PsynoKhi0Hi, ufw doesn't start by itself unless previously asked to, right?00:35
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THEO|WxChello. I am currently running 7.10 still (8.04 was just way too buggy),01:56
THEO|WxCbut considering using the backport repository for gutsy.01:57
THEO|WxChas anyone else had sucess with this?01:57
neighborlee dont have sound..can someone help ;))03:31
neighborleeonboard realtek ac9703:31
neighborleeworks fine windows,,last I checked hour or so ago03:31
genericuser1234I have an older system with 128 MB of RAM. Should I install 8.04 or should I go with an older version? And are there specific install options I should use?03:47
neighborleegenericuser1234, good luck..so far seems very dead here,,I asked something 10 minutes ago so far no reply...who knows maybe they are in diff. time zone ;)03:52
neighborleegenericuser1234, me, no sound: onboard realtek ac97...only distro so far ive tried not to give me sound ;)03:53
neighborleechecking ubuntu forum.03:53
zoredachegenericuser1234: I think someone decided that the minimum with a standard install was 196mb03:54
ubottuFor installing on low memory systems, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems.  See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements.03:58
genericuser1234Wow, thanks guys!03:58
ubottuFactoid realtek not found04:04
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holdtkI made a post here with details to my problem. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=792171 anyone care to help?05:47
BigBurahh... there we go. Kept telling me my nickname was owned by someone else...05:50
hal9k2010hello all07:20
hi365hello. im having a problem installing xubuntu. in the middel of instalation, it switches the resolution to something that my screen doesnt support11:33
hi365i have no idea what its trying to set it to :(11:33
ralphhi everyone!12:06
ralphI need some help, I had setup an app to autostart and it worked, but then I changed the display from the one connected to vga to a dvi display, and now it doesn't work anymore, how can i fix that?12:07
kripzdoes network manager use wpa_supplicant?13:23
age6racerHands up if you've had problems with dual monitors on 8.04/fglrx... Can anyone help me get the full resolution on my cloned 2nd monitor please? It's currently limited to the res of my laptop screen13:37
age6racerLaptop screen 1280x800 - Monitor can do 1680x105013:38
age6racerHas always worked fine with past versions but since upgrading it's stuck on 1280x8013:38
age6racerati catalyst control centre only gives option of 1280x800. screens& Graphics doesn't detect the monitor anymore, I can set it to generic and set the resolution but it wont work13:39
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kripzhow do i connect a vpn connection?14:34
ablomenkripz, i think network manager has build in support for it, you might wanna try google for that14:51
narothepharohI have no start menu it was there now all the sudden it is gone running the 8.0415:56
narothepharohanyone here15:57
David-AWhen I lost the start menu I had to add it again15:59
David-Ausing "Add new item" (rightclick in panel)16:00
David-ABut you dont need it, you can probably rightclick the desktop (background) and get the menu.16:00
TheSheepDavid-A: that's disabled by default16:01
David-A(I still use xubuntu 7.10)16:01
David-A("disabled by default" so to enable it one needs the menu? :-)16:02
ablomenDavid-A, i think TheSheep misunderstood you and ment the right-click-on--menu16:03
Danish989is there a seperate wubi channel?16:05
Danish989 I'm getting busybox at bootup, and they're mount errors .. I was being assisted by someone at UbuntuForums but it's been a week and I haven't gotten a reply, can someone please see my thread and help me out?    http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=784592&page=216:05
TheSheepablomen: yeah16:09
MiKa|Danish989: i have this problem SOMETIMES too in my 7.1016:09
MiKa|and i set it up to run from my 4gb pendrive16:09
MiKa|anyway, when i get this screen, (for a noob like me) i just type 'return' and enter16:10
Danish989MiKa| : what does that do?16:10
MiKa|it will list the few lines again (from 'Busybox' line to (initramfs) line)16:10
MiKa|then i type in 'return' for a second time16:10
MiKa|and it will continue to boot16:10
MiKa|that's how i do it, and i dun exactly know what is the problem16:11
Danish989MiKa| : and then it boots ubuntu fine?16:11
MiKa|yes, two 'return's and it boots fine16:11
Danish989MiKa|: that's crazy enough to try .. I'll give that a shot too, I'm tired of this problem, it's been a week and still no solution16:11
MiKa|it's just my noob answer16:12
MiKa|do tell use the result16:14
narothepharohDavid-A: even when i minimize applications they are not there anymore I can right click to access everything but the clock is gone and the bottom panel is gone too16:28
narothepharohwhen i go to settings manager and click panel nothing happens16:30
narothepharoheverything else works on settings manager just not that16:30
TheSheepnarothepharoh: can you open terminal?16:30
narothepharohTheSheep: yes16:31
TheSheepnarothepharoh: try typing 'xfce4-panel' in the teminal and see what happens16:31
narothepharohTheSheep: everything came back but it looks like the terminal is stuck16:32
narothepharohas soon as i close the terminal everything goes away16:32
zoredachenarothepharoh: do it again, but this time add '&' at the end of sfce4-panel16:34
David-Anarothepharoh: when you close the terminal the panel that you started in the terminal dies.16:35
David-Anarothepharoh: Before that your panel died by its own somhow16:35
TheSheeppress alt-f2 and start the terminal from there16:35
David-ACan you see somthing suspicous in: less ~/.xsession-errors16:36
narothepharohDavid-A: yes thats right16:36
narothepharohzoredache: I did that and still no panel this is what it says...narothepharoh@narothepharoh-desktop:~$ ** Message: xfce4-panel already running16:37
narothepharohDavid-A: how do i access that?16:39
David-AOpen .xsession-errors in a texteditor of your choise or in a terminal type: less ~/.xsession-errors16:40
MedievalDo you guys think Xubuntu would run well on a PIII 1 GHz system with 384 MB RAM?16:42
narothepharoh/etc/gdm/Xsession: Beginning session setup...16:42
narothepharoh/etc/profile: 29: [[: not found16:42
narothepharohSetting IM through im-switch for locale=en_US.16:42
narothepharohStart IM through /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/all_ALL linked to /etc/X11/xinit/xinput16:42
narothepharoh** Message: Querying XINPUT extension16:42
zoredacheMedieval: it would probably run ok... memory hungry apps like firefox/open office might not be that great16:43
narothepharoh** Message: XINPUT extension found16:43
narothepharoh** Message: Querying Xkb extension16:43
narothepharoh** Message: Xkb extension found16:43
narothepharoh** Message: Querying XF86Misc extension16:43
narothepharoh** Message: XF86Misc extension found16:43
narothepharoh** Message: Querying Xkb extension16:43
narothepharoh** Message: Xkb extension found16:43
narothepharoh** Message: another SSH agent is running at: /tmp/ssh-UcJrLB5560/agent.556016:43
narothepharoh** (update-notifier:5748): WARNING **: already running?16:43
narothepharohGCJ PLUGIN: thread 0x805e110: NP_GetMIMEDescription16:43
narothepharohGCJ PLUGIN: thread 0x805e110: NP_GetMIMEDescription return16:43
narothepharohGCJ PLUGIN: thread 0x805e110: NP_GetValue16:43
narothepharohGCJ PLUGIN: thread 0x805e110: NP_GetValue: returning plugin name.16:43
narothepharohGCJ PLUGIN: thread 0x805e110: NP_GetValue return16:43
zoredache!pastebin | narothepharoh16:43
ubottunarothepharoh: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)16:43
narothepharohGCJ PLUGIN: thread 0x805e110: NP_GetValue16:43
narothepharohyes there are errors16:43
narothepharohmy internet is freezing up now too it wont open16:44
squirrelpimpi think i might be affected by the recent openssl bug, however the dowkd.pl utility doesn't work here16:44
squirrelpimp"no suitable blacklist" is all i get16:44
squirrelpimpis there some official statement for ubuntu-users about how to react on that issue?16:44
David-AMedieval: "?Xubuntu would run well on a PIII 1 GHz system with 384 MB RAM?". Yes, I have exactly that, well, I have only 933MHz PIII.16:44
squirrelpimpfor the moment everybody just seems to copy and paste the debian statement16:45
Medievalzoredache: I've been trying to help a friend get it on her system. It seems to have problems booting up on her old system. I don't have access to her system but she posted this a while ago : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=487799016:45
zoredachesquirrelpimp: what is wrong about the debian statement?16:45
squirrelpimpthe linked dowkd.pl utility does not work on my ubuntu machine16:46
squirrelpimpor at least i'm not able to interpret the above error message correctly16:46
MedievalDavid-A: She has Windows XP on that machine at the moment; she was complaining that it gets pretty sluggish. I figured it was a nice chance to introduce her to the penguin, but Xubuntu Hardy Heron has problems booting up on her machine16:47
squirrelpimp./dowkd.pl user / host / file do not work altogether16:47
David-Anarothepharoh: if you press SPACE in less youll see more of the .xsession-error file. Scoll with space or up/down arrows, see more "less" help with "h".16:49
zoredachesquirrelpimp: why not go find the people that wrote that script or ask the people in #debian?16:50
squirrelpimpi just thought i might not be the only xubuntu-user affected and folks in here might have already discussed the issue16:50
David-Anarothepharoh: the panel problem might be near the end of the file. or maybe not, i dont know.16:51
David-AMedieval: I had stability problems with my graphics card until i changed in xorg.conf. (Geforce and AGP). I dont have wireless. Do you know what the problem might be.16:53
David-AMedieval: I think plain XP should run fine on 384 MB. If its sluggish, maybe its viruses, spys or adware? (Im no XP expert, just what Iv heard)16:55
MedievalDavid-A: I wish I had access to her system but no, I am really not sure. It also threw an I/O error once - "Buffer I/O error in device sda logical block 0". I wonder if the hard disk drive is messed up but XP installs fine on it.16:57
MedievalDavid-A: Yes, should be all the spyware but I am sure it'll be a lot more snappier with Xubuntu. Atleast she would not need to worry about the viruses. I am hoping she'll like Xubuntu enough to install a linux distribution on her new machine as well.16:59
David-AMedieval: Is that during install or boot? No idea, but a hunch: if during install, there might be a setting in bios to protect the boot sector of the harddisk.16:59
David-AMedieval: The security with linux can be quite refreshing. If google warns "dont go to this page, it can harm your computer" then I go ther anyway, with NoScript of course, or with dillo to be absolutely inpenetrable.17:01
MedievalDavid-A: It's during the boot. The live-cd fails to start. She did get to a point once where she says she saw white patches and a blinking cursor. I'm guessing an empty x server session or perhaps the cd is messed up and it's taking too long for Xubuntu to load up after X starts up. Maybe I should her to try burning the ISO again.17:01
MedievalDavid-A: Any idea when Dillo FLTK may see a release?17:02
David-AFLTK. No idea.17:03
TheSheepisn't dillo dead since, like, 3 years?17:07
David-A"white patches" strange, something with the graphics? "blinking cursor": modern ubuntus may take some time to boot of the cd, on my pc it takes an awful lot of time for it to find the details about my hardware, or whats it doing.17:07
David-ATheSheep: maybe it's dead, but it's still working, so I dont mind17:08
TheSheepDavid-A: probably trying to do something with your hardware and failing after a timeout17:08
TheSheepDavid-A: like, you know, trying to enable some optimizations17:08
PsynoKhi0Hi, ufw shouldn't start by itself unless previously asked to, right?17:09
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: ufw is not a daemon, I think17:10
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: it's just a tool for setting up the firewall that is built in into the kernel17:10
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: type 'man ufw' for details17:11
PsynoKhi0TheSheep: I mean, I've never touched it, using firestarter instead... that shouldn't cause issues, right?17:11
TheSheepI assume that, since you are asking this question, you have some issues?17:12
MedievalTheSheep: Dillo. They are working on a new version, based on FullTick (FLTK - Fast Lightweight Tool Kit). Big improvement over their last release.17:13
PsynoKhi0when I type "ufw status" it tells me it's disabled but during boot/shutdown there are system messages about starting/topping ufw17:13
PsynoKhi0TheSheep: indeed, system lockups when I try to start anything moderately taxing for the computer17:13
TheSheepMedieval: yeah, I see the announcement from 200517:13
PsynoKhi0well... if listening to mp3s can be considered "taxing"...17:14
TheSheepMedieval: somehow nobody ever announces project deaths17:14
David-AMedieval: will she use the computer to watch DVD? then the graphics card should not be to old.17:14
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: and nothing in the logs?17:15
PsynoKhi0TheSheep: if only I knew which ones to look at :/17:16
MedievalTheSheep: It's got a new maintainer now. There is a lot going on in the mailing-list. I guess they'll make an announcement when they have a release ready.17:16
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: all of them17:16
MedievalDavid-A: She did use it for DVDs, yes. I'll try to find out about the graphics card but I'm guessing it should be an onboard intel chipset.17:17
David-AMy old 8MB ATI from around year 2000 isnt good for DVD, A geforce 5200 and 6200 4xAGP works.17:19
David-AThe latter from around 2005.17:20
PsynoKhi0TheSheep: that syslog thingie is a mess heh... found a couple of these (though I had to do hard resets more often than I could find this entry) http://pastebin.com/m14af133517:37
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TheSheepPsynoKhi0: looks bad, I'd report a bug17:51
PsynoKhi0bunch of updates it seems... rebooting (might have ben solved then :P)18:03
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ubuntunoviceanybody here19:29
ubuntunovicei really like xubuntu....19:32
ubuntunoviceI was p lanning on using it as a fileserver, I was just wondering... how save are my files under xubuntu? I mean... under windows, unless you get a HD crash, your files are save... but what about xubuntu..? I read seomthing about some people having corrupt files using the 7.04 version19:33
cody-somervilleubuntunovice, As long as you use the default file system type, you'll be all good! :)19:33
ubuntunovicewhat a relief ! :)19:33
zoredacheyou really should work on getting a backup system...  drives fail19:34
ubuntunoviceI know...19:34
ubuntunovicenever happened to me though19:34
zoredacheI have had 5 drives fail in my life... 1 was completely unrecoverable and had important data19:35
ubuntunovicewhat do you do with those drives?!19:35
zoredacheI am unlucky near them...19:36
David-Amy old hd-drives are stacked in a corner19:36
David-Ayou never know when you need a faulty hd-drive :-)19:37
zoredache3 of them were all in the same batch of a 20GB western digital...19:37
ubuntunovicethe disadvantage about an old pc is that you can usualy only connect 2 HDs using those flatcables... unless you remove your CD rom of course, but I don't want to do that.. my dad has an old 40 gig HD he wants to give me, but I alreadzy have 2 HDs in those old pentium here.. it just won't fit19:37
zoredacheubuntunovice: that isn't entirely true... if you want to spend money and have a spare pci slot you could add a sata card or another ide card19:38
ubuntunovicetoo much trouble for an 8 year old pc19:38
David-Awhat about a hdd as a secondary disk on the same cable as the cd/dvd? or are there speed/interrupt issues?19:40
ubuntunoviceI don't really remember.. but that didn't work I believe.. it is horrible work... I guess I'll just remove the CD rom once I install xubuntu19:40
ubuntunoviceI'll hang a 500 mb external drive on that thing and then I'll have 620 gigs19:41
zoredachefrom what I understand on an ide channel all devices will operate at the speed of the slowest device... a cdrom usually will not be able to support the faster dma modes and so the drive on the same channel will not be able to suppor them19:41
ubuntunoviceI was really surprised knoppix actually runs using kde on this old 128 mb pc I have... it's not supposed to.. at least not when you read ubuntus system requirements19:42
PsynoKhi0ubuntunovice: any working USB hub on that computer?19:43
ubuntunovicewith xubuntu it is autoamtically recognized... I connect my external hdd using usb19:43
ubuntunoviceworks fins!19:43
PsynoKhi0there are external USB trays where you can fit IDE/SATA drives in, might be worth considering those19:44
ubuntunoviceyou mean I can connect a flatcable to a usb device?19:45
PsynoKhi0they look like harddrive bays, that plug in on a USB hub19:46
PsynoKhi0basically they transform a regular internal drive into an external one19:46
PsynoKhi0actually they're more like 5'25 bays, might need extar work to get an HDD to fit19:48
ubuntunoviceyeah, but the harddrive is clicked into something which connect  using this wide connector similar to a flatcable. right..19:48
ubuntunovicethat might be an option...19:48
ubuntunoviceyou got a link?19:48
PsynoKhi0not to a specific one, sorry19:48
PsynoKhi0they're pretty common stuff though19:49
zoredacheubuntunovice: go to newegg/google and search for 'usb hard drive enclosure'19:50
PsynoKhi0my best pal ended up with 5*500GB on a Shuttle Cube19:50
PsynoKhi0though not all at once heh19:50
ubuntunovice5*500 GB whoa?! what did he need so much space for?19:50
* zoredache places bet on it being pr0n19:50
lechethe internet is for...19:51
PsynoKhi0"dang where's that movie?3 *click**click* "ah there... hang on you gotta listen to that album" *click*click* "nice solo eh?"19:51
PsynoKhi0zoredache: hand over the bucks then :)19:52
PsynoKhi0TheSheep: btw that segfault happens when I actually shutdown normally heh... somost probably not related to lockups19:54
quaalif running an ubuntu machine from a remote vnc login, should i not be getting updates19:56
zoredachewhat do you mean by updates?19:57
quaallike, the icon that pops up in the taskbar19:58
quaaltelling me i have updates19:58
quaalit doesnt happen19:58
PsynoKhi0update-manager not launching on the remote PC?19:58
zoredacheyou probably should be getting them.19:58
quaalnot through the vnc session19:58
quaali just went into system/admin/update man and theres like a million updates19:59
zoredacheanyway, if you want to update just start the update manager manually...19:59
quaalyea i realize i can do that.19:59
quaali came here wanting to know how it is turned on auto20:00
PsynoKhi0should be from start20:00
zoredacheit is listed in the 'auostarted applications' I believe20:00
PsynoKhi0but sometimes I don't get them either... something with the authentification keys or something20:01
zoredacheapps/settings/settings manager/autostart20:01
PsynoKhi0"sudo apt-get update" in a terminal solves it20:01
PsynoKhi0anyway running iceWM for now so /D20:02
PsynoKhi0shouldn't my videocard appear in /proc/interrupts? I know it has an assigned IRQ20:09
gotischcan anyone tell me why hipo cant connectd to dbus message session?20:11
TheSheepgotisch: you have dbus running?20:15
gotischbut apparently env var is not set20:16
gotischand using dbus-launch hipo gives other errors20:16
neighborleeHow do I get xfce4 menu edit app to show me entire contents of main menu,,atm it wont show entire menu , just settings andhelp, about xfce and quit ..? ;))20:19
gotischyou need to inlcude the menu into the xfce menu20:23
