jdugganm_tadeu: see imdb.pl in the contrib folder00:06
m_tadeujduggan: is there a way through the myth environment?00:08
jdugganyes get the imdb info00:08
jduggani think in mythvideo setup00:09
m_tadeuthanks :) gonna check that out00:09
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zabwtfi wish i could just pipe a bugreport from here :)  ... "1) Nova T-500 IR gives thousands of 'dib0700: Unknown remote controller key 9 3F' in syslog, -- need to recompile v4l with patch, 2) Mythfront replaces lcd-clock with LCDproc default status page on startup, 3) xfce panel sensors plugin has horrible colors and magically reverts changes to configfile"00:40
whoDat_how do i change the title of a recording00:42
zabwtfhmm, another bug .. /dev/dsp1 isn't there (sound for my analog tv-card)01:01
setitehey all01:04
setiteanyone who can help me create .deb01:04
setiteim trying debuild -us -uc but im getting an error in debian/rules01:05
superm1yo kirkland01:34
superm1what's up?01:34
kirklandsuperm1: hiya, i merged mythtv-status today, was looking for a sponsor01:34
kirklandsuperm1: but i noticed someone else had done so also01:34
superm1post a debdiff somewhere?01:34
kirklandsuperm1: i'm not sure what the protocol is, but i don't want to hijack anyone's merge ;-)01:35
superm1well was it a complex merge?01:35
kirklandsuperm1: yeah, on set01:35
superm1and did you do a better job?01:35
kirklandsuperm1: no, very very simple01:35
kirklandsuperm1: different verbage in the changelog01:35
superm1well whom ever's sounds better than i say01:36
kirklandsuperm1: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythtv-status/+bug/24320501:36
kirklandsuperm1: he's got a debdiff in that bug, I have a pointer to http://people.ubuntu.com/~kirkland/mythtv-status/01:36
superm1kirkland, how about this...01:37
superm1send the guy in debian an email01:37
superm1to have him depend on mythtv-perl | libmyth-perl01:37
superm1so that we can drop the delta01:37
kirklandsuperm1: sure01:38
superm1kirkland, although he might have trouble with that i realize now since neither is formally in debian01:38
superm1maybe if he can make them recommends01:38
superm1if not, then i'll sponsor one of your two merges01:38
kirklandsuperm1: sure, sounds good01:39
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adefais there an easy way to stop the mythfrontend and backend from loading automatically?05:26
tgm4883_laptoprhpot1991, you can come back you know05:36
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jasperbghey, anyone know the status of the mythbuntu 0.22-trunk PPA?08:35
illunie1´╗┐Hi! I am just curious now, I would like to use and MCE just as a Video/Audio/Photo server not as a PVR is that possible with MythBuntu? I tried it before and i couldn't seem to get the video to work although sounds were fine.09:33
cypherdelicPlease help me: Cinergy T USB XE suddenly doesn't work anyome. DMESG: http://pastebin.com/m38c3ef1716:26
cypherdelici didn't changed anything. i dont know why it doesnt work anymore16:29
zabbadappturn it off, then on again? so the firmware is reloaded17:13
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Hellobayhow can i stop the frontend to start automatically at boot. the button in the mcc doesn't work anymore. (8.0419:13
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zabbadappHellobay: the gui-settings for autostart seems to be gone in mythbuntu 8.04? Atleast for me (i did an upgrade from 7.10) ... anyway, in ~/.config/autostart/ you can find it19:26
Hellobaythank you but i already tried deleting that link but with the next boot it is there again19:27
m_tadeuhi everyone19:53
thedarkonehellobay use synapic20:05
thedarkoneand hit search type in autostart20:05
m_tadeuhow can I set music art stuff?20:16
jphillipm_tadeu I believe you drop an image in the directory20:32
m_tadeujphillip: ok...thanks20:33
Frans-WillemBah, just ripped out my videocard out of my backend and it's still booting (although it's giving some loud beeps doing so)20:34
Frans-WillemOnly problem is that now VNC isn't working anymore :(20:34
m_tadeui'm trying to search videos on youtube, using mythbrowser...but I can't insert a space in the search box20:49
