ikoniaam I over reacting or are comments like "stop jerking off" inappropriate in #ubuntu-offtopic ?00:05
nickrudcontext ikonia would determine that.00:06
ikoniawell in reference to masturbation00:06
Seeker`I suspect that masturbation is inappropriate in -ot00:07
nickrudyah, there's always that sub text, but telling someone to stop jacking off, in ref to verbal masturbation would be appropriate ;)00:07
ikoniaI thought so, but I could be over reacting00:07
ikonianickrud: ooh, ok, maybe I'm too fussy then00:07
ikoniathe reference to jacking off seemed out of line00:07
ikoniaSeeker`: up late00:08
Seeker`ikonia: this is fairly standard for me00:09
ikonianight owl00:09
Nafallosleep \o/00:09
Seeker`2am is an early night for me00:09
ikoniait's earlier than I thought actually00:09
ikoniaI thought it was about 2:0000:09
mneptok1900 here00:13
nickrudstill working hours here, 162600:26
Seeker`its 0026 here00:26
ikoniaI'm out00:48
* Myrtti had a nightmare of Laku falling on his back and breaking it, dying there and then04:21
Myrttiyay for two hours of sleep and waking up to a nightmare04:22
Myrttiyay for waking up screaming grasping your mobile phone like the straw that keeps your head above the surface04:23
* Myrtti sighs07:02
ikoniawhat's up ?07:55
bazhangot getting a bit dicey07:58
ikoniaall quiet now08:08
ikoniaI really don't like this part message  ["Remember: don't use `sudo rm -rf /`!"]08:09
ikoniaI don't think it's called for and is tempting people to "see what it does"08:09
jussi01ikonia: we have been saying that for days - nobody has sone anything about it yet. maybe a pm when he comes back in is in order.08:11
ubottuFlannel called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (jjinx1272006)08:11
ikonia jussi01 I think that would be cool08:12
jussi01ikonia: so if you see him come in, get to it :D08:13
Myrttimay I just say08:14
bazhangikonia, yeah that bothered me too08:14
jussi01Myrtti: no! :P08:14
Myrttijussi01: shut up and scroll to 06:2108:14
* jussi01 hugs Myrtti08:15
Myrttiwhat I was about to say08:15
Myrttiis that ... thing in -ot running a mIRC script that announces and spams on join?08:15
Myrttion strike three I'll hellokittyfy him08:16
bazhangjjinks is back in ot08:17
jussi01oh someone shoot it already...08:17
gnomefreaksomeone might want to keep eye on jjinx1272006 in -offtopic, im kind of trying to wake up and getting somethings done for drs visst today08:17
gnomefreakbazhang: i saw08:17
Myrtti/hellokitty jjinx127200608:18
Myrttijust waiting08:18
bazhangwould kb him if I could08:18
gnomefreakbazhang: your an op in -offtopic?08:18
bazhanggnomefreak, sadly no08:18
gnomefreakah nevermind i am though08:18
MyrttiI'm waiting08:18
Myrttinext idiocy will get him08:18
Myrttijussi01: 10:20 @,- jussi01 [n=jussi01@ubuntu/member/jussi01] has quit [Remote closed the  connection]08:21
gnomefreakhes working in my nerves08:21
Myrtti10:21 @,- Netsplit over, joins: jussi0108:21
jussi01Myrtti: your irssi is screwed08:22
MyrttiI know08:23
ikoniajussi01: what provides libauto_bleh_core.so ?08:23
jussi01ikonia: no idea - for auto_bleh go find no0tic08:24
Myrttihttp://i-n-v-i-s-i-o-n.com/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=38&Itemid=46 ...08:24
ikoniaahh never mind08:24
ikoniaresolved it08:25
gnomefreakauto_bleh is easy ;)08:31
gnomefreakikonia: just think of the commands as /ar = auto remove /abr = auto ban remove08:32
MyrttiI just have my aliases08:32
ikoniaI was having an issue with the actual script08:32
MyrttiI don't trust autobleh at all08:32
ikoniathe box I'm on was an F8 -> F9 upgrade, it went a bit wrong (thanks guys) so I'd fixed it, but I'd missed a package,08:33
gnomefreakMyrtti: it hasnt failed me in the year or two ive been using it, maybe longer than that08:33
ikoniait was borking on a non-existant lib, but it didn't actually want that lib, it was a miss-leading error08:33
ikoniajussi01: missed him again08:36
* jussi01 doesnt us irssi08:38
MyrttiI just wish I could melt away and vanish08:41
