ab123how do i start being a developer00:00
NaisenuI'm on my Ubuntu side right now, and I need to access files from my Windows OS partition. I've been able to access them before and it's not an NTFS issue as I can access an NTFS formatted second physical hard drive. My /media is only showing me an empty hda1 and hdb1 (second physical hard drive).  Drive/partition layout available on request for this. :)00:00
Claw6problem : xubuntu seames not working with my SD/MMC USB reader. when plug in it says "mount: wrong fs type" what can i do ?00:01
yoyonedNaisenu: mount /media/hda100:01
mynetdudecan anyone recommend a VNC system that will work both with windows and ubuntu?00:01
mynetdudeso I can use it from either side?00:01
Naisenuah because Windows was an ass and couldn't reboot and decided it needs a check00:02
Naisenui hate windows *sigh*00:02
NetEchowell Ubuntu has a remote desktop option that can be viewed by a VNC viewer00:02
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mynetdudeNetEcho I was wondering about that, but can the ubuntu rd connect to the windows VNC server?00:03
NetEchoother way arround00:03
NetEchoUbuntu RD is the server00:03
NetEchoyou need a VNC client under windows00:03
NetEchobut any vnc client should connect to any VNC server00:04
mynetdudeNetEcho so what client will work with the ubuntu server?00:04
Guest93684Is it possible to md5sum a directory to see if a copy between an old harddrive to a new one?00:04
NetEchomynetdude any vnc client00:04
mynetdudeso any client can connect to any server00:04
c_07_empemp_: No, that just identifies the hardware. A Google search found this: http://absolutebeginner.wordpress.com/2006/08/08/how-to-install-xglcompiz-on-ubuntu-the-easy-way/ (the author mentions that he used it on his Intel 855GM chip)00:04
mynetduderegardless of which OS?00:04
NetEchoI've never had a problem mixing and matching clients and servers00:04
NetEchoI used tightvnc to view ubuntu as well as realvnc ect00:04
mynetdudeNetEcho, really... wasn't sure thought they had to match00:04
mynetdudeyeah but realvnc is payware now00:05
NetEchoI know00:05
mynetdudeand realvnc has both windows/linux00:05
NetEchoits unfortunate00:05
mynetduderealvnc was the best actually00:05
Ashfire908I'm having issues with my desktop. There seems to be lag for new connections to the machine.00:05
Guest93684mynetdude, yeah its all independant from operating systems what vnc does is just shows you whats happening on the other system00:05
mynetdudeerr I mean it still is00:05
Guest93684mynetdude, theres no actual code execution on the client side so its totally platform independant.00:05
mynetdudewell as long as I don't have to have matching server/clients I guess I don't see anything wrong with that00:06
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mynetdudeso does the included ubuntu rd option act as both the client and server?00:06
mynetdudeor do I still need to get an ubuntu client?00:06
mynetdudenext question is how do I find my IP for the ubuntu laptop?00:07
mynetdudeI'd rather use GUI to find/get that00:07
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: ont he laptop, run ifconfig in a terminal00:07
thrashusjoaopinto yes i've done that aren't i supposed to get a 2048 bit key which would be 256 hex digits? i'm getting some huge file i need the number not some file i don't understand00:07
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chamunksIs there a simple way to ensure that two directories are identical?00:08
edenrozhello,there is a program for know mouse coordinate from console?00:08
Shaba2FastZ:  You here?00:08
Shaba2Hello all00:08
mynetdudeChambers` as in syncing?00:08
Shaba2nickrud thanks for the help yesterday00:08
mynetdudealright lets see what I can do with VNC00:09
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Shaba2With FastZ's help I figured it out. i.e. why I was not getting a create launcher in the rightclick menu00:09
chamunksmynetdude, well i allready preformed an rsync but i wasnt around when my computer was shutdown so i have no way of telling if the transfer is complete.00:09
Shaba2hey mynetdude its great00:09
mynetdudeShaba2 I've used it before... just never done it cross platform before00:09
Shaba2I use iit all the time on the windows side of my network00:09
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: its pretty cool, its just kinda slow.00:09
nickrudShaba2 wy00:09
mynetdudeiny indeed00:09
mynetdudeIndyGunFreak indeed00:10
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: you may need to open up some portson your router to.00:10
NOmicrosoftHELP!! My wireless card on my Inspirion 1525 has just stopped working!!!00:10
mynetdudeyeah possibly00:10
mynetdudeshouldn't need to if its internal though00:10
Shaba2thhe version I have (ultravnc) works cross-platfrom. WindowsXP<------Xubuntu. Kinda sorta00:10
mynetdudelappie is in the kitchen kinda hard to manage both PCs00:10
IndyGunFreakNOmicrosoft: i think thats way to much information to go on, you better give us time to grasp it all.00:10
mynetdudeShaba2 I have ultraVNC for windows, I couldn't find the linux version00:11
Shaba2file transfers do not work and casue the client sside to such down00:11
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Herissymmm pizza00:11
mynetdudelol IndyGunFreak00:11
Shaba2but I think that is because I am using an older version of the ultravnc server00:11
NOmicrosoftSomeone help with getting the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG network card working again please! Where has the little network connection icon gone from my upper panel00:11
mynetdudeyeah oh I know why I didn't want to use the ubuntu built in rd option was because copy/paste to windows platforms doesn't work from ubuntu00:12
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: lol, well, it took him a second, but i think he got the message..lol00:12
nickrudNOmicrosoft try   alt-f2  nm-applet --sm-disable00:12
mynetdudeIndyGunFreak indeed, but it was funny with your reply :D00:12
Herissyno microsoft mine worked out of the box with hardy.00:12
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: i guess i'm just a barrel of laughs00:12
nickrudshame on you IndyGunFreak ;P00:12
IndyGunFreaknickrud: whats the --sm-disable switch do?00:13
Shaba2Oh mynetdude Ultra is only for windows00:13
nickrudIndyGunFreak session management disable: I add that cuz the default install uses it. YIAGAM00:13
mynetdudeHerissy my wifi card worked out of the box too... but a day after it did I started having problems... now it works fine I didn't have to fix it00:13
kheskiHello, I have a PCI DVD-RW drive that is not being detected by Ubuntu.  Can someone assist me?00:13
freeswonkhi, is there a program to service an FTP server for ubuntu? or is a native service?00:13
mynetdudeShaba2 I suppose I could wine it or run a VM00:14
Shaba2but is uses all that vnc protocolls00:14
mynetdudeShaba2 but I want to avoid using a VM.. cuz that means installing another OS00:14
mattgyver83Hi room.  After upgrading to hardy after each restart i have to ifdown and ifup my eth0 connection in order to connect to the internet, does anyone know why this is and how to fix it, its pretty annoying.00:14
mattgyver83btw, its a wired connection.00:14
mynetdudeShaba2 well like I said... the ubuntu vino doesn't support copy paste from ubuntu>windows00:14
Herissymynetdude, I never had a problem with mine, the problem I had was with the gnome keyring forgetting my passwords to my connections.00:14
Shaba2so its able to communicat with all other vnc running on other platform00:14
NOmicrosoftMine didnt work out the box- but it work for about 3 weeks after I first ran the update manager (installed drivers). Now its gone again00:14
Shaba2what is vino00:14
kheskiDoes anyone have experience with installing a drive?00:15
kheskiIf it's not being detected at all, is this a jumper issue?00:15
HerissyShaba2, type vino into a terminal and find out.00:15
mynetdudeShaba2 vino is what comes with ubuntu by default00:15
IndyGunFreakkheski: could be, or maybe a problem w/ the ide controller(or sata if its sata)00:15
Herissyif its installed that is.00:16
mynetdudeHerissy, from what I read it is already included thus installed00:16
mynetdudeHerissy that would be for Hardy Heron00:16
kheskiIndyGunFreal, The primary is in working condition.  The DVD is a secondary that is not detected in Device Manager.00:16
Herissymynetdude, its not here. but my base install was originally kubuntu.00:16
NOmicrosoftHow do i get the wireless network status back onto the panel??00:17
mynetdudeHerissy that could be why, but you can easily get vino if u really wanted00:17
IndyGunFreakkheski: did you just install them?00:17
kheskiNomicrosoft, right click the panel, and "Add to panel"00:17
IndyGunFreakkheski: thats not what he wants00:17
NOmicrosoftkheski i looked - couldnt see what i wanted00:17
kheskiIndyGunFreak, no.  But I have never been concerned for the second drive.00:17
Herissymynetdude, ok same question as asked earlier : what is vino? something like good old pico?00:18
IndyGunFreakkheski: so the main hard drive is working?00:18
ybitoi, where can i get pushd for ubuntu? i need it so that maestro http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maestro_(software) will install correctly00:18
IndyGunFreakNOmicrosoft: try opening a terminal and running nm-applet00:18
ybitmaestro isn't in the apt repository00:18
kheskiIndygunfreak, both the primary and secondary hard drives are working.  The primary CD is working, it's simply the secondary CD (Which is DVD RW)00:18
ALPSINChello all00:19
IndyGunFreakkheski: could be a jumper issue, i don't know.. why would you have two optical drivers?00:19
ALPSINChow can i find the company that made my har drive (from the ubuntu live cd)00:19
ybitwell.. it's supposedly is installed.. not sure why maestro thinks otherwise...00:19
ALPSINC*hard drive00:19
kheskiIndyGunFreak, the DVDRW has a slow CD burn time.  And the CDRW obviously doesn;t have DVD capability.00:20
cygokuHey, how can I rename a ntfs external drive without a format ??00:20
IndyGunFreakkheski: don't really know, sounds like a jumper issue though00:20
kheskiIndyGunFreak, thank you for your assistance.00:20
mynetdudeI went to look for the RD server on ubuntu, all I see is the RD viewer, I typed vino in terminal and it doesn't exist... though I saw vino being marked as installed in synaptic how the hell do I start a server?00:20
IndyGunFreakkheski: or maybe the cable has pulled loose00:20
ALPSINCahhh nvm00:21
Herissyoh alright I remember what vino is.00:21
HerissyI use vnc viewer.00:21
LifeNomadI am using VNC right now :D00:21
HerissyI use VNC just to restart my dial up connection on my remote box, nothing more lol00:22
mynetdudeah well I'll want VNC so I can tuck the laptop somewhere and do torrenting so its not on my desk00:22
NOmicrosoftIndy what do i type after nm-applet00:22
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: its just so slow.00:22
mynetdudewhat do I use to start the RD server in hardy ubuntu00:23
ALPSINCok here is another question, how can I clane 2 drives in gparted?00:23
IndyGunFreakNOmicrosoft: nothing.. just type nm-applet then hit enter, and see if the icon comes up in your taskbar00:23
mynetdudeIndyGunFreak its not that slow, its not fast by any means either00:23
dfgasanyone use the orignal unreal tournament in here. if how how did you get it to work. we get lockups and demo at the begin keeps on going through the whole game00:23
mynetdudeIndyGunFreak what do you suggest then if you don't like it being so slow?00:23
Appraiser /server efnet.xs4all.nl00:23
NOmicrosoftnope nothing happens at all00:23
HerissyNOmicrosoft, try nm-applet --help00:23
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: well, its slow when i go into my computer.. bu ti thinkm thats cuz the res. on my PC is liek 2600x1280..lol00:23
IndyGunFreakfrom the pc to my laptop, its not to bad.00:23
NOmicrosoftagain, nothing00:24
cygokuHummm, how can I rename a ntfs external drive without a format (gnome) ??00:24
IndyGunFreakNOmicrosoft: do you still have the notification area in your panel?00:24
xintronHow come the sound doesn't work when I got rhythmbox running and starting vlc (the sound dson't work in vlc)00:24
LunksI'm having some trouble using iptables routing on an Ubuntu server, here's my iptables settings: http://pastebin.com/f1428679700:25
NOmicrosoftIndy, you mean the wireless notification area?00:25
IndyGunFreakxintron: because pulseaudio sucks.00:25
dynamethodi think only one application can use the sound resources at a time, unfortunatly00:25
mynetdudehow do I setup/use the RD server in ubuntu? I don't see an RD server available00:25
IndyGunFreakNOmicrosoft: no..00:25
xintronIndyGunFreak: pulseaudio?00:25
IndyGunFreak!pulseaudio | xintron00:25
ubottuxintron: PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions00:25
NOmicrosoftI cant see any other notfication area : - /00:25
IndyGunFreakNOmicrosoft: what irc client ar eyou using?00:25
mynetdudewished pidgin had more features00:26
IndyGunFreakNOmicrosoft: usually the nofication area, is by your clock in thepanel.. do you see an X there for xchat(near the clock)00:26
mynetdudeat least for the IRC stuff00:26
IndyGunFreakpidgin is a horrid irc client00:26
glitsj16xintron: have you tried http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup#GStreamerApplications to get rythmbox working well with pulseaudio ? have no trouble with it here00:26
IndyGunFreakNOmicrosoft: i bet you a buffalo nickle yoru notification area is gone.00:26
Shaba2mynetdude: sorry brb if you have uestion on ultravnc00:27
IndyGunFreakdo this.... right clik yoru panel, anywhere you want, choose add to panel00:27
mynetdudeIndyGunFreak I like pidgin's IRC client00:27
NOmicrosoftyeah got it back now - thanks!00:27
IndyGunFreakNOmicrosoft: see, so it wasn't gone.00:27
* mynetdude doesn't like xchat's overcomplex scripts00:27
mynetdudewhat do I use to setup an RD server in ubuntu?00:27
kheskiDoes anyone know of any software to burn .nrg files?00:28
mynetdudeI thought there was a VNC server already in ubuntu00:28
kheski.nrg is the Nero standard.00:28
NOmicrosoftWell, don't take my notification block without asking next time Indy00:28
kheski.nrg is proprietary .iso00:28
IndyGunFreakNOmicrosoft: wasn't me.. i suspect its the guy pounding on your keyboard00:28
IndyGunFreakkheski: there's a version of nero for linux.. i'm guessing it would00:29
mynetdudebut Nero isn't OSS00:29
kheskiIndygunfreak, by the way I put it just as primary and it works fine.  It's a jumper issue.   Is Nero in the respository?00:29
NOmicrosoftwell im going to log off to test the wireless card and may be back to pound on you if i get no joy00:29
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: this is true, but if you're using a proprietary file format, then you need to be prepared to use a closed source program to use it.00:29
IndyGunFreakkheski: i don't thinkso.00:30
Ahadielmynetdude: Yes, VNC is included with Ubuntu. System => Prefs => Remote Desktop00:30
ubottuFactoid nero not found00:30
kheskiIndyGunFreak, do you have experience install the linux Nero?00:30
cygokuHummm, how can I rename a ntfs external drive without a format (gnome) ??00:30
mynetdudeAhadiel thank you...00:30
Herissyremote desktop uses both VNC and rdesktop connections.00:30
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.00:30
IndyGunFreakkheski: none at all, i've just read about it, i'ma normal linux user and use k3b or gnomebaker00:30
AhadielHerissy: The client yes, but not the server.00:31
kheskiIndyGunFreak, and you've never experience .nrg's?00:31
Herissyindeed just the client.00:31
IndyGunFreakkheski: not 1 time, but i've never used nero.. ever.. even when i was win-tarded00:31
darkmatter7can someone help me with a problem I'm having regarding a fresh 8.04 upgrade?00:31
IndyGunFreakkheski: http://www.nero.com/eng/linux3.html00:32
mynetdudenero isn't that bad... but it uses more resources at least on windows it doex00:32
mynetdudedamn spelling00:32
Herissydarkmatter7, whats the problem00:32
Ahadiel!ask | darkmatter700:32
ubottudarkmatter7: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:32
IndyGunFreakkheski: not sure if there's a free ersion or not.00:32
FloodBot2mynetdude: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:32
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:32
mynetdudelol, I'm copping myself :P00:32
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: lol.. came back to bite you00:32
mynetdudeIndyGunFreak GMTA!00:32
kheskiIndyGunFreak, I have no experience with install .deb or .rpm.00:32
IndyGunFreakkheski: well, if you're on ubuntu, you'll want to find a .deb file00:33
Jewfrokhesk - deps are: dpkg -i packagename.deb00:33
Jewfrokheski, even - above to install .debs00:33
IndyGunFreakkheski: i'm not sure if nero has a "free" linux version00:33
mynetdudeI think you can use .rpm but I think .rpm work differently?00:33
darkmatter7I upgraded to 8.04 from 7.10 yesterday, seems like everything is fine except whenever I click on any menu such as applications, it lights up for a second then either flashes the menu or doesn't come up at all, then goes away in an instant00:33
IndyGunFreak!alien | mynetdude you can, but its a really bad idea00:33
ubottumynetdude you can, but its a really bad idea: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)00:33
Herissynero doesn't00:33
kheskiJewFro, Thank you.00:34
mynetdudeubottu I thought you were a bot?00:34
ubottumynetdude: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:34
kheskiJewFro, also though.  It appears there's an automatic deb installer.00:34
IndyGunFreakso kheski if you want it, you'll probably have to buy it.00:34
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: it is a bot.00:34
kheskiIndyGunFreak, I only need it for 2 burns.00:34
Jewfrokheski, oh yeah, forgot about that :)00:34
mynetdudebut it responded to my comment about .rpm00:34
ghindoAfter I attempted to resize my swap space, hibernate stopped working.  How do I get it to start functioning again?00:35
mynetdudethat sucker is so inteligent despite what it thinks00:35
Ahadielmynetdude: [16:33] <IndyGunFreak> !alien | mynetdude you can, but its a really bad idea00:35
mynetdudeoh missed it00:35
Jewfrokheski, there's actually a program in the repos to convert .nrg's to .iso's00:35
Ahadielmynetdude: Usually IRC bot triggers start with a !00:35
mynetdudehence why I like pidgin IRC00:35
IndyGunFreak!ubottu | kheski thats because i know everything.. :)00:35
jribmynetdude: IndyGunFreak is a bot too00:35
ubottukheski thats because i know everything.. :): Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:35
IndyGunFreakjrib: lol00:35
mynetdudeAhadiel true, but I missed his trigger00:35
kheskiJewfro, I tried that.  Its functionality is minimal.00:35
kheskiJewfro, also.  Shalom!00:35
Jewfrokheski, shalom - well like you said - burn them once - then re-rip isos00:36
ubottuFactoid shalom not found00:36
IndyGunFreakkheski: i'm gonna guess the "Try" version of nero for linux, isn't gonna let you do that, but i could be wrong..00:36
darkmatter7I upgraded to 8.04 from 7.10 yesterday, seems like everything is fine except whenever I click on any menu such as applications, it lights up for a second then either flashes the menu or doesn't come up at all, then goes away in an instant, does anyone know what's wrong and how I can fix it?00:36
kheskiIndygunfreak, then what would I be "trying" ?00:36
mynetdudecool I'll brb again00:36
IndyGunFreakkheski: i agree w/ Jewfro .. get on windows and re-rip as iros00:36
IndyGunFreakkheski: probably nothing to be truthful...00:36
kheskiIndygunfreak, I don't currently easily have this capability.00:37
Herissydarkmatter7, are you double or single clicking on it and try the opposite.00:37
darkmatter7neither work00:37
IndyGunFreakright click and choose open00:38
darkmatter7and, fyi, I am on my moms laptop right now because I couldn't get my pidgin menu to open up to sign on to irc00:38
darkmatter7the right click menu is the same00:38
Herissyok try CTRL - ALT - Backspace00:38
IndyGunFreakdarkmatter7: thats a blessing in disguise..lol00:38
darkmatter7it flashes on for a second00:38
Herissyrestart x00:38
darkmatter7I've restarted00:38
darkmatter7so I doubt it's an x thing00:39
darkmatter7but I'll try00:39
darkmatter7hold on00:39
kheskiIndyGunFreak, JewFro,  for future knowledge The Nero version was simple to install and worked immediately.00:39
grammanybody know of any good guides to using shared libraries in c++?  like, what code do i use to instruct the linker to use a specific library?  do i need to learn make/makefiles?  thanks in advance.00:39
Jewfrokheski, at least there is that00:39
IndyGunFreakkheski: well thats awesome.. is the "try" version gonna work for you?00:39
kheskiIndyGunFreak, as 2x speed.  But yes.00:39
IndyGunFreakwell thast good..00:40
dosh8erdoes anyone know why i can't edit my /etc/hosts file ?00:40
darkmatter7I just restarted x00:40
Jewfrofun! 2x00:40
darkmatter7it's still not working00:40
* IndyGunFreak always burns ISO's at 2x00:40
kheskidosh8er, are you using the proper override commands?  of sudo?00:40
dosh8eri am 'cannot resolve hostname00:40
Jewfrodarkmatter - try adding a new user and log in as that user - see if all is kosher - could be some settings issue00:40
Herissyanother thing you might try is resetting your session.00:41
darkmatter7hmm, I really don't like adding extra users for security reasons00:41
Herissyerr deleteing your old session info and creating a new one.00:41
Jewfrodarkmatter7, remove it after your test - or loginto a diff desktop environment you've not used before even00:41
darkmatter7I can't make a new user00:41
darkmatter7because I can't get into menu's00:42
darkmatter7including system :)00:42
Jewfrodarkmatter, lol, you can do that from cli - man useradd00:42
darkmatter7figured :)00:42
georgeI am cromag00:42
georgethe hacker00:42
darkmatter7what are the parameters?00:42
georgefrom the depths of the sea00:42
Jewfrodarkmatter7, not sure - that's why I referred ya to the man page00:42
georgeseriously, i have a question about gdesklets00:43
owen1i add to etc/exports (and i type exportfs -a) but when i type /sbin/showmount -e  i see
kheskiOh wait...00:43
nickruddarkmatter7 simplest way is sudo adduser <username>00:43
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darkmatter7good thing I have usp installed00:44
darkmatter7maybe I can do it from there00:44
JewfroDarkmatter, if another user logs in and works fine - or another desktop environment works fine - then your problem is somewhere in your gnome-settings in your home folder00:44
kheskiI just got a robot to vacuum my floors.00:44
georgei love robots!00:45
kheskiIt beeps and tells me when I am being foolish.  It's great!00:45
Corksterkheski: i got one two but she eats alot00:45
JewfroCorkster, that's aweful!00:45
Corksteryeah mine does the same thing00:45
kheskiCorkster, did she require a ring?00:45
JewfroIt's fun being a woman in here I tell ya :)00:45
Corksternah but i gotta feed her and provide transportation00:45
perlsyntaxhow to i get to the root desktop when i want to do something in main root?00:45
darkmatter7the test user works00:46
kheskiJewfro, you're a woman?00:46
darkmatter7the menus work00:46
Jewfroperlsyntax, gksudo nautilus00:46
jribperlsyntax: what do you mean exactly?00:46
darkmatter7that is00:46
jribdarkmatter7: don't use enter to break up your thoughts as it makes it harder to follow what you are saying00:46
Jewfrokheski, indeed I am00:46
perlsyntaxbefore i login in00:46
mynetdudehmm why doesn't VNC render the pointer... I get a tiny dot00:46
kheskiJewfro, and you have a jew fro?00:46
RiotingPacifistunder gutsy i could have a madwifi connected and monitoring at the same time, is this possible with hardy?00:46
Jewfrokheski, indeed - it grows out, not down00:46
kheskijewfro, where are you living?00:47
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:47
nickrud!ot | kheski Jewfro00:47
ubottukheski Jewfro: please see above00:47
perlsyntaxbefore i login in i don't want to use user but i want to be in main root.00:47
KarlosIIOn ubuntu install CD is there a command or option to set the graphics mode, seems the installer bleeds off the bottom of my screen00:47
darkmatter7should I just stick with the new user, or can anyone figure out what my old user's problem was?00:47
freakazoidis there any good mutli-stread ubuntu downloaders?00:47
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jribperlsyntax: why? what do you need to do?00:47
Matthewis their an equalizer in rhythmbox that I'm not finding?00:47
perlsyntaxif i want to work with raw sockets00:47
jribfreakazoid: axel00:47
mynetdudeAhadiel_ do you know much about using VNC cross platform?00:47
jribperlsyntax: you aren't making sense.  At least not to me00:48
perlsyntaxi want to be in main root so i can work on a program that has to do with raw sockets programming.00:48
powertool08Which fs is better for /home? ext2, ext3, xfs, other?00:48
LunksI'm having some trouble using iptables routing on an Ubuntu server, here's my iptables settings: http://pastebin.com/f14286797 I can't access my server from outside, and I need to do so. Any help? =D00:48
IndyGunFreakMatthew: no, rhythmbox does not have an equalizer00:48
KarlosIIOn ubuntu install CD is there a command or option to set the graphics mode, seems the installer bleeds off the bottom of my screen?00:48
jribpowertool08: ext3 is the default for a reason00:48
Shaba2Hey folk. With windown and I.E. I can right click on any web page and click create shortcut and a short cut to that page will be put on my desktop. Is there a way of doing that with Firefox and xubuntu?00:48
nickrudpowertool08 ext3 , it's a good general fs00:48
powertool08ok thanks00:49
RiotingPacifistperlsyntax: sudo -i gives you a root shell and sudo startx gives you x as root00:49
mynetdudeI didn't know there was a fs selector option00:49
MatthewIndyGunFreak, thanks for the reply. Do you know of an audio client with an equalizer (amarok? etc?)00:49
Shaba2Yes there is KarlosII. But you would have to ask one of the linux experts here. Its been so long since I did that I do not remember how I did it.00:49
perlsyntaxok i try that00:49
jribperlsyntax: being root all the time is a terrible idea00:50
KarlosIIShaba2: thats what I'm trying to do :)00:50
RiotingPacifistpowertool08: it depends on what you have in /home but only ext3 & reiser are designed for desktops00:50
perlsyntaxi know00:50
perlsyntaxi like to do some raw socket network programming.00:50
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misterdominusshaba2: drag the tab of the open webpage to your desktop, that creates a link/shortcut to that page00:50
jribperlsyntax: I don't see why you would need to login as root for that, but ok00:50
eagois there anyway to boot windows inside ubuntu... like if i need omehting simple and fast and don't want to restart the computer twice?00:50
asdfwfsubuntu problem! ff3 , youtube isn't working, flash issue. just a white space where it should be working. firefox reports it as being installed.00:50
mynetdudeShaba2 I'm looking for a few FF3 tricks myself too00:50
IndyGunFreakMatthew: amarok, audacious, maybe banshee00:51
perlsyntaxjrib,raw socket you need to be main root like i was in fedora.00:51
powertool08RiotingPacifist: I'll have alittle of everything, I think I'll go with ext300:51
Jewfroeago, virtualbox00:51
perlsyntaxfor makeing a sniffer.00:51
mynetdudehmm can't use 1/2 screen size in VNC00:52
eagothanks Jewfro00:52
RiotingPacifisti personally recomend resierfs, much faster to fsck and avoids fragmentation that ext cant, but ext3 seams better supported in ubuntu00:52
MatthewIndyGunFreak: thanks.00:52
Herissyanyone ever had problems with wine trying to download its gecko html rendering engine but it fails all the time.00:53
mynetdudefsck? what kind of word is that?00:53
LunksI'm having some trouble using iptables routing on an Ubuntu server, here's my iptables settings: http://pastebin.com/f14286797 I can't access my server from outside, and I need to do so. Any help? =D00:53
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
Jewfromynetdude, it stands for file system check00:53
Flannelmynetdude: FileSystem ChecK00:53
mynetdudeI've seen people use it as the F word too00:53
mynetduderare, but I have00:53
asdfwfsubuntu problem! ff3 , youtube isn't working, flash issue. just a white space where it should be working. firefox reports it as being installed.00:54
freakazoidgod i wish there was a REAL download manager for ubuntu00:54
flouge1its like my capture card stoped working00:54
freakazoidive got to wine flashget for anything decent00:54
flouge1maybe it got struck by lightning?00:54
Shaba2mynetdude:  what are you trying to do with vnc00:54
asdfwfsis it my nick? is it offending becuase it's jibberish?00:55
jribfreakazoid: d4x, aria, freeloader, gwget are decent00:55
KarlosIIWhat is the best file system to use for Ubuntu, looking for thoughts and opinions as to why?00:55
SwedeMikebest for what?00:56
jribKarlosII: ext3 is the default for a reason00:56
KarlosIIasdfwfs: remove adblock00:56
freakazoidall dont support multi stream00:56
freakazoidso they all useless00:56
KarlosIIjrib ?00:56
jribfreakazoid: multistream is useless....00:56
KarlosIIand the reason is jrib?00:56
asdfwfsKarlosII, adblock default with ff3 installation?00:56
Herissyext2 ext3 and reiserfs are your options.00:56
NemesisDanyone in here familiar with vsftpd? i'm trying to figure out if the local_max_rate variable refers to per-user or overall bandwidth limit, every description is ambiguous about it00:56
KarlosIIasdfwfs: hmmm.....try disabling adblock plus if its installed00:57
SwedeMikeKarlosII: I would recommend ext3 or xfs. xfs for larger filesystems (terabyte), or ext3 for stability (very mature code)00:57
jribKarlosII: well since it's default everywhere, it gets the most attention for one00:57
freakazoidlol well jrib00:57
freakazoidwith my connection00:57
freakazoidi cant get over 60kb/s00:57
freakazoidwithout multi-stream00:57
jribfreakazoid: don't use enter to break up your thoughts as it makes it harder to follow what you are saying00:57
asdfwfsKarlosII, no extra addons installed. default everything. wiped drive clean lastnight.00:57
mynetdudeyoutube works for me in FF3/ubuntu00:57
ChaosTheory_Does anyone know how you're supposed to "refresh" to get new mails in mutt?00:57
Shaba2thanks misterdominus that worked00:58
LunksI'm having some trouble using iptables routing on an Ubuntu server, here's my iptables settings: http://pastebin.com/f14286797 I can't access my server from outside, and I need to do so. Any help? =D00:58
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Shaba2FF3 mynetdude: what is that00:58
kitcheChaosTheory_: you don't they automatically show up00:58
asdfwfsthe whole pages loads, but where the flash should be, it's white, and a right click pulls up the players controls and submenus?00:58
KarlosIIasdfwfs: any falsh addons install on your ubuntu?00:58
asdfwfsKarlosII, yes, i installed them because it wasn't working correctly in the first plac.e00:58
mynetdudeShaba2 I'm trying to use VNC as a better way of jogginb between PCs without getting up00:58
KarlosIIonly have 1 at a time installed00:58
ChaosTheory_kitche: I just sent something to myself and I don't think I received it. . .00:59
mynetdudeShaba2 my desk is a giant mess farm right now00:59
mynetdudeshab and even if it wasn't a mess I couldn't really situtate the laptop very well00:59
asdfwfsKarlosII, going to adobe.com, the flash player works and displays on the webpage, youtube doesn't.00:59
asdfwfsunless youtube is shockwave, and not flash?00:59
paul_hello everyone00:59
mynetdudeasdfwfs you have Hardy 8.04 FF3 3.0 (not beta) right?01:00
Drk_GuyHi guys!01:00
mynetdudeasdfwfs, YT is always flash AFAIK01:00
Shaba2are all the 'PCs" window or linux or what?01:00
asdfwfsno beta.01:00
kitcheChaosTheory_: if you just sent it you have to wait for fetchmail or getmail to retrive the mail :)01:00
Drk_GuyWhy almost no apps recognize my gamepad, only JS calibration does detect it correctly01:00
mynetdudeShaba2 I only have 1 XP Pro PC running and the laptop ubuntu 8.04 right now, I do have an Vista laptop but not using that atm yet01:00
ChaosTheory_kitche: How long does that usually take?01:00
mynetdudeasdfwfs there's your problem, its beta... get the latest01:01
asdfwfsmynetdude, i said 'no beta'01:01
asdfwfs'no beta' software installed.01:01
phaedralseems like my sound really sucks since upgrading a couple nights ago01:01
mynetdudesounded like no, I have beta :P01:01
asdfwfsdidn't use a comma.01:01
KarlosIIasdfwfs: utube is strange liek that01:01
mynetdudemine works fine...01:01
paul_anyone using gnus?01:02
asdfwfsdamnit, wtf. 7.04 worked better then this..01:02
KarlosIIasdfwfs: but use the adobe flash player01:02
kitcheChaosTheory_: depends how you have it set up01:02
asdfwfsi tried, i clicked on it and says no sutiable plugin found.01:02
=== Troll_Cat is now known as HttpError
KarlosIIasdfwfs: if it ain't broke don't fix it01:02
ChaosTheory_kitche: How can I edit those settings?01:02
Drk_GuyWhy almost no apps recognize my gamepad, only JS calibration does detect it correctly01:02
IndyGunFreakasdfwfs: what is not working in hardy?01:02
asdfwfshmm, how come they released a 8.04....01:02
Matthewthis is a weird problem: yesterday m "|\|" key stopped worki|\|g. I restarted the computer a|\|d it started worki|\|g agai|\|. As you ca|\| probably tell...it stopped worki|\|g agai|\|. The problem is|\|'t my keyboard (both my laptop + exter|\|al keyboard are affected)? A|\|y ideas?01:03
ChaosTheory_kitche: I use IMAP for gmail, thogh.01:03
KarlosIIasdfwfs: ..........to update things01:03
asdfwfsIndyGunFreak, youtube, the page loads, but there's whitespace where the flash should be, but a right click and pulls up the plugins menu's and submenu's.......01:03
mynetdudeasdfwfs I would assume the upgrade from 7.04 to 8.04 causes some issues?01:03
=== Shaba2 is now known as Shaba1
cypher1i am having serious problem with choppy scrolling in all windows after my upgrade to hardy.. i tried many things in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.. can anyone please help me ?01:03
IndyGunFreakasdfwfs: well, is flash insalled?01:03
asdfwfsno the upgrade was flawless. the format and fresh install is the nightmare.01:03
RiotingPacifistasdfwfs: try with a new profile01:03
mynetdudeah fresh install was nice01:04
asdfwfsIndyGunFreak, according to adobe.com, it works correctly.01:04
kitcheChaosTheory_: so? what are you using to fetch your mail?01:04
KarlosIImy upgrade ended in a nightmare01:04
RiotingPacifistcypher1: are you using compiz?01:04
IndyGunFreakasdfwfs: hm, weird..01:04
IndyGunFreaki just spent 20min on youtube, no probs01:04
KarlosIIIndyGunFreak: methink he has multiple flashses installed01:04
cypher1RiotingPacifist, as far as i know i am not.. but is there any way to confirm that ?01:04
KarlosIIflash pakcages01:04
IndyGunFreakKarlosII: very possible.01:04
mynetdudeIndyGunFreak yeah I tested YT... I freaked the dog out when I started playing YT cuz VNC doesn't stream sound and I could hear it across the house :P01:05
=== twocarlo is now known as Scrappy_coco
ChaosTheory_kitche: fetchmail01:05
RiotingPacifistcypher1: easiest way i can think of is to simply scroll over window with alt pressed but thats not 100%01:05
asdfwfstrying to get shockwave, says it's unable to match a player against my browswer.01:05
ChaosTheory_kitche: procmail, fetchmail, all that stuff that you find from Googling :D01:05
Matthewthis is a weird problem: yesterday m "|\|" key stopped worki|\|g. I restarted the computer a|\|d it started worki|\|g agai|\|. As you ca|\| probably tell...it stopped worki|\|g agai|\|. The problem is|\|'t my keyboard (both my laptop + exter|\|al keyboard are affected)? A|\|y ideas?01:05
ChaosTheory_kitche: it works I just have to exit + restart to get the new messages01:06
* KarlosII watches his fresh install of ubuntu as it installs01:06
RiotingPacifistMatthew: try using xev to see if the n key is getting to x01:06
Shaba1Ok mynetdude here is what you do01:06
Shaba1and I have tested this myself01:06
Shaba1download ultravnc on the xp pro machine and install it01:07
Matthewhow do I do that?01:07
sfireMatthew: your keyboard got misconfigured by the sounds of it.  It sounds like its setup for a keyboard from a different country01:07
RiotingPacifistMatthew: open up a terminal run xev and see what happens (or doesnt happen) when you press n01:07
ChaosTheory_kitche: I think I can do set mail_check01:07
josh_how do i setup up video playback in compiz?01:07
Shaba1start the ultra vnc server on that machine and you might as well keep it minimize to the taskbar. AND if you are always going to be using it put a shortcut in the startup folder so it startw whenever you turn on the machine01:08
cypher1RiotingPacifist, sorry i did not understand that01:08