lagaFrans-Willem: oh. yeah. VNC is brought up together with X.  :)20:58
lagaand X is not going to come up with a video card20:58
lagaso just run vncserver?20:58
Frans-WillemGot X11 forwarding running now with Cygwin21:08
Frans-WillemI could bring up xterm21:08
Frans-Willemonly downside is, I can't bring up the menu :/21:08
Frans-WillemAny ideas to that ?21:10
lagawhat menu?21:13
Frans-WillemThe start menu, the one I launch apps from :p21:13
lagaoh my god. ;)21:13
Frans-Willemtop left21:13
Frans-WillemWhat :p?21:14
Frans-WillemYeah, I could try and find out what the command lines to some are, but it's easier to have all those things just in a menu :/21:14
Frans-Willemwhat's the mythbuntu equivalent of C:\windows\start menu ;)?21:14
Frans-Willem... :/21:20
lagano clue actually. i guess you could start xfce.21:20
Frans-WillemCommand not found :(21:20
jphillipFrans-Willem the way I recall it is that you ssh'd in and launched an app that used x and then it would run in cygwin21:22
Frans-WillemYeah, that works21:22
Frans-Willemrunning xterm works fine21:22
jphillipI'm not sure you can run the desktop21:22
Frans-Willembut I'd like to see (for example) the MythBuntu Control Center21:22
Frans-Willemand I'd love to be able to find out where it is21:22
jphillipso just run it?21:22
Frans-WillemBut if you tell me the command line, I'll only know how to launch the MCC, and next time I need a specific app I'll have to ask again :p21:22
Frans-WillemSo I'd rather find out where the default start menu is stored, so I can peek and find out for myself :)21:23
lagayou can just guess commands?21:23
lagaeg type21:24
lagamythbuntu TAB TAB21:24
lagaand it will show you21:24
Frans-WillemOooh, that's nice :)21:24
m_tadeucan I resize the subtitle font size?21:26
jphillipyes tab complete is a lifesaver21:30
lagaso is david hasselhoff21:31
jphillipknightrider hasselhoff or baywatch hasselhoff?21:32
Frans-WillemOk, so seriously, this X forwarding is a mess :(21:34
Frans-WillemI need to hack around to enter my sudo password in that X session (it's hidden :/), and on top of that running the control center for the diskless clients just crashes on me21:34
Frans-WillemSomeone mentioned vncserver, any instructions on how to set it up properly? I've alreayd installed te tightvncserver package, but running vncserver starts a screen on :1 with just a terminal, nothing els21:35
jphillipyou can try nxserver as well, though I don't like the way it works with xfce21:35
Frans-WillemHah! nvm, got it myself :)21:37
Frans-WillemNeeded to edit /home/frans-willem/.vnc/xstartup21:38
Frans-Willemremoved the termianl and default WM21:38
Frans-Willemand replaced it with xfce4-session21:38
jphillipit still does annoying stuff like spawns a mythfrontend like that I think21:51
MythbuntuGuest76anyone using a 7100/630i over HDMI?22:16
jasperbglaga: ping?22:42
MythbuntuGuest76laga: ping?23:18
MythbuntuGuest76why does my diskless client have different packages to my server?23:18
Frans-WillemMythbuntuGuest76: Because it's not a clone, it's a seperate image23:19
MythbuntuGuest76Frans-Willem, how do i update it?23:19
MythbuntuGuest76Frans-Willem, in MCC?23:20
MythbuntuGuest76Frans-Willem, DOH!23:20
MythbuntuGuest76Frans-Willem, im a dumbass!23:20
Frans-WillemMythbuntuguest76: Go into the MCC, then go to the diskless tab and click the MCC button there, that spawns an MCC in the image23:20
Frans-WillemJust run synaptic or anything else from there23:20
MythbuntuGuest76Frans-Willem, did my updates and launched synaptic...still out of date23:22
Frans-WillemDid you commit the changes to the image ?23:23
MythbuntuGuest76Frans-Willem, sources.list?? thats prob it23:24
Frans-WillemThat or the overlay :/23:25
MythbuntuGuest76overlay? should i clean the whole thing out? been trying not to use it...only for nvidia and xorg really23:27
Frans-WillemWell I personally always clean the overlay after major changes to the image23:28
MythbuntuGuest76will do! thanks frans, might need to try it tomorrow though23:28
MythbuntuGuest76nite all23:28

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