RequinB4MrObvious - try http://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=454700:00
Boohbah_wubrgamer: it would be... two text boxes00:00
drivetraxohhhh... I think there was CLI in windows00:00
Boohbah_in your toolkit of choice00:00
wubrgamerdrivetrax:  at one time00:00
Netham45is it possible to output GDM to an X server on another PC?00:00
John_Satlanta80: OK, but make sure it works on a reboot too.00:00
angasulejorg1: I'm sorry, I don't know that card and I'm not finding any more useful documents00:00
richard___Megarata, what's the manufacturer and model of your wireless device?00:00
kupoSlart: oooh missed that00:00
twinkie_addictim going to try the kde-4 and see what its like :)00:00
kupoSlart: trying now brb00:00
Slartkupo: ok00:00
drivetraxwubrgamer,  - I wait for the day when all the unix commands are in one place.. and you can click any one to do stuff00:01
Mala1twinkie: Make sure you back stuff up.  KDE 4 is, in my experience, VERY buggy...00:01
RequinB4Can someone at least tell me if the fact i can't resolve packages.ubuntu.com my end or server end?00:01
zonkershow do i get ubuntu to come up without having to log in?00:01
Netham45RequinB4, I can resolve it.00:01
MegarataBroadCom Corporation BCM4318 AirForce One 54G 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller rev 0200:01
RequinB4Netham45 - grr...00:01
RandomizerHi there, I upgraded today, and I'm having X hang everytime screensaver kicks in... (I restart with ctrl+alt+backspace), using the fglrx drivers... wondering if this is a known issue?00:01
Mala1twinkie: Not back up, just if you're working on anything in KDE 4, save often.  VERY often.00:02
drivetraxRequinB4,  - no firewall.. open router, and open DSL/Cable modem.. ports open, is it ping-able?00:02
SlartRequinB4: works here00:02
wubrgamerdrivetrax:  it'll never happen00:02
jorg1angasule, don't worry, and thanks, there's no drivers for creative sound cards yet in lnux, that's what i read00:02
MegarataI already did the sudo lshw -c network00:02
wubrgamerdrivetrax:  go dev for windows00:02
RequinB4Maybe it's just really laggy... I'll let it try to connect for a while00:02
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:02
jorg1so i need to find another sound card00:02
Slartzonkers: isn't there an autologin option in "System, administration, login" or something similar00:02
zonkersslart thx00:03
atlanta80John_S: Yeah it connected, I'm reboot now to ensure everything is still fine00:03
drivetraxlady I know clicked on her 192 address 10,000 times, and with help from the ISP, finally the telephone equipment worked.. and she got her dsl back00:03
Slartzonkers: you're welcome00:03
riddleboxcan anyone help me I cannot get cx88-alsa to load?00:03
John_Satlanta80: Great--should work on reboot. :)00:04
ferbyboythere seems to be problems with programs being able to find ipods in hardy...the only program that recognizes and ipod is rhythmbox...all other programs to upload music to ipod seem to not find an ipod device on my machine can anyone exlpain why? or is there anyone experiencing the same thing ?00:04
frankyddamn that's truely very odd in safe-mode it's loading some files but after a short time it's ildling ... so i'm sorry to say i won't suggest to try ubuntu with wuby00:04
richard___Megarata, all right. one minute…00:04
larson9999am i the only one who thinks it's a bit in the wrong direction to require evolution?00:04
M4rotkuhey all, i think i'm having a problem with my update manager, there haven't been any new updates available for more than a week00:04
kupoSlart: WORKS!00:04
drivetraxferbyboy,  it's a terrible thing to waste an iPod00:04
kupothanks for the keen eyes00:04
Slartkupo: yay!!..  =)00:04
kupodrivetrax: thank you for you help as well00:04
kupotake it easy, peace00:05
larson9999drivetrax, it's a terrible thing to buy an ipod.  eeek, apple is less free than microsoft.00:05
Megaratamy wireless network interface appears as disabled on lshw00:05
effowemy monitor turns itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity, i've checked in the power management and turned it off but it still happens, how can i disable this?00:05
shoot^guys, i get a kernel crash whenever i run glxinfo under hardy. any suggestions?00:05
RequinB4ok... well this isn't working.  Does anyone know anywhere else i can get the bcm43xx-fwcutter package?00:05
Megaratahow can i enable it? the hw button doesn't work00:05
cappicardwhee... still upgrading hardy here00:06
twinkie_addictim not to worried :) my stuffs olready on dvd if something gos wrong andim trying to see wich ubuntu i want to run00:06
Randomizer/msg ubot5 etiquette00:06
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:06
MrObviousRequinB4: I found it.00:06
ferbyboydrivetrax: it most certainly is...i dont wont to have to have my ipod be the reason i switch my os to windows man00:07
M4rotkuhas any1 else noticed a lack of updates recently?  i think my update checker might be misconfigured00:07
RequinB4MrObvious:  This is for me00:07
macoevolution crashed on me and now it won't start. it just says "GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed."  Anyone know what to do?00:07
GabySofti had some problem with the restricted drivers with ati, its normal, isnt ?00:07
frankydoO looks like wubi shut down my windows partition ... i mean i installed ubuntu on the same drive but this is working, whatever i'm not able to see the win drive on my ubuntu00:07
MrObviousRequinB4: http://wiki.debian.org/bcm43xx Go to download the drivers try 1.00:07
MrObviousRequinB4: It's for debian but it will have the .sys file you need.00:07
LardarseGabySoft: ati on linux is not a happy marriage :-/00:07
macoM4rotku: are you on hardy? there havent been any updates yet...00:07
Scunizidoubledew: sorry had phone call. If your bios settings have remained the same when install all OS's then if you want you could change them but that might mess up the grub reference and eliminate (probably the server) from booting.00:08
GabySoftyeah, i know XD nothing like my nvidia 440 mmx00:08
GabySoftslow, but nice00:08
larson9999maco, i'm on hardy.  i just got 36 updates00:08
RequinB4MrObvious - I'm not sure what to do with the sys file at this point, all i can gleam is i need the firmware00:08
atlanta80John_S: Well that is sufficiently aggravating. Restarted and the ndiswrapper module is loaded, but no wireless cards in ifconfig00:08
macolarson9999: i just did an apt-get update && aptitude full-upgrade and got 000:08
M4rotkumaco: thanks for the fyi, i was starting to get worried00:08
macolarson9999: maybe it hasnt propogated to all the mirrors00:08
annonymous1hi folks got a problem on gusty 7.10 just rebooted and it comes up with an error message00:09
annonymous1gnome starts funny like in its defult fasion  n no themes00:09
larson9999maco, maybe00:09
GabySoftbut its extrange, until now i dont had "excesively" problems with the automatizaded drivers00:09
MrObviousRequinB4: Do that and you WILL have the firmware. After that you should be able to get ndiswrapper to work. Download it first then get back to me.00:09
GabySoftnow i get an black screen if i turn it on00:09
team1432Hi, I've got a HH disk I burned from the ISO; if I want to upgrade from 7.10 LTS, can I do that using the CD, or do I have to have it download the upgrade?00:09
GabySoftno consoles, totally bloqued00:09
John_Satlanta80: Is wlan0 in your /etc/network/interfaces file?00:09
macoannonymous1: what happens if you just open a terminal and run "gnome-settings-daemon" without the quotes?00:09
Lardarseannonymous1: happens occasionally. i have no idea what causes it00:09
Lardarsekucuk: ?00:10
Scuniziteam1432: if it's the alternate cd iso then yes you can use that. If it's the live cd No00:10
macoteam1432: if its an alternate cd, you can upgrade from it00:10
LjLteam1432: you can't do that from the CD, unless it's the alternate CD, as far as i'm aware00:10
_rpRequinB4: you still having problems?00:10
GabySoftand i see some preople take the same problem00:10
atlanta80John_S: no, only the loopback interface00:10
qt-xdose sombody know ho to conect to irc on port 80 or 5050 ?00:10
macoevolution crashed on me and now it won't start. it just says "GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed."  Anyone know what to do?00:10
RequinB4_rp:  Yeah, but the problems are more of the nature "How do I do it", not "what to do?"00:10
team1432Scunizi, maco, LjL: alright, thanks00:10
Jakoowhats the pastebin please?00:10
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:10
jk_where is the trash located  in filesystem00:10
Lardarseannonymous1: i've never had iot happen twice in a row, though00:10
david_-_-when i do this command sudo mv firefox /usr/local/firefox32 i get this error mv: cannot stat `firefox': No such file or directory, how do i fix this?00:10
Lardarsejk_: somewhere in ~00:11
Lardarsei think it's ~/.trash00:11
_rpRequinB4: hmmm ok, everything seem ok but you just cant connect? really, try rutilt00:11
effowehow do i prevent my screen from going black after 10 minutes?00:11
Scuniziqt-x: which irc client?00:11
_rpmove your mouse00:11
=== ubottu is now known as ubotuu
Lardarseeffowe: screensaver settings00:11
macodavid_-_-: is firefox in your current directory?00:11
richard___Megarata, I can't find any definite solutions for your problem. sorry :\00:11
annonymous1maco http://pastebin.ca/100234900:11
adilits posible install vmware in hardy ?00:11
webi just installed 8.04 and I can't add any users, all of the buttons are greyed out.  anyone else have that problem?00:11
david_-_-maco:  no idea how do i find out?00:11
RequinB4_rp:  Nah, I know what is wrong, its just more difficult and time intensive when i don't have a direct connection to the internet on the box00:11
effowelardarse: i went in there and theres only an option to turn screensaver on, not stop it from going black..00:11
annonymous1how did u fix it Lardarse00:12
John_Satlanta80: OK, that's a problem. Do a "gksudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces" and add "iface wlan0 inet dhcp" with some blank lines after it. Also I would highly recommend backing up your interfaces file tho before you modify it.00:12
macodavid_-_-: well are you trying to move a file thats just sitting in whatever directory you're in or are you trying to move the default firefox?00:12
Lardarseeffowe: you can tell it to shooce a screensaver in the list on the left00:12
RequinB4MrObvious - i'm downloading the exe00:12
drivetraxeffowe,  - is there a (none) setting?00:12
richard___web, press ‘unlock’00:12
RigonnHow can I reformat my computer?00:12
macodavid_-_-: the default firefox is just a symlink anyway00:12
RigonnI'm using Ubuntu atm00:12
david_-_-maco: no there is no folder there00:12
effowelardarse: well yes i realize that, i just wanted it to stay on forever, i turned off power management.. hrm, lemme look for none but i dont think its there00:12
webi thought unlock was to unlock a locked user00:12
Lardarseannonymous1: i don't know what causes it...00:12
david_-_-maco:  i am trying to do this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMD64/FirefoxAndPlugins00:12
=== ubotuu is now known as ubottu
Lardarseeffowe: one of th4 checkboxes00:13
richard___web, no, it's like the padlock on Mac OS X00:13
Scuniziqt-x: although pidgin works for irc.. you're better off using xchat.. not xchat-gnome.. but at the end of the server line in any of them try /<port number> or :<port number>00:13
MattJRigonn: Install gparted00:13
david_-_-maco:  i am on the installing 32bit edition of firefox.....00:13
atlanta80John_S: done00:13
webrichard, thanks i will try that00:13
macodavid_-_-: did you cd into the directory after you untarred it?00:13
david_-_-maco: yes00:13
Bidgethey guys Im having trouble installing packages, I get a weird error telling me that a package is trying to overwrite a .so file which is in a different package, and that the other package Im trying to install is trying to overwrite a .gz file... anyone know why this could be?00:13
twinkie_addictim installing kbuntu via wubi so if i have any issue ill let you know what the resolution was00:13
drivetraxtwinkie_addict,  LVM00:13
effowelardarse: 2 checkboxes, activate screensaver when computer is idle, and lock screen, when they're unchecked my screen still goes black after 10 mins00:13
Scuniziqt-x: not sure if it's still true.. but freenode use to want you to connect using chat.freenode.net/800100:13
GabySoftainssss... well i will take the manual thing if works00:13
LardarseScunizi: xchat expects port numbers to be like irc.freenode.net/666700:13
Daisuke-Idotwinkie_addict: may god have mercy on your soul00:14
Simonf1bazhang: are you there?00:14
ScuniziLardarse: yep..00:14
Daisuke-Idogood luck, in other words :)00:14
Lardarseeffowe: strange...00:14
macodavid_-_-: cd ..00:14
ScuniziLardarse: he was using pidgin.. not sure how that one works00:14
macodavid_-_-: then do it00:14
twinkie_addictwubi worked fine with ubuntu00:14
effowelardarse: could it be an x setting causing it?00:14
nowimprovediv got this ubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso and went through the install untill almost the end and it asked fora  different cd00:14
John_Satlanta80: If you don't see it in the Network program yet, I think you need to reboot.00:14
david_-_-maco: i get the err of no such directory00:14
Lardarseeffowe: i wouldn't know00:14
richard___Rigonn, can you be more descriptive? ‘reformatting’ isn't a real term00:14
drivetraxtwinkie_addict,  - cut out wubi, use unetbootin - 8.0400:14
annonymous1maco do u have any ideas to the error00:14
macoannonymous1: no00:14
qt-xScunizi:do you know if this irc server support conection on this port ?00:14
Daisuke-Idotwinkie_addict: you're installing both in separate installations?00:14
atlanta80John_S: No, rebooting...00:14
nowimprovedany ideas?00:15
macodavid_-_-: can you please "ls" and pastebin the output?00:15
Bidgethey guys Im having trouble installing packages, I get a weird error telling me that a package is trying to overwrite a .so file which is in a different package, and that the other package Im trying to install is trying to overwrite a .gz file... anyone know why this could be?00:15
annonymous1thanks for ur time any how :)00:15
david_-_-maco: i looked in the dir, my self there is no folder there should i just make one?00:15
macodavid_-_-: i need to figure out where you are00:15
nowimprovedit took forever to install then it just stops and asks for a different cd wtf?00:15
twinkie_addicti unistalled ubuntu to install kbuntu00:15
macodavid_-_-: no00:15
Lardarsenowimproved: can you remember the error? paste.ubuntu-nl.oprg if it's more than 1 line00:15
Scuniziqt-x: this server wants typically 6667 or 8001. with 8001 use chat.freenode.net/8001 in xchat00:15
effoweok firefox question if someone knows, in xp and osx i am able to press ctrl-1,2,3 whatever number and go to that tab, this doesnt work in ubuntu, anyone know how to enable it?00:15
Simonf1Bidget:  what packadges?00:15
twinkie_addicti hate running more than one test distro at atime00:15
amnatz8.04 read usb 1.1 ?00:15
macodavid_-_-: after you untarred that file it shouldve created a firefox directory00:15
nowimprovedit was not an error Lardarse it was calling for a ubuntu cd labbled bleh i dont remember00:15
MocIm disapointed of 8.04 so far.  7.10 worked better so far out of the box00:15
Daisuke-Idotwinkie_addict:  you are aware they're the same thing00:15
Rigonnrichard___: Reformat as in remove everything from my hard drive and reinstall a different OS... I want to make my Hard Drive as if NEW remove every single thing to install the OS00:16
nowimprovedwhen it was trying to install grub at the end Lardarse00:16
BidgetSimonf1, libg15-1_1.2.3-1_amd64.deb and libg15render1_1.2.0.svn250-2_amd64.deb are the ones that are giving me errors00:16
twinkie_addictbut standard ubuntu is still looking to be my choice00:16
Daisuke-Idotwinkie_addict: you could have gone into the ubuntu install and installed the kubuntu-desktop package00:16
Lardarsenowimproved: are you sure it was asking for anothe cd, and not telling you to take the cd out? and also, is this a clean install?00:16
david_-_-maco: http://pastebin.ca/100235800:16
BidgetSimonf1, I can pastebin the error results but I forget the pastebin link hahaha00:16
Lardarse!paste | Bidget00:16
ubottuBidget: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:16
MrObviousRequinB4: Ok once you get it unzipped lemme know.00:16
twinkie_addictbut i might save some bugs haveing it better intergated00:16
Lardarse(also see the topic)00:16
david_-_-maco:  i am still cd into the firefox folder on the desktop00:16
Bidgetthanks Lardarse00:16
nowimprovedyes it is a fresh install , and it wanted me to take the cd out and put in a different one, and i could not eject the cd anyway so i dont know what wtf was going on00:16
Simonf1Bidget: somone else was in here with a similar problem that messed  up the computerm but it does not seem to be the same00:17
twinkie_addictbrb need to reboot00:17
drivetraxRigonn,  -- unsetbootin .. look into it.. I coulda wiped out both my drives.. grub/SuperGrub00:17
RequinB4MrObvious:  Am i just following the tut there?00:17
MrObviousYeah for obtaining it.00:17
Wicky656is there any way to get daily system stats emailed to me via cron?00:17
drivetraxuhm.. unetbootin00:17
MrObviousRequinB4: Basically open a terminal, go to your home folder, and it has you make a tmp directory then download it.00:17
Rigonndrivetrax: what?!? I'm confused00:17
effowewhen rotating the desktop cube i would like to see the windows on the other faces, they are blacked out though, anyone know how to change this?00:17
BidgetSimonf1, yeah my computer is fine its just these packages wont install and I dont understand why, Ive never had a problem with synaptic before00:17
nowimprovedits bs wtf?00:18
richard___Rigonn, boot from the installation media for the OS. even Windows has a primitive partition editor00:18
drivetraxRigonn,  unetbootin has grub that will download via network.. and it will wipe out what you have.. if you tell it to00:18
Lardarse!language | nowimproved00:18
ubottunowimproved: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:18
Bidgetwhy wont pastebin work its giving me a huge error00:18
nowimprovedlardass do you have any ideas? what is going on?00:18
Lardarsenowimproved: no00:18
nowimprovedwell this sucks for me00:18
LardarseBidget: the factoid on the bot might be wrong00:18
macodavid_-_-: cd ..00:18
RandomizerYeah, pastebin isn't working for me either... Python error...00:18
MrObviousRequinB4: What was the exact URL I gave you?00:18
shoot^guys, glxinfo causes kernel crashes... any ideas?00:19
macodavid_-_-: you want to be *not* in the firefox directory00:19
BidgetI see00:19
LardarseBidget: Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (from the topic)00:19
nowimprovedi dont get it at all00:19
MrObviousRequinB4: Nevermind, found it.00:19
RequinB4the debian wiki00:19
* drivetrax looked and looked, and read for about two weeks before installing a second Hard disk.. I happened to already have here, then put ubuntu on it.. in 2 hours.. or less.. good boot, too.00:19
david_-_-maco:  no i did ls when i was in cd00:19
mynymlwhats in the dvd?00:19
macodavid_-_-: "cd ../" backs up one directory00:19
david_-_-maco: i tried the mv out of cd i stillg et same thng00:19
macodavid_-_-: you need to backup out of the firefox directory and then do it00:20
DonoftheDeadHello kind folks00:20
richard___shoot^, proprietary drivers are common cause of crashes. are you using any?00:20
Lardarse!hi | DonoftheDead00:20
ubottuDonoftheDead: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!00:20
macodavid_-_-: the firefox directory is sitting on your desktop, right?00:20
Bidgetcan anyone help me with this problem? http://pastebin.com/m5f1b9ed I'm having problems installing a couple packages00:20
Renganyone know how to get their logitech extra mouse button to work under 8.04. i seem to lost that functionally in the upgrade. any ideas? i have went through xorg.conf already.00:20
DonoftheDeadwould you folks enlighten me as to ubuntus compatibility with ultrasparc II archs?00:20
Mocthis new vnc client in 8.10 doesn't connect to 7.10 vnc server !!!00:20
shoot^richard___,  fglrx from the repository00:21
macodavid_-_-: cd ~/Desktop && sudo mv firefox /usr/local/firefox3200:21
david_-_-maco: yes and i do cd /home/name/Dekstop it wont do it00:21
RandomizerHere is what's in dmesg at the time of the crash (happens everytime screensaver comes on, X hangs) - http://pastebin.ca/1002360 - I'd appreciate any advise00:21
Mochad to install vnc text client afterward00:21
david_-_-maco: mv: cannot overwrite non-directory `/usr/local/firefox32' with directory `firefox'00:21
Bidgetcan anyone help me with this problem? http://pastebin.com/m5f1b9ed I'm having problems installing a couple packages00:21
macodavid_-_-: sudo rm /usr/local/firefox3200:21
DonoftheDeadI just got a free ultrasparc II workstation and I'm trying to find a suitable OS to use with it, and was wondering if ubuntu would work?00:22
richard___shoot^, heh. do you know how to check your system logs?00:22
macodavid_-_-: you moved some other file there accidentally in the process00:22
shally87need help... i wanna ask why ubuntu dekstop consume around 5gb space/00:22
drivetraxuhm.. is Hardy code taken from someplace else.. I mean.. it's like getting mixed reviews00:22
shoot^pico /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?00:22
shoot^richard___ --^00:22
david_-_-maco: thank you it moved it now.00:22
macoshally87: should take more like 2gb i think...though not sure on hardy....why? thats not really a lot00:22
fserveouvindo[Stratovarius - Elements Part II - Dreamweaver] length[0:02/5:53]00:23
edjuWhen using Kaffeine to view a dvd, it reports no dvd in drive and that codecs are already installed.  VLC works.  I checked the Xine sttings and as far as I can tell, they're OK.  Any pointers on this?00:23
freddywindvorrei un consiglio tecnico00:23
richard___shoot^, is that supposed to be pointing at something? :\00:23
freddywindpossibile qui?00:23
shally87i only use 1 or 2 gb for windows..00:23
lowluxhow do i RESET compiz fuse?00:23
SpookyETWhy is Canonical realeasing rubbish? 20% of users had a flawless install/uprade to hardy.00:23
macoshally87: you dont have service packs installed? or is it win 98?00:23
shoot^richard___, yeah, i replied, but forgot to mention your name. Check the Xorg.0.log ?00:24
AzizLightI think my fans don't work, I'm using a macbook pro, is there a way to verify that? the temp of the hd is 40C it's huge00:24
edjuOh, one other thing - using hardy; Kaffeine worked in gutsy.00:24
smeejust installed ubuntu, but i can' get on my wireless network...i can't see it on the network settings either..can anyone help?00:24
macoshally87: i installed ubuntu 7.04 on a 5gb (which means really 4gb because hard drive manufacturers measure funny) before00:24
shally87maco: i only use 1 or 2 gb for windows..nono i use xp pro..00:24
Mocanyone found a fix for Dell Omniplex 845 & Ubuntu 8.04 black screen of death ?00:24
macoshally87: xp with all the service packs, i was told, wouldnt fit on my 5gb drive i have at home00:24
John_Satlanta80: Did it work or what happened?00:24
Megaratano ideas_00:25
Bidgetcan anyone help me with this problem? http://pastebin.com/m5f1b9ed I'm having problems installing a couple packages00:25
shally87maco: owh..actually i wonder how come 1 cd of 730 mb can become 5 gig...00:25
macoshally87: but anyway, ubuntu includes a *lot* of software that windows doesnt00:25
david_-_-maco: ok i am on the part where i type in terminal firefox32 &    then this happens http://pastebin.ca/100237200:25
macoshally87: oh the packages are compressed on teh cd00:25
aleatorio /join #ubuntu-br00:25
richard___shoot^, check that log and also /var/log/dmesg00:25
shally87maco: yeah.. i notice that..so you mean it was compressed in word form then was translate to become an application after installation so that it can fit 1 disc?00:26
macoshally87: no source code is huge.  they compile it, then compress the binary and all the config files and put them on the cd, then the installer decompresses them00:26
qt-x/join #ubuntu-ro00:27
unenoughcan I use apt-get to install an older version of a package?00:27
Bidgetcan anyone help me with this problem? http://pastebin.com/m5f1b9ed I'm having problems installing a couple packages00:27
ubuntualguem ai desse lado00:27
shally87maco: owh ok..thanks for reply00:27
ubuntualguem do Brasil????00:27
Megarataok, so no luck with my wireless issue?00:27
david_-_-maco: any ideas on what i could do to fix that?00:28
macodavid_-_-: ls /usr/local/firefox32/00:28
macodavid_-_-: pastebin the output, please00:28
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:28
shally87maco: and i got problem with my sudo.. when i click the run application and type there sudo fdisk -l, the terminal open and prompt for password.. then it closes..after that i cannot open sudo fdisk -l anymore..00:28
ubuntungm reponde ainda00:28
david_-_-maco: http://pastebin.ca/100237300:28
Bidgetanyone know how to fix a problem with synaptic00:29
seancronBidget: depends...whats the problem?00:29
azuk1can i install ubuntu with a wifi ?00:29
Bidgetseancron, http://pastebin.com/m5f1b9ed00:29
ubuntungm fal comigo00:29
snikkeri'm unable to use my dvdrw. in dmesg when i insert a dvd, i've got this error http://pastebin.com/d3e05d96f00:29
ubuntungm ai responde00:29
macoshally87: fdisk is a terminal app, not a graphical one.  just open a terminal (application -> accessories -> terminal) and *then* run sudo fdisk -l00:30
shally87i try first00:30
MrObviousRequinB4: Still downloading?00:30
shally87maco: i try first..thanks00:30
seancronBidget: and what were you trying to do when you got this error?00:30
macodavid_-_-: doh. i know what happend. you really did move a file named firefox before...but you moved teh file, not the directory00:30
macodavid_-_-: untar the tarball again and then "sudo cp ~/Desktop/firefox/firefox /usr/local/firefox32/firefox"00:31
Bidgetseancron, install libg15-1 and libg15render100:31
david_-_-maco: done than wht?00:32
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:32
macodavid_-_-: now try running it00:32
richard___azuk1, yes, but ensure that your wireless device is supported before installing: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/preparing-hardware.html00:32
david_-_-maco:  i did the firefox i had before is beta 5 and when i do firefox32 &, i get the same one...00:33
ndsgjs8anyone can tell me how can i format an mp4 player?00:33
Bidgetseancron, any idea why that would be happening?00:33
shally87maco: what the meaning of this?? i take from my fdisl -l : http://pastebin.com/d37d9e59000:33
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seancronBidget: are you trying to update them because from the output, it seems like they already exist00:33
mixedis there flash software from adobe for ubuntu?00:33
macodavid_-_-: you have to exit the already running one00:33
richard___Megarata, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/ubuntu-8.04-every-release-is-it-a-pain-to-install-broadcoms-bcm4318-wifi-637692/#post313233500:33
macodavid_-_-: give it about 10 seconds to finish closing as well00:33
snikkerno ones?00:34
david_-_-maco: when i did the cd cp do i have to redue the scripts and stuff as well?00:34
macodavid_-_-: firefox does a littl cleanup routine when it exits00:34
Bidgetseancron, no it's trying to install them but keeps on giving me errors00:34
ronandiwhat is a good/your favorite ide? Ill be using for perl, python, java00:34
macodavid_-_-: no the scripts are fine00:34
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Simonf1ronandi: that's a little off topic00:34
david_-_-maco:  ok fire fox is shut down now00:34
LogicalDashI've had several whole-system-freezes occur when playing audio, most recently when Firefox restores a session that has YouTube open. It's weird because the audio keeps playing and the mouse keeps moving even as clicking and typing have no effect whatsoever and I can't even shut down properly. Are these part of a known issue?00:34
ronandiSimonf1: my bad00:34
macodavid_-_-: ok, now try running it00:34
MrObviousRequinB4: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4837990#post483799000:34
Bidgetseancron, now it's telling me I have 3 broken packages in my system and to use a broken filter to find them00:35
david_-_-maco: i did and now it will not load any web pages00:35
LogicalDash(I am now using Flashblock to prevent the crash)00:35
macodavid_-_-: whats it doing?00:35
riddleboxman, hardy has made it not fun to use tv tuner cards00:35
Bidgetseancron, ah yeah the 3 broken ones are the ones that are depending on those other 2 to be installed, but they keep having errors00:35
david_-_-saying problem loading page then sayes server not found...00:35
macodavid_-_-: the page you linked me to tells you why it opened the same one as before: At this point, close down all instances of Firefox that you might have running. Firefox will spawn new versions of Firefox based upon any current versions you have running. This means that if you wish to load the 32 bit version, you must make certain that you have no instances of the 64 bit version running, and vice versa. Once you have closed all instances of Firefox (in00:35
david_-_-maco: saying problem loading page then sayes server not found...00:35
macodavid_-_-: odd... are you going through a proxy?00:36
david_-_-maco:  nope just right to modem00:36
seancronwell to fix broken packages try running sudo apt-get install -f00:36
anoblehello can someone help me with a problem?00:37
jchanceis this the place to go for some newbie first boot error help?00:37
Simonf1jchance: yes00:37
Simonf1anoble: ask00:38
shally87maco: i think will be figuring it later..now i have to do something..thanks..00:38
richard___LogicalDash, have you tried googling terms describing your problem? :)00:38
david_-_-maco: the beta 5 works for 64 bit but not the 32 bit00:38
smeecan someone tell me how i can connect to a wireless network, please00:38
anoblei got ubuntu 8.04 installed, but now i cant get it installed on a idfferent system00:38
Simonf1 anoble: what is wrong with the install00:38
anobleuhm well, the CD drive is just spinning00:39
seancronBidget: does sudo apt-get install -f help?00:39
anobleas has been doing so for a little while00:39
Simonf1smee: on the top right click on the netork connection00:39
Bidgetseancron, actually I got it working, I removed them all and then reinstalled them00:39
styrmanif I have a executeable in ~/bin.. how do I put it into PATH gand so its always there?00:39
Simonf1upgrading or new install?00:39
Bidgetseancron, they must have gotten like halfway installed and run into an error or something so they weren't working properly00:39
smeenew install00:39
Bidgetseancron, I really have no idea haha. but it's working now00:39
anobleits a new install00:39
smeei looked there, but there's no wireless option00:40
Simonf1sorry smee, not you00:40
seancronBidget: haha as long as it works thats all that matters00:40
Bidgetseancron, thanks man00:40
seancronBidget: no problem00:40
daemon3Once I delete the notification area, is there any way to get it back?00:40
kbrooksstyrman, open up .bashrc and type a new line @ end: export PATH=~/bin:$PATH00:40
jchanceSimonf1:  Well, I had trouble getting the hardy installer to load.  I browsed the forums and found a few threads with people recommending trying an older version, so I downloaded the 7.10 alternate x64 CD and was able to successfully install. On first boot I got a kernel panic IO-APIC timer error, so I browsed some more and found to do noapic nolapic and that worked to get past the panic, but now my system hard locks on "Starting DHCP00:40
kbrooksstyrman, then logout and login00:40
styrmankbrooks: thx00:40
anobleok, restarted, the ubuntu screen loads that is right after you choose install ubuntu00:40
annonymousehow do u reinstall gnome00:41
Simonf1smee: can you connect wired?00:41
Simonf1anoble: what compter?00:41
smeeNo, I haven't...the router isn't very accessible00:41
anobleuhm, the one that i have not installed it on yet, this is the same CD that was used before for the other install00:42
Simonf1jchance: I can't help you, maybe someone else here can00:42
alpharesearchhello, I had to reinstall from scratch and now i want to reuse my old home directory: how to change all the files to the new user name?00:42
kbrooksi want to free up disk space00:42
Simonf1anoble: what kind of computer?00:42
richard___styrman, actually, that's not necessary. just create ~/bin then enter ‘. ~/.profile’00:42
kbrooksrichard___, really?00:42
patifaOk, this may sound dumb, but can someone explain what Wubi does in the technical sense to install Ubuntu?  I'm somehow at a loss on what it's doing, even though I'm quite technically competent.00:42
styrmanrichard___: thx00:43
cirkithi ... whenever I start Ubuntu, nm-applet does not start and I have to manually do 'nm-applet &' to start it in the background. I tried putting that command in ~/.bashrc but it doesn't work when I Put it in there or in rc.local .... any ideas?00:43
kbrookspatifa, do you want a pm?00:43
richard___kbrooks, look at the bottom of ~/.profile :o00:43
* anoble is Away eating00:43
patifakbrooks: Forgot my IRC password, so that's not going to work.00:43
Simonf1smee: run networkManage00:43
kbrookspatifa, you dont need one00:43
Jack_Sparrowpatifa read the wubi faqs and be sure you understnad them.  It uses a file on your ntfs drive to simulate a partition.00:43
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jchanceDoes anyone know a possible cause or solution to booting locking up at "Starting DHCP D-Bus daemon dhcdbd" ?00:44
_flu_i'm repeating my SOS -;x- call: i just install hardy heron. and i also installed kopete. but my taskbar tray doesn't flash when a message recieved.. it's also the same in pidgin.. anybody help?00:44
richard___patifa, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wubi_%28Ubuntu%2900:44
Simonf1anoble: what model?00:44
snadgei have my clock set to automatically update off the internet, with the correct timezone.. why is the time way out?00:44
david_-_-maco:  any ideas i been looking it up but i found nothing on my end00:44
smeeok, then what00:45
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LjL!away > anoble    (anoble, see the private message from Ubotu)00:45
richard___snadge, do you use Windows on the same computer?00:45
snadgerichard___: yes00:45
Simonf1jchance: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/2913500:45
Megaratanow, it doesnt recognize my network connection00:45
alpharesearchhow to change the user recursive on a directory including all the files00:45
Megaratavia WIRE00:45
Simonf1smee: does anything come up in the top right?00:45
* hmuller activates Super Cow Powers00:45
Konam_flu_ did you check the settings to see if they're enabled00:45
jchanceSimonf1:  great, I'll check it out :)00:45
smeei'll have to write stuff down and try it later since i set up a dual boot00:46
macodavid_-_-: no, ive never tried what youre doing because i dont use 64bity00:46
smeemy desktop won't let me connect to the irc server00:46
Simonf1jchance: google is your friend. I just put you error in quotes.00:46
bbyeverhardy uninstalled my graphics card drivers, how do i get them back?00:46
david_-_-maco:  how do i delete/remove everything i have just done?00:46
Simonf1smee: are you connected to the internet at all?00:46
richard___alpharesearch, ‘chown -R richard:richard <Path>’ (the format is ‘user name:primary group name’)00:47
tarkushow can i untar from terminal?00:47
smeeno, not in ubuntu00:47
macodavid_-_-: make sure you do this *exactly* because an extra space anywhere could hose your system. youve been warned00:47
macodavid_-_-: sudo rm -rf /usr/local/firefox3200:47
david_-_-maco wait00:47
Konambbyever check the restricted driver manager to see the status of your video card00:47
macodavid_-_-: do *not* put a space anywhere inside that path00:47
david_-_-maco join me in room #wwed please so i wont lose u00:48
Simonf1smee:  use usernames in the messege00:48
jiqiren_tarkus: tar xvf00:48
smeeSimonf1: sorry...does it highlight it for you?00:48
georgehow can load subtitles with Totem?00:48
bbyeverKonam: it says no proprietary drivers are being used00:48
Simonf1smee: better00:48
Konambbyever if it's nvidia and is installed but not in use I think you have to install the nvidia-glx-new package00:48
_flu_Konam: yes, i did. when i first ask this question a guy replied "i am at the same situation".. it's so meaningless00:48
richard___snadge, Windows stupidly sets the computer's internal clock to the local time instead of the universal time like other operating systems. I'm unsure of any solution to this problem00:48
Konam_flu_ no idea what it is. check if is a plugin and is disabled or something..00:49
IndyGunFreak_flu_: what is the prob?00:49
richard___snadge, try this, and disable Internet clock synchronisation in Windows: http://weblogs.asp.net/dfindley/archive/2006/06/20/Set-hardware-clock-to-UTC-on-Windows-_2800_or-how-to-make-the-clock-work-on-a-Mac-Book-Pro_2900_.aspx00:50
bbyeverKonam: ive got nvidia-glx installed, but its not being used00:50
rpedro_anyone using the SERVER kernel on a desktop with an nvidia card, and if so does the closed drivers work, and are there any other issues?00:50
phoenixsolhello, can anyone tell me whether it is odd to find a process called "http" running as root? (because of the process name, it is nearly impossible to search for)00:50
Simonf1smee: do you see an icon with a cable and a x next to it in the tray on the top right?00:50
Megaratahow can i download some crap that i need to install on the Ubuntu laptop without wireless?00:50
rpedro_like stuff missing form the kernel that is needed on a desktop, I would like to know that00:50
Mocstarting Xorg on my Dell OptiPlex 745 make the machine hang compleatly (remote ssh is also unresponsive)00:50
MegarataCan i like download an executable via Windows and install it on the Linux system?00:51
IndyGunFreakMegarata: can your ubuntu partition see your windows partition?00:51
alpharesearch<richard___> right now I'm loggedin as lea, and I tupe sudo chmod -R cindy:cindy /home/cindy but I only get try chmod --help for more information00:51
Konambbyever install the nvidia-glx-new, if you don't see it in synaptic you have to enable all the repositories00:51
Simonf1Is the ubotu factoid list down for other people too?00:51
smeeSimonf1: i'm not sure...is it where i go to open up the network settings window?00:51
IndyGunFreakSimonf1: yes00:51
Mocreinstalling 7.10 damnit00:51
Simonf1Megarata:  no00:51
bbyeverKonam: ok00:51
Megaratait's that b43-fwcutter crap useful for real?00:51
_flu_i upgraded to hardy heron.. and installed kopete. but the taskbar doesn't flash when i recieved a message.. pidgin also don't flash too.. i checked all prefs, but find no answer yet..00:51
damaltor_anybody using kde4 here? would be nice if someone could tell me a little about it00:51
Simonf1smee: yes00:51
IndyGunFreakMegarata: then yes, download it on windows, put it on the partition that linux can see, then run it under ubuntu00:51
tarkuswhats the name of the default archive manager for ubuntu/gnome ??00:51
koudelkadamaltor_, what would you like to know?00:51
Simonf1smee: click on it, what does it say?00:52
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patifaphoenixsol: I've seen it.  While updating, I think.00:52
drivetraxMegarata,  -- I think you might be able to use windows to download a file to an NTFS partition under ubuntu.00:52
anoblehello after selcecting Install Ubuntu and seeing the Ubunru, and the little orange thing go across the screen, the screen goes black after about 5min and wont process00:52
