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dholbachgood morning06:08
sistpoty|workhi folks06:51
sistpoty|workhi nxvl06:58
AnAntpackages.ubuntu.com is down again ?07:17
nxvlnot here07:17
nxvli can open it normaly07:19
persiaAnAnt: For what do you use packages.ubuntu.com?  It may be there is also another way.07:22
AnAntpersia: I want to know what version of swt-gtk is in intrepid ?07:22
persiaAnAnt: `rmadison swt-gtk`07:22
AnAntpersia: swt-gtk 3.4 is released07:22
AnAntpersia: no return07:23
AnAntpersia: that means that there's no swt-gtk ?07:24
AnAntpersia: btw, I am using hardy now07:24
persiaAt least there is no package by that name.07:25
AnAntpersia: ok, how do I request a sync ?07:25
RAOFAnAnt: You mean the Java GUI toolkit?07:25
AnAntpersia: swt-gtk 3.4~rc3 is in Debian07:25
AnAntRAOF: I think so07:26
RAOFHeh.  That package description lies so much: " - Fast and rich GUI toolkit for Java" :)07:26
persiaRAOF: Do you know a faster or richer GUI toolkit for Java?07:27
RAOFThe gtk bindings?07:27
AnAntcan someone review webstrict on REVU ?07:27
RAOFActually, maybe I'm thinking of the other Java GUI toolkit.07:27
RAOFThat might be it.07:28
bliZZardzRAOF : how is JavaFX?07:28
persiaYeah.  AWT is the reason SWT exists.07:28
RAOFbliZZardz: Dunno.07:29
bliZZardzRAOF : you are looking at web based ones or for clients?07:30
RAOFWell, for clients.  Web based ones don't count.07:30
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AnAntcan someone review webstrict on REVU ?07:34
AnAntsorry I was disconnected07:34
AnAntpersia: ok, I found a new package on intrepid, how can I fetch its changelog ?07:52
persiaAnd this is why it's best to ask questions generally :)07:54
AnAntpersia: I done a general request regarding webstrict, and I got no answer :)07:55
persiaAnAnt: Right, but asking for something quick & specific (like "Where do I find changelogs" is more likely to get a response than "Please REVU this package", whether specific or general.07:55
\shAnAnt: webstrict already reviewed by rainct...07:56
\shAnAnt: you didn't respond to the review at all07:56
AnAnt\sh: how's that, there is a new upload07:57
\shAnAnt: so tell the people that07:57
\shAnAnt: webstrict_1.0-0ubuntu3_source.changes that's the version on revu07:57
\shAnAnt: if there is no "oh, i fixed this and that as you remarked" nobody knows07:58
AnAnt\sh: aha, ok07:58
AnAntok, how do I know wether  swt-gtk & xulrunner will be sync'ed (before I submit a request) ?08:04
RAOFxulrunner certainly won't be sync'd.08:05
AnAntwhy's that ?08:05
RAOFBecause our xulrunner packaging is different to Debian's, and will likely remain so.08:06
RAOFYou notice the big bold on the top of the SyncRequest page? "you must ensure the Ubuntu changes have been merged or are no longer relevant"08:07
AnAnt_RAOF: ok, here's my issue, in the latest changelog entry of swt-gtk package, the maintainer depends on xulrunner-dev instead xul-dev08:10
RAOFRight.  So, this won't be a sync.  It'll be a merge.08:11
AnAnt_RAOF: oh, what's the difference ?08:12
RAOFA sync is where we take the Debian source package and copy it into Ubuntu's repositories.08:12
AnAnt_RAOF: so, is there a merge request ?08:12
RAOFA merge is where a human looks at the existing Ubuntu packge and the new Debian package, and figures out how to make a new Ubuntu package.08:12
RAOFHm.  Where are you getting swt-gtk from?08:15
RAOFIn Ubuntu it seems to be built from the eclipse source package.08:15
AnAnt_RAOF: in Debian08:15
RAOFThere's a swt-gtk source package in Debian?08:16
AnAnt_RAOF: yup08:16
AnAnt_swt-gtk (3.4~rc3)08:16
persiaThere used to be one in Ubuntu as well.  It was removed back in 2006 because the implementation in eclipse was preferred.  Fashion is again swinging the other way.08:16
RAOFOh, what fun.08:17
AnAnt_persia: Debian seems to have both !08:17
persiaAnAnt: Both the old and the new swt-gtk?  I don't think so.  swt-gtk in both eclipse and a separate source, yes, as does Ubuntu.  Note that eclipse is swt-gtk-3.2 and the standalone is swt-gtk-3.4.  I expect that the version in eclipse may be dropped once all dependencies are migrated.08:18
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rutilHI all! I was wondering if a package in universe can depend on or recommend a package in multiverse. Where can I find information on this topic?08:23
RAOFRecommend: probably.  Depend, no.08:24
persiarutil: A package in universe may only depend, recommend, build-depend, or build-depend-indep on packages in universe or main.  If it wants to do anything with a package in multiverse, it may break, or suggest it.08:24
persiaRAOF: Surely not, now that we have recommends-by-default and germinate processing recommends.08:25
RAOFpersia: I may have misremembered the outcome of "can main recommend universe".  I thought the answer there was "yes", and by extension universe should be able to recommend multiverse.08:25
persiaAh.  I thought the outcome was "No".08:26
* persia hunts for a reference08:26
rutilpersia: probably suggests: is the right field then. I didn't understand "it may break", can you elaborate, please?08:26
RAOFrutil: There's a Breaks: field.  A universe package can decleare that it Breaks: a package in multiverse.08:26
persiarutil: A package in universe may include a package in multiverse in the Breaks: field.08:27
persiaDid Enhances: ever get implemented anywhere?08:27
RAOFI'm pretty sure it's implemented somewhere; at least one package uses it.08:27
persiaI suspect a package in universe might be able to enhance a package in multiverse, although I don't know what tool uses this field.08:28
RAOFWhich suggests that dpkg, at least, doesn't barf on it :)08:28
persiaWell, it's permitted, but I'm not sure it's used.08:28
rutilRAOF, persia: interesting... is there any particular problem I risk to face using Breaks: ?08:28
persiarutil: As far as I know, Breaks: works fine, although it's a rare case where you need it.08:29
RAOFI'm not sure what the question is.  Breaks: is used as an aid to apt/dpkg when figuring out dependencies/conflicts/etc.08:29
RAOFDebian isn't using Breaks yet; not until Lenny's released.08:30
RAOFBut apart from that...08:30
