o0Chris0obascule: wish it was that easy, I thought I could do that too00:02
o0Chris0obut it doesn't work00:02
basculevery odd, can you admin it from web pages?00:03
o0Chris0oI could try but thats a pain as well lol00:04
o0Chris0oI am going to see if there are different messengers I could use00:04
basculethere are00:05
o0Chris0oyes I know there is a few00:06
o0Chris0obot I already tried the most popular ones00:06
arrrghhhtryin to get bluetooth workin with my speakers in kubuntu hardy.... kbluetooth is connected, but now i can't figure out how to get my audio to go thru the external speakers.00:14
calitosi already instal kde4 and i still have the 3d desktop unenable00:32
basculecalitos: read the link00:35
calitoswhat should i do?00:37
geniicalitos: So you are trying to run Compiz, so so?00:37
juarojlos invito a el servidor irc rojas.sytes.net al canal #linux00:39
juarojjambooda, los invito a el servidor irc rojas.sytes.net al canal #linux00:42
jamboodajuaroj,  I don't speak spanish00:43
juaroji so so speak in english00:44
juarojyou understand?00:44
jamboodai'll plug it into google translate00:44
juarojgoogle tanslate is bad!!!!00:45
arrrghhhjuaroj, isn't there a #kubuntu-es or something to that effect?00:45
arrrghhhyes there is.  they speak spanish there :P00:46
alexander_ Is there an app that lets me use and login to windows external desktops?00:48
Dragnslcralexander_- krdc can connect to Windows Remote Desktop00:49
alexander_Dragnslcr: Ok thanks00:50
alexander_Dragnslcr: it is not in synaptic no?00:51
arrrghhhalexander_, it comes with kubuntu00:52
alexander_Im in ubuntu... but I have something called remote desktop viewer in the internet menu. is that the same?00:54
alexander_ALso, i have to be able to connect to real windows remote desktop (from MS) and not just VNC server or something... because my uni uses windows remote desktop and i want to connect to that one from ubuntu... it works from windows vista, so wondered if ubuntu have something similar...00:57
gualiyohola buenas00:59
linuxmcehello all, I have been having a little bit of trouble installing my canon mp210 printer01:00
linuxmceI found the correct tar.gz file and extracted it to the desktop and then tried the sudo apt-get install(name of file) and it says it cant find the file01:01
=== linuxmce is now known as duganator
RoeyWhy does konqueror display an empty gallery for DeviantArt users (at least for me) and how do I fix this?  Firefox shows things fine01:02
DragnslcrYou don't use apt-get to install packages that you download from other sites01:02
duganatorwhat command would I use then?01:02
DragnslcrWhatever the install instructions say01:03
arrrghhhalexander_, join #ubuntu then, what are doin here?01:03
duganatorthe install instructions told me to use the ./configure command and it says it didn't recognize it01:03
arrrghhhduganator, did you run it from the directory where you extracted the .tar.gz?01:04
arrrghhhduganator, btw, what you're doing is compiling a program from source - the only thing's  you apt-get are stuff that's in the repositories.01:04
duganatorok that makes sense01:05
duganatorIm sorry I have been in afghanistan for the past two years so I haven't had time to keep myself up to date01:05
duganatorarrrghhh, when you say directory what are you referring to?01:06
arrrghhhduganator, i thought i made that clear.... that .tar.gz.  you extracted it.  where you extracted it, that's where  you run the ./configure command.01:06
duganatorok so type in the file name and then run the ./configure command?01:07
arrrghhhuh in your console, navigate to the directory where you extracted the .tar.gz and run the ./configure command...01:07
fitoriaI have a dissaster01:08
fitoriaI made a sudo apt-get remove mono*01:08
fitoriaand everything was uninstalling01:09
fitoriawhat can i do to recover i t?01:09
duganatorarrrggghhh I just got the the folder in the konsole and ran the command and it just said no such file or directory01:09
arrrghhhduganator, did you extract the .tar.gz file?01:09
fitorialook here01:10
arrrghhhfitoria, reinstall every package you uninstalled?  why did you use a wildcard when removing packages anyway?  i didn't even know that worked.01:10
fitoriaarrrghhh: but it tells me that I do dpgk --reconfigure -a01:10
fitoriaarrrghhh: but it tells me that I do dpgk --configure -a  *01:10
fitoriai think that i will finish what i started01:10
arrrghhhfitoria, and what happens when you run that01:10
fitoriaI have not run it01:11
fitoriaIm scared :s01:11
arrrghhhi have no idea whey you said yes to that command... it asks if you want to uninstall and you said yes.01:11
arrrghhhdpkg --configure -a01:11
arrrghhhrun it as root01:11
alexander_i found a solution. terminal server client filled my needs for remote desktops...01:11
duganatorok arrrgggh in did extract it01:12
fitoriammmmm I will try01:12
fitoriaI hope it works01:12
Simonftcan someone help me with a broadcom? i have tried !broadcom01:14
Simonftcan someone help me with a broadcom? i have tried !broadcom01:14
fitoriaarrrghhh: it worked01:14
fitoriasuch a joy!01:15
duganatorok arrrggghhh i extracted the file to my desktop01:15
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here << http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome >>01:15
duganatorthen did cd Desktop/filename01:15
duganatorand then did ./configure and it still did nothing01:15
Simonftcan someone help me with a broadcom? i have tried !broadcom01:16
arrrghhhduganator, are you sure you're in the right directory01:16
arrrghhhfitoria, glad to hear it01:17
duganatoryeah, i made sure and typed everything correctly and what not01:17
arrrghhhSimonft, you've installed the restricted driver for it?01:17
duganatorim about to elbow my monitor01:17
arrrghhhduganator, ...01:17
Simonftarrrghhh: i think, im having some trouble with all of the tutorials, is there a way to reset everything relateing to wireless, and start over?01:18
arrrghhhSimonft, not really... i have no idea what you've done.01:18
duganatorarrrghh, im sorry like i said i have been in the military overseas for the past two years01:19
duganatorI'm a child with this stuff01:19
Simonftarrrghhh: btw, your in the ubuntu irc now too, aren't you01:19
arrrghhhduganator, i'm not sure how that effects you linux has been around for a long time.  and if you can't get into the proper directory... i dunno how i can help you01:19
arrrghhhSimonft, yea i'm tryin to figure out how to get my BT speakers workin.01:19
duganatorI haven't exactly had a chance to use a computer much in the past two years arrrgghh01:20
arrrghhhduganator, i'm still not sure how that changes the fact that linux and computers have been around for a long time.  google is your friend.  if you can't change to the proper directory, i can't help you.  you need to help yourself first, see where i'm comin from?01:21
ru4reelhow to secure linux from hackers01:21
jamboodaru4reel, iptables01:22
arrrghhhru4reel, it's a firewall01:23
arrrghhhby default it's pretty secure from remote hackers...01:23
ru4reeliwhats the best01:23
duganatorarrrghhh I totally understand you man, I was new to linux before I did my three tours, but it certainly didn't help me remember everything01:23
ru4reelcan you use zonealarm01:24
duganatorok arrrgggh so your saying I may need to be in like the root directory01:24
arrrghhhduganator, ok... so you should know how to compile source if you've used linux before.  at least know how to change to a directory.  if not, you need to do some reading my friend01:24
arrrghhhru4reel, iptables is all you need.... firestarter is a good front-end for iptables, but there's no need for anything like zone alarm.01:24
ru4reelgotcha, thanks01:25
arrrghhhru4reel, ubuntu doesn't have ports open by default...01:25
arrrghhhsooooo no need for zone alarm, etc.01:25
ru4reelcool, how would ubuntu 8.04 do with file sharing security hiding ip addresses01:25
arrrghhhfood time kids, i'll bbl.01:25
arrrghhhru4reel, not sure how to answer that question at all... file sharing across the internet?  locally?01:26
jamboodaru4reel are you behind a router?01:26
ru4reeli could be, i have computers that i havent networked yet and thought of setting up my router01:26
jamboodaare you going to be using linux as a router?01:27
jamboodaor are you getting like a linksys router or something like that01:27
ru4reeli want to however i am a beginner so dont know how01:27
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:27
ru4reeli have a linksys broadband and wireless router should i use those01:27
jamboodawell if you're a beginner I'd just go with a residential router like linksys/dlink/etc..01:28
jamboodaonce you do that01:28
jamboodajust don't open any ports on your router01:28
jamboodaand you wont have to worry about anyone connecting to your file server01:28
jamboodaover the internet01:28
ru4reelok sounds good01:29
jamboodanow if you're on wireless that's a diff story..01:29
ru4reeli would like to use wireless01:29
jamboodajust make sure you configure wpa and mac address filtering and use a good passphrase and you'll be fine01:29
Simonftdoes anybody know how to reset wireless settings?01:29
ru4reelwpa works through linux01:31
jamboodasure does01:31
=== epimeth_ is now known as epimeth
ru4reelgood, another issue01:31
jamboodasince you're using kubuntu or else you woudln't be in this room...wpa can be configured via knetworkmanager01:31
ru4reelim at school and my linux picks up there wireless network fine01:31
ru4reelat home it picks up my hotspot but won01:32
ru4reelt get me to the internet01:32
jamboodasounds like a configuration problem01:33
ru4reelanyclue on specific config issue01:34
ru4reelcould it be the hotspot cause i have problems with my windows wifi as well01:34
ru4reeland the windows wifi catcher shows nothing yet the card picks up the wireless network01:34
Simonftdoes anybody know how to reset wireless settings?01:34
jamboodawhat do you mean reset wireless settings?01:35
* Walzmyn sighs01:35
WalzmynIt's always something simple01:35
jamboodayup its the simple stuff that gets you01:36
jamboodaalways a missing semicolon or something..lol01:36
Walzmynbeen fighting with this thing for 2 days trying to figure out why it wouldn't recoginize my camcorder - just firgured out the usb cable is broke01:36
Simonftjambooda: i am trying to get a broadcom, and i want to start over after all of the things i have tried01:38
jamboodaohh...yea not sure..01:41
jamboodaI guess we would need to know what you've tried01:41
blackvdI'm using ubuntu hardy and I'd like to check out kde4 so what I'm wondering is, what packages should I install? just kde4 or should I add a better repo for it?01:42
AnastasiaHi folks, trying to compile something with GTK and apparently I am missing stuff.  What should I do to resolve this:01:42
Anastasiagcc -O0 -g -Wall -I. -DLinux `pkg-config --cflags 'gtk+-2.0'` -c frontend.c01:42
Anastasia/bin/sh: pkg-config: not found01:42
Anastasiaalso this: frontend.c:28:21: error: gtk/gtk.h: No such file or directory01:43
Anastasialooked in synaptic and it is not at all clear what I need.01:43
Dragnslcrblackvd- the package you want is kubuntu-kde4-desktop01:44
blackvdDragnslcr:excellent thanks!01:45
AnastasiaGot the first one, but still unclear on what I need to resolve the GTK+-2.0 problem.  Searching for that returns theme engines, is that what I need?  If so which?!?01:47
AnastasiaHummm, what is it that ones runs to update library paths?!?  need it so seldom I keep forgetting what it is :(.01:49
Anastasiaeh, easire to reboot, that might clean it up.01:50
jamboodaHas anyone gotten extended desktop to work with the intel graphics card.  Here's an excerpt from lspci:  00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile PM965/GM965/GL960 Memory Controller Hub (rev 03)01:52
jambooda00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)01:52
jamboodai've tried xrandr and for some reason my laptop screen goes white each time01:52
wirechief_inteljambooda what command did this ?01:53
Simonftjambooda: everything01:53
jamboodaxrandr --output VGA --mode 2304x128001:57
jamboodaxrandr --output VGA --right-of LVDS01:58
Simonftjambooda: any ideas?01:58
wirechief_inteljambooda: what about just xrandr01:59
jamboodahaven't tried that?01:59
K`zanNo luck, looks like whatever pkg-config needs or gtk2 stuff doesn't show up in synaptic that I can recognize.  I'll just boot windcrap, it works over there :-(.  THanks anyway folks.01:59
jamboodaeverything I've read pretty much says to try what I typed01:59
wirechief_inteljambooda: ? well ? maybe you dont have that resolution available, that command will show all available.02:00
jamboodaoutput from xrandr02:01
jamboodaScreen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1280 x 800, maximum 1280 x 128002:01
jamboodaVGA disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)02:01
jamboodaLVDS connected 1280x800+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 286mm x 179mm02:01
jambooda   1280x800       59.9*+   60.002:01
jambooda   1280x768       60.002:01
jambooda   1024x768       60.002:01
jambooda   800x600        60.302:01
jambooda   640x480        59.902:01
jamboodasays my maximum resolution is 1280x128002:01
wirechief_inteljambooda: yep02:01
jamboodathat can be overriden in xorg.conf within the subsection of screen02:02
jamboodawhich is what all the docs says to do02:02
Simonftjambooda: you seemed to have an idea for me.02:02
wirechief_inteljambooda well, i dunno i use dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg for that myself.02:02
wirechief_inteljambooda: but before you do anything like that make a backup of your xorg.conf02:03
jamboodaSimonft, well it would depend on what commands you ran, what you edited and what you installed.02:03
jamboodawithout that i'm not sure how to tell you to reset your wireless settings02:03
jamboodashort of reinstalling02:03
jamboodawirechief_intel, and that worked for you?02:04
jamboodawirechief_intel: which graphics card are you using?02:04
wirechief_inteljambooda: on my desktop yes.02:04
Simonftok, is it possible to view a log of command prompt?02:04
jamboodasimonft: try the history command02:04
jamboodahistory | less02:05
arrrghhhso who's a bluetooth expert.  i want to use my bluetooth speakers, and they connect... but i can't figure out how to transfer the audio output from my internal speakers to the external onees.02:05
wirechief_inteljambooda:  it is ati1300 card with fglrx installed, but i had vesa and used the above, and checked with xrandr to see what was available.02:05
davyhi all02:06
jamboodagot you02:06
wirechief_inteljambooda: only this computer uses the intel graphics thats why i was curious with your white screen and xrandr02:06
jamboodai'll try that and make sure I backup beforehand02:06
wirechief_inteljambooda: just use defaults for answers.02:07
jamboodayea that's my only issue right now..everything else works great with hardy02:07
wirechief_intelwell i had several but it seems to work now but havent tried it on this lappy02:08
wirechief_intelwifi can sometimes be a tough act.02:08
Simonftjambooda: its kinda scaryhttp://pastebin.com/m70e3e92002:08
jamboodait sure is..but at least now you sortof have an history what you did and can work your way backwards02:10
Simonftjambooda: im not sure how do undo the stuff02:10
jamboodawell it looks like you edited a bunch of stuff and without knowing what those edits are I can't really help you man...you have to take the time to backtrack through your changes02:11
jamboodanext time..you it would probably do you well to take an image of your system before you make changes02:11
Simonftjambooda: ok, thanks, i really wanted to get wireless to work, so now i guess i have to fix it myself. thanks for helping me with history02:12
arrrghhhno one?  i have kbluetooth working, it connects... but now how do i transfer the audio to the external speakers?02:13
dilloni am having the hardest time getting flash and java working in konqueror, flash works perfect in firefox, but opera and konqueror both either don't show the flash applet or display it wrongly (and unusable)02:19
dillonwhat package works best in konqueror, nonfree, gnash, other?02:19
BluesKajdillon, Konqueror can also use the Flash plugin if konqueror-nsplugins is installed.02:24
mot_anybody here use virtual box?02:25
dillonBluesKaj, i currently have that package installed but it results in a very buggy flash applet (unusable).  I might have issues with it trying to use more than one plugin, as i have screwed around with it alot.  What packages and files should i delete so i can 'start over'?02:26
mutableHi. Have you ever seen Miranda IM on windows docked on the right side of the screen? Is it possible to achieve same effect with for example Kopete in KDE?02:27
BluesKajdillon, first of all do you have the flashplugin-nonfree ?02:27
dillonBluesKaj, no, not currently installed02:28
BluesKajinstall it02:28
dilloninstalling, im a little slow on a satellite connection, bear with me02:30
BluesKajdillon, no prob02:31
arrrghhhso i have a question.  my speakers are BT, and i have a BT dongle.  the dongle connects to the speakers without issue.  now how do i switch the audio to those speakers?02:32
BluesKajarrrghhh, make sure you line out on alsamixer is up to 71% or so02:33
dillonBluesKaj, ok flashplugin-nonfree is installed02:34
arrrghhhBluesKaj, ?  huh?02:35
BluesKajdillon , now sun-java6-bin, sun-java6-jre , sun-java6-plugin , icedtea-gcjwebplugin, and java-common02:37
blackvdWow! wasn't too impressed. how do I remove all of the packages it installed for kubuntu in one quick swoop?02:38
BluesKajarrrghhh, the line out on your soundcard02:38
dillonBluesKaj, ok, i'll get back to you when that download finishes02:39
BluesKajdillon, i would check in adept first , not to waste time , DLing stuff that's already installed02:39
arrrghhhBluesKaj, well alsamixer doesn't have a "line out".  i have master, headphon, pcm, cd, mic, caller I, off-hook, and speaker.  and how does that help me switch my internal audio speakers to my BT speakers?02:40
dillonBluesKaj, yeah i did, im on a pretty fresh install so i havent got any of those packages installed02:40
dwidmann_laptoparrrghhh: I would just plug your speakers into the headphone jack of the computer, that should do it02:42
BluesKajarrrghhh, internal audio speakers ?02:42
arrrghhhwargh.  i know i can use an audio cable... but that's no fun!02:42
arrrghhhBluesKaj, bluetooth speakers.02:43
arrrghhhmy internal speakers work fine.  and i'm sure i could use the external speaker with an aux cable.  but i want to use the BT feature.  i connect to the speakers with kbluetooth just fine, but now i don't know what to do to get the audio transferred to the external speakers.02:44
BluesKajwell hook yer bluetooth device to the output on the soundcard or the headphone jack like dwidmann_laptop suggested02:44
arrrghhhi know i could do that, but i want to use the bluetooth functionality... which is why i'm asking in here.  i wouldn't be asking for help if i just wanted to hook the speakers up with an audio cable.02:45
ronnie_hi all = )02:45
BluesKajarrrghhh, they aren't internal speakers , they're just non bluetooth speakers , speaker that are housed seperately from the pc are always "external"02:46
arrrghhhBluesKaj, yes... they're external speakers.02:47
ronnie_hey I was thinking of buying a new harddrive, besides getting 7200 rpm's, what else should I be looking at for faster performance?02:47
Dr_willisdepends on your budget. :)02:47
BluesKajeven speakers hooked to the soundcard with a cable are external02:48
Dr_willisand how fast you really really want to be.02:48
arrrghhhBluesKaj, your statement is correct.02:48
ronnie_well it has to be compatible with this old ibm desktop which takes 3.5 IDE only = )02:49
BluesKajarrrghhh, speakers without wires are usually "selfpowered-wireless"02:49
arrrghhhBluesKaj, ok, can you help me switch the audio from my internal speakers to my "selfpowered-wireless" speakers?02:50
BluesKajwhat internal speakers ?02:51
lopinAnyone know how to broadcast shoutcast in linux?  Preferably something involving amarok since internet dj console doesn't work for anything...02:51
BluesKajlopin, you could try looping amarok thru vlc02:52
lizahi there! anyone know how to resized the MB size of download pictures?02:52
Dr_willisload it into some editor, save it as a different format/res/depth/02:53
lopinI've already got a server running on a computer downstairs, also linux.  But, I can't find any good software to connect to the server...02:53
lopinI can't connect in IDJC02:53
arrrghhhBluesKaj, what internal speakers?  what do you mean?02:53
arrrghhhBluesKaj, oh... this is a laptop...02:53
BluesKajexactly what i said arrrghhh02:53
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arrrghhhlopin, ssh02:54
lopinIDJC = internet dj console02:54
fideliohi.  Have problems with printer setup.  CUPS recognize printer and test page is ok. CAnnot print with any program02:54
lopinarrrghhh: What?02:54
BluesKajarrrghhh, you mean from the soundcard audio output ?02:54
arrrghhhlopin, secure shell.02:54
arrrghhhBluesKaj, yes, i'd like the audio to be sent to my "selfpowered wireless bluetooth" speakers as opposed to my internal laptop speakers.02:55
lopinHow is that going to help me connect to my server?  I'm not trying to telnet...  I'm trying to connect to shoutcast...02:55
arrrghhhlopin, it's how i connect to my server02:55
arrrghhhlopin, do you have shoutcast installed and config'd on the server already?02:55
lopinI just don't have any software to get the music to the server...02:56
lopinI've tried Internet DJ console, but I can't press the connect button...02:56
lopinWhich is a big bug, and aparently the only program on linux for it...02:56
BluesKajVLC will stream audio to the server02:56
ronnie_oh one more question...video card to TV, my tv is a 32", & my card puts the resolution at 1024x768, I notice some screen flickering, was wondering if you can fry a picture tube useing the wrong resolution?02:57
lopinBluesKaj: but, will it use the shoutcast standard?02:57
BluesKajdo you think shoutcast will accept your stream ?02:57
lopinI don't know!  That's the question!02:57
lopinI'm using a laptop as of current.  It has the music.02:57
lopinI'll be djing here for a group on Second Life.  It'll work the same way.02:58
lopinI have a server downstairs, running the official shoutcast server for linux.02:58
BluesKajlopin, I think I'd investigate that aspect further before trying to stream as a shoutcast station02:58
lopinWHAT ASPECT?!02:58
lopinMusic is on laptop.  Needs to get to server.  I don't want to have to open up winamp in windows to stream to the server.  How do I do it in linux?02:59
BluesKajshoutcast doesn't accept streams without agreements legal issues etc02:59
BluesKajVLC. lopin03:00
lopinBluesKaj: You're not understanding the system here.03:00
Dr_willisbye all.. work timne.03:00
BluesKajdo you have VideoLan (VLC) installed ?03:00
lopinBluesKaj: VLC will not work.03:00
lopinVLC is in itself the server.03:00