Moc_flu_: pidgin is anoying in 8.04, when you double click on the icon of new message in the tray, it doesn't always bring you to the message00:52
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richard___alpharesearch, is there both a user and group named ‘cindy’?00:52
anobleoh wait00:52
Megaratabut, how can i download the same stuff that the Synaptic thingie has?00:52
drivetraxMegarata,  -- nothing stops you from downloading to an accessible area under windows, and seeing a local drive00:52
phoenixsolpatifa, thanks. (I was intalling a package, come to think of it)00:52
IndyGunFreakdrivetrax: Megarata he should have access to his windows partition, under Linux, so just download the file under windows, remember where it  is, then go to linux, and navigate your ntfs partition, and run it under linux00:53
bbyeverKonam: done. they are still not recognized00:53
smeeSimonf1: i know the icon, but i don't remember00:53
sielnt_I'm loving the flash firefox crashes every 10 seconds00:53
alpharesearch<richard___>  yes00:53
_flu_Moc: it's also same in kopete00:53
richard___Moc, are you sure you're not supposed to just click the icon once?00:53
sielnt_is everyone else having crash problems with firefox+flash?00:53
Simonf1smee: don't remember what> can  you access the computer now?00:53
CameronHi.  My boot hangs at setting up network interfaces.. hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL causes the boot process to finish.. any ideas ?00:53
alpharesearch<richard___>  I can see it under user settings and groups settings00:53
IndyGunFreaksielnt_: no00:53
Mocrichard___: once or twice, it does the same thing, I have to find back in what desktop pidgin message window it is and activate it ... very annoying00:53
drivetraxIndyGunFreak,  -- yes.. that is true.. but weird .. why download under windows.. when apt-get can go after these packages made for linux00:54
koudelkasielnt_, yes, and it's a reported bug with high priority00:54
Megarataok, how am i supposed to see my windows from ubuntu?00:54
_flu_moc: oh, sorry. i got the messages.. taskbar doesn't blinks, thats all..00:54
adrian_2002cahelllo all...00:54
GhotiPhudI've got a minor problem with the radeon driver on my laptop.  When I output to the LCD and TV, the refresh rate is really slow.00:54
omgshoesanyone know why my steam games are blinking on wine?00:54
IndyGunFreakdrivetrax: because linux doesn't recognize his wireless connection, if you'd have paid attention to him00:54
sielnt_koudelka: it's been happening for the entire alpha/beta development00:54
smeeSimonf1: i installed it as dual-boot...and i'm using the computer now (in windows)00:54
adrian_2002cahow do i use metacity to make window borders transparent00:54
sielnt_koudelka: sorta expected it to be fixed by release...00:54
IndyGunFreakhe needs to download his wireless firmware00:54
tarkuswhats the name of the default archive manager for ubuntu/gnome ??00:54
damaltor_koudelka: i just did run the livecd, and kde4 looks very good. but is it good? i like the desktop widgets thing.. any problems? how about desktop effects? more/less then compiz? does compiz work if i want to use it? how? i am using xfce on a small notebook and have a debian console server too, im not a beginner. i like kde because its nice and works fine, but i want to know how easy and how stable kde4 is before re-setup of my pc ...00:54
Konambbyever you have to close your session and log in again00:54
Moc_flu_: sometime it doesn't, Im not sure about taskbar bliking, I dont remember if it blink in 7.1000:54
damaltor_... here. do you know any real advantages and disadvantages to kde3?00:54
smeeSimonf1: i'm pretty much going on memory right now00:54
bbyeverKonam: ok brb00:54
acecaseI use tversity in windows to convert video to flash 7 and stream it to my wii on the fly. Is there anything for ubuntu that will do the same?00:54
Simonf1hold on00:55
sielnt_damaltor_: the menus get hella messy00:55
drivetraxIndyGunFreak,  -- Ohhhhh!  Yeah.. they found One wireless that will not work with Hardy00:55
richard___alpharesearch, does chmod say anything else?00:55
GhotiPhudI've got a minor problem with the radeon driver on my laptop.  When I output to the LCD and TV, the refresh rate is really slow.  Can anyone shed some light on the issue?00:55
damaltor_sielnt_: how that?00:55
MocIm very disapointed at 8.04 release, it been hell for me all the way (ok well not hell, but close to it)00:55
IndyGunFreakdrivetrax: it wil work, just like it does on all versinos of linux, it just requires special firmware00:55
Simonf1smee: http://kirsten.urbanzone.com/blog/uploads/misc/ubuntu_network_manager.png00:55
Kevin`http://pastebin.ca/1002399 - what do I have to do to get vmware working on ubuntu 8.x?00:55
alpharesearch<richard___>  no, only try help form mor information00:55
koudelkadamaltor_, kde4 isn't feature complete and they are saying that themself. so you will notice glitches and things that are just missing00:55
koudelkadamaltor_, they mainly focus on developers and early adaptors atm00:56
IndyGunFreakMoc: i think its awesome, no probs here... one on pc i just built, 1 on an old pc, and 1 on a fairly new laptop00:56
damaltor_koudelka: so better wait for 4.1 or 4.2 or something?00:56
snadgerichard___: there used to be an option in debian whether you wanted to set your system clock to UTC or localtime? why is ubuntu not this flexible?00:56
shoot^richard___, could this be significant? "Warning: LookupDrawable()/SecurityLookupDrawable() are deprecated.  Please convert your driver/module to use dixLookupDrawable()."00:56
sielnt_damaltor_: I prefer the logical layout of the gnome panel. I find kde3 to be more windowsish... a mishmash of unrelated launchers00:56
koudelkadamaltor_, yes, 4.1 will be out in about 3 month00:56
sielnt_damaltor_: kde4 is a lot better00:56
snadgeand regardless of what its set to, shouldn't the "automatic" part in ubuntu fix that?00:56
richard___acecase, try WINE00:56
koudelkadamaltor_, they relese bug fixes each month and a major feature release every 6th month00:56
Megaratai connected it via cable to the router and still no freaking internet00:57
IndyGunFreakits gonna take a lot more than kde4 for me to even consider using it.00:57
shally87do i need antivirus for ubuntu?00:57
jribshally87: no00:57
sielnt_shally87: no00:57
Kevin`shally87: not really.00:57
LUm can anyone help me with this....?00:57
twinkie_addictits bit to get used too not sure i like the sled menu00:57
sielnt_shally87: welcome to linux, by the way00:57
damaltor_koudelka: well, my girlfriend wants to have linux too now after seeing compiz in action and having another hundred viruses on win. i am searching for her, too. the system ought to be nice and complete, without big problems.00:57
smeeSimonf1: i have the icon with the double monitors, but i can't get anything with wireless networks00:57
isdepopecathWhat's a good program for unarchiving .rar?00:57
Megarataso, this thing do nothing... no wireless, no wired00:57
damaltor_sielnt_: better in what?00:57
shally87kevin`; WHY?00:57
drivetraxMegarata,  - say you cannot get out with a cable?00:57
Megaratathat's amazing00:57
twinkie_addictbut i can boot intoo windows just fine00:57
IndyGunFreakshally87: unless you're using it to protect windows machines(ie, you're acting as a server), its very unlikely you need it.00:57
CameronHi.  My boot hangs at setting up network interfaces.. hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL causes the boot process to finish.. any ideas ?00:57
jribL: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list00:57
nonewmsgsi have a sandisk cruzer 8gb fat32 thumb drive.  it works fine in linux but it freezes windows systems.  are there any fat tools like fsck or chkdsk for it?00:57
smeeSimonf1: i don't get that little window that you showed00:57
sielnt_isdepopecath: unrar or unrar-free00:58
shally87sielnt: thanks00:58
NateFguys, im getting a CD mount error, it cant mount the CD-ROM, i have the menu, what should i do now?00:58
richard___snadge, that's probably possible, but I don't know how you do that :)00:58
LUm... what?00:58
koudelkadamaltor_, for a beginer gnome is better. the whole point of gnome is to be super simple00:58
isdepopecathsielnet_: Thank you.00:58
jrib!pastebin > L (read the private message from ubotu)00:58
LI'm new.00:58
sielnt_koudelka: amen00:58
MegarataWell, i hope that 8.10 IS ready for wireless00:58
Kevin`anyone? help with vmware?00:58
jrib!who | L00:58
ubottuL: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:58
GhotiPhudI've got a minor problem with the radeon driver on my laptop.  When I output to the LCD and TV, the refresh rate is really slow.  Can anyone shed some light on the issue?00:58
MocIndyGunFreak: It was very anoying to get it running in dual head on my desktop (nvidia) new xorg screen res configurator is useless.  Language switch shortcut was remove/replaced . Now try to upgrade my Dell Desktop to get a blackscren at reboot, tryed to boot the install Cd and same result.  New VNC clients suck, can't access ubuntu 7.10 default vnc server, had to install console vnc clients...00:58
jrib!vmware > kevin` (read the private message from ubotu)00:58
ubottuantivirus is something you don't really need on Linux, unless you serve windows clients. ClamAV and aegis are decent linux virusscanners. Also see !linuxvirus00:58
shally87indygunfreak: if i using for developing website no need right??00:58
jrib!rar > isdepopecath (read the private message from ubotu)00:58
koudelkastill i think gnome sometimes is to big and round, make it look like a toy00:58
IndyGunFreakshally87: i wouldn't think so.00:58
shally87thanks indy00:59
IndyGunFreakshally87: hang on, i'll give you a link to explain it00:59
damaltor_koudelka: i dont really like gnome (though i must admit that i never used it long time) and i am used to kde and dont really want to change (and i would have to if i want to help her... =) )00:59
NateFwhat should i do for CD-ROM mounting error00:59
Kevin`jrib: so there's no way to make it work?00:59
ubottuThe short life and hard times of a Linux Virus http://librenix.com/?inode=2100:59
arkansasHi. I upgraded from 7.10 to 8.10. The upgrade didn't complete and I have lost my desktop?00:59
IndyGunFreakshally87: nevermind, thats the link i was gonna give you00:59
mfeCongratulations on the new release00:59
shally87indy: thanks00:59
Mocconsidering moving back at 7.10, but It anoying that I might be stuck with the same issues at 8.1000:59
jribKevin`: what do you mean?  I gave you the link about vmware.   Do you have a specific question other than "help with vmware?"00:59
richard___isdepopecath, File Roller. you might also need to install the ‘unrar’ package00:59
IndyGunFreakMoc: what nvidia card do you have? my dual screens work fine01:00
jribL: do you understand what you need to do?01:00
NateFwhat do i do for a cd rom mounting error? need help!!!01:00
Kevin`jrib: yeah.. let me find it in my backlog01:00
koudelkadamaltor_, well it depends what you are going to use the system for. kde4 is a lot easier then kde3 that has become bloated with tons of configuration windows and stuff01:00
sielnt_NateF: you'd do well to pastebin the actual error01:00
isdepopecathrichard___: Yea, I'm getting the 'unrar' package right now01:00
GMWeezelcan I change my desktop icon alignment grid size?01:00
Kevin`jrib: http://pastebin.ca/1002399 - what do I have to do to get vmware  working on ubuntu 8.x?01:00
Kevin`just the console, not the kernel part01:00
MocIndyGunFreak: I finally got it to work, Nvidi 8600 GT.  Had to install nvidia drivers (from the repo)(first time I try to load it, it say it was already installed but not running)01:00
damaltor_koudelka: do you know some examples of what does not work in kde4 / what is missing / what could be annoying/disturbing/...?01:01
arkansasIs 8.10 ok to run on a laptop?01:01
jribKevin`: how did you install it?01:01
NateFit says that same that i said: "a setup error accuried, error: mount CD-ROM", then its bring me to the main menu after i hit enter01:01
Kevin`jrib: tar01:01
jribarkansas: 8.10 does not exist01:01
koudelkadamaltor_, kde 4.0.0 was kinda hard to use in my opinion because there were quite a few annoying things, but now they are at 4.0.3 and it's becoming better01:01
mfefirestarter reported an attack from youtube - should i be concerned?01:01
IndyGunFreakMoc: well, all you would have to do was enable in hardware driver manager, then install nvidia-settings, and thats it.01:01
arkansasjrib: 8.....01:01
jribarkansas: 8.04? sure01:01
shel_lenHow can I switch video drivers for the console?01:01
MocOnce drivers is install, I had to install the nvidia-settings(no idea why it not installed with the driver)01:01
microwaveranyone know how to install custom themes. I can't seem to start the 'Theme Installer'01:02
NateFit says that same that i said: "a setup error accuried, error: mount CD-ROM", then its bring me to the main menu after i hit enter01:02
damaltor_koudelka: are there some really noticeable glitches or things tht really could be missed?01:02
larson9999in hardy when i chose shutdown it starts shutting down but hangs until i do ctl+alt+backspace.  is this a known issue or something specific to my machine?01:02
MocIndyGunFreak: normally yes, problem is on my first install, it show the drivers as already installed..01:02
macoanyone know why id get this error trying to run evolution? Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed.01:02
koudelkadamaltor_, well for me i think the menu and start panel is still incomplete. you can add things to it but you can't move them around. and if you mess things up you kinda have to reset it all01:02
IndyGunFreakMoc: but were they enabled?01:02
IndyGunFreakthere's a difference01:02
GMWeezelcan I change my desktop icon alignment grid size?01:02
NateFPelo: i have a mount error, can u help me out?01:02
arkansasjrib: I started the upgrade and it didn't complete. now my desktop is gone?01:02
jribKevin`: did the wiki page ubottu send not help?01:02
xyphorI see some people are having problems with 8.04 and their keyboard not responding.  I'm having that problem too.  USB legacy support is disabled in my BIOS (one suggested fix)01:02
Mocso I installed it manually, but that didn't work(crash at every reboot) but someone told me I just had to remove some package and it would have work fined01:03
mfemicrowaver did you start it from the applications menu?01:03
koudelkadamaltor_, but as long as you aren't messing with the start panel it's working well01:03
Kevin`jrib: ubottu just said "not for hardy"01:03
richard____alpharesearch, did you have any success?01:03
PeloGMWeezel, I've been looking for the same,   the only thing I found is in nautilus, prefs, compact spacing ,or some such01:03
jribKevin`: didn't he give you a link to a wiki page?01:03
PeloNateF, what's the drive what's the fs and do you have a mount point ?01:03
NateFi have the following error on installation: it says that same that i said: "a setup error accuried, error: mount CD-ROM", then its bring me to the main menu after i hit enter01:03
damaltor_koudelka: so, would you give it a try for a beginner?01:03
MocIndyGunFreak: it was installed, Enable but `Not in Use`01:03
microwavermfe, no, it's not in thtat list01:03
alpharesearch<richard___>  no01:03
microwavermfe, I used deskbar applet01:03
IndyGunFreakMoc: ok..01:03
koudelkadamaltor_, other then that, the thing that is missing in kde4 is really applications using the qt4.4 libary and giving them the kde4 look01:03
Mocanyway, after a reinstall and an update to a different repos, it finally show as not installed01:03
GMWeezelPelo: Alright, thanks. it's a popular annoyance in gnome but i was hoping that maybe after all the complaining they had fixed it.01:03
jribarkansas: can you be more specific?  What exactly happened?  What errors did you get?01:03
NateFdrive C hard drive, whats fs?? how do i make a mount point?01:04
PeloGMWeezel, I'm not saying you can'T fine tune it somewhere, I just haven'T figured it out yet,  try looking it up in the forum01:04
mfemicrowaver go to sys pref main menu and add it01:04
damaltor_koudelka: so lots of apps look like kde3 still?01:04
DanApredistrohi I want to modify my psmouse.ko file. I read that best way is to create a file in  modprobe.d I would like to chat with someone more on this. is anyone familiar with what I am talking about?01:04
shadowbladeHello, I'm trying to get my wireless working on my Dell e1505 with Hardy. I've added the driver for my card with the Windows Wireless Drivers gui. Everything tells me its working - the status light for the wireless is green, ubuntu says its working, etc. But it can't find any networks. I've checked the network with another computer and it works fine. iwlist scaning says 'No scan results' for wlan0. Any ideas?01:04
koudelkadamaltor_, yes, there are apps that looks like kde 3 still01:04
PeloNateF, this is your windows partition you are tying to mount ? inside ubuntu ?01:04
skyhook19Hi, does anyone here no things about encrypting folders?01:04
MocIndyGunFreak: It probably a bug that when the install has NOT sync with the repository atless one, it show bad informations01:04
GMWeezelPelo: been there, have been looking for some months actually. im certain the source code can be edited but i don't want to go through all that every time i watn to change the grid01:05
NateFi dont have any partitios right now01:05
IndyGunFreakMoc: its not a bug01:05
Kevin`jrib: the page doesn't have any instructions for 8.x01:05
Ljrib:  I don't really understand.01:05
microwavermfe, where can I find it?01:05
NateFi have my main hard drive partition01:05
LThe page I was sent to is in German.01:05
PeloNateF, use my nick when talking to me,  it helps me keep trck01:05
Cameronany ideas why "ifup tap0" would hang ?01:05
plathHi, I have switch between full screen and windowed when i launch fullscreen application (games...)01:05
koudelkadamaltor_, that's why they are saying it's mostly for developers. it's not because it's anything wrong with it, it's just so that developers can start using it and convert their applications01:05
alpharesearch<richard___>  but there is a first line of the error message I previously over looked chmod: invalid mode cindy:cindy - sorry01:05
NateFpelo: sorry01:05
PeloNateF, do you have ubuntu installed or are you trying to isntall it ?01:05
MocIndyGunFreak: well, saying that it installed and enable when it not installed... I call that a BUG01:05
bbyeverKonam: its fixed, thanks!01:05
richard____NateF, try using the ‘check CD for defects’ function01:05
zelrikriandoeh Pelo01:05
jribL: open the file /etc/apt/sources.list in a text editor, copy the contents, visit the pastebin site ubotu gave you, paste the contents there, hit submit, give me the link01:05
NateFPelo: im trying to install it01:05
damaltor_koudelka: ok, well thats alright i think. how about desktop effects, maybe in comparison with compiz? everywhere i read "no compiz needed" and things like that, is that true? or are there only some transparencies and thats it?01:05
mfemicrowaver other / theme installer01:05
Pelohelo zelrikriando01:05
IndyGunFreakMoc: well, you would be misidentifying it.01:06
zelrikriandoPelo: I solved my problem01:06
NateFrichard___: i did, nothing happens01:06
arkansasjrib: my computer froze and I had to do a hard shut down. I restarted and checked for updates, 300+ installed, and the error said "only a partial upgrade was possible"01:06
richard____alphakamp, oh. did I tell you to use chmod instead of chown? oops, sorry!01:06
jribKevin`: which instructions are not applicable to 8.04?01:06
mfemicrowaver system / prefernces / main menu / other / theme installer01:06
zelrikriandoPelo: the problem was....that there were no problem :p01:06
arkansasjrib: froze during upgrade01:06
Konambbyever you're welcome :)01:06
damaltor_koudelka: for myself, i dont use them. but my girlfriend wants to show off in course with it :D01:06
richard____alphakamp, (chown changes who owns a file; chmod changes who can access a file)01:06
PeloNateF, ok , are you on the live cd right now ?  goto  menu > system> admin> gnome partiton editor, once you open it , it will scan your hdd and it will mount all available partiton to your desktop01:06
koudelkadamaltor_, if you are thinking of installing for your girlfriend, i think you should consider what she would like the most and that is probably a simple easy system without having much hassle. then gnome is the way to go01:06
plath I have switch between full screen and windowed when i launch fullscreen application (games...). i use ubuntu 8.04 how to fix it ?01:06
microwavermfe, nope can't seem to find it01:06
Pelozelrikriando, remind me , what was the issue again ?01:06
bbyeverKonam: one more thing, do you know how to get emerald workling again?01:06
mfemicrowaver what version?01:07
koudelkadamaltor_, well kde4 sure makes a good showoff ;)01:07
Ljrib: the page does not go where it is supposed to.  It's German and gave some sort of error.01:07
NateFPelo: i am trying to install the alternative CD on a completely blank 120GB hard drive01:07
zelrikriandoPelo: the resolution01:07
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
richard____NateF, define ‘nothing’ :)01:07
Konambbyever Emerald? compiz you mean :)01:07
Peloplath, type F usualy toggle full screen windowed01:07
jribL: use pastebin.com01:07
MocIndyGunFreak: Im a linux fan, but I know when to admit when it suck... and 8.04 ain't great in my experience so far01:07
alpharesearch<richard___>  no you didn't tell me wrong - I messed up01:07
damaltor_koudelka: good thing. i will try a little with gnome, and consider that too. thanks so far for all your help!01:07
Pelozelrikriando, ok meaning you can'T get the res you want with your card ?01:07
NateFrichard___: no partitions, nothing on it at all01:07
drivetraxhow to install a launcher from the >Internet Menu.. to replace FireFox in that list?01:07
alpharesearch<richard___>  I guess the tab button did it..01:07
PeloNateF, isyour hdd blank ?01:08
IndyGunFreakMoc: well, you can't blame the OS for user incompetence.. thats all i'll say on it.01:08
microwavermfe got e a theme from gnome-look and can't seem to find a way to install it.01:08
bbyeverKonam: well compiz effects are all good, only emerald is not decorating my windows as it should...01:08
* IntangibleLiquid installing xubuntu on his old pc01:08
koudelkadamaltor_, here i have kde4 on a old 1ghz laptop. http://bandwidth.se/imgs/20/0/screenshotoflundgrenlundgrenlaptopshareddesktop.png01:08
richard____alpharesearch, hehe. oh well :)01:08
NateFPelo: yes, completely01:08
wigglez_hey guys, anyone know of a way to scan udp ports to see if they are open01:08
shally87i back..01:08
mfemicrowaver ahh01:08
Kevin`jrib: it specifically says which versions the different parts of the instructions apply to01:08
damaltor_koudelka: oh, and one mor thing: i really HATE konqueror. how do i get it out and only use firefox?01:08
PeloNateF, then you donT' need to mount it ,  just proceed with the installer, it will install on the whole hdd01:08
Konambbyever oh, I don't use emerald, I prefer the gtk integration :)01:08
NateFPelo: so what should i click exactly01:08
Edualc1Hi, I'm new as using Ubuntu and I have a problem with my HP Scanjet 5300C.  Every time I use it closes Ubuntu and it doesn't work.  Does anyone know how to solve this problem01:08
Edualc1Hi, I'm new as using Ubuntu and I have a problem with my HP Scanjet 5300C.  Every time I use it closes Ubuntu and it doesn't work.  Does anyone know how to solve this problem01:08
terrestresomeone using a inestable compiz version? some recommended repo?01:09
richard____NateF, I thought you were trying to install Ubuntu, but you couldn't proceed due to an error. am I correct?01:09
alexbobpI upgraded my kubuntu, and after I replaced my new blank home directory with a symlink to my old one, sound broke.  How can I fix it?01:09
mfemicrowaver want to hear my knock knock joke?01:09
PeloNateF, you want to use the whole hdd to install ubuntu ? just click the install icon on the desktop01:09
shally87indy: if i were to transfer files to my thumbdrive and use the thumbdrive for other windows pc, no virus will follow is it?01:09
koudelkadamaltor_, you can just install firefox with synaptic01:09
bbyeverKonam: oh ok, well thanks anyway.01:09
MocIndyGunFreak: hey kid, read back what I said before... OS tell USER it installed and enable. USER stupid to think the OS is right ?01:09
microwavermfe, yes. do enjoy me01:09
NateFPelo: let me try hold on01:09
IndyGunFreakMoc: hey kid, read back what i said01:09
Peloterrestre, just ask in #compiz01:09
NateFrichard: your partly correct hold on01:09
damaltor_koudelka: did so, directly with apt. but konq still is standard browser :/01:09
mfeare you american?01:09
tininhey! there's a big bug. "sudo apt-get install anarchy" does not work in hardy. And it's going to be 1st May01:09
terrestrePelo, thanks01:09
wigglez_can someone here run a port scan?01:09
microwavermfe,  haha no, Belgian :)01:09
koudelkadamaltor_, there you have another problem. if there are apps you want to use that are gtk apps. then it will look kinda bad and you have to mess around with the gtk themes to make it look good01:09
IndyGunFreakMoc: if you don't like my answers, you're the one who's continued this conversation01:10
jribKevin`: yes, I understand.  You need to read them and discern if they are applicble to 8.04.  Which vmware product are you installing exactly?01:10
Pelo!offtopic | mfe01:10
ubottumfe: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:10
wigglez_er wrong chan01:10
Kevin`jrib: just the vmware server console01:10
mfepelo sorry01:10
alpharesearch<richard___>  I'm working on two computers, some information got lost on the way to the other computer - but it worked and I'm able to login - thank you!01:10
mfebeg pardon room01:10
koudelkadamaltor_, i haven't used kde so much, but that should be in the system settings. i know where you change it in gnome though :P01:10
* Pelo can'T beleive he just !OTed someone , he feels embarrased01:10
Edualc1Hi, I'm new as using Ubuntu and I have a problem with my HP Scanjet 5300C.  Every time I use it closes Ubuntu and it doesn't work.  Does anyone know how to solve this problem01:10
richard____alpharesearch, you're welcome01:10
shally87!help..if i were to transfer files to my thumbdrive and use the thumbdrive for other windows pc, no virus will follow is it?01:10
jribKevin`: did it install successfully from the tar.gz?01:10
shadowbladeHello, I'm trying to get my wireless working on my Dell e1505 with Hardy. I've added the driver for my card with the Windows Wireless Drivers gui. Everything tells me its working - the status light for the wireless is green, ubuntu says its working, etc. But it can't find any networks. I've checked the network with another computer and it works fine. iwlist scaning says 'No scan results' for wlan0. Any ideas?01:10
microwaver!sorry | mfe01:10
ubottumfe: It's ok, I can't stay mad at you.01:10
NateFPelo: it now says, theres a reading error, make sure its in the right frive(it's in the right drive)01:11
PeloEdualc1, what do you mean it closes ubuntu ?01:11
damaltor_koudelka: the thing with the gtk apps is the same in kde3, no?01:11
Kevin`jrib: yes, but it doesn't run properly01:11
Ljrib: OK.  I'm on Windows right now...  Dual boot, because of the trouble.  Um...  Where do I get the file in windows?  My wireless stopped working in Ubuntu.01:11
mfethanks ubottu01:11
koudelkadamaltor_, yes01:11
ubottuI am ubottu, standing in for ubotu while he's getting his haircut done, nose powdered, updated and transitioned to his new, gorgeous looks in the near future ;)01:11
PeloNateF, make sure what is in the right drive ?01:11
damaltor_koudelka: so, that will make no difference.01:11
jribL: what version of windows?01:11
microwaver!theme | microwaver01:11
richard____shally87, viruses and malware which run on Linux are rare, so no01:11
koudelkadamaltor_, but i think kd3 looks worse then gnome :P01:11
NateFPelo: the CD-ROM01:11
Ljrib: Vista01:11
PeloNateF, is the cdrom in the cdrom drive ?01:11
PeloEdualc1, what do you mean it closes ubuntu ?01:12
NateFPelo: yes, it failed to copy a file01:12
damaltor_koudelka: ...just started download of standard ubuntu with gnome. you really seem to be happy with it =)01:12
mfeGnome is clean and crisp!01:12
jribL: well you need to sort out the connection issue to use APT anyway, so you should do that first and then work on the APT error you get01:12
Edualc1It reboots Ubuntu everytime01:12
shally87richard: owh owh...thanks richard..i just afraid there is a newly virus created compactible for linux and windows.. lol ..01:12
ledi am still more of a windows user but i makeing the  change as i am digging ubuntu but what the heck do you do when a app freezes   the is no ctrl alt del for a task manager so i would be able to kill the process.01:12
Ljrib:  Any help on that?01:12
PeloNateF, ok reboot the computer,  from the cd boot menu , choose ,  check cd integrity ,  let it do it's job and see if hte cd is ok , it yes, jsut try again01:12
jrib!wifi > L (read the private message from ubotu)01:13
PeloEdualc1, please use my nick when talking to me,  it helps me keep track01:13
Simonf1led: there is force quit01:13
microwaveranyone who can tell me how to install the downloaded themes I got from gnome-look.org ?01:13
NateFPelo: ok, hold on01:13
PeloEdualc1, ok ,  are you scanning with it or just printing ?01:13
Ljrib:  It worked last night, but my laptop battery died, and since then I've had this trouble....01:13
mfeSimonf1 is force quit in system monitor?01:13
Edualc1Pelo: sorry I'm totally new to this01:13
IndyGunFreakmicrowaver: right click your desktop, choose properties, then click the theme window, then drag/drop the new theme into that window01:13
Pelomicrowaver, open the theme manager  menu > yustem> prefs > apperance,   and just drag the tar.gz file in it01:13
PeloEdualc1, no problem01:14
ldz420Hey i used env to see the different environmental variables but I am not finding them in /etc/profile or ~/.profile so where are the environmental variables being pulled from?01:14
koudelkadamaltor_, yes, i am happy with it, it's excellent for a system you want to use for a while01:14
Simonf1mfe: no, it's sepeate. I have link to it on my top bar01:14
PeloEdualc1, did you select the printer model in the cups printer manager ?01:14
richard____ldz420, /etc/profile.d/01:14
mfeSimonf1 separate where?01:14
microwaverPelo, is there  way to convert a zip file to tar.gz?01:14
Edualc1Pelo: NO...01:14
microwaverIndyGunFreak, thx01:14
damaltor_koudelka: well, i am using this kde system now for years without any bigger problems. i do really like kde though.01:15
* Prez00 is installing hardy on a vm... before upgrading the real thing...01:15
mfeSimonf1 can't you simply end a task thru sys monitor?01:15
Pelomicrowaver, it's been repacked , just extract it once and use the tar.gz inside01:15
koudelkadamaltor_, all the network tools and things are easily used with gnome and they just look simple and does the job01:15
jribKevin`: see: http://communities.vmware.com/message/39969501:15
Simonf1mfe: I'm not sure, seems to be a separate app. I press the icon, and an a box comes up saying click on what you want to quit01:15
PeloEdualc1, ok ,  goto menu > system> admin> printer,  and add it01:15
IndyGunFreakmicrowaver: i guess you could extract the contents of the tar file, then zip them if thats what you want to do.01:15
mfeSimonf1 how do i get one?01:15
koudelkadamaltor_, is it a system for you or your girlfriend?01:15
Xavier_i just tried installing ubuntu using WUBI, but for some reason it still has the install icon on my Ubuntu desktop, and i don't have any options for restricted drivers01:16
ldz420richard____ i checked and I am not seeing any files in there01:16
Simonf1right click on a panel, click add to pannel01:16
mooseman089would anything bad happen if i share the same folder with samba and nfs?01:16
* Pelo takes away IndyGunFreak helper priviledges just sit on the side line add keep silent 01:16
ledyeah only some times the force quit works  when i can click the x to close but i mean when it freezes as in nothing works01:16
retalinif i am wanting to create a script that runs daily (apt-get update, apt-get upgrade) how would i take care of the yes or no options in upgrade ?01:16
IndyGunFreakPelo: lol, it would work01:16
Simonf1mfe: it's called force quit01:16
richard____ldz420, can you read shell scripts?01:16
mfeSimonf1 sweet! thanks01:16
jmeimy root fs has gone 49687 days without being checked. Everytime i reboot01:16
Pelozelrikriando, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel01:16
koudelkadamaltor_, if you are sharing a computer you know you can have both kde and gnome installed. so you can just change to kde when you login01:16
IndyGunFreakPelo: is there a reason it wouldn't work like that?01:17
jribKevin`: http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=217650 has a suggestion as well01:17
ubottubugs.gentoo.org bug 217650 in Applications "vmware-server-console: version `GCC_3.4' not found" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]01:17
Konamcan someone tell me how do I get rid of the 'sign' option in the Nautilus contextual menu? I checked gconf and I got nothing.01:17
frankydsry that i got to ask this bus fdisk -p should me my partition table, am i wrong ?01:17
zelrikriandoPelo: the problem was my screen spec's01:17
jmeifdisk -l01:17
alexbobpI upgraded my kubuntu, and after I replaced my new blank home directory with a symlink to my old one, sound broke.  How can I fix it?01:17
ibleedretalin, i think if you want to automate a task you'd use a cron job.  i'm not too familiar with them though01:17
damaltor_koudelka: well, thats the same in kde. would you make a screenshot of your actual desktop design? all the online screenshots are in this baaaad lookin brown tone... i use kde for myself for years, having xfce on subnotebook and debian console on server. my girlfriend saw me playin around with compiz, and had a virus just again, and that was the second in wich she wanted to learn mor about linux... =) i do not have any windows systems ...01:17
damaltor_... installed here. my gf is now using XP01:17
mfeSimonf1 firestarter says i was attacked by youtube - should i be concerned?01:17
PeloIndyGunFreak, the thems need to be in tar.gz format,  the one he downloaded just got repacked in side a  zip to inlcude extras like instrucons or preview01:17
tarkuswhats the name of the default archive manager for ubuntu/gnome ??01:17
Simonf1mfe: WTF???01:18
IndyGunFreakPelo: oh i thought he was asking like to store them in a zip file..01:18
terrestrewhat do you think its better to replace kde katapult, gnome-do? or just katapult?01:18
Pelozelrikriando, well yeah , that 's what we were trying to fix ,01:18
mfeSimonf1 the attack was reported on the events tab01:18
jribKevin`: ok, last link for you: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=772757 :)01:18
Simonf1mfe: what is firestarter?01:18
retalinibleed: i have, i have created a script that and copied in to the cron dir but i am not to sure on how to overcome the y/n option on upgrade, i know its going to sit there asking for it, thanks anyway :)01:18
Xavier_i just tried installing ubuntu 8.04 using WUBI, but for some reason it still has the install icon on my Ubuntu desktop, and i don't have any options for restricted drivers - anyone know if this is normal?01:18
PeloIndyGunFreak, see I didn't take away your helper status for nothing,   now sit back and learn to read01:18
mfeSimonf1 it freaked out my icon01:18
damaltor_mfe: if it was a single warning, you might ignore it. i dont think its critical, it was recognized and thats it.01:18
IndyGunFreakPelo: :)01:18
Simonf1mfe: it's fine01:18
koudelkadamaltor_, ok sure, but i have it very simple because i like it that way and i don't really it fancy :P01:19
mfedamaltor recognized?01:19
ibleedretalin, sorry about that.  i dont know either if its a bash script you could ask in #bash01:19
retalinibleed: thanks :)01:19
Kevin`jrib: thanks, removing usr/lib/vmware-server-console/lib/libgcc_s.so.1/libgcc_s.so.1 made it work01:19
mfedamaltor you mean they know my ip address?01:19
microwaverweir thing. I can't seem to download it as a tar.gz, only as zip.01:19
damaltor_mfe: the attack was recognized by your system, so it will not have made any damage.01:19
richard____mfe, firewalls like to scare you to make it look like they're doing something important01:19
richard____^ some01:19
mfedamaltor_ thanks01:20
Pelomicrowaver, the person who made the theme  put the tar.gz inside a zip  just unzip it01:20
damaltor_mfe: if they didnt know your ip adress before, they wouldnt have a chance to attack you... that is not the real problem =)01:20
Kaemon12433i'm new to xubuntu !01:20
PeloKaemon12433, wrong channel  try #xubuntu01:20
FloodBot1Kaemon12433: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:20
FishsceneKaemon12433, Congratulations01:20
Simonf1Fishscene: lol01:20
mfedamaltor_ i'm using nonfree flash - could that explain it?01:20
Xavier_i just tried installing ubuntu 8.04 using WUBI, but for some reason it still has the install icon on my Ubuntu desktop, and i don't have any options for restricted drivers - anyone know if this is normal?  also the login i chose for Ubuntu in windows did not work, i have no password protection for ubuntu01:21
PeloKaemon12433, it's just that they know where the x stuff is,  we jsut know the g stuff01:21
zappitelli16Hey does anyone know how to adjust the brightness of the screen?01:21
Kaemon12433how do i connect to xubuntu server01:21
zionpsyferXavier_:  You may have booted from the CD again?01:21
mtgeekmanhaving a dual boot problem after installing 8.04, XP does not boot.  select it in the GRUB menu and it goes to the "Starting Up...."  and does nothing after words.  checked menu.lst and it looks correct.  used an xp cd to run chkdsk on the partition just because(didn't help any...)01:21
microwaverPelo, no tar.gz inside. Only . cgwdtheme files01:21
PeloXavier_, did you boot the live cd by anychance ?01:21
ldz420richard____ I am beginning to learn. but when I look into these files /etc/profile ~/.profile not really finding anything.  The only thing I see is the $PATH variable being set01:21
richard____Konam, you would have to somehow disable Seahorse's integration with Nautilus01:21
alpharesearchI need to change the mbr with grub, how to do this without going through the setup?01:21
Kaemon12433hey how do i connect to xubuntu server01:21
jribKaemon12433: just type the following and press enter: /join #xubuntu01:21
iNutshellKaemon12433, try /join #xubuntu01:21
Xavier_zionsyfer: the disc is not in the drive, but Wubi acted like all it was doing was it was putting an Image on my windows partition01:21
damaltor_mfe: no, not really. just ignore it. if there are lots of warnings, someone really tries to attack you. that single warning could just have been some ip scanner or something. if you want to be sure, disconnect and reconnect from the internet.01:21
crdlbmicrowaver: don't even bother with that01:21
Pelomicrowaver,  go back to the page for that theme on gnome-look and read the description, what kind of a theme is it ?01:21
koudelkadamaltor_, check pm, if i was able to send you that01:21
zappitelli16Is there anyway to adjust screen brightness through gutsy?01:22
Pelocrdlb, what kind of theme is that ?01:22
crdlbmicrowaver: ignore the "compiz themes" section on gnome-look; it should have been deleted a long time ago01:22
Xavier_isn't that kind of pointless seeing as how the live image won't save settings or anything?01:22
zelrikriandoPelo: http://www.bestofmicro.com/actualite/17633-asus-u5f.html no wonder I cant get 1280x102401:22
microwaverCompiz theme01:22
mfedamaltor_ thanks again01:22
crdlbPelo: CGWD was the predecessor to emerald01:22
