mptzyx386, the translation team is danilo and jtv, and neither of them are around at the moment. Try again in a few hours.00:02
zyx386ok mpt thanx 00:02
mptzyx386, or you could try posting to the launchpad-users@ mailing list00:03
zyx386i have problem with roseta in tranlate team00:03
zyx386she dont accept my .po file, and let me not know what is Wrong00:04
zyx386mpt, how can i joiun  to this mailing list00:05
Rinchenzyx386, https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/rosetta-users00:31
Rinchenzyx386, er...00:31
Rinchenzyx386, we shut that one down00:31
Rinchenzyx386, https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/launchpad-users   00:32
Rinchenif it's for Ubuntu, there is an ubuntu translator's list as well00:32
zyx386not is wordpress team in launchpad00:33
gnomefreakis there a reason why status incomplete(or any) dont work anymore every time i do it i get email saying there was a problem01:08
gnomefreaki saved email if you need it01:09
gnomefreakalso is this just pre-release LP that has this issue and if so is there a new syntax for it?01:20
jelmerI'm getting erorrs trying to access http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bronger/bobcat/main/revision/bronger%40physik.rwth-aachen.de-20080412172437-xis3vee2ggw5lkhj?start_revid=bronger%40physik.rwth-aachen.de-20080412172437-xis3vee2ggw5lkhj01:29
* mwhudson looks01:38
mwhudsonjelmer: should be back now01:43
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zyx386iam team admin, and become message from rosetta, most approve some translation , who can do that? approve?02:11
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zyx386what is that?02:16
jelmerLarstiQ_, ?03:27
Hobbseehow does one see when one deactivated oneself from a team?07:37
khalderonI want to know what happened to my case07:44
khalderonI hope that it was investigated07:44
khalderonnah, I am still unable to login 07:45
khalderonit is more than a week since this!07:45
khalderonI waited for an admin to fix this nasty bug for soo long! :(07:46
khalderonand now again - it is not corrected!07:46
beunoHobbsee, go to "show all members"07:57
beunoyou should see yourself deactivated07:57
beunokhalderon, there should be quite a few admins here in a bit. Have you emailed someone, or filed a question about your problem?07:58
khalderonI sent an email08:00
khalderonit was held for moderation08:00
khalderonhow pathetic! :(08:01
beunokhalderon, are you around for a while more?08:01
khalderonfor 1 more hour08:02
beunokhalderon, how did you get out of your account?  what's your Launchpad username?08:03
khalderonI never got out of it08:04
khalderonit's khalderon08:04
khalderonone day I just noticed I cant login anymore08:05
khalderondon't blame me for that08:05
sivangmorning all08:05
\shhey sivang :) how you doing? :)08:05
khalderonand it's not funny08:06
sivanghey \sh , i'm doing fine, thanks, and you ?08:08
\shsivang: working hard :) and waiting for a new zend-framework ;)08:08
beunokhalderon, I'll file a bug for you08:15
beunocan you send me an email: argentina@gmail.com08:15
beunoso I'll answer back  :)08:15
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* beuno goes get breakfeast08:20
koellyHi everybody!08:27
koellyDoes anybody know how long the initial svn import will take?08:27
gnomefreakanyone here an LP admin? its about email+malone08:27
khalderonI sent you an email08:44
mrevellkhalderon: Hi, who did you send an email to? The Launchpad team?08:45
beunomrevell, mornin'08:45
beunono, he sent it to me now, I'll re-send it to you so you can do your magic08:46
mrevellhey beuno, how's London treating you?08:46
khalderon<beuno> 08:46
mrevelloh right :) I came in part way through a conversation08:46
beunomrevell, very well, although I still don't believe you people it's Summer over here08:46
mrevellbeuno: Well, this isn't a typical summer for us. Oh wait, yes it is. It's the hot weather that's atypical.08:47
beunohot weather?  pft, you should come down to our part of the world and see what hot weather actually means!  :p08:48
mrevellbeuno: heh, I intend to one day :)08:48
beunoalright, I'm off to the other side08:50
ToyKeeperAre +junk branches excluded from karma?08:50
mrevellToyKeeper: I think so ,yes09:16
ToyKeeperI suppose I'll find out in a day or two when karma updates, but I don't know that I'll remember to check.09:17
gnomefreaki cant use the status setting from email for bugs in LP on the pre-release of LP is it LP or me?09:26
gnomefreakthis started around the time the gui changed in LP but i cant be sure when the first time i saw it was09:27
gnomefreaksame goes for Importance09:28
mrevellhey, intellectronica, can you help gnomefreak with a bug trakcer email interface question?09:31