lopinI don't need a server.  I already have one.03:01
ugalopin: vlc is a client =)03:01
ugaVideo Lan Client ;)03:01
lopinI'm not trying to listen!  I'm trying to broadcast.03:01
ugalopin: you can do both with videolan03:01
lopinIn order for VLC to broadcast, it would have to become a server...03:01
ugayes, it can do so03:01
lopinI don't need a server...03:01
arrrghhhuga, it can act as a streaming server as well...03:02
ugalopin: read my lips... vlc can do both work at the same time as client and server03:02
lizadoes anybody teach me to compress the 2 megabytes piture into 1 megabytes? im using the dolphin system.tnx03:02
=== hexidigital_ is now known as hexidigital
lopinIt doesn't matter.  VLC doesn't broadcast as shoutcast...03:02
arrrghhhuga, ok so you do understand that lol03:02
ugaarrrghhh: yes, but when you say client, he wants a server and hwen you say server, he wants a client, he's going nuts03:02
arrrghhhyea i know... my apologies.03:02
lopinLet me try to explain the situation, please?03:03
ugalopin: isn't a shoutcast server a stupid rtsp/rtp based server anyway03:03
arrrghhhliza, i'd use GIMP03:03
ugaand winamp should know about rtsp, right?03:03
ugaelse winamp really sucks03:03
BluesKajI understand you want to stream to the internet like shoutcast does , yes and VLC will run on your server as a streamer to the net03:03
BluesKajas server and client both ...i don't see the prob03:04
lizaarrghh, how to get the GIMP?sorry its my first time to use this.03:04
ugaokay, it seems shoutcast isn't exactly rtsp/rtp03:04
CrashMaster_sudo apt-get gimp03:05
lopinI've got music on my laptop.  Using IDJC, you make a playlist, and it streams the music to a server, in this case, shoutcast on my personal server downstairs.  The server then distributed the stream to the listeners.  This setup will have to be the same for when I go to Dj on Second life here soon, as I'll have to use a group server instead of mine.  I need to know how to use any program to get the music to the shoutcast server downstair03:05
lopinVLC bypasses the Shoutcast server, taking on the server functions itself/03:05
ugaugh, second life users =)03:05
lopinDid I manage to make it any clearer?03:06
afeijohow to convert .avi to .divx?03:06
ugaafeijo: avi is just the encapsulating format, which can contain a divx03:06
arrrghhhafeijo, ...avi is a DIVX format...03:06
ugaafeijo: so you need to make it a bit clearer03:06
afeijook, sorry, my avi come from my casio camera03:07
BonesolTeraDyneliza: It's in the Add\Remove app under "Graphics", or you can use "sudo apt-get install gimp" in Konsole03:07
afeijoits big! few minutes, 100 mb03:07
drifarrrghhh: avi is audio/video interleave, not necessarily divx03:07
afeijoI have 5+ gb of that03:07
BluesKajafeijo, .avi usually is divx or xvid03:07
=== blackwaltz is now known as dwidmann_laptop
ugaBluesKaj: .avi only means it's encapsulated as RIFF format03:07
ugait can contain video coded with any codecs03:08
ugaafeijo: run "file video.avi"03:08
ugawhere video is the filename03:08
ugain a konsole03:08
BluesKajdepends what he wants to do with the avi file ...he can use ffmpeg to convert mpg03:08
ugaor to xvid03:08
edjuUsing Kmail (so, not entirely OT), and from a list I  subscribe to, I get mail with a bunch of = signs w/ html stuff, as =2de/images/schloss=5F1 . . .  There is no user-agent in th header.  Is this Windows stuff?03:09
afeijouga: RIFF (little-endian) data, AVI, 640 x 480, 29.97 fps, video:, audio: (mono, 22050 Hz)03:09
ugaheh, file didn't recognise the video format. I hope ffmpeg does =)03:09
BonesolTeraDyneedju: use pastebin to show us the header.03:09
BluesKajmost standalone dvdps will play either xvid or divx these days03:09
BonesolTeraDyne!paste | edju03:09
ubottuedju: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:09
afeijoit plays03:09
BonesolTeraDyneedju: err.. I mend to show us what you mean03:10
BonesolTeraDyneI can't type today...03:10
ugaafeijo: ffmpeg -i video.avi compressedvideo.avi03:11
fideliohi.  Have problems with printer setup.  CUPS recognize printer and test page is ok. CAnnot print with any program03:11
ugaafeijo: I think ffmpeg uses xvid or divx by default, not sure03:11
afeijoI love apt-get03:12
lizatnx for helping but i dont have the right to add\remove03:12
arrrghhhfunny, i love aptitute03:12
edjuBonesolTeraDyne, http://rafb.net/p/VMBN0074.html03:12
afeijooh no03:12
afeijouga: Unable for find a suitable output format for '080511.divx'03:12
arrrghhhliza, you don't have root access?03:13
ugaafeijo: name it .avi03:13
uganot .divx03:13
ugacheck size. better?03:13
afeijowow! very03:13
lopinThanks for all the help guys, and by help, i mean making me go to the site and get the damn console broadcaster...03:13
afeijo7,775kb to 2,976kb03:13
dillonBluesKaj, the java packages and icedtea package have been installed03:14
ugaafeijo: if you run "file compressedvideo.avi" you should see the format now03:14
afeijowaaaaaaay easier then windows03:14
afeijouga: 080511n.avi: RIFF (little-endian) data, AVI, 640 x 480, ~30 fps, video: FFMpeg MPEG-4, audio: MPEG-1 Layer 1 or 2 (mono, 22050 Hz)03:14
ugayes, mpeg4, that's now correct =)03:14
lizayes arrrhhh03:15
afeijouga: ups, the size come from 7,7mb to 294kb... so, you know what heppen with the quality, hehe03:15
ugaafeijo: well, divx is about compression. Quality will be diminished. You can play with ffmpeg parameters for that, but some quality always goes down03:16
ugaafeijo: mpeg isn't that extreme but it'll be larger03:16
ugayou can use foo.mpg as output file name to test03:16
BonesolTeraDyneedju: Maybe it was an HTML mail. KMail doesn't render HTML by default, IIRC.03:17
afeijo.avi I download with series eps, 350 mb, has great quality. Why my camera converted dont?03:17
ugaafeijo: you'll have to check the parameters used in those files03:18
afeijoanother test, an .mpg of 20 mb reduced to 237 kb! OMG03:18
ugaffmpeg allows you to do more or less compresion03:18
edjuBonesolTeraDyne, Yes, I guess so.  Does Outlook Express (aka Outhouse Express) default to html?  Promise last question on this?03:18
BluesKajdillon, now open konq /settings/configure konqueror/plugins ..then scan for plugins , it'll ask to save the ones already installed , click save , then click ok . Now choose settings/ save view Profile Webrowsing / click save . close konq  and try the wen=bsites that wouldn't play flash etc previously"03:18
afeijo.avi get 2.4mb, .mpg get 2.7mb03:18
afeijoI will test other params, thanks uga03:19
ugaafeijo: btw, it's doing mpeg4 (mp4) format, you can install extra codecs possibly, including the win32codecs or win64codecs from medibuntu03:19
BonesolTeraDyneedju: I believe so. I haven't used Outlook Express since my Win98 days, so I'm not sure what XP\Vista use by default.03:19
ugaand it'll be possible to choose other codecs like xvid and divx03:19
BonesolTeraDynehold on, I can check the XP Missing Manual03:19
ugait might as well do xvid now, but not sure03:19
ugaafeijo: there's frontends to help you do this too03:20
CrashMaster_oy my head03:20
ugaafeijo: http://www.kraus.tk/projects/konverter/03:20
ugastuff like htat03:20
ugathat one uses mencoder03:20
BonesolTeraDyneedju: It doesn't say anything, but I know it did in Win98, so I would expect it to now.03:21
sevenseekerhowdy, anyone familiar with kmilo on kde4?03:21
edjuBonesolTeraDyne, Thanks.  I'm off to excoriate the list owner!03:21
fideliohi.  Have problems with printer setup.  CUPS recognize printer and test page is ok. CAnnot print with any program03:22
ugafidelio: if you enter kcontrol, under printers... is it listed?03:22
ugalisted as online?03:23
=== sacha_ is now known as xsacha
fideliouga: don't have kcontrol but kprinter sees the drivers and the printer03:24
ugaweirdo, kubuntu doesn't ship kcontrol modules now?03:25
ugafidelio: is the status idle (accepting jobs)?03:25
dillonBluesKaj, im just getting a gray box on youtube03:25
fideliouga: yes idle03:26
ugafidelio: the kcm allows sending a test page, I wonder if kprinter, allows doing that03:26
afeijoaccessing Konverter!03:26
ugafidelio: and the printer is listed to use cups?03:27
fideliouga: correct03:27
ugaI really don't know how you set the printer up without kcm =)03:27
ugasince it's there where one configures cups usually03:27
ugafidelio: sorry, it should work out of the box if so, then03:27
ugano idea03:27
arrrghhhso how  can i transfer the audio from my internal speakers to my bluetooth speakers?  i can connect to the speakers and keep the connection, but i don't know how to transfer the audio from my internal laptop speakers to the bluetooth speakers.03:27
fideliouga: I know. Have no idea why it does not.  Thought ask here...03:28
ugafidelio: kprinter manages to do the test page I presume?03:28
ugathen something is broken in the print system there for kde, it seems03:28
ugafidelio: same goes for openoffice?03:28
ugaor just kde03:28
afeijoomg, ffmpeg has milions of params03:28
ugaafeijo: it does. That's why I told you about konverter =)03:29
BluesKajarrrghhh, does your laptop have builtin bluetooth ?03:29
fideliouga:no that's the problem, office, pdf, gedit don't work!03:29
ugathere might be better frontends03:29
uhriventisHow do I completely remove kde4 and all the programs it came with?03:29
arrrghhhBluesKaj, it's a dongle.... so no unfortunately not.03:29
magohow changen the resulution in Kubunto03:29
arrrghhhuhriventis, how did you install kde4?03:29
afeijoI download .deb or .rpm to install here?03:29
ugafidelio: oh well, that's the problem then. kprinter is the kde backend for printing03:30
arrrghhhuhriventis, if you use aptitude it's a snap.03:30
uhriventissudo apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop03:30
ugafidelio: those apps you listed are non-kde ones03:30
uhriventisI think that was the code03:30
ugafidelio: so no matter how much kprinter works... =)03:30
fideliouga:  thus...03:30
afeijoor should I check adept?03:30
arrrghhhuhriventis, you used apt-get?  bummer... there's no easy way.  google it.03:30
mot_having a bit of trouble getting usb working in virtualbox03:30
mot_in kubuntu should my users be a part of a usb or usbfs group?03:30
flacciduhriventis: basically look up what that meta package installs and remove the packages03:30
mot_or 'plugdev' ?03:30
fideliouga: how do you get non-kde program to work?03:31
uhriventisHow owuld I do that?03:31
arrrghhhuhriventis,  sudo aptitude purge kde4 kde4-core03:31
flacciduhriventis: have a look at http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/kubuntu-kde4-desktop then remove what it lists03:31
BluesKajarrrghhh, in bluetooth menu options is there audio out ?03:31
flaccidwell it installs more than core03:31
arrrghhhBluesKaj, if it was only that easy....  no at least i couldn't find any.03:31
flaccidarrrghhh: there is no kde4 package03:32
ugafidelio: about gedit, I don't know G-apps suck ;)03:32
ugafidelio: about openoffice, there's an "spadmin" named program under the install dir03:33
uhriventisWhen i do  sudo aptitude purge kde4 kde4-core03:33
ugafidelio: /usr/lib/openoffice/program/spadmin03:33
ugatry running that03:33
ugait will allow you to enable/disable cups and set the printers03:33
uhriventisIt doesn't do anything03:33
arrrghhhuhriventis, do an aptitude search kde4 then03:34
uhriventisRemove the ones with the i's?03:34
BluesKajarrrghhh, is there an audio jack input on the bluetooth device , that could take the output thru a connection to the headphone out on the laptop ?03:34
sevenseekerhaving kmilo, how in kde4 do I configure it?03:34
arrrghhhBluesKaj, i'd prefer to not use a cable.03:34
flaccid!doesntwork | uhriventis03:35
ubottuuhriventis: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:35
flacciduhriventis: like i said you look at the package contents and remove them individudally03:35
fideliouga: will try..03:35
uhriventisWhat was that?03:35
ugafidelio: gnome apps have something like gprint or similar, but no idea really03:35
ugaI haven't used gapps for ages03:36
magoHi, someone can help me to fix the screen resolution?03:36
fideliouga: spadmin recognizes my printer as default and just printed a test page03:37
uhriventisMaybe I can find it in adept manager?03:37
magoI can fix the screen resolution in 1024 x 76803:38
magowhat can i do?03:38
flacciduhriventis: please listen. look at the package depends from the link i posted. try to remove each package, as long as it is not depended on by kde3/other apps. there is likely more than just *-kde4 debs t remove.03:38
BluesKajarrrghhh, any devices running with bluetooth ?03:39
arrrghhhBluesKaj, other than the speakers?  no.03:39
uhriventisI removed it03:40
BluesKajarrrghhh, well how do you know that bluetooth even works or is enabled ?03:41
arrrghhhBluesKaj, well it found the speakers, and paired with them... and kbluetooth says it's connected to the speakers.  i have a headset and a cell phone to test i guess but i'm pretty sure the bluetooth connection is fine.03:43
arrrghhhBluesKaj, if it wasn't enabled/working, it wouldn't have let me pair with the device.03:47
ugafidelio: then openoffice ought to be able to do prints03:47
BluesKajarrrghhh, make sure the external amp in kmix in lit up and unmuted (00) in alsamixer03:47
=== Angry_Bacon is now known as AngryBacon
ugaarrrghhh: could you please change nick?03:48
ugawhenever somebody replies, I think he's having issues03:48
arrrghhhuga, why... it's mah nick that i've used since 199803:48
fideliouga:unfortunatelu not.  and no error message either.  It is strange03:49
ugaarrrghhh: the problem is whenever somebody says arrgh, I think something got him broken03:49
arrrghhhuga, sorry?03:49
ugaarrrghhh: what do you think if I say "arrrgh!" on irc03:50
ugayes, that03:50
arrrghhheither you're talking to me, or something broke03:50
ugaor something broke03:50
CrashMaster_or, im just delibratley throwing gas on the fire03:50
arrrghhhBluesKaj, i don't see an external amp in kmix or alsamixer03:50
ugaarrrghhh: so it looks like everything is broken on this channel whenever somebody talks to you03:50
ugait's so damn confusing03:50
arrrghhhlmao that's awesome03:51
ugafidelio: do you print "ok"?03:51
ugaarrrghhh: well, not that awesome for the rest03:51
ugaat least not for me03:51
BluesKajfidelio, just one question, ...is the printer listed in kmenu /system settings/printers ?03:51
arrrghhheh.  you'll wake up in the morning and think how awesome my nick is.03:51
ugaarrrghhh: it's the morning already03:52
arrrghhhwell there you go then03:52
ugaand... still... not03:52
BluesKajarrrghhh, kmix/switches03:53
arrrghhhBluesKaj, i have "caller id" and "off-hook" both of which don't have a bar...03:53
Choreboyhow do I locate a program I just installed?03:53
arrrghhhhow did you install it?03:54
Choreboysudo apt-get install wakeonlan03:54
arrrghhhthat would be installed to /usr/bin03:55
arrrghhhthat's a cli program03:55
flaccidChoreboy: have a look at its contents in adept, thats the easiest way to confirm the binaries etc. it installs03:55
Choreboyok. I was more looking for an icon shortcut03:55
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »03:56
arrrghhhChoreboy, uh... it's cli.  you'll have to make one if you want one.  GUI tools usually install to the kmenu.03:56
ChoreboyI don't know what cli is :-(03:57
arrrghhhChoreboy, sorry command line interface.03:58
Choreboyah. I was able to open it in command line but I can't figure out how to use it correctly there.03:58
arrrghhhyea, i'd read tutortials.03:59
arrrghhhor tutorials, whichever you prefer lol03:59
ChoreboyI prefer tutortials.03:59
ubottugoogle is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux04:00
Choreboylol @ google04:00
arrrghhhthere might be a man page for wakeonlan too04:00
flaccidi don't know why you would laugh, half my time helping here is googling for people when they should google first :)04:00
arrrghhhman pages always have examples04:00
flaccidarrrghhh: i woudln't say always04:00
arrrghhhalmost always04:01
Choreboyflaccid: I know but that wasn't initially what I was looking for04:01
Choreboyflaccid: more often than not I find what I need on google and other times I come here if I spend too long trying to figure it out04:01
arrrghhhBluesKaj, all i have under switches is "caller id" and "off-hook" and they're both switched on.04:02
ChoreboyI just thought the "google is your friend" comment was funny04:02
flaccidlots on google on this topic. it depends what help you are asking for. if its something out of base then you are less likely to get help and google always helps if not solves04:02
arrrghhhChoreboy, there are a ton of tuts on wakeonlan and how to use it.04:03
arrrghhhpeople who help on a volunteer basis really appreciate it when people help themselves before asking for help.04:04
tom540Hi.  I'm trying to use yakuake-kde4.. but it's appearing on EVERY desktop(i have 4) - i can't find a way to change this.  I was hoping with the new version, they'd fix that.. but I can't work around it.  Any tips?  Thanks!04:04
flaccidtom540: #kubuntu-kde404:04
arrrghhhtom540, kde4 isn't supported here04:04
arrrghhhthanks lol04:04
Choreboyarrrghhh: my original question was only how to find a program you just installed that I couldn't locate04:04
Choreboythat's why I had not looked up any wakeonlan stuff yet.04:05
flaccidChoreboy: yes that was fine, we helped with that...04:05
arrrghhhChoreboy, yea, command line programs don't "link" anywhere other than the CLI lol04:05
tom540When are they going to transition KDE4 questions here?  Out of curiousity.04:05
flacciddon't mean to sound rude04:05
arrrghhhtom540, when it's officially supported.  dunno, hopefully 4.104:05
flaccidtom540: i'd say when kde3 is dropped04:05
arrrghhhit's still "bleeding edge" i'd say04:05
flaccidits getting closer. im still submitting at least 3 bug reports a day heh04:06
tom540that's definitely why I don't use KDE4 for now.. :p04:06
arrrghhhkde4 is pretty but there's a lot to be ironed out before i can use it full time04:06
flaccidwell the last comment on that i will say is that the desktop effects are being quite stable for me suprisingly04:06
tom540i have all three desktops installed.. gnome, kde3, and kde4.  I love KDE4.. I really do, but waaaaay too many bugs.  I stick with GNOME for now.. until KD4 gets the kinks worked out04:06
tom540I "will" stick.. gah.04:07
sevenseekerkde4, osd for multimedia keys (like volume up/down), is this possible now?04:07
tom540worked for me with the first install seven..04:07
arrrghhhtom540, well it hasn't been fully rolled out.  the folks at kde make it quite obvious a lot is not ready.04:07
tom540I'd assume it's lap top to lap top, though..04:07
arrrghhhi mean the backends are still having a LOT of development04:07
tom540no doubt.04:07
tom540I'm waiting patiently..04:07
BluesKajsacktime ..sorry i couldn't help arrrghhh ..nite all04:08
arrrghhhit happens.04:08
arrrghhhthanks for tryin... ah well too late lol04:09
flaccidJucato: where do you request to add a package to default install04:09
Jucatoflaccid: perhaps a bug report assigned to the Kubuntu teadm?04:10
flaccidok. i just think we need gtk-qt-engine-kde4 in default04:10
Jucatoof that? that will most definitely be default in 8.10 since we're moving to KDE 4 by default04:11
flaccid!info gtk-qt-engine04:11
ubottugtk-qt-engine (source: gtk-qt-engine): theme engine using Qt for GTK+ 2.x. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.8-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 100 kB, installed size 476 kB04:11
flaccidit was optional before..04:11
arrrghhhJucato, you think by ibex kde4 will be the default WM for kubuntu?04:12
Jucatoarrrghhh: I don't "think". it's already the plan :)04:12
arrrghhhJucato, ah... i guess 4.1 is comin soon.  i just know there's a lot of backend work to be done on kde4 before it's "ready"04:12
Jucatothat would probably be 4.1.2 or 4.1.3 by then.04:12
Jucatowell 4.1 is already very much "ready" in that sense (not ready to be released though)04:13
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
arrrghhhwell like phonon, plasma, etc still have a lot (in my mind) of work to be done04:13
Jucatoit's all in your mind :)04:13
arrrghhhlmao, don't you lie to me!04:14
Jucatowell plasma is stabilizing again now, after the tokamak sprint. phonon, dunno if there are any problems there in the first place. with Trolltech also working behind Phonon, I doubt there's going to be problems from it04:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 229804 in ubuntu "gtk-qt-engine-kde4 should be installed by default in Kubuntu" [Undecided,New]04:14
Jucato(you should have specified "Kubuntu KDE 4" :P)04:15
arrrghhhJucato, are you a dev?04:15
flaccidJucato: why not all! how can i assign that bug... ?04:15
arrrghhhha.  do you know much about bluetooth?  i don't get where to go.  kbluetooth is very... limited it seems.  i connected to my bluetooth speakers just fine... but i can't figure out how to transfer the audio to the speakers.04:16
Jucatoflaccid: why all? would it be needed in a KDE 3 system? of course like I said earlier, it's probably going to be moot since 8.10 will most likely have it by default04:16
flaccidbecause not everybody uses the lastest...04:17
flaccidlatest. its a common complaint with firefox users.04:17
flaccidjucy can you join the kde4 chan for a discuss?04:18
arrrghhhhrm.  i was hoping this would be fairly straightforward.... doesn't seem to be.04:20
arrrghhhthe actual bluetooth connection was cake lol04:21
Jucatoarrrghhh: sorry. no idea about bt04:22
arrrghhhJucato, bummer.  no worries04:22
=== stoned_ is now known as stonertoad
dillonim having trouble networking on kubuntu, i just want to share my home folder with my desktop to transfer some files.  I have samba shares on my desktop (ubuntu) that all my other computers can see but i cant get it to work in kubuntu04:52
Ze_Mdigitalpsyko: use nfs04:52
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:52
flaccidwell nfs doesn't work with windows if thats on the lan04:53
flacciddillon: whats the specific problem04:53
dillonthe folders i supposedly have shared via samba and nfs arent showing up on the network, and i really dont know much about networking at all04:54
dillonbut i have folders on my desktop that i can see using samba on Ubuntu04:55
flaccidhow did you configure samba?04:55
flaccidso are you saying its browseable on ubuntu machines but not windows or something?04:55
dillonerr sorry let me phrase that better.  I have folders on my ubuntu machine (shared via samba) that do show up on the network04:56
dillonon here, i just right clicked the folder, went to properties and then the share tab, and selected share, nfs, and samba, but the folder does not show up on the network04:57
flacciddillon: but the computer does?04:59
dillonthe computer doesnt show up under samba shares or anything, but i can do remote desktop connection so i know im on the network05:01
flaccidwhat does smbclient -NL //localhost do?05:03
dillonError connecting to (Connection refused)05:04
flacciddillon: ps aux | grep samba05:05
flaccidsorry ps aux | grep smb05:05