damaltor_koudelka: i am not logged in... dont think that worked.01:22
damaltor_mfe: no problem01:22
microwavercrdlb, ah right.01:22
Pelozappitelli16, on a laptop yes,  right click a pannel, and select add to pannel,  there is a brigthness applet in there01:22
microwaverPelo, compiz it was.01:22
wfstargazerAny solution for Busybox (initramfs) issue - not booting?01:22
alpharesearchI have two HDs, ubuntu is installed on the SCSI device - this can not be selected in the biso boot menu only in the F12 menu01:22
Pelozelrikriando, I don'T realy have time to read that01:22
Dilemma I upgraded to HH....and xmms is gone from my apps list  I do sudo apt to reinstall and it says there is no candidate ..01:23
Pelomicrowaver, ask in #compiz01:23
mfei love my ubuntu01:23
koudelkadamaltor_, ok http://bandwidth.se/imgs/20/0/screenshot2.png there then01:23
IndyGunFreakalphakamp: you need to put grub on your master drive, and grub will boot the scisi drive01:23
Pelowfstargazer, try the forum www.ubuntuforums.org01:23
zelrikriandoPelo: just to say that my laptop cant go above 102401:23
Xavier_any ideas?01:23
zionpsyferXavier_: Agreed, I've not run Wubi before.  It it supposed to act as a normal install AFAIK.  Just fishing here, but have you rebooted after the install without the cd?01:23
Pelozelrikriando, ahhhh,  you owe me 1.5hrs01:23
wfstargazertnx Pelo01:23
richard____ldz420, a statement (line) beginning with a dot includes the following file in the current script. the variables are probably being set in these other referenced files01:24
koudelkadamaltor_, to get a better feeling on how gnome feels like i recomend you watching this page http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/2.22/01:24
zelrikriandoPelo: lol :p01:24
ubnubHow long does it take for the installation to resize a NTFS partition?01:24
koudelkadamaltor_, ubuntu 8.04 uses gnome 2.2201:24
* Pelo will collect , some day 01:24
damaltor_koudelka: thanks for that. your desktop is REALLY tidy. =)01:24
IndyGunFreakubnub: depends on how much resizing you're doing01:24
Xavier_ziopsyfer: like i said, the CD is not in the drive - i installed Ubuntu using Wubi, then i rebooted, i chose Ubuntu in my list, then it showed my desktop and started the partitioner, i canceled the partitioner and now i'm in the live cd01:24
Peloubnub, depends , on how big and if you defraged it a few times before hand01:24
ubnubI've been waiting about 20 miniutes and it's still on 0%01:25
IndyGunFreakubnub: i would say there's probaby something wrong01:25
koudelkadamaltor_, on the gnome page you can see how a default gnome system looks like without changing anything01:25
Peloubnub, it's movinng stuff around,  expect at least an hour it's a tricky process01:25
microwaverPelo, what kinda themes should I be getting then01:25
IndyGunFreakPelo: an hour?01:25
alpharesearchhow to move grub over to the other drive?01:25
IndyGunFreaki resized a 250gig drive o 25 NTFS/225 unallocated, in about 15min..lol01:26
PeloIndyGunFreak, before the should start worrying01:26
damaltor_koudelka: ok thanks. ill read that. in 15 mins, the live cd will be ready i think01:26
ubottuI am ubottu, standing in for ubotu while he's getting his haircut done, nose powdered, updated and transitioned to his new, gorgeous looks in the near future ;)01:26
Peloalpharesearch, use the supergrub cd01:26
richard____Dilemma, I think XMMS is dead. use Audacious instead01:26
ubnubshould i kill it?01:26
PeloIndyGunFreak, but your defraged a couple of times first01:26
IndyGunFreakubnub: no01:26
FishsceneROFL@ Ubottu01:26
IndyGunFreakPelo: well, it was a blank drive, but i see yur point01:26
shadowbladeHello, I'm trying to get my wireless working on my Dell e1505 with Hardy. I've added the driver for my card with the Windows Wireless Drivers gui. Everything tells me its working - the status light for the wireless is green, ubuntu says its working, etc. But it can't find any networks. I've checked the network with another computer and it works fine. iwlist scaning says 'No scan results' for wlan0. Any ideas?01:26
Xavier_any ideas?01:26
cgilloglyin gutsy i added ssh-add to my session to be prompted for my ssh key passphrase at login so i can have passwordless logins to my servers, however if i do this in hardy, it still prompts me when i go to login to a server...any ideas / help on what changed and what i need to do to get the same thing to happen in hardy?01:26
ibleedubnub, thats up to you but any chance that you'll save data will be lost if you abort.  hope you backed up01:26
osmosisanyone know how to setup a static ip on a vm in virtualbox ?01:27
arkansasI tryed to upgrad to 8.04. When I try to use "update manager" I get the error "not all updates can be installed"? Help me !!!01:27
IndyGunFreakubnub: can you look at the details, and see if its making any progress?01:27
koudelkadamaltor_,  you should look around for gnome pictures. because some people seem to make beautiful themes for it. i like this http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/3902/scrotlu3.jpg01:27
Simonf1shadowblade: what wireless card?01:27
Edualc1Pelo: It's not my printer that I'm having problems with, it's my scanner.  It's an HP ScanJet 5300C01:27
jeezmosresizing a window is always difficult for me ... it seems like I have to get the cursor on a 1x1 sized pixel to get the resize cursor.  is there any way to increase it to something crazy like 4x4?01:27
richard____alpharesearch, you have to install GRUB to the other device using grub-install01:27
shadowbladeSimonfl: some kind of broadcom01:27
richard____Edualc1, are you using the latest version of Ubuntu?01:27
IndyGunFreakrichard____: i've already told him that twice, i don't think he wants that answer01:27
Xavier_ziopsyfer: did you get my response?01:28
richard____IndyGunFreak, oh…01:28
Edualc1Richard: Yes...801:28
IndyGunFreakwe should wave our wand over his PC and make it work01:28
PeloEdualc1, ic,  goto menu > system > prefs > removable media and hardware ( or somesimilar wording),  3rd tab I thnk , make sure the detect scanner box is set , then turn the scanner on ,see what happens01:28
NateFPelo: i also found a maybe causeing proablems connection to my hard drive, i fixed it and am restarting now, im installing now, ill tell you what happens in a little01:28
lexiehi people01:28
Simonf1shadowblade: a huge nubmer of people have been having the same problem, im waiting for sombody name bazhang who has gotten it to work to get here. I have the same poblem. SIt tight01:28
mosibfuarkansas, there seem to be 3 faulty packages in the updater here, wich could cause that error. it'll be fixed soon01:28
arkansas"run a partial upgrade, to install as many updates as possible"?01:28
damaltor_koudelka: that really looks nice. is some way, gnome just looks like xfce wich im pretty used to01:28
zionpsyferXavier_:  If you are at the livecd desktop or saw the partitioner, then you may not have finished with wubi.  Wubi is able to install the files on the windows partition.01:28
BodsdaHey guys. Whenever a program uses the internet my cpu spikes to 40%-60%-100% -- ive run top while an internet page is loading youtube and i see mozilla causing it however if i do anything in apt this also causes the spikes so im finding it difficult to determine what is causing it. I used to run Gutsy which was fine except no wifi i was wired in, then i ran Hardy Beta 5 which was brilliant, wifi and no lag, then when i upgra01:28
Bodsdaded this started happening, so i did a clean install of Hardy and am still having problems. Im using a belkin F5D7050B and a BTHomeHub-5C7101:28
damaltor_koudelka: or better, xfce looks like gnome..01:28
PeloNateF, nice going01:28
idontbelieveitanyone hera knows about driveimage xml (windows software)01:29
Edualc1richard____:yes, I'm using version 8. something01:29
mosibfuarkansas, that would be the proper thing to do yea :)01:29
shadowbladeSimonfl: I think he tried to help me last night, but I lost the second two links he gave me :(01:29
koudelkadamaltor_, yeah, it's both gtk :P01:29
Xavier_zionpsyfer: yeah it asked me if i wanted to reboot now or later, so i said now01:29
Hammer89lmao... I just did a gutsy to feisty upgrade via SSH on my iPod01:29
NateFPelo: yea i use to build computers for my buddie, and found my hard drive was hooked up wrong, so hopefully this works01:29
Xavier_and here i am at the live cd :(01:29
Simonf1shadowblade: lol, darn. That could have helped me. Its not in your history?01:29
PeloBodsda, flash is a cpu hog in windows as well,  and firefox will often  use 40% cpu on it's own it' s  normal,  annoying but normal01:29
Hoenikkeri have a Brother MFC-685CW wireless printer and it doesn't work in 8.04, reading http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4831496 i don't really get what to do01:29
* Xavier_ sighs01:29
arooni________aawhat is a simple & easy to use tftp server for ubuntu?01:29
Xavier_i can't install ubuntu the normal way, can't use wubi, i can't i just can't have ubuntu01:30
shadowbladeSimonfl: I dont think this client logs automatically01:30
Edualc1richard____:everytime I press the scan button in sane, the system shuts down and re-starts01:30
BodsdaPelo, read on -- apt causes it --normal pages cause it -- ubuntu docs cause it etc01:30
PeloXavier_, why can'T use install ubuntu the normal way ?01:30
drivetraxThe requested page was not found in the document /usr/share/gnome/help/user-guide/C/user-guide.xml.01:30
Simonf1shadowblade: oh, so you never visited it.01:30
bazhangSimonf1: got what to work?01:30
zionpsyferXavier_: Does ubuntu show up in the add/remove programs applet in windows?01:30
drivetrax7.10 Gutsy01:30
arkansasmosibfu: I have done that twice. first time it installed ~300 and second ~200. Nothing changed?01:30
Xavier_it gribes about my drives  pelo01:30
Simonf1 bazhang: yay, been waiting for you. Wirelss broadcom card01:30
Xavier_i have sata and the other kind01:31
PeloBodsda, my mistake does it settle down after the app is opened or does it stay up ?01:31
damaltor_koudelka: the thing with gtk apps in kde, is the same with kde apps in gnome. am i right with that=01:31
PeloXavier_, have you tried the alternate install cd ?01:31
arkansasmosibfu: I have done that twice. first time it installed ~300 and second ~200. Nothing changed?01:31
drivetraxhd1 sd101:31
NateFPelo: ok its working for now, now, my computer isnt hooked up to the internet yet, should i connect it to config my DHCP network?01:31
Xavier_it comes up with a wierd error saying something about 1204 bytes something or other and won't even start the partitioner01:31
BodsdaPelo, no -- it settles when the app stops doing stuff -- download finished, youtube finished buffering vid - page fully loaded01:31
PeloXavier_,  I hve both as well and I've never had a problem ,  try this,  unplug the hdd you wonT' be installing to ,and see if  it is less fussy01:32
BodsdaPelo, but the beta and gutsy did not do this01:32
IntangibleLiquidwhat should I do after enabling UFW?01:32
richard____Edualc1, eek. are there any insightful entries in your system logs related to this problem? (choose ‘system’, ‘administration’, ‘system logs’ to view your system logs)01:32
PeloNateF, let it finish the install,01:32
jerbeari have a launcher that has its icon specified as a relative path... where is the default location that icons are looked for?01:32
Simonf1bazhang, sorry about that01:32
Xavier_eh thanks for the advice, but i don't have time to spend troubleshooting stuff01:32
anoble8.04 is taking over 2 houts to install01:32
MankoI want to get rid of the 'sign' option in the contextual menu (right click on any file)01:32
Xavier_i just want it to work >.<01:32
Simonf1bazhang: im back01:32
anobleand its only at 43%01:32
PeloBodsda, I don'T hve an answer for you then01:32
Mankosomeone has an idea?01:32
Edualc1!Help:  Why wouldn't my scanner work in Ubuntu?  I use xsane image scanner.  I press the scan button and Ubuntu shuts down and restarts01:32
ubottuEdualc1: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:32
BodsdaPelo, oh well,. thanks for trying01:32
mosibfuarkansas, the error will still be there untill they fix it on the repository, and some updates go in steps01:32
Pelo!enter | Manko01:32
ubottuManko: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:32
IndyGunFreakanoble: are you downloading the upgrade?01:33
Simonf1bazhang: did you get yours to work?01:33
NateFPelo: O MY GOD!!! ITS WORKING, now what do i wana pick for partitioning?01:33
Bodsdabazhang, hey dude its bod_ -- dont suppose you have time to help a friend in need do you?01:33
Xavier_this is exactly why linux is still 5 year aways from going mainstream, something is always fubard heeh01:33
bazhangSimonf1: I can provide some links and possible workarounds in bug reports--not sure where you heard I had a broadcom card though01:33
arkansasmosibfu: Thanks01:33
shadowbladebazhang: I'm also trying to get my broadcom wireless working01:33
bazhangBodsda: yeah what's up01:33
PeloNateF, if you will be using the whole  just use guide and let it pick it stuff01:33
MankoI want to get rid of the 'sign' option in the contextual menu (right click on any file). I checked gconf and I got nothing. someone has an idea?01:33
Simonf1bazhang: john_s or something01:33
NateFPelo: ok01:33
PeloManko, check the gnome forum01:34
Bodsdabazhang, cpu spikes -- if you have some spare time plz read ;~) -- http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?s=447943480d2082e131ca107f94e86053&p=4837204#post483720401:34
koudelkadamaltor_, yes you are right with that. but i personally i know more gtk apps so for me it's not a problem in gnome as i never have to use a kde app01:34
Simonf1bazhang: those would be great though01:34
Bodsdabazhang, the spikes cause the system to become unusable untill they settle01:34
NateFPelo: should i let ubuntu change my partitioning tables, keep in mind, i have no data on it i need or use01:34
koudelkadamaltor_, but if i want to use one, i think kde apps looks better in gnome then gnome in kde01:34
damaltor_koudelka: ok thanks so far. i think ill mess around a bit with the gnome live cd now.01:34
arkansasmosibfu: can I just go back to 7.1001:35
MarcNf-spot is no longer writing metadata to the jpg since upgrading to hardy.  Any F-SPOT users?01:35
MankoPelo I'm asking here 'cause this was introduce on Hardy and I see little to no reason why that option is there, if most new users give a crap about that01:35
Edualc1richard____: I've gone to my log WHAT IN THE WROLD should I look for. lol  I'm lost01:35
bazhangjust a sec Simonf101:35
Bodsdaarkansas, yes but there is no downgrader -- has to be a clean install iirc01:35
=== hp-geek is now known as hp-geek_5464523
PeloNateF, just let it do everything,  if it is a blanck hdd you have nothing to loose ,  and since you appear new in linux,  you'Re better off letting it do it's job and then learn how things work before you start messing with partitionning stuff on your own01:35
ldz420richard____  well I am still unable to find what I am looking for  no worries but thx for informing me about the dot being used to include files01:35
koudelkadamaltor_, do so :P you can go to www.gnome-look.org if you want themes or just look at pictures01:35
arooni________aaplease someone tell me how to get a tftp server up and running on ubuntu?01:35
BubbleTeaCan someone help me01:36
NateFPelo: ok, thnx, i just wana do this right the first time :)01:36
damaltor_koudelka: ok, great. bye!01:36
BubbleTeaCan someone help me on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+bug/22445701:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 224457 in totem "cannot load subtitles .srt on Movie Player" [Undecided,Incomplete]01:36
=== arooni________aa is now known as arooni
BubbleTeaI have the same problem01:36
alpharesearchrichard____, grub is installed on the other hard drive, but if I boot I get the error 15 file not found01:36
koudelkadamaltor_, good luck! i head to bed now 2.30 am :P01:36
bazhanghttp://penkin.wordpress.com/2008/03/28/ubuntu-804-broadcom-wireless/ Simonf1 here is one01:36
fluiddQuick question; I have /home mounted from a second partition on my internal harddrive.  Would it possible to mount my external harddrive under something like, /home/tom/library ?01:36
DrXon a RAID 5 volume that contains both NTFS and ext3 partitions, does the order matter?01:36
Bodsdafluidd, i believe so01:36
damaltor_koudelka: ...where are you from? 2.30 here in Jena, germany, too01:36
PeloManko, chck in synaptic,   do s search for signature   see what packages are related to it that you can remove safely,  I'm guessing ifyou remve the package taht handls that  the entry will go away01:36
Simonf1bazhang: thanks01:36
koudelkadamaltor_, i'm in sweden01:37
andreskruits normal that ubuntu 8.04 64 bit take 500 mb ram?01:37
fluiddOk, thanks bodsda.. I'll give it a try.  Any idea how to fstab a USB drive?01:37
alpharesearchrichard____, any key to continu and I see 3 normla ubuntu selections01:37
anobleMEhhhhh, its only gone 3 pct in like 5min01:37
ibleedNateF, you want help partitioning your drive for the first time ?  if you can make swap 2x your ram, 15GB for / and the rest on /home you should be ok.  you can reinstall and tell it not to format /home in the future and you'll have all your data.  / is where the system stuff goes and swap is just swap space01:37
Bodsdafluidd, 1 sec il et link01:37
PeloNateF, trust the *buntu ,  the *buntu will do you right01:37
fluxyI am trying to install a program from source, but got this error: [make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.] Can anyone please help me?01:37
Judeglassim trying to get my wireless card to function in Hardy Heron. the card is a Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG01:37
bazhanghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/191726 Simonf1 and here seems to be one relevant link01:37
Pelo!wifi | Judeglass01:37
ubottuJudeglass: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 191726 in ubuntu "[Hardy] Broadcom 43xx chipset family Wireless doesn't work (dup-of: 182716)" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:37
damaltor_andreskru: yes. linux uses ram in another way then windows. having it filled is normal state.01:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 182716 in linux "bcm4306, bcm4309, bcm4311, bcm4312 with b43 : Authentification with AP doesn't work." [Medium,Confirmed]01:37
MarcNfluidd: Do this: sudo vol_id /dev/where-usb-is      and get the UUID, then use that in /etc/fstab01:37
Pelook later folks01:37
BubbleTeaCan someone help me on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+bug/224457?01:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 224457 in totem "cannot load subtitles .srt on Movie Player" [Undecided,Incomplete]01:37
richard____fluxy, read the instructions!01:37
mosibfufluxy, most source installs have a FM with exact instructions01:37
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bazhangBodsda: you tried the rt kernel? how many extenstion you got in ff? this is hardy right?01:38
JudeglassPelo: i have been there but this one is weirder...01:38
hamledI was in the middle of of upgrading to 8.04 (at the stage where I was downloading package updates) and I lost my network connection and it got cancelled. Now the update-manager no longer gives me any upgrade options (and says there aren't any packages to update). Also, when I run it from the command line it says 'current dist not found in meta-release file'01:38
Bodsdafluidd, just change a few things to matchur usb file type etc -- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab?highlight=(fstab)01:38
Judeglassi can see all of the APs around me01:38
jerbeari have a launcher that has its icon specified as a relative path... where is the default location that icons are looked for?01:38
richard____Edualc1, choose ‘view’, ‘filter’, then enter terms such as ‘sane’, ‘scan’, and so on01:38
Judeglassbut i can't connect to any of them01:38
andreskrudamaltor_,  i used gutsy 32 bit and never take more than 300 mb01:38
bazhangLjL: sorry to log off yesterday-->was installing ubuntu-desktop01:38
koudelkaandreskru, vista now does the same, cashing up all ram to improve performance. linux has been doing this for quite some time01:38
Bodsdabazhang, no i havent tried because he said it was for lockups -- extensions?what do you mean partitions? -- yes this is hardy01:38
fluxyI think it goes simply ./configure, make and make install. but make doesn't work01:39
damaltor_andreskru: hmm maybe then the 32bit version needs just less ram... but i dont think thats a problem. work with it a time and see if it is slower.01:39
Bodsdafluxy, have u done    sudo apt-get install build-essentials01:39
bazhangBodsda: no I mean how many extensions in FF? like rss feeds, adblock plus etc.01:39
IndyGunFreakfluxy: probably because configure is coming back w/ errors, what are you trying to compile?01:39
andreskrukoudelka,  i had use gusty 32 bit and doesnt take that amount of memory01:39
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NateFPelo: you are the man!!, ive been trying to install ubuntu on my computer for 2 months, and you finally made it work01:39
IntangibleLiquidhelp, the totem plugin in FF3 does not work with WMP streaming audio :(01:39
Edualc1I give UP01:40
richard____this channel is insane 0 _ 001:40
richard____Edualc1, choose ‘view’, ‘filter’, then enter terms such as ‘sane’, ‘scan’, and so on01:40
Edualc1there seems to be no solution to my problem01:40
IntangibleLiquidthe totem box appears but when I click on the play button the whole box just goes grey01:40
Scientuswould it be possibel to do a duel setup where two partitions are mounted as a merge, with generally the same directory structure, and putting files on wither would show up on the main tree?01:40
adamsad1Are iptables set up in Hardy to be secure, or are they open?01:40
koudelkaandreskru, you can open your system monitor to see if there's a particular program taking much ram01:40
fluxyIndyGunFreak: ./configure is ok. It's an applet for the xfce panel01:40
Bodsdabazhang, oh erm -- its not a FF issue because apt lags aswell but i have 1 - ubuntu firefox modifications 0.501:40
Scientusis merge mounting possible01:40
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: this is with compiz on?01:40
koudelkaandreskru, sort by memory in the processes tab01:40
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: yes01:40
Bodsdafluxy, can u pastebinthe errors for   make01:41
bazhangBodsda: that is odd; let me check something01:41
hamledI was in the middle of of upgrading to 8.04 (at the stage where I was downloading package updates) and I lost my network connection and it got cancelled. Now the update-manager no longer gives me any upgrade options (and says there aren't any packages to update). Also, when I run it from the command line it says 'current dist not found in meta-release file.' How would I go about restarting the upgrade process?01:41
Bodsdabazhang, ok, cheers dude01:41
Daisuke-Idohey, does anyone know if RT73 support has improved in hardy?01:41
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: what happens with compiz off? (ie disabled)01:41
Simonf1bazhang: I got so close to the end of the first link, I got to ../../b43-fwcutter-011/b43-fwcutter -w “$FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR” wl_apsta.o and it did not work01:41
Edualc1richard____:no hope, still nothing01:41
=== Daisuke-Ido is now known as Daisuke_Ido
NateFhay guys, if im going to host game servers, i dont need any security with ubuntu right??01:41
koudelkaandreskru, many tabs open in firefox can take a lot of memory01:41
fluxyBodsda: The only error and output is-> make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.01:41
Bodsdahamled, do you et the update choice if you run     sudo update-manager -d   ??01:41
andreskrukoudelka, im sendind you a screenshot01:42
Bodsdafluxy, are you in the correct directory?? is there a makefile ?01:42
crispy--I have a problem with my sound. Im using spdif, but the sound gets distorted no matter what i set the volume to. Also, nothing happens when i set different output devices in gnome-sound-properties (or w/e that program is called)01:42
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: I haven't tried that yet. Testing now01:42
fractal420Hello, im trying to change my main menu ubuntu icon.. I know it has something to do with gconf-editor but im not sure on the exact steps.. can anyone help?01:42
fluxyBodsda: Yes to both01:42
richard____NateF, did you install Ubuntu Server?01:42
koudelkaandreskru, i'm not registered, you have to send me a link here to the screenshot01:42
hamledBodsda, yes, thank you!01:42
bluevapour_Hey guys anyone here good with IRQ's01:42
Bodsdafluxy, try ./makefile01:42
Scientuswould it be possibel to do a duel setup where two partitions are mounted as a merge, with generally the same directory structure, and putting files on wither would show up on the main tree?01:42
Bodsdahamled, your welcome01:43
NateFrichard___: no the desktop version, im going to get server when i know more about linux01:43
Dilemma I upgraded to hardy and xmms is gone .when I sudo apt-get install . it tells me there >>E: Package xmms has no installation candidate >> is this a repository issue?01:43
Bodsdafluxy, wait er -- no ./make01:43
andreskrukoudelka, mmm i dont have that01:43
Scientusshould i post my q on the forums if noone here awnsers?01:43
Bodsdahamled, no aain    sudo make01:43
bazhangScientus: overlapping partitions? not clear what you mean here01:43
Fishscenebluevapour_, that's pretty low-level, what isn't functioning correctly that you need to go that deep?01:43
IntangibleLiquid bazhang: the same thing happens. It just goes gray01:43
fluxyBodsda: Actually there are Makefile.am and Makefile.in01:44
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: have you tried different players?01:44
bluevapour_Fishscene, basically, i was having a problem with my net going down after going afk, so i reinstalled from scratch etc, but i have noticed something01:44
fractal420Hello, im trying to change my main menu ubuntu icon.. I know it has something to do with gconf-editor but im not sure on the exact steps.. can anyone help?01:44
ibleedDilemma, you should try audacious i think its called. xmms is no longer active or included in hardy01:44
o0Chris0oI am running compiz system manager, trying to disable the effect for the titlebars on windows. It disapeaars when it loses focus01:44
Bodsdafluxy, read the README file?01:44
bluevapour_When i install from scratch, interupts are collected on core 1 for ethernet, but when i install nvidia and get both monitors working, eth0 collects interupts on core201:44
o0Chris0oanyone know how to diable that01:44
koudelkaandreskru, you can easily upload it to a site like http://bayimg.com/01:44
bluevapour_Is that ok, or is that a bug?01:44
Bodsdao0Chris0o, find the appropriate plugin in ccsm then disable it01:44
osmosisanyone use vbox to put the vm on the local network rather then the NAT ?01:45
koudelkaandreskru, and then post the link to it here01:45
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: I tried installing Mplayer and VLC, their pluggins appeared in the addons box. I then disabled the totem pluggins. But things went worses. It was like nothhing was there when I entered  an online music site.01:45
o0Chris0oBodsda, thats the problem, I am going through them all, I can't seem to find it01:45
lilg111111anybody know a good music editor that adjust pitch and speed01:45
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: and you have all the codecs installed? is this for all vid files or just the one01:45
Fishscenebluevapour_, I don't know... I wouldn't think it would be a problem.01:45
seancronfractal420: try here https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/382501:45
Bodsdao0Chris0o, ok explain what this feature is exactly01:45
richard____NateF, then you should read about making it more secure01:45
koudelkaosmosis, i'm not even sure vbox has that feature01:45
Scientusbazhang, basically the use would be for encryption, one encrypted filesystem and one not, so it would be transparent to the os, there would have to be special cases for identical file names, and maybe the directory format wont work,    but basically a file tree that is a merge between two filesystems with the same directory structure, that are both / and that depending on weather u want it...01:45
Scientus...encrypted or not u put it on one drive or the other01:45
fluxyBodsda: Both the install and readme files list the normal procedure "./configure, make, make install" that's all.01:45
o0Chris0owell once I installed compiz the windows title bar disappears when it loses focus, I don't want that to happen01:46
NateFrichard____: ok, thanks, everyone here is so helpfull :)01:46
seancronlilg111111: audacity is pretty popular01:46
bazhangScientus: these would be different distros such as ubuntu and suse?01:46
o0Chris0oBodsda: ^01:46
cirkithi I'm on latest Ubuntu 8.0.4 Hardy ... whenever my computer goes to sleep or I close the lid, I wake it back up (my laptop) and I get no sound any more01:46
bluevapour_Ok, where can i go to find out information about irq's01:46
cirkitis there a fix for this?01:46
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: what site let me check01:46
cirkitI always have to end up restartng the computer ater01:46
osmosiskoudelka: im reading all about it, but can't get it to work.01:46
Scientusno same distro, just allowing you to install something as encrypted if u would like01:46
lilg111111seancron: i have it but it only has a speed option no pitch01:46
cirkitthis is so annoying01:46
FloodBot1cirkit: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:46
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: I'm not sure if I have all the codecs installed. I only remember that I install the restricted extras package. Apart from that, nothing else01:47
Fishscenecirkit, there are issues with sleep mode and networking/sound01:47
adamsad1How secure are the iptables by default?01:47
Bodsdao0Chris0o, i would best take the issue to #compiz-fusion01:47
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: what about the win32codecs from www.medibuntu.org01:47
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: sorry, it's a vietnamese site. But you can check the player by going to http://mp3.zing.vn/mp3/playlist/play.39739.html01:47
o0Chris0oBodsda: thanks01:47
koudelkaosmosis, sorry, i haven't used it yet :/01:47
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: trying now01:47
Scientuscould you do a bind mount that is recursive and doesnt obscure existing files? bazhang01:48
bluevapour_Freshscene you know anything about irqs?01:48
seancronlilg111111: do you need it just for play back or to record?01:48
Simonf1 bazhang: it seemed to have worked, I'll tell you for sure when im done restarting.01:48
Fishscenebluevapour_, a little- but not for an OS such as Ubuntu.01:48
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: i assume the restricted extras is enough. If it;s not, then plz help me with what's needed01:48
bazhangsimonf1 best of luck01:48
andreskrukoudelka, http://bayimg.com/PajjFaaBi01:48
Scientusperhaps that would requre a new folder system...and is not possible01:48
bluevapour_im talking unix in general01:48
bazhanghang on IntangibleLiquid trying something01:49
bluevapour_im just curious why eth0 switches cores when i use 2 monitors01:49
Fishscenebluevapour_, yea, I have no idea01:49
KRaZy_WaKawhat are my options for firewalls and antivirus running Hardy?01:49
bluevapour_Know any channels that would?01:49
KRaZy_WaKaand hello all01:49
koudelkaandreskru, i can't see anything unusual there01:49
Fishscenebluevapour_, I haven't the slightest clue- sorry =(01:49
jrib!virus | KRaZy_WaKa01:50
ubottuKRaZy_WaKa: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2101:50
lilg111111seancron: just for playback im trying to make my own mix cd01:50
jrib!firewall | KRaZy_WaKa01:50
ubottuKRaZy_WaKa: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).01:50
seancronKRaZy_WaKa: i suggest firestarter for firewalls01:50
Mankofor the record, to get rid of those options we have to delete the seahorse extension in nautilus (I got rid of seahorse completely :P). /usr/lib/nautilus/*/libnautilus-seahorse.so is the generic path01:50
Edualc1Where would I find and answer to my scanner problem.  I use sane and scanner is HP Scanjet 5300C.  Press the scan button and system shuts down.01:50
sparr__help?  /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d: 274: /sbin/runlevel: not found01:50
KRaZy_WaKayeah wasnt too worried about viruses, but better to be safe than sorry :) thanx all01:50
sarthorHi, i upgraded distro from gusty to hard, but in my menu.lst there is nothing about hard,  and in startup i only can see the old grub, how can i reinstall my grub??01:50
seancronlilg111111: take a look at this plugin for xmms http://www.geocities.com/harpin_floh/sndstretch_page.html01:51
aevumdecessusthis is random, but does anyone know a way to forward ports to a different port than 6667, as my school's network has 6667 blocked >_< I'm using Xchat on a fresh Hardy Heron install01:51
ibleedEdualc1, you'd probably have more luck doing a google search or on ubuntuforums.org i think01:51
Edualc1ibleed: thanks, I guess I'll have to01:51
KRaZy_WaKawill definitely grab firestarter then thanx again01:51
viatoranyone know of a good bandwidth monitoring application01:51
koudelkaandreskru, i see you have the system monitor applet on your upper panel. you can change the preferences for that one to show the memory usage and then you can see how much is used by application and how much is cache and you can see if it's reaching your limit01:52
=== sparr__ is now known as sparr
andreskrukoudelka, 500 mb ram!!!!!!!!!01:52
seancronKRaZy_WaKa: no problem01:52
koudelkaandreskru, how much ram do you have?01:52
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: the box goes grey for streaming, but the little green arrow (pointing downwards) works fine01:52
lilg111111seancron: just what i need but can it save so it can be burned01:52
andreskrukoudelka, 1 gb01:52
ibleedaevumdecessus, you dont have to use 6667 irc servers often use a range of ports you can connect to something as simple as /server irc.freenode.net 7000 or irc.freenode.net:7000 i dont remember (sorry this is offtopic)01:52
koudelkaandreskru, then you have half left no problem01:52
seancronlilg111111: o that what i meant by recording01:52
andreskrukoudelka, but before i use 250 whit gutsy01:52
viatorhmmm no tclue huh01:53
koudelkaandreskru, but did you have those programs running then?01:53
KRaZy_WaKalinux so kicks M$'s butt01:53
brombombviator: you can search the add remove applications.  Use the Show: All Available applications, then search.  bmon is the the one that comes up01:53
WhoNeedszzzHey guys I have a HP pavillion dv6000 with an atheros wifi card and just upgraded to hardy. i got it working in feisty but now it doesn't work. What went wrong?01:53
koudelkaandreskru, i also think application will use more ram if they kernel tells them there is free ram to use01:53
=== _RandyboY is now known as RandyboY
koudelkaandreskru, you shouldn't worry. ram is there to be used if it's not used it's wasted01:54
WhoNeedszzzwhat went wrong in the upgrade?01:54
ibleedWhoNeedszzz, very often a restricted driver is replaced by a kernel module that might not work :(  only thing i can suggest is look in your restricted hardware manager or try ndiswrapper with windows drivers01:54
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: does not work for me. It opens other pages some of which are broken.01:54
sarthorHi, i upgraded distro from gusty to hard, but in my menu.lst there is nothing about hard,  and in startup i only can see the old grub, how can i reinstall my grub??01:54
richard____aevumdecessus, most IRC servers offer a range of ports which you can connect on. check the server's message of the day or the network's Web site01:55
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: so it doesn't work for you either01:55
Al2O3does ubuntu have a cli java runtime available by default?01:55
Al2O3I don't have it installed and running right now to test.01:55
WhoNeedszzzibleed: i went through with what i did before and it says everything i was doing has already been done.01:55
shadowbladeHello, I'm trying to get my broadcom wireless working on my Dell e1505 laptop. I installed the b43 drivers from linuxwireless.com and now wlan0 doesn't even show up for iwlist scanning. (Previously it would show up, but claim 'No scan results' when I know my network is working). Any ideas?01:55
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: I just selected rhythmbox when hitting the green arrow and it streamed fine (instead of firefox) the site itself appears to be very badly coded so it seems the problem is on their end not ubuntu's01:56
koudelkaandreskru, and are you sure it's 500? counting the ram usage i can see on your picture it's more like 300-350mb01:56
arooniplease someone tell me how to get a tftp server up and running on ubuntu?01:56
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: it's supposed to become the best entertainment site over here but that's sad to hear :(01:56
WhoNeedszzzWhy doesn't the restricted driver, "Support for Atheros 802.11 wireless LAN cards" not work?01:57
koudelkanow time to sleep01:57
eboyjrHow do I make it so that I do not have to enter sudo all the time... like Ubuntu for my grandma ?01:57
seancronlilg111111: some quick googling seems to show that audacity can adjust pitch and speed01:57
ldleworkIs there anything I need to do before I boot into linux in order to work with Comcast internet?01:57
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: btw, that's the download button :)01:57
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: well the best way to do it is either use rhythmbox to stream or use the green arrow--> alot of those green arrows lead to empty sites though01:58
ibleedIdlework, nope, it just works01:58
John_Sshadowblade: If you have a broadcom BCM43xx chip I think you need to download the fwcutter software.01:58
eboyjrWhat's new in 8.04? (]I have 7.10 now)01:58
Fritzeleboyjr, if grandma isn't savy enough to put in a password it's not a good idea to allow her root access01:58
DimitreeHello :) Is Ubuntu 8.04 stable yet ? Wll my GMA 3100 work with it now ?01:59
eboyjrFritzel, I was kidding about my grandma =p How do I turn off sudo ( or something like that )01:59
seancroneboyjr: take a look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1923601:59
tonyyarussoDimitree: I don't have a 3100, but I'm told they're just fine.01:59
bazhangDimitree: best way to know is to run the livecd; there are still some bugs to work out--this is a laptop? if so what wireless card01:59
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: thanks for trying02:00
ManBlueHello, I'm new...very very new02:00
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: I got it to work, just not in firefox window ;]02:00
ManBlueTrying to figure out this partition thing02:00
eboyjrseancron, Thank you for the link!02:00
ibleedeboyjr, when you get in the habit of not typing sudo it more probably you'll use it when it might mess things up but if your insistant, you can work like super user doing sudo su or is it sudo -i ?  one of the two02:00
Dimitreebazhang it's not a laptop :) running on DG31PR intel motherboard with integrated GMA 3100 and Dual Core E220002:00
bazhangManBlue: please specify your issues so we can help you better02:01
sarthorHi, i upgraded distro from gusty to hard, but in my menu.lst there is nothing about hard,  and in startup i only can see the old grub, how can i reinstall my grub??02:01