intellectronicamrevell, gnomefreak: sure09:31
intellectronicagnomefreak: what's the problem?09:32
gnomefreakintellectronica: the status and importance changes dont work i keep getting failure emails09:32
intellectronicagnomefreak: what failures are you getting?09:32
gnomefreakintellectronica: fue to the status changes this is on pre-release LP09:33
gnomefreakintellectronica: if you give me a few i can pastebin the email i just need to finish this one bug report09:33
gnomefreakintellectronica: when setting status and importance it fails09:33
intellectronicagnomefreak: take your time. i'll be here all day09:34
gnomefreakintellectronica: http://gnomefreak.pastebin.ca/106536709:36
gnomefreakthis email i get all the time lately when trying to set status09:37
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intellectronicagnomefreak: looks like this bug (177777) is private. still, you shouldn't have gotten an OOPS, that's a bug09:43
khalderonsoon im leaving09:43
intellectronicagnomefreak: can you work with this bug from the web UI?09:43
khalderonmy problem is not solved yet09:43
khalderonshame on you09:43
intellectronicakhalderon: what's your problem, and where is it reported?09:43
gnomefreakintellectronica: work with it?09:43
khalderonI already sent an email to the devs09:43
khalderonI am tired of repeating it09:43
khalderonmy account is disabled09:44
gnomefreakintellectronica: can you let me in it?09:44
gnomefreaki cant get into it09:44
intellectronicagnomefreak: exactly, because it's private09:44
* jml is off.09:45
intellectronicakhalderon: i am verry sorry if this is taking longer than acceptable. let me check what's going on with this. it would help me if you tell me where you sent that email, so that i can follow up on that. is that in the launchpad-users mailing list?09:45
khalderonI am going to write an article on how unpolite and ridiculious launchpad is - for 1 week it doesnt offer any kind of help service and leaves its users torture 09:45
khalderonI sent it to: launchpad-users@lists.canonical.com09:46
khalderonand I think it is too late to be sorry09:46
intellectronicagnomefreak: so, did you use to be able to work with that bug and it went private on you all of a sudden?09:55
gnomefreakintellectronica: no never seen the bug before09:56
gnomefreakthat i know of09:56
gnomefreakintellectronica: im not part of team that gets to view private LP bugs09:56
intellectronicagnomefreak: but you sent an email to it09:56
gnomefreakintellectronica: did i?09:56
intellectronicagnomefreak: look at your paste :)09:57
gnomefreakok than yes i used to beable to view it09:57
gnomefreakin email yesterday as a matter of mact09:57
gnomefreaksince that was yesterdays failure09:57
wgrantOf course, one can't tell who/when a bug was made private, although the data is there...09:58
gnomefreaki didnt open it in ui yesterday just emailed it09:59
intellectronicagnomefreak: so, bugs can turn private. but that you got an OOPS (rather than a nice email explaining that you can't edit the bug because it's private) is a bug.09:59
intellectronicagnomefreak: i'll raise a bug and try to see if we can investigate and fix this soon09:59
intellectronicagnomefreak: thanks for reporting this!09:59
gnomefreakintellectronica: ok but not the first time this happened and if its a mozilla bug i should beablet o view it09:59
wgrantgnomefreak: Why? You would be an implicit subscriber.10:00
mptGoooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!10:00
intellectronicagnomefreak: i'm not sure i understand (part of the problem is that i can't see the bug either)10:00
wgrantSo are excluded from private bugs.10:00
wgrantHi mpt.10:00
gnomefreakwgrant: for mozilla bugs i should view them since im owner of all mozilla teams in LP10:00
intellectronicagnomefreak: if you were subscribed to the bug at the time it went private, then you should be able to view it, yes.10:00
wgrantgnomefreak: But you're not a direct subscriber.10:01
gnomefreakintellectronica: problem is it only happens when i try to change status or importance that i get the failure10:01
wgrantOnly the reporter and security contact are able to see new private bugs, as anybody else is an implicit subscriber.10:01
gnomefreakwgrant: yes i am10:01
gnomefreaki should be10:01
wgrantgnomefreak: You manually subscribe to every bug?10:01
intellectronicagnomefreak: really? so, you can, say, send a comment to the bug?10:01
gnomefreakintellectronica: dont know let me try. 10:01
gnomefreakits a flash bug thats why im not directly subscribed10:04
gnomefreakintellectronica: just sent a test email to it10:04
intellectronicagnomefreak: i suspect that you'll get a similar response10:04
gnomefreakalso just emailed a status change to another bug10:07
