: yes, style-wise, it's correc.t10:40
Hobbseei've no way of knowing whether you picked the right bits to merge.10:40
coolbhaviI m following yesterdays session on merging at the Open week...:)10:41
pochuso does anyone have a needs-packaging wishlist for a Python application/module?10:43
* \sh needs to recreate his whole build infrastructure...can somebody do me a favour and fix bacula? :)10:44
Kopfgeldjaegeri have a package that patches the configure file. it adds launchpad-integration to lines like <error: Package requirements: libegnome-something \n>. should i add those lines to all messages like that?11:39
Kopfgeldjaegeryes, i should. ok.11:44
fargiolasjdong: ping?11:49
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Sveinungdoes anyone know when all the packages from Debian will be auto synced to Intrepid?12:22
StevenKSveinung: Sometime after the toolchain is sorted out12:25
SveinungStevenK: thank you. About how long time do you belive that will take? (days, weeks or months?)12:26
dholbacha very few days12:27
sebnerdholbach: heya. any news/progress about the new "contributors" group?12:28
dholbachsebner: as far as I can see no blockers, now that the name is sorted out12:28
james_wdholbach: have you spoken to sistpoty about co-ordinating the revu-uploaders name change? Or is that decision not final yet?12:30
sebnerdholbach: kk, just want to join ASAP to start the new development cycle with a new mail adress for the changelogs ^^  Btw do you know where to send the application?12:31
dholbachsebner: motu-council@lists.u.c12:31
dholbachjames_w: no, I didn't talk to him about it yet - it'd be nice if that was sorted out too12:31
sebnerdholbach: great. thx :)12:32
dholbachROCK :)12:32
james_wsebner: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/motu-council/2008-April/001035.html is an example12:32
dholbachmake sure you CC your sponsors :)12:32
sebnerdholbach: kk. I have testimonials on my wiki page ^^ xD xD XD12:32
sebnerjames_w: thx :)12:32
sebnerdholbach: a good laugh ;) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StefanEbner12:33
james_wdholbach: I can speak to him today if he is on. Is the decision at the meeting final? There were no responses to the minutes.12:33
persiaLack of objection to the minutes is what makes a decision "final".  Note that such a "final" decision is subject to change from new agenda in a future MOTU Meeting.12:34
james_wpersia: cool, thanks.12:34
persiajames_w: Please note that in general, building consensus is preferred to any formal process.  The "formal rules" tend to based on precedent from previous cases where there was confusion or disagreement.12:35
persiaWherever possible, it's best to proceed on your best understanding, and engage in discussion if this doesn't match your perception of another's understanding.12:36
persiaFor wide-ranging changes that affect a lot of people, I like to have final discussion at a MOTU Meeting, just because that way everyone has time to prepare, and can share their thoughts.  On the other hand, the decision (new for gutsy) to use massive task lists to handle transition bugs was taken without a MOTU Meeting.  It really depends on the subject, and whether there is any controversy or confusion.12:38
* \sh needs a hp tape library somehow12:49
* ScottK doesn't think the team rename should be done until after someone has a REVU patch to change it to work with the new name.12:53
james_wScottK: that's exactly why I was going to talk to sistpoty12:58
RainCTScottK: dunno what you were talking about but if you want to change the team name I can update REVU if necessary (changing the group name seems like a pretty trivial change)12:58
ScottKRainCT: I'm not saying it's easy or hard, just that it needs to be done in a coordinated way (unlike last time where MC broke REVU keyring syncs without even knowing they'd done it).12:59
pochunxvl: I think I'm going to 'repackage' terminator for the Python Packaging session ;)13:01
pochunxvl: it's the perfect candidate as it's simple and uses distutils :)13:01
RainCTactually, I think I'm going to move this to REVU's config file..13:02
