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yuriyhow does the /KDE3 thing in kickoff work?02:21
nixternalyuriy: appname/kde3 ??02:28
nixternalI think it works the same way as it does with krunner02:28
nixternalright now I am trying to get greasemonkey scripts working in konqi02:28
yuriynixternal: which is? :P02:35
nixternalgreasemonkey is a neat little scripting utility for firefox...there are a couple of scripts that I would like to use with Konqi since I hate FF02:36
yuriynixternal: I was looking at bug 218138 and wondering if it has anything to do with how those desktop files are generated02:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 218138 in kdegames "unable to launch atlantik in kde4" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21813802:36
yuriynixternal: i meant about the /KDE3 thing02:36
* nixternal tries it really quick02:37
nixternalya, you can type 'appname/kde3' in the search box if that is what you are talking about and it will pull up the kde3 app that is in kickoff somewhere02:37
yuriyhmm running kwin4 without desktop effects for a couple hours now without memory leaks02:38
yuriynixternal: what does that have to do with...02:38
nixternalwhat other thing do you mean by /KDE3 thing?02:39
yuriyi'm wondering if kde4 uses separate .desktop files, or how that gets added on02:39
yuriyspecifically i'm trying to track down why atlantik won't launch from the menu02:39
nixternalkde4 .desktop get installed to /usr/share/applications/kde4/02:40
nixternalkde3 .desktop get installed to /usr/share/applications/kde02:40
nixternalExec=atlantik -caption "%c" %i %m02:41
nixternalget rid of the %m as it is deprecated, that could cause an issue in KDE 402:41
yuriynixternal: what does %m do?02:44
nixternalnope, that isn't it... %m doesn't do anything now...for a long time actually02:45
yuriyand that didn't help, krunner still says could not launch /usr/bin/atlantik02:45
yuriywhich is the wrong path02:45
nixternalI wonder if that is related to DCOP garbage02:47
nixternalhrmm, ya, I don't even see a /usr/bin/atlantik02:50
yuriynixternal: it's /usr/games/atlantik02:51
* yuriy wonders why /usr/games exists02:51
nixternalthat doesn't seem right to me02:51
yuriyfortune, glest, and banner are there too02:52
nixternalnixternal@ShakaDoobie:~/downloads$ ls /usr/games/02:52
nixternalatlantik  banner  espdiff  fortune  gnuchess  gnuchessx  ksudoku  openttd  xmoto02:52
nixternalyuriy: ksudoku doesn't work either03:01
nixternalactually, none of them do03:01
nixternalinteresting, xmoto works though, but there is nothing different about the .desktop file03:03
yuriy+    if (kde3application && !m_strExec.startsWith("/"))03:14
yuriy+      m_strExec = "/usr/bin/"+m_strExec;03:15
nixternalwhat is that in?03:15
yuriynixternal: from kubuntu_01_kde3_menu_applications.diff from kde4libs03:15
nixternalthat be da problem03:15
yuriywhile that line is pretty hacky, i think the proper fix would be to actually have the games in /usr/bin03:17
yuriyhmm not sure how to go about fixing in in kdelibs03:20
yuriynixternal: i could go by if it's in the games category, if this is true for all kde3 games03:30
nixternalbut that isn't true for all kde3 games, just 2 that I can see right now03:32
yuriynixternal: all of them get installed to /usr/games that I can see03:34
yuriygrep /usr/games *.install03:35
nixternalyou are right03:36
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yuriyumm i'm gonna have to learn quilt won't I03:43
* yuriy never got the point of QStringList03:51
nixternalhey, do we use Kickstart for our CDs?04:02
nixternalI may have a possible job as an appliance packager/distro maintainer/embedded development04:03
Jucatoso kool :)04:03
Jucato(hope they will pay you to work on Kubuntu/KDE docs :D)04:03
yuriyhow come when I do dch -i on hardy, it puts intrepid and ~hardy2ubuntu1? should i change that to hardy and ~hardy3?04:05
nixternalhah, that I doubt...seem like a lot of work, and it is a Free and Open Source company :)04:05
nixternalshould be -xubuntux~hardyx04:06
nixternalwhat was the last version?04:06
yuriyalso, since 4.0.4 is in backports and not updates, does that mean any other fixes such as this need to go to backports and not updates?04:07
yuriynixternal: 0ubuntu1~hardy204:07
nixternalumm, we are sending backports to PPA right now04:07
yuriynixternal: so if somebody doesn't enable backports, they don't get any bug fixes now unless we apply patches to both 4.0.3 and 4.0.4?04:08
ScottKyuriy: You can do SRUs for 4.0.3 if needed.04:08
nixternalthough, bug fixes should go into update, however 4.0.4 went into backports04:08
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* yuriy looks through the kde4libs changelog and wonders if he an nixternal are the only ones using @kubuntu.org and not @ubuntu.com04:29
* Jucato uses @kubuntu.org... but you know how often I make patches :)04:31
yuriystdin: how come some of these bugs didn't get closed by your patches?04:34
stdinyuriy: which ones?04:36
yuriystdin: bug 220659, bug 22065304:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 220659 in kdeartwork-kde4 "kscreensaver-kde4 recommends kwin and kscreensaver-xsavers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22065904:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 220653 in kdewebdev-kde4 "[KDE 4] klinkstatus-kde4 Suggests quanta-kde4" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22065304:37
stdinnot sure04:40
stdinmaybe -backports doesn't get automatic closure04:41
nixternalit does04:42
nixternalwhen Riddell uploaded kde4libs it closed out some last week04:42
stdinwell the (LP: #....) bits are in the changelogs04:43
nixternalI know why04:44
nixternalbecause they were built in PPA and then ported over to -backports04:44
stdinmaybe because I put hardy instead of hardy-backports04:44