rutilpersia, RAOF: I understand. BTW, Suggests should work fine for me. Thank you, you have been of great help08:30
AnAntok, how do I file a merge request for xulrunner ?08:31
AnAntand can a sync request be filed for a package that doesn't exist in Ubuntu ?08:31
persiaRAOF: I can't official statement.  Colin wrote https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2008-June/025684.html, and later processed that as https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2008-July/025697.html.  Matt later indicated this was probably correct in https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2008-July/025715.html08:32
persias/'t off/'t find a off/08:32
persiaAnAnt: When filing a sync request for a package not in Ubuntu, file it against the ubuntu project, with no package.  For xulrunner, you'll want to ask in #ubuntu-mozillateam08:33
RAOFOk.  There doesn't seem to be an official answer there, but I now agree that "no" is the general trend.08:34
philsfI want to create meta-packages to ease bundle installations of preferred packages.Can anyone recommend a beginner's tutorial?09:15
RAOFphilsf: It's extremely simple.  Basically you only need to worry about debian/control.09:16
RAOFphilsf: Maybe starting with 'apt-get source ubuntu-desktop', which is a typical metapackage, will give you some idea.09:17
persiaWell, except that ubuntu-desktop is one of those seeded germinate-based packages.09:17
RAOFOh, really?  I though I'd apt-get source'd ubuntu-desktop at one point and got something sane.09:18
RAOFMaybe I was making that bit up.09:18
persiaRAOF: Certainly possible, but there's another example that's preferred for local stuff: I'm hunting it now...09:18
persiaRight.  The equivs package contains documentation and hints to create local metapackages for preferred applications.09:19
persiaThe *-meta packages are likely better examples if one wants to construct a flavour.09:19
philsfum, flavour?09:20
persiaphilsf: e.g. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Server, Mobile, Studio, etc.09:20
philsfis that a custom distro?09:20
philsfI'll take a look in equivs, thanks09:20
philsfIf I just put in package's names, and never versions, I should be able to install it both in ubuntu and debian, right?09:21
dholbachor meta-gnome209:21
dholbachor meta-telepathy09:21
persiaphilsf: Precisely.09:22
persiadholbach: Do you think something based on meta-gnome2 is better than something based on equivs for local use?09:22
dholbachI never looked at equivs, sorry09:23
FestorDoes anyone know anything about the library libmozembed-linux-gtk2?09:28
FestorI have not been able to find its source09:28
FestorMany Java applications distributed its source code with this library precompiled09:29
philsfit's needed for acroread, right? I was looking for it too, last week09:29
Festorphilsf, you talk with me?09:29
philsfFestor: yup09:29
FestorNot only for acroread09:30
Festorand others apps09:30
persiaFor mozembed, I'd encourage asking in #ubuntu-mozillateam, as there resides the expertise in *moz*09:30
FestorDespite these applications are GPL09:30
Festorok, thanks09:30
persiaFestor: Java upstream is far too often frustrating.  You might also ask in #ubuntu-java for guidance on others experience in convincing upstream to actually ship source.09:31
FestorOK, thanks again09:31
philsfpersia: didn't sun gpl'ed java recently?09:32
philsfor is it the gerund type of action09:32
persiaphilsf: Well, huge chunks of something called Java.  OpenJDK is working it's way to being both complete and clean in Ubuntu.09:32
FestorBut I can upload a precompiled lib to universe?09:33
FestorThese libraries are mozilla so it will probably be free (libres)09:34
RAOFI don't think so, no.  Universe has to build from source.09:34
Festoror at least that's what I think09:34
persiaFestor: Nope.  Everything in universe must be compiled from source.09:34
siretartFestor: you could try with multiverse, but universe isn't worth trying, I'd say09:34
persiaSometimes there are exceptions for come things (e.g. images), but even PDF files often get rejected.09:34
persiadushara: hey09:35
dusharahi persia: got that issue sorted out. Now I'm packaging separately for Ubuntu :-)09:36
persiadushara: Excellent.  Glad to hear it.09:37
FestorOne question, a [needs-packaging] bug could be assigned to MOTU team?09:37
FestorI say for this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/9566609:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 95666 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] OrbisCAD" [Wishlist,Confirmed]09:37
Festorand this09:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 94722 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] ANts P2P" [Wishlist,Confirmed]09:38
FestorI think there are many more09:38
RAOFNeeds-packaging bugs are waiting for someone interested to come and package the software.  They shouldn't be assigned until someone actually wants to do the work.09:38
geserLaney: re the ffmpeg rebuilds: I'd prefer to see debdiffs for the rebuilds as it makes the sponsoring for me easier (just apply the debdiff and debuild -S)09:38
dusharaQuestion: Started a new project scim-wijesekera in launchpad (I'm also the developer). What do I do about the " Version number suggests Ubuntu changes, but Maintainer: does not have Ubuntu address" warning?09:38
Festorthanks RAOF , so I can unassigned these bugs?09:39
huatsmorning dear MOTUs09:39
persiadushara: If you're packaging for inclusion in Ubuntu, you want to set an Ubuntu maintainer.  We typically use team maintainers: if you don't have any other team, MOTU is often a good candidate.09:40
siretartFestor: never assign a bug to a team. that's pretty pointless09:40
sebnerhuats: morning (though I'm not a motu) ^^09:40
huatshey sebner :)09:40
RAOFFestor: You can unassign those bugs, but I wouldn't bother.  It doesn't hurt much.09:40
dusharapersia: What's the address?09:40
persiaMaintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>09:42
FestorBut I wanted to try to pack a bug assigned to MOTU09:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 94722 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] ANts P2P" [Wishlist,Confirmed]09:42