pochunxvl: do you know where can I find some terminator screenshots online? the link at lp.net/terminator doesn't load...13:05
CrippledCanaryScottK and RainCT: I manage to sort out the bug for #224221 :)  .....13:06
CrippledCanaryhad to study some debconf :)13:07
CrippledCanarynow just waiting for a sponsor upload13:08
sebnerpersia: sended my application :) Awaiting for moderators approval. I have you take that not too serious because my applications is somehow a little bit sloppy ^^13:10
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ScottKjdong: First Hardy backport from Intrepid is done: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/devscripts/2.10.26ubuntu3~hardy113:53
ScottKFYI: Devscripts that (among other things) has intrepid as the default is backported to hardy-backports and will be available there once it13:54
ScottKis built/published13:54
jdongScottK: nice13:54
ScottK... intrepid as default for dch ...13:55
ScottKOr not.  It's not depwait.  Built in my pbuilder.  Urgh.13:56
ScottKjdong: It's libterm-size-perl and the whole main/universe thing again.13:57
* ScottK gives up on backporting anything in Main until it's fixed.13:57
jdongScottK: grumble, the bug is "fixed" in lp development13:57
jdonghopefully it'll be really fixed in the upcoming upgrade13:57
ScottKWould you please beat on them and make sure.13:58
* jdong nods13:58
ScottKI guess once that fix gets release it'll un-depwait automatically anyway.13:58
Mez\sh, ping14:08
\shMez, pong14:09
sistpoty|workhi folks14:09
Mez\sh, the new xdebug package is in the NEW queue for debian. Do you want me to build a 0ubuntu1 for intrepid ?14:09
\shMez, if it's in debian, we can sync it later.14:10
sebnerheya sistpoty|work14:10
sistpoty|workhi sebner14:10
\shintrepid is still frozen for toolchain14:10
\shMez, but we should watch out for indirect bugs, like php-xdebug + zend-platform == crash ;)14:11
\shor better the other way around14:11
Mez\sh ah yes, we have a while yet - I forgot. Though it might be fun as It uses 'xdebug' as the source package14:11
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\shMez, this we can resolve with pitti in a clean way imho14:12
Mez\sh, I'm sure it can - but it means more work for SOMEONE14:13
Mezby the way do you/the guy who made the ubuntu package have alioth accounts?14:13
\shMez, I have yes..14:13
Mez\sh, what's your alioth account ?14:13
Mez(as we're using that + collab-maint for xdebug)14:14
\shMez, oh damn..wrong question ;) wait .. i'll have to check14:14
Mezsh-guest ? :P14:14
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Mez\sh shermann-guest14:15
\shMez, yes14:16
\shMez, but the -guest part I never wanted...14:16
\shbut alioth is forcing me to use this :(14:16
Mez\sh, yeah - it does unless you're a DD14:17
\shwell, imho this will never happen ,-)14:17
Mez\sh, why not?14:18
james_whi sistpoty|work14:20
james_wsistpoty|work: for the renaming of u-u-c to go ahead do you just require a patch to the source and then co-ordination of the time to rename, or is there something else involved?14:21
\shMez, I disagree with some of debians ways14:21
Mez\sh, care to explain?14:21
\shMez, wrong place, wrong time14:23
Mez\sh, no problem14:23
sistpoty|workjames_w: it's just patching the code and renaming the team afaik... siretart wanted to take care for that (and iirc split off the keyring handling from revu to a different project when doing so)14:28
james_wsistpoty|work: ok, thanks, I'll talk to him about it.14:28
siretartah, right14:29
siretartthat was as well on my list14:29
james_whi siretart14:29
siretarthey james_w14:29
siretartsistpoty|work: I notice that the daily keyring sync script has been disabled from revu1's cronjob. do you know if we have another place where the keyring sync is done from?14:32
siretartI don't remember disabling it14:32
sistpoty|worksiretart: nothing on spooky at least14:32
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james_wsistpoty|work: do I remember right that you also requested that the ownership of revu-uploaders be transferred to revu admins?14:34