stdins/I/the changelog/04:44
nixternalno, you put hardy-backports04:44
nixternalI made sure to check them first04:45
stdinthen I assign all blame to you ;)04:46
nixternalnah, the reason was we built them in the PPA because it was faster than -backports at the time04:46
nixternaland then just copied over the binaries and source packages to -backports04:46
ScottK-backports uploads won't close bugs.04:47
nixternalya they will, they closed out the kde4libs bugs last week04:47
ScottKOK.  I've never seen it.  It doesn't come up in normal backports I guess.04:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 225773 in kde4libs "[Hardy Backport] KDE 4 Libs New Upstream Release (4.0.4)" [Undecided,Fix released]04:49
nixternalya, probably not..but if you fix a bug and close it when uploading to intrepid, it should still close the bug before getting the backport04:50
nixternalnow if you file the backport bug and go the normal route, then I don't know..probably not I would guess04:50
ScottKNormally for a backport bug the archive-admin doing the backport closes it when he does it.04:51
stdin*sigh* libqt4-dev missing dep on libpng12-dev05:10
* stdin files another bug05:10
yuriyok, just 150 backlogged bugs left05:25
yuriydamn dying ubotu :(05:25
stdinok, from what I can tell libqt4-dev is missing libaudio-dev, libglib2.0-dev, libice-dev, libmng-dev and libpng12-dev, but I'm not sure if it's missing anything else05:39
yuriyoh no... all that time building, and i forgot a /05:45
stdinif anyone finds anything else libqt4-dev is missing report it on bug 22981305:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 229813 in qt4-x11 "libqt4-dev seems to have some missing dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22981305:46
DaSkreechnixternal: shakadoobie? really?05:48
yuriycan i tell pbuilder to do make -j3? or does it do it automatically?05:49
DaSkreechHi Jucato05:52
DaSkreechubottu took over from ubugtu as well?05:53
ubottuDaSkreech: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:53
nixternalDaSkreech: ??05:55
nixternalahh, my lappy name...where did you see that?05:55
stdinubotu is gone, ubottu is supposed to be a temporary fill-in05:55
yuriynixternal: your paste above. i thought it was slightly amusing too05:55
DaSkreechstdin: Yes I just noticed it picked up for ubugtu as well05:56
stdinubugtu has been dead for a long time now05:56
nixternalmy paste above?05:57
nixternaloh, ya I see it05:58
* yuriy builds again and sleeps05:58
nixternalwoohoo, interview tomorrow baby!06:09
Seregagood [morning|day|evening|night]!06:29
DaSkreechSerega: It's not goo06:30
SeregaDaSkreech: bah, why?06:31
Seregabtw, looks like I failed to install 4.0.4 - all aboutboxes show 4.0.306:31
nixternalSerega: that is a bug in the kde4libs we have...they released a fix after we uploaded the original 4.0.406:32
Seregaand apt shows kdelibs5 Version: 4:4.0.3-0ubuntu506:32
nixternalii  kdelibs5                  4:4.0.4-0ubuntu1          core libraries for all KDE 4 applications06:33
DaSkreechSerega: apt-cache show kde4libs-bin06:33
nixternalmine does too, but dpkg -l shows it correctly06:33
Seregaah.. Version: 4:4.0.4-0ubuntu1~hardy106:33
SeregaI see three package kde4libs06:34
* Serega is a bit confused06:34
nixternalapt-cache is probably a mess like always06:34
nixternalnever depend on it06:35
* Serega tries to update one more time06:35
* Serega was up to date :)06:36
Sereganixternal: so is it really 4.0.4?06:36
* DaSkreech updates and gets amarok-nightly06:36
* Serega envys06:37
nixternalSerega: yes06:37
Serega*is being jealous of amarok-nightly :)06:38
Sereganixternal: thank you very much for hard work on this packages!06:38
nixternalI didn't do anything, fortunately for you I guess :)06:39
jussi01does anyone know how to fix the problem of having weird font/italic numbers in my typing? Only the numbers mind, the rest is fine...06:45
nixternalhrmm, now that is a first that I have heard of that one06:45
jussi01nixternal: its not just the typing, its other places also, but very weird06:47
nixternalthere has to be a silly setting somewhere06:47
jussi01nixternal: example here: http://imagebin.ca/view/O_sUrx7R.html06:48
nixternalnow that is crazy stuff right there06:49
Seregaguys what phonon backend do you use?07:16
DaSkreechPhonon doesn't even remotely work for me07:19
DaSkreech but xine07:19
SeregaDaSkreech: it doesn't even locally work for me :)07:25
DaSkreechPhonon tells me I have no sound hardware07:25
SeregaI try to figure out why, but found nothing better then a tuning switches in kmix07:25
SeregaDaSkreech: bu does it work?07:26
DaSkreechI've had sound for months. Just never occured to me none of it was from KDE07:26
DaSkreechSO no :)07:26
Seregahow can I see its state? logs or maybe with HAL... somehow07:27
Seregaheh :)07:27
DaSkreechDunno I probably should find out07:27
Seregaah... ok, I'll dig :)07:27
DaSkreechcool :)07:28
DaSkreechI just know that nothing with KDE sound works07:28
DaSkreechSomeone asked how long does the login/logout sound play for07:28
DaSkreechThe what now?07:28
DaSkreechI've been missing login sounds07:29
DaSkreech*frowny face*07:29
* Serega hugs DaSkreech07:29
SeregaDaSkreech: buut... why do you need amarok-nightly though? ;)07:30
DaSkreechTo test it07:31
DaSkreechsame reason I'm on KDE 4 :)07:31
DaSkreechBug Stepping Boots need some working07:31
Seregaah, I'm the same, actually07:32
DaSkreechI actually didn't install anything from kde-multimedia-kde407:34
DaSkreechI've been installing KDE4 in bits so I can focus my testing07:34
DaSkreechnixternal: Hey08:03
SeregaDaSkreech: Amarok2 plays for me!!!08:18
* Serega dances under Spiderbait - BlackBetty played in amarok208:18
DaSkreechWhat did you do?08:19
DaSkreechbefore you did anything when you went to System Settings -> Sound did you have a choice of hardware ?08:20
