equim--hey.. is this a reasonable place to get some newbie help?  I've just bought a ready built mythbuntu box but am a bit stumped as to what to do00:01
ThorneyHello - I am struggling, no failing, to get MythTV going on Ubuntu 8.04 AMD64. Infact I seem to have gone backwards by doing what worked on an older version of ubuntu. (same TV card different PC tho) Can anyone help me please?00:18
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abarbaccia´╗┐when watching HDTV my channel guide usually freezes up --- anybody else experience this?00:49
tgm4883equim--, which box?00:56
tgm4883or from where?00:57
equim--I'm getting there now :)01:00
equim--it's the camulus desktop from efficientpc.co.uk01:00
tgm4883ok, what are you wanting to do01:04
equim--I started it up, set my username/pass etc, then after logging in I just got a black screen with a mouse cursor... didn't have a clue what to do01:06
equim--after a couple of reboots I got an interface tho01:06
equim--and have actually watched some tv! woohoo :)01:07
equim--I think it might be a FAQ "Sometimes this occurs due to the default Theme Painter (QT). Not all video cards will properly render the fonts and images in the theme with QT"01:08
tgm4883have you tried the jabber or MSN to efficient pc?01:09
equim--haven't yet, no ... will prolly try if it proves to be a problem01:10
equim--note I'm completely new to myth tv and still very new to linux in general.... it's gonna be an experience I guess :)01:10
alexvd_tgm4883: i have to run 7.10 and i have an irman so i need to upgrade the version to 0.8.3 do you know a walkthrough on how to do that.  I download it but i dont know where to unzip01:21
tgm4883_laptopalexvd_, you have to run 0.8.3 of what?01:36
alexvd_0.8.2 is busted for irman01:37
tgm4883_laptopdid you get a .deb of it?01:37
alexvd_thats just it01:37
alexvd_i dont know where to find a deb01:37
tgm4883_laptopwhat version is in hardy?01:38
alexvd_i think that is 0.8.301:38
alexvd_like i said i am not yet ready to upgrade to the newest ubuntu. so i need to run the 7.10 and just update lirc from 0.8.2 to 0.8.301:38
alexvd_a .bz2 file is archive i dont think that is a deb right?01:40
tgm4883_laptophardy has 0.8.3~pre1-0ubuntu701:40
tgm4883_laptopyou could try installing that if you like01:40
tgm4883_laptopno, .bz2 is not a .deb file01:40
tgm4883_laptopotherwise, you will probably have to compile it01:41
alexvd_yeah i saw that01:58
wilberfananybody solve the "my-volume-always-resets-to-69%-for-each-recording" problem??02:19
* wilberfan resets his volume again02:42
MythologicalTVSeeking some help on PVR350 and MythTV - remote is having some funniness and I'm trying to get help tracking down the lack of allignment03:43
rhpot1991you can use irw to see which buttons do what, then modify files in ~/.lirc accordingly03:48
MythologicalTVthat's what I am pretty sure i've done, but i'm not getting consistent results... let me take a look at the /home/mythtv/.lirc03:48
rhpot1991which version of mythtv?03:49
rhpot1991or mythbuntu for that case03:49
MythologicalTV8.04 ubuntu / MythTV 0.21 (install through apt)03:50
rhpot1991ok good, that should have a .lirc folder in the user's home dir who runs the frontend03:50
rhpot1991different files in there for different applications03:50
MythologicalTVI'm assuming i should be modifying a ~/.mythtv/lircrc03:50
rhpot1991there should be a ~/.lirc03:51
rhpot1991with a mythtv file in there03:51
MythologicalTVok, there's no .lirc file, there's a .mythtv directory, which contains lircrc03:51
rhpot1991no .lirc is a directory03:52
MythologicalTVyeah, no directory03:52
MythologicalTVi'm wondering if those are the substitute files/directory03:53
rhpot1991do dpkg -l mythbuntu-lirc-generator |grep ^ii03:53
MythologicalTVas root or mythtv03:53
rhpot1991also are you logged in as the user who runs the frontend?03:53
rhpot1991doesn't matter03:53
MythologicalTVi usually log in as a different user - but i have a myththbutu initiated setup03:54
MythologicalTVso myth runs as mythtv03:54
