gnomefreaki see alot of "-" on the extension page email00:16
gnomefreakcrimsun: thanks for the flash comments00:16
gnomefreakside note what is ECL license00:18
gnomefreaki see Jazzva started changing the names00:19
Jazzvagnomefreak, most are done. just to move MT/Firefox3ExtensionsBzr, and provide MozillaTeam/Extensions home page00:20
gnomefreakJazzva: cool00:20
gnomefreakdid anyone get my mail to the mailing list?00:23
Jazzvagnomefreak, which one?00:28
gnomefreakasac: fta2 whom ever is on firefox-3 next update please grey out the automatic update in the preferences>advanced>update see bug22034100:28
gnomefreakJazzva: the tags email00:28
JazzvaI did, still didn't read it though. was too long for my condition at that moment...00:29
JazzvaWill take a look at it tomorrow.00:29
Jazzvaasac (and anyone else who knows regexes), is this legitimate regex to strip filename from some path?00:29
Jazzvased "s/\/[a-zA-Z0-9.]*$//"00:29
gnomefreakits mainly my thoughts on what stays and what goes but IMHO this needs to be taken care of soon so people can read the page and learn how to triage bugs. but its mainly everyone j=not just you :)00:30
Jazzvait works here... strips the last "/" and whatever comes after...00:30
Jazzvagnomefreak, I know. Just said that I still didn't read it :).00:31
gnomefreakas long as people got it im happy but since i dont get repies it worry that it didnt go through00:31
gnomefreakremind me why im supposed to love log files please00:34
gnomefreakim thinking flashgot is gonna be a bad extension to maintain on our part00:43
gnomefreakthings like I don't like FlashGot redirecting the browser on its welcome page every time I upgrade it. Is there any way to prevent this?   Yes, I love FlashGot, but having it updated every 15-20 days is too often for me. What can I do?  First of all, let me remark that FlashGet (the well known download manager) is NOT FlashGot, the integration bridge which makes Firefox talk with the best download ect....00:45
gnomefreaklol he tells you all about himself except how to contact him00:47
gnomefreakah found it00:48
gnomefreakJazzva: for extenion upsteam contact in the table should we use his email or like his contact page?00:50
JazzvaI think we're using e-mails, but you can put contact page too, if mail is unavailable...00:51
gnomefreakok i added his email but was sure00:51
gnomefreakflashgot almost has all info needed. just need to find a svn or cvs or whatnot of the source and someone can feel free to work on it ;)00:52
Jazzvagreat :)00:53
gnomefreakok LP is borked01:08
[reed]asac / gnomefreak: How does somebody on gutsy get Firefox 3 from Ubuntu repos?01:16
gnomefreakoh shit01:17
gnomefreakok we were gonna get it backported01:17
gnomefreakbut im not sure anyone did. I will file a bug and build it this week sometime for backports to Gutsy01:17
gnomefreakpleaes remind me mid week01:18
gnomefreakJazzva: i just emailed flashgot dev about finding an svn or cvs or what not to get source code for it and explained why01:18
gnomefreakanyone else doing bug woirk from email have an issue with status changes in email?01:19
* gnomefreak very pissed about not allowing it in beta code for LP01:19
gnomefreakill be working on flash if anyone needs me01:22
gnomefreak[reed]: nss and nspr need to be backported too?01:26
[reed]probably, yes01:27
gnomefreakok will work on it this week01:28
gnomefreakjust what i needed libflashsupport issues01:41
gnomefreakgod this better work01:49
gnomefreakcrimsun: libflashsupport for gutsy needs libpulse so im backporting that so i can get libflash built but backporting only in my PPA at this point until you decide what to do with PA in Gusty and or Hardy but i think we are safe in Hardy with libflash and flashplugin01:51
gnomefreakok looks like a long build ill be back to check on it later01:51
=== asac_ is now known as asac
gnomefreakok PA uploading i will do libflash tomorrow sometime02:09
gnomefreakasac: looks like im gonna backport ff3 nss nspr to gutsy sometime this week. Ill stop in before i go to drs. tomorrow if you need anything.02:10
Jazzvaasac, there by any chance?03:30
=== saivann_ is now known as saivann
saivannasac : I confirmed bug 235900 and added steps to reproduce it, in case you want to take a look04:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 235900 in firefox-3.0 "firefox 3 displays full screen on start " [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23590004:58
AnAntHello, will xulrunner 1.9 be merged from Debian or not ?08:33
gnomefreakAnAnt: i dont think we merge xulrunner08:36
AnAntis there a reason ?08:36
gnomefreakAnAnt: off hand dont remember08:37
gnomefreakAnAnt: we dont merge anything from debian with mozilla apps we maintain (liferea might but that isnt our teams package)08:37
gnomefreakAnAnt: svn for our packages are newer than debians08:38
gnomefreaki do think we push to debian after (example sunbird we get it from mozilla and than we push to debian as iceowl after we push to ours08:39
gnomefreakplus mozilla-devscripts wont work merging from debian ;)08:39
AnAntHello, is there an xulrunner-dev in Intrepid ?09:29
FestorDoes anyone know anything about the library libmozembed-linux-gtk2?09:31
FestorI have not been able to find its source09:31
FestorMany Java applications distributed its source code with this library precompiled09:31
FestorDespite these applications are GPL09:31
gnomefreakAnAnt: xulrunner-1.9-dev package is in intrepid09:38
gnomefreakFestor: are you sure thats not a tri license09:38
Festortwo examples09:39
asacAnAnt: not yet09:39
asacbut will be soon09:39
AnAntasac: thanks09:39
asacis the package as gnomefreak said09:40
asacbut we will not merge from debian09:40
gnomefreak1.9+nobinonly-0ubuntu2 is in intrepid for 1.9-dev09:41
gnomefreakFestor: i cant seem to find source all i find is RPM09:41
Festoryeah... :(09:41
gnomefreakclosest i found was http://www.igniterealtime.org/fisheye/browse/svn-org/spark/branches/spark_2_5_6_branch/build/lib/dist/linux/libmozembed-linux-gtk2.so09:42
gnomefreakasac: you know where source for libmozembed-linux-gtk2 im assuming this is the source package name but i could be very off09:43
gnomefreakbug 17777709:43
ubottugnomefreak: Bug 177777 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/177777 is private09:43
gnomefreakoh flash is done for gutsy and hardy ;)09:44
gnomefreakhe wants me to work on a bug from the ui and he knows i cant get into it09:45
* gnomefreak goes for smoke and thinks about how to get into a private bug09:48
FestorI found libmozembed lib09:55
