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BenCI really wish Kano would look before speaking04:17
BenCthat dvb fw is already in lrm04:17
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bullgard4How does a 'kernel variable' differ from a 'kernel parameter'?06:42
BenCbullgard4: I've never heard of a kernel variable, but I assume it refers to a kernel parameter06:53
bullgard4One exmple: /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.24-18/include/linux/timex.h Line# 19106:58
BenCbullgard4: that's a kernel global variable, in the programming sense...not a kernel parameter07:24
bullgard4Ah! Thank you for explaining.07:56
Kanodoes gspca build for somebody with 2.6.26?08:00
Kanoit seems it is missing in ubuntu/Makefile08:03
Kanohmm no, it is much simpler...08:08
Kanoobj-$(GSPOCA) is below...08:08
Kanocould somebody fix the typo08:09
Kanoremove the O please...08:12
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amitkKano: fixed the typo08:44
Kanogood, now only my uvcvideo hotfix is needed ;)08:44
Kanothats what i use - already added to hardy lum08:52
Kanowell the gscpa module still does not compile, even with that fixed typo08:58
Kanodid somebody else try to compile the kernel?09:08
amitkKano: I am doing it...09:08
Kanodid the module build for you?09:10
Kanoany ideas why it does not build?09:11
Kanomaybe CONFIG_ is missing in front09:15
Kano2 errors in same line it seems *g*09:16
amitkKano: really fixed now and it compiles09:46
Kanoi am still compiling with that change *g*09:47
Kanohopefully it works, the standard makefile has some extra options enabled i think09:48
Kanoi can not test it, but at least i know some09:48
BenCGood afternoon (morning, evening, whatever)17:00
BenCTime for our weekly IRC meeting17:02
BenCBasically we just want to review the progress for intrepid so far17:03
BenCas of this week, a -rc8 based kernel is in the archive, and we have rebased to -rc9 in the git repo17:03
BenCThe current kernel in the archive is the one that will be in alpha 217:04
BenCmost of the drivers from hardy linux-ubuntu-modules are now in the intrepid kernel tree17:04
BenClirc being the only exception17:04
ckingBenC: Is lirc scheduled to be included later?17:06
BenCcking: if we can get it to compile17:07
BenC´╗┐The linux-ports tree seems to be lagging right now...17:07
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BenCThat's a nudge to the community to step up :)17:08
BenCThat's about all I have17:09
BenCanyone have anything to add or ask?17:09
BenCrtg: want to give an update on hardy SRU's?17:10
rtgI'm doing 'em.17:10
BenCconcise, I like it :)17:10
rtgI'm working on getting the next batch uploaded as soon as the Hardy -security release is done.17:10
rtgHopefully later this week.17:10
BenCrtg: any notable updates in that batch?17:10
rtgIts an ABI bumper.17:11
BenCrtg: anything we can do to prevent an ABI bump?17:11
smb_tp_Not do the SRUs17:11
rtgThere are a couple of significant ACPI updates courtesy of smb17:11
rtgcan't remember what else, 'cause there a bunch stacked up17:12
BenCrtg: are these SRU's in a tree where we can review them and investigate reworking the patches to prevent ABI bump?17:12
rtgBenC: they are all in the working Hardy git repo17:12
rtgI've also been building in my PPA all along17:13
rtgHence, my question earlier today about getting Hardy daily builds into the kernel PPA17:13
BenCOk...I might give it a once over today to see if we can do a test run of not bumping the ABI17:13
smb_tp_The ones from ACPI unfortunately can't be different and after one bum the others won't hurt17:14
rtgfrankly, I have pretty strong opinions about why its a good idea to bump the ABI, I just have not taken the time to write 'em down. 17:14
rtgI think there are at least 3 ABI bumpers.17:15
rtgthats all from me.17:15
smb_tp_Wasn't there one also from security?17:15
BenCwell, bumping the ABI is required if there is an actual reason to bump it...but if we can avoid it, all the better...it'd be a good exercise at the very least17:15
BenCrtg: thanks17:16
BenCAnyone else?17:16
smb_tp_BenC, sure. have fun. :)17:16
rtgsmb_tp_: the security patches added a new public interface, but that doesn't cause an ABI bump17:16
smb_tp_BenC, Nope17:16
smb_tp_rtg, Ok, I might well be I remoember incorrectly17:17
