gnuskoolseancron: no, i can go lower to 640, but not higher00:00
seancronblackperl: it seems like you have synaptic set to auto start00:00
cheeseboyhow do i setup a network bridge?00:01
seancrongnuskool: odd...and just to be sure, thats through the xfce settings manager?00:01
emdashmy 8.04 upgrade just barfed00:14
seancronhow so?00:14
emdashsubprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 100:14
emdashCould not install 'xserver-xorg'00:14
emdashthat popped up in a dialog00:15
emdashmeanwhile there's a whole slew of nasty error messages in the terminal00:15
emdashi knew i should have waited00:16
seancronhow did you try to upgrade?00:18
emdashusing the update manager from 7.1000:18
emdashwhere do i go to file bug reports?00:21
zoredacheubotu?  are you gone?00:22
emdashmaybe ubotu tried to upgrade as well00:22
emdashwhat the hell do I do now?00:22
seancronhahaha seems like this might help:00:22
emdashoh great00:23
emdashmy menu font is borked00:23
zoredacheyou close everything you can go to a console and do a 'apt-get dist-upgrade' again...00:23
seancron...and maybe pray :P00:23
PsynoKhi03 hard resets only today... not much muck with hardy so far00:24
PsynoKhi0muck = luck*00:24
* emdash is seriously frustrated with ubuntu00:24
emdashsuspend support has been broken since 7.0400:24
emdashand now this00:24
zoredacheso did you have any unofficial repositories enabled or anything?00:25
emdashthey were disabled by the update manager (or so it said)00:25
emdashi think i had medibuntu and that's about it00:25
zoredacheor use something like envy/ automatix at some point in time00:25
emdashwhat is envy?00:25
emdashthis started out as a fresh install of 7.0400:25
emdashthen i uptated to 7.1000:25
zoredachesomething that configures displays...  Many people argue that it does ugly/evil things00:26
PsynoKhi0any IceWM user here?00:26
emdashafaik it's completely stock00:26
emdashbut i use universe/multiverse00:26
emdashand some restricted drivers00:26
emdashit seriously looks like there's some errors in the xserver-xorg install scripts00:27
emdashi'm also afraid to kill *everything* because I might not be able to get back to X1100:27
seancronmaybe somebody on the #ubuntu channel might be able to help more seeing as there are more people?00:27
emdashthank god i actually backed up /home before trying this00:27
seancronwish i could help more but i'm still with Dapper00:28
zoredachedo you not have a spare computer, or anything to get on the internet with?00:28
emdashnote to self: don't be ubuntu's guinnea pig...wait a month before updatating to a new release00:28
zoredacheor perhaps a livecd or something?00:29
PsynoKhi0puppylinux makes a great "oh sh*t..." rescue OS00:30
fldav76I was trying to find the place where i could get help setting up xubunutu00:38
zoredacheyou can try to get help here.. there are no guarentees00:39
seancronwe try our best00:39
fldav76yeah, i know....at least i'm in the right place00:39
fldav76i've never used irc before00:39
fldav76well...should i just dive right in and talk about my problem?00:40
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seancrongo ahead00:40
zoredachethe first hint I have for you about irc is that you don't have to ask to ask...  Asking to ask a question will just annoy people.  :p00:41
fldav76alright....I've been going through sevreal distros and heard that xubunutu was rather low on system requirements...so i've installed it and so far everything is great...but...00:41
fldav76i have a linksys WUSB 11 version 2.5  usb wireless card00:41
fldav76i have tryed to run the bash commands that i know about to set the wlan0 connection up...but so far it hasn't worked00:42
viddfldav76, in CLI type lsusb00:43
viddwhat chipset does it say?00:43
fldav76it seems that xubuntu recognises that a wireless device is present...but i can't see any networks...and i can't connect using the wireless____[i'll do that now...brb]00:43
seancronhave you tried going through it with the GUI...sometimes that's easier00:44
fldav76d@lincom:~$ lsusb00:44
fldav76Bus 002 Device 001: ID 0000:000000:44
fldav76Bus 001 Device 002: ID 066b:2212 Linksys, Inc. WUSB11v2.5 802.11b Adapter00:44
fldav76Bus 001 Device 001: ID 0000:000000:44
fldav76[seancron: i'd love to use the gui...i just haven't been able to get it to work]00:45
viddhave you turned on restricted drivers?00:45
fldav76hmm.,..not on purpose...how would i check that00:45
KillerOrcagrrr, anyone know how to set a static IP address?00:45
viddKillerOrca, on wifi or lan?00:46
KillerOrcavidd: lan00:46
vidd7.10 or 8.04?00:46
viddfldav76, Applications>System>HardwareDrivers00:47
viddKillerOrca, do you have the network plugin omn your toolbars?00:48
fldav76no proprietary drivers are in use on this system00:48
vidd(icon that looks like two comp screens)00:48
KillerOrcavidd: i'm trying to do it command line00:48
viddKillerOrca, oh...ok....00:49
viddone sec....00:49
KillerOrcavidd: the grapical portion takes up a lot of resources00:49
viddthe pastebin link wont work00:51
zoredacheubuto is dead...00:52
zoredacheI am reading the #ubuntu-ops logs... appearently the computer he was hosted on stoppped hosting him00:53
viddKillerOrca, http://pastebin.com/d782eabe300:53
viddmake your /etc/networking/interfaces look similar00:54
viddsorry guys...i have to jet00:55
fldav76anybody else able to lend a hand with the wireless problem?00:55
seancronill try my best00:55
fldav76what can i do to make it easier?00:56
zoredacheabout all I can do is suggest that you look at - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide - if you haven't already00:56
seancrontry going to applications>system>networking00:57
seancrondo you see a wireless connection item?00:58
fldav76{zoredache: I have looked through the most common how-to guides....but i', li,ited because I'm not sure what is normal behaviour and what is not...in windows i could tell weather i was attacking a problem in the right way...in linux, i'm just a babe in arms]00:59
fldav76[seancron: yes...wlan000:59
seancronclick on that and then click on properties01:00
fldav76oddly enough it calles it a wired connection01:00
seancrontry to configure your network01:00
fldav76it's on automatic dhcp right now01:00
