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LTSPTNKhey guys, do U have a hint how to make this netbook thing default for every user?07:03
LTSPTNKthere is theme, panel modification and one launcher for session included, how do i make them system-wide standards?07:05
persiaLTSPTNK: You'd likely want to define some sort of desktop-manager, and have that set the appropriate window-manager and default session.07:10
LTSPTNKthat sounds tricky :D07:19
ograLTSPTNK, you can note down the geconf settings you changed and create a file in /usr/share/gconf/defaults/50_netbook .... 07:19
ograand for the different panel setup a 50_panel-default-setup.entries .... 07:20
ograoh, and you need to run update-gconf-defaults after that07:21
ogra(with sudo)07:22
LTSPTNKoki, sounds good :)07:27
LTSPTNKthe netbook remix is quite good looking indeed :)08:15
LTSPTNKhow would this work in practice "09:19:37) ogra: LTSPTNK, you can note down the geconf settings you changed and create a file in /usr..."?08:17
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persiaLTSPTNK: You'd open gconf-editor and a text editor, and mark down the specific settings you wanted...08:19
LTSPTNKhmm, oki :)08:25
bmanso is anyone aware of plans to port ub-mob to arm?08:56
persiabman: There've been a couple people in the channel who have talked about compiling everything for ARM, but nobody has yet reported full success.  You might also find the code from moko.handhelds.org interesting or useful.08:57
* bman runs to look08:58
bmannot found08:58
persiaThere's a few issues: firstly, Ubuntu isn't ported to ARM, so everything needs compilation.  Secondly, there's a lot of special compilation for lpia that would need to be adjusted to also be for ARM, thirdly, ARM bootloaders and compilation targets can be confusing: I'd recommend looking at Debian armel as a base arch.08:59
persiaDid it go away?  Hrm.08:59
persiaAh.  http://mojo.handhelds.org  Sorry about that08:59
persiaMind you, gutsy Ubuntu Mobile isn't nearly as polished as hardy Ubuntu Mobile.09:00
bmanim sick of maemo09:01
bmandont know why they forked it so much09:01
bmanwould rather have standard packages09:01
persiabman: If you want standard packages on ARM, I believe Debian armel is your best bet today.09:01
bmanwish i could run it on my phone too09:02
persiaI think of that as more of an application issue than a packaging issue.  There aren't a lot of apps that handle basic telephony in the stack.09:04
LTSPTNK"(10:19:05) persia: LTSPTNK: You'd open gconf-editor and a text..." 09:42
LTSPTNKU mean the keys for configurations? or is there any how to for this?09:42
persiaLTSPTNK: Yes, and I don't know.09:42
LTSPTNK/desktop/gnome/lockdown, then "disable_command_line" and the key is "desktop/gnome/lockdown/disable_command_line" and copy that to test and what then?09:45
persiaLTSPTNK: Take a look at the other files in /usr/share/gconf/defaults09:46
LTSPTNKthe 05_panel-default seems pretty tricky for me, is there a way to copy my own panel entires there?09:50
LTSPTNKwhats the 30_ume_config_netbook thingie?09:56
LTSPTNKit is also in usr/share/gconf/defaults09:56
LTSPTNKI can't figure out how to do this :(10:05
* ogra sighs ... copying images between USB Keys with only one ohci and one ehci port only is such a pain :/11:03
loologra: Use a hub on the ehci port  :-P12:54
ograheh, to late ...12:56
ograit took nearly 1h to copy 1G but its ndone now ... i had no hurry anywy12:57
vigneswarihi all13:02
vigneswarii ve installed ubuntu in my  UMPC ...13:02
vigneswarihow to enable touch screen in hat?13:03
persiavigneswari: Desktop or Mobile?13:03
vigneswaripersia: mobile13:03
vigneswaripersia: samsung npq1u is my model13:03
persiaOK.  Which image did you install?13:03
persiamccaslin, I'd guess.13:03
persiaThe touchscreen ought just work for that device.  Do you have a /dev/input/touchscreen?13:04
vigneswaripersia: in dev/input/ am having event0-313:05
vigneswaripersia: mouse0-213:05
vigneswaripersia: no touchscreen13:05
vigneswaripersia: i didnt install image meant for MIDs13:05
persiaI'm guessing that your touchscreen is a different model than that used by some of the testers.13:05
vigneswaripersia: desktop iso i installed13:06
persiaYou didn't?  How did you install it?13:06
vigneswaripersia: from that i can enable touch screen by installing drivers and configuring the same13:06
persiaAnd you later installed ubuntu-mobile?13:06