asaci dont know about that lib09:57
FestorThis lib is that I want libmozembed-linux-gtk2.so09:57
asacexcept the gtkmozembed API provided by mozilla itself (in xulrunner)09:57
Festorand this package http://packages.debian.org/sid/libjdic-bin09:58
Festorhas my lib09:58
gnomefreakit is in xulrunner?09:58
gnomefreakha i thought it was but didnt know for sure09:58
asacgnomefreak: its in libxul.so09:58
asacFestor: whats your question then? thats a java library09:59
FestorI need this lib for package a app for Ubuntu09:59
FestorPeople of #ubuntu-motu sent me here10:00
asacFestor: is that a java app?10:05
Festorand other java app called "ted"10:05
asaci still dont get the problem here ... is that package not in intrepid?10:06
Festorthese apps have a precompiled lib called "libmozembed-linux-gtk2.so"10:06
asacFestor: are they using swing or swt?10:06
asacotherwise its most likely the swt mozilla embed library10:07
FestorI dont know... :(10:07
gnomefreakwe cant view flash bugs that are private :(10:08
gnomefreakJazzva: i got reply from flashgot maintainer i will post it to mailing list unless you want it fowarded to you?10:09
gnomefreakthere is not svn or cvs of the flashgot source :(10:10
gnomefreaksource is in .xpi (not a fan of that)10:10
asacthats ok10:11
asacgnomefreak: only important thing is that he puts license.txt file in top-level .xpi dir10:11
gnomefreakill check when i get a minute most likely later today or tonight10:12
gnomefreakasac: im gonna start on gutsy backports for nss nsrp and ff3 final oh crap i have to backport xulrunner too10:13
gnomefreakasac: any other package you can think of offhand10:13
asacgnomefreak: read the changelogs of the previous xulrunner backports10:19
asacthey should list the most important things you have to do10:19
gnomefreakasac: ok10:19
asacgnomefreak: nss/nspr we dont need to backport. we can use in-source10:19
gnomefreakhping i dont have to backport a full system10:19
asacbut you will see that in changelog i guess10:19
asacjdong did it right back then10:19
gnomefreakasac: ok good10:19
asacgnomefreak: try to build xulrunner in gutsy10:20
asacmaybe its just works10:20
gnomefreaki wish he would have told me this like a week ago :(10:51
gnomefreaknow i have to rebuild all packages with ~hardy0~jjv because it seems ~8.04~jjv is higher than ~hardy1 (it shouldnt be since it has ~jjv at the end10:52
asacgnomefreak: huh?11:58
asacwhat does ~jjv stand for?11:59
gnomefreakasac: i used ~8.04~jjv and was told backported packages will have ~hardy111:59
gnomefreakasac: my name11:59
gnomefreakso i have to redo all of them11:59
* gnomefreak thinking of using ~hardy0 12:00
asacwell .. so they say that -backports have ~hardy whily -proposed have ~8.04?12:00
gnomefreakasac: i guess12:00
asacis hardy higher than 8.04?12:00
gnomefreaki thought 8.04 was always the backported and proposed12:00
gnomefreakasac: no ~8.04 is higher im told12:00
asacgnomefreak: no12:01
asacdpkg --compare-versions "9" "ge" "8" && echo yes.12:01
gnomefreakdirecthex > directhex@mortos:~$ dpkg --compare-versions  1.0-1~8.04~jjv gt 1.0-1~hardy1 || echo "the jjv one  is higher"12:01
gnomefreak06:07 <       directhex > the jjv one is higher12:01
asacso 9 is greater or equal 812:01
asac(makes sense)12:01
asacdpkg --compare-versions "hardy" "ge" "8.04" && echo yes.12:02
asacso hardy is greater or equal 8.0412:02
asacso => works well12:02
asacuse ~hardy12:02
gnomefreakthan wtf12:02
gnomefreakif ~hardy is >= why cant i use ~8.0412:02
gnomefreakbecause of the =?12:02
asacgnomefreak: if you use || you negate the test ;)12:02
asacreplace || by && and it should be silent12:03
asacin your test 9 will be less than 812:03
asac(i think)12:03
Nafallowhich was pointed out at the time, I might add :-)12:03
gnomefreakNafallo: not to me until today12:03
Nafallognomefreak: I saw the text you quoted. wgrant said to use && instead of || directly after.12:04
Nafalloanyway. not an issue now that've seen the truth12:04
gnomefreakNafallo: yes that i saw12:04
jtvasac: hi there!  Could you have a look at a sample XPI file for me one of these days and see if there are any problems beyond the ones we discussed?12:04
jtvasac: https://chinstrap.canonical.com/~jtv/test-ff.xpi12:04
asacjtv: beyond we discussed: missing non .dtd/.properties files?12:05
jtvasac: we discussed that :-P12:06
gnomefreakoh son of a bitch12:06
jtvasac: and you gave me a much better idea of how to deal with them.12:06
gnomefreakill be back :(12:06
asacjtv: cant you put that somewhere without restrictions?12:06
asacjtv: :)12:06
asacnow i have to tweak wget on command line ;/12:07
jtvasac: look at launchpad-translations-tools on LP for working examples of saving your credentials on the command line.  :-)12:07
asaci think i got it12:07
asacjtv: why the hell is that many megabytes large?12:08
jtvasac: because, just to stress the code to its limit, I exported the full Firefox translations as a single file.12:08
jtvasac: not asking you to go through everything, but I wanted maximum change to expose any problems.12:08
asacjtv: did you test that thing?12:09
jtvasac: Didn't expect it to work in production yet, because of those other files that aren't in there yet.12:09
asacjtv: they are of no use for ffox 312:09
asacso it should work12:09
asaci found out that the current ones are left overs from ffox 2 and are not used anymore12:10
jtvasac: for a moment there, I parsed that very differently.  :-)12:10
asac(which doesnt mean that we dont need them)12:10
asac(for proper xpi export)12:10
jtvasac: well, if this is "good enough for now," then I would much prefer to take this one step forward and fix up the rest later.12:10
asacthe chrome.manifest looks quite complete12:10
asac1. please dont include en-US12:11
asacor if its a UI thing make it obvious that its usually something not wanted12:11
jtvasac: the manifest only contains the locale lines...  Didn't know what to do about the other ones.12:11
asacjtv: you need locale lines yes.12:11
asacjtv: did you include the "include lines" in the .dtd?12:12
jtvasac: I've also seen "override" lines IIRC12:12
asace.g. there are a few entity refs we parse12:12
jtvasac: no, that was one of the problems I mentioned yesterday.  That'll take a whole extra layer of work.12:12
asacjtv: i have to think a bit about the override lines. usually those are shipped in the application/extension chrome.manifest and are locale independent12:12
asacjtv: without those includes it wont work12:13
asacthats essential12:13
asacjtv: did you think about the way to handle those i proposed once?12:13
