greg-gsecretlondon: what about just cc-by?00:04
greg-gthat version is making more headway in adoption (from what I've seen)00:05
greg-g(for blogs by prominent people in academia, and educational resources also)00:06
greg-gie: the OpenCourseWare project I work with is all CC-BY (and the code is BSD)00:07
secretlondongreg-g by is okay, but in free content land we generally prefer by-sa00:07
secretlondonwikipedia says best practice is to dual license everything as by-sa and gfdl (which is what i do)00:07
greg-gI thought there was something funky about the gfdl (I don't know what specifically, just a memory I have that I can't place)00:08
secretlondongreg-g wikipedia would like to move to cc-by-sa tbh.00:09
secretlondonthe prob with the gfdl is "invariant sections" which are non free, curiously the only docs I've ever seen with invariant sections have been from the free software foundation00:10
greg-gthats what it was00:10
greg-gI thought it had to do something with what the FSF was doing, but I wasn't sure so I didn't point any fingers :)00:11
greg-gwow, move the "to do" to the right place in that sentence00:11
secretlondondebian sees that as non free00:13
secretlondonthe prob with wikipedia is that once you decide on a license you are kinda stuck with it00:13
secretlondonwe need the fsf to co-operate as we'd like greater interoperability between the gfdl and cc-by-sa00:15
secretlondonthis is easier said than done00:15
greg-gI can imagine00:16
howaptall these acronyms really get me going00:16
howaptplease dont stop00:17
greg-gwell, if you have any ideas this summer than you want an insider's view on from CC, let me know, I'll be interning there00:17
secretlondongreg-g cool!00:21
greg-gsecretlondon: yeah :)  "community development" is what I'll be doing :)00:23
zyx386what about this bug?00:43
zyx386i have this problem to00:44
hggdhbug 20475700:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204757 in exim4 "package update-manager 1:0.87.12 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: SystemError in cache.commit(): E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1), E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1), E:Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20475700:47
bdmurrayzyx386: which problem there seem to be 2 separate bugs in that report, one regarding exim4 and one regarding virtualbox-ose.00:52
* Hobbsee wonders when the bugsquad will write documentation, or mails to the mailing list, on how they view that MOTU should use launchpad for workflow bugs.02:43
artfwowhy cannot a MOTU bug just be tagged with a "motu-workflow" tag?02:45
Hobbseeartfwo: because tags are evil, can't be set when filing a bug on the standard UI, add to the tag cloud, mainly.02:47
Hobbseeand, iirc, aren't shown on the email interface either.02:48
Hobbseeif they are in the bugmail, i don't think they're in the headers, which makes filtering harder.02:48
artfwoyep, indeed02:48
Hobbseeif those bugs actually got fixed, then yes, that probably is a decent solution - if the bugsquad could cope with having bugs it was specifically not to touch, which i've already been told demoralises new bugsquadees, because they can't touch everything, and do what they like to it.02:49
artfwoHobbsee: do you have an url with an example motu bug?02:53
Hobbseeartfwo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/secvpn/+bug/15473002:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 154730 in secvpn "Please remove secvpn source and binary from Hardy" [Wishlist,Triaged]02:54
Hobbseeartfwo: for more, check things with ubuntu-archive or ubuntu-universe-sponsors subscribed.02:54
bdmurrayHobbsee: tags do show up in bug e-mail headers now in the X-Launchpad-Bug-Tags header to be exact04:03
Hobbseebdmurray: ahh, this must be new.  that's a good start.04:03
bdmurrayyeah, it came out one of the last couple of releases04:04
ScottKCan tags be added via the email interface?04:05
bdmurrayScottK: it looks like it 'tag foo bar' or 'tag -foo'04:06
ScottKThen if it was agreed, it's be trivial to do for syncs since those are mostly done with requestsync, but most other workflow bugs are hand written.04:07
ScottKIf we all agreed that the priority was for making things easy for new triagers at the expense of making more work for developers, I don't see any problem with a tag approach.04:08
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thekorngood morning10:15
james_whi thekorn10:16
thekornbdmurray, can you please renew my ubuntu-bugcontrol membership10:16
thekornhey james_w10:16
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askandHello, I uploaded a patch to solve a bug on launchpad, what is the next step?12:51
ScottKaskand: What bug?12:51