jussi01Myrtti: Im planning with snuxoll atm08:43
jussi01but i really should work08:44
MyrttiI already promised to be his replacement auntie08:44
ikoniajussi01: snuxoll ?08:45
ikoniagnomefreak: he was confused08:47
gnomefreakikonia: i saw08:47
Myrttiikonia: mea culpa08:47
ikoniagood good08:47
Myrttiikonia: he's been talking about moving to Finland so I gave it some thought yesterday08:47
ikoniawho snuxoll ?08:47
Myrttis/moving/coming to visit or like/08:47
bazhangthe users name was intrepid btw08:48
Myrtti@ -ot08:48
bazhangthus the confusion gnomefreak08:48
gnomefreakwho :(08:48
gnomefreakits too damn early08:48
gnomefreakbazhang: is linda on Intrepid?08:48
ikoniaI can't work that out either08:49
bazhanggnomefreak, no, she was speaking to user in #u named 'intrepid'08:49
ikoniathats not helpful08:49
gnomefreaktell people to use names without our codenames08:49
ikoniaha ha, you can't do that08:49
bazhangor only ask for out put of lsb_release -a08:49
jussi01!info linda intrepid08:50
ubottuPackage linda does not exist in intrepid08:50
Tm_Tjussi01: hi09:11
Tm_Tjussi01: I'm heading in to train, so, I'll notify you how the trip goes :)09:11
MyrttiA DATE!09:20
bazhangbman in ot09:33
Myrttithat Fryguy-- is going to cause us a lot of trouble10:24
elkywhere's he at now?10:24
Myrttinot on any channels I'm in10:24
Myrttiis Boston nearby Chicago? please say no10:26
MyrttiI iz doing spying10:28
elkywtf... i cant even put the states in the right freaking boxes10:29
elkythey're near, but not near, if you know what i mean10:30
ikoniawhat's fryguy done10:39
ikoniahe was providing solid help when I last looked in10:40
jussi01ikonia: the google it and give whatever answer guy?10:40
ikoniahe wasn't doing that earlier10:41
ikoniaso he's just hitting google and giving the reponse of the first line ?10:42
Myrttialso being abusive in private when told to keep on topic10:42
ikoniahe seemed quite straight earlier on10:42
elkyit's always the qui^Wstraight ones...10:43
elkyi think it was him i saw get rather acidic when someone pointed out that his google hits were a little off the mark too10:46
ikoniaI'm dissapointed now10:47
elkywelcome to our world.10:47
ikoniahe was doing some good work earlier10:47
MyrttiFlannel: if you don't mind, pitch in your experiences10:49
Myrttiit's a tough call though10:49
FlannelRegarding my conversation?10:49
MyrttiI don't blame you for not wanting to or withhelding10:51
FlannelWell, he started out with a sense of entitlement,"I've been helping people, so I don't have to follow all the rules", and then it went south from there.  I tried to deflect blame from him by saying it was less about him in particular, and more about setting a good example for people who don't know better, so they won't get into trouble later thinking its ok.10:54
FlannelThats not a quote by the way.10:54
ikoniawhere was this ?10:55
FlannelAfter that, he summarized a few times I was offtopic, some C help, and a stereo hardware question.  Which brought up the question of 'what is on topic'.  After that, he decided I was the authority on the subject, and asked me 'can I reply to him?' to each question posed in #ubuntu10:56
Flannelikonia: In a query10:56
FlannelI can post the log somewhere if need be10:56
ikonianah, it's just nice to understand what he did10:57
ikoniaI'm quite dissapointed10:57
Myrttibut he's been here before10:57
ikoniaoh really, first time I've seen him over the last few days10:58
Myrttiso it's not ... unpredictable of him10:58
jussi01I have a similar pm conversation with him10:59
* jpds walks in, and wonders what's going on.11:00
* jussi01 jumps on jpds 11:01
gnomefreaki hate working for 2 weeks and told that everything needs to be redone because of the version number :(11:01
ikoniagnomefreak: how ironic, I've just had a similar situation where I have ported a module from apache1, to 2, changed the compiler from sun, to gcc, and moved it from solaris to redhat, to be told that it's the wrong version of the module11:04