asaclike just managing those as "normal" entities with a special meaning?12:13
asacin that way you would be able to preserve the order easily - which would even be more than my po2xpi processor currently can do12:14
Jazzvaasac, is this good for -unpack? http://paste.ubuntu.com/25899/12:17
jtvasac: I did consider it, but it means changing the schema.  Still considering that, but it could be pretty far-reaching, so for now I'm thinking to parse the template and just copy its include tags into the translation on export.12:17
asacjtv: how do you preserve the order?12:17
asacwhich is important12:17
Jazzvaasac, similar is for -pack. just to find out how to lose the storing of the whole path in zip. http://paste.ubuntu.com/25900/12:18
asacJazzva: looks reasonable12:19
Jazzva(the zip in for loop in -pack is wrong)12:19
asaci am not sure if nested .jar files are a real use case ;)12:19
asaci doubt it is ;)12:19
asacnow looking at -pack12:19
Jazzvaand I suppose most of them use a-zA-Z0-9 and dot in their names :)12:19
asacJazzva: i think you have to cd into the directory you want to zip in pack or does it provide something similar than -d ?12:20
Jazzva-d deletes files from zip here. similar to -d of what command?12:21
jtvasac: sorry for the delay, dealing with other users.  :)12:22
Jazzvait provides -j, that doesn't store relative path. but that strips every path information, so it reports duplicated files and stuff...12:22
jtvasac: internally we keep all translation strings in the order in which they're found in the template.12:23
jtvasac: so on export, I can parse the template and remember that e.g. "there's a message #151.5" (so to speak).12:23
Jazzvaasac, anyway, I'll find how to remove the first part of the path. :)12:23
asacjtv: ok. so you can remember not-translatable messages12:24
asacthat would work12:24
jtvasac: not really "remember": they're not going into the database.  But if I'm going to have to dissect the template during export anyway, might as well add this.12:24
asacJazzva: i usually do: sh -c "cd $ABS_XPI_DIR; zip -r $ABS_XPI_PATH ."12:24
asacJazzva: for that i have to get absolute paths though, but thats as simple as:12:24
asacabspath=`cd $relpath; pwd`12:25
jtvasac: I'll have a kind of "pluggable XPI traversal," with one being all the things we do for an import, and another doing "if it's a DTD, check for includes; if it's a properties file, ignore it; otherwise, copy it."12:25
asacjtv: so you use the .dtd during export?12:27
asacor is that during import as well?12:27
jtvasac: during import we parse it for entities but ignore the includes.  During export we'll add them again but ignore the entities.12:28
jtvasac: come to think of it, the one big advantage to exporting multiple languages in a single XPI file is that I won't have to repeat that for every language...12:28
asacfor me that sounds complicated ;). having hidden entities that are treated special sound simpler for the unknowing outsider :)12:30
asacso dont take my comments serious12:30
jtvasac: it's simpler, but the change is more fundamental.  We'd be introducing a new kind of translation message record that isn't a translation.12:31
jtvasac: Which can be useful for other things as well, but we'd have to make sure all code knows about it.12:31
jtvasac: another question... is there anything I should be doing with "override" lines in the manifest?  IIRC that's the only other kind of line I've seen besides locale lines.12:32
jtvasac: also, please let me know if these exports are (for now!) something you can work with.  If they are, then I can land it a few weeks from now and we can do incremental improvement from there.12:35
jtvasac: in fact, the XPIPO option won't go away, so even if it's not quite good enough yet, it may be worth landing in an incomplete form.12:37
asacjtv: if en-US is included in the export the override lines are probably required12:38
asacotherwise they should be skipped12:38
asacjtv: i cannot work with them if the entity includes are missing12:39
AnAnt__Hello, may I know when will xulrunner-dev be done ?12:39
asacAnAnt__: why? for now you can just use xulrunner-1.9-dev12:39
AnAnt__there is at least one package in Debian that build-depends on xulrunner-dev12:39
AnAnt__that's swt-gtk12:39
asacAnAnt__: there are plenty12:39
asacyou can change build-depends for now ;)12:40
asacotherwise the next intrepid upload will include it12:40
AnAnt__asac: well, why not do a Provides: xulrunner-dev in xulrunner-1.9-dev12:40
asacits already committed to .head bzr branch12:40
asaci doubt it works well12:40
asacempty package that depends on 1.9 is the way we are going now12:41
jtvasac: now that you mention it, right now, the en-US that's included in a full "all languages" export is generated.  It's not a copy of the original.  So even that doesn't have the includes.12:42
jtvasac: oh, you were talking about the overrides, not the includes.  Sorry.12:42
asaci didnt assume that it has them ;)12:42
Jazzvaasac, it works http://paste.ubuntu.com/25904/12:43
AnAnt__asac: when is next intrepid upload ?12:43
JazzvaI also silented the outputs of zip and unzip, so it doesn't overfill the screen, and put some informal messages for the user12:44
Jazzvaand the output of pushd and popd12:44
Jazzvathe only point of $JAR_FILE is to output it to the user. It's relative path, so it's shorter than absolute, and it from the output it looks like the script is doing all from one directory.12:46
Jazzva(well, almost)12:46
asacJazzva: ok. will look at it in 20 min12:49
Jazzvaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/25907/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/25908/ , in case you want to test it :)12:51
Jazzva(these are with the silented outputs)12:51
gnomefreakanyone opeing text docs without an extension(example without .txt or .doc) just a plain named file and got a header error as if text editor isnt being used to open it but open with text editor works (this is intrepid btw)12:54
gnomefreaki cant for the life of me figure out what is trying to open it12:55
Jazzvagnomefreak, regarding mail from flashgot maintainer. I can update the table, if it's needed. I don't see the need for fwding e-mail :).12:57
AnAnt__when is next intrepid upload for xulrunner ?12:58
asacJazzva: looks good. maybe match jar! in the -pack scripts for13:02
asacnot just !$ ;)13:03
asacAnAnt__: there exists no schedule. usually upstream releases dates which are always followed by an upload13:03
AnAnt__ah, ok13:04