DimitreeI had some terrible trouble to set my screen refresh rate higher then 60 when i tryed the 8.04 a montha go i think02:01
bazhangDimitree: mostly intel stuff then? will likely face few worries then02:01
seancroneboyjr: i'd listen to ibleed though.  do it only if you know what you are doing.  its worth some minor annoyance to avoid a huge system crash02:01
ManBluesure, how do I make a small partition to install ubuntu without erasing the whole hard drive02:01
ubuntucan anyone tell me how to install ubuntu? It keeps telling me "no root file system is defined"02:02
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: it seems to be the only site that doesn't work. Other sites work fine. I've just tested. Think I should fire them some email?02:02
MarfiManBlue, use gparted02:02
bazhangmanblue you are in the installer now?02:02
tonyyarussoubuntu: You need to designate a partition to be "/"02:02
=== u^A_ is now known as u^A
Dimitreebazhang dang it :) i specificly took all intel parts so i may not have troubles lol .__.02:02
ManBlueyes, inside installer02:02
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: most definitely02:02
tonyyarussoubuntu: Which partitioning option are you using?02:02
ubuntutony how do i register this name02:02
drivetraxkool.. I just took out FireFox.. and put in seamonkey..02:02
adamsad1is ssh login open by default?02:03
ManBlueI have the Live CD inside and the install icon on the desktop02:03
bazhangManBlue: you want to resize the vista/xp partition is that right?02:03
eboyjrseancron, Hmm... why would there be a huge system crash?02:03
tonyyarusso!register | ubuntu02:03
ubottuubuntu: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.02:03
ibleedadamsad1, no its not you can check what services are running in gnome system preferences02:03
tonyyarussoubuntu: Yours is already taken though, as you might expect.02:03
ManBlueyes, resize, but seperate from the space Vista is using02:03
=== ubuntu is now known as xyzpaw
* jackal is there a way to change the resolution for tty?????02:04
=== xyzpaw is now known as ubuntu
Dr_willisjackal,  use the framebuffer, and you can set the console modes02:04
ManBluevista already divided into a 100GB and 12 GB drive for some reason02:04
MattevtI use an dual monitors (my laptop and an external monitor) at home. How can I get ubuntu to recognize when I'm not using dual monitors.02:04
eboyjrHey guys, what's new in 8.04??02:04
ubuntutony how do i register02:04
bazhangmanblue you should type first three letters of my nickname (baz) then hit tab and it will highlight my name making it easy for me to follow02:04
Dimitreebazhang any idea where i can find out the differances betwean Mac OSX and Linux ? o-o trying to figure out if OSX will work better on my pc02:04
diieggoi need help for install ragnarok using wine or cedega02:04
Mattevtsorry I worded that poorly02:05
jackalhow do i uhow do i use the framebuffer?02:05
seancroneboyjr: if you mistype a command you can seriously injure your system02:05
drivetraxMattevt,  -- think, Sessions02:05
eboyjrseancron, Okay.02:05
ManBluebazhang gottcha02:05
jackalhow do i use framebuffer?02:05
bazhangDimitree: no idea about that--sounds difficult to do if you dont buy a mac though02:05
MattevtI'm sorry? I'm new to linux, as of yesterday02:05
ubuntucan someone tell me how to register my name?02:05
adamsad1ibleed: thanks02:05
DBautellubuntu `/msg nickserv help`02:06
drivetraxubuntu,  -- too late now, it is taken02:06
bazhangManBlue: the resize device will take care of that--just be sure to back up important data (as always) when doing something like this02:06
ibleedseancron it sure is nice of you to see to it he understands that02:06
jackalDr... how do i use the framebuffer?02:06
xpointubuntu, see freenode.net homepage02:06
bazhangubuntu read the link given to you02:06
eboyjrWhats new in Hardy?02:06
[T]an3my network dropped just after i asked my question... so i did not see if there were any replies... sorry to have to re-ask.02:07
drivetraxbazhang,  thanks for setting me up with Ubuntu.. it's great.  A great big tweak02:07
ManBluebazhang alright02:07
x1250eboyjr: no one is going to answer that...02:07
[T]an3when i am running in a single desktop mode my compiz stuff works perfect.02:07
Dr_willisjackal,  the menu.lst has kernel options to enable various modes for the framebuffer, ## e.g. defoptions=vga=791 resume=/dev/hda5         The vga= sets the default res. I think the framebuffer may be disabled by default under hardy. Once you have the framebuffer enabled you can use the fbset and other commands to tweak it on the fly02:07
eboyjrx1250, lol02:07
[T]an3however when running in dual screen mode it does not.02:07
bazhangwww.fsckin.com has the details (in Easy English) eboyjr02:07
tininx1250 you did02:07
[T]an3any ideas?02:07
[T]an3i am using aticonfig for my desktop setup02:07
MattevtOK, I'll slightly reword it. I need ubuntu to recognize when I'm unplugged from the external monitor. I'm new to Linux as of yesterday so as detailed instructions would be helpful.02:07
x1250I did repond, but I did not answer his question tinin :P02:07
ubunturegister ttt02:07
shadowbladeHello, I'm trying to get my broadcom wireless working on my dell e1505 laptop. I installed the b43 drivers from linuxwireless.com and now its like my wireless card doesn't exist. So I uninstalled those drivers and still nothing. The status light on my laptop is not lit and the fn shortcut for turning it on and off does nothing. Any ideas?02:07
bazhangManBlue: if you have any issues we can help you out-->tried to ask more explicit questions if you can though02:08
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx02:08
bazhang!yay | drivetrax02:08
ubottudrivetrax: Glad you made it! :-)02:08
seancronibleed: its a good lesson.  otherwise we're back to the problems we have with windows :P02:08
draeathFirefox 3 is putting all kinds of crap up on the screen while I type a URL. Looks like suggestions etc. How do I disable that?02:08
drivetrax yay /Root02:08
DBautellthat crap's the best02:08
[T]an3x1250: was that in response to me?02:08
IntangibleLiquiddraeath: I think its a cool feature02:08
bazhangubottu has gained weight (an extra t) ;]02:09
ubottubazhang: Error: Spurious "]".  You may want to quote your arguments with double quotes in order to prevent extra brackets from being evaluated as nested commands.02:09
seancrondraeath: i don't know off the top of my head but there is probably something in about:config02:09
drivetraxfat bot02:09
draeathIntangibleLiquid: I don't. It's holding my hand and I want it to stop.02:09
draeathseancron: looking through browser.* right now02:09
egcare there instructions on determing what the correct DPI (dots per inch) setting is for a particular resolution?02:09
John_Sshadowblade: I think you need to install the fwcutter software if you have a BCM43xx chipset. What do you have?02:09
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x1250eboyjr: this can help: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/RC02:09
x1250[T]an3: nope02:09
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dorwardvhow do i test my sound capture device using sound preferences02:10
shadowbladeJohn_S: I tried that after I tried the b43 driver and had no change02:10
=== ttt is now known as tot
shadowbladeJohn_S: I get the feeling those drivers broke something :(02:10
=== tot is now known as tmapj
MattevtWhen I startup my laptop, and I'm not using dual monitors. The resolution is weird and I have to change the resolution, but the desktop still looks off.02:10
shadowbladeJohn_S: its a broadcom 4311, by the way02:11
Dimitreei am doomed to use windows :( /cry /cry /cry02:11
draeathfound it...02:11
ManBluebazhang, It will only let create a new partition size as low as 43.1GB02:11
John_Sshadowblade: Did you enable the driver under System > Admin > Restricted Drivers Manager (or Hardware Manager)02:11
bazhangdraeath: where was it02:11
shadowbladeJohn_S: yes02:11
[T]an3anyone know what makes the compiz features not show up after running aticonfig --dtop=horizontal overlay-on=1?02:11
fdeshadowblade: Do you have b43_fwcutter installed alongside b43?02:11
[T]an3works after doing aticonfig --dtop=single, just not the other02:11
ibleedDimitree, there is nothing major that you can't learn easily with ubuntu to get a working system up and running02:11
shadowbladefde: I don't think I ever did02:11
draeathbazhang: set that to 0 and it stops. alternatively it looks like you could just decrease the amount of stuff that comes up.02:11
shadowpoolI accidentally ran "sudo m-a -t a-i" without any other arguments.  Does anyone know what this does?  It install a whole bunch of stuff. . .   :-/02:11
draeathbazhang: it doesn't disable autocomplete from history though, which is also fine02:11
bazhangManBlue: that should be more than enough-->you need more than that you can always go back and resize from vista02:12
tmapjmsg nickserv register wdwdwd02:12
fdeshadowblade: It's required, it is the firmware bits for the wireless...02:12
drivetrax[T]an3,  have you asked in #compiz-fusion?02:12
bazhangthanks draeath02:12
grayKothow to configure placement of panels per desktop. i want up & bottom panels on 1st desktop and no panels on 2n d.02:12
shadowbladeJohn_S: When the device was showing up, it got no results from iwlist scanning, even though I know the network is working02:12
Dimitreeibleed i use alot of multimedia .___. and its eather not available on ubuntu, or it doesn't work ._.02:12
bazhangtmapj: better to use a / before the /msg02:12
tmapjhow do i choose a password02:12
DBautelland pick a better pwd02:12
RequinB4shadowblade: bcm4206?02:12
draeathbazhang: set it to -1 and it works like before but puts more on the screen. -1 is probably what yo uwant02:12
bazhangtmapj: you might want to do that in server window as well02:13
[T]an3drivetrax: thank you, no. I did not know about the channel. Headed there now02:13
John_Sshadowblade: Do what fde said and what I mentioned earlier--install the b43 fwcutter software--that should work.02:13
tmapjok how do i choose a pasword???02:13
schitzoI'll think about it02:13
DBautelllike you just did, tmapj, but start with a /02:13
MattevtHow can I get Hardy to recognize that I'm not using dual monitors?02:13
bazhangdraeath: oh yeah that is it cheers02:13
draeathnow to make it just stop completely...02:13
DBautelltmapj, /msg nickserv register pwd02:13
draeathi dont want ANYTHING popping up while I type02:13
fdeJohn_S: I didn't see you mention it, sorry... don't want to step on your toes if you're following along  :)02:13
tmapjit keeps telling me the nickname tmapj is already registered02:14
shadowbladeJohn_S: thats installed right now02:14
tmapjit keeps telling me the nickname tmapj is already registered02:14
John_Sfde: No problem. If you have other ideas for him please share. :)02:14
dorwardvhello can anyone help me, test my microphone using the sound preferences?02:14
bazhangtmapj: now you need to identify  /msg nickserv identify (your pass here)02:14
drivetraxtmapj,  /msg nickserv identify (passwordhere)02:14
shadowpoolDoes anyone know what "m-a a-i" does?02:15
egchardy heron is the most awesomest02:15
=== justdave_ is now known as justdave
John_Sshadowblade: You may have to use ndiswrapper then.02:15
RequinB4John_S - i can duplicate the problem02:15
bazhangshadowpool: compiles something02:15
tmapjnow its telling me "You have already identified"02:15
shadowbladeJohn_S: I've got the driver installed from dell in the 'Windows Wireless Drivers' (which I thought was like a gui for ndiswrapper)02:15
John_SRequinB4: You are having the same problem as shadowblade?02:15
fdeJohn_S: That should be all he needs once he's configured NetworkManager correctly... shadowpool: have you gone into System > Administration > Network and ensured all settings are correct?02:15
DBautellthen you win, tmapj02:15
shadowpoolI accidentally ran that and it downloaded and installed a whole bunch of stuff.  o.002:15
MattevtHow can I get Hardy to realize I'm not using dual monitors, so my desktop is normal.02:16
tmapjis tony still here02:16
ManBluemy wife just told me I can do the whole hard drive, should make things easier right? :)02:16
bazhangtmapj: now you can pm others02:16
fdeshadowpool: Remove that and use 'ndisgtk' instead02:16
drivetraxyer wife?02:16
bazhangtmapj: after asking them of course02:16
tmapjcan someone help me install ubuntu02:16
Scientusis there any merge command for general folders????? --- like merging two home directories02:16
John_Sfde: shadowblade said he couldn't even do a iwlist scan though, so setting Network manager isn't going to help I think.02:16
fdeshadowpool: I really recommend you try harder first to get it working the Linux way though  :)02:16
shadowbladeJohn_S: System > Admin > Network doesnt even show my wireless device now02:16
tmapji dont know what a root file system is nor how to choose it02:16
seancronManBlue: sure...the more Ubuntu the better :P02:16
RequinB4John_S - probably not the same card, i have installed a driver but it  is the wrong one for my rev, so i cant connect to the networks i see02:17
tmapjcan anyone help?02:17
ManBlueI agree, pulling the trigger......... now02:17
fdetmapj: /msg me with any questions if you'd like slower moving help...02:17
ibleedtmapj, the root filesystem is referenced as /02:17
Simonf1bazhang: if you are still here, Thank you soo much. It worked02:17
drivetraxMan_of_Wax,  Unetbootin.. google on it..02:18
bazhangSimonf1: great to hear; nice going ;]02:18
John_Sshadowblade: So you have the driver installed via ndiswrapper?02:18
drivetraxuh.. ManBlue  -- google on Unetbootin.02:18
shadowpoolfde:  I'm just wondering if I broke something.  I restarted and everything seems to work.  I think it might have installed a whole bunch of modules I don't need--I'm not sure.02:18
skinnymg1hey guys hows it going02:18
Scientustmapj in linux the filesystem is independent of hardware02:18
gamblerhi, i am a fedora user i plan to trial ubuntu now. i am a kde user and i use samba/vnc/httpd extensively in my home network. should I download ubuntu or kubuntu and desktop or server edition??02:18
gamblerI would also like to check out the new gnome desktop02:18
Simonf1bazhang: "sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter" that's all it took.02:18
Scientusa partition can be mounted anywhere, even more than one time02:18
bazhangdrivetrax: the unetbootin link is in ubuntuforums (!wubi) link02:19
RequinB4Simonf1 - you assume an internet connection02:19
seancroncreate two cds gambler, one Kubuntu one Ubuntu as see which you like better02:19
ibleedgambler, if your sold on kde then kubuntu would be appropriate.  you can use the same /home folder if you like so you dont lose anything02:19
Simonf1RequinB4: yes, I did not find a way to do it without02:19
fdeshadowpool: you can just apt-get remove --purge whatever you got from Dell...02:19
godlygeekgambler: xubuntu++  :)02:19
ibleedgambler, sorry didn't see that you can try both out by going with either cd and doing sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop or sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop02:20
gamblerso do I download desktop or server edition02:20
bazhanggambler: desktop can easily add LAMP later gnome and kde are both very nice here02:20
seancrondesktop most likely gambler02:20
ibleeddesktop would be ok for your needs i think gambler02:20
godlygeekgambler: ubuntu/xubuntu/kubuntu doesn't matter much - try them all, see which you like.02:20
MattevtI have dual monitors set up. When I do. The task bar is set up correctly with (Applications Places System) lined up on the top left. When I turned off the computer and unplugged the external monitor, the resolution was still in dual mode. I changed the resolution to fit the single screen but now (apps places system) is lined up on the left...and the items on the task bar are all in different places.02:20
shadowpoolfde: Dell?02:20
gamblerok cheers02:20
godlygeekgambler: but, use desktop and add the stuff you need.02:20
amitava_i am a new ubuntu user02:21
godlygeekgambler: easier than using server and removing the stuff you don't.02:21
John_SRequinB4: Do you have the b43-fwcutter software installed? Just curious.02:21
seancrongambler: the beauty of Linux in general: there's so much to choose from02:21
amitava_I need some help to access video chat from yahoo02:21
bandyoHi all I am a noobi02:21
skinnymg1and he can also try sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop02:21
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: I've added mediubuntu, what should I do next?02:21
bazhangamitava_: which apps have you tried02:21
charles|64hey guys does anyone else have a problem with the amarok multimedia buttons script not staying on when you restart amarok?02:22
godlygeekskinnymg1: will that work from a livecd?02:22
phoenix180is there a work around for a possibly corrupt C partition? I wanted to install hardy over the C partition, but as I get close to end, I received an error message stating that there was an error with my hard drive or disk drive.  Additional information: I was using the guided partition setup02:22
Simonf1bandyo: do you have a question?02:22
skinnymg1yeah you can do it on a live cd02:22
seancrongodlygeek: i would think it would just install it to ram02:22
gamblerseancron, the beauty and the beast...i think there is such a thing as too much choice02:22
mohamed_is it possible to remove all evolution packages or is part fromubuntu ?02:22
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: for the win32codecs? you can just install that one package if you dont want their repos02:22
amitava_I tryed pdgin02:22
seancrongambler: amen02:22
chubs730do you have a question bandyo?02:22
belor1My GDM login screen wont center please help02:22
belor1i also cannot see the fll login screen02:22
ibleedphoenix180, it sounds like your hard drive is possibly failing02:22
Mattevtam I invisible :P02:22
phoenix180it's my first time mucking around with any partitions, so if I wanted to do it manually I really wouldn't know where to start except select "ext3"-->is that correct?02:23
bazhangwe can see you Mattevt02:23
drivetraxphoenix180,  -- did you burn the CD02:23
seancronMattevt: I can see your smiley...so no02:23
phoenix180yes I did02:23
charles|64hey guys does anyone else have a problem with the amarok multimedia buttons script not staying on when you restart amarok?02:23
John_Sshadowblade: Do you have the driver installed with ndiswrapper? Type "ndiswrapper -l" at the command line...02:23
phoenix180I burnt it this afternoon02:23
amitava_thanks bazhang02:23
drivetraxphoenix180,  did you check the cd.. was it finalized and closed..02:23
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: thanks :)02:23
amitava_how can I use yahoo chat?02:23
skinnymg1Mattevt whats up02:23
RequinB4John_S: i have tried manually installing the compiled package from the repos, to no avail - i tried this fix - http://tennessee.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=738216 - but realized i am rev 3 and therefore using the wrong driver, so I've go the same problem as Rolcol02:23
phoenix180using Nero, it said burning process has been completed02:24
IntangibleLiquidamitava_: pidgin02:24
MattevtI need ubuntu to recognize when I'm not using dual monitors02:24
drivetraxkk.. burn at once.. yeah02:24
bazhangamitava_: does pidgin not work? what about others? which have you tried--not sure about yahoo video chat (never tried it)02:24
drivetraxphoenix180,  is C empty now02:24
Simonf1amitava_: try meebo if you don't mind web-based chat02:24
bazhangMattevt: you have clone monitors checked?02:24
ibleedphoenix180, if your going to do the whole drive and want a ok partitioning scheme for stating off you could do 2x memory for swap, 15gb for / and the rest on /home and if you reinstalled you'd not format your /home to keep your data02:24
fdeshadowpool: Sorry for the delay, yes, you said you got something from Dell which you thought was a GUI for ndiswrapper... if it had deps, I assume it was a .deb ?02:25
skinnymg1can anyone help me find a driver for my webcam02:25
phoenix180I'm not sure..all it says is 162.3gb for C and for d: 38889gb02:25
shadowpoolfde:  I think you've got me confused with shadowblade :(02:25
MattevtI was using twin view02:25
bazhangskinnymg1: is it in the webcam list?02:25
John_SRequinB4: OK sorry to hear that didn't work for you, have you tried ndiswrapper?02:25
ibleedphoenix180, you ought to be sure if you dont want to lose any data.  be sure to backup important stuff first02:25
skinnymg1webcam list?02:25
bazhang!webcam | skinnymg1 check here first02:26
ubottuskinnymg1 check here first: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:26
fdeshadowpool: Would appear so... my apologies.02:26
Onyxlet me be the first to say that uninstalling nvidia drivers manually is a pain in the ass.02:26
phoenix180for this PC it's ok-I want to completely write over windows02:26
RequinB4John_S thats not the issue02:26
shadowblade_John_S: sorry, lost my connection for some reason02:26
Mattevtit sees that no monitor is connected but the resolution is skewed when I turn on the computer, and when I adjust the resolution the buttons on the taskbar are skewed and Apps places System are on the right instead of the left02:26
red22i want to change my theme... everything. icons, menu colors, backgrounds, login, .. is there a single file/thingy that packages all those things so i can just double click it and have it all applied? (or as close to simple as possible?)02:26
drivetraxphoenix180,  OMG.. well C.. You might not want to partition .. you could resize C, and install Ubuntu on it.. or, seperately onto D.. depends what you got on that drive02:26
phoenix180the only concern I have is for the tv tuner02:26
seancronphoenix180: who doesn't :P02:26
shadowblade_John_S: I followed the instructions here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=760568 and i've still got nothin02:27
ibleedphoenix you can nuke them and do what i said to have a good working partitioning scheme that you might thank me for later :)02:27
=== shadowpool is now known as Mike_1
Simonf1red22: search google for something like that02:27
phoenix180saving the data?02:27
Simonf1shadowblade_: do you have an internet connection>02:27
drivetraxphoenix180,  i might ask what TV tuner you got there02:27
bazhangred22: this is for hardy?02:27
t3rm1n4lj #pitivi02:27
drivetraxcas like 7.10 and ati cards are iffy02:28
phoenix180no clue-it came with the PC02:28
shadowblade_Simonfl: wired, yes02:28
orgainhi there02:28
red22Simonf1: i see some sites that have backgrounds and things individually, but i'm not finding a all-in-one package02:28
red22bazhang: 8.0402:28
phoenix180sony pcv-w600g02:28
arvind_khadriis hardy all right with EXT3??02:28
fdearvind_khadri: I'd think so... it's the default file system  ;)02:28
Simonf1shadowblade_: sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter02:28
skinnymg1no its not on the list02:28
orgainarvind_khadri,  shure why not?02:28
Simonf1shadowblade_: then restart02:28
bazhangred22 dl the themes you want into a folder then install new themes (from appearnaces) chose from that folder02:28
shadowblade_Simonfl: already installed02:28
arvind_khadrifde, the mailing lists show that there is some kinda bug with that02:29
Dr_willisarvind_khadri,  most people use ext402:29
Dr_willisarvind_khadri,  most people use ext3 i mean. :)02:29
Simonf1shadowblade_: and you restarted?02:29
shadowblade_Simonfl: yep, a few times02:29
skinnymg1it works in cheese but i cant get it to work with my stream02:29
bazhangred22: you can get themes from a nubmer of places--> gnome-look.org is one02:29
fdearvind_khadri: Ubuntu is used by (tens of) millions, and almost all use ext3... I think it'll be fine!02:29
phoenix180I have saved the data from it before-I had to keep reinstalling windows on it before using that system restore option02:29
Simonf1shadowblade_: 1. sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist 2. Change “blacklist bcm43xx” to “#blacklist bcm43xx” 3. Restart. You should get a restricted driver message. 4. Enable restricted drive. 5. Restart and you are good to go02:30
RequinB4Simonf1 - ANY thoughts for getting it done without internet02:30
sparrwhy the hell does my dist-upgrade fail, but it can continue when i re-run it?02:30
arvind_khadriDr_willis, i too do :) am doing upgrade now,was checking mails and saw lots of ppl having trouble and having to re-install02:30
phoenix180geez-louise I have been fighting with this since this morning02:30
Simonf1RequinB4: see last messege02:30
bazhangred22 /msg ubottu themes for more links02:30
Dr_willisarvind_khadri,  im having issues with 'other' things. :)02:30
red22bazhang: hold on i will try on and see if it has all the changes i'm looking for ty :) i'll get back to you.02:30
bazhangred22 no worries ;]02:31
arvind_khadriDr_willis, :)02:31
Mattevtso no one has had a problem when switching from dual to single monitor02:31
shadowblade_Simonfl: Ok, restarting02:31
John_SSimonf1: It seems like shadowblade might still have problems because his driver is all ready installed via ndiswrapper--he needs to disable that to follow your procedure--don't you think?02:31
bazhangsparr: it is timing out? what is the exact issue please02:31
RequinB4Simon - OK, and for enable restricted drive i should just manually install the firmware (assuming it needs a download)02:32
phoenix180ok is it possible to start a new partition and then sort of adjust it or tweak it to have most of the space in the newly created partition?02:32
arooniplease someone tell me how to get a tftp server up and running on ubuntu?  please someone tell me how to get a tftp server up and running on ubuntu?02:32
sparrbazhang: it fails because a package install/upgrade fails02:32
eboyjrShould I install Hardy now?02:32
eboyjrits alpha though02:32
IndyGunFreakeboyjr: ? hardy isn't alpha02:32
RequinB4eboyjr: Hardy is post-release02:32
Simonf1John_S: I did what he did and it worked, only problem is I did 3 things at once without restarting so I'm not sure which one worked02:32
bazhangeboyjr: may want to wait depending on if you have laptop or desktop02:32
eboyjrOhhhh..... Who wants to update Wikipedia for me? :)02:33
eboyjrbazhang, desktop02:33
IndyGunFreakeboyjr: you're not usign ppc are you?.. i guess that might still be alpha02:33
eboyjrWikipedia says hardy is alphs02:33
John_SSimonf1: So your driver is installed with ndiswrapper too?02:33
bazhangeboyjr: best bet is to run livecd first02:33
techqberthey guys, if I used a script to tarball ~/ and than rsync, would rsync just update the .zip on the backup disk with w.e binary values are new02:33
eboyjrIndyGunFreak, I dunno what ppc is :(02:33
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:33
TalibJayidanyone using a soundblaster x-fi in linux?02:33
IndyGunFreakeboyjr: mac hardware02:33
Simonf1John_S: oh, ndiswrapper, sorry. I tried that and failed02:33
=== me is now known as tmapj
eboyjrIndyGunFreak, Nope: Dell02:33
eboyjrpiece of crapola02:34
IndyGunFreakeboyjr: ok, then its final release, has been a few days02:34
eboyjrIndyGunFreak, Okay, thanks02:34
rockysynergyHey can any of you how to "run gdb02:34
rockysynergyfirst, and then run inkscape from within gdb"02:34
eboyjrbazhang, Why's that? and not through the Update Manager?02:34
nowimprovedthis is the second time this happened to me , and i dont know what to do , it is at the end of the install and asks to insert a different disc durring it trying to install grub02:34
shadowbladeSimonf1: Ok...I did that, but didn't get the restricted drivers window, so I checked it and the broadcom driver isnt listed there anymore02:34
John_SSimonf1: I think shadowblade having his driver installed via ndiswrapper, and then also trying to use the restricted driver instead, could be a problem.02:34
RequinB4Everyone seems to be saying ndiswrapper fails with the Broadom43 issue02:34
Zackymc_kdoes anyone have a problem with vista blue screening after ubuntu install? it boots after force shutting it down but takes forever to get working... Any ideas???02:34
bazhangeboyjr: well if you are ready for possible bugs-->what video card nvidia or ati02:35
Squa7chin 8.04, how would I get to the Shared Folders settings like in 7.10, System>Administration>Shared Folders, where would that be in 8.04?02:35
shadowbladeJohn_S: The restricted driver isn't listed anymore, and its still not working02:35
eboyjrbazhang, ati (really, really old)02:35
eboyjrbazhang, rage 128 pro02:35
Simonf1shadowblade: look here http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b4302:35
eboyjror something02:35
Judeglassfound after much searchign that for the ipw2200 driver in Hardy Heron: rmmod ipw2200 then modprobe ipw2200 brings it back up fully functional02:36
Simonf1shadowblade: John_S had another idea too02:36
shadowbladeSimonf1: I did that once before and that made my wireless device disappear...it was listed before that, but it just wasn't picking up any networks when I know mines working02:36
nowimprovedit says please insert the disc labled ubuntu bleh bleh and i cant even open the drive for one02:36
Judeglasswhile it appears to be working automatically02:36
bazhangeboyjr: well if you have sufficient ram and willing to deal with some outstanding bugs may be worht it; if gutsy is good fro you now may want to hold off02:36
Judeglassit doesn't quite02:36
RequinB4John_S shadowblade Simonf1 - The restricted drivers manager suggests not using bcm43xx02:36
AlabamaHitwhat does  The composite extension is not available mean. It tells me that when i try to enable the Extras in Visual Effects.02:36
bazhangnowimproved: disable the cd as repo source in synaptic02:37
eboyjrbazhang, I dont have any ram ;) ( 512 MB ) .... I'll make a CD... I need one anyway :)02:37
eboyjrbazhang, Thanks02:37
Simonf1RequinB4: what do you mean? If it is the only thing we have...02:37
sparrhow can i switch from mythbuntu to ubuntu or kubuntu splash screens?02:37
bazhangno worries eboyjr ;]02:37
RequinB4John_S shadowblade Simonf1 - b43-fwcutter_011-1_i386.deb02:37
Squa7chin 8.04, how would I get to the Shared Folders settings like in 7.10, System>Administration>Shared Folders, where would that be in 8.04?02:37
nowimprovedbazhang, so i have to start over again?02:37
jmknsdHUZZAH! wireless on my laptop with HH!02:37
* jmknsd dances.02:38
ehcwhen I start ubuntu there is no sound working, I just have to reset alsa and it will start working. Why could this be? Is there I way I can change this?02:38
RequinB4John_S shadowblade Simonf1 - is the file that W failed to get when trying to install via the manager02:38
nowimprovedbazhang, i am using the alternative installer disc02:38
shadowbladeRequinB4: whats that and/or where is it?02:38
John_SRequinB4: Where does the restricted driver manager say it does not recommend bcm43xx?02:38
Mattevtokay in "Monitor Resolution Settings" I de-select "Clone Screens" hit apply, then close. but when I go back into Resolution Settings, clone screens is checked again.02:38
bazhangnowimproved: not at all-->just go into synaptic and is this already installed?02:38
[T]an3what is the gui for compiz?02:38
[T]an3where can i adjust settings?02:38
bazhangccsm [T]an302:38
[T]an3ahhh thats right, thanks02:38
nowimprovedbazhang, i am running the installer for a fresh install and this message comes up when installing grub and i cant take the installer disc out right now anyway02:39
jonas3dis there a way to clear out packages that have failed to install but apt-get keeps trying to reinstall when running dpkg reconfigure -a ?02:39
Dimitreeok ill try OSx .__.02:39
bazhangehc in sound preferences change from autodetect to alsa02:39
nowimprovedit is right at the end of the install process02:39
drivetrax[T]an3,  - i get at it by right clicking the desktop.. and looking at them02:39
nowimprovedit wont let me do anything i cant continue and finish the install02:39
RequinB4John_S shadowblade Simonf1 - Not blacklisted, just suggests the fwcutter of a different driver (b43 fwcutter).  PATH = archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/b/b43-fwcutter/b43-fwcuttr_011-1_i386.deb  I assume everyone has i38602:40
bazhangnowimproved: does it stop? can you ignore the message?02:40
skinnymg1so theres no way to get my cam working if its not on the list02:40
RequinB4John_S shadowblade Simonf1 - this is the error W gives when trying to let hardware drivers automatically install what was needed w/o a internet conneciton02:40
bazhanghangon skinnymg102:40
shadowbladeRequinB4: that link is 40402:40
Simonf1im using b43 fwcutter02:40
FarnabyAnybody have any ideas why clicking on the azureus icon won't launch it?02:40
nowimprovedbazhang, i cant do anything02:41
John_Sshadowblade: I think if you want to use Simonf1's suggestion you need to uninstall the ndiswrapper driver--you can't use them both simultaneously.02:41
bazhanghttp://www.linuxlove.org/2007/11/12/linux-webcam-microsoft-lifecam-nx-6000-on-ubuntu-and-fedora/ check this list skinnymg102:41
Hoenikkerok, i give up, i can't get the brother MFC 685 CW working ever since i got 8.0402:41
hamledAfter upgrading to 8.04, while it appears that compiz is working (I get the wobbly windows and such), my previous settings have disappeared, and I can't seem to enable the emerald theme manager. When this happened in gutsy, there was an option in the preferences menu called "GL Desktop" that I guess would reload compiz, but that option is no longer available. How would I go about enabling the emerald themes and possibly getting my deskto02:41
shadowbladeJohn_S: how do I get the restricted driver back then?02:42
RequinB4shadowblade - should be an e in cutter (not cuttr)02:42
bazhanghamled: what about alt f2 emerald --replace02:42
n2diyMy flash card reader stopped responding, how can I restart it?02:42
bazhangnowimproved: what disk is it asking for?02:42
sparrwtf @ akiradnews install script popping up a GUI dialog?!?02:42
RAIDhey guys02:42
Zackymc_kdoes anyone have a problem with vista blue screening after ubuntu install? it boots after force shutting it down but takes forever to get working... Any ideas???02:43
RAIDI cant seem to get Java work on Firefox 2 on Ubuntu02:43
jonas3dok i'll rephrase this... dpkg will not let me install anything with out reconfiguring but the reconfigure fails when it reaches the package that has failed.  Can I kill that package out from being reconfigured?02:43
eriqjaffeIs there some trick to getting conky to recognize if Sonata is running or not?02:43
RequinB4Simonf1 - as you know, b43 blacklists bcm43xx...  Maybe this is supposed to happen, i'm just jotting down notes02:43
bazhangZackymc_k: not really an ubuntu issue; not sure about vista problems here02:43
John_Sshadowblade: To remove ndiswrapper, I think all it might take is "sudo rmmod ndiswrapper" and check there is no ndiswrapper listed in /etc/modules either.02:43
hamledbazhang, thanks, that worked to get my themes back :) now I just need to figure out how to get the desktop settings I had, since they never seemed to work from the "Advanced Desktop Effects Settings" app, I had to set them up in the GL desktop application02:43
LunaFreeStateRaid:  Install the restricted software package02:44
shadowbladeJohn_S: ok, restarting again02:44
LunaFreeStateRaid:  It has java in it02:44
Zackymc_ki will ask HP02:44
ibleedRAID, installing ubuntu-restricted-extras often fixes that problem for people i think its sun-java6-bin and one other one i can't remember02:44
John_Sshadowblade: Did you make sure ndiswrapper isn't in the file /etc/modules?02:44
n2diyHow can I restart a hotswap device, like an SD card?02:44
nowimprovedbazhang, the ubuntu-8.04 which is how i am installing it and it is in the drive02:45
RAIDI ran across that package and downloaded it but then I did a complete removal at that moment, so I'm going to install it again02:45
jihsrohey is it quicker to get ubuntu from a torrent or an ftp server?02:45
RequinB4The b43 driver only works for Broadcom chipsets bcm4306 rev 4 and later I'm told - use bcm43xx driver and bcm43xx-fwcutter for bcm4306 rev 3 and earlier.02:45
Dr_willisjihsro,  at this time the torrents are MUCH faster02:45
YouKnowMeIs there anyway I can run FF 2.0 instead of the beta, until my fav extensions become compatible02:45
bazhangnowimproved: and there was fail install package?02:45
RequinB4I'm rev 3, so that's why02:45
bazhangjihsro: torrents02:45
Dr_willisYouKnowMe,  you can isntall ff2. Or you can use the 'nightly tester tools' extensioon for FF3 to force it to use the ff2 extensions02:46
bazhangYouKnowMe: sure just install it02:46
RAIDdirect download02:46
lowluxhow do i reset compiz fuse?02:46
nowimprovedbazhang, no fail that i know of , it is trying to do grub and i am prompted with this message and i thought it was a fluke , but i installed again and it happened again at the same part02:46
wookienzhi.. i have istalled an ircd in /etc/ircd but want to make a link in etc/init.d/ so i can run restarts and stops etc rfom there... what is the command?02:46
shadowbladeJohn_S: Still doesn't work  :(02:46
fengyuluHi everybody!!!02:46
bazhanglowlux you mean disable? alt f2 metacity --replace  then alt f2 compiz --replace02:46
John_Sshadowblade; Did you make sure ndiswrapper isn't in the file /etc/modules?02:46
gaspipe1hey people02:47
bazhangnowimproved: this is a fresh install or an upgrade?02:47
nowimproveda fresh install bazhang02:47
lonrana command to know what filesystem i am using?02:47
lowluxi mean reset the compiz setting from when i frist installed it.02:47
bazhanglonran: mount?02:47
phoenix180would I have a better chance of installing 7.10 first and then trying to upgrade from there?02:48
shadowbladeJohn_S: sorry, what all do I need to do to remove ndiswrapper again? I think I might have forgotten something besides that02:48
LunaFreeStateIonran: i think fdisk -l02:48
bazhanglowlux not sure what that was02:48
egchow to i use desktop cube?02:48
jazzydavejust got 804 running on inspiron 152502:48
egci.e. key combo?02:48
bazhang!cube | egc02:48
ubottuegc: Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »02:48
lonranbazhang, thnks02:48
Simonf1shadowblade, unplug the internet cord for a few secons, then try typing the name of the network you want to connect to. It took a while for it to work for me.02:48
cybojanekegc: Ctrl+alt and left click on the desktop02:48
nks_Hello all !, Hey, i have a serious problem ! I'm able to play avi and mp4 files with totem dvd player., but, unable to play anything else ! I've done some of everything but nothing's appearing to work ! HELP PLEASE ANYONE -LOL-!02:48
LunaFreeStateegc: Alt + Ctl + arrow02:48
MacDaddyhey 8.04 isnt seeing my graphics card, everything is really big, and i cant change the rez past 800x68002:49
John_Sshadowblade: Do a "sudo rmmod ndiswrapper" and check there is no ndiswrapper listed in /etc/modules either.02:49
shadowbladeSimonf1: the wireless device still isnt even showing up02:49
Simonf1nks_: use VLC02:49
egcthanks all, mine doesnt seem to work then02:49
weeman13221anyone good with multiple OS networking like using ubuntu windows xp pro and OSX leopard on a network together sharing files02:49
Simonf1shadowblade: ok, that is odd, it showed up for me. I wonder if there is another problem also02:49
bazhangnks_: what about vlc or other players02:49
LunaFreeStateegc: Try looking to see it the short cuts are on02:49
phoenix180one more question: is it a terrible idea to delete the C partition?02:49
MacDaddynvm all02:50
bazhangphoenix180: only if you are trying to dual boot ;]02:50
shadowbladeJohn_S: Ok, it was listed in /etc/modules, so I removed it02:50
nks_I've tried VLC but was unable to get it to work ! Is there a code that i need to type in terminal?02:50
drivetraxphoenix180,  - you got disk to install windows back on it?02:50
phoenix180ohh I see02:50
sourgrapeonly if you don't want to ever use windows again :)02:50
