ksovierodo you think it would be a good idea to go to my local best buy, and offer them for me to setup an ubuntu demo pc?04:11
BHSPitLappyreason: Best Buy is in Real Life06:39
BHSPitLappywhere a plan like that doesn't make any damn sense06:40
xivulonI would like to launch a banner campaign for Wubi09:47
xivulonI was thinking of using the wiki since the spreadubuntu site is not up yet. Any suggestion?09:48
Flannelxivulon: Suggestions for what?09:56
xivulonFlannel: is there any better resource than the Wiki? we will have for instance html snippets pointing at the wiki attachments, is that acceptable? any issue with making GetUbuntu banners pointing to wubi.exe?10:00
FlannelYeah, that should be fine.  I was just tryng to get a better feel to suggest things with.10:01
xivulonWell I was thinking to make it like a competition10:02
FlannelRight.  And people post designs/etc.  Yep.  Wiki is good for that (and that sort of thing has been done a number of times)10:02
xivulonAnd possibly advertising it a bit in ubuntuforum or even deviantart and such10:03
xivulonWhat could be used for a voting system?10:03
FlannelIf you'd like, you could use the forums.  They have a polling system. (You could have submissions as forum posts if you want, although thats a little more clumbsy in my opinion)10:04
xivulonAlso if I have an html tag pointing to the wiki image and people start pasting that into the website, it will generate load to the wiki. Is that ok?10:04
xivulonIdeally we should have the wiki for posting and maybe the forum or brainstorm for voting10:05
xivulonnot sure exactly how10:05
FlannelExcept the fact that the wiki tends to slow down a lot, it would be fine.  You might look for other places to host the submissions in use though.10:05
xivulonI could use sourceforge wubi hosting but that is less than optimal and I am not sure it is in compliance with the terms of service10:06
Flannel(we're talking hosting/linking once the winners are decided, yes?)10:06
xivuloncorrect, but I think we shouldn't prevent people from using non winners10:07
FlannelYou could ask during the contest, and also afterwards, etc.  I'm sure you'll find ample people willing to mirror.10:07
xivulonWhat could we offer as prize?10:07
FlannelI don't believe hotlinking to the wiki is a problem... but it may be.  Oh.  #ubuntu-artwork might know more about it.10:08
xivuloncould that be implemented as a brainstorm category? Do you know who is in charge for that? 10:10
DPicany diggers here? 18:47
* cody-somerville is a gold diggah19:31
cody-somerville ;p19:31

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