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VolansJazzva: there?00:20
Volansthe puzzle icon is GFDL00:25
Volansthat I think is the most incorrect free license for images... btw... the resultant license must be the same?00:25
Volansin the wikipedia page there is indicated this license but there are no more info on the image.. maybe someone have placed the default one without check?00:26
Jazzvalet me try to find it :/00:26
Volansthere is the link to the license00:27
JazzvaWould this be useful? http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Wiki_letter_s.svg00:30
JazzvaIt says it's in public domain...00:30
JazzvaI suppose you could rotate that one, and make it green, like the one on proposals :). That's what you did in the first place, right?00:31
Volansnot so much... this one have no shadow00:31
Volansand the form is not that right, but I can try00:32
VolansI have opened it... is too simple, in this case I prefer to do a newer puzzle from scratch00:33
Jazzvaheh :)... Ok, I'll try to find something00:33
Volansbut the GFDL could not be godd?00:33
JazzvaWell, I don't think it's ok if you use it with GPL stuff...00:34
JazzvaBut GFDL alone should be ok.00:34
Volansthe world I have now used (just to update the wiki page) is public domani00:34
Volansdomain, then + puzzle gfdl, i think that the whole will be gfdl00:34
JazzvaI suppose ... since it's in public domain.00:36
VolansJazzva: the world is what you want, as I say before, my friend release it as is the most useful for our necessite... no problem00:38
VolansI attach to the wiki also the SVG? I don't want to add too much attachments...00:38
JazzvaI don't think it's necessary...00:41
Jazzvaproposal 1 blue looks good :)00:44
Volansdone, all updated :D00:47
VolansJazzva: you have some contact of jetsaredim? he have voted and I want to notice him that I have changed the icons... but on LP he have no public email00:51
JazzvaHe's on irc now :).00:51
JazzvaAt least in the channel, so I suppose he'll read this00:51
Volanssorry, concentrated on email and don't see he is here... sorry jetsaredim :)00:52
Volans(hoping he read this)00:52
pottytheshitterwhen firefox 3 final is released will it make it into hardy?01:12
Jazzvapottytheshitter: That's the general plan, yes...01:12
pottytheshitterk thanks01:13
VolansI go to sleep, good night to all :)01:19
Jazzvagood night...01:19
JazzvaScripts for automatic bug processing can be bad :/... bug 22239101:56
ubottuJazzva: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out01:56
Jazzvabug 22239101:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 222391 in firefox "Sure to crash" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22239101:57
Jazzvathe automatic reply can be a bit confusing to the reporter... "in the previous comments? but there are no previous comments..."01:58
Jazzvaasac: ping...02:06
perchikHi, I'm new to ubuntu, but I've tried searching around for this for awhile. In Firefox, whenever I come to a page with a flash video embedded, instead of loading the video, there's a giant play button. Once I click the play button, the movie loads.  This has caused problems for flash based games. Anyone know how to stop that from happening? [please feel free to tell me to go to a different forum...]04:24
gnomefreakperchik: please file a bug on launchpad using firefox menu iten help than click report a problem and do that for now, Im the only one here and i shouldnt be but i will look at it asap. Can you please also attach a screenshot to the launchpad bug. If you need help filing the bug let me know ill be around for a few minutes atleast04:32
gnomefreakif you need help please use my name since i wont be looking at this screen mostly.04:34
perchikI submitted the bug report04:34
gnomefreakperchik: do you have bug # handy so i can get to it when i strat finishing up04:36
perchikgnomefreak, #22451704:37
gnomefreakbug 22451704:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 224517 in firefox-3.0 "flash videos show giant play button.." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22451704:38
gnomefreakperchik: thank you04:38
gnomefreaki will look as ap04:39
gnomefreak[ersorry it may be tomorrow that i get to it my g/f is yelling at me along with permissions issues for the control file04:51
asacbug 21575507:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 215755 in fontforge "Please sync fontforge 0.0.20080330-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21575507:17