Seregajust apt-get isntall amarok-nightly08:20
Seregano systemsetting was touched08:20
DaSkreechWell can you look now?08:20
Seregabtw, no 4.0.4 application play sound though08:20
Seregaok, sec...08:21
SeregaDaSkreech: yes, I have but all devices are grayed, as usual08:21
DaSkreechI don't have any devices at all08:21
Seregado you have the same?08:21
DaSkreechNope it's fully blank08:22
Sereganow I have a hope 4.1 will work with my sound hardware with np however08:22
Seregacool, amarok even crashed!08:23
DaSkreechMine opened two days ago with a playlist that said This is a Bug!08:23
DaSkreechI loled08:23
Serega"It is not a bug it is a feature" (c)08:24
DaSkreechSerega: do you have any full albums ?08:24
Seregawhat do you mean by "full albums"?08:24
DaSkreechLots of songs from one album :)08:25
Seregawell... 15-20 is usual08:25
SeregaI can make a "compilation" :)08:26
Seregais it a known bug?08:26
DaSkreechNo I was going to show  you something cool08:27
DaSkreechLoad up a whole set that have the same Album08:27
Seregahow many songs do we need?08:27
DaSkreech4-5 should be good08:28
DaSkreechyou'll noticee that you get a ballon around all of them with the album name at top08:28
Seregaah... I have many albums with >10 songs. So I have added a couple to hte playlist08:28
Seregait is very cool!08:29
DaSkreechIf you have a commercial album you get the picture of the album cover08:29
SeregaI have noticed it08:29
DaSkreechOk now get a song that's not from the album and drop it in the middle of that list08:29
Seregabut I do not get the pictures, though they're lay in the same directories downloaded08:29
Seregait is clever!08:30
Seregamy song have appeared at the end of albums08:30
DaSkreechDrag it up into the middle of the album08:31
Seregareally cool!08:31
DaSkreechThat's brilliant08:31
SeregaI love amarok!08:31
DaSkreechwhen they start having plasma stuff linked to the kdelibs plasma I fear the coolness that they can do08:32
Serega"standalone" playlist items look very good08:32
SeregaI can see all needed info in a small piece of space08:32
DaSkreechIf it wasn't so horrible to me the first day I would have fully forgotten that I was bug hunting08:33
* Serega wants to KDE4.1 ..any prealpha :)08:33
* Serega jumps and honks "gimme a cutting edge!"08:34
DaSkreechHa ha cutting edge will make you bleed right now08:35
DaSkreech you need an alpha ++ svn08:35
Seregaok, I will make the furure nearer by doing own part - 'gdebi-kde4' - for now :)08:37
DaSkreechI want 4.2 "_"08:38
Seregaohhh... "Stop after curent track" mmm....08:39
Seregait is usability itself08:39
DaSkreechWhat is?08:40
DaSkreechStop after current track is usabilty ?08:42
Seregait is very useful feature imho08:45
Seregaautoclosing dialogs now are stopping their timers when I mouseover them08:45
DaSkreechthey always did that08:50
DaSkreechwel not always always but it's been there a while08:50
DaSkreechSerega: Night09:07
SeregaDaSkreech: nini!09:07
larsivihmm, sound (front headset output) is not good with 8.04 (3.5.9) - one of the channels is way too slow, and in general it seems like old levels weren't kept after upgrade09:27
larsivi*way too low*, not slow ...09:27
larsiviand trying to adjust the balance in KMixer lowers Master if I drag it to the right (?)  doesn't have any actual balance effect though - Intel hardware09:32
Riddellnixternal: yes we have kickstart compatibility10:01
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larsivihmm, Pulling Master, PCM, and Front to the bottom, then back seems to have fixed the sound11:06
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nixternalRiddell: davigno said he is interested in helping with the website :)13:24
* jtechidna knows XHTML and CSS, but not php or javascript anything13:28
nixternaldavigno does some awesome websites13:29
Riddellnixternal: best talk to ryanakca then, he's the one doing the website13:29
jtechidnaIf you guys need more hands I could see if I could be of help. (I'm assuming we're talking Kubuntu website?)13:29
nixternalryanakca: davigno is interested in helping with the website13:30
nixternalmornin' jjesse13:30
Riddellnixternal: the main problem with the website currently is technical13:31
jjesseevening Jucato13:32
nixternalryanakca: if you need some technical help with the site, let me know13:33
|Artemis_Fowl|nixternal: which site?13:33
jjessehis "special site"13:34
Riddellit's more the sysadmins that need to do it13:35
nixternalRiddell: ahh, gotcha...good luck with the sys admins :p13:49
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\shis it just me, or is konversation running inside kde4 not honouring the default webbrowser url handler?14:13
Jucatoit should honor kde3's default web browser14:14
\shwhich means, konversation starts now a konsole + w3m14:14
nixternalya, w3m is the way of the future!14:14
nixternalwho needs graphics anyways, ascii pr0n is better!14:14
\shoh yeah...ascii pr0n14:15
Seregaw3m rocks!14:15
Jucatonixternal:  you know of a tool to asciify your pic in penguicon? :)14:15
Jucatoyour *compromising* pic :)14:15
\shoh did I report, that evolution + exchange plugin + kde4 runs much better then under gnome? ,-)14:16
nixternalhehe, can't say that I do, and I would like to keep it that way14:16
nixternalI gave evolution a shot the past week and I just do not like it when compared to Kontact/KMail14:16
nixternalthere are a couple of cool features though that I passed on14:16
\shnixternal: as always..I have a exchange mail server inhouse..and evolution does work with the webfrontend questioning very well...14:17
\shkmail does not let me even show my exchange calendar...whereas evolution does nicely...:)14:18
nixternalahh, ya that is what I have heard14:18