gnomefreakikonia: hell thats worse than mine i just hav eto rebuild a dozen or so packages due to a too high of version11:31
ikoniayou get off light then11:34
geniiHello... if there is a person who believes they are helping but actually giving potentially catastrophic advice, what to do? Basically I'm trying to keep an eye on them and point out the flaws in their instructions/recommendations to the person they are supposedly "helping" but thats really frustrating. I'm not exactly sure what else to do in these situations.11:45
Myrtti"if they've made a habit out of it and you suspect they're doing it with malicious intent, report it"11:45
Myrttidepending on which channel you're on, here or -irc11:46
geniiMyrtti: Are you everywhere?11:46
Myrttipart of the deal being ops at -women, -fi and -fi-tiimit11:46
Myrttialong with -offtopic, #u and #x11:46
ikoniagenii: which user and channel do you believe is not helping well11:47
geniiikonia: The user scorpian in #ubuntu . For instance he recommended:  "[06:09] <scorpian> @pradeep type #sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1" when the fellow asked about formatting his usb pendrive..without knowing first if indeed that was the correct drive11:49
geniiMore recently he assured another user that mounting a drive to / was not necesarily a bad thing11:50
ikoniagenii: he just looks a little slapdash, don't worry11:51
geniiikonia: Yes, i said earlier that it does not seem malicious. But still could be dangerous, like reformatting someones hd accidentally would not be a Good Thing11:52
ikoniano, I understand, you have a valid concern11:52
geniiikonia: OK thanks. I just hope enugh ppl are paying attention to correct his larger booboos11:53
ikoniawell, people are aware now11:53
geniiAll right. I'll get back to what i was doing then :)11:54
ikoniaif I have ban fowarded someone to the wrong channel, how do I correct it?12:20
Piciundo the ban forward (its just like any other ban) and set the correct channel12:20
jussi01ikonia: remove the ban, then add it again12:21
ikoniathat simple12:21
Pici-b *!*@!#ubuntu-offtopic +b *!*@!#ubuntu-ops12:21
Piciikonia: do you need help changing that ban?12:24
ikoniaPici: unamomento12:25
ikoniacomplaining that the channel is not synced12:26
PiciMyrtti: ;)12:27
ikoniayes irssi12:27
ikoniaMyrtti: thank you12:28
Myrttithank Pici12:28
Piciikonia: I had the same issue once, you need to /set channel_max_who_sync   to something larger than the number of people who would be in the channel at once, I have mine at 200012:28
MyrttiI copypasted it from that :-D12:28
ikoniaPici: thank you to12:28
ikoniaPici: ahh12:28
ikoniaPici: appriciated12:29
PriceChildBe careful with that settings :)12:31
ikoniaPriceChild: I assume too high will kill me12:31
PiciI've never had an issue with irssi causing me to excess flood out12:31
PriceChildikonia: "The maximum number of users that may be in a channel for Irssi to issue a12:32
PriceChild/who #channel12:32
ikoniaPici: care to send me your alias's for irssi ?12:33
Piciikonia: http://nullcortex.com/2008/06/23/irssi-aliases-scripts/12:34
ikoniaahh you sent that before, I didn't book mark it12:34
PiciNo problem12:34
PriceChildHello neopsyche?12:37
neopsychejust to clear this up12:37
neopsycheI apologies to Ikonia12:37
neopsycheI was coming from the mindset of ubuntu being an operating system that attempts to enter the windows market and convert windows users to ubuntu12:37
neopsychei have since been told that is not the drive of ubuntu12:37
ikonianeopsyche: it doesn't matter what mind set ou where coming from - you where asked to a.) provide more information, which you ignored b.) stop going off topic - which you ignored c.) stop ranting about how windows was better than linux - which you ignored12:38
ikonianeopsyche: you then flooded the channel12:38
neopsychecould someone please explain what the marketing and drive of ubuntu is.. what the point is.. if it is not aimed at the average user (such as most windows users)12:38
neopsycheikonia: gee.. if you check the logs i think you will find it was not that bad12:39