gnomefreakasac: im building locales for lightning for ppa what is with the 805 or 806 that you had at end of sunbird-lightning?12:05
gnomefreaksorry its 804 but why so high for an mt version12:08
gnomefreakok i got it12:10
gnomefreakonce built ill push to mozilla ppa, someone wanted them so since its fast and i could use refresher course i did them :)12:13
asacgnomefreak: its hardy version (8.04)12:14
gnomefreakasac: command is dput ppa-mt  or is there more to it12:20
gnomefreakatleast i set ppa-mt in my dput but cant remember if i add the source.changes to the command12:21
asacgnomefreak: you need the source.changes as argument too12:21
gnomefreakok its uploading im gonna eat and i have a meeting in about an hour so im gonna head there when eating is done ill be back before lunch i hope12:23
ftabug 19778612:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 197786 in prism "Prism apps think I'm offline and no way to change it" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19778612:27
asacsounds like the "firefox starts in offline mode bug"12:31
ftabut the last commenter said it's still there12:33
asacwell, that bug is still open too12:33
asacits NM not properly detecting online page if you go and configure stuff manually12:33
asacs/online page/online state/12:34
asacok lunchtime for me12:34
ftabut prism has no UI to switch it on-n-off12:35
asacyeah thats unfortunate then ;)12:35
asacbe back in ~20 min12:36
gnomefreakyay they are published be back a bit later12:41
gnomefreakworking on sunbird-locales when i get home12:48
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asacbug 19179113:40
asacbug 17590413:41
ubottuasac: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out13:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 175904 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox-3.0 window moves to current workspace" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17590413:41
asacbug 19179113:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 191791 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox-3.0 zoomed images and webpages (dup-of: 175904)" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19179113:41
ftaasac_, so intrepid is already broken :)14:34
asac_fta: is it unfrozen?14:37
ftagcc 4.2 changed apparently14:37
ftameaning to upgrade gcc 4.2, i have to drop half of gnome14:38
armin76feature :P14:39
gnomefreakshit i forgot a few .xpi14:41
gnomefreakasac_: can i safely make 0ubuntu1mt804 to replace 0ubuntu0mt804 and still be lower than official backport to hardy?14:42
gnomefreaklooks fairly nice to add that support but i dont htink on everyday usage its worth it (does it hinder proformence14:54
ftamozilla bug 30404815:07
ubottuMozilla bug 304048 in Security: CAPS "xpconnect getters/setters don't have principals until after they pass or fail their security check" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30404815:07
* gnomefreak fixing screw up from not being fully awake earlier15:09
asac_gnomefreak: no 0ubuntu0804.115:12
fta[reed], ^^ why isn't this bug committed ?15:12
asac_fta: I'd suggest that you wait until the toolchain transition is done :)15:13
gnomefreakoh ok15:13
asac_the archive needs a respin15:13
gnomefreakthanks asac_15:13
ftaasac_, i'm not stuck/broken, i just report what i see.15:14
gnomefreakasac_: in sunbirds locales you want me to add all that we dont already to xpi except the mac ones15:16
asac_gnomefreak: ?15:16
asac_afaik, there are no .xpis available. i think the translations where created by manually getting them from the upstream tree15:17
gnomefreak0.8 locales i guess added some like ja and ka or ko15:17
asac_gnomefreak: are .xpi files released for 0.8?15:17
gnomefreakthats what im doing for sunbird15:17
gnomefreakno only lightning15:17
gnomefreakca.xpi  es-AR.xpi  ga-IE.xpi  lt.xpi     pa-IN.xpi  ru.xpi     tr.xpi15:18
asac_ah. maybe synch your efforts with saivann who did the last package iirc15:18
gnomefreakcs.xpi  es-ES.xpi  hu.xpi     mk.xpi     pl.xpi     sk.xpi     zh-CN.xpi15:18
gnomefreakda.xpi  eu.xpi     it.xpi     nb-NO.xpi  pt-BR.xpi  sl.xpi15:18
gnomefreakde.xpi  fr.xpi     ka.xpi     nl.xpi     pt-PT.xpi  sv-SE.xpi15:18
gnomefreakthose are the ones now there are more on ftp.mozilla15:18
gnomefreakwhat is his screen name15:19
asac_where do you see those xpis?15:19
gnomefreakin the sunbird-locales package15:19
asac_yeah ... i mean upstream15:20
asac_i don't see any .xpi15:20
