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Spanky0521good evening, i was wondering if someone could answer a question00:08
Spanky0521i have setup my storage directories and they are mounted, mythtv user and group has read write access to them.  however in the backend setup when i go to exit, it says it can't create a test file and asks if the directory is writeable00:09
Spanky0521what did i miss?00:09
Spanky0521i got it all fixed....fat fingered the directory permissions00:14
lanuserHello - anyone using a commandir by chance?02:34
technomalogicalanybody on here having the LIRC problem with Mythbuntu 8.04 Final?03:54
technomalogicalis anyone having a problem with LIRC in Mythbuntu 8.04 Final?04:03
technomalogicalI'm having a similar problem to this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+bug/20799104:04
technomalogicalbut the suggested fix didn't work for me04:04
technomalogicalTIA, got IRC in screen, will check in the AM04:04
TazgodXim getting an error in mythweb when accessing the videos section04:15
TazgodXCould not create a symlink to /var/lib/mythtv/videos, the local MythVideo directory for this hostname (MythBox). Please create a symlink to your MythVideo directory at data/video in order to use the video portions of MythWeb.04:15
TazgodXanyone heard of that error?04:34
rhpot1992TazgodX: check the faqs04:36
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TazgodXive been checking a few places, found nothing on it04:38
rhpot1991TazgodX: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV/FAQs04:40
TazgodXahhhh ;)04:41
TazgodXthat works now :)04:53
Wy|laptopHrm, is there a reason why my mpeg4 and h.264 playback is hideously slow on my myth box?05:45
rhpot1991Wy|laptop: cause they are cpu intensive?05:49
TazgodXhmm, why can't i upload images to my DVD covers folder05:55
TazgodXim too tired to be working on this still05:56
rhpot1991check your perms06:00
TazgodXwhat does it have to be?06:00
rhpot1991well all the other mythtv folders are 277506:00
rhpot1991with mythtv:mythtv as the owner06:00
Wy|laptopsure, but a 2ghz A64x2 should be able to handle them, no?06:01
TazgodXwell, i can write to it from within myth, but in mythweb it doesn't save the images when i browse to one, and when i connect via samba and can't manually upload to that folder. i can upload to the regular videos folder06:01
* Wy|laptop ponders reinstalling windows on the htpc06:01
rhpot1991Wy|laptop: I would *think* you should be able to play them back06:02
Wy|laptopyeah, me too06:02
Wy|laptopbut all I get is stutter. Same setup, they play fine under windows or osx06:03
Wy|laptopproblem with the decode?06:04
rhpot1991are you using the correct graphics drivers?06:27
Wy|laptopnvidia proprietary06:28
Wy|laptopalso get the same problem with the open source ones06:28
rhpot1991is your cpu maxing out when you see the studders?06:28
rhpot1991try playing the video with vlc or some other media player?06:30
Wy|laptoptried mplayer, vlc, xine06:30
Wy|laptoptry playing back http://myeve.eve-online.com/download/videos/Default.asp?a=download&vid=15706:31
rhpot1991about to go to bed, sorry06:34
MythbuntuGuest96hello, folks07:05
MythbuntuGuest96running mythbuntu 8.04 here; is there a way to disable the delete-recording confirmation prompts?07:06
MythbuntuGuest96i find i'm almost always certain i want to delete something, but if i make a mistake, can always go to the deleted recordings group to recover.07:07
MythbuntuGuest96no need for the extra button presses to select "yes, i'm sure i want to delete", and enter the choice07:08
TazgodXhmm, so i have mythweb set up so i can edit info for videos i upload now. and i have it so i can upload images for videos. and it shows up in mythweb correctly, and it shows the image in video manager, but i can't see it when i browse videos.07:25
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TazgodXfound why i can't get my images to show up in Myth. when i upload over the net with mythweb an image for my video its permissions are screwed up. my user can't even access it.08:00
Ryan1980I would like to help with the MythBuntu manual10:18
Ryan1980How can I get involved?10:19
lagahi rage10:20
lagaerr, Ryan198010:20
lagaRyan1980: you can get the source for the documentation there: https://code.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/documentation10:20
lagaRyan1980: join #ubuntu-mythtv-dev for devlopment stuff.. i've gotta run now, bbl10:21
Ryan1980Ok Laga, thanks for the input.10:28
Ryan1980i'll update the documentation with an how to for DVB-S and paytv (this is possible the most difficult setup because of all the configuration possibilities.10:29