gnomefreakintellectronica: yep that bug still wont let me send to it10:07
gnomefreakwaiting for reply on the status change bug not10:07
intellectronicagnomefreak: right, so, it's ok that lp won't let you edit a bug that you're not authorised to even view, but you should get a more informative message. i'm just filing a bug about this now10:08
gnomefreakintellectronica: thanks10:08
BjornTintellectronica: there is a bug report for that alredy10:10
intellectronicaBjornT: oh, i couldn't find it. can you?10:11
gnomefreakits private thats why you couldnt see it ;)10:16
BjornTintellectronica: not at the moment; getting timeouts.10:17
gnomefreakintellectronica: i sent email to a sunbird bug that was not private and got the email of failure again10:18
gnomefreakID OOPS-920CEMAIL510:18
gnomefreakyeah im in UI of the bug at this time10:19
BjornTintellectronica: bug 12015410:19
ubottuBjornT: Bug 120154 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/120154 is private10:19
intellectronicagnomefreak: it says that your signature couldn't be verified10:19
gnomefreakintellectronica: maybe because i took ubuntu,ase email out of it but its still showing it. how do i fix that10:20
intellectronicaBjornT: thanks10:20
gnomefreakits still there :(10:21
intellectronicagnomefreak: i don't understand10:21
gnomefreakintellectronica:  1024D/3C1C3C2A i have been using this key for a long time and never had an issue10:21
gnomefreakintellectronica: i put ubuntu.ase@gmail.com in the key at one time and i removed it a week or so ago and its still showing in my key10:22
gnomefreaki want to remove that email and set one of the others to main email for that key10:22
gnomefreakintellectronica: easy way of doing this?10:22
persiagnomefreak: That's keys, rather than LP.  You'll never be able to delete it, although you can revoke the key for that identity.10:23
intellectronicagnomefreak: tbh, i simply don't know10:23
gnomefreakpersia: what do you mean revoke key for that address?10:23
gesergnomefreak: mark it as "invalid"10:23
gnomefreakif i revoke key its the whole key afaik10:23
gesergnomefreak: revuid when you edit your key in gpg10:24
persiagnomefreak: Nope.  You can revoke only a single identity, if you like.10:24
persiagnomefreak: Essentially, a key consists of several subkeys: just generate a revocation certificate for the relevant subkey.10:24
gnomefreakok but --help isnt helpful since it is miss leading on commands 10:24
persiaIn this case, very likely.10:25
geserpersia: isn't revokeing a uid just a special signature?10:25
gesergnomefreak: gpg --edit 0x3C1C3C2A  and then help and look out for revuid10:25
gnomefreakwhat do i use with revuid? type that than enter than emailaddress?10:26
gnomefreakor can i use revuid 110:26
gnomefreakthat email is the first one on the list10:27
gnomefreakthats why 110:27
gesergnomefreak: first select the uid with "uid 1" and then revuid10:27
gnomefreaksame line?10:27
gesertwo lines10:27
geseryou will see a * after "uid 1" indicating that it is selected (you can select several uids if you want/need)10:28
gnomefreakits still there but has a . before it10:29
gnomefreakoh no nevermind10:29
gnomefreakno yes it is still there10:29
gnomefreakoh hell i neeed a smoke it says revoked :(10:29
geserI didn't need to revoke a uid till now, so I can't guide you fully and don't want to break my keys10:30
gnomefreaksmoke than read10:30
gnomefreak[ revoked] (2)  John Vivirito <ubuntu.ase@gmail.com>10:30
geserlooks good10:30
gnomefreakso does this mean i should beable to send to bug from email?10:30
geser"save" and upload your key to your preferred keyserver10:30
wgrantgnomefreak: Having extra IDs on your key won't harm anything.10:31
gnomefreakoh i have to reupload it10:31
gnomefreakok smoke first thanks guys10:31
gesergnomefreak: yes, else nobody except you knows that you revoked that uid10:32
gnomefreakintellectronica: BjornT is there a reason why the bug about private bugs is private?10:43
* gnomefreak cant view it while its private10:43
BjornTintellectronica: i think it's because it contains a traceback, with paths and so on. i guess you could file a new bug, and mark the old bug as a duplicate of the new one.10:45
intellectronicagnomefreak, BjornT: we could reverse the duplication10:45
intellectronicaBjornT, gnomefreak: right, yes, i'll do that now10:45
gnomefreakintellectronica: thanks10:46
BjornTintellectronica: right. didn't see it had a duplicate already.10:46
gnomefreakok i think i uploaded it. i shouldnt have to remove and add it back to LP right?10:48
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gesergnomefreak: your gpg key? the keyservers exchange the key updates11:10
gnomefreakgeser: ok so no need to change LP or Tbird keys11:10