dillondillon    8721  0.0  0.7  32352  6520 ?        S    23:03   0:00 kio_smb [kdeinit] smb /tmp/ksocket-dillon/klauncher6A9AZb.05:06
dillondillon    8884  0.0  0.0   3008   780 pts/1    R+   23:06   0:00 grep smb05:06
flaccidsamba is not running05:06
flaccidwhat release is this and which kde are you using?05:06
flacciddillon: dpkg -l | grep samba05:06
dillonbrand new hardy heron, kde3.5.905:07
dillonii  samba-common                               3.0.28a-1ubuntu4              Samba common files used by both the server a05:07
flacciddillon: samba is not installed, install the package samba05:08
flacciddillon: that is something which is advised in the above guide which you should of read :)05:09
dillonoh, my bad, i feel kinda dumb now i could have figured that out, thanks a bunch tho i really appreciate it05:11
flacciddillon: dw im pushing for better samba support :)05:15
=== starwars is now known as JOEL1
dillonyeah, that'd be great.  I already find it waaay easier than trying to network stuff on windows, i mean it really makes sense here.05:19
flaccidyeah its just the gui frontends that need to be updated etc.05:20
f00f8.04 rocks :)05:22
dillonyeah, ha the irony, i have to go help my mom on vista now, im trying to get her to switch tho :)05:22
f00fheh.. still have yet to use vista05:22
flaccidwell if there is something that she needs in windows that can't have on linux then thats understandable, otherwise heh05:22
f00fgot a laptop with vista on it, but, ubuntu runs perfectly on it.05:23
flaccidvista way too hardware demanding05:23
xsachaive got my mum using kubuntu 8.0405:25
dillonback, yeah, i always find myself asking her, "dang why is this so slow?!" and we have the same laptops just diffent OS's.  Yeah, i just need to show her that what she likes to do, you can do on here05:26
flaccidon low spec/cheapest notebooks its woeful05:26
f00fI used to use gentoo, but I went to ubuntu when 7.10 came out.  Got tired of waiting for compiles, I mean the whole point of gentoo is to stay on the bleeding edge of releases, and to make your system fast, but, it's like ok.. update the system and wait for like 10 days lol.05:26
xsachadillon: ssh in to the computer and help her remotely05:27
dillonon vista?05:27
xsachai was at university a few days ago and my mum sent me a txt saying something wasnt working...05:27
xsachai ssh in to her kubuntu and fixed it05:27
xsachanaah get her to switch to kubuntu first05:27
f00fthe only thing I like about vista, is that it's improved the performace/price ratio for those who run linux :)05:27
dillonha, yeah def, we got a steal on the notebooks with 1 Gig of RAM :)05:28
xsachai wonder why :P05:28
xsachaeveryone needs 2 gig05:29
dillonwhile we're on the subject, can i use remote desktop connection connecting to vista from kubuntu?05:29
xsachaVNC, sure05:29
f00flol, my laptop runs a Dual Core T2080 and 1GB RAM, and is pure speed on ubuntu.05:29
HeliosDoes anyone use a Mac Pro here?05:29
xsachabut the cool thing about using ssh, dillon, you can copy files through it AND run programs off the computer and display them on your computer05:30
flacciddillon: krdc in menu05:30
xsachaso i can run kaffeine off someone elses computer that has a tv tuner and then play it on mine and get the tv05:30
flaccidwell openssh-server doesn't come with windows but you can d/l and install it and then use sftp/scp05:30
HeliosDoes anyone use a Mac Pro here?05:30
f00fI used to use freenx when I did remote desktop.05:30
dillonyeah, do i need any extra program on vista to use rdc?05:30
f00fbut they cracked down at the school computer lab, and now I can't install the client T_T05:31
xsachaf00f: most schools and computers allow you to change boot up sequence i have found :D05:31
flacciddillon: no05:31
f00ffreenx is awesome though, esp over LAN :)05:31
xsachaf00f: using F12 or something during POST05:31
xsachathen you can stick in a linux usb and run linux :P05:32
f00fxsacha: true...05:32
xsachai do that at my uni05:32
flaccidunless the puters are set to prevent circumvention05:32
xsachacopy2ram feature lets you take out usb after loading too.. then it is running completely off ram :)05:32
xsachacan go kubuntuify all the computers... then leave05:33
f00fgood prank ;)05:33
xsachai did that with slax :P05:33
xsachacool thing is you didnt need a login to use it05:33
xsachaand you still got access to all printers, network drives, internet05:34
f00fyou should do something funny, like make it boot into an amiga emulator XD05:34
xsachathat was at university btw05:34
dillonyeah i did that to one of my teachers, i  told him "hey, check it out, i went ahead and put linux on here." his reaction was priceless05:34
f00fI recently discovered tesseract05:35
f00fbest OCR program I've ever used by far05:35
xsachaafaik, its not against the EULA either because you arent installing anything, it is just copied to RAM and unloaded on reboot05:37
xsachanot eula, but whatever they use. rules..05:37
f00ftrue :)05:37
stuffcorpsehello, is there a way of embedding ac3 audio into ogg or some other container format?05:38
f00fscan something at 600dpi into gimp, gaussian blur 6 pixels, make it pure monochrome with no dither, run through tesseract.. works every time :)  been OCRing my study guides instead of typing them all out. :)05:38
xsachaso i could come in to univeristy, without being a student, stick in slax, play on their sweet new dual cores with 2 gigs of ram and they cant kick me out?05:38
flaccida uni can kick whoever they want out05:38
f00fxsacha: that is cool05:38
f00fthat is true :)05:38
xsachaf00f: i dont have a scanner, but my uni does.. but they have windows.. maybe slax that one up05:39
xsachaflaccid: :(05:39
f00fI want to live in a dorm when I go to uni :(05:39
flaccidhaha yes i went to uni too05:39
f00fbut it's expensive T_T05:39
f00fI'm almost out of junior college, gonna transfer hopefully next year :)05:40
xsachai want my own kitchen05:41
flaccidjunior college hmm sounds yanky05:41
flaccidanyway we have #kubuntu-offtopic ..05:42
f00fok :)05:42
HeliosDoes anyone use a Mac Pro here?05:49
xsachahave used one...05:49
flaccidHelios: maybe try ##mac05:49
Heliosah thanks05:50
Silver_AdeptI'm having toruble with my nVidia card, I suspect. I leave the computer on for a bit and idling, and then when I get back, I get the white screen of doom. Rebooting fixes it as best I can tell. Is there a solution to this that doesn't involve reinstalling the driver binaries?05:51
f00fSilver_Adept: linux or windows?05:52
f00fSilver_Adept: dumbest question ever sorry lol05:52
Silver_AdeptLinux. After the Hardy upgrade, it started.05:52
xsachawhats the white screen of doom?05:52
xsachalinux has screens of doom?05:53
Silver_AdeptA basically completely whited-out screen.05:53
f00fSilver_Adept: are you running a 7***GS series?05:53
xsachaSilver_Adept: could it be you are using compiz-fusion + screensaver?05:53
Silver_AdeptNo desktop effects in use.05:53
Silver_AdeptAnd no screensaver, either, that I know of.05:54
f00fdid it work perfectly with the open source driver?05:54
Silver_AdeptI think the Hardy upgrade disabled the proprietary, so I was using the open-source driver.05:55
Silver_AdeptAnd I remember a white screen happening before I enabled the proprietary again.05:55
Silver_AdeptIn fact, after that reboot, I noticed that I wasn't using the proprietary driver.05:55
Silver_AdeptIt's a 6XXX series GeForce, I believe, by the way.05:57
flaccidSilver_Adept: what does lscpi | grep -i vga return?05:57
Silver_Adept"Command not found."05:57
Silver_AdeptWhere do I get that?05:58
ugaSilver_Adept: lspci | grep -i vga05:59
ugabetter ;)05:59
Silver_AdeptJust realized the typo myself.05:59
Silver_Adept00:05.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C51 [GeForce 6150 LE] (rev a2)05:59
rignesHello guys, woudl someone be willing to run "ls /etc/rc?.d/*rc.local" and let me know the output?05:59
Silver_AdeptIf it's of any help, it's an onboard controller rather than an actual card.06:00
flaccidSilver_Adept: goto Hardware Drivers in the menu and see if the proprietery driver is enabled - thats the one you probably want to use06:00
Silver_AdeptIt is now.06:00
Silver_AdeptAnd has been for at least one of those white screens.06:00
xsacharignes: /etc/rc2.d/S99rc.local  /etc/rc3.d/S99rc.local  /etc/rc4.d/S99rc.local  /etc/rc5.d/S99rc.local06:00
rignesxsacha: Awesome, you rock.  Thanks. ;)06:00
flaccidSilver_Adept: sure on that, it uses "nvidia" in xorg.conf?06:01
flaccidSilver_Adept: you could try http://www.adamspotton.com/node/106:01
flaccidSilver_Adept: also what is your dpkg -l | grep nvidia06:01
Silver_AdeptFor dpkg | grep: rc  nvidia-glx  1:1.0.9631+ NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org driver06:03
Silver_Adeptii  nvidia-glx-new 169.12+ NVIDIA binary XFree86 4.x/X.Org 'new' driver06:03
Silver_Adeptii  nvidia-kernel-common 20051028+1ubuntu8 NVIDIA binary kernel module common files06:03
Silver_AdeptAnd my xorg.conf says the driver is "nvidia" in the section "Device"06:03
ugainteresting... nvidia-kernel-common 2005102806:05
uga2005 sounds like pretty new ;)06:06
xsachauga: yeah thats the newest version in hardy06:08
flaccidSilver_Adept: its possible that nvidia-glx rc is conflicting but not sure if thats possible. you can always try the method in the link above for nvidia driver06:10
Silver_AdeptHrm. That sounds fairly user-friendly. I might give it a shot, then. Thanks for the information. Any other options?06:12
flaccidSilver_Adept: check the Xorg log i guess and submit a bug06:13
Silver_AdeptThanks again.06:16
f00fI'd consider defaulting to drivers from 2005 a bug lol06:20
flaccidhmm not sure why its like that: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/nvidia-kernel-common06:22
xsachait hasnt changed in 3 years. it still works06:28
flaccidi guess its not the driver itself so that explains it06:29
hanakCan anyone help me to give a new softare server06:31
hanakfor in sources.list06:31
xsachago to adept_manager->manage repositories06:32
xsachathen choose your country for server06:32
hanakok thanks06:33
demonic_hi everybody06:46
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eagles0513875when i shutdown my comp my screen keeps flashing06:58
eagles0513875anyone in here07:06
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »07:09
eagles0513875ffs is there anyone in here to help me07:15
flaccidthere is over 300 people07:17
flacciddid you submit/check bugs?07:17
eagles0513875flaccid: im still on the release client07:21
eagles0513875which has been updated with any recent packages07:21
* flaccid nods07:22
eagles0513875flaccid: u think i should just reinstall with the released version07:24
flaccidwhich driver is it and have you checked/submitted a bug?07:26
eagles0513875not sure whats causing the problem right now07:26
flaccidyeah thats why you submit a bug..07:26
eagles0513875when i hit shutdown it starts the shutdown sequence but as its shutting down or rebooting the screen stays flashing07:26
flaccidi know for a fact there is quite a few bugs like this atm.07:27
eagles0513875ok cuz im wondering if i just messed up my install07:28
flaccidin order to help you i need you to do those two things - check bugs and driver in use07:30
eagles0513875flaccid: how do i do that07:31
eagles0513875the drivers in use bit07:31
flaccideagles0513875: cat /etc/X11/xorg.con | grep -i driver is probably quickest07:32
flaccidlspci | grep -i vga to see the vid card hardware07:32
eagles0513875for first thing only thing thats coming up r keyboard mouse(wireless mouse) synaptics(my touchpad) and fglrx07:33
eagles0513875video is radeon xpress 200m07:33
flaccidfglrx is the driver which is the ati restricted driver. bugs exist with this. what is your dpkg -l | grep fglrx ?07:35
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TeslaTonyI am currently running a system with KDE4, Gnome, and Xfce. Regardless of which environment I run, it hangs on logout. Any idea how to fix it or what's causing it?07:46
flaccidTeslaTony: which video driver are you using?07:50
TeslaTonyThe vendor driver for the GeForce 880007:51
flaccidwhich login manager?07:51
eagles0513875its does that with me at times as well when i press shutdown it does that for me and nothing happens and this is on kde 3.5.907:51
flaccidyes there are quite a few bugs on launchpad for ati and nvidia atm07:52
TeslaTonyI'm using the default Ubuntu login manager (not the Kubuntu one)07:53
eagles0513875im on kubuntu07:54
eagles0513875i can hang tight then07:54
eagles0513875i have another machine i can use this is more of a testing and dev machine for me07:55
cayetano1i need a flash player for linux, wich one i need? ( kubuntu)07:55
flaccideagles0513875: as you are on a newish chipset, i would suggest trying the nvidia beta driver after following up bugs on launchpad07:56
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:56
flaccidif you help with major bugs like this, they get fixed up and we all benefit, otherwise nothing may happen07:56
flaccidcayetano1: the plugin for browser or standalone?07:56
eagles0513875flaccid: i will look for similar bugs later and see if i can confirm them07:57
cayetano1flaccid: for the browser07:57
flaccid!flash | cayetano107:57
ubottucayetano1: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash07:57
cayetano1thx :-)07:57
eagles0513875btw flaccid vmware seems to have a major bug07:58
eagles0513875where u end up having to patch it then having to back up the old default libs it uses and sym link to the newer libs that are out07:58
flacciddang i guess you can do !bugs on that too :)07:59
eagles0513875flaccid: u know of a fortran ide08:03
flaccidnope but google does http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=fortran+ide+ubuntu&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-808:04
flaccidfortran very ol skool now08:04
temotoIs there an adept for KDE4?08:05
temotoAdept package manager special for 4 version?08:05
o0Chris0otemoto: I can't say for certain, but I am pretty sure there is08:05
flaccidtemoto: #kubuntu-kde4 please and um i don't think its ready yet08:06
temotoflaccid, thanks for channel08:06
eagles0513875flaccid: gd for clustering though08:06
eagles0513875writing stuff in parallel for clustering08:06
o0Chris0owouldn't there be the one for kde3? would that still work flaccid08:07
flaccido0Chris0o: it still works yes08:07
temotoo0Chris0o, it works.08:07
flaccideagles0513875: not really the right place to ask08:07
eagles0513875i just wanna know if there is an ide in repos08:07
temotoeagles0513875, KDevelop?08:08
ubottuFactoid kdevelop not found08:08
eagles0513875ill see if there is a fortran channel08:08
eagles0513875fortran channel is dead08:09
flaccidi don't know eagles0513875. you can always search the repos..08:09
eagles0513875flaccid: i am08:10
kblinmorning folks08:16
kblinI'm looking for a SIP program that doesn't force me to install gnome. any suggestions?08:17
Tm_Tkblin: kphone?08:17
o0Chris0oThis message is for everyone: if anyone has any artwork requests please message me :)08:18
o0Chris0oubuntu related08:18
Tm_To0Chris0o: wellwell, have you been in #ubuntu-art ?08:19
Tm_Tor was it artwork, can't remember08:19
Tm_Tor artists08:19
o0Chris0oI am there now :)08:19
o0Chris0oThanks for pointing me that way tho :)08:20
eagles0513875whats needed to setup an ubuntu repo here where i am located08:38
kblinTm_T: ah, thanks08:40
cqmorning... i have a little problem, i'm trying to install on a system and even in safe graphics mode the video doesn't come up right... any other options?08:51
cqcan I install in text mode and then configure X or something?08:52
flaccid!alternate | cq08:52
ubottucq: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/8.04/kubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso.torrent08:52
mkquistcq - check ur drivers?08:53
mkquistcq: sounds like a driver problem maybe08:53
cqhow do I check drivers if I can't see what I boot? :)08:53
flaccidthats not going to really help08:53
cqthanks flaccid08:53
mkquistsorry just a thougth08:53
flaccidalternate cd is the easiest solution - not much point in stuffing around getting the X display to work with live cd then doing it again after install..08:54
o0Chris0oflaccid: how do I turn verbose mode on so I see whats loaded in start up?08:54
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork08:54
ubottuFactoid nosplash not found08:54
flaccidum turn off the splash screen in the boot option08:55
o0Chris0ooh alright08:55
o0Chris0oI think there is a program called usplash08:55
o0Chris0othat lets you enable it to show verbose or not at all08:55
flaccido0Chris0o: can't find a howto, take out splash option(s) from /boot/grub/menu.lst08:56
flaccidusplash is the splash that goes over the top by default08:56
mkquistthere is an option on boot to see whats being loaded just remove  "ro quiet splash" and "quiet" from the boot line, should show you whats being loaded08:57
flaccidno only remove quiet and splash, leave ro08:58
o0Chris0oalright thanks08:58
flaccidthat wil give some pretty hectic output08:59
cqwould ubuntu cds support more or different Hardware? The system will only be a server, I don't really care about the desktop, could even use xfce or so...09:01
cqor basic debian, but I'd like tobe more uptodate09:01
o0Chris0oflaccid: ahh I was thinking about the "startup" manager in ubuntu "gnome"09:01
flaccidcq: nah. but do server install then09:02
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support09:02
o0Chris0obut that wont work for kubuntu, I'm surprised they don't have an option in system settings to change usplash easier than editing the boot fil09:03
flaccido0Chris0o: there might be one out there and would be nice to see one day but the devs are prioritising on the porting to kde4 atm09:03
o0Chris0ooh yeah definately, have at it :)09:04
cqweird thing is, the graphics come up fine during the boot menu and the phase after that... jsut at some point they disappear09:04
o0Chris0oits looking good09:04
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alex_joniis there a page describing why Kubuntu 8.04 is not LTS ?09:11
izzybI'm trying to get sound working on kubuntu hardy09:12
izzybI have two machines now with different problems09:12
izzybthis machine has sound working when I load the xen kernel, but not when I run the normal kernel09:12
izzybI had sound problems in the xen kernel also, but fixed it. sadly, I don't recall how :(09:13
=== sharkk_ is now known as sharkk
izzybThe other computer is a laptop that had working sound until I upgraded it to hardy09:14
izzybthink it was running gutsy before09:14
flaccidalex_joni: there is something on cnet news iirc on canonical dropping lts/support for kubuntu <-- reason09:14
flaccid!enter | izzyb09:14
ubottuizzyb: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:14
killtripis this where I can plead for help?  :D09:18
izzybkilltrip, yes, but don't use the ENTER key too much09:19
izzybsome have an issue with that I guess09:19
killtripoh, did I use the enter key more than needed?09:19
izzybno, I did09:19
killtripoh.. heh09:20
izzybjust before you came on (oh, I've done it again)09:20
killtripspecifically, I'm coming up short setting up a dual monitor09:20
izzyboh, what video card?09:20
killtripnvidia 6800 gt09:20
izzybhmm, /me has only configured ati09:21
flaccidkilltrip: you need the beta driver direct from nvidia09:21
flaccidactually, not necessarily09:22
flaccidkilltrip: what driver are you using atm?09:22
killtripI have successfully gotten it to display as twinview.. panning both monitors.  But I'm trying to set it up as two x servers, I believe?  essentially, when I maximise windows, I want them to max to the monitor they are in, as well as logins and such not appearing panned across the midddle of the monitors09:22
killtripI got the drivers from the site.. unsure if they are the beta drivers.  How can I double check?09:23
flaccidah ok. um help in this area killtrip is rare09:23
flaccidkilltrip: nah sorry i mesread the model number09:23
killtripI guess twinview it is then.. :(09:23
flaccidthe only thing i can really suggest is searching on the web and #nvidia channel here. because its closed and the driver doesn't support randr for multi-display its always been a problem...09:25
killtripcan I change the subject and ask recommendations on softwares then?09:25
killtripahh, ok09:25
killtripThis is my longest foray into linux, and its been a few weeks.. so I'm still learning a lot.  I am looking for widgets.. I cant think of the name off the top of my head right now.  as well as a dockbar, like in OSx..09:27
izzybkilltrip, you using kde4?09:28
killtripnegative.  3.x .. whichever came on the hardy heron iso  ( I think its hardy heron?  the latest)09:28
killtripI've read about plasma.. but thats kde4 only, correct?09:29
izzybI don't know enough about kde4, or widgets under kde3 to recommend anything.  I get the impression that kde4 has better support for widgets09:30
izzybat least of the style used in osx09:30
flaccidkilltrip: superkaramba09:30
flaccidand also kxdocker09:30
flaccid!info superkaramba09:31
ubottusuperkaramba (source: kdeutils): a program based on karamba improving the eyecandy of KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.9-0ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 531 kB, installed size 1420 kB09:31
flaccid!info kxdocker09:31
ubottuPackage kxdocker does not exist in hardy09:31
flaccidkilltrip: there are some around like kbfx and kxdocker but the main panel (kicker) which is default docks fine..09:32
killtripexcellent.. I'm looking at kxdocker on kde-apps.org.  looks like something I was looking for.  I'll give that one a try.  And superkaramba as well.. I'm mainly looking for something on the desktop for critical system stats, and maybe an rss aggregator as well09:33
o0Chris0osuper karamba is pretty neat09:33
o0Chris0ocheck out Liquid weather :)09:33
killtripthat is nice09:34
flaccidkilltrip: some people like conky even though its gtk for systats09:34
killtripstill learning.. :P09:35
flaccidme too!09:36
killtripI gotta say though, I'm having fun just learning all this.. :P09:37
flaccidi am too even though i been learning for years heh09:38
killtriplol, you got a couple of years on me then.. :P09:39
izzybWell, guess I don't need to know how to fix the sound.  Just confirmed that it's not xen causing my hangups09:39
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=== estan is now known as astan
flaccidis there an equivalent to migration assistant in kde/kubuntu ?10:01
izzybI've never heard of one, but that would be a cool tool to have.  I've always just manually migrated my user data, but it's quite a pain10:04
flaccidok thanks10:04
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izzybcould use some help isolating a lockup issue on this machine -- see paste link above10:15
flaccidizzyb: out of curiosity which driver are you using again?10:19
izzybati radeon10:20
flaccidwhich actual ati driver in xorg?10:20
izzybDriver      "radeon"10:21
izzybI have dual head display10:21
