SolarbabyI used a Plextor ConvertX 402U for a while.. it wasn't bad00:00
Solarbabythats usb00:00
Solarbabynot that its really an issue these days, just make sure your plugged into a usb 2.0 port00:01
rhpot1991_laptopif you just want OTA for now, I'd check out the HDHR00:02
rhpot1991_laptopworks well, gets you OTA HD and clear QAM00:02
rhpot1991_laptopsupport is there out of the box00:02
pdxguywhat is QAM?00:02
rhpot1991_laptopdigital broadcast00:02
SolarbabyI need to look into that one myself00:02
rhpot1991_laptopmost stuff is encrypted through cable companies, so you don't get a lot but you get some00:03
rhpot1991_laptopand your local's in HD00:03
Solarbabyoh its over the air.. I have satalite..  not a winning combination eh?00:03
rhpot1991_laptopnot really00:04
rhpot1991_laptopSolarbaby: your best bet is to keep an eye on the HDPRV 1212 from hauppauge, there are beta drivers out00:05
Solarbabywill do..   Im still living with 1 single tuner card..  Hauppauge PVR 350..  I love the card..  but I've got HD in the next room and its just sitting there00:05
pdxguyWhen checking things out should I be looking for chipsets or API supported or what exactly? I'm not confident the sales people will know what will work or not. Or should I just buy online?00:08
MythbuntuGuest58hello... I have been working on this MythTV box for days, and I'm stuck00:09
MythbuntuGuest58when I click watch tv, the screen blinks and it goes back to the main menue00:09
pdxguyAnyone now how well (or if at all) the HVR-950Q works?00:14
pcglueSolarBaby, do you use the Composite In on your pvr350?00:28
Solarbabypcglue: I use the svideo input..00:43
pcgluesolarbaby, what version of ubuntu are you running and what kernel version?  I have trouble with composite in on hardy.  I had to change to use the RF input.00:45
Solarbabypcglue: im using Mythbuntu 8.0400:46
Solarbabyand I've got to say everything worked right out of the box00:46
pcgluesolarbaby, are you also using the audio line in on the pvr350?00:47
pcgluehmm, ok.  thanks.00:47
Solarbabyperhaps its your settings in Myth config that are the problems00:47
pcglueactually, video for composite in works.  I just don't get the audio from the audio line in.00:48
SolarbabyI dont remember having a problem with that.. but you might try alsamixer00:48
Solarbabyjust type that in from a shell and it loads up a gui that lets you config your sound00:49
pcglueok, i'll give that a try.  thanks.00:49
Solarbabygood luck00:49
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Nostahlhi all05:33
Nostahli just installed mythbuntu for first time earlyer05:33
Nostahljust went to restart05:33
Nostahland it appears poof05:33
Nostahli've already done several restarts thoughout the day05:34
Nostahlbut this time it wont boot back up05:34
Nostahlhey everyone i cant get past loading hardware drivers???06:40
kernel_ghostdoes anyone know how i can configure a button on my remote to launch mythtv if I am not running the frontend09:40
kernel_ghostlike can i configure lirc events for xfce09:41
lagayou can use irexec09:41
kernel_ghostlaga, sorry could you please elaborate, or point me at a config file etc09:42
kernel_ghosti see the irexec app09:42
lagayou need to edit ~/.lircrc and include a new config file - in that config file, you can add the irexec stanza09:43
lagai'd assume irexec has a man page09:43
kernel_ghostlaga yes reading it09:43
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thefishis there a new location for http://bit.blkbk.com/mythtv-xbox.0.4.5-beta.tar.gz ?14:09
Nostahlheyey guys15:31
Nostahlhow's everyone thismorning15:31
Ace2016quick question16:51
Ace2016why is the desktop gnome?16:51
Ace2016mythtv is a qt application so should it not be kde?16:52
tgm4883Ace2016, um, it's not16:53
tgm4883it's xfce16:53
Ace2016it looked like gnome and had the same lack of everything in kde16:54
Ace2016lack of everything i'm used to16:54