askandScottK:  bug 8993612:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 89936 in gmail-notify "Gmail notifier crashes when new e-mail is found and the user are supposed to be alerted about it" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8993612:52
* ScottK looks12:52
ScottKaskand: Why do you change meddelande to mail?12:54
ScottKIt seems that you've undone the translation.12:55
askandScottK: hm no..mail is used in Sweden to but it can be used as both plural an singular as opposit to meddelande that has to have meddelanden to be plural12:56
ScottKI see.12:56
ScottKaskand: First, for those of us who don't speak Swedish it'd be good to note in the bug why you changed the string (what you just told me).12:57
askand ScottK: ok will do, well the reason I changed the string is not that I think mail is better or something but it works good and does not make the program crash12:58
ScottKaskand: Second, the next step would be to integrate the patch into a package update and produce a debdiff.  Are you interested in learning how to do that?12:58
askand ScottK: indeed, eager to learn :)12:58
ScottKaskand: Then you should join #ubuntu-motu and ask for help with that there.  That's a more appropriate channel for packaging discussions.12:59
askandScottK: thanks12:59
riohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/libgphoto2/+bug/228154 -- Martin wrote he put the fixed version in hardy-proposed, but http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/libg/libgphoto2/ doesn't have it :/13:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 228154 in libgphoto2 "Canon Digital IXUS 30 doesn't show up as PTP" [Medium,In progress]13:35
ogrario, patience is golden ;)13:35
ograit was uploaded less than 1h ago, give it time to build and propagate13:36
riotime's money :P13:36
mrooneyhmm, does this affect Ubuntu: http://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2008/msg00152.html14:13
james_wmrooney: yes, you can expect more information soon.14:14
mrooneyokay, thanks14:14
ografix was uploadeed already, packages are building14:15
mrooneyoh, how impressive14:15
ograthe USN should come out during the day14:15
ccookeThe tool on the Debian link to detect bad keys doesn't work on Hardy14:17
ccookeI'm looking at it to see why14:18
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jarlathWhen I've gone as far as I can helping a reporter complete a report, what should I do next? I have such a case here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/22319114:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 223191 in openssh "Lost keyboard in ssh connection in terminal" [Undecided,New]14:32
james_wccooke:  "close is not a valid DB_File macro at14:58
james_w/home/pkern/dowkd.pl line 51" ?14:58
ccookejames_w: that's the problem. Close isn't implemented in DB_File15:00
james_wccooke: I just saw that on debian-security@, I haven't tried it myself yet.15:00
james_wpresumably someone will post a fix there.15:00
ccookehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11851/ - patch for dowkd.pl15:07
ccooke... except it isn't the right patch. Doh!15:08
ccookeHmm. Looks like it'll be equivalent, anyway.15:08
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SwedeMikeoki, so openssh-server_1%3a4.6p1-5ubuntu0.3_i386.deb seems to be broken, known problem?17:57
SwedeMikeemplate #4 in /var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/templates has a duplicate field "template" with new value "ssh/vulnerable_host_keys". Probably two templates are not properly separated by a lone newline.17:57
seb128SwedeMike: is that gutsy? in which case yes17:58
seb128SwedeMike: that's being worked17:58
PiciIs there a bug # for that issue?17:58
seb128Pici: not sure, that has been mentioned several times on #ubuntu-devel but they didn't give bug numbers17:59
Piciseb128: Yeah, I looked in that scrollback too17:59
seb128bug #23000318:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 230003 in openssh "gutsy: openssh-server won't install or upgrade: debconf error - /var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/templates has a duplicate field "template"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23000318:01
Piciseb128: great, thanks.18:04
greg-g(don't answer if you don't have time/whatever): is that just a 386 issue, it installed fine for me but I'm on amd6418:04
Picigreg-g: On Gutsy?18:04
greg-goh, thats gutsy, nevermind18:04
* greg-g missed the first word of the title of the bug, good job greg-g 18:05
seb128SwedeMike, Pici: they uploaded a gutsy-security fixed version now18:06
Piciseb128: darn, I *just* had changed the #Ubuntu topic18:06
SwedeMikeseb128: yeah, installed it, seems fine.18:07
SwedeMikelet's see if my laptop works well as well18:07
SwedeMikeseems to work fine as well18:08