sistpoty|workjames_w: yes, either /me or siretart did that... but it's not really a problem if that doesn't happen imo14:35
siretartjames_w: yes, I requested ownership to be transferred to revu-admins14:36
siretartjames_w: I requested that because I thought only the owner of a team can rename it. it seems that every administrator (revu-admins is) can do that14:37
siretartjames_w: so my request isn't that urgent. still, I think that revu-admins is a more appropriate owner than motu-council, but YMMV14:37
\shrevu is completely separated from motu, I thought14:38
siretart\sh: sort of. revu is a service offered by ubuntuwire for ubuntu developers.14:41
siretartsistpoty|work: james_w: team renamed, keyring sync started. seems to work14:41
sistpoty|worksiretart: woohoo, thanks a lot :)14:41
james_wsiretart: fantastic, thanks.14:42
persiaI'd agree that "revu-uploaders" belongs to revu-admins, rather than motu-council.  motu-council may be responsible for a different open team, but that's another issue, for another day.14:42
siretartwiki page updated14:44
siretartif you find any missing references to ubuntu-universe-contributors, please fix them to mention revu-uploaders!14:44
sistpoty|worksiretart: did you also update revu trunk?14:46
siretartsistpoty|work: sorry?14:46
siretartsistpoty|work: no, I didn't commit the change yet14:46
sistpoty|worksiretart: ah... then I don't need to wonder why I'm not getting a mail *g*14:46
persiaShould old specs also be updated to reflect the team name change?14:48
siretartsistpoty|work: production branch updated14:49
sistpoty|workthanks a lot, siretart!14:49
sistpoty|workpersia: might make some sense, I guess14:50
sistpoty|workpersia: do you mean the revu2 spec? iirc it's referred to from elsewhere14:50
sistpoty|work(so it makes sense to update it)14:50
persiaOK.  I'm just updating the results from a full text search of the wiki then, excepting meeting logs and personal pages.14:50
sistpoty|workthanks persia14:52
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james_wThanks persia, you beat me to it.14:57
persiaI'm unsure about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KubuntuTutorialsDay/GetYourWorkIntoKubuntu  Anyone have an opinion?14:57
james_wpersia: I just added a note at the point where it is mentioned to explain it, do you think that is correct?14:58
ScottKWhat's your question about it?14:59
sistpoty|worklooks good james_w14:59
persiaWell, I'm not sure about editing an IRC log.  it feels like editing an old changelog entry.  I think it'd be better to extract the useful content from the log, and put it into a HOWTO somewhere, if that hasn't been done already.14:59
persiaScottK: I'm not sure I should s/ubuntu-universe-contributors/revu-uploaders/15:00
ScottKMaybe add a footnote at the bottom.15:00
Hobbseebug 889615:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 8896 in synaptic "Enable auto-install of packages in recommends field by default, like in aptitude" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/889615:29
broonieDktrKranz2: I've actually had one of teh SCons developers offer as well.15:35
DktrKranz2broonie: no problem then :)15:47
DktrKranz2they know better than me, thanks ;)15:47
broonieDktrKranz2: Well, he knows nothing about packaging.15:48
broonieDktrKranz2: I'm thinking team maintinance might be best.15:49
DktrKranz2sounds good15:49
broonieHow about I look at uploading your package tonight and put you guys in touch with each other?15:49
broonieI do want to give up the package since I'm not enjoying maintaining it at all any more.15:50
DktrKranz2broonie: great! I'll be mostly offline due to adsl failure these days, I found a old modem and I can connect from time to time15:50
DktrKranz2hope to be back in action soon15:51
DktrKranz2can I/we poke you for sponsorship?15:51
broonieYes, of course.15:52
DktrKranz2good :)15:52
DktrKranz2broonie: I noticed link I gave you is incorrect, do you want the good one?15:54
DktrKranz2dsc is here: http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/s/scons/scons_0.98.3-1.dsc15:54
broonieCould you e-mail it, please?15:54
DktrKranz2sure, just a second15:55