gnomefreakon ftp there is ja and ko and maybe one or 2 more15:20
gnomefreakasac_: thats the upstream set15:20
gnomefreakja ko mn and uk are the ones that the 0.7 locales package for us didnt have15:23
gnomefreaknot including the ja-JP-mac.xpi but we dont need to add that afaik15:23
asac_gnomefreak: sure ... add all15:24
gnomefreakno mac one still right?15:24
asac_i don't know why it exists, but we don't want it15:25
ftamozilla bug 38682615:25
ubottuMozilla bug 386826 in XULRunner "First run of XULRunner fails on Windows Vista, showing the Usage dialog instead" [Major,Reopened] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38682615:25
ftamozilla bug 35705215:26
ubottuMozilla bug 357052 in Tracking "Songbird tracking bug" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35705215:26
gnomefreakok will finish these and push them as 804.1 to PPA they should be ready for backport once we get to start on ibex15:27
asac_gnomefreak: i don't understand why you need to bump the version15:27
asac_the locale packages are independent of the main package15:27
asac_or did you already upload a locale package without the new packages?15:28
gnomefreakasac_: i know but i had to do it for lightning in controla nd figured since these locales on ftp.moz are updated since our 0.7 was built it would be good15:28
gnomefreakasac_: i did that 2 times this am15:28
gnomefreakdont go there having bad morning15:28
asac_still don't get it, but well :)15:29
asac_fta: mozilla bug 304048 is jonas: blocking1.9-15:31
ubottuMozilla bug 304048 in Security: CAPS "xpconnect getters/setters don't have principals until after they pass or fail their security check" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30404815:31
ftaoh, the "-" was so tiny i missed it15:32
gnomefreakis there a way to apply patches that have to patch system15:55
gnomefreaki had to change 2 things in it15:55
gnomefreaki think i got it :)15:57
gnomefreaknope i lied i didnt get it16:17
gnomefreakmaybe it will build without it16:18
gnomefreakok fixed and uploading16:23
gnomefreakok got what i wanted done so far. will be back later to read on sunbirds license to see about default icon change16:26
gnomefreakfta: asac_ did you guys get email from canonical reguarding projects and licenses? i got one because somehow im the owner of iceowl and mozilla-devscripts16:32
ftagot mozilla-devscripts, prism and seamonkey16:34
asac_i think there is no action needed atm for the mozilla projects16:35
asac_want to update gnash license to GPL 3 ... now there is still just GPL16:36
asac_maybe i have to wait a day or so before this is actually done16:36
fta"at 02.00 UTC on Thursday 2nd May"16:37
gnomefreakso i shouldnt have to do anything with it?16:37
ftalet upgrade pass then we'll recheck16:38
ftaasac_, i've updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Ideas/Intrepid16:38
gnomefreakbug 22430716:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 224307 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox does not load encrypted page if the certificate is not trusted" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22430716:40
asac_fta: added another as well16:40
asac_hmm still saving ;)16:40
ftait's slow16:41
gnomefreakasac_: you want that bug/feature i think its doing what it should use needs to import cert IMO16:41
gnomefreaknvm you seem to have gotten him on list16:42
asac_fta: ok added another ;)16:42
ftai've tried once to see how to take advantage of the upstream crash DB but it never produced anything useful so i dropped the ball16:44
asac_fta: blizzard will be there. i hope we can find a way to coordinate this with hijm16:45
asac_fta: and [reed] might be able to have ideas about better bug cooperation :)16:46
asac_ok, added a ubufox section to ideas as well16:46
[reed]blizzard will be where?16:46
[reed]oh, at UDS?16:46
asac_just got the confirm16:47
asac_he will be there only for two days (i think monday and tue)16:47
asac_so we are trying to align the platform track to get him as much utilized as possible ;)16:47
gnomefreakasac_: are we dropping our Lp from language-pack-gnome and using them as a seperate package?16:49
asac_gnomefreak: what is our Lp`16:49
asac_ah, language pack16:49
gnomefreaki havea bug infront of me and someone told him this is being "fixed" next week.16:50
asac_gnomefreak: which bug?16:51
gnomefreakbug 21677116:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 216771 in firefox "[Hardy] mozilla-firefox-locale-es-* is not installed, despite my locale is set to Castilian (Spanish) / Firefox is only available in English" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21677116:51