lagaRyan1980: that'd be great. thanks.10:54
lagaRyan1980: if you need to know something about the documentation build process, just ask in #ubuntu-mythtv-dev10:55
Ryan1980Oke laga, thanks... i'll probably will have to do that.11:44
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Ryan___Ok going ofline, its ehh... what is proper translation... Queensday here, so need to go and party downtown ;)11:54
selinuxiumI wonder if myth could work with this... http://www.xcase.co.uk/p/449507/-thermaltake-case-dh-101-vf7001bns-blk-lcd-no-psu-remote-vfd.html12:15
TelnetMantaany news in the MythBUntu world?15:32
TelnetMantathinking abt giving it another go soon.15:32
TelnetMantaWHY oh WHY is the download of the ISO so slooooow!15:34
TelnetMantaare there no mirrors?15:34
TelnetMantaI need to download form GA Tech mirror if possible15:35
tgm4883_laptopTelnetManta, there is no GA Tech mirror15:45
pdragoncan't do a torrent?15:47
pdragonthey're super fast15:47
pdragondamn... i've uploaded 8.04 desktop 27 times since last thurs o.O15:51
tgm4883_laptopwhats you ratio?15:51
pdragonseeding the torrent from my little home connection15:51
tgm4883_laptopha!  Mine is Infinity!15:51
pdragonmythbuntu has 5.815 ratio :)15:51
tgm4883_laptoponly because I didn't d/l the torrent, i just uploaded it15:52
TelnetMantatgm4883_laptop: I found the gatech mirror16:06
TelnetMantatgm4883_laptop: http://www.gtlib.gatech.edu/pub/ubuntu-releases/16:07
tgm4883_laptopTelnetManta, I thought you wanted a mythbuntu mirror?16:17
TelnetMantait is16:32
TelnetMantaThey have a link to mythbuntu on that page16:35
TelnetMantamade me very happy :)16:35
TelnetMantaonly bad thing is Im still only getting 140k download yet I have a 20MB internet connection. Must be busy or throttled now.16:35
Solarbabythis 4/20 version of xbmc seems to give me lots of scraping problems17:23
chairmandoes anyone else have problem with x11vnc and mythbuntu? I have a backend server(without frontend) that I want to run vnc on. I have enabled it in the control panel but it doesn't start....17:26
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Spanky521good morning.  i was wondering if anyone had any expreience with mythtv and the logitech harmony 67017:41
TelnetMantaSpanky521: I have a 68818:14
TelnetMantaCan anyone point me to some general instructions for obtaining mythbuntu source so that I can apply a few patches to it?18:15
cosmichi @ all18:38
cosmicSometimes my Mythfrontend crasches and it stucks .... i just see the last picture in LiveTV and i have no Control anymore , here is what dmesg says : http://ubuntuusers.de/paste/208919/18:39
cosmicWhat is this for a crash ? is it cause of the video driver ? thx for help and excause my english18:40
Spanky521TelnetManta: How did you go about setting it up?18:40
lagacosmic: general protection faults shouldn't happenn18:41
lagacosmic: i can't be of much help there.. maybe try testing your RAM, make sure your CPU/GPU doesn't overheat.. here's a wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_protection_fault18:43
jduggancosmic: can you ssh/ping it from another machine?18:43
TelnetMantaI found a harmony lirc.conf file out on the net and used it to get me started18:43
cosmicthx guy's , root partition is full ! , damn !!!18:46
cosmici am such an idiot18:47
Spanky521Telnet: Ok, but what did you tell the remote you were controlling?18:47
TelnetMantatrying to remember18:48
TelnetMantalet me look online at my config18:48
TelnetMantacrap, dont have the url on this computer18:53
TelnetMantado you have it?18:53
TelnetMantafound it18:55
TelnetMantahold on, if youre still there...18:55
Spanky521I'm here....I have the software and website for the remote, i just don't know what to tell the remote i am controlling19:00
TelnetMantathats what I set the device up as in the software19:01
Spanky521thanks, hopefully that gets me going.  What IR receiver are you using?19:01
TelnetMantaI made one19:02
Spanky521nice, i'm using a homemade one too.19:03
Spanky521thanks for the information19:03
TelnetMantaI mightbe able to get you the lirc configs too19:04
TelnetMantajust not right this minute, am at work19:04
TelnetMantabut am actually tryingto install mythbuntu on another backend.. :)19:04
Spanky521it's ok,  i think i should be able to get going with that information.19:09
Spanky521I assume in th elirc you said you were using the hauppage remote?19:09
TelnetMantahauppauge lirc config file19:10
TelnetMantamodified slightly19:10
Spanky521awesome, that should get me going.  Thanks!19:10
TelnetMantaanyone here?20:09