broonieI'll not look at it until this evening.15:55
\shhey jono15:57
Hobbseeuh oh, i'ts jono!15:58
* Hobbsee runs and hides15:58
DktrKranz2broonie: in case of troubles,  just drop me a line by mail or in IRC and I'll catch it when back online15:59
\shjono, will you attend LT this year after UDS? :)15:59
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jdstrandhi ScottK16:13
jdstrandScottK: I finally looked at bug 217256 and added a comment recommended moving forward with SRU for dapper16:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 217256 in clamav "ClamAV Upack Processing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21725616:13
jdstrandScottK: sorry it took so long-- got *really* busy with hardy release16:14
jdstrandleonel: hi! I was just looking at bug #21350016:23
ubottujdstrand: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out16:23
jdstrandleonel: can you update your dapper debdiff to update 00list and retest?16:23
leoneljdstrand: PLOP  sorry ..   I'll redo de debdiff16:26
emgentheya people16:27
jdstrandleonel: thanks!16:27
jdstrandhi emgent16:27
emgenthey jdstrand :)16:27
leoneljdstrand: also i'm cooking  another debdiff for bug #217256  for feisty and  gutsy16:30
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 217256 in clamav "ClamAV Upack Processing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21725616:30
jdstrandleonel: ok. ping me when ready16:33
leoneljdstrand: will do16:33
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sebnergeser: around?16:38
* \sh heads home16:55
gesersebner: yes16:57
sebnergeser: :). I suppose you attended the MC meeting today? I read the minutes. What does that means now?16:58
gesersebner: if we don't reschedule the meeting for sometime later this week, the next meeting will be next wednesday17:00
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sebnergeser: that also means until then *nothing* will be done?17:01
geservery likely, perhaps only the team rename17:02
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jdong[  144.547466] wifi0: FAILED verification of AR5K_PHY_AGCCOARSE_HI default value [found=0x6e (-18) expected=0x6e (-18)].17:03
gesersebner: but open applications aren't only processed during the meeting. during the meeting we only look which ones are still open.17:04
jdongI don't know what that means, but it sure doesn't speak too highly of madwifi...17:04
sistpoty|workwell, there's a difference between 0x6e and 0x6e... probably a very subtle one *g*17:04
sebnergeser: ok. thanks17:05
gesersebner: as your application is on the MC radar, we won't ignore you for to long :)17:14
sebnergeser: ah. you already noticed ^^17:14
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=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
* sistpoty|work heads home17:54
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leoneljdstrand: done the debdiff for  bug 21350018:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 213500 in clamav "heap corruption before 0.92.1" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21350018:09
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jdstrandleonel: thanks-- and you tested it too? (the bug just said the debdiff was updated)18:26
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
leoneljdstrand: there's a build error  fixing it18:35
bddebianHeya gang18:37
geserHi bddebian18:53
bddebianHeya geser18:53
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wasabiSo... probably a simple problem on my part; genchanges is saying it cannot read the files list file: No such file or directory.  Probably just a missing file I didn't create, but I can't figure out which one.19:06
wasabiBasic packaging help. ^19:06
LaserJocksebner: are you subscribed to motu-council?19:08
ScottKjdstrand: I'm back now.19:17
ScottKjdstrand and leonel: My preferred solution for Dapper is to copy clamav from dapper-backports to dapper-updates/-security.  That'll be one less variant we have to make patches for in the future.19:17
jdstrandScottK: understood, and I expressed my opinion on that in the bug19:21