seancronthat should probably be good01:00
fldav76roaming unchecked01:01
seancronyour network name in there?01:01
seancronand any key you might have?01:01
fldav76in wlan0 properties? no01:01
seancronwell then type them in01:02
fldav76in fact...i have never been able to figure out just where one would look for avalible wireless networks01:02
fldav76the wlan0 properties dialog box only shows boxes for01:03
fldav76ip address01:03
fldav76subnet mask01:03
fldav76gateway address01:03
seancronare you setting it up for a home network or trying to find available networks?01:03
seancronsorry im still running off of dapper so my screen might not match up01:04
fldav76well, eventually i want to set up a home network to share my dsl internet to my laptops....but as a first step i was just trying to get to the point whre i could see my neighbors wireless network...at least that would prove the card is proking01:05
viddKillerOrca, did it work for ya?01:09
fldav76i'd be happy to send a screenshot...but i'm not sure how01:10
viddfldav76, did you get your wifi to work?01:10
fldav76not yet///seancron is lending a bit of a hand01:11
seancronim still on dapper so there are some differences...help would be appreciated01:12
viddmine just worked01:12
fldav76lol...i wish01:12
seancronvidd: do you know how to scan for available networks?01:13
viddiwlist scan01:13
fldav76btw...i'm running xubuntu 8.04 desktop01:13
fldav76will do01:13
fldav76d@lincom:~$ iwlist wlan0 scan01:13
fldav76wlan0     No scan results01:13
seancronmight not mean anything if the card isnt set up?01:14
fldav76d@lincom:~$ iwlist scan01:14
fldav76lo        Interface doesn't support scanning.01:14
fldav76eth0      Interface doesn't support scanning.01:14
fldav76wlan0     No scan results01:14
viddping [gateway IP]01:14
fldav76i don't know my gateway ip.../i may not have one...right now i'm connected to a dsl line01:15
vidddo you have a wireless router?01:15
seancronfldav76 said: well, eventually i want to set up a home network to share my dsl internet to my laptops....but as a first step i was just trying to get to the point whre i could see my neighbors wireless network...at least that would prove the card is proking01:16
fldav76no....in the end i'd like to use this computer to share my dsl line over the wireless card01:16
viddyou would be better off getting a wireless router01:17
viddcan you "se" the neighbor's wifi on a different system?01:17
fldav76i know...but 1. i haven't got the m,oney and 2. i'll only use it occasionally01:18
fldav76yes..i can see it on a wondows xp laptop01:18
viddwhat is it's ip?01:18
zoredacheare you actually able to connect from your laptop?01:19
fldav76well, i can copnnect to any wireless network using the laptop (at the library etc) but i don't have the wep key so i can't actually connect to the neighbors01:20
viddif you cant connect on windows, you cant connect on linux01:20
zoredachekeeping that in mind I kinda think trying to see something you can't use is pointless01:20
seancroni feel like we're misunderstanding what you are trying to do01:21
zoredachexubuntu is aimed more at desktop usage... If you are trying to turn your computer into an AP you might want to ask in #ubuntu-server...01:21
Kaemon12433i'm new to xubuntu!01:22
fldav76you are right...but i can't tell if my wireless card is set up properly at this point..i was just trying to prove that it was set up properly01:22
zoredacheI also think that you are going to have a lot of pain trying to get a USB device work as an AP01:22
seancronnice to meet you Kaemon12433, congratulations!01:22
Kaemon12433had trouble with all the other ones01:22
fldav76i've heard that before...and so far they were all correct01:22
Kaemon12433took awhile to get xubuntu to run fast online01:22
Kaemon12433seemed like the firefox 3 beta is'nt all that good01:22
Kaemon12433went to firefox 201:23
fldav76but i don't just want a server setup...i'd like to use this computer as a normal desktop as well01:23
Kaemon12433hey i dont know how to set up my digital cam in xubuntu01:24
seancroni think what you need to find out is how to connect to public access points so you can see if you card works at a place like the library01:25
seancronKaemon12433: what type of camera is it?01:25
zoredacheKaemon12433:  the really easy way is to buy a supported USB memory reader for the media type your camera uses01:25
Kaemon12433yea it's a kodak easysharec65301:25
fldav76true...that's what iwas trying to do ...test whether i can "see" the access point around here01:25
seancronand maybe if you are lucky the usb cable that came with it will work01:25
Kaemon12433maybe i jus need to go to kodak.com and get the software like that?01:26
Kaemon12433wait no01:27
Kaemon12433kodak does'nt support linux01:27
Kaemon12433ubuntu detected it right when i plugged it up tho01:27
Kaemon12433and it transferred the images01:27
Kaemon12433hopefully xubuntu does the same?01:28
seancronKaemon12433: try it and tell us if you have any problems01:28
Kaemon12433thank you01:28
fldav76any thoughts anybody?01:31
viddcan you access any wifi on your windowsbox(es)?01:32
viddwhere you are now01:32
fldav76i can setup a testing network and connect to that i guess01:32
viddgood idea01:33
fldav76i guess i have one last question...how does one normally connect to a wireless network (in , say, a hotel) using xubuntu01:34
viddright click on the network applet and choose connect01:36
fldav76that's what i tought...ah welll01:37
fldav76thank anyways fellas01:37
fldav76have a good one01:37
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redwhitewaldowhere's thunar bin file?02:17
seancrontype 'whereis thunar'02:17
seancronno problem02:17
VulKnOcommand for reinstall icons02:28
emdashwell it rebooted okay02:37
oasisfaiwhat should I do if create launcher is broken in xubuntu?02:52
seancronoasisfai: what do you mean is broken?02:52
seancronoasisfai: how is it broken?02:55
oasisfaiwhen I right click on xfce desktop and select create laucher, then I type something in textfield. after that, the frame dispear.02:55
seancronhmm...so you type in the command for the launcher and it never shows up on your desktop?02:58
