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Bert_2I have checked out the edubuntu handbook, and it tells me a lot about LTSP except which packages I need to use it, so which ones would I need if clients use PXE ?08:16
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stgraberogra: Looks like we have found the issue in x11vnc. Upstream release handles "broken pipe" correctly but crashes with italc.13:19
stgraberThat happens when we are closing the VNC link before the frame was loaded from the client13:19
stgraber(so basically closing italc when a student screen is still refreshing)13:19
stgraberthe fact that it's easier to reproduce with larger resolution is probably because it takes longer to refresh than with low resolutions13:20
ogradepending on the bandwith as well i guess13:20
stgraberwe'll certainly have a fix/workaround in final 1.0.9 (if it's released one day :))13:23
stgraberbtw, did you see Richard recently ?13:23
stgraberI wanted to ask for some news about my cmpc (still not here :( ) but he doesn't seem to be around13:23
ograno, i didnt13:39
ogranot since last wed. or so13:39
stgraberhmm, ok. I sent him a mail.13:42
RichEdstgraber: hi15:10
cottimaDoes Hardy Heron's ltsp5 feature "http boot" from gPXE/etherboot ? (Note:  It has been a year since I have touched LTSP or its docs.  Sorry, just want to know.)16:15
stgraberwhat's http boot ? getting stuff using http instead of tftp ?16:15
stgraberif yes, we don't16:15
cottimayeah :(16:16
stgraberwhy would you do that ?16:16
stgraberit sounds like it'll need a lot more resource than the simple tftp deamon we have. And you'll need gPXE to use it so won't work with standard PXE rom16:17
cottimastagraber It transfers the image faster (tcp over udp).16:18
stgraberah, I should go back to reading about network protocols :), in my memory udp should be faster as it doesn't require ack/signature as tcp does ...16:21
cottimastgraber http://www.linux.com/feature/118636 has three flash videos that talk about some new gPXE features.  I am a lazy, dumb linux [desktop] user, so it sounds good to me.  However, I need more maturing before implementing something.16:21
cottimastgraber, I thought what you said is what was say in my networking class, but...16:22
stgraberI guess Ubuntu won't install a http server with all LTSP installations until "http boot" is supported by the PXE chips on motherboard. Only a few users are using gPXE to boot their clients.16:24
stgraberthat said, you probably can just install apache or lighttpd, set the web directory to /var/lib/tftpboot and it'll probably work fine16:24
cottimathanks stgraber16:44
LnsIn a dual-NIC edubuntu setup, should a certain NIC be brought up by /etc/network/interfaces first? I'm having an issue where i have to cycle eth0 and eth1 whenever the system is rebooted - as it is now, eth0 is brought up first (eth0 is the "to-the-wan" iface).18:01
LnsFor whatever reason, it can't see the rest of the world (can't ping out) until I cycle the NICs after reboot - the interfaces file is in correct syntax, too.18:01
Lns(minus a broadcast stanza for each NIC that i just put in...)18:02
aarmelvinanybody know how to use jabbin client18:35
Lnsaarmelvin, ?18:36
Lnsvoip for jabber? Cool!18:37
* Lns has never personally heard of it before, so...no. ;)18:37
ograLns, i'm not sure we still support /etc/iftab but you could assign a fixed devicename by MAC there18:37
Lnsogra, do you think it's an issue of which one is brought up first? Because the interfaces man page says whatever one is listed in the interfaces file is brought up first...18:39
* Lns hasn't even heard of /etc/iftab ;)18:39
ograLns, /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules should fulfill the same purpose though18:39
ogramake sure to set ATTR{address} and NAME18:40
aarmelvincan i login into jabbin using my gmail account18:41
Lnsogra, what purpose to fulfill ? I'm not following the reason to use /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules or /etc/iftab18:41
aarmelvini got the error message saying that "connection failed:unable to connect with the server"18:41
aarmelvinanybody resolve my problem18:42
ograLns, to assign a fixed device name (ethX) to a certain NIC18:42
Lnsaarmelvin, I don't think this is the correct channel to ask that question18:42
Lnsogra, so you think the problem is that the NICs are getting mixed up during boot, based on what I said before?18:43
ograLns, you said that18:43
Lnswell I just said I had to cycle up/down my NICs after boot18:43
Lnsbecause I can't ping outbound (via eth0)18:43
ograi thought you had to cycle the names18:43
Lnsoh no18:44
ograthats weird then, the order they are brought up in shouldnt matter at all18:44
ogracan you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces ?18:44
LnsI know I've had issues before, even with an old server at the same location (if it can't reach a DNS server it will time out and nobody can boot TCs)18:44
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)18:46
Lnsogra, http://paste.ubuntu.com/22387/18:46
ograhmm, nothing suspicious in there18:47
Lnsogra, bah - maybe my resolv.conf was fudging it up - its first entry was a bogus DNS server (not reachable)18:48
Lnsthink that would do it?18:48
LnsI know I've had weird issues with DNS and LTSP before18:48
ograyou could just add dns-nameservers to the interfaces file18:48
Lns(if DNS isn't reachable at boot or becomes unreachable)18:48
Lnsogra, weird, i don't see that in the man page for interfaces18:50
ograoh, thats resolvconf, sorry ignore that18:50
stgraberogra: yeah, we found the issue in iTalc. It's actually an upstream x11vnc bug when using tight encoding. We'll just disable it for now until it's fixed upstream.22:47
Lnsstgraber, which issue is that?23:28
stgraberica crashing randomly23:32
Lnsstgraber, ah...you wouldn't happen to know anything about Gnome themes cycling randomly with VNC in Hardy, would you?23:43
stgraberhmm, no, never heard of that23:44
Lnsstgraber, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/239342 if you're interested..I filed that one23:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 239342 in gnome-settings-daemon "Error starting gnome-settings-daemon while logged in via vnc" [Undecided,New]23:44

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