neopsycheikonia: and flooding??? er.. more than 3 lines of text.?12:39
ikonianeopsyche: I don't need to check the logs, I was there12:39
neopsycheikonia: i think not12:39
neopsycheikonia: yes. your version.12:39
neopsycheikonia: are you a robot?12:39
ikonianeopsyche: multiple lines of capialised text, with .................. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12:39
ikonianeopsyche: clearly not12:39
neopsycheikonia: oh.. yes i forgot we are not supposed to have feelings, just follow parameters . beep beep12:40
neopsycheikonia: ;-)12:40
ikonianeopsyche: thats fine - if you don't want to discuss your behaviour, then I suggest you leave and come back when you feel you'd like to12:40
ikonianeopsyche: adding :) on the end of things doesn't make things "ok" or "acceptable"12:40
neopsycheikonia: did i say i diddnt want to ? are you assuming?12:40
neopsycheikonia: it was a joke12:40
neopsycheikonia: cant you take a joke?12:41
ikonianeopsyche: lets cut to the chase, do you understnad why you where removed from #ubuntu ?12:41
neopsycheikonia: whats not ok about what i just said.12:41
neopsycheikonia: well.. you 1. diddnt like the fact that i was pointing out the issues with the ubuntu 8.04 auto insallation of dualboot.12:42
ikonianeopsyche: thats not what I asked12:42
ikonianeopsyche: I asked if you understood why you where removed from #ubuntu ?12:42
neopsyche2. diddnt like my 2 or 3 lines of text that 'was not in ALL caps' that tried to spell the problem out12:42
neopsyche3. you decided to ban me12:42
neopsychethe above points are my understanding of it.12:42
ikonianeopsyche: ok, so you don't understand why you where banned.12:42
neopsycheikonia: you diddnt like what i was saying.12:43
neopsyche"promoting windows"12:43
neopsycheas you put it12:43
neopsycheikonia: oh . and that i used caps in part of a sentence12:43
ikonianeopsyche: I'll explain it again. 1.) you where not giving enough information to trouble shoot your issue,  multiple people asked you for feedback which you just ignored. 2.) you flooded the channel with random text that was ALL in capitals 3.) when you where asked to stop discussing why windows was better than ubuntu, because it was in an ubuntu support channel you ignored the request to stop, multiple times12:44
neopsycheikonia: 1. i felt i was giving enough information12:44
neopsycheikonia: 2. the text was not random and contained some non caps text at the beginning12:45
neopsycheikonia: 3. I did not say that windows was better than ubuntu12:45
neopsycheis there anyone else here who can mediate this?12:45
PriceChildneopsyche: #ubuntu is for support of ubuntu only.12:46
PriceChildneopsyche: it is run by volunteers giving their own time to help troubleshoot random people's issues.12:46
neopsychePriceChild: i was trying to install ubuntu when it caused the issue12:46
neopsychePriceChild: i know it is run by volunteers12:46
neopsychePriceChild: whats your point?12:46
neopsycheis there anyone else here who can mediate this issue?12:46
PriceChildneopsyche: I would like to try if you are willing to let me finish.12:47
neopsychePriceChild: go ahead.12:47
neopsychePriceChild: i dont know if you are an op or not12:47
PriceChildneopsyche: People with voice in this channel are ops.12:47
PriceChildneopsyche: If you're asking for help in a channel then we request you abide by /msg ubotu guidelines12:48
neopsychePriceChild: are there no ops so you cant kick eachother?12:48
neopsychePriceChild: indeed.12:48
PriceChildubottu sorry12:48
ubottuIt's ok, I can't stay mad at you.12:48
neopsychePriceChild: i noticed.. some people are quite quick to assume.12:48
jussi01neopsyche: we dont keep ops - only take it when needed12:48
neopsychejussi01: thats very covert of youi12:49
PriceChildneopsyche: wrt 1. if you're asking for help, its only polite to aid the person in fixing your problem.12:49
neopsychePriceChild: indeed i tried to explain12:49