persiaFestor: Feel free to reassign it to yourself then.09:42
Festorok, thanks09:43
dusharapersia: Thanks.09:45
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FestorI found libmozembed09:52
Festorbut in Debian09:52
FestorShould I use the same procedure as to create a new package for the Ubuntu import a Debian package?09:53
Festorthis is the package:09:54
persiaFestor: Did you not get any information about it from the mozilla team?09:55
Festorthey only found rpm package with precompiled lib09:56
persiaWell, if you want to import a package from Debian, the SyncRequestProcess is your best process.09:58
AnAnthello, can someone review my swt-gtk package upload on REVU ?10:28
persiaAnAnt: I thought you were syncing from Debian.  Why is it on REVU?10:52
gnomefreakScottK: isnt ~8.04~jjv lower than ~hardy1?10:53
gnomefreakim going on the ~jjv at the end made it lower10:54
AnAnt_persia: Debian has rc3, I made package for the stable release10:57
AnAnt_persia: besides, there had to be a change for Ubuntu, build-depend on xulrunner-1.9-dev instead of xulrunner-dev10:59
persiaAnAnt_: Ah.  I'd have recommended you coordinate with the Debian Maintainer to do that, who would likely have been able to push it to Debian within a few hours, but I've missed you.10:59
persiaOh!  I didn't see the tail.  Excellent.  Please check with the Debian Maintainer: I'm sure there will be support to get the stable release uploaded directly, so we can sync.11:00
persiaHmm.  I'm unsure of policy for that.11:00
persiaAny other opinions?  Should NEW packages in Debian processed for an Ubuntu variation go through REVU, or as bugs?11:00
wgrantOr we could make our Mozilla people comply with Debian, which is probably an all-round better idea.11:02
AnAnt_persia: btw, according to mozillateam, there will be a xulrunner-dev in Ubuntu too, but it doesn't exist now11:02
AnAnt_but I dunno if that will be in Intrepid or what11:02
persiawgrant: That makes more sense.11:04
persiaAnAnt_: Could you please coordinate with the Debian Maintainer to get the newer version in Debian, and the mozillateam to ensure that we don't have to carry this silly variation for every single package (in many cases, Provides: works just fine).11:05
directhexdirecthex@mortos:~$ dpkg --compare-versions 1.0-1~8.04~jjv gt 1.0-1~hardy1 || echo "the jjv one is higher"11:07
directhexthe jjv one is higher11:07
wgrant'dpkg returns success (zero result) if  the  specified  condition  is  satisfied,'11:08
wgrantYou want &&11:08
directhexclose enough ;)11:08
directhexi blame lack of sleep11:08
gnomefreakok guess im rebuilding everything11:10
geserHi TheMuso12:11
AnAnt__persia: sorry I was away12:20
AnAnt__persia: how will Provides work ?12:21
persiaAnAnt: If two packages are functionally identical, one may indicate that it Provides: the other.  When the package management tools cannot find a specific package, but can find a package that Provides: that package, they will select the providing package for installation.12:23
sebneremgent: \o/12:26
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persiagoshawk: hi12:32
goshawki'm trying to make a deb package for ubuntu (i'm packaging dsss a tool to compile and install D programs), what should i do to be accepted in ubuntu universe repository?12:35
ubottuREVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU12:35
mok0sebner: heh ubotu is sleeping...12:35
goshawktahnks sebner12:35
sebnermok0: really laggy12:35
persiamok0: ?12:35
mok0persia: eerrh he woke up I guess12:36
mok0ubotu, are you asleep?12:36
sebnerubottu: speed up!12:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about speed up!12:36
ubottuYou have lag, I don't have lag12:38
mok0ubottu: everybody except you have lag12:38
ubottumok0: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:39
persiaErm.  Let's not abuse the bot.  Too much attention, and it tends to sulk for a couple days :(12:39
mok0I guess he is busy serving all those losers over at #ubuntu ;-)12:40
persiaErm.  Many of those people are very important in ensuring that Ubuntu works properly.  Without #ubuntu, Ubuntu would not be what it is today.12:41
slytherinmok0: I don't think losers is appropriate term.12:41
sebnermok0: uh uh uh. bad words12:42
mok0slytherin: you are right I apoligize12:42
mok0Bad attempt at being funny12:42
AnAnt__persia: mozillateam says that they done that in the bzr already12:43
AnAnt__persia: but they doubt it'll work, so they are planning to make an empty xulrunner-dev package that will depend on xulrunner-1.9-dev12:43
mok0I have to reboot12:43
AnAnt__anyone knows when is next intrepid upload ?12:47
sebnerwb mok012:49
geserAnAnt__: next upload of what? xulrunner?12:52
AnAnt__geser: yeah12:53
goshawki'm packaging a tool that needs itself to be compiled... how to solve this problem?12:53
geserAnAnt__: it's up to the mozillateam when they do a new upload12:54
persiaAnAnt__: That works too.  Thanks for checking with them: with that new dummy package, will we be able to sync with Debian once they update to the now released upstream?12:56
Hobbseeanything interesting happening?12:58
AnAnt__persia: well, got to talk with the maintainer12:58
persiaAnAnt__: Almost there then :)12:58
persiaHobbsee: Always.  Would you like a task?12:58
AnAnt__persia: so no need for package on REVU12:59
Hobbseepersia: probably not :P12:59
persiaAnAnt__: That's what I think.  Let's wait until you hear back from Debian before we nuke it.12:59
persiaHobbsee: Well then, you don't get to play :p12:59
Hobbseewell, depends what's on offer12:59
persiaLet's see: rcbugs, unmetdeps, mutliverse demotions, ubuntu-local package updates, watch files, NBS.13:01
\shsiretart: ping are you going to the FAI developer workshop (august  @linuxhotel, essen) ?13:01
persiaThere's a heap of Kubuntu NBS, if that interests you.13:01
geserhas someone an idea how to best sponsor the ffmpeg rebuild requests in the u-u-s queue as they don't have debdiffs? wait for debdiffs or simply do the rebuilds myself?13:01
siretart\sh: puh, TBH, I currently don't plan to do so.13:01
persiageser: Are you talking about Laney's bug?13:02
geserpersia: yes13:02
\shsiretart: k13:02