dosh8eranyone know how to fix "sudo: unable to resolve host myhost"01:08
Shaba1Now you may have to make and exception in you windows firewall for ports 5900 and 5800 IF you have windows firewall running. If not do not worry about it.01:09
Flannel!hostname | dosh8er01:09
ubottudosh8er: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at system>administration>networking on the "General" tab01:09
RiotingPacifistcypher1: if compiz is running alt+scroll down will make a window go transparent, if its not then nothing will happen01:09
Matthewhow do I ru|\| xev? (sorry btw)01:09
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:09
Shaba1Then just start firefox on your ubuntu machine and open a page to http://ipaddressofthewindowsmachine:580001:09
cypher1RiotingPacifist, no nothing happened01:09
decidecidoes anyone know how to get rid of "kinit" on boot? it always tries to resume to something, then says no resume init. bla bla. some harddisk IDs... right after that my 8.04 boots fine. just trying to figure out how to get rid of that kinit resume stuff on the boot01:09
Shaba1put in your password that you used when setting up ultra on the windows machine01:10
Shaba1and viola there you will see your windows desktop01:10
RiotingPacifistMatthew: im not sure about gnome menus but theres a menu with terminal or console in it open that and then type xev01:10
Matthewsfire, I |\|oticed it whe|\| I started amarok. it seems weird that it would alter my keyboard cofig01:11
dosh8erubottu: i cannot even edit my /etc/host file due to that message i get01:11
ubottudosh8er: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:11
Matthewoh I thought I had to type ru|\| okay hold o|\|01:11
Shaba1Now that only thing I had problem wit doing it that way was that file tranfers would cause the linux side to disconnet. But that was becasue I think I had a REALLY old version of ultravnc running on the windows machine.01:11
Flanneldosh8er: restart your system, that may fix it.  If it doesn't, reboot into the recovery console (at the GRUB menu, choose recovery console) and you can do it there01:11
mynetdudeShaba1 yeah I have a newer version but I think mine needs to be updated... mine is crashing when I do certain things as well01:12
RiotingPacifistcypher1: hmm well its not what i thought, what type of card do you have? if its nvidia/ati it may be that the binary drivers are no longer installed so its falling back on the OSS drivers01:12
Shaba1I had to at my old job because all of the workstations and the firewall I set up were set up for that version and I just never replace the viewerside here at home when I left the company last year01:12
cypher1no its intel i915GM integrated01:12
dosh8erthanks guys/gals/bots! i am on my way out the door to go over to the office and REBOOT01:13
Matthewthis is what happeed whe I pressed |\| http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/22249/01:13
RiotingPacifistcypher1: hmm, is something hogging the cpu?01:13
ChaosTheory_kitche: Yep, it works. =]01:14
Shaba1It also might be the linux version of java mynetdude01:14
Shaba1Because i have done that same thing using two windows machines over the internet and it worked like a charm. Although slower becasue of java.01:15
cypher1RiotingPacifist, i can see Xgl in top01:15
MeVsTheVoicesHow would I use STDIN but not from a file. So like echo < "I want you to use this data01:16
MeVsTheVoicesBut have it not interpret that as a filename01:16
Matthewuppercase N works just Not lowercase01:16
remiI've got a problem, SHIFT+Insert doesn't work anymore, and now SHIFT+H pastes whatever is in the clipboard... :/01:17
RiotingPacifistMatthew: that says that it is being picked up by the x server so the problem must be with gnome/compiz (there is probably a shortct hogging the n key but i dont know anything about gnome so cant help)01:17
FlannelMatthew: try hitting capslock once, then holding shift and hitting n (so your shift cancels the capslock)01:17
FlannelMeVsTheVoices: echo "blah blah blah" | program01:18
Matthewflannel that worked01:18
LeefmcDoes Linux have a Screen Recording software, that records audio at the same time?01:18
keith-with the hardy install, how can I disable dma on my cd drive prior to installing?01:18
* Leefmc waves to Flannel01:18
FlannelMatthew: So, what it is is a N without the shift key.  Looks like "n" by itself is mapped to something, and then the shift-n isnt. (Not that this gives you a solution, but it certainly helps better understand the problem)01:19
cypher1RiotingPacifist, why is X running Xgl !!?01:19
LeefmcFlannel: You will go down in my history books as a very dedicated helper. I've never gotten the in depth, and dedicated, help you gave me for free hehe. It wont be forgotten :)01:19
FlannelMatthew: Go to... gnome key binding whatever thing, and see if n is mapped somewhere01:19
FlannelLeefmc: No problem.01:19
Matthewflannel, riotingpacifist, thanks. I closed amarok and it started working again. i must have assigned n as a shortcut in amarok or something01:19
MeVsTheVoicesThank you muchly Flannel01:19
AlrekrHi there, new one here. I'm trying to install OpenTTD, but I cannot copy anything to the 'data' folder. The whole folder (/usr/share/games/openttd) appears to be locked of for anyone but root. Which leeds to my question: How the heck do I lock in as root?01:20
FlannelLeefmc: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts has a list of software01:20
RiotingPacifistcypher1: I dont know much about intel, but try stopping xgl in xorg, my guess is that xgl is needed for compiz which is installed by default but something is broken in xgl01:20
jedimindi cant seem to record and compiz effects while recording with Istanbul - any ideas ?01:20
Matthewi feel dumb :P thanks for the help guys01:20
LeefmcFlannel: Interesting, ty01:20
FlannelLeefmc: I'm sure one of those (if not all) does audio at the same time01:20
keith-is there no cheat code for disabling dma on a cdrom drive on the install disc?  someone...01:21
LeefmcFlannel: Any personal experience/word of mouth preference?01:21
FlannelAlrekr: You don't log in as root, you just use sudo to move stuff there.01:21
cypher1RiotingPacifist, ok thanks! i saw a forum where it mentioned how to stop Xgl, let me try it out.. http://ohioloco.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58709801:21
RiotingPacifistMatthew: np, i once bound left click to something which made fixing it pretty hard01:21
powertool08I'm trying to check an option in an ncurses menu but spacebar won't put an 'x' next to it, how do I check it?01:21
LeefmcFlannel: Although google is helping with the keyword "screencast" :) i was using the wrong terminology01:21
will02does anyone know if the ps3 can handle ogg vorbis files?01:22
MeVsTheVoicesYes it can01:22
AlrekrUh.. I'll try and search for some 'how to use sudo'-guides  :)01:22
julian2495322i burned a ppc version of ubuntu but my powerbook wont boot from it. i am holding c when i turn the laptop on01:22
FlannelLeefmc: Uh, I think Istanbul is the popular one.  There's actually a tutorial here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreencastTeam/RecordingScreencasts  Although that assumes you're going to do the audio later (well, you're going to stitch the audio together later, I suppose you could always hit record on video/audio at the same time, and then just line them up easily enough, if all else fails)01:22
scobbymy keyshortcuts for chaning resultion dont work anymore, anyone has a tip ??01:22
RiotingPacifist!sudo | Alrekr.01:23
ubottuAlrekr.: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)01:23
FlannelAlrekr: It's pretty easy, instead of cp stuff elsewhere, you just prepend sudo, so it becomes sudo cp stuff elsewhere01:23
MeVsTheVoiceswill02, Ps3 does not support ogg vorbis audio by itself. But it does support the ogg muxer01:23
FlannelAlrekr: If you want to open nautilus as root, you can do that too, with `gksu nautilus`.  Close that window as soon as you're done, as its easy to accidentally break something with a stray mouse click01:23
will02mevsthevoices, if i were to rip a dvd using thoggen into the ogg vorbis format, would the ps3 be able to read that?01:24
scobbymy keyshortcuts for chaning resultion dont work anymore, anyone has a tip ??01:24
MeVsTheVoiceswill02, If you are trying to rip off just the audio. No01:25
grammhow do i get out of vim?01:25
Flannelgramm: escape, :q!01:25
grammFlannel: thx01:25
Flannelgramm: that'll quit wihtout saving changes.  If you want to save changes, it's :wd01:25
Flanneler, :wq01:25
will02mevsthevoices, i mean the whole thing, i have a copy of monty python and the holy grail and i want to stream it via fuppes01:25
Alrekrwhich part of 'new one here' did you guys not understand? I've been running Ubuntu 8.04 for roughly three days now - while studying for my exams. Ubottu, thanks for the link. My hits where of no use ;) And you others: Thanks for the help, I know I'm gonna use your comments later on ;)01:26
jedimindi cant seem to record and compiz effects while recording with Istanbul - any ideas ?01:26
MeVsTheVoicesNo, PS3 does not support it. http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=ps3media&thread.id=105504  but if you are using fuppes, play around with cfg file ffmpeg should be able to transcode it on the fly for you01:26
cypher1RiotingPacifist, it worked! thanks01:27
cypher1RiotingPacifist, after almost 3 weeks i got it corrected01:27
FlannelAlrekr: alt-f2, then type "gksu nautilus", then drag/drop stuff, then close the window when you're done01:28
Alrekrsimple as that? geez.. Thx :)01:28
ads_i have kde installed so i am able to use irc hence this question..   i installed ubuntu studio and have been very happy with it, however gnome is now broken i have removed it but when i re-install it gnome is still broken.. how may i fix this???01:29
albertolempiraguys i'm trying to get 4-channel sound with my realtek integrated sound card on a ASRock 1333-d667 i've tried all the options on the volume control but there's no Rear Speakers, channels etc. Can someone help me? thanks01:30
AlrekrFlannel: worked like a charm :) thanks :)01:33
=== Guest72191 is now known as wazzz
keith-i'll try again.  is there a way to force /dev/scd0 to not use dma at boot with the hardy livecd?01:35
keith-because i can't install it because dma makes my dvd drive hang01:35
Shaba1Ok whoever told me how to make a shortcut to a web page go to my desktop thanks?01:37
Shaba1Now s there any equivalent command to the windows xp "arrange icons" rightclick menu choice01:37
burntashwhat could be wrong if i have sound on my browser but rhythmbox wont play a song01:37
IndyGunFreakShaba1: right click, keep alligned?01:38
burntashbut then rhythmbox will play the song and ill have volume but then in my browser i wont have sound for something like youtube01:38
IndyGunFreakburntash: pulse-audio issues.. it sucks.01:38
Shaba1I should not IndyGunFreak that i am not using gnome as must of you are but xfre01:38
IndyGunFreakShaba1: been a while sicne i used Xfce, but i think xfce has somethign similar when you right click the desktop01:39
albertolempiraguys i'm trying to get 4-channel sound with my realtek integrated sound card on a ASRock 1333-d667 i've tried all the options on the volume control but there's no Rear Speakers, channels etc. Can someone help me? thanks01:39
Shaba1Not keep aligned IndyGunFreak but like Arrange by type or by modified e.t.c01:39
IndyGunFreakShaba1: i really don't know... i seem to recall a feature like that, but don't know where it is off hand01:40
Shaba1ok thanks01:41
shortc|laptopIs releases.ubuntu.com down?01:41
mynetdudeI know this isn't an ubuntu question... but it involves ubuntu... I'm trying to use google picasa from ubuntu all my pics are on a USB drive attached to my networked windows box which is also shared and I read awhile back that picasa can read from networked drives, a share is not necessarily a network drive correct?01:41
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
mynetdudeif I understand correctly... I would have to map that network share/drive?01:41
mynetdudeto do that how would I do that in ubuntu?01:42
Dasmoovercan anyone help me out with my xsession? http://pastebin.org/4547101:42
mynetdudebetter yet, the real question is, how do I map a network drive?01:42
shortc|laptopmynetdude: hold on01:42
burntashIndyGunFreak: is it something fixable or something to deal with at the moment, i have all my pulse-audio packages upgraded to latest versions01:42
mynetdudeshortc|laptop cool ty, take ur time01:43
burntashactually lemme try something real quick01:43
scifiguy951what is a good prog for formatting hdds so i can use them for more storeage??01:43
mynetdudescifiguy951 you can't do it from nautilus?01:44
IndyGunFreakburntash: i found switching all apps(that coudl be customized), and my main sound settings, back to alsa... fixed the problem01:44
shortc|laptopmynetdude: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21608701:44
shortc|laptopThat's one way to do it.01:44
mynetdudescifiguy951 nautilus is the file manager built into ubuntu Hardy01:44
ubottuFactoid nautilus not found01:45
shortc|laptopThere's a GUI way to do it, too, but I don't know that it'd show up in Picasa.01:45
offlineis there any 'device manager' on ubuntu like windows does ? i wanna see my hardware drivers list01:45
DarkInfotecalguien?? akii01:45
shortc|laptopoffline: It's in the Administration menu.01:45
IndyGunFreakoffline: system/admin/hardware drivers, will show restricted drivers you're using01:45
greatimpup irc.paradice.net01:46
DarkInfotecmy name is mauro01:46
offlineok thank you ... i'll take a look01:46
offlineok.. only broadcom wireless driver on the list.. no other hardware ? like vga ?01:47
mynetdudeshortc|laptop well picasa won't looka t network shares... so it has to be a drive letter01:47
mynetdudeshortc|laptop I'd like to try the GUI way of doing it anyway, I'm anti CLI01:47
IndyGunFreakoffline: thats just the only one that needs a driver, the rest are working on a generic driver01:47
R2LMHow would I determine the file system type for each of my partitions? For example, "sudo fdisk -l" just says "linux" as the file system for my linux partitions w/o saying whether it is ext2 or ext3.01:47
shortc|laptopmynetdude: You're not going to be able to map a network "drive", as Linux doesn't have a concept of such things.01:48
mynetdudeshortc|laptop is there any info on doing this the GUI way?01:48
offlineIndyGunFreak: i see... thank you01:48
mynetdudeshortc|laptop oh01:48
albertolempirahey guys can someone help me getting my ALC662 Realtek card to play sound on rear speakers? it's integrated on my ASRock motherboard and i've already done it on windows... thanks01:48
mynetdudeshortc|laptop I know windows does... but I also noticed that picasa doesn't see C:\filesystem as you said it doesn't have the concept of drive letters01:48
shortc|laptopmynetdude: It's been ages since I've used Ubuntu's GNOME interface, but it's one of the options in the center menu.  I think it's called "Connect to remote computer" or such.01:48
flouge1anything i need to do to connect to the mysql server01:49
CaptainMorgancan anyone recommend a hardware-RAID implementation that they have worked with, of which Ubuntu enjoyed seeing?01:49
mynetdudeshortc|laptop I just need to mount a network drive... drive letters are irrelevant as picasa won't look at network shares01:49
flouge1from an outside location rather than having to connect to it from local host01:49
nickrudflouge1 for administration?01:49
mynetdudeconnect to remote computer? how is that going to help with picasa?01:49
shortc|laptopmynetdude: The GUI way of doing it is only going to appear in Nautilus, IIRC.  But I could be wrong.01:49
flouge1i did the grant thing in mysql01:49
flouge1but other pc's cant connect to the mysql server01:49
nickrudflouge1 install phpmyadmin on the server, or use mysql-admin01:49
mynetdudeshortc|laptop I guess we'll find out, I think thats what we want... whatever nautilus sees so will picasa01:50
IndyGunFreakCaptainMorgan: i had a horrid time w/ a RAID setup.. i ended up just disabling raid01:50
flouge1mythtv front ends need to connect to it01:50
CaptainMorganIndyGunFreak,  sw or hw ?01:50
shortc|laptopmynetdude: The "Connect to remote computer" allows you to set up a virtual folder that lets you access the files on an FTP server, SSH server or Windows computer.01:50
IndyGunFreakCaptainMorgan: hw01:50
DG19075mynetdude: It's in the Places menu,  titled Connect yo Server01:50
shortc|laptopmynetdude: It's a catch-all for remote filesystems.01:50
shortc|laptopDG19075: Thanks...01:50
nickrudflouge1 got a firewall up?01:50
whikwhats the command to install infra recorder?01:51
mynetdudeshortc|laptop I don't understand though... when I log into the windows share, the volume is automatically mounted on the desktop... isn't that enough?01:51
mynetdudewell lets try using the connect to remote computer then01:51
flouge1is there a firewall defaulted on ubuntu?01:51
thundarrcan you overclock your system if you are using ubuntu???01:51
thundarrI cannot seem to get mine to overclock01:51
shortc|laptopmynetdude: Picasa is based on WINE, which is based off of the fundamental Linux filesystem.  IIRC, "Connect to Server" creates a virtual filesystem which is only visible within GNOME.01:52
nickrudmynetdude no, that's a virtual connection, through the gnome virtual filesystem. If the app doesn't use [g]vfs, then you won't see the mount from places -> connect to server01:52
flouge1hmm mysql port doesnt show up on a port scan01:52
thundarrat least system monitor does not show any oveclocking speed difference01:52
nickrudflouge1 on the local computer, run  sudo netstat -tlpn , see if it's running and where it's listening01:52
whikwhats the command to install infra recorder?01:52
mynetdudeshortc|laptop, would it be "connect to server"?01:53
shortc|laptop<DG19075> mynetdude: It's in the Places menu,  titled Connect yo Server01:53
shortc|laptopmynetdude: So, yes.01:53
RoeyHi, why do I get this weird error when mounting my SD card??  http://forums.opensuse.org/archives/sf-archives/software/345276-unable-mount-removable-media-hal-storage-removable-mount.html    <-- is there a fix for this?01:53
flouge1doesnt say a program name01:53
mynetdudeah ok01:53
flouge1o ya it does01:53
mynetdudehow is picasa based on wine? Its not even in wine01:53
flouge1its listing on
mynetdudethere is a linux version through the google repos01:54
shortc|laptopmynetdude: It uses winelib, which is basically a library that lets you compile Windows applications on Linux.01:54
flouge1hmm it should prob be listiing on
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: google repos?01:54
SuperQYes, picasa is a winelib application01:54
Shaba1yeah googl4 repos?01:54
LetsGo67How do I make Opera forget my email password?01:55
Shaba1Which brings up another point01:55
Shaba1how does one add other repositories to synaptic01:55
mynetdudesoftware sources Shaba101:56
IndyGunFreakShaba1: its usually pretty straight forward.01:56
=== Shak is now known as Shak-
mynetdudeyeah I got picasa through the synaptic after adding the repository01:56
ubottuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents01:56
offlineam i using the right vga driver ? coz i feel ubuntu is heavier than xp on my machine.. i'm not using any desktop effects01:56
Mecha25offline: probably not, it's lighter than Vista on my machine01:57
mynetdudehmm well this sucks!01:57
IndyGunFreakwhats picasa?01:57
Shak-I'm having issuse with flash.. say for example i've got a youtube video running, anything else that uses the audio or video controllers (mplayer, vlc etc) stops working properly. Is there a fix for this?01:57
mynetdudeI noticed the graphics are lighter on ubuntu than any windows01:57
offlineMecha25 : yeah.. probably lighter than vista, but not heavier than xp right ?01:57
IndyGunFreakShak-: its a pulseaudio bug01:57
IndyGunFreakShak-: you can try switching to Alsa in your sound prefs01:58
Mecha25offline: what's your specs, specifically what video card are you on?01:58
Shak-IndyGunFreak: thats what its always been at though01:58
IndyGunFreakShak-: you have yoru sound settings on Alsa?01:58
offlineMecha25 & mynetdude : how to find the right vga driver ? im new to linux, so...01:58
Shak-IndyGunFreak: yup, I see Asla, OSS and a few Pulse mixers, but its always been on Alsa01:58
Mecha25offline, what's your specs, it depends on what kind of card you have01:59
IndyGunFreakShak-: do you have your audio settigns in your programs, set to use Alsa?..01:59
Shaba1you care to eluminate mynetdude01:59
offlineMecha25 : well, i guess it's intel graphic on 32MB shared memory... but it went fine with xp01:59
Shak-not sure.. does firefox have this setting option somewhere?01:59
Mecha25offline: that'll do it.  ok, that doesn't need a specific driver, how much RAM do you have?02:00
jahnkeanateron i have a quick quesation how do i get apache working02:00
albertolempirahey guys can someone help me getting my ALC662 Realtek card to play sound on rear speakers? it's integrated on my ASRock motherboard and i've already done it on windows... thanks02:00
offlineMecha25 : my machine is Dell latitude D600 with 512Mb of RAM..02:00
Mecha25ah.  that'll do it.  processor's like 1.6GHZ isn't it?02:00
offlinemecha : nope.. proc is 1.4Ghz02:01
Shaba1IndyGunFreak: saying its pretty straightforth do not explain how to do it.02:01
mynetdudeoffline I didn't find mine, it came to me :P02:01
jahnkeanaterhow do i get apache working from other computers if i type in my ip02:01
Mecha25offline: they use those for students at the school I work at, I know what you're running up against there.  Try Xubuntu02:01
carlitos__hola  amigos  ubunteros02:01
Mecha25offline: it'll work much much faster, and you'll have more free ram02:01
offlineMynetdude : ahh.. ok then :D02:01
whikwhats the command to install infra recorder?02:01
IndyGunFreakShaba1: i didn't tell you anything was straightforward, i asked if you'd set the audio preferences in those respective programs, to use Alsa?02:01
mynetdudeShaba1, its not exactly straight forward IMO, go to sources or something... its in system>admin>sources02:02
* lensy has a home directory problem02:02
lensya VERY LARGE home directory problem (sorry for the caps)02:02
mynetdudeoffline are you using x64bit? Cuz when I was using x64bit the drivers were not available02:02
mynetdudehmm I couldn't connect to the windows share02:02
whik?? anyone??02:02
IndyGunFreakShaba1: oh about the repo, well, it is straightfoward, it depends on the repo, so i can't really give you specific instructions w/o knowing what you want to add02:02
offlineMecha25: what bothers me is when i maximize or minimize windows, they not went very smoothly.. other than that, i love ubuntu :D02:02
Cronik /msg ubottu etiquette02:03
mynetdudeI thought the address for the share was: smb://bigoffice/02:03
lensywhat are the default permissions for user's home directories? i messed mine up and its in 777 atm02:03
offlineMecha25 : nope.. the only x64 is my vista on PC02:03
Mecha25offline: yeah, Xubuntu will fix that.  trust me, I used to run it till I got a new laptop, I was on a thinkpad running 800MHz with no graphics card and Xubuntu ran like a dream02:03
jahnkeanaterhow do i start apache02:03
IndyGunFreaklensy: lol, need to pay attention, and be patient.. should be read and write o the first one, read only, on the second one, and read only on jthe third02:04
jahnkeanater-k start02:04
lensylndyGunFreak: can i have that in numbers please like 664 or 555 or 777...02:04
jahnkeanatersomething like that02:04
offlineMecha25: Xubuntu ? hmm is it better than ubuntu ?02:04
IndyGunFreaklensy: i haveno clu what the numbers for thatwould be.. you're on your own02:04
Shaba1well not like a dream Mecha25 but it does run02:04
mynetdudeyeah ubuntu is VERY nice... even though its a lot of work to configure things and my graphics is glitchy02:05
Mecha25offline: it's exactly like ubuntu, but it uses XFCE instead of GNOME.  It's much more geared towards slower PC's02:05
mynetdudeyou can run kbuntu without a gpu?02:05
lensyxubuntu is the same as ubuntu ecxcept it has the xcfe window manager rather than GNOME02:05
nickrudlensy 755 is normal02:05
IndyGunFreaklensy: your point?02:05
Mecha25offline: it has some interface differences, but it's pretty similar to gnome, actually it's a good bit simpler in my opinion.02:05
lensyjust saying02:05
Shaba1But I think my slowness is more due to the video chip drivers I had to installl02:05
lensynickrud: THANKS THANKS!02:05
offlinemynetdude : yep you got it :D i like it since the first time i installed it... i guess i'll try to install it on my PC for max performance02:05
Cronikis there a networking guru handy, have major network performance issues with any tcp transfers not exceeding about 1/4 of what they should be getting.02:06
IndyGunFreakShaba1: using ATI?02:06
* mynetdude uses ATI02:06
mynetdudeas you all know02:06
Shak-IndyGunFreak: ok I just fixed it by installing the libflashsupport package, thanks for the pulseaudio tip02:06
flouge1how do you define it so any host can connect to a server02:06
dpn`can anyone point me to a deb for ff3?02:06
offlineMecha25: i'll give it a try :D i need to download the ISO first02:06
Mecha25oh my god, ATI on ubuntu is annoying, I wish I had nVidia02:06
IndyGunFreakShak-: np02:06
lensyIndyGunFreak: i dont have a problem with xcfe, infact i prefer it to GNOME and i would use it except im too lazy to customise it :P02:06
Shaba1IndyGunFreak: a wierd one Via UniChrome Pro02:06
Mecha25offline: have fun, it should work much faster02:06
dpn`i should say, a FF3 deb for feisty?02:07
IndyGunFreakShaba1: look and see how lspci identifies it.. its most likely an intel, nvidia or ati chipset.02:07
ALPSINChello all02:07
ALPSINChey, how can I install software over multiple systems, one shot like with apt or similar02:07
mynetdudewonder if kubuntu would use different ATI drivers?02:07
offlineMecha25 & mynetdude : thanks :)02:07
marshall_i need to backup around 10 gigs of stuff on my desktop computer, both running hardy and on a wireless network, and I was wondering what the fastest way to do this would be. I have an ethernet cable (not a crossover) and I could plug NIC to NIC if necessary. any ideas?02:07
* lensy showers thanks down on nickkrud once more...02:07
=== Syzygy is now known as Syzygy2
IndyGunFreakmarshall_: nic-nic, you'll need a crossover cable.02:08
sfiremarshall_: in order to plug NIC to NIC it has to be a cross over... just use the wireless network02:08
Mecha25syzygy, run UT2004 much? hehehe02:08
IndyGunFreakbeyond that, either burn about 5-6 DVD's, or get an external drive.02:08
Syzygy2Mecha25: haha, indeed02:08
marshall_sfire, IndyGunFreak: ok, how do i get them connected wirelessly?02:08
IndyGunFreakmarshall_: that i don't know...02:08
sfiremarshall_: you don't have a wireless access point?02:08
jahnkeanaterapache2 help02:09
Syzygy2I'm actually here wondering how I can get the "restricted hardware" icon in the notifications menu to go away. :/02:09
Mecha25mynetdude, by any chance do you use dual monitors on your ATI setup?02:09
Shaba1Hell I could not even get gutsy to instal on this laptop back in october02:09
mynetdudewhy can't he just wirelessly connect to the other wireless pc?02:09
Shaba1spent 12 hours trying02:09
jedimindmynetdude: that would just be way too simple02:09
marshall_sfire, yeah i have a wireless home network, whats the fastest method to transfer between them?02:09
jedimindmarshall_: cut'n'paste over the wifi ?02:09
mynetdudeMecha25 its a laptop, and I have tried to get dual monitor config but it won't do it02:09
sfiremarshall_: just get the IP of each 'ifconfig' and use sftp02:09
Shaba1then came here and someone told me about xubuntu02:09
sfireor whatever protocol of your choice :)02:09
Mecha25mynetdude: I got it working, but it's finnicky02:10
sfirethey are both on the same network02:10
Shaba145 minutes later I was up and running02:10
ALPSINCmarshall_: i would use apache, but sftp works also02:10
Syzygy2I know that I'm using non-free drivers, because I have to, but I don't need the icon stuck taking up real estate to tell me something I already know.02:10
mynetdudejedimind I am probably mistaken, but I thought you could do wifi to wifi without the AP or router direct peer to peer like you can with a crossover cable02:10
ALPSINCi have one quick question, how can I install software over multiple systems, one shot like with apt or similar02:10
mynetdudeMecha25 ATI right?02:10
naknomikI'm trying to compile a program (just hello world) in C but when I run gcc it says stdin.h is not found. What's wrong? Am I missing some packages? How do I pull those in?02:10
Mecha25mynetdude: mine's a laptop too, and it works.... but I have to reconfigure it at every boot, jiggle the screen resolution.  yeah ATI02:10
mynetdudeMecha25 cuz all my desktop are nVidia... so I hope dual head will work better02:10
Mecha25alpsinc: look on lifehacker, it's there somewhere02:11
ALPSINCMecha25: ok thanks02:11
mynetdudeMecha25 which ATI do you have?02:11
Mecha25mynetdude: ATI Radeon xPress 115002:11
IndyGunFreakNvidia and Dualhead, is a breeze02:11
derekSdoes anyone here use sendxmpp? i am trying to get it working and it won't... wondering if it is broken in hardy?02:11
Mecha25mynetdude: dell inspiron 150102:11
Shaba1IndyGunFreak: wht is lspci?02:11
mynetdudeMecha25 I have the ATI Mobility X70002:11
LunksWhat vpn server is the simplest to install and use?02:12
mynetdudeMecha25 I don't think a Dell branded PC helps either02:12
IndyGunFreakShaba1: a command you put in a terminal.. open a terminal, type lspci and hit enter it'll spit out crap about your systems devices, see ifyou can find your graphcis device in there.02:12
kwani can't remember what the archiving tool for Rar is called02:12
Mecha25mynetdude: do you have a secondary monitor to use for dual screen?  actually, dell and ubuntu work great together, HP not so much02:12
jahnkeanatercan any see what i type02:12
naknomikI'm trying to compile a program (just hello world) in C but when I run gcc it says stdin.h is not found. What's wrong? Am I missing some packages? How do I pull those in?02:12
Mecha25jahnkeanater: yes02:12
mynetdudeMecha25 good point about Dell, my bad they are selling Dell with linux already02:12
jahnkeanateri have gone to a couple servers and no one answers me02:13
Mecha25mynetdude: yep, I had it working before that started happening though02:13
=== dmsuperman is now known as Guest2381
mynetdudeMecha25 yeah I do have lots of monitors that can be used as a 2ndary but ubuntu doesn't show it as a 2nd I can only clone it02:13
=== Guest2381 is now known as dmsuperman
kwannaknomik, maybe you want to include stdio.h instead02:13
jahnkeanaterhow do you get apache working for the first time02:13
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: are you using Nvidia?02:13
mynetdudeMecha25 you probably got rich off them for your ideas :P02:13
LunksWhat vpn server is the simplest to install and use?02:13
mynetdudeIndyGunFreak no, ATI Mobility X700 on laptop02:13
IndyGunFreakmynetdude: oh.02:13
Mecha25mynetdude: yeah, it did that for me for ages.  You have to essentially break your XOrg.conf to get it working02:13
kwanI can't remember what the archiving tool for Rar is called.  Can someone please tell me?02:14
naknomikkwan: : that's just a typo, I have indeed stdio.h in my program02:14
mynetdudeI don't really "NEED" dual screen, but I wanted to see it work cuz it could come in handy... but since its a laptop I prefer to clone it02:14
=== Cynical_ is now known as Herissy
marshall_sfire, sftp isnt going that fast, maybe around 250kb/s02:14
webjames_kwan "sudo apt-get install rar unrar"02:14
mynetdudeMecha25 interesting... its not worth the trouble imo02:14
Bhaveshrar/unrar ?02:14
sfiremarshall_: FTP would be faster.. but you have to set it up02:14
indioHi. Which package is recommended for dyndns.org?02:14
kwanthx webjames_  :)02:14
pmocan i mix debian packages and ubuntu packages ?02:14
naknomikkwan: gcc complains stdio.h No such file or directory.02:14
mynetdudeMecha25 my new laptop with Vista has an intel GPU so I'm not sure how THAT would do with ubuntu02:14
marshall_sfire, uhh this is gonna take 5+ hours with sftp02:14
jribnaknomik: install build-essential.   It will pull in libc6-dev02:15
mynetdudemarshall_ lol :(02:15
marshall_sfire, it would take like 4 minutes to setup ftp i think02:15
Mecha25mynetdude: Intel chipsets work great, it's all software so there's no proprietary drivers02:15
ALPSINCMecha25: humm... i can't seem to find it02:15
marshall_mynetdude, :(02:15
mynetdudeMecha25 even for 3D?02:15
Herissyintel graphics work great now.02:15
webjames_can someone tell me what is the best external drive to use with Ubuntu, i was thinking WD MyBook II or Seagate Freeagent?02:15
Herissyas of 8.0402:15
kwannaknomik, hmm... maybe you haven't installed glibc.  stdio.h is part of std c.02:15
fookswhats the difference between pulseaudio and alsa?02:15
Mecha25mynetdude: yeah, two of my friends have it, and it works great02:15
Mecha25apsinc: I'll take a look02:15
sfirewebjames_: they will all work02:15
pmocan i mix debian packages and ubuntu packages ?02:16
Bhaveshwbjames: they will work the same, since they be connecting to pc through usb/firewire02:16
IndyGunFreakpmo: not a good idea if you can avoid it.02:16
mynetdudereally? hmm maybe I ought to buy another laptop and put XP back on this blasted one02:16
jahnkeanaterwebjames i would get a 3.5 hard drive case02:16
Herissypmo they would be one in the same.02:16
IndyGunFreakHerissy: not necessarily02:16
Bhaveshpmo: i would not advise to mix them.. it's better to keep them seperate02:16
Herissyubuntu is based on debian02:16
jahnkeanaterthat way any old hard drive laying around you can use as a usb02:16
webjames_okay, thanks guys02:16
IndyGunFreakHerissy: and thats where the similarities end02:16
Bhaveshwebjames_ are you planning on carrying it around? or just keep it stationary?02:16
Herissyfair enough02:16
IndyGunFreakthey are not the same, pure and simple..02:16
jahnkeanater1 sec02:17
Mecha25alpsinc: here you go02:17
pmoi am looking for tightvncserver, but cant find it on ubuntu :(.. but maybe because i am trying hairy02:17
Mecha25aplsinc: http://lifehacker.com/software/linux-tip/take-your-packages-with-you-279533.php02:17
webjames_both the wd mybook and freeagent are around £60 i've got a raid array but it's out of space02:17
offlineIndyGunFreak: but i installed some deb and some ubuntu packages02:17
IndyGunFreakpmo: its in the repositories02:17
IndyGunFreakoffline: i didn't say it never works... i said its not a good idea, and its generally advised against02:17
webjames_Bhavesh, it'll be still, just can't fit any more drives on my case02:17
jahnkeanateryou use ide or sata02:18
offlineIndyGunFreak : sorry my bad :) i didn't read carefully02:18
pmoIndyGunFreak, i have only hardy on sources.list that is maybe why, thank you..02:18
kwannaknomik, ???02:18
jahnkeanaterwebjames do you use ide or sata02:18
fookswhats the difference between pulseaudio and alsa?02:18
webjames_jahnkeanater,  sata02:18
IndyGunFreakpmo: its in the hardy repositories.. you don't have to add a special repo for it.02:18
Mecha25fooks: pulseaudio runs on top of alsa02:18
naknomikkwan: installing build-essential solved the problem. Thanks jrib02:19
IndyGunFreakpulse is buggy and annoying.. alsa generally works02:19
thundarris oveclocking with ubuntu possible??02:19
Mecha25fooks: it's all kinda complicated, you can do anything with it but it's not simple02:19
onthefence928hey how do i recover old "copied" text?02:19
pmoIndyGunFreak, then becaose i have only "main" :)02:19
jahnkeanaterdo you have a hard drive that you dont use any where02:19
dirtbagHi all, did ubuntu 8 take out that program that allows you to look at your files on a windows partition?02:19
fooksMecha25, hmm i see02:19
Flannelthundarr: overclocking is something you do on the hardware level, OSes have nothing to do with it02:19
fooksMecha25, does it get interrupted when you run jack audio?02:19
onthefence928does gnome have a built-in clipboard that will store recent copied text?02:19
fooksMecha25, or can you run jack audio on top of it?02:19
dmsupermanonthefence928, ...ctrl + c && ctrl + v02:19
Mecha25fooks: yes!  it does interrupt it on my machine, there is a way to interface the two but it's too complicated for me to look into02:20
webjames_jahnkeanater, iv'e got a case with 6 drives in it, however they're in a raid array, totalling 1tb, if i got a caddy i could only put one drive in there02:20
thundarrflannel:  I understand that I must oveclock in my bios...02:20
Bhaveshwebjames_ look for a cheap hdd on sale and a case, and put an external drive together02:20
dmsupermanonthefence928, you're looking for "glipx"02:20
dmsupermanonthefence928, it keeps a clipboard history, very handy02:20