gnomefreakgeser: thanks11:10
gesergnomefreak: it already propagated to keyserver.ubuntu.com: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?search=0x03B9D4425A97DBB9BABAC1DDAA2838413C1C3C2A&op=vindex11:10
gnomefreakgeser: thanks ill test to see if it works on  next email i get to reply to11:11
zyx386anyone from tranlation team her ?11:14
mrevellhi zyx386 - I'm not in the tranlsations team but I might be able to help11:25
zyx386ok thanx11:26
zyx386we have wordpress 2.2.1 translated and have as .po file. now we well translate the new version 2.5.1. my qeustion is: can i import the old version into new version , and translate just new line from new version or must we translate from begin complete ?11:28
zyx386mrevell, 11:39
mrevellzyx386: You can import existing po files but I'll have to check with jtv11:41
jtvzyx386: hi11:41
jtvzyx386: if you're talking about the translation (as opposed to the template), yes, you can just import the old .po as a starting point for a newer series.11:41
zyx386jtv, thanx, i import the old version, mor than 8 time11:42
jtvzyx386: and what happened?11:42
zyx386but rosetta dont accept the import 11:42
jtvzyx386: in what way?11:42
jtvzyx386: ahhh, I see the problem.11:43
jtvzyx386: what language is ckb?11:43
zyx386kurdish (sorani)11:43
jtvzyx386: then try uploading it as just "ckb.po"11:44
zyx386aha ok11:44
jtvzyx386: that way, Launchpad will recognize the language code.11:44
zyx386ok itry again11:44
jtvDon't worry, I can approve this one manually.11:44
jtvzyx386: it's just that the system has to do some guessing to figure out what a file is.11:45
jtvzyx386: it didn't reject your upload, it was just holding it so that a human (me) could look at it.11:45
jtvzyx386: it looks similar to Arabic or Urdu... does Kurdish use the same script?11:46
zyx386jtv, i upload now the ckb.po, 11:46
jtvzyx386: And I just approved your previous upload manually...  Anyway, with that name, it should go through automatically.11:46
zyx386jtv, kurdish is system script kurdish latin, and kurdish in arabic script11:47
jtvzyx386: You mean there's Sorani which uses Arabic script, and then there's also another form of Kurdish using the Latin script like Turkish does?11:47
jtvzyx386: By the way, another way of telling Launchpad exactly which language you mean is to pick the Upload option *from the translation page for that language*.11:48
zyx386jtv we have 2 team in translation launchpad11:48
zyx386and this kurd from turkey https://launchpad.net/myspell-ku11:49
zyx386jtv, i now correct?11:55
jtvzyx386: sorry, got another question there.  Now your file's been processed, but it failed.11:55
zyx386what is wrong in the file, i can edit it?11:56
jtvzyx386: You should receive an email with the error.11:56
zyx386i become nothing from you11:57
zyx386what is this error jtv "To fix this problem, please upload the file again, but with the 'PO-11:59
zyx386Revision-Date' field updated."11:59
zyx386ok i upload again jtv with wordpress_ckb.po12:00
jtvzyx386: email isn't always immediate.  :-)12:01
koellyHi @ all!12:02
jtvkoelly: hello12:02
zyx386ok sorry, i upload to last time, and hope you accept that jtv :)12:02
jtvzyx386: I'm reloading the page now to see what happens...12:02
koellyI requestet a Subversion import 40h ago. Does anybody how long it take?12:02
mwhudsonkoelly: which was the import?12:03
jtvzyx386: when you said "become" I think you meant "receive."  But in German the word "bekommen" would have been exactly right.  :-)12:03
koellyfrom here: http://josm.openstreetmap.de/svn/trunk. 12:03
koellyto https://code.launchpad.net/~koelly12:03
zyx386jtv, my english is very bad, because in german all film all tv program is german :)12:04
mwhudsonkoelly: i approved the import12:05
koellyswhudson: thx a lot!12:05
jtvzyx386: I know how it is.  :-)  Some of my family is from there, although in my own country I've been addressed in Kurdish once.12:05
mwhudsonkoelly: the initial import will probably take an hour or two12:05
koellyswhudson: there is another import you could approve :)12:05
mwhudsonkoelly: believe me, there are lots :)12:06
mwhudsonkoelly: which are you interested in?12:06
koelly:D i know12:06
koellyIf you find some time: http://svn.openstreetmap.org/applications/editors/merkaartor. 12:06
koellyfor Milo: https://code.launchpad.net/~milovanderlinden12:06
koellyBut thax a lot for the JOSM approvement :-)12:07
mwhudsonkoelly: fwiw, a link to the branch page, i.e. https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/merkaartor/trunk, is most useful12:07
mwhudsonkoelly: i approved that one too12:08
koellyswhudson: ah ok!12:08
koellyswhudson: You are my hero for today ;-)12:08