shadowbladeSimonf1: I think when i installed the b43 drivers, it broke something02:50
John_Sshadowblade: Great, now reboot again and we'll see where you're at.02:50
shadowbladeJohn_S: ok...02:50
drivetraxphoenix180,  using the same disk manager.. (ie, installer boot loader) no problem02:50
RequinB4Whoever is still working on broadcom - did it work in gutsy02:50
LadyNikonso ..02:50
IntangibleLiquidnks_: vlc works fine for me. try running it from the terminal to see what's wrong02:51
Simonf1shadowblade: broke what?02:51
LadyNikoni just updated my 7.10 and my graphics settings are gone.02:51
LadyNikonmy card is no longer detectable02:51
nowimprovedany ideas?02:51
weeman13221MacDaddy: what graphics card u have?02:51
nowimprovedanyone know how i can umount the cdrom and eject -t02:51
n2diyMy flash card reader stopped responding, how can I restart it?02:51
LadyNikonhas there been any reports about the updates borking the system?02:51
itrebalI've heard reports that the new version of Ubuntu is pretty unstable; is this an unsubstantiated localized issue? or are a lot of people having problems with it?02:51
nowimprovedanyone know how to umount the cdrom on the installer disc02:51
nks_IntangibleLiquid - ok, i'll give it another try !02:51
itrebalLadyNikon: amusing02:52
LunaFreeStatenowimproved: try left click menu?02:52
Dr_willisitrebal,  im having issues in other areas. :(02:52
bazhangitrebal: what issues are you having? or just want to chat/curious02:52
weeman13221LadyNikon: i had the same thing updating to 8.04 just reinstall ur driver and ur fine, or use whatever update tool for the driver depending if its nvidia or ati02:52
nowimprovednot the live disc LunaFreeState the alternaive02:52
phoenix180oh ok so I can delete it when I am at the manual partition screen? and then..create a brand new one? sorry for the lame questions..for the first time I really don't have a single clue02:52
Dr_willisYou cant eject the live cd while you are using it.02:52
Simonf1shadowblade John_s: it's been nice, I gtg. Good luck.02:52
sourgrapeI upgraded a 5 year old laptop to the new version, it went really smoothly for the most part02:52
hummessehi. Im using compiz and i want the wobbly windows. I just think they are oo 'soft' so i want to adjust the so called "spring constant" but even when its maxed out (10.0) the windows are still too 'soft'. Does anyone know which configuration file i need to edit to set this manually?02:52
itrebalbazhang: a friend of mine had an issue, and before upgradin gmy girlfriend's system, I'd like to make sure she's not going to be super pissed at it not working :)02:52
nowimprovedwell wtf Dr_willis why does it ask for a media change then? wtf02:52
jmknsdDr_willis: my paperclip disagrees with you02:52
arlonghi all02:52
drivetraxupgrade.. don't keep no settings..02:52
John_SSimonf1: OK, take care. :)02:53
LunaFreeStatenowimproved: look at /etc/fstab use sudo /etc/fstab02:53
arlonghow to change default player for certain file extension?02:53
itrebaldrivetrax: whats this02:53
cak054_this is a touch typing user02:53
nowimprovedlmao this is bull02:53
bazhangitrebal: best to stick with gutsy if it is working well for you then-->no guarantees given in these parts ;]02:53
* LadyNikon sighs02:53
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:53
drivetraxitrebal,  -- upgrade vs. update..02:53
arlongi'm using Hardy Heron02:53
arlonghow to change default player for certain file extension?02:53
cak054_and i think x chat is the ...... bomb02:53
IndyGunFreakarlong: right click the file/properties/open with tab02:54
itrebalalright bazhang, I'll hold off for a few weeks :P I was looking forward to a few of the fixes, too :P02:54
bazhangarlong: right click properties open with02:54
weeman13221LadyNikon: go into a terminal and type sudo nvidia-installer --update02:54
shadowbladeJohn_S: still nothing02:54
weeman13221LadyNikon: if not go to nvidia's website get the driver and follow their instructions02:54
n2diyarlong: System>Prefrences?02:54
coagentHey, can anyone help me with this bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/218126 Is it fixed in the current Hardy?02:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 218126 in linux "xen guest  kernel bug:  'kernel BUG at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.24/debian/build/custom-source-xen/drivers/xen/netfront/netfront.c:785'" [Medium,Fix committed]02:54
arlongok, thank you02:55
=== Scientus_ is now known as Scientus
arlongi just install ubuntu hardy on this PC02:55
bazhang!cn | fengyulu02:55
ubottufengyulu: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:55
fengyuluhow can i format the hardware?02:55
John_Sshadowblade: OK, so is your restricted driver enabled in System > Admin > Restricted Drivers Manager?02:55
n2diyMy flash card reader stopped responding, how can I restart it?02:55
nowimprovedhey LunaFreeState what should i look for in fstab , it has no cdrom in it , remember i am on the installer disc so ...   i just need to know where the cdrom is in /dev , anyone know anything at all in here?02:55
LadyNikonweeman13221: i thought there was the *official* way of doing it02:55
bazhangfengyulu: for dual boot or only ubuntu02:55
=== sourcode_ is now known as sourcode
shadowbladeJohn_S: its not there - I think b43 got rid of it02:56
david_-_-maco you there?02:56
n2diynowimproved: look in /media?02:56
macodavid_-_-: im doing homework02:56
sourgrapeLady, official to whom?02:56
LunaFreeStatenowimproved: wait a minute you want to eject the live cd while using it?02:56
rockysynergyCan any of you tell me what is the command I can use to record all of my terminal output into a file?02:57
John_Sshadowblade: And do you see Wireless Connection listed System > Admin > Network?02:57
Brickercould someone help me please:  after connecting my LCD monitor and activating twinview, some of my text is HUGE (for example, log on user/password, and some text in firefox/epiphany)02:57
david_-_-maco:  ah ok just real quik lol yes wine does work with 64bit sorry i was afk  for while.02:57
weeman13221LadyNikon, depends on ur video card cause with mine there arent and restricted drivers in ubuntu for my card02:57
shadowbladeJohn_S: nope :(02:57
LadyNikonweeman13221: well the restricted driver is not in use for some weird reason02:57
phoenix180say I think a part of ubuntu did actually install because now while trying to install from 7.10 the total amount of space has shrunk a bit. It went from 162.3gb to 151.3gb.  *sigh* I'm going to keep trying02:57
weeman13221LadyNikon: other than that just go through nvidias site02:57
hamledOk, so it appears that while compiz is working and all that, none of the settings from CompizConfig are actually put into effect. I can disable "wobbly windows" for instance and it still has wobbly windows on the desktop02:57
LadyNikonhow do i turn it on02:57
nowimprovedLunaFreeState, that is the plan , seeing how it is asking for a media change?02:57
weeman13221LadyNikon: what type of card are u using02:57
John_Sshadowblade: Is wlan0 listed in your /etc/network/interfaces file?02:57
simoneI run hardy and my panels completely disappeared after I restarted in GNOME02:57
simoneHow do I get my panels back?02:57
simoneWhat I can do is very limited.02:57
Brickerin fact, text is so huge that i can't access google to search for an answer02:57
bazhanghamled: you need to go into appearances and set to none02:58
nowimprovedso hopefully if i eject it and put it back in it will fix it i dont know LunaFreeState i have never seen anything like this02:58
bazhang!resetpanels | simone02:58
ubottusimone: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:58
macohamled: check that your system -> pref -> appearance -> desktop effects is set to "custom"02:58
anoblehello can someone help, i think my Nvidia Driver is corrupt02:58
saxofoneranoble: uninstall the package and reinstall02:58
shadowbladeJohn_S: nope, it says 'auto lo' and 'iface lo inet loopback'02:58
DefineKThyneFirefox won't play videos, either with Totem or VLC plugins, any ideas?02:58
hamledmaco, oh, hmm 'custom' wasnt' there before, but I guess it is now?02:59
Brickersaxofoner: help me!02:59
saxofoneryes Bricker?02:59
LunaFreeStatenowimproved:  that does sound strange, i installed from a flash drive, maybe that is an option for you?02:59
John_Sbazhang: Do you have experience with a Broadcom BCM4311 chipset wireless card? I think I heard some say earlier you've got a broadcom card yourself.02:59
firediceGood evening everyone....first time here02:59
bazhangDefineKThyne: firefox? is this flash?02:59
Brickersaxofoner:  after connecting my LCD monitor and activating twinview, some of my text is HUGE (for example, log on user/password, and some text in firefox/epiphany)02:59
nowimprovednope no option for me , my computer cant boot of a flash drive02:59
John_Sshadowblade: Hang on...02:59
bazhangJohn_S: just a few link-->no actual card myself02:59
n2diyfiredice: fire away! ;)02:59
anobleeverything keeps on hanging, and it really seems to die02:59
saxofonerheh, Bricker, do I just strike you as an expert?  I'll try to help though03:00
DefineKThynebazhang: not entirely sure, maybe WMV, but it was playing with Totem last night.03:00
LunaFreeStatenowimproved:  you checked the bios settings?03:00
=== Bllasae is now known as Bllasae-Away
shadowbladeJohn_S: ok, thanks for all your help, btw03:00
eubeyhow do i block all wine applicatoins from accessing the internet?03:00
Brickersaxofoner:  anyone who plays the sax has to be an expert :P03:00
LunaFreeStatenowimproved:  I had to change mine to do it03:00
Brickerand thank you :)03:00
weeman13221LadyNikon: what kinds of video card are u using?03:00
bazhangDefineKThyne: well kind of important to know-->what site let me check03:00
simonebazhang: I have no gnome-panel03:00
scurry7anyone in here good with iptables???????????????03:00
DBautell!ati > DBautell03:00
John_Sbazhang: Do you know of a working solution for shadowblade's problem? You probably haven't been following, but he has a BCM4311.03:00
firediceanyone able to assist me in my quest to get vmware server correctly installed on this box?03:01
lesjohni'm trying to play a streaming mp3 with mplayer and it plays a second and then stops, then plays again, etc... anyone have any idea to improve the playback?  i've been able to get other formats fine03:01
scurry7iptables anyone??????????????03:01
DefineKThynebazhang: give me a min03:01
bazhangsimone: folloiw the instructions I sent yu abot03:01
nowimprovedLunaFreeState, number one i am sure that i cant install of a flash drive , number 2 i dont have one handy, number 3 this is ridiculous, i should be able to install from a cd , number 4 this is like the 5th time i have attempted to install this bs and i am sick of it03:01
saxofonerBricker: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=583915&highlight=login+font+huge03:01
sourgrapefiredice - out of curiosity, did you check out Virtual Box?03:01
simonebazhang: I did but I have NO gnome-panel package installed03:01
slackd00dless /usr/portage/profiles/use.desc03:01
bazhang!helpme | scurry703:01
ubottuscurry7: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience03:01
scurry7im trying to do some masquerade03:01
LadyNikondang he left03:01
firedicesourgrape - no i havent is it good?03:02
sourgrapeI prefer it over VM Server and it has a nice, neat DEB package to install03:02
ryan__hi. was adjusting video in ubuntu 8.04, and restarted x11 to 'out-of-range' signal from the monitor.. have tried dpkg-configure and other methods.. i believe the xorg.conf to be broken, but i can't do an accurate hardware detect.. can anyone help with this.. thanks03:02
bazhangsimone: then install it03:02
LunaFreeStatenowimproved:  try reburning the cd or another cd drive if one is handy, another distro if not03:02
Brickersaxofoner:  it's not just logon font.. and unfortunately, the text in that page is also huge03:03
bazhangryan__: try starting up in safe mode then down the res and load the appropriate drivers03:03
macoscurry7: firestarter is a nice GUI for setting up iptables rules03:03
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: if some wifi networks show up in my nm-applet, does it mean that my wireless card is working properly? I haven't tried to get online using my wireless card though because all of them are encrypted03:03
Shpoo2If anyone remembers me coming in here trying to fix my computer freezing when playing video, I found the fix. It was all related to the bug when sound preferences are set to auto-detect. I set them all to alsa as suggested, and everything is fine. Hope that can help someone else.03:03
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: that is a good sign ;]03:03
aroonianyone know how to make tftp work on ubuntu?  i was trying: http://www.davidsudjiman.info/2006/03/27/installing-and-setting-tftpd-in-ubuntu/ and http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/Quick_HOWTO_:_Ch16_:_Telnet,_TFTP,_and_xinetd#Installing_The_TFTP_Server_Software with no luck :(03:03
sourgrapefiredice - what do you need to use VM Server for?  Just playing around?  Or do you have VMs already set up?03:03
nowimprovedlmao LunaFreeState i dont think that will do any good, and another disto is probably the way to go, the ubuntu community knows nothing03:03
jpastorehi, I just upgraded to 8.04 and my wifi stopped working...I was using wicd to manage my wifi. any ideas on wha tI can do to bring this back?03:03
bazhangthanks Shpoo203:03
scurry7maco thanks i have tryed that......(im having trouble with iptables telling it not to masquerade multiple subnets03:03
aibis famd, the File Alteration Monitor daemon, installed by default on ubuntu?03:03
LadyNikonok so.. under the restricted drivers.. I have nvidia .. but in status it says "not in use"03:04
macoBricker: check your DPI in system -> preferences -> appearances -> font -> details03:04
John_Sshadowblade: Did you follow simonf1's directions exactly about the restricted driver? Because if that didn't work with ndiswrapper uninstalled, then you may have no choice but to try and get ndiswrapper solution working.03:04
LadyNikonhow do I use it?03:04
garryDoes anyone know how to completely remove wine from your system?03:04
firediceI like to set up 3 things ....WOW - 3ds max and photoshop03:04
astro76garry: what's left, menu entries?03:04
macoscurry7: oh.  firestarter's meant for simple things.  maybe guarddog? its more complicated and can do more complicated things...03:04
bazhanggarry: go into synaptic and check remove completely03:04
n2diy!bugs | Shpoo203:04
ubottuShpoo2: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots03:04
LunaFreeStatenowimpoved:  that is the spirit, blame some one else03:04
Shpoo2bazhang: No, thank you and everyone else in here that has saved everyone's arse many a times. :-)03:04
ryan__bazhang: (unregistered sorry)  down the resolution in xorg.conf?03:04
aibcould someone who has not expliticly installed famd run `ps -A | grep fam' and tell me if it's listed?03:04
shadowbladeJohn_S: I think all simonf1 told me was to restart and hope the box comes up03:04
scurry7guarddog...i'll give it a try : thanks03:04
garryastro76: Menu items yes, but when I click on the wine apps, it will still load the application like normal. Does that mean wine is still kicking around somewhere in there?03:04
IntangibleLiquidbazhang: where are you from?03:05
bazhangryan__: donw the res in monitors gui setting03:05
macoaib: its not03:05
bazhangIntangibleLiquid: Earth ;]03:05
garrybazhang: I've done that :(03:05
anoblecan someone help 8.04 just keeps running the boot script then dies right after03:05
Shpoo2n2diy: It's already been filed, that's where I got the fix from. I'm getting ready to add my scenario to it though. :-D03:05
Moridin333I'm trying to install jinzora (a website to view media such as video and mp3s from a host) but when I try to run the install.php firefox tries to download the file instead on run it.  I have installed apache2 php5 mysql-server libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql php5-gd.  any ideas?03:05
ryan__bazhang: i can't get into a gui.. only command prompt03:05
kdorfaib: No output for that command03:05
sourgrapegarry - have you tried sudo apt-get remove wine  ?03:05
aibthanks, maco, kdorf03:05
bazhangryan__: try starting up in recovery mode03:05
n2diyShpoo2:  good job, thanks.03:05
garrysourgrape: yep, lemme try it again though I forget what it tells me.03:06
EricThat was pretty instant and unexpected03:06
EricOopsie poopsie03:06
Brickergoing tot ry it03:06
bazhanggarry some of my wine stuff has hung around after I uninstalled wine--> you can hunt it down and manually removie it  if you wish03:06
sourgrapegarry -k, let me know what it says - I had some issues with WINE on 8.04 myself03:06
John_Sshadowblade: here was what simonf1 said earlier: 1. sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist 2. Change “blacklist bcm43xx” to “#blacklist bcm43xx” 3. Restart. You should get a restricted driver message. 4. Enable restricted drive. 5. Restart and you are good to go.   Did you do this exactly? That's what supposedly worked for him.03:06
EricThe hell do i add an IRC server in Xchat?03:06
schnooworkif i wanted to use hotmail/gmail/yahoo with my email client is it best to go thunderbird(what i previously used) or just go with evolution03:06
n2diyMy flash card reader stopped responding, how can I restart it?03:06
Shpoo2n2diy: Gotta do my part to keep open source moving. :-)03:06
bazhangschnoowork: depends on what you like better03:07
shadowbladeJohn_S: yea, I did that - the message never came up03:07
DefineKThynebazhang: yeah, wmv. it's not flash. i've got both Totem and VLC plugins for firefox and i just get a plain black screen with (no video) on it.03:07
sourgrapeSchnoo - personal opinion - thunderbird was better for me than evolution, but I dn't use the calender03:07
garrybazhang: I'm not sure which files to remove and don't wanna dmg my system :( I'm a nub.03:07
firedicesourgrape - virtual box runs apps and games?03:07
n2diyShpoo2:  Exactly!!!!03:07
ryan__bazhang: i have..  it offers normal boot, command prompt, and fix xwindows.. my only option is the command prompt since normal boot sends my monitors to blank03:07
garrysourgrape: I said it was removed, then I tested it with WoW and it would still load like normal03:07
bazhangDefineKThyne: what is the link let me check03:07
sourgrapefiredice - really depends on the games.  I'd give the games a try in Crossover Office or Wine first03:07
fdefiredice: VirtualBox runs operating systems, which can run apps and games  :)03:07
firedicewine does not work for me03:07
schnooworkbazhang, i guess my question is can you set those up easily on evolution. For thunderbird i jsut needed a hotmail plugin.03:07
david__--can someone help me install dreamweaver?03:07
sourgrapefiredice - but yes, it will run games03:08
bazhangschnoowork: only used t-bird myself so best to ask the channel ;]03:08
sourgrapeschnoo - no idea - I use Tbird for gmail03:08
IntangibleLiquidschnoowork: for email I prefer the online page though03:08
* PrivateVoid waves03:08
bazhangdavid__--: have you checked appdb for that?03:08
SirBob1701hey guys what package in ubuntu had the X11 headers?03:08
saxofonerBricker: just open your fonts settings, one of them should (or more) be set too hight03:08
John_Sshadowblade: Well, try adding "iface wlan0 inet dhcp" to the beginning of your /etc/network/interfaces file, with a few blank lines after it. That will at least enable us to select your wireless connection in Network manager I think.03:08
astro76SirBob1701: xorg-dev I'd assume03:08
sourgrapegarry - that's odd.  If you run aptitude, filter by installed apps, then search WINE does something come up?03:09
SirBob1701astro76: thank i'll try it03:09
ChoboMogHi...I've installed Hardy and have been having a little trouble setting up surround sound.  I have it working perfectly in almost every application which can use it (VLC, Firefox/Flash, etc), but I can't get it to work in either Rhythmbox or Amarok media players.  Does anyone know if there are any advanced settings which could fix this?03:09
astro76SirBob1701: or xserver-xorg-dev03:09
gaspipe1what would be the most thourough way of removing the app screenlets? I think i have an old one.03:09
=== Bllasae-Away is now known as ale_labs
gaspipe1i would like to remove then re-install it fresh03:09
Brickersaxofoner:  no, only happens after i connect my second monitor  (i'm going to disconnect it.. but b/c of my inefficient setup, it's a huge pain) brb03:09
sourgrapegarry - sorry, not aptitude... Synaptic ... need more scotch!03:09
surlyduffhey..  my system crashed while upgrading from gutsy and now the Update Manager says to do a partial upgrade, but then tells me it can't.  any thoughts on what to do?03:09
ryan__bazhang: i have started in recover mode..  it offers normal boot, command prompt, and fix xwindows.. my only option is the command prompt since normal boot sends my monitors to blank.. i tried dpkg-reconfigure and more from the command prompt.. nothing seems to recognize hardware i've been using in 7.10 and 8.04 for a while03:09
shadowbladeJohn_S: nope, its not there after adding that line03:10
saxofonerBricker: did you hook it up with nvidia-settings?03:10
bazhangChoboMog: have you apt-cache search amarok for any plugins?03:10
DefineKThynebazhang: http://s2.bgweiz.at/sebastian.rode/Neuer%20Ordner/Sound/Enter%20The%20Matrix.wmv03:10
david__--bazhang:totally new to linux,so no i havent...and havent gotten time to learn it because of fixing the wireless problemsoper yet be03:10
garrysourgrape: you're not the only one ^_^  it looks like WoW isn't opening up anymore03:10
John_Sshadowblade: OK, I think you need to reboot then.03:10
shadowbladeJohn_S: ok...03:10
garrysourgrape: however, my .wine folder is still kickin around,  is it ok to simply delete it?03:10
SirBob1701astro76: yup thanks03:10
o0Chris0oI miss playing WoW, but when i play that...I have no life :(03:11
sourgrapegarry - yep, you can kill it safely03:11
nowimprovedyup that worked i had to go into console unmount the drive03:11
nowimprovedthen remount it03:11
garrysourgrape: ok, great.  So now, theoretically... I should be able to reinstall wine and it would have default settings?03:11
sourgrapegarry - in theory, yeppers03:11
Shpoo2o0Chris0o: Linux has saved my marriage due to not being able to play WoW.03:12
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=== Shpoo2 is now known as Shpooked
o0Chris0oits a addicting03:12
ChoboMogbazhang:  What do you mean by apt-cache.  Sorry, I'm familliar with some things on Ubuntu, but Im still relatively new.03:12
bazhangDefineKThyne: that is a drm'd wmv--some MS products likely could not play it03:12
foxhopShpooked: I doubt it.03:12
shadowbladeJohn_S: still not in the network manager03:12
HorizonXPhey, I'm having trouble running Guild Wars. I can't type into the account info box, it seems to pass through to the Ubuntu desktop. Any ideas?03:12
Shpookedfoxhop: Doubt what?03:13
ChoboMogbazhang:  Also, if it makes any difference, Audacious (another audio polayer for Linux) plays stereo mp3's etc in surround no problem03:13
bazhangChoboMog: if you open a terminal you can type apt-cache search keyword (mp3 for example) and then get a list of everything related to that03:13
DefineKThynebazhang: i was still playing wmvs last night though, the only thing i did that might've messed it up was uninstall the totem plugin and reinstall it.03:13
eubeyhow do i block all wine applications from accessing the internet?03:13
slowlearnerhi i'm having this "undefined reference to `uuid_generate_time'" when compiling eventhough uuid-dev is installed.. anyone knows why?03:13
John_Sshadowblade: You sure "iface wlan0 inet dhcp" is in your /etc/network/interfaces file?03:13
ShpookedOh thanks, that reminds, my last question for the night: Is there a program that will allow you to edit wmv meta-tags?03:14
bazhangDefineKThyne: aye, some wmv's will play-->that link gave no file at this url error03:14
shadowbladeJohn_S: yes, I put it right at the beginning with 3 blank lines after it03:14
DefineKThynebazhang:  alrighty then, i'll look around at some other stuff and see what i can dig up, you look like you've got your hands full here. thanks anyway03:14
phoenix180under 7.10,  I'm on the Prepare disk space part of the installation: now instead of the two options(guided-use entire disk and manual), I now have three: guided-resize SCSI1 (0,0,0), partition #1 (sda) and used free space and underneath it says: New partition size:  __________51%(76.0GB)__________  now-do I continue using this method and what exactly does this all mean? does this mean that I am choosing(default) to use 51%03:15
bazhangChoboMog: perhaps in the short term stick with audactious (or whatever is best) til someone comes up with a way to do it otherwise03:15
shadowbladeJohn_S: All that shows up in the network manager is Wired Connection and Point to point connection (my laptop has a dial up modem)03:15
firediceso is this were all noobs come for help?03:17
slackd00dand the oldbs03:17
ethan961firedice: somewhat, just don't call them noons or you well get called banned03:17
ChoboMogbazhang:  Ok that's cool.  I guess it isn't urgent as long as most things work fine ^_^  I'll keep trying anything which comes to mind and post a solution on the forums if I find one03:17
leprasmurfhey all, how can I downgrade to myth-frontend from Hardy.  I'm using knoppmyth as a backend and it's version .20 (incompatible with .21 that's installed with hardy)03:17
bazhangthanks ChoboMog03:18
wisedudeCan someone walk me through setting up a static IP on my computer within my network?  I keep having problems trying - resulting in Ubuntu not identifying any networks03:18
dmsupermanHow do I determine which sound device I'm currently using? I'm trying to get VMWare to have sound, but it defaults to "/dev/dsp" and then says it can't connect to it, so I want to see if perhaps that's not my actual device03:18
firediceI consier my self a noob...1 week old03:18
John_Sshadowblade: OK, I'm sorry because I don't think I can help you any more with your Broadcom chip card. I installed my card a bit differently with ndiswrapper than the way you probably will have to (if you end up taking that route), because you have to also disable the restricted BCM drivers. So if that link you sent me about doing that for your card didn't work, your best bet may be to post...03:18
John_S...at ubuntuforums.org with all your details. Or maybe someone else here can help. Good luck though. :)03:18
izakAnyone got any advice on getting video drivers installed/working? Geforce 6800, had trouble in Gutsy but got it working with Envy, upgraded to Hardy, tried the new Envy, but no dice - low graphics mode every time03:18
douglasHi there03:18
douglasI have Ubuntu 8.04 installed03:18
shadowbladeJohn_S: ok, thanks a lot anyway03:18
douglasI use ipw3945 wireless drivers on Debian etc, what do I need?03:19
douglasfor ubuntu03:19
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John_Sshadowblade: No problem. :)03:19
Judeglass<eubey> how do i block all wine applications from accessing the internet?03:19
Judeglassi am curious as well, is there an app to block outgoing connections by application03:19
MattevtI'm back to try again: What can I do about hardy keeping dual monitor settings, even when I'm unplugged from the second monitor?03:20
John_Swisedude: You can't do it from System > Admin > Network?03:20
Judeglasssimilar to little snitch in OS X03:20
rokumanxesHello, everyone.  I need some help, if anyone can.  My network connection isn't working properly.03:20
rokumanxesRather, the icon doesn't do what it did...  1 left-click brings up connection properties.03:20
seancronMattevt: if you can figure how to switch between the two you could write a script03:20
wisedudeJohn --> I'm still having trouble03:21
wisedudeIt won't connect to any networks afterwards03:21
Mattevtis this a common problem?03:21
dmsupermanHow do I determine which sound device I'm currently using? I'm trying to get VMWare to have sound, but it defaults to "/dev/dsp" and then says it can't connect to it, so I want to see if perhaps that's not my actual device03:21
wisedudeI registered on freenode - will I be able to PM people now?  (So I could ask you in PM)03:21
John_Swisedude: OK, I better let someone else handle it. :)03:21
red22i want to try alternative menubars/launchers but i don't want to lose my settings for my current gnome panel layout... the only way to remove it is to "delete this panel".. can't i just temporarily take it off and then restore it? or back it up?03:21
wisedudeFair enough03:21
wisedudeThanks for trying though John, I greatly appreciate the attention03:22
dmsupermanred22: Just move your current one off the to side for now?03:22
rainwalkerumm...why does rhytmbox open instead of sound juicer when I put in a CD?03:22
douglasI need to get wireless to work on my Ubuntu 8.0403:23
dmsupermanrainwalker, System -> Preferences -> Preferred Applications03:23
douglasIs there any way to do it via apt?03:23
sourgraperainwalker - go to administration / preferred applications and set it yet?03:23
searcher135i installed ubuntu hardy from wubi and it froze earlier and i had to do a hard reboot. when i restarted, it went to a busybox screen and when i restarted in recovery, it said root.disk was not found. i believe it is corrupt because root.disk is still listed in my vista file system. is there anyway i can repair the root.disk file without having to reinstall ubuntu and losing my settings?03:23
arooniwhat is my gateway address for:  eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:1B:FC:BD:E9:6803:23
arooni          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
rokumanxesAny help with my Connection?03:23
red22dmsuperman: i'm trying to back it up completely... i want to get rid of it bc when you move to side or "hide" it, it still shows a little lip that is annoying.  i want to try the new dock for a week or so at least to give it a try.03:23
rokumanxeswlan0 is not working...03:23
n2diyrainwalker: menu > system > prefrences > preferred apps?03:23
sourgrapearooni - just a guess, probably
Mattevtso there's nothing I can do about switching between single and dual monitors.03:24
Sonjathe new FireFox crashes a lot in Hardy Heron, especially on pages with Flash :(03:24
saaroncan anyone tell me how to change a drives label? i've installed hardy and my drive has changed from hda1 to disk in /media/ which of course broke all of my image links03:24
dmsupermanHow do I determine which sound device I'm currently using? I'm trying to get VMWare to have sound, but it defaults to "/dev/dsp" and then says it can't connect to it, so I want to see if perhaps that's not my actual device03:24
sourgrapesonja - i had issues using gnash, i'm ok with flash03:24
MattevtSonja: that's why I downgraded to ff203:24
rainwalkersourgrape: I looked there, it's different than it used to be; there's no option asking me what to do when a removable disk or cd is inserted03:24
alphakamp_sonja: its beta (firefox) that is03:24
n2diyMy flash card reader stopped responding, how can I restart it?03:24
rokumanxesIn the Connection Properties, if I click configure, it doesn't work properly.03:25
sourgraperainwalker - you're right, I remember seeing those optiosn somewhere03:25
searcher135i installed ubuntu hardy from wubi and it froze earlier and i had to do a hard reboot. when i restarted, it went to a busybox screen and when i restarted in recovery, it said root.disk was not found. i believe it is corrupt because root.disk is still listed in my vista file system. is there anyway i can repair the root.disk file without having to reinstall ubuntu and losing my settings?03:25
rokumanxesPlease, help.03:26
ximis there a command that gives information about system memory and usage and stuff03:26
rnartosthe newer version of skype doesn't have group???03:26
AndrewBuckxim cat /proc/meminfo03:27
sourgrapexim - I use "free -m"03:27
IdleOnexim type top in a terminal03:27
smeecan someone help me figure out how to connect to the internet, please03:27
ximsweet thanks guys03:27
ManBlueHey, I got ubunto on there now, but no internet connection. What gives thought that was automatic?03:27
ximyay ubuntus using all 4gigs03:27
sourgrapexim, it's a great feelign isn't it? :)03:28
cyris||anyone around using ddns behind a PAT router? ez-ipupdate listens and updates on eth0 but then updates my ddns host with my private IP.03:28
nsxthen configure your ddns client to work with nat.  or get one that supports nat.03:28
searcher135can someone please help? root.disk is corrupt. can i repair it?03:29
nsxyou're better off doing ddns updates from the router itself, though, as it knows immediately when its WAN ip changes.03:29
AndrewBuckis there a way to disable the loading of modules on running from the live cd?03:29
neonis there a channel to help with TORK? thx03:29
AndrewBuckmy boot process is locking up trying to load bluetooth03:29
searcher135i cant boot ubuntu at all. help!03:30
arooni-mobileasdwhat the hell do i put for gateway address?  for my network card?  how do i know what this is?03:30
smeeubuntu doesn't recognize my wireless card, so it doesn't detect my network..can anyone help?03:30
cyris||nsx, thanks03:30
rokumanxesCan anyone please help me?? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77513203:30
musikgoatarooni-mobileasd: its likely your routers address03:30
douglasI can't get ipw3945  working on Ubuntu03:31
douglasAny ideas hwo to do it? :(03:31
douglasim desperate03:31
sourgrapearooni - are you on a windows machine now?03:31
rainwalkersourgrape: apparently it's under System > Preferences > File management now (in Hardy)03:32
searcher135root.disk is still corrupt. how to repair?03:32
ximwhy does the %cpu values in top not add up to 100%?03:32
ximit adds up to more03:32
sourgraperainwalker - thank you!  I was going nuts looking for that03:32
AndrewBuckxim: you probably have a dual core03:32
macoxim: do you have a dual core?03:32
ximah yep03:32
macothatd total to 200%03:32
AndrewBuckxim: so 200% is full usage03:32
rokumanxesI can't configure my network settings!03:32
rainwalkersourgrape: same here...that really makes no sense, even if nautilus handles mounting now03:32
rokumanxesPlease help.03:32
ximwell then why are their two python processes using 80% and 47% isnt that a little crazy?03:33
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: are you using dhcp or static ip03:33
AndrewBuckxim: depends what their doing.03:33
rokumanxesUm... I believe static.03:33
searcher135root.disk is still corrupt. how can i repair?03:33
ximany way to see what each is doing?03:33
AndrewBuckxim: i think python is interpreted so it might tak\e a lot of cpu to do some things but i know very little about it03:33
ximah ok03:34
rokumanxesI had wifi working last night, but... now I can only connect through the ethernet port.03:34
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: was it the gateway address you were asking about03:34
searcher135somebody.....help. bad root.disk. repair options?03:34
=== aroonisadfasdfas is now known as arooni
AndrewBucksearcher135: "man fsck"03:35
macoxim: if you look at the left column, it tells you the process ID.  you can run: ps -ef | grep <the process id you see on the left>03:35
bazhangsearcher135: what do you mean; please clarify03:35
sourgrapeSearcher - no idea here... I haven't even touched Wubi03:35
macoxim: thatll tell you what the whole process is that's running so maybe itll say "python <app name>" and youll know what python app is doing it03:35
rokumanxesUm, when I click the two monitors once, it automatically brings up Connection Properties.03:35
searcher135my root.disk file appears to be corrupt. i am transferred to busybox but it exists in vista file system03:36
rokumanxesAndrewBuck:  Here, this explains more.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77513203:36
ximok thanks maco03:36
bazhangsearcher135: you mean / ?03:36
Aristocleshi all!03:37
sourgrapeI guess wubi creates someting like a virtual partition on an NTFS partition? I guess I should learn more about it03:37
bazhangsearcher135: try checking the fs03:37
sourgrapeEvenin, Aristocles03:37
SonjaMattevt and alphakamp_ how do i downgrade to ff2 step by step... OR when will ff3 stop crashing?03:37
compaqr4000Hey everyone.....03:37
searcher135ok. thanks. ill be back. i need to switch computers03:37
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: has it worked on wifi in the past?03:37
Aristoclescould someone help me with my laptop?  It will shut down, but will not restart03:37
rokumanxesYeah, just last night.03:37
rokumanxesThen its battery died last night, and...  Well, it's screwy.03:38
d33dWhat is Ubuntu Open Week?03:38
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: then im not sure i can really help you, i misunderstood your original qeustion and thought i might be able to.  I don't know much about wifi.03:38
sourgrapearistocles - if you go to a prompt and type sudo reboot does it hang somewhere?03:38
bazhangd33d: when people get together to exchange ideas iirc03:38
alphakamp_sonja: Hopefully the final version of ff3 will be out soon.03:38
rokumanxeswell, I don't really need help with wifi, but I do need help with just getting to change the settings properly.03:39
d33dbazhang, how do i participate03:39
zcat[1]is there a reason why /etc/hosts has " localhost / hostname" rather than just " localhost hostname" ?03:39
Sonjaalphakamp_ so in a few days, that Flash-crash bug will be fixed?03:39
Aristoclesnope.  it will actually shut down, but when it boots back up it hangs right after the toshiba screen.  Sometimes stops there sometimes boots to a prompt...won't do anything03:39
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: you could try "sudo ifconfig" on the terminal and see if that gives you any info.03:39
bazhangd33d: you know when it starts?03:39
d33dbazhang, apparently its already going on?03:40
anoblehello can some one help me i cant setup resolution bigger then 800x68003:40
bazhangd33d: you got a link?03:40
alphakamp_sonja: wouldnt say a few days because I have no idea... Am looking for a nice how to03:40
sourgrapeAristocles - guess it never did that with Winders on it?03:40
d33dbazhang, no, i might get one, checking my loco group03:40
AristoclesVista is a problem all its own lol03:41
rokumanxesIf I click the two monitors once, it brings up the connection properties instead of the little dropdown that says "wired connection" "wireless" and all that....03:41
anoblecan someone help me, i cant get my resolution bigger then 800x60003:41
tuxusHi folks - My kids' been bugging me. He can't go to this site (http://www.maidmarian.com/Sherwood.htm) and play it; more plugins are required. I have the latest adobe flashplayer installed. Any clues?03:41
d33dbazhang, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek03:41
bazhangthanks d33d03:42
anoblecan someone help me, i cant get my resolution bigger then 800x60003:42
krimI just updated to Hardy and text in the terminal looks kind of fuzzy, anyone experienced the same and/or knows what to do about it? Elsewhere the text looks fine.03:42
d33dbazhang, join #ubuntu-classroom03:42
sourgrapeAristocles - besides trying to upgrade the bios (which can be risky in and of itself on a Toshiba) I don't know03:42
tuxusanoble: need more info: what's your hardware, etc03:42
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: i don't know anything about the gui config stuff.  i can't get my ubuntu running from the disk, i am running debian right now.  "sudo ifconfig" should list the properties of all the connections though, it might shed some light on the problem03:42
Aristoclesanoble, have you tried going to system->preferences->screen resolution?03:42
bazhangd33d: I was about to suggest the same to you ;]03:42