jahnkeanaterwebjames http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?p=HD-389SATA&c=fr&pid=78ea1253aacbda64adf2da3f8e38356af4b6e1ade711defb7febe133a3c9953002:20
Bhaveshwow that's a lot of space02:20
fooksMecha25, oh hmm02:20
Mecha25fooks: what you end up doing is making jack accept alsa out as an input02:20
onthefence928dmsuperman: yeah, but i overwrote something with ctrl-c by accident, so i need it back02:20
jahnkeanateryou can buy a sata drive for this02:20
Flannelthundarr: That's one way, yes.02:20
dmsupermanonthefence928, I believe it's in the repos, look in synaptic for "glipx"02:20
Bhaveshi am building my first raide :)02:20
fooksMecha25, i read that teamspeak3 is going to be based on pulseaudio02:20
dmsupermanonthefence928, if you don't already have glipx installed then what you already overwrote is gone02:20
thundarrflannel:  when I change the fsb in the bios...system monitor does not show any difference in clock speed02:20
BhaveshRAID even02:20
Mecha25fooks: pulseaudio by itself works amazingly well in my experience02:21
jahnkeanaterthat is a cheap sata case enclosure02:21
fritzophrenicso, where would I report a problem with the documentation?02:21
fooksMecha25, whats noticably different?02:21
Mecha25fooks: the only thing that doesn't play well with the whole system is Jack, and that's because it works on a totally different principle02:21
thundarrso what do I have to do so that the overclocking shows up/works02:21
webjames_Bhavesh, good luck, i went with a hardware controller so i can dual boot of the same array. but software is more flexable02:21
IndyGunFreakdamn, $10 for an enclosure,thats alarmingly cheap...02:21
nickrudfritzophrenic which documentation?02:21
Mecha25fooks: by default, unless you want to do heavy duty Jack work, you shouldn't need to change anything.  The only caveat I've found is you can't have Jack and Alsa share your speakers, without some major changes.  other than that, everything kinda just works02:22
Herissyone of these days Ill figure out how to get a higher connection speed than 24.4kb/sec on dial-up.02:22
thundarrflannel:  is there something that I am missing02:22
webjames_jahnkeanater, i've found that a drive + caddy is only a few pounds cheaper, and i don't get a nice warranty02:22
fritzophrenica) doesn't work (Windows shows size 9GB, size on disk 200MB) and b) doesn't tell how to get it to mount02:22
IndyGunFreakwebjames_: this is true, but if you've already got drives sitting around, enclosures are awesome.02:22
shawnr34did an update break amarok's ipod detection>02:23
Bhaveshwebjames_ the server i will be running RAID on is strictly linux02:23
sazmavarious lvm-related man pages and the wikipedia entry for Linux' LVM say that it supports mirroring of LV's... any pointers to documentation? I don't see an lvchange -m 2 option02:23
nickrudfritzophrenic having trouble loading02:23
IndyGunFreakshawnr34: don't think so..02:23
shawnr34I used to be able to plug in my ipod and it would auto detect it, its not working anymore. the ipod is connected and mounted... i can browse it02:23
Flannelthundarr: I don't know, I've never had problems with just BIOS/hardware modification.02:23
shawnr34can anyone help me out with this?02:23
thundarrflannel:  thanks anyway02:24
Flannelthundarr: Looks like powertweak could help02:24
webjames_Bhavesh, i'd go software then, you can do it from the alternate install cd. i've got 4disks in raid5 1tb, and 2 disks in raid 1 120gbs for my os02:24
IndyGunFreakshawnr34: so its connected and mounted, what is the problem?02:24
robbiet480how can i override the BAD PASSWORD: Dictionary word error message?02:24
thundarrflannel: powertweak... can that be installed through the terminal02:24
shawnr34IndyGunFreak, amarok doesn't see it02:24
IndyGunFreakshawnr34: so configure amarok to see it.02:25
thundarrflannel: or do I have to get it from somewhere else02:25
Flannelthundarr: Yeah.  sudo apt-get install powertweak02:25
webjames_shawnr34, did you update the ipod firmware?02:25
Mecha25shawnr34: you have to use the Amarok iPod plugin02:25
shawnr34webjames_, no02:25
robbiet480how can i override the BAD PASSWORD: Dictionary word error message? I am using LDAP authentication...02:25
webjames_shawnr34, what gen is the ipod, has it worked before?02:25
onthefence928if only comeone figured out how to support teh zune from linux02:25
shawnr34webjames_, yes many times in amarok and rhythmbox02:26
IndyGunFreakonthefence928: i'm pretty sure the zune works out of the box w/ Ubuntu02:26
nickrudfritzophrenic well since I dispise the whole concept of wubi I won't be trying to fix that, and second, you can fix it yourself02:26
webjames_shawnr34, have you tried putting it in disk mode?02:26
nickrudfritzophrenic it's a wiki :)02:26
mroci need help getting grub back properly.  i installed windows after ubuntu and now it boots xp directly.  what's the proper way to fix this?02:26
robbiet480no one help?02:26
Mecha25nickrud, wubi is amazing, but I wish people would learn more about it instead of thinking they have completely installed Ubuntu02:26
Bhaveshwebjames_ very nice.. and thanks for info.. for now i in process of getting a replacement server running ubuntu  instead of debian, but mine will not be as much space as yours.. probably 200GB mirrored02:26
WalloOonthefence928, why not supporting linux from the zune instead? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7bZyBSh2tQ02:27
fritzophrenicI'd love to, if I knew how...maybe someone on #windows can figure out how to at least get Windows to recognize the correct file size...02:27
shawnr34webjames_, it actually was working in rhythmbox, but rhythmbox would open and not amarok, i only use amarok so i just uninstalled rhythmbox. but amarok still doesn't see it02:27
webjames_Bhavesh, well it's whatever you need, good luck02:27
nickrudfritzophrenic could be that the disk isn't actually using that space yet; it's probably a virtual disk that expands on use02:27
nickrudfritzophrenic but hey, that's just guessing ;)02:28
webjames_shawnr34, i'm not sure i use exaile with the ipod plugin02:28
fritzophreniccould be...though the one Wubi created uses the full 5 GB I gave it02:28
shawnr34webjames_, never had to put it in disk mode before...02:28
fritzophrenicbut now I want to see if any of my games work and how hard it is to get them to do so, and I need more space02:28
Flannelfritzophrenic: You should probably try asking in the wubi forums (I don't believe they have an IRC channel): http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=23402:28
IndyGunFreakshawnr34: if the ipod worked in rhythmbox before you removed it, then the issue isnt' the ipod, its clearly the settings in amarok.02:28
ZaidenIn my previous installations, I was able to somehow have esd as a sound option in the sound settings. Would anyone know how to do this without installing the esd package?02:28
fritzophrenicoooo thanks Flannel02:28
IndyGunFreakhave you added the device?02:29
webjames_shawnr34, perhaps try it with rhythmbox again02:29
shawnr34IndyGunFreak, thats what i was thinking but can't figure it out...02:29
nickrudZaiden esd has been replaced with pulse audio ...02:29
thundarrflannel:  after I install powertweak...where am I supposed to find it???02:29
IndyGunFreakshawnr34: open amarok.. and make sure your ipod is plugged in02:29
shawnr34webjames_, rhythmbox doesn't do album art right02:29
IndyGunFreakshawnr34: do you have your ipod plugged in and amarok open?02:30
nickrudI was totally amazed at rhythmbox's easy ipod support (besides the art, but I can live with that)02:30
shawnr34IndyGunFreak, yes02:30
Cronikare there any ip/icmp options that linux uses that windows doesn't for tcp transfers?02:30
IndyGunFreakclick settings/configure amarok/media devices02:30
Flannelthundarr: gpowertweak is a gnome thing.  It looks like it *should* be in your menu somewhere02:30
=== kupesoft_ is now known as kupesoft
nickrudthundarr I think it ended up in system tools the time I installed it02:31
ZaidenWhat would be the best sound option if I can't use PulseAudio?02:31
shawnr34IndyGunFreak, you know what.. i just plugged in my thumbdrive... amarok used to always ask me if it should handle it. it doesn't and its not in the list of avail media devices02:31
IndyGunFreakZaiden: alsa?02:31
mrocsorry if i'm being impatient, but i have limited time to fix this.  i installed xp after ubuntu.  how do i get grub back?02:31
jrib!grub > mroc (read the private message from ubottu)02:32
IndyGunFreakshawnr34: is your ipod plugged in?02:32
IndyGunFreaki don't care if amarok sees your thumbdrive02:32
mrocthanks jrib02:32
Flannelmroc: first link in the private message ubottu sent, at that.02:32
WalloOhello all, what should you be interrested in monitoring on your computer you can't currently do using standard monitoring software. I'm looking for new ideas. Monitoring temperature (hdd, cpu, chipt video card), fan speed, voltage, cpu freqency, network speed, connected wifi, battery, memory, controling fan speed, video card overclock are already supported). Please, give me some suggestions.02:32
shawnr34IndyGunFreak, yes it is02:32
IndyGunFreakthen try auto detecting it.. see if that works02:32
FlannelWalloO: #ubuntu-offtopic would be the place for that, not here.  Thanks02:32
nickrudWalloO monitoring the monitoring software?02:32
webjames_shawnr34, i'm not really sure. i haven't used my ipod since it packed-up last month, i never used amrok or rhythmbox. i though it could be a hardware issue - but it's not obviously, if you think you messed up your amrok config files you could delete them and start again02:33
WalloOnickrud, good idea... :)02:33
Drk_GuyHi guys02:34
Drk_GuyUbuntu won't recognize my gamepad's dpad02:34
WalloOFlannel, since I was here, I just asked... someone with a good idea can be anywhere... :) But I will follow your suggestion02:34
shawnr34IndyGunFreak, amarok is open and plugged in02:34
IndyGunFreakshawnr34: ok, did you do what i said?02:34
threexkhello.  How can you make windows stay in different virtual desktops?02:35
threexknevermind, disregard02:35
shawnr34IndyGunFreak, auto-detect says no new media detected02:36
mynetdudewell I'm bummed that I can't access window shares via Picasa02:36
mynetdudecuz I know picasa can do it via windows via mapped drives02:36
IndyGunFreakshawnr34: you'll have to manually mount it in amarok.02:36
Drk_GuyHelp, ubuntu won't recognize my dpad02:36
mynetdudehow does ubuntu handle NAS?02:37
flaccid_mynetdude: depends on the protocol the NAS supports02:37
dmsupermanmynetdude, NFS and SMB :D02:37
mynetdudemebe I should get one of those usb>ethernet adapters :P02:37
WalloOmynetdude, there is a difference between mouting shared disk and accessing shared disk from gnome (nautilus). If ytou mount the shared drive, it should work02:37
flaccid_mynetdude: check your doco of the NAS to see what protocols it can do02:38
flaccid_it may not do NFS at all02:38
flaccid_i am following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion#head-3f62aec4d410bb7d9a17dc47f6b04f73638dc368 which shows how to svn the themes. where do the themes go and how can i use them, is there a stop missing?02:38
mynetdudeWalloO yeah I know there's a difference between mounting shared disk vs accessing shared disk02:38
dabaRmynetdude: how have you been connecting to it so far?02:38
mynetdudeI don't have a NAS, thats why I thought maybe pulling the HDD out of the USB enclosure putting it into an NAS enclosure instead02:39
mynetduderight now my HDD is attached via USB to the windows box and it is shared to the network02:39
dabaRmynetdude: a NAS enclosure? Like an external HD?02:39
dabaRmynetdude: never mind, I gotr it.02:39
CtrlZftwhey  guys i am running hardy. need a little help, I have the Mesa 3D driver running, but for some reasone i can not get Direct Rendering to work, I think i just need to change it to the ATI driver, but i am having trouble getting that work. Can anyone help me out.02:39
mynetdudenetwork attached storage, yeah you can buy diskless NAS02:39
mynetdudelook, all I know is that linux doesn't use drive letters... I'm trying to make some sense of this02:40
mynetdudeI can access the windows share from the ubuntu nautilus just fine02:40
mynetdudebut picasa doesn't see it02:40
Flannelmynetdude: that's because its not actually in the filesystem02:41
flaccid_stuff it i'll use feisty repos. the compiz fusion page really needs an update02:41
mynetdudewhats not?02:41
offlineubuntu also won't recognize an externel (actually, a PC dvd drive connected via usb to laptop) optical drive on laptop02:41
Flannelmynetdude: Your share02:41
Drk_GuyHelp, ubuntu wont grab my gamepad's dpad02:41
WalloOmynetdude, nautilus don't mount disk. Since picasa do not use gnome file system library, you can't that way.02:41
Flannelmynetdude: But as was previously said, if you put it in your fstab, it'll work fine02:41
WalloOMount the remote share in a folder (command line not gnome), and it may work02:42
mcquaidmynetdude, yeah use fstab02:42
mynetdudeWalloO ok so nautilus doesn't mount, then why is it mounted? (I can unmount it via right click)02:42
mynetdudewhats fstab?02:42
mynetdudesorry I missed some of that02:42
dabaRmynetdude: is it mounted somewhere? maybe in /media02:42
flaccid_!fstab | mynetdude02:42
ubottumynetdude: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:42
colaserHi, I'm having sound problems on a Santa Rosa Macbook. The sound worked perfectly at one point, but something stopped it from working except with OSS; ALSA, ESD, etc. didn't work. Now I've upgraded to Hardy and I'm getting no sound at all. How do I fix this?02:42
Flannelmynetdude: It uses a separate mounting method, basically gnome mounts it for gnome.  But anything that doesn't use gnome specific volume management wont see it.02:42
WalloOmynetdude, ok. It's mounted in which folder?02:43
mynetdudenautilus shows it mounted and it says E02:43
WalloOmynetdude, can you see it in /etc/mtab?02:43
craigbass1976Someone set up a ubuntu box in text mode, but wants a GUI now.  I installed kde for him, and we can fire it up with startx.  How do I make Ubuntu do this automatically?02:43
mcquaidpicasa is using wine, so it's not going to recognize gvfs or samba shares02:43
CtrlZftwcolaser --> is this for wine?02:43
dabaRcraigbass1976: perhaps you can install kdm.02:44
Drk_GuyHelp, ubuntu wont grab my gamepad's dpad02:44
mynetdudeyeah picasa uses winelib even though its not in wine02:44
ads_hi i when i log into a gnome session i just get a black screen..   ive tried removing gnome and deleting ".gconf* .gnome* .metacity " but when i reinstall gnome i get the same issue    what can i do to restore gnome successfully??02:44
dabaRand then sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm02:44
craigbass1976dabaR, that's all that's missing?02:44
colaserNo. I get no sound from anything.02:44
flaccid_why do all my windows stay on top now, its annying... ?02:44
mynetdudealright hold on02:44
WalloOis it possible to make live overclock of a intel q6600 using linux-PHC?02:44
dabaRcraigbass1976: that will start up the login screen on boot, afaik.02:45
WalloOmycroftiv, it uses wine lib because it's windows code, and they used winelib to port it quickly02:45
craigbass1976dabaR, sounds good02:45
mynetdudedon't have a /etc/mtab/02:45
WalloOmynetdude, mount your share using the mount command, and it will work.02:45
craigbass1976dabaR, does init 6 work?02:45
dabaRmynetdude: run sudo mount, that will tell you everything that is mounted, afaik.02:45
dabaRcraigbass1976: no idea what that is. Sounds about right.02:46
offlinewallo0: if i were u, i prefer to dual boot linux and windows... and use windows to OC (test stability)02:46
craigbass1976dabaR, reboot02:46
colaserHm. I just tried Wine, and I actually am getting sound from it. Haven't gotten anything else to give me sound, though.02:46
Drk_GuyHelp, ubuntu wont grab my gamepad's dpad02:46
slyfhey, I am using "v4l2" and -tv to get my webcam working in  mplayer, but the brightness refuses to set, so I get a dark dark image02:46
slyfshould it set the brightness automatically?02:46
mynetdudedabaR ok one sec02:46
dabaRcraigbass1976: you should install the kdm, dpkg-reconfigure it, and then it will just work next time you boot, ya.02:46
craigbass1976dabaR, I'm not familiar with the run levels in Ubuntu.  Used to RH and fedora02:46
CtrlZftwcolaser that's wierd cause it's usually the other way around02:47
Dasmoovercan anyone help me out with my xsession? http://pastebin.org/4547102:47
Dasmooverplease help02:47
ads_i need to completly remove all traces of a gnome desktop to then replace it as i cant log into gnome     can anyone help please ??02:47
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
LeefmcQuestion: Whats the best solution to UnRar .. Rars? "unrar" is not free02:47
dabaRads_: is there an error at all?02:47
latCan tar make a complete bare metal backup?02:48
ads_dabaR: no   just a black screen when i log in02:48
mizaiLeefmc: there is a package called unrar-free02:48
dabaRLeefmc: there is a rar package last time I checked too.02:48
Leefmcmizai: Yea i saw that, is it any good?02:48
WalloOLeefmc, unrar... it'S in synatptic  sudo apt-get install unrar02:48
mynetdudedabaR I only see sda1, I know I should have sda2 and sda502:48
LeefmcdabaR: Pardon? I don't understand what you mean02:48
colaserHm. That is odd.02:48
LeefmcWalloO: I know about that one, but is it .. usable? It says its not free02:48
ads_dabaR:  uve tried removing gnome using apt and then removing  .gconf* .gnome*    and then restoring gnome with apt to no avail02:48
flaccid_doesn't look like any vista themes in the ubuntu feisty emerald-themes pkg02:48
mizaiLeefmc: it works most of the time for me02:49
Dasmoovercan anyone help me out with my xsession? http://pastebin.org/4547102:49
mynetdudedabaR gprep showed me all the mounted drives... so thats how I know sda1, 2 and 5 exist02:49
flaccid_how can i make compiz click to focus, all windows seem on top02:49
dabaRads_: there is a --purge option to apt-get remove, that removes all config files.02:49
mynetdudedabaR: correction: all the filesystem drives02:49
LeefmcWalloO: ?02:49
ALPSINChello again02:49
WalloOLeefmc, it's installer on my computer and it works... that's it.02:49
ads_dabaR: ok ill try that thanks02:49
dabaRmynetdude: but not the one that is external, if I understand correctly, right?02:49
mizaiLeefmc, "not free" doesn't mean "doesn't work"02:49
ALPSINChow does one edit the sudoers file with nano?02:50
FlannelALPSINC: sudo visudo02:50
colaserArgh. I'm going to have to go. I'll try again later.02:50
Leefmcmizai: True, but it does mean limited.02:50
Dasmooveralpsinc: sudo nano02:50
Leefmcmizai: At the very least.02:50
mynetdudedabaR gprep? Should gprep see externally mounted drives?  I did sudo mount, it doesn't see anything but sda102:50
stroyan`ads_: The trouble may be a user configuration file rather than a global config.  You could use the useradd command from the text console to make a new user account then try logging in to that.02:50
ALPSINCFlannel: if i do that it opens with vim, which I hate...02:50
ALPSINCi need nano :P02:50
dabaRmynetdude: never heard of gprep02:50
FlannelALPSINC: Its not like you'll be doing a whole lot of editing.  But, visudo uses EDITOR I believe.02:51
mynetdudeerr gprep=gparted sorry02:51
alberto_hey guys do someone know how to change my (second screen) TV position? something like the offset thanks...02:51
ALPSINCFlannel: ahh ok02:51
WalloOLeefmc, there is no shareware in ubuntu... That's it that's all02:51
mynetdudedabaR like I said sudo mount only shows sda1, but gparted shows sda1, 2, and 502:51
mynetdudedabaR there's other info, but nothing that looks like mounted network shares02:51
LeefmcWalloO: So if its not a limited version, what does "not free" mean in this case?02:51
mizaiLeefmc, no source available02:52
mynetdudenot free meanse its not OSS02:52
Leefmcodd way of saying closed source heh02:52
CtrlZftwanyone know how i can force hardy to use the ATI Driver, instead of the MESA 3D02:52
FlannelLeefmc: Or restricted distribution rights02:52
mynetdudeLeefmc my thoughts exactly02:52
FlannelLeefmc: Its not necessarily closed source.02:52
WalloOLeefmc, where is written "non free" in unrar?02:52
LeefmcFlannel: That one would make sense02:52
LeefmcWalloO: Synaptic02:52
bpgoldsbI'm looking to setup a cronjob to email me of any outstanding package updates on my Ubuntu/Debian machines.  Anyone know of a package that can do this?  I'm figuring someone already wrote one.02:52
mizaiLeefmc, actually I take that back, I just did apt-get source unrar02:52
mizaiLeefmc, Flannel is probably right02:53
mynetdudedabaR so even if I can mount the share that doesn't mean picasa may even see it02:53
dabaRmynetdude: so, you just open that nautilus, and the network share is there?02:53
mynetdudedabaR thats right02:53
stroyan`ALPSINC, Flannel: "man visudo" spells it out.  You need to set "env_editor" in the sudoers file to allow alternate editors from the EDITOR environment variable.02:53
mynetdudeand then I double click the share I want and login, and then it appears on my desktop mounted02:53
dabaRmynetdude: and wth is picasa, is it in a browser, or an app in your computer02:53
=== Cynical_ is now known as Herissy
mynetdudepicasa is a photo gallery app02:53
WalloOLeefmc, it should be a non open source one maybe. However, install the free one if you prefer.02:54
ALPSINCstroyan`: ahh ok thanks!02:54
Herissygeesus. this server doesn't kill ghosts.02:54
LeefmcWalloO: I dont care, i was just trying to understand what part of it wasn't free heh02:54
dabaRmynetdude: the online version or the offline version?02:54
mynetdudeHerissy no it doesn't, but the user can02:54
mynetdudedabaR offline02:54
Herissyit should. imho02:54
mynetdudedabaR, I have it for windows and it can access mapped drives02:54
dabaRmynetdude: and it can not see a mounted drive?02:55
WalloOLeefmc, I don't know. I think it's just not opensource02:55
Herissysome ping clients and when they get no response it kills the connection.02:55
Dasmoovercan anyone help me out with my xsession? http://pastebin.org/4547102:55
dabaRmynetdude: and you are using a version for Ubuntu now, right?02:55
WalloOmynetdude, it's normal you can't see it on your desktop. this is a virtual shortcut02:55
WalloOmynetdude, it exists only in gnome02:55
shingalate1mynetdude, if it is a wine app run winecfg and assign a drive letter the the mount point02:56
mynetdudedabaR no picasa isn't seeing anything but the filesystem drives02:56
mynetdudeactually linux doesn't use "drives"02:56
jameslrI think It's because unrar has its own license agreement. That's why it's non-free02:56
Herissythey are mount points.02:56
mynetdudeHerissy right02:56
stroyan`ALPSINC: "man sudoers" has more details.  You can set the "editor" variable in /etc/sudoers to a specific list of allowed editors.02:56
mynetdudewell how do I make a mount point for a share then? :P02:56
dabaRmynetdude: and you can not find it anywhere in the filesystem, such as /media?02:56
WalloOmynetdude, mount the samba share in a folder using mount command, then go in it with picasa. It's as simple as it.02:57
shingalate1well it uses mountpoints so you could assign the mountpoint to a drive letter in wine02:57
dabaRmynetdude: perhaps the properties of th shortcut on the desktop contain a clue02:57
Flannelmynetdude: mkdir (its just a directory)02:57
ALPSINCstroyan`: yes, I saw, thanks :)02:57
mynetdudeWalloO alright that sounds like a good way to do it02:57
offlinehow can i change mcaddress on ubuntu ? coz the last time i changed it, i got no connectivity at all02:57
jameslroffline: first question: Why are you changing your mac address?02:58
mynetdudedabaR I looked at that, it doesn't so I went to the network places in ubuntu and got properties from that02:58
WalloOmynetdude, It's what I'm saying you since the beginning. You need to install smbfs to do that : sudo apt-get install smbfs02:58
mynetdudelet me see if /media has anything02:58
penoffline: don't ask here, no one will give out the instructions, try google02:58
WalloOoffline, it's bad to do that02:58
dabaRoffline: a MAC address?02:58
WalloOoffline, maybe you can using ifconfig or macchanger02:59
shingalate1there are legitimate reasons to change a MAC address02:59
WalloOooops, I gave the solution... :(02:59
Shaba1other then anonymity02:59
dabaRshingalate1: such as distributing child porn.02:59
jameslrchanging your mac address doesn't give you anonymity...03:00
offlinejameslr : ok.. first of all, i'm on a LAN. and so many bad ppl here who like to attack other machine. My PC default mcaddress now is like banned? so it never get connected to the internet on default. when i chaged it, i connected. im on laptop now03:00
shingalate1dabaR:not quite what i was thinking03:00
Shaba1a bit03:00
WalloOjameslr, hmmmm... if you connect through an open or crackedf wifi it may.03:00
jameslrTrue anonymity: live in the woods with no internet and no visitors :D03:01
mynetdudeWalloO how do I access smbfs once its installed? Is it GUI?03:01
offlinepen : ok thank you but instruction from google just cut me off from network03:01
penjameslr: it lost the true goal to access internet03:01
Shaba1lol jameslr03:01
mynetdudejameslr its possible... hard to do though03:01
jameslroffline: I believe WalloO gave you the answer you requested. I was just curious why.03:01
offlinejamelr : lol :D03:02
WalloOmycroftiv, do you know how to use mount command? Do you want to mount it everytime you start your computer?03:02
KiraIs there a universal way to check the distro and version of my *nix/Linux machine from the shell?03:02
mynetdudeWalloO no I don't, and it would be nice to have it mounted when I am connected to my network... as the laptop roams03:02
mynetdudewould be interesting to have it mount outside of my network too03:02
penKira: uname -a?03:02
jameslrWalloO: if you're using NetworkManager it may not be as easy as the above mentioned solutions.03:02
noxixwhats one of the better DVD players for Ubuntu?03:02
offlinewaloo0: mcchanger ? i'll try to download it :)03:02
FlannelKira: lsb_release -a03:03
WalloOjameslr, to do what?03:03
peteeehow i can change subtitles size for kaffeine? sorry,i dont speaking good english but finnish channel is empty.03:03
* mynetdude hates CLI03:03
jameslrWalloO: change your mac address.03:03
FlannelKira: Or at least, that's supposed to be.  I'm not sure if all distros honor the LSB03:03
jameslrI hate NetworkManager03:03
WalloOjameslr, very difficult, one command 20 characters... :)03:03
mynetdudebrb gonna look in /media/03:03
Flannelpeteee: You might try #kubuntu, they'll be more familiar with Kaffeine03:03
jameslrudev is confusing to me still. I'm still used to old school device nodes03:04
penjameslr: well ,it is working well on me03:04
WalloOjameslr, I did it several time just to play with my wifi03:04
jameslrcool then03:04
WalloOmynetdude, wait, I've to look for the command line03:04
Shaba1damn defrag is taking days,litterally!!!!03:04
jameslrdefragging windows?03:05
WalloOis it possible to make live overclock of a intel q6600 using linux-PHC?03:05
mynetdudeWalloO nothing in /media/03:05
amps2voltswow there is a lot of people on here03:05
jameslrlive overclock *shudder*03:05
mynetdudecorrection in /media/ only 2 CDROM drives but I only have 103:05
tech0007glad i'm back03:05
CtrlZftwwhy would you want to overclock03:05
toriasHello, I am completely new to Ubuntu and would like to know exactly how too install Flash for Firefox.03:05
CtrlZftwit really won't make that big a difference03:05
Shaba1I have been runnng defraggler since 9pm friday. ITS NOW 7;05 pm sunday03:06
offlinewallo0: is it better to overclock under windows ? coz so many overclocking program under windows03:06
mynetdudeWalloO ok I'll wait for ur cmd line... but I like GUI03:06
WalloOmynetdude, first, create a folder for your mount point in /media: sudo mkdir /media/mymountpoint03:06
RichardBLandyou don't overlcok in windows!03:06
mynetdudeShaba1 why are u defragging ext3?03:06
noxixWhen trying to use Totem Movie Player to watch a DVD i get a "could not read from source" error, however UBUNTU recognizes my dvdrom... Any ideas on how to fix this?03:06
RichardBLandyou overclock in your bios03:06
WalloOmynetdude, wait... I have my other computer to start to retreive it03:06
dabaR!flash > torias03:06
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:06
toriasthank you03:06
pentorias: are you using pulseaudio?03:07
RichardBLandadios amigos :)03:07
dabaRnoxix: has this computer ever played a DVD before?03:07
offlineRichardBalnd : yup under BIOS, but stability test is better under windows.. coz we got prime95, orthos, etc :D03:07
WalloORichardBLand, you can overclock from Windows... However, here we are with ubuntu... so any info if it's possible with linuc-PHC?03:07
noxixdabaR: no, this is the first time i've tried in UBUNTU. It worked fine in windows.03:07
dabaRnoxix: did you install what is needed to play DVDs?03:07
mynetdudeWalloO ok mountpoint folder created03:08
noxixdabaR: i don't know. using the Add/Remove applications gui, all the codecs and stuff are installed.03:08
dabaR!dvd | noxix03:08
ubottunoxix: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:08
dabaRnoxix: try that out if you hav not.03:08
mynetdudejust too bad I can't do it via GUI03:09
WalloOmynetdude, in /etc/fstab, add a line like that:  //server/yourshare /media/mymountpoint smbfs username=guest,password=guest 0 003:09
mynetdudebut alas cli is faster03:09
dabaRmynetdude: once you get it to mount on boot, then you will be able to get through it through /media/...03:09
WalloOmynetdude, change server name, etc... to fit with your needs. This line is used to connect as anonymous03:10
mynetdudeWalloO //server/<--- IP and then /share <--- how do I know the name of the share?03:10
mynetdudeah it can't connect anonymous03:10
mynetdudeso I'd use my user/pass then03:10
WalloOmynetdude, it will be mounted at start and to mount it right now: sudo mount /media/mymountpoint03:11
M4rotkuhas any1 had any luck with using a Sansa m250 mp3 player with Ubuntu 8.04?03:11
Shaba1I am not mynetdude. I am typing on a laptop right now that is dual boot windows xp and xubuntu. I am i the xubuntu side right now. I am defragging my window xp desktop03:11
mynetdudethats fine I'll just use the manual mounting command03:11
Shaba1that is what has been running for almost two days now03:11
WalloOmynetdude, Ip ok, and share is the name of the forlder you see when you go on your remote computer with nautilus03:11
mynetdudeso if the remote folder just sayd E that would be the share? I guess I would use IP for the server right?03:12
mynetdudeseems like you can use smb://bigoffice/ as the server as well?03:12
mynetdude sudo mount /media/mymountpoint <--- mount what? don't you have to tell it what to mount?03:13
WalloOmynetdude,  yes it is. Please, respect the case.03:13
jameslrmynetdude: there are default shares in windows. They require administrator access to use them though They're the drive letters followed by $. e.g. c$ for your C Drive in windows03:13
Shaba1ok how do I 'see' my window ntfs drive from linux03:13
ads_tryin to remove all traces of gnome so i may then reinstall gnome as currently its broken... i thought i had done this but it is still showing a session type at the login screen  please help!!!03:13
WalloOmynetdude, not if you added the line in fstab, as I said you03:13
mynetdudejameslr I'm aware of that, I see those too03:13
Shaba1I know I cannot run the programs I just want to view some graphics and avi,mpg files on the linux side03:13
rubixwhen i mount a drive its mounting as read-only how do i change it to mount so i have permissions to all files on the drive03:14
mynetdudeblah I need to add that line in fstab03:14
WalloOShaba1, if you use ubuntu 8.04, just click on the hard drive in nautilus03:14
Colonelrubix: add -o rw option?03:15
nickrudads_ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE#head-783dc3d834b24ed82551b41055bddf6303287f5303:15
rubixColonel, its when i mount a drive with the places menu03:15
Shaba1xubuntu WalloO03:15
nickrudbe prepared to do this at a console03:15
nickrudads_ ^^03:15
Shaba1It uses thundar03:15
mynetdudeWalloO if I use the IP then if the IP changes I'll have to change the fstab... is there a better way to identify the server? such as by PC name?03:15
WalloOJameslr: this default share in windows make me sic. This is really crazy, and totaly unsecure. that sucks03:15
WalloOShaba1, mount it by hand03:16
mynetdudethats fine, whats the full command line to mount by hand?03:16
rubixhow does the hal daemon mount other partitions/drive03:16
Colonelrubix: not sure then03:16
WalloOmynetdude, you can. It can work.03:16
ads_nickrud: no packes needed to be removed03:16
mynetdudealright so I just use the pc name instead of IP?03:16
nickrudads_ did you copy and paste that complete thing into a console?03:16
jameslrWalloO: the default shares aren't that big of a deal to me. It's that by default when you first install Windows if you add a user it's automatically put into the Admin group03:17
ads_nickrud: yes   im gonna restart x to dbl check gnome is still showing   brb03:17
WalloOmynetdude, you can try with ip first to test. then if itworks, try with the name.03:17
nickrudads_ wait03:17
jameslrso you could have a user without a password in the Administrator's group...scary03:17
jameslror administrator could have no password - and still authenticate!!!03:18
=== Alvin_FN is now known as ce_16
mynetdudeWalloO, to edit fstab I would assume I need root privs?03:18
WalloOjameslr, it is stupid too. I hate that way of working. And now, to try to fix this stupid way of working, they created a stupid right management in Vista which is a head ack03:18
WalloOmynetdude, yes: sudo /gedit /etc/fstab03:18
ads_nickrud: no luck   gnome is still there in session type at the login screen03:18
mynetduderight I was getting there, was just making sure03:18
nickrudads_ tracking down the desktop, a sec03:19
ads_nickrud: thanks can you post me the link again please i would like to save it for future refference03:19
nickrudads_ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE#head-783dc3d834b24ed82551b41055bddf6303287f5303:19
WalloOjameslr, the worst thing is that you can't be normal user if you are the only user (except administrator) using standard interface' You need to pass throught adminitrative tools to do that... and nothing is done to work correctely and efficiently as normal user03:20
Dasmoovercan anyone help me out with my xsession? http://pastebin.org/4547103:20
jameslrWalloO: that isn't entirely MS's fault. App developers need to learn to write their software for the OS correctly.03:20
=== kalpik_ is now known as kalpik
nickrudads_ that same thing, but instead of apt-get remove --purge do   aptitude purge03:21
tofaffyWhen running compiz - xchat does some weird funky glitchy screen thing...but when I'm running metacity it works just fine. Any ideas what may be causing this and how I can fix it?03:21
WalloOjameslr, yes, but before vista nothing ws made to manage it easily03:21
jameslrThat's why I love linux so much. Everything is contained nicely in the home directory.03:22
jameslrwhitefire: root? :X03:23
mynetdudewhere do I find this mounted share now?03:24
msshamshow can i draw an Algebraic curve in linux? with which software?03:24
mynetdudehey it worked!03:25
ads_nickrud: unresolved depndencies03:25
jameslrmsshams: get Snac03:25
nickrudads_ put the complete output on paste.ubuntu.com03:25
nicholaspaulQ: if i remember correctly, there's a command to get rid of all previous, unused  kernels - anyone know it?03:25
ads_nickrud: its freeing up roughly 1.8GB soim sure its removing evrything ill let you know   thanks03:26
nickrudnicholaspaul there's no single command, you would look in synaptic for your kernels ( clt-f linux-image) and mark them for complete removal. Keep at least two working ones03:26
ads_nickrud: ah shit its removing kubuntu-desktop also03:27
nicholaspaulPerfect! Thanks Nickrud :D03:27
asmo[B]anyone know of a way to have a proper nvidia driver in vmware?03:27
mynetdudenope picasa won't see mounted smbfs shares03:27
dandel!bug 24041103:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 240411 in xchat "highlighted messages always render at bottom of the screen." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24041103:27
brianhermanq: apt-get remove kernel03:27
mynetdudeso I'm outta luck there :(03:27
jameslrasmo[B]: not possible03:27
tofaffyWhen running compiz - xchat does some weird funky glitchy screen thing...but when I'm running metacity it works just fine. Any ideas what may be causing this and how I can fix it?03:27
mynetdudethats ok I don't really need to use picasa on linux03:28
dandeltofaffy, what funky glitch?03:28
mynetdudeI'll just use vista03:28
=== kat is now known as Guest62431
nickrudads_ it gave you a list of what it was going to remove, you didn't look it over?03:28
asmo[B]jameslr: for sure? or just no one's done it?03:28