seancrontry typing this in a terminal: 'killall xfdesktop; xfdesktop &'03:00
seancrontell me if they show up or not03:00
oasisfaithe terminal show up no process call xfdesktop03:02
seancronwell if you go into your Desktop folder and add a launcher through thunar i believe it should show up03:04
oasisfaithe entire message was: no process killed. [1] 635303:04
seancronyeah i guess you have a different setup than i do03:05
seancroni was trying to kill the desktop process and restarted it again03:05
seancrontry restarting X11 by doing ctrl+alt+backspace note: you'll have to login again03:06
seancronother than that im stumped03:06
oasisfaistill have problem.03:08
seancronsorry i honestly can't think of why it might be happening03:10
seancronid say your best bet is to either google it or get an answer from somebody else03:11
oasisfaiI just found some critical message in terminal03:11
seancronwhat does it say?03:11
oasisfaiwhen the create laucher was failed, at the same time, the terminal show up: (exo-desktop-item-edit:6734): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_utf8_casefold: assertion `str != NULL' failed03:12
seancronhmmm well i have to leave so see what almighty google has to say to that03:13
seancrongood luck03:13
`MrMoo-hi i need help installing a wireless network card driver03:48
seancronhaven't really done it before but ill give it a shot03:49
seancronwhat driver?03:50
`MrMoo-hi umm03:50
`MrMoo-ibm high rate wireless lan03:50
seancronis that the name of the driver?03:50
`MrMoo-thats the name of the network card03:51
`MrMoo-im trying to get the wireless lan working on an ancient ibm thinkpad (a22m)03:51
seancronand you have no luck with the built in support?03:51
`MrMoo-yep no luck with that03:51
`MrMoo-the system doesnt recognize the device when i type "iwconfig"03:52
`MrMoo-wlan0 doesnt show up03:52
`MrMoo-i also tried using the windows wireless drivers app to isntall the driver03:53
`MrMoo-it just says that it's an invalid driver03:53
`MrMoo-(btw i got the driver from the ibm website)03:53
seancronok you might want to try the #ubuntu channel, they have a lot of experience with wireless drivers so i think someone there can help you sorry03:54
`MrMoo-no prob, thanks anyway03:54
merbuntuis there a kill signal i can use to quit system tools like 'add/remove', synaptic, etc??  some of these seem to freeze up on this old laptop, and i'm going to be giving it away in central america on friday.  the users will only have dial up, so anything that can help them speed things up would be good.  also, can someone recommend a secondary (text based?) browser to install as an alternative to f04:40
maxamillionmerbuntu: if i remember correctly, ctrl+alt+escape will open up "Xkill" and your cursor will turn into a skull and cross bones and then you just click on what app you want killed04:41
merbuntumaxamillion: you mean just click in the apps window anywhere?04:43
maxamillionmerbuntu: yup04:43
merbuntui'll try it in a few mins, what about a text based browser good for dialup connection?04:43
maxamillionbut be carefull ... if you click the wrong application, then *poof* its gone ... this tool doesn't ask "are you sure?"04:43
merbuntufirefox should make a dialup version04:44
maxamillionmerbuntu: i use w3m, but links2 is generally more popular if you don't like having to remember key combinations04:44
maxamillionmerbuntu: i;m sorry, not links2 ... elinks04:44
merbuntucounsel taken re: *poof* ... is elinks in synaptic?04:45
maxamillionlinks2 is good too, but i think elinks is more under development04:45
maxamillionmerbuntu: yes, elinks should be in synaptics04:45
merbuntuok, i go check ... thanks04:45
maxamillionmerbuntu: you might need to make sure you enable all the repositories04:46
merbuntuk, is there a terminal command for that? or do it in the synaptic windows?04:47
merbuntuwow.  synaptic acts sooooOOOOOoooo sluggish on this machine.04:49
maxamillionmerbuntu: yes, there is a command line tool ... i've actually never used synaptic, i prefer the command line04:49
maxamillionmerbuntu: do 'apt-cache search -n elinks'04:49
maxamillionmerbuntu: and if that returns something then do 'sudo apt-get install elinks'04:49
merbuntuctrl/alt/esc dint work on synaptic, its still rattling around .... arrrrggghhh, i'll need to close it to use the command line, right?04:52
maxamillionmerbuntu: probably a decent idea .. i can't remember if it will interfere04:53
merbuntuhmmmm.... i see elinks, and elinks lite in synaptic04:53
maxamillionits a command line browser, i don't see the need for the lite version04:56
merbuntuhwhooops, it has NO gui?  they might not be able to handle that.  i was thinking of something more like netrik, that i've used on damn small before, i wonder if ubuntu has that in reps?05:01
maxamillionnever heard of netrik05:02
maxamillioni thought dillo was what's on damn small05:02
TixerI have a problem on a Xubuntu server I manage. The server responds to ping, I can SSH / VNC into it, but it can't access any sites other than the router it uses. I even tried pinging, which doesn't work. Any ideas?05:24
maxamillionTixer: wait, you can ping it and ssh into it but you can't ping out of it?05:25
gaurdrois the router setup to have it as the dmz?05:25
Tixerit's over a lan05:25
TixerI can SSH or VNC into it, but once on it, I can only ping my computer and the router. all other sites don't respond.05:25
TixerI assumed it was a dns issue, but I can't even access IPs like or a couple other I tried.05:26
maxamillionTixer: and you can't ping
Tixerit says "Network is unreachable"05:26
Tixerhowever, if I ping the router, or my computer (the one I'm sshing from), both reply05:28
gaurdrowhile connected to it does a web browser connect to the outside world05:28
maxamillionTixer: are you running firestarter or have some custom iptables configuration that might not be allowing traffic?05:30
gaurdroThis sounds like a router misconfiguration to me.  did the router change at all?05:30
Tixerand other computers on the router still have access.05:31
gaurdroany recent power glitches?05:31
Tixerfirestarter isn't installed, but iptables is, and isn't used.05:31
Tixercorrection: iptables isn't installed any more.05:32