vigneswaripersia: i didnt install ubuntu-mobile13:07
vigneswaripersia: r u getting my query?13:09
vigneswaripersia: or i should be more clear13:09
persiaOK.  Desktop then.  That's differently organised.  I'll see if I can find the docs.  How does it work on that device?13:09
vigneswaripersia: all the applns r working as in desktop...but only thing i cant use touch screen13:10
persiaAnd I'm not finding the docs on setting up the touchscreen :(13:11
vigneswaripersia: i installed evtouch driver and i ve edited  xorg.conf  as per this doc http://stz-softwaretechnik.com/~ke/touchscreen/evtouch.html13:11
vigneswarianybody here know how to enable touchscreen13:12
persiavigneswari: Are you sure that /dev/input/event1 is the touchscreen interface?13:13
vigneswaripersia: event named from 0-3...i tried all.. but know change...i dont know which one is for touchscreen13:14
persiavigneswari: To check, try installing the input-utils package, and running `sudo lsinput 2>&1 | less`13:15
vigneswaripersia: ok13:16
persiaThat should tell you which /dev/input/event devices correspond to which bits of hardware.  There's probably another way involving digging about in dmesg, /proc/ or /sys/, but input-utils is likely easiest.13:17
persiaAlso, in the config I have for a Samsung Q1U, it's MinX 145, MinY 193, MaxX 3973 MaxY 3898.  If those aren't sufficient, you may want to search for others with your device who can report good values.13:19
vigneswaripersia: event1 is the touchscreen13:19
vigneswaripersia: other than the resolution r corrct only know?13:22
persiaI don't see anything else, but I don't have a Samsung device, so I can't report that something specific works.13:23
vigneswarianybody here know how to enable touchscreen13:28
vigneswariin UMPC13:28
persiavigneswari: You're definitely on the right track: the touchscreen config used in Ubuntu Mobile is very similar to that described in the page you referenced earlier.13:30
vigneswaripersia: then what  am missing?13:31
vigneswaripersia: anything is needed other than evtouch?13:31
persiavigneswari: I don't think so.  I've a SR8 with a Q1U config.  My touchscreen doesn't work (as it's an SR8, which uses a different touchscreen), but the configuration consists of a udev rule to bind the touchscreen to /dev/input/touchscreen (not really needed if you know which is the right device), and a Device entry in the xorg.conf that looks a lot like that documentation, except for the resolution.13:33
vigneswaripersia: i will restart and check13:40
vigneswaripersia: no change after restarting alos13:57
persiavigneswari: Hmm.  Did you include the additional InputDevice in the ServerLayout stanza?13:59
vigneswaripersia: yes14:00
persiavigneswari: I'm stuck then.  I don't have any other suggestions, aside from possibly asking in #ubuntu (although it's rather crowded).14:00
vigneswaripersia: xf86-input-evtouch is needed?14:01
ograare you sure the needed kernel module is even loaded ? 14:02
persiavigneswari: I believe that's the package.14:03
* ogra thinks he saw something with the usbtouchscreen driver for the Q1 ... but i'm only the netbook guy so dont count to much on me :) )14:03
persiaogra: There's a required kernel module?  For touchscreen?  Isn't that handled in userspace by X?14:03
ograpersia, i just remember seeing it being loaded when we had the bootspeed sessions in prague14:04
ogranot sure that was the same image 14:04
ogra(i was actually wondering back then because i thought the same -> userspace)14:05
persiaNO idea.  When I run desktop on my SR8, I don't see any special module loading in kernelspace, but I've not looked incredibly carefully, don't often run -desktop, and the default calibration isn't right anyway.14:05
mattimohi guys14:23
persiaHi mattimo14:24
mattimoI think I'am pretty silly but you released a kvm image and I don't know the password for the user ume ...14:24
mattimoI just could't find it on the Internet14:25
mattimois there maybe a trick to get root acces like on the maemo or is a standard pw set?14:26
persiamattimo: In which environment?14:28
persia(There are different answers for alternate CD, image install, and KVM image)14:29
mattimouuhm ehat do you mean in which environment?? 14:29
persiaI think that is user ume password ubuntu.  That user ought have unlimted sudo access.14:30
mattimoah thanks a lot14:31
mattimomaybe it would be useful for other Usery if it would say that on the download page, I like searched the wiki for nearly an hour14:32