nixternal08:18:15 [   winterz] Bille: I was convinced because eventually we want a mailody plugin for Kontact14:18
* Jucato is annoyed at kdepim right now... won't comment :)14:18
nixternaltoma rocks!14:18
* jjesse is annoyed and won't commet at all14:19
nixternala mailody plugin for Kontact means killer IMAPage14:19
Jucatohm.. might be a good chance for me to test mailody + gmail IMAP14:19
nixternalI mean comet14:19
* jjesse slaps nixternal14:19
* Jucato tackles jjesse for slapping nixternal14:19
\shnixternal: which does claws-mail for me until kmail or whatever mail app we will have in 4.1 is being fixed to work with highvolume imap online folders ;)14:19
* Jucato takes down Jucato for tackling jjesse for slapping nixternal14:19
nixternalgot my security watching my back14:19
jjessebring it14:20
nixternaldamn, and my security is bipolar14:20
nixternalhis alter ego beat his other ego up14:20
Arby\sh: I've seen similar behaviour regarding konversation/kde4 handling of URLs14:38
Jucato(there's no konversation for kde4 yet)14:38
jjessekopete handing irc yet?14:39
ArbyJuacato; the kde3 app running on kde4 desktop14:39
Arbysorry should have been clearer14:39
Arbybehaviour seems to be semi-random for me, sometimes I get firefox, sometimes konqueror14:39
JucatoI think that's what \sh meant earlier too.14:39
jussi01quassel works fine with urls and default browsers in kde4 :D14:40
Arbythat was my understanding yes14:40
Jucatoapples and oranges :)14:40
Arbyjussi01: quassel?14:40
* jussi01 hugs quassel14:40
jussi01Arby: www.quassel-irc.org14:40
jussi01Arby: in my repo if you care to try it14:40
* Jucato tries to take down jussi01's repo14:41
Jucatooh.. where's jussio1?14:41
jussi01Jucato: he is on holidays14:41
Arbyjussi01: seems worth a look anyway14:41
Jucatogood for him :)14:41
jussi01Arby: I use it every day as my regular client.14:41
ArbyI've been lookig for a gui equivalent to irssi+screen for a while14:42
ArbyI think I'll give it a go when I get home14:42
jussi01Arby: my repo's version has a few extra alias's for helping with op stuff14:42
JucatoKonvi + IRC bouncer/proxy14:42
* Jucato hugs miau :)14:42
Jucatowhich I still have to explore....14:42
* Hobbsee looks up miau14:43
Jucatoirc bouncer.. which I chose solely on the basis of its name :)14:43
JucatoI use it in tandem with konvi to achieve a "quassel effect"14:43
Hobbseeah, yes14:43
Hobbseelooks like bip :)14:43
Hobbseeuh oh.14:44
* Hobbsee can't work next week, but has probably been rostered on14:44
Jucatowork is for poor people (or people w/o mothers to support them) :P14:44
* DaSkreech wakes up to work14:48
DaSkreechJucato: ping14:50
JucatoDaSkreech: pong14:51
DaSkreechJucato: carols_ust ?14:51
* Jucato debates whether he should say yes...14:51
DaSkreechWithout obvious spelling errors14:51
Jucatoso what are you asking me really?14:51
DaSkreechI tried to add you early this week14:52
Jucatohm.. what yahoo ID?14:52
Jucatohm. haven't received any notification (kopete seems to be like that...)14:52
Jucatoof course, unless you typoed my id14:52
DaSkreechI typo very well :)14:53
* DaSkreech reattempts his attempt14:54
nixternaldamn openssl security crap...I can't ssh into anything right now...everyone closed it down15:05
DaSkreechnixternal: what's up with the Qt 4.4 regressions ?15:10
nixternalno idea15:11
jtechidnanixternal: Is bug 225213 fix released yet?15:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 225213 in kdeartwork-kde4 "wrong wallpapers in kdewallpapers-kde4" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22521315:12
nixternaljtechidna: it was backported I believe, so yes....all I did was change the description to fix it15:13
jtechidnaok, I'll close it then15:13
\shwhatever quassel is15:19
Nightrose\sh: Sputs IRC program15:20
Nightrose(when it is a little more mature than it is now)15:20
\shNightrose: looks promising...15:21
Nightroseit is ;-)15:21
\shNightrose: but that I said to myself, too, when I started with kmyirc ;()15:21
\shbah not in ubuntu15:21
Nightrosewell i trust Sput and the rest of them to do it15:21
Nightroseit is in jussi01's ppa15:22
Nightroseand an older version in apachelogger's15:22
\shI was thinking about re-writing kmyirc with pyqt415:22
\shNightrose: url pls :)15:22
Nightrosehmm sec15:22
Nightrosedeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/jussi01/ubuntu hardy main15:23
jussi01gets updated fairly often15:23
\shjussi01: 0.2 beta1?15:23
Nightrose\sh: apachelogger didn't add it in the official repos yet as it was not beta15:24
Nightrosedon't know what it is now15:24
jussi010.3 will be out soonish15:24
Nightroseah cool15:24
jussi01#quassel is their irc channel if you need someone :)15:24
yuriynixternal: I have a fix for the games thing15:26
\shit doesn't like dircproxy ;)15:26
\shit can't connect to a irc proxy with username+password != socks proxy15:27
Nightrose\sh: ask sput - the are some hidden thing still I think - so you might be able to do it15:27
Nightrosenot sure though15:27
\shargl...I need quassel-core15:28
jussi01\sh: it should install if you apt-get quassel15:28
jussi01you just then connect to localhost15:28
* Nightrose has the core on a fellow amarok devs box - pretty neat - though i am back to irssi for now and waiting for quassel to mature15:29
jussi01Nightrose: yeah, I have the core on my server15:30
nixternalyuriy: rock on...going down for a bit...my new Internet is here :)15:30
nixternalsee ya later!15:30
\shcool..it works when you understand the system ;)15:31
\shbut now I have quassel-client -> quassel-core -> connection to dircproxy on server x15:32
jussi01I got to pick my wife  up, back in a bit15:32
yuriypatch attached to bug 21813815:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 218138 in kde4libs "unable to launch atlantik in kde4" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21813815:33