anobletuxus: yes i have03:42
jrib!shockwave > tuxus (read the private message from ubotu)03:42
alphakamp_sonja: Use synaptic package manager system ==> administration==> synaptic   Search for firefox and is available03:42
anobleAristocles*: yes i have03:42
rokumanxesI typed that, but... all that came up, I have no idea what it all means...03:43
douglasim having a new ubuntu issue03:43
patifatuxus: Shockwave03:43
douglasIts a compilation issue03:43
bazhanganoble: this is gutsy or hardy03:43
FloodBot1douglas: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:43
douglasCan anyone take a quick look?03:43
leprasmurfhow can I downgrade mythtv-frontend if there is no "force version" option in synaptic?03:43
Aristoclesthanks sourgrape.  I did upgrade the bios when it had windows.  I appreciate your thoughts anyway :)03:43
tuxusjrib: re flash - you lost me... which private message03:43
anoblebazhang: 8.0403:43
jribtuxus: you should have received a private message from ubottu03:43
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: does it have asection for eth0 as well as wlan0?03:43
patifa!shockwave > patifa03:43
bazhang!info envyng-gtk | anoble this might help you out03:43
ubottuanoble this might help you out: Package envyng-gtk does not exist in gutsy03:43
bazhang!info envyng-gtk hardy | anoble see this03:44
ubottuanoble see this: Package envyng-gtk does not exist in gutsy03:44
sourgrapeAristocle - is the keyboard responsive? (numlock will light up, etc?) or is the hard drive light pegged?03:44
bazhanganoble envyng-gtk for hardy will help you install the proper drivers03:44
Aristoclesi don't think either.  lemme look...03:44
DG19075anoble: you can also go to the configuration editor,  and check off Screens and Graphics under Other. Then you can select your driver and monitor03:45
=== Someone is now known as patifa2
HorizonXPcan someone help me with Guild Wars on Wine in Hardy?03:45
anoblebazhang: sudo apt-get envyng-gtk ?03:45
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: are you still there?03:45
HorizonXPI'm trying to reset my account password, and it hangs at the Connecting screen03:45
anoblebazhang: install*03:45
bazhangsudo apt-get install anoble03:45
sourgrapeheh, for shockwave, I just installed IE and WINE03:45
sourgrapewell, crossover anyways03:45
patifa2Wouldn't Firefox for windows + shockwave work just as well under wine than dangerous IE?03:46
jribtuxus: you need shockwave, not flash03:46
jribpatifa2: sure03:46
sourgrapeI'm not too worried about what IE on WINE will do - but yea03:46
SitUbuntuSitI have safari with flash and shockwave03:46
sourgrapefor me it just solved a couple of problems - work sites coded specifically to IE, etc03:47
anoblebazhang: yes i did that what now?03:47
leprasmurfhow can I downgrade mythtv-frontend to the .20 version if there is no "force version" option in synaptic?03:47
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: is there a section for wlan0 in the ifconfig output?03:47
joshvittetoeif anybody can help me, i have some installation questions. im getting some errors, pm me. thanks03:47
bazhanganoble: launch it03:47
tuxusubottu: thx, got it. see if I can get that to work03:47
ubottutuxus: Error: "thx," is not a valid command.03:47
* patifa2 pokes patifa.03:47
jribleprasmurf: does apt-cache policy list the version you want?03:47
rokumanxesAndrewBuck:  Yeah, there is.03:47
matthiasHi why does not wireless work when SSID is invisible ???03:47
jribtuxus: ubottu is a bot03:47
leprasmurfjrib: what would I type to find that?  "apt-cache search mythtv-frontend"?03:47
Alivesis there an official gutsy-hardy upgrade guide?03:47
jribleprasmurf: apt-cache policy PACKAGE03:47
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: is it configued with an ip address, inet_addr is i think what it says03:47
kdorfanybody gotten pulse to work in ZSNES?03:48
jrib!upgrade > Alives (read the private message from ubotu)03:48
wnoiseIIhello people.  have an odd issue with rdesktop, where it will connect to some XP Pro machines, and hang on others on a black screen, with a recurrent error of EAGAIN in strace.  Anyone experienced this?03:48
SitUbuntuSitkdorf, sadly, not me03:48
rokumanxesSNES9X is better than zsnes.03:48
jribAlives: direct link in the /topic as well03:48
anoblebuzhang: also on the other computer Screenlets doesnt want to launch any widgets03:48
hvgotcodesis it safe to upgrade to HH?03:48
BillRothhas there been any trouble with 8.04. Is it work the upgrade?03:48
Aristoclessourgrape, keyboard flashes on power up, then...nothing.  it's like bios can't finish init, or something.03:48
leprasmurfjrib: no, just the .21 version03:48
wnoiseIIhvgotcodes: upgrade from GG went without a hitch for me.03:48
rokumanxesAndrewBuck:  No there isn't one...03:49
itrebalhvgotcodes: from what I'm seeing, you should give it a few weeks03:49
leprasmurfjrib: could it be a different repository maybe....?03:49
itrebalhvgotcodes: 50% of upgrades (~10) have failed03:49
* anoble is restarting03:49
patifa2BillRoth: Careful with restricted drivers (as usual) and with SATA03:49
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: try "ifup wlan0"03:49
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: you'll have to sudo that03:49
BillRothpatifa2: thanks. Looks like I should wait.03:49
ximis it normal for compiz.real to take 90% of the 2.4ghz cpu if all im running is the cube03:49
`MrMoo-can anyone help me install drivers for a wireless network card?03:49
sourgrapearistocles - if you feel comfortable doing it, I'd try booting with the noapic and/or apic = off in your grub config03:49
AndrewBuckxim: your 3d acceleration probably isn't working03:50
jribleprasmurf: maybe, but this is probably not the right way to fix whatever the problem  is03:50
sourgrapexim - try running glxgears03:50
ximandrewbuck, im using the nvidia restricted drivers, know how to remedy that03:50
hvgotcodesitrebal: is that because of server overload or is that because of bugs03:50
Aristoclessourgrape, i'll give that a go...which one?  noapic or apic=off?03:50
AndrewBuckxim: no, i am an amd owner, know nothing about nvidia03:50
wnoiseIIxim: have you got more than one monitor?03:51
patifa2BillRoth: Though the SATA issues shouldn't be a problem if you can successfully run the standard liveCD installer.03:51
itrebalhvgotcodes: issues installing, not server problems03:51
sourgrapeAristocles - in my experience, noapic has solved 90% of my problems.  If that doesn't work, try apic=off03:51
Ademanhey is ubotu dead?03:51
macohvgotcodes: server overload mostly...people's upgrades are failing halfway through because they cant finish downloading everything03:51
patifa2jeez how long is the timeout in freenode?03:51
Sonjathanks alphakamp_03:51
jribAdeman: no, he's on vacation03:51
leprasmurfjrib: what would you consider the correct resolution?  I'm using knoppmyth backend/frontend and ubuntu for a front-end, because ubuntu has included the .21 version and deprecated the .20 version it's now incompatible with knoppmyth or any distro that uses the .20 version still03:51
macohvgotcodes: ok, both03:51
rokumanxesAndrewBuck:  Um it said "Ignoring unknown interface wlan0=wlan0"03:51
ximglx gears is working, no im not using two monitors at the moment, and im on amd6403:51
Aristoclessourgrape, k.  let's see what happens...03:51
BillRothpatifa2: thanks.03:51
sourgrapexim - what FPS is it spitting out in the terminal window?03:51
jribleprasmurf: I don't use mythtv, so I don't really know03:51
alphakamp_Sonja: NP03:51
=== mike is now known as EspMike
Ademanjrib: what was the 'factoid' site again?03:52
ximsourgrape 900ish03:52
hvgotcodesok thanx03:52
macohvgotcodes: there's also the fact that a lot of us helpers dont really know our way around hardy as well as we know gutsy at the moment because hardy does quite a few things quite a bit differently03:52
leprasmurfjrib: well thanks anyway, think I'll manually build mythtv until knoppmyth catches up03:52
ximwhich sounds impossible03:52
jribAdeman: not available at the moment03:52
sourgrapexim - you should be getting WAY more than that, looks like (gulp) your 3d isn't working03:52
wigglezis the ssh server installed by default?03:52
matthiasnobody have tried with ssid invisible ???03:52
Ademanjrib: you're kidding... :-/03:52
=== patifa2 is now known as patifa
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: the network interface config file needs to have an entry for wlan0 then, im not sure where ubuntu keeps that file.  on debian its /etc/network/interfaces03:52
anoblebuzhang: yeah that killed the whole thing03:52
Ademanjrib: well thanks for the info03:52
=== Bllasae is now known as Bllasae-Away
ximsourgrape, way more than 900 fps???03:52
RandomizerHi, I'm trying to understand my options of setting up compiz, I've looked at the forums, can't find a good explanation of what is available and what are the limitations of various approaches. I have ati card (X300), non-proprietary drivers and dual-monitors (eveyrthing but compiz is currently configured and working). Thanks for your help.03:52
sourgrapexim - yea, just in that little window... not your whole screen =)03:52
ximah ok03:53
sourgrapexim - on my piece of crap, non-3d laptop I get 800 or so fps....03:53
anoblebuzhang: ive got large black and white stripes across everything03:53
macosourgrape: you cant get technically over what your refresh rate is....03:53
sourgrapeNot sure what glxgears uses as its measuring stick03:53
shthap3nscan anyone recommend a good partition scheme for RAID1 if i have 2x500gb hard drives?03:54
Jordan_Usourgrape, glxgears is NOT a benchmark :)03:54
sourgrapeI just know that my nvidia system gets 10k+ in glxgears, and my laptop gets sub-100003:54
wigglezdefault ssh port is 22 right?03:54
rokumanxesAndrewBuck:  So, how do I find that, and fix it?03:54
anobletuxuc: can you help me03:54
anoblewiggles: yeah i think so03:54
macosourgrape, xim: im getting 926-938 fps on glxgears and my 3D is working just fine, thank you very much03:54
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces03:54
sourgrape22, sir.03:54
patifawigglez: yes03:54
crdlbsourgrape: the number glxgears gives you is meaningless03:54
sourgrape*Shrug* might be, but they're different for me.  First time I've heard they're meaningless03:54
ximhmm ok, to be honest compiz does seem to be running real poorly tho, i had to get rid of my fishtank and gears03:55
Scunizisourgrape: they are just a referance point for YOUR system03:55
crdlbthe only way to check for 3d acceleration is: glxinfo | grep direct03:55
krim_I've just updated to Hardy and when I clicked the clock the panels stopped responding so I did ctrl+alt+backspace and when x restarted the panels were gone. How do I get them back?03:55
Firedicesour grapes> mind if i ask you another question about virtual box?03:55
sourgrapeFiredice, fire away03:55
musikgoatkrim_: sudo killall gnome-panel03:55
Firedicei am getting this error03:55
anoblecan someone help it seems that the driver that is installed isnt what they system is supposed to be using?03:56
rokumanxesAndrewBuck:  Okay, so it brought something up...  What... do I do?  Sorry, total noob.03:56
macokrim_: can you hit alt+f2 to get a runbox and type "gnome-panel" in it?03:56
FirediceThe VirtualBox kernel driver is not accessible to the current user. Make sure that the user has write permissions for /dev/vboxdrv by adding them to the vboxusers groups. You will need to logout for the change to take effect..03:56
FirediceVBox status code: -1909 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_ACCESSIBLE).03:56
`MrMoo-can anyone help me install wireless lan drivers? ubuntu doesnt seem to recognize the device as wlan0 doesnt show when i iwconfig03:56
musikgoatkrim_: does it come back?03:56
sourgrapeFiredice - go to user manager and click groups03:56
sourgrapefiredice - then find the virtualbox gropu and add yourself to it, log off and back on.03:56
anoblesudo poweroff03:56
Dh08can someone please help me with home networking?03:56
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: thats ok, you need to add a section for wlan0 you should already have one for eth0, is it using dhcp?03:56
matthiasanyone have got an lexmakr all in one to work on hardy ???03:56
ximhmm glxinfo |grep direct says direct rendering is running03:56
Jsn0327does anyone know if there is a resolution for the root access problem with kbuntu 8.04?03:56
Jordan_U`MrMoo-, Sometimes wireless interfaces can be 'eth1' or something entirely different like 'ath0' ( for atheros cards )03:57
Dh08i am trying to set a home network with y 2nd pc (running win xp)03:57
matthiasanyone have got an lexmark all in one printer to work on hardy ?03:57
Knight488Is there a way to underclock my AMD laptop? It keeps over heating when I'm doing something intensive and crashing on me.03:57
AcidRainmr moo does it even recognize your card?03:57
rokumanxesAndrewBuck:  How do I find that out?03:57
krim_musikgoat: Didn't work.03:57
h00kKnight488: I'd get your fan looked at - that's dangerous03:57
krim_maco: the runbox didn't appear03:57
pipegeekHmm.  Anyone else having problems with pulseaudio suddenly not responding?03:57
h00kKnight488: on your processor, your heat-pipe may be cracked also03:58
pipegeekSeems to have come along with dapper03:58
`MrMoo-jordan - i see  i see.  wireless networking doesnt show in my networks window though03:58
pipegeekI wasn't using a sound daemon before03:58
pipegeekbut now, all of a sudden---no sound!03:58
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: is there a line something like "iface eth0 inet dhcp"03:58
eric84hello all03:58
musikgoatkrim_: ps -aux | grep "gnome-panel"03:58
Dh08how do i set a home network between my laptop (ubuntu herdy) and my pc (win xp)??03:58
Knight488hook: in windows theres software that manages my CPU speed to keep the heat down, but in hardy it's just blowing full speed all the time and it's heating up too bad. Theres no software I can get to monitor/tweak t his?03:58
patifaKnight488: Maybe.  Try to CPU Clock Frequency Scaleing applet.03:58
sourgrapeknight - at the very least while you're checking it, you can blow all the dust off the heat sinks - will probably help03:58
szx0When using "apt-get" how can I list that possible configuration options for pacakges that I want to install?03:59
patifaWhat was the software in windows, Knight488?03:59
fluiddAnyone here know how to auto-start a script in amarok? is there some kind of syntax?03:59
anoblecan someone help me, i think my video driver courrupts when installing, and right now i cant do anything03:59
szx0When using "apt-get" how can I list the possible configuration options for pacakges that I want to install?03:59
mstefis there a problem with 8.04 and core2duo? htop is only showing 1 CPU now??03:59
Knight488patifa think it's called "Power Now!"03:59
anoblemstef: no it showed 2 on my Core2Duo04:00
krim_musikgoat: Nothing happened, just a new line04:00
patifaget the Clock Frequency Scaling applet out, Knight48804:00
musikgoatok, in the command line, type gnome-panel04:00
rokumanxesAndrewBuck:  No...04:00
eric84during my upgrade to 8.04 my machine locked up; i rebooted and when i login i get a blank desktop background, nothing else... any ideas what i should try next?04:00
h00kKnight488: I would seriously recommend getting your processor heat-pipe, heat-sink, fan checked out and not resort to "underclocking" it04:00
sourgrapeah jeez, that bug is back?  do a uname -a04:00
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: does it have an eth0 entry at all04:00
rokumanxesThe ifconfig, did yeah.04:00
mstefanoble, any idea why all of a sudden only one would show up on my system after upgrading?04:01
danbhfiveeric84: can you get to a command prompt?04:01
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: i mean in /etc/network/interfaces04:01
krim_musikgoat: "cannot open display"04:01
shthap3ns) has joined #ubuntu04:01
shthap3ns[19:56] <xim> hmm glxinfo |grep direct says direct rendering04:01
eric84danbhfive: i can if i boot in recovery mode04:01
sourgrapemstef - check what kernel you have - I don't know if this would lbe the case for you, but in the past it installed the wrong kernel for me04:01
patifah00k: The dynamic underclocking is quite nice, though.  It helps to prolong battery life, for example.04:01
dn4I believe someone is DOS'in me how do I find out?04:01
sourgrapemstef - type uname -a04:01
Dh08how do i set a home network between my laptop (ubuntu herdy) and my pc (win xp)??04:01
shthap3nscan anyone recommend a good partition scheme for RAID1 with 2x500gb hard drives?04:01
Knight488patifa strange, says 800mhz, 44%...04:01
rokumanxesAndrewBuck:  No.  It doesn't say much.  at all.04:01
anoblemstef: im not sure, we installed 8.04 on 3 computers 2 running Vista, and one running GG. All Dual Booting, try Screenlets04:01
danbhfiveeric84: do you have net access?04:01
musikgoatkrim_: you may be having this problem,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/204775    if you reboot, and get the updated package in "backports", that should fix it04:01
FirediceSourgrapes> I goto system>administration>useres and group> with the user settings up I see my name and the root name everything else is greyed out....when i go into manage group i do see my name and vboxusers but it is also greyed out04:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204775 in evolution-data-server "selecting gnome panel intlclock causes top bar and many other things to not respond" [High,Fix committed]04:02
anoblemstef: and sysmonitor and see if it shows 204:02
ScuniziI haven't done the upgrade yet.. I've been waiting for the repo traffic to settle down some. What is the general consensus about upgrading via synaptic? Good results? Bad results? faster system at the end?04:02
h00kpatifa: I agree - however a processor should be able to run without overheating04:02
mortuis99hey all i just upgraded to HH and when i try and play my videos they are jumpy .  they were OK with GG04:02
mortuis99can someone help04:02
rokumanxes"auto lo" "iface lo inet loopbacck"04:02
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: what does it have for eth0, it must have something or you wouldn't be on the net right now04:02
livingtmShould I be able to get an extended desktop across two monitors with an intel chipset?04:02
patifaKnight488: It's doing it's job then to underclock your laptop.04:02
musikgoatkrim_: the problem is with evolution-data-server that is currently in hardy04:02
YouKnowMeIs there anyway I can run FF 2.0 instead of the beta, until my fav extensions become compatible? nightly tester doesn't work because I can't install them in the first place..04:02
sourgrapefiredice - unlock button04:02
macomstef: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "cpu cores"04:02
eric84danbhfive: yes i do04:02
Knight488patifa when I do anything it goes up to 1.8, just nothing throttles it down I guess, crap04:02
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: is that the whole file?04:02
Jordan_UYouKnowMe, sudo apt-get install firefox-204:02
sourgrapefiredice - forgot that's how they do it now04:02
mstefmaco, no output04:02
=== Charitwo_ is now known as Charitwo
patifayeah that's how it works Knight488.  When you do stuff it ramps up to take care of it, then as your system idles it scales things back down.04:03
macoYouKnowMe: you should be able to install them after you have nightly tester04:03
anoblecan someone help me with, video driver problems, ive got a dxdiag up right now04:03
mstefmaco, would it have anything to do with virtualbox by any chance?04:03
krim_musikgoat: I can't watch the link since I'm in console, but I'll try to restart x again and see if I can do that backports thing04:03
danbhfiveeric84: well, I would try some of these commands myself: sudo apt-get install -f  &&  sudo apt-get upgrade   && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:03
macomstef: are you running inside the virtual machine?04:03
AndrewBucktry adding      iface wlan0 inet dhcp     on a new line at the bottom and then save and exit the file04:03
Scunizianoble: dxdiag is a windows program.. isn't it?04:03
patifaKnight488: Try clicking the scaler and forcing it to be a slower speed04:03
anobleScunizi: yeah im dual booting04:03
Jordan_UYouKnowMe, You also don't need nightly tester tools any more, there is a simple about:config option ( can't remember it off the top of my head though )04:03
mstefmaco, no but i have xp running in virtualbox now04:03
h00kScunizi: it sure is04:03
macomstef: then no, that shouldnt affect it04:04
Scunizianoble:  so are you looking for windows help?04:04
sourgrapemstef - VB only "sees" on proc04:04
h00kScunizi: DirectX diagnostic04:04
anobleScunizi: nope04:04
mstefmaco, so what do i do?04:04
eric84danbhfive: it says unable to resolve host04:04
macomstef: i dont know04:04
sourgrapemstef - type uname -a and C&P it here04:04
Knight488patifa: theres no scaler, just shows output04:04
anobleScunizi: the problem is in HH, and it wont seem to take my on board Video04:04
danbhfiveeric84: thats a net problem, do you get the same message with sudo apt-get update?04:04
sourgrapemstef - in a terminal window, sorry04:04
=== itrebal is now known as [itrebal_sleep]
Scunizianoble: what kind of video is it?04:04
mstefsourgrape, Linux ubuntu-desktop 2.6.24-16-386 #1 Thu Apr 10 12:50:06 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux04:05
eric84danbhfive: yes i do.. i'm plugged directly into my router04:05
cdubyaJust upgraded my system, but can't seem to find where to reassociate the default app handler for DVDs now......04:05
Lapinuxanyone use genpower?  i just installed it and cant seem to find it04:05
anobleScunizi: ive got a NVIDIA GeFroce2 Integrated GPU04:05
sourgrapemstef - you didn't get the SMP kernel, that looks like the uniproc kernel... I'm no expert though04:05
patifaKnight488: oh yeah, that's right.  The scaler control is shut off for security reasons, on the theory that someone with a malicious program could play games with the timing of the processor and use that to hack the kernel. :)04:05
mortuis99i just upped to HH and now all the videos that played OK in GG are jumpy.  can someone help?04:05
ubottuFactoid preferred not found04:05
Dh08how do i set a home network between my laptop (ubuntu herdy) and my pc (win xp)??04:05
Steve1Not sure how to get my audio to work04:05
Scunizianoble: that shouldn't be a problem.. Older card?04:05
anobleScunizi: not to much older04:06
danbhfiveeric84: how about if you run sudo su?04:06
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: were you able to add that line, etc?04:06
mstefsourgrape, suggestions?04:06
anobleScunizi: but HH works with my older older card04:06
eric84danbhfive: same message04:06
Dh08how do i set a home network between my laptop (ubuntu herdy) and my pc (win xp)??04:06
eric84unable to resolve host Orin (my computer's name)04:06
cdubyahow do I change the default media handler for DVDs to VLC on 8.0404:06
krimmusikgoat: Well, I restarted x and panels magically appeared the second time. Thanks.04:06
danbhfiveeric84: you got the sudo bug, unfortunately, I don't know how to fix that04:06
astro76!samba | Dh0804:06
ubottuDh08: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:06
Knight488patifa: theres no other software I could use?04:06
rokumanxesHow do I save it?04:06
Scunizianoble: weird.. not an expert on this one so I'm going to defer to someone else.. sorry04:06
yuri_if I want all windows to be borderless, what do i do?04:06
Steve1I need help getting my audio to work04:06
anobleScunizi: do you know anyone that can help me?04:06
h00kyuri_: check out VirtualBox and it's "Seemless mode"04:07
sourgrapemstef - gimme a sec, I've had to do this myself before04:07
Steve1Anyone available to help?04:07
musikgoatkrim: if you see the issue come back after the next reboot, its the same problem I had,  i identified the bug in beta, but it wasn't fixed till a few days ago04:07
anobleScunizi: someone had me install something that installed a driver and killed the system just about its almost un usuable04:07
Scunizianoble: just ask again. video is handled differently on HH than on GG or DD.04:07
eric84danbhfive: i've tried using the live cd to reinstall but i can't get it to boot, it just goes to my failed desktop... any suggestion to do a clean install?04:07
curlyfroI'm trying to update from 7.10 to 8.X using the update manager.  All seems to go well.  It downloads two files intended to guide me through the update, but then nothing happens.  I just get dumped back to the update-manage.  Any ideas about this?04:07
Randomizereric84 - stab in the dark, does sudo -s' work?04:07
Scunizianoble: did it work before that?04:07
yuri_h00k: i meant the window decoration, not the ms operating system04:07
USN1520howdy folks04:07
musikgoatkrim: you'll find that evolution-data-server being updated fixes the problem04:07
eric84Randomizer: no04:07
anobleScunizi: well yes it did just at 800x60004:07
krimAnyone still using Gutsy and can tell me what the default font is? I updated to Hardy and the text on some sites is kind of hard to read and ugly.04:07
krimmusikgoat: Thanks for the tip04:08
h00kyuri_: :) okay04:08
c0Ldcan I make VLC play videos in fullscreen but with transparency so that i can keep working while watching them?04:08
anobleScunizi: and i want 1024x74004:08
danbhfiveeric84: well, if its not booting the cd, I would assume that has to do with the wrong boot order, which you would need to change in the bios04:08
eric84danbhfive: i have my cd-rom as first in the order04:08
Scunizianoble: you might have a backup of xorg.. if HH is using it.  look in /etc/X11 for xorg.conf and see if there is a backup there.. reinstate the backup04:08
Steve1Anyone able to help me get my audio working?04:08
Steve1I've got the driver CD if that's any help04:09
danbhfiveeric84: and its not booting the cd?04:09
anobleScunizi: can you lead me through it, ive got 2 computers, im on the one that HH is working ok w/04:09
c0Lddoes ubuntu have some kind of maximum volume control? I have my volume set to 100% (including all of the secondary options as well) and it's still not nearly as loud as I can get it on other OSes :/04:09
DShepherdwhat's the 411 with the missing "Shared Folders" in the Admin Menu? is there another way to do it?04:09
Scunizianoble: get to a terminal and type cd /etc/X1104:09
firedicesourgrapes> thankyou for your help...it looks like it is now loading windows xp04:09
USN1520Scunizi, can't you reset the pkg with dpkg04:09
ferric84why can't I delete an ext3 partition on my external hdd using gparted?04:09
sourgrapemstef - you've done the apt-get upgrade already right?  Just to make sure?04:09
stikumm alt-scroll will change the transparency of a window04:09
eric84danbhfive: it seems to, once it boots it brings up the ubuntu login screen, i login, and i get the same blank desktop04:09
ScuniziUSN1520: sometimes.. but not with HH.. it's different.04:10
patifaferric84: You should.  What's the behavior that's not letting you?04:10
mstefsourgrape, yes i've upgraded to 8.0404:10
ferric84patifa: I'm a moron, I had it mounted.  works now04:10
gaspipe1night all04:10
mstefsourgrape, i installed linux-386 thought because my audio stopped working..and someone told me to04:10
h00kc0Ld: check your PCM and see if that's up all the way04:10
anobleScunizi: im not even sure that will work, its got the wrong video driver04:10
eric84danbhfive: it says my home directory does not appear to exist and asks to login with root as my home directory, so i say yes04:10
adamsad1is it worth running both snort and ossec, or do they both essentially do the same thing?04:10
newperson122Hey there, im having some difficulty installing my rt73 driver for my usb wireless adapter04:10
sourgrapemstef - ahh.  You need the 686 version, I'm trying to find it in synaptic now.  It's a different name than it was last time I looked04:10
Scunizianoble: if that's the case I'm stuck.... I havent' installed HH yet.. I was just about to pull the trigger on the upgrade.04:11
mstefsourgrape, ok, thanks04:11
USN1520newperson122 how are you sitting now04:11
danbhfiveeric84: well, I don't know, but I might be able to help with the hosts problem04:11
sourgrapemstef - I'm no expert - but as far as I can figure, the i386 was only one proc, and 686 was SMP04:11
rokumanxesAndrewBuck:  how do I save it?04:11
anobleScunizi: wait, i got in there04:11
newperson122welll im running off the live cd atm, which can connect np's, but when i boot into the installled os, the wireless stops working after 10 minutes or so04:11
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: "write out" mans save04:11
eric84danbhfive: thanks for your help, what would you suggest?04:11
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore04:11
anobleScunizi: ok so what am i looking for in there04:12
danbhfiveeric84: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4823775#post482377504:12
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: i think its ctrl+w04:12
Scunizianoble: do an "ls" to list the files and look for xorg.conf.back or xorg.conf.<date>04:12
mstefsourgrape, ok, if youre wrong nothing horrible will happen right? also, it worked fine in 7.x04:12
USN1520hmmm, wonder what changes after 10 minutes04:12
rokumanxesAh, the ^ means ctrl.04:12
rokumanxesIt's ctrl O.04:13
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: yep04:13
=== ApOgEE- is now known as ApOgEE-work
sourgrapemstef - yea, when I've done this, I could just boot to the other kernel if I had a problem04:13
anobleScunizi: ok found, xorg.conf_backup_20080429224804:13
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: once you get it saved try opeing the network settings thing again, it should show up now.04:13
sourgrapemstef you'd just do it at the grub boot menu, pick the other kernel04:13
mstefsourgrape, ok thanks..did you find the name?04:13
USN1520with the adapter installed, I assume it shows up as an adapter in lspci, so it odesnt go away, it just won't maintain a connection?04:13
eric84danbhfive: thanks, i'll give that a shot04:13
rokumanxesstill no....04:14
Aristoclessourgrape, well, that didn't work. lol04:14
Scunizianoble: ok.. you could try "sudo mv xorg.conf_backup_200804292248 xorg.conf"04:14
Aristoclesthanks anyway04:14
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: try "sudo ifup wlan0" on the terminal04:14
sourgrapemstef - It's not called 686 anymore, it looks like it is called linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic04:14
Aristocleshas anyone used a usb drive to boot linux?04:14
shthap3nscan anyone recommend a good partition scheme for RAID1 with 2x500gb hard drives?04:14
anobleScunizi: nv command not found04:15
mstefk ill try it out04:15
mstefthanks alot04:15
DATmafiashthap3ns i prefer a mirror raid 104:15
rokumanxesIt spat info at me!  How rude.  Err..04:15
Scunizianoble: not nv.. but .. mv04:15
rokumanxesHold on a moment...04:15
anobleScunizi: and how do i know it worked/04:15
eric84danbhfive: same error heh =\04:15
DATmafiashthap3ns it's that slow and you're not sacrificing speed for reliability, IMO04:15
mortuis99i uppgraded to HH from GG and now when i try and play videos they are jumpy.  can someone give me some ideas to solve this?04:16
shthap3nsDATmafia: that's what i'm doing, but i'm trying to figure out how to partition the drives04:16
Scunizianoble: restart X with CTRL+ALT+backspace.. you'll have to log on again and get back on irc04:16
legends311hi all04:16
mstefsourgrape, can i uninstall the thousand of other images installed?04:16
DATmafiashthap3ns oh, from within the  install wizard?04:16
krimI solved the ugly fonts in Firefox 3 issue. If anyone cares to know I stopped allowing pages to choose their own fonts in preferences -> content -> advanced04:16
anobleScunizi: im on a different computer for irc04:16
Steve1Anyone have time to help me get my audio working?04:16
sourgrapearistocles - heh I mean, it makes sense that the restart isn't shutting something down right, or not flushing something, or forgetting to flush the toilet...04:16
Scunizianoble: ah .. k.. then just reboot04:16
shthap3nsDATmafia: yeah, i'm installing 8.04 server04:16
sourgrapemstef - Just don't install the one you're using right now04:17
sourgrapemstef - UNinstall, I mean04:17
danbhfiveeric84: well, if you are sure you did it right, then I'm all out of ideas.  You can pastebin your hosts file if you want me to check04:17
krimSteve1: Just write whatever you'd write if someone said yes and see if anyone is able to help you.04:17
Luckriderhow do I view a folder as super user, I keep forgetting the command04:17
shthap3nsDATmafia: right now i have a 2.7gb swap/497.4gb raid on each drive04:18
furicleshthap3ns: What are you using it for?  mysql needs different stuff than a media machine for instance....  important part would be to use LVM and only assign half of it or so,then it's easy to change later04:18
StarnestommyLuckrider: gksudo nautilus04:18
shthap3nsi'm using it as a fileserver04:18
eric84danbhfive: i double checked all the commands and they're good, thanks for your help, i'll dig through the forums some more04:18
Knight488is there a good program someone can reccomend for hardy to do more advanced key bindings, like making it so pushing h types "hi"?04:18
Luckriderthanks stanestommy04:18
anobleScunizi: what does not in use mean?04:18
Scunizianoble: in what context04:18
anobleScunizi: Nvidia Accelerated graphics Driver [ ] (Red Circle) Not in use04:19
anobleScunizi: in Hardware Drivers04:19
DATmafiashthap3ns did u create the partitians in the Hardware RAID config?04:19
h00kanoble: your Restricted drivers?04:20
anobleScunizi: yeah04:20
AndrewBuckrokumanxes: you still there?04:20
JohnnyWellsEverytime I log in, the network manager requests access to the default key ring, and I get prompted for a password.  Can anyone tell me how to make it stop doing this?04:20
Scunizianoble: ah.! that means you're back to the standard drivers.. if you want to initiate the restricted drivers do so.04:20
h00kanoble: you can disable it, then re-enable it, and it should download the drivers, you'll need to reboot04:20
shthap3nsDATmafia: no, i was told not to use hardware raid, since i have "fakeraid", and to use software raid instead04:20
h00kanoble: and they should then be "In Use"04:20
anobleScunizi: yeah i did this, but then it makes the system freak04:20
anobleill take a screenshot04:20
Luckriderthanks again Starnestommy, i always forget (this time, I left myself a sticky note on my desktop)04:21
DATmafiashthap3ns ok, so then generally it's a matter of changing a file, 1 sec04:21
Scunizianoble: you might want to leave it where it is until things get sorted out.. I'll be lost from here.04:21
anobleScunizi: should i wait for an update?04:21
USN1520JohnnyWells there is an atricle in the forum to fix this04:21
Scunizianoble: or until someone else can walk you through the rest.04:21
ximshthap3ns were you trying to talk to me?  you quoted something i said04:21
xim<shthap3ns> [19:56] <xim> hmm glxinfo |grep direct says direct rendering04:21
anobleh00k: can you help me?04:21
USN1520search PAM keyring04:22
shthap3nsxim: accident, sorry!04:22
mortuis99i just uppgraded to HH from GG and now all of my videos are jumpy can someone please help me?04:22
anobleScunizi: thnaks for taking your time : )04:22
JohnnyWellsUSN1520, I know.  I couldn't remember what it was though, and I did a search04:22
Scunizianoble: well at least I got you back to square 1. good luck04:22
anobleScunizi: greatly appreciated that you atleast helped04:22
h00kanoble: you disabled it, and then re-enabled it?04:22
anobleh00k: yes ill do that now and restart it04:22
h00kanoble: I'm trying to remember what I did to get mine to work...I have nVidia04:22
h00kanoble: I think that's all I did04:23
mstefsourgrape, hey sorry to bother you again..but how do you rebuilt the grub menu config file? i screwed it up04:23
anobleh00k: yeah but mine freaks out04:23
h00kanoble: disable, enable, then it should download the driver04:23
YouKnowMemaco, I get the warning message about installing it, then it does, then FF tells me its incompatible like it always does and its not installed.04:23
anobleh00k: well its restarting now04:23
eboyjrDoes anyone know what time I joined this channel?04:23
mortuis99H00K how do u disable then enable?04:23
firedicethis is teh first version of ubuntu\linux that i have tried....has ubuntu become more user friendly or does it have a little more to go for more people to switch to it?04:23
sourgrapemstef - see if there is a backup of it04:24
mstefwhats the path again?04:24
USN1520JohnnyWells, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=463639&highlight=keyring+nagging04:24
sourgrapemstef /boot/grub04:24
anobleh00k: yeah its going to have the same problem04:24
JohnnyWellsUSN1520, thanks04:24
anobleh00k: want a screenshot?04:24
simoneHi, I followed the instructions on the "MacBook" wiki page to try and use xmodmap to bind the lower left enter key to right-click but it won't work.  I've set the command "xmodmap .xmodmap" to run at startup and restarted X11 and everything04:25
h00kmortuis99, anoble: try updating your packages, and them upgrading04:25
furicleshthap3ns: It's a little simplistic - but I'd have /boot, /var/log and / each in separate partitions, then make something like /data or /files or whatever as your file share in it's on partition.04:25
JohnnyWellsWhenever I shut down my computer, the usplash turns multicolored and rainbow-y.  It doesn't do this on boot.  Is there something wrong with the splash or is there a way I can fix this?04:25
anobleh00k: yeah i did this already04:25
eboyjrI stated downloading an iso about two hours ago and now... its only 34% done.. can I check download speed history or something with ubuntu 7.10?04:25
rokumanxesAndrewBuck:  Nothing...  You still there?04:26
anobleh00k: yeah it froze04:26
h00kanoble: did you install linux-restricted-modules-(kernel here) ?04:26
newperson122Hey how do i install the nm-applet after i do a fresh install of gutsy?04:26
newperson122*remove i mean04:26
anobleh00k: that i did not i dont think04:26
newperson122not install04:26
USN1520newperson122 right click on the panel and select add to panel04:26
h00kanoble: get the right ones for the kernel you have04:26
sourgrapemstef - in a terminal, type "sudo update-grub"04:26
patifarokumanxes: AndrewBuck left.04:26
h00kanoble: I just did this like a week or so ago, and I forget :/04:27
rokumanxesReally?  Crap...04:27
shthap3nsfuricle: which ones would i set to RAID?04:27
anobleh00k: how did i get the right one?04:27
rokumanxesCan anyone help me with connecting to my wifi?04:27
rokumanxesI did it last night, but now it's not working at all....04:27
newperson122oh i mean how do i remove nm-applet, sorry04:27
newperson122so that it doesnt load everytime i boot either04:27
h00kanoble: do 'uname -r' in a terminal to see your kernel04:27
USN1520newperson122, right click remove04:27
patifaman I must be fortunate, my wireless worked out-of-the-box :\04:27
newperson122theres no "remove" option04:27
sourgrapelinux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r)04:28
h00ksourcode: that works too, thanks :D04:28
USN1520newperson122, you are right doesn04:28
newperson122only "Enable networking" "Enable Wirless"04:28
eboyjrDoes the download speed on Ubuntu lower or stop when the computer is idle?04:28
x45can i burn wine to a cd and install it on a different ubuntu machine?04:28
USN1520what if you uncheck both04:28
anobleh00k: yeah its really ... now04:28
rokumanxesWell, it was all fine, but now it's like...  when I click the network icon, it automatically goes to Connection Properties, instead of the dropdown menu it had....04:28
rokumanxesAny ideas?04:28
patifaeboyjr: I could think of an example of that with poorly configured frequency scaling04:29
