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KDB9000guess no one is on in here07:16
KDB9000hey, someone is up07:51
KDB9000hows it going?07:52
pwnguinok i guess, but this really isn't an idle chitchat channel07:52
KDB9000true. sorry about that. I was trying to get a hold of someone. I am putting ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop and would like to provide documents for the wiki for a HP Pavilion dv5000 (AMD64 chip)07:54
pwnguinwhat kind of documents07:54
pwnguinhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam if you haven't seen that07:55
KDB9000mostly the same stuff you did with the other models. like what works, what you need to do to get stuff to work, etc...07:55
KDB9000ya i have seen that.07:55
KDB9000guess i missed a link in there07:56
pwnguinhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTesting should have enough to get you going07:57
pwnguinask questions if it has any gaps07:57
KDB9000i missed the page about how to make a page. though i had to get a hold of a current member to have a page added07:58
KDB9000ya. i tend to figure everything out after i ask a question. sorry for all the trouble.08:02
pwnguinwell, as long as you're helping, it's no problem08:02
KDB9000lol. i will. right now i am still cloning my old hard drive and then will add ubuntu with dual boot.08:04
winnie /msg nickServ identify gogogo11:27
esacanybody know how i can determine why my laptop doesnt go into sleep mode when i shut the lid. this only happens about 1 out of every 10 times, and is especially bad because i then shove it into my backpack where it gets really hot18:28

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