mwhudsonkoelly: you might want to subscribe to the branch so you get email when (if) the import succeeds12:08
mwhudsonkoelly: happy to help12:08
koellyswhudson: Ok. Will do so! Thank you!12:09
jtvzyx386: your import failed again.  :-(12:12
zyx386wwhat is wrong again :)12:13
persiageser: Sorry: tab timing caused me to miss the highlight: yes, uid revocation is just a special kind of signature.12:34
aantnI'd like to turn a branch on launchpad into a project12:36
aantnright now my branch is registered as branch of another project, but it should be listed as its own project12:36
aantnIf anyone can help change that over, please let me know12:37
beunoaantn, you can just create the project12:38
beunoand push it there12:38
beunoyou can't currently move any bzr branches around without any lp-admin magic12:38
andrea-bsaantn: go to the branch page, click on "change branch details" and select the project12:38
aantnbeuno: ok, no problem12:38
jtvzyx386: congratulations, your file has gone in!12:44
jtvzyx386: np12:44
zyx386u r the best12:45
Hobbseebeuno: yes, i can see that i'm deactivated.  i can see the date i joined the team.  what i asked was how to see *when* one deactivated oneself from the team - not if.12:46
jtvzyx386: :)12:47
beunoHobbsee, ah, right. I don't think you can do that without cheating12:47
zyx386but jtv iam the team admin how can make "Translation unchanged since last synchronized " 12:47
jtvzyx386: for every translatable message, Launchpad keeps two "markers":12:48
jtvone marks the "current" translation for that message (in a given language, of course).12:49
zyx386jtv, but same team is green i well set our 44% so to12:49
Hobbseebeuno: why not?12:49
jtvthe other marks the "imported" translation.12:49
jtvzyx386: the "imported" translation for that message is the one from the last published translation we imported.12:50
jtvzyx386: so if you import a new upstream translation,12:50
jtvzyx386: the translation you find there (for this message) becomes the "imported" one.12:50
jtvzyx386: what happens next is a bit complicated.12:50
jtvzyx386: if the "current" message is also the old "imported" one, Launchpad understands that you are following the upstream translation for that message.12:51
jtvzyx386: so the new "imported" translation for that message will also become the new "current" one.12:51
jtvzyx386: but if the "current" and the "imported" messages were different,12:51
zyx386ok ihave no problem more12:52
jtvzyx386: then launchpad assumes that you have a good reason for having a different translation, so the "current" message will stay as it was, and only the "imported" one is changed.12:52
Hobbseeintellectronica: i think someone else mentioned their account wasn't working over the weekend, too12:52
zyx386is imported 12:52
jtvzyx386: so to turn a "changed in Launchpad" message into a regular, green-coloured one, pick the "Packaged" suggestion.12:53
zyx386ok thanx for your info12:53
intellectronicaHobbsee: yes, looks like it's a bigger problem, resulting from one of the recent upgrades. it is now being dealt with12:53
Hobbseeintellectronica: cool.12:54
aantnI'm still slightly confused12:55
aantnI switched my branch to the new project, but I don't believe I've set it as the main branch12:56
aantnis there something else i should do?12:56
jtvzyx386: we aim to please12:56
andrea-bsaantn: it is the main branch because it is linked to the series trunk12:57
andrea-bsaantn: in fact you can access the branch using `bzr branch lp:universal-applets`12:57
aantnandrea-bs: on the project's main page it says "Doesn’t use Code"12:58
andrea-bsaantn: go to https://launchpad.net/universal-applets/+edit12:58
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andrea-bsaantn: and select "code for this project is published in bazaar branches on launchpad"12:59
aantnandrea-bs: thanks13:04
andrea-bsaantn: you are welcome :)13:04
Hobbseempt: i have a nice UI question for you13:09
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=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
wgrantHrm. Where do I register a code import?13:45
wgrant+source seems to have ceased to exist.13:45
wgrantAh. Hidden down the bottom of the page.13:47
wgrantAnd it doesn't remember the project. Nice.13:47
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mptHobbsee, go ahead14:31
mptwgrant, did you report a bug about that?14:33
wgrantmpt: No, was busy fighting with other bits. I will do so now.14:38
mptwgrant, sorry, I would have but I don't know what page you're referring to14:40
wgrantmpt: https://edge.launchpad.net/debcheck/trunk for example.14:42
wgrantI've almost finished writing mine up.14:42
mptThat page is full of blah blah14:43
mptUseful blah blah, to be sure, but probably could be shorter14:43