ScottKSo I guess I need to harass an archive admin then?19:21
jdstrandScottK: looking at the code, IMO it will need full SRU, but at least it'll be the last time19:21
* jdstrand nods19:21
jdstrandScottK: but I didn't do the testing19:22
ScottKTesting is mostly use it and see it not break.19:22
ScottKThe security hole is known fixed in 0.92.1, so that's not at issue.19:22
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leonelScottK: jdstrand  not to be lazy from me  but   agree with ScottK's  solution19:24
jdstrandleonel: I agree too19:24
jdstrandit just isn't in there *yet*19:24
ScottKleonel: In the scheme of things, I'd suggest focus your patching on feisty/gutsy if you have to pick.19:25
ScottKpitti did the last clamav pocket shuffling, so I'll ask him on Friday.19:26
leileilolthink there's a chance for libmodplug to be updated to the latest working version?19:34
leileilolthe current one in the repositories is a bit old and doesn't sound as good as the latest19:34
leileilolalthough xmms is depreciated, there is one game I know of that uses libmodplug19:34
ScottKleileilol: For Intrepid, yes.  After that maybe a Hardy backport.19:35
leonelScottK: working on19:39
leileilolthe libmodplug in ubuntu has a problem with patterns in audacious, like makes the first pattern plays twice19:53
leileiloland then ends the song abruptly19:53
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mysterycoolI am interested in requesting a mentor to guide me through in order to become a MOTU. I will write an email in a bit and im wondering if u could plz tell me when i'll most probably get a response from a mentor.20:31
james_wmysterycool: there are a few people waiting for mentors at the moment, so you will probably join a queue of people I'm afraid.20:34
james_wyou can start working without one though, so don't let it stop you20:34
mysterycoolhmm, k, then I think ill get working around with packaging stuff and maybe request one in a while or so =]20:34
james_wand any contributions you can make beforehand will probably make you more appealing to invest time iin as your commitment will be more clear.20:35
RoAkSoAxhi there, to start merging (for this new development cycle) i should be in intrepid right??20:35
cyberixDoes Ubuntu Wine team have an irc channel?20:40
james_wRoAkSoAx: you mean running intrepid?20:40
ograRoAkSoAx, not even hardcore devs would do that in the next four weeks :)20:41
ograas soon as the merging starts intrepid will eat your children20:41
james_wcyberix: I don't think so, they just discuss things here.20:41
RoAkSoAxjames_w, yes... to do merges... or can i create a pbuilder enviroment for intrepid un my Hardy installation?20:41
ograthere ill be a debootstrap in hardy-updates that will support building chroots/pbuilder for intrepid on hardy20:42
james_wRoAkSoAx: yup, you can. That's the way most people will do it for a while20:42
james_wpbuilder/debootstrap/vm etc. at least20:43
RoAkSoAxjames_w, so do i just to this?: sudo pbuilder create --distribution intrepid --othermirror "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid universe multiverse"20:43
ograbut give it still some days, the toolchan is just being built20:43
james_wRoAkSoAx: yep, I think that's right, but as ogra says give it a few days.20:44
RoAkSoAxok, because after doing that i have this error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9012/20:45
ograyou cant do that yet20:45
ograthere is no intrepid20:45
ograonly if the toolcain has built and someone pushed a new debootstrap to hardy-updates20:46
ogradont bother to try before20:46
RoAkSoAxoh ok, thanks ;)20:46
ograsomeone will surely yell in #ubuntu-devel or put it in the channel topic if you can20:47
ffmHow do I get a debdiff I made accepted?20:49
james_wffm: you should subscribe the sponsors team, then someone will review it and upload if it is ready20:52
ffmjames_w: Ok. Should I put that I fixed a bug in the changelog of the debdiff? (and if so, can I just edit the diff file instead of going through the process all over again?20:53
james_wffm: yes and possibly, though editing a diff can make it not apply properly20:53