gnomefreakJazzva: he says source is in .xpi but i will look at it this week. i would like to get most of my backporting done today all flash and PA stuff and maybe start on ff3 and friends13:04
Jazzvaasac, you mean in find?13:04
asacJazzva: yes and maybe in sed too ;)13:04
asacto improve corner case handling ;)13:05
Jazzvaright :)13:05
asacnot really important though13:05
asachi XioNoX13:05
gnomefreakim still abit on edge with flashgot due to what i read lastnight and posted here, updates within a week and other things that make it hard to maintain in a stable release.13:05
Jazzvawell, then I'll match with *jar! in find, instead of *!*. nested jars are not usual :)13:05
gnomefreak but ill leave that up to you to decide since your the expert on extensions and im apparently the expert on backporting :/13:06
XioNoXasac I'm startigg to work on the FirefoxSafeUpgrades13:06
Jazzvaasac, can I push that to mt branch then :)?13:06
asacJazzva: you can use find . -type d -name \*.jar\! i guess13:06
asacno need for * at the end13:06
gnomefreakim getting ready to leave for dr. but would like to know if the firefox upgrade and thunderbird upgrade pages are ours to update and if you run across them before i do the links would be great.13:07
Jazzvaasac, done. It still works :)13:07
XioNoXand i'll need some help13:07
asacXioNoX: what info do you need?13:08
XioNoXI don't know exactly13:08
asacXioNoX: i think we have a few options here. we should probably start adding a button that allows you to restart firefox13:09
XioNoXnow, im trying to use the yellow bar13:09
asacthen we make that button hidden by default and show it only when we detected that a restart is required13:09
asacXioNoX: thats good too13:09
asacnotification box i guess13:09
XioNoXthe restart button works13:09
XioNoXbut i can't make the notificationbox happening13:10
asacXioNoX: did you add that to ubufox?13:10
asacXioNoX: ok13:10
XioNoXasac, i'm making an extention13:10
asacXioNoX: can you put that into ubufox directly?13:11
asacXioNoX: ls -la /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/firefox-3.0-restart-required13:11
asacthats the file that you need to check for (consider to hard code it for now)13:11
XioNoX$ ls -la /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/firefox-3.0-restart-required13:11
XioNoX-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 456 2008-06-11 07:45 /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/firefox-3.0-restart-required13:11
asacif that file is newer than the current firefox process life-time, then we need to restart13:11
XioNoXif many people use firefox, they all will show this message ?13:13
gnomefreakasac: did you get my post about the preference>advanced>update not being greyed out?13:13
gnomefreakkind of important IMO13:13
asacXioNoX: yes13:14
asacXioNoX: we should test the "last-modified" time of ls -dl ProfD13:14
asacof ProfD13:14
Jazzvaasac, just few more questions. Is it ok if I push med-xpi-* to the branch, and add them to mozilla-devscripts.install to install them to /usr/bin?13:14
asacif that is newer than the restart-required file, then we should ask to restart13:14
JazzvaAnd do I need to add GPL notice to them?13:14
asacgnomefreak: for me Firefox is greyes out (though checked- which is a visualization bug i guess)13:15
XioNoXasac, You prefere that I code everything directly in ubunfox, or i put this function in a spare extention and fusion them later ?13:15
asacXioNoX: yes please13:15
asacthat eases the pain of merging later13:15
gnomefreakasac: its not greyed out here13:15
asacXioNoX: we have a bzr branch ... just base your work on that13:15
XioNoXasac, ok13:15
asacand you can commit to your own branch13:15
XioNoXI've vever used bzr13:16
gnomefreakatleast wasnt with fta's build i dowgraded today to official release for other reasons but didnt check13:16
asacXioNoX: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~asac/ubufox/main13:16
asacits easy13:16
asacXioNoX: you most likely just need: bzr branch URL, bzr commit, bzr push :)13:16
asacmaybe bzr revert13:16
asacand bzr uncommit13:17
asacXioNoX: so get the branch like bzr branch https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~asac/ubufox/main ubufox.main13:17
asacand build a xpi inside ubufox.main by running build.sh13:17
asacsh build.sh ;)13:17
asacthen you get a .xpi13:17
asacthe directory structure should be self explaining13:17
gnomefreakasac: official build in intrepid its greyed out i wonder if it is in hardy13:17
asacgnomefreak: its greyed out here too13:18
gnomefreakcan someone check hardys build of ff3 in preferneces>advanced>updates to see if the first option is greyed out13:18
asacpost a screenshot please13:18
asacgnomefreak: for me its greyed out (though checked)13:18
gnomefreakasac: i have it greyed out in official build but not ftas build13:18
asacand Help -> Check for updates ... is disabled too13:18
asacgnomefreak: might be13:19
gnomefreakhere as well13:19
XioNoXasac, i'll try but I can't make an xpi each time I need to test it13:19
asacXioNoX: youll figure13:19
asacinstall it that way on first time13:19
asacthen edit in .mozilla or something13:19
XioNoXand it will not be in conflict with the existing ubufox ?13:19
asacXioNoX: no. the profile one will be preferred13:19
asacso the system one is just hidden13:20
asacyou can also uninstall it by apt-get remove ubufox13:20
gnomefreakok ill be back later i will look at my logs for the bug number when i get home13:20
gnomefreakso i can ask what build they are using13:20
asacXioNoX: when you committed your changes push like bzr push bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~$YOURLPID/ubufox/main13:20
asaci can review and give you updates ;)13:20
gnomefreaklater guys13:21
XioNoXgnomefreak, bye13:21
asacgnomefreak: cu later ;)13:21
asacgnomefreak: good luck13:21
Jazzvaasac, tested the installation, and it works. Ok to push?13:47
JazzvaShould I just push the files, or also to add changelog entries?13:47
asacJazzva: new features should be documented in README14:23
asacand changelog14:23
asacJazzva: take care that they get properly installed in the package as well14:23
Jazzvaok, I'm thinking about one more thing...14:23
Jazzvamed-xpi-unpack will exit if output dir already exists. med-xpi-pack will exit if dest xpi file already exists. Do we want this behaviour, or maybe to just overwrite outdir/dest xpi?14:24
asacJazzva: hmm. not sure14:44
asaci would probably not exit if the dir exists14:44
asacbut exit if file exist14:44
Jazzvaso, to remove output directory first if exists for -unpack14:45
asacJazzva: ah for unpack14:46
asacwell. lets just exit ;)14:46
Jazzvaok, so to summary14:47
