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saispocjwatson: ping ?13:20
cjwatsonsaispo: pong13:20
saispohi :)13:21
saispocjwatson: just a simple question13:21
saispowhy http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=432977 patch it's not include in klibc ? it's a mistake or it's normal13:21
cjwatsonwe haven't yet merged the version of klibc in which that bug was fixed13:22
cjwatsonit will be merged in intrepid13:22
cjwatsonperfectly normal13:22
saispook :/13:22
saispobecause i need this for gutsy and when i build a cd with a customized klibc package i get a red screen with error on ubuntu-minimal :/13:23
saispopossible to bypass this ?13:23
cjwatsonyou need to investigate syslog to see what the error actually is13:24
saispowhen i investigate it's about unconfigured packages...13:24
saispoit's not because i put some packages which not have an ubuntu signature ?13:24
cjwatsonnaturally if you are customising a CD then you need to follow the documented steps to sort out signatures13:27
cjwatsonsignatures are NOT per-package, they're for the whole archive13:27
saispoi added this but not working for me13:28
cjwatson"about unconfigured packages"> I am not interested in diagnosing paraphrased error messages, I'm afraid; if you want my help you must give exact text13:28
saispoi made i understand, i rebuild a cd and trying, i will send it :)13:29
cjwatsonsounds like you messed things up so that the result wasn't installable, though13:29
cjwatsonor perhaps updated Packages wrongly13:29
saispoall is on the cd, no problem for Packages13:30
cjwatsononly if you got it right ...13:31
saispoi will follow the documented steps and retry some tests :)13:31
saispothanks cjwatson13:32
saispomy problem is only with my xen distro which needs some patches on dhcp and klibc for working :/13:32
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jdehlin_cjwatson, I think you were the one that answered my question yesterday about udebs.. thanks15:01
mario_limonciellhmm, i'm realizing from the OEM installs that hardy-updates isn't turned on by default.  would that be resultant of not having internet access during the install?17:23
cjwatsonit ought to be by default17:29
mario_limonciellcjwatson, well it looks like -updates isn't enabled in the squashfs's sources.list, so when it gets copied over, its not enabled.  base-installer's library.sh appears to be what 'should' be turning it on, but since PROTOCOL is file, i suppose that it won't necessarily18:44
cjwatsonno, it should be done by apt-setup18:44
mario_limoncielli don't see any reference to -updates in apt-setup ?18:45
mario_limoncielloh 50mirror.ubuntu18:45
cjwatsongenerators/50mirror.ubuntu:133:deb $protocol://$hostname$directory $codename-updates $dists18:46
cjwatsongenerators/50mirror.ubuntu:134:deb-src $protocol://$srchostname$srcdirectory $codename-updates $dists18:46
cjwatsonwon't be put in place until nearly the end of the installation18:46
cjwatsonso if you're talking about something that runs during the installation, that might be relevant too18:46
mario_limonciellyeah.  hmm, that's peculiar then18:46
mario_limonciellit would almost seem like apt-setup didn't run at all then.  the sources.list from the finished install is identical to the squashfs's18:47
cjwatsonwould be interested in the syslog, some day when I'm not driving openssl updates18:48
mario_limonciellah yeah i t looks like there is an error about apt-setup sitting in a syslog18:48
mario_limonciellyeah good luck with getting all of that out :)18:48
ryoohkiwhere is the ubuntu kickstart installer documented?  i need to do fairly vanilla installs - just the 8.04-server-amd64 cd iso with UTC or Los Angeles or Pacific TZ and a /boot + LVM( swap + / )18:54
cjwatsonhttps://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html are the docs we have - anything particular you want to know?18:57
cjwatson(we mostly refer to RH documentation)18:57
mario_limonciellah i see the cause i think now.  we see apt-setup/use_mirror to false (because we don't have valid network access during install, and this causes it to 'hang').  50mirror.ubuntu will exit 1 rather than running through all of the code there.  wouldn't it make more sense to just not run choose-mirror, but still do the rest of the file in this case?18:57