jameslrasmo[B]: for sure. It's virtual hardware. Not real hardware.03:28
tofaffydandel, like every once in a while the messages will pile up on the last line until I click in the message area, or the line between the nicks and the messages will dissapear until I click.03:28
nickrudtofaffy the guys in #compiz-fusion know a lot more about that stuff03:28
alberto_hey guys do someone know how to change my (second screen) TV position? it seems to be bigger than the actual tv size 'cause the borders of the screen can't be seen on th TV, any ideas?03:28
nicholaspaulnickrud: whats the difference between linux-image-generic and linux-image-386? do i need both?03:28
nickrudnicholaspaul -386 is for chips before pentium II , depends on what you have03:29
afallenhopewhat's the default media player and how do I change it03:29
nicholaspaulnickrud P4 - thankfully i havent had a P II in years :D can i safely remove the 386 versions then?03:30
nickrudnicholaspaul yep03:30
saintmykillhi all, I recently wiped out XP partition and went Ubuntu only.  When I resized/moved my partitions around with GParted to fill the unused space, it somehow disconnected my swap and now Ubuntu doesn't see it.  Anyone know how to fix this?03:30
rubixanyone know how to configure hal to mount drives with read/write permissions03:30
nicholaspaulnickrud Alrighty - thanks mate!03:30
saintmykillSystem monitor now says 0 of 0 bytes used... I have 4GB+ swap partition03:31
nickrudsaintmykill you'd need to edit your /etc/fstab , do   sudo blkid   to get the right uuid for your swap03:31
afallenhope-what's the default media player and how do I change it-03:31
saintmykill@nickrud, thanx I'll try that.  brb03:31
dandeli'm dealing with a bug where xchat will always render hightlighted messages at the bottom of the screen no matter what i do to configure it to stop.03:31
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs03:32
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:32
nickrudrubix do you have to use hal, or are you just trying to get a certain result?03:32
dabaRafallenhope: you can right click on a file, properties, open with, and then set the default.03:33
nickrudafallenhope right click a media file ..., see dabaR03:33
rubixnickrud, i want to use the places --> xx media to mount drives/partitions03:33
afallenhopekkz tty. waht about get a do bar like MAC?03:33
rubixnickrud, but i want them to be mounted as read/write with 777 permissions03:34
mynetdudeyou failed!03:35
cheeseboycan anyone help me with ossv4?03:35
nickrudrubix ext3?03:35
saintmykill@nickrud, you were right!  I corrected the uuid, do i need to reboot for this to take effect?03:35
nickrudsaintmykill nope,  sudo swapon -a  should do the trick03:35
rubixnickrud, yes03:35
saintmykill@nickrud: thanks a lot, great community here!03:36
nickrudrubix after you mount the device, run   sudo chmod 777 /path/to/device , then check it after a unmount and mount03:36
nickrudsaintmykill yw03:36
mynetdudehey I have an app called weather watcher, it runs good in wine but it can't detect any internet... is there any way to tell it that there is internet?03:36
noxixdabaR: well i followed all those instructions, but im having problems getting ubtuntu to let me play encrypted dvd's03:36
=== paradon_ is now known as paradon
noxixdabaR: i've gone through the forums and google and i cant seem to find anything that works :\03:37
mynetdudeeither that or is there any good weather programs for linux?03:37
nickrudrubix by /path/to/device, I really mean /path/to/mountpoint03:37
dabaRdid you do the libdvdcss2 install?03:37
noxixdabaR: yes03:38
dabaRnoxix: dunno.03:38
ubottuFactoid weather not found03:38
ubottuFactoid watcher not found03:38
prettyrickyis there any program out there so that I can use my mobile phone with ubuntu?03:38
mynetdudecan anyone recommend a decent weather apps for linux?03:38
rubixbe back in a few03:38
rubixnickrud, ty03:38
nickrudmynetdude right click the panel, add weather applet. Works well for most stuff03:39
mynetdudenickrud eww... its not a full featured app03:39
HealthyElijahhow would i enter the command to run firefux from the terminal03:39
nickrud'full featured?'03:39
* mynetdude likes weather watcher for windcows better03:39
mynetdudewell for example I can set it to multiple cities, I can have it display radar maps right onto the desktop, etc03:39
e-jatHealthyElijah, firefox03:40
asmo[B]I'm having problems getting my external drive to mount... I think it's because I didn't properly eject them in windows, is there anyway around it or do I just have to reboot and eject them properly?03:40
nickrudasmo[B] ejecting properly would be a good idea.03:40
tech0007asmo[B]: better reboot and have windows fix it03:40
mazyiarhi, can anybody help me with .tar.gz installation in ubuntu03:40
Mo0oSaHwhy does my firefox crash randomly when I'm watching youtube videos?03:40
Ryouga_Hibikihi everyone I was wondering can someone help me with dual booting ubuntu and windows xp03:41
asmo[B]ya that's what I figured03:41
tech0007!flash | Mo0oSaH03:41
ubottuMo0oSaH: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash03:41
nickrud!dualboot | Ryouga_Hibiki03:41
ubottuRyouga_Hibiki: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:41
e-jatasmo[B], is it ntfs ? sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/yourpartition /media/createfolderforit -o force03:41
asmo[B]e-jat: no way03:41
asmo[B]not going to force mount03:41
nickrudewww, forcing a mount03:41
asmo[B]too much to lose03:41
Mo0oSaHtech0007: I have flash installed.  I can even play videos but it crashes randomly when I click the link for next video03:42
edugonchHello, I just install kde 4.1, and the nvidia drivers, but now I don't have start menu03:42
HealthyElijahe-jat: just firefox doesn't work03:42
nickrudMo0oSaH welcome to the club ;(03:42
Mo0oSaHnickrud: Known problem?03:42
HealthyElijahe-jat: there must be something else before it right like run03:42
nickrudMo0oSaH very well known03:42
Mo0oSaHnickrud: lol... Are there any other good browsers?03:43
e-jatHealthyElijah, else /usr/bin/firefox03:43
nickrudMo0oSaH some have gone back to ff2, but it's more of a flash issue than browser issue from what I've heard03:43
Ryouga_Hibikiah I see thanks03:43
mynetdudeseems like ubuntu is buggy in its own way yet its so much better than windows03:43
nickrudeverything is buggy.03:43
mynetdudeexcept I can't use it as a windows replacement anytime soon03:43
Mo0oSaHnickrud: is flash compatible with ff2?03:43
nickrudMo0oSaH yes03:44
HealthyElijahe-jat: that worked thanks03:44
mynetdudenickrud thats basically my point03:44
e-jatHealthyElijah, :)03:44
Mo0oSaHnickrud: cool, I'll go try that03:44
ikasa4guys, how does to connect a sony handycam to ubuntu?03:44
ikasa4i have firewall, and its run on my xp03:44
ikasa4but not on my ubuntu03:44
Rico^Suavewill the flash player work on 8.04 >>03:44
nickrudRico^Suave most of the time03:44
* mynetdude is lucky I don't have a problem with that yet03:45
Rico^SuaveMost of the time?? How most?03:45
ikasa4please help03:45
nickrudI can reliably make firefox crash by showing certain flash sites03:45
nickrudRico^Suave right now? I'd say it works about 95% of the time without crashing the browser (very unscientific gut memory)03:46
SheerzI'm having a problem with ubuntu shutting down03:46
nickrudikasa4 what camera exactly?03:46
unavailablemy usb quit working03:47
unavailablemount shows its plugged in when its not03:47
AeronTGI'm looking for a solid download manager type of tool (wanting to download a 192mb game), any suggestions?03:47
ikasa4a sony mini dv03:47
jameslrAeronTG: filezilla is good03:47
nickrudikasa4 model number is useful03:47
SheerzI get "[3153.1137523] Power down." and the computer freezes03:47
nickrudAeronTG gwget, d4x both work well also03:48
unavailablenickrud this is my usb right??  procbususb on /proc/bus/usb type usbfs (rw)03:48
Rico^SuaveThanks Nick..Its better then nothing I suppose03:48
nickrudunavailable no sure, I've had little reason to investigate usb (no issues here [crosses fingers])03:48
ikasa4nickrud, mine is DCR-HC28E03:48
nickrudikasa4 a sec03:48
unavailableanyone know how to force an unmount of usb?03:49
Rico^SuavePull it out  8)03:49
unavailabledidnt work03:49
AeronTGnickrud: if i lose my dialup connection will gwget reconnect my machine automatically, and pick up where it left off in the game download?03:49
unavailableits pulled out as of before i did mount and got this  procbususb on /proc/bus/usb type usbfs (rw)03:49
jameslrunavailable: umount -f /dev/device03:49
SheerzPlease Respond...  I'm a Ubuntu Noob03:50
nickrudAeronTG it won't reconnect automatically, you'd have to configure ppp to do that.03:50
prettyrickyis there any program out there so that I can use my mobile phone with ubuntu?03:50
jameslrunavailable: sorry sudo umount -f /dev/device03:50
chubs_sheerz: what's your question?03:50
unavailablejameslr http://paste.ubuntu.com/22265/03:50
Sheerzlook above03:50
AeronTGnickrud: okay, that makes sense......will gwget at least be able to to pick up where it left off once I do reconnect?03:51
kupesoftIs there a way to set up an "invalid login hook" with openssh... that is a program that is executed when an invalid user/pass is attempted with ssh?03:51
nickrudikasa4 sorry, I'm not finding a thing about your camera and linux, sorry03:51
kupesoftOr do I need some software to monitor the log files,03:51
Sheerzfirst 2 posts03:51
nickrudAeronTG yes, if the site you're downloading from supports resume03:51
e-jatikasa4, is it the url helps ?03:51
jaridhow do i get emeraled03:52
nickrudunavailable  sudo umount -f03:52
nickrudunavailable iirc03:52
unavailablejames i did sudo umount -f /proc/bus/usb03:52
AeronTGnickrud, oh boy, i hope so :) downloading OOTP9....big baseball sim nut here :)03:52
webjames_ikasa4, i would try searching/posting on the forums03:52
jaridhow do i get emeraled theme man03:52
jameslrunavailable: not /proc/bus/usb. u can't umount your procfs03:52
mynetdudehey does anybody know about the ubuntu cylinder desktop?03:52
nickrudunavailable sorry, that was wrong03:52
e-jatjarid, sudo apt-get install emerald03:52
SheerzI'm having a problem with ubuntu shutting down03:53
jameslrunavailable: the device node for the usb device. like /dev/sdb03:53
SheerzI get "[3153.1137523] Power down." and the computer freezes03:53
jameslrunavailable: what is the output of mount?03:53
prettyrickyis there any program out there so that I can use my mobile phone with ubuntu?03:53
unavailablejameslr ok here is the shimmy i plug my usb in... nothing....  this is my mount  http://paste.ubuntu.com/22266/03:53
e-jatprettyricky, try wammu03:54
ikasa4thats fine nickrud03:54
prettyrickye-jat= is that for any mobile phone?03:54
ikasa4e jat what do you mean with url help?03:54
chubs_sheerz: when does this happen? when you choose to power it down or at random?03:54
unavailablejameslr and thats with it plugged in and unplugged03:54
e-jatikasa4, is the url i give to u working with ya cam ?03:54
jameslrunavailable: try a reboot?03:55
cisco80211has nuvola added support for nagios 3.x yet? their web site isn't clear right off the bat03:55
unavailablecan i unmount none?03:55
ikasa4no e-jat03:55
jameslrunavailable: don't think so.03:55
e-jatprettyricky, http://cihar.com/gammu/phonedb/03:55
ikasa4its not working, but im not trying yet kino03:55
SheerzWhen I power my computer down or it automatically shuts down due to power settings03:56
e-jatikasa4, owh ..03:56
ikasa4just heard that03:56
unavailableactually, wait...03:56
SheerzWhen I shut it down manually the ubuntu bar freezes but is empty03:57
prettyrickythanks will check it out...03:57
=== roxillo is now known as pgx
e-jatprettyricky, yw03:57
unavailablejameslr ok i did a fix for my hibernate function, and got this in dmesg  [   28.905272] usb usb2: root hub lost power or was reset03:57
unavailablejameslr and this was the fix for my hibernate  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=417964&page=203:58
ikasa4anyone could help, im in documentation bussiness03:58
chubs_sheerz: and it's definitely frozen? are you sure it's not just taking a while?03:58
ikasa4and trying to use only ubuntu03:58
ikasa4not xp03:58
jameslrunavailable: reading03:58
kumarphillymy window for firefox is stuck underneath the pannels03:58
kumarphillyhow do i reszie it03:58
ikasa4but i cannot work with my dv handycam into linux?03:58
ikasa4any help?03:58
HealthyElijahso why doesn't "firefox" work but "apt-get" does as a commang in terminal03:58
kumarphillyi cant resize it becasue none of the cornors are visiable03:58
SheerzYes, I give it a couple of hours...03:58
unavailablejameslr # 1303:58
HealthyElijahi have to put /usr/bin/firefox vs. apt-get03:58
indioHi. Which is the most secure, RSA or DSA?03:59
SuperQHealthyElijah: echo $PATH03:59
offlineanyone using dell latitude d600 ?\03:59
unavailablehealthyelijah just did firefox in terminal and it opened firefox03:59
webjames_HealthyElijah, "firefox" works for me03:59
chubs_works here too04:00
e-jatHealthyElijah, try echo $PATH like SuperQ say04:00
HealthyElijahhuh, you guys are right,04:00
unavailablejameslr you think its related to hibernate?  nothing was plugged into usb when i tested hibernate04:00
HealthyElijahfirst time it didn't work or at least I thought it didn't but maybe I didn'y notice.04:00
jameslrjameslr: possibly. maybe udev is choking on this hibernate04:01
HealthyElijahSuperQ: what does echo $PATH do?04:01
* unavailable noticed jameslr messaged himself04:01
* unavailable is gonna reboot04:01
webjames_my P4 3.2Ghz 512ram nVidia 6600gs plays 720p hd video's slightly jerky and wont play 1080p videos, what should i upgrade? or is it a total upgrade job?04:01
SuperQHealthyElijah: it will tell us what is in your PATH04:01
jameslrI talk to myself sometimes04:01
jaridhow do i set the theme with emerald04:02
e-jatjarid, System -> Preference -> Emerald Theme Manager04:02
jaridim there i imported itr and i can click and see it but how do i set it as theme04:03
webjames_drag the download into the window, and select it04:03
webjames_or click import04:03
jaridi did and it shows like a preveiw of it04:04
offlinewhere to get the proper gpu driver for ati radeon 9000 ?04:04
name_nameI need help04:05
Flannel!ask | name_name04:05
ubottuname_name: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:05
jaridafter i import the theme how do i set it so i use it04:06
d4rkmonkeyI seem to have some weird video problems. When streaming pretty much anything thats not flash from the internet, it becomes mostly red/green and the colours are all off. Also, I just tried to watch a DVD and the same thing happened but than totem froze. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm running Hardy and my graphics card is an Intel 965GM04:06
name_namesudo chown user_me  /media/sda404:06
name_namechown: changing ownership of `/media/sda4': Operation not permitted04:06
name_nameI own the box and know the root password what's wrong here04:06
webjames_jarid, hmm.. i see what you mean. mines not changing either, i think you might have to tell it to use the emerald theme manager04:07
indioGot to ssh-keygen... dunno which one to choose. RSA or DSA?04:08
webjames_jarid,  emerald --replace04:08
webjames_jarid,  that is type "emerald --replace" in the terminal04:08
jahnkeanaterhow do i move a file with stuf in it04:09
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest35222
jahnkeanaterim trying to move my old web sight from home to /ver04:09
name_namejahnkeanater: lol use the GUI or 'mv /original_file/  /new_file04:10
webjames_jahnkeanater, is it a permission error you are getting?04:10
unavailablejameslr yep that fixed it04:10
unavailablethanks man04:10
chubs_jahnkeanater: sudo cp04:11
GRUBFSCKhi everyone04:11
webjames_jahnkeanater, alt+f2 then "gksudo nautilus"04:11
jahnkeanaterok cp works04:11
chubs_webjames: no need to start a new x session over it ;)04:12
GRUBFSCKi recently removed some old HDs (not the ones with my installation on it, natch) and now GRUB won't get to the menu: I get an error 1504:12
marcioapfhas anybody tested google earth on ubuntu yet?04:12
name_namehow do I  set permissions for /media/sda4 to my user I can't write data there without going into xterm and using sudo -s04:12
webjames_chubs_, i just thought that opened up nautilus file manager with root rights?04:12
GRUBFSCKwhen I try to install grub, "find /boot/grub/stage1" gives me an error 15 as well04:12
chubs_webjames: oh oops, nevermind. I read that as ctrl+alt+f204:13
bastid_raZormarcioapf; if i remember correctly there is a package for it.04:13
jaridemerald --replace works but when i quit terminal it exits it04:13
GRUBFSCKanyone know what I can do to install grub again?04:13
chubs_webjames: yep it does my mistake, i just always go through the terminal when i do that04:13
webjames_GRUBFSCK, maybe your boot partition was on it04:13
marcioapfbastid_raZor i installed it but when i initialize it, ubuntu logs off04:13
bastid_raZorjarid; press alt f2 then run that command04:13
GRUBFSCKno, it wasn't i know for sure04:13
GRUBFSCKin any case i just want to install GRUB onto /04:13
webjames_GRUBFSCK, was the disk you removed first in the boot order, even if nothing was installed on it?04:14
bastid_raZormarcioapf; run it in command line to see what errors it is giving.04:14
GRUBFSCK(but i'm on the live cd, so "/" is only temporary)04:14
jaridalt f2 nothing04:14
GRUBFSCKya, the two HDs were on an expansion card that i removed04:14
marcioapfbastid_raZor, you mean i should type googleearth on command line?04:14
GRUBFSCKone of those PCI fakeraid things04:15
webjames_GRUBFSCK, there are howto's on the internet: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435104:15
jahnkeanateri have a file called thumbs.db what is that04:15
d4rkmonkeyI seem to have some weird video problems. When streaming pretty much anything thats not flash from the internet, it becomes mostly red/green and the colours are all off. Also, I just tried to watch a DVD and the same thing happened but than totem froze. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm running Hardy and my graphics card is an Intel 965GM04:15
name_namejahnkeanater: stuff from windows04:15
webjames_jahnkeanater, a windows thumbnail file04:15
bastid_raZormarcioapf; yes, possibly it will give you a hint as to why it crashes.04:15
jahnkeanateris it important04:15
jahnkeanaterok i can del it04:15
marcioapfbastid_raZor, ok04:15
jaridemerald --replace works but when i quit terminal it exits it alt f2 nether04:15
name_namerm *.db04:15
jahnkeanateri had my websight backed up on my comp for a wile04:16
GRUBFSCKthank you webjames! that's exactly what i was looking for, i'd found several other pages but none were for the right version of ubuntu04:16
bastid_raZorjarid; alt f2 will give you a run dialog box. you are not running emerald --replace in the terminal when using alt f2.04:16
HealthyElijahwhen i type firefox into the terminal, it opens the program but then never goes back to a new prompt and when i hit ctrl-c it closes firefox and doesn't give me a new prompt04:16
GRUBFSCK+1 karma for you04:16
HealthyElijahsame with pidgin04:16
jaridnothing comes us with alt f204:16
Makro1i got problems installing java media frame work, every time i try to unpack..i got errors and nothings unpacked..i have download the same file like three times all with the same size in bytes...04:17
bastid_raZorjarid you're holding alt while pressing F2 the function key not f then 204:17
webjames_HealthyElijah, that's because your running through the terminal04:17
jaridi know nothing04:17
HealthyElijahwebjames_:  isn't there something i can type after "firefox" to close the command?04:17
name_namehey how do I send windows to diff desktops, I can do that in Red Hat etc, but it's not in the Ubunut gui04:18
webjames_HealthyElijah, firefox -d04:18
name_namewithout clicking and dragging of course04:18
HealthyElijahname_name: just right click the window and it gives you the otpion04:18
kipseronfirefox &04:18
chubs_name_name: right click the menu bar04:18
jaridgot it04:18
name_namechubs_: it has min/max/move/on_top/resize/quit04:19
webjames_chubs_, should say move to desktop right/left04:19
name_namechubs_: there's no sent to workspace like there is in Red Hat etc.04:19
jahnkeanaterhow do i take the premisions off04:19
name_namechubs_: I've using GL Desktop04:19
webjames_chubs_, how many desktops have you got?04:19
PPKumahi, i've mounter an iso file in a tmp folder, is there any way to configure wine so it finds the cd?04:19
HealthyElijahname_name: yeah it says "send window to workspace ___"04:20
name_name4 desktops on the cube04:20
jahnkeanaterinorder for it to work on the websight i hcant hive them protected04:20
webjames_jahnkeanater, what permissions of what?04:20
jahnkeanateri get forbidin04:20
chubs_webjames: name_name was the one with the problem, but if you're curious i have two on two separate x sessions each (two monitors)04:20
HealthyElijahname_name: actually "move to another workspace____"04:20
jahnkeanaterthe files have a ornge x over them04:20
jahnkeanaterand owner is root04:20
jahnkeanaterhow do i change that04:21
webjames_chubs_, sorry, but thanks for the info :)04:21
chubs_no problem :)04:21
webjames_jahnkeanater, which files?04:21
name_nameHealthyElijah: it's not there when I run GL Desktop04:21
jahnkeanaterthe files you just helped me move04:21
name_namewith it off then all the stuff is there04:21
jahnkeanaterthey are procted now04:21
jahnkeanaterhow do i take ownership04:22
jahnkeanaterof a file04:22
webjames_jahnkeanater, pressing Alt+F2 then typing "gksudo nautilus" will bring up a file manager window with the permissions to do whatever, but be careful you don't delete something you need04:22
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview04:22
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:22
jahnkeanaterok so if i do that again and change premisiton that will fix it04:23
name_nameso why does GL Desktop disable the send to workspace stuff04:23
name_namethat's sorta mean04:23
webjames_jahnkeanater, no, it's "chown $user /dir"04:23
HealthyElijahname_name: I am unfamiliar with the GL desktop, i am a noob04:24
chubs_jahnkeanater: if you're referring to using nautilus, yes. Just change permissions to yourself and apply to all directories04:24
webjames_jahnkeanater, or as i said before using nautilus then you can use the GUI04:24
jahnkeanaterwhat should i set owner as04:24
HealthyElijahwebjames_: what does th -d mean, just for future reference04:24
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview04:25
name_nameuser@chii:~$ chown user /media/sda404:25
name_namechown: changing ownership of `/media/sda4': Operation not permitted04:25
chubs_sudo chown04:25
name_nameHealthyElijah: it's the fancy 3d cube04:25
mynetdudename_name fancy 3d cube as in compiz?04:26
mynetdudebtw.. I saw a pic of a fancy cylinder... what does that?04:26
amps2voltshey what does everybody think is the best brand for a sound card that will work well with linux?04:26
name_nameroot@chii:~# chown user /media/sda404:26
name_namechown: changing ownership of `/media/sda4': Operation not permitted04:26
webjames_my P4 3.2Ghz 512ram nVidia 6600gs plays 720p hd video's slightly jerky and wont play 1080p videos, what should i upgrade? or is it a total upgrade job?04:26
name_namewhat's wrong04:26
=== theRealBall is now known as theRealBal|away
chubs_webjames: is it a laptop or a desktop?04:27
=== DBLobster is now known as U09526
name_name mynetdude: yes, compiz, it's disable my send to workspace stuff for windows04:27
mynetdude. hello?04:28
mynetdudeguess I"m here04:28
MoreOvaltinehello all04:28
webjamesname_name, you could try disabling desktop cube, i've got the desktop wall thingy working here with send to04:28
MoreOvaltineI was wondering can i use my windows as a FTP server to install Ubuntu server?04:28
webjamesMoreOvaltine, it would be far easier to burn a cd04:29
name_namewebjames: disabling it gives me the send to workspace stuff, but then the cube is disabled Y__Y04:29
jahnkeanaterhow do i gain permision for that file04:29
MoreOvaltineI ran out of cds04:30
jahnkeanaterit is for a websight04:30
webjamesname_name, it must be you compiz config, you could try deleting it04:30
dlozarie'sup friends! so I was tinkering with GIMP yesterday, trying to update it, and I ruined my GIMP install! When i type sudo apt-get install gimp in the terminal, this message appears: " gimp-data (< 2.4.5-z) but 2.4.6-1~getdeb1 is to be installed" what should I do?04:30
name_namewebjames: do you think it's in the compiz config?04:30
webjamesname_name, your config is probably stored in $home/.compiz04:31
jahnkeanaterwhen i go to my Web sight it tells me forbidin04:31
name_namejahnkeanater: website website website04:31
=== Cynical is now known as Herissy
webjamesjahnkeanater, what do you mean? localhost04:31
jahnkeanaterok fine i dont care04:31
Starnestommyjahnkeanater: make sure that everyone has read permissions on those files04:32
name_namedlozarie: system --> administration --> Symaticas Package Manager04:32
jahnkeanateri have an apache and i moved the old html files and now it tells me forbidin when i go to it04:32
name_namedlozarie: search for gimp04:32
name_namethe mark for complete uninstall04:32
name_nameand apply04:32
dlozariename_name, Okay thanks! :D04:32
name_namethen apt get install gimp again after thats done04:32
jahnkeanaterok i set in the other and read and wright and that fixed it04:33
dlozariename_name, error message appears: "gimp: Depends: gimp-data (<2.4.5-z) but 2.4.6-1~getdeb1 is to be installed"04:33
dlozariename_name, it's apparently uninstalled.04:34
name_name-__- heh04:34
dlozariename_name, since when I click on it I can choose the "mark for installation" option, but not the uninstallation one.04:34
d4rkmonkeyI seem to have some weird video problems. When streaming pretty much anything thats not flash from the internet, it becomes mostly red/green and the colours are all off. Also, I just tried to watch a DVD and the same thing happened but than totem froze. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I'm running Hardy and my graphics card is an Intel 965GM04:34
webjamesname_name, try "mv ~/.compiz ~/compiz_backup" then restart compiz and see if you have the move window drop down04:34
name_namedlozarie: what color was it04:35
twobitspriteI just installed kubuntu-kde4 on my laptop, and the display is acting strange...04:35
name_namedlozarie:  you want to mark it for complete uninstall04:35
webjamestwobitsprite, how so?04:35
name_namedlozarie: then click apply04:35
dlozariename_name, complete removal?04:35
dlozariename_name, kthx.04:35
twobitspritespecifically, the kde4 utility for managing my display doesn't let me apply my changes...04:35
Nostahlhi all my buntu isnt booting up its like stuck at the loading screen04:35
calebThe file .dmrc file in my home folder doesn't seem to exist, and it is complaining about it every time I log in. What should I do?04:36
w1k1nGAlguem consegue descodificar essa senha pra mim ?04:36
w1k1nG my $PASS        = 'p9k2xrsw8FKUY';        # senha encriptada04:36
name_namewebjames: hmm.. when I have compiz on classic mode it has the send to workspace option04:36
twobitspriteI have an external monitor attached and the display is showing identically on both it and my built-in screen... I used the KDE4 tool to try to turn off the built-in screen, but I can't click the apply button04:36
w1k1nGSenha: p9k2xrsw8FKUY04:36
name_namebut for the cube it dissapears04:36
webjamesNostahl, try pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1 to bring up a terminal then type dmesg to see what the hold up is04:36
name_namedlozarie: is your gimp gone now?04:37
webjamestwobitsprite, this sort of problem is not a simple one usually, i think it might be best to search/post on the forums04:38
dlozariename_name, still removing. :)04:38
Nostahlloading hardware drivers     fail it says04:38
dlozariename_name, okay it's gone. what's next please? :D04:38
Herissywow downloading a 3 gig file at 2.9kb per second is going to take forever.04:38
twobitspritewebjames: yeah, I figured :( ... I was just hoping someone would have an idea or recently encounterred it04:38
=== patricio is now known as Dasein
HealthyElijahhas anyone here used synergy in ubuntu04:38
=== Dasein is now known as serenelmundo
dlozarieHerissy, whoa what monster of a 3GiB file would you care to download?04:39
Nostahlata2.00: status { DRDY }04:39
name_namedlozarie: your so cute ^__^ well it's "apt-get install gimp" in the term04:39
name_nameor search for gimp and install it04:39
HealthyElijahhow do i find my computer name in ubuntu04:39
dlozariename_name, lol.. :))04:39
name_namein the package manager04:39
Nostahlexeption Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen04:39
webjamestwobitsprite, you could try an ubuntu live cd and see if you fair better with ubuntu?04:39
Nostahlwhats that mean04:39
Herissydon't ask, last time I said anything I got into trouble not many people like this game.04:39
name_namedlozarie: you may need to "sudo apt-get install gimp"04:39
dlozariename_name, okay, thanks.04:40
twobitspritewebjames: well... tbh, I installed ubuntu to try out KDE4 because Debian isn't up to speed yet on it...04:40
webjamesname_name, i think desktop wall is better anyhow04:40
HealthyElijahhow do i find my computer name?04:41
name_nameHealthyElijah: open the terminal04:41
name_namethen look for the line ___@computername$04:41
HerissyI installed kubuntu first; then installed ubuntu over it; then installed kde4 over that as an available session ... guess how messy my system is04:41
HealthyElijahname_name: haha thanks04:41
name_namewebjames: I like the spinning04:42
isaacj87hi all, I have numerous questions...first I don't understand the firefox situation in Ubuntu. Last update I got to firefox was RC2, but I saw an RC3 released on mozilla.org and then finally the "final" release...Was RC2 the final release?04:42
webjamesHerissy, erm... messy?04:42
Herissybut everything works so I don't complain.04:42
name_namewebjames: do you know where the window bar config files are?04:42
webjamesisaacj87, it is firefox 3 now final release04:42
Flannelisaacj87: Firefox 3 final is now in the repos at any rate.  I believe it was RC3, but I didn't follow it very closely.04:43
Ryouga_Hibikihow much of a partition size should I make for ubuntu?04:43
Herissywebjames messy as in lots of excess stuff I probably don't need remain on my system.04:43
webjamesname_name, ~/.metacity?04:43
name_namewebjames: I'll look there, thanks04:43
webjamesRyouga_Hibiki, minimum is around 3gb i would say04:43
FlannelHerissy: It should be possible to revert to whatever as far as packages are concerned.04:43
isaacj87okay, thanks webjames and Flannel04:44
bl4ckj4ckexcuse me all, can anyone tell me, what license is the Ubuntu logo / artwork distributed under?04:44
Ryouga_Hibikiwhats a recomended size?04:44
webjamesname_name, it could be ~/.emerald if you use that04:44
twobitspritebl4ckj4ck: the font is LGPL, and think the logo is too, but I'm not sure about the logo04:44
Flannelbl4ckj4ck: http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy04:44
webjamesbl4ckj4ck, or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Official04:45
dolphin_noelwhat makes the compiz sesssion management?!04:45
iotaBecause ubuntu treats my IDE hd as a SCSI drive ( it is the primary drive on the first IDE channel and shows up as /dev/sda)m I can not use my existing windows partition as a guest in vmware. I either need to make my harddrive show up as /dev/hda so vmware can use it as an IDE device. Or figure out how to make vmware use the IDE drive that is treated as a SCSI drive, as an IDE drive. :-/  Or I suppose I could leave everything alone, and make04:45
iota windows run inside vmware using its SCSI driver. However when I do that, vmware keeps giving messages that say, there was an IO error reading the disk.04:45
bl4ckj4ckwebjames: twobitsprite: Flannel: Thank you all04:45
name_namehow do I open a root gui brower window04:45
name_nameyou guys said it earlier04:45
msingh`i've just apt-get source linux-image-2.6.24-19-rt -- but there is no .config under the tree -- why not?04:45
webjamesname_name, alt+f2 gksudo nautilus04:46
Flannelname_name: `gksu nautilus`.  Be *very* careful with it, and close it as soon as you're done.04:46
Herissyalright so how would I go about completely removing xfce and kde from my system.04:46
Ryouga_HibikiDoes anyone know how to set up the partions for a dual boot between ubuntu and windows XP?04:47
HerissyIve tried several things and none of them seem to do a good job.04:47
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here << http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome >>04:47
OddishHerissy: In the terminal: sudo apt-get purge ked xfce04:47
FlannelHerissy: I'm not sure about kde4, but... yeah, the puregnome page04:47
webjamesanyway, bye04:47
Herissycause thats what I really want04:48
name_nameRyouga_Hibiki: don't04:48
Flannel!dualboot | Ryouga_Hibiki04:48
ubottuRyouga_Hibiki: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:48
name_nameRyouga_Hibiki: if you didn't install xp first on w/e machine it will write over the boot sector which is a pain to fix04:49
iotaRyouga_Hibiki: usually I would simply install windows first, and specify the partition size for windows leaving space free for linux. Then reboot and install linux, telling it to make the / partition right after the windows partition. And then setup a swap partition/ and perhaps even a /home04:49
Jack_SparrowRyouga_Hibiki Dual boot is easy to do.. if windows is installed it is almost automatic04:49
Ryouga_HibikiXp is already installed I'm using it now04:49
name_nameRyouga_Hibiki: if you didn't install windows first it's a pain04:49
name_nameRyouga_Hibiki: you're fine then04:49
name_namesorry for scarying you04:49
=== Alvin_FN is now known as ce_16_aja
oneman but your right04:50
Ryouga_Hibikiso I make a partition for ubuntu and a swap...how big should they both be?04:50
=== lagann is now known as lagann_
=== oneman is now known as thejaja
name_nameRyouga_Hibiki: **yawns** how big you want04:50
toriasHello, I tried to go into the advanced desktop settings by typing sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager, and it pulled up sudo password for torias:, i couldnt enter anything and didnt even set up a sudo password, can someone please help me be able to configure the advanced desktop settings04:50
iotaRyouga_Hibiki: the ubuntu install will ake that part very easy for you04:50
toriasi typed this in the terminal04:51
thejajatorias use the user pass04:51
toriasit wont let me type it04:51
Flanneltorias: you did set up a sudo password when you created your user.04:51
cwraigwhat do the load statics mean (for processors i think) they are values like 0.7804:51
HealthyElijahhow do i change the background picture when i use the cube04:51
Flanneltorias: Your "sudo" password is your user password04:51
thejajathen type su and the enter and then the pass04:51
Flannelthejaja: That won't work04:52
Dasmooverasmp[b] vmware runs its own graphic card04:52
thejajatry su passwd root04:52
Flannel!root | thejaja04:52
ubottuthejaja: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:52
thejajasudo passwd root04:52
Flanneler, sorry04:52
Jack_Sparrowthejaja Not a good idea04:52
Flannel!noroot | thejaja04:52
ubottuthejaja: We don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)04:52
name_namewhat's the diff. between "su" and "sudo -s"04:52
thejajato change the root pass? why ?04:52
Dasmoover can anyone help me out with my xsession? http://pastebin.org/4547104:52
Flannelthejaja: Because Ubuntu doesn't use the root account04:53
Ryouga_Hibikiah I'm not really sure how big I want it to be04:53
ubottuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)04:53
Flannelname_name: The former requires you to have the root account unlocked.  The latter is preferred (also sudo -i)04:53
thejajathen sudo and pass of user will work just fine04:53
Jack_SparrowRyouga_Hibiki at least 10 gig for root  ?   and I recommend seperate /home  20 gig if you have it available04:53
StephenZWhile we're on the subject, I seem to be unable to do anything with sudo.04:54
StephenZDespite the fact that I am the -only- user.04:54
name_namesame here04:54
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:54
StephenZNot sure how I could be anything other than root - though I admit my utter ignorance.04:54
Varak_try sudo bash04:54
name_namesudo chown is useless04:54
FlannelStephenZ: what errors does it give?  yadda yadda04:54
StephenZThat's fair. I get the response of "must be setuid root".04:54
Ryouga_HibikiAll right I'll give this a shot.04:54
StephenZWith anything starting with sudo.04:55
Varak_if you sudo bash you will be root04:55
StephenZI type "sudo bash" and I get "must be setuid root"04:55
Varak_open a terminal04:55
Varak_and type it there04:55
Varak_good luck04:55