gnomefreaki leaning towards that being a dup of bug 22267316:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 222673 in rosetta "language-pack-gnome-pt-base has pt-br translation" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22267316:52
asac_gnomefreak: i am not aware that we will fix that next week. we will fix something else next week16:52
asac_that bug is what gets fixed (its not a dupe)16:52
gnomefreakoh ok16:52
gnomefreakjust fixing the pt br issue?16:52
asac_yes. the other needs more thinking16:53
gnomefreakcombining them into gnome lang is bad what if user is on kde and dont want or need gnome libs...16:53
gnomefreakanother satisfied sunbird user :)16:54
gnomefreakif i stay at 1 that isnt happy ill be happy16:54
asac_gnomefreak: i don't think that gnome langpacks will pull in gnome libs16:54
asac_not saying that i like that they are not in -gnome16:55
gnomefreakit seems like we favor gnome and push kde away i dont think we should be losing people using ff in kde just because they were added to gnome langpacks because of it being GTK (unless there is a reason im not fully aware of i dont see a benifit16:57
asac_gnomefreak: kde devs vetoed the inclusion of langpacks in the general language-support packs16:59
Wulfiehey folks - I am trying to get Sunbird to connect to an ical account.  It seems to work but claims a problem that leaves it in read-only mode.  However, it doesn't show any of my scheduled events either16:59
gnomefreakasac_: oh16:59
gnomefreakWulfie: version?16:59
Wulfie0.7 - Heron17:00
ubottuWith Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.17:00
gnomefreakWulfie: hold on please17:00
gnomefreakWulfie: stand alone sunbird or lightning?17:01
Wulfiestand alone17:01
gnomefreakWulfie: please help us test lightning-sunbird - 0.8+nobinonly-0ubuntu0mt804 it can be downloaded from https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/17:02
gnomefreakWulfie: let me know if 0.8 works better (please start with clean empty or otherwise a non efffected profile17:02
ftaasac_, i've updated the wiki. maybe we can start to expend a little bit.. rationale, etc.17:03
gnomefreakok done with email i hope im going to grab a bite and unpack my crap17:03
Wulfieumm I see sunbird locales but not sunbird itself17:03
* fta leaving for ~1h17:03
asac_fta: yes, will go through the list and expand. if not today, tomorrow17:04
Wulfiegnomefreak: is it lightening-sunbird ?17:04
gnomefreakWulfie: look for lightning-sunbird 0.8+nobinonly-0ubuntu0mt804 its right under17:04
Wulfieah yes17:04
gnomefreakWulfie: yes if you click the arrow you will see the packages17:04
gnomefreaki left it out17:04
Wulfieyup I just missed it - looking alphabetically17:05
Wulfiegnomefreak: well its installed and running, it added the calendar but still no events17:07
Wulfiethe calendar I use is https17:07
Wulfieso should I do: https://server.domain.com:port17:08
gnomefreakWulfie: what is the link you used?17:08
gnomefreakasac_: is it bed time yet?17:08
gnomefreakWulfie: ill be back a bit later i have to grab lunch and get some things around her edone.17:09
asac_reminder: 1800 UTC extension packaging session in #ubuntu-classroom17:30
ubottuasac_: Error: "now" is not a valid command.17:35
ubottuFactoid now not found17:35
AtomicSparkyou broke him :(17:37
asac_yeah ... new bot17:52
AtomicSparkwhat happened to old bot?17:53
asac_not sure, afaiu the bot maintainer left with being pissed about somethig - no background info available here.17:59
asac_Jazzva: you there?18:03
AtomicSparkah sounds fun. so when are you/they going to fix "sort by name" in firefox? :P I can't sort from the top 3 folders (Toolbar, Menu, Unsorted).18:04
asac_AtomicSpark: where?= i can sort in bookmarks organizer18:05
AtomicSparkbasically it's the folders under bookmarks menu. everything below those folders, I can sort.18:07
AtomicSparkas far as i know the only way to sort by name is to right click on a folder and chose it. this then sorts all the files/folders below that correct?18:09
jcastroasac_: about ready for your session?18:51
asac_jcastro: yeah ... in a few minutes :)18:51
asac_jcastro: do i need to become op?18:53
asac_(in that channel)?18:53
jcastroI will do it for you18:53
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Jazzvaasac_: Now I am...19:08
VolansJazzva: asac is spoking at the classroom  noe ;)19:08
