seb128bryce: still around?08:37
seb128bryce: how do you recommend to triage the bugs about "rw_crtc_set_config: assertion `x + mode->width <= info->max_width' failed" which is the issue we were speaking about yesterday08:38
seb128bryce: we start getting several of those, what tasks should we open?08:38
seb128gnome-control-center should display some sort of error explaining the issue08:39
seb128should we also open an xorg or driver tasks?08:39
seb128I can't find the one I reassigned the other day08:40
bryceI've documented it here:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config08:40
bryceseb128: let me see if I can find an existing bug about the Virtual setting we could dupe to08:41
seb128I'm sure I read one about that which had a comment about adding Virtual to xorg.conf and I'm pretty sure I reassigned it some days ago08:41
seb128I think I reassigned to xorg but somebody might have readjusted or closed as not a bug or something08:42
brycecould be08:42
brycealso 22133408:44
seb128I'm using bug #220872 for that now08:44
bryce220563 too08:44
seb128ah, bug #220563 rather then08:45
bryceok, so if you want to dupe all of them to 220563, I'll update the description to include full info08:46
seb128I did dup those now08:46
seb128bug #220563 is the one to use08:46
seb128do you think there is something we could do better in this regard for 8.04.1?08:47
brycebeyond documentation I'm not sure08:57
bryceI'd guess it requires something to just edit the xorg.conf08:58
bryce(not the simplest thing in the world to edit)08:58
seb128ok, so we should at least display an message about the issue when the user try to apply a setting which doesn't work due to that08:59
brycethat would probably be sensible09:00
bryceI think the virtual size should be determinable via libXrandr calls09:04
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bryceheya federico116:32
federico1hey hey16:35

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