jussi01\sh: the are static cores for servers on quassel-irc.org/nightly15:33
\shjussi01: well I'll test it now first :)15:34
\shNightrose: something new from openexpo?15:39
Nightroseare you waiting for anything specific?15:39
\shNightrose: well, actually that they start to spread the news...there is nothing to hear about this event15:44
Nightrose\sh: sven said there was stuff in ct and linux magazine for example15:44
\shwho reads ct or linux-magazin? ;)15:45
Nightroseand they are doing promo for the other event that is at the same time15:45
Nightrosesven obviously15:45
smarterhave you seen this: http://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2008/msg00152.html ?16:12
ScottKYes.  Ubdated Ubuntu packages have been published.16:13
* ScottK is busily regenerating SSH keys, TLS keys, and DKIM keys (and expects he'll think of more).16:14
* smarter is going to regenerate his key and the medibuntu one16:15
Nightrosesame here - :/16:16
* Hobbsee looks for which keys need regenerating16:16
ScottKAccording to the DSA, it's just DSA keys (love overloaded terms), but on #debian-devel the discussion is to regenerate RSA keys too.16:17
HobbseeScottK: as in, ssh, gpg, ?16:17
smarter"The first vulnerable version, 0.9.8c-1, was uploaded to the unstable distribution on 2006-09-17"16:17
jjessewait so we have to regenerate all of our ssh keys in launchpad?16:17
smarterif they're never than 06/09, yes16:18
Nightrosegpg keys too?16:18
smarterit was probably in ubuntu 6.1016:18
jjesseif they are newer then 6.10?16:18
ScottKEdgy was clear, but Feisty and follow.16:18
Hobbseesmarter er, how do you find the dates on keys?16:18
* Nightrose is not sure when and on which system she generated her gpg key16:18
Nightrosethough the ssh keys are all b0rked16:19
ScottKMy main desktop is still on Dapper.  Other than that, I'm just regenerating them all.16:19
jjessehrmmm so i need to regenerate my ssh keys and my gpg key and get them back into launchpad16:19
jjesseyay :(16:19
ScottKjjesse: gpg is fine.16:19
jjesseok trying to figure it out16:19
HobbseeScottK: oh crypto man, do i want a rsa or a dsa key?16:22
ScottKYou definitely want to regenerate DSA.  I'd suggest regenerate the RSA key too as there are debates about that.16:23
Hobbseei realise that.16:23
Hobbseebut for the new key, do i want it to be a dsa or rsa?16:23
Hobbseelp docs seem to be saying to go for rsa16:23
ScottKFor LP, I'm not sure (I don't have any SSH keys on LP).16:24
ScottKGenerically DSA is supposed to be better, but apparently not today.  If LP wants RSA, then I'd do that.16:24
ScottKDon't forget that for SSH server keys the passphrase needs to be empty.16:25
Hobbseessh server keys?16:26
ScottKIf you have openssh-server installed to ssh into the box.16:27
smarterwhy empty passphrase?16:27
ScottKsudo ssh-keygen -t dsa -b 1024 -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_dsa_key16:27
ScottKssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key16:28
ScottKwith a sudo of course16:28
ScottKand then restart SSH.16:28
ScottKsmarter: It's on the server end of the transaction.  There's no way for a user to provide one.16:28
RiddellNightrose: thanks for taking bug 227904, let me know if you need someone to check and upload16:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 227904 in qt4-x11 "KDE4 login screen is missing background (regression: 4.0.4)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22790416:33
NightroseRiddell: will do :)16:33
geniiHi. Is there anyone working on some type of plasmoid wrapper for the kde3 panel apps etc?16:34
Artemis_Fowlgenii: some of them have already been ported.16:35
Artemis_Fowlgenii: for example Quicklaunch16:36
Artemis_Fowlgenii: but that's a KDE question. ask at #kde-devel16:36
seeleArtemis_Fowl: have you thought anymore on how to present the OS information instead of a tooltip?16:36
Artemis_Fowlseele: yes16:36
seeleArtemis_Fowl: remind me why your application was rejected when you put the information below the list box?16:36
Artemis_Fowlseele: it took up too much place. and was a bit ugly too16:37
Artemis_Fowlseele: I have come up with a new way to show data16:37
Artemis_Fowlseele: I would like your opinion16:37
yuriyyuck regenerating keys..16:38
Artemis_Fowlseele: when the user clicks a small button with the "info" icon (probably this will be on the right of each entry)16:38
Artemis_Fowlseele: the lisbox displaying the entries will be replaced by a widget which shows all information16:39
Artemis_Fowlseele: (by means of a stacked widget)16:39
seelehum.. why not a popup dialog?16:39
yuriyoh I made my key in 06.06 so i'm good i think16:39
Artemis_Fowlseele: and a Back button will exist to trasnfer the user back to the list box16:39
yuriystill need to regenerate host keys though?16:40
Artemis_Fowlseele: this way is alos used in Adept16:40
seeleadept for kde 3 or the new one that nixternal(?) is working on?16:40
Artemis_Fowlseele: I haven't seen the new UI yet16:41
geniiArtemis_Fowl: OK, thanks16:41
Artemis_FowlI am talking about the old UI16:41
seeleArtemis_Fowl: just because adept does it doesn't mean it is a good idea16:41
seelewhat is wrong with the expanding arrow? like in adept16:41
Artemis_FowlI chose not to use a dialog because that would be a bit meaningless16:41
Artemis_Fowlseele: since the Edit dialog would be almost same16:41
seelethe way Details works in Adept is very confusing16:42
seelethe entire UI changes16:42
yuriyseele: oh? advice please, because it's the same in adept-316:42
seeleand it isnt the back button, they use a Show List toggle16:42
Artemis_Fowlseele: hmm let me give you another example16:42
yuriyi know there are some things about it that are confusing (such as the show list toggle) but overall what's wrong with it?16:43