siretart\sh: do you plan to attend?13:02
persiageser: I'd just process it and close the bug, rather than pushing debdiffs.  He's had a few days, and reported several times that they all build correctly.13:02
\shsiretart: I don't have the time...:( too much to do @office and for leonov...and I13:03
\sh'm attending froscon which is also in august :(13:04
\shsiretart: I just asked you, because it would be good to have at least a "biased" fai lover there to make fai work properly for hardy/intrepid13:04
siretarthm. I'll think about it13:05
geserpersia: do I put him into the changelog or myself? I don't want to "steal" the rebuilds from him but I don't want to invest to much time on the changelog either.13:06
persiageser: I'd "steal" them.  When I find good bugs in the queue, and the person doesn't have a good debdiff, and doesn't get one soon, I tend to just adjust, update the changelog, and upload.13:07
persiaFrom my experience when receiving sponsoring, I tended to prefer that the bugs I worked on got fixed, rather than that I got changelog credit, and tended to learn when you or crim*sun would "steal" them with additional corrections.13:08
persiaOn the other hand, my first NBS work was very confusing, as my sponsor fixed a bunch of things and uploaded with my name in the changelog, so the packages in the repo didn't match my local patches.13:08
geserpersia: thanks13:11
geserhas someone an idea how to prevent "Building database of manual pages" in a pbuilder? I don't need the manpages during a build and it only takes time.13:12
persiageser: dpkg triggers?13:12
geserpersia: I guess13:15
persiaMore seriously, I don't think there is a way, any more than the building font DB issue, or the scrollkeeper update issue.13:16
persiaGetting triggers widely implemented likely won't happen until post-lenny (intrepid+1), so we're likely stuck for now.13:16
directhexallRIGHTY then. i finally have a package in sid. so, where do i request a sync?13:17
persiadirecthex: w.u.c/SyncRequestProcess13:21
broonieProbably worth a wishlist against pbuilder - dancer may well want to handle it like start-stop-daemon or similar.13:22
persiabroonie: Does it make sense to have many of those?  I'd personally prefer to have the build environment be close to the target environment, even if this makes it take a little longer.13:25
persia(That said, I use sbuild+schroot, and actually do start the daemons at build time, when required)13:26
brooniepersia: Well, it'd be nice if pbuilder ran faster :)13:33
persiabroonie: I guess.  I value correct over fast, but that's likely me.13:34
nxvlgood morning everyone!13:35
brooniepersia: It should be a whitelist of triggers for things like the man-db update that are guaranteed not required rather than suppressing all triggers.13:35
persiabroonie: I guess.  On the other hand, for me the issue is that it does this sometimes several times in a single installation run, whereas doing it once would be less painful.13:36
broonieThat's nothing to do with pbuilder - it's a generic "issue" with triggers (it was brought up on d-d recently, not sure what the conclusion of the thread was)13:38
persiaMy understanding was that the goal was to only do these things once, but that the mechanism for doing so wasn't implemented in all packages, and not considered release-important for lenny.13:39
persiaThen again, I've not been a d-d reader for a few years now, so I'm quite likely mistaken,13:39
broonieThere's two orthogonal issues.13:40
broonieOne is that more packages could use triggers than currently do so.13:40
broonieThe other (the one with multiple invocations of triggers) is that triggers get run more frequently than might perhaps be desirable.13:40
persiaAh, I see.  I'd consider the second a bug, as part of the slowly improving implementation.13:41
broonieIndeed. Everything actually works fine so it's not critical. IIRC half of it is better integration with apt.13:42
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null_vectorwow boost is messed up with the gcc change14:37
RainCTmorning null_vector :)14:41
null_vectorHow are you today RainCT?14:47
bddebianHeya gang15:01
sebnerhi bddebian =)15:02
bddebianHello sebner15:02
geserHi bddebian15:11
emgenthello there15:11
sebneremgent: \o/15:11
sistpoty|workhi bddebian15:11
sistpoty|workand hi emgent15:12
sebnergeser: you are like a working-animal (arbeitstier)15:12
sebnerhihi sistpoty|work  =)15:12
emgentsistpoty|work: geser sebner heya :)15:12
sistpoty|workhi sebner15:12
emgenthot day..15:12
slaytonis anybody here familiar with using xdg-desktop-meny?15:13
persiaslayton: Yes, and I very much discourage you from using it.15:14
persiaYou'll do best to encode things in interesting categories in your .desktop files, and then have the menu system or launcher use this informaiton to control display in a manner well integrated with the rest of the environment.15:14
gesersebner: yes :) I didn't do many uploads in the last weeks so I need to catch up to be back on track for my regular amount of uploads/sync for a release (around 300) :)15:15
persiaTrying to adjust the menus directly tends to lead to confusion, and possible significant differences in behaviour in different environments.15:15
sebnergeser: WOW (no vista) xD15:15
slaytonso I've pretty much been getting that same response for the last week or so... everybody is telling me that creating my own menu entries is bad... but why?15:16
slaytonIf the software I'm deploying is going to be used in a highly controlled environment is it really that big of an issue?15:16
null_vectorstdlib.h or string.h  doesn't pull in limits.h anymore?15:17
persiaslayton: If the software you're deploying is going to be used in a highly controlled environment, this is the wrong forum in which to seek advice.15:17
persianull_vector: gcc-4.3 doesn't recursively track things anymore anyway.15:17
null_vectoryay =/15:18
slaytonok thanks....15:18
bddebianHeya geser, emgent, sistpoty|work :)15:18
sebnerpersia: hmm I have currently 2 packages on revu and enough reviewers (currently looking at it) but I promise you the third is yours ;)15:20
sebneremgent: bah! still not a motu :P15:20