asacJazzva: #ubuntu-classroom + #ubuntu-classroom-chat -> extension packaging session ;)19:08
Jazzvaoooh... sounds like fun19:09
Volansyeah :D19:09
asacwelcome ;)20:00
Jazzvagood session ;)20:00
asachehe ... feedback welcome20:01
bobbo_nice session asac, thanks a lot20:01
Jazzvaasac: Hmm... I haven't seen if you mentioned the distribution of jar files in chrome...20:02
asacJazzva: hmm ... i think i should not do so much non-technical things up front next time20:03
asactime was really low already20:03
asacbobbo_: welcome.20:03
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Jazzvaasac: True... Well, it can easily be sorted out during the packaging :)20:03
asaci somewhat like these open weeks :)20:06
asacgood thing ;)20:06
JazzvaYep... Nice way to join the community :)20:06
JazzvaAnd good way to find out something new in the easy (easiest?) way20:07
bobboyeah i definately wouldnt have learnt about FF extensions without OpenWeek20:08
Jazzvabobbo: You would, it's just easier this way :)20:08
asachehe ... i think he means: about "packaging ff extensions" :)20:08
bobbohehe, yeah thats what i meant :)20:09
MiSc0110there should be another lesson about "packaging ff extensions" ;)20:09
asacactually i think i forgot to mention that you users can install/navigate the packaged extensions from the addons -> get extension dialog20:09
Jazzvaasac: Right ... but that's not important for packaging.20:10
asacyeah, but it would show that the extensions will get a prominent place20:10
asace.g. you see the success of your work20:10
asacMiSc0110: i think you are right20:10
Volansasac: congratulations, very good lesson and I think the right balance between tecnhical stuff and general one20:11
asacproblem is that we cannot acquire an arbitrary amount of time slots20:11
asacbut there were ideas that we might wanna have something like 1-extension-a-day20:11
asacto get a more constant stream of communication on this topic.20:11
MiSc0110nice idea ;)20:12
asacin that course one could certainly schedule lessons/days in #ubuntu-classroom20:12
asacoutside the open week20:12
Jazzvaasac: I think someone asked in some bug report about easier way of uninstalling (flash) plugins... It would require changing apturl (or ubufox) if it's ok.20:12
MiSc0110is there already a plan for a next open week?20:12
JazzvaI think it's a good addition...20:13
asacJazzva: thats another topic (plugins) ... but i agree that we need a way to uninstall plugins20:13
asacas easy as you can install at least :)20:13
Jazzvaasac: This was unrelated to the packaging class... Just remembered that I saw a bug report :).20:13
asacMiSc0110: i think open weeks are regular events now ... like every 2-3 month?20:13
asacJazzva: right. another idea would be to give user feedback that "there are alternative plugins available"20:14
asacclickin on it would allow the user to switch from gnash to nonfree or vv20:14
asacbut that is completely unclear still (UI wise)20:14
asacuninstalling would be the easier way i guess20:15
JazzvaRight, it could be intrusive if we would use the yellow bar.20:15
Volansasac:  I have followed you lesson with some delay but very good, only feedback maybe give a better idea of the intricate labirint of the open source licenses universe20:15
asacright, but thats the direction.20:15
asacVolans: yeah. licensing ... *ouch*20:15
Jazzvaasac: bug 222404 ... that's the one20:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 222404 in firefox "to easy way to get alternative plugins for flash" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22240420:15
asaci tried to tap that topic by referring multiple times that gathering the info is often harder than packaging :)20:16
Volansyeah I have read!20:16
asacJazzva: can you add ubufox target please?20:16
asaci think its also a valid firefox wishlist20:16
asacbut ubufox could implement the prototype20:16
asac(and ubufox buglist is still comprehensible, so it won't get lost :))20:17
JazzvaMaybe it could be delegated to apturl.. To add something like "aptrm:foo".20:17
JazzvaOk, set it to conffirmed and wishlist for FF, and added ubufox20:18
james_wasac: great session, thanks.20:20
* asac enjoys positive feedback ;)20:21
james_wI like your LargeScaleMaintenance plans. I can probably spend some time on implementation issues if you would be interested.20:22
asacjames_w: we will certainly come back. fta wanted to implement parts of the automatization tools20:23