PriceChildneopsyche: we don't keep ops because it attracts unwanted attention, we believe we don't need different treatment to other members of the channel.12:49
neopsychePriceChild: right. i get that.12:50
neopsychePriceChild: ops begging etc.12:50
PriceChildneopsyche: I think this has blown out of all proportion.12:51
neopsychePriceChild:  i dont think it has.12:51
neopsychePriceChild: ;-)12:51
PriceChildSo what would you like from us?12:51
neopsychePriceChild: dont kick people for mentioning issues in #ubutnu .. or rename it to #ubuntu-support to indicate that it is a support channel.12:52
neopsychePriceChild: remember that:12:52
PriceChildneopsyche: Ok well we don't kick people for mentioning issues in #ubuntu12:52
PriceChildneopsyche: and please read the topic of a channel when joining, to find out what is ontopic/offtopic discussion.12:53
neopsychePriceChild: users of windows dont understand as much about linux as seasoned linux users. therefore . they are likely to make misteaks12:53
PriceChildneopsyche: yes12:53
neopsychePriceChild: i beleive i was kicked for discussing an issue with 8.04 boot as relating to windows users not wanting to use ubuntu ever agian after experiencing the problem.12:54
ikoniathat was not the case, as I've explained to you12:54
neopsyche(not saying one operating system is better necesarilly as it was phrased by ikonia.. i feel that is an outright lie)12:54
ikonianeopsyche: I've explained the 3 reasons you where removed for, you where also removed earlier and asked to stop discussing non-support related issues, which you ignored, so you where removed.12:55
neopsycheikonia: i am not referring to other instances of rule breaking but the windows better than ubuntu comment you said i made which i did not.12:55
PriceChildAt the point you were kicked, you weren't trying to get support anymore, and were seemingly ranting. As well as that silly capital and spaces talk12:55
neopsycheikonia: i was not ranting. i was mentioning the issues regarding how windows users are going to take the error, and also trying to explain my point to ikonia. i even apologiesed for the caps and mentioned it was out of frustration and not personal at which point he/she kicked me.12:56
ikonianeopsyche: I think your wrong12:57
ikoniayou where kicked after your caps out burst12:57
ikoniabut this is symantics12:58
neopsycheikonia: i think i am right12:58
ikoniathe bottom line is you where not interacting with the channel appropriatly12:58
neopsycheikonia: i think i was except for the caps in a sentence which i apologised for12:58
ikonianeopsyche: you where asked to stop discsussing the offtopic converation, multiple times. You where asked for more information on your support issues, which you ignored. Thats not interacting with the channel12:59
neopsycheikonia: so, what exactly was it that i said that was offtopic. please paste it.13:00
PriceChildFurther discussion won't take us anywhere.13:00
PriceChildneopsyche: anything that isn't asking or giving support is offtopic... ie your talk about windows users.13:00
ikonianeopsyche: I'm not going to get into a log posting discussion for no reason. I suggest you leave the channel and think about what has been said here.13:00
neopsychePriceChild: thats very unconstructive, i think it will13:00
PriceChildneopsyche: I think it best we all step away from the situation for a short while.13:01
neopsycheikonia: i think the real reason you dont want to post the log regarding my windows comment is because it will expose your lie about me saying 'windows is better'13:01
PriceChildpublic logs are available at irclogs.ubuntu.com13:01
* PriceChild disappears for a little13:02
ikonianeopsyche: your welcome to your opinion.13:03
ikonianeopsyche: Please take a few hours to think about what's been said in here, and how your comments (read the log if you want) come across13:03