maxamillionTixer: you can't uninstall iptables ... its built into the kernel05:33
maxamillionahhh!!!! $199 iBook G3 on macofalltrades.com05:34
Tixertell that to my server, which now gives me "/sbin/iptables" not found05:34
maxamillionerrr... wrong channel05:34
maxamillionTixer: that's just an admin tool ... but the actual iptables implementation has to do with the packet filter rules of the kernel05:35
Tixerbut there aren't any rules now, so there's no chance that's causing it.05:35
maxamillionTixer: i think the fact that you don't have it *could* be a problem05:35
Tixerthat wouldn't explain why I can get to my router / my computer.05:37
gaurdroit's following the only path it has.05:38
Tixerso I just turned on a wifi card the machine has.05:39
Tixerwlan0 can get to the tubes.05:39
Tixerbut eth0 can't.05:39
maxamillionTixer: right, but there's *no* rules ... not even ALLOW ALL05:40
maxamillionwell ... wait, i guess if it were to kill connections it would kill both inbound and outbound ... and wouldn't ... nvm05:40
maxamillioni'm a moron, don't listen to me05:40
gaurdro no iptables would just freak out when it's trying to route an outbound connection.  the router/dns  is handling the inbound connection for it.05:41
Tixerit isn't a router problem, because i can use the wifi card to connect to the router and go on the tubes05:42
gaurdroit still may be something on the wired side of the router.  (most routers handle wifi and wired seperately).  try rebooting the router.05:47
gaurdroalso,  are you using dhcp or fixed ip's?05:48
Tixerstatic ips05:48
gaurdrohas anything recently changed with the setup?05:49
gaurdroanything at all,  new ip from your isp,  upgraded any system,   changed physical ports on any router, system?05:51
Tixernew ips (dynamic ip), upgraded to 8.04, added like, 3 more wifi cards, removed 2 wifi cards, and yeah.05:52
Tixeressentially, I had a server with like, 4 wifi cards going at once, all using different APs.05:54
TixerI got bored, and wanted to see how many of my neighbours access points I could steal at once.05:55
gaurdrothat's probably the issue,  try disabling all the wifi cards and rebooting.05:56
TixerI've removed all of them except one.05:58
Tixerwhich I just turned off with ifconfig down05:58
Tixerand I still have the issue on eth006:00
TixerI'll try switching eth0 to dhcp06:00
gaurdroi would install iptables and see if there's anything interesting.06:00
Tixerhow would I go about doing that?06:00
Tixer(not the installing part, the "seeing if there's anything interesting part)06:01
gaurdrosudo iptables -L06:04
gaurdroI dunno if sudo is required,  on my box it is. but i have a weird setup/06:05
bjronhrm, I'm not getting resolutions over 600x800 on a new xubuntu install - how do I fix that?06:12
gaurdroit'll be a setting in the xorg.conf to do it directly but i dunno if there's a better way to set it.06:12
Tixerhmmm, so I just lost all contact with eth006:12
Tixertime to salvage this over wifi06:13
gaurdromaybe it's simply a bad nic06:13
gaurdrohow much of a load is it subject to?  is it a card or integrated?06:13
Tixerintegrated :(06:14
Tixerload: just about nothing.06:14
bjrongaurdro: usually I'd 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg' but it's no longer giving me resolution choices, so I thought mb something changed wrt how it deals w/ resolution issues06:14
gaurdroTixer,  I'd try a card nic and see if it solves the problem.06:22
Tixerummm, well, I just lost contact with the machine06:22
Tixerugh, I really don't want to have to go down to my basement.06:22
gaurdrogood you know where the box is.  that's a reallly good first step.06:23
gaurdrobjron,  would you pastebin your xorg.conf?06:23
bjronyea, one sec. .06:24
Tixerdam, I wish I had photos of my setup with me.06:24
Tixerexcept they're on my web server >.>06:24
Tixertrust me, a picture is worth a thousand words.06:24
bjrongaurdro: http://pastebin.com/d3676636e06:26
bjronthinking it might be just that the monitor I have hooked up is old and doesn't report supported resolutions very well . ..06:26
* bjron wonders if he can find the analog cable for his newer monitor06:27
gaurdrohmm,  there's no screen section and it's not reporting the model of monitor attached.  it might be worth a hand configuring of the file,  look up the specs for your monitor and enter it in.  of course, back up the current one before editing it.06:29
bjrongaurdro: aye06:29
gaurdrowait,  i'm a idiot, try Xorg -configure first.06:29
bjronproblem is this box isn't for me06:30
gaurdrobut with the backup first.06:30
bjronso this isn't the monitor that'll be attached in the future06:30
gaurdrohmm,  is the future monitor newer?06:30
bjronmost likely06:30
bjronactually, yea for sure it will be06:31
bjronbut I don't actually know (it's for my great aunt, my uncle bought her a gOS machine, it wasn't working for her, she sent it to me, I decided gOS sucked [plus the recovery cd had errors] so I put xubuntu on it)06:32
bjronhaven't had a chance to call her yet and see what she's got, but I assume it's probably a new lcd type thing - probably came w/ the box, but she didn't send that06:33
gaurdrodoes it have a serial number,  you might be able to look it up through support.06:34
bjronhmm, yea probably does, good thought06:35
bjronhrm, nope, the invoice I have is just for the box, not the monitory06:36
bjronI'll try w/ my other monitor and if it works I won't worry about it06:36
Tixerso I'm giving up on my server for tonight.06:37
gaurdrogood idea,  if there's a problem  you can always send her a script that will make the necisary changes.  I'm assuming she's just a user.06:37
bjronprobably could use it in 600x800 ok too06:38
TixerI'll try to hook it up to a keyboard mouse and monitor tomorrow.06:38
Tixerthe current monitor / kb isn't exactly working,06:38
bjronjust that some stuff (eg settings dialogues) don't fit all that well06:38
Tixerthe monitor currently on my server is a 5" 320x240 PS1 screen, running at 1280x102406:39
Tixeras you can imagine, it's like looking at a cracker.06:39
gaurdroplease tell me it's situated in a coke machine.06:39
TixerI wish :(06:39
Tixerit's sitting atop a washing machine.06:40