gotischstart xfce4-menueditor and somewhere include it20:24
neighborleeive looked , and ic no way to do it20:24
neighborleeyou mean the menu file ,,if only I knew where to find it..assuming that is what you mean ?20:24
gotischyou rightclick somewhere there20:24
gotischand do insert externmal menu20:25
gotischand choose system from the list20:25
neighborleeyes...I see one called: --include--          system20:26
neighborleebut none of the actual entries show up at all20:26
neighborleeand ic no way to  e xpand it, to get them to show up.20:26
gotischyou cant imo20:27
neighborleegreat ;)20:27
gotischyou want the submenu to show up in the menu editor right?20:27
gotischye i would have loved that feature too :)20:27
neighborleeI want to see command a few entries are usinkg20:27
neighborleegotisch, :))20:27
gotischdunno maybe there is a way \o/20:27
neighborleeit would seem logical for a menu 'editor' to show all the entries ;))20:28
neighborleegotisch, ohwell can't have it all...so far im very happy with xubuntu.20:28
gotischi would be if hipo would work :>20:28
ubottubugs.gentoo.org bug 164483 in Applications "media-sound/banshee-0.11.5 crashes when started." [Normal,Resolved: fixed]20:32
gotischsays its gnome-session issue20:32
neighborleerelated to menu editor ?20:32
gotischnoone seems to be using hipo20:33
gotischstart hipo!20:33
neighborleenever heard of it20:33
gotischand tell me if it crashes for you too20:33
neighborleewill do20:33
gotischits under20:33
gotischmultimedia in the menu20:33
neighborleedont have it here..it must not be part of default install!20:34
neighborleeno wonder no one uses it LOL20:34
gotischi didnt install it though20:34
gotischi was in the train and just wanted to recharge my ipod at usb port20:34
neighborleemaybe its in a dev build of xubuntu  shrug ?20:34
gotischand i saw it got mounted and then i saw hipo20:34
rtmexHello all, I can't play VCD in Xubuntu (totem) it says I don't have installed libdvdcss, but I have installed libdvdcss2, w32codecs and many other libraries, any idea? :)20:40
rtmexI also installed VLC but did'nt work20:41
gotischthe vlc install didnt work?20:41
rtmexgotisch, VLC was installed ok, but couln't play the VCD either :)20:42
rtmexFor now I uninstalled both, some light video player you can recomend?20:43
gotischvlc :)20:43
gotischsorry i only use vlc20:43
neighborleeyeah vlc gets them all20:43
neighborleeusually ..20:43
gotischyou should look in vlc message log will tell you whats wrong20:44
gotischthen you google the error message and in no time you have it working20:44
neighborleevlc typically plays anything, so thats odd20:44
gotischnah not everything20:44
gotischfor somethings you need the codec installed20:44
rtmexVLC didn't show an error, aparently it was playing, but there was no video and no sound :(20:46
rtmexPsynoKhi0: I'll try with mplayer, thanks20:51
rtmexThere's something weird, Mplayer can't play the VCD either, but in the file types, Mplayer shows VCD as *.bin, and this VCD has .dat extension21:00
rtmexIt plasys ok in Windows and in my DVD players21:01
rtmexThe VCD has this directorys: CDI, EXT, MPEGAV, PICTURES, SEGMENT, and VCD21:02
PsynoKhi0rtmex: does the VCD automount?21:04
PsynoKhi0give it a try after unmounting it21:05
rtmexIt automount in Thunar, but it does not launch Mplayer21:06
rtmexI opened Mplayer and Choose to open the VCD21:06
suriromplayer vcd://121:07
PsynoKhi0if you open a terminal an type "mplayer" you get something like "vcd://<trackno>  play (S)VCD (Super Video CD) track (raw device, no mount)"21:07
PsynoKhi0hence my suggestion21:08
rtmexOk, I'll try it later, I have to go now. Thank you all for your help21:08
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floatingwhere are all the sound settings that i can tweak23:49
floatingin ubuntu you can test alsa options and things23:49
floatingi dont get sound in zsnes ... i can find the bars by typing alsamixer in terminal but thats about it23:50

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