wgrantThat's my third paragraph, yes.14:43
wgrantBug #246594.14:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246594 in launchpad-bazaar "VCS import link carefully hidden and unintelligent" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24659414:45
mpthttps://edge.launchpad.net/epiphany-browser/trunk is rather weird14:46
mptas is https://edge.launchpad.net/webkit/trunk14:46
wgrantWhat's weird about them?14:47
wgrantThey have a branch associated.14:47
wgrantThat description of what a series is probably doesn't belong there, as I only need to read it once.14:49
* wgrant heads to bed, leaving mpt to fix the world.14:55
mptWhat's weird about them is that they're advertising a competitor of themselves14:55
wgrantAre they?14:56
wgrantAh, the Firefox reference?14:56
wgrantI wonder how effectively I can kill the import system with that 'Import now' button...14:58
Hobbseempt: why do i have to hit "subscribe yourself" to unsubscribe a team i'm part of, from a bug.15:08
mptHobbsee, that's a bug15:08
Hobbseempt: right.15:08
mptbug 24486615:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 244866 in malone "how to unsubscribe a team is not obvious" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24486615:09
Hobbseempt: bug updated.15:11
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raskerHi, Is it possible for me to delete all the translations for a project in launchpad and start over. The files in the initial import had deleted translations and these are showing up in untranslated and need review and cannot be cleared15:58
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Rinchenjtv ^^17:06
=== Nafallo_ is now known as Nafallo
jtvRinchen: Hi... don't see anything above your marker.17:10
Rinchenjtv, was referencing this:17:10
Rinchen<rasker> Hi, Is it possible for me to delete all the translations for a project in launchpad and start over. The files in the initial import had deleted translations and these are showing up in untranslated and need review and cannot be cleared17:10
jtvRinchen: ah, thanks.17:11
jtvrasker: hi, are you still there?17:11
raskerjtv Rinchen I've been reading the translations answers for more info. it looks like these are seen by some other projects as well17:12
jtvrasker: It's not completely clear to me what the problem is.  Hope you don't mind my asking a few stupid questions.17:13
jtvrasker: what do you mean by "had deleted translations"?17:13
Rinchenthanks jtv17:13
jtvRinchen: all in a day's work, innit?  :)17:13
Rinchenhehe...yeah but tougher this week since you're flying solo17:14
Rinchennice that you let your staff take vacations though :-)17:14
jtvRinchen: and I *still* haven't eaten today.  Once I'm behind the keyboard I just don't stop.  :-(17:14
Rinchenjtv, what? it's only 23:14, you have a good hour or two before you keel over on us :-)17:15
jtvrasker: if you're saying that your initial upload had some strings that don't need to be translated, then that's a simple matter of uploading a new version of the template.17:15
raskerjtv well I just imported the pot and po files from the source. These imports came up with translations in the fuzzy and needs review. they have been reviewed and saved but they don't go away17:15
jtvRinchen: hope it's not permanent this time.  :)17:15
jtvrasker: ah, the terminology around "needs review" is a bit mixed up.17:16
raskerjtv: i've downloaded all the files and 'cleaned' them up in poedit but uploading them doesn't clear out those colums17:16
raskerjtv:) work in progress....  great feature though17:16
jtvrasker: did you update the last-edit date, so Launchpad knew they were updates?17:16
raskerjtv: in poedit?17:17
jtvrasker: oh, poedit does that automatically IIRC17:17
raskerjtv: must do because I didn't see that option17:17
jtvrasker: Can you try something for me?17:17
raskerjtv: sure17:17
jtvrasker: Edit one of those translations in Launchpad.  Change some problem cases.  If you don't actually want them to change, go back and change them back to what they were.17:18
jtvrasker: then see if the problem went away.17:18
raskerjtv ok hold on17:18
jtvrasker: that will update the "review date" on those translations, which tells LP that any older suggestions are not interesting to you.17:19
raskerjtv edit not meaning switch between current and packaged but some text in newtranslation?17:20
jtvrasker: no, picking one of the suggestions is fine.17:20
jtvrasker: (usually you'll want the packaged one, I hope)17:20
jtvrasker: ohh, maybe that is what you're running into:17:21
raskerjtv: how can i go to a numbered translation without having to click next 36 times?17:22
raskerjtv ok I see how to do that!17:22
jtvrasker: there's an option somewhere I understand, but I just edit the URL.  :-)17:22