Tixerand the keyboard down there broke two days ago... it lacks both control keys.06:40
gaurdropsh,  who needs the ctrl key,  use your mad ascii skillz06:40
Tixer"hmmm, there's crap in the keyboard... let's give it a bath."06:40
Tixer5 minutes later...06:41
Tixer"oh shit, I forgot, the thing has a capacitor inside.06:41
bjronheh, yea that worked like a charm - w/ my newer monitor log out and poof, all kinds of resolution goodness :)06:41
Tixerand alas, I lack working keyboard.06:41
gaurdrothat's odd,  I dishwasher mine whenever it's too dirty.  I let it dry and it works fine.06:41
gaurdrobjron,  good to hear it.06:42
Tixergaudro: mine has a capacitor inside, because it's got leds and bling.06:42
Tixeralas, it didn't make it through the bubbles.06:43
bjronthat's probably - now that I think of it, why ubuntu and x always has such a hard time auto setting up my dual head setup, since the old crt doesn't report its resolution etc.  Always end up having to manually configure.  I should just get another new flatscreen :p06:43
gaurdro?  so does mine,  it's not backlit but it has it's share of led's,  do you have like a ceramic cap added to it?06:44
sinzmanualcan i know the default login for xubuntu livecd ?07:17
=== zoredach1_ is now known as zoredache
zoredachedidn't it automatically login?07:19
zoredacheare you sure you got booted to the livecd?07:20
sinzmanualim sure :)07:21
ere4siif that happens with the ubuntu live cd the login is ubuntu and the password is blank so try that07:21
sinzmanualhave tried07:21
sinzmanualsee,the same problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=75541507:21
sinzmanualhave try with blank,admin/admin,root/blank,07:22
Kaemon12433fianlly got xubuntu to run fast07:23
ere4siI suggested    ubuntu/blank    sinzmanual07:24
sinzmanualok.will try after reboot this win98 ^^07:24
ere4sigood luck :)07:24
sinzmanualhave u try ?07:25
ere4sisinzmanual: I've never had that issue but have seen it posted as the solution several times and no one came back and complained :)07:26
sinzmanualorait..thx ya07:26
sinzmanualnot working la ubuntu/blank07:42
ere4sisinzmanual: did you try   xubuntu/blank   ?07:47
ere4siand have you done the md5 check on the cd?07:48
sinzmanualnot yet.07:56
sinzmanualbut when to install xubuntu,im stuck07:56
sinzmanualmy pc is celeron07:57
ere4si!md5 | sinzmanual07:57
ere4sisinzmanual: it isn't your comp - you need to do the md5 check on the iso before you burn and on the cd after07:59
sinzmanualok.thx.will try07:59
sinzmanualmd5 not match la08:04
ere4sithat'll be it then sinzmanual ...08:17
zoredacheDoes anyone know why nm-tool is reporting my wireless as connected before it is connected in hardy?08:31
makiavelli<zoredache> Have you tryd to as mamma Google about it?08:46
dee_czhi.. my desktop in xfce dissapeared, any idea whats going on?09:35
MiKa^problem here... xubuntu turns off my monitor after a period of time (10-20 mins... not too sure...) anyway to prevent this?10:01
MiKa^ode to joy!10:44
MiKa^oops sorry wrong channel.10:44
alado2anybody know how i can get the media keys on my keyboard to work in xubuntu?11:35
alado2can i somehow change the xubuntu "splash screen" that turns up while xubuntu starts up, the one that says xubuntu and shows the rat11:45
voodoosettings / settings manger11:48
voodoosplash screen11:49
alado2im not sure but i thnk thats another splash screen11:50
alado2im talking about the one before that one11:50
voodooboot splash screen11:51
voodoooh, i understand11:51
alado2between bios post and the login11:51
voodooi know how to disable it :)11:52
alado2there must be a image file somewhere, but i cant seem to find it11:52
voodoocheck usplash11:52
alado2ok, found some info now, thnx!11:56
Abominus69Hello, after I upgraded to the new distribution today (8.04 LTS), my previously working second hard drive is now no longer appearing on my desktop.  How can I add it back?  Thanks.11:56
alado2i had the same problem, and still have, but i just created a mountpoint in fstab and made a shortcut to that on my desktop11:59
alado2in other words, it doesnt turn up as a "drive" anymore, it loads into that mountpoint (folder)12:00
Abominus69Yeah, have just found a page talking about that.  Will attempt it now.12:00
alado2i just added "/dev/sda2 /home/me/hdd2 ext3 user 0 0" to fstab12:02
alado2after you mounted it you can then right click on that mountpoint in Thunar and choose "send to" -> "side pane" and it will also turn up in Places12:04
alado2im not a big fan of this solution, i rather would have it turning up as a normal drive, but this is the best i came up with12:05
voodooany good console news reader?12:09
Abominus69What do you use as your simple text editor for things such as fstab?  vi is driving me nuts.12:09
MiKa^mousepad or nano12:10
MiKa^mousepad would be your usual notepad in windows12:10
voodooAbominus69, vim ;) or mcedit or pico12:10
Abominus69Ahhhhhhh.  That makes life so much better.  Death to vi.  Hooray to mousepad which works fine.  Cheers.12:11
Abominus69Is there a way to get my Pc to run fstab again without rebooting?  I'm trying mounting stuff.12:18
Abominus69Nevermind, I'll just reboot.  Too lazy  :p12:19
alado2can i somehow integrate a clock and some weather info on my desktop? If anybody has been using DSL they have something like that12:26
the_alamoi like using gthumb to browse my movie collection but i can't figure out where to change the default app it uses to open the files.  does anyone know?12:45
MiKa^try this: right click on file > open with other application > click the application in the menu/type it in the box > tick set as default app12:52
ThistleWebhey guys, anyone here have access to the xubuntu site to make a correction?12:55
the_alamoMiKa^, i don't seem to have a box that i can tick to set the default app12:58
MiKa^my xubuntu desktop isnt on now so i can only helpy u from my memory12:59
the_alamothe default for gthumb right now is vlc and i am pretty sure that i set it to that but maybe the upgrade from gutsy to hardy removed that ability13:00
the_alamoi don't know why it would though13:00
the_alamoi am going to remove vlc and see what happens.13:04
the_alamowell it has reverted back to the default i want13:07