Dasmoover can anyone help me out with my xsession? I can't log into ubuntu with it here is my error list http://pastebin.org/4547104:55
FlannelVarak_: If sudo doesn't work, "sudo bash" won't work.04:55
toriasNow it is saying it cannot get the executable file04:55
Varak_i feel like i've just given a kid a gun04:55
StephenZUm. Is there some fancy way I'm supposed to open the terminal other than through Accessories?04:55
name_nameVarak_: LOL!04:56
FlannelStephenZ: ls -al /usr/bin | grep sudo, what are the permissions04:56
Herissyok xfce is gone but kde4 isn't and there isn't any way to get rid of it on there04:56
name_name StephenZ: Alt+F2 --> xterm04:56
Herissyany other ideas?04:56
Varak_Flanel if he's root in a terminal the chown will work04:56
FlannelHerissy: there is, yes.  You might try #kubuntu, they'll be more likely to know04:56
toriasCan anyone tell me how I can get into the advanced desktop settings?04:56
StephenZFlannel: Um, it's several lines.04:56
Jack_SparrowHerissy Did you read the puregmone factoid04:56
Jack_Sparrow!ccsm > torias04:57
StephenZMy username is in a pair of columns, there's a column of numbers, the date/time, then...04:57
FlannelStephenZ: Just the one with "sudo" on the end (er, 'just' sudo, not sudoedit -> sudo or anythign like that)04:57
name_nameVarak_: I tried setting the permissions (I'm the user/owner of the box) with the root gui and it would save the values04:57
Flannelname_name: What did you change?04:57
Lenaud01my sound does not seem as loud as it was in windows as it is on ubuntu is there a cause for that?04:57
Jack_Sparrow!puregnome > Herissy04:57
FlannelJack_Sparrow: That doesn't include KDE404:57
name_name Flannel: nothing... I don't think04:58
StephenZ"---s--x--x  2 stephen stephen 107872 2008-05-14 20:41 sudo"04:58
StephenZIt's the second line of output.04:58
FlannelStephenZ: Well.... that'd do it.  When were you playing around with chown/chmod?04:58
dlozariename_name, okay GIMp's back on. thanks a bunch!04:58
RayvisI have an Ubuntu DVD burning question. I want to take a .avi file and burn it to a dvd that can be played in my home dvd player. What program should I use to do that?04:58
StephenZI've been fiddling around without a clue what I've been doing, trying to mount an old secondary drive of mine.04:58
HerissyJack_Sparrow, ok but that site mentions all these packages that aren't in kde4 just so you know.04:59
FlannelStephenZ: alright, well, you broke it ;)  No telling what else you broke.  ls -al /usr/bin | less, are a lot of thigns owned by you there?04:59
name_namedlozarie: ^__^ ah04:59
StephenZI've been running Windows XP up until about 48 hours ago, and I've been able to pass along a pair of secondary drives (containing the majority of my files) from system to system... So, yeah, it's likely I've broken something.04:59
* name_name glomps dlozarie04:59
iotaI have searched for a fix to my problem for well over 2 months now. If anyone has a slight clue or even a guess. Please tell me. Ubuntu treats my IDE drive as a SCSI drive. I have one 80Gig IDE drive and one 320Gig SATA drive. they show up as /dev/sda and /dev/sdb. Because of this, VMWare can not treat my first drive as an IDE device. It will only allow me to use it as a SCSI disk. This makes using my physical windows install impossible unde04:59
iotar linux.04:59
toriasthanks a lot for the help04:59
Flannelname_name: What error does sudo give you when you try it?04:59
dlozariename_name, lol. thanks again! see ya guys later! :D05:00
StephenZFlannel: Owned by me? Well, everything has my username in two columns.05:00
HealthyElijahanybody here ever heard of envy05:00
toriasAlso want to know if there is a possibility to play .avi and .mkv files with Ubuntu05:00
FlannelStephenZ: right, those two columns are owner and group05:00
toriasif so whats the best program05:00
FlannelStephenZ: So, all of those files have you as the owner, and the group/05:00
HealthyElijahenvy sure is nice for installing nvidia drivers! So easy a caveman could do it!!!05:00
name_nameFlannel; root@chii:~# chown namire /media/sda405:01
name_namechown: changing ownership of `/media/sda4': Operation not permitted05:01
StephenZThere's no other user I've set up, I know that much.05:01
Jack_SparrowHealthyElijah If you got envy off the web you could have comprimised your system05:01
Flannelname_name: Does sudo work otherwise?05:01
name_namesda4 is a hdd partition I have05:01
ubottuenvyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) and has community support. As an early version, its results may vary but this should be used over the unsupported envy package.05:01
FlannelStephenZ: Needless to say, they shouldn't.  And, while we could fix these, you've probably done plenty of other damage too.05:01
name_nameyeah fine05:01
Flannelname_name: Its not a sudo issue05:01
StephenZFlannel: I don't doubt it. Would reinstalling Ubuntu do anything good for me?05:01
name_nameFlannel: ok.. um any idea what it is05:02
FlannelStephenZ: they should be owned by root:root (that is, user:group) or at least, most of them should.05:02
StephenZWipe this drive, reinstall...05:02
Makro1any expert on macros for oo impress?05:02
twobitspritewhy does installing firefox want to install all kinds of other stuff, like dialog and gksu?05:02
FlannelStephenZ: Yeah, reinstalling will fix it all.05:02
name_nameStephenZ: don't give up!!!05:02
StephenZ*Crestfallen.* Right.05:02
FlannelStephenZ: and don't worry, we all reinstalled a number of times at the beginning.  I think I did seven or eight times.05:02
FlannelStephenZ: If you have a separate home partition, you don't need to lose your personal data05:02
Don_Miguelme too05:02
StephenZ*Chuckles.* I'm sure... It's kinda new, knowing nothing at all about what I'm doing.05:02
name_nameStephenZ: wut?? idk where you're from05:02
Flannel!permissions | StephenZ05:03
ubottuStephenZ: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview05:03
StephenZName_name: ??05:03
FlannelBlah, thats a horrible factoid05:03
StephenZI don't get it.05:03
FlannelStephenZ: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:03
name_nameyou don't need to do I reinstall, that's giving up05:03
name_namefix w/e on your own05:03
name_namethere is much to learn young one05:03
StephenZOh. I'm thinking I'm not smart/experienced enough at the moment to fix this as is.05:03
StephenZSo a reinstall sounds like a good idea.05:04
usertwoany tips on a good video card for ubuntu? I am looking at an 8800GT.05:04
name_nameStephenZ: don't give me that05:04
OddishConstatly breaking and repairing your system is how you learn to get around in Linux.05:04
Flannelname_name: He's hosed his permissions on /usr/bin, and no telling what else.  Unless *you* want to ennumerate permissions on each file on his system, reinstall is the best method05:04
=== thejaja is now known as newbie
name_nameoh shi---05:04
name_nameStephenZ: reinstall!05:04
StephenZAt least it's fairly unlikely that I've hosed my other two drives.05:04
twobitspritein fact... I'm running kubuntu, but firefox wants all kinds of gnome stuff... what's up with that?05:04
StephenZThey're not mounted, despite my best efforts. xD05:04
Oddish...Okay, yeah, in that case just reinstall.  >_>05:05
RayvisWhat program should I use to burn an avi file to a dvd? I couldn't get nero linux to work.05:05
FlannelStephenZ: that's correct.  And, when you reinstall, let us help with the mounting ;)05:05
iotais it only /usr/bin ?05:05
StephenZI'll do exactly that. *Looks over at the broken disk on his desk.* After burning another CD.05:05
ubottuGit is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)05:06
FlannelStephenZ: No breaking disks either.  LiveCDs come in handy in many situations05:06
StephenZHere goes another two hours of downloading...05:06
OddishStephenZ: First week on Linux?05:06
StephenZThat part was an accident.05:06
StephenZYeah, first 36 hours.05:06
OddishIt gets easier as you learn more.05:06
OddishJust keep that in mind.05:07
* Oddish gave up for 3 years after her first night with Linux.05:07
StephenZI've little doubt of that... It looks like a powerful, flexible OS... But that flexibility can strain all sorts of muscles and ligaments, if you follow the analogy.05:07
FlannelStephenZ: but once you limber up, you'll do fine.05:07
StephenZBy the by, Oddish: one of my favorite little pocket monsters. I still adore the original games.05:07
StephenZFlannel: Indeed!05:07
snadgeubuntu cannot successfully burn dvds without coming up with an I/O error.. anyone have any new information on this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/20033705:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 200337 in nautilus-cd-burner "CD/DVD burning problem in hardy" [Undecided,New]05:08
OddishOddly, now I can't seem to install Windows.05:08
nickrud!permissions | Flannel  thanks05:08
ubottuFlannel  thanks: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePerm05:08
uthomStephenZ: I remember my first days, it was a bit of s struggle but I'd never go back!05:08
OddishFunny how things turn around on you like that....05:08
name_name_good my internet is back05:09
PanzerMKZname_name you failed the test05:09
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs05:09
PanzerMKZyou sure you studied hard enough?05:09
name_name_you lost the game05:09
OddishYou have to repeat third grade now, name_name_.  :/05:09
name_name_!! eh!05:10
ubottuFactoid eh! not found05:10
name_name_Funnel: any idea what's with my machine?05:10
Flannelname_name_: Its probably mounted read only.  You need to chown the mountpoing before mounting05:11
StephenZThat's odd. And now DownThemAll isn't working... Or, rather, comes up with the prompt for where to put the file and all that jazz, then ignores me when I press buttons.05:12
StephenZAnd just as I complain about it...05:12
StephenZIt gets off the couch and does its job.05:12
name_name_Flannel: ok I'll try that05:12
FLanon33sup ubuntu peeps05:13
StephenZFlannel: Thank you, by the by. I would've likely spent another hour trolling help files and the goog trying to figure out that a reinstall would be the best idea.05:13
Ryouga_HibikiErr just one more quesiton...when your installing ubuntu from the cd and it loads up the partion program...if I let it automaticaly install what happens exactly?05:16
unavailableso anyone know of a voice solution for yahoo?05:16
StephenZI'm also curious if anyone knows how to enable my old middle-click scrolly dealie.05:16
motleyhello can someone tell some command to force the make utility remake everything from scratch05:16
StephenZSurge of questions! Go!05:16
unavailabledo em in order!05:16
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore05:18
name_name_Flannel: it's mean05:18
Dasmoovercan anyone help me out with my xsession? I can't log into ubuntu with it here is my error list http://pastebin.org/4547105:18
unavailable!pong > unavailable05:18
StephenZIs Ubottu a bot, as his name implies?05:18
wwhhtthi room~05:18
wwhhttanyone using zenoss 2.2 here?05:18
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://tinyurl.com/5zfb6t - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:18
unavailableso anyone know of a voice solution for yahoo?05:18
name_name_Flannel: I can mod. permission on the mountpoint (after umount) but then when I mount them again it's locked05:18
Flannelname_name_: whats the filesystem you're trying to mount?05:19
amenadomotley-> touch all your source file so it becomes fresh05:19
* unavailable touches his source files05:19
OddishThat's pretty hot.05:20
name_name_I can write/make files in my root browser window05:20
isaacj87hey guys, is this a security issue? I was able to uninstall AWN using "make uninstall" and not "sudo make uninstall." I had AWN installed into /usr/local/....05:20
name_name_but not for my normal user05:20
* unavailable sees his source files are /fresh /05:20
Dasmooversomeone please help me I've been stuck for hours05:20
wwhhttzenoss anyone?05:20
wwhhttzenoss anyone?05:20
Flannelname_name_: Oh.  So its that sort of permission problem.05:20
name_name_xenu anyone?05:20
unavailable!flood > wwhhtt(please see pm from ubottu)05:21
unavailable!flood > wwhhtt (please see pm from ubottu)05:21
Flannelwwhhtt: This is #ubuntu, you're looking for ##zenoss05:21
Ryouga_Hibikiwhen your installing ubuntu from the cd and it loads up the partion program...if I let it automaticaly install what happens exactly?05:21
name_name_Flannel: I guess.05:21
name_name_Ryouga_Hibiki: there is no auto-install05:22
ganymedehello, i was wondering if there is a way to use wubi to install a server-mode ubuntu? or another linux distro? i don't want ubuntu-desktop05:22
ganymedewhen i used wubi, there was only an option for ubuntu desktop05:22
name_name_Ryouga_Hibiki: if you tell it to use the whole disk it will delete windowx05:22
amenado!install | ganymede05:23
ubottuganymede: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:23
ganymedethank, amenado.05:23
Ryouga_Hibikiwell what happens when I load it up it said my windows partition was like a 25 gigs and the rest would have been ubuntu..05:23
=== Acidwp is now known as acid4
name_name_Flannel: in my nice root browser window it shows the owner for the mountpoint sda4 to be namire (me) but as soon as I mount to there it goes to root05:24
=== kumarphilly is now known as I
=== I is now known as kumarphilly
StephenZWee, 8%.05:24
name_name_Ryouga_Hibiki: you have tight windows05:24
Ryouga_Hibikitight windows?05:25
StephenZSounds suggestive.05:25
name_name_don't make your windows too small or you wouldn't have space to put stuff in it05:25
StephenZ*Giggles madly.*05:25
name_name_if your current windows in like 15 gb, make it 20gb or 25gb to have space for any packages you put in there05:26
unavailableso anyone know of a voice solution for yahoo?05:26
name_name_eh eh eh05:26
Ryouga_Hibikiwell right now I'm just on windows and I have like 48 gigs free.05:26
Ryouga_Hibikiso when I tried to install ubuntu did it automatical suggest a partition resize?05:27
name_name_Ryouga_Hibik: yup05:28
OverandI've got a directory full of png files - I want to encode a video out of them - suggestions?05:28
Ryouga_Hibikiso if i went ahead and installed it...it would be like setting my pc up to dual boot?05:28
bazhangRyouga_Hibiki, yes that is correct.05:29
StephenZOverland: Hey, something I know! Well, you could piece them together, frame by frame.05:29
PorkSodaSo, any one know off hand how to convert .bin to .avi with ffmpeg preferably?05:29
name_name_Ryouga_Hibiki: yup, grub will do that05:29
Ryouga_Hibikiwow I didn't think the install would do that on its own..thats kinda neat...so after I get it installed how do I switch between both OS's?05:29
StephenZAny one of a number of video-editing programs could do that.05:29
name_name_Ryouga_Hibiki: it will ask you about it later05:30
name_name_M_G: ano...05:30
Ryouga_Hibikiok thanks ^^05:30
bazhangRyouga_Hibiki, ubuntu should append windows to your grub list and you can choose at startup05:30
odlawhat is the gnome clock applet called?05:31
OverandStephenZ: Yes - 'any of a number of video eding programs' - but i've never done video editing in *nix - usually I'd use VirtualDub in win32, but NO WAY05:31
air139I asked a question earlier and no one helped me :*(05:31
StephenZOverand: Well, I've love to tell you something specific, but my experience with *nix is about thirty-six hours.05:32
StephenZDoesn't Ubuntu come bundled with a video editor?05:32
FlannelNot installed by default, but theres a number in the repositories.05:32
air139StephenZ: Ubuntu Studio does05:32
name_name_Flannel: I got the permissions worked out05:32
name_name_thanks for the help05:32
Oddishair139: What was the question?05:32
Flannelcinerella is advanced, Kino is simpler05:32
=== fudus is now known as Guest62861
air139Oddish: The about me item results in a error message05:34
wols_cinerella would a weird grimm's talkes rippoff05:34
OddishUuuh... I got nothin'.  Sorry.  :(05:34
air139There was an error while trying to get the addressbook information Evolution Data Server can't handle the protocol05:34
JburrkeAnyone have any idea on how to get the logitech wave keyboard / mouse combo working on ubuntu? It works okay, but there are a lot of problems..05:34
Guest62861the previous version of ubuntu automatically got access to my windows network, how do i do this in 8.0$?05:35
Guest628618.04 too05:35
Oddishair139: Move your ~/.evolution stuff to ~/.evolution.backup and try again.  See if that works.  If it does, it might just be corrupt data.05:35
Lenaud01my sound does not seem as loud as it was in windows as it is on ubuntu is there a cause for that?05:35
air139Oddish: walk me through this?05:35
ganymedeLenaud01: use alsamixer or gnome-mixer to bring up the mixer levels05:36
ganymedeGuest62431: you probably want to install samba or something05:36
Oddishair139: Open a terminal and type ls -a05:36
OddishLook for .evolution/ or something similar.05:36
ganymedeair139: mv .evolution .evolition.backup && evolution05:36
Lenaud01I have volume at 100% on volume control in gnome ganymede05:37
OddishWindows is seriously a huge pain in the pitoot.05:37
Lenaud01and its not as loud as when i had it at 100% in windows about half if that05:37
Lenaud01just curious what would cause that05:37
ganymedeLenaud01: are there any controls for a 20 dB speaker boost or anything further right along the mixer?05:37
name_name_Guest62431: samba is usaully pre-instaled05:38
Lenaud01ahh there we go :)05:38
ganymedeLenaud01: also might want to try alsamixer. alsamixer exposes more controls. even if master is at 100%, PCM or something else might not be full05:38
Lenaud01thanks ganymede05:38
Lenaud01apt-get alsamixer had no results05:38
name_name_how do I auto-mount drives at startup05:38
Flannelname_name_: put them in your fstab05:39
Lenaud01I had alsa mixer selected in sound controls ganymede I think thats what you ment ;)05:39
=== funkyHat_ is now known as Guest63053
name_name_Flannel: ok.. see a whiles back I tried to get my sys to auto-mount sda4 so I think that where the problem is05:40
name_name_It's still a problem, I thought it was gone but I was in the root windows05:40
Lenaud01thanks ganymede for your help05:40
Flannelname_name_: fstab should clear a lot of that up, actually05:40
adityagi have 2 HDDs, 1st HDD (primary) has 2 OS (LINUX, WINDOWS) other HDD(secondary) has ubuntu 8.04, now i have connected both the HDDs but only i get options to load the OSes in the 1st, i also want to boot 8.04 when i connect both the HDDs, any help on this will be appreciated!!!!!05:40
name_name_Flannel: ok.. um where was it?05:40
Flannelname_name_: /etc/fstab05:40
adityagfunkyHat::: you there ?05:42
netHai i am using ubuntu hardy....05:42
netMy Terminal is in white background and black foreground .....05:42
netBut suddenly it changes to black background and white foreground....i m not liking this color combination...I want white background and black foreground ....05:42
Dasmooverok I really need help, I can't get my xsession to boot anything, please someone help I've been here for hours05:42
name_name_Flannel: I have it now05:43
adityagi have 2 HDDs, 1st HDD (primary) has 2 OS (LINUX, WINDOWS) other HDD(secondary) has ubuntu 8.04, now i have connected both the HDDs but only i get options to load the OSes in the 1st, i also want to boot 8.04 when i connect both the HDDs, any help on this will be appreciated!!!!!05:43
Dasmooveradityag: this is a bios related problem05:44
n-iCehow can I install this menu bar? http://www.silverwingsonline.com/ubuntu1.jpg05:44
twobitspriteis there a gui for specifying what my hardware is for display?05:44
Overandadityag: the ubuntu 'boot loader' installs to the 'master boot record' of the first-boot-drive usually05:44
Flannel!paste | name_name_05:44
ubottuname_name_: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:44
adityagDasmoover: i guess this will be solved by adding a new entry to GRUB loader  in menu.lst05:44
Dasmooveryes, or hit esc when your bios loads and select which hdd to boot05:45
Dasmoovercan anyone help, I can't get ANY gui to load05:46
n-iCehow can I install this menu bar? http://www.silverwingsonline.com/ubuntu1.jpg05:47
solushow do i keep from joining this server and channel when i start xchat?05:48
solusit joins automatically05:48
SitUbuntuSitDoes anyone know how to change libnotify message colors?05:49
daurnimatorhey al05:49
daurnimatorI broked my sudoers file05:49
daurnimatoranything I can do that doesn't involve restarting?05:49
* daurnimator now thinks its a terrible idea to not have a root password05:50
nickruddaurnimator unless you went against ubuntu security policy and enabled root, no.05:50
air139Oddish: Nothing that is .evolution05:50
wersis there a way for me to use garena on Ubuntu? maybe wine, virtualization or something?05:50
Flanneldaurnimator: Did you use visudo?05:50
nickruddaurnimator did you use visdo to edit?05:50
daurnimatornickrud: seems like the stupidest policy I've ever heard >.<05:50
Flanneldaurnimator: Well, that's your problem.05:50
nickruddaurnimator it checks for silly errors05:50
daurnimatorwhat is visudo?05:50
Flanneldaurnimator: visudo makes sure you don't break sudoers05:50
daurnimatorI didn't use it cause I don't like vi >.<05:51
Flanneldaurnimator: You can use any editor05:51
n-iCeAnyone knows what's this http://www.silverwingsonline.com/ubuntu1.jpg menu bar name?05:51
nickruddaurnimator it uses nano by default in ubuntu05:51
daurnimatorwhat a confusing name05:51
daurnimatorand..... how was I meant to know this05:51
nickruddaurnimator no reason that you should have, really05:52
Flanneldaurnimator: Because the sudoers file says it at the top05:52
air139ganymede: no item found called .evolution05:52
daurnimatoreasiest way to fix it?05:52
nickruddaurnimator reboot into recovery mode, run visudo05:52
Flanneldaurnimator: reboot, recovery console, fix05:52
daurnimatorrecovery console?05:52
Flanneldaurnimator: At GRUB, choose 'recovery console'05:52
ganymedeair139: oh, i don't know, i was just giving the step-by-step instructions to Oddish's directions that you asked for05:53
nickruddaurnimator hit escape if you don't see a menu, while it says grub loading05:53
daurnimatorand, at the recovery console05:53
daurnimatorwhat do I do05:53
nickruddaurnimator you're root there05:53
Flanneldaurnimator: You edit sudoers, and put it back05:53
air139ganymede: "There was an error while trying to get the addressbook information Evolution Data Server can't handle the protocol"05:54
=== pgx is now known as pgx_
* daurnimator curses the lack of security exploits05:54
daurnimatorwhy don't we set a root password? would be much easier to fix if I had one05:55
=== pgx_ is now known as pgx
Flanneldaurnimator: Its much easier to just not break it in the first place.  Again, there was a warning at the top of your sudoers file05:55
daurnimatorsince when does anyone read warnings05:55
* nickrud thinks daurnimator is so right, sadly05:56
* daurnimator waves goodbye to uptime05:57
SitUbuntuSitI read a warning once... got hit in the head by a baseball while doing it.05:57
nickrudSitUbuntuSit probably a good thing you read that poison warning anyway :)05:58
Flanneldaurnimator: Lots of uptime just means you haven't applied recent kernel patches05:58
air139can anyone tell me how to fix this? "There was an error while trying to get the addressbook information Evolution Data Server can't handle the protocol"05:58
SitUbuntuSitnickrud, LOL, right about that ;)05:58
bdrydykHi, could someone tell me how to use apt to find out what files a package installed?05:58
JburrkeCan anyone tell me why my music is so screwed up all of a sudden? When I try to open a file in amarok or rhythmbox it just keeps skipping to the next one, and rhythmbox shows a little red circle with a minus in it.. Wtf is going on D:05:58
nickrudair139 you might want to take that to an evolution channel on irc.gnome.org05:58
n-iCejbroome codecs problems, I guess, restart amarako05:59
Flannelbdrydyk: dpkg -L package05:59
kcormier1howdy all.  I was messing with 8.04 and clicked autoformat by accident and lost all my old partitions.  I didn't let the install continue.  I had a data partition at the end of the drive (xfs).  Is there any chance of recovering it?05:59
n-iCeamarok, install codecs, and try again05:59
bdrydykthanks Flannel, I didn know where to look.05:59
nickrudair139 not to run you off, but that sounds like a bug someone there could be interested in05:59
Flannelbdrydyk: and the other way (file ot package) is dpkg -S /path/to/file05:59
bdrydykgreat, thanks a lot.05:59
JburrkeEveryone, I've played all this music on here hundreds of times before.. I just came back to my pc after a couple of days today and I'm getting all these errors06:00
bdrydykJburrke, is it possible that your music is on a drive which isn mounted?06:00
amstellawhat kind of errors06:00
yell0wkcormier1: did it get formatted ?06:00
Inazadhi there, which is the best company for power supplies ?06:00
JburrkeWhen I try to open a single file it opens in Totem player and it says "An error occurred. Failed to connect to stream: Invalid argument"06:00
air139never mind folks, I figured it out, my disc came with an incomplete gnome06:00
kcormier1amstella: yes it did, with ext3 (old partitions were xfs)06:01
Jburrkebdrydyk: Dont think that's possible, I mean the music is saved on my main drive06:01
bdrydykI see.06:01
bdrydykJburrke, Ie dealt with a similar problem before which was related to asla. Just wondering, have you tried restarting?06:02
bullgard4Inazad: There are so many different types of power supplies. For each one there is another the best. First you will need to define what power supply type you mean. Secondly define what is 'best'?06:02
Jburrkebdrydyk: Stupidly, no =S06:02
Jburrkebdrydk, gimme a sec :P06:02
bdrydykJburrke, good luck :)06:02
JburrkeThanks :P06:03
kcormier1yell0w: sorry, it did get formatted with ext3 (old partitions were xfs)06:03
kcormier1yell0w: I listed it for the wrong person before...sorry06:03
fooksis there a terminal command for closing your cd tray?06:03
fooksi know open is eject /dev/blah06:04
kmicinskihi all, I've just installed ubuntu on my ThinkPad T60 laptop and cannot seem to get the network card to configure06:05
QUILzfooks: eject -t /dev/cdrom06:06
kmicinskifrom what I've read it has worked out of the box, but I'm using the beta version of ubuntu06:06
kcormier1Can anyone help me recover an xfs partition?  I formatted my drive with the auto format option by accident and lost all my data (formatted the entire drive with ext3, xfs partition was at the end of the drive so it may still be there?)06:06
kmicinskiand my network activity is nil, the light never blinks at all06:06
=== dtrix is now known as dtrixed
nickrudkmicinski what do you mean, beta version?06:07
=== ubuntu is now known as happosade
dtrixedcould somone link me a doc for installing the plugins for firefox .. cant seem to find them06:07
yell0wkcormier1: that's alright, i'm sure you can recover most of it since  tdoggette [n=tdoggett@pool-70-21-97-241.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu06:07
yell0w2008-0623_00:06 -!- wsfulton [n=william@fultondesigns.plus.com] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]06:07
Varak_oh plugins06:08
yell0wsorry folks my mouse just gone wakco06:08
dtrixedyea plugins .. i have firefox i need the plugins to work though lol06:08
JburrkeStill having the same problem:(06:08
yell0waddins.firefox.com i think06:08
kcormier1yell0w: lol...you've got my hopes up here man...If you can help me get most of my files back you'll be my favorite person of the night!06:08
=== aBBa is now known as aaBBaa
Varak_oh tools-->add ons06:09
Varak_seems to have renamed it06:09
Varak_i see im late with that info :)06:09
Hermeshas anyone here used recordMyDesktop?06:09
dtrixedi have06:09
kmicinskinickrud: Hardy Heron06:09
HermesDo you have any problems with it?06:10
dtrixedhavnt used it in a while06:10
yell0wkcormier1: i know you can do it if formatting is all you've done, after it just redo the tables and not touch your data, it's gonna be painful though06:10
nickrudkmicinski that's the released version, not beta anymore06:10
dtrixedbut i didnt have any trouble06:10
kmicinskinickrud: ah, okay I thought I read it was beta06:10
Hermesevery time i hit a key a beep comes out from the system speaker06:10
=== root is now known as Guest69536
HermesThat annoying beep06:10
dtrixedwhat are you trying to do/06:10
kcormier1yell0w: I've been working with computers for years...if this was xp I'd be fine but I'm a *nix noob so while I figured it was possible, I don't even know where to start....do you have any ideas?06:10
ALPSINChello all06:11
Guest69536Is there a vmware console that can connect to vmware server 1.x for ubuntu 804?06:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 804 in eric "Bugged by pyQT api update (dup-of: 803)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80406:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 803 in eric "Bugged by pyQT api update" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80306:11
unavailablehermes O_o06:11
ottoshmidtwhere can I rate this or that software?06:11
JburrkeAnyone know why my music seems all.. corrupted? It's just going to next song after next after next.. Keeps skipping because the current is fked, until the program crashes06:11
kmicinskinikosapi: in any case, I'm going to try to manually find the driver since this does not seem to be a common problem06:11
ALPSINCi've been trying to do: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH << but with no success, i'm getting an error on my VNC Viewer, "The connection closed unexpecitly"06:11
dtrixedso anyone have a site for installing the plugins for firefox or know of a package i could look for, for it?06:12
air139I know this is considered sacreligiouse, but how can I get flash to run properly?06:12
|PorscheDoes anyone know why my computer says "Public file sharing enabled" everytime i log in?06:12
kcormier1Jburrke: Have you tried em on another pc?  See if it's the songs or your computer?06:12
Hermesdtrixed, when i record  a video with recordMyDesktop for longer than a few minutes, the recording doesnt get encoded06:12
Guest69536  Is there a vmware console for  ubuntu 804 that can connect to vmware server 1.x ?06:12
nabcoreAnyone manage to get the acx drivers to work ?06:12
HermesThe encoding progress stays at 0%06:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 804 in eric "Bugged by pyQT api update (dup-of: 803)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80406:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 803 in eric "Bugged by pyQT api update" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80306:12
unavailablehermes cannot be as annoying as "click click" from my old keyboard06:12
dtrixedHermes, aww ok .. umm i have no idea then .. i havnt used it ina  long ass time06:12
unavailablewhats up with ubottu06:13
aaBBaaHow do I register with the Nick serv?06:13
dtrixedi would hink you have to st the options for it06:13
Jburrkekcormier1 : If I could figure out how to get windows to recognize my drive I would try it in windows, but I cant.. Lol, I'm pretty sure it's linux though, I was listening to the music the other day with no problem06:13
JburrkeAll of a sudden it's just all screwed up06:13
ALPSINCso, can anyone help?06:13
unavailableubottu whats your issue?06:14
ubottuunavailable: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:14
ALPSINCubottu: can you help me?06:14
ubottuALPSINC: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:14
ALPSINCso, any help with vnc?06:14
ALPSINCanyone at all?06:14
Lokii-!vnc | ALPSINC06:14
ubottuALPSINC: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX06:14
happosadewhat mean "OEM-install"?06:15
kcormier1Jburrke: Try copying the files from linux to your windows drive (linux can see ntfs) rather than getting to your linux drive from windows...then you can test em out06:15
Lokii-!oem | happosade06:15
ubottuhapposade: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate06:15
ALPSINCLokii-: i've been folowing the ssh over vnc tut listed, with 0 success06:15
Flannelhapposade: You don't set up a first user during the install, so you (as a mfc) can edit the system how you want, and then let your customer do it06:15
unavailablehapposade oem install means "original equipment manufacturer"  its for places like asus and such06:15
josh_what does the video playback plugin do in compiz-fusion???????????06:16
yell0wkcormier1: maybe this shed a bit of light on your problem http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html06:16
Jburrkekcormier1, I could do that.. Do you have any idea how I can access my external drive through windows though? I'd like to be able to access the two, I mean I can get to my internal through linux but I cant get to my external through windows06:16
Lokii-!ot | josh_06:16
ubottujosh_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!06:16
fookswhy am i getting errors when i try to eject my cd tray from the command line with eject /dev/hdb06:16
mynetdudeALPSINC I use VNC and it works great06:16
ALPSINCmynetdude: can you help me then? :P06:16
fooksas well as trying to close it, with eject -t /dev/hdb (and other variations)06:16
unavailablefooks is there a cd in it?06:17
mynetdudeALPSINC that depends, whats the problem?06:17
ALPSINCamrit     5869  0.0  0.6   8716  6408 ?        S    21:54   0:00 Xtightv06:17
dtrixedgod im dumb.. firefox installed flash automaticly .. .. jees  i feel smarter than the average bear06:17
fooksit says "tried to use '/dev/hdb' as device name but it is no block device"06:17
JburrkeI kind of want to trash linux, I just wanted to try it.. I mean it's allright but all I've had is heaps of problems.. Now I have to have the drive in to even boot anything, and I'd like to just have it as a drive now06:17
ALPSINChttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH << folowed that with vnc viewer06:17
JburrkeBut, I have no idea how06:17
fooksunavailable, should that matter?06:17
dtrixedwhat is the name of the packge for compiz s o i can start using it?06:17
unavailablei dunno... lemmie see06:17
ALPSINCmynetdude: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH << folowed, 0 success06:17
ALPSINCmynetdude: VNC Viewer says: "The connection closed unexpecitly"06:18
ALPSINCbut not refuzzled06:18
bazhang!ot > Varak_06:18
nickrudJburrke you installed ubuntu and grub on the external, so now you need the external plugged in to boot windows?06:18
Varak_!biteme > bazhang06:19
bazhangVarak_, watch the language.06:19
unavailable!coc > Varak_06:19
JburrkeYep, I get some error when I dont have the drive plugged in.. When it's in I get a grub menu that allows me to pick between ubuntu and windows, though..06:19
mynetdudeALPSINC ok so what VNC server are you using and what are you using as the viewer? (not that these matter) and are they cross platform?06:19
unavailablefooks hmm nope06:20
unavailablefooks you sure your ejecting the right dev?06:20
nickrudJburrke download the supergrub disk, it has a utility to make your primary boot again to windows. Then you should be able to boot ubuntu with the external plugged in, and windows without it plugged in06:20
mynetdudeALPSINC, oh you're trying to go over SSH, that I don't know how to do06:20
ALPSINCmynetdude: xtightvnc and VNC Viewer for windows, Enterprise06:20
fooksunavailable, i checked fstab and thats what my cdrom drive is listed under06:20
Jburrkenickrud, Do you think you can walk me through that in a pm? I'm a super noob when it comes to this shit06:20
unavailablefooks terminal to /dev and see06:20
ALPSINCmynetdude: it's appearently the same, just connecting via "localhost" as you bind the ports06:20
* mynetdude didn't know there wsa windows xp enterprise until today... and now I didn't even now it came with vnc viewer06:21
dtrixedin you guys opion what is the best music player for ubuntu/linux?06:21
nickrudJburrke I've only used it once myself, and it was a real life saver. It was pretty simple, just selected an option on a menu06:21
Varak_the smug level is really high here, have fun smelling your own farts06:21
ALPSINCmynetdude: my friend let me borrow the cd :P06:21
mynetdudeALPSINC err again I'm not familiar with doing it with SSH so I have no idea what you were sputternig about localhost... when I do it I just enter the local IP or the public IP with port forwarding06:21
fooksunavailable, hah, good idea!06:22
unavailablefooks actually go to /media06:22
nickruddtrixed the one I use. Of course, others have different opinions (bad ones I think)06:22
mynetdudessh I don't know about the windows vnc viewer try ultravnc or tightvnc for windows06:22
Jburrkenickrud, what was the name agan?06:22
SitUbuntuSitdoes anyone know which compiz plugin allows you to use a corner to order/arrange all the windows on the desktop06:22
fooksunavailable, it lists the dev name when i type ls06:22
dtrixednickrud what is the name of it?06:22
nickrudJburrke   Super Grub Disk06:22