neopsychePriceChild: I think you think it is best to step away from this conversation because i am making a point. and my point is my comments were relevant to the development of ubuntu and expansion of it for windows users, and how ubuntu can take tips from windows as to how to better serve the average users and that 'if' ubuntu does not address those issues it may as in 'might possibly' never...13:03
neopsyche...become a desktop user platform of choice.. you say i am welcome to my opinion but i got kicked forit.13:03
neopsycheikonia: i am not concerened about how they come across only if they are accurate and truthful13:04
ikonianeopsyche: then read the ubuntu code of conduct13:04
ikonia!coc | neopsyche13:04
ubottuneopsyche: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/13:04
ikonianeopsyche: how your comments come across is very important. And I'll be blunt - your comments where not very thought out13:04
ikonianeopsyche: so now, I'm asking you to please go away for a few hours, think about what has been said in here, read the logs, and the code of coduct link, then if you'd like to return to #ubuntu come back and discuss it13:05
neopsycheikonia: were my comments truthful regarding the issue of the installation problem or not?13:05
ikonianeopsyche: no,13:06
neopsycheikonia: what was untruthful about them?13:06
ikonianeopsyche: you where having a personal issue which people wnated to help - this is not "a problem with ubuntu"13:06
ikonianeopsyche: as I've said - please read the information, and consider the discussion in here, and come back in a few hours.13:06
neopsycheikonia: how is a bug not an ubuntu issue?13:06
ikonianeopsyche: I'm not going to discuss this further at this time, please just take a little time to consider the discussion in here13:07
neopsycheikonia: I think you are running away from the problem. which is an issue with ubuntu itself.13:07
neopsycheikonia: you kicked me for pointing that out, and i take offence to that.13:07
ikonianeopsyche: please leave the channel and consider the discussion.13:07
Hobbseeneopsyche: bug #?13:07
neopsycheikonia: please answer my question regarding the bug13:08
neopsycheHobbsee: yes13:08
ikonianeopsyche: I've explained I'm not going to discuss your removal any further.13:08
* gnomefreak starts getting a bad feeling but it maybe the coffee not this topic13:08
Hobbseeneopsyche: no, a bug number request is supposed to be answered with a number.  not "yes".13:08
neopsycheHobbsee: it appears that many 'many many' users are installing ubuntu dualboot only to find that it cripples their system.. when i started mentioning the ramifications of this issue for the expansion of ubuntu i was kicked by ikonia (partly also for using caps in a sentence which i apologised for)13:09
neopsycheHobbsee: i dont know if there is a number/?13:10
neopsycheHobbsee: i am a primarily windows user and dont know what bug "number" it would be?13:10
ikonianeopsyche: I've explained why you where kicked, and then why you where kicked and banned a second time a number of times.13:10
Hobbseeif it is, indeed, a bug, and not user error, then why didn't you file it as a bug?13:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bus13:10
neopsycheikonia: i diddnt notice how many times ikonia but you kicked me for discussing a relevant issue thats my view.13:10
Pici!bugs | too13:10
ubottutoo: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots13:11
Hobbseelet me guess, you didn't define how it cripples the system, either?13:11
gnomefreakPici: we should link bus to bugs ;)13:11
neopsycheHobbsee: i was not told i could file it, i was kicked.13:11
ikonianeopsyche: now your making things up13:11
Hobbseeneopsyche: and i'm asking you now, and you're not being helpful.13:11
neopsycheHobbsee: i did ;-)13:11
neopsycheHobbsee: excuse me, i dont think i type as fast as you. please be patient13:11
jussi01!bus is foo13:12
ubottuI'll remember that, jussi0113:12
neopsycheHobbsee: can you be patient regarding that?13:12
Hobbsee(if you did, in fact, put it into #ubuntu, shouldn't you be copying and pasting?)13:12
jussi01!bus is <alias>bugs13:12
ubottuBut bus already means something else!13:12
jussi01!no, bