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sbcI this the right place to request to have a channel added to the list of loggede channels here: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ ?15:23
Ekusheysbc, what channel is it?16:32
sbcEkushey: #ubuntu-dk-moede (channel used for meetings for the Danish Team).16:57
sbcit's rather empty right now - but it is used at least once a month for our meetings, and reliabile logs would be nice.16:58
Ekusheysbc, you can request to have locobot on your channel, try sending an email to admin@ubuntu-eu.org17:04
Ekusheysbc, also, see if you can find someone to help you on #ubuntu-eu or not17:07
sbcEkushey: Thanks17:11
Ekusheysbc, see if this helps or not... someone from the ubuntu-eu team helped me out last time, but i forgot his nick17:14
jpdsEkushey: yann?17:37
jpdssbc: for a loco channel locobot would be the preferred choice :) your logs will show up here: http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/17:40
Ekusheyno jpds, someone else... can't remember right now17:41
jpdsEkushey: well, nevermind.17:42
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emberhey, can someone add me to the cloaked team on lp? nick: ember lp-id: ember20:36
jpdsPriceChild: ^20:37
jpdsember: Not sure if it's possible, but would you like to override your current cloak or have an ubuntu/member/gware.dev... one?20:38
emberhi jpds, override the current20:40
jpdsember: ok, just wait for PC to wake up again and I'm sure he'll see to it.20:40
emberheh thanks, no rush on that20:41
naliothwhat are we waiting on?20:42
jpdsoh, hi nalioth!20:43
naliothember: you need to wait on whomever runs the LP team to add you as an Ubuntu Member20:43
jpdsnalioth: he is in the ~ubuntumembers group.20:44
naliothjpds: not that i see  :(20:44
jpdsnalioth: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ember/+participation20:45
naliothjpds: yes, i'm looking at that20:45
naliothjpds: it has to say "Ubuntu Members"20:45
jpds"Via Ubuntu Universe Contributors. " ?20:45
naliothi'll have to ask about that20:46
naliothbecause if a group == ubuntu members, it usually says so20:46
jpdsnalioth: I think it's ok, 'sebner' is cloaked for the same reason: https://launchpad.net/~sebner/+participation20:50
naliothjpds: yeah, i got confirmation and all ist klar20:51
jpdsember: congrats on the universe contributors thing!20:52
emberjpds nalioth thanks!21:04
jpdsYou're welcome :)21:05
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