Jazzvafor -unpack it exits if xpi file doesn't exist, or if output dir exists14:47
Jazzvafor -pack it exits if input dir doesn't exist, or if output xpi file exists14:47
asacJazzva: ack.14:48
Jazzvagood :)14:49
Jazzvai'll push the changes to mozilla-devscripts branch, just to document the changes :)14:49
XioNoXasac, it is in good progress, just an issue with the gBrowser.getNotificationBox(browser);...     ...it don't want my gBrowser :s14:53
XioNoXgBrowser is not defined14:55
asacXioNoX: how do you do it? overlay?15:01
XioNoXfor the moment I've made a toolbar with buttons15:06
XioNoXto test it15:06
XioNoXthe date check works perfectly15:06
XioNoXthe restart function too15:06
XioNoXit remain the notification bar, the autorun, and the check periodically15:07
XioNoXnotification bar have just a kind of bug15:08
asacXioNoX: ok check periodically probably shoud be done by setTimeout15:11
asacautorun? not sure what that means. my approach would introduce an overlay that then gets loaded when browser is loaded; at that time i would schedule setTimeout15:12
XioNoXyes, i've call autorun the fact that it run with the brother15:14
XioNoXI can send you a part of the code if you want15:16
Jazzvaasac, what version to use? 0.09.1? Current is 0.0915:17
asacJazzva: make a commit with a new changelog entry 0.10 and UNRELEASED before you commit15:21
asace.g. "* open tree for 0.10 development"15:21
asacthen commit the rest and accompany each commit with a changelog entry15:21
asacJazzva: when done we should integrate that in xpi.mk15:28
asacas default build cmd imo15:29
Jazzvaso, if we unpack jar to blabla.jar!, then chrome.manifest will know to look in it15:29
Jazzvaand we don't need to pack it again in rules15:29
Jazzvaright? :)15:29
Jazzva(provided that blabla.jar!/ is what is used in chrome.manifest)15:29
asacJazzva: no. we have to pack it in rules15:30
asacthats the idea15:30
asac(in rules == default in xpi.mk)15:30
Jazzvawould be easier this way :)15:31
Jazzvacool, my first push to mozillateam branch done :)15:32
asacJazzva: good timing ;) ... fta wont be back for some time ;)15:33
Jazzvameaning? :unsure:15:33
Jazzvawe won't mess the branch with pushes at the same time?15:34
asaci am happy with that change (without looking) ... fta might have other ideas, but well. thats how it works when maintaing things in temas15:34
asacso dont bother15:34
JazzvaI guess his script would be shorter and use much cooler regexes :)15:34
Jazzvaanyway, it's open to changes ;)15:34
asacJazzva: more explicit scripting is often better15:37
asaceven if it introduces some redundancy in code (which isnt the case here)15:37
Jazzvaso, for xpi.mk...15:38
Jazzvamaintainer unpacks the xpi with med-xpi-unpack15:38
Jazzvaand in rules it doesn't call anything, because in xpi.mk med-xpi-pack is called15:39
asacJazzva: yep15:39
asacJazzva: i think the default BUILD_CMD should just be set to med-xpi-pack15:39
asacin xpi.mk15:39
Jazzvait can't, we need to pass something to med-xpi-pack.15:39
Jazzvathat would be MOZ_XPI_NAME and ... input directory15:40
Jazzvamaybe we could suppose that the input directory has the same name like xpi file.15:40
asacmed-xpi-pack $(MOZ_XPI_FILE) $(DEB_SRCDIR)15:40
asacmaybe that?15:40
Jazzvacould work :)15:40
asacJazzva: hmm15:40
asacJazzva: the xpi name doesnt matter as the top level dir is the xpi name15:41
asace.g. flashblock-1.10/install.rdf and flashblock-1.10/debian ...15:41
Jazzvanow I think I already have a bug in med-xpi-pack :)... lemme see15:41
Jazzvayep. The xpi doesn't contain the directory to which we should unpack, but I pack it with the input directory15:43
Jazzvafixed, I think15:44
Jazzvajust some more thinking...15:44
Jazzvawe have xpi in our build/ dir, and unpack it to build/out/15:45
Jazzvathen we run debuild from there, which call rules, which call med-xpi-pack from build/out/. it will put the packed xpi to build/out/ too... is that good?15:45
asacwhy build at all?15:46
asacthe default xpi.mk assumes that the result .xpi is in top-level directory15:46
Jazzvaright, that's where we need to have resulting xpi file.15:47
Jazzva(that's build/out/ in this example...)15:47
asacJazzva: ok, my complete procedure would be like:15:47
asacbzr branch URL.upstream upstream-tree15:48
asacwget http://latest.xpi15:48
asacmed-xpi-unpack latest.xpi upstream-tree/15:48
asacthen to pack id just want to use:15:48
asaccd upstream-tree; med-xpi-pack myxpi.xpi .15:48
Jazzvaright, that's what I said... or thought.15:49
armin76why not bumb!15:49
asacarmin76: what?15:50
asacarmin76: you always miss the object in your sentence15:50
armin76bumb asac15:50
asacand who?15:50
asacthat either misses the object or subject :)15:50
asacarmin76: why dont you bumb asac ;)15:51
asacJazzva: ok. then all fine i guess15:51
armin76bah, always complaining :P15:51
Jazzvajust to test if med-xpi-pack will work correctly :)15:52
asacJazzva: actually: cd upstream-tree; rm -rf *; med-xpi-unpack /path/to/new.xpi .15:52
asacbzr commit -m "* new upstream thingy 12345"15:52
Jazzvaasac, do we need manpage for med-xpi-*? lintian complains...15:55
vadi2http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20080707#statistics, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/24113215:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 241132 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox 3 Final doesn't report 'ubuntu' in user agent" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:55
asacJazzva: not now ;)15:55
Jazzvagood :)15:55
asacJazzva: maybe --help ?15:55
asacwith some basic infos?15:56
Jazzvalintian complains even more :)15:56
JazzvaW: mozilla-devscripts: copyright-without-copyright-notice15:56
armin76Jazzva: bumb asac15:56
asace.g. a usage() function which is pritnting15:56
asacprinted when wrong arguments or --help :)15:56
Jazzvaarmin76, is there a new version of asac :P?15:56
asaci wish there was a new version ;)15:56
Jazzvaasac, it already prints some basic info for that.. though, not for -h/--help15:56
asacmaybe that one could do a marathon ;)15:56
Jazzvaand lintian is stupid...15:57
asacJazzva: ok. clean way is to implement usage() {15:57
asacecho info15:57
asacexit 115:57
asacor something15:57
asacJazzva: i wouldnt be too bothered by warnings15:57
asacerrors are sometimes important though15:57
Jazzvano, actually... lintian is smart. copyright holders should be listed at Copyright: line...15:58
Jazzvaasac, well, there's something wrong with "med-xpi-unpack /path/to/xpi.xpi ." ;). It won't overwrite the contents of the output dir, and will exit if it already exists16:06