TelnetMantasmall issue with mythbuntu20:09
cosmici had to reinstall , all myth* components ... and now i have the problem that i hear sound in LiveTV mode but i just see a picture with green blue and red pixel ?! is there a codec missing ?20:14
cosmichi TelnetManta20:14
cosmicTelnetManta: whitch issue do you have ?20:20
TelnetMantai figured it out20:30
TelnetMantahad a issue with my mysql login20:30
TelnetMantastill wanting to find info on how to extract the source for mythbuntu in order to apply some patches.20:31
lagawhat bits do you need? mythtv?20:31
iamlindoro__you can apt-get source packagename if that's any help20:34
immensewokHas anyone had any luck getting a channel changing script to work under Hardy? I've got the Motorola DCT700 (Comcast) STB working from the command line (irsend ...) but not from a script. Its making it impossible to record anything.20:38
tgm4883immensewok, works here on hardy amd64 and a directv box via usb-serial20:44
immensewokI'm using a pentium 4 3GHz and a CommandIR blaster. I'm also using the same python script I used under Fiesty. Where did you get your script?20:46
tgm4883immensewok, http://www.pdp8.net/directv/directv.shtml  Version 1.921:04
iamlindoro__that's not going to get him very far w/ his Motorola box21:07
immensewoktrue but I'll take a look when I get home21:07
immensewokMy issue is, things were working perfectly under Fiesty but the upgrade hosed a ton of stuff. I managed to get everything back except the channel change script (and as I said the blaster works) bit I don't know enough Python to start messing with the script.21:09
tgm4883iamlindoro_, no it wont21:09
tgm4883just FYI21:10
tgm4883mine also doesn't change via IR21:10
tgm4883so if you dig though that script you might find non IR related stuff that could be confusing21:10
tgm4883I haven't looked into the script lately21:10
iamlindoro__immensewok, Multiple options here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Motorola_DCT700_Channel_Change_Script21:10
tgm4883immensewok, is that a digital cable box?21:11
immensewokthose are the scripts i'm talking about. i should have been clearer21:11
iamlindoro__Although if neither work a channel change script need only be four or so lines, pretty simple to cook up21:11
iamlindoro__tgm4883, It's moto's lowest end SD cable box21:11
immensewoktgm4883, yes its a digital box. the link above has the exact picture21:11
iamlindoro__It can be as simple as that, and as you say irsend works, no reason that script shouldn't since that's all it uses21:12
tgm4883immensewok, what link?21:12
iamlindoro__change REMOTE_NAME to be the DCT700's remote name in lircd.conf, change "select" to whatever you call your "OK" or "select" key in lircd.conf, and it should work fine21:12
immensewoki meant https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Motorola_DCT700_Channel_Change_Script21:13
tgm4883ah I see it now21:13
tgm4883I'm guessing no working firewire on that box21:13
immensewokiamlindoro__ thank you. i'm at work so i can't test anything but you've given me something new to mess with21:13
iamlindoro__no firewire period, coaxial and composite are the outs21:13
* tgm4883 has to run21:14
tgm4883immensewok, can you test the script from the command line?21:15
tgm4883hopefully if you get any errors we can help you with them21:15
immensewoktgm, that's a good point. i've been running myth and not changing channels but i never bothered to run the script directly and never got any output. seems like that should've been the first thing to try21:16
tgm4883yea thats what I did21:16
tgm4883you should just be able to do21:16
tgm4883./scriptname channelnum21:17
immensewokok, now i want to ditch work and try some stuff. the boss is out of town so its ok, right?21:17
immensewokthanks tgm 4883 and iamlindoro_, i'm not stuck anymore.21:20
Narcboyanybody get mythbuntu and dishnetwork, Serial IR to work?23:43
TazgodXim trying to get the serial IR to work all together23:47
Narcboysame here.. I have the new mythbuntu 8.04, pvr350, dishnetwork, streamzap remote, and dishnetwork 322 box. with IR cable I bout23:52
NarcboyI"m clueless how to configure it.. do I just change the lirc.conf file, and restart?23:53
TazgodXi have mythbuntu 8.04, PVR-350, AT&T U-Verse, hauppage remote, and motorola VIP-1200 box with serial IR blaster i bought23:54
TazgodXi can't get IR blaster to work23:54
Narcboyhow are you using the haupage remote?? the IR blaster cable it came with to the 350card ?23:56
TazgodXtahts an IR receiver23:59
TazgodXi have a serial IR blaster23:59
TazgodXthats seperate23:59

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