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thekorn_ /nick thekorn19:19
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rpedro__I have since the dist-upgrade to hardy, very slow performance in the gnome apps' file open/save dialog, and the alt-f2 Run dialog19:19
rpedro__they take more than a few seconds after they display, to become usable, which wasn't the case before19:20
rpedro__I want to report a bug, but don't know exactly what to file it under... :)19:21
qenseWere all the SSH keys in launchpad removed from the profiles?19:26
jdaviesqense: no19:28
PiciAs I understand it, not all ssh keys are comprimised19:29
jdaviesPici: that didn't stop the alioth guys rm'ing them from existence :)19:31
LimCorePici: I wonder how big amount is19:31
thekornoh dear, this explains why bzr push/pull does not work for me19:32
qenseyour key is vulnerable too!19:32
LimCoredsa bug... how could this happen19:59
PiciHrm.. I guess LP did delete my key.21:18
geserPici: your ssh-key? see the openssl USN21:19
Picigeser: I did, but ssh-vulnkey didnt tell me I was comprimised, and those should have been the same keys.  Oh well.21:21
Nafalloor the openssh USN :-)21:22
gnomefreakssh-vulnkey and -a told me no command found21:37
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gesergnomefreak: openssh-client from -security already installed?21:48
Fallenouhi, i wanna know if someone experienced a bug like mine : when pluging an ethernet wire , nothing appears in dmesg (no eth link up 100Mbps full-duplex message) and can do nothing with network interface.22:44
Fallenoui posted this bug : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/23009922:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 230099 in ubuntu "nForce nvidia network driver can't link up when plugin wire" [Undecided,New]22:45
asacFallenou: gnome/kde?22:45
Fallenoubut even if i try in a term i got nothing22:45
asacFallenou: go to system -> adminstration -> network ... and set your devices to "roaming mode"22:45
Fallenouwith ifconfig, dhclient etc ...22:45
asacFallenou: do you use network-manager?22:46
asacif so, go the "roaming mode" path22:46
asacat best try that first22:46
Fallenouyes it is in roaming mode22:46
Fallenoui tried roaming mode, dhcp mode, static ip mode22:46
Fallenoubut it does not detect when i plug a wire anyway22:46
Fallenoueven if my network configuration is wrong (which is not i did nothing special), it should print something in dmesg when i plug a wire22:47
Fallenoui tested the same on my laptop under hardy too and it works well22:47
bdmurrayFallenou: Have you tried checking it with ethtool?22:48
Fallenouno :o22:48
asacFallenou: what are you running? gutsy?22:48
Fallenouasac < everything is explained in the bug i posted22:48
Fallenoui am using hardy22:48
Fallenouit works on feisty, gutsy and windows XP22:49
Fallenoubddebian < don't know how to use it to check :o22:49
Fallenoubdmurray * sorry22:49
bdmurrayFallenou: 'sudo ethtool eth0'22:49
Fallenoubdmurray do i have to plug the wire to check this ?22:50
bdmurrayIt will show whether or not a link is detected22:50
bdmurrayThe results of the wire connected and not connected would be interesting22:51
Fallenouok i'm gonna test this with and without a wire and post it to launchpad22:51
bdmurraygreat thanks!22:51
Fallenoui'm testing( so i'm gonna disconnect :p)22:51
Fallenoui'll be back right after the test :)22:51
Fallenousee you soon22:51
asacFallenou: 1st you need to know if you are running network-manager22:51
asacwell ... do what bdmurray says ;)22:52
Fallenouasac < how to know that ?22:52
bdmurrayasac: Will n-m interfere with ethtool?22:52
Fallenoui'm running gnome with nb-applet22:52
asacFallenou: yeah. then you definitly need to configure your interfaces as "roaming" ... otherwise nm will not manage your devices at all22:53
asacpaste your /etc/network/interfaces to be sure after that22:53
asacthen run sudo /etc/dbus-1/events.d/25NetworkManager restart22:54
Fallenoui do all this before testing ethtool ? or after ?22:54
asacwait a while, plug-in your network device ... wait ... plug out22:54
asacthen post your /var/log/syslog to the bug too22:54
asacFallenou: is independent from ethtool i would say22:55
Fallenoui'm gonna do what you say, so22:55
asacethtool just dumps your interface settings22:55
Fallenousee you in 5 min :p22:56
Fallenoui'm back23:03
Fallenounothing changes in ethtool when i plug a wire23:04
Fallenousamething in /var/log/syslog23:04
Fallenoui'm gonna paste everything anyway ...23:04
asacFallenou: the idea was to restart network manager ;)23:06
asacif you did that please attach syslog to bug23:07
Fallenouyes i restarted the network manager23:07
asacFallenou: stupid question ... if you right click on the nm-applet ... is networking enabled ?23:07
