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xivulonevand, I have pushed Wubi 506 fixing the uninstaller bug since couldn't see your commit. It would be nice if the stand alone executable on ubuntu.com could be updated09:51
evandxivulon: slangasek makes the final call on that, and I see you already asked him in -release.13:58
evandsorry about not pushing my changes.  I don't know how that branch keeps getting unbound.13:59
xivulonevand could you sync with 506 and produce a binary, should be identical to the one you did yesterday anyway, but just in case15:22
xivulonI did test it too and so did other users, looks good so far15:22
evandwill do15:24
evandxivulon: which binary, self-extracting or the regular one?15:36
xivulononly the regular one15:51
xivulonsince the unfortunately the self-extracting cannot be update :(15:52
davmor2xivulon: Ah that's okay anyone with vista want have more than one hd honest ;)15:53
xivulonyou can still have more than one partition though...15:56
xivulondavmor2, evand could you please test ^16:18
xivulonwouldn't want to go to steve 3 times in a row...16:18
xivulonthat is not the self extracting correct?16:19
davmor2isn't this the one the got tested yesterday or am I going mad?16:19
xivulonyep but technically is a different build since evand has resynced the branches, so in 99.99% of the cases it is ok, but we still need to test it16:20
xivulonshould be a full installation/uninstallation cycle16:21
xivulonideally not on C:16:21
xivulonevand do we need to go through an SRU anyway, don't we?16:39
evandxivulon: I don't think there's a procedure in place for this kind of thing.  You'd have to ask slangasek what the proper course of action is as any final decision will have to go through him.16:45
davmor2xivulon: seems to be fine just tried the remove from d:// and it's worked17:21
sorenI'm sort of banging my head against the wall here. I'm trying to figure out how to make a change to isolinux.cfg on the ubuntu server cd. I would expect it to be in cd-image, but I simply can't find it. Is the cd build process documented somewhere?22:54
sorenI'm looking at ubuntu-cdimage and debian-cd... Am I missing a component?22:55
cjwatsonit's in debian-cd, tools/boot/intrepid/boot-*22:57
cjwatsonmake sure you have debian-cd from http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/bzr/debian-cd/ubuntu rather than the packaged one though22:57
* soren looks22:58
sorenMy plan is to change the default install option to one that preselects the server task, and then add a new "Minimal install" option which just installs ubuntu-standard (or perhaps even just ubuntu-minimal).23:01
sorenDoes that sound reasonable? I'm a bit outside my area of expertise.23:02
cjwatsonsoren: can you ask me tomorrow and we'll talk? there are some other options that might potentially work better, but it's a bit late for me now23:15
sorencjwatson: Sure thing.23:16
sorencjwatson: Thanks.23:16

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