flaccidmy opinion from experience is that its the driver itself. i've had it crash on a radeon 9600 like that10:21
frojndhey guys. How can I import contacts from gmail to kmail ?10:22
izzybhmm, that's kind of what I've been thinking too10:22
flaccidyou are not on the full latest kernel. goto adept and manage repos and enable all repos in the Updates tab, then do an update10:22
frojndDo i have to export first from gmail? and in what should I export so I can than easily import in kmail ?10:22
flaccidizzyb: its like catch 22 particularly with ati between using open and restricted drivers10:23
izzybI tried to enable the restricted driver, but couldn't get the display setup correctly10:23
flaccidizzyb: maybe can be narrowed down further, does it ever happen without dual ?10:23
izzybhad one monitor res smaller then the other and didn't know how to correct it10:23
izzybdidn't use xrandr10:23
flaccidizzyb: yeah restricted doesnt support randr dual so you whave to do it manually which i've never had working entirely with my ati10:24
izzybI haven't tried that, but was considering it10:24
flaccidyeah exactly..10:24
izzybxen was the last thing I verified10:24
flaccidizzyb: have you got or found a bug on launchpad?10:26
izzybno, don't think so10:27
izzybhmm, trying to add the missing sources but having problems with adept10:28
izzyb_crap, and the system  just hung :(10:29
* izzyb_ reconfiguring for single monitor to see if it's related10:30
flaccidafter your update if it persists, then goto launchpad10:31
izzybflaccid, I'm installing the latest updates, but it's going to take a while by the looks of it.  I'll leave it run while I go in search of a pillow10:54
izzybnight, and thanks for the help10:54
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dozerI'm using hardy, and on both a 32 and 64 bit installation, the kopetex plugin for kopete locks up the app11:05
matt123hi! I have a question about upstart..11:12
=== birnisson is now known as germanduck
Chrysalishey, does kontact delete messages from server once imported?  i cant find any options as weather to delete or leave on server11:13
matt123my question is .. has upstart been fully implemented for hardy? or is it still in a transitional stage?11:13
matt123eg, has my computer got the potential to start up even faster?11:14
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/11:17
Jucatohm.. I think there's an #upstart channel11:17
matt123thank you jucato, i was just wondering cause I though that it was fully implemented11:19
matt123im happy with the startup speed of my computer, but upstart is one of the really refreshing ideas when I first started hearing about buntu that i liked11:19
Fujisanwhy did you ban me yesterday?11:22
Fujisani tried to pm you but no reply11:22
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cpk1Chrysalis: a lot of times that is something you choose server side, for instance I am pretty sure for gmail you would need to log in and change that option through a web browser11:33
=== fildo_ is now known as fildo
Chrysaliscpk1: hmm, i dont nkow about that, but thunderbird for example has the option to either delete or leave messages on server after importing11:39
Chrysalisanyway, i cant find anything like this in kmail, i got burned once though for not disabling it on thunderbird11:40
flaccidnw izzyb11:41
lonrana simple image editor for kde?11:43
ubottuFactoid info not found11:43
flaccid!info krita11:43
ubottukrita (source: koffice): a pixel-based image manipulation program for the KDE Office Suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.6.3-4ubuntu7 (hardy), package size 2972 kB, installed size 9216 kB11:43
flaccidthat might be suffice lonran11:44
cpk1Chrysalis: there is under settings > configure kmail and then editing the recieving accounts a check box for leaving fetched messages on server11:51
cq_I'm booting off the alternate CD, and during the installation process it tells me it can't mount the CD ??!? any ideas?11:55
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/8.04/kubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso.torrent11:57
flaccidcq_: throw it out the window or try a dif cd or optical drive, thats about all i can suggest beside checking !bugs11:57
cq_throw what out the window? the CD, Drive, or computer? :)11:57
Chrysaliscpk1: wow, i looked through that window like 3 times, now i see it thank you11:57
cq_can I look at something in /proc to see what's detected in terms of CD Drives?12:00
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:00
cq_weird, debian netinst finds the CD no problem12:19
flacciddoesn't suprise me12:19
cq_why not? I thought the installer was the same?12:20
cq_on the alternate CD set? ok...12:20
cq_how much swap schould you have with 3gb ram? recommendation is 2.7gb, I would have thought 6gb...12:23
flaccidubuntu cds != debian12:23
flaccidcq_: either. depends how much ram you plan on using. making it larger is not going to make a difference unless all is used12:24
DadI'm trying to set up Guarddog. I click on the Protocol tab, select the Internet zone, and note that the Zone Properties panel remains the panel for the Local zone.  Is this a bug? or am I doing something wrong?12:40
cuzntwhats guarddog?12:40
Chrysalishow do i set a window size for konqueror, it feels up almost all my screen everytime i start it12:48
flaccidChrysalis: right click the windows' top bar decoration and goto advanced | special windows settings | geometry and select what you need12:51
flaccidlove that feature..12:52
prateeki have very slow internet connection and i wan to install firefox. in Kubuntu. i have ubuntu 7.10 live cd. how can i force Adept to install firefox from CD then to get it from net12:52
flaccid!info firefox12:53
ubottufirefox (source: firefox-3.0): meta package for the popular mozilla web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0~b5+nobinonly-0ubuntu3 (hardy), package size 63 kB, installed size 120 kB12:53
flaccidprateek: provided that is on the normal desktop cd then you can do it from adept by enabling only the cdrom repos in manage repositories12:54
=== fildo is now known as fildo__
prateekflaccid: when i click ADD CD ROM...it doesnt add it..12:54
=== fildo_ is now known as fildo
ToyMan_hmm. i'm looking for where my mail is stored... I see ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail, which has the current inbox contents, but where are the mail folders and stored mails?12:55
prateekit just shows some stuff and doesnt show cd in sources12:55
DadHummm, I closed and restarted Guarddog, and now all is well.12:55
prateekso what can i do?12:55
ToyMan_prateek: i'm coming to your thread late... have you added the CD in 'manage repositories'?12:56
flaccidprateek: elaborate, i don't fully understand why it doesn't work12:57
flaccidToyMan_: thats what prateek is trying to do12:57
ToyMan_in manage repositories... 3rd party software tab... check/uncheck the cd there12:58
ToyMan_it should already be in the repos from the install12:58
flaccidthats pretty much what i said12:58
ToyMan_and if adept won't look anyway, or wants the net, uncheck all the others12:58
ToyMan_hmm. that's always worked for me, and has the advantage that it makes sense ;-)12:59
flaccidyou could do it manually like sudo apt-cdrom -d=/media/cdrom add12:59
prateeklemme try13:01
fildokde4 rocks ppl13:01
ToyMan_ah, yes, i'm becoming a gui-eunuch13:01
ActionParsnipfildo why?13:01
ToyMan_hmm. i'm looking for where my mail is stored... I see ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail, which has the current inbox contents, but where are the mail folders and stored mails?13:02
flaccidToyMan_: nntr13:02
ActionParsnipToyMan_: can you right click the folder -> properties ?13:02
ActionParsnipToyMan_: im not so familiar with kmail but if that fixes it then sweet, otherwise i'll websearch13:03
prateekits frozen!13:03
ToyMan_nntr?  and properties for which folder?13:03
prateekscanning files..13:03
ActionParsnipToyMan_: the inbox13:03
ActionParsnipToyMan_: in kmail13:03
ToyMan_ok, 22 files, 3 subfolders13:04
ActionParsnipToyMan_: any location info?13:04
ToyMan_ah, I see what you're after13:04
ToyMan_no, it's not listed there13:04
=== comp06 is now known as any_18
ActionParsnipok let me seach13:05
ActionParsnipToyMan_: you got a ~/.mail folder ?13:05
KomiaPoikai have installed kubuntu 8.04 kde4, and apt-get to the latest. but when i enable backports and apt-get update, i get a shitload of kde4 stuff ready to install... what are those? older libs? or newer ones?13:06
ToyMan_ActionParsnip: nope13:06
ActionParsnipKomiaPoika: did you get the kde4 iso?13:06
ToyMan_it looks like it supposed to be in ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail13:06
ToyMan_ooh, wait13:06
KomiaPoikaActionParsnip: yes kde4 kubuntu alt install cd13:06
KomiaPoikabut i alt-got upgrade after install13:07
ActionParsnipthen those are updates for your kde4 assumadly13:07
ToyMan_I'm running kde4, and I know they have 'refactored' the whole kontact thing a lot13:07
KomiaPoikabut i thought backports was older ports13:07
ToyMan_esp. around mail storage13:07
KomiaPoikaToyMan_: one solution: thunderbird13:07
stdin!backports | KomiaPoika13:08
ubottuKomiaPoika: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging13:08
ActionParsnipthunderbird is awesome13:08
ToyMan_KomiaPoika: heh13:08
flaccidits kind of the other way around KomiaPoika and intrepid is not released yet so it feels little weird i guess13:08
majnoonUSUALLY back ports are for older versions of operating system so they can have newer software without updating the whole thing13:08
flaccidmajnoon: nope13:09
ActionParsnipToyMan_: do you have ~/.kmail folder13:09
ToyMan_ah, ok found it13:09
flaccidwell yes13:09
flaccidsorry i misread13:09
ActionParsnipToyMan_: where is it?13:09
majnooneg using latest kde4 on gutsy13:09
ActionParsnipToyMan_: nice13:09
ToyMan_didn't look for the hidden dir in /mail13:09
ActionParsnipToyMan_: got there in the end :)13:09
ToyMan_heh, as usual13:10
ToyMan_only takes me 3x as long to get there, as usual13:10
ActionParsnipbest way13:10
ActionParsnipwell you know for the future13:10
jsomeone there ?13:18
jhello fildo13:18
jdo you know how to make fserv on kubuntu ?13:19
=== Xerxes is now known as poisonblack
flaccidwhat kind of 'fserv' ?13:20
ubuntui am installing kubuntu on windows and when i restart the computer to kubuntu the installation falls down on 66% it says scanning the mirror and freezes ??13:20
jjust fservs, i mean can we make fservs with konversation ?13:20
=== ubuntu is now known as Teo-
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:21
flaccidj: no this is not mirc.13:22
Teo-flaccid: any help ?13:23
flaccidTeo-: is this wubi or something?13:25
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.13:26
ActionParsnipeww that sounds nasty13:26
eagles05ActionParsnip: its pretty sweet13:26
eagles05i have someone whose working on senior lvl certification but he got wubi working perfectly fine13:27
jflaccid: there are no scripts to use fserv ?13:27
ActionParsnipis it like a virtualbox / VMWare thing?13:27
Jucatoit's not a virtual machine, if that's what you mean13:27
ActionParsniplet me websearch13:27
* Jucato also has trouble understanding the technical details, but is sure it isn't "virtual" in that sense13:27
ActionParsnipok so does t make *Ubuntu run over the top of windows or does it run in a window13:29
flaccidj: no. there is no reason for it. who knows whats on google however.13:29
ActionParsnipor does it run linux apps through windows13:29
jflaccid: ok, thanks13:30
majnoonwhat it does is make a linux install in a file on a windoze partition13:30
JucatoActionParsnip: neither as majnoon said13:30
JucatoActionParsnip: both cases you mentioned are virtualization :)13:30
ActionParsnipok so what is actually onscreen? is it just ubuntu?13:31
sacha_ActionParsnip: C:\somefolder\somefile.zip      <-- ubuntu is here13:31
majnoonit just ubuntu13:31
sacha_when you go to boot menu when you restart computer, ubuntu is there13:31
sacha_it boots that file13:31
ActionParsnipi see13:31
sacha_nothing else13:31
majnoonit like the live cd almost13:31
ActionParsnipi run my Linuxes native but never heard of wubi13:31
ActionParsnipsounds like half a job13:31
sacha_its a 'bootable file' inside a bootable partition...13:31
ActionParsnipsacha_: gotcha13:32
ActionParsnipcan emerge be using on Kubuntu?13:34
JucatoGentoo's emerge?13:35
ActionParsnipor similar13:35
jhutchinsActionParsnip: apt/aptitude13:35
ActionParsnipyeah i know that much, just curious if there was emerge for ubuntu13:35
jhutchinsActionParsnip: What feature of emerge are you looking for?13:36
ActionParsnipcompiling stuff with preconfigured flags etc, likegentoo13:36
ActionParsnipjust a thought that came to my head13:36
flaccidhmm that would be nice13:37
ubottuFactoid emerge not found13:37
Jucatonot really13:37
Jucato(btw, emerge isn't the program. it's part of portage)13:37
flaccidtrue i mean, i rarely compile on ubuntu still. /me is a freebsd ports guy13:38
Jucatobut no.. I don't think there's a direct counterpart. that would defeat the purpose of being a binary distro13:38
Jucatobut I think there might be some tools that help. after all, binary packages do come from source packages :)13:38
ActionParsnipon a post: Funny thing... I've attempted to port Portage over to Debian, but it was a flop... What a gargantuan mess Portage is! Even in Python, it's not modularized enough that ebuild subsystems can be substituted with apt/dpkg equivalents without ripping code apart everywhere!13:39
flaccidthe #debian guys might be able to advise if not ubuntu/web13:39
Jucatoa.k.a. definitely !ot in here :)13:39
ActionParsnipits regarding ubuntu and its capabilities13:40
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)13:41
jhutchinsRHEL/CentOS has a more structured environment in it's rpm-build system, don't know if that carries over to fedora.13:42
=== WhiteWolfTeraDyn is now known as NekosolTeraDyne
jhutchinsMan, irc is dead this morning.13:44
Jucatowould you rather have lots of people having problems with Kubuntu? :D13:44
* Jucato likes to conclude quiet == no problems :)13:45
colzanihi people, i have  a problem with my kubuntu 8.04 and my nvidia gforce 213:45
ActionParsnipor, no one can get online to ask == lotsa problems13:45
colzanithe nvidia driver cause a black screen in KDE logoff13:46
Jucatojhutchins: be careful wat you wish for ^^^ :)13:46
colzaniand i need stop kdm and restart again13:46
eagles05can anyone help me with jack13:46
ubottuFactoid jack not found13:46
flaccidcolzani: likely a bug. quite a few atm just like that.13:46
eagles05!info jack13:46
ubottujack (source: jack): Rip and encode CDs with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.1+cvs20050801-21 (hardy), package size 144 kB, installed size 656 kB13:46
Jucatocolzani: you can just use "sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart" :)13:46
flaccid!bugs | colzani13:46
ubottucolzani: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots13:46
JucatoI might have a solution... let me check for a while13:47
colzaniubottu: Ok, Thanks13:47
ubottuFactoid ok, thanks not found13:47
flaccidi'll look at that nvidia prob in a few too just need to do something13:47
Jucato!bot | colzani13:47
ubottucolzani: I am ubottu, the all-knowing infobot, standing in for ubotu while he's getting his haircut done, nose powdered, updated and transitioned to his new gorgeous looks in the near future ;)13:47
Jucatocolzani: ok try this. go to /etc/kde3/kdm/ and edit the kdmrc file (you need to be admin for this), find the line "TerminateServer=true" and remove the # sign at the beginning of the line13:49
colzaniJucato: Ok13:49
colzaniJucato: I will test, thanks13:50
=== alx_ is now known as alx1
flaccidJucato: if that works for this guy too i reckon that might be all thats needed for the nvidia restricted bugs, i hope. the ait is a bit more complex13:53
flaccidati even13:54
Jucatoflaccid: I hope so too... but afaik it only affects legacy cards, as the latest driver might/will fix it13:54
eagles05has anyone used jack before13:55
=== eagles05 is now known as eagles0513875
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: what is it??13:55
eagles0513875!info jack13:55
ubottujack (source: jack): Rip and encode CDs with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.1+cvs20050801-21 (hardy), package size 144 kB, installed size 656 kB13:55
eagles0513875!info jackd13:55
ubottujackd (source: jack-audio-connection-kit): JACK Audio Connection Kit (server and example clients). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.109.2-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 89 kB, installed size 396 kB13:55
eagles0513875thats what i wanted lol13:55
ActionParsnipeagles0513875: you tried13:55
ActionParsnip!grip | eagles051387513:56
ubottueagles0513875: grip is a ripping player and has a minor bug which can be solved by doing this "sudo ln -s /dev/hdX /dev/cdromN" where X is your hard drive and N a number13:56
eagles0513875ActionParsnip: look at the 2nd one13:56
eagles0513875there are alot of other apps that run with the jackd server13:56
ActionParsnipnot heard oof or used it13:56
eagles0513875is used by audio enthusiasts13:56
ActionParsnipi rip my bought cds and play them with mplayer13:57
ActionParsnipthats as far as I go13:57
flaccidJucato: hmm im looking there could be some unrelated ones dang13:58
server_any greek?13:58
ubottuქართული ენაზე დახმარების მიღებისთვის გთხოვთ შემობრძანდით #ubuntu-ge / Kartuli enaze dakhmarebis mighebistvis gtkhovt shemobrdzandit #ubuntu-ge13:58
Jucato(presuming that's greek...)13:58
Jucatono maybe not...13:58
server_jucato you are greek?13:59
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes13:59
Jucatooh there13:59
flaccidthere is lots on google eagles0513875 on jackd. generally you run jackd for the program and listen or it uses a conf file for ad hoc triggering13:59
Jucatosorry.. wrong locale :)13:59
eagles0513875flaccid: it starts then stops14:00
eagles0513875!info jackd | flaccid14:01
ubottuflaccid: jackd (source: jack-audio-connection-kit): JACK Audio Connection Kit (server and example clients). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.109.2-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 89 kB, installed size 396 kB14:01
sabgentondoes k3b rip in the current kubuntu?14:01
eagles0513875oh wait14:01
eagles0513875flaccid: ya jack d starts then stops14:01
flaccidhow are you starting it?14:01
sabgentonthe removed it from 7.1014:02
eagles0513875called jack control14:02
stefan-fhello all :)14:02
stefan-fI want to create an md5 password14:02
eagles0513875flaccid: hold up i think i know why not working lol14:03
flaccideagles0513875: did you test via cli..14:03
stefan-fhow can I this?14:03
eagles0513875flaccid: im using amarok and listening to a stream which is locking alsa14:03
stefan-fhow can I do this?14:03
flaccideagles0513875: that won't lock alsa but other things can or the other things are trying to access /dev/dsp*14:04
flaccidhmm maybe you are right14:05
flacciddoesn't like doing duplex14:05
eagles0513875flaccid: im on google right now14:05
flaccideagles0513875: i closed amarok and then it successfully runs. i used jackd -d alsa & in a shell to start it14:06
flaccideagles0513875: i reckon the xine engine locks it and this should hopefully dissapear in amarok 2.0 which uses phonon hopefully14:07
eagles0513875flaccid: right now amarok2 alpha seems to be using jack14:07
flaccidwhat do you mean14:08
flaccidah ok i aint used amarok 2 yet. not sure... but sounds good if it uses jack!14:08
eagles0513875flaccid: to get any audio to play for me in nightly i had to install jack to get any sound14:08
flaccidthat might not be their intention but...14:09
eagles0513875it would be kool though14:09
flaccidi havnt looked at amarok 2.0 yet14:09
eagles0513875cuz u then have alot of enhancements u can use14:09
eagles0513875flaccid: worth trying but u have to have kde4 installed otherwise gui wont load14:09
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)14:09
flaccidyeah i mean jackd is excellent. i want a firebox audio interface and run it for jackd which is ultra low latency and faster than windows or mac!14:09
flaccideagles0513875: yeah im on ke4 now. not a bad idea!14:10
eagles0513875flaccid: http://pastebin.com/d12f9396214:10
eagles0513875thats the error msg im getting14:10
eagles0513875seems like something else is locking my audio14:10
flaccidyeah that for me was amarok 1.4 or whatever but could be a non alsa application14:11
eagles0513875flaccid: u got me curious bout something how do delete somethign off desktop14:11
eagles0513875i have netbeans adept system settings firefox14:11
flaccidyou can use fuser to find out which process14:11
flaccideagles0513875: hey maybe it needs playback only mode. good examples in man page: http://linux.die.net/man/1/jackd14:12
flaccideagles0513875: my successful start: http://pastebin.com/m7bbf92ef14:13
eagles0513875flaccid: hmmmm14:15
eagles0513875flaccid: should i ask in ubuntu studio room14:15
NekosolTeraDyneI know it's slightly offtopic, but how do you get the server to release a ghost nick? My BonesolTeraDYne account is currently locked.14:16
ubottuOn IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>14:16
JucatoNekosolTeraDyne: ^^^14:17
=== NekosolTeraDyne is now known as BonesolTeraDyne
eagles0513875NekosolTeraDyne: that isnt really off topic14:17
BonesolTeraDyneeagles0513875: Heh, I'm still thinking of another channel14:17
BonesolTeraDyneI just woke, up, so it's not surprising for me to be confused14:18
eagles0513875could be worse14:18
eagles0513875flaccid: what did u say bout how do i find out what hw:0 is14:18
flaccidum ask anywhere appropriate i guess14:19
flaccidum fuser. just need to remember how14:20
eagles0513875!info fuser14:20
ubottuPackage fuser does not exist in hardy14:20
eagles0513875flaccid: i think we gots a problem14:20
eagles0513875flaccid im going to restart brb14:21
flaccidi thought it was fuser /dev/dsp but that doesn't seem to return anything14:21
eagles0513875ill try it14:21
eagles0513875flaccid: didnt return anything14:21
msnbotmy ubuntu hardy doesn't append mshome.net dns suffix that is served from a winxp sp3 pro ICS. the hostname of ubuntu is Kubuntu. so I need whole network should recognise it by Kubuntu.mshome.net. how can I achieve that?14:22
flaccidmsnbot: domain name suffix appending14:23
msnbotflaccid: yes, you got it.14:23
flaccidif the client is dhcp, that should be handed out, if its static it can be configure in /etc/resolv.conf14:23
msnbotBut It doens't work14:23
flaccid!doesntwork | msnbot14:23
ubottumsnbot: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.14:23
flaccidi dont' admin your dhcp server...14:24
=== eagles05 is now known as eagles0513875
flaccidnor your dns server :)14:24
eagles0513875flaccid: it didnt work14:24
jussi01eagles05: have you tried starting jack with qjackctl ?14:24
eagles0513875does anyone know what hw:0 would be14:24
flaccideagles0513875: try using fuser -v $( find /dev -group audio )  <-- that should advise14:24
eagles0513875flaccid: i know i am in the audio group14:24
flaccidum hw:0 is the channel on the dev14:24
flaccideagles0513875: the above command should say what is locked onto it14:24
msnbotflaccid: my kubuntu is the DHCP client14:25
eagles05138755 things came up kmix and artsd14:25
flaccidmsnbot: what is the dhcp server ?14:25
flaccideagles0513875: sounds like arts conflicting perhaps then. arts doesn't run while im using amarok for eg...14:26
msnbotflaccid: winxp sp3 pro ICS14:26
eagles0513875flaccid: should i remove arts14:26
flaccidmsnbot: it needs to be configure there.14:26
eagles0513875or do other programs use it14:26
flaccideagles0513875: to be honest not sure, but im sure some apps do14:26
msnbotflaccid: Other win pc in network works, I mean they get a nice name.mshome.net14:27
eagles0513875jussi01: whats qjackctl14:27
jussi01!info qjackctl14:27
ubottuqjackctl (source: qjackctl): User interface for controlling the JACK sound server. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.2-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 374 kB, installed size 1012 kB14:27
flaccidmsnbot: you can add search mshome.net to your /etc/resolv.conf but dhcp will override that on next dhcp renew14:27
jussi01eagles0513875: its the jack gui basically14:27
eagles0513875its saying its installed14:28
eagles0513875is it called jack control14:28
flaccidmsnbot: thats because that windows computer uses nmb. you would have to configure nmb on the ubuntu box if you don't want to do it via dhcp/dns which is much much quicker solution.14:28
flaccidsamba is not even installed in ubuntu by default..14:28
eagles0513875jussi01: i get the same message if its the same program that im thinking14:29
jussi01eagles0513875: so it seems something else is using your sound card. try closing all sound programs, including skype, before using jack14:30
msnbotflaccid: I just want if I ping Kubuntu.mshome.net from  other netwrok node it should get response. can this be done if I configure nmb in Kubunut ??14:30
flaccideagles0513875:  well the process should definately be in that list otherwise it seems impossible! this is good to bookmark as well: http://wiki.debian.org/SoundFAQ14:30
eagles0513875jussi01: dont have skype at all according14:30
flaccidmsnbot: yes, but like i said its more effort.14:30
eagles0513875jussi01: according to fuser it seems like its arts d and kmix14:31
flaccidkill them! :)14:32
mateuszhey guys14:34
=== chris_ is now known as chris0626
eagles0513875flaccid: seems like amarok 1.4 uses arts14:37
ct529does anyone know what package you have to install to play .ram / .rm files? I thought you would have been able to do it with helixplayer ....14:37
flaccidright, so its like arts/xine/alsa or some shiz14:37
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:38
Dragonathso if my flatmate shares a file on his windows pc, how do I get to it from my 7.10?14:38
flaccid^^ in restrictedformats link, ct52914:38
flaccidDragonath: in konqueror or dolphin is easiest14:38
flaccid'remote places' - samba shares14:38
ct529flaccid: no OS alternative? I was convinced helixplayer was The Solution!14:39
Dragonathbeen there, they don't show anything14:39
flaccid!smb4k | Dragonath14:39
ubottuFactoid smb4k not found14:39
flaccid!info smb4k14:39
ubottusmb4k (source: smb4k): A Samba (SMB) share advanced browser for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.3-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 1779 kB, installed size 3992 kB14:39
Dragonathright, ok14:40
flaccidif smb4k doesn't work Dragonath, the problem could be with the win box14:40
DragonathI'll try this out14:40
Larson-hwhy is it adept_notifier uses 64mb rss? (ps aux | grep adept_notifier)14:40
flaccidct529: um, i aint played real audio for ages sorry14:40
jussi01root: please dont flood14:43
Dragonathmaybe his keyboard is broken?14:43
flaccidweird that root is even allowed still14:43
=== cyrix is now known as cyrix_
Dragonathheh, my adept refuses to start up14:43
Dragonathit tells me some process is using the database14:44
Dragonathpstree doesn't show anything to me14:44
eagles0513875there is some really kool jack stuff available that im mession round with14:44
jussi01!adeptfix | Dragonath14:44
ubottuDragonath: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »14:44
Dragonathok, thanks14:45
eagles0513875jussi01: now i need to restart artsd14:45
flaccidcan i pm you eagles0513875?14:46
eagles0513875flaccid: si senor14:46
eagles0513875!en | eagles051387514:46
Dragonathwhat's that command do btw? synchronize my database with something?14:46
geniiNo, removes lockfile which tells system the program is running even if it's not, then goes back to configuring whatever was left half-configured14:47
Jucatodpkg --configure -a will try to continue pending installs14:48
Dragonathah ok, thanks14:48
=== fkeaz is now known as flea
ahmedi try to mount ntfs partition with ntfs tool i get " an error accured while trying to configure /media/Server D please retry thanks" what i have to do now?? i make chk disk in windows i get the same error i chked for bad sectors too nothing there14:49
eagles0513875!info rosegarden | flaccid14:49
ubottuflaccid: rosegarden (source: rosegarden): music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.1-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 3337 kB, installed size 9424 kB14:49
=== udo is now known as udo_
flaccidcool eagles0513875. i will try using that with jackd and a tascam us-122 and see how it goes14:50
eagles0513875whats tascam us-12214:50
ubottuFactoid tascam not found14:51
eagles0513875!info tascam14:51
ubottuPackage tascam does not exist in hardy14:51
=== udo_ is now known as philemon
eagles0513875!info us-12214:51
ubottuPackage us-122 does not exist in hardy14:51
flaccida usb audio interface which actually works in linux14:51
eagles0513875im guessing u have to compile from source14:51
flaccidum from memory it was nearly out of box14:51
flaccidim in a nice studio, just set up hardy so i'l try it out14:52
Dragonathsmb4k is seeing the PC, yet it can't mount anything because host is down?14:53
DragonathI've turned off the firewall on the other pc14:54
ahmedok i solved it with  mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/Server -o force14:55
TonrenWhat kind of /leave14:55
TonrenWhat the..14:55
eagles0513875lol that was fun14:56
ZefirOkay, a little question for you guys. I have a Logitech Desktop S510 Keyboard and my non-standard keys (for example the play and stop ones) don't work in KDE4. What magicks should I perform?15:00
DragonathI'd reconfigure the X server15:01
eagles0513875Zefir: kde4 still lacks alot of functionality15:01
Dragonathbut I'm rather sure that there is some kind of tutorial for this15:01
geniiFor whoever was setting up the Tascam, looks like some extensive posts on it here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3089115:01
ZefirYeah, I know it's still new, that's why I'm asking.15:01
eagles0513875Zefir: i dunno i try all the new kde4 apps on kde 3.515:02
eagles0513875those apps usually work on 3.5 if u have 4 installed15:02
eagles0513875to be honest i dont have that issue in 3.515:02
ZefirMe neither.15:02
eagles0513875with my shourtcuts on my laptop15:02
ZefirI like the look of KDE4 and everything, it's just that I love my handy play/stop buttons.15:03
eagles0513875Zefir: you on hardy remix15:03
Dragonathmaybe you're lacking some packages15:03
eagles0513875Zefir: thats a possibility what Dragonath said also you using 4.0.415:03
* Zefir searches for kde4 packages15:04
Jucato#kubuntu-kde4 for more KDE support15:05
DragonathZefir: if you bind the extra keys on some media player, then maybe the upgrade to kde4 has deleted the bindings you had?15:05
ZefirNo, it worked out of the box on KDE3.15:05
eagles0513875flaccid: thats weird now i changed my audio to use alsa instead of auto detect and jack started this time15:05
blackwaltzZefir: when you used KDE3, was that also in hardy? or was it in  <=Gutsy? I have had major multimedia key issues in Hardy for some reason or another.15:06
ZefirI'm using Hardy since the very beginning.15:07
eagles0513875blackwaltz: my laptop bindings seem to work for me and im on hardy rc which is updated15:08
eagles0513875this isn 3.5 i have 4 installed but i ihave yet to try them in 415:09
eagles0513875but do remember 4 has alot of functionality still missing15:09
flaccidok cool15:09
flaccidDragonath: not sure what it could be but it does sound like on the windows side15:10
Dragonathstuff should be working there15:10
Dragonathbut I'll look around15:10
blackwaltzhmm, don't worry about me eagles0513875, I just haven't gotten around to fixing that for myself ... yet ...... well, scratch that, now I more or less have, for several things anyhow, and I'll have to xbindkey the other one, but oh well ... stupid xf86home key15:11
ahmedi have a usb flash drive i concte it and i see the led is lighted but i cannt see the drive what i do?15:17
STSXIn KDE 3.5, when I add a program to the bottom panel, how can I change it's icon? I right-click it, choose "configure <app> button" and I don't see that option anywhere. Any ideas?15:19
blackwaltzand tada, volume buttons & home button are working once again :)15:19
eagles0513875blackwaltz: grats15:19
blackwaltzeagles0513875: and in kde4 no less15:20
ahmed i have a usb flash drive i conect it and i see the led is lighted but i cannt see the drive what i do?15:20
Xbehavehow can i get all the text out of a pdf, because somebody has put white blocks over some text15:20
Zefirblackwaltz: how did you do it?15:20
eagles0513875blackwaltz: nice15:20
blackwaltzahmed: look at the output of "dmesg | tail" right after plugging the drive in and it may give you some useful information15:21
blubbafter updating I can't insert png images in an openoffice document any longer. It says the the filter is missing15:21
blackwaltzZefir: well, for the volume buttons I went into system settings -> keyboard, selected kmix from the list, went to the PCM increse volume/decrease volume, and set their global shortcuts to the volume up/down keys15:22
blackwaltzsame for mute zefir ..... xf86homepage was a bit trickier, I had to use xbindkeys15:22
geniiFor whoever was setting up the Logitech s510 keyboard, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8284415:22
ahmedblackwaltz: where i find that? sorry15:23
BluesKajHowdy all15:23
blackwaltzahmed: pull up a Konsole and copy and paste that in, it'll give you about 10 lines of output probably pertaining to your usb drive15:23
BonesolTeraDyneWow. Not sure if anyone's heard yet, but there's a major security flaw in openSSH. jcastro put the link in his twitter feed. Hold on and I'll get it.15:24
BonesolTeraDyneHere it is: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-612-115:24
Zefirblackwaltz: I'll look around and see what I can find then15:24
blackwaltzZefir: which keys did you have in mind? Maybe I could give you a hand if necessary.15:24
Zefirblackwaltz: Well, only the most basic work for me after setting up keyboard layouts15:25
Zefirblackwaltz: Play and next/prev work.15:25
ahmedblackwaltz: sd 3:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk15:25
ahmedblackwaltz: sd 3:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg2 type 015:26
blackwaltzZefir: bring up konsole, type "xev", and then press those keys to get the keycodes and put them in a kate, meanwhile I'll pastebin my xmodmaprc and you can use that as a base ..... should work.15:28
=== Xerxes is now known as poisonblack
blackwaltzahmed: the device should be accessible as "sdb".15:28
ZefirI managed to configure the shortcuts in Amarok itself. Not exactly what I had in mind but I mainly control Amarok with it so I guess it's ok.15:29
ahmedok i found it by going to /media/sdb1 but before once i connect it it appears on desktop i want that back15:29
blackwaltzhttp://ubuntu.pastebin.us/?show=d40f78247 .....here's that link, if it'd be of any use zefir :)15:29
ahmedblackwaltz: ok i found it by going to /media/sdb1 but before once i connect it it appears on desktop i want that back15:30
blackwaltzahmed, hmm, right click on the desktop, go to configure desktop. In one of those tabs you can choose which icons you want to have displayed on your desktop. There's also an applet so you can display them in your panel.15:31
blackwaltzerm, I'm incoherent right now, I need sleep.15:32
blackwaltzs/so you can/to/ there that's better15:32
BluesKajso am i but i just got up and having my first coffee15:33
blackwaltzBluesKaj: I woke up at about 11pm after a couple hour nap and its now 10:34am .....15:33
ahmedblackwaltz: i chked that it alreadyselected mounted removable media15:34
blackwaltzahmed: I'll admit that has never been perfect .... I've had trouble with it before .. dunno why.15:34
BluesKajyup, same time zone , but I was up at 5:30 for 2 hrs, then went back to sleep for 2 more :)15:34
ahmedblackwaltz: ok nevermind i replaced it and conecte it againt it worked thank anyway15:35
STSXDoes anyone have some good tutorials/links/documentation for getting "suspend" to work properly on my desktop computer? I'm using KDE 3.5 not 4.0.15:35
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eagles0513875hey dwidmann_laptop lol dint realize u were the black waltz15:39
=== luis is now known as Trigremx
dwidmann_laptopeagles0513875: hehe, yeah ..... looks like I was disconnected earlier so I needed to switch back to my nick15:46
eagles0513875dwidmann_laptop: lol15:48
=== sacha_ is now known as xsacha
dwidmann_laptopblackwaltz is my $USER/backup nick15:49
smerilI want to run a iso file without burning I have installed Kiso but when i open the iso file it get error code sigseg11 is there any other way to do this simple?15:49
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.15:49
smerilany other options?15:50
Silver_AdeptHi again. Still trying to fix the white screen problem on Hardy - I managed to download the driver package that solutinos want me to, but in trying to install it, I keep getting errors telling me that the installer can't find the kernel files. Is there a different source path (or package) that I should use, since it appears to default to /usr/src/linux?15:52
flaccidnone i can think of. that is practically 1 command15:52
dwidmann_laptopsmeril: with regards to the "without burning", burning isn't necessarily a bad thing ... that's what RW disks are good for .... and it's not like CD-Rs are painfully expensive either ... range from $0.25-$0.5015:52
flaccidSilver_Adept: what are you trying to run - nvidia/ati,?15:52
TimSI put a DVD in my disk drive, and was told that It could not run as it was encrypted, kaffenine tried to install libdvdcss but libdvdcss2 is already installed.15:52
Silver_Adeptnvidia, sorry.15:52
smerilwhat command?15:53
flaccidSilver_Adept: whats the filename of the .run?15:53
flacciddoes it ask you to get the kernel thing from the internet in the installer?15:54
dwidmann_laptopTimS: I've seen Kaffeine act pretty crazy around DVDs as of late at times .... try running the command "kaffeine dvd:///dev/dvd" assuming your device is /dev/dvd15:54
Silver_AdeptAnd can't find it.15:54
flaccidright. i had this a couple of hours before15:54
flaccidtrying to remember what i did wrong15:54
dwidmann_laptopSilver_Adept: do you have the kernel headers installed?15:54
Silver_AdeptI think so. Which package is that?15:55
flaccidyeah thats it15:55
TimSdwidmann_laptop: Nope15:55
dwidmann_laptopSilver_Adept: installing "linux-headers-generic" should do the trick15:55
Silver_AdeptAnd then things should pan out properly?15:55
flaccidyeah it will build the mod against those headers automatically15:55
Silver_AdeptOkay. I'll check to make sure I have the package installed.15:56
flaccidSilver_Adept: you are doing this with X stopped as well?15:56
flaccidand all other nvidia stuff removed eg. packages i hope15:57
Silver_AdeptI tried it with the "console login" after a reboot.15:57
flaccidcool as long as kdm/x is not running then its cool15:57
dwidmann_laptopSilver_Adept: that should sufficce15:57
Silver_AdeptI do have linux-headers-generic installed already.15:57
flaccidSilver_Adept: uname -r please15:57
dwidmann_laptopmight have to specify the path to the headers or something Silver_Adept ...15:58
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs15:58
jeroen-Kubuntu hardy install from DVD: the install is on 95% for 15 min. - on top is (located from Dutch): ' Checking for packages to remove...'15:59
smerilanybody who might know how to wiev iso files without burning?15:59
dwidmann_laptopTimS: if Kaffeine is going to be crazy on you, it could be worthwhile to try another player, it's the only player I've seen behave that way. Personally I've been using VLC a lot lately15:59
Silver_AdeptWhat path would I use?15:59
flaccidSilver_Adept: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.24-16-generic15:59
dwidmann_laptopone sec Silver_Adept15:59
jeroen-what can be the problem?15:59
BluesKajsmeril, VLC15:59
TimSdwidmann_laptop: No others worked, I think its an issue15:59
flaccidSilver_Adept: or sudo apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.24-1616:00
dwidmann_laptopSilver_Adept: either /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-16-generic/ or /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-16-generic/input I think16:00
Silver_AdeptAlready installed, flaccid, at least according to Adept.16:00
TimSdwidmann_laptop: I just ran sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh as it said that on a wiki page. I dont remeber ever doing that before, so It could be thats the problem16:00
flaccidmaybe it needs linux-generic package16:00
Silver_AdeptHrm. Those look workable, dwidmann.16:01
Silver_AdeptLet me try that one and see if something works.16:01
dwidmann_laptopTimS: all that does is install an old version of libdvdcss2 (1.25 I think)16:01
Silver_AdeptThanks again. Hopefully, I'll be back with successes.16:01
flaccidSilver_Adept: these are the linux packages i ended up having/installing http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11865/ and didn't have to do anything else but install something16:02
TimSdwidmann_laptop: Ah, so i see, Ill update that again then :P16:02
Danish989 I'm getting busybox at bootup, and they're mount errors .. I was being assisted by someone at UbuntuForums but it's been a week and I haven't gotten a reply, can someone please see my thread and help me out?    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=784592&page=216:03
dwidmann_laptopTimS: you might also want to have libdvdnav4 installed16:03
TimSits installed16:03
smerilit dosent work to use vlac it wont open the iso file16:03
dwidmann_laptopTimS: was just checking16:03
TimSdwidmann_laptop: I guess I could purge it and reinstall, as well as libdvdread but I am not sure if that really makes a difference16:04
smerilI have downloaded hardy heron iso image16:04
aaroncampbellI upgraded to Kubuntu Hardy, and it installed FireFox 3, which didn't work with any of my plugins, so I removed it and started using FireFox two again.  Somehow in the process, Thunderbird no longer opens links when I click on them.  Is there a way to fix that?16:04
Danish989is there a seperate channel for Wubi discussion?16:04
TimSdwidmann_laptop: I guess it could be a xine issue, but I am not sure about that. Does VLC use xine?16:05
runleveltendevs, you seen http://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2008/msg00152.html ?16:06
Danish989is there a seperate channel for Wubi discussion?16:06
BluesKajaaroncampbell, that's a known bug that's never been adressed properly by Mozilla.I had the same problem with the last 3 kubuntu releases , so I switched to konq and kmail, but there prolly is a fix somewhere if you look hard enuff. Good Luck !16:06
TimSdwidmann_laptop: Ah! Got it. It was /dev/sda1 but every program was using /dev/dvd16:07
jeroen-oh wait iit continues16:07
TimSWhich is odd, never used to do that on hardy16:07
aaroncampbellBluesKaj: I had no such problem with the last three releases of Kubuntu, or even this release when I was using firefox 316:07
dwidmann_laptopTimS: /dev/dvd might have existed on hardy16:08
smerilMaybe i should retype my problem I want to install ubuntu hardy heron from a iso file without burning because i am to bloody cheap and lazy to buy a cd16:08
BluesKajaaroncampbell, I've asked the same question in this ch several times but never received a reply16:08
dwidmann_laptopTimS: you could just do a ln -sf /dev/sda1 /dev/dvd if you want16:08
TimSErm, didn't meany hardy did I, I meant 7.1016:08
dwidmann_laptopTimS: that way you won't have to fix it in every app16:08
icewatermanhttp://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2008/msg00152.html ouch16:08
dwidmann_laptopTimS: erms, I meant 7.10 also. I'm just as guilty :P16:08
TimSThink is, i have 3 dvd drives, so I cant link them all16:09
BluesKajsmeril, what release are you running now ?16:09
smerili have tryed vlc and kiso none of them work when i use kiso i get som error message when i open the file16:09
dwidmann_laptopTimS: /dev/dvd0 /dev/dvd1 /dev/dvd2 .... then another symlink like ln -sf /dev/dvd0 /dev/dvd16:09
BluesKajwhich kubuntu?16:09
dwidmann_laptopTimS: besides, you can only set one to be default ...16:09
smerilkubuntu hardy heron but i prefer ubuntu16:10
smerilhardy heron16:10
TimSBut usualy when i tell Kaffeine to play a dvd it will find the drive with the dvd in16:10
BluesKajsmeril, you already have it , why reinstall ?16:10
smerilI have a iso file no cd16:10
dwidmann_laptopTimS: in my experience it just looks at the default drive anymore, ever since the death of media:/16:11
ZefirWait, smeril, you want from Kubuntu to Ubuntu?16:11
smerilbecause it still looks like kubuntu the version i downloaded from pirate bay is much cleaner and more improved16:11
jabbais there a better player than amarok or rhthym box? the latter crashes and the former can't see all the contents of a directory.16:11
smerilubuntu hardy heron16:11
smerilnot kubuntu16:11
TimSdwidmann_laptop: media:/ still works :p16:11
dwidmann_laptopTimS: hmm, maybe, maybe ....I was thinking of something else probably, for example, try that in konqueror-kde416:12
smerilI want to install ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso16:12
BluesKajBBL , stuff to do16:12
smerilbut i have no cd16:13
dwidmann_laptopTimS: if you would have went "kaffeine dvd:///dev/sda1" earlier, it very well may have worked16:13
TimSYes, it does work that way16:14
Xbehavesmeril: are you on linux or windows?16:14
smerilI am on kubuntu/ hardy heron but i want Ubunto/ hardy heron16:15
dwidmann_laptopsmeril: why not just "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" then16:15
smerilis that command all i have to do or is it more coming after?16:16
Daisuke_Laptopsmeril: install ubuntu-desktop16:16
Daisuke_Laptopand select gnome from the session menu the next time you log in16:16
smerilwhen i use that command it says E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?16:17