Nostahlhey guys im getting squashfs error : sb_bread failed reading block 0xfb2617:00
Nostahltryin to boot the mythbuntu live cd17:00
Nostahli've tryed burning couple other cd's17:01
Ace2016you have to burn it again, and run the disk check before installing17:01
Nostahlthe last one i even tryed at 4x speed17:01
Ace2016i know this happened to me too17:01
Nostahlthe disks come up clean with diskchecker17:01
Ace2016i had to burn 4 disks before the 5th one finally installed17:02
Ace2016hey mine also came up ok on the disk checker17:02
Nostahli was able to boot into it once17:02
Ace2016maybe you have to try installing over and over again? possible that settings could be having an effect17:02
Nostahlthe md5sum's come up clean too17:03
Nostahl... just checked this disk 19 errors heh17:03
Nostahlthats new17:03
Nostahlwow so far 2 of my disks came up with 18 and 19 errors17:05
Nostahlwonder if the optical drive isnt good17:05
Nostahlima download a new copy to burn17:07
Nostahljust incase17:07
Nostahlk got a clean burn it seems17:40
Nostahlits havin troubles booting up17:40
Nostahlwonder if i have some bad hardware17:40
Nostahlany of you guys experience the black and white s-video out18:00
Nostahlor has mythbuntu fixed that?18:00
Nostahlwhat is the installed size of mythbuntu18:16
Nostahlanyone running mini-itx boxes?19:31
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a1faanybody else having Streamzap remote control issues?20:20
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a1faIt works fine in the menu, but it LAGS so bad during video playback20:20
a1fai cant even navigate through the guide if the video is playing20:20
Nostahlhey guys20:22
Nostahlim havin troubles installing mythbuntu20:22
Nostahlits stuck at 93 percent configuring hardware20:23
Nostahlfor like half hour20:23
jphillipa1fa does it act the same using a keyboard during playback?20:57
jphillipcould be the OSD fades, or just an underpowered system or playback profile settings too high20:57
wil_Hi, I want to use acpi wakeup. And I know that I have to translate from time_t to a normal date, but I don't know how.... Does anyone have a pointer on how to do that?21:00
lagaisn't there a script in the mythtv wiki21:17
wil_@laga I can't seem to find it...21:22
wil_well, go to go for now... Will find it out somehow or else just write my own python script21:22
wil_but thanks anyway21:22
laga"man date" ;)21:23
Nostahllol my installation has been copying installation logs for like 40 minutes21:39
Nostahlwhy is it taking so long21:39
Nostahlhi all i just got an error botting up mythbuntu   it says Server Authorization director (daemon/ServAuthDir) is set to /var/lib/gdm but is not owned by user 108 and group 115. Please correct the ownership or GDM configuration and restart GDM22:18
Nostahlhow do i fix that22:18
lagaNostahl: did the installation finish?22:21
lagaeven the "copying installation logs" step?22:21
Nostahlit took hours22:22
lagawell, maybe google can turn up some hints22:22
lagabut your installation probably is corrupt  somehow22:22
lagayou can fix broken permissions/ownership using chmod/chown22:22
Nostahlcan you see if we can get that fixed see if thats all thats corrupt or something22:23
Nostahlyeah its bad install22:24
Nostahlsaying cannot create temp file for here document : read only file system22:24
Avenged-Revengemanual recordings don't show up in recorded shows unless I do the "live tv" profile. Why doesn't default show up?23:25
Nostahlheyey all i just finnished getting a great install of mythbuntu done23:42
Nostahland i got it all downstairs at the entertainment system and hooked up23:42
Nostahlgoing svideo to tv23:43
Nostahlboot splash showed nicely23:43
Nostahleven bios showed through svideo i was suprized23:43
Nostahlnow im in the OS the tv display shut off lol23:43
Nostahlhow do i enable it23:43

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