james_wif you simply edit a line you are safe, but adding a new line means you need to tweak the numbers at the top of the hunk20:54
ffmjames_w: Thanks.20:55
Son26hi ;)21:02
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
Son26what this?21:03
james_wSon26: you can find out more about what we do at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU21:04
Son26what this? page?21:05
Son26james_w: No!21:19
Kopfgeldjaegercan i unsubscribe someone else from a bug?21:20
slangasekKopfgeldjaeger: no, you need a launchpad admin for that21:25
Kopfgeldjaegerok. if i upload a new package, should i upload *.dsc, *.diff.gz and *.orig.tar.gz? or link to the orig file? or create a get-orig-source rule?21:26
Mezwow, this rules file is fun21:39
Mezmkdir  etc/etc/etc/etc/etc21:39
Mezcp etc etc/etc/etc/et21:39
Mezover and over again21:39
slangasekMez: bwuh?21:48
Mezslangasek, the package I'm making21:48
MezIt basically just copies files to the right paths for the respective packages21:49
RainCTMez: why don't you just use dh_install?21:53
MezRainCT, I might... dunno yet21:53
slangasekMez: so you don't mean "etc/etc/etc/etc/etc" literally...? :)21:53
Mezslangasek, nope21:53
slangasekok, that's what was frightening me21:54
norsettoLaserJock: can you pls. check bug 221399 and eventually ack it?22:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 221399 in rkward "Not working in hardy x64" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22139922:05
LaserJocknorsetto: k22:07
norsettoLaserJock: thx22:07
JazzvaShould I subscribe motu-sru and prepare sru bug report for bug 219303 in order to include this fix in 8.04.1?22:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 219303 in gnome-voice-control "Problem with OAFIID:GNOME_VoiceControlApplet while adding VoiceControl to GNOME Panel" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21930322:25
=== nenolod_ is now known as nenolod
norsettoJazzva: since you need sponsoring, and u-u-s is already subscribed, you may as well wait for it22:42
norsettoJazzva: your sponsor should help you with the sru too22:43
Jazzvanorsetto: Thanks...22:43
JazzvaJust wanted to check if everything is ok. I would like if this fix could be included :).22:44
norsettojazzva: couldn't keep you away from ubuntu too long eh ;-)22:44
Jazzvanorsetto: Naah :). I think I managed to do both Ubuntu and school work...22:45
norsettojazzva: when you say "Re-apply changes from 0.2-0ubuntu2" is that because of an incorrect sync/merge?22:46
norsettojazzva: ops, its 0.2-0ubuntu2, so, this cannot be22:47
norsettojazzva: so, do you know why these changes were removed?22:47
Jazzvanorsetto: Right ... Some of the changes were lost between 0ubuntu3 and 0ubuntu5 (I think). I don't know why they were removed, but it wasn't documented. It might be due to the bad build system. The build system deletes some of the needed files on the dist-clean, that needs to be fixed upstream.22:49
norsettojazzva: ah, so there is no patch system being used ... good22:50
JazzvaSome of the build files were changed before, but those changes were lost somewhere between ubuntu3 and 5.22:50
Jazzvanorsetto: No patch system for now. I'm planning to set up one, when we include 0.3. Most of the changes were made to the build system.22:51
* norsetto curses against people not using a patch system22:51
* Jazzva hides22:51
norsettojazzva: ok, so, do you know why was that automake change made in the first place?22:52
Jazzvanorsetto: Yes. It deleted gnome-doc-utils.make file in dist-clean, which is needed in the build process.22:54
norsettojazzva: that would be the DISTCLEANFILES change, not the addition of the automake call?22:55
Jazzvanorsetto: automake call was removed. It might be the source of this, too...22:55
norsettojazzva: ah, you only change the in/am, why not changing directly the Makefile then22:56
LaserJocknorsetto: do you have any idea wbout these lockups in rkward?22:56
norsettojazzva: just automake on another tree with the DISTCLEANFILES change and diff it to the Makefile22:56
norsettoLaserJock: no idea22:56
norsettoLaserJock: but the change is relatively heavy22:57