jackaultI have a hp tablet. How do I get my touch screen up and running?16:18
Daisuke_Laptopsmeril: make sure you have any copies of adept closed16:18
* dwidmann_laptop is going to sleep for a while16:18
smerilno its working :)16:18
Silver_AdeptSuccess! Figured out what went wrong - was running the i386 version, but had the headers for generic. Once I was running the right kernel, everything went fine without a hitch. So, here's hoping the white screen plagues me no more. Thanks a lot for all your help.16:21
smerilinstallation process are now saying16:26
smerilRebuilding the database. This may take some time.16:26
smeril///usr/share/gnome/help/blackjack/el/blackjack.xml:402: parser error : Entity 'Βοήθεια' not defined16:26
smeril                  <para><guimenuitem>Προτιμήσεις&Βοήθεια;</gui16:26
smerilnothing happends now16:26
smerilno its moving again16:28
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jeroen-I have a TFT monitor. The Kubunty install has set it to 1024x768 with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. I have heard that TFT displays do not use refresh rates, but I can still change it to 70 Hz or 75 Hz. Should I do that or is it better to keep it at 60 Hz?16:50
llutz60 is fine jeroen-16:50
jeroen-llutz: so is it true that TFT screens do not use refresh rates?16:50
SlimeyPeteTFT screens do have clocks, IIRC.16:51
SlimeyPetethey don't refresh the whole screen at once but pixels are still refreshed via a clock pulse.16:51
llutzjeroen-: not like crts, but there are some models which sync better with 75 where most run fine with 60Hz16:51
SlimeyPete(I think...)16:51
jeroen-ok so it does not change much like it is doing on CRT's?16:52
llutzjeroen-: nope, if it syncs it is ok16:52
SlimeyPeteyeah... 60hz is fine. In theory 75hz does make some difference but frankly you're very unlikely to notice it.16:53
jackaultIf I was supposed to install with commands such as "noacpi" and such but didn't, is there a way to get the same effect now that the OS is up and running?16:53
jackaultsame effect as having installed with that16:54
KomiaPoikadoes anyone know how to get google-earth to run on kubuntu 8.04 amd6416:54
jackaultis there a big difference between installing a 32 bit or 64 bit kubuntu on your 64 bit comp?16:55
Xbehavejackault im not 100% but it sounds like a kernel option in which case you can add it to grub manually, or possibly through bum(boot up manager)16:55
Xbehavejackault: depends on the app16:55
Xbehavemovie editing possibly otherstuff probably not16:55
jackaultah, kk16:56
XbehaveKomiaPoika: i just installed it from thier website, but you have to install it as a normal user16:56
Xbehavebtw if you launch it with  "/home/some/crap/google/googleearth -style plastique " it will look good in kde16:59
Xbehavethat said certain apps (those that play with proprietory bits should be installed as 3217:01
=== Xbehave is now known as Xbehave^away
jackaultI see several things that can be installed for touchscreens, which one do I use?17:03
jackaultI'm on a HP tx200017:03
Xbehave^awayim not sure, google around, or install them all have a play then decide which to keep and which to ditch17:04
eagles05flaccid: hey17:06
Neo_The_User_hey guys17:08
Neo_The_User_im going to install kubuntu 8.04 on my ps3. is this a good idea?17:08
=== Neo_The_User_ is now known as Neo_The_User
Neo_The_Userkubuntu 8.04 hardy heron ps3. good or bad?17:10
Neo_The_Useranybody here?17:11
Neo_The_Userjesus this chat is dead17:11
Neo_The_Userubottu hello17:11
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!17:11
Neo_The_Userubottu how is your day?17:11
eagles05Neo_The_User: ubottu = bot17:11
Neo_The_Userubottu hows it hang essay?17:11
ubottuNeo_The_User: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:11
eagles05wondering when that would kick in17:11
eagles05Neo_The_User: i dunno what to tell u in regard to ur query bout hardy and ps317:12
eagles05is there a ps3 channel17:12
* BonesolTeraDyne doesn't have a PS3, just a Wii and the last gen systems17:12
Neo_The_Useryes but im looking for kubuntu support17:12
eagles05Neo_The_User: in what sense17:12
Jucato!patience | Neo_The_User17:13
ubottuNeo_The_User: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines17:13
Neo_The_Userwhen i had xubuntu 7.04 on my ps3, when i tried updating it, my ps3 would never boot the -17 kernel. has anybody had a good experiance with kubuntu 8.04 with all updates on ps3?17:13
Neo_The_Usermy ps3 only accepted the old ass kernel.17:13
eagles05!language | Neo_The_User17:14
ubottuNeo_The_User: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.17:14
Neo_The_Userubottu, yes i understand17:14
ubottuNeo_The_User: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:14
Neo_The_Usersorry guys17:14
eagles05its ok17:14
colzaniJucato: Thanks, your solution for my problem with kdm and nvidia driver legacy worked.17:14
Jucatocolzani: kool17:14
Neo_The_Usernvidia legacy? hold the phone. get a 9 series driver!17:14
Neo_The_Userim using an nVIDIA 5900XT so i shouldn't be talking...17:15
Jucato(some of us don't have the motherboard for a new card, nor the money to upgrade everything)17:15
Neo_The_Userif i have a GeForceFX should I use the legacy driver or the new driver?17:15
eagles05Jucato: i hear ya bro17:15
Neo_The_Userim using the new driver17:16
Jucatoif the new driver works, then it's what you should use17:16
eagles05i 2nd the motion17:16
Jucatonvidia has a list of which cards fall under which drivers17:16
eagles05lol and the motion carries17:16
Neo_The_Userubottu:  Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:16
ubottuNeo_The_User: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:16
JucatoGoogle says there's an #ubuntu-ps3 channel17:16
eagles05someones having too much fun with the bot17:16
jussi01Neo_The_User: please stop abusing the bot17:16
Neo_The_Userok i will stop17:17
Neo_The_Userthis is not an ubuntu prolem17:17
jussi01as well as an #ubuntu-ppc channel17:17
Neo_The_Usernot Ubuntu, Kubuntu17:17
PennycookNeo_The_User: Kubuntu is Ubuntu, for all intents and purposes.17:17
Neo_The_Usermy face is linux17:17
JucatoKubuntu and Ubuntu still use the same kernel, the same underlying stuff17:17
jussi01Neo_The_User: those channels support both17:17
PennycookEugh, he's so annoying. ^^;17:18
eagles05that was interesting17:18
eagles05Pennycook: lol i 2nd that motion and the motion carries17:18
eagles05nice to see the ladies emerging and getting the courage to take a chance and try something new17:18
shane__looking for help17:19
flaccideagles05: sup17:19
shane__im tryin to install a wireless dlink in my system17:19
shane__wont pick it up17:19
eagles05flaccid: now to get jack working all i have to do is quit amarok lol17:19
eagles05flaccid: had to restart my machine and it fixed the no sound issue17:19
eagles05Pennycook: nice to see a lady in here17:20
Pennycook...Are you implying I'm a lady?17:20
jussi01!wireless | shane__17:20
ubottushane__: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:20
shane__ok thank you,ill try that link and hope help TY17:21
eagles05Pennycook: with the name penny its a possibility17:21
eagles05there is a 50 50 chance im right or wrong17:21
KomiaPoikaXbehave^away: do you have amd64?17:21
flaccideagles05: sounds about right. i always have to quit amarok for some stuff like flash i think17:21
eagles05flaccid: and i dont17:21
eagles05flaccid: 32 or 64 which one u running17:21
flaccidlikely other things too, just can't remember what17:22
=== eagles05 is now known as eagles0513875
=== manfred is now known as ububu
Xbehave^awayKomiaPoika: yeah17:23
Xbehave^awayi installed it but i dont allow execusion in /home and running it as root wasnt acceptable for me17:24
Xbehave^awayso i dont have it to test it out anymore17:24
KomiaPoikaso, where do you install it?17:24
eagles0513875flaccid: i dont have any problems with flash and im on 6417:24
KomiaPoikasudo apt-get install libdvdcss217:24
eagles0513875dont have to do anything like that to get flash to work17:24
KomiaPoikaon kubuntu 8.04 amd64 what repository do i need to install libdvdcss2?17:25
Xbehave^awayi ran the script from google (as root) and it installed itself to /opt/google-earth/17:25
flaccidi guess these things are a bit of a mystery until you look until it. we'll see how amarok 2 des17:25
KomiaPoikaXbehave^away: then start as user from /opt/google-earth/?17:25
eagles0513875KomiaPoika: not sure should just search for it using apt-cache search then name of pkg then run sudo apt-get install name of pkg and it downloads and installs it for ya17:25
eagles0513875flaccid: it could be that ur on kde4 and im on 3.517:26
KomiaPoikaeagles0513875: Package libdvdcss2 is not available, but is referred to by another package.17:26
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org17:26
eagles0513875KomiaPoika: what program u trying to install17:26
Xbehave^awaynah then i had to run it as root erm sudo /opt/google-earth/googleearth17:26
jussi01KomiaPoika: ^17:26
jussi01Xbehave^away: google earth is also in medibuntu17:26
KomiaPoikasudo /opt/google-earth/googleearth17:27
KomiaPoika[sudo] password for h:17:27
KomiaPoikaSegmentation fault17:27
eagles0513875flaccid: firefox 3 is still rather bloaty u know if they fixed that memory leak in 2 and previous versions of it17:27
KomiaPoikait's google earth 4.317:27
Xbehave^awaybut acording to the forums if you run the script as non-root it installs to /home/something which can be run as non-root17:28
flaccidyeah thats why i use opera17:28
flaccidsame thing happens on kde3 in terms of sound for me17:28
Xbehave^awayyeah always makes sense to sacrifice security for seed17:28
eagles0513875flaccid: you talking about getting jackd running then after stopping it getting the soun to work17:28
flaccideagles0513875: no just in normal use out of box17:29
eagles0513875flaccid: ok17:29
Xbehave^awayKomiaPoika: o sory missed your reply, erm do you allow execution in /tmp & /home ?17:30
=== Xbehave^away is now known as Xbehav
=== Xbehav is now known as Xbehave
Xbehavejussi01: does that still work since they released the beta?17:30
jussi01Xbehave: not sure.17:31
eagles0513875when is ibex coming out for testing and dev17:31
KomiaPoikai think medibuntu is saving my entire week17:31
XbehaveKomiaPoika: if its segfaulting im not sure ill be much help i only figured my way around a missing earth problem, try installing from mediabuntu repos17:32
KomiaPoikaXbehave: how do i check that?17:32
jussi01eagles0513875: ibex is already available - go to #ubuntu+117:32
eagles0513875jussi01: where can i download it from17:32
KomiaPoikai installed google-earth from medibuntu and it still segfaults17:32
Xbehaveif you can run from /tmp & /home, well unless you specifically choose not to then itll be fine17:32
jussi01eagles0513875: join #ubuntu+1 ask questions there.17:33
jussi01eagles0513875: and be sure to read the topic17:33
eagles0513875how do i change sources17:37
Xbehave_KomiaPoika: sorry doesnt look like i can be much help, perhaps try installing 4.2?17:37
=== gnomefre1k is now known as gnomefreak
eagles0513875flaccid: hey17:38
PennycookJust a note to anybody who hasn't gotten any updates today; might be a good idea to run sudo aptitude update followed by sudo aptitude full-upgrade.  Turns out there's a bug in OpenSSL that makes SSH private keys guessable.17:42
eagles0513875already did that today im installing pointless packages lol for no aparent reason17:42
eagles0513875also yesterday there was an update to gcc and g++17:43
stefan_hmm, always when I swith from static IP to dhcp , I loose the route after some time17:45
JucatoPennycook: don't you mean "dist-upgrade"?17:46
PennycookJucato: No. full-upgrade upgrades all your packages to the most recent version. Afaik dist-upgrade is just for upgrading between distributions?17:47
JucatoPennycook: there is no "aptitude full-upgrade" command.17:49
PennycookI might be wrong, 'caus I can't find anything about dist-upgrade in the man page, but full-upgrade does what you want.17:49
o_anyone up to takeiing a newbie by the hand?17:49
Jucatoit's aptitude dist-upgrade17:49
eagles0513875Jucato: how do i update my repos so i can help with ibex17:49
PennycookJucato: I just ran aptitude full-upgrade, so I know that's what it is17:49
eagles0513875!ask | o_17:49
ubottuo_: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)17:49
* Jucato might be looking at an old man page then17:49
Jucatoeagles0513875: #ubuntu+1 :D17:50
eagles0513875Jucato: nobody in there responding17:50
Jucatoeagles0513875: but basically just edit your sources.list and change "hardy" to "intrepid"17:50
eagles0513875thats all i need to do17:50
PennycookJucato: Ah, just found dist-upgrade in my man page.  Apparently "full-upgrade" is the new version of dist-upgrade, and dist-upgrade is recognised as a synonym.17:50
eagles0513875Pennycook: they somehow linked together17:51
eagles0513875cuz i still use dist-upgrade17:51
JucatoPennycook: fwiw, Adept and Synaptic both do dist-upgrade (full-upgrade) for their default "Upgrade" actions17:51
Jucato(Adept uses dist-upgrade for Full Upgrade and upgrade for Safe Upgrade)17:51
o_ok.. since upgradeing to 8.0 version my google earth crashes the system. Anyone know where I can find the fix?17:52
PennycookJucato: Oh right.  Learn something every day. XD17:52
KomiaPoikai can't get googleearth to start on kubuntu 8.04. no matter the version or how it installed, it segfaults17:53
KomiaPoikai can't get googleearth to start on kubuntu 8.04 amd64. no matter the version or how it installed, it segfaults17:53
o_komia.. it ran great on the previous version17:54
KomiaPoikao_: you mean on kubuntu 7.x?17:54
o_yes komia17:54
o_my sentiments too ;)17:55
=== fily is now known as Vagabondo
KomiaPoikahow can i trace the segfault17:55
o_?.. I think mine shows a back trace tab on segfault errors17:56
o_but I'm dumb as a rock17:56
o_I'm also haveing issue with k3b burning dvds. I get the burn completed mess. but dvd-rw remains empty17:59
o_could that be due to the 'brand' of dvdrw?17:59
o_k3b burns cd fine18:00
Xbehave_is anybody having proplems with kopete + msn today?18:00
Chrysalisshould my mouse back/forth buttons work in konqueror? because they are not18:03
Xbehave_do they work in other programs?18:03
Xbehave_e.g firefox18:03
Chrysalisin firefox yea, but under gnome18:04
Xbehave_and under kde?18:04
Chrysalislet me see18:04
Chrysalisyep, working in firefox18:05
Jucatobecause Firefox is setup to work with it by default. KDE/Konqueror isnt... I think there are some guides floating around on how to enable that18:05
Jucatotry Google18:06
Chrysaliswhat about dolphin etc?18:06
Chrysalisanyway, ill google around, thx18:07
pomkaПривет все!!!18:09
Xbehave_sory i wanders off to do revision, yeah if it works in firefox it means the mouse/settings are fine, just most programs dont know what to do with extra keys, i think theres a program you can install to use it with almost any program18:09
Jucato!ru | pomka18:10
ubottupomka: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:10
=== pitre is now known as ojpitre
bipolarIs anyone here showing LDAP users in the KDM users list?18:13
bipolarIt seems that if I try to hide users that belong to an LDAP group, none of the ldap users show up.18:13
bipolarbut if I create a local group and add ldap users to it, I can hide that group correctly.18:14
msnbotPressing "Administrator Mode" doens't prompt password in "network settings - System settings"18:14
advancedHi guys18:21
advancedi need help18:21
advancedHow to upgrade my distro ?18:21
advancedwith command to console ?18:21
geniiadvanced: Which version are you currently using18:23
kreibanyone knows how to shutoff laptop screen and have X show on vga connected lcd?18:25
Trolleyhi... my dvd device doesn't work... what can i do?18:25
STSXIn Konqueror, how do I display the used/free amount of my Kubuntu partition?18:26
JoshOvkiTrolley: can you be a bit more specific?18:26
geniiadvanced: apt-cache search update-manager-core         to make sure the update manager is installed, then try: sudo do-release-upgrade18:27
TrolleyJoshOvki, when i insert a cd/dvd in my device, my kubuntu doesn't do nothing ... and k3b doesn't see my device18:27
JoshOvkiSTSX: go to   /   right click, properties, it should tell you at the bottom18:28
geniiadvanced: the apt-cache search     there should be instead: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core               ... wrong copy/paste there18:28
JucatoSTSX: if you're looking for something like D3lphin/Dolphin's status bar indicator.. nothing like that in Konqueror18:28
wesleythey just ban me because i promote kubuntu on gnome18:29
=== |hfsdo| is now known as hfsdo
JoshOvkiwesley: gnome is for gnome not kubuntu, and im sure they warned you first18:29
STSXJoshOvki: If I right click the "root" folder in the left pane, select properties, it says "6 kB"--obviously not right. What should I be doing instead?18:29
JoshOvkiTrolley: ok, kde 3 or 4?18:29
Jucatowesley: and rightly so... it's considered "trolling" or "flamebait" in many places18:29
TrolleyJoshOvki, 318:30
wirechiefSTSX why not just do df -h in a terminal18:30
JoshOvkiSTSX: click the root part, then in the main window (right pannel) right click in a empty space18:30
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)18:30
STSXwirechief: Yes, I know how to use df. :) But I would like to be able to use the GUI too. :)18:30
JoshOvkiTrolley: ok its hard for me to help because im in kde4 not 318:30
wirechiefSTSX  ok18:30
JucatoSTSX: if you notice, when you right-click on the Root Folder, it says "Contents: Desktop COnfig File"18:31
JucatoSTSX: you're not actually viewing the properties of the / folder itself, but the .desktop file representing the root folder in Konqueror18:31
* JoshOvki starts up desktop18:31
Jucato(so basically it's just a text file you're looking at)18:31
TrolleyJoshOvki, where i can find help? with kubuntu feisty works feel18:31
STSXJucato: OK, makes sense, thanks for the clarification. :)18:31
STSXAnother newbie question: I'm used to using "Sessions" under Ubuntu to set programs for startup on boot. How do I do the same in Kubuntu? I'm using KDE 3.5 not 4.0.18:32
JucatoSTSX: you might also want to look at 2 GUI ways to see your disk usage: one is Konqueror's File Size View under the View menu. another is the Filelight program, which can be used by itself or embedded in Konqueror18:33
Jucato!autostart | STSX18:33
ubottuSTSX: To make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. The package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory. For a complete guide, see http://jucato.org/kde/kde-autostart.html18:33
JucatoSTSX: btw, those don't start "on boot", they start "on login"18:33
JoshOvkiTrolley: someone in here should be able to help18:34
JoshOvkiTrolley: when you but a CD in, and look in system:/media   does it show up at all?18:34
STSXJucato: Yes, I should have been more careful in my wording. So why doesn't Kubuntu have the "Go" menu in Konqueror where I can set startup programs? I have to use kcontrol-autostart instead?18:35
Trolleynot JoshOvki ... nothing18:35
JoshOvkiTrolley: ok, do you know what pastebin is?18:35
TrolleyJoshOvki, sure18:36
JoshOvkiTrolley: good, can you pastebin your /etc/fstab18:36
JucatoSTSX: you can just type "~/.kde/Autostart/" in Konqueror18:36
Jucato(Kubuntu removed the Go and Window menus in Konqoueror 3)18:36
Trolleyok JoshOvki ... just a moment18:36
ubottuI am ubottu, the all-knowing infobot, standing in for ubotu while he's getting his haircut done, nose powdered, updated and transitioned to his new gorgeous looks in the near future ;)18:36
toenswhy is adept manager asking me to insert a disc instead of going online for a download?18:36
JoshOvkiTrolley: just going to get a drink, will be back in 30secs18:36
TrolleyJoshOvki, ok :D18:37
STSXJucato: OK, I get it now. :)18:37
TrolleyJoshOvki, i'm ready18:38
JoshOvkiTrolley: ok, can you give me the link please18:38
TrolleyJoshOvki, here? or notice?18:38
TrolleyJoshOvki, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11895/18:38
JoshOvkiTrolley: ok, do you have a cd rom in your drive at the moment?18:39
Trolleyyes JoshOvki18:39
JucatoSTSX: ok... good luck18:39
* Jucato goes now18:39
JoshOvkiTrolly: ok, in command can you run in terminal    ls /media/cdrom18:40
TrolleyJoshOvki, no output18:40
ubottuI am ubottu, the all-knowing infobot, standing in for ubotu while he's getting his haircut done, nose powdered, updated and transitioned to his new gorgeous looks in the near future ;)18:40
JoshOvkiTrolly: sorry, ls /media/cdrom018:40
geniiperhaps: ls /media/cdrom/*18:40
JoshOvkigenii: just my poor typing skills taking over :)18:41
msnbotPressing "Administrator Mode" doens't prompt password in "network settings - System settings"18:41
TrolleyJoshOvki, nothing18:41
JoshOvkiTrolly: ok next try,   sudo mount -a18:41
JoshOvkiand then  ls /media/cdrom018:41
* genii feeds JoshOvki more coffee18:41
JoshOvkigenni: will running /media/cdrom*  look in everything to do with cdrom?18:41
msnbotentering command "kdesu kate" on terminal says "sudo: unable to resolve host shiplu-laptop"18:42
TrolleyJoshOvki, nothing ... i believe that cdrom0 is the other cd device18:42
JoshOvkiTrolley: you have 2 cd roms?18:42
msnbotmy sudo is not working how can I fix it ??18:42
TrolleyJoshOvki, 1 cdrom and 1 dvd ... the cdrom works, the dvd not18:42
JoshOvkiTrolley: oh i see18:43
geniiTrolley: Does /dev/scd1 exist?18:44
Trolleygenii, how can i see it?18:45
ahmedhi i want to make flash auto mount18:45
JoshOvkigenii: do you know how to check that, because fdisk wont do it18:46
ahmedwhen i connect any flash i ahve to make it enable from system setting how to  make it auto mount18:46
Trolleygenii, i have scd018:47
JoshOvkiTrolley: try this      sudo mkdir /media/dvd && mount /dev/scd1 /media/dvd && ls /media/dvd         see if that works18:47
wesley__i am realy made at the ubuntu-nl commity they tried to let me shut my mouth about that ubuntu needs to promote kde more18:48
JoshOvkiwesley__: kubuntu doesnt premote ubuntu18:48
hydrogenwesley__: off topic for here18:49
TrolleyJoshOvki, the special device /dev/scd1 does not exist18:49
JoshOvkiwesley__: #kubuntu-offtopic    for wineing18:49
JoshOvkiTrolley: hmmmm, ok so scd1 doesnt exist18:49
JoshOvkiTrolley: can you pastebin    sudo lspci18:49
hydrogenno need to sudo that18:50
geniiSorry for lag, work needed me a minute18:50
JoshOvkihydrogen: ok, wont hurt though, i wasnt 100% sure, so better safe than sorry18:51
hydrogenJoshOvki: you coulda tested it :)18:51
hydrogenbetter to sudo as little as possible18:51
JoshOvkihydrogen: i could have, but im lazy18:51
TrolleyJoshOvki, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11898/18:51
JoshOvkiTrolley: hmmm ok, it didnt give me the information i wanted18:53
JoshOvkihydrogen: how would trolley check the location / availability of his DVD rom that isnt showing up?18:54
hydrogendunno, i'm lazy18:54
JoshOvkihydrogen: ... thanks for your help18:54
Trolleyand so? :|18:55
JoshOvkiTrolley: just thinking a moment18:56
TrolleyJoshOvki, ah...ok18:56