MythologicalTVno mythbutu-lirc-generator03:54
rhpot1991ok so check /home/mythtv/.lirc03:54
MythologicalTVyeah, no directory .lirc, only thing related is /home/mythtv/.mythtv/lircrc03:55
MythologicalTVthere is a full config there in lircrc03:58
rhpot1991work with that then, I wonder why you don't have the directory04:01
MythologicalTVdid you build from source, or upgrade from 7.10 ?04:02
crazy_buswhere exactly is the setting that makes myth backend load up everytime the computer is turned on.  As I want to turn it off04:03
MythologicalTVnow my buttons are registering like "Pause Hauppauge_350"04:03
MythologicalTVwith the Hauppauge_350 ending, I shouldn't have to include that portion right?04:04
rhpot1991thats what they should look like04:05
MythologicalTVI don't have any remote directives in my lircrc04:06
rhpot1991I think you can ignore that04:08
rhpot1991did you set this up with MCC?04:09
MythologicalTVmcc? sorry, not familiar with that one04:09
rhpot1991mythbuntu control centre04:09
MythologicalTVdon't think so04:09
rhpot1991did it yourself then?04:09
MythologicalTVmost of it04:10
MythologicalTVexcept for apt doing setup04:10
rhpot1991well you can continue doing that if you want04:10
rhpot1991but its a lot easier if you install mythbuntu-control-centre and use that04:10
MythologicalTVwould using mcc be easier in your opininon?04:10
rhpot1991it will do everything for you04:10
MythologicalTVanother package ?04:10
rhpot1991well I'd recommend using it to setup as much as you can04:10
rhpot1991maybe backup your lirc files you have been making so you can have them04:11
MythologicalTVlol, well, its partially setup04:11
MythologicalTVhey, at least a few more buttons are workin!04:12
MythologicalTVso many buttons to configure04:12
MythologicalTVvolume keys aren't doing right by me04:12
MythologicalTVand the Stop button is playing ClosedCaptioning for me =) w00t04:13
MythologicalTVmaybe i'll try the control center04:13
MythologicalTVguess i'm logging in as my user, and transfering the config... lets see if this works04:13
MythologicalTVthx for pointing me04:13
MythologicalTVdoesn't look like its going to help much specifically on my remote04:17
MythologicalTVits using the same configurations I think04:17
MythologicalTVdo you know how to gain access to the second tuner for recording on the PVR350?04:19
rhpot1991it only has one tuner04:21
rhpot1991the 500 has 204:21
MythologicalTVha, knew i did something wrong in hardware land =)04:21
MythologicalTVi'll live04:21
MythologicalTVyeah, button configs are no different04:23
MythologicalTVlooks like its going to take hacking manually04:23
rhpot1991the 350 can output as well04:24
rhpot1991but only has one input04:24
MythologicalTVit outputs through the svideo connector correct?04:25
MythologicalTVwhat's the mythtv button for buttons like TV, Videos, Music, Pictures, and Radio?04:33
MythologicalTVwhat's the mythtv button for buttons like TV, Videos, Music, Pictures, and Radio?05:09
dispadertestAnybody up for (what's probably another) PVR-150 blaster question?05:16
BalachmarHi, I just installed mythbuntu 8.04 and restored my database. Is it normal that my tunercards are not detected yet?09:38
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sabhainanyone get lots of "1008-0" channel adjustments when QAM scanning?  I have HDHR.15:12
sardiskanDVD's will not play in my mythbuntu box?15:41
sardiskananyone know why?15:41
sabhainsardiskan, have you enabled proprietary codecs in mythbuntu-control-centre?15:43
sabhainand are you able to play dvd's using MPlayer or Xine outside of the mythfront-end?15:45
sardiskanprobably not15:51
sardiskanlet me check that15:52
sardiskanok, enabling now15:52
* sardiskan = dumb15:53
sardiskanok, so now it plays...but the DVD menu is VERY VERY slow16:18
sardiskanlike it will play a little bit of the motion, then just stop16:18
sardiskanthen it will play some more...then just stop16:18
sardiskanI can hear the 20th century fox theme...but the video isn't showing up.16:21