slytherindoes anyone know off hand if hamster is already packaged?15:21
emgentsebner: yeah i know, waiting Motu Council votes.15:22
Iulianslytherin: No, it's not IIRC.15:22
sebneremgent: speed it up (with free beer) xD15:22
slytherinIulian: Not present in debian too.15:23
emgentsebner: lol15:23
sebneremgent: though it may look like corruption :P15:24
emgentsebner: it`s impossible, i will wait.15:24
* sebner ist just making fun =)15:24
Iulianslytherin: You should talk to Tim Retout (he reported the ITP bug to Debian) if you'd like to start packaging it.15:25
emgentsebner: hehe i know.15:25
slytherinIulian: nooo, I stay away from python packaging. :-D15:25
RainCTslytherin: why, python packaging is great :P15:30
bliZZardzslytherin : what is tough in py pkging?15:30
* RainCT stays away from C/C++ stuff packaging :)15:30
slytherinRainCT: bliZZardz: Never said it was tough. But I am more interested in java packaging. :-)15:31
RainCTbliZZardz: it has it's own policy (you've to use pycentral/pysupport to byte-compile the files, etc)15:31
bliZZardzc/c++ is PIA15:31
IulianbliZZardz: Why?15:35
slytherinbliZZardz: may be, but you have to take into consideration that most of the Free software is written in C/C++ :-D15:35
persiaBah.  C is easy to package.  With python, one has to do all sorts of contortions to ensure that one only uses libraries available for some specific python version and avoid using ezsetup.15:35
* Iulian agrees with persia.15:35
null_vectorIf I add dpatch to a package should that be noted in the changelog?15:36
Iuliannull_vector: Yes15:36
null_vectorIulian: thanks15:37
dholbachvorian: congratulations!15:37
bliZZardzslytherin: lulian : i would like to rephrase what i said... i meant packaging on multi-bit platforms..15:38
geserLaney: are you around? could you check if the still open ffmpeg rebuild requests are still valid? looking at the dependencies on intrepid/AMD64 they look to my like a rebuild isn't needed anymore15:39
geservorian: congratulations15:39
bliZZardzslytherin: lulian: persia : and if you are not talking abt just ubuntu specific packaging(but even Solaris, Win etc) - then it becomes little tricky15:39
persiabliZZardz: Indeed: packaging vs. preparing an upstream release.15:40
bliZZardzi still remember the first time when i compiled a C prog in win 98 and took the exe and tried running the exe on win 2k.... i got jacked. (these were teh days when i just knew to print 'foobar'15:42
null_vectorIs there an easy way to edit a dpatch?  I need to add an include to an existing patch.15:46
gesernull_vector: dpatch-edit-patch15:48
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
null_vectordamn I love dpatch15:49
* raphink_ prefers cdbs' simple-patchsys or even quilt to dpatch, but since most packages use dpatch... 15:52
mouzWould somebody mind doing a second review on my packaging of stjerm (a light weight terminal emulator)? Bug 216603, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=stjerm. Thanks :)15:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 216603 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] stjerm" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21660315:54
huatsvorian: congrats15:56
DktrKranzvorian: congrats!15:58
sebnernull_vector: always document *every* change ;)16:00
sebnervorian: congratulations! :D16:00
sebnerdholbach: bah that's unfair -.-16:00
sebnernull_vector: i think quilt is alot more easier to use16:00
null_vectorsebner: Know of any good intro quilt? Might check it out.16:04
gesernull_vector: I usually use the one on the wiki when I need to deal with quilt16:07
RainCTvorian: congrats!16:08
slytherinsebner: are you kidding quilt is pain.16:13
sebnerslytherin: O_o for me quilt is easier than dpatch16:13
null_vectorgrats vorian16:16
brandon|workScottK, ping16:31
=== devfil_ is now known as devfil
* hefe_bia likes quilt, too :)16:48
hefe_biaI need some clarification on the get-orig-source target16:48
hefe_biaIs it supposed to get the source matching the package version or the newest version?16:49
tseliotsyspoty|work: the packages are ready for testing, in case you're interested.16:51
null_vectorAnyone have any experience with the "__stack_chk_fail_local" issues?16:53
gesernull_vector: build failure?16:58
null_vectorgeser: dlopen16:58
gesernull_vector: it is related to the gcc stack protector17:00
null_vectorgeser: yes, the library being build and dlopened seems to be using the stack protection bits17:01
sistpoty|worktseliot: ah, not too sure if I manage to come around it once I'm home, as I'm now > 11 hours at work already17:05
tseliotsistpoty|work: no problem. This was just FYI ;)17:05
sistpoty|worktseliot: thanks :)17:06
FestorIs it necessary to request a review of REVU packages in this channel?17:08
FestorI say this for it seems that there are many packages unreviewed17:08
=== Nafallo_ is now known as Nafallo
sebnerFestor: well if you want somebody to lookt at them ;)17:09
geserFestor: it's not necessary but it often helps (but don't repeat your requests too often else you might get ignored)17:10
FestorI do not say that review my packages. I mean that there are many with no comment17:10
FestorAnd.. one question, Can I delete my package in REVU?17:12
FestorI change the name and now I have two packages with different names17:12
FestorThis is the old17:12
FestorI want delete that package17:13
sistpoty|workFestor: deleted17:15
* sistpoty|work heads home... cya17:16
Festorwell, someone might revise my packages?17:18
Festorand http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=lh-abc17:19
sebnerFestor: addicted to packaging? O_o17:19
Festorehh, yes?17:19
null_vectorIs everything compiled with stack checking by default?17:22
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rootvzlahi n.n17:28
slytherinrootvzla: what is n.n?17:30
rootvzlaslytherin is a happy face17:31
rootvzlahi ryse17:31
rootvzlasomeone knows algun motu that can help me or help me to leave the doubts that have or can teach me on the packages of ubuntu17:33
slytherinrootvzla: express your doubts17:34
null_vectorgeser: I'm confused now because adding -fno-stack-protector to CFLAGS for the package fixes the problem.17:35