STSXNewbie question: How do I get rid of Klipper from my system tray? If I right-click the panel, go "remove from panel", "applet", it doesn't show it listed there. Is there a way to remove it?18:57
IppatsuManSTSX: right click on Klipper and choose "Quit"18:57
SebNaitsabesright Ubuntu channel no good and  I do use KDE apps and sometimes  KDE itself as my GUI18:58
SebNaitsabes,but  since both similar18:58
SebNaitsabesand the help will be the same or pretty much this is a good place to ask also18:58
STSXIppatsuMan: Thanks, I didn't realize it would give me an option to disable it on startup if I choose quit.18:59
JoshOvkiTrolley: just a clutch at thin air but what about      sudo mount /dev/hda /media/dvd && ls /media/dvd18:59
geniiTrolley: You added the other drive after system was installed?18:59
Trolleyno genii18:59
TrolleyJoshOvki, i have to run thath command?18:59
SebNaitsabes got a few issues now,  but  i'll start off with the kernel issues.   right so yes this is Ubuntu Hardy Heron, but it seems I am running  2.6.22-14-generic  which is I guess an old kernel from Gutsy Gibbon.  hence also I am assuming why I am having such issues regarding the virtualbox kernel modules installation.  also  my Grub menu.lst has a load of stuff listed. ,but the actsaul Grub menu it self only has18:59
JoshOvkiyes please18:59
SebNaitsabesor  Kubuntu Hardy Heron when I decice to run it19:00
TrolleyJoshOvki, the special device /dev/hda does not exist19:00
JoshOvkidarn it19:00
JoshOvkigenii: any ideas?19:01
SebNaitsabesmy Grub menu.lst has a load of stuff listed19:01
SebNaitsabes,but it seems I am using some old kernel19:01
SebNaitsabesand  in Grub itself only stuff for one kernel and memtest and the thing for Vista19:01
SebNaitsabesthis is also why I am assuming since the old kernel that I carn't get kernel modules instealled for Virtualbox19:01
SebNaitsabesany suggestions?19:01
JoshOvkigotta make a phone call19:02
danyalguien sabe instalar el adaptador wifi azul de telefonica en kubuntu ?19:03
llutz!es | dany19:04
ubottudany: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.19:04
danygracias ubottu19:04
Trolleygenii, the system doesn't see my device... in /dev there is only scd0 ... not other scds19:06
geniiSebNaitsabes: PErhaps install a later kernel by way of something like: sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.24-16-generic                    or so. You can also sudo apt-get remove <the other ones you see in grub>19:13
SebNaitsabeswell it's a right mess19:13
SebNaitsabesmy Grub menu.lst19:13
SebNaitsabesand it seems it's using an old kernel19:13
geniiTrolley: Physically how are your CD and DVD drive attached to your computer? IDE or SATA cable internally? USB? Firewire?19:13
Trolleygenii, IDE19:14
SebNaitsabeswhich I am assuming is from Gutsy19:14
geniiSebNaitsabes: The kernel revision I listed is the latest stable Hardy is currently using at the moment19:14
SebNaitsabesI got a load of stuff listed in the menu.lst and it dosant' seem to be commented out.  which I am wondering about.  and Grub itself only lists the stuff for some kernel and memtest and my Vista entry19:15
geniiTrolley: Have you physically checked that the cables are properly seated and that if on end of cable, set to master and if on midle of cable, set to slave? (jumpers on drives)19:15
SebNaitsabesI thought the same just edit  the menu.lst and  delete all the kernels expect the latest and then also the kernel modules for virtualbox should work19:15
SebNaitsabesI got other issues to, but get on that later19:16
geniiSebNaitsabes: That should work, just remember to leave a viable one to load :)19:16
Trolleygenii, before of install hardy, i had feisty... and with feisty worked good... and with windows xp works too ... so the configuration should be right19:16
geniiTrolley: Please use pastebin to post output of commands:       ls /dev/sd* ; ls /dev/hd* ; sudo lshw19:18
SebNaitsabesit used to update the Grub menu19:19
SebNaitsabeswhen new kernels were installed19:19
SebNaitsabes,but it stopped going that quite a while ago19:19
SebNaitsabesdoing not going19:19
SebNaitsabesanyway here is my uploaded menu.lst and that what a mess aye?19:19
Trolleygenii, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11911/19:20
wirechiefTrolley have you tried to use imgburn it looks for your devices to see if i can use them.19:20
Trolleywirechief, in the output of lshw my device is not showed ... so i believe that no program can use it19:22
geniiSebNaitsabes: Make sure initramfs-tools is installed, and that /etc/initramfs-tools/update-initramfs.conf contains       update_initramfs=yes   and  backup_initramfs=yes19:23
geniiTrolley: Reading19:23
Trolleygenii, my device is not showed19:23
wirechiefTrolley well el crapo, hmm does this cdrom work in windows but not linux ?19:24
Trolleywirechief, yes19:24
Trolleywirechief, but with feisty it worked19:24
SebNaitsabesgenni:  I guess things have gone like this, since I updated Gutsy to Hardy a dab early when it was on Beta19:25
wirechiefTrolley (you have my curiosity) what computer model ?19:25
Trolleywirechief, eh... it haven't a model :D in my last pastebin you can see my hardware19:26
Trolleywof... i have to go... i will return! :D thanks for the interest! see ya!19:27
geniiTrolley: Yes, I see that it can see the Phillips CD as slave on the first channel (HD is first device), and that no devices are seen on the second channel. Is your other drive recognising in the bios of the computer?19:28
wirechiefgenii dam it was just getting interesting.19:29
geniiSebNaitsabes: When you choose another kernel from the grub list during boot, does it complain of something like can't mount VFS or something?19:31
SebNaitsabesI only have one kernel listed19:31
SebNaitsabesthe stuff for only one kernel19:31
SebNaitsabesmemtest and Vista19:31
SebNaitsabesthat's been the case for a long while now19:32
SebNaitsabeseven after it apparnatluy updated the kernel19:32
SebNaitsabesthis is Grub legacy19:32
SebNaitsabesseems I am now using the old version of Grub19:32
SebNaitsabesmaybe it's worth getting the new one I don't know19:32
SebNaitsabesand I have had issues with these versions of Grub here and there, so  maybe if I install the new Grub it will screw things up19:33
geniiSebNaitsabes: Hmm. Perhaps you have somehow two /boot places. Did previously you have two separate linux booting from separate partitions?19:33
SebNaitsabesah right yeah19:33
SebNaitsabesthat's probably it then19:33
SebNaitsabesI had the normal /boot partition19:33
SebNaitsabesin an Ubuntu install19:33
SebNaitsabes,but I carn't quite remember  what happended and all that and why I decided to do it, but19:34
SebNaitsabesI basically got another boot partition yeah19:34
squid0hi. I'm having some issues with the screensaver and compiz... when I move the mouse during the screensaver, it disappears, and I can see my entire desktop behind the dialogue box asking for my password! Also, when the screensaver ends upon login, the entire desktop is 'coated' with screensaver.... to restore it, I have to drag my cursor over the entire desktop...19:34
SebNaitsabesI got a Grub /boot folder partition with some other data as well19:34
SebNaitsabesso it's installing new kerneles, but then not updating?  the correct menu.lst?19:35
shafirehow can i get kubuntu to this: http://blog.chip.de/chip-linux-blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/news_gr.jpg ?? :)19:36
SebNaitsabesthat would explain why in that one those kernels are not commented, but not actsaully showing in Grub itself19:36
SebNaitsabesgenii: so what would you suggest?19:37
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geniiSorry for lag, boss showed up at my desk here19:49
geniiSebNaitsabes: Reading your back-comments, 1 minute19:49
SebNaitsabessquid0:  yeah Compiz and screensavers can have issues together19:51
geniiSebNaitsabes: Yes, I suspect it's not updating the correct menu.lst somehow19:51
SebNaitsabesyep that's probably it19:51
SebNaitsabesis there a way to get it to automatically update the correct one?19:51
SebNaitsabeswhat if I deleted the menu.lst that I don't want it using that is part of Ubuntu.   then something won't like something?19:52
Schorfishafire: http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/168956/?p=1364299#136429919:53
SebNaitsabesgenii: any idea or I just got to do it manualley?19:53
shafireSchorfi, :(19:54
geniiSebNaitsabes: There seems no options in update-grub or grub-install to specify a particular menu.lst, unfortunately.19:54
SebNaitsabeswell usaully compuers only have one19:54
shafireSchorfi, so i will create it with screenlets19:56
geniiSebNaitsabes: Do you know which one it's using and where it's located?19:56
SebNaitsabesgot quite a lot of partitions here19:56
SebNaitsabesgenii: but I can open the partition where it is yeah19:56
Schorfiguess you have to... tell me when you're finished :)19:56
SebNaitsabesafter finding the correct one19:57
SebNaitsabeswell finding dosan't take long since I can get in from Ubuntu no problem19:57
geniiSebNaitsabes: I suspect it's using one on some partition like sda1 and the one it should is another19:57
shafireSchorfi, okay, i will19:57
SebNaitsabesah  yeah Grub screwed up coudn't boot Ubuntu/Kubuntu and I took the easy way out by reinstalling Ubuntu  deleting everything, but the boot folder19:58
SebNaitsabesmaking the partion small and putting some other data on it to19:58
SebNaitsabessince in the past Grub had caused right problems and  that was something that I knew would probably work fine19:58
SebNaitsabesit's been a while since I done anything with my menu.lst so I forgot I had two untill you reminded me :)19:59
geniiSebNaitsabes: Conceivably you could make it chainload the correct menu.lst20:00
SebNaitsabeswhat's chainload20:00
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reisihmm does anyone have an idea why i can't upgrade to 4.0.4 (from 4.0.3/kubuntu 8.04)?20:00
reisii have the following in my /etc/apt/sources.list (amongst the others) deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hardy-backports main restricted universe multiverse20:01
geniiSebNaitsabes: If you look at the menu.lst entry for Windows boot, you'll see an example of chainloading method.20:01
yuriyreisi: what's the problem?20:01
wesley_kde4reisi you have to activate the backports20:01
SebNaitsabesgenii: well yeah, but I don't know what chainloading is20:01
reisiyuriy: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade nor dist-upgrade show any kde packages; none after i just installed the security patches just released20:02
geniiSebNaitsabes: Basically chainloading is just to point the loader at the start of some other partition or place then it loads whatever it finds there (another boot loader or whatever)20:02
SebNaitsabesgenii: ok well it's in /media/sda120:03
reisiwesley_kde4: doesn't that line i copypasted above do jsut that?20:03
geniiSebNaitsabes: So the menu.lst it is supposed to use is in (currently) /media/sda1/boot/grub/menu.lst       ?20:04
geniiOr the one it's using?20:04
SebNaitsabesaccording to the file manager yeah20:04
SebNaitsabesthe one it is meant to use20:04
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wirechiefSebNaitsabes: this discribes chainloading when you want to know more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chain_loading20:04
SebNaitsabesgenii:  is it worth upgrading to GRub 1.0 or wahtever it is20:05
reisiaah :) wesley_kde4, yuriy: the reason is that i already installed those :) just that Help->About KDE tells me that i'd have 4.0.320:06
SebNaitsabesgenii: since I am using what is now legacy20:06
reisiperhaps i still haven't upgraded... shit..20:06
yuriyreisi: ah yeah, known bug20:06
reisiit's a bug?20:06
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JoshOvkireisi: you have to do something special other than apt-get upgrade to move to kde4.0.420:06
yuriyreisi: yeah, the version number wasn't updated by KDE20:06
JoshOvkireisi: you followed these inustrctions?    http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.4.php20:07
reisiJoshOvki: yeah i actually have already done that.. just didin't look after my logs; just thought that Help->About KDE would be right20:07
JoshOvkireisi: ok :)20:07
reisiJoshOvki: so right now i really ahve 4.0.4 installed though it's reported as 4.0.320:07
SebNaitsabesgenii:  got a feeling the chainloading idea won't work20:08
SebNaitsabesgenii: well a new kernel is every now and again and it's not really that big a deal to manually edit menu.lst20:08
yuriyreisi: although, seems to be working fine here now (the about dialog) but it wasn't at first20:08
wesley_kde4reisi that normal20:10
ubuntu__can i sue nettiquette because of the freedom of speech amendment in the usa?20:14
ugaubuntu__: can you sue TV shows that can't be shown during daylight, because of the freedom of speech admendment?20:16
shaffycan anyone tell me the command for doing a filesystem check for an external usb HD?  it is just e.g. "fsck /dev/sdb1"?20:16
Bert_2hi, I'm running kopete 0.12.7 with kdelibs 3.5.9 on an ubuntu gnome installation and I can't receive or send webcam, why and is there a fix ?20:17
ugashaffy: is the usb HD formatted as fat32?20:17
shaffyuga: ext320:17
ugashaffy: then fsck.ext3 /dev/sdb120:17
ugathere's a different fsck.foo for each foo filesystem format20:18
shaffyuga:  http://pastebin.com/d12d99ee920:18
ugashaffy: that's fine20:19
shaffyuga:  so it completed?20:19
ugalol yes20:19
shaffyit only took a second20:19
shaffyhmm, b/c i was getting an error on bootup saying i needed to run fsck on the drive20:19
ugashaffy: it's a journalised filesystem20:20
ugait's real quick to test =)20:20
shaffyuga:  hmm, okay.  i will do a boot and see what happens.  thanks.  :)20:20
ugashaffy: if anything breaks when writing, journalised filesystems leave some mark saying an operation wasn't done20:20
ugaarf, too late20:20
* uga reminds he nees to tell shaffy "-f Force checking even if the file system seems clean."20:21
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shani have this problem in my kubuntu OS " bash: /etc/init.d/iptables: No such file or directory "20:24
ugashan: that service isn't needed. possibly some unclean thing20:26
ugawhat's trying to run it?20:26
Adrian_dlcspmHello.  I've just installed the radeonhd driver, and changed xorg.conf to use it (and restarted X).  I've done to System Settings->Display, and the apply button is greyed out even after I make changes (the default is well below my native resolution).  Is there a fix for that?20:29
=== tburdick is now known as bfrog
bfrogis there anything I can use to print on to a cd using my printer. it has the cdr direct printing feature20:29
bfrogdoes gimp have a plugin maybe?20:30
ugabfrog: I've done that always through the printer's interface20:30
ugais it an epson R340 or similar?20:31
ugadoesn't it allow to print directly from a CF card?20:31
ugaI'd suggest designing the CD, then copy it to a CF card, and print directly from it20:31
ugait always worked for me20:31
ugaepson allows doing that at least20:31
bfrogI guess I'll try that20:31
ugabfrog: aligning pictures never worked fine for me20:32
ugaso if I can't do right in an A4, I'd not dare on a CD myself20:32
nohelphereis there a guide to setting up a network bridge?20:32
ubottuFactoid bridge not found20:32
uganohelphere: a bridge? not even routing?20:33
bfrogwell it uses the a4 thing, its just the cd is at a certain spot20:33
nohelphereim using virtualbox with ubuntu serve rwithin that20:33
ugayes, but I thought you'd want implementing a routing (IP routing)20:34
nohelpherei want the guest to have a different IP than the host20:34
ugabridging works at mac level...20:34
uganohelphere: that's a NAT20:34
ugayou need to setup the NAT configuration in virtualbox20:35
nohelpherei turne dNAT on20:35
uga(NAT=network address translation)20:35
ugaand you don't get a different IP address in the virtual machine?20:35
ugayou should get an IP in the range you have defined for the virtual machine20:35
nohelpherei neve rconfigured nat20:36
nohelpherenow it snot even connected20:37
uganohelphere: if you have activated nat, it should at least do that20:37
ugadid you configure the virtual machine to do dhcp or what?20:38
ugathat's the first thing you should check20:38
ugacheck what the virtual machine is doing: fixed IP, dhcp...20:38
eagles0513875nohelphere: set the virtual machine to use nat20:38
ugaI'm not too sure, but possibly VirtualBox does dhcp and gives you an IP address20:39
ugaeagles0513875: read the backlog, he has already ;)20:39
eagles0513875just set virtual box and the vm to use nat20:39
eagles0513875then u dont need to mess with dhcp or anything20:39
ugaeagles0513875: if the VM is set to use a fixed IP address NAT won't work20:39
eagles0513875im checking something out here really fast20:40
ugathe NAT expects the network to be in a certain range20:40
ugaor at least a normal NAT does, and VMWare does too20:40
eagles0513875have u guys tried one of the other two options20:40
nohelphereit isn't even connected20:40
eagles0513875either host interface or internal network option20:41
ugaeagles0513875: NAT is what he needs, I don't like trying stuff just for trying ;)20:41
ugahost interface allows him to connect to the hosting machine only20:41
nohelphereforgot port forwarding20:41
ugaand internal network iirc does only allowing him to communicate virtual machines alone20:42
eagles0513875he needt to get it back to the way it originally as20:42
uganohelphere: make sure you use dhcp in the VM client20:42
uganohelphere: in a konsole, run "dh20:42
nohelphereit uses dhcp by default20:42
uganohelphere: in a konsole, run "dhclient eth0"20:42
ugajust to test =)20:42
ugayou should get an IP address20:42
nohelpherei get ym mown IP20:43
nohelphereoh in the vm20:43
ugamyou mfget mwahf?20:43
ugastop chewing gum =)20:43
nohelphereeth0 no such device20:44
ugaokay, that's the first thing =)20:44
nohelphereit exists though20:44
uganohelphere: is the networking enabled in the VM?20:45
ugafrom VirtualBox settings20:45
ugayou need to enable it. else there's no point ;)20:46
ugaEnable Network Adapter, checked20:46
ugaAttached to NAT20:46
ugaCable connected, checked20:46
nohelphereoh wai tit is enabled20:46
ubunturosanyone who has use Kubuntu on SiS M672 based chipset board?20:46
nohelphereeth0 doesn't exist20:47
ugalets see if it's a networkmanager issue20:47
uganohelphere: edit /etc/network/interfaces20:47
ugaand write20:47
ugaauto eth020:48
wyrmulI am currently using notepad+ and WinSCP on a windows machine to do php and web development.   I am looking for a good KDE alternative that is comperable.  Thanks!20:48
ugaiface eth0 inet dhcp20:48
ugaignore wyrmul's =)20:48
uganohelphere: then try ifup eth020:48
ugaand see what ifconfig says20:48
nohelpherei messed with permissions though20:48
uganohelphere: arf20:48
eagles0513875nohelphere: u part of the vbox group20:48
uganohelphere: sorry, I don't know how to fix rm -rf / systems ;)20:48
wyrmulsorry for interrupting uga20:48
ugawyrmul: =)20:48
Pennycookwyrmul: Kate is as good as Notepad+ (if not better), and you can use konqueror for sftp and ftp access (or the terminal)20:48
stdinwyrmul: kate if you want something simple with syntax highlighting et all20:49
nohelphereerror getting device flags no such device20:49
K`zanCan someone please tell me the equivalent of the following for ubuntu: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/20:49
ubuntu_no se nada de kubuntu20:50
ubuntu_please help me20:50
emilsedgh!es | ubuntu_20:50
ubottuubuntu_: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.20:50
ubuntu_ehat is this?20:51
stdinK`zan: /etc/network/if-{pre,post}-{up,down}.d/20:51
nohelpherei might just logout20:52
K`zanstdin: Thank you Sir!20:52
eagles0513875nohelphere: try reboot20:52
eagles0513875nohelphere: ull besuprised what that can fix20:52
ugaeagles0513875: if each time somebody told me "reboot" my machine I had obeyed...20:53
ugalinux aint' about rebootin'! =)20:53
eagles0513875uga: sometimes it is20:53
ugaeagles0513875: sure, if I upgrade a kernel that I desperately need20:53
eagles0513875i was having issues getting jackd to start and after a reboot it started without having to kill arts20:53
uga"without having to kill arts"20:54
ugasorry, but I prefer killing arts than rebooting20:54
ugatakes less time20:54
nohelpherei don't want to reboot20:55
uganohelphere: at this point I can only suggest you lspci, check if a network card is detected20:55
ugaif so, then you need the corresponding network modules loaded20:56
ugaie, the drivers20:56
nohelphereeverything on the host is fine20:56
nohelphereits the vm that isn't20:56
aparkerHow do I get rid of the Add Widget widget on my desktop?  I have a laptop with a 24" external monitor.  The laptop is fine, but the Add Widget thing appears twice on my 24" monitor (once in the upper right corner, and then again in the same absolute position as on the laptop screen.20:56
uganohelphere: it's in the vm that I'm asking20:56
ugalspci in the VM20:56
ugathe VM needs to detect the emulated network card20:56
uganohelphere: if the network card type doesn't work, VIrtualBox allows you to select a different network card emulated20:57
ugabut it won't let you change the hardware without first stopping the virtual machine20:57
=== aparker is now known as Adrian_dlcspm
nohelpherethe card is listed20:58
ugapcnet-fast III (am79c973)?20:58
ugathat's the card VirtualBox creates by default20:58
uganohelphere: if that's the card, you need modprobe pcnet3220:59
ugaand the card should be detected20:59
ugayou can check it in dmesg20:59
_sourcemakerI have the problem... that the wlan card (Realtek) is not detected with the current installation of hardy (without the last updates installed)...  are this problem solved after I have installed all the lastest available updates?20:59
K`zananyone using the rt73 module to replace the rt73usb one here?21:00
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ScorpKinghiya uga21:01
yojhandrysaludos alguien me puede ayudar21:01
yojhandryen kubuntu21:01
nohelphereiys detecting a pcnet32 ethernet controller no card21:01
yojhandrypor favor21:01
ScorpKing!fr | yojhandry21:02
ubottuyojhandry: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr21:02
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox21:02
yojhandryalguien me ayude21:02
ScorpKingnohelphere: vmware server works better but i don't think it's available for 8.04 yet21:02
nohelphereidk either21:03
ugaScorpKing: lol, that's spanish!21:03
nohelphereand I think u need a free license for it21:03
ScorpKing!es | yojhandry21:03
ubottuyojhandry: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.21:03
ugayojhandry: este canal es en inglés. Escribe /join #kubuntu-es para que te den soporte en castellano21:03
ugaScorpKing: no need for the bot ;)21:03
ScorpKinguga: hehe. i'm afrikaans so i won't know. jut took a guess ;)21:03
ScorpKingjust even21:04
ugaScorpKing: somebody should change the messages21:04
ugasome people don't know how to join other channels21:04
ugaI always explain /join foo...21:04
nohelpheremous edied or something21:05
ugaor being konversation, say click here: ----> #kubuntu-es <----21:05
ScorpKinguga: i'm know sure where to ask but maybe you know. will kde 3.5.x get left behind in 18 months?21:05
ugaScorpKing: left behind? uhm... I don't think so, you could ask at kde-core-devel list21:06
ScorpKinguga: agreed. most people don't know where to even type /join21:06
ugait'll still be supported for a while. I just don't know how long21:06
ScorpKinguga: ok thanks. will do21:06
ugaand distros may support it even longer21:06
ugacheck what version Debian features21:06
ugadid they reach 2.1 yet? =)21:06
ScorpKingno idea21:07
nohelpherei think the other net adapters are uinvalid21:08
nohelphereis the closed source edition any better?21:09
nohelphereim kind of giving up with vbox21:11
ScorpKingnohelphere: so did i21:12
uganohelphere: you'll get the same with other virtual machines if you don't examine what's going up and you fiddle with permissions as you say ;)21:12
ScorpKingnohelphere: btw, there is #vbox21:12
ugaScorpKing: works fine here, although the VM is for emergency winders box21:12
nohelpherei need a simple vm tp run a simple ubuntu lamp server in a simpole vm21:13
ubottuKDE 4.0.4 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.3 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.4.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde421:13
nohelphereim in there21:13
uganohelphere: and you need to do a simple network configuration ;))21:13
ScorpKingnohelphere: use qemu21:13
ugawhich includes drivers loading21:13
ugaScorpKing: rofl21:13
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications21:13
ugaScorpKing: that's suicide ;)21:14
ScorpKinguga: hehe. it works for small stuff ;)21:14
ugahow about Xen? :P21:14
nohelphereqemu and qemulauncher21:15
ScorpKinguga: could work but never used it21:15
nohelpherethe more GUI the bette rfor virtualization21:15
* uga doesn't want to look. He never liked blood-style films21:15
_sourcemakerhow can I use apt for offline installation... like a snapshot of the current system...21:19
nohelphereuseless qemu launcher21:20
uga!google | _sourcemaker21:20
ubottu_sourcemaker: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux21:20
_sourcemakerok :-)21:21
nohelphereI WISH TI WORKED21:21
uga_sourcemaker: a simple google search would have led you to tons of pages, like http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-basico.en.html#s-dpkg-scanpackages21:21
ScorpKingnohelphere: use it from konsole. qemu -m 365 -hda harddisk.img -cdrom crdom.iso21:21
STSXWhen I hover over items in my taskbar, it displays a dialog with info about them. How can disable that?21:21
uganohelphere: please use lowercase21:21
ScorpKingnohelphere: please behave21:21
ugaSTSX: what version of kde?21:23
STSXuga: 3.521:23
ugaa sec... that ought to be easy21:24
ugaSTSX: I got an answer for a new 8-core cpu ;)21:24
nohelpherei don't have a disk image21:25
ugaokay, just 8Gig ram will do ;)21:25
ugaSTSX: right click in kicker, configure panel...21:25
ugaI lost my 8 gig ram hopes ;)21:25
ugaoh! back ;)21:25
ugaSTSX: right click in kicker, configure panel...21:26
ugaSTSX: and disable "Enable icon mouseover effects" and "show tooltips"21:26
STSXuga: I'm new to KDE (been using Gnome)--what's kicker?21:26
ugaSTSX: the panel21:27
ugawhere the taskbar is located21:27
STSXuga: OK, got it! Is there any way I can just disable the "mouse over effects" for the taskbar, and not for the program icon shortcuts I have on the panel?21:28
nohelphereshould I create a disk image?21:28
ugaSTSX: you'll get smaller text boxes if you do21:29
ugaah, you mean only for the taskbar... uhm...21:29
ugaSTSX: not that I can see, in the taskbar options21:30
coder2Hi there21:30
ugaunless you are happy to patch code ;)21:30
coder2Could anyone help with my TV-tuner?21:31
STSXuga: OK, that's what I figured. Thanks for the help with that. BTW, I'm also trying to get my "suspend" key to work on my keyboard--it works fine under Gnome (ubuntu), but KDE ignores it. I can run /etc/acpi/sleep.sh and prove that suspend works, but it's not mapped to my "suspend" key. Any ideas?21:32
ugaSTSX: it might be related to kmilo configuration21:32
uga(kmilo == kde multimedia keys handling)21:32
Simonftwhen i do sudo ./bcm43xx-fwcutter-006/bcm43xx-fwcutter -w "$FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR" wl_apsta-, i get this messege: sudo: ./bcm43xx-fwcutter-006/bcm43xx-fwcutter: command not found. does anybody know why? i am tying to do this: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#fw-bcm43xx21:32
ugaSTSX: but no idea about that really. It's long time since last I bothered tuning keyboards. They change too often ...21:33
STSXuga: OK, so how do I learn about kmilo? Is it a program/config file?21:33
PhilRodSTSX: does 'xev' show the key?21:34
STSXSimonft: make sure you have the correct path to the command--you are giving it a relative path when you use ./bcm43...21:34
PhilRod(run 'xev' in a konsole, hit the suspend key, and see if anything appears on the konsole)21:34
SimonftSTSX: what do you mean?21:34
benuntuxalguien habla español???21:34
benuntuxalguien habla español???21:35
ubottuFactoid sp not found21:35
ubottuAquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.21:35
ugaSTSX: xev is a program that shows what keys Xorg captures. About kmilo: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/KMilo21:35
ubottuMozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl21:35
ugaif xev doesn't capture it correctly though, there's no much to do21:35
ZefirThe Polish help is poorer...21:35
yo_yo ha blo español21:35
ZefirDoesn't even have Polish letters damnit.21:35
ugayo_: clicka aquí -----------> #kubuntu-es <----------21:36
ugay te ayudarán21:36
STSXuga: Well, xev did show a key pushing event! :)21:36
basculeZefir: suggest a change say !pl is <reply>and put words here21:36
basculeops will get it21:36
PhilRoduga: well, you mihgt be able to use the keys via a kernel driver for the laptop (which must exist if gnome can use the key)21:36
ugaSTSX: the events have names in a mulimedia keyboard... like volume, or suspend or...21:36
ugaPhilRod: that too21:37
Zefir!pl is <reply> Well, the Polish version of help is pretty poor. It doesn't have Polish letters and redirects only to the ubuntu-pl channel, even on the kubuntu channel. I can help change it, just say what it needs to say and I'll try to translate, I'm good at it.21:38
ZefirForsooth, it worked.21:38
basculeZefir: I meant write a polish ne :)21:38
_Coggz_major problem guys21:38
ugaSTSX: for example, xev, when I press the mail button, shows: "keysym 0x1008ff19, XF86Mail"21:38
ZefirOh, a Polish one?21:38
ZefirNo problemo.21:38
_Coggz_need to update bios, on a laptop with no floppy or cd21:38
_Coggz_from linux21:38
stdinZefir: there isn't a #kubuntu-pl for one, and why don't you just suggest a change rather than suggesting a change that just says "it sux"?21:39
deadsouli have ubuntu and installed the kde kubuntu desktop... but it causes many things wrong.. can anyone give me any help with my problem? my ubuntu is 8.421:40
ugadeadsoul: if you don't list the problems we won't be able to help ;)21:40
ZefirI'm just about to suggest a change, so what's the deal, stdin?21:40
ugaso go on21:40
stdinZefir: hmm? what do you mean?21:40
ZefirWell, I'm writing to the ops using that command bascule gave me, saying what's wrong and what to change.21:41
deadsoulsome times it fails to logout out.. and sometimes i can't switch the user, besides i can't create more than one desktop well,  i can create more than one desktop but it doesn21:41
basculejust write one ..21:41
STSXSimonft: when you start the command with ./ it means start looking in the current directory for "bcm43xx-fwcutter-006"--is that where the directory is? In the current directory you are in?21:41
deadsouldoesn't change, and it still just one desktop,,,. stuff like that21:42
stdinZefir: just join #ubuntu-ops if you want to discuss it with someone21:42
ugadeadsoul: uhm... are you using kdm as login manager?21:42
ZefirAlthough it is worth noting that there really isn't any kubuntu-pl channel... I shall investigate.21:42
ugaor still gdm21:42
STSXPhilRod: I've got a really flaky connection today--anyway, the xev did show pushing down the suspend key. Any ideas where to go from here?21:42
ubuntu_I'm from Argentina. Tomorrow I have a test of kubuntu so I 'm training21:45
ugaa test?21:46
ugayou get examined?21:46
ubuntu_no. a QUiz?21:46
ubuntu_es un examen21:46
ugaheh, ubuntu certified =)21:46
ugaubuntu_: exam, examined== examen, examinado21:46
ugaquiz == questionario, preguntas, ...21:47
ugaubuntu_: perdón, es específico de programas, osea que quiz==concurso de televisión ;)21:47
ugaah, no, estaba bien desde el principio, es genérico21:48
* uga kicks silly dictionaries21:48
ubuntu_eso mismo21:48
ubuntu_gracias muchachos solo queria saber si me leian21:49
ugahe's lost21:50
ugahe said he had an exam in spanish21:50
ugayet he insists it's a quiz in english21:50
deadsoulback, sorry.. the system hangged21:53
deadsouli'm useing kdm for login manager21:53
ZefirWait, Kubuntu hanged? Thought that was a myth.21:54
deadsoulthat's what happened.. i'm using ubuntu with kubuntu desktop21:55
deadsoulcould it be because i'm using the kdm login manager??21:55
ZefirI dunno...21:56
=== benuntux is now known as pirulin
SimonftI need hlep. i am told to do sudo ./bcm43xx-fwcutter-006/bcm43xx-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware wl_apsta-, and the files are in /home/simon/bcm43xx-fwcutter-006, and i am in simon@simon-laptop:~$  and it gives me sudo: ./bcm43xx-fwcutter-006/bcm43xx-fwcutter: command not found21:56
=== pirulin is now known as bEnuNtUX-notoy
deadsoulok, can anyone tell me how can i get back the gnome login manager instead of the kdm logon manager?21:58
stdinSimonft: there is a guide here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx21:58
basculedeadsoul: dpkg --reconfigure gdm21:59
Simonftstdin: that is how i got to that page21:59
deadsoulthank you22:00
stdinSimonft: where on there?22:00
Simonftunder hardy22:01
dunamisHey guys22:01
dunamisJust installed ubuntu22:01
ZefirYay for you.22:01
dunamiswhat do u suggest i do first22:01
ZefirWell, go to the #ubuntu channel if you're not using Kubuntu.22:01
dunamissorry, i'm in kubuntu cus i installed kubunt22:02
stdinSimonft: it's not on there, it says the firmware is included in the kernel22:02
ZefirWell, first thing... Umm... Try running Amarok for example.22:03
dunamisis it a website?22:03
dunamissorry abt that22:03
Simonftstdin: look at further notes22:03
ZefirNo, it's a program for playing music.22:03
dunamisrun it in terminal?22:03
ZefirClick K->Multimedia->Amarok22:03
navetzdo you guys know if its possible to dualscreen (extended) and use compiz at the same time?22:03
ZefirOr type in amarok in terminal if you want to do it the hax way. :P22:03
deadsouldpkg: unknown option --reconfigure22:04
deadsoulhow can i install that package ?22:04
basculemy fault22:04
basculedpkg-reconfigure gdm22:04
deadsoulthanks bro22:05
basculewith an sudo22:05
stdinSimonft: follow the instructions for the linux-2.6.24 kernel22:05
deadsoulit said action "reload" failed22:06
deadsoulis that normal?22:06
basculeI don't think so22:06
deadsoul * Reloading GNOME Display Manager configuration...                              * Changes will take effect when all current X sessions have ended.22:07
deadsoulinvoke-rc.d: initscript gdm, action "reload" failed.22:07
basculedid you sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm22:07
deadsoulyes sudo -i then i've choosed the gnome22:07
basculeyou set it as the default though?22:07
basculeit asks in a dialog, and you picked gdm ..22:08
deadsoulyes i did22:08
basculeprobably just needs x restarted22:09
deadsoulknow what,.. i'm gonna give it a try and restart my pc and see what will happen22:09
basculeChanges will take effect when all current X sessions have ended. <-- from the cli22:10
ZefirAttention, noob question: Where can I get some widgets? KDE3.22:14
ubottusuperkaramba is an application that gives you interactive eye-candy on your desktop. To get themes for it, head over to http://kde-look.org22:14
stdinZefir: ^22:14
ZefirChecking out now.22:15
matt___what is a kde app that will allow to to "record" things, such as typing into a terminal, and then allow me to reply it, thus each "play" it types into the terminal22:15
ZefirI always see Linux desktops with those fancy clocks on the desktop and CPU temp and usage, wondered how did they do all that.22:16
deadsoulback,.. it did work.. :) thanks bro22:16
basculematt___: 'script' may do it22:17
somePriestWhen I drop to console, the fonts look terrible (they're massive), is there a simple fix to change them?  Also, does KUbuntu support TTF fonts out of the box?  I read a post saying you can just put TTF fonts in ~/.fonts ?22:17
matt___bascule: umm..not talking about scripting or anything. What I want is a way to record clicking and stuff. Then be able to change stuff. sorta like a macro.22:17
basculeoh I see, I thought you meant terminal22:18
basculein a ^22:18
matt___bascule: no problem, it's just i'm going to be using it for a terminal process. A program that doesn't really support bash...that I know of.22:18
frank23running firefox 3 b4 from gutsy-backports. how do I install flash? the integrated install in firefox doesn't work.22:18
basculematt___: what is it? dcop can do a lot of cool things ?22:20
matt___bascule: what is dcop?22:20
basculewell it is a command line way of calling functions in an app22:20
basculeamarok has lots for exapmle22:20
basculerun amarok and then in a terminal say dcop amarok22:21
matt___bascule: would it support pidgin? I'm trying to get it to sms me some reminders.22:21
basculepidgin is gnome :)22:21
basculedcop is KDE thing22:21
matt___bascule: well..i've got it installed in kde...and it works fine...never really liked Konversation22:21
matt___bascule: BUT OH, GOTCHA.22:21
deadsouli have another problem.. i've installed the ZDE (Zend Studio) its software for developing the php language.. anyway.. it runs but the software doesn't show the boxs and menus it doesn show anything.. i beleive its because the java(tm) does anyone familiar with zend and java and how it works?22:22
basculematt___: I dunno if pidgin is scriptable, but ask #pidgin22:22
matt___bascule: well...i remember seeing a linux package in the repos, one that'd let you "click and move your mouse around and click keys" and such. Then you could replay that how ever many times you wanted...22:24
basculenot one I know of, I shall investigate22:25
bascule!info xmacro22:26
ubottuxmacro (source: xmacro): Record / Play keystrokes and mouse movements in X displays. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3pre-20000911-4 (hardy), package size 18 kB, installed size 96 kB22:26
basculethat the one?22:26
matt___bascule: i believe so22:26
matt___bascule: you suppose i'd have to be logged into my box (instead of locked) for it to work?///22:27
basculewell I dunno how it works,if it dumps to  file, and the file is 'playable' then you could set a scheduler on it, cron22:28
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm22:28
loadingj'ai un probleme lol22:28
matt___bascule: i'll take a look..22:29
=== JakeInGa is now known as jawee
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr22:32
basculehi Ryu01022:33
Ryu010can you help me with something?22:33
Ryu010i want to install kubuntu over a network22:34
frank23Ryu010: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation?highlight=(installation)#head-b751f1c9b3b4e0c27d6bc8828a831de92eb57a7022:36
ZefirHah, first widget installed.22:36
Ryu010does kunbuntu work with scsi controllers?22:37
=== udi is now known as venik
kreibhow can I open a file thats on a computer I can ssh into?22:37
basculeyou can say fish:/you@remotehost.net and go from there22:38
kreibfish? really?22:38
basculein konqueror22:38
basculekdenetwork I would guess, I use it22:39
venikanyone knows anything about KDE4?22:39
TimtallySo when I do "apt-get install build-essential" i am prompted to insert the OS Install CD. Is there a way to get build-essential without that CD?22:39
venikHow do I drag and drop in it?22:39
basculevenik: #kubuntu-kde422:40
Simonftim running http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#fw-bcm43xx and get a ton of errors with make22:40
basculeshould 'just work'22:40
frank23Timtally: remove the cd from your repositories. in adept-> manage repositories22:40
Timtallyfrank23: Ok, thanks.22:40
basculeRyu010: scsi, yes should do22:40
basculedepends on the driver avalability of course22:41
ScorpKingbascule: thanks for that fish:// tip. didn't know it was there. is there a place i can see what other protocals konq can take?22:54
basculeyeah, in kcontrol22:54
basculehang on22:54
ScorpKingok i'll have a look22:54
basculeyou can audiocdrom:/ and others, I forget where the list is,kio_parts IIRC22:55
ugaScorpKing: iirc there was a kilst in khelpcenter22:57
ugaif you search for kioslave22:57
basculekioslave that is the one :)22:57
ScorpKingyep got it :D22:58
ugawow, I wrote kilst instead of list?22:58
* uga hates setting up G222:59
ScorpKinguga: what's that?23:00
erichI am trying the configure my wlan card... but it does not work... the interface is not detected23:01
erichlspci shows the device right23:02
ugathen it's detected byt not identified and supported23:02
ubuntu_how do i join another room?23:02
frank23ubuntu_    /join #room23:02
erichit's a realtek semiconstructor RTL-818523:02
ugaerich: there's ways to wrap around windows drivers so that they work on linux mostly23:02
erichuga: how can I do that?23:03
ubottuFactoid ndiswraper not found23:04
* ScorpKing keeps quiet..23:04
uga!google ndiswrapper23:04
ubottuuga: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:04
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:04
ugaoh, he had missed a p23:04
awen_ScorpKing: just a typo :)23:04
erichuga: thanks23:04
* ScorpKing agrees..23:05
frank23erich: are you running 8.04?23:06
=== rignes_ is now known as rignes
frank23erich: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/19628523:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 196285 in linux "[Regression] Realtek RTL-8185 Wifi not recognized in Hardy 8.04 Alpha 5" [Medium,Triaged]23:08
harleycan we get help here23:09
TimSHow can I list all the kernels installed?23:10
SlimeyPeteharley: yes. Just ask your question and if anyone here can help, they will.23:10
TimS!ask | harley23:10
ubottuharley: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)23:10
harleyi c thanks23:10
harleyjust add kde to 7.10 ubuntu desktop changed back to the brown23:11
basculeTimS: dpk -l *kernel* | grep ii23:12
TimSii  nvidia-kernel-common                                                   20051028+1ubuntu8                                  NVIDIA binary kernel module common files23:13
basculeactually, yeah23:13
harleyis it better to install kde up front?23:15
ScorpKingTimS: dpkg -l *headers* | grep ii23:16
ugaarf... stupid package...23:16
ugaFatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 109 bytes) in /usr/share/gallery2/modules/core/classes/GalleryUtilities.class on line 123423:16
TimSThanks ScorpKing23:17
TimSI have three installed eh?23:17
ScorpKingbascule: the kernel package name is linux-image-generic i think23:17
basculeodd that dpkg -l *linux* throws an error23:17
ScorpKingTimS: yw. three here as well23:18
ScorpKinguga: sounds like fun ;)23:18
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »23:18
ErtainHello everyone.  I'm trying to install VMware from source and while I have installed it the program won't start.  It keeps saying something about "version `GCC_3.4' not found" in "/usr/lib/vmware/lib/libgcc_s.so.1/libgcc_s.so.1".  It also says "/usr/lib/vmware/lib/libpng12.so.0/libpng12.so.0: no version information available (required by /usr/lib/libcairo.so.2)".  Any ideas?23:18
ugaScorpKing: silly php limits23:19
ugait's always annoying to configure them23:19
ugalimits for scripts, upload files, for... argh23:19
TimSI haven't touched PHP in ages.23:20
=== bascule is now known as baskule
TimSGood thing for thoes in ##php ;)23:20
ScorpKingErtain: i don't think vmware supports the 8.04 kernel23:20
ScorpKingpower failure. nite guys23:20
TimSKreetings :P23:20
lonranhow can i change the look of kopete contact lists?23:20
=== baskule is now known as bascule
STSXNewbie question: In Konqueror, how do I set it so it takes a double-click instead of a single click to open files/folders?23:21
TimSlonran: I dont think you can, you can change the system colour scheme to change its colours, but apart from that, I dont think you can23:21
Klivingdaylightis it not compulsory to have a K in front of your name here?23:21
TimSSTSX: I think thats only configurable for the entire system under mouse controls23:21
STSXTimS: Interesting--OK thanks, I found it. :) Not intuitive to me tho; I would have figured I could configure Konqueror independent of the entire desktop environment.23:23
ugaarf, why can't G2 just ask for the silly root password and create the damn database on his own23:24
TimSHmm, I am not sure, its one of those things KDE controls, which Is a bit odd, but saves you having to configure in all programs and "open" dialogue boxes for programs and such23:24
wirechiefkonqueror does not work with google docs ;(23:35
tylercan anybody read this?23:51
robephno what's it say23:52
robephboyo debian sure stuck their foot in my arse with their lovely openssl buggery...23:52
robephnow,  60 some odd boxes to update keys *yawn*23:52
tyleri just got kubuntu23:53
tyleri like it23:53
robephupdate it before you dick about with ssh keys mind you.23:53
robepheven though that patch looks sort of suspicious23:54
tyleri updated everything23:54
=== tyler is now known as tline
tlinedid my name change?23:55
robephno it's still 'merrymounter'23:55
robephodd name to choose23:56
robephwell come now,  it obviously did =\23:56
tlinewhat is my name?23:56
tlineand what did it change to?23:57
robeph*hint;  you can see what your name is when you talk23:57
tlineso what is this, like kubuntu help?23:58
tlineare you kubuntu expert?23:58
robephactually,  not particularly23:58
astanok. i'm a little worried now. on my kubuntu desktop, i did have a bad server key, but my user key was good since it was generated on FreeBSD. should i consider my user key compromized none the less, since it has been stored on a machine with a bad server key?23:58
robephnow if ya have a problem with gentoo I could rightly help,  but kubuntu,  aside from generic linux standard stuff,  nah23:58
robephastan: well... depends23:59
robephastan: personally I'd not.   unless you notice oddities about the house23:59
astanrobeph: what does it depend on?23:59
robephastan: if someone compromized yer box23:59
robephis it a pub key or prv?23:59

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