sabhainwhat's your hardware like?16:21
ddgooseclose your frontend and in a terminal type "vxinfo".. does it list an adapter or "no adapter found" ?16:22
sardiskanhang non16:22
sardiskanthe hardware is the following:16:23
sardiskanintel P4 3ghz processor, 2G memory, 250G SATA HDD16:23
sardiskanon board audio16:23
sardiskanspeaking of which...the audio is choppy16:23
sardiskanI'm playing a DVD and I can't see the video at all...but I can hear the audio...which is choppy16:24
sabhainwhat graphics card?16:24
lagado normal mpeg2 files work? dvd support has always been a bit flaky16:24
sardiskanI don't know if mpeg2 files work...I haven't tried one16:25
cmugis there a way to install with only s-video active?16:25
sardiskanhang on16:25
sardiskanI don't know16:25
sardiskanI'm also not sure about my video card16:26
sardiskanit's an ATI for sure16:26
sardiskanbut it came in a dell so I don't know exactly what it is16:26
sardiskanI'll try to rip the DVD and play it back to see if it works better16:28
ddgooseI had that issue this morning with a box with ati video and fglrx, had to add options in xorg.conf to get xv working properly16:28
ddgooseare you using the restricted driver?16:28
sardiskanddgoose...I"ll try your xvinfo cmd in a moment16:29
sardiskandoes the frontend HAVE to be shutdown?16:29
ddgooseyou could alt tab if you have a terminal open already16:29
sardiskanI'll do that16:30
ddgooselaga: thanks for the help yesterday, it worked out perfect16:30
sabhainATI = ugly16:31
sardiskanit says "unable to open display"16:31
sardiskancould that be becuase the frontend is running?16:31
sardiskanyeah...ATI doesn't play nicely with linux like nVidia does16:32
sardiskanbut it was a free card...I didn't want to have to replace it16:32
ddgooseyeah close frontend and try again, just to be sure16:32
sardiskanalmost done with the rip...I'll do it after that16:35
sardiskanhow do you close the frontend anyway?16:36
ddgoosehit "esc" until it asks if you want to exit16:36
sardiskanoh that's right16:37
sardiskan2 minutes16:37
sardiskanI have "no adapters present"16:47
sardiskanddgoose..I am using the restricted driver...because my TV only has S-video in16:47
ddgooseyou need to add options to your xorg.conf16:56
sardiskanwhich options?16:57
ddgooselemme post on mythbuntu forum and I will link ya one sec16:57
sardiskanwhere is the xorg.conf file on mythbuntu?17:00
ddgoose-- > /etc/X11/xorg.conf17:00
sardiskangot it17:00
ddgooseadd them after the commented out options before the "Identifier" portion17:02
ddgooseyou need to reboot or go to console and do "/etc/init.d/gdm restart" to make it active17:03
ddgoosebrb smoking a brisket.. have to add chips :P17:06
lagahttp://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-612-1 - security vulnerability in openssl.. for those using ssh keys or ssl certificates17:06
sardiskanthx ddgoose...I'm trying those settings now17:07
MythbuntuGuest08is there someone who can help me? *g*17:08
MythbuntuGuest08ok, i m trying to get mythtv running17:08
MythbuntuGuest08first i tried it on a clean ubuntu 8.0417:09
MythbuntuGuest08and now im trying it on mythbuntu17:09
MythbuntuGuest08but i have absolutely no idea what to do... well im new in the "linux business"17:09
MythbuntuGuest08well my problem17:09
sardiskanOMG ddgoose...that was TOTALLY the problem...works GREAT now...even the audio isn't choppy17:10
MythbuntuGuest08when i start mythtv i get a error message that there is no upnp available17:10
MythbuntuGuest08after that i have to type hostname, databasename, user and password (i didnt fill out anything before)17:11
MythbuntuGuest08after pressing next i get 2 options17:11
MythbuntuGuest08which i do not mark17:11
MythbuntuGuest08and after that i get the message "cannot login to database"17:12
MythbuntuGuest08i think it has to do something with the sql stuff, but i have no idea what17:12
sardiskanok, mythbuntu automates all of the install...you shouldn't have to type in anything different to setup the backend/frontend17:12
MythbuntuGuest08well, i didn't type anything, but i am always getting that "no database" error17:13
ddgoosesardiskan: no problem, glad I could help17:14
ddgooseMythbuntuGuest08: was your second install a clean install? or an overlay on the previous 8.04?17:16
sardiskanwhat exactly was the problem?17:17
sardiskanwhat was causing the video to not work AND the audio to be choppy and scratchy17:18
ddgoosesardiskan: no xv extension17:18
ddgooseso it was using x11 overlay17:18
sardiskanwhat is "xv"17:18
sardiskando I still need the proprietary video drivers since I'm using xv now?17:19
MythbuntuGuest08the second one is a "live boot"17:19
MythbuntuGuest08nothing installed jet, just running it from cd17:19
ddgoosesardiskan: xv is the X Video overlay, it's what allows you to take advantage of your video cards accelerated overlay subsystem17:21
ddgooseMythbuntuGuest08: not sure about the live cd , you may want to install and try it that way. someone else may have a better opinion/answer17:22
sardiskanyou're good17:22
sardiskanyou're real good17:22
MythbuntuGuest08ok, i'll try that... and after install - do i have to type something in "master backend information"? the fields of password and server are empty right now17:24
ddgooseI think its filled on the actual install but I can't recall.17:24
ddgoosebeen a few days since I ran the installer17:25
MythbuntuGuest08ok, i give it a try17:25
MythbuntuGuest08thanks for the help17:25
ddgoosesardiskan: yeah you want to keep using the restricted driver.17:25
sardiskanyes...the DB is filled on install...but you have to tell it to run the mythdbfiller....it comes up17:25
sardiskanthx ddgooes17:26
ddgooseno problem, your welcome17:26
ddgooselaga you around?17:27
ddgooseI noticed in Baz that "/debian/Readme.debian (revision 78)" has the stuff from the wiki, do you have a new commit coming?17:28
lagai finally need to get that SRU to happen.17:29
lagaand update the .pdf which has all information now17:29
ddgooseis the .pdf live somewhere?17:31
lagathe bzr tree or the pdf itself?17:31
ddgoosejust the pdf, thought I would take a look17:32
lagawww.mythbuntu.org :) it's the documentation17:32
lagait's not completely up to date.. we dont have a documentation team unfortunately, so everyone contributes what they can squeeze in between feature freeze and release ;)17:32
ddgoosehow can I get involved with helping on documentation?17:35
lagaddgoose: you can get a bzr checkout of the mythbuntu-documentation branch, i guess you know where to find it :) see the README for a list of packages you'll need. the documentation is split into smaller .tex files which you can edit.17:37
lagaif you'd like to contribute to the diskless documentation, it'd be a good idea to make me commit my changes first ;)17:37
lagais there anything you're interested in? some parts are more lacking than others17:40
ddgooseeyes on the whole thing, but mainly diskless currently17:52
RockHoundhi everyone ... is there a way to tell mythtv to output AC3 before MP2 audio streams by default?18:04
ddgooselaga: I am open to working on whatever there is a need for. so if you have suggestions of where to start that would be good.18:14
ddgooselaga where is the README with the package list?18:21
ddgoosenevermind I found it18:25
sardiskanok, here is a new question. I ripped a DVD to an ISO file...but now I can't see the file to play it within mythtv frontend19:01
sardiskando I have to import it or something19:01
sardiskankeeps saying "No files found" within the "Media Library" "Watch Videos" section.19:03
sardiskanbut I can browse to the directory they are suppose to be /var/lib/mythtv/videos/ and the file is there19:06
cosmic_hi @ all19:14
sabhainsardiskan .. you need to go an edit the video library .. I think it's under settings / manage videos or something like that .. I do beleive you need to do that once before watching the iso19:23
sardiskanIt is already set to the correct location19:30
sardiskanI see it19:31