bbyeverslytherin: rootvzla would like to know if there is a mentor that could help him with packaging but in spanish17:38
rootvzlabbyever :) eso17:39
slytherinrootvzla: I am not. Sorry. :-)17:39
gesernull_vector: why? disabling the stack protection is a working fix but I don't remember if that's the best fix17:39
rootvzlaah =( slytherin17:40
FestorI am spanish17:41
rootvzlahi Festor :)17:41
null_vectorgeser: The issue is that the libs already on the system don't have steck checking enabled.17:42
rootvzlauna pregunta por casualidad sabes algo de empaquetamiento y como puedo corregir los fallos en ubuntu Festor ?17:43
rootvzlao como puedo tener ayuda personal de un motu?17:43
Festorrootvzla, please in spanish here #ubuntu-es-dev17:43
rootvzlasorry Festor17:44
emgenti go out, see you later people17:45
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=== Pici` is now known as Pici
pochuis it me or requestsync is broken in Intrepid?18:00
* sebner never used that18:00
pochusebner: really? it's quite useful ;)18:01
sebnerpochu: btw, do you know if when you have a game. does upstream should install it to /usr/games/ with the makefile?18:01
pochusebner: no idea about upstream. I guess the FHS will tell it18:02
sebnerpochu: just wonderin if upstream should do that or us18:02
pochusebner: I think so, look for 'usr/games' in http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.txt.gz18:03
jpdssebner: requestsync rocks. ;-(18:03
pochugames     Static data files for /usr/games (optional)18:03
pochujpds: does it work for you in Intrepid?18:04
jpdspochu: I'm not on Intrepid...18:04
pochujpds: ah, ok18:05
pochuhi, btw :)18:05
=== _boto4 is now known as _boto
* jpds waves "hola" to pochu. :)18:06
Laneygeser: Nice work on the rebuilds :D18:06
geserpochu: I used requestsync --lp just yesterday successfully18:10
pochujust reported bug 24666918:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246669 in ubuntu-dev-tools "requestsync doesn't work in Intrepid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24666918:13
pochu--lp doesn't work either18:13
pochuit's like if it didn't want to show me the text editor for some reason...18:13
Laneypochu: Have you tried using the one in the u-d-t bzr?18:16
Laneyiirc that bug was fixed18:16
pochuLaney: nope, I may try it later, gtg now18:16
pochuthanks for the pointer18:16
geserpochu: ah, I still have an older local copy of that script18:17
pochuLaney: ah, you fixed it :)18:17
LaneyI did something with that line, not sure if it was for the same thing ;)18:18
pochufrom the description it looks like18:18
Laneyyeah, I forget what error I was getting now :(18:18
Festorwell, someone might revise my packages?18:20
Festorand http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=lh-abc18:21
null_vectorgeser: I'm updating that debdiff for 246406.  I had to add the -fno-stack-protect to yap as I can't track down where the problem really is.18:27
slaytonis it possible to include supplementary script files in a deb package?  I mean create a few scripts that would all be run by postin or postrm18:33
slaytoni want to compartmentalize the different things that postinst is going to do... I'd like to create a separate script for each task and then have postinst run them one by one... I tried including the scripts in the debian dir but postinst says it can't find them.... is what I want to do even possible?18:53
Festorcody-somerville, I have uploaded to revue the two plugins for amsn you that I had commented to you19:04
Festorcould you review them?19:05
cody-somervilleFestor, Certainly.19:07
hefe_bia_I also have two packages for review:19:08
hefe_bia_So if somebody finds the time that would be nice ;)19:09
=== hefe_bia_ is now known as hefe_bia
FestorSorry, I had a problem. someone has mentioned my name?19:18
cody-somervilleFestor, I said "Certainly".19:31
Festorok, thanks19:31
Festorcody-somerville, and there are news about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amsn/+bug/9960519:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 99605 in amsn "[gutsy][hardy] aMsn sounds don't play while playing something else" [Low,Confirmed]19:40
slaytonwhat does dh_icons do?19:56
RainCTtseliot: ping19:56
RainCTslayton: «dh_icons is a debhelper program that updates Freedesktop icon caches when needed, using the update-icon-caches program provided by GTK+2.12.», from the manpage19:57
sebnerhuhu norsetto19:57
RainCTslayton: afaik, it basically creates versions of an image in different sizes19:57
norsettodevfil: friend of yours: <-- Rocco has left this channel ("Kernel panic: Aiee, killing devfil!"). ?19:59
slaytonRainCT: so do I only need to provide one icon and let dh_icons take care of creating all the icons of the appropriate sizes and places them where they need to be?19:59
devfilnorsetto: lol20:00
RainCTslayton: dh_icons only works for a certain sort of icons (I guess that would be SVG), but I don't really know20:00
devfilnorsetto: is a joke20:00
sebnerdevfil: are you sure? ^^20:00
RainCTtseliot: I've some complains about envyng-gtk... :P20:01
devfilsebner: yes+20:01
slaytonRainCT: thank you very much!20:03
RainCTslayton: no problem :)20:03
RainCTtseliot: a) that the output from the terminal output can't be copied (it's a PITA if you are trying to help someone on IRC, as he has to upload a screenshot)20:04
RainCTtseliot: and b), it would be great if it checked it synaptic/aptitude/etc is open and complained about this before trying anything20:04
sebnerRainCT: license! license!20:04
devfilsebner: when will you ask for MOTUship?20:05
norsettodevfil: don't encourage him ... please20:05
RainCTtseliot: those are the biggest annoyances I've found so far (note: sorry if this is already done/on your TODO/whatever)20:05
RainCTsebner: uhm?20:05
RainCTsebner: me not understand :P20:05
sebnerRainCT: see revu20:06
sebnernorsetto: buh this is now a very interesting situation for me. do you mean it by joke or not20:06
norsettosebner: I'm serious20:07
sebnerdevfil: ok then not in the near future20:07
devfilnorsetto: if he became MOTU it will upload all packages without check for a sponsor20:07
devfilsebner: you are crazy :P20:08
RainCTsebner: bah, man kann dir nicht vertrauen :P20:08
sebnerRainCT: sry :(20:08
sebnerdevfil: why? O_o I trust norsetto when he tells me I shouldn't apply20:09
devfilsebner: but DktrKranz will kill you XD20:09
sebnerdevfil: ehm. yeah that's true xD20:10
* sebner hides20:10
RainCTsebner: /me is sad.. why did I overlook that? I *wanted* to complain about something :P :P20:11
slytherinDoes anyone know how pbuilder bash completion works?20:11
sebnerRainCT: you complained about the 2 points (what I also could fix =))20:12
sebnerRainCT: and I fixed now this mv thing with passing the the games directory to configure ;)20:13
RainCTgood :)20:16
RainCTslayton: cat /etc/bash_completion.d/pbuilder20:16
RainCTslayton: ;)20:16
sebnerRainCT: ^^ but stil thanks for the workaround since learning such stuff is always good =)20:17
slaytonRainCT: what is that?20:17
RainCTerm, that was for slytherin, sorry20:17
RainCTevil tab-completion ;)20:18
RainCTslytherin: ^^20:18
norsettosebner: seriously, how would you feel about being able to upload what you want to the archive?20:18
slaytonRainCT: on np20:18
slytherinRainCT: thanks, for some reason I didn't have that file. I just reinstalled pbuilder20:18
ScottKbrandon|work: Pong20:19
brandon|workScottK, do you have an ETA on 0.93.3. being packaged?20:20
slaytonanybody know why hdf5 1.8 is not going to be packaged for Intrepid Ibex?20:20
ScottKsgran the Debian maintainer is out of town until tomorrow.  Probably later this week.20:21
brandon|workalright, thanks20:21
ScottKbrandon|work: There are no security fixes in 0.93.2/3, so there's not a huge rush.20:21
sebnernorsetto: :) DktrKranz always tells me that if I have the right to upload that doesn't mean that I *must* use it. And if I'm not sure with some thing I would ask somebody. However I respect your opinion on me also when you comment in this way if I apply somewhen. Though it'll be strange since that I know that many motu's would/will give me an ACK. then is the question how I handle your critism20:21
sebnerRainCT: I'll upload in a few minutes. ready for a readvocate?20:22
brandon|workyeah, but the engine has been improved quite a bit supposedly (it is faster in my tests)20:22
slytherinslayton: who said so?20:24
Amaranthhmm, anyone know if having your arm feel like it's going numb while typing is a bad thing? :/20:24
lagaAmaranth: RSI?20:24
geserslytherin: do you remember the correct fix for a not found jni.h? see http://launchpadlibrarian.net/15623388/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-amd64.libjdic-java_0.0.20060613-8_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz20:26
geserI remember it was something simple but not what it was. I guess a additional/changed build-dependency.20:26
IulianI have uploaded a package named salasaga to revu but it doesn't show up. Any revu admin to check?20:33
devfilIulian: you should wait a bit20:33
devfilIulian: when have you uploaded it?20:33
Iuliandevfil: I'm waiting for about 2 hours.20:34
devfilIulian: this is very strange, try to reupload it20:35
IulianI can't because it says it's already uploaded.20:37
lagadput -f20:37
ScottKIulian: rm the .upload file.20:38
slytheringeser:IIRC, You need to ad some variable in rules file20:38
IulianScottK: I'm afraid I don't have that file. (Could not write /var/cache/pbuilder/result/salasaga_0.8.0~alpha3-0ubuntu1_i386.upload), forgot to use sudo.20:40
IulianScottK: It's ok now.20:40
Iulianlaga: Thanks20:40
jpdsIulian: Don't upload binaries.20:42
ScottKYeah.  That too.20:44
ScottKUnless it's for Debian.20:44
lagadoes debian allow that?20:44
geserslytherin: could that be 'CFLAGS="-I/usr/lib/jvm/java-gcj/include"'? Found it in some old accepted mails where I fixed that in the past.20:45
slytheringeser: I think so. You can confirm in libgtk-java or libcairo-java source20:46
vorianthanks guys :)20:47
geserslytherin: thanks20:47
slytheringeser: welcome. :-)20:47
jpdsrock on vorian !20:47
tseliotRainCT: I'm here20:50
FestorSomeone could revise my packages?20:51
Festorand http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ted-tv20:52
slytherincan anyone tell me which is faster out of virtualbox and qemu?21:02
Kopfgeldjaeger2slytherin: probably virtualbox21:08
slytherinKopfgeldjaeger2: have you used both?21:08
slytherinOk. So I will try virtualbox first.21:09
sebnerbug #24672021:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246720 in libavg "libavg FTBFS due to missing b-d on liba52-0.7.4-dev" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24672021:21
gesersebner: the right fix is to use pkg-config instead of ffmpeg-config21:21
sebnergeser: now ScottK will kill you xD21:22
geserme checks again21:22
geseryes, libavg uses ffmpeg-config which is obsolete and will be removed in the next ffmpeg-free upload21:23
ScottKgeser: I was testing him in PM.21:26
sebnergeser: as I said ;)21:26
geserhow should I know that?21:27
sebnergeser: hrhr. np21:28
sebnergeser: I have to fix that and you upload it then, ok?21:28
gesersebner: what was the question/task ScottK give you?21:29
sebnergeser: hmm. is the debdiff ok21:30
gesersebner: next time PM ubottu instead of doing it in the channel :)21:31
sebnergeser: I told him that we need query bots :P21:31
* Laney notices his bug and quivers21:32
gesersebner: without me spoiling it, what would have been your answer to ScottK's question?21:35
Laneythanks geser21:50
sebnergn8 folks21:55
null_vectorWhat's the suggested way to skip pysupport?  python-minimock is FTBFS because it uses "--before pysupport" and pysupport isn't installed.22:02
norsettonull_vector: then install it22:03
null_vectornorsetto: Seems a waste to add pysupport to build-deps just so you can skip it22:04
norsettonull_vector: why is it checking if it is installed and then skip it!?22:04
apacheloggernorsetto: hey, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=hitori doesn't have an rpath here22:05
norsettonull_vector: and on top of that fails to build if something which will anyhow skip is not there ...22:06
apacheloggernorsetto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26032/22:06
norsettoapachelogger: thats what lintian is telling me, go and talk to her if you are not happy ;-)22:06