seeleyuriy: the Details button or the entire application?16:43
yuriyseele: the details button16:43
Artemis_Fowlseele: have you seen how the 'Configure Desktop' dialog works in KDE4?16:43
yuriyseele: could you have a look at the alpha at some point to see if you think it's going in the right direction?16:43
yuriyArtemis_Fowl: sorry to distract16:43
seeleyuriy: will you be at UDS?  we can discuss it there if you like16:44
Artemis_Fowlyuriy: never mind :) seele is getting all the work :)16:44
* seele is wondering where her kde4 laptop is..16:44
yuriyseele: no, i won't. maybe mornfall (the main developer) will be?16:45
Artemis_Fowlseele: I will try to implement my idea asap to give you an idea16:45
seeleArtemis_Fowl: ok.  screenshots with descriptions are OK too16:45
seeleyuriy: ok16:45
* Artemis_Fowl goes to implement his idea16:45
seeleoh.  i wont be there until sunday around noon so i guess that wont work16:46
mornfall*shrug* Well, I don't have time to invent a completely new interface anyway...16:47
ScottKyuriy: If you connected to a machine with the bad openssl you'll want to regenerate any keys even if they were made on Dapper.16:47
ScottKOf course up until last weekend Launchpad ran on Dapper.  Now it runs on Hardy, so ....16:47
yuriyScottK: hmm... am i missing something, why?16:49
ScottK1.  Because that's what people who understand it better than me on #debian-devel said.16:49
ScottK2.  Because the distant end encryption is not sufficiently random and weak.  From what little I understand, that exposes both ends of the transaction.16:50
ScottKI'm not certain myself.16:51
yuriyhmm i'll see what the sysadmins i know think before I bother16:51
yuriythe package regenerates the host keys automatically16:52
ScottKWell I've got TLS keys on my mail servers and some other related stuff to deal with too.16:52
NightroseRiddell: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kopete/+bug/228129 <- debdiff attached for the kopete crash17:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 228129 in kopete "[regression KDE 4.0.4] Kopete crashes when closing message window" [Medium,In progress]17:17
Nightroseworks fine so far though i don't know if new problems will be introduced by the switch to Qt 4.417:17
Nightroseup to you to upload or not17:18
yuriyRiddell: bug 218138 <- debdiff here too17:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 218138 in kde4libs "unable to launch atlantik in kde4" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21813817:19
Artemis_Fowlseele: almost ready17:21
Artemis_Fowlseele: uploading screenshots17:21
RiddellNightrose: what version of qt 4.4 do you have?17:21
Artemis_Fowlseele: http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/1316762_fuo0j/KGRUBEditor40.png17:23
Artemis_Fowlseele: (the known main UI)17:23
Artemis_Fowlseele: http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/1316761_oouip/KGRUBEditor41.png17:24
NightroseRiddell: adept says 4.4.0-1ubuntu3~hardy117:24
Artemis_Fowlseele: how the UI would look after clicking a "Info" button17:24
Artemis_Fowlseele: (which isn't yet implemented)17:24
RiddellNightrose: do you have /usr/include/qt4/Qt/qglobal.h ?17:25
seeleArtemis_Fowl: is that all the information you need to show or is there more?17:26
NightroseRiddell: nope - no qt4 folder in include at all17:26
Artemis_Fowlseele: there are more17:26
Artemis_Fowlseele: this is just a preview17:26
Artemis_Fowlseele: the strange colors are due to my theme of course17:26
seeleArtemis_Fowl: is that a pretty typical amount of information?17:27
seeleArtemis_Fowl: i dont see why it couldnt be the + or > expanding like in adept17:27
Artemis_Fowlseele: yes. I would say 1-2 lines more17:27
seeleArtemis_Fowl: also is Other Operating Systems: only a header?  how does that work in the list view?17:28
Artemis_Fowlseele: ?17:28
seelecan you move it with the move buttons and click/select it?17:28
seelein the list view17:28
Artemis_Fowlseele: yes17:28
seelethere is a line that says Other Operating Systems17:28
seeleis it in a different list view or is is in the same list view?17:28
Artemis_Fowlseele: yy. same. it has no icon due to it being a separator17:29
RiddellNightrose: do you have libqt4-dev installed?17:29
seeleArtemis_Fowl: can users edit the text?17:29
Artemis_Fowlseele: in the second screenshot?17:29
seelein 40.png17:29
seele4th item in the list17:29
Artemis_Fowlseele: currently not. it wouldn't be difficult to inline-edit titles17:30
NightroseRiddell: not on this system nope - but the package was built in a pbuilder - and Czessi built it as well17:30
seeleArtemis_Fowl: ok, because it is kindof weird that a header shows up in a list of operating systems17:30
seeleArtemis_Fowl: right now, it is projected as a list of operating systems and not a line-by-line edit of the grub menu17:31
Artemis_Fowlseele: it is yet another operating system with dummy values17:31
RiddellNightrose: and you both found that adding QT_QT_INCLUDE_DIR was necessary?17:31
seeleArtemis_Fowl: yes, which is conceptually incorrect17:31
NightroseRiddell: stdin said so - not sure if Czessi tried building it without it - Czessi did you?17:32
Artemis_Fowlseele: should I modify something?17:32
CzessiNightrose: no17:32
Artemis_Fowlseele: this entry (Other Operating Systems) is automatically created by the Ubuntu installer17:32
NightroseRiddell: ^17:32
seeleArtemis_Fowl: there either need to be two lists or the UI needs to be changed to be a visual menu editor instead of a list of operating systems17:32
RiddellNightrose: let me try it without17:33
NightroseRiddell: ok :)   it failed here on a simple test when i didn't include it17:34
seeleArtemis_Fowl: i assume the menu headers can be detected?  so if there were two menu headers, you would be able to create multiple lists? or if someone took the header out, make it only one list?17:34