Jazzvabut, I think we can use "med-xpi-unpack lala.xpi output"16:07
asacJazzva: you have to force overwrite in unzip16:11
asacJazzva:  unzip -o ...16:12
Jazzvaasac, it's not that. It's the check at the beginning of the med-xpi-unpack. If the dir exists, it will exit. we agreed on that ;). But I can change it...16:12
* asac sports bbl16:37
=== Nafallo_ is now known as Nafallo
nikolami can`t compile seamonkey I downloaded from mozilla/seamonkey site18:36
nikolamI need it to compile it so that i can make one extension for seamonkey I need18:37
nikolamthis is output from compiling, together with .mozconfig :18:38
nikolamthis is precedure I used to compile seamonkey and enigmail extension for it:18:42
Volansnikolam: why you can use the builded tar.gz from mozilla site?18:47
nikolamI want to make 64-bit enigmail extension for seamonkey18:48
nikolamthere is no 64-bit enigmail seamonkey extension available18:48
Volansah ok... so I think I can't help you... maybe someone more expert ;)18:49
nikolamso i need to compile seamonkey18:49
nikolamto make that *.xpi18:50
gnomefreakwhy not use our maintained source and change as needed since you know it builds already18:51
gnomefreakthat way its easier to chace problems18:51
nikolamI used to trz that before with no success .18:52
nikolamBut now I am trzing just that again18:53
nikolamI upacked mantained source and applied patch with dpkg-source -x *.dsc18:54
nikolamrenamed dir to mozilla18:54
nikolamand run procedure: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25975/18:55
nikolamIt is compiling again. Cross fingers for me :)18:55
nikolamI am using 1,1,9 since mantained 1,1,10 seamonkey is not available yet.18:57
nikolamdamn ERROR again19:01
nikolameven with Source from Ubuntu aargh19:01
nikolampangocairo again aaah19:01
nikolamERROR compiling seamonkey From Ubuntu-provided AND mantained source:19:03
nikolamNow I am trying to compile with dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc19:05
nikolamand i don`t know if enigmail will want to compile after making *.deb`s19:05
* Volans go to dinner see you later19:17
asacnikolam: still there?19:53
nikolamasac yes19:54
asacnikolam: we should build the enigmail extension from the enigmail source package ;)19:54
nikolamThat is what I am trying to do :)19:54
asacnikolam: i am talking about the ubuntu/debian package19:55
asacnikolam: for that you dont need seamonkey19:55
nikolamaha. But there is NO enigmail source package for seamonkey. Only for Thunderbird.19:55
nikolamAt least no in repo19:55
nikolamI suppose19:56
nikolamI use 64-bit repo and sm19:56
asacnikolam: right. the idea is to use that source package19:56
asacnikolam: it provided both in the past; we should get back to that19:56
nikolamSource package for Thunderbird cannot be used for seamonkey19:57
asaci think there are even still leftovers from that are19:57
asacnikolam: we dont use any source19:57
asacnikolam: we use thunderbird-dev/icedove-dev19:57
nikolamThere is source for enigmail intended for seamonkey on main site19:57
nikolamI am lost again.19:58
asaclet me check19:58
* asac didnt really latest enigmail developments19:58
nikolamah, I shoul install those packages then19:58
asacnikolam: if you look at the link you'll see that its the same source ;)19:58
asacseamonkey 1.1 and tbird 219:59
nikolamhmm :) Nice19:59
nikolamMaybe I could rename enigmail package for Thunderbird and compile it for Seamonkey? Hm I don`t know how to do that20:00
asacnikolam: thats nonsense ;)20:01
nikolamThank you20:01
asacthe idea is to buld the thunderbird bits and then either build the seamonkey bits or just rearrange the tbird bits so they work with seamonkey20:02
nikolamSo when I compile enigmail I should see how to make it "usable" for seamonkey, right.20:02
asacnikolam: a good start would be to update enigmail package to latest sources from upstream ;)20:03
asacwe are somewhat still stuck with 0.9520:03
Jazzvaasac, I don't know about enigmail a lot, but couldn't we just put it in /usr/share/enigmail, and then make symlinks from /usr/lib/{thunderbird,seamonkey}/extensions/\{....\} to there?20:03
nikolamNo wonder I got this response few months ago: http://www.mozilla-enigmail.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=29120:03
nikolamAhaaa hmm20:03
asacJazzva: the whole painful thing about seamonkey is that it doesnt have the toolkit extension manager20:04
nikolamI have one brand-new Virtual machine with updated Xubuntu 64-bit 8.04.1 for testing20:04
asacso extensions are technically done in a different fashion20:04
nikolameh, that`s it.20:04
* Jazzva googles "toolkit extensions manager"20:04
asacthus we have to arrange the bit differently and take care that the chrome registration is done properly20:04
nikolamEh that`s the trouble.20:04
JazzvaI see...20:04
asacnot sure if it makes sense to document these old rotten procedures20:05
asaclet me check something20:05
nikolamhm, should I post a bug about ubdating enigmail to 0.95.6 or something. I don`t know. It`s waz over my skills. I tried to compile Sm and then make *.xpi directly but with no luck.20:08
asacnikolam: ok. in enigmail package there is still debian/rules.mailnews ;)20:08
asacnikolam: in debian/rules that is commented out20:09
asacmaybe enabling it is a good start ;)20:09
nikolamI have no clue abou development process. I managed to compile my *.deb `s for newer source that is ubout so far20:10
nikolamI think that If I could compile original source taken from mozilla site, that I could make that enigmail *.xpi and that will be it.20:12
nikolamBut without using ubuntu source, i can`t even compile Seamonkey20:13
nikolamon Ubunut20:13
asacnikolam: yeah. thats likely. you probably miss a patch20:17
asactake that from seamonkey sources ;)20:18
asacand use  similar configure options20:18
Jazzvaasac, I'm gonna do some more pushes to mozilla-devscripts branch... Improved med-xpi-pack and doc... In case you planned to use it :)20:20
stek79_Hi asac! Can we talk about the Firefox 3 gmail slowness bug?20:21
stek79_I made some measurements, I'm willing to track this down If I can help20:22
asacstek79_: yes. i thought it was fixed by gmail to some degree20:22
stek79_Hi! Too bad the problem is thill there20:22
stek79_bug # 21758020:22
asacbug 21758020:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 217580 in xulrunner-1.9 "Slow performance with Gmail" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21758020:23
stek79_If you take a look at my last posts, I made some measuerements with top and oprofile20:23