anobleh00k: any way i can boot right to terminal?04:29
newperson122its jsut that for my rt73 driver, it doesnt play well with nm-applet, so just trying to stop nm-applet loading04:29
earthlingx45: you can try aptoncd04:29
furicleshthap3ns: Sorry - thought you were building everything on a RAID 1...   eg DISK->RAID1->LVM -  why not RAID all of it?04:29
x45earthling, whats that?04:29
sourgraperokumanxes - just if it didn't have the driver correctly installed is all I can think of04:29
h00kanoble: you can change your session type at your login window04:29
eboyjrpatifa, What's frequency scaling again?04:29
rokumanxesI got that all taken care of last night.04:29
earthlingwell it helps creating repository cds04:29
USN1520dunno I always need it04:29
h00keboyjr: that's what speed your processor(s) are running04:30
anobleh00k: wont even get to the there04:30
USN1520what does the applet have to do with it04:30
rokumanxesThe battery died, and it didn't shut down right, and now it's all weird.04:30
eboyjrh00k, Oh, thats right.04:30
shthap3nsfuricle: so would my current setup of raid(497GB)+swap(2.7GB) on both drives be alright?04:30
patifaeboyjr: New system where your processor can be underclocked on the fly to conserve power.  I had screwy one of those programs that controlled it in windows which would cause stuff to go bonkers :)04:30
anobleh00k: yeah well im in recov and in Dropped to Root shell promt04:30
earthlingx45: it helps creating repositoy cds which can be used to install from later rather than downloading the softwares again from synaptic04:31
h00kanoble: yeah, recovery mode will do that, too04:31
h00kanoble: that did not work?04:31
h00kanoble: the linux-restricted-modules...04:31
furicleshthap3ns: I would think so - just use the RAID array for LVM....   Note - I haven't booted Hardy from LVM on RAID, but Debian does it ok so I don't why Hardy won't...  Anybody think I'm out to lunch here?04:31
x45earthling, sounds good04:31
anobleh00k: im cant get to them04:31
vwbusguySo I've heard a rumor that 8.04 doesn't need it's own partition?04:31
rokumanxesAnyone know why it gives an error when I click configure in connection properties?04:31
sourgrapeanoble - google "grub runlevel 3"04:31
eboyjrIs 32 KB - 62 KB /sec a good speed for downloads?04:32
USN1520eboyjr not really04:32
furicleshthap3ns: why 2.7G swap anyway?  sounds like an odd number04:32
rokumanxesIt's not amazing, but it's sufficient.04:32
USN1520what type of connection04:32
patifaeboyjr: Depends on what you have.04:32
Vleteboyjr: depends on your internet connection04:32
h00kdito ^04:32
earthlingx45: yup04:32
shthap3nsit was default04:32
anobleh00k: im cant get to them as im not using an internet connection04:32
anobleh00k: on that computer..04:32
eboyjrUSN1520, patifa, Vlet, Its cable04:33
h00kanoble: OOooooh -- that'll do it04:33
rokumanxesAny connection I click to configure gives me an error about.. interface, or something...04:33
furicleshthap3ns: twice RAM?  just curious04:33
USN1520yeah that sucks04:33
h00kanoble: can you get the package from another machine and burn to cd or put on thumbdrive?04:33
USN1520I get 250+ on cable04:33
USN1520choose another mirror04:33
sourgrapeuse torrents04:33
sourgrapeesp for ISOs04:33
vwbusguymirrors.kernel.org is usually fast04:33
USN1520sourgrape is right04:33
Vletrokumanxes: what's the error?04:33
patifaIsn't cox cable one of the throttler ISPs?04:33
eboyjrUSN1520, Okay... ( even if I have 36% done already? )04:33
h00kpatifa: which one isn't, these days :/04:34
shthap3nsfuricle: well, the first time i installed ubuntu, i used "fake raid" (through the mobo's BIOS). i did the guided install and it gave me a 2.7gb swap by default04:34
USN1520yeah it will save time to use torrents04:34
sourgrapeeboy - yea, if you get a torrent or a better mirror that won't take long to get back04:34
USN1520less prone for errors too04:34
patifah00k: Apparently not mine... yet.04:34
shthap3nsfuricle: i have 1gb of ram04:34
h00kpatifa: which is that?04:34
patifaRural independent cable service provider04:34
USN1520eboyjr, I may be wrong but torrent is pretty solid04:34
h00kpatifa: rock on.04:34
anobleh00k: how do i overwrite with the backup file?04:34
earthlingrokumanxes: what is the output of iwconfig?04:35
CUBeR64hi everyone, i'd just like to ask if the creative zen stone 1gb allows booting?04:35
anobleh00k: something with a mv or w/e04:35
DrUnKnMuNkYhey everyone. i can't get apache to start. tried /etc/init.d/apache2 start. it tells me OK and gives me no error messages but nothing actually runs. any ideas?04:35
sourgrapeanoble, probably have to put sudo in front of the command04:35
h00kanoble: cp04:35
eboyjrIts hard to tell where the mirrors are when you download Ubuntu, its poorly done04:35
h00kanoble: cp 'filename' 'destination'04:35
USN1520how so?04:35
anobleh00k: k04:35
patifaDrUnKnMuNkY: Try #ubuntu-server (is that an official channel?)04:35
USN1520eboyjr, at the bottom of the webpage select view all mirrors04:36
anobleh00k: but the command that someone else gave me had like a mv in it04:36
fdeeboyjr: It's designed that way to make it less confusing for you...04:36
VletDrUnKnMuNkY: you're supposed to use: sudo apache2ctl start04:36
fdepatifa: yup04:36
h00kanoble: mv will move it, like "cut"04:36
CUBeR64hi everyone, i'd just like to ask if the creative zen stone 1gb allows booting of the ubuntu 8.04 livecd04:36
sourgrapethat's right, it's like cut... where cp is copy04:36
VletDrUnKnMuNkY: well, using what you did is fine, but apache2ctl is what's recommended04:36
shthap3nsfuricle: i'm gonna have to bother you with one more question (im actually quite the linux noob): number of active devices = 2, number of spare devices = 0 is correct, right?04:36
USN1520CUBe64 I dont even know what that is, sorry04:37
DrUnKnMuNkYVlet: that doesn't work either.04:37
patifaCUBeR64: Huh?04:37
eboyjrjde, USN1520, I dont even know what state each of the mirrors are in in the US... I just picked Mexico because I am pretty close to them. :)04:37
sourgrapeCube - the MP3 player?04:37
VletDrUnKnMuNkY: well, what's the error?04:37
USN1520where are you at04:37
CUBeR64yes sourgrape04:37
yrlnryI upgraded to HH this afternoon.  Since the upgrade, when I select a URL in gnome-terminal and then pick the "open this link" menu item, the link doesn't open in my browser.  Instead, I get a dialog that says "Could not open the address "http://...":  There was an error launching the default action command associated with this location."   How can I fix this, or find out what the "error" was?04:37
newperson122Hey gparted keeps giving me this in dmesg | tail :  program gparted is using a deprecated SCSI ioctl, please convert it to SG_IO, ive also noticed it crashes alot :S04:37
eboyjrUSN1520, Las Vegas, NV ( Southern Nevada )04:37
fdeeboyjr: archive.<country_code>.ubuntu.com performs some magic to redirect you to your fastest local mirror...04:37
VletDrUnKnMuNkY: oh sorry, it gives none... check /var/log/apache2/error.log04:37
sourgrapeCube - NO idea on that one, probably have to google or put it in the forums.04:37
anobleyrlnry: this happeds in Windows04:38
anobleyrlnry: i get that in Windows 204:38
CUBeR64sourgrape: alrighty, thanks04:38
sourgrapeCube - but post it in the forums if you DO get it working, that sounds like fun :)04:38
billydid they ever add support for the 160gb ipod's?04:38
patifajust roll the dice on a US server if you live in the US.  The layout of the internet in the US will make more of a difference than the city it's in relative to your own from within the continental US.04:38
firediceWith virtual box can i set up my video driver for my nvidia 8800gt?04:38
anobleh00k: yeah none of these worked :/04:38
yrlnryanoble: thanks!  that fixed my problem!04:38
Judeglassso... i have this USB stick that i installed hardy heron from... i used another hardy box to create it. the stick mounts fine on the original hardy box and on my MacBook Pro. it is a fat32 volume.04:38
USN1520eboyjr, pick one it doesnt matter and download the torrent file...it is really small04:38
Judeglassbut it won't mount on this new Hardy machine04:39
sourgrapefiredice - the VB uses a virtual device driver04:39
USN1520eboyjr, then open with your torrent client and viola04:39
anobleyrlnry: sarcasm?04:39
h00kanoble: where are you trying to copy them from?04:39
sourgrapefiredice - the best you can do is to install the VB tools04:39
fdeOh, he's not that far yet... sorry04:39
yrlnryanoble: No!04:39
DrUnKnMuNkYVlet: a few errors in there that I should be able to fix. thanks04:39
anobleh00k: /etc/X1104:39
Judeglassi installed the Hardy on this problem machine from this same USB stick04:39
anobleyrlnry: right ....04:39
eboyjrUSN1520, Alright, th04:39
yrlnryanoble: WHen you said that, I realized that the problem was that HH had installed Firefox 3, and that the terminal program wants to use the default browser, which is FF2, which is no longer present since the upgrade.04:39
kingsley_zissouissue: fresh install of HH on my toshiba lappy, is there a work-around to use glx? or a way to get mobility radeon 9000/9100 IGP to render 3D on HH? had no issues on GG.04:40
yrlnryanoble: so I told FF3 to make itself the default browser, and the problem went away.04:40
h00kanoble: are you trying to edit your xorg.conf ?04:40
anobleyrlnry: oh, well glad i helped : )04:40
Judeglassi get a message: "Invalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume 'USB_Stick'04:40
Judeglass(thats what i named it)04:40
Judeglassoriginal  i know04:40
firedicesourgrape> do you set up the tools inside of vb?04:40
anobleh00k: im trying to over right with the backup04:40
USN1520I am out yall...good night04:40
h00kanoble: gotcha04:40
h00kanoble: you can do 'mv xorg.conf.1 xorg.conf.old'04:41
anobleh00k: and cp didnt work04:41
eboyjrWhere do I find the torrent file for the mirrors?04:41
h00kanoble: do mv instead04:41
x45I've got an ubuntu pc that crashe's like its job almost every 5-10 minutes out of the blue, is it the hardware doing this?04:41
sourgrapefiredice - I think it's the "tools" menu - gimme a sec to fire mine up04:41
anobleh00k: lol k04:41
Judeglassany ideas as to where i should look to find out how it is being mounted?04:41
patifathe torrent file doesn't download from the 'mirrors'04:41
h00kanoble: mv xorg.conf.1 xorg.conf.old04:41
patifaunless you just mean the .torrent file, which is only a couple hundred kilobytes at most04:41
kingsley_zissousorry got disconnected. did anybody address my ati 9100 question?04:41
h00kanoble: shoot - if you did that, do 'mv xorg.conf.old xorg.conf'04:42
eboyjrpatifa, I need a torrent for 8.04 in the US04:42
angryatheroni upgraded to HH on my hp laptop and now when using wireless I get some total hard freezes... cap and num lock lights flash on and off, screen stays on, mouse frozen, nothing will come back... has anyone else had a similar experience?  I can't figure out what is going on and it is driving me crazy04:42
firedicesourgrape> what is thsi vb tools your talking about?04:42
geniieboyjr: The nature of torrents makes them international by default04:42
patifaeboyjr: What do you mean by a 'torrent'?  Do you mean the torrent hash file or the place all the actual ISO data comes from?04:42
sourgrapefiredice - looking at mine - it's just some utilities04:42
shthap3nsanyone: for a fileserver, recommend ext3 or XFS?04:42
eboyjrgenii, Ohh, thats right lol04:43
anobleh00k: its restarting04:43
h00kanoble: okay - I hope this works :)04:43
patifaYeah, what genii said.  The torrent download comes from a pool of everyone else who's downloading it at the same time with bittorrent.04:43
anobleh00k: well i hope this gets us to square 1 again04:43
eboyjrpatifa, So I can use BitTorrent or something to get the ubuntu iso04:43
furicleshthap3ns: yep - two devices assigned in the array and no hot spares.04:43
h00kanoble: yeah, that's what I mean04:43
oddalothi, how do i get rid of the login screen at startup?04:43
anobleh00k: bec as of atm i cant even login :/04:43
fdeshthap3ns: Actually, for the directory the files are in - if they're large files, I'd recommend XFS... but for the rest of the system, ext3 as it's more general purpose.04:44
shthap3nsfuricle: thanks for your help, much appreciated!04:44
anobleh00k: .. didnt work04:44
h00kanoble: can you get the package on a thumbdrive at all? or that machine on the net?04:44
patifaeboyjr: yes.  You'll need a bittorrent client and the ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent file04:44
pingu_ok guys just got the new version and having trouble with the wireless internet any help04:44
skinnymg1how do i loggin as root04:44
anobleh00k: well i can unplug this one and do it ..04:44
=== brian_ is now known as sourgrape
Vletshthap3ns: from what I've gathered, xfs only presents an advantage when there are lots of small files04:44
h00kanoble: ooooo.... :S04:44
shthap3nsfde: mostly storing documents, excel sheets, etc04:44
shthap3nsv1et: perfect, thanks :)04:45
eboyjrpatifa, Good, I found that exact file04:45
kyncanioddalot: the graphical login screen ? want autologin or no graphical login at all ?04:45
patifaeboyjr: you got a bittorrent client?04:45
Vletshthap3ns: accent on the "lots"04:45
h00kanoble: can you get privmsgs?04:45
sourgrapefiredice - with the virtual machine running, go to "Devices" then "install guest additions"04:45
oddalotno login at all, just go to my one user04:45
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furicleshthap3ns: de nada04:45
fdeshthap3ns: It depends on the size, too small, and you might as well use ext3...04:45
eboyjrpatifa, Yeh, I'll just use BitTorrent04:45
anobleh00k: well i might be able to apt-get ircd or something that runs in terminal04:45
* furicle produces irc idiot alert04:46
h00kanoble: boot into safe mode again, and ls /etc/X1104:46
IdleOne!ot | furicle04:46
ubottufuricle: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:46
legend2440oddalot: system>administration>login window>security>enable auto login04:46
patifathere you go eboyjr.  Just open up the .torrent file in the BitTorrent program and wait for it to get rolling.  Should be quite fast once it gets cranking.04:46
kyncanioddalot: you want autologin, i think the gdmsetup tool allow you to configure that (/etc/gdm/gdm.conf)04:46
fdeshthap3ns: I'd probably suggest going with ext3, and if you think there is a hardware bottleneck, leave some space for XFS later, and mount that to wherever...04:46
oddalotthanks legend244004:46
pingu_ok guys just got the new version and having trouble with the wireless internet any help04:46
shthap3nsfde: thanks. i think i'll do that04:46
eboyjrwow! 200 KB/s !! awesome04:47
anobleh00k: well the backup went away now there is only the reg one04:47
kingsley_zissouDo the ATI proprietary drivers work for Mobility Radeon 9000/9100 IGP in Hardy Heron? I had no problem with desktop effects on Gutsy Gibbon, and I've tried multiple methods of installing the drivers. Possible/Impossible? Workaround?04:47
h00kanoble: no xorg.conf.1 or anything?04:47
fdeshthap3ns: More than welcome!04:47
wgaryghas anyone here had any experience with Cingular 865 Air Cards?04:47
Vletpingu_: specific questions help04:47
anobleh00k: nope :/04:47
h00kanoble: what card do you have? what res?04:47
eboyjrOnly 700000 more to go04:47
anobleh00k: uhm GeForce204:47
anobleh00k: on board04:48
patifaeboyjr: just do everyone a favor and leave it open after the download finishes for awhile.  You're downloading from other people who are downloading it on bittorrent.  If you leave it running for a little while, you'll upload bits and pieces of the ISO to others :)04:48
h00kanoble: I can pastebin you my xorg.conf04:48
anobleh00k: ran a dxdaig on it04:48
eboyjrpatifa, Thats seeding, right?04:48
MimiQUESTION:    how do I record audio output from any app? Audacity isnt doing it ;p04:48
anobleh00k: ha! failsafe terminal failed 204:48
eboyjrsure i will04:48
MimiI can try other apps. if theyre easy the better04:48
h00kanoble: WHA?04:49
kingsley_zissou« /msg ubottu etiquette »04:49
h00kanoble: ^o) I didn't know that could happen.04:49
furicleOK - what's !ot ?   me irc dummy04:49
anobleh00k: yeah wont even boot to failsafe terminal wont even work04:49
h00kanoble: what error?04:49
sourgrapeh00k - have anoble back up the xorg.conf, then run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:49
roshanehey all, i'm new to Linux but i'm learning04:49
anobleh00k: the one where it doesnt show any04:49
sourgrapeh00k - then maybe point him/her to envy ng ?04:49
roshaneinterested in learning how to do installations04:50
anobleh00k: and just the Ubuntu Color and a White box that is small and doesnt do anything04:50
Scunizi!envy | sourgrape h00k04:50
ubottusourgrape h00k: envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »04:50
Mimi :3 What do you guys use to easiliy record audio from any application? (not microphone)04:50
Daisuke_Idoon a further note: upgrades will probably break.04:50
thebitguruHi, I cannot remap Alt+right click to resize window when using compiz.  Something keeps changing it to Button2 when I set it to Alt+button3.  Any ideas?04:51
pingu_vlet: ah i have set up the wireless connect i.e. the name and password and type. and it still wont connect04:51
anoblesourgrape: do i need internet for that?04:52
roshanei did an installation and when it was through, i couldnt find it04:52
sourgrapeFor the sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg you don't04:52
sourgrapeanoble - that should at least get you working in X again04:52
roshanean animated wallpaper, does anyone know how to get one and also a cool dock...i'm a new user04:52
rnartossudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg is this the fix for my problem in intel 945GM detection in ubuntu 8.04??04:53
r3bhello, I just installed the linux-server package, after rebooting, the proprietary NVIDIA driver no longer works (I have to use the generic 'nv' driver). any way to fix this?04:53
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sourgrapernartos - I'm not sure what your problem is, sorry04:53
ferric84I have an ntfs external hard drive... can I delete the "RECYCLER" folder without issue?04:53
kingsley_zissouDo the ATI proprietary drivers work for Mobility Radeon 9000/9100 IGP in Hardy Heron? I had no problem with desktop effects on Gutsy Gibbon, and I've tried multiple methods of installing the drivers. Possible/Impossible? Workaround?04:53
anoblesourgrape: use kernal framebuffer interface?04:53
Scunizir3b, look in synaptic for the restricted drivers ending in -server..04:53
fujinHow can I adjust $PATH system wide?04:53
bazhangroshane you should look into awn avant window navigator for dock; and compiz has an animated wp plugin iirc04:53
r3bScunizi: thanks, will do04:54
sourgrapeanoble - I'm a little late to the party - have you tried 'nv' - you have a geforce 2 right?  Probably a "go" verison, you said it was built in04:54
rnartossourgrape:  one thing more why xorg.conf doesn't show the details of my current configured video card.. it just show  "configuration for current video card" ...etc04:54
patifaferric84: I delete it once.  When I took the drive to a windows computer it regenerated.04:54
anoblesourgrape: yeah i have the go version04:54
Scunizir3b, it's also the only way to get wireless working with the atheros chipset as well04:54
sourgrapeanoble - try NV first04:54
rnartosno  more Option "####" "###"04:54
ferric84patifa: thanks04:54
anoblesourgrape: whats the command nv?04:55
rnartosnor driver intel04:55
roshanebazhang, i'm not sure how to do all that...a very new user04:55
anoblesourgrape: or there site?04:55
patifaferric84: Just don't go deleting $blah$ files04:55
sourgrapeanoble - in a terminal window, type sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:55
ferric84patifa: are those ubuntu?04:55
DrifterSXhardy heron is pretty radical04:55
rnartossourgrape: so how can I configure my video card right now in ubuntu 8.04?04:55
bazhangroshane I have to step out for a bit; mention to others here that you want awn and the compiz plugin for wallpapers --animated and they can help you no doubt04:55
patifaWell, one of them for example is an NTFS journaling file or something04:55
anoblesourgrape: k done04:56
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sourgrapeanoble - it should go through a few screens04:56
anoblesourgrape: restart?04:56
roshaneyeah man, thanks04:56
anoblesourgrape: yeah i went through them04:56
rnartossourgrape: xorg.conf not showing the detaild configs as before04:56
r3bScunizi: linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-16-server  that looks like the one, eh?04:56
sourgrapeanoble - wow that was fast.. ok yea, try a restart04:56
Scunizir3b, yep04:56
sourgrapernartos - I'm not sure, have you recently reconfigured or changed something?04:56
r3bScunizi: thanks again04:56
Scunizir3b, np04:56
anoblesourgrape: well i was doing it like 20 seconds before you said to bec you said erlier to do it04:57
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newperson122Hey when installing from the live cd, how do i have it so it doesnt try to "scan the mirror" because im on dial up speed, and i can never find out how to get the installer not to do this, because it always takes like at least an hour or so04:57
sourgrapeanoble ah =)  Faster thinker than I am (Not that it's hard to do)04:57
rnartossourgrape: after I install ubuntu... the xorg.conf only shows.. under device  "configured for current video card"04:57
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rnartossourgrape: in lspci it shows my current video card "Intel 945GM"04:58
sourgrapernartos - what specific problem is this causing you?04:58
anoblesourgrape: haha yeah BS! i cant even get this to run on my own though this is my first day of REALLY using linux04:58
r3bScunizi: gonna test it out, if you don't see me again, that's probly a good thing :P04:58
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Scunizir3b, :)04:58
yrlnryI just upgraded to HH.  I find that I can't sudo anymore; it now says "sudo: unable to resolve host mjd-laptop".  Any way to fix this without rebooting into single-user more?04:58
rnartossourgrape: nothing much just wanted to know if my video card is configured or detected correctly04:58
anoblesourgrape: hmm looks like it all died X________X04:58
sourgrapernartos - ah.  Well does everything look purty when you're in gnome or KDE?04:59
ubuntuROXAnyone else have multiple USB Drives listed under Places / Computer? even when there are no usb devices plugged in?04:59
earthlingroshane: try this link helps in setting dock and other cool stuff  blog.prashanthellina.com/2007/10/21/making-ubuntu-710-gutsy-look-slicker/04:59
newperson122how do you get the live cd installer to not try to check for updates or anything when installing ubuntu?04:59
rnartossourgrape: gnome04:59
DrifterSXkde is kinda lame04:59
sourgrapeanoble - fiddlesticks.  Still dead?04:59
DrifterSXgnome is way way better04:59
sourgrapeeh, I perosnally hate gnome AND Kde =)04:59
calcCDE FTW04:59
anoblesourgrape: runs localboot script like 5 times and craps out04:59
DrifterSXoh ya, well what DO u like then04:59
kingsley_zissousourgrape: Do the ATI proprietary drivers work for Mobility Radeon 9000/9100 IGP in Hardy Heron? I had no problem with desktop effects on Gutsy Gibbon, and I've tried multiple methods of installing the drivers. Possible/Impossible? Workaround?04:59
rhysanyone know how to change nautulis's security mode for samba?05:00
lnxnwbeHI, i'v been useing ubuntu off ond on for a while . How do i say thanks to all the people who work on it?05:00
sourgrapeDrifter, my perosnal preference is XFCE4 with SLIM05:00
rhysI need the "connect to server dialog" to pass the preference "sec=ntlmv2"05:00
anoblesourgrape: me thinks its a full reinstall time to get to square 105:00
o0Chris0owhere can I get PyQt 3.13 for kubuntu?05:00
* calc notes CDE is only of the ugliest environments known to man05:00
osiriswhy in the world does xorg.conf have almost NOTHING in it in hardy?05:00
osirishow am I supposed to edit that05:00
sourgrapeKingsley - that I dno't know.  My laptop has an ATI 7500 mobility and won't run the properitary drivers05:00
rhysosiris, dont touchy feely with ubuntus undersystem05:00
crdlbosiris: because everything is autodetected05:01
calchttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/4b/DECwindows-openvms-v7.3-1.png <- :-)05:01
sourgrapeAnoble - probably not a bad idea, start fresh05:01
Jordan_Ucalc, It's happily not very 'common' though :)05:01
rhysubuntu is not an undersystem kinda distro05:01
AdrianStraysI'm getting kind of frustrated.  Everytime I log in, the network manager required my admin password.  I followed a guide to fix this, and it made it so my wireless can't connect to ANTHING, even after I deleted the new coding05:01
Scuniziosiris, xorg I think doesn't  drive the video anymore.05:01
kingsley_zissousourgrape: thanks for the reply. it's a shame, will probably downgrade back to gutsy05:01
AdrianStraysCan someone please help me with this05:01
sourgrapeanoble - I probably installed Ubuntu and Debian about 50 times when I first started05:01
crdlbkingsley_zissou: do not use fglrx on that card, it does not support it05:01
DrifterSXXFCE4 with SLIM?? idk what that is05:01
osirisrhys, what are you talking about ? and its not autodetected05:01
calcJordan_U: it was, it just wasn't free so isn't common on FOSS, XFCE started as a CDE clone but luckily didn't stay that ugly05:01
Starnestommyo0Chris0o: I think it's packaged as python-qt3 or python-qt4 depending on the version of PyQt05:01
osirisif it was, i wouldnt be booting to 800x60005:01
anoblesourgrape: yeah i dont want to loose my Winfux partition its got WoW on there05:01
ubuntuROXAnyone else have multiple USB Drives listed under Places / Computer? even when there are no usb devices plugged in?05:01
kingsley_zissoucrdlb: how do i switch back to glx?05:01
crdlbkingsley_zissou: fglrx last supported anything below the 9500 with 8.28, which was in Edgy05:01
sourgrapeAnoble - yea, fortunately you can tell the Ubuntu installer to just delete the linux partitiosn05:02
anobleosiris: im having the same problem, as you05:02
rhysosfameron, im saying ubuntu gets pissed when you play with its insides. if you have to edit the xorg in ubuntu, you shouldn't be using ubuntu.05:02
crdlbkingsley_zissou: glx? that's not a driver05:02
rhysosiris,  i mean05:02
osirisdoesnt anybody that uses ubuntu, actually know how there linux works ?05:02
DrifterSXXFCE4 with SLIM what is that05:02
amnatzwhere is the dual screen configuration GUI ?05:02
ubuntuROXOr, does anyone know why I might have multiple USB Drives listed under /places / computer when there are no usb drives plugged in at the time?05:02
roshaneearthling pretty cool..http://blog.prashanthellina.com/2007/08/22/matrix-desktop/ how do i get that?05:02
osiriswhat happened to inittab ?05:02
rhyswhere is the dual screen GUI?05:02
DrifterSXive heard of xfce4 but not SLIM05:02
calcosiris: sure lots of people, eg core-dev and motu for example ;-)05:02
AdrianStraysI'm getting kind of frustrated.  Everytime I log in, the network manager required my admin password.  I followed a guide to fix this, and it made it so my wireless can't connect to ANTHING, even after I deleted the new coding05:02
sourgrapeSLiM is a replacement for GDM (Gnome Display Manager)05:02
earthlingroshane: yeah.. i dont much about animated wallpapers, though :(05:03
DrifterSXis it like a "lite" version of gnome kindA?05:03
Scrounchis it possible to have a GPS (travel, distance..no geolocalisation of course) in a soft @ ubuntu ?05:03
osirisim not here to bash, but i really expected more from hardy, as dapper was so spectacular05:03
crdlbkingsley_zissou: you need to remove any attempts at installing fglrx and then reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx, then you can go back to using the "ati" driver05:03
sourgrapeYea, this is a 5 year old laptop, so I conserver where I can Drifter05:03
calcosiris: inittab was replaced with upstart i think05:03
DrifterSXo ok05:03
AdrianStraysI'm getting kind of frustrated.  Everytime I log in, the network manager required my admin password.  I followed a guide to fix this, and it made it so my wireless can't connect to ANTHING, even after I deleted the new coding05:03
kingsley_zissoucrdlb: all within hh?05:03
cr4z3di just upgraded to 8.04 and now my wireless doesn't work. intel pro 3945abg card was using ipw3945 and i hear you need iwl3945 in the new version but doesn't seem to be working05:03
amnatzand where is SLIM ?05:03
Jordan_UScrounch, Google Earth might do that05:03
DrifterSXmine is a 5 year old desktop and i run beryl05:03
crdlbkingsley_zissou: of course05:04
calcosiris: what was so special about dapper?05:04
DrifterSX512RAM P4 3.2Ghz05:04
osirisim running hardy on a 600mhz compaq lappy05:04
amnatzthat was in "screen resolution" in 7.1005:04
sourgrapecr4z... does the wireless card show up under Restricted Drivers?05:04
kingsley_zissoucrdlb: thank you :-D05:04
calcosiris: for the most part gnome has looked the same for the past 7 years05:04
o0Chris0oStarnestommy thanks its packaged as python-qt305:04
amnatzbut i dont find it in 8.0405:04
Dh08how do i set a home network between my laptop (ubuntu herdy) and my pc (win xp)?? i installed samba, but still i am having problems accessing/sharing files.05:04
sourgrapeCr4z - I'm sorry, it's called "hardware driverS" now05:04
ScrounchJordan_U:  i have tested it, but that's just distance @ road, and i need that for forest too :/05:04
osirisgnome aside, i run fluxbox or enlightenment anyhow05:04
arooni-mobilehey ubuntu team!  i recently switched my network from unencrypted => WPA security.  my gutsy laptop had no problem with the change.... but my gutsy desktop (with wireless nic) can't seem to connect to the network............. ideas?05:04
punisherHi, all!05:04
sourgrapeAmnatz - SLiM is in the packages, I think I just apt-get'd it05:05
roshaneearthling my problem so far is installing things...and i also have a concern about things i used to do and programs i used to run in windows like Xara Xtreme and graphics software and my games like Call of Duty 405:05
amnatzsourgrape : THX!05:05
AdrianStraysI'm getting kind of frustrated.  Everytime I log in, the network manager required my admin password.  I followed a guide to fix this, and it made it so my wireless can't connect to ANTHING, even after I deleted the new coding05:05
DrifterSXCOD4 is on PC?05:05
o0Chris0onow I need to figure out how to download and install liquid weather for super karamba05:05
DrifterSXi Own at that game on PS305:05
bigfuzzyjesus_okay, so i got hardy heron, but i cant have sound from firefox and rythmbox at the same time, so if i open rythmbox first, firefox has no sound until i close rythmbox and restart firefox or vice versa05:05
osirisDh08, that's cause samba is half busted by default in hardy05:05
Jordan_UScrounch, What do you mean 'for forest'? Do you mean following hiking trails or simply as the crow flies?05:05
bigfuzzyjesus_any ideas?05:05
Scrounchan multiple checkpoint05:05
punishercan you see my masseges?05:05
ubuntuROXfor games check out urban terror. or open arena.05:05
calcosiris: thats due to the new gnome (i think, at least aiui)05:05
anoblenope i cant05:05
DATmafiaim running 8.04 lts in virtualbox, need to enable resolution past 800x600 i tried the command sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg with no success05:05
o0Chris0oyeah urban terror is pretty sweet05:06
AdrianStraysI'm getting kind of frustrated.  Everytime I log in, the network manager required my admin password.  I followed a guide to fix this, and it made it so my wireless can't connect to ANTHING, even after I deleted the new coding05:06
punisherSorry, my english no good05:06
o0Chris0ooriginally a quake 3 mod05:06
punisherI From russia05:06
osirisDATmafia, welcome to my world, only no VM05:06
Dh08any tools out there to make this process easier?05:06
ubuntuROXI love that game, and open arenas not bad either, just more quakeish05:06
anoblepunisher: privyet05:06
patifadangit :|05:06
DrifterSXopen arena sux05:06
DATmafiaosiris so im not alone, whew05:06
osirisDATmafia, and xorg.conf is a wreck now05:06
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke05:06
DrifterSXCOD4 is way better05:06
patifathere you go punisher05:06
sourgrapeDAT - install the tools first "Devices, Install Guest Addons" I think05:06
ubuntuROXwhat sux about it?05:06
punisheranoble: you speak russian?))05:06
AdrianStraysI'm getting kind of frustrated.  Everytime I log in, the network manager required my admin password.  I followed a guide to fix this, and it made it so my wireless can't connect to ANTHING, even after I deleted the new coding05:06
DrifterSXpretty much all games for linux sux05:06
earthlingroshane: for games you can try wine. you can find some stuff on googlin as to how to make COD run? but it will be using more CPU when runnin on ubuntu05:06
anoblepunisher: ehh im Ukranian, i remeber a little ;)05:07
bigfuzzyjesus_okay, so i got hardy heron, but i cant have sound from firefox and rythmbox at the same time, so if i open rythmbox first, firefox has no sound until i close rythmbox and restart firefox or vice versa05:07
absntHow can I set VLC to be the default media player for everything (including streaming in firefox)05:07
DATmafiasourgrape okay05:07
roshaneearthling why is that so?05:07
DrifterSXya me too hat absnt said05:07
osirisabsnt, you will need the vlc plugin for firefox for one05:07
eboyjrMy BitTorrent is not resuming! :( !!05:07
anoblepunisher: kak de la?05:07
earthlingroshane: you are trying to emulate windows on linux using wine05:08
absntosiris: I see it in the list of addons but under it it says totem player blahblah05:08
Jordan_Ubigfuzzyjesus, You can try installing libflashsupport but that might make flash less stable05:08
eboyjrI'm scared05:08
ubuntuROXI disagree.  I have been perfectly entertained by urban terror, and open arena..05:08
sourgrapeWINE is not an emulator.. ;)05:08
MimiQUESTION: What's the command that launches the Add/Remove on the start menu?05:08
osirisother than that you can use the "prefered applications" menu in preferences05:08
DrifterSXwhen i download torrents form isohunt.com it only gives me the option of using transmission (which sux)05:08
Dh08osiris: any tools out there to make this process easier?05:08
CYREXhey i have a virus on my pc, is there any antivirus for linux05:08
calcCYREX: clamav05:08
anobleCYREX: WTF?05:08
Jordan_Ubigfuzzyjesus, You can also try setting all applications to use alsa instead of pulseaudio ( though pulseaudio is pretty cool if you actually use its features )05:08
DrifterSXhow do i choose ktorrent or any other to be my default torrent client05:08
osirisDh08, not that i have found.  im still working though it myself in my spare time05:08
ubuntuROXOr, does anyone know why I might have multiple USB Drives listed under /places / computer when there are no usb drives plugged in at the time?05:09
Mimij #ubuntustudio05:09
patifaIf he could actually figure out that he has a linux rootkit, he'd know enough to name it as such ;)05:09
osirisdont have the time now to spend all day with it05:09
sourgrapeSave the torrent file, righ click it, open with / as / something like that05:09
bigfuzzyjesus_Jordan_U, what is pulseaudio, i have always used alsa05:09
ScuniziubuntuROX, a usb hub?05:09
eboyjrwhats the command for bittorrent?05:09
* anoble is going to bed05:09
calcCYREX: clamav is useful for scanning email for viruses if your isp doesn't do it for you, but they can't infect your linux install :)05:09
DrifterSXthats what i do05:09
CYREXi know hehe just kidding05:09
calcCYREX: i used to get a few thousand virus emails a day05:09
ubuntuROXperhaps built in? didnt show in Gutsy?05:09
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpatrick or jussi01!05:09
DrifterSXi want firefox to download the torrent straight to something else besides transmission05:10
monkeybritchesWill you leave us the waffles?05:10
CYREXyou got problems man05:10
gnomefreakJordan_U: ?05:10
eboyjrBENSON, My eardrums hurt05:10
Jordan_Ugnomefreak, BENSON05:10
roshaneearthling in terms of antivirus protection like i would need on windows, do i need one now? using ubuntu8.0405:10
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DrifterSXtransmission is really crappy and so is BitTorrent05:10
gnomefreakI saw after i asked05:10
osirisDrifterSX, transmission is05:10
osirisktorrent is great05:10
Raistli1are there any wubi specialists in the house?05:10
kingsley_zissoucrdlb: how do i enable the ati driver? after reinstalling libgl1-mesa-glx, will it just work as it used to?05:10
bigfuzzyjesus_Jordan_U, msg okay?05:10
DrifterSXazureaus, utorrent and bitlord are the only ones worth using and i cant get any of those to work in ubuntu05:10
sourgrapeJordan - nah.  If you want a decent one to help protect your windows friends, I recommend AVG Llinux05:10
calcroshane: just to discard virus emails, you can't get infected though05:11
arstanjhi, where can I get the latest varnish(1.1.2)?05:11
sourgrapeClam is another good one, open source05:11
Jordan_Ubigfuzzyjesus, Sure05:11
DATmafiasourgrape how do u install those klinds of OS addons?05:11
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arstanjI don't wanna compile myself05:11
calcroshane: if your isp does it for you then you don't need one05:11
DrifterSXktorrent is good but i cant set it to be my default torrent program05:11
earthlingroshane: not realy needed but you some some. search in synaptic.05:11
sourgrapeDAT - which kinds?05:11
MimiQUESTION: What's the command that launches the Add/Remove on the start menu? -- also... how can I record the ALSA output to a mp3 or something? Thanks05:11
arstanjI wanna use backports but there only 1.0.3 version05:11
earthlingroshane: not realy needed but you can if you wanted search in synaptic.05:11
osirisDrifterSX, ktorrent supports a webUI, a bandwidth schedule, and IP blacklisting.  very handy for managing bandwidth05:12
calcMimi: gnome-app-install05:12
bigtimer121how do i put songs on my ipod???05:12
roshaneo ok...05:12
legend2440DrifterSX: right click a torrent file>properties>open with and set it to open with a torrent app05:12
DrifterSXidk what most of that has to do with what i asked tho05:12
MimiTHanks calc05:12
crdlbkingsley_zissou: set Driver to "ati" in Section "Device" your /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:12
eboyjrQUESTION: What is the command for butttorrent?05:12
osirisDrifterSX, all features i miss in transmission05:12
DrifterSXfriom firefox web browser i can do that legend244005:12
endohow can I disable the resticted driver?05:12
monkeybritchesMimi: Have you tried Audacity?05:12
eboyjrbittorrent* excuse me *05:12
sourgrapeI started with ktorrent and utorrent in wine, moved to rTorrent - but it's definitely an acquired taste05:12
roshaneearthling i have others questions but i'm trying to remember them at this time05:12
ubuntuROXwhats wrong with transmission?05:13
endosourgrape: transmission is where its at05:13
endohow can I disable the resticted driver?05:13
DATmafiasourgrape the kind for the addon to change my screen resolution05:13
osirisubuntuROX, its a featureless ap05:13
DrifterSXtransmission is too basic and lame05:13
endoDrifterSX: then use deluge05:13
endohow can I disable the resticted driver?05:13
roshaneearthling, oh...with compiz, the cube, how do i get it to zoom out when its been rotated?05:13
endohow can I disable the restricted driver?05:13
sourgrapeendo - yea, I've heard people that like Trans... I'm just used to rTorrent now05:13
osirisand the "clutch" webUI deb doesnt even work right05:13
DrifterSXthe only thing about linux that i dont like is that its always behind technology and its too basic05:13
DrifterSXdeuge is like utorrent or bitlord??05:14
ubuntuROXreally? You can control the download and upload speeds? what else do you need?05:14