Fallenouyes it is23:07
asacsyslog is the way to go then23:07
asacwell .. thats not the complete syslog23:09
Fallenouno you want all of it ?23:09
asacoften this is enough, but sometimes there are gems elsewhere ;)23:09
asacespecially i want the full restart cycle ;)23:10
Fallenouok i upload the entire file23:10
Fallenouyou have some logs about me pluggin in my USB key to get the content of the log uploaded on the web ^^23:13
asacFallenou: right on top network manager successfully connects23:13
asachmm well it tries to23:13
Fallenouall before May 14 23:30:55 fixe avahi-daemon[5378]: Registering HINFO record with values 'I686'/'LINUX'. ?23:14
Fallenouyea i see it in the log .... i 'm missing something ...23:15
asacFallenou: i suspect that your dhcp server is not running23:15
Fallenouhum don't you think it would be a good idea to reboot with the wire plugged and to paste sur syslog without any command ?23:15
asacFallenou: does it work if you boot with wire plugged`?23:16
Fallenouno it didn't :o23:17
asacanyway ... you don't get an ip23:17
Fallenoui can try again but i never managed to make it work23:17
asacthe interface is up properly23:17
Fallenouwhere do you see that i don't get an ip ?23:17
asacwhere are you connected to? eth0 or eth1?23:17
Fallenou(it is correct but i don't find it in the log)23:17
Fallenouasac < well i don't really know :p since my system can't tell me where a wire is connected23:17
Fallenoui plug randomly the ethernet cable23:18
asacyeah thats what you see in log23:18
asacsearch for "now has a link" term23:18
asacthats when NM detects that your port has a wire plugged in23:19
FallenouMay 14 23:30:55 fixe avahi-daemon[5378]: Registering new address record for on eth0.IPv4.23:19
Fallenouit is my good ip23:19
asacthats a fallback ip23:19
Fallenouit worked no ?23:19
Fallenouno that's my ip actually23:19
asacavahi is something else23:19
Fallenouthe ip the dhcp is to give me23:19
Fallenouwith this mac adress23:20
asacthat calls for trouble23:20
asaci mean thats a zero conf ip ... a dhcp server shouldn't hand that out23:20
Fallenou157.159.*.* is my university network23:20
Fallenou43 is my VLAN23:21
Fallenouand 64 my number on the local network23:21
Fallenoui'm sure it's my ip23:21
Fallenou* [Fallenou] (n=Fallen@sionneau-lap.maisel.int-evry.fr): void brain(void) { }23:21
Fallenoulook at where i'm speaking you from :p23:21
Fallenousince i'm on my laptop it's a different ip but nearly the same23:22
Fallenoufallen@laptop:~$ host sionneau-lap.maisel.int-evry.fr23:22
Fallenousionneau-lap.maisel.int-evry.fr has address
Fallenouasac < any idea ? :x23:27
asacno ... i guess you have no dhcp setup ;)23:27
asacand this avahi thing is broken23:27
asacdoes network manager believe you are connected when that avahi-daemon gets your IP ?23:28
Fallenoui think no but i'm not sure :o23:28
Fallenoui'm gonna try rebooting with wire plugged ....23:29
Fallenouand copy the syslog and everything :p23:29
Fallenousee you in 5 min23:30
Fallenoui got something interesting ...23:37
Fallenoua normal boot with wired plugged before switching on the computer : http://pastebin.com/m35c5724823:37
Fallenouthis time ethtool says is HAS a wire :)23:38
Fallenoubut the ip adress is ... wrong o_o23:38
Fallenouasac understand something ? :p me i don't :(23:43
* asac looking23:44
asacFallenou: your problem really is dhclient: No DHCPOFFERS received.23:45
asacand then avahi kicks in23:45
asac00:32:27 fixe avahi-autoipd(eth1)[6151]: Found user 'avahi-autoipd'23:45
Fallenoubut dhcp should give me an ip ... :(23:45
asacmost likely you don't have a dhcp driven network then23:45
Fallenousure i have23:46
asacbut something avahi driven ;)23:46
Fallenouit works with dhcp on my laptop23:46
Fallenouit works with dhcp with windows XP23:46
asaccould you get a log from there?23:46
Fallenouit worked with dhcp on gutsy and feisty23:46
Fallenouwhat ?23:46
asacfrom a working gutsy setup for instance23:47
asacto compare23:47
asacmaybe avahi just works there ;)23:47
Fallenoui don't have any gutsy setup23:47
Fallenoubut i can give you a log from my laptop :)23:47
Fallenouwhich use the same wire cable (plugged in the same wall socket)23:47
Fallenouthe only difference is the mac adress :p23:48
asacFallenou: and that is what?23:48
asachardy 2?23:49
Fallenouyes hardy :)23:49
FallenouMay 14 00:36:51 laptop dhclient: bound to -- renewal in 39941 seconds.23:49
FallenouMay 14 00:36:51 laptop dhclient: DHCPOFFER of from
Fallenougot somethings like that23:50
Fallenoui am pasting the entire syslog, but it's complex since i oftent disconnect reconnect the wire to test on the other computer =)23:51
Fallenouanyway here it is : http://pastebin.com/mb8eb0c223:51

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