stek79_I have hardy up-to-date and I can say (as others) that the problem is still there...20:23
stek79_the scrolling is slow and the CPU goes to 100%, as you can see from the top log I attached20:23
stek79_about 50% of CPU spent in FF3, the other 50% in Xorg20:24
asacstek79_: have you looked at the upstream bug?20:24
asacand the bug that that depends on?20:24
ubottuMozilla bug 422330 in Layout "Slow scrolling performance with dotted or dashed borders" [Normal,New]20:24
stek79_which one? It seems that there are some open bug about scrolling20:24
ubottuMozilla bug 424423 in Layout "Border rendering is slow" [Normal,New]20:24
asacstek79_: the bug linked in the launchpad bug ;)20:24
asacwe have already connected it with one of the upstream bugs20:25
stek79_I've seen the one regarding dotted and dashed borders, but I don't think it is gmail case20:25
stek79_ok thanks, I missed that20:25
asacstek79_: so to summarize: its a border painting issue20:25
stek79_where can I see the linked upstream bug?20:25
asacwhich is slow due to cairo20:25
asacstek79_: in th elaunchpad bug20:25
asacright on top20:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 217580 in xulrunner-1.9 "Slow performance with Gmail" [Medium,Fix committed]20:25
stek79_ok I take a look20:25
asacstek79_: i pasted the upstream bugs above20:26
asacstek79_: try the patch from the second one20:26
stek79_ok, sorry where can I find a patch?20:26
stek79_ok I've seen it.20:29
stek79_Assuming that this actually fixes the problem, is there a chance to see this patch included in ubuntu firefox3?20:30
Jazzvaasac, how does this look like for default build cmd?20:33
JazzvaMOZ_XPI_BUILD_COMMAND ?= med-xpi-pack `pwd` $MOZ_EXTENSION_PKG.xpi20:33
Jazzvaadded "rm -f `pwd`/*.xpi" before med-xpi-pack, just to be sure we won't get error from med-xpi-pack20:36
stek79_I took a look at the patch, it seems that it deals with drawing of rounded rectangles. But I ask: if it is a problem of FF3, why with windows xp there is NOT any slowness?20:36
Jazzvaasac, yay. xpi.mk works :)20:46
JazzvaI mean, the part with the default build command.20:46
Jazzvadamn, it doesn't actually :)20:47
Jazzvaneed to skip debian and temp-* dir in med-xpi-pack, if they exist20:47
Jazzvaasac, another question. We want med-xpi-pack to unpack jar files, after it produces xpi, in order to leave sources intact, right?20:55
Jazzvaok, i'm gonna do it that way. I think it's ok20:58
asacstek79_: its because the rendering is done completely different on linux21:01
asacJazzva: yes, filterout files that are not .xpi :)21:02
stek79_ok, thanks. Last question: when this fix will be included in ubuntu?21:02
stek79_(the mainstream patch)21:02
asacstek79_: upstream will land it once its proven to work21:02
Jazzvaasac, done. Also did the unpacking of jar files, in order to get intact source. looks good :)21:02
asacstek79_: most likely we will get it through security update ... unless upstream asks us to test for them21:03
asacJazzva: good. did you already add the xpi.mk rule?21:04
stek79_ok, many thanks for your willingness, I sincerely admire your work.21:04
asacno prob21:04
stek79_a side question: I've opened a bug which seems to be not considered in launchpad21:04
Jazzvaasac, didn't push it yet21:04
asacbug #24370421:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243704 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox3 does not remember application association" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24370421:05
stek79_I don't know if it is something broken in my profile or that stuff... basically the application association does not work in my case21:05
stek79_yes that one21:05
stek79_every now and then FF keeps asking me which app it should use21:05
stek79_anyone ever had this problem?21:05
stek79_it was there since FF2 (in my case at least)21:06
Jazzvaasac, maybe we can remove last three lines from this paste, since now we're sure we have some build cmd21:06
Jazzvaand the first line is the one i added21:07
asacstek79_: kde?21:09
stek79_no, gnome21:09
asacstek79_: firefox-gnome-support installed?21:10
stek79_yes: ii  firefox-gnome- 3.0+nobinonly- meta package pointing to t21:10
stek79_ii  firefox-gnome-support                        3.0+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.04.121:11
asacstek79_: i think there is a bug for which mike hommey has written a patch21:17
asacabout mailcap brokenness21:17
asacthat one should fix it21:17
asacmozilla bug 44084021:18
ubottuMozilla bug 440840 in File Handling "mailcap handling may fail due to race conditions between thread waiting and system()" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44084021:18
asacmozilla bug 44262921:18
ubottuMozilla bug 442629 in File Handling "Ignore mailcap entries with needsterminal" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44262921:18
asacstek79_: look at those21:18
asaci think 440840 is your bug21:19
asactry that patch21:19
stek79_guys, you're awesome!21:21
stek79_a huge thanks21:22
stek79_I'll look at those21:22
asacstek79_: let me know of your findings21:23
Jazzvaasac, I think I'm done with changes to mozilla-devscripts. All changes are pushed to the branch.21:27
asacJazzva: great ... next todo is waiting :-D21:27
asacJazzva: have you tested the ./debian/rules clean21:28
JazzvaWe will have to update rules files in some extensions (the one I did for sure), when new mozilla-devscripts get uploaded to the archive21:28
asacleaves a clean source tree?21:28
asacJazzva: what needs to be changed?21:28
asacmost likely the upstream branch etc.?21:28
Jazzvamine rules file do what med-xpi-pack do... not sure how that and med-xpi-pack will cooperate ;)21:29
Jazzvaeg. pack the jar file, pack the xpi...21:29
asacJazzva: i think we have to fix rules when we switch to new upstream format21:29
Jazzvaand yeah, the upstream branch. it needs to have unpacked jar files in *.jar! dirs21:29
asacJazzva: i think only extensions that dont set a custom BUILD_CMD are affected?21:30
Jazzvanew upstream format? the one med-xpi-unpack produces?21:30
asacJazzva: yes21:30
Jazzvaasac, some of mine don't set that cmd...21:30
asaci think almost no upstream branch has that format21:30
asacso we have to do that for everything21:30
asacxpi based21:30
asacJazzva: right. so those need to be fixed now21:30
asacmaybe just by setting an empty BUILD_CMD?21:31
Jazzvathat could do for now.21:31
asacthen we have to migrate all xpi based extensions to new upstream format and drop the BUILD_CMD used21:31