endohow can I disable the restricted driver?05:14
DrifterSXbitlord was my favorite by far on winblows05:14
osirisDrifterSX, i have found that statement very wrong05:14
endoutorrent is the best on windows05:14
osirislinux is not behind the technology05:14
endohow can I disable the restricted driver?05:14
osirisendo, add/remove programs ?05:14
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:15
endoosiris: no, its not in ther05:15
DrifterSXumm u always see poeple trying to "configure" ipods, mp3 players, psp's, wifi cards, the list goes on05:15
sourgrapeRestriced Drivers (Or "Hardware Drivers" in HH) un-"green" the check box next to the hardware05:15
DrifterSXu dont need to do ANY of that in winblows(not trying to defend microsuck)05:15
osirisDrifterSX, and you dont see that in windows ?05:15
patifaDrifterSX: They want to mess with the settings to make them work.05:15
earthlingroshane: you will have to set the action keys first. i dont remember exactly how? so cant be of much help now :(05:15
DrifterSXnever see that05:15
Alinoni could use some help installing ubuntu if someone has time05:15
SiCkNeSs-has anyone downgraded firefox back to 2?05:15
zionpsyferDrifterSX: Can you show me the download page for itunes for linux?05:15
osirisyou have never worked in IT, have you05:15
erossin a little less than 15 minutes, I just installed 8.04 onto a fresh harddrive :-D05:15
DrifterSXu plug it in and it works in windows05:15
mneptokDrifterSX: how is this Linux's fault, though?05:15
warriorforgodDrifterSX: What is the trouble?05:15
DrifterSXidk about mac tho05:15
patifaeross: :)05:16
DrifterSXits not linux's fault05:16
erosswhere do i go from here..05:16
warriorforgodAlinon: What is the install problem you are having?05:16
DrifterSXim ranting i sorry05:16
mneptokDrifterSX: so stop saying it is. :)05:16
patifaeross: What do you wnat to do?05:16
DrifterSXi wasnt05:16
erossi been here before with 6.06, etc..05:16
DrifterSXu misinterpreted05:16
erossplay games and run game server05:16
ubuntuROXI think linux is ahead of the technology, somehow it manages to stop me from having to spend hours removing spyware and virus infections from my computers, and they run fast from the day its installed till its time for an upgrade,,, plus I think its kinda nice getting a new toy every six months or so in a new version, and without having to make Mr. Gates richer...05:16
mgregsondDrifterSX: I agree, your point is valid.05:16
calcwhee need itunes to buy DRM'd music that will at some future date stop working, see MSN music being shut down05:16
erossdont care too much for flashy gui unless it doesn't slow my gameplay05:16
roshaneearthling what about viewing someone's webcam like i would in MSN messenger, can Pidgin do that? i cant find the feature? is there any other alternative?05:16
mgregsondDrifterSX: It's getting there though.05:16
osirisenough politics.  back to problems05:16
mneptokDrifterSX: Microsoft spent exactly $0 and 0 days making iPods work in Windows. Apple did the work. you want your iPod in Linux? talk to the same people that made it "just work" in Windows. Apple.05:17
DrifterSXubunturox thats why i like ubuntu so much, i even have Yellow dog linux on my PS3 and oon ill have suse and fedora05:17
bigtimer121anyone know how to put songs onto an ipod???05:17
=== genii_ is now known as genii
warriorforgodbigtimer121: I use gtkpod05:17
sourgrapeRhythmbox works well with my iPod05:17
Alinonwarriorforgod: i've always been able to install ubuntu in the passed, but for some reason with build 8.04 i'm getting a wierd error when the partitioner starts to load stating something about 1024 bytes and something about it being experiemental05:17
earthlingroshane: cant help there either. ask other here05:17
mgregsondbigtimer121: AmaroK05:17
legend2440SiCkNeSs-: i did but had to go back to 3. the addons in 2 wouldn't install or uninstall under hardy05:17
* calc is pretty sure if he felt like plugging his ipod into his ubuntu 8.04 laptop it would just work05:17
zionpsyferbigtimer121: gtkpod or amarok or rhythmbox05:17
DrifterSXi hate ipods just using them as a "technology" example since so many poeple have them05:17
warriorforgodAlinon: Can you give me the exact error message?05:17
DrifterSXand dont WE want more PEOPLE to use ubuntu05:17
mneptokDrifterSX: it applies to any device.05:17
sourgrapeDrifter - and for a while - iPods didn't work in Windows05:18
erossthe new background is a step up from the usual brown color, I like it05:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:18
DrifterSXya for a while05:18
bigtimer121mgregsond: i use amarok, but when i drag the songs over it won't put it on the ipod. you know what i should check05:18
Alinonwarriorforgod: after that i click ok but the paritioner never starts, i've never the regular installer, wubi and the atlernative install they all do the same thing05:18
monkeybritchesI hate the fact that people think iPod is synonymous with mp3 player05:18
DrifterSXi cant even get my psp to work on here05:18
=== enterusername is now known as EnterUserName
mneptokDrifterSX: define "work"05:18
eboyjrI like brown... its my favorite color, next to oragne05:18
ubuntuROXI think its a stupid decision to buy things that are locked into one vendor...05:18
DrifterSXwell i havent tried it in 8.04 but my guess is a big no no05:18
warriorforgodAlinon: Have you run any disk checks for errors on the drive?05:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:18
mgregsondbigtimer121: No, I don't have an ipod.  I just know that it tends to work...05:18
roshanecan someone recommend a chat program similar to MSN on windows that i can use to view a webcam? can Pidgin do it?05:18
monkeybritchesLike when my friend was saying she wasnted to get a cheap iPod and couldn't grasp it when I told her there was no such thing.05:18
amrikHi, how do I configure Evolution to read an IMAP server for the list of remote folders?05:18
Alinonyeap it's fine05:19
mneptokDrifterSX: my PSP mounts and displays its memory card with no fuss in both Gutsy and Hardy05:19
ubuntuROXskype Roshane05:19
osirisso does ANYONE know how to force xorg.conf to generate a REAL conf file ?05:19
patifaamrik: Look for 'subscribe'05:19
DrifterSXumm change any video file from avi, divx etc to mp4 and transfer it onto my psp all in one click05:19
warriorforgodAlinon: ext3 filesystem?05:19
Alinonno it's not05:19
DrifterSXoo a memory card lol05:19
ubuntuROXwebcam works great in skype05:19
erossaccelerated nvidia =)05:19
milly1234my generic flash memory usb connected mp3 player is all my fiance needs, just basically a flashdrive with a mp3 player built around it05:19
patifaamrik: "subscribe" is the keyword in IMAP for dealing with folders and whatnot05:19
Scuniziroshane, skype or ekiga.. ekiga is typically already installed05:19
mneptokDrifterSX: well, that's what the PSP does. that's all it does.05:19
Alinonwarriorforgod: it's ntfs but that's what it's always been in the passed too05:19
calcDrifterSX: there is probably a tool to do that, i stream videos/music/photos from Ubuntu to my PS3, was easy05:19
sourgrapeSkype, Ekiga or aMSN for webcam05:19
DrifterSXwill my webcam form my ps3 (psEyetoy 2) work for skype in ubuntu??05:19
roshaneubuntuROX does the other person have to have it too?05:19
pinnoanyone having problems putting in the password in the terminal and not being able to type numbers?05:19
mneptokDrifterSX: PSPvc05:20
warriorforgodAlinon: So you are installing ubuntu on an NTFS partition?05:20
DrifterSXps3 is way more suited for that tho05:20
milly1234pinno, numlock?05:20
DrifterSXpspvc NEVER works05:20
roshaneScunizi the person is using Windows Vista05:20
mneptokDrifterSX: i have converted every Batman animated episode ever made to PSP format using nothing but Linux.05:20
osirispinno, no, but all my keybindings in vi seem wrong now05:20
monkeybritchesosiris: Have you tried configuring it from a console login after a reboot?05:20
ubuntuROXyes, they will need skype to see your webcam, but its free for windows too05:20
patifapinno: I have a bug where my numlock key is lit up upon startup, but isn't actually active till I jab numlock a few times to synchronize the light with the real state of the numlock05:20
DrifterSXnice job05:20
Scuniziroshane, amsn or skype then05:20
DrifterSXi just use pspvideo905:20
earthlingroshane: ubuntuROX seems to know some thing about webcams ask him05:20
DrifterSXit does it for me, but not in linux05:20
amrikpatifa: do you mean the "only check subscribed folders" option in receiving email?05:20
mneptokDrifterSX: works here. and on my girlfriend's machine. and on my friend's machine ruinning Fedora.05:20
osirismonkeybritches, i cant find an example syntax to go by05:20
pinnoah kk ill check05:20
DrifterSXhow do i install it??05:21
pinnowell i can type numbers in everything else but in the terminal05:21
eboyjrI don't like the font that Ubuntu uses for everything... the title bars, application text, 3d objects, etc... Any ideas on how to change this?05:21
DrifterSXim not compiling or unpacking or whatever05:21
TixerI have a problem on a Xubuntu server I manage. The server responds to ping, I can SSH / VNC into it, but it can't access any sites other than the router it uses. I even tried pinging, which doesn't work. Any ideas?05:21
osirisbut yes, that is what im intending to do.  didnt know i would need my old xorg.conf for an upgrade05:21
ubuntuROXroshane skype has windows, mac, and linux clients05:21
roshaneScunizi can u use synaptic to get amsn?05:21
DrifterSXi wana click on it and have it install like an exe file05:21
Scuniziroshane, yes05:21
Don_MiguelHello all ...05:21
DrifterSXsudo apt-get install pspvc?05:21
Don_MiguelProblem: IDE (working) partitions not visible after Gutsy net-upgrade to Hardy on SATA  note: those IDE still show in BIOS, see Paste: http://pastebin.com/m6cd001d405:21
pinnoonce it asks for a password in the terminal i cant type anything in it05:21
mneptokDrifterSX: download the package from Sourceforge. install the dependent packages and build-essential, then compile it according to the instructions05:21
sourgrapesystem / preferences / appearance05:21
monkeybritchesType: sudo dpkg-config xserver-xorg05:21
mneptokDrifterSX: PSPvc has no .deb yet, and is not in the repos05:22
DrifterSXidk what any of that means except for the download part05:22
arooni-mobileaashelp!  my poor gutsy desktop cant connect to a wpa personal enabled network.  i have installed wpasupplicant.  what should i do?05:22
amrikpatifa: I'm still unsure how to "subscribe" so as to get all my folders to show up05:22
DrifterSXwell there u go05:22
calcDrifterSX: pspvideo9 uses ffmpeg, which is originally a linux app05:22
osirismonkeybritches, tried that one already05:22
DrifterSXthis seems to be WAY easy05:22
DrifterSXi know calc05:22
Alinonwarriorforgod: you get my PM?05:22
osirismonkeybritches, you dont get a dialog to set resolution05:22
calcDrifterSX: so just use ffmpeg directly and tell it to output psp format05:22
DrifterSXffmpeg never worx for me either05:22
monkeybritchesI meant sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:23
DrifterSXi need a gui program i can just click "self explanitory" buttons05:23
andylcpwhat is ffmpeg?05:23
DanikarMy windows partition isn't mounting when I first log into Ubuntu. It use to though. How can I make it so that it does?05:23
ubuntuROXI wonder what video card the developers are running? seems like there is always some bugginess with nvidia and ati drivers.05:23
crdlbosiris: what video card do you have?05:23
DrifterSXi dont want to go through all this headache of unpacking, compiling, or whatever05:23
warriorforgodAlinon: no.05:23
amnatzslim is not dual screen gui ?!05:23
pinnogot it working thanks for the help05:23
DrifterSXway too much work, and i usually never do it right and some how mess up my ubuntu05:23
Jordan_Ueboyjr, System -> Preferences -> Appearance, You can also use any microsoft fonts from the "msttcorefonts" package if you don't like those available by default05:24
calcandylcp: look in synaptic05:24
ScuniziDrifterSX, learn or revert back to M$05:24
amnatzwhat for dual screen ?05:24
mneptokDrifterSX: so we can sum up your argument with, "Windows really sucks. Linux sucks because it's not more like Windows." ;)05:24
sourgrapeamnatz - slim is a window manager, and it covers both my screens when it comes up05:24
eboyjrJordan_U, Oh, yeah.. I had those downloaded already.05:24
roshaneScunizi what do i use as the log info? the info i used for MSN on windows?05:24
earthlingDanikar: pastebin your fstab05:24
calcDrifterSX: i'm pretty sure clicking install ffmpeg in synaptic doesn't involve any of those steps05:24
andylcpcalc:oh,thank you!I will go05:24
Jordan_Ueboyjr, np05:24
Scuniziroshane, yes.. it connect to msn05:24
DrifterSXi wana dual boot vista with hardy soon but im lazy05:24
Alinonwarriorforgod: mind sending me a PM - it's easier to chat that way heh05:24
balgarath anyone here use ies4linux to do all the ie stuff for webpages?  I'm having trouble getting it to view a page on localhost.  says it cannot find server..05:24
DrifterSXyeah but using ffmpeg never does anything for me05:25
* calc bbl, back to work05:25
DrifterSXi just fixed synaptic so let me try it05:25
sourgrapebalgarath... can you view the webpage in firefox?05:25
ubuntuROXTrick to really enjoying linux is to find programs linux native programs to do the stuff you used windows aps for.05:25
calcDrifterSX: dunno, i never had the time to actually encode a video for my psp05:25
Scunizibalgarath, with that issue ie4lin won't help05:25
balgarathsourcode, yes05:25
amrikHi I am still stuck. how do I configure Evolution to read an IMAP server for the list of remote folders?05:25
calcDrifterSX: i just play emu games on it :)05:25
DrifterSXfixed lol i already in the 1 week having hardy screwed it up 3 times05:25
idyllicHi, anyone knows why I can't strace my process (firefox per se)? I got the following output in terminal  read()  = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)05:25
ubuntuROXonce you do, you may find the linux programs have more features, or just make more sense to use.05:25
DrifterSXi keep mine updated05:25
roshaneScunizi...it works perfect, thank you05:25
Scuniziroshane, np05:26
* calc should encode some videos for his trip to prague05:26
DrifterSXi dont wana hack it unbtil i get a slim psp05:26
mneptokDrifterSX: you need to read something. lemme find it.05:26
Danikarearthling: http://pastebin.com/m546be0cf05:26
balgarathScunizi, are you saying that this is a known problem with ies4linux, or that my problem is not in ies4linux?05:26
DrifterSXok brb pm me with it05:26
balgarathsourgrape, yes05:26
warriorforgodAlinon: I just send you a pm05:26
earthlingDanikar: going through it now05:26
idyllicHi, anyone knows why I can't strace my process (firefox per se)? I got the following output in terminal  read()  = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)05:26
calcDrifterSX: very easy to hack now with pandora battery, offtopic though05:26
DrifterSXu know i like u guys good people, another eason i like ubuntu sooo much good hearted support05:27
sourgrapebalgarath - curious.  What if you substitude for localhost?05:27
Scunizibalgarath, doesn't sound like it's a prob  with ies4lin.. it uses the same path as FF in ubuntu.. so if FF works so should ies4lin..05:27
osiriscrdlb, VGA compatible controller: Trident Microsystems CyberBlade i1 (rev 6a)05:27
DrifterSXcalc u need to learn me that stuff05:27
calcDrifterSX: search on google for "pandora's battery"05:27
earthlingDanikar: which is the win partition?05:27
sourgrapeDrifter - just think - if you stick with it and become a linux expert, you won't have to pay 400 dollars for Windows 2009's "upgrade"05:27
mneptokDrifterSX: http://artlung.com/smorgasborg/C_R_Y_P_T_O_N_O_M_I_C_O_N.shtml  <--- read the "MGBs, Tanks, and Batmobiles" part. fun stuff.05:27
balgarathScunizi, FF works and ies doesn't....05:27
sourgrapeOr however much they are going to charge05:27
balgarathsourgrape, still won't load - it says The page cannot be displayed now though05:27
osiriscrdlb, PCI bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8601 [Apollo ProMedia AGP]05:27
DrifterSXok read in a lil bit05:27
DrifterSXty mneptok05:28
calcsourgrape: well most people don't pay for windows anyway, buy ymmv :)05:28
mneptoknp np05:28
idyllicHi, anyone knows why I can't strace my process (firefox per se)? I got the following output in terminal  read()  = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)05:28
DrifterSXanyone read graphic novels here?05:28
sourgrapecalc - I meant, legally =p05:28
DrifterSXor real books?05:28
amrikOk I think I know how to do it. Folder -> Subscriptions and then choose the server you want05:28
calcsourgrape: its either included from factory on their system, or they get it other ways ;-)05:28
jodekaryhas anyone been able to get a BT headset to work with 8.0405:28
N1N31NCHN41L6hello simple question where do i go to put a terminal option on either dektop or menu bars?05:28
Jordan_Uidyllic, Are you stracing firefox or firefox-bin ?05:28
calcsourgrape: most people get windows pre-installed i imagine, not illegally05:28
DrifterSXsynaptic shows that i have ffmpeg installed but i dont know how to use it05:28
idyllicjordan_U: firefox05:28
earthlingDanikar: you dont have the windows partition in the fstab. add it and reboot. it will mount then05:28
arooni_haha oh noes:  i ran:  sudo apt-get remove network-manager-nome network-manager.............. and now stuff is blown up... i have no connections and i cant get it back with sudo apt-get install.......... what should i do??????05:28
DrifterSXshould i install some sort of "front-end" gui for it??05:28
sourgrapecalc - I'd be it's about half and half... Best Buy is sellin those upgrade boxes to somefools.. er someone05:29
osirisN1N31NCHN41L6, right click on the menubar and click add application05:29
mneptokDrifterSX: i can help you get PSPvc set up, since i opened my mouth05:29
hydehello what commands need to write so amarok reads my sony mp305:29
calcsourgrape: which is why there are so few installs of vista so far, no one wants to buy it but it comes preinstalled so they are stuck with it on new machines05:29
fdeDrifterSX: you already have one  :)05:29
Mattevtwould anyone be able to tell me why the orientation of the (Application Places System) is on the right instead of the left of the taskbar?05:29
Scunizibalgarath, for ie access to sites that require it I use VMWare server and install an old copy of w2kpro or xp05:29
DrifterSXok if u have time im down for iyt05:29
crdlbosiris: hmm, that's quite obscure :)05:29
calcsourgrape: very few sales of the upgrades actually05:29
Danikarearthling, Do i need antying for options?05:29
N1N31NCHN41L6osiris: i didnt see it in the list - which one is it05:29
fdeDrifterSX: if you installed 'gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg' then just play the movie in Totem  :)05:29
ENeGMAI've been having a lot of stability issues since downloading the 8.04 beta and even the latest updates seem to do nothing to fix them -- is there any way to solve this?05:29
ScuniziMattevt, drag it where you want it.05:29
Jordan_Uidyllic, 'firefox' is simply the startup script ( checks for other running instances, used in launchers ) firefox-bin is the actual program05:29
osiriscrdlb, its a 600mhz compaq lappy05:29
iMatterUhm how can i disable SELinux or is there a configuration GUI for it?05:29
hydehello what commands need to write so amarok reads my sony mp305:29
hydehello what commands need to write so amarok reads my sony mp305:29
sourgrapecalc - That's music to my ears05:29
hydehello what commands need to write so amarok reads my sony mp305:29
DrifterSXfde nm ur off my topic i think05:29
FloodBot1hyde: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:29
fdeDrifterSX: Applications > Sound & Video > Movie Player05:29
idyllicjordan_U: there is no firefox-bin in 8.04 . i checked the system monitor05:29
DrifterSXi hate totem05:29
MattevtScunizi: I can drag the buttons, but the menus don't seem to move05:29
crdlbosiris: check your /var/log/Xorg.0.log . See if it says VESA or TRIDENT a few dozen times on the left05:29
calcsourgrape: there were some numbers published a while back about pc sales vs number of vista installs, and its pretty much just preinstalled, very few box sales of vista05:29
osirisN1N31NCHN41L6, you want the add to panel option05:29
balgarathScunizi, thanks for the tip05:29
geniiiMatter: kernel option: selinux=005:29
earthlingDanikar: what is the partition type for your windows partition?05:30
DrifterSXvlc only here05:30
ubuntuROXMicrosofts Vista is the best MS product ever...  It caused me to switch to linux :)05:30
sourgrapebal - does IES have some weird proxy set up for local host?05:30
calcubuntuROX: exactly ;-)05:30
fdeDrifterSX: Then install 'vlc' it's in the archive  :)05:30
DrifterSXlol ubunturox05:30
Danikarearthling, ntfs?05:30
Danikarearthling, /dev/sda1 /media/Windows ntfs default 0 0 is what i think i need05:30
hydehello what commands need to write so amarok reads my sony mp305:30
DrifterSXi ahve it duhsky05:30
calcubuntuROX: actually vista isn't that bad if you reinstall it cleanly getting rid of all the crud from factory05:30
hydehello what commands need to write so amarok reads my sony mp305:30
tonyyarusso!mp3 | hyde05:30
ubottuhyde: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:30
fdeDrifterSX: That is a front end for ffmpeg....05:30
N1N31NCHN41L6no i want to add a terminal shortcut to ppanel or desktop05:30
calcubuntuROX: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=120228/05:30
ScuniziMattevt, you might have to right mouse click the area and unlock05:30
DrifterSXvista is actually pretty cool SOMETIMES05:30
ENeGMAVista didn't crash on me as much as 8.04 is05:30
DrifterSXi hate all the spyware on any windows machine tho05:31
ubuntuROXLOL,, but "not bad" is not as good as my Ubuntu systems :)05:31
Jordan_Uidyllic, Hmm, let me see if firefox-3 still uses a separate launcher script...05:31
calcubuntuROX: note that doesn't circumvent any licensing or anything, just reinstalls an OEM system without the crap05:31
earthlingDanikar: u have to be sure05:31
DrifterSXi just wish we could use directX10 or 11 or whatever it is now05:31
idyllicJordan_U: thank you. I can't even strace -f <PID/any process>. I tried with opera as well. Same error05:31
balgarathsourgrape, no I don't believe so05:31
Danikarearthling, Oh well it is definetly ntfs.05:31
N1N31NCHN41L6osiris: can it be done?05:31
calci reinstalled vista on my laptop on sunday to test out some hard drive stuff (the hdparm -B 254 thing)05:31
Danikarearthling, Do i need to know anything else about it05:32
* Scunizi thinks DrifterSX is either really new to linux or just trolling05:32
sessh1234k i just switched to ubuntu 8.04 from gentoo, in gentoo i had rc-update for modifying runlevels, is there an ubuntu equivalent?05:32
DrifterSXim not new to linux lol05:32
DrifterSXbut not all that seasoned either05:32
sourgrapeBalgarath - it's boggling me noggin.  Did that tip work from Scunzi?05:32
ScuniziDrifterSX, then you must be trolling05:32
DrifterSXi get by alot better now05:32
* mneptok points DrifterSX to a /msg window05:32
fdesessh1234: apt-cache search runlevel ... update-rc.d is popular.05:32
MattevtScunizi: "Lock to Panel" is unchecked...I don't think the (Applications Places System) menus are moveable...I can move the buttons along the taskbar, just not the three main menus05:32
ubuntuROXI agree,, vista is not bad,  It was the bomb for me,,  like I said,, it made me take another look at linux and now I am delighted..05:32
DrifterSXim trying to get calc to help me get pspvc working05:32
earthlingDanikar: type fdisk -l as super user and tell the partition showing ntsf05:32
amnatzroot@natousayni-laptop:/home/natousayni# slim05:32
amnatzSegmentation fault05:32
N1N31NCHN41L6i seem to think i saw something in add/remove once that put a terminal in the takbars - but cant find it now05:32
calcDrifterSX: oh pspvc, i have no idea about it at all, don't have a ps3 camera05:33
amnatzwhat may i do next ?05:33
calcDrifterSX: someone else was talking about pspvc05:33
Danikarearthling, earthling, /dev/sda1 /media/Windows ntfs default 0 005:33
fdesessh1234: Remember, on Debian/Ubuntu 2-5 are the same thing by default.05:33
ScuniziMattevt, try to add another application menu to the bar and place it where you want it.. if it works delete the other  one.05:33
DrifterSXsomeone was gona show me how pspvc works, not the damn ca,mera calc05:33
Danikarearthling, bah miscopy05:33
Danikarearthling, /dev/sda1   *           1       20550   165067843+   7  HPFS/NTFS05:33
DrifterSXmust be mne05:33
balgarathsourgrape, his suggestion was to install an old copy of windows to a VMware server...I won't be able to get to that for a while05:33
sessh1234is there a gnome app for bringing down a terminal from the top of the screen with ~05:33
* calc bbl, work05:33
Alinonwhen i try to install Ubuntu i get a message during scanning that says something like device /hda or whatever has a logical sector size of 2048 - not all parts of gnu parted support this at the moment and working code is highly experimental05:33
DrifterSXok ok ill brb05:33
earthlingDanikar: k05:34
crdlbsessh1234: tilde05:34
sourgrapebalgarath ... last dumb quesitn.  What if you put the real IP address of your workstation into IE intead of localhost?  Still epic fail?05:34
InfernoX222does neone know how to get madwifi-source to install? apt-get install madwifi-source dosnt work and synaptic dosnt have it either05:34
Scunizisessh1234, yes.. I just read about it the other day.. but for the life of me I can't remember the name.05:34
Alinonthis happens when the the partitioner starts...but it just sits there forever05:34
osiriscrdlb, trident05:34
ubuntuROXwhats with real player?  I had to do the bin install, then remove the mplayer plugins to for rm to get it to work.  Should be a package that does all that05:34
fdesessh1234: Same one you used in Gentoo... apt-cache search <whatever-you-used-in-gentoo> ... it'll be in Ubuntu, I'd bet  :)05:34
ENeGMAis there any solution to the problem with sound dropping out in 8.04?05:34
earthlingDanikar: your entry will be some thing like " /dev/sda1  /mnt/sda1  ntfs uid=1000,gid=100 0 0"05:34
sessh1234i didnt have it in gentoo05:34
sessh1234it was a kde thing05:34
sessh1234ive seen it before05:34
sessh1234i wanted know if gnome had something similar05:35
nomasteryodaENeGMA, cutting out while on battery?... i don't have it in kde if that's a plus05:35
nomasteryodaor work around05:35
Scunizisessh1234, that's what I was referring to05:35
earthlingDanikar: you will have to create /mnt/sda1 or have at a place convinient to you05:35
ENeGMAno, on ac05:35
N1N31NCHN41L6i want a terminal shortcut on desktop or in menu nars05:35
hydrogenyakuake is the kde program05:35
sessh1234nomasteryoda: hey i know you from mgalug05:35
hydrogenIf theres a gnome one i'm sure its not as good05:35
nomasteryodacool sessh123405:35
N1N31NCHN41L6sessh1234:  there is - i saw it before - looking fo now05:35
sourgrapeNine - right click the terminal menu item in the menus05:35
Danikarearthling, ok. Its so weird Gutsy always did it for me =\05:36
ScuniziN1N31NCHN41L6, find terminal in the menu .. right mouse click and choose place on panel or whatever05:36
balgarathsourgrape, that got it, as long as I put http:// in front of the IP05:36
MattevtScunizi: thanks. I think I can work with this05:36
sessh1234nomasteryoda: lol, no one talks there anymore though05:36
nomasteryodai'm famous.. in HPR episode 83 Xoke "stole" my tux penguin05:36
balgarathsourgrape, thanks for the suggestions :)05:36
sourgrapebalgarath - wel at least you havea  temp work around.  It's going to bug me that localhost isn't working05:36
nomasteryodasessh1234, true05:36
ScuniziMattevt, many ways  to skin a cat.. or heron :)05:36
nomasteryodapeople are just too busy here05:36
Danikarearthling, thanks05:36
earthlingDanikar: k05:36
sourgrapebalgarath - makes me think that IE4Linux is hijacking localhosts/127 subnet somehow05:37
labmgrkjashdkjash dkjashda05:37
sessh1234yeah, lol05:37
labmgrkjashdjksa dkjsahdas05:37
labmgrkajsdhaksjhd jksadas05:37
labmgrkjasdhjksah dkjsa05:37
labmgrkjashdkjsa dkjsad05:37
FloodBot1labmgr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:37
sessh1234nomasteryoda: do you know any linux computer shops or companies in the area05:37
balgarathsourgrape, lol...I just noticed that http://localhost works, I was just typing localhost - its an M$ thing I guess05:37
N1N31NCHN41L6Scunizi: u ROCK thanks a million05:38
iMatteri just installed clamAV and during the setup it shows this Not creating home directory `/var/lib/clamav'. WARNING: local host name (son9524-laptop) is not qualified; see cf/README: WHO AM I?05:38
ScuniziN1N31NCHN41L6, :)  thanks05:38
nomasteryodasessh1234, there's one group in Macon... guy does installs all over the state for schools mostly using Fedora... but i don't remember the name.05:38
Jordan_Ubalgarath, My dad has that same bug with IE in windows so that seems to be it :)05:38
nomasteryodaI think tux solutions05:38
nomasteryodais the name05:38
sessh1234nomasteryoda: its not LSP J. Robinson is it05:38
sourgrapeBalgarath - you're right there, I think with IE intergration, it tries to connect via SMB first, probably blows up in IE4linux05:38
nomasteryodasure is05:39
FloodBot1nomasteryoda: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:39
sessh1234i met him waaaaay back05:39
fdebalgarath: Nah, you can type it in a terminal... look at /etc/hosts for some aliases... browsers require a protocol though... even file:// is a protocol  ;)05:39
nomasteryodagrr... not punctuating dams block my thoughts ... bots... hate hem...05:39
nxusrhow do you make a statement with the *(asterik) preceding ?05:39
balgarathJordan_U, I've been away from windows for so long...I find it takes me longer to figure out problems on friend's computers.  Everytime I work on one, my decision to switch to Ubuntu gets reinforced :)05:39
* sourgrape doesn't know05:39
sacamanohow do you add a simple password to a wireless router? like UBUNTU. is it wpa, or wep?05:40
nomasteryodasessh1234, so where you now? in GA still?05:40
Scunizinxusr, /me05:40
sessh1234nomasteryoda: yeah05:40
sourgrapeheh I always use /action blahblah05:40
InfernoX222does anyone know if there is another 'automatic' way to download madwifi-source? apt-get install madwifi-source aptitude and synaptic all do not have it05:40
* nxusr thanks Scunizi05:40
sessh1234nomasteryoda: i quit compunet though, they kinda sux05:40
sven_oostenbrink I need to automate a task where I daily copy some 500 files from some 50 different directories to a remote FTP server.. Im looking at the ftp command but I don't see how I can automate that (like specifying the user name, password, etc).. How could I automate this task?05:40
=== matxbot is now known as matx
* Scunizi :)'s @ nxusr 05:40
fdebalgarath: I don't recommend changing anything in there though unless you know what you're doing  :)05:40
=== crazy_person is now known as BROOM[A]
BROOM[A]« Away On » Reason: sleeping « Since 12:40:am / Pager: OFF »05:40
sessh1234nomasteryoda: so if you know anyone hiring, plz let me know, even windows shops, lol05:40
adnapshi there, im having troubles with with my wireless adapter automatically starting. atm i need to ifconfig ra0 up to get it working. i have added a script in init.d and done update-rc.d ifwifi default but its still not working on startup ... any ideas?05:41
nomasteryodasessh1234, they did not impress me. sessh1234 LOL05:41
balgarathfde, I've learned not to change a lot of things the hard way :)  (or, more specifically, backup what I am changing)05:41
earthlinghaving problem with sify wifi.. anyone?05:41
tr-33hello, anyone here familiar with certifications?05:41
nomasteryodai would like to know of any ... but m ostly Linux shops...05:41
geniisven_oostenbrink: the ftp command does not have any syntax to automate entering of passwords and commands05:41
Mathmanbalgarath: eh, just know how to change it back05:41
nomasteryodaearthling, working good here... but then again, I don't use the net-applet... i use wicd05:41
sessh1234nomasteryoda: well, i worked there for like 2 or three years and then they switched the linux ids stuff to sonicwall crap and i couldnt take it anymore05:41
=== scotiobade is now known as scotiobade2
sourgrapeSven - not that I can help, but I belive perl or another scripting language is your solution.05:41
* DIL wha05:41
TheToffmsg ubotu etiquette05:42
nomasteryodanice one..05:42
sven_oostenbrinkgenii> then how could I automate FTP?05:42
mojoLittle help please with problematic gutsy-server > hardy-server upgrade.  Server is headless.  Updated/Upgraded Gutsy and ran do-release-upgrade over an SSH connection.  Fell asleep before it finished, found SSH session terminated after sitting there prompting me about a config file update.  Had to shut down, install video card, kbd, monitor, and ran the update/upgrade & do-release-upgrade from console.  Fails to find new release.  "sudo05:42
mojodpkg --configure -a" gives this result: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8828/  THANKS!05:42
sourgrapeSven - I've seen it done in Perl before, I just don't have access to those scripts anymore to show you05:42
geniisven_oostenbrink: Perhaps you may want to look at rsync instead05:42
earthlingnomasteryoda: did you have atheros card05:42
sven_oostenbrinksourgrape> I could do it in PHP :) But need it done in bash05:43
ubuntuROXsven its easy05:43
sessh1234lol, well thanks for all the help ppl.  i gotta go for now05:43
balgarathyou guys recommend any specific hardware to go with/stay away from when building a desktop?  or and good companies that build linux computers (cheaply)?05:43
sessh1234nomasteryoda: later yo05:43
TheToffHi all, I have a problem with USB headphones after a Heron upgrade, any sound gurus about?05:43
ubuntuROXhold a sec.05:43
nomasteryodaah... nope.. I have intel card... thought I know one person with an atheros... he's been using hardy since alpha 205:43
sven_oostenbrinkgenii> rsync does FTP? one problem is, locally Im talking about 50 different directories, remote about 1 only.. and its a one way copy only as well05:43
adnapswhere do i place a script to perform ifconfig ra0 up on startup?05:43
ubuntuROXIll get you the script to ftp from the command line05:43
kneekiBefore I ask here, is there a WoW channel I should ask my questions in for playing WoW on ubuntu? :)05:43
sourgrapeBal - not wanting to start a flame war... but in my limited experience - intel procs, intel chipsets, nvidia video.05:44
balgarathkneeki, #wine?05:44
testifyIs it possible now, with the authentication requirement, to easily configure a static IP connection to a WPA wireless network?05:44
eboyjrtheres 14 people on #wow05:44
fdemojo: please try to install lunux-image-2.6.24-server explicitly and paste the results to me, thanks05:44
DILbalgarath: tigerdirect/compusa is a good source for components ASUS mobo05:44
Jordan_Usven_oostenbrink, Can you use keys to login rather than a password?05:44
kneekibalgarath, that's probably a good start. thanks!05:44
eboyjr##wow i mean05:44
Flannelkneeki, balgarath, it's #winehq, but see also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft05:44
Mathmanbalgarath: go with supermicro boards.  intel chipsets.  seagate disks, with a good long warranty.  raid if you're able.  nvidia video cards.  good companies?  eh, you get more for your dollar just building something yourself05:44
geniisven_oostenbrink: You may find some bash scripts to modify for that purpose here http://www.reallylinux.com/docs/autoftp.shtml05:44
earthlingnomasteryoda: what was your wireless card type? i ahve been trying to get atheros card working for ages and it never seemes to take off..05:44
adnapsAnyone? Where to place a script for ifconfig ra0 up for startup?05:45
nomasteryodawhich model earthling ?05:45
sven_oostenbrinkgenii> Just heard of lftp, seems to be able to do the job05:45
Don_MiguelHello again, it has been about 22 minutes now so trying again:05:45
Don_MiguelRepeat #1, this morning: Problem: IDE (working) partitions not visible after Gutsy net-upgrade to Hardy on SATA  Note1: those IDE still show in BIOS, Note2: but NOT in partition manager ! ... see Paste: http://pastebin.com/m6cd001d405:45
balgaraththanks all05:45
Scuniziearthling, mine works on server install.05:45
sourgrapegenii - you rule, nice link05:45
amnatzdualscreen GUI w nvidia : twinview05:45
nomasteryodaadnaps, try /etc/modprobe ?05:45
N1N31NCHN41L6i was told to do this delete /boot/grub - but its says delete: comand not found - what do i use05:45
sven_oostenbrinkgenii> thanks, I'll check the link!05:45
amnatzthx for help sourgrape05:45
geniisourgrape: Thanks05:45
adnapsnomasteryoda : will try, thanks05:45
FlannelDon_Miguel: they've been mapped to SATA.  they're all sdX's now05:45
nomasteryodalook into the folder... or some files there05:46
earthlingnomasteryoda: athros n552305:46
ScuniziN1N31NCHN41L6, who told you to delete /boot/grub.. that's what start your system05:46
sourgrapeamnatz - well, it was worth what you paid for it :)  Good luck05:46
nomasteryoda... if not, then look at the session manager for gnome adnaps05:46
Jordan_UN1N31NCHN41L6, By whom were you told to delete /boot/grub ? In most cases that will prevent your system from booting05:46
mojofde::  http://paste.ubuntu.com/8830/05:46
nomasteryodadown under system, session05:46
Mathmanbalgarath: sun puts out some really sweet systems if you want to have a name brand behind it.  hp if you don't want to spend as much as sun costs.  spose it depends on your situation really05:46
Don_MiguelFlannel: thanks, I'll go look ... again!05:46
mojofde::  and thanks for looking :)05:46
Alinoni have the exact error message now - this is what i get when the Ubuntu partitioner begins to scan my hdd's - WARNING device /dev/dss has a logical sector size of 2048.  Not all parts of GNU parted support this at the moment, and the working code is high experiemental.  Then it just sits where scanning but never does anything.05:46
roshanenew help..i'm not getting some videos to play online05:46
mojoroshane::  format?05:46
shthap3nshi all, i'm running HH(server). could someone kindly tell me the command to install the GUI desktop?05:46
Jordan_Uroshane, Try right clicking them and "open in totem movie player"05:47
balgarathMathman, I'll probably take your advice and build myself05:47
fdemojo: Take a look at /etc/apt/sources.list ... has it been changed to hardy?05:47
N1N31NCHN41L6i need to delete - then sudo grub-install /dev/sda  then sudo update-grub - i got 2 os and the grub only lets me run one05:47
Flannelshthap3ns: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop05:47
mojoshthap3ns::  sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop05:47
shthap3nsthanks, Flannel!05:47
Flannelshthap3ns: You'll (probably) also want to switch to the generic kernel, if you plan on using this as a desktop machine05:47
earthlingnomasteryoda: its a wireless ethernet adapter. not a wifi card you put in the laptop slot but one that has a big antena that goes to the roof top. SUB-326 i guess05:47
sourgrapebalgarath - nothing like cutting your hands on your own PC's sheet metal case =)05:47
Alinonanyone have a clue as to what the deal is? i've never had problems installing ubuntu until 8.0405:47
fdemojo: Also, in this particular case, don't use aptitude, it is far better in most cases, but may be compounding the issue currently...05:47
N1N31NCHN41L6any ideas05:47
Jaggednzroshane: Installed Ubuntu extras ?05:47
eboyjrFlannel, you are on here a lot, correct?05:48
balgarathsourgrape, been there :)05:48
shthap3nsFlannel: i'm still going to run it as a server. i'm just too noob to use the command line :(05:48