fooksunavailable, cdrom4 instead of cdrom, the command eject -t cdrom4 did it06:23
nickruddtrixed I just use rhythmbox. Tried others, and don't need all the bells and whistles06:23
ALPSINCmynetdude: http://www.realvnc.com/products/download.html06:23
dtrixedaww ok06:23
ALPSINCthat's the one I have06:23
bazhangSitUbuntuSit, scale06:23
dtrixedone thing i'll miss about windows is my winamp06:23
SitUbuntuSitbazhang, thank you so much :)06:23
unavailablemynetdude so what is this "xp enterprise"06:23
JburrkeDo I download this on windows, or linux?06:24
SitUbuntuSitwhile I'm here, does anyone know how to change libnotify colors?06:24
bazhang!xmms | dtrixed06:24
ubottudtrixed: For the reason why xmms is no longer in the hardy repositories see: http://bugs.debian.org/461309 .  Consider using audacious instead.06:24
nickrudJburrke either. You'll burn it as a bootable cd. It's pretty small06:24
Jburrkenickrud, Fuck, I dont have a cd06:24
bazhangJburrke, no cursing06:24
unavailable!ohmy | jburrke06:24
ubottujburrke: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:24
Jburrkebazhang, my bad06:24
JburrkeEvery time I come in here I get screamed at06:25
Jburrkenickrud Yeah I' there06:25
mynetdudeunavailable ask ALPSINC but apparantly there is an windows XP enterprise edition06:25
nickrudJburrke there's a floppy version if you have one still ;)06:25
Jburrkenickrud, How does this work? Do I have to have the cd in every time I boot it? And if I complete this will  be able to plug the external in and have it recognized????06:26
dtrixedwhat is the compiz configuration app called .. or a wre do i go to set up compiz .. spent to much time away frmo ubuntu i think06:26
ALPSINCmynetdude: http://www.realvnc.com/products/download.html <<<<<<< thereeeeeeee06:26
mynetdudeALPSINC ah you have realVNC... thats a good one, unfortunately... its payware06:26
Jburrkenickrud lmao :P06:26
bazhang!ccsm | dtrixed06:26
ubottudtrixed: ccsm is To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion06:26
mynetdudeALPSINC as I said... I can't help you, you're trying to use SSH protocols which I know jack about06:26
nickrudJburrke no, what will happen is it will rewrite the mbr of the drive in the machine to boot windows.06:26
ryan_my compiz fusion makes open gl flicker. is that a known issue with ati cards or is there a easy fix?06:26
dtrixedaww ccsm thanks06:26
ALPSINCmynetdude: like i said, i borrowed it from my friend :P06:26
XGasryan_: Sometimes, my NVIDIA card flickers too.06:27
* mynetdude doesn't care about that ALPSINC it wouldn't matter... if I knew how to do it on SSH I'd help06:27
ALPSINCmynetdude: ok, fine, but what is x11's 1st desktop port #06:27
nickrudJburrke one you've done that, you won't need the cd anymore06:27
Jburrkenicrud, At that point could I just wipe everything off my extrnl drive?06:27
nickrudJburrke yep. I got the impression that's what you wanted to do.06:27
xTOGxi'm running xubuntu, i'm a new linux user, how do i get my sound to work06:27
dtrixedbazhang thanks06:28
mynetdudeALPSINC never heard of it, but I've seen X11vnc though... btw don't you know that ubuntu already comes with a remote desktop server and viewer?06:28
Jburrkenickrud: Pretty much.. So doing this will allow me to boot windows normally and wipe linux from my external with no problem?06:28
ALPSINCmynetdude: i'm using xbuntu... for a server enviroment06:28
dtrixedgod i love the ability of being able to just apt-get somthing...06:28
nickrudJburrke yes. The key is getting your main hard drive back to booting windows, and supergrubdisk will do that06:28
dtrixedno waiting or hunting down a site for it06:28
ganymederyan_: it's a known issuse and cannot be fixed easily. might be fixed one year from now via DRI206:28
ryan_ok thanks06:28
Jburrkenickrud: Cool, so once I wipe my external will windows recognize the disk when I plug it in?06:29
ganymederyan_: both compiz and the opengl app are rendering to the same part of the screen so they're fighting between who gets to be seen06:29
ryan_how do you put the persons name youre talking to or do you type it06:30
BHSPitLappySometimes after being idle, my wireless and sudo both stop working, and I am forced to C-A-D from one of my tty's06:30
BHSPitLappyWhat's causing this, and is there any more graceful way to recover?06:30
AussieBobbyProblem:I have some folders that have a lock icon above them and I'm unable to delete them.These are on a usb HD and they are microsoft that apps that I no longer need06:30
nickrudJburrke you would need to reformat it as ntfs but then windows would recognize it. For help in returning it to ntfs, you'd want to go to #windows06:30
BHSPitLappyryan_, start typing it and hit TAB06:30
dpn`AussieBobby: sudo rm instead of rm06:30
ryan_BHSPitLappy, thank you06:30
ryan_much brtter06:30
kmicinskiahh, I seem to have found my problem. To prove my non n00bness a converstaion is here:06:31
Jburrkenickrud: Is that something that I'd have to do in linux? I mean if windows isn't recognizing the drive would that be something that I could do when I dont have access to linux any more?06:31
unavailablemynetdude me thinks he means xp corporate ed (the one without activation)06:31
unavailablenickrud jburrke its actually ##windows06:31
ryan_i've never used irc before because i always confused it with the crummy icq06:31
nickrudJburrke the reason windows doesn't recognize it is it's an ext3 file type, and windows can't read that without a plugin. Simply reformat it in windows06:32
JburrkeThanks unavailable06:32
ALPSINCunavailable: http://www.realvnc.com/products/download.html << i had a cd that my friend let me have >.<06:32
Jburrkenickrud, So when I do this super grub disk I'll still be able to reformat the drive from windows, right?06:32
unavailablenickrud jburrke but #windows auto redirects you so it was useless for me to tell you06:32
Jburrkeunavailable :P06:32
xTOGxi'm running xubuntu, i'm a new linux user, how do i get my sound to work? i'm assuming i have to turn it on or get a driver or something?06:33
kmicinskinonix4: but it seemed to be quite a confusing backport hack06:33
nickrudunavailable I knew that ;p06:33
ryan_xTOGx, i dont know, my sound just worked06:33
ryan_try the ubuntu forums06:33
nickrudJburrke yes. You will have windows running as if you had never installed linux06:33
BHSPitLappyxTOGx, in most cases, you shouldn't have to perform any setup to get sound working06:33
* unavailable thinks you were just too lazy to type that other # :P06:33
xTOGxkay, thanks06:34
FrogzooxTOGx: usually it works out of the box - what's your sound card?06:34
xTOGxonboard sound06:34
ryan_xTOGx, do you have a volume icon by the clock?06:34
Jburrkenickrud: Yeah I got that, what I mean is will I be able to do whatever I need to do with the drive from windows since it isn't being recognized at the moment.. I mean am I gonna be able to reformat it to ntfs or w/e if it's not even being recognized because it's e3 or w/e?06:34
calcdoes anyone know the name of the command line tool to convert text files between the various eol types?06:34
xTOGxryan_ no i don't06:34
calci forgot what it is called and need to convert a mac text file to linux06:35
unavailablejburrke it should see a disk and ask for you to fdisk it.06:35
nickrudJburrke you were trying to read it. You are going to reformat it, and the reformatting tool will be able to do that. But the guys in ##windows (note the _two_ #'s) will walk you through reformatting the external06:35
JburrkeThat scares me.. I dont want a pointless 250 gig drive sitting around T___T06:35
klenz87hey i am unable to get the extra graphics to work on hardy iv installed my correct video driver??06:35
unavailablenickrud :)06:36
JburrkeOkay, that's later though.. Thanks for all the help06:36
JburrkeJust to make sure I could do it06:36
JburrkeNow to start with this super grub crap =S06:36
nickrudJburrke I just got through doing that stuff to my external, so I promise it will be very simple ;)06:36
JburrkeI've got a feeling I'm gonna screw something up supremely06:36
ryan_so does anyone know of ane FPS games that will run on ubuntu natively?06:37
JburrkeBrb.. Gonna tear up my room for a disk XD06:37
unavailableryan americas army06:37
XGasryan_: id software games06:37
XGasUT, UT2003, UT200406:37
ryan_id software makes their games for linux? COOL06:37
user01hi i just won a laptop on ebay with ATI Radeon X1400 can i do compiz with this?06:38
ryan_user01, should be able to. try it ous06:38
user01ryan_, have to wait to get it . . . cant believe i got it for $50006:39
XGasunavailable: New Americas Army versions aren't developed for Linux anymore, except for the server binaries......06:39
user01ryan_, hopefully it doesnt suck06:39
drenzcan anyone tell me where to donwload any good ubuntu theme and to install06:39
drenzlike this06:39
unavailablexgas really, i just installed the latest 4 days ago06:39
XGasoh really?06:39
unavailableyah really06:39
unavailablehad to look for it though06:39
unavailablemost the servers have only win06:40
XGasOh finally06:40
ryan_i got my laptop with a $200 instant rebate for $700,06:40
unavailablelemmie get u a link06:40
user01ryan_, ibm thinkpad t60  T2500(2GHz), 1GB RAM, 100GB 5400rpm HD, 15in 1400x1050 LCD, 128MB ATI Radeon X1400, CDRW/DVDRW, Intel 802.11abg wireless, WWAN, Bluetooth/Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure chip, Fingerprint reader, 9c Li-Ion batt, WinXP Pro06:40
ryan_i should have spent moe for one with an nvidea card06:40
user01ryan_, thats what i hear :P06:40
unavailablexgas http://www.fileplanet.com/89806/80000/fileinfo/America%27s-Army:-Special-Forces-v2.8.306:40
OddishYou can still buy computers with XP?  o.O06:41
user01ryan_, but it seemed like a good deal06:41
ryan_user01, nice06:41
XGasunavailable: thanks for the link. heh, this is sweet.06:41
user01ryan_, he only used it for semester at school06:41
unavailablenotices update was 0506:41
XGasNow I can finally continue my honor 35 soldier06:41
unavailablemaybe youre right06:41
user01ryan_, and there is still a warranty and everything on it06:41
ryan_user01, cool06:41
XGasah, .506:42
user01ryan_, the top bidder wasnt able to pay06:42
ryan_i didnt get warrenty because i buy computers so much its not worth it06:42
user01ryan_, yeah my t40 just died sorta06:42
user01ryan_, didnt think it was worth getting repaired06:42
ryan_its sad when computers die, kinda brings a tear to my eyes06:43
user01ryan_, do you know if i can use the same ac cord with this one?06:43
unavailablexgas yep youre right... 2.8.3 is win or wine only06:43
ryan_it depends on the voltage and ampage06:43
JburrkeSo, when I finish burning I just boot from this disk when I restart?06:43
user01ryan_, the port replicator for the t40 probably wont work with it06:44
ottoshmidtwhy can't I copy files to /usr/... Folders?06:44
redwyrmHi. I am trying to scan a document using my printer/scanner combo, but I get a "no devices found" message. How would I make the software recognize my printer? (My printer/scanner is a Canon MP210; I'm using the Flegita plugin for the Gimp to do the scanning; 8.04 Hardy is my OS)06:44
ryan_user01, yeah, its best to take it in and get matched up with a new cord if it doesnt come with one06:45
JburrkeLol, everyone wish me luck06:45
unavailablebreak a cdrom...06:45
user01ryan_, i think it does come with one, i just wanted to use my two t40 cords as spares06:45
user01and my t2006:45
user01that one died too06:45
drenz_hi all06:46
drenz_i have06:46
drenz_install apollon06:46
drenz_but i cant see icon06:46
drenz_when i go to applications/internet06:46
unavailablecould it be my router?  i play an online game like tracmania or americas army and the load time is horrible.. i play tracmania offline its ok...   im wifi06:47
Gemmie78During an install of a Java type software there was an error and now I have trouble with the repository plus updating my ubuntu06:47
Gemmie78I'll give the error message, anyone familiar with this:06:47
unavailablegemmie78  sudo apt-get install -f06:47
Gemmie78"Software install is broken"06:47
Gemmie78bingo that's it06:47
Gemmie78That's it06:48
neyugnhi does anybody know how to fix, automounting problem? my usb flash drive is not automounting anymore.06:49
ryan_neyugn, what OS?06:49
unavailableneyugn you try a restart?06:49
menininhoi comp kernel with make-kpkg, but the linux-image*.deb is big size more 200mb... help me06:49
neyugnryan_:  ubuntu hardy heron06:49
neyugnunavailable: yes i try a restart06:49
Chrysalisthats weird... after removing a file i could still access it manually through terminal with cp or mv, does that mean that i can always recover deleted files like that so long as they are not overwritten etc?06:49
ryan_neyugn, do other devices work??06:50
laurentiuHow i know the Ubuntu is updated ????06:50
neyugnneyugn: my other usb devices would not automount06:50
Bioniclaurentiu: Go to System -> Administration -> Update Manager06:50
neyugnryan_: my other usb devices doesnt work either06:50
neyugnryan_: i can do them manually but its a hassle06:51
ryan_neyugn, did you try powering off and rebooting06:51
neyugnryan_: yes06:51
laurentiuBionic... :| and when i have to make a new Update the ubuntu "call me" for a new update (automatically message" ?06:51
ryan_type lspci in terminal and see what it comes up with. it should list your devices06:52
neyugnryan_: ok i did that06:53
ryan_neyugn, if it doesnt, then i dont know what to do06:53
laurentiuI need to install the video card driver ???:|06:53
drenz_help me i installed apollon but just sayin' connecin':S06:53
laurentiumy Ati driver... :|06:53
logixoulHey, how would I go about applying a LADSPA effect stack in realtime to all system audio?06:54
ryan_laurentiu, go to system > administration > hardware drivers06:54
logixoulDo I need Jack or something?06:54
Gemmie78(15:47:54) unavailable: gemmie78  sudo apt-get install -f06:56
Gemmie78^ Do I type that in terminal06:56
BHSPitLappyGemmie78, yes06:57
ntolowhere can i find a detailed tutorial of how to set up a local area network between 2 computers running ubuntu ?06:58
mynetdudentolo without using a router?06:59
logixoulIs it possible to make all ALSA audio go through JACK?06:59
amenadoone does not need a router to have a network between two computers06:59
Brian88hi all. When I boot up my Ubuntu (in recovery mode) it says "wbsd : Winbond SD/MMC Driver" <next line> "wbsd : Cannot found device presence, you may experience lock ups". I don't have that device and my Ubuntu has experienced lock up (2 times, each about 10 minutes of running), how to fix it07:00
Gemmie78Thanks mate07:00
mynetdudeamenado never said he needed a router, but I find it easier imo07:00
ntolomynetdude,i have a laptop accessing the router using wireless and desktop using ethernet .I use it to access the internet,so can i set up a LAN from that ?07:00
mynetdudentolo its automatically a lan the second you connect one PC to the router, and yes you can connect both PCs that way via the router07:01
microwaverHello people, anyone had experience running Xfire through Wine in Ubutnu Heron?07:01
mynetdudewhen I setup ubuntu for the first time, it saw my wireless router and I clicked on it right away and I was game07:02
aCCIhello all where can i find this theme?07:02
mynetdudeI have 4 computers in all... possibly more07:02
BHSPitLappymycroftiv, he obviously wishes not to use a router07:02
Gemmie78"Configuring sun-java6-jre"07:02
Gemmie78There's a screen which says "OK"07:02
Gemmie78I can't click or hit enter07:02
Gemmie78What now07:02
aCCIcan tell me anyone?07:02
ntolomynetdude,so how do i access the other computer as it seems i already have a LAN?07:02
LeviTheSmithHey guys. I'm using Ubuntu again! :D:D:D07:03
Gemmie78It's as if it's an install screen07:03
mynetdudeaCCI I like that!07:03
Brian88LeviTheSmith: gak ngurus jeng... :))07:03
mynetdudeaCCI where do you get that?!07:03
aCCIi like to07:03
Daisuke_IdoGemmie78: hit tab07:03
aCCIi dont geet i ask where can i find:S07:03
laurentiuryan i go to hardware driver and saying : no proprietary drivers are in use on this system.07:03
LeviTheSmithBrian88, what was that?07:03
Gemmie78I closed it07:03
microwaveraCCI, i like that too, tried gnome-look.org ?07:03
ottoshmidthi all, how can I go to the folder as root?07:03
BHSPitLappyaCCI, that's just a mock-up07:03
rainabbaIn the past, I used Compiz-Fusion-Icon to load Compiz and with 8.04 it seems that I have to use the Appearance-Effects panel to enable it. Should that be the case? Is there any reason I wouldn't want to use one over the other? I'm asking because I found that the way compiz is launching now, if I use the icon to do "reload-window-manager", things go hell and get ugly.07:03
BHSPitLappyaCCI, looks to be a concept for an ubuntu-mobile design07:04
mynetdudentolo you'd need to setup shares of course, thats the only way AFAIK for ubuntu to access other machines07:04
BHSPitLappyaCCI, a concept drawing07:04
Gemmie78E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.07:04
JBuRRkEJust wanna thank everyone, it worked perfectly07:04
Brian88LeviTheSmith: hmm... sorry I am mistyping. I am typing in my pidgin window but I don't know, why that message pasted here :))07:04
Gemmie78Damn it, why hit tab, it should be enter, now it's caused another error -_-07:04
JBuRRkENow just gotta figure out if there is a way to get my stuff off this drive before I scratch it.. Off to ##windows!07:05
JBuRRkEThanks again :)07:05
ntolomynetdude,the thing is i want to execute a java program  over the network .07:05
aCCIhow can i install any good themes on my ubuntu?07:05
aCCIim new on linux07:05
Gemmie78raymond@ACER-Extensa-2300:~$ dpkg --configure -a07:05
Gemmie78dpkg: requested operation requires superuser privilege07:05
Daisuke_IdoGemmie78: sudo dpkg --configure -a07:05
LeviTheSmithLol ok...07:05
mynetdudeBHSPitLappy I don't think thats a mockup, I've seen some trippy stuff for ubuntu07:05
Gemmie78But seems as if I'm screwed07:05
Daisuke_IdoGemmie78: sudo.07:05
BHSPitLappymynetdude, it is.07:05
Tory9751278hi, I'm having issues getting my thinkpad x60 tablet working with an external monitor...07:05
laurentiuryan_ what i do now?07:05
NetEchowhere would I put .ttf files to be able to use them as system fonts?07:05
microwaverHello people, anyone had experience running Xfire through Wine in Ubutnu Heron?07:06
Gemmie78Okay basically there's an error during the java install07:06
Gemmie78I don't want to paste it here as it's 5 lines07:06
StephenZI could give it a shot, Micro, but with my OS as trashed as it is, I can't tell you it's reliable.07:06
BHSPitLappyaCCI, try gnome-look.org07:06
mynetdudentolo I don't know about doing that over the network, unless both machines are ubuntu?07:06
ntolomynetdude,Yes they are all ubuntu07:07
aCCIBHSPitLappy,  and what to press beryl , gdm themes what??.07:07
laurentiuWho help me?07:07
Gemmie78 sun-java6-plugin depends on sun-java6-bin (= 6-03-0ubuntu2); however:07:07
Gemmie78  Package sun-java6-bin is not installed.07:07
Gemmie78dpkg: error processing sun-java6-plugin (--configure):07:07
Gemmie78 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured07:07
Gemmie78Errors were encountered while processing:07:07
Gemmie78 sun-java6-plugin07:07
BHSPitLappymynetdude, http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.silverwingsonline.com/ubuntu1.jpg&imgrefurl=http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php%3Ft%3D437694%26highlight%3DAWN&h=768&w=1024&sz=77&hl=en&start=12&sig2=TxMQE7BsbM3_YT78PB5nDQ&um=1&tbnid=zL7Md1cH_MyqAM:&tbnh=113&tbnw=150&ei=hT1fSKaYNJe8iAGu6sCTDA&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dubuntu%2Bmobile%2Bmockup%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dcom.ubuntu:en-US:official%26sa%3DN07:07
* mynetdude sighs... multiline pasters07:07
Gemmie78Any ideas07:07
BHSPitLappymycroftiv, whoops, sorry for the messy URL.  It works, though.07:08
FlannelGemmie78: pastebin your sources.list07:08
* Gemmie78 sighs at Mynetdude07:08
Flannel!paste | Gemmie7807:08
ubottuGemmie78: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:08
Gemmie78Dude don't be a dweeb07:08
Gemmie78I need a paste bin, no one linked me07:08
Gemmie78Finally -_-07:08
Gemmie78Thank you07:08
FlannelGemmie78: It is in the channel topic as well ;)07:08
Gemmie78Which I already cleared :P07:08
Gemmie78  /clear07:08
saint-takeshioooh...hostility in #ubuntu? what is the world coming to?07:09
Gemmie78So what now?07:09
BHSPitLappyGemmie78, /topic07:09
Gemmie78(16:06:37) Gemmie78: I don't want to paste it here as it's 5 lines07:09
BHSPitLappyfor future reference07:09
Gemmie78Yeah a bit late now, I know07:10
Gemmie78I did say I didn't want to paste it, but I really need to fix the problem within the next 2 hours :P07:10
BHSPitLappythere's also pastebin.com, and many more that google will help you to find07:10
saint-takeshinext thing we know, you'll be able to get friendly, helpful advice in #slackware07:10
node357microwaver, xfire fonts don't display properly with wine.... don't know of any way to fix it07:10
redwyrmis it possible that this channel has too many users and ought to be split up into different areas of support?07:10
BHSPitLappysaint-takeshi, try #gentoo07:10
FlannelGemmie78: No no, pastebin your sources.list, /etc/apt/souces.list07:10
Gemmie78Okay thanks for paste bin then07:10
BHSPitLappyor ask for ubuntu advice in #debian07:10
Flannelredwyrm: If you'd like to discuss it,we can talk about it in #ubuntu-offtopic07:11
redwyrmBHSPitLappy, the people in #debian hate that, you know :D07:11
Gemmie78bash: /etc/apt/souces.list: No such file or directory07:11
BHSPitLappyredwyrm, oh?  :P07:11
microwavernode357, I can't totally run it. it opens and then crashes, so its due to the fonts?07:11
node357microwaver, people can msg you in Xfire but you can't read their names in the main window07:11
FlannelGemmie78: sorry, sources.list07:11
Gemmie78So what exactly should I do now, do I need to reinstall ubuntu for the 3rd time, I've already configured everything :(07:11
node357microwaver, oh crashes. not sure there. should go to www.winehq.org and get wine 1.007:11
princeAnyone familiar with soft raid array?07:11
Gemmie78I type that in terminal?07:11
princeI need to see and and mount my raid array07:12
mynetdudeI was going to ask about xfire too... since there isn't one for linux07:12
princebut not sure how to do it07:12
Flannelnode357, microwaver, wine 1 will be in hardy-updates soon if there aren't any problems07:13
nickrudGemmie78 gedit /etc/apt/sources.list , and put the contents on the pastebin07:13
microwavernode357, is the newest wine in the repositories of hardy?07:13
node357Flannel, sweet. that's great news07:13
princehow do I add my raid array to my fstab?07:13
node357microwaver, read Flannel;s comment07:13
node357I have xfire somewhat working with wine 1.0 from winehq site, but can't read text in the main window07:14
microwavernode357, Flannel so they will be soon :p :-)07:14
mynetdudeFlannel is wine 1.0 the next newest version?07:14
node357microwaver yep :)07:14
microwavernode357, i'll just use a vm then :p07:14
Gemmie78I just retyped a few things, and resintalled the software07:14
Gemmie78Finally hit tab, all is good07:14
=== pool is now known as Guest36446
=== prince is now known as Howdy
mynetdudethats the problem... why? I just don't understand VMing a an OS just for one app07:15
Gemmie78Thank you so much, I feel like a dick not so much for being hostile but for not using the paste bin07:15
|||seb|||help! my sources.list has main, universe and multiverse but I'm STILL missing some apps like gxine07:15
Gemmie78I didn't want to flood, but since I hardly paste a lot or required help, never used it07:15
Gemmie78Thanks to all those involved, now updating.07:15
Howdylooking for help in adding my raid array to my fstab07:15
nickrudGemmie78 it takes some time to get used to the idea of being nice on irc to get help, rather than the reverse ;)07:15
Gemmie78Believe it or not, I generally am07:16
Gemmie78It's just I'm in a rush, if I was rude to you, my apoligies07:16
nickrudGemmie78 no offense taken07:16
Gemmie78Time to check out kubuntu07:17
mynetdudeheh, being nice is just an incentive for wanting to give help... I'd rather not be mean either07:18
mynetdudetoo bad the google desktop doesn't have a deskbar in ubuntu like windows does07:18
|||seb|||why gxine shows up in one machine's "aptitude search xine" but no in other's?07:19
mynetdudedoes anybody know if the URL addressbar can be put on the gnome panel like you can on the XP task bar?07:19
ntoloHow do i get the ip address of my computer in a network ?07:19
aCCIcan anyone tell me how to install BERYL on ubuntu????07:19
theFATMANhow do I adjust my screen reolution in hardy? i have an ATI card that has a max rate of 75mhz, but it's locked 60mhz, how do I override or correct this?07:19
mynetdudentolo open terminal and type ifconfig07:19
orphean|||seb|||: did you modify your repos to include universe and multiverse?  did you run sudo apt-get update after that?07:19
|||seb|||orphean: yes! multiple times!07:19
mynetdudeaCCI get compiz, which is now beryl07:19
aCCImynetdude,  what is compiz?07:20
Alex_GaynorHi, I just got a VPS with ubuntu-8.04-minimal installed on it, and I'm trying to get setup, I created a new user with adduser, however when I try to ssh in I get a permission denied error, right now I am just logged in as root07:20
Gemmie78Wouldn't it be funny if I could run a server on the computer I use ubuntu on, while surfing the net and on pidgin07:20
Gemmie78Is this possible?07:20
mynetdude!compiz | aCCI07:20
ubottuaCCI: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion07:20
orpheanGemmie78: yep07:20
FlannelaCCI: compiz-fusion is the reunification of the fork07:20
orpheanaCCI: hardy installs it by default, fyi07:20
Gemmie78All my friends can get their files for uni and the professors notes07:20
aCCImynetdude,  how to get?? compiz07:20
Gemmie78How exactly would I do that anyways?07:20
aCCIwhere to download07:20
FlannelaCCI: What version of Ubuntu are you using?07:21
FlannelaCCI: you already have it installed then07:21
FlannelaCCI: (and are already using it)07:21
aCCIand now how to install beryl?07:21
HowdyAnyone know how to mount my raid array in fstab and make sure the kernel sees it, its a software raid array?07:21
orphean|||seb|||: open a terminal and enter gedit /etc/apt/sources.list then give me a pastbin link of what comes up07:21
FlannelaCCI: You don't.  Beryl doesn't exist anymore07:21
theFATMANhow do I adjust my screen reolution in hardy? i have an ATI card that has a max rate of 75mhz, but it's locked 60mhz, how do I override or correct this?07:21
mynetdudeaCCI orphean just told you, its installed by default07:21
aCCIy  i understand07:22
mynetdudeyeah compiz is now beryl, you don't get beryl anymore07:22
aCCIand how to get theme now for compiz07:22
aCCIor how to active compiz07:22
|||seb|||orphean: gladly....just a sec07:22
Iro1hi everyoune. I'm trying o make firefox open asf files. it tells me it needs decoder application/x-mmsh. Where can i get it?07:22
FlannelaCCI: It is active.  You probably want to install the compizconfig-settings-manager package, which will let you configure everything07:22
aCCIFlannel,  thanx for help07:23
aCCIbut how  to install compizconfig-settings-manager package07:23
mynetdudeis anyone familiar with the cylinder desktop like compiz makes the cube for ubuntu?07:23
orpheanaCCI: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager07:23
laurentiulol nobody answar07:23
FlannelaCCI: open up synaptic, and mark that pcakge for installation.  Or what orphean just said, if you prefer the terminal07:23
laurentiufor my question07:23
aCCIthanx Flannel  and all07:23
mynetdudelaurentiu I think we're blind, say again? :P07:24
tyler_dI would like to create a virtual nic?07:24
laurentiui go to hardware driver and saying : no proprietary drivers are in use on this system.07:24
Flannellaurentiu: does it say You don't need it? or does it give you the option to install it?07:24
laurentiuI don`t understant by desktop effects running "extra"07:24
laurentiunot normal or off something like that07:24
laurentiui turn on -> extra07:24
theFATMANhow do I adjust my screen reolution in hardy? i have an ATI card that has a max rate of 75mhz, but it's locked at 60mhz, how do I override or correct this?07:24
laurentiuand running perfect07:25
aCCIFlannel,  now i downloaded and installed it but how to open where is it to configure07:25
mryniti have deb http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/pculture.org/miro/linux/repositories/ubuntu hardy/ in my 3rd party list but i still have ver 1.2.3 when miro is at 1.2407:25
FlannelaCCI: In System > Preferences > Compiz SEttings, or soemthign like that07:25
laurentiui HAve ubuntu not kubuntu !07:25
Gemmie78So how exactly would I run a server while using ubuntu as I normally would?07:25
Gemmie78Is there a software package I must install?07:25
orpheanaCCI: System->Preferences->Advanced Desktop Effects Settings07:25
mrynitGemmie78: do you know what appache is?07:25
FlannelGemmie78: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP will tell you all about it07:25
aCCIye i find07:26
aCCIthanx much07:26
saint-takeshitheFATMAN: is your xorg.conf set to allow 7mhz?07:26
|||seb|||orphean: wait my fault..i found the bug07:26
|||seb|||orphean: your request made me find it :)07:26
theFATMANsaint-takeshi: idk, actually07:26
orphean|||seb|||: yay! :)07:26
|||seb|||orphean: i had 2 copies of sources.list...i was changing the wrong one :|07:26
Iro1hi everyoune. I'm trying o make firefox open asf files. it tells me it needs decoder application/x-mmsh. Where can i get it?07:26
laurentiuI have Ati RAdeon 9200 <-- but driver ??? :| how i Install the driver for linux ??07:26
mrynithow can i fix miro so it updates? i have the URI in thridparty list07:27
Frogzoo!ati | laurentiu07:27
ubottulaurentiu: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:27
saint-takeshilaurentiu: use the open driver for that07:27
theFATMANsaint-takeshi: how do i do that?07:27
laurentiui don`t understant saint :\07:27
zutmei'm noticing really poor performance of x264 encoded 1080p on my hardy install. Any ideas my machine has decent specs and it is playing from a local file (not across nfs or samba) using mplayer, totem or vlc its all the same. Any tips?07:27
laurentiuwhat is open driver?07:27
Flannellaurentiu: Its an open source driver, not ATIs, but written by 'regular' people.07:28
saint-takeshilaurentiu: you don't need the proprietary driver, you'll get better results using the open source "ati" one07:28
laurentiuat this link ?07:28
saint-takeshilaurentiu: alt+F2, then type gksu gedit /etc/xorg.conf07:29
Flannellaurentiu: You don't need the official ATI driver.  You're already good to go.07:29
saint-takeshioh yeah07:29
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
redwyrmI am trying to scan a document using my printer/scanner combo, but I get a "no devices found" message. How would I make the software recognize my printer? (My printer/scanner is a Canon MP210; I'm using the Flegita plugin for the Gimp to do the scanning; 8.04 Hardy is my OS)07:29
laurentiuand now?07:29
saint-takeshilaurentiu: what is it you're trying to do?07:30
weesyzroot@sp0505b:~# sudo apache2 -k restart07:30
weesyzhttpd not running, trying to start07:30
weesyzhelp apache2 in ubuntu is doing that07:31
Flannelweesyz: /etc/init.d/apache restart07:31
laurentiuI try to found the driver card to is installed or no installed07:31
laurentiuwhere i check this /07:31
theFATMANhow do i configure my refresh rate in xorg?07:31
saint-takeshilaurentiu: open a terminal and type glxgears07:31
weesyzFlannel same message07:31
Flannelweesyz: /etc/init.d/apache2 start07:31
weesyztried them07:32
weesyzroot@sp0505b:~# /etc/init.d/apache2 start07:32
weesyz* Starting web server (apache2)... [ OK ]07:32
saint-takeshilaurentiu: and let me know what kind of FPS values you get.07:32
laurentiuis working07:32
Flannelweesyz: Right.  So it works.07:32
weesyzsaids it starts, but the web server is not showing in processes07:32
laurentiuThe fps07:32
laurentiuis multi07:32
Flannelweesyz: What are you looking for?07:32
laurentiu1) 5604 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1120.626 FPS07:32
weesyzand the web server isn't working07:32
aCCIhow to install emerald theme on emerald theme menager i import but i dont see any button ( SET THIS THEME ) or anything07:33
weesyzfor apache2 to start07:33
laurentiu2) 5928 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1185.508 FPS07:33
laurentiuis more....07:33
laurentiuabout 5 6 linies07:33
laurentiuand continue07:33
Flannellaurentiu: Like we said, your drivers are fine.  You don't need to worry about it07:33
fserveaCCI, try run 'emerald --replace'07:33
laurentiuoh ok07:33
Flannelweesyz: Check your logs for what apache is telling you07:33
laurentiuthe water effect07:33
laurentiuand the rain07:33
laurentiuis configured07:33
laurentiubut i don`t know how to start07:33
Flannel!enter | laurentiu07:33
ubottulaurentiu: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:34
aCCIfserve, i dont understand where to try on console? or what07:34
fserveyeah, console07:34
saint-takeshilaurentiu: water effect and rain?07:34
weesyz[Sun Jun 22 11:14:41 2008] [warn] pid file /var/run/apache2.pid overwritten -- Unclean shutdown of previous Apache run?07:34
weesyz[Sun Jun 22 11:14:41 2008] [alert] getpwuid: couldn't determine user name from uid 4294967295, you probably need to modify t$07:34
blah569Is it possible to launch the Python IDLE for the command line?07:34
aCCIfserve,  bash: run: command not found07:34
blah569terminal *07:34
weesyzI get that error Flannel07:35
laurentiui know where is : sistem -> preference -> advanced desktop effect seting07:35
Flannelweesyz: Please don't paste here.07:35
saint-takeshilaurentiu: desktop-effects? or in a game?07:35
weesyz2 lines07:35
ottoshmidtplease, teach me how to copy to root owned folders?07:35
weesyzwas all07:35
fserveaCCI, just "emerald --replace"07:35
weesyzbut do you know how I could fix this though07:35
wols_ottoshmidt: why?07:35
blah569Is it possible to launch the python idle from Ternimal?07:35
wols_blah569: yes07:35
ottoshmidtI need to add some dictionary files07:36
blah569wols_: How?07:36
Flannelweesyz: There's 1200 people here.  And your problem comes from the fact that you've done without using the stuff from init.d; you'll want to verify apache isn't running, then delete its pid file.07:36
laurentiuHei...when i type now i hear a sound when ai type a number or a letter i hear sound in my pc not in my subwoofer07:36
ottoshmidtwols_, specifically to /usr/share/stardict/dic07:36
laurentiuwhat i do now ?? to stop this sound i have combinate some example shift enter or somthing like that to hear this sound when i type ?07:36
wols_ottoshmidt: sudo cp ....07:36
wols_blah569: dpkg -L <idle package> | grep bin07:37
saint-takeshilaurentiu: hmmm....i didn't know you could get water and rain effects...then again, i didn't know you could get 1100+fps out of a radeon 9200...that's the same chipset as the one i just gave away....did you do anything to driconf, or did it do that "out of the box" so to speak?07:37
blah569What do I replace <idle package> with?07:37
ottoshmidtwols_, then source path followed by destination?07:37
wols_ottoshmidt: yes07:37
laurentiuhei saint07:37
fserveaCCI, just "emerald --replace"07:37
blah569Actually, Nevermind.07:37
ottoshmidtwols_, separated by Space?07:37
laurentiuWhen i type a letter ..i hear now a sound in my pc not in my boxes07:37
wols_ottoshmidt: it's a normal copy operation07:38
laurentiuHow i stop this sound  !!??? ?07:38
Flannel!repeat | laurentiu07:38
ubottulaurentiu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience07:38
wols_laurentiu: go to a console. do you hear the sound there too?07:38
laurentiuWHen i type in this mirc07:38
wols_answer me07:38
laurentiuwhen i type in the calculator some numbers not hear the "beeb" sound07:39
* wols_ puts laurentiu on ignore07:39
ioioioHi, I have a problem during the install of Ubuntu: partitions have disappeared!07:39
wols_ottoshmidt: he doesn't know better07:39
ottoshmidtwols_, he?07:39
ioioioI cannot see my partitions...It's incredible! What should I do?07:40
ioioioProbably they're unmounted07:40
wols_ioioio: fdisk -l07:40
BezNalogovHello people. I want to create a custom theme for my ubuntu 8.04, but I am unable to find a tutorial how to make a custom (usplash) boot splash. Can somebody tell me where I can find such tutorial?07:40
Gemmie78I had a spare HDD in an enclosure07:40
Gemmie78It said drive failed to mount07:40
BezNalogovOr does anybody know a tool how to make a bootsplash?07:40
ottoshmidtwols_, and if multiple files? *.*/directory?07:40
Gemmie78Now I can't remember how to mount it07:40
FlannelBezNalogov:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto07:40
wols_laurentiu: stop messaging people unasked or I will report you to the ops07:40
wols_ottoshmidt: no07:41
ottoshmidtwols_, but how?07:41