Artemis_Fowlseele: these are not headers17:34
seeleright, blank dummy OS entries17:35
seelethe thing is, that isn't how the user perceives them.  they are headers to the user17:35
seeleyou have a list, you have a header or title, and there is another list17:35
Artemis_Fowlseele: I can't think of a way to detect them17:35
seelein this case, a list of "other" operating systems17:35
Artemis_Fowlthey are just entries17:35
Artemis_FowlGRUB makes no difference17:35
Artemis_Fowlactually this divider is a bit wrong17:36
Artemis_Fowlit merely exists to divide the enrty list in2 categories:17:36
Artemis_FowlUbuntu entries and non-ubuntu entries17:36
Artemis_Fowlthat's a bit incorrect17:36
Artemis_Fowlall of the entries are OSes. you can't divide them17:37
Artemis_FowlI suppose that it exists there so that users have a better looking list17:37
Artemis_Fowlwhen booting their PC17:38
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
Artemis_Fowlseele: w8 one min to show you another screenshot17:38
Artemis_Fowlseele: http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/1316819_ermmv/KGRUBEditor42.png17:40
Artemis_Fowlseele: ok. see that screenshot? there is a new dummy entry17:40
Artemis_Fowlseele: but this time it has  a question icon17:40
seelethat one has an icon17:40
seeleis it because your code put an icon there?17:41
Artemis_Fowlseele: i'll explain to you right away17:41
seelewhat happens if you edit the Other OS line with your UI and then save it as is?  will it add an icon?17:41
Artemis_Fowlseele: add an icon where?17:41
Artemis_Fowlseele: to the configuration file or to the UI17:42
seeleto the entry in the list17:42
Artemis_Fowlseele: what KGRUBEditor does is this:17:42
Artemis_Fowlif it finds an entry for which it has an icon (eg Ubuntu/Kubuntu/opensuse/mepis etc)17:43
Artemis_Fowlit shows the icon next to it17:43
Artemis_Fowlif it has no icon for instance for FreeBSD17:43
Artemis_Fowlit shows the question mark icon17:43
Artemis_Fowland there is a special case17:44
Artemis_Fowlfor  so-called dividers17:44
Artemis_Fowlkgrubeditor "detects" 2 of them17:44
Artemis_Fowlone: if the title consists only of dashes (eg. --------------------------------------)17:44
Artemis_Fowland the other is the case you see (Other Operating Systems)17:45
Artemis_Fowlhowever, these special cases exist only to have a better-looking UI17:45
Artemis_Fowlmothing else17:45
Artemis_Fowlbecause as I said all of them are entries17:45
seeleso if an update changes the case from Other Operating Systems to Non-Ubuntu Operating Systems, you have to update KGRUBEditor or it will show up as an operating system with a ? icon?17:45
Artemis_Fowlkgrubeditor will understand17:47
seeleok. is it possible to add a (Menu) tag or some kind of information to that line so the user knows it is supposed to be a menu and not an entry?17:47
seeleand could it be possible for a user to edit that entry or add another menu header?  you would have to keep track of it somehow so you make the exception in the list view17:47
Artemis_Fowlseele: not really. I would have to save this tag somewhere and the GRUB config file is already full-blown17:48
Artemis_Fowlbut this could be an interesting feature for the future17:48
Artemis_Fowltags to your boot entries. it doesn't sound bad17:49
Artemis_FowlI could find a workaround17:49
Artemis_Fowlconcerning your latter question,17:49
Artemis_Fowlif the user creates an entry which has a title consisting of dashes or the other case,17:50
seeleArtemis_Fowl: maybe tag was the wrong word.  just for the UI part and not for the GRUB config file, can you add a visual indicator (such as [MENU] or whatever) before Other Operating Systems so users know it is a menu and not an operating system17:50
Artemis_Fowlthen this entry will be too regarded as a divider17:50
Artemis_Fowlseele: ah, yes17:51
Artemis_Fowlseele: you mean like default, fallback etc?17:51
seeleyeah sure, except maybe before the text: Menu Divider: Other Operating Systems17:52
seeleinstead of Other Operating Systems (Menu divider)17:52
Artemis_Fowlseele: yes. I could do it right now17:52
seeleok.  then i am ok with it for now.17:52
seeleor, even dummy dashes would work17:52
seele--- Other Operating Systems ---17:52
seelebut the dashes don't exist in the actual grub menu entry17:53
Artemis_Fowlseele: so, should I go on with this implementation for the time being?17:53
Artemis_Fowlseele: I could even center align this entry's title17:53
seeleArtemis_Fowl: i suppose.  i would still prefer the expanding box than the layered widget but *shrug*17:53
seeleArtemis_Fowl: but as for the menu thing, that is good17:53
seeleArtemis_Fowl: center align might be OK too17:54
Artemis_Fowlseele: nah I am already bored of the menu like implementation (hmm didn't I create it a month ago?) :)17:54
Artemis_Fowlseele: there are some drawbacks there17:54
Artemis_Fowlseele: to the tree-like thing17:54
seeleArtemis_Fowl: is that what the arrow widget thing is?  a tree?17:55
Artemis_Fowlanyway, I find that the new implementation is more of a details-preview17:55
seeleArtemis_Fowl: can the button say Back to List?17:56
Artemis_Fowlseele: lol. you bombard me with questions17:56
seeleArtemis_Fowl: haha.. sorry17:56
Artemis_Fowlthe arrow thing (in Adept) is a custom widget. requires much custom code17:57
Artemis_Fowlmy tree-like implementation was actually a tree view17:57
Artemis_Fowlwith some modifications of my own17:57
Artemis_Fowland yes the button may say Back to List17:57
Artemis_Fowlok. anything else?17:58
seelenope.. i think i beat you to death already18:02
seelethis is turning out very nice tho18:02
Artemis_Fowlnah. it is due to your help18:05
Artemis_Fowlfeel free to beat me to death :)18:07
Artemis_Fowldinosaur-rus: hi18:14
Artemis_Fowl'later everybody18:15