sabhainmy experience I had to actually "edit" each file for them to show in the listing under videos19:41
sardiskanI see it now19:41
sardiskanI don't know what the "Unknown" and "?" are about19:41
sardiskanhow do I change that?19:41
sabhaintry to pull down the info from IMDB .. that may fill those items in19:50
ddgoosesardiskan: hit the right arrow key->search19:50
ddgooseshould fill in the imdb info19:51
ddgooseif not you can search imdb by hand and enter the number yourself19:51
sardiskanI have a remote...and all of the buttons do not send a signal to the server....why is that?19:59
ddgoosewhat remote do you have?19:59
sardiskanhang no19:59
ddgooseright arrow key on keyboard will work also20:00
sardiskanthe right arrow works20:00
sardiskanI have this remote20:01
sabhainthat should work .. you'll need to tweak your lircd.conf and .lircrc .. but that's manageable20:02
sardiskanabout 15 buttons don't send a valid code to the box20:03
sardiskanthe rest do20:03
sardiskanand in fact...the rest seem to do the correct function20:04
sabhainwhen you use irw in a command prompt .. do codes show up for each button?20:05
* sabhain has a similar remote .. takes a little kicking but it should do the job20:06
sardiskanhow do you set that up?20:08
sardiskanhow do I know i have the rigth remote setup in the mythbuntu setup20:08
orangepeelbeefguys i'm having a problem trying to install mythvideo, getting errors with libxml-sax-expat-perl and libxml-libxml-perl   http://pastebin.com/m65a9befd20:16
ddgooserun sudo apt-get -f check20:32
ddgoosethen try again20:32
sabhainsardiskan are you able to run the command "irw" in a terminal window?  Should just drop a line and stay blank.  Then push a button on the remote.20:36
sabhainI chose the "mce old version" in the control center .. it had the right codes for the buttons, but not all buttons were assigned a task .. I found a website like "lircd configurator" or something that was helpful.20:37
ddgoosehis remote uses mceusb220:39
ddgoosesabhain: this site? --> http://lircconfig.commandir.com/configure/20:45
balachmarHi, I want to add my second pvr150 card, but when I add /dev/video1 to the list it turns into /dev/video0 instead20:46
balachmaris this a known bug?20:47
tgm4883_laptopwhat do you mean add it to the list?20:47
sardiskansabhain...I was able to run irw fromthe CLI20:49
balachmarat the backend, you have option 2 the capture cards menu20:49
balachmarthen you can add a new capture card20:50
balachmarBut I can only add /dev/video020:50
balachmarIf I add /dev/video1 it turns into /dev/video0 anyway...20:50
balachmarmplayer can play from /dev/video1 though20:50
tgm4883_laptopare you manually typing it in?20:50
sardiskanwhen I press buttons on the remote...I get text like this:20:51
tgm4883_laptophmm, perhaps thats the problem20:51
sardiskan"00000000037ff07bdc 00 Back mseusb20:51
balachmarI think so too20:51
balachmarlet me check20:51
tgm4883_laptopyou should be able to select it with the remote20:51
balachmarthat IS the problem20:52
balachmarshould I file a bug, because with some of the numeric value lists you are not allowd to type the value, this should be the same20:52
tgm4883_laptopso you can't select /dev/video1 with the remote?20:53
tgm4883_laptopi'll have to check it when I get home20:53
balachmarI can check it with the keyboard as well20:54
balachmarbut then using the arrows instead of typing20:55
balachmarNow I just need to get it to boot in time for a recording like it used to20:56
balachmarBut I know how that is done, but I have to wait for the old recordings to be transferred from my network disk. Which will take the whole night...20:57
balachmarWhat is actually the fastest way to back stuff up?20:57
peoples_hey guys20:59
peoples_has someone running a mythbackend + frontend system with working suspend , s3 ?21:00
peoples_i'm running mythbuntu 8.04 and not be able to get this thing done .. :\21:01
balachmaryou want it to wake from suspend as well?21:01
balachmarIn order to record stuff...21:01