wols_cp * <destination>07:41
BezNalogovThanks Flannel!07:41
laurentiui try to rr computer...when you guy not helping me X(07:41
ubottuFactoid grounding not found07:41
ioioioI can see the partitions doing "fdisk -l", but they do NOT appear on G Parted07:42
=== bertolla is now known as Victor_Von_doom
mrselfpwnwhat is the default permissions for /dev/input/event* ?07:42
saint-takeshi!win laurentiu07:42
ubottuFactoid win laurentiu not found07:42
nubuntugod, i don't know whats happening to my computer.  now i have no more panels as of today when i turnd it on... i figured out how to go in thru the filesystem to usr/bin to find programs, but what a pain.  all this started when i tried to upgrade my video card driver for an installation of google earth.  anyone else having such a prob?07:43
nubuntumy screen resolution is all goofy too, i don't really know what it is rendering at, but it ain't very high i can say.07:43
mrselfpwnwhat is the default permissions for /dev/input/event* ?07:43
wols_nubuntu: what videocard do you have exactly?07:44
nubuntuwols_: tnt2 i believe07:44
cabrioleurmrselfpwn,  crw-rw----07:44
wols_nubuntu: don't "believe", it's not an article of faith. CHECK instead07:44
Starnestommymrselfpwn: I think it's 550 or 66007:44
* prince is Looking for help mounting his software raid array07:45
Starnestommymrselfpwn: it's 66007:45
nubuntuwols_: i checked, the system detects tnt2,  i say i bilieve, cause i wasn't sure if it was accurate07:45
wols_nubuntu: pastebin your lspci output07:46
nubuntui just type lspci into term?07:46
saint-takeshinubuntu: yep.07:46
mynetdudehey I noticed there is a newer version of compiz, ubuntu ships with 0.7.4, the newest one is 0.7.6 how can I update it?07:46
nubuntuwhat will the terminal be called in the filesystem, i don't have any menu?07:47
wols_mynetdude: you wait for a new ubuntu version07:47
orpheanmynetdude: it's best to just wait til its in the repos.07:47
=== alex_ is now known as aleksadr
mynetdudeoh... yeah I was gonna say there isn't a 3rd party repos for the ubuntu version07:47
wols_nubuntu: if you have a cli you already have a terminal...07:47
saint-takeshimynetdude: if it's not in the repos, then either compile from source (usually painless) or wait.07:47
wols_saint-takeshi: it's NOT painless for someone who doesn't know. if it's not yet it will be when he upgrades07:48
mynetdudesaint-takeshi compilation doesn't sound like a bad idea... except for the fact that I'm not sure I'd have to remove the old version or not?07:48
mynetdudeyeah its easier to manage repos than compiling anyway... compiling doesn't sound easy07:48
orpheanmynetdude: if you aren't experienced with things breaking I would really recommend not compiling.07:49
saint-takeshimynetdude: yeah, probably best to just leave it, then...07:49
mynetdudeso how long will it be before it gets put into the ubuntu repos?07:49
nubuntuwols_: any idea where i find the terminal in the filesystem?  its not listed as terminal in usr/bin ... ?07:49
Starnestommynubuntu: I think it might be /usr/bin/gnome-terminal07:50
wols_nubuntu: you said you are starting the programs via terminal. so you already have one07:50
mynetdudeerr I'm not at my ubuntu machine, but he could just go to accessories>terminal07:50
MoreOvaltinehey guys, i recently insalled hardy heron, with xfce, and it stil is running slow.07:50
MoreOvaltineAny Ideas?07:50
BogaurdI have a headless machine which seems to run fine, then after 20 days or so it'll seemingly randomly hang, doesnt seem to be anything in the logs. Any ideas on what could be causing it?07:50
wols_MoreOvaltine: my idea is it's a useless error description07:50
mynetdudehardy heron WITH xfce? interesting...07:51
saint-takeshimynetdude: he doesn't have a panel. that's the whole problem.07:51
mynetdudesaint-takeshi ah07:51
saint-takeshinubuntu: alt+F2, then type xterm in the little box an voila! you have a terminal.07:51
MoreOvaltineIm guessing all the visual effects won't work on Ye Olde computer07:51
StephenZSheesh. And now the torrent is hard to find.07:52
nubuntuwols_: no, i said i was launching by clicking on the filesystem icon on the desktop07:52
mynetdudeMoreOvaltine well I suppose if you had the Kubuntu with xfce it would run pretty fast from what I understand07:52
StephenZWhat's the difference between KDE and GNOME?07:52
StephenZTo a layman like myself.07:52
mynetdudenubuntu how do you even get to the filesystem if you have no panels?07:52
wols_the name07:52
saint-takeshiwols_: i'm not sure he IS starting things through the terminal...i thought he said he was using the file browser to go to /usr/bin07:52
StarnestommyStephenZ: KDE is more like Windows in its design07:52
mynetdudesaint-takeshi yeah he just did say that07:53
orpheanStephenZ: They do essentially the same thing. KDE is a bit more configurable, and GNOME strives to be more user friendly.07:53
Dr-Pepsi_I need Help!07:53
blackfriarcorrection KDE is more like windows in its look07:53
mynetdudeso KDE looks more like windows, more configurable which !=user friendly... hmm07:54
MoreOvaltineShould i downgrade to Dapper or Feisty, because I don't know how to make this thing go any faster.07:54
saint-takeshiStephenZ: gnome feels like a cross between MacOS and the old Amiga Workbench...KDE feels like Windows 200007:54
mynetdudewonder how friendly REactos is :P07:54
Dr-Pepsi_How do I share my printer that is using Ubuntu with a Windows Computer over a Network?07:54
nubuntumynetdude: i have an icon for the filesystem on the desktop, i think it's always there on xubuntu07:54
mynetdudeMoreOvaltine you might like kubuntu if you want the xfce07:54
StarnestommyDr-Pepsi_: I think samba can share printers07:54
Ace2016_kde is easier to use and has more options to configure it, gnome drives me mad every time i go in it, i miss all the options07:54
StephenZFor someone like myself, with no experience with any Linux system, but extensive experience on Windows and who can probably pick up on how things work relatively well... Which would one suggest?07:55
MoreOvaltineI installed xfce already, it just didn't make a difference in peformance.07:55
magnetronDr-Pepsi_: first, make the printer work locally. then yo install samba07:55
nubuntusaint-takeshi: thank you, have terminal now.07:55
wols_StephenZ: either one. doesn't matter07:55
Dr-Pepsimy Computer is a fuckbag and won't let me go to windows xD07:55
blackfriarinstall them all kubuntu xubuntu ubuntu, then choose which session to loginto07:55
orpheanStephenZ: Whichever one appeals to you more. Seriously.07:55
StephenZWell, I don't have any experience with any of 'em.07:56
Dr-PepsiWhere do I fund Samba?07:56
mynetdudewait... you can install more than one linux without partitioning?07:56
blackfriaryou will after you use them07:56
magnetronDr-Pepsi: in synaptic package manager07:56
magnetron!samba | Dr-Pepsi07:56
ubottuDr-Pepsi: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.07:56
StephenZThat goes without saying, Blackfriar. But I don't have three weeks to spend downloading and fiddling with all of them.07:56
blackfriarthey are dwindows managers, the underlying operating system is the same07:56
StephenZWell, if you were pressured into suggesting one, which would it be?07:57
Sa[i]nTI have this UIF file here. How in the hell do I make it an ISO in ubuntu?07:57
Dr-Pepsimagetron: Ok07:57
ioioioHi everybody, I have a BIG problem trying to install Ubuntu. When I load Gparted, it doesn't show any partition I have....although they appear in terminal if I write "fdisk -l". What should I do?07:57
mynetdudeblackfriar I thought ubuntu was an OS itself?07:57
orpheanStephenZ: It doesn't really matter you can run KDE apps in gnome, gnome apps in KDE, etc.  Since you're in #ubuntu I'm assuming you're using GNOME. If you want to try kde install kubuntu-desktop or kubuntu-kde4-desktop and switch your session to try it out.07:57
blackfriarubuntu is a distributionm of linux07:57
blackfriar based on debian07:57
=== elpargo_ is now known as elpargo
ioioioI have a BIG problem trying to install Ubuntu. When I load Gparted, it doesn't show any partition I have....although they appear in terminal if I write "fdisk -l". What should I do?07:57
Dr-PepsiW: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/samba/samba_3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.1_i386.deb07:57
Dr-Pepsi  404 Not Found [IP: 80]07:57
blackfriarit uses (ubuntu) gnome as a windows manager07:58
mynetdude!spam | ionstorm07:58
ubottuionstorm: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...07:58
mynetdudeerr wrong person07:58
mynetdudebut I think he'll get it07:58
saint-takeshiStevenZ: gnome takes about a week to get comfortable, for a linux virgin coming straight from windows. kde's probably about the same07:58
mynetdudeblah forget it07:58
Sa[i]nTI have this UIF file here. How do I make it an ISO in ubuntu?07:58
ioioioWhat do I have to do?07:58
StephenZOrphean: Well, I have to do a complete OS reinstall, as I managed (apparently) to hose the host and root bits. So... Well. Just trying to figure out which would likely be more easily worth my time. As you're telling me KDE is more configurable... I'm thinking about that one.07:59
Dr-Pepsimagnetron, ughhh It says it cant find it07:59
nubuntuwols_: i can't copy/paste from the xterm apparently, but the output says : vga compat controller: nvidia NV%M^$ (RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro)(Rev 15)07:59
mynetdudejust ask your question and wait patiently, someone who knows will come along ioioio07:59
ioioioI've already asked twice.07:59
ioioioI have a BIG problem trying to install Ubuntu. When I load Gparted, it doesn't show any partition I have....although they appear in terminal if I write "fdisk -l". What should I do?07:59
orpheanStephenZ: There we go then. :) I direct you to #kubuntu when you get it up and running.07:59
mynetdudeI know... you're still spamming but alas07:59
magnetron!synaptic | Dr-Pepsi07:59
ubottuDr-Pepsi: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto07:59
Dr-Pepsii know07:59
Dr-Pepsiit says it can't download the file because it cant find it08:00
mynetdudeso let me get this straight you can install kubuntu and all the others right in along with ubuntu?08:00
mynetdudedoes it have to be partitioned?08:00
magnetronDr-Pepsi: does your printer work locally yet?08:00
Dr-PepsiMagnetron: yes08:00
mynetdudeso for each ubuntu variation I have to partition?08:00
ioioiomynetdude: Can you please answer?08:00
Dr-PepsiHi aaron08:00
orpheanmynetdude: no need to parition. just install the appropriate *desktop package (kubuntu-desktop, xbunut-desktop)08:00
magnetronDr-Pepsi: then search for a package named "samba" in synaptic. it's THERE.08:00
ioioioNoone answer...08:01
blackfriarmynetdude: no08:01
ioioioAnd I've asked my question three times08:01
orpheanmynetdude: then when you login you can choose which one to use from the menu (look for Session)08:01
mynetdudeioioio no I can't because I don't know, would you rather have an answer saying something like "go wash floors"?08:01
magnetron!patience | ioioio08:01
aaron_how do you install .tar files on ubuntu?08:01
ubottuioioio: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines08:01
saint-takeshimynetdude: you can if you want, but that would be redundant. you can just install the KDE, XFCE or whatever other desktop environment you like on top of whichever you choose08:01
Dr-Pepsimagnetron:  I know, it found it but i get an error! W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/samba/samba_3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.1_i386.deb08:01
Dr-Pepsi  404 Not Found [IP: 80]08:01
mynetdudeoh I just want the desktop, not the whole distro08:01
blackfriaraaron: extract it first, you can't per se install a tar file08:02
compubombi have ubuntu 8.04 LTS with gnome, does ubuntu 8.04 LTS have KDE4 ?08:02
compubombi'm not in linux atm, i'm just curious.08:02
mynetdudecan the desktops be installed via synaptics?08:02
orpheanmynetdude: yep08:02
mynetdudereally... I'm getting more intrigued by this...08:02
ioioioBut it is so important! javascript:galleriaN("Europei","2008/06_Giugno/europei/23.&1");08:02
magnetronDr-Pepsi: oh, you are using the US mirror? that one is quite crappy.08:02
nubuntuwols_: that's NV5M6408:02
aaron_ok I did extract it...what do I do with it now?08:02
* saint-takeshi considers putting kde on here, just to play with08:02
Sa[i]nTcompubomb, All you have to do is install KDE from synaptic.08:02
blackfriarubuntu is GNOME kubuntu is KDE, add the other desktop and it is nearly the same08:02
nubuntuwols_: i can't copy/paste from the xterm apparently, but the output says : vga compat controller: nvidia NV%M^$ (RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro)(Rev 15)08:02
Dr-Pepsimagnetron:  lol? What do I do?08:02
ioioioI have a BIG problem trying to install Ubuntu. When I load Gparted, it doesn't show any partition I have....although they appear in terminal if I write "fdisk -l". What should I do?08:03
magnetronDr-Pepsi: try another mirror.08:03
mynetdudeioioio I'll just say this.. not that I recommend you do it but IMO use the guided install08:03
* mynetdude hates manual installs and fixing crap...08:03
ioioiomynetdude: it doesn't show any partition!08:04
magnetron!repository | Dr-Pepsi08:04
ubottuDr-Pepsi: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories08:04
* ioioio want to install manually08:04
wols_nubuntu: then you need nvidia legacy drivers08:04
mynetdudeioioio the guided install would create a partition and all that for you08:04
blackfriarmagnetron: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop08:04
mynetdudeioioio ah well then I don't know, sorry08:04
magnetronblackfriar: not me!08:04
orpheanmynetdude: doesn't guided install wipe the whole disk?08:04
orpheanmynetdude: might be careful with that advice.08:05
mynetdudeblackfriar lol I've done that, its alright getting someone else's name in the tab complete doesn't help much :P08:05
mynetdudeorphean yes, but not if you select the first option which is to set the partition size08:05
Dr-Pepsimagnetron:  Now it downloading 42 random files...I switched to main server08:05
mynetdudeorphean the 2nd option wipes the disk08:05
mynetdudeso what are all the desktops I can get for ubuntu?08:05
mynetdudekubuntu, what else?08:06
blackfriarxubuntu blubuntu edubuntu08:06
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:06
mynetdudeI hope all that doesn't take up much space08:06
saint-takeshimynetdude: those are "flavors" of ubuntu08:06
Dr-Pepsimagnetron:  I got it installed now what?08:07
saint-takeshimynetdude: each using a different desktop environment by default08:07
orpheanmynetdude: xubuntu, kubuntu-kde4-desktop, gobuntu, mythbuntu, i think there's a christian desktop in there as well08:07
kevin_After installing Ubuntu and dual booting windows how would i go about giving my ubuntu partition more space08:07
* prince is looking for help in adding his raid array to his fstab08:07
saint-takeshiorphean: a christian desktop?08:07
* prince asks how to do add his raid array to his fstab?08:07
orpheankevin_: defrag your windows partition in windows then use gparted from the livecd to resize it smaller and and expand the ubuntu partition08:08
orpheansaint-takeshi: i kid you not08:08
kevin_ok, thanks08:08
compubombwhat is the main package i have to install to get KDE4 ?08:08
orpheansaint-takeshi: icthux-desktop :)08:08
compubombis there like an alias package that installs everything ?08:08
orpheancompubomb: kubuntu-kde4-desktop works well08:08
blackfriaradd a refernece to /dev/mdn where n is the raid  as you would for a regular partition08:09
Bert_2Hi, I want to make my ubuntu system an LTSP server for PXE boot thin clients, can anyone help me with that or point me to the right documentation/channel ?08:09
princeBlackfriar hmm08:09
Dr-Pepsimagnetron:  OMFG! It found it!08:09
magnetron!ltsp | Bert_208:09
ubottuBert_2: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project08:09
weesyzHow can I chmod or set permissions to a folder where all files is readable and downloadable by public_html08:09
blackfriarprince:  how did you build the raid08:09
ubottuThe Edubuntu Handbook is currently work-in-progress and can be browsed via http://doc.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/handbook/C/08:10
ubottuFactoid cookie not found08:10
Sa[i]nTI have this UIF file here. How do I make it an ISO in ubuntu?08:10
princeBlackfriar, how do I make sure my sda/sdb/sdc partions are combined into a raid 5, I had a system failure on my root partition and have data on that array08:10
pist0l-fishcan anyone help me configure dual-screens for GNOME?08:10
Dr-PepsiIT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!08:10
princeI reinstalled ubuntu, but can't access it yet blackfriar08:10
Dr-PepsiThank You magnetron08:10
princeblackfriar, woudl it help if I pastebinned dmraid -r?08:11
blackfriarprince: start of  with cat /proc/mdstat08:11
mynetdudeyeah I heard about a muslim desktop too08:11
nubuntuwols_: you still here?08:12
blackfriarprince: this will show the satatus of the array08:12
mynetdudeorphean, whats the difference between kubuntu-desktop vs kubuntu-kde4-desktop?08:12
princeblackfriar, http://paste.ubuntu.com/22302/08:12
SlartSa[i]nT: you have searched the forums, right?08:12
Slartmynetdude: I think kubuntu-desktop uses KDE 3..08:13
elitemindneed some help, I mounted my psp to my system mount /dev/sdc1 psp it shows the files but i cant move any files i want over from my computer to it. What am i doing wrong?08:13
orpheanmynetdude: kubuntu-desktop installed kde 3.508:13
Slartmynetdude: and the other one uses KDE4 which is brand new..08:13
aaron_will adobe flash player with ubuntu?08:13
Slartaaron_: yes, adobe flash will with ubuntu =)08:13
mynetdudewell I'm already getting the kubuntu-desktop08:13
Sa[i]nTSlart, I've searched and found useless crap. I should'nt have to use a program with wine or whatnot.08:13
blackfriarprince: you have no raids defined08:13
aaron_Cool...I downloaded the .tar installer for it..how do I install it on ubuntu?08:14
mynetdudefunny thing is I couldn't find kubuntu-desktop in synaptics, so I did it through terminal08:14
elitemindsorry sudo mount /dev/sdc1 psp shows the files i just cant move files from my computer to the psp. What might i be doing wrong?08:14
orpheanmynetdude: it is in synaptics. i promise.08:14
ioioioI have a BIG problem trying to install Ubuntu. When I load Gparted, it doesn't show any partition I have....although they appear in terminal if I write "fdisk -l". What should I do?08:14
Sa[i]nTmynetdude, You just look for KDE man.08:14
mynetdudeorphean, I'll look again in a bit...08:14
blackfriarelitemind: probably permissions, try it as root08:14
mynetdudehaha yeah I will08:14
SlartSa[i]nT: I shouldn't have to drive a small slow car to work.. but I have to =)... uif isn't one of the "common" image formats.. try this link and see what they are suggesting http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48296008:14
mynetdudethis stuff is going to take a while to download08:14
ioioioWow, thanks for your help!08:14
elitemindblackfriar like this? sudo -i then mount /dev/sdc1 psp08:15
compubombmynetdude: just install kubuntu-kde4-desktop if you want KDE4 :p08:15
compubomblike me.08:15
Slartaaron_: oh.. don't do that.. doesn't firefox offer to install flash automatically if you go to a site with a flash movie on?08:15
Bert_2I have checked out the edubuntu handbook, and it tells me a lot about LTSP except which packages I need to use it, so which ones would I need if clients use PXE ?08:15
elitemindk brb ill try that08:15
aaron_I went to youtube but it ended up directing me to adobe's download page08:15
mynetdudecrap that stuff will take forever to get, I'll do it tomorrow08:15
kevin_any suggestions on getting veoh to run in ubuntu, will simply installing it through wine work?08:16
josef_guys i like too try xfce on my kubuntu, what is the syntax in apt-get or command08:16
mynetdudeSlart its supposed to, and sometimes you can get the adobe flash to install the plugin for browser of choice08:16
Slartaaron_: huh? you didn't get a small line on the top of the firefox window saying something like "you need a plugin to play some of the stuff om this page" ?08:16
mynetdudewonder what version of FF he has08:17
Slartmynetdude: sometimes?.. has things deteriorated since I did this the last time.. I've never had the firefox flash install fail on me.. weird08:17
adibhai guess it is flash player..08:17
adibhaok shockwave player..08:18
adibhaclick on that and it will take you to the site of the player needed..08:18
elitemindblackfriar, It still didnt work? Shows the files just not letting me move stuff over08:18
nubuntuwols_: you still here, i don't know i think i was knocked off, everything just reset on chatzilla08:19
nubuntuwols_: that's NV5M6408:19
nubuntuwols_: i can't copy/paste from the xterm apparently, but the output says : vga compat controller: nvidia NV%M^$ (RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro)(Rev 15)08:19
elitemindi will try google really quick.08:19
elitemindi found some great info thanks guys08:20
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jscinozWhat is it that makes firefox 3 so damn slow on Linux? its exponentially slower than on other platforms.08:21
=== Stephen is now known as Stephen1
=== Stephen1 is now known as Stephenzuckerman
Slartjscinoz: do you have lots of addons? are all site slow? flash? java? It doesn't seem slow for me but I don't really have anything to compare with08:22
nubuntugod, i don't know whats happening to my computer.  now i have no more panels as of today when i turnd it on... i figured out how to go in thru the filesystem to usr/bin to find programs, but what a pain.  all this started when i tried to upgrade my video card driver for an installation of google earth.  anyone else having such a prob?08:24
nubuntumy screen resolution is all goofy too, i don't really know what it is rendering at, but it ain't very high i can say.08:24
=== afallenhope is now known as Nicks
=== Nicks is now known as afallenhope
aaron_I just tried to install the flash plugins with firefox but they don't seem to be installing right.08:24
nubuntucan anyone please help me with this08:24
=== theRealBal|away is now known as theRealBall
rageHello, how does one change the background colour nautilus for more than a single folder?08:25
Slartaaron_: ok.. let's try this then.. open a  terminal and run this "sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-nonfree"08:25
saint-takeshinubuntu: now that i think about it, that happened to me once.08:25
aaron_err wait sratch that08:25
aaron_I just had to restart firefox sorry ^^08:26
nubuntusaint-takeshi: its driving me crazy08:26
Slartaaron_: =)08:26
Slartaaron_: so it works now?08:26
saint-takeshinubuntu: try invoking gnome-panel from terminal?08:26
Slartnubuntu: what happens if you run this "pkill gnome-panel; gnome-panel"08:26
nubuntusaint-takeshi: um, so, do you remember what the fix was?08:26
aaron_yep it would seem so lol08:27
Slartnubuntu: the first part just kills off any old gnome-panel processes.. then it runs them again08:27
saint-takeshinubuntu: i think i just cried and banged my head off the monitor until i could be bothered reinstalling from scratch, to ne honest....that's my usual trick.08:27
nubuntuslart: exactly as you wrote it? pkill gnome-panel; gnome-panel ?08:29
Slartnubuntu: yes.. you can copy paste it08:29
nubuntusaint-takeshi: this IS a fresh install!!! :(08:29
saint-takeshinubuntu: (tip: it's shift+insert to paste into terminal)08:29
nubuntuslart: ok, i try08:30
nubuntusaint-takeshi: ok, i try after i reopen term08:30
saint-takeshinubuntu: you remember how to do that, yeah?08:30
JustANameHi, I'm having a problem with my wacom tablet, is this the right place?08:31
JustANameSpecifically, it doesn't draw lines, drag or anything similiar.08:31
nubuntusaint-takeshi: i like that trick.... and slart, said i don't have gnome panel installed and to sudo apt-get it, in process now08:32
saint-takeshinubuntu: that's weird...you update your video driver and it removes gnome-panel?08:34
nubuntui wonder where it went, because i dint UNINSTALL it, and it was there yesterday....08:34
* saint-takeshi suspects it's a government conspiracy08:34
Slartnubuntu: you are running regular ubuntu hardy, right?08:35
dangergrrlanyone have any experience debugging initrd problems with custom kernels?08:35
Slartnubuntu: not kubuntu or xubuntu or something like that?08:35
nubuntuslart: to i have to restart system?  term came back to command prompt, but no panels showing yet08:35
Slartnubuntu: I think you might have to restart.. or just try running gnome-panel from a terminal08:35
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dangergrrlmy sata drive seems to be detected, but lvm fails to find the physical volumes that make up my lvs08:36
dangergrrlstock kernel boots fine08:36
=== pixel is now known as pixel683
nubuntuslart: i'm running xubuntu hardy08:36
saint-takeshinubuntu: you shouldn't have to restart. just log out and back in should do it (or ctrl-alt-backspace, if you're feeling quirky)08:36
dangergrrlbut fails to initialize ACPI on my mobo08:36
pixel683I'm new to ubuntu (not to linux), but am I right to assume that switching to KDE from a default 8.04 ubuntu install is pretty easy?08:37
nubuntuok's, be right back, thanx guys08:37
pixel683I don't mind a bit of bloat from the gnome stuff right now, although I'd probably remove it eventually.08:37
saint-takeshisee you soon, nubuntu08:37
Slartpixel683: yes..  install the kde-desktop .. or whatever it's called.. and you should be able to change the session at the login prompt08:37
pixel683Slart: OK, and should I expect there to be reasonable amounts of KDE administrative tools, or is that pretty much gnome-only?08:38
dangergrrlif i boot vmlinuz-2.6.26-rc6 this one first then the stock one my acpi works and the machine does not overheat and fail08:38
TuXNuBGuyquestion from a new linux user.08:38
pixel683TuXNuBGuy: shoot08:38
saint-takeshiTuXNuBGuy:go ahead08:38
TuXNuBGuyim used to ms.... how can i connect to my printer wireless from ubuntu?08:38
jscinoz_argh damn connection08:38
jscinoz_What is it that makes firefox 3 so damn slow on Linux? its exponentially slower than on other platforms.08:38
JustANameSo... anybody up for troubleshooting a wacom issue?08:39
Slartjscinoz: do you have lots of addons? are all site slow? flash? java? It doesn't seem slow for me but I don't really have anything to compare with08:39
pixel683jscinoz: linux tends to lose out when it comes to graphics + rendering, that's likely your issue08:39
JustANameI'm pretty knowledgeable about linux and programming, et al. I just don't know anything about how a wacom setup is supposed to work with X08:39
saint-takeshidangergrrl: that sounds suspiciously like the problem i've been having, except you seem to know more about it. it's not an acer laptop you're using is it?08:39
jscinoz_pixel683, but its just firefox?08:39
jscinoz_pixel683, could it be something to do with i/o? as it seems to use the disk a lot more than other apps08:40
pixel683jscinoz: firefox can be pretty hefty... how much ram/swap do you have?08:40
dangergrrlno, itś an emachines minitower08:40
jscinoz_pixel683, 4GB ram, no swap08:40
dangergrrlbut if the acpi does not initialize the variable speed cpu fan doesn´t work right08:41
pixel683jscinoz: hmmm08:41
* pixel683 would like to be able to control da fan on his lappy08:41
Jokka[Tux]Does anyone know how i can get a /home shortcut on my panel?08:41
* pixel683 has no clue how to do that08:41
TuXNuBGuythe printer is attached to my wife's pc (an ms machine)08:41
=== ianL_ is now known as Ianxx
* compubomb doesn't like KDE408:41
compubombno were near as streamlined as gnome08:41
dangergrrlbuilding the latest kernel fixes the acpi p[roblem for me but something in my initrd is wrong and my logical volume for the rootfs can´t be found08:42
pixel683Jokka[Tux]: right click on the panel > add applet > custom launcher.08:42
pixel683Jokka[Tux]: in the dialogue, select 'location' instead of 'application'08:42
pixel683compubomb: it definitely needs some tweaking08:43
=== jscinoz_ is now known as jscinoz
TuXNuBGuyjokka thanks08:43
TuXNuBGuywill try08:43
saint-takeshidangergrrl: i don't know about lvm...it's always frightened me a little.08:43
jscinozI couldnt live without lvm on my eeepc08:43
nubuntuslart: and saint takeshi, you won't believe this stupid thing ....08:43
ActionParsniphey all08:43
pixel683lvm =  partitions resize on-the-fly, yeah?08:43
jscinozuse it to merge the 4gb and 16gb SSD's into one volume, encrypt that, then make home and root LVs on that08:43
jscinozpixel683, and other things08:43
ActionParsnipis there an antivirus which can be ran / updated / etc via a webfrontend?08:44
dangergrrlwell, this machine isn´t mine and i had to preserve a ntfs partition so i had 8g at the beginning of the disk and 30 at the end08:44
Slartnubuntu: try us =)08:44
dangergrrllvm lets you merge those and create a single fs on them08:44
saint-takeshinubuntu: still no panel?08:44
dangergrrlif you buy a new disk you can add it to your existing lv and extend most popular filesystems to use it08:45
jscinozi wish e2fsadm worked with lvm208:45
nubuntui restarted x, and then typed gnome-panel into the term.  i got a dialog box that said problem loading fast user switch applet, do i want to delete applet, i said no.  anyways the panels (1 and 2) appeared, and everything looked great, but AS SOON as i closed the terminal, POOF, away went the panel again!08:45
jscinozits a pain having to resize partition and LV separately and by block count08:45
dangergrrljscinoz: bug it at severity feature request08:46
nubuntuWTF? :(08:46
TuXNuBGuyJokka[Tux]: lol...nm...thought that was directed towards me08:46
jscinoznubuntu thats because if a tasks parent process dies, it is usually kileld too (terminal was panels parent process)08:46
ActionParsnipnubuntu: run it with a & at the end08:46
Slartnubuntu: try running "gnome-panel &" .. then type "exit".08:46
TuXNuBGuyi am so lost08:46
ActionParsnipnubuntu: somecommand &08:46
Jokka[Tux]"could not show /home/usernam the specified location is invalid" got it set on /home/username. any help?08:46
jscinozdangergrrl, i believe its already being worked on by upstream08:46
Jokka[Tux]TuXNuBGuy, lol np08:47
ActionParsnipJokka[Tux]: use ~/ instead if you are running a command ponting to home08:47
nubuntuslart: when do i type 'exit'?08:47
Slartnubuntu: on the next line in the terminal08:47
nubuntuk, lemme try08:48
dangergrrloh, good deal if they are already working on it08:48
ActionParsnipJokka[Tux]: or is that not what you meant08:48
Jokka[Tux]ActionParsnip, still says location is invalid08:48
saint-takeshinubuntu: that's just to close the terminal. the "&" means keep the command alive after the parent process (xterm) is closed08:48
ActionParsnipJokka[Tux]: what exactly are you doing?08:48
Jokka[Tux]ActionParsnip, trying to set up a panel shortcut to my home folder08:49
dangergrrli guess i can go read the lvm2-howto again and try to figure why my pv´s don´t show on the custom kernel08:49
ActionParsnipJokka[Tux]: in kde4?08:49
ActionParsnipJokka[Tux]: ok cool08:49
noobmancan anyone help me with nfs server pls08:50
ActionParsnipif you click your shortcut to  home does it open up08:50
theRealBalloh my gosh getfacl doesn't work in os0805!08:50
nubuntuok, got a panel now, but this time i had to say 'don't delete' to about five dialog boxes referring to some applets08:50
Jokka[Tux]ActionParsnip,  it says my location is invalid for some reason08:50
theRealBalloh sorry wrong room08:50
ActionParsnipJokka[Tux]: let me see how you set it. Is there a /home/<whatever your username is>08:50
Slartnubuntu: hmm.. it didn't say what kind of problem? no error messages to google?08:50
Jokka[Tux]ActionParsnip,  doesnt work. i tried with ~/ too but that didnt work either08:51
=== arashO|o is now known as arashO_o
saint-takeshinubuntu: i think your computer might just hate you...did you sleep with its girlfriend or something?08:51
DistroJockeyJokka[Tux], right-click the panel, Add to Panel..., Custom Application Launcher, type a name and use  nautilus  as the command08:51
ActionParsnipJokka[Tux]: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53402508:51
nubuntuslart: i just deleted them out.  the first was the one i said aobut 'problem loading fast user switch applet'08:52
AeronTGanyone here familiar with gwget?  if so, how can i tell what the "error" is?  I was 18% of the way there in downloading a 192mb game, and now it won't connect :(08:52
noobmananybody can help me with nfs mount error please08:52
Jokka[Tux]DistroJockey, nautilus /home/userna,e worked fine. thx alot08:52
ghindoDoes anybody know how to check available disk space from the command line?08:52
ActionParsnipAeronTG: how much free space do you have08:53
* nubuntu just outed on national chat channel - read all about it08:53
ActionParsnipAeronTG: df -h08:53
saint-takeshinubuntu: oh...when gnome-panel get removed, all the applets'll have gone, too, because they depend on the pane.08:53
DistroJockeyJokka[Tux], no problem, would probably do the same without the path on the end also08:53
Jokka[Tux]DistroJockey, yeah i guess it would but that would depend how i use in terminal wouldnt it? etc im in a different folder or somethin08:53
nubuntusaint-takeshi: so does that mean i have them, or i don't have them?08:54
AeronTGActionParsnip: on which partition? i was downloading the game to ~/programs/OutOfTheParkBaseball08:54
AeronTGActionParsnip: on sda1 there is 29G available08:54
DistroJockeyJokka[Tux], don't think so, nautilus is run as who you are logged in as, so you get that home folder08:54
saint-takeshiright...my spelling's starting to go, that means my caffiene system has too much blood in it. i'll be back in a little while.08:55
AeronTGActionParsnip: i'm on dialup, so this is sort of a big deal ;)08:55
Jokka[Tux]DistroJockey, ok, yeah you are problably right. im kinda noob lol xd08:55
ActionParsnipAeronTG: whichever partition you were downloading to08:55
nubuntui wonder if the panel will be there on my next restart....08:55
DistroJockeyJokka[Tux], hehe, we all were once :)08:55
nubuntuonly time will tell08:55
noobmananyone got nfs shares running in here?08:55
Jokka[Tux]DistroJockey, lol true:) thx anyways08:55
Jokka[Tux]Second problem, does anyone know how i can see what graphic card i am using?08:55
nubunturight now gonna go have cig08:55
DistroJockeyJokka[Tux], you're welcome08:55
AeronTGActionParsnip: there is 29G available08:56
nubuntujokka: run 'lspci' into a terminal08:56
ActionParsnipAeronTG: do you have the latest app?08:56
Jokka[Tux]nubuntu, thx08:56
saint-takeshinubuntu: check in synaptic whether they're installed. if anyone needs me in the next 15-20 minutes, contact my ISP, claim to be the police, give them my IP, they'll give you my home phone number...or just leave me a PM08:56
nubuntui go smoke now08:57
nubuntuyour not following me, are you?08:57
AeronTGActionParsnip: not sure, i just ran "apt-get install gwget" :/ complete noob here08:57
saint-takeshiJokka[Tux]: lspci|grep display08:57
kiss_sonhow do i flush dns cache in linux , like in windows's "ipconfig /flushdns" ? thx08:57
ActionParsnipAeronTG: sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get clean08:58
Jokka[Tux]saint-takeshi, that didnt give me anything. but just lspci worked fine=)08:58
ActionParsnipkiss_son: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart08:58
kiss_sonactionparsnip, will it bring down the network interface ?08:59
compubombkde4 is definately not ready for the mainstream.08:59
ActionParsnipkiss_son: yes but it refreshes the dns08:59
ricozahi, i'm trying to mirror the hardy repo to dvd.08:59
kiss_sonok thx08:59
ricozaI've used apt-mirror to download it all over the weekend, but now I'm not sure how to make teh dvd isos09:00
ricozacan anyone point me to online help somewhere?09:00
AeronTGActionParsnip: it might take eternity for me to do that :)  the last guy that tried to help me with that in here was wondering why I had Debian Sid as a source in my sources.list file.  i told him i had no idea how that got there, not that i can remember anyway09:00
ActionParsnipAeronTG: you need updates dude. Once you have them and its stillan issue we know its not an old app causing the issue09:01
Jokka[Tux]hmm.. i was wondering, is this xinerama hard to set up?09:01
DistroJockey!aptoncd | ricoza09:01
ubotturicoza: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers09:01
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore09:02
ricozaDJ , can I use it for a mirror as well?  I looked at AptonCD, but from the description it looks like it mirrors packages I've already installed, not the whole mirrored repo.  Or am I wrong in that assumption?09:03
Ven]nhey guys09:04
ActionParsnip!hi | Ven]n09:04
ubottuVen]n: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!09:04