persiamattimo: Yep.  Wiki cleanup is very much on the agenda for near-term activity :)14:32
mattimooh, I believe that14:33
persiamattimo: Since you've recently done the search, would you mind adding that piece of information to the page on which you expected to find it?  I'm sure it will move, but having it in the right context will likely make it easiest.14:36
mattimohmm, but the question is where did I look first14:37
persiaThat's the hard part :)14:38
mattimopersia: I would put it on the download page, but that's not part of the wiki14:39
mattimobecause the kvm image is not even mentioned in the wiki14:40
mattimopersia: done14:47
persiamattimo: Thank you.14:52
thebishopis anyone working on porting MID to PS3?15:05
persiathebishop: Not who has reported their work here.  There is a port of Ubuntu Desktop for the ps3: Mobile might work, although it might need some tweaks.15:06
thebishopi know ubuntu desktop is available, but I'd like to see a stripped-down OS that encourages homebrew game development, and also gives people a reason to actually use linux on PS3.  A straight desktop port isn't very practical15:07
persiathebishop: Give it a shot.  It may work, it may not.  Most things aren't hildonised for non-lpia, but something based on matchbox might work.15:08
thebishopwhat's hildonised?  non-lpia? matchbox?15:09
persia"hildonised": adjusted to work well in a Hildon environment, as used in maemo.  "lpia": Low Power Intel architecture: the A100/A110 and Atom processors.  Simialar to i686 in many ways, but a little different.  "matchbox": a minimalist window manager, used in Ubuntu Mobile.15:12
thebishopah, but those issues shouldn't really matter for porting, right?  That's just power management stuff15:14
persiathebishop: The arch issues, yes.  The hildonisation is often set to be for lpia only, which ought be addressed at some point, either by finding better solutions or dropping hildon.15:16
ograits more than power management stuff though, its also compile optimization for the specific CPU ...15:17
ogra*compiler optimizations* sorry15:18
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thebishopis there a monolithic source tree for all the packages included in Ubuntu Mobile?20:25
thebishopthat I could check out the entire tree and build it20:26
amitkthebishop: There is no single tree. That wouldn't really allow distributed development, would it?20:47
thebishopamitk, isn't that what cvs/svn/bazaar/git are for?20:47
ograan ubuntu system consists of many different upstream packages  ... 20:49
ograyou wll likely find trees for them 20:49
amitkthebishop: every piece of software has it's own life cycle, interfaces, dependencies, etc. What you mention are tools for distributed source control.20:49
ograthe images themselves are rolled from binary .deb packages ... 20:49
ograwhich are created from these many different source packages .... which in turn come from upstream trees/tarballs/whatever ...20:50
thebishopi see20:55
thebishopso where do the ubuntu-specific changes come in?20:55
ograin the single packages 20:55
ograwe take debian sid every six months and modify/improve/integrate the packages 20:56
thebishopon an unrelated note, is there a deb that contains the mans for common headers?  i've been looking for fflush, ioctl and a few others21:04
ogramanpages-dev iirc21:10
thebishopi downloaded the list from https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/mobile.intrepid is there a list of base packages on top of those in "mobile"?21:43
ograno, thats mobile21:44
ograspecifically the mobie file :)21:44
thebishopnoob question, but where is the kernel in there?21:45
ograthat gets installed by the build system during image build21:52
thebishopis there a specific build image for mobile?21:52
ograthe build system uses debootsrap to create an initial system root, does some basic configuration, installs ubuntu-mobile (wich depends on all packaes you see in the file) and installs a kernel on top21:53
ogra(very roughly like that)21:53
ograthebishop, have a look at the source of the livecd-rootfs package, thats essentially the script we will use for building images in the future ... 21:56
thebishopogra, ok, thanks21:58
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Fenariopmcgowan: can you tell me if we are still on track to deliver denis their alpha build tomorrow?22:58

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