the_alamoi will reinstall vlc some other day and see what happens!!13:08
the_alamoMiKa^, thanks for the help13:08
MiKa^no probs13:08
grotheskAre there any known issues upgrading xubuntu from dapper to hardy?13:33
grotheskThere are almost no 3rd-party-packages in dapper, just some codecs, I guess.13:34
gabkdllygrothesk: you can search on launchpad for bugs relating to hardy13:48
grotheskO.K.    I just thought there might be reports of a 'general issue' when upgrading from dapper to hardy. Will do so tomorrow then.13:49
gabkdllyI personally experienced system crashes when upgrading from gutsy13:49
grotheskDuring upgrade of afterwards?13:55
wallybuntuwhy is it that every time i try to start firefox on this old laptop i get a message that its already running and i need to close it to open a new window?  i cant launch firefox at all.... arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh.....14:00
grotheskwallybuntu: killall firefox14:02
grotheskEnter it into a terminal14:03
wallybuntugrothesk, thanks will try that, but isn't this sound like some kind of bug, that it does this repeatedly on startup?14:03
grotheskNo. There might be a process hanging in the background.14:04
grotheskIt will be restored even after a reboot.14:04
wallybuntuok, i go try; thanks14:04
chardingHas anyone tried the install of thre b43 firmware after installed 8.04?14:06
Odd-rationalecharding: I have and it works14:06
chardingwere you using ndiswrapper before?14:07
Odd-rationalecharding: no14:09
chardingOdd-rationale: ´╗┐So after installing the firmware in /lib/firmware/, the loading of the card worked right after..?14:11
Odd-rationalecharding: yes. pretty much.14:13
gabkdllygrothesk: after the upgrades. I was not the only one, there is a bug filed on launchpad about it. It seems to have something to do with the new kernel on some hardwares14:20
grotheskgabkdlly: thx14:23
wallybuntuhmmmmm, having a sound problem and wanted to paste it up, but, what happened to the paste-bin?  doesn't seem to be at that link anymore.14:49
luxurienhi - bonjour14:51
Stroganoffwallybuntu: google -> pastebin. there are hundreds..15:01
xxxxxxxI installed ubuntu using a sub drive now it will not boot unless the usb drive is present can I fix this?15:05
platyhelminthHi How to edit the menu in Xubuntu (like we can do in Ubuntu)15:35
Kaemon12433hey umm i'm having some trouble16:00
Kaemon12433The trouble is that the master computer is xubuntu16:01
Kaemon12433and the other computers are windows16:01
Kaemon12433they cant get a internet connection16:01
Kaemon12433only the ones that ar ealready connected16:01
Kaemon12433not new conections16:01
maxamillioncan you be more specific ... what do you mean by "new connections"?16:02
cody-somervilleXubuntu Ubuntu Open Week presentation starting in #ubuntu-classroom16:02
Kaemon12433New computers trying to connect to the internet16:03
Kaemon12433It's a network setup16:03
Kaemon12433and they cant connect for some reason16:03
Kaemon12433i checked the cords and everything.16:03
Kaemon12433what do i do?16:04
Stroganoffxubuntu is the router?16:05
=== danielm_ is now known as danielm
Kaemon12433this computer used to be xp16:05
Kaemon12433which is the master computer and all16:06
Kaemon12433its connected to the router16:06
Stroganoffwhat is a master computer? ;)16:06
Kaemon12433this one16:06
Stroganoffthe other machines are not connected to the router but to the "master pc"16:06
Kaemon12433this is going to be difficult....16:07
Kaemon12433the other machines ARE conected to the router16:07
Kaemon12433since this has xubuntu installed16:07
Kaemon12433it used to have sbc software and all ya know16:07
Kaemon12433but it does'nt have that anymore16:07
Kaemon12433it's just another computer connected to the web!16:08
Kaemon12433i mean16:08
Kaemon12433to hte router16:08
Stroganofftry 'ipconfig /refresh' on the xp machines16:08
Stroganoffif tcp/ip is set up for "automatically assigned"16:08
Kaemon12433in the command terminal right16:08
Stroganoffno wait16:09
Stroganoffit is ipconfig /renew16:09
Kaemon12433this command should work right?16:09
Stroganoffit broadcasts DHCP request..16:10
Kaemon12433man i'm so glad xubuntu gives out help16:10
Kaemon12433well gives help when peopel need it16:10
Kaemon12433brb computer is back on16:11
Kaemon12433gonna  try it16:11
Kaemon12433got an error message !16:12
Kaemon12433it says16:12
Kaemon12433no adapters bound to tcp/ip are enabled for dhcp16:12
Kaemon12433now what do i do16:12
Kaemon12433...umm you there?.16:14
bulliumis the border on the newest release 8.04 LTS a theme or some other setting/configuration?16:15
bulliumthe thin border on the menu16:15
Kaemon12433ok can you still help16:15
Stroganoffcontrol panel -> network connections -> LAN connection -> TCP/IP Internet Protocoll -> Settings -> assign automatically16:15
Kaemon12433brb i'll do it now16:15
Stroganoffbullium should be related to the gtk2 theme16:16
bulliumStroganoff: ok, I thought ubuntu's gnome menu's looked the same on one of the RC's of 8.04. It must not have made it to the final release?16:17
Stroganoffi dont know nothing about it :D16:17
Kaemon12433ok stroganoff16:19
Kaemon12433it's set to that already16:19
Kaemon12433i jus found out16:19
Kaemon12433when i tried to set it up16:20
Kaemon12433the option to connect to lan16:20
Kaemon12433is NOT avaliable!!16:20
Stroganoffmaybe there's some network bridge you set up earlier?16:21
Stroganoffanyway try asking in #windows16:21
Stroganoffi dont see yet the relation to xubuntu16:21
Kaemon12433still not working16:24
Stroganoffuninstall tcp/ip internet protocoll and reinstall it again (in the preferences of the local connection)16:26
Kaemon12433FOUND THE PROBLEM16:26
Stroganoffk ;)16:26
Kaemon12433the hardware was'nt installed!16:26
Kaemon12433thank you so much16:26
platyhelminthhi, Why i cant see the other partitions with Xubuntu 8.04 (when i can with Ubuntu 8.04) ? Do i need special libs ?16:34
Stroganoffyou need thunar-volman16:36
Stroganoffshould be installed per default.16:37
platyhelminthit is installed but I dont see the other partitions16:39
Stroganofffind out the devices of your other partitions and add entries to /etc/fstab like this16:41
