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xhhuxhello is anyone here?05:36
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ubottuSyntux: Schedule for Etc/UTC: 27 May 20:00: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 28 May 06:00: Platform Team | 28 May 17:00: Launchpad users meeting | 28 May 21:00: Server Team | 29 May 01:00: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 13:00: Desktop Team14:45
leoquant@schedule amsterdam15:19
ubottuleoquant: Schedule for Europe/Amsterdam: 27 May 22:00: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 28 May 08:00: Platform Team | 28 May 19:00: Launchpad users meeting | 28 May 23:00: Server Team | 29 May 03:00: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 15:00: Desktop Team15:19
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Styx`@schedule vilnius16:37
ubottuStyx`: Schedule for Europe/Vilnius: 27 May 23:00: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 28 May 09:00: Platform Team | 28 May 20:00: Launchpad users meeting | 29 May 00:00: Server Team | 29 May 04:00: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 16:00: Desktop Team16:37
zul@schedule montreal16:40
ubottuzul: Schedule for America/Montreal: 27 May 16:00: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 28 May 02:00: Platform Team | 28 May 13:00: Launchpad users meeting | 28 May 17:00: Server Team | 28 May 21:00: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 09:00: Desktop Team16:40
RoAkSoAx@schedule lima16:57
ubottuRoAkSoAx: Schedule for America/Lima: 27 May 15:00: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 28 May 01:00: Platform Team | 28 May 12:00: Launchpad users meeting | 28 May 16:00: Server Team | 28 May 20:00: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 08:00: Desktop Team16:57
Syntux@schedule Amman17:09
ubottuSyntux: Schedule for Asia/Amman: 27 May 23:00: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 28 May 09:00: Platform Team | 28 May 20:00: Launchpad users meeting | 29 May 00:00: Server Team | 29 May 04:00: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 16:00: Desktop Team17:09
RoAkSoAxSyntux, you'll have to wait few more hours, be patience :P17:10
Myrtti♥ christel17:13
dfiloni@schedule rome17:37
ubottudfiloni: Schedule for Europe/Rome: 27 May 22:00: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 28 May 08:00: Platform Team | 28 May 19:00: Launchpad users meeting | 28 May 23:00: Server Team | 29 May 03:00: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 15:00: Desktop Team17:37
Seveasjenda, you can renew yourself, no need for approval :)19:02
jpdske|p: ohh, here for membership?19:15
pochuhola ke|p :)19:16
ke|phola pochu19:16
pochuis there a list for people applying for membership anywhere?19:17
stgraberpochu: sure19:17
jpdspochu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/EMEA19:17
pochuthanks :)19:17
stgraberthey were faster than me :) (I just had the time to start FF3)19:17
pochuhey stgraber!19:17
stgraberhi pochu19:18
stgraberenjoyed Prague ?19:18
pochuyeah, it was great :)19:19
dfiloni_hi pochu :)19:19
Seveashamslaai, your wikipage is empty, please put some content on it19:19
pochuuh, ~ubuntu-membership-board-emea, what a weird name ;)19:19
Seveaspochu, why?19:19
affluxany ideas when the next emea meeting will be held?19:19
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ubottuSyntux: Schedule for Etc/UTC: 27 May 20:00: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 28 May 06:00: Platform Team | 28 May 17:00: Launchpad users meeting | 28 May 21:00: Server Team | 29 May 01:00: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 13:00: Desktop Team19:19
Seveasafflux, in about 100 minutes19:19
ubottuSeveas: Current time in Etc/UTC: May 27 2008, 18:21:36 - Next meeting: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board in 1 hour 38 minutes19:20
affluxSeveas: sorry, the one after that one ;)19:20
pochuSeveas: because it's weird? :P I was hoping for ~ubuntu-europe or ~ubuntu-europe-council or similar...19:20
Seveaspochu, it's more than europe, it's the emea region :)19:20
stgraberpochu: we don't only cover europe so ...19:20
pochu(and why is middle-east here and not in the asia one?)19:20
pochuthen ~ubuntu-emea-council maybe? :)19:21
Seveaspochu, fairly standard in the business world: americas, emea, australasia19:21
pochuMyrtti: ah, makes sense19:21
pochuSeveas: oh, really? It's the first time I hear that :) But I'm not in the business world so... ;)19:21
SeveasMyrtti, what's scary?19:21
MyrttiSeveas: that it's that little time anymore19:21
ubottupochu: Current time in Etc/UTC: May 27 2008, 18:23:16 - Next meeting: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board in 1 hour 36 minutes19:21
Seveaspochu, hehe. I work for captain kirk :)19:21
hamslaaiseveas i did i will check19:23
stgraberSeveas: btw, do we have a secretary for tonight's meeting ?19:23
Seveasstgraber, I'll volunteer19:24
phanaticSeveas: thank you :)19:24
Seveashave already read all the wikipages (except hamslaai's ;))19:24
stgraberSeveas: thanks, one problem solved :)19:24
afflux.oO ( no ideas on the meeting after today's? )19:24
SeveasMost candidates are really good. I have my doubts about a few19:24
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awalton__Seveas, hopefully not doubting me :(19:24
Seveasafflux, that will be decided today19:24
pochuSeveas: about jenda?19:25
* pochu runs :)19:25
Seveaspochu, yes. He should be shot for even bothering us with it. Just hit the extend membership button dammit ;)19:25
hamslaaiseveas: see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HiltonGibson19:25
Syntuxhmm, once you ghost a nickname; nickserv shouldn't ask you to identify the same nickname again.19:25
affluxah I see... sorry, just a bit curious because I sort of missed today's19:25
Seveashamslaai, ah, then please fix the agenda wikipage to point there19:25
pochuSeveas: heh, I guess he wants some meeting time... I'm waiting for expiration to come again ;)19:25
Seveasawalton__, I don't see you on the agenda19:26
pochujenda: I've heard you came to the hotel... too bad I didn't know you were there :(19:26
hamslaaiseveas: ok i am used to mediawiki19:26
stgraberSeveas: yep, same here ... some really good ones and some others that I'll really need to hear to get an opinion19:26
awalton__Seveas, north america.. thought I added myself to the wiki last week19:26
Seveasawalton__, ah, this is emea -- americas is later19:26
ubottuSeveas: Schedule for Etc/UTC: 27 May 20:00: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 28 May 06:00: Platform Team | 28 May 17:00: Launchpad users meeting | 28 May 21:00: Server Team | 29 May 01:00: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 13:00: Desktop Team19:26
Seveasamericas is in 2 days19:27
awalton__Seveas, doh!19:27
* awalton__ can be a moron some days...19:27
Seveasawalton__, :)19:27
Seveasawalton__, so yeah, I'm having my doubts about you :-)19:27
hamslaaiseveas: i remember now. the link is on my launchpad profile19:27
awalton__Seveas, hehe, yeah me too now19:27
Seveasawalton__, what's your wikipage19:29
awalton__Seveas, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Awalton. anything I can add there that might be helpful I'd like to know19:30
Seveasawalton__, you're focusing on upstream achievements instead of ubuntu achievement19:31
Seveasthe councils are looking for (evidence of) a sustained and significant contribution to ubuntu. While upstream contributions are of course also ubuntu contributions, councils are looking for more direct contributions19:31
awalton__just not sure really how to document my ubuntu work.. I've mostly just been triaging/forwarding bugs and helping in the forums..19:32
Seveaskudos on gvfs though :)19:32
Seveaslink to your forum profile, explain what you do there, get forum staff to vouch for you19:32
Seveasand do the same for other bugteam members19:33
Seveasyou have 2 days :)19:33
awalton__alright, thanks a bunch19:33
hamslaaiseveas: agenda page link updated to point to wiki page for profile details.19:37
Seveashamslaai, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/EMEA still has the old link19:38
Seveashamslaai, and tbh, that page is really thin on info. I don't think you'll be accepted for membership like that. Look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/kelp for instance to see what a wikipage should look like (the way contributions are presented, not the actual contributions)19:39
Myrtti/me looks at Seveas (ö_ö)19:40
SeveasMyrtti, yours is better than hamslaai's but if I didn't know you I'd ask for more19:41
Myrtti/me goes to fiddle19:42
jpdsSeveas: ke|p++19:42
devfilSeveas: and my page? please :D19:42
Syntuxare you spreading blesses on wiki pages?19:43
Seveasdevfil, I don't like lists of packages on peoples pages. They often make contributions look very small. One or two extra vouches from existing MOTU would have been better. Also, a cheer from the italian newsletter team would be nice19:45
SeveasSyntux, well, people are asking for comments and I'm giving them :)19:45
SeveasLet it be clear that I'm *not* commenting on contributions, just on the pages19:45
devfilSeveas: ok19:45
Seveasgood wikipages make meetings go faster19:47
devfilSeveas: I should remove lists of packages?19:47
SeveasI've seen several wikipages, that make me give an instant +119:47
Seveasdevfil, neh, leave them in there, but try to get those cheers19:47
SeveasMyrtti, 'sup?19:48
hamslaaiseveas: ok, try the links now.19:48
MyrttiSeveas: oh nothing, I guess19:48
SyntuxSeveas, thought you were giving Instruments of forgiveness. ;)19:49
SeveasSyntux, neh, I've left the LART at work19:49
devfilSeveas: Salvatore is from Newsletter, it is editing is cheer. Now I'm looking for other MOTU and at 20 I will have some other sponsors from other italian group (I hope)19:49
Syntuxheh :-)19:50
Seveasdevfil, excellent :)19:50
MyrttiI honestly don't know what else to add.19:50
SeveasI'll add a cheer19:51
MyrttiI'll go and whimper in my little corner with my guinea pig19:51
SyntuxSeveas, and mine?19:51
SeveasSyntux, I always find it hard to judge people whose major contributions are advocacy19:51
Seveasadvocacy is very important but hard to measure19:52
SyntuxI agree, it's hard to measure it.19:53
SeveasSyntux, with your wikipage as is (and with no further info), I'd say -1 to your application. I think having more testimonials is necessary if your main contribution is advocacy19:55
SeveasI've seen you in the community for a long time, so I know a -1 isn't justified, but that wikipage does need a bit more info/testimonials imho19:55
Seveasget testimonials from your locoteam members, link to your loco website/(forum?)19:56
SyntuxSeveas, I'm waiting for more people of that kind who can measure advocacy19:56
SyntuxSeveas, I didn't know I can get testimonials from loCo members, though it's exclusive to @ubuntu members so I didn't ask for any.19:57
SeveasSyntux, neh, testimonials are just cheers from people who think you do good work. Testimonials from 'known' people will be valued higher by people who read them (at least that's what I do) but testimonials from others are good as well, especially if you're the first from your loco to become member19:58
hamslaaiseveas: wiki updated, see references heading.19:59
SyntuxSeveas, I see, well if it didn't work today I will hunt for testimonials for sure19:59
Seveashamslaai, I'm afraid that reference means nothing to the council -- it doesn't mention any ubuntu contributions20:00
SyntuxSeveas, from philosophical point of view; it's hard to measure technical efforts too; one of the main factor to consider is the time given and efforts regardless of the type of contribution.20:01
hamslaaiseveas: ok, no train smash, will keep on trucking. cheers20:01
SeveasSyntux, very true, see also my comment about lists of packages I gave earlier20:01
SeveasSyntux, that's why I personally always focus on testimonials from others. Thinks like karma, forum stats etc... are a nice check but testimonials from people I know usually weigh heavier20:02
Seveasof course if I know a candidate (like Myrtti or Pici) I don't need references :)20:03
SeveasMyrtti, that doesn't mean I'll vote +1 :p20:04
IulianIs that a heart?20:04
Myrttino lollipops for you then, Seveas :-P20:04
SeveasMyrtti, bribing me is a tad more expensive than that :p20:04
SyntuxBy the way, who can vote ? only the council or any ubuntu member.20:04
Seveasthe emea council only20:04
Myrttichocolate-chocolate chip or something more fancypancy?20:05
Seveascookie dough!20:05
ubottuStyx`: Current time in Etc/UTC: May 27 2008, 19:07:50 - Next meeting: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board in 52 minutes20:06
Myrttioh dear *shivers*20:06
SeveasMyrtti, you're way down in the list. *if* we reach that part of the list it'll be almost two hours after the start :)20:07
awalton__Myrtti, really that nervous? you can always try again :)20:08
Myrtti/me bought fair trade instant coffee today20:08
SyntuxThere is $500 re-take policy20:08
MyrttiI've also got a kilo jar full of candies20:08
Syntuxon some exams :-)20:09
Seveasexams schmexams20:12
Seveasthis 'exam' isn't what you know, it's about what you have done20:12
Seveasso whether you pass or fail is already known :)20:12
Myrtti"I've annoyed Seveas"20:12
Myrtti/me runs20:12
SeveasMyrtti, that's instant membership :)20:12
* stgraber wonders how many candidate we'll be able to hear during the 1h30 we have for the meeting20:17
Seveasif we do one every 5 minutes, we can do 1820:17
Seveasand I don't see us doing one every 5 minutes :)20:17
Mirvhmmkay, a cheers section. if mvo, tjaalton or someone else I met at UDS or otherwise knows me, please add your cheers to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimoJyrinki20:17
stgraberme neither20:17
Mirv(if someone is awake, that is)20:18
ograyeah 3 are plenty20:18
Seveasogra, for some people yes, some wikipages are good enough20:18
MirvMyrtti: can we cheer each other?-) no?20:19
SeveasMirv, why not?20:19
ograyeah that exposes good team spirit :)20:19
Seveasdo we only have 90 minutes?20:20
stgraberthat's what's on the fridge at least20:20
stgraberand I won't be able to stay much longer anyway20:20
Syntux@schedule Amman20:20
ubottuSyntux: Schedule for Asia/Amman: 27 May 23:00: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 28 May 09:00: Platform Team | 28 May 20:00: Launchpad users meeting | 29 May 00:00: Server Team | 29 May 04:00: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 16:00: Desktop Team20:20
MyrttiMirv: I gave jussi01 and Tm_T a permission to kick me in the leg if I even whince when you're up :-D20:20
Seveaswe'll need to rush then. I do like the idea of having a 5-minute timelimit though :)20:20
Myrttibut if it's ok...20:21
Myrttisince _Seveas_ said it's ok...20:22
stgraberSeveas: would be fun (the 5-minute timelimit) but probably not fair for non-native (or like-native) speakers :)20:23
MyrttiMirv: shame on you for having such a fancypancy wikipage20:23
Seveasstgraber, true20:23
SeveasMyrtti, well Mirv is obviously way better than you20:23
MirvMyrtti: hehe. I tried to figure out what I've actually been doing and summarize it.20:25
MyrttiSeveas: I know20:25
MyrttiSeveas: he should20:25
Myrtti/me curtzies20:25
Myrttido signatures work like they do in MediaWiki?20:27
MyrttiI've been on wikivacation for such a long time I didn't even remember how bold was done20:27
ubottuevalles_: Current time in Etc/UTC: May 27 2008, 19:29:34 - Next meeting: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board in 30 minutes20:28
Myrttihad to cheat and look from the Formatting guide20:28
ke|pMyrtti, I think ["nick"] is enought20:29
Myrttioh doodles.20:29
Myrttihm, my virtual server's time must be wrong...20:31
Myrttioh, right. seconds...20:32
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ke|phi effie_jayx :D20:43
quadrisprohi totopalma20:44
totopalmaquadrispro, hi :)20:44
devfilhi totopalma, quadrispro :)20:44
quadrisprototopalma: hw r u?20:44
quadrisprohi devfil :D20:45
totopalmadevfil, olà20:45
totopalmaquadrispro, bho20:45
RicardoPerezke|p: natacha?20:45
quadrisprototopalma: ...20:45
ke|phi RicardoPerez20:46
quadrisprohi all20:46
RicardoPerezke|p: hi!20:46
quadrisprodevfil: are you improved with hold'em?20:47
mantienahi all20:48
quadrisprodevfil: ti ho chiesto se sei migliorato a poker...20:48
Seveashi mantiena20:48
SeveasHi all! The EMEA regional membership board meeting will start soon. All candidates, please open a text editor and write a 3-line intro about yourself to paste when it's your turn.20:48
devfilquadrispro: lol NO,20:49
quadrisprototopalma, are yuo able to play hold'em?20:49
=== ubottu changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Current meeting: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 28 May 06:00 UTC: Platform Team | 28 May 17:00 UTC: Launchpad users meeting | 28 May 21:00 UTC: Server Team | 29 May 01:00 UTC: Americas Ubuntu Membership Approval Board | 29 May 13:00 UTC: Desktop Team
Myrtti/me considers starting an editor war to keep the anxiety at bay20:49
SeveasMyrtti, vimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvimvim20:49
mantienaSeveas: could I just paste some text from my wiki ?;)20:49
Seveasmantiena, if it's a nice intro, sure20:49
MyrttiSeveas: only if you promise to teach me vim while sitting next to me ;-) otherwise emacs.20:50
ke|ponly 3 lines? haha20:50
SeveasMyrtti, sure :)20:50
Seeker`wow, itsa Seveas20:51
SeveasMyrtti, come to Amsterdam and I'll happily teach you vim20:51
quadrisprohi Gwaihir20:51
Gwaihirhello quadrispro20:52
quadrisproGwaihir: hw r u this evening?20:52
Myrtti/me considers to whine to Mirv about "can I go see Seveas in Amsterdam" but then realizes this isn't the right place or time20:52
devfilhello Gwaihir20:52
Seeker`Seveas: how are you doing?20:52
Seveaspopey, stgraber, phanatic, PriceChild: here?20:53
PriceChildI'm here20:53
SeveasMatt is matthelmke on irc, right?20:53
PriceChildFew more expected no?20:53
PriceChildforumsmatthew i think20:54
Seveaslaunchpad agrees20:54
PriceChildbtw the cc will do the launchpad additions after our little report to them20:55
SeveasPriceChild, ah, we don't do that ourselves?20:55
PriceChildsabdfl said that will be delegated to us in a little20:56
Seveashi forumsmatthew20:56
Mirv3 lines ie. 240 chars, ok.20:56
forumsmatthewdid I make it on time?20:56
forumsmatthewwoo hoo!20:56
stgraberReport successful membership candidates to the UbuntuWeeklyNews and add a short summary for each member (which should be taken from the candidate's personal wikipage).20:56
PriceChildI thought I would check it with them just in case20:56
stgraberBetween May and July 2008, board secretaries are also responsible for reporting approved candidates to the CommunityCouncil, to evaluate the approval system.20:56
PriceChildwhat stgraber said... 8-)20:57
stgraberPriceChild: so according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards, the secretary is supposed to approve on LP + report to the CC20:57
SeveasHi all! The EMEA regional membership board meeting will start soon. All candidates, please open a text editor and write a 3-line intro about yourself to paste when it's your turn.20:58
quadrisprodevfil: are you ready?20:58
Seveas6/7 of the board is here. Did mark say he couldn't make it?20:59
PriceChildstgraber: I tried to get in touch with the cc, making sure they were aware of the meeting so that they could attend if needed, and sabdfl said what I've said above today.20:59
PriceChildHe sent me a mail saying he might be able to catch the end iirc.20:59
ubottuSeveas: Current time in Etc/UTC: May 27 2008, 20:01:48 - Current meeting: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board21:00
Seveasshall we start?21:00
stgraberPriceChild: ok, wiki should be updated then ...21:00
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* PriceChild thinks Seveas is volunteering for secretary this week21:00
SeveasPriceChild, yup21:00
PriceChildWow that was easy :D21:00
forumsmatthewready here to start21:00
forumsmatthewThanks, Seveas21:01
SeveasHi all! Welcome to the EMEA regional membership board meeting. All candidates, please open a text editor and write a 3-line intro about yourself.21:01
SeveasWe will try and process as many applications as we can, but we cannot guarantee that we will porcess all candidates. I will call your nickname when it's your turn.21:01
SeveasGood luck all member candidates, nand: you're up first!21:01
nandOk, here is my small presentation:21:01
nandMy name is Nicolas Deschildre, I'm 22, and I'm finishing my computer studies by working in a small Linux company21:01
nandmaking simplified computers for elderly people. Oh, and I also happen to be an Ubuntu fan!21:01
nandSo far, my contributions have been a package uploaded to Universe and the implementation of Ubuntu Brainstorm21:01
nand(with the great help of stgraber for testing, administrating, sysadmin-pinging,...).21:01
nandMy plans for the future are mainly around Brainstorm: while some points are quite good, Brainstorm still need some work on several areas.21:01
nandThat's the shorter I could do :)21:01
Seveashow did the brainstorm sessions at UDS go?21:01
nandI was only at the one during FOSScamp21:02
Seveaswhat's the opinion of Ubuntu developers on Brainstorm?21:02
Seveas'firehose' or 'source of terrific ideas' or somewhere in between?21:03
nandwell, they basically want some triaging :)21:03
Seveascan't say that's unnecessary :)21:03
nandat the moment, it is not easy to cherry pick the really good ones21:03
jcastroI still have to throw up the brainstorm gobby notes someplace21:03
nandand also there will be some work necessary so that upstream people can easily access their ideas21:04
stgraberjcastro: from UDS or FOSSCamp ?21:04
nandsince 90% of ideas concerns directly upstream!21:04
Seveasnand, that's a useful statistic by itself21:05
nandSeveas: That's just a rough estimate21:05
nandbut a good majority do concerns upstream21:05
SeveasI'm leaning towards a +1. Anyone want to convince me otherwise?21:05
PriceChildnand: where do you see the brainstorm in 6 months time?21:06
phanatic+1 from me as well. great job done with brainstorm.21:06
jcastrostgraber: from both actually, the uds sessions were just a repeat of what we discussed basically.21:06
forumsmatthewI see a lot of positives and nothing negative to comment on... I"m +121:06
l3onCiao / Hi all!21:06
stgraber+1 from me too21:06
stgraberjcastro: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/FossCamp/Brainstorm (That's FOSSCamp)21:06
lukehasnonameForgive my ignorance, and IE isn't rendering the Fridge at work. What are we voting on? Briefly, I understand you are in a meeting.21:07
popeyfor the good work nand has done getting the community involved in brainstorm, +1 from me21:07
nandPriceChild: in 6 months, there will be some more features to categorize ideas (by project, tags), and a project-neutral release21:07
popeylukehasnoname: member applications21:07
Seeker`lukehasnoname: people becoming ubuntu members. It is only members of the board that vote21:07
PriceChildcool, that last bit sounds fun :P21:07
lukehasnonameFor the EMEA region?21:07
SeveasPriceChild, +1/0/-1?21:07
Seveaslukehasnoname, yes21:07
PriceChildSounds good to me, +1.21:07
lukehasnoname10-4, back to observation21:07
SeveasThat's 6 +'es, congratulations!21:08
nandgreat \o/21:08
Seveascorenominal, you're up!21:08
popeywell done nand21:08
corenominalHello everyone :) Sorry for the waffle, here goes...21:08
corenominalHello everyone :) My name is Philip Newborough: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PhilipNewborough  I am 33 years old and I live in Lincoln, United Kingdom. I am now a member of the Ubuntu UK LoCo team. I started writing about my Ubuntu related activities on my blog http://crunchbang.org and I have been actively promoting the use of Ubuntu via online marketing campaigns, "A Merry Ubuntu Christmas"  http://tinyurl.com/5pf2yg & "Random Ubuntu Advocacy" h21:08
corenominalI have also released a remastered version of Ubuntu named CrunchBang Linux  http://crunchbang.org/projects/linux/  The distribution is based around the Openbox window manager and ROX file manager. I hope that by releasing the distro I have encouraged more people to experiment with Ubuntu and alternative software available in the Ubuntu repositories...21:08
corenominalI believe I have much to offer the Ubuntu community. I think my biggest opportunity lies in online marketing and promotion. I have several projects which I would like to begin and I think that becoming an Ubuntu member would enable me maximise my contributions by providing a launchpad for future marketing/promotion efforts.21:08
Seveas(If I appear to be rushing: I am, we have lots of candidates :))21:08
popeyi am aware of Phils work, so he gets a +1 from me21:09
corenominalthanks popey :)21:09
forumsmatthewI've been reading about CrunchBang... I'm +121:09
PriceChildWhere do I know crunchbang from?21:09
popeyPriceChild: syndicated on planet ubuntu-uk21:10
SeveasMost of the wikipage is about crunchbang and ppa, not about contribs to ubuntu -- or am I reading it wrong?21:10
forumsmatthewPriceChild, perhaps from the beginning of all shell scripts?21:10
corenominalSeveas, you're reading it wrong :P21:11
Seveascorenominal, then explain :)21:11
corenominalsure, might help if you could ask questions, but hey, maybe you are right, I guess it depends on what/how you evaluate contributions21:12
PriceChildMost of your launchpad karma comes from answers? How're all the bugsquad/universe contributors things going? :)21:13
Seveascorenominal, are the things you've put in your PPA integrated with Ubuntu or are there plans to do so?21:13
corenominalyes, I've just recently been working with a Debian developer to move some of my package from PPA directly to Debian21:14
corenominaland from Debian to Ubuntu21:14
Seveasand are you planning to make crunchbang an official ubuntu derivative like xubuntu?21:14
Seveaskudos for taking the debian route!21:14
corenominalwell, I'm currently working towards building meta packages for CrunchBang21:15
corenominalas for official, I can't really say, something I'd need to look into21:15
corenominalbut it would be nice21:15
Seveassounds good21:16
Seveas+1 from me21:16
Seveasstgraber, phanatic PriceChild ?21:16
corenominalit has had lots of good feedback, so I guess there is a need somewhere21:16
Seveascorenominal, I'm definitely going to try it -- a nice working openbox environment would be nice to have21:16
stgraber+1 for packaging and all the distro work21:17
corenominalgood luck :D take heed of the disclaimer ;)21:17
Seveascorenominal, scratch hardware needs no disclaimer21:17
phanatici'm convinced. +1 (and +0.5 for taking the debian route :))21:17
Seveasgood thing about working where I do: an abundance of spare laptops21:17
popey"spare" :)21:18
Seeker`Seveas: how spare? :P21:18
stgrabercorenominal: are you in touch with MOTUs, do you plan to become one ?21:18
corenominalyeah, working with madduck has been quite an eye opener21:18
Seveaspopey, I'd call that flase quoting21:18
SeveasPriceChild, still awake?21:18
PriceChildI am indeedy, just investigating.21:18
SeveasPriceChild, k21:19
SeveasI hoped everybody had read the wikipages in advance -- that helps :)21:19
corenominalI have toyed with MOTU and REVU, but need more time, it's a slow process as I don't always get the time I'd like to work on packaging21:19
PriceChildI'm evil and am going to give a 0 atm I'm afraid.21:19
popeynot evil PriceChild21:20
corenominalbut I enjoy it, it's fun and lots to learn21:20
SeveasPriceChild, not evil at all, everyone can have his opinion21:20
corenominalnp PriceChild21:20
Seveaswould you care to elaborate a bit?21:20
PriceChildI want to see that ppa going somewhere, and packages turning up in ubuntu or debian, do you have any urls for their progress in debian?21:20
PriceChildbut i guess membership based on those should be through the universe contributors, ignore me about that bit21:21
corenominalsorry, no. Only private emails.21:21
Seveasok, so that's 6+ and one 021:22
Seveasyou still made it, so congratulations :)21:22
SeveasSyntux, you're up!21:22
* Syntux blood pressure 100+21:22
Syntuxwell, Nothing fancy other than my own cynical introduction :d21:22
SyntuxA 28 years old Middle Eastern Linux extremist with a B.A in political science and law. I’m addicted to programming by decision so I’m not looking for a rehab. I do blog and Photograph and in my free time, I’m just a human. Started using Ubuntu since the release of Warty Warthog, Ubuntu solved many of my problems so I'm devoting time to contribute to the community. To me FLOSS is way of living rather than anything else.21:22
SyntuxSorry but It happens that I'm a linux extremist and a Middle Eastern ;)21:22
corenominalthank you everyone :)21:22
Syntuxoh one more thing, currently I'm preparing for UCP exam (scheduled in June) and my main contribution is advocacy and training. (reported around 15 bug on UCP material; happens to be by email since there is no LP for it.) and working on getting a Local mirror of Ubuntu with the National Information Center (the backbone!), helping some computer stores in understand what ubuntu is all about and maybe helping them in getting their hardware certified.21:23
forumsmatthewالسلام عليكم21:23
SyntuxUCP bugs were sent to Yanick, Billy and Torsten.21:23
Syntuxforumsmatthew, و عليكم السلام :-)21:23
SeveasI'm going on a -1 for Syntux I'm afraid. I know he's been active but his wikipage shows very little "evidence" of that. I'd like the to be expanded a bit more, with more testimonials and links to achievements. I'm pretty confident Syntux will be a good member but we need to be able to show why we think that21:25
Seveas(see also the chat I had with Syntux before the meeting)21:25
* Syntux pressuretool | grep Thermal -> not ok 90 c21:25
PriceChildAre there any cheerers from your LoCo here?21:26
SyntuxSeveas, I got one more testimonial minutes ago.21:26
forumsmatthewI do see that Syntux is a leader in the Jordon LoCo. Could you elaborate on that a bit? What has the LoCo done, how many members, etc.?21:26
Syntuxforumsmatthew, we have around 10 active members and by members here I mean active and contributers to the team21:27
Syntuxour approval application can tell more https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JordanTeam/ApprovalApplication21:27
popeythis session is more about you than the loco to be fair21:27
Syntuxpopey, I do understand that but I was answering forumsmatthew question.21:28
forumsmatthewOn your Launchpad page you list involvement with translation into Arabic. What specifically have you translated (if anything so far)?21:29
popeyyeah, i just didn't want us to go down that road21:29
Syntuxforumsmatthew, not a single full application but bits in many applications.21:29
Syntuxnamely gnome-session phatch update-manager pidgin schooltool yelp21:30
Seveastranslation karma is 10321:30
Syntuxbeagle, gmount-iso, dpkg, gaim (that's old), , vlc, netapplet21:31
PriceChildLots more karma on answers.21:31
* Syntux tick tok tick tok tick tok21:33
popeyi see only 15 answers on your page or am I missing something?21:33
Syntuxpopey, you are right.21:33
Seveasso answers give lots of karma21:34
popeyit does21:34
SyntuxSeveas, only if it's answered in the same day of question.21:34
stgraberpopey: you probably only see the one in english ?21:34
Syntuxstgraber, I did not answer any in Arabic; actually I didn't see any question in arabic.21:34
forumsmatthewI like what I see. I'm not sure I see enough of it yet to make me comfortable bestowing membership.21:36
forumsmatthewThe future looks good, though21:36
Seveascan we please see votes? there are lots of candidates still waiting21:36
PriceChildI think I'm going to echo Seveas above with a -1.21:36
phanaticit'll be a 0 from me21:36
forumsmatthew-1 for now. Please continue on the current path and reapply later21:36
forumsmatthewI would love to give a plus one in the future21:37
stgraberFor me as Seveas said the wiki page gives me no evidence of the work Syntux did and don't get me wrong, I'm sure Syntux did a lot of work. So I'm giving -1 for the moment and wait for him to come back soon.21:37
Seveasok, all votes are counted. Syntux I'm sorry but you'll have to try again later. I can work with you on that wikipage if you want21:37
SeveasMirv, you're up21:37
MirvI'm Timo Jyrinki, 29, M.Sc in tech, a FLOSS enthusiast & the founder and team contact for Ubuntu Finland. Soon to be Debian Developer (AM approved). Contributed among else i18n bug fixes, translations, integration of my 5 debian packages (Finnish spellchecking) to ubuntu main and part of official Ubuntu's Finnish support, done a lot (fi-site/wiki/forums, press releases, CD spreading, ...) to spread Ubuntu in Finland and help users.21:38
Syntuxit's ok. Thank you guys.21:38
MirvI'm also press contact for fi-wikipedia which has gotten mainstream media coverage about everywhere around here -> trying to also mention the freedom aspect of it and free software. Founded vapaasuomi.fi (libre Finland) which covers both free software and content.21:38
MirvMet many people at UDS-Intrepid. Done a lot of LP bug report handling/cleaning, investigating whatever interests me. I18N fixes lately include reporting/organizing fixing of some very visible ones in our installer (8.04 is good, 8.04.1 is going to be perfect!), providing i18n-fixed bzr branches or PPA packages of eg. hwtest (whole UI), brasero (menu item), nm-applet (nm-editor whole UI), policykit-gnome (whole UI). All fixed in hardy.21:38
Mirvso there goes21:38
Seveashaving read the wikipage and related things in advance: +121:38
Seveasgo finland!21:39
stgraberoh, I remember where I saw Mirv before :) Canonical sysadmins channel :)21:39
forumsmatthewI've been reading on this one as well. +121:39
PriceChildHow was UDS, what are your goals for Intrepid?21:39
phanaticsame here, really impressive work. +121:39
stgraber+1 from me too21:40
MirvPriceChild: UDS was great to meet people I've only met on IRC. Goals for Intrepid, hmm, NMUing new gnome-spell in Debian with enchant support and syncing it to Ubuntu, trying to help mozvoikko to get in in time, improving translations21:41
stgraberMirv: you were only at UDS, not FOSSCamp ?21:41
Mirvhopefully helping somehow with X/Mesa/DRI stuff now that I've new Intel hw21:41
Mirvstgraber: I came only in Sunday evening, so only UDS indeed21:41
PriceChildSounds great to me and I'll +1 too.21:41
popeywow, lots of translations21:41
phanaticMirv: huge thanks for the gnome-spell/enchant stuff!21:42
Seveasnice, quick one!21:42
Seveascongratulations Mirv21:42
Myrtti/me cheers21:42
SeveasIulian, you're up21:42
Mirvwell, thanks a lot everyone! :)21:42
IulianHello! My name is Iulian Udrea and I'm sixteen year old. I started using Ubuntu a couple of years ago. To be honest I was really fascinated. I like to develop small open-source software and play chess. My favorite programming language is C/C++. I love to work in a team with talented guys and I also like to share my knowledge with others.21:42
IulianI'm a QA member and I am spending most of my time with the BugSquad team. One of my interests is to keep the Brainstorm site in shape (Ubuntu Developer role). I also like to work with the MOTUs, currently member of the MOTU Science team.21:42
* RainCT is here to speak in favour of Iulian - he is doing great work on the MOTU front21:42
IulianMy future plans are: keep working with the MOTU, BugSquad and Brainstorm team.21:42
IulianWiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IulianUdrea21:42
IulianLP page: https://edge.launchpad.net/~iulian21:43
jpdsIulian is a talented guy and has made great work helping out in the MOTU. I fully support his membership and would very much like to see him as a MOTU in the future.21:43
nandI'd like to support Iulian with the following SQL query:21:43
nanddump080510=> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM qapoll_choice_duplicate_report WHERE moderatorid='430';21:43
nand count21:43
nand   52221:43
Seveasnand, was about to ask for something like that21:43
IulianI didn't know that, nand. Thanks for letting me know. :)21:43
stgraber+1 for Iulian, amazing triaging/QA work and on Brainstorm too21:43
nand(meaning he processed 522 duplicate reports in brainstorm ;) )21:43
stgraberand that's an old dump :)21:43
PriceChildIulian: How come you aren't going for membership through Ubuntu Contributing Developers? ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers#ContribDev )21:44
SeveasI had my doubts after reading wikipages21:44
Seveasbut see what testimonials do, +1 from me :)21:44
IulianPriceChild: Good question. I don't really know what to answer. Maybe I will later.21:44
IulianOr be sure that I will. :)21:45
SeveasPriceChild, I don't think it's the road that counts, it's the goal :)21:46
IulianSeveas: Exactly. I'm planning this for the future.21:46
SeveasIulian, well, if you continue on the current path, I'd like to see that future :)21:46
PriceChildNice support from RainCT.21:46
IulianSeveas: Sure.21:47
PriceChildIulian: Go get MOTU!! :) I'll +1.21:47
IulianPriceChild: Hehe, thanks a lot.21:47
Seveasok, 6+'es21:47
Seveascongrats Iulian!21:47
SeveasRicardoPerez, you're up21:47
IulianAwesome, thank you all.21:47
RicardoPerezHi everybody! First of all, sorry about my horrible English :)21:47
RainCTIulian: congrats!21:47
RicardoPerezI'm Ricardo Pérez. I'm 33, and I teach computer scientist (using Ubuntu ;)) in a High School at Spain.21:47
RicardoPerezI'm the "Ubuntu Spanish Translators" team administrator https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-es , and a Spanish translator via Launchpad. As administrator, my job is, basically, to approve/decline new membership requests for the team, using the criteria published in the team wiki page, and coordinate the members using mailing lists and Launchpad polls.21:47
RicardoPerezAs translator, our job is to translate Ubuntu into the Spanish language. The Spanish is on the top of the translated languages in Ubuntu (obviously it's not thanks only to me, of course :)21:48
RicardoPerezI'm doing translation works since 2005, and I do send bugreports about translation problems regularly. I'm a member of the "Launchpad Beta Testers" team, too.21:48
RicardoPerezYou can see my Launchpad profile https://launchpad.net/~ricardo and my wiki page21:48
RicardoPerezhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/RicardoPerezLopez for more information :)21:48
SeveasI'm a bit out of touch with karma. Is 5003 a lot for translations?21:48
forumsmatthewno hay nada problema, vuestro ingles es muy bien21:48
RicardoPerezSeveas: yes, it's right :)21:48
RicardoPerezSeveas: I do a LOT of translations :)21:48
* Flare183 says wow21:48
SeveasRicardoPerez, as I can see21:49
Seveasbased on that alone, +121:49
phanaticindeed, +121:49
Seveasadding the rest: +1.5 :)21:49
forumsmatthewun grande +121:49
PriceChildRicardoPerez: What have you helped organise with the LoCo, apart from memberships?21:49
RicardoPerezPriceChild: really, I don't do any LoCo organisation at all, I'm only on translations and i18n21:50
RicardoPerezPriceChild: LoCo is Spanish team, and translations is Ubuntu Spanish Translators team :)21:51
stgraberManaging a translation team is certainly not something easy, +1 for that21:51
beunoRicardoPerez, is THE top contributor to Spanish translations, in every way possible21:51
PriceChildMy mistake, got confused for a second there :)21:51
Seveasstgraber -- king of the understatements21:51
beunoI quite admire his work21:51
RicardoPerezbeuno: thanks a lot :)21:51
effie_jayxI second beuno  on his coment21:51
beuno(sorry if I dropped in randomly, I just saw this and though I'd weigh in)21:51
SeveasPriceChild, +1/0/-1?21:52
PriceChild+1 even21:52
Seveaspassed with flying colors, congrats!21:52
Seveasfdd, you're up21:52
RicardoPerezwow!!!!!!! thanks a lot!!!21:52
RicardoPerezgracias! :)21:52
fdd## My name is Ionuț Jula, 18, and I'm a CS student trying to bring to FOSS ideology into my country (Romania).21:52
fdd## Actions through (Romanian) Free Sofware Group (softwareliber.ro).21:52
fdd## Free and Open Source philosophy is a life style for me.21:52
* beuno wonders how it is RicardoPerez wasn't a member already21:52
beunoRicardoPerez, congrats, long overdue21:52
RicardoPerezbeuno: thanks again :) thanks again!21:53
ke|pRicardoPerez, felicidades :)21:53
Seveashmm, translation karma 987421:53
RicardoPerezke|p: thank you very much :)21:53
SeveasI seriously need to know what's "good translation karma" "better karma" and "insane karma"21:53
* stgraber too21:54
Seveasfdd, since when are you translating things and how much time per week do you think you're spending on it21:54
PriceChildSeveas: I think perhaps going to the translations page, it says for example 364 results here21:54
fddsince I joined LP.21:55
PriceChildricardo had 1448, yet less karma?21:55
PriceChildhow confusing21:55
phanaticPriceChild: i wouldn't make any decisions based on karma. it doesn't help too much to determine real activity unfortunately.21:55
SeveasI would like to see some testimonials from other .ro people21:55
fddit depends. really.21:55
popeyPriceChild: it decays over time21:55
beunoPriceChild, RicardoPerez does a lot of work with the team itself, and seems to work on the hardest strings in general21:55
beunowhich is hard to see reflected in LP currently  :)21:56
fddwe are a team too.21:56
SeveasPriceChild, karma decays, RicardoPerez has been contributing for over 2 years, fdd for less than 9 months21:56
fddbeuno, yes, it does.21:57
SeveasI'm going for 0 -- fdd's main contribution is translations. I can't read romanian so I can't judge those, I'd like to see some testimonials from other romanian translators21:57
fddI understand, Seveas.21:58
forumsmatthewI'm going to have to agree with Seveas here. I like the idea, but I am unable to adequately judge the quality of the contributions...for now, 021:58
stgraberI'll follow Seveas on this one, more testimonials would be great and the wiki page might need updating too21:58
lukehasnonameWhat is a passing vote, out of 7?21:58
phanatic0 from me as well. it would be great, if you could bring along some people from your loco21:59
fddI focused on translating.21:59
Seveaslukehasnoname, majority of present members (that's what the CC does now)21:59
forumsmatthewfdd, if you had some people here to speak on your behalf, I could be swayed21:59
popeyditto, 0 here21:59
fddthat's true, but... you know.22:00
PriceChildI'm going to abstain with a 0 too.22:00
Seveasthat's 6 times 0. fdd, please get those testimonials sorted out and I'm convinced they'll quickly turn into 6 +1's22:01
Seveasvolans isn't here so mantiena is up22:01
fddof course. cheers!22:01
mantienahi all22:02
mantienaMy name is Mantas Kriaučiūnas, I'm 31 age, Debian user since 1999, Ubuntu user (and non-official developer) since 2004.22:02
mantienaI'm creator and main developer of Baltix GNU/Linux distribution (Ubuntu derivative), active translator of free software, also board Member of non-profit public organization "Open Source for Lithuania". I'm a full-time free software worker since 2003 ;)22:02
mantienaFor contributions to Ubuntu and other info look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MantasKriaučiūnas22:02
SeveasI'm of two minds22:03
PriceChildLots of Baltix on launchpad :/22:04
Seveasyes, that makes it hard to judge *ubuntu* contributions22:04
Seveasmantiena, how much time do you spend on improving ubuntu, compared to the time spent working on baltix22:05
mantienaSeveas: it's launchpad fault, not my ;)22:05
Seveasmantiena, very true :)22:05
sirex`Seveas: see my comment on mantiena's wiki22:05
PriceChildTestemonials are also about baltix22:05
PriceChildtestimonials even22:05
Seveaswell, pitti saying nice things does sway my opinion a bit22:06
PriceChildbut a mr pitt did leave a comment22:06
mantienaSeveas: I'm not dividing time for Baltix or Ubuntu - I'm improving Ubuntu, but my improvements firstly are included into Baltix, because I'm not official Ubuntu developer, evet not MOTU22:06
Seveasmantiena, why not become motu then?22:06
popeymantiena: whats the status of live-installer?22:06
phanaticmantiena: are you planning to become a MOTU?22:06
mantienapopey: live-installer is suspended since 2007, because ubiquity is fully debconf-based22:07
popeyah, I see22:07
mantienaphanatic: right, I'm planing to become a MOTU22:07
PriceChildI think when providing lots of evidence about motuish things, ubuntu universe contributors should be the way to go for membership?22:07
SeveasPriceChild, I'm going to agree with that22:08
Seveasthey can judge that better22:08
forumsmatthewshall I call the question?22:10
forumsmatthewwhat say we?22:10
SeveasThat makes it a 0 from me, I think mantiena would be a good member but I'd rather see him take the motu route22:10
forumsmatthewI'm voting 0 for the same reason.. Seveas types faster than me, I think22:10
phanatic0 for the same reason22:10
phanaticah :)22:10
mantienaSeveas , forumsmatthew, phanatic : then there are one problem for Lithuanian LoCo team22:11
Seveasmantiena, which problem and why?22:11
forumsmatthewwhat is that?22:11
mantienawe can't have official LoCo team, because there are no U22:11
mantienaUbuntu member in Lithuania22:11
PriceChild-1 from me, would like to see you get recognised by getting these improvements from baltix into ubuntu22:12
Seveasis that really a requirement?22:12
SeveasI think we have several official teams that don't include ubuntu members but I could be wrong22:12
Seveasstgraber, popey: what's your verdict?22:13
sirex`Seveas: LoCo team must have contact person, who must be a ubuntu member.22:13
mantienaAFAIK LoCo team should have a contact person, who is an Ubuntu member22:13
stgraber0 from me22:13
PriceChildSeveas: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved infers it needs ubuntu members22:13
SeveasPriceChild, sirex` thanks22:13
Seveasmantiena, people can become members by doing loco work and translations as well. If you think other people in the loco qualify for those reasons, they should apply for membership22:14
Seveaswe think your application is better judged by the MOTU, so please try to go that route yourself22:14
RainCTthe Catalan LoCo Team got official without any Ubuntu Member22:15
SeveasStyx`, you're up next22:15
Styx`Hi, my name is Tomas Žeimys, I'm 25 years old and live in Vilnius, Lithuania. Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Tomas%C5%BDeimys22:15
Styx`My main interests are Ubuntu advocacy and local community management. 3 years ago I've started a website (www.ubuntu.lt) that now holds over 2000 members from Lithuania. Actively involved in organizing local meetings, various events and conferences. Currently I'm working on web based social network utility for OSS users in Lithuania, launching charity project (reuse of old computers that will be powered by (x)ubuntu) and preparing a22:15
Styx` plan for "Ubucon Baltic" (2-3 days event related to Ubuntu and other OSS for people from Baltic region). Main target - to fix Bug #1 at least in Lithuania :)22:15
RainCT(that was some time ago, though)22:15
pochuRainCT: same for ubuntu-es (the Spanish Speaking, not the LoCo team from Spain), but indeed it was ages ago22:15
mantienaSeveas: ok, I will try MOTU way22:16
jpdspochu: ..until now22:16
SeveasStyx`, can you translate "Viso žinučių / temų" to english for me?22:17
ubottulukehasnoname: Current time in Etc/UTC: May 27 2008, 21:18:52 - Current meeting: EMEA Ubuntu Membership Approval Board22:17
Styx`Seveas, Total posts / topics22:17
Seveasand "pradedantiesiems"22:18
DzHiBaSFor begginers22:18
Styx`Seveas, for beginners22:18
Seveasah, that's why it has most posts :)22:18
sirex`Seveas: I and mantiena know him, and he is really from Lithuania.. :)22:18
Seveassirex`, hehe22:19
Seveasnot doubting that, just curious22:19
Seveasubuntu.lt looks good, nice recommendations as well22:19
Seveas+1 here22:20
sirex`there is also ubuntu.lt/beta ...22:20
Styx`cms made simple22:21
Seveascan you mail your theme to dennis@ubuntu.com? :)22:22
Styx`Seeker`, sure22:22
stgraber+1 from me too22:22
phanatici know how difficult it is to lead a loco and organize regular meetings and bigger conferences. so +1 from me.22:22
mantienaSo, it seems we will have Ubuntu member in Lithuania :)22:22
Seveaspopey still needs to vote :)22:22
* Seeker` prods Styx`s tab complete22:22
Styx`Seeker`, sorry22:23
Seeker`tis ok :)22:23
Seveaspopey, prod prod22:23
Seveaswho of us can stay a bit longer than 21:30? The list of members is still long22:24
popeyone mo22:24
forumsmatthewI can stay until 22:0022:24
popeyok, good stuff, +1 from me22:24
mantienaviva our LoCo team :)22:24
SeveasStyx`, congrats!22:25
Seveasl3on, you're up22:25
Styx`great! thank you guys, i'll do my best to not let you down22:25
l3onHello, I'm Leo Iannacone, 22 ( http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LeoIannacone ). I discovered Ubuntu in the far April 2006 (now about 2 years ago). I started to bring the Italian community immediately with the forum and later I started to work for italian wiki importing new guides from the International wiki. In December 2006 I was appointed moderator in italian ubuntu forum and in January 2007 wiki editor by Italian documentation group. Currently, I work mai22:25
l3onnly to italian wiki, where now I'm administrator. In recent months, with help from other administrators (specially AlessioTreglia and MiloCasagrande), we have refactoried the wiki structure, organizing it into Sections to split pages by thematic arguments (it was an hard work!), for see more take a quick look to our Index ( http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/Documentazione/Indice ); we have produced new themes for the wiki (Kubuntu - Xubuntu - Edubuntu) and22:25
l3on new macros (an hack of TableOfContents to make it good to look without a dreadful table, and one for managing the compatible releases with the page that you are reading) (see for example http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/AmministrazioneSistema/Grub ). My work is powered by hope that one day Ubuntu will be installed on most of computers, in schools, offices, everywhere. Working constantly to make this happen.22:25
HattoryI would like to sustain Leo's application becouse he's one of the most involved users in the Ubuntu Italian Documentation Team. Its enthusiasm is amazing!22:25
Seveasl3on, can you point me to your userpage on the .it forums?22:26
l3onyes of course -> http://forum.ubuntu-it.org/index.php?action=profile;u=582722:27
l3onBut, I think you have to register for read it22:27
Seveasnope :)22:27
totopalmaLeo is a very active member: he is moderator of Italian forum and is extremely active on the Documentation Team.Nice work, Leo! :)22:28
Seveasand I can manage enough italian to understand it even22:28
popeynice wiki page22:28
PriceChildLots of forums posts.22:28
l3ontnx popey.22:28
popeyyeah, easy one, +1, well done, good work22:29
Seveas+7 it is, congrats22:29
quadrisprocongrats l3on, u r great22:30
l3ontnx all guys :)22:30
Hattoryl3on: congrats \o/22:30
Seveasthat's the end of the meeting I'm afraid22:30
l3onquadrispro: you too ! ;)22:30
devfilcongrats l3on, you rock!22:30
SeveasDoes anybody onject to, say, 30 minutes more?22:30
l3ontnx devfil :)22:30
totopalmal3on, \o/22:30
forumsmatthewSeveas, I am okay22:30
xivulonno objection :)22:30
PriceChildI'm ok to stay a little more22:30
quadrisproSeveas: it could be good :)22:30
Seveass/anybody/anybody on the board/22:30
stgraberSeveas: I can stay a bit longer, not sure about 30min though22:31
phanatic30 more mins is fine22:31
Seveaspopey, ?22:31
Seveasok, continuing until stgraber has to leave22:31
popeyfine by me22:31
Seveasxivulon, you're up22:31
xivulonHi all, I am Agostino Russo, aka ago, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AgostinoRusso. I am the author and mainteiner of Wubi (wubi-installer.org), umenu, and a few other odd bits that ship on the LiveCD + related activities (wubi forum admin, website admin, guides, bugs in wubi and neighbouring core packages, etc).22:31
Seveaswubi, umenu22:32
Seveascase closed, +122:32
forumsmatthewUm, Wubi...  Huge +122:32
PriceChild+1 too22:32
PriceChildLots of thanks on ubuntuforums.org too as well as posts.22:32
phanatic+1, no question22:33
stgraber+1 for xivulon for all the work on wubi, collaboration with Ubuntu (all time in #ubuntu-installer) and helping users22:33
quadrisproxivulon: great :)22:33
Seveasnice one, congrats!22:33
Seveasquadrispro, you're up22:33
xivulonthanks guys22:33
quadrisproI'm Alessio Treglia, 24. I'm studying Information Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Information and Automation of University of RomaTre (Rome, Italy).22:33
quadrisproAfter Dapper was released, I started to contribute to Italian Community growth in different ways, at first giving support in technical boards of the italian forum and in IRC channels, then reporting bugs and writing and reviewing howtos for the Italian wiki.22:33
popeycongrats xivulon22:33
quadrisproNow I'm an official translator, a moderator of Documentation board of Italian forums and administrator of italian wiki, on which I've been working everyday. During this last period my attention is mainly focused on wiki structure refactoring and graphic restyling; in particular I'm proud for the last work which I ended together with Leo Iannacone (another Ubuntu-it wiki administrator), about new macros development.22:33