asacjames_w: but there are definitly other things that need to be done.20:23
asacjames_w: in some way this is a prototype of how maintaing packages in bzr might work on a wider scale20:24
james_wcool, if you need any help then just let me know.20:24
asacjames_w: and we there are still uncertain points. (like how to sign off, etc.)20:24
james_wyour "$EXTENSION_NAME.upstream" branch is done with "bzr push" when the package is uploaded?20:24
asacjames_w: thats done automatically ... e.g. when a new extension version is available the bot will update the upstream sources and push20:25
asac(so yes)20:25
asacaeh ... but not on upload20:25
asacthe idea is that .upstream will move ahead and the bot will do auto-merges in .staging branches ... which then need to be fixed and signed off20:26
james_wsorry, I didn't men .upstream, I meant .ubuntu20:26
james_wtoo many u's20:26
Wulfiegnomefreak: you back at all?20:27
asacjames_w: yes. .ubuntu will be pushed on every upload (so later some upload bot could do that when .ubuntu is updated)20:29
asac(or launchpad)20:29
james_wasac: cool, that's what I thought.20:29
fta<asac_> so we are trying to align the platform track to get him as much utilized as possible ;) <== maybe have a builder doing hourly/daily builds our way and archiving them ? :)20:30
asacfta: utilize was ment for blizzard :) ... i doubt that he gets utilized by hourly builds ;)20:31
asacanyway, hourly/daily builds are something we should try to accomplish20:32
asacits just hard to get the hardware for that20:32
asacmostly an administrative task20:32
asac(with our IS department)20:33
VolansI have to go... se you tomorrow :) I'm interesting in helping you with extensions, not only mine20:33
asacVolans: cu20:33
Jazzvasee ya Volans20:33
Volansbye bye :)20:33
asacok ... ill take a shower look if something is up and then go out for "dance in the may" :) ... tomorrow is public holiday here20:34
asacso i probably will wake up a bit later ;)20:34
JazzvaHeh... same here :)20:34
ftasame here too20:34
Jazzvaasac, before you go20:34
Jazzva(and the rest of you :))20:35
JazzvaHow do you like this proposals for Mozilla Extensions logo? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions/Logo20:35
Jazzva(since I don't think there'll be any more proposals)...20:35
asacis the licensing sorted?20:35
asacfor me the pure puzzle looks is easiest to recognize20:36
JazzvaYes... The puzzle icon is gfdl, and the earth icon is made by Volans' friend, so it can be released under any license.20:36
asacsecond would be the big puzzle with the small earth20:36
Jazzvaasac: cast your vote when you can :)...20:36
asacproposal 1 orange + proposal 2 orange or proposal 4 ... without any preference :)20:37
asacwell scratch proposal 2 ... the earth is too tiny in the small icon20:38
asacso 1 orange or 4 ....20:38
Jazzvahmm, ok. I'll add that to the wiki page20:38
JazzvaWell, we can use only the puzzle logo for 14px version.20:38
asacbut whatever the others prefer is my preference ;)20:38
asac1 orange looks good in small size20:38
fta1 orange (looks like "planet extension") and tiny 4 for me20:39
asacmaybe i'd prefer that one over the pure puzzly20:39
JazzvaOk, I'll add your comments to the wiki page, if you don't mind :)..20:39
asacgo ahead20:40
asacthanks. now i cannot come back after shower :)20:40
asactime is out20:40
asaccu tomorrow20:40
Jazzvahave fun...20:40
ftatiny 1 orange is good too20:41
Wulfieis there any way to switch firefox beta 3 so ctrl + + just changes the font size rather than doing the zoom in thing?20:41
ompaulasac, you got logs20:41
ftaWulfie, yes, toggle browser.zoom.full in about:config20:43
fta(set it to false)20:43
Wulfiedo I need to restart FF after that change?20:44
Jazzvadinner time...20:45
Jazzvaadded one ubufox idea for intrepid...20:46
ftame too21:00
ftaJazzva, do we still need all those tables in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Firefox3Extensions ?21:18
Jazzvafta: Hmm, well, it can be cleaned-up. #2 can be merged with #1 (indicator would be missing QA contact), #3 can be also merged, but it might be good to be left since it's easier to find ones with missing details. Once all required details are provided, the entry should be moved to #1. It would be good to leave #4 separated. And we can lose #5, it's not really needed...21:22
Jazzvafta: And we can rename "hardy status" column to "status".21:30
JazzvaMade some changes to LargeScaleMaintenance.21:37

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