Stroganoff/dev/sda1 /media/c ntfs-3g users,auto,uid=1000,gid=100,umask=007 0 016:42
cheeseboyhi im on xubuntu. I connect to internet wirelessly and I want to setup bridge through my ethernet card to my xbox. Anyone know how?18:20
cheeseboyanyone here help with networking?18:47
cody-somervillecheeseboy, Use firestarter18:50
maxamillioncheeseboy: firestarter has a wizard that will bridge the connection for you as well as manage the dhcp daemon to offer ip address leasing18:53
emdashoh my god18:58
emdashi'm so dissapointed with ubuntu18:59
gNewPower hi, I just installed the new Ubuntu 8.04 and my xmms is gone. which application best replaces it?18:59
emdashi cannot even get X11 to start with fglrx drivers18:59
emdashthis is a serious regression18:59
StroganoffgNewPower: audacious19:01
Stroganoffemdash, reinstall hardy and try envy19:01
gNewPowerStroganoff: thanks! is xmms2 something different alltogether?19:01
StroganoffgNewPower yes19:01
gNewPowerStroganoff: thanks for the info.19:02
FinnisherYeah hi, I was wondering if it was possible to encrypt my xubuntu installation that resides on my laptop to protect it from spying eyes?19:19
FinnisherLatest TrueCrypt provides system encryption but I was disappointed to find out that it only applied to systems running Windows. Perhaps there's a similar tool for Linux? Just encrypting the personal user files would be plenty.19:21
emdashStroganoff: i'm tempted to switch to another distro, actually19:21
zoredacheFinnisher: if you install via the alternate installer you can setup whole-disk encryption19:21
emdashi've been waiting patiently for months19:21
Stroganofffglrx can be a pain19:21
emdashit worked fine in 7.0419:22
zoredachewhen you get to the paritioner choose 'encrypted lvm'19:22
emdashsince then things have only gotten worse19:22
Finnisheroh, I see, thanks19:22
emdashor was it 6.10?19:22
emdashin any case, it's been a long, long time and I honestly feel like ubuntu's standards have dropped, particularly for laptop users19:23
Finnisherbut if I didn't do that when I installed my OS, there's no way to encrypt post-install?19:23
StroganoffFinnisher use truecrypt19:24
zoredacheFinnisher: you can encrypt files post install..  You can created encrypted volumes19:24
Finnishersystem encryption is not available in linux19:24
StroganoffFinnisher encrypting the home folder (rather parts of it) is enough, isnt it?19:25
zoredacheyou can even setup the dm-crypt post install but it is very complex, not well tested, and fairly likely to fail resulting in everything going away19:25
Finnisherhm, rather than creating a container file to fill my whole home folder I'd love to transparently encrypt the home folder itself19:26
Stroganoffcreating a container, moving the home folder into it and automounting the container at /home is exactly the same.19:28
FinnisherI see19:28
zoredachemy vote is still for reinstall and use lvm....  Your hesistance to reinstall is giving me the impression that you don't have a good backup system...  If you don't have a good backup system in my opinion you should not be looking at encryption19:29
Stroganoffwell spoken :D19:30
Finnishermy hesitance to reinstall results directly from the partially broken CD drive that sometimes takes 20 minutes to boot from a CD, even then I use the miniCD because alternate install CD will just end up corrupted19:30
FinnisherI don't plan to save any crucial data on the laptop, just personal data, and in case the laptop ever got stolen or anything I'd prefer people being unable to take a look at what I have in there19:31
zoredacheI guess I have a differen't opinion of my 'personal' data.  I think it IS crucial.19:32
zoredacheanyway, if you are having problems with your optical drive you could setup a usb key or netboot if have a spare usb drive or computer19:33
Finnisheryes, well I have a desktop computer for my daily usage and a laptop for "fun and games"19:33
Finnisheralso because I'm not too experienced with linux systems I use the laptop to learn19:34
Finnisherand regarding the usb boot, I doubt that the ancient BIOS supports that - seeing how the only boot options are floppy, cd and hdd19:35
zoredacheso anyway your choices still are using something like truecrypt (or aes loopback) to build a file as an encrryption container... or reinstall and use the encrypted lvm...19:36
zoredachethe ability to do encryption is on the mini.iso as well19:36
Finnisherok, I'll consider these options...19:36
Finnishersilly of me to have missed that encryption option when I was installing the OS last time...19:36
zoredacheas I mentioned there is a possibility to convert a system using a tool, but to use that tool you basically have to boot off a livecd19:37
Finnisherwell about that encrypted LVS...19:39
Finnisherwhat method of authentication does it use?19:39
Finnisheris there some faq I could read somewhere?19:40
zoredachewhen you turn on your computer you are challenged for a password19:40
zoredacheor as an alternate option you can put a keyfile onto a usb stick19:40
zoredachethe dm-crypt page is http://www.saout.de/misc/dm-crypt/19:41
zoredacheI think the debian guide has some information that would apply  http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch07s02.html.en#mount-dm-crypt19:43
zoredacheand also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemHowto19:44
Finnisherand this dm-crypt is used when I select encrypted LVS?19:45
zoredachethat is lvm, not lvs... and yes19:45
zoredachebasically what the install does is creates a small uncrypted /boot partition, and one big partition.  It encryptes the big partition via dm-crypt then setups up lvm within the encrypted volume, and uses lvm to break that volume up into partitions19:47
zoredachethere are lots more links here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/?action=fullsearch&value=encryptedfilesystem19:48
zoredacheof course most of those go into a lot of detail that you don't need to know if you want to simply use the option in the installer19:50
Finnisherperhaps the most painless solution (despite the broken optical drive) is to just reinstall the system...19:50
Finnisherhaha, as soon as I finish burning a new miniCD the laptop boots from the old miniCD20:04