xivulonthx popey22:34
quadrisproI hope that Ubuntu will reach a wider diffusion and I'm trying to make it a reality, by installing Ubuntu systems on a even growing number of people's laptop and desktop and offering my free support.22:34
totopalmaAlessio is extremely active on the Documentation Team, he is member of the official Italian Translator Team and member of Italian Wiki Staff.22:34
Seveasgood wikipage, nice testimonials22:35
Hattorytwo words for Alessio: he rocks22:36
Seveascan anyone tell me how to get activity info out of moin?22:36
beunoSeveas, /RecentChanges22:36
Seveas(at least it looks like moin, the -it wiki)22:36
quadrisproSeveas: http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/AlessioTreglia22:36
Seveasbeuno, that's not too helpful to see stats for a user22:37
stgraberquadrispro: I see you are in Ubuntu and Xubuntu testing teams in Launchpad, what kind of testing do you do ?22:37
Seveasquadrispro, that helps22:37
beunoSeveas, I'm not sure moin let's you get stats per-user22:38
l3onSeveas: quadrispro everyday read/correct and help new user to write and edit guides on wiki. It's a great editor22:38
l3ons/wiki/italian wiki/ ;)22:38
quadrisprostgraber: i look for bug22:38
quadrisprostgraber: but in this last period my attention was mainly focused on italian wiki22:39
SeveasLeaning towards a +1 for the locowork22:40
Seveasanybody want to convince me I'm wrong? :)22:41
Myrtti/me shuffles her feet22:41
popeylooks good22:41
forumsmatthew+1 here22:41
stgraber+1 for LoCo work22:42
phanaticgood testimonials, and lot of created pages/documentations in the italian wiki. +122:42
Seveasexcellent, +6 it is22:42
Hattoryquadrispro: \o/22:43
Seveasstgraber, time enough for one more?22:43
quadrisprothank you guys :) thank you very much22:43
Seveasquadrispro, congrats :)22:43
totopalmaquadrispro, \o/22:43
devfilcongrats quadrispro :)22:43
quadrisprothank u devfil22:43
devfilquadrispro: I'm happy for you22:43
quadrisprothanks Seveas :)22:43
* PriceChild thinks ikonia be idle22:43
* devfil is here :)22:44
stgraberSeveas: yes22:44
Seveasok, ikonia seems to be idle and pimanx isn't here. ke|p you're up22:44
pimanxIm here22:45
ke|phi all!22:45
pimanxHi all :) My name is Martin Pihl, I'm 27 from Denmark. I candidate to be the only second Dane becoming an Ubuntu member (the other being soren from Canonicals Server Team). Among other things I'm the founder of the Danish support and community forum at http://ubuntudanmark.dk, which I created in 2006, and have been administering since then.22:45
pimanxI'm very active in the Danish LoCo team, and I hope an Ubuntu membership will inspire other Danish users to put efforts into Ubuntu. sbc is here from the Danish LoCo Team. My main focus now and in the near future is Ubuntu in denmark: Work to expand the user base but also engage more new active ubunteros and lay the ground for commercial Ubuntu support and usage.22:45
Seveaske|p, oops, I made a mistake, pimanx is up first, sorry22:45
ke|pno problem22:46
quadrisprogoodbye all22:46
pimanxAs you can see on my wiki page, my main contribution is in the LoCo team and particular on ubuntudanmark.dk which I founded22:47
Seveaspimanx, what's ubuntu-dk.org if ubuntudanmark.dk is the main site?22:47
Myrttiok, since there's no way of getting to my application in the allotted time, I'm going to bed. Nitey everyone22:47
pimanxSeveas, I created this site at a time when the loco team was very inactive22:47
pimanxthats why we have to pages atm22:47
sorenI imagine we'll merge at some point.22:47
* soren runs the ubuntu-dk.org stuff22:48
Seveassoren, what kind of software is it?22:48
sorenSeveas: ubuntu-dk.org? Django, most of it.22:48
pimanxyes, ubuntudanmark primarily runs the forum22:48
SeveasI ask because it looks eeeeeeeerily familiar :)22:48
sorenSeveas: Yeah, I may have borrowed a bit from someone... :D22:48
Seveassoren, what would you say about pimanx ?22:49
* PriceChild ctrl+u's22:49
sorenI don't have a lot to add, but can certainly verify that pimanx is a very active community member and that ubuntudanmark.dk is considered a very useful ressource for many Danish Ubuntu users.22:49
popey+1 from me22:50
popeyfor community efforts22:50
PriceChild+1 too, looks good22:50
pimanxThanks :) - and thx for staying awake, soren ;)22:50
stgraber+1 and I'm affraid I'll need to leave after this one22:51
pochustgraber: just one more? :)22:51
Seveas+6 it is22:51
sorenpimanx: The legend says I don't sleep anyway, so no worries :)22:51
Seveasshall we meet again next week to get rid of the backlog?22:51
pochuwe have 10 minutes left?22:51
Seveaspochu, stgraber has to leave and nagios os telling me I should do so as well22:52
forumsmatthewNext week should work for me22:52
popeywould be better to stick to a schedule22:52
pochuI'm here for ke|p, I'm sure you all will +1 her in a second :)22:52
popeyrather than having ad-hoc meetings22:52
popeywe've certainly broken the back of the list22:52
Seveaspopey, that's true22:52
Seveaspochu, add a testimonial to the wikipage22:53
stgraber"Meetings are weekly, and take place in the early evening for each timezone, although the day will vary a little each week, to ensure that as many membership candidates as possible can attend."22:53
ke|pI don't know if the next week  i can be here, but no problem22:53
Seveaske|p, there's always a next week22:54
ke|pyes :)22:54
SeveasI think it makes sense to stick to the same day and time, unless candidates have trouble with that (I've seen that ones in 2 years of CC meetings)22:54
popeysince when did we agree that!?22:54
Seveashttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards says so22:55
beunoke|p, poke me when you do get a chance to apply, I have quite a few good things to say about you  :)22:55
forumsmatthewI didn't, but I'm willing to do it briefly to get the list cleared22:55
stgraberpopey: that's what the wiki page says since the beginning, I don't think it's useful either ...22:55
Seeker`popey: didn;t you see the small print? you signed away your soul when you joined the membership council22:55
SeveasI don't think weekly will be really necessary, but lets do that for now to get rid of backlog22:55
popeyclearly :)22:55
popeyok, fine22:55
ke|pok beuno, thanks!22:55
SeveasSeeker`, jono owns his soul22:55
Hattorynice meeting! bye bye22:55
stgrabersame time next week sounds good, then we'll see when will be the one after22:55
Seveasah crap, next week I won't be in on tuesday of course22:56
Seveasdads 50th birthday22:56
Seeker`"of course"?22:56
PriceChildHow about wednesday?22:56
PriceChildor shall we talk this over on the list?22:56
stgraberI can't on wednesday (two other meetings)22:56
Seveaslet's take it to the list and use that think mark said (doodle.ch)22:56
Seveaswill send summary + doodle thing to board, cc, and uwn tomorrow22:57
Seeker`PriceChild: you have to be different, don't you :P22:57
Seveasnagios is now really saying I should go, or else I'll be fired22:57
Seveas(read: databases went down)22:57
popeygood work guys22:57
forumsmatthewthanks, all22:57
Seveassee you soon, all!22:57
popeySeveas: you have the log, and are passing it on yes?22:57
Seveaspopey, yes22:58
phanaticthanks, see you next week. good night!22:58
ke|pgood night22:58
RicardoPerezgood night everyone!22:58
RicardoPerez(or everybody)22:58
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l3onBy all :) and tnx ;)22:59

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