raskerjtv thats what I did17:23
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jtvrasker: an important thing to realize is that Launchpad assumes that if you change a translation compared to upstream, you probably either need a different translation (different conventions for what to call a "file" in your language etc.) or you have something you can share with upstream.17:23
jtvrasker: so if you change a translation in Launchpad, that translation will stay active even when a new upstream translation is imported.17:24
raskerjtv: heh launchpad IS our upstream :)17:24
jtvrasker: So your problem is not the blue or purple bars in the overview, I guess.17:25
raskerjtv: Smart Package Manager is using Launchpad as the upstream17:25
raskerjtv: no thats not a problem as we will manually download the files when a release is due17:26
raskerjtv ok that worked thanks. While I have you online can I ask a couple of other questions?17:29
jtvrasker: don't worry too much about the fuzzy ones: we're planning to remove that feature altogether.17:29
raskerjtv: I know u are hungry so I won't keep u :)17:29
jtvrasker: go ahead.  Just be warned that I may suddenly fall on my keyboard.  :-)17:29
raskerjtv: so... I was playing with the 'my languages' selections and added a bunch of random languages. They all show up in the main list now even though I have unselected them and there is no one else with them selected. It's a bit messy any way to undo this17:31
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reacocardI have two email addresses registered with launchpad. I'd like all email from one team that I'm a member of to go to this address, and all other email to go to the other. is this possible? if so, how do I set it up?17:32
* Yhouse e' away (Sto andando via)17:32
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jtvrasker: which main list?  The list of translations for your project?17:33
* jtv is a bit puzzled17:33
raskerjtv yeah the 'all languages' list17:33
raskerjtv https://translations.launchpad.net/smart/trunk17:33
raskerjtv: u see all the untranslated? that was me :-[17:34
jtvrasker: no, I see about a dozen translations, all in my own preferred-languages list.17:34
raskerjtv click on view template and all languages17:35
raskerjtv all the ones with 724 untranslated17:35
jtvrasker: I only see a few of those: Afrikaans, Catalan, Dutch, Lao, Latin, Thai.17:36
raskerjtv it gives the impression that someone is working on those but there isn't anyone17:36
jtvrasker: it's to do with the way translations are created.17:36
raskerjtv ok. no worries, it's what I thought, when I selected those languages a po file was created.right?17:37
jtvrasker: not necesesarily "created," but the system may pretend that they exist just to allow you to start translating.17:38
jtvrasker: this is how many things in Launchpad work: you don't create something explicitly, we just try to allow you to start doing what you want to do, and figure out for ourselves what needs creating.17:38
jtvrasker: and right now, the system thinks you may be happier if it offers you the option to translate to these particular languages.17:39
jtvrasker: the "all languages" list merges the two: translations that have really been created, and ones that it thinks you might want to create.17:39
raskerjtv ok. the initial import I did had the files in a directory order something like locale/de/LC_MESSAGE/samert-de.po. New languages are created in the root of locale. What do I need to do to have them moved to a new direectory17:40
raskerjtv: ok thats fine. not really a big problem17:40
jtvrasker: at least for "published" ones, if you upload a tarball, the system will pick up the paths from there.17:41
jtvrasker: btw I'd suggest using a simpler layout: one directory per template (you only have one, so that's easy) and translation files called simply "it.po," "pt_BR.po" etc.17:41
jtvrasker: that's easier for you to manage, but it's also easier for the system to figure out what you mean when you upload a file.17:42
raskerjtv: so if a new translation is done entirely in Launchpad, then I download the archive put it in the correct directory and upload then it will sort itself out?17:42
jtvrasker: it should.  To be honest this logic is a bit complex and I don't all have it in my head.17:42
raskerjtv: i see. It doesn't work that way for the application though17:43
jtvrasker: but you feed the application MO files, not PO files themselves, right?17:43
jtvrasker: try exporting in the MO format.  :-)17:44
raskerjtv so the way the files are in launchpad will have to be different from the application. Right, in mo format but in that directory format17:44