zoredacheof course...20:07
amel47join #ubuntu20:10
Finnisherwell reinstalling the xubuntu with encryption didn't go without a hitch21:03
FinnisherI have ran into the same problem I experienced when I tried to install xubuntu over freebsd21:03
Finnisherthat is, the GRUB won't install21:03
Finnisherlast time I resolved the problem by erasing the first few sectors of the hard drive with a hard drive wiping utility21:04
* Finnisher curses21:06
FinnisherI have never, ever had to remove the previous operating system before installing a new one21:07
Finnisher...until now21:07
ere4siare you having a dual boot issue?21:09
FinnisherI'm trying to reinstall xubuntu21:09
Finnisherdidn't know I had to erase my hard drive before I reinstall -_-21:09
ere4siformatting the partitions during install should have removed anything on them21:10
Finnisherwell, the problem remains - I can't install grub unless I remove the old bootloaders via some hdd-wiping tool21:10
ere4sigrub rewrites the mbr - doen't matter if something is on it or not21:11
Finnisherthat's what it should do anyway, but the grub installation fails21:11
ere4sidoes grub give an error number??21:12
RSXRRAnd if GRUB have to be installe on a different partition (non crypted poartition) ???21:12
FinnisherI'm using the ubuntu 8 miniCD to install xubuntu and it ....21:12
Finnisherthird time's the charm21:12
Finnisherit worked21:12
Finnisherjust have to keep trying21:12
RSXRRgood for you...21:13
Finnisherhm, when it asks if the system clock is set to UTC, imo it should display the time system clock has, right now I have no idea what time the system clock is in....21:13
RSXRRcheck bois on start...21:14
ere4siselect  no  for utc21:14
Finnisheryes, I did select no for utc... anyway, I can change this later, right?21:15
Finnisheralso, apparently my bios date fails cutoff date for acpi. I know my bios supports acpi, where do I enable it?21:15
ere4sithere might be an option in the bios - but it really isn't that necessary21:16
Finnisheruhh, xubuntu doesn't even try using acpi because it assumes my bios doesn't support it because it is so old, or at least that is what I gathered21:17
FinnisherI figured being able to use acpi would be good because the system is a laptop with a battery21:18
ere4sito get most older laptops to use linux a boot command turning acpi off is needed - I wouldn't worry about it21:19
Finnisheroh, ok21:20
ere4siI'm off to work - good luck21:20
Finnisherok cya21:20
madakacherryI was needing some help with hotkeys21:27
madakacherryand since I am very new at xubuntu I need all the help I can get21:27
zoredacheand your question is?21:34
FinnisherI'm now in the process of configuring wvdial to use my mobile phone for 3G internet connection. It works, I even remembered the Init strings correctly, yay me, but now I'd like to be able to use OpenDNS instead of my ISP DNS servers. I have specified OpenDNS servers in network settings but wvdial ignores these settings.      tl;dr: setting custom DNS servers in wvdial?21:38
Finnishercurrently in process of rtfm21:41
zoredachedoes it say how wvdial gets the ip address?  is it using dhclient, pump, or something of its own?21:43
zoredacheif it is something like dhclient then you might want to look at that.  I am pretty sure there is a configuration setting to ignore certain dhcp options21:44
Odd-rationaleThe way I did it was I edit my /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf file and added the following line in the beginning:21:48
Odd-rationaleprepend domain-name-servers,;21:48
jimmy51vinskyhello, i've got xubuntu 8.04 running, installed compiz-fusion, and now i have no window title bars (i think window decoration)21:54
jimmy51vinskywhat do i do?21:54
Finnisherthanks Odd-rationale21:55
Odd-rationaleFinnisher: np21:55
Odd-rationalejimmy51vinsky: you may need to install emerald, the window decorator of compiz21:56
zoredachejimmy51vinsky: run 'xfwm4' in a terminal or 'alt-f2' box21:56
zoredacheor that21:57
jimmy51vinskyoutput: warning, another window manager is already running21:57
jimmy51vinskyemerald is installed21:57
jimmy51vinskyit looks like xfwm4 is the current manager, instead of emeraled?21:57
zoredachexfwm4 is the xfce windows manager...21:58
jimmy51vinskydo i want that to be running?21:59
zoredacheif you want to give up on compiz then yes...  If you want to get compiz working now21:59
jimmy51vinskyso how do i get compiz to be the default window manager?22:00
jimmy51vinsky(and get compiz to run on boot instead of typing compiz --replace in a terminal after login)22:01
zoredacheI don't know anything about compis, but I was start reading about it here... -- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager22:02
Finnisherhm, editing the dhcp file had no effect on wvdial, perhaps I should reboot to reload the new settings?22:03
jimmy51vinskygot a direction to go22:03
Odd-rationalejimmy51vinsky: Wiat I got a link for you...22:05
jimmy51vinskythere's a window decoration checkbox in the effects settings22:05
jimmy51vinskythat did it22:05
Odd-rationaleok nvm22:05
jimmy51vinskyi guess i should have checked with the stupid things first :)22:06
jimmy51vinsky(and thanks...)22:06
PsynoKhi0I've had to do a couple of hard resets since the upgrade to Hardy (fresh resintall safe for /home): twice trying to play an AVI file - once in VLC, once in Totem - and one was while I was loading an OpenArena map23:19
PsynoKhi0the AVI crashed as soon as it started playing23:20
PsynoKhi0in all 3 cases the comp locked itself23:21
PsynoKhi0anyone having similar issues?23:23
goppp-hi any one know if vmware works in hardy23:26
zoredacheI do know that I got a lot of errors when I tried setting it up, but I was also busy with something else so I ddidn't try and figure out why.23:35
PsynoKhi1make that 4 hard resets23:36
zoredacheI had my computer reboot when I was playing something in miro last night PsynoKhi1 but I didn't have time to really figure what type of video it was or why.23:38
=== PsynoKhi1 is now known as PsynoKhi0
PsynoKhi0zoredache: oh... figured out what went south?23:46
zoredacheno.  I don't know why and I am not on that computer23:47

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