Jazzvaasac, we don't need to drop it, if the rules use build cmd provided by the upstream (sh build.sh)21:31
Jazzvahmm... it doesn't leave clean sources. there's a xpi file in t-l directory...21:37
Jazzvacan I just add "rm -f *.xpi to xpi-clean target in xpi.mk?21:38
Jazzvaor to clean target?21:38
asacJazzva: hmm.21:38
asacthe .xpi file should already be automatically removed21:39
asacin toplevel dir21:39
Jazzvaif no build command is provided, yes, in clean target...21:39
JazzvaAt least, that's what was done in xpi.mk21:39
Jazzvaand I removed that part in the last (or commit before the last), since we have default build command21:40
asacJazzva: you sure it only removed the .xpi if there was no build command?21:42
Jazzvaasac, there are the last three lines21:42
Jazzvaright, if build cmd is provided21:42
asacsee ;)21:43
Jazzvamy mistake in reading ifneq as ifeq... will fix that21:43
asacJazzva: backout the last patch and do it proper ;)21:43
asacbackout is usually done by reverse applying21:44
asacdo we really need to remove .xpi in BUILD_COMMAND?21:44
Jazzvabut, now we don't need the ifneq test. there is always a build_cmd21:44
Jazzvano, if we do it in clean :)...21:44
asacJazzva: well. it might have been explicitly unset21:44
asacJazzva: ok.21:45
asacJazzva: for instance your packaging could define it as empty21:45
asacnot sure if it works with ?= though21:45
asacbut i think it should21:45
asacJazzva: i think `pwd` should be $(DEB_SRCDIR) or if that is not set $(CURDIR)21:46
asacassuming that -pack  can deal with relative paths21:47
JazzvaI think it can. It only uses indir in push $INDIR...21:49
Jazzvaand pushd can take relative paths21:49
Jazzvatesting with $(CURDIR)21:51
Jazzvayay. works and ./debian/rules clean leaves clean source :)21:54
stek79_asac, how can I test the mozilla patches? I have to build a new FF3 I think...21:57
Jazzvaok, these changes are pushed :)22:01
asacstek79_: no, xulrunner-1.922:01
asac(most likely the patches are xulrunner patches)22:01
Jazzvanope, still not pushed:)22:01
asacstek79_: you install bzr-builddeb and then get the bzr branch lp:~mozillateam/xulrunner/xulrunner-1.9.head22:03
stek79_is there some tutorial about rebuilding it?22:03
asacand in xulrunner-1.9.head you run22:03
asacbzr bd --merge --dont-purge22:03
stek79_ok, I have to learn bazar :)22:03
stek79_never used it :(22:04
Jazzvadone... now to make usage() functions for med-xpi-* and to use them :)22:07
asac_sorry reconnect22:14
stevelasac_: hrm?22:14
asac_stevel: sorry. wrong auto complete ;)22:14
asac_stek is gone ;)22:14
* stevel points at stek79_ 22:15
Volansasac_ sorry for the OT question... if I have a question about python on Ubuntu where is the right place to ask?22:15
asac_stek79_: last seen:22:15
asac_23:04 < stek79_> never used it :(22:15
asac_Volans: depends in which direction the question is going22:15
stek79_ ok, I have to learn bazar :)22:15
stek79_ never used it :(22:15
Volansmodule loading that work in gutsy and not in hardy due to a change of the path of the module (xml.dom module)22:16
asac_Volans: is that a main package?22:21
Volansis in the python-xml package let me check22:21
asac_and whats the problem?22:21
=== asac_ is now known as asac
VolansI have a script that works well in gutsy but in hardy crash with a error loading module22:22
Volanswhile the module is installed as I know, the packages are the same22:22
Volansbut in a different path22:23
Volanschanged from /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/_xmlplus/dom/.... in gutsy to  /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/oldxml/_xmlplus/dom/... in hardy22:23
asacVolans: yes, then we upgraded to a new version which probably doesnt have that module anymore22:24
Volansthe error is in the xml.dom ext module in particular, but I can't exclude that other module loaded after going to do the same22:25
Jazzvausage done :)22:39
asacVolans: do you have a simple testcase?22:42
Volansfrom xml.dom import ext22:42
VolansI think is enough ;)22:42
Volansyou can try in the interactive shell I think, with the python-xml package installed22:43
Volansasac: have you tried if the import work on hardy?22:49
asacVolans: yeah it fails22:54
Volansand you think is a path problem or something more in-depth?22:55
VolansI need only the PrettyPrinter function and the Printer.py file is already there22:56
asacVolans: i think that ext is obsolete22:56
asacVolans: maybe ask on #ubuntu-devel. not sure if thats the right forum though ;) ... if its still there but in a non-default folder you could add that path to PYTHONPATH in your install i think23:02
Volansok... and you know the "obvious" substitution for PrettyPrint? perhaps a lxml function23:02
asachmm ... anyone sees pidgin crashin wiht hardy-proposed?23:04
asacVolans: no clue. i only use python when i bump into it ;)23:04
Volansok thanks a lot :)23:04
Jazzvaasac, pidgin crashes in group chat?23:26
asacJazzva: no it crashes on startup for me :(23:26
asacso in short: i cannot start it anymore :(23:26
Jazzvaasac, sorry...23:26
asacnot even with clean profile ;)23:26
JazzvaDon't know if I don't use that one...23:26
Jazzvabut it crashes in group chat for me23:26
asacJazzva: group chat?23:27
Volansah asac for the python proble I have found the bug 19901423:27
Jazzvaasac, no... more people in same msn chat room...23:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 199014 in memaid-pyqt "python-xml removal: please drop/replace (build) dependencies" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19901423:27
asacnever used that23:27
Jazzvagood for you (seriously :))23:27
Volansubottu: are you sleeping?23:29
ubottuVolans: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:29
asacVolans: look what other packages did to fix it ;)23:35
VolansI have found the solution in the bug replies23:37
Volansadd: sys.path.append('/usr/lib/python%s/site-packages/oldxml' % sys.version[:3])23:37
Volansbefore the first xml import23:37
Volansand works23:37
asacVolans: and what is the _new_ way?23:46
VolansI heard that "lxml" is the best xml dom atm for python, but is an external module23:46
VolansI have used xml.dom because except for that function is integrated in the standard python23:47
Volansso more simple to use23:47
VolansIf you have 5 minutes I have a proposal I have already sent to the ubuntu-web list (the new Web Presence Team)23:48
asacnot sure if i can be of help there ;)23:49
Volansno news2000 tell me to ask you ;)23:49
asacwhat is it about?23:49
VolansI can forward to you the mail I think is better and quickest23:50

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