jtvrasker: if you're going to compile the PO files to MO files, might as well have a different directory structure there.  We have PO files so the humans don't have to bother with binary blobs.  :-)17:45
* jtv is a typical lazy text-oriented human17:45
raskerjtv: ok so clean all the mess I have created while learning the translation app could you delete all the translations I have in there so I can just upload it in the same way translations creates them?17:47
raskerjtv: meaning I'll put all the translation in the 'root'17:47
raskerjtv: i've also just downloaded all the translations so nothing will be 'lost'17:48
jtvrasker: I can't do that myself, so that's probably the long way home.  Can you try uploading a tarball as "published"?  That should set the paths, and after that they should stay unchanged.17:50
raskerjtv: it will changed the existing layout?17:50
jtvrasker: yes17:52
raskerjtv: cool, last question then, how do I mark it as published. I haven't seen that option anywhere17:53
raskerjtv: is that an option only the 'owner' sees?17:55
jtvrasker: depends on several things, and I think my brain stopped working.  But it matters where you pick the upload option: from the translation, from the template, or from the project release series.17:57
raskerjtv: ugh, thats quite confusing :) btw is there any documentation on how all this fits together?17:58
raskerjtv ok I see it, 'published upload'18:00
jtvrasker: not at this level of detail...  Our wonderful mrevell has come up with some great new documentation, and we're planning to do more.  There's a lot of ground to cover!18:02
raskerjtv: sure is. I can't edit the template in launchpad can I18:03
raskerjtv: as in the .pot18:04
jtvrasker: nope, that should come from the source.  And as you guessed, we would dearly love to have integration with revision control there.18:04
jtvOh dear, it's Wednesday.18:05
raskerjtv: yeah i've seen the blueprint. If I upload a pot then I can't see a way to mark it published. Is this automatic?18:05
raskerjtv: for the pot that is?18:06
jtvrasker: the concept applies to translations, not to templates.18:06
raskerok. is it midnight where u are?18:06
jtvBut I had an apple on Tuesday (hint hint :-)18:07
raskeroh crumbs, I thought it was 12pm as u had a hankering for lunch18:07
jtvrasker: I tend to forget the time when I'm behind the keyboard.  :)18:08
raskerjtv: ok hehe, thanks a lot for your help. I've been trying to sort this out since last friday :)18:08
jtvrasker: then it's a good thing you asked.  Good night!18:08
raskergood night18:08
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bdmurrayintellectronica: I've a question about date-* information18:42
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LaibschHow can a project (not yet in Launchpad) start using LP for translations?19:16
cody-somervilleLaibsch, Register your project and upload the appropriate files.19:34
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_MMA_Who can I talk to about merging a project?22:39
_MMA_It seems a team was created because the mailing list address, ubuntu-studio-devel@lists.ubuntu.com was not associated with an LP team at the time. Had the list address been associated with our actual -dev team would this have happened?22:41
_MMA_So https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-studio-devel should be merged with https://launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev I guess?22:42
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beuno_MMA_, you should probably open a question requesting it22:58
_MMA_beuno: Sure. But the problem was if the merge is the correct thing to do.23:04
_MMA_I didn't want to open the question. It get done, but was the incorrect thing to do.23:04
wgrant_MMA_: Only the Launchpad administrators can merge teams.23:05
_MMA_wgrant: Sure. And Ill wait to see if someone here can tel me this is the correct way to go.23:06
wgrantI suspect it is.23:09
wgrantBut note that that will give you an email address on your team - you might not want that.23:09
_MMA_Oh thats fine. It will go to our -devel ML.23:09
_MMA_That was my whole issue actually.23:09
_MMA_I couldnt assing that email because *this* team had it.23:10
_MMA_One that was created by some oddity during some package uploads.23:10
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zyx386jtv, are you her ?23:18
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mwhudson_wgrant: hi, would you like to talk about the new code import ui?23:45
pooliejml, how did you change all those files?23:51
pooliei mean, all those bugs23:51
poolieby hand through the ui?23:51
jmlpoolie: yes.23:52
jmlpoolie: I am a weapon forged from pure intent.23:52
* jml afk23:53

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