cjwatsonah, LVM isn't as yet supported by kickstart18:57
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: it ought not to hang - that's the real bug18:59
cjwatsonI thought we'd finally fixed that this time round18:59
cjwatsonhave you encountered a hang on hardy?18:59
cjwatsonor is this just from <= gutsy?18:59
mario_limonciellcjwatson, it was from gutsy, but the underlying issue was DNS resolves, but the servers aren't contactable18:59
cjwatsonright, but hardy should deal with that much more gracefully18:59
mario_limoncielli'll reset that variable to  true and give it a run19:00
cjwatsonyeah, give it a try - I'd love feedback on that19:00
cjwatsonit may still impose a short delay, but shouldn't be nearly so bad19:00
cjwatsonryoohki: so, there is some support for doing LVM configuration - see https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/preseed-contents.html19:03
cjwatsonryoohki: it's not native in kickstart19:03
cjwatsonryoohki: which is a bug19:03
cjwatsonryoohki: but you can use the special 'preseed' command we added to the Kickstart syntax to set the preseed directives documented in the installation guide, and just skip the parts of Kickstart that have to do with partitioning19:04
cjwatsonit ought to be possible to make that work19:04
ryoohkicjwatson: thanks!  so complex?!  basically yout just need to put the answers to the questions during install into a file. why so complex...19:18
cjwatsonthe installer is complex because it has to do a lot of stuff19:19
ryoohkicjwatson: it does behind the scenes but most os installs are fairly simple - just a few questions answered - and these answers are all that are needed to, in effect, script the install19:23
cjwatsonthere's a vast variety of possible questions, though, particularly for partitioning19:24
cjwatsonkickstart does try to be a simplistic layer over it19:24
cjwatsonit's unfortunate that it doesn't handle lvm yet; when it does, you won't need to look at the underlying complexity19:24
cjwatsonBTW, with the exception of partitioning which is weird for annoying reasons, nearly every preseed directive corresponds to a question19:25
cjwatsonwhich either is asked, or could be asked in expert mode19:25
ryoohkicjwatson: thanks!19:39
ryoohkicjwatson: this "preseed" directive in the ks file, does this preceed everyline? it would be nice to have a %preseed begin and a %preseed end so a preseed could be cut and pasted into the ks file without having to prefix everysingle line with "preseed"19:59
cjwatsonat present, it has to precede every line; ideally it ought not to need to be used for lots of items19:59
cjwatsonbut that's a nice idea, feel free to file a bug on the kickseed package in Ubuntu for it20:00
ryoohkieasy to fix, however => sed -e 's/^d-i/preseed d-i/g' preseed-lvm20:00
ryoohkicjwatson: well, it's too easily gotten around...20:01
ryoohkicjwatson: does the order in the preseed matter?20:09
cjwatsonthink of it as setting a bunch of variables, which are then handled later20:10
ryoohkicjwatson: i was thinking that20:10
ryoohkicjwatson: so basically i can use kickstart and stick whatever pressed directives i need into the file, no problem, as long as they aren't mixed20:11
cjwatsonoh, well, if you mix them, order does matter, and the last in the file will win20:12
ryoohkicjwatson: like setting the timezone using kickstart and preseed20:12
ryoohkicjwatson: oh ok20:12
cjwatsonbut what I mean is order doesn't matter in the sense that you can put the language setting first or last and it doesn't affect the behaviour of the installer20:13
cjwatsonfor example20:13
mario_limonciellcjwatson, yeah that appears to work more nicely than early in hardy and in gutsy gold.20:36
mario_limonciellshould be sane enough to do it that way in the factory20:36
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ryoohkido you know if nfs works at all for handing off the ks file?22:05
ryoohkicjwatson: do you know if nfs works at all for handing off the ks file?22:05
ryoohkihow can i get a list of the questions/answers during a manual install so i can make a preseed file out of it?  redhat leaves a ks.cfg file after an install - what does ubuntu do?23:51

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