balachmarI have looked at it a little more than a year ago and couldn't find how to do it.21:01
peoples_yes as well .. but also manual wake up with wol ..21:01
balachmarBut since suspend isn't reliable I wouldn't recommend using it for this kind of things21:02
peoples_WOL works fine .. but mythbackend needs zu be restarted everytime after resume from suspend21:02
balachmarBut probably other people here are more educated on this. I just let it shut down and wake up for the recordings21:03
peoples_and what instead ? :)21:03
balachmarJust a full poweroff21:04
peoples_with mythwelcome right ?21:04
balachmarand use nvram wakeup or acpi to let it wake up21:04
balachmarThat is what I had (and will do after everything is set up fine, just reinstalled to get mythbuntu) and it worked perfectly21:05
peoples_is it possible to initiate the mythwelcome shutdown manualy?21:06
peoples_so i can run this instead of standard suspend mode wich is running with pm-utils21:07
balachmaryes, it knows when it has booted automatically and then it will shut down automatically. But when you started it manually it will stay awake until you exit mythfrontend21:07
peoples_and he wakesup if there is something to record .. or i but it on manualy21:07
balachmaryou can still set it up to wake on lan as well21:08
balachmarThat might help you out21:09
peoples_thank you .. i'll try mythwelcome instead of pm-utils .. ;)21:11
sardiskanI'm looking at the lircd.conf file and all the codes are in there that match what I see from running irw21:12
sardiskanbut when I'm in mythtv...nothing comes up for those 15 buttons21:12
sardiskanwhat controls what each code sends to the mythtv server?21:14
peoples_balachmar: are you using suspend s3 mode ? or let you mythwelcome shutdown the pc completely?21:15
balachmarpeoples_: I let it shutdown completely.21:16
peoples_ah k .. thats the point .. i'll use suspend .. but it seems mythwelcome only works with complete shutdown .. ?21:18
sabhainsardiskan, the answer to that is found in your .lircrc file21:18
balachmarpeoples_: Then I don't know how to do it.21:19
sardiskanunder /home/usernam/.lircrc?21:19
sardiskanI don't see anything but several includes21:19
ddgoosesardiskan: try this, go to your home dir, "mv .lircrc .lircrc.bak" then "mythbuntu-lirc-generator -L <your lircd.conf>"21:20
sabhainI ran into that too .. and since on my FE's I only run mythbuntu, I just made a .lircrc that had the commands directly21:21
ddgooseif you want a single file do "mythbuntu-lirc-generator -L <your lircd.conf> -l .lircrc"21:22
sardiskanthat command just recreated what was already there21:23
sardiskando I need to restart the ir service?21:23
ddgooseprobably doesnt know what to do with the extra keys I guess21:24
sabhainsardiskan, take a look at your ~/.lirc/mythtv or whatever the includes is pointing too .. what's in there?21:27
sardiskanI see it...I can add the names and relate that name to a character21:38
sabhaingotta go .. good luck sardiskan22:02
sardiskanthx man22:05
sardiskanyou have all been great22:05
NikasSo. I'm running a clean ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop. My other computers are running MythBuntu 8.04. Can i install the frontend on this computer and how?22:12
Nikasthis computer = laptop ;)22:13
sardiskanyes you can...to install just use the mythbuntu frontend22:13
Nikassardiskan: how do you mean?22:14
tgm4883_laptopNikas, install mythbuntu-control-center, you can activate the frontend from there22:19
tgm4883_laptopalternatively, you can install the frontend packcage22:19
tgm4883_laptopI believe it is called mythtv-frontend22:19
Nikasi used.. some page :)22:21
Nikas                    http://www.mythbuntu.22:21
Nikasfrom the MythBuntu 8.04 install pdf :)22:21
ddgooselaga what tex editor are you using? I checked out a couple but kile seemed like it was going to do the trick, any opinons?22:30
lagaddgoose: i used vim or kate ;)22:38
ddgooseso far kile is pretty slick22:39

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