norsettoLaserJock: its an upstream change, I have seen no refs in ubuntu nor debian bts22:58
LaserJocknorsetto: I think the version should be maybe 0.4.9-2build122:58
norsettoLaserJock: for an sru!?22:59
LaserJockor 0.4.9-2ubuntu0.122:59
LaserJockI don't think a build1 is going to be a problem22:59
norsettoLaserJock: I'm ok with it, I'll change before uploading22:59
Jazzvanorsetto: Hmm, Makefile is made in the build process, and then removed in the cleaning process...22:59
norsettojazzva: ah23:00
Jazzva(just checked)23:00
norsettojazzva: you got an upstream with a serious case of cleansing frenzy :-)23:00
norsettojazzva: so, you do need to automake anyway23:01
LaserJocknorsetto: it looks to me that according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityUpdateProcedures#Prepare it should be 0.4.9-2ubuntu0.123:01
norsettojazzva: no wait, that could also be done during the configure step23:01
norsettoLaserJock: checking23:01
LaserJockalthough they don't specifically mention rebuilds, my guess is that we should treat them as any other upload23:02
Jazzvanorsetto: yep. automake would produce Makefile.in, which was provided by the upstream.23:02
norsettoLaserJock: ok, will go for 0.4.9-2ubuntu0.123:02
Jazzvanorsetto: Anyway, I'm hoping this will be fixed for 0.3, so all of this dirty fixes can be forgotten :).23:02
norsettojazzva: yes, I hope too :-)23:03
norsettojazzva: anyway, I don't get why the automake change was made, you say there is no ftbfs now, correct?23:04
Jazzvanorsetto: You mean the removal of automake call from configure?23:05
norsettojazzva: from rules23:05
LaserJocknorsetto: ok ack'd and I also added a bug watch for the Debian bug so we remember to make sure we get this fixed in Intrepid23:07
norsettoLaserJock: err, we will sync and then build with R 2.7.023:08
Jazzvanorsetto: afaik, this would produce new Makefile.in, which then produces an unusable applet. It builds, but it fails to start. I think that was the problem.23:08
RainCTgood night23:09
norsettonight rainct23:10
LaserJocknorsetto: we *assume* we'll sync ;-)23:11
norsettoLaserJock: its an autosync23:13
azeempersia: are you running pidgin?23:14
LaserJocknorsetto: I know, I just don't trust it until I see it :-)23:14
persiaazeem: Yes, why?23:14
norsettolaserjock: ok ... thx for your swift help btw23:15
azeempersia: you changed the /topic last, and it has a weird UTF8 char at the beginning23:15
azeempersia: looks like a pidgin feature/bug to me, I saw it with other pidgin people in other chans23:15
persiaazeem: It's a 0-byte space, not shown in pidgin.  Comes from oddities in copy/paste.  Depending on various factors, there can be a few oddities transmitted.23:17
persiaIf you don't mind, please clean the topic :)23:18
Jazzvanorsetto: Right, automake call doesn't produce any wrong change. It did before, since it made .am from unpatched .in. Anyway, it's not needed, as the .am file is provided by the upstream.23:18
azeemeasier said than done, it freaks out my irssi/screen/terminal combination :)23:18
lagaazeem: interesting. works fine for me (ubuntu dapper)23:18
=== azeem changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | 8.04 is released: Let's fix any SRU-worthy bugs before the users try the package.
azeempersia: well, it's just a matter of time till the next pidgin user changes it again23:19
persiaazeem: Maybe.  On the other hand, last fall I did >80% of the topic changes, and didn't hit it.  It depends on how the copy & paste is done.  I'll check in a less robust display environment next time I change it.23:20
norsettojazzva: ok, can you please mention this in the changelog? Also, the version number should be changed for an sru and it should be hardy-proposed not hardy23:20
sebnergood night folks :)23:21
Jazzvanorsetto: Sure thing. SRU version is XubuntuY.1?23:22
norsettojazzva: yes23:22
Jazzvanorsetto: Done. Thanks for your help :).23:29
norsettojazzva: de nada23:30
norsettojazzva: glad to see you back ;-)23:30
Jazzvanorsetto: glad to be back :)23:30
* norsetto goes to bed23:36

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