DaSkreechhave the fixes for the Debian packages been pushed to the repos yet?18:27
DaSkreechDo backports need to be on ?18:27
DaSkreechkeygen packages sorry18:30
awen_DaSkreech: the openssl was updated by the security team 4 hours ago according to LP ... i suppose those are the packages18:34
* DaSkreech nods18:34
awen_DaSkreech: you need just have "security" turned on18:35
* DaSkreech noddles18:36
* awen_ is luckily not affected ... all my keys generated on edgy or prior18:37
DaSkreechawen_: If you connected to machines which had the keys generated on latter machines you might still need to regen them18:38
awen_DaSkreech: connecting to other machines should make my keys vulnerable? ... aren't they static?18:41
awen_hmm ... regeneration in progress18:48
apachelogger\sh: rsa or dsa for my new ssh key?19:12
DaSkreechdsa normally is better but do it based upon the servrs you onnect to most frequently I suppose19:13
DaSkreech if they want RSA thatn that is good enough19:14
apacheloggerwell, KDE suggest to create a DSA and LP suggest to create a RSA key19:15
stdinLP will take dsa too19:20
apacheloggerstdin: I'll go with both, 2 keys are more secure than one I guess19:21
stdinmaybe, but you can only use one at a time ;)19:21
apacheloggerwell, at least unless they have been generated on debian systems :P19:21
jjessewelcome back gnome lover ;)19:28
=== smarter_ is now known as smarter
DaSkreechand pants lover!19:29
DaSkreechCause man Vista is pants19:29
DaSkreechHmm I should see if Vbox is getting updated in LTS19:30
Nightrosecan someone tell me which package is missing?  http://lydiapintscher.de/tmp/error.txt - i am trying to build a fixed kdebase-workspace and i am missing dependencies it seems19:56
Nightroseor even better: is there a way to find out?19:56
Nightrose(besides "just knowing it")19:57
yuriyNightrose: apt-get build-dep?19:59
Nightroseyuriy: that doesn't work if the package is missing build deps right?19:59
yuriyguess not20:00
stdinNightrose: I think libfontconfig1-dev, libfreetype6-dev and libpng12-dev, (apt-cache search lib(whatever it says is missing)|grep '\-dev')20:00
* Nightrose got a tip20:00
Nightrosewill try that20:00
Nightrosestdin: thx :)20:00
stdinif you find anything else libqt4-dev is missing report it on bug 229813 please :)20:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 229813 in qt4-x11 "libqt4-dev seems to have some missing dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22981320:01
Nightrosestdin: i found a few things while fixing kopete20:01
* DaSkreech hugs Nightrose 20:04
* Nightrose hugs DaSkreech right back20:04
DaSkreechWhoot :)20:04
Nightrosethe only good thing about the Qt 4.4 b0rkage: I get practice fixing  packages20:05
* DaSkreech tries to list the times that full on b0rkage was good20:05
yuriyis the version number stored in kdelibs somewhere? i could add a fix for that to my other patch20:08
yuriyoh nvm, already fixed20:08
HappySmileManAnyone wanna help me with a CMake problem?20:20
DaSkreechpossibly not :)20:20
DaSkreechYou can ask but #kde-devel is probably just as appropriate20:21
DaSkreechWith slightly more spare expertise :)20:21
HappySmileManShall try therer20:22
DaSkreechAnyone used Webcam for MSN in Kopete?20:34
emonkeyyes I did20:34
DaSkreechdo you need anything outside of libjasper-runtime ?20:35
emonkeyI don't think so20:36
emonkeyI just started it and it worked20:36
yuriyRiddell: poke (you asked to poke you about the specs email)20:38
DaSkreechemonkey: When was this?20:47
emonkeyDaSkreech, hm good question, I don't use it often20:47
emonkeyshould I look for a friend who has one and test it?20:48
DaSkreechYes please :)20:48
DaSkreechemonkey: this is KDE 3?20:48
emonkeyyes I'm on KDE 320:48
Nightrosestdin: http://lydiapintscher.de/tmp/error.txt - there I am after fixing some build deps  - google doesn't help either :/20:49
stdin-lSM  would be libsm.so20:50
stdinso maybe libsm-dev?20:50
stdinwell, -lSM would be libSM.so20:50
Nightroseok i will try that - thx20:50
emonkeyDaSkreech, found a friend now I've to find my webcam in my chaos ... :P20:52
DaSkreechha ha20:52
emonkeyha I've found it20:54
smarterdpkg -L libsm-dev [...] /usr/lib/libSM.so20:54
emonkeyDaSkreech, looks like it works, kopete is nw very slow but that was it every time I used the webcam with it (on gutsy too)20:58
Nightrosestdin: :) thanks - works - building now - let's see if that is the last thing it needs...20:58
stdinwe can hope :)20:58
emonkeydamn slow but it works21:01
_sourcemakerare there problems with reatek wlan cards in the current hardy distribution?21:02
smarter_sourcemaker: it depends on the card21:10
smarter_sourcemaker: you can try to install the linux-backports-modules-hardy package to get a newer version of the module21:10
_sourcemakerok... so after installing the update the problems should be solved?21:11
_sourcemakerin gusty... the wlan was working fine21:11
smarterit's really random, what's seems to be the problem?21:12
_sourcemakerthe wlan card is not detected... so not internet connection is possible21:14
DaSkreechoh thank you emonkey21:46
* Nightrose kicks kdebase-workspace right where it hurts22:07
stdinin the libs?22:08
DaSkreechThe dangling dependencies22:10
Nightrosehehe I am fine with whatever hurts the most22:11
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Riddellyuriy: hmm, seems I don't have power to close many of those specs, don't know who does23:55
Riddellon the time spec23:55
Riddell23:46 < Keybuk> u6y knows whether or not you have a windows partition23:55
Riddell23:46 < Keybuk> so can make an intelligent judgement as to what your system clock should be23:55
Riddell23:46 < Keybuk> d-i doesn't have that knowledge in the right place, so has to ask23:55

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