BenCOk, meeting adjourned..have a great week and see you next Tue, same time, same place17:18
BenCOh, reminder, next week there will be no IRC meeting as we'll be at sprints17:19
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=== BenC changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam | Latest kernel upload: 2.6.26-3.9 | Latest news: Please test last-good-boot, now in intrepid (grub/module-init-tools) | Next meeting: July 22, 16:00 UTC | Kernel Team machine: http://kernel.ubuntu.com
mkrufkyis intrepid safe for use yet, as a developer who doesnt mind hitting a small bug now & then?17:20
BenCmkrufky: I can't say for sure...the kernel is pretty damn stable for me, but I am mostly hardy in userspace17:23
BenCI know the intel/vesa Xorg was busted somehow and is getting fixed today17:23
mkrufkyah, cool17:24
mkrufkyso, how do i try that?  (using interepoid kernel with hardy userspace)17:24
mkrufkyand, i dont want to waste your time with that kind of explanation -- if there's a howto or wiki page that would do just fine17:24
BenCadd intrepid to apt's sources.list, update and "sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic"17:25
BenCmay also want to install new linux-restricted-modules-common (which is where all the firmware went)17:26
mkrufkythen i would have to disable the intrepid repos afterwards to prevent from getting userspace stuff?17:26
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BenC"EE: 1401 symbols changed hash and weren't ignored"17:55
BenCrtg: that's for the current hardy build :/17:55
rtgBenC: thats almost like an ABI bump, huh?17:58
BenCrtg: Just wonder how so many things changed18:01
BenCthat's about the same that I get when going from rcX to rcY18:02
BenCand I mean the low rc's, not like rc8 to rc9 :)18:02
rtgBenC: when there is that many changes its usually a fundamental macro, like when we went from SCHED_USER to SCHED_CGROUPS on -generic18:03
smb_tp_BenC, If you change a basic struct that has a lot of dependencies. And maybe the ACPI stuff is basic enough18:03
BenCI can't see how acpi can cause changes to a good chunk of the net core18:03
smb_tp_BenC, Hm, no unlikely18:04
smb_tp_BenC, might be something sounding harmless (like CONFIG_NETDEVICES_MULTIQUEUE=y)18:09
BenCsmb_tp_: agreed...your acpi change for cpuidle doesn't cause an ABI bump that I can tell18:14
smb_tp_BenC, no the one sure candidate was that for the irq descriptor sizes18:15
rtgBenC:  CONFIG_NETDEVICES_MULTIQUEUE is a likely culprit18:15
smb_tp_BenC, I can't remember exactly either there was something before that irq descripttor size patch or it was that patch that bumbed the abi and after that we lost slightly track18:17
BenCok, MULTIQUEUE accounts for almost all of the abi changes18:22
BenCcpuidle accounts for 19 changes18:22
BenCrtg: what did we need multiqueue for again?18:23
rtgwireless-testing in LBM needs it for 802.11n support18:23
rtgBenC: or rather, compat-wireless18:24
BenCrtg: will it compile without it?18:25
rtgBenC: there was a period where it would not, but I have not checked lately. I figured it was as good a time as any to add an ABI bumping change since there were already some SRU changes that caused an ABI bump.18:27
BenCYeah, the two acpi changes cause an ABI bump as well18:28
BenCok, as long as we can account for the need for an ABI bump, I'm fine...the acpi fixes seem pretty serious (oopses)18:28
rtgBenC: you don't think I let them in for free do you? I made smb_tp_ work hard for them :)18:29
smb_tp_Oh yeah... :)18:30
BenCI trust your judgment, but I was hoping we could work them out somehow18:30
geserIs the fix for bug 218516 already in the intrepid kernel? As I see the same problem with the intrepid kernel18:36
BenCbug #21851618:42
BenChmm...why isn't ubotu in here :-/18:42
rtgsadly, ubuntoid seems missing in action18:43
geserhttp://launchpad.net/bugs/218516 [hardy] key events are delayed under circumstances18:43
gnomefreakBenC: ubotu left with seveas 18:45
BenCgeser: doesn't seem to have made it upstream, so no, it's not in intrepid18:45
gnomefreakubottu is the new bot18:45
BenCI wonder about the patch, since it didn't get accepted into 2.6.2618:46
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_MMA_rtg: Has Alessio talked with you regarding any upstream issues that are holding him up with -rt?22:46

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