Ven]ni had a nice volume control in xubuntu (xfce).. that allowed me to mute with a right click on the volume bar in the desktop bar..09:04
Ven]nhow do i do that in ubuntu?09:05
DistroJockeyricoza, never used it, but from that description it would pull the files from  /var/cache/apt/archive09:05
Ven]nthe default volume control doesnt allow that09:05
DistroJockeyricoza, I assume09:05
ricozaDJ, thanks, I'll install it and see what I can do.09:06
DistroJockeyricoza, *nods* good luck09:06
AeronTGActionParsnip: how can i tell what version of gwget i am running?09:06
ActionParsnipAeronTG: man gwget will tell you09:06
ActionParsnipAeronTG: probably gwget --version09:07
noobmancan anyone pls help me with mounting my nfs shares09:08
AeronTGActionParsnip: yes, is 0.99 the latest version?09:08
ActionParsnipAeronTG: no idea, run your updates and do it again09:08
ActionParsnipnoobman: sure, how are they shared?09:09
DistroJockeyAeronTG, just installed it, yes, 0.9909:09
noobmanthx action09:09
noobmani made exports09:09
ActionParsnipAeronTG: ok so thats good, now does it always get so far and stop?09:09
AeronTGDistroJockey: thanks, then no point in running the "updates" at this moment :)09:09
noobmanand now want to automount them through fstab09:09
pvh_sa|wrkdoes anyone know - can virtualbox boot a windows install which is in a different partition? i.e. if the computer is set up dual-boot, then can virtualbox boot the windows side while running linux?09:09
noobmanbut acces denied by server09:09
DistroJockeyAeronTG, nope :)09:09
ActionParsnipnoobman: so they are shared on another linux box?09:10
noobmanlinux server09:10
ActionParsnipnoobman: ok09:10
noobmanand want to share them on linux client09:10
AeronTGActionParsnip: no, this is my first time at downloading the file, and I had closed out the gwget app by accident awhile ago.  when i realized my mistake i re-ran gwget and now it is giving me the "null" error that immediately becomes "Error: error unknown"09:10
Jokka[Tux]Anyone out there whom knows abit about xinerama? i need some help09:10
ActionParsnipAeronTG: is it still running?09:11
ActionParsnipAeronTG: ps -ef | grep get09:11
AeronTGyes, gwget is still running.  closing it out, restarting and retrying to connect to the server is unsuccessful09:11
ActionParsnipAeronTG: kill the process09:11
ActionParsnipnoobman: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/nfs-mount-of-smb-mount-of-windows-share-permission-denied-problem-357331/09:12
princeblackfriar, u still there?09:12
noobmani m trying to mount them on a kubuntu system09:13
ActionParsnipnoobman: http://www.quotesdb.info/efnet/linuxhelp/10Sep2006/1.html09:13
ActionParsnipsearchfor the word "denied"09:13
AlexCONRADhi, my xubuntu just crashed (blinking leds on keyboard). How is it possible to know what happened after a reboot?09:13
ricozaDJ, aptoncd only makes backups of packages in the apt cache.  So I'm thinking I'll just copy all the .deb files to /var/cache/apt/archives.  do you foresee any problem with that idea?09:14
ricozaDJ, something like find mirror/ -iname *.deb | xargs cp -t /var/cache/apt/archives , and then run APTonCD09:15
AeronTGActionParsnip: i killed the process, then restarted...same problem09:16
ActionParsnipso now it doesnt even run?09:16
DistroJockeyricoza, putting them in archives should be no problem09:16
ricozacool, thanks.  I'll try that then09:18
DistroJockeyricoza, no problem, btw, if you just use DJ my name doesn't hightlite ;)  You can use tab completion here though :)09:19
AeronTGActionParsnip: yes, gwget "runs", it just won't resume downloading the file in question, it continues giving me the "Error: Unknown error" message in the connection status field09:19
ActionParsnipAeronTG: can you remove the download and restart it again09:20
ricozaDistroJockey, thanks.  Handy hint that!09:20
ne2k__two questions. 1) what's the easiest way to tell if I have an x86_64 processor vs. an x86 one? 2) what is the effect of running a kernel/modules/other binaries compiled for x86_64 on an x86_32?09:20
DistroJockeyricoza, :) You're welcome09:20
ne2k__DistroJockey: tab completion is a client feature09:20
cozierfamilyhey can someone tell me how to reset my Gnome Session for my normal account? It keeps freezing for some reason09:21
DistroJockeyne2k__, true, I was hoping he had a good one :)09:21
Jokka[Tux]How do i change the command for switching desktop? id like to have my mouse doig it..09:21
nubuntuanybody know if stumbleupon is open source, and if it is, how do you access source code?09:21
noobmanI used /usr/local/sbin/rcm to say that I want to mount an NFS drive. It seems09:22
noobmani don t have the dir?09:22
=== DBLobster is now known as U09526
ronnyanyone knows a bin2iso package ?09:23
AeronTGUhm, yeah, sure I can .... dude ..... remove this frigging download and start all over 192mb on dialup :(09:23
DistroJockeyne2k__, if you do   cat /proc/cpuinfo   you may be able to tell if it's 64bit by the flags or other identifiers (can't check, only have 32bit)09:23
AeronTGgwget sucks, i think09:24
nubuntuin general, with open source products, where do you go to get source code?  is there a grand repository somewhere?09:24
DistroJockeyne2k__, as for 64bit on 32bit hardware, I doubt you will get far09:24
ne2k__DistroJockey: sure can, but like you, I don't know how to interpret those flags ;-) clflush size = 64, cache_alignment = 64, address sizes = 36 bits physical, 48 bits virtual09:25
Starnestommynubuntu: the project normally will tell you where to either download an archive or the sources or tell you where its version control repo is09:25
Starnestommyne2k__: that looks like 64-bit09:25
glitsj16cozierfamily: perhaps emptying your session cache can help, they would be below your ~/.cache folder i believe09:25
DistroJockeyne2k__,  flags : fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe pebs bts sync_rdtsc cid xtpr09:25
DistroJockeyne2k__, for my model name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz09:25
cozierfamilyglitsj16; if i remove everything would that work?09:26
ne2k__DistroJockey: well, it's a Genuine Intel family 6 model 15 stepping 13 (Intel Core2Due CPU E4500 2.20GHz)09:26
nubuntuStarnestommy: ok, thanks09:26
ne2k__DistroJockey: interestingly, the model name says it's a 2.2GHz processor, and the CPU MHz value is 1200.00009:26
glitsj16cozierfamily: yes, you can make a backup too and try to logout / login to check if it helped to solve the freezing issues09:27
Ginne2k__, probably because you are using cpu freq scaling09:27
ne2k__Gin: which means?09:27
c0nfl|ct bom dia09:27
DistroJockeyne2k__, well Intel says Intel® EM64T  for that one.  I'm guessing it's speedstepped atm09:27
Ginmeans the freq goes up only when the OS needs it09:27
ne2k__Gin: that's clever. less CO_2 emissions09:28
wols_it's clever since it's less heat mainly09:28
Ginne2k__, cpu freq scaling has been around for years now :\09:28
DistroJockeyne2k__, http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLA9509:28
cozierfamilyglitsj16, i have a directory called "tracker" that i can't seem to remove with the sudo rmdir command (because it's full)09:29
glitsj16ne_2k: indeed, there's lots of valuable info in that respect at www.lesswatts.org if you haven't seen that already09:29
cozierfamilywhatever "tracker" is...09:29
glitsj16cozierfamily: odd, don't know what tracker does, did you try to rename it ? that might be another way to move it out of the way for now09:30
DistroJockeyne2k__, btw, could you please show me the codes you have for flags in  /proc/cpuinfo  for comparison?09:31
cozierfamilyhehe d.w i went sudo rm -rf tracker09:33
cozierfamilyi'm learning still*09:33
shresis there some bug with ubuntu and gdk headers or so? My app which works perfectly well on other distros and on Gutsy, keeps crashing in g_slice_alloc in hardy.09:33
=== kwan is now known as doseryder
glitsj16cozierfamily: :) you shouldn't need sudo in a subdir in your home folder ;)09:34
IndyGunFreakglitsj16: if they have a . in front of the folder name, you probably do.09:34
cozierfamilyoh fair enough.09:34
cozierfamilyyeah it's a little dangerous too09:34
ne2k__DistroJockey: flags: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe syscall nx lm constant_tsc arch_perfmon pebs bts rep_good pni monitor ds_cpl est tm2 ssse3 cx16 xtpr lahf_lm09:35
Jokka[Tux]what is system name for mouse buttons/scroll? in windows mouse1,mouse2,mouse3 but how about in ubuntu?09:35
DistroJockeyIndyGunFreak, nope, my . folders are all owned by me09:35
glitsj16IndyGunFreak: that's the first time i hear such a thing, at least under ~ all files are owned by user09:35
DistroJockeyne2k__, thanks09:35
IndyGunFreakhmm, interesting.. cuz most of mine when i've tried adding stuff to those folders, i get a permission error.09:36
IndyGunFreaki'll have to look into that09:36
DistroJockeyIndyGunFreak, odd, yeah, I've not tried deleting any ;)09:36
glitsj16IndyGunFreak: yes do, that's not standard behaviour for your home dir09:37
IndyGunFreakDistroJockey: me either...  actually just looking through them, it seems to be only a select few of them, which are the ones i've needed to accessi n the past.09:37
DistroJockeyne2k__, I think the  ssse3  flag = 64 bit09:37
DistroJockeyIndyGunFreak, ahh09:37
IndyGunFreakits not really a huge issue, its probably something i done while editing those folders w/o paying attention09:37
DistroJockeyIndyGunFreak, aye, or sudo'ing a bit09:38
ne2k__bbiab, just rebooting09:38
IndyGunFreakyou know one questio i have though, on a new install.. why is that "Examples" folder always locked..lol09:38
mettlerhi does anybody know if "LSI RAID - 1078 SAS" or "1064" is supported by ubuntu?09:38
ne2k__IndyGunFreak: it's a symlink to somewhere that you haven't write permission to09:38
hans-soloplease help desktop is upside down09:38
ne2k__IndyGunFreak: you can delete the symlink, though09:39
IndyGunFreakne2k__: yeah, i just always found that funny09:39
ne2k__mettler: is that a Dell hardware raid controller?09:39
IndyGunFreaki mean, is nelson mandela talking about ubuntu, really *That* important that it needs to be protectedl ike that?09:39
DistroJockeyIndyGunFreak, hehe09:40
hans-soloplease help desktop is upside down. my neck hurts09:40
ne2k__mettler: afaik the LSI stuff is all well supported on linux through the MegaRAID driver09:40
MyrttiIndyGunFreak: you can remove the symlink ;-)09:40
ne2k__IndyGunFreak: why is that funny?09:40
freakabcdhi all09:40
noobmanok got it now thx for help action09:40
freakabcdis there a jogl package for ubuntu?09:40
IndyGunFreakMyrtti: i know it can be removed..09:41
freakabcdjava opengl or something09:41
CHICOhi all09:41
MyrttiIndyGunFreak: it's good to have, nice way of testing that your sound and video works09:41
=== arashO_o is now known as arashO|away
ne2k__"noob" always sounds to my like a cross between no-op, pronounced wrongly, and boob, and nawb (like nob in a new york accent)09:41
IndyGunFreakne2k__: you don't find it amusing, that they've  protected a file of nelson mandela talking about Ubuntu?..lol,09:41
IndyGunFreakMyrtti: oh yeah, its good for that, when running live CDs, its the first thing i hit to make sure those things work09:41
IndyGunFreaki just think its funny, that by default, they're protected09:42
CHICOi tried to secure my wireless router and then i couldnt connect and had to reset it09:42
MyrttiIndyGunFreak: well of course they are protected09:42
MyrttiIndyGunFreak: consider multiuser computers09:42
ne2k__IndyGunFreak: I've never looked in the examples directory. why would an unprivileged user have write permission to /usr/share/example-content?09:42
IndyGunFreakeh, i guess i hadn't thought much of that.09:42
mettlerne2k__ thx! so u think itt will work out of the box with ubuntu ?09:42
DistroJockeyhans-solo, what did you do to make your desktop upside down?09:43
ne2k__mettler: check in the megaraid documentation and see if that model is listed09:43
IndyGunFreakits still funny to me though, that of all things they protect, they protect an example spreadsheet of a home mortgage, a video of nelson mandella, some cheesy graphics, and a few other misc. stuff09:43
hans-soloi restarted09:43
mettlerne2k__ we had problems with an mpt sas raid controller before, as there was a driver but it segfaulted, it is an fujitsu rx200 s409:43
hans-soloI am new to this thing09:43
mettlerok thx! ne2k__09:43
DistroJockeyhans-solo, after some updates?09:43
pppHow can I get the latest tripwire into hardy and intrepid?09:45
hans-soloyes I did make an update09:46
CHICOanyone know how to speed up the transmission bittorrent client?09:46
hans-soloI tried to change the screen resolution, without much help09:46
MyrttiCHICO: "pick a torrent that has more seeders"09:46
hans-solohow can I get the scvreen back09:46
CHICOit has lots09:46
ne2k__mettler: s/j/sh/09:46
MyrttiCHICO: usually the download speed is proportional to the upload speed09:46
mettlerne2k__ what does that mean ? ;)09:47
noobmananyone knows how to stream from dreambox to xubuntu?09:47
sinanThere is a command-line application that helps you save power. I forgot its name. Anyone knows it?09:47
DistroJockeyhans-solo, what sort of video card do you have?09:47
Myrttipazia10: hello, what's up09:47
ne2k__mettler: fujitsu, change the j to a sh, and you get the general idea09:47
sinanpazia10: ?09:47
pazia10hallow juga09:47
mettlerhehe ;)09:47
mettlerthx man!09:47
hans-soloi have a reglar run of the mill computer, IU don't know what video card there is09:47
glitsj16sinan: powertop ?09:48
pazia10irti gamana caranya untuk pv09:48
Myrtti!id | pazia1009:48
ubottupazia10: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia09:48
sinanglitsj16: yes, thnak you very much.09:48
CHICOhans-solo, lspci should tell you09:49
AliRezaTaleghanii have a problem with ""ddclient"09:50
pazia10gua gak ngerti ini aja mau nulis apa juga gak ngerti09:50
Myrtti!english | pazia1009:50
ubottupazia10: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat09:50
IndyGunFreaklspci should identify the video device09:50
rambo123what is the difference in setting environment variables in /etc/environment and /etc/profile ?09:50
AliRezaTaleghanihow can i  update my IP on "OpenDNS" and "DynDNS" at the same time??  with ddclient-plz09:50
TeslaTonyI have a bunch of instances of mplayer running and I can't kill them with sudo pkill mplayer. Any suggestions?09:51
Myrttikillall mplayer?09:51
DistroJockeyTeslaTony, how about:  sudo killall mplayer   ?09:51
anirudh0hi..i installed hardy on a new machine..but the windows entry does'nt show in grub09:51
CHICOTeslaTony, why not just ctrl alt backspace09:51
anirudh0this is a sceenshot of gparted09:51
lecheTeslaTony: kill -9 <process id> kills an app for sure09:51
clegg_I need some info on ipod touch and vmware/virtualbox... anyone has got experience?09:51
MyrttiCHICO: because that would kill a lot of other apps too?09:52
lecheTeslaTony: you get the process id by "ps ax"09:52
CHICOoh yeah09:52
anirudh0this is menu.lst http://pastebin.com/m1c99581309:52
AliRezaTaleghanihow can i  update my IP on "OpenDNS" and "DynDNS" at the same time??  with ddclient-plz09:52
CHICOi get that a lot with certain games. they take over and wont let me do anything else09:53
Myrtti!patience | AliRezaTaleghani09:53
ubottuAliRezaTaleghani: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines09:53
AliRezaTaleghaniMyrtti: :)  okey ;)09:53
CHICOcould being in here be slowing my downloads09:54
MyrttiCHICO: not that much09:54
TeslaTonyCHICO: Only if you're on slow dialup09:55
MyrttiCHICO: your isp could be capping your bittorrent speeds09:55
TeslaTonyOr the torrent could suck09:55
CHICOi'm also on a shared connection with my roommate. i guess he could be hogging bandwidth09:55
rambo123what is the difference in setting environment variables in /etc/environment and /etc/profile ?09:56
rambo123and i dont see rehash ?09:56
CHICOrambo123, i dont know09:56
CHICOwhat are environment variables09:56
CHICOis there anything better than pidgin09:57
gordonjcp!better | CHICO09:57
ubottuCHICO: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:57
CHICOfor yahoo games and cam09:58
Michael__I have found Pidgin to be the best IM available for the GNU/Linux platform.09:58
Michael__Although I am keeping my eye on one application called Digsby.09:59
glitsj16rambo123: /etc/profile is for shells, /etc/environment gets also picked up by regular (GUI) applications i believe, both have system-wide impact09:59
Don_Miguelagreed --> Pidgin is pretty good09:59
Sa[i]nTIs there an ls command to just show how many files are in the folder and it's size?09:59
rambo123glitsj16>thanks, and i dont see rehash ?09:59
solomls -las10:00
hans-solomy screen is still upside down10:00
hans-soloI have a samsung 19inch monitor10:00
Sa[i]nTWithout showing any files.10:00
hans-solosometimes it restarts and starts to blink10:01
rambo123glitsj16>rehash or any other utility to refresh environment ?10:01
glitsj16rambo123: not sure, i haven't got rehash neither, just checked10:01
DistroJockeyhans-solo, I'd make a copy of  /etc/X11/xorg.conf  and then run  sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg10:02
DistroJockeyhans-solo, but may or may not help10:03
CHICOmy torrent problem is fixed, i just scrolled through the ports until it found an open one10:03
glitsj16rambo: "source" seems to be the default refresh environment utility10:06
generichi guys i want to make my video conferening sever on ubuntu any good software?10:07
AchothHello. I've accidentally formatted a web server without backing up the databases, is there any way to recover these files?10:08
GibbaTheHuttouch :)10:08
wols_Achoth: backup10:09
DistroJockeyAchoth, has the drive had something put on it after it was formatted?10:09
Achoth(It's actually not me, but I'm trying to help the guy who did it as it affects me)10:09
AchothDistroJockey: No, I don't think so10:10
Achothwols_: Is there an app named backup?10:10
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning10:10
DistroJockeyAchoth, you could take a look at  testdisk10:10
PradeepDebataHow t o install compiz-settings-manager on ubuntu810:10
DistroJockeyAchoth, it's in the repos10:10
AchothWhat does it do?10:10
wols_!compiz | PradeepDebata10:11
ubottuPradeepDebata: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion10:11
DistroJockeyAchoth, recovers partitions and data10:11
wols_Achoth: it's a limited form of undelete IF you know what you are doing10:11
AchothThat sounds quite intresting10:11
DistroJockeyAchoth, also has a component called  photorec10:11
PradeepDebataubottu: thanks i ill try this10:11
ubottuPradeepDebata: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:11
DistroJockeyAchoth, I used it to recover data from a USB stick that Windows said was not formatted10:12
=== sean is now known as Guest1122
glitsj16Achoth: besides backup, you might want to go over https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery as well probably, goodluck10:12
wols_DistroJockey: vfat is not ext3. BIG difference10:13
elitemindanyone own a psp here?10:13
DistroJockeywols_, aye10:13
elitemindpress 1 if you own a psp :)10:13
rambo123glitsj16>how to use source to refresh  envoironment particularly -->/etc/ envoironment ?10:13
AchothDistroJockey: Alright, I'll check it out if testdisk doesn't work10:13
wols_!anyone | elitemind10:13
ubottuelitemind: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:13
Rudolfi have a PC with a 365MB Ram , Cyrix MM2 Processor and a 4MB Videocard. can I install Ubuntu Server 8.04 on it?10:13
DistroJockeyAchoth, best of luck10:13
gordonjcpAchoth: whatever you do, make sure you don't write anything to the disk!10:14
Achothglitsj16: Nice, thanks10:14
glitsj16rambo123: run "source /etc/environment"10:14
Achothgordonjcp: Yeah, been there done that :/10:14
naughtykid001hi all10:14
wols_Rudolf: yes10:14
naughtykid001I'm setting up cvsacl in ubuntu, can anyone give me a brief idea how this is to be done?10:14
gordonjcpAchoth: this is why I quite often just buy a new drive for a new install ;-)10:14
elitemindwols my question is i am mounting my psp up to my computer sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/psp. Now i can see all the nice files but,,, I cant transfer files to my psp.10:14
Achothgordonjcp: Sounds expensive :P10:15
AchothWell, thanks alot everyone :)10:15
wols_elitemind: what error?10:15
DistroJockeyglitsj16, cheers for that link. Never looked at that before.10:15
elitemindno Permission Denied10:16
Sa[i]nTIs there, a wine room?10:16
elitemindsorry *no <---10:16
StarnestommySa[i]nT: #winehq10:16
wols_what is the error?10:16
glitsj16Distrojockey: very welcome, recently stumbled onto that one myself10:16
DistroJockeyglitsj16, I'll use some of that when I try and recover a HDD tomorrow for a client.10:17
rambo123 glitsj16> thanks a lot !,  source  /etc/environment  did it !10:18
elitemindwols its a permissions error10:18
gordonjcpAchoth: not really, 500GB disk from my local computer shop is about 80 quid10:18
glitsj16Distrojockey: hope you can get it fixed, ddrescue is quite a nice tool to go in the genral toolbox10:18
doubledany here working with rosegarden ?10:19
wols_!anyone | doubled10:19
ubottudoubled: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:19
glitsj16rambo123: you can use that to refresh all the rc's under /etc as well10:19
naughtykid001well, I follow the instruction in cvsacl.sourceforge.net but was in vain10:20
DistroJockeyglitsj16, Thanks. I tried testdisk today without much luck, but I'd like to make a bit copy of the drive before I do anything and ddrescue sounds like the tool10:20
=== JayDee is now known as _-Jay-_
doubledi dont have sound within rosegarden, i have sound in the rest of my system. i got rosegarden to detect my keyboard and i can see the notes on the screen when im playing. But i dont hear any sound when im playing, and not when i play back the recording either.10:21
rambo123 glitsj16>yeah source is pretty good ,i tried it with  rcs also10:22
cyberbuffhello. I installed Hardy recently. But looks like ubuntu is keeping my CPU a little too busy. Can someone suggest me a lightweight linuxdistro?10:23
DistroJockeydoubled, you may like to install  paman  and  paprefs  and maybe others to check/configure pulseaudio10:23
DistroJockeydoubled, I do assume you are using Hardy btw :)10:24
glitsj16cyberbuff: xubuntu or fluxubuntu could be better alternatives in that case10:24
doubledDistroJockey: i am using 7.10. when i upgraded within 7.10 to 8.04 my integrated network card stopped working10:25
glitsj16cyberbuff: that's fluxbuntu sorry, typo10:25
DistroJockeydoubled, happens a bit :(10:25
doubledDistroJockey: what is paman\paprefs ? :)10:25
DistroJockeydoubled, I've not seen many good results from upgrades10:25
DistroJockeydoubled, they be PulseAudio tools (pulseaudio is the new sound server in 8.0410:26
doubledDistroJockey: i am willing to reinstall completely and try 8.04 from the start. but i dont know which image to download. because the desktop version i downloaded was only 700 something mb, and that was the dvd release :s10:26
DistroJockeydoubled, I recomend the Alternate CD10:27
doubledand would you recommend the 64bits version ?10:27
DistroJockeydoubled, nope10:28
PradeepDebataI am not able to get advanced desktop effects settings10:28
doubledDistroJockey: are you sure ?10:28
cyberbuffglitsj16: is nt that in beta?10:28
DistroJockeydoubled, pretty sure :)10:28
doubledDistroJockey: if i dont have 64bit i cant run vmware xD, well i have the 32 bits version now but ok10:29
PradeepDebatai am not able to install compiz settings manager10:29
=== yacc_ is now known as yacc
doubledDistrojockey: ftp://ftp.snt.utwente.nl/pub/linux/ubuntu-dvd/8.04/alpha-1/hardy-alternate-amd64.iso10:29
glitsj16cyberbuff: not at all, xubuntu and fluxbuntu are full leightweight distro's10:29
doubledDistroJockey: that one ?10:29
MatthewVPradeepDebata, you installing the package simple-ccsm ?10:29
DistroJockeydoubled, drivers and some things are still not readily available for 64bit10:29
glitsj16cyberbuff: i run xubuntu right now as we type, have been since 7.10, works great10:29
doubledDistrojockey: ftp://ftp.snt.utwente.nl/pub/linux/ubuntu-dvd/8.04/alpha-1/hardy-alternate-i386.iso10:30
cyberbuffglitsj16: ok. i will try. alternatively i am wondering whether i should uninstall some packages from hardy. Will that help me?10:30
doubledthen that one10:30
DistroJockeydoubled, that would be a 64 bit version. Can try it I guess10:30
DistroJockeydoubled, i386 is what I use happily10:30
DistroJockeydoubled, how much RAM in the system?10:31
hans-solohow do I know if compiz is installed in the system10:31
doubledDistroJockey: 2GB10:31
DistroJockeydoubled, well, 32bit is fine for that. What else will you use the system for?10:32
glitsj16cyberbuff: it wouldn't do much no, besides lightening your hard disk .. gnome (and the gnome based applications) are what makes regular ubuntu a bit heavy on older hardware10:32
doubledDistroJockey: have been happily running 7.10 for few days already without returning to windows :) it uses 604MB atm10:32
DistroJockeydoubled, 64 bit or 32 bit?10:32
doubledDistroJockey: i use it mainly for surfing, listening music, emailing, chatting with friends, and playing WoW from time to time using Wine10:32
doubledDistroJockey: 32bit10:33
cyberbuffglitsj16: so you mean xubuntu is good? i am really confused which one to go for10:33
hans-solohow do I know if compiz is installed in the system10:33
DistroJockeydoubled, stick with 32 bit :)10:33
PradeepDebataHow to get compiz-settings-manager on ubuntu10:33
dave421could someone offer me some help regarding an init script started at runlevel 2?  It calls s3cmd, which fails when run during init, but runs perfectly from the command-line10:33
dave421I'm going nuts10:33
hans-solo\j compiz10:33
glitsj16cyberbuff: i do believe you can uninstall ubuntu-desktop and replace that with xubuntu-desktop, no need to reinstall since the underlying linux base is exacxtly the same10:33
cyberbuffglitsj16: since i am familar with ubuntu i think i should go for xubuntu10:33
glitsj16cyberbuff: sure xubuntu is good, it's officially supported by canonical just like kubuntu and ubuntu10:33
cyberbuffglitsj16: you mean just install XFCE?10:34
doctorowThe volume control widget in my Gnome toolbar seems to turn the built-in mic gain up and down, rather than the speakers. How do I get it to work the speakers instead?10:34
glitsj16cyberbuff: i think xubuntu-desktop does that yes, hang on i'll check10:34
doubledhans-solo, PradeepDebata: go to system, administration, synaptics package manager. search for compiz in there and install it if its not installed. for advanced settigns, mark the settings manager as well and apply the changes10:34
cyberbuffglitsj16: ok.10:34
* cyberbuff is waiting 10:34
DistroJockeysudo tasksel   is a nice tool :)10:35
whitefirehans-solo, you can see Advanced Desktop Efects Setting in System/Preferences10:35
PradeepDebataHo do i install compiz-settings-manager on ubuntu10:35
doubledok im off to the university, bbl, thanks for the help DistroJockey10:35
DistroJockeydoubled, you're welcome10:35
doubledPradeepDebata:  i just told you how to.10:35
doubledhans-solo, PradeepDebata: go to system, administration, synaptics package manager. search for compiz in there and install it if its not installed. for advanced settigns, mark the settings manager as well and apply the changes10:35
doubledDistroJockey: i hope you are here in the afternoon as well or in the evening :) to help me after i isntallled 8.04 :D ok really gotta go now10:36
DistroJockeydoubled, well, it's 7:37pm here ;)10:37
dave421I'm sorry if my question is nOObishly offensive, btw.10:37
glitsj16cyberbuff: all you need to do is install the "xubuntu-desktop" package, then choose the "xfce-session" or similar selection from the GDM login manager and you're all set10:37
glitsj16cyberbuff: do that via Synaptic and you'll get to see what gets installed that way before committing, just to be on the safe side10:38
cyberbuffglitsj16: ok. i will try.10:38
PradeepDebataBut here there is not compiz-settings-manager10:39
calinhare these any vietnamese people?10:39
ashish_how to make pc to pc call in ubuntu plz10:39
PradeepDebataonly compiz installed here10:39
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, compizconfig-settings-manager10:39
PradeepDebatanot here10:39
glitsj16PradeepDebata: "sudo apt-get ccsm" will install that for you10:39
dave421sorry to bother you guys :)  laters!10:39
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, not by default, install it10:40
DistroJockeyglitsj16, you left out  install  ;)10:40
PradeepDebataDistroJockey: showing invalid operation10:40
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager10:41
glitsj16PradeepDebata: "sudo apt-get install ccsm" .. thx Distrokockey for the catch ;)10:41
DistroJockeyglitsj16, np :)10:41
glitsj16my typing is awfull today .. weekends always do that :p10:41
DistroJockeyglitsj16, left out install many times myself :)10:41
calinhare these any vietnamese people?10:42
richnw3can anyone recommend a backup/sync method for Vista to Ubuntu? FTP, SAMBA, ??? thanks.10:42
PradeepDebataDistroJockey:showing Couldn't find package compizconfig-settings-manager10:42
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, hmm10:44
PradeepDebataDistroJockey: what to do ,plz tell me..10:45
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, I would have thought it was in the Main repo, maybe it's in Universe?10:45
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, what boxes have you got ticked in  System - Administration - Software Sources?10:46
luke_I have a question about the terminal10:49
PradeepDebataDistroJockey: do i need to download there10:49
antoludri_, shoot10:49
antoluke_, shoot :)10:49
tolianjoin #ubuntu-ru10:50
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, not from Software Sources, no10:50
=== Jokka[Tux] is now known as Jokkaa
PradeepDebataDistroJockey: Then from where10:51
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager   in a terminal10:51
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, but I wanted you to check Software Sources to see what/where you are downloading from10:52
SitUbuntuSitis there a shortcut to launch tracker?10:52
PradeepDebataDistroJockey: But it is showing  : Couldn't find package compizconfig-settings-manager10:52
=== elpargo_ is now known as elpargo
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, yep, and that's when I asked you to let me know what boxes you have ticked in Software Sources10:53
e-jatPradeepDebata, sudo apt-get install simple-ccsm10:55
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, do you see it if you search for  compiz  in Synaptic?10:55
deuspihello there10:55
PradeepDebataDistroJockey: its showing same Couldn't find package simple-ccsm10:56
BlinkizI want to start up thunderbird with another language as standard. How can I do this?10:56
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, then I'm assuming you don't have an appropriate Software Source10:56
josef_guys how can i use my bluetooth is not function very well i mean pairing devices10:57
BlinkizFor example, to startup tomboy with another language besides standard for the system, I run my batch file containing export LANG=sv_SE.utf8;tomboy& . But the same does not work for thunderbird. What todo?10:57
PradeepDebataDistroJockey: them what to do in software sources10:57
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, what bowes are ticked on the Ubuntu Software tab?10:58
DistroJockeye-jat, thanks :)10:58
PradeepDebataDistroJockey: all tab are ticked10:58
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, ohh10:58
e-jatDistroJockey, :)10:59
DistroJockeye-jat, PradeepDebata : run out of ideas :(10:59
DenyerecAnyone here ever used backuppc ? I'm having a weird issue with it I can't find an answer to on their forums :(11:00
PradeepDebataDistroJockey: thanx11:01
PossibleBitOkay, someone got an idea how to get sound in ut2004 to work without getting rid of pulseaudio?11:01
pinchartlhas anyone here experienced problems with ldap when upgrading to 8.04 ? TLS won't work anymore when I use the TLS_CACERTDIR directive in /etc/ldap/ldap.conf. logs complain about gnutls lacking support for cacertdir11:01
yumbonyguys... i just did a clean installe of ubuntu and it said installation was fine.. when i restart ... i see 'strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility'... i figure somethisn is way off any ideas?11:01
DistroJockeyPradeepDebata, no problem, I'm not sure why it's not working for you :(11:01
=== fenris_ is now known as e-jat
LoganPaynepossiblebit: no but let me know how it works out...I have some issues with the sound in WoW11:02
PossibleBitLoganPayne: Sound plays smoothly in wineapps for me <.y11:02
LoganPaynePossibleBit: I hear WoW fine. It's just I can't use rythmnbox while using wine11:03
PossibleBitLoganPayne: have you configured your Alsa to use pulse as a audiodevice?11:03
qwerty121hi! i am new to hardy. After i installed it on my hdd, i tried to install build-essential from the cd by "sudo apt-get install build-essential" but it's asking me to put the cd in the cd rom whereas it's already there. Someone please help me...11:04
PossibleBitqwerty121: just remove the CD from your reps11:04
LoganPaynePossibleBit: if this is one of those if you have to ask then you didn't...I didn't11:04
PossibleBitqwerty121:  go to system - Administration - Software Sources and untick the CD-Rom Box11:04
qwerty121PossibleBit: then?11:05
PossibleBitretry installing the package11:05
* LoganPayne is somewhat new to Ubuntu...or for that matter *nix11:05
PossibleBitLoganPayne: Install libasound2-plugins and asoundconf-gtk11:05
qwerty121PossibleBit: keeping the Cd in the cdrom?11:05
PossibleBitit should fetch it via internet then11:06
LoganPaynewhat are these packages for11:06
PossibleBitnot quite sure. But when you run asoundconf-gtk afterwards, you should be able to choose pulse as your ALSA card.11:06
PossibleBitLoganPayne: Just figured out, the plugins allow you to use pulse as your ALSA device.11:07
anirudh0hi..windows does'nt show up in grub menu...my menu.lst is here http://pastebin.com/m1c99581311:07
qwerty121PossibleBit: yap! it's working thanks. what was the problem with it, btw/11:07
PossibleBitWell qwerty121: APT tried to get the package from your CD, instead of the internet.11:07
anirudh0my gparted screenshot is at http://img162.imageshack.us/img162/4195/screenshotvc6.png11:07
PossibleBitLoganPayne: tell me if that makes any difference.11:08
qwerty121PossibleBit: but in the previous releases of Ubuntu, it used to be in the CD11:08
LoganPaynePossibleBit: will do...running the stuff now11:08
anirudh0any ideas?11:08
PossibleBitYeah maybe. Maybe the version of the package wasn't on the CD.11:08
PossibleBitright qwerty121 have you enabled all package sources btw?11:09
qwerty121well, don't know.11:09
* qwerty121 is confused.11:09
PossibleBitin Software sources you should probably tick all the boxes for Universe, Multiverse and maybe restricted as well, then use synaptics to reload your package info11:10
PossibleBityou get access to a wagonload of new packages that way.11:10
qwerty121PossibleBit: ok. got it.11:10
LoganPayneI installed the packages I guess I use this conf-gtk app to11:11
baboit appears that my connection to the home router keeps crashing. it's really annoying. especially since emacs && remote windows server conspire to delete the page that i happen to be working on when it happens ...11:11
PossibleBitjust run asoundconf-gtk11:11
PossibleBitand choose pulse from the dropdown menu11:11
LoganPaynerebooting my apps11:11
PossibleBitThis should theoretically force your alsa to use the software mixer, thus not blocking the sound device11:12
LoganPaynewow you're a lifesaver11:12
PossibleBitdoes it work?11:12
PossibleBitcool :D Glad to be of help.11:12
LoganPayneI was always unsure of what was causing that bug11:12
PossibleBitYeah well, if you configure your ALSA to use your soundcard directly it blocks the device.11:13
DistroJockeyanirudh0, added to the end:  http://pastebin.com/m54cdd68211:14
LoganPaynePossibleBit: ahhh...11:14
PossibleBitwoah... I am actually registered to this server.11:14
LoganPayneNow if could just figure out why compiz likes to slow down while running my second monitor's X screen11:14
aljosahow can i remove broken package? i tried "dpkg --force-all -r db2exc" but it didn't work. package is ibm db2.11:14
PossibleBitWell you know. Compiz does need quite some high end hardware, LoganPayne.11:15
kosharican i load ubuntu mobile edition onto a vanilla PC with a session option like kde, gnome fluxbox ect???11:15
LoganPayneI like to think I have that11:15
LoganPayneNvidia 730011:15
PossibleBitIf you want to get more juice out of your machine you should probably try using "metacity --replace" first11:15
LoganPayneThat turns on metacity?11:15
LoganPayneI do that via fusion-icon11:15