apacheloggernorsetto: hardy lintian?22:06
norsettoapachelogger: nope, intrepid22:07
apacheloggernorsetto: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26033/22:07
apacheloggerdoesn't here22:07
* apachelogger finds that very strange22:07
null_vectornorsetto: I've never seen it installed this way.  I'm not familiar with calling dh directly.22:07
norsettonull_vector: do you want to paste something we can look at? I quite frankly don't understand what is the problem you are talking about22:11
null_vectornorsetto: sorry about that.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/26035/22:14
norsettoapachelogger: W: hitori: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath ./usr/games/hitori /usr/lib22:14
LaneyHopefully my next ffmpeg-transition-related bug will be correct :<22:16
norsettonull_vector: first time I see anything like that22:17
IulianIf anyone have some spare time and would like to review a package, please have a look at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=salasaga (it's an IDE for producing eLearning).22:17
norsettonull_vector: I guess thats new debhelper syntax22:19
null_vectornorsetto: I'm just going to add python-support as a dependency to get it to build =/22:21
gesernorsetto: dh is debhelper 7, but just all I know about it.22:22
geserit's like cdbs22:22
=== asac_ is now known as asac
norsettogeser: yes, I'm reading the man page right know, pretty funky stuff22:22
tester_I am trying to get Apache2 mod_dbd driver to install, and having problems.  I am unsure if I need to add a .load file to the mods-available to get it to load the DBDriver mysql driver (apr_dbd_mysql.so).22:24
norsettonull_vector: that was uploaded in binary format to debian, so, no build logs available, could very well be a bug in the package22:24
apacheloggernorsetto: can you please run chrpath on the binary22:28
apacheloggermaybe lintian is just bogus22:28
RainCTtester_: #ubuntu or #ubuntu-server may be better places to ask22:28
tester_RainCT, one of the folks there explaind it was a bug. (ikonia) and to ask you guys for help with it.22:30
tester_RainCT, should I go back there then?22:30
RainCTtester_: ah, dunno then22:31
mouzWould some developer like to review my patch for bug 246106?22:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246106 in revu-tools "revu-tools say lintian is never happy" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24610622:32
norsettonull_vector: from what I'm reading, you should not have to install pysupport, those lines are meant to be the way to make debhelper skip the pysupport calls with the pycentral ones22:33
null_vectornorsetto: That was my understanding too.  But it never brings up the topic of what happens when the before or after clause isn't installed22:36
norsettonull_vector: yes, there should be a way to disable the pysupport call22:37
norsettoapachelogger: hitori: RPATH=/usr/lib22:40
* null_vector goes home.22:40
=== null_vector is now known as null_
RainCTgood night22:41
apacheloggernorsetto: maybe lintian used black magic ;-)22:43
apacheloggerwell, let's talk to sebner tomorrow22:44
norsettoapachelogger: the bitch ;-)22:44
apacheloggernorsetto: lintian or sebner? :P22:48
norsettoapachelogger: you naughty you :-)22:49
norsettogot the )@*$+@)@$* bugger23:05
nedkowhen is revu keyring updated?23:18
devfilnedko: you should ask for it23:19
devfilin this chan23:19
nedkook, i do then23:20
nedkohowever site says it is updated once a day23:20
devfilbut you can ask here for it23:20
nedkoyes i do ask23:20
devfilsomeone can update keyrings on revu please?23:21
wgrantnedko, devfil: Doing so.23:22
devfilthanks wgrant :)23:23
norsettothis place is filled with revu admins ;-)23:23
wgrantIt will take a few minutes - I'll inform you when it's done.23:23
wgrantnorsetto: But you never sleep.23:23
norsettowgrant: sleep is for the meek23:24
norsettoops sorry, I think I might have hit the keyboard with my head for a second23:24
devfilnorsetto: lol23:24
gesernorsetto: go to bed then23:26
norsettogeser: are you implying I'm a meek?23:27
* norsetto checks what a meek actually is23:27
RAOFHm.  I'm going to need to touch xserver-xgl again.  A lot of people are accidentally using it, because they installed it in Edgy or something when many people actually needed it for compiz, but it's buggy and crap.23:28
norsettooh gosh I'M a meek!23:28
norsettogoodnight :-)23:28
RAOFI think I'll try for a whitelist of cards that could possibly want Xgl, and refuse to start on anything else.  That list is going to be {nvidia-glx-legacy}.  Any comments?23:29
wgrantnedko: It's done.23:30
nedkowgrant: thanks23:31
wgrantRAOF: Does that driver need Xgl?23:31
RAOFwgrant: Yes.  I think it's the only one that does.23:31
RAOFnvidia-glx-legacy is the 7xxx series driver, which is before they implemented texture_from_pixmap.23:32
wgrantIMO we shouldn't keep it around at all, but I guess some people might get annoyed.23:32
nedkoi dont see my key in there23:32
nedkoor http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/uploaders.gpg is not the same file?23:32
RAOFwgrant: Right.  It'd be lovely to drop it, but it does do something useful.23:33
wgrantnedko: Are you sure you joined revu-uploaders, and have the key associated with your Launchpad account?23:34
wgrantWhat's the name on your key?23:34
wgrant(and your LP username)23:34
* wgrant has to leave now - sorry.23:35
nedkoyes I'm in revu uploaders team, i have key associated with my launchpad account. my lp username is nedko23:36
nedkoname on my key should be Nedko Arnaudov23:36
geserRAOF: the nvidia packages are going to be renamed soon, so wait for the new package names if you don't want to touch it again23:36
RAOFgeser: Right.  I was aware of some movement on that front.23:37
RAOFBut the driver names aren't really important - I just need to be able to distinguish versions of the nvidia driver in a running system.23:37
nedkoare there other revu admins here?23:40
dusharaQ: I'm getting "Version number suggests Ubuntu changes, but there is no XSBC-Original-Maintainer field" with the version in changelog set to "0.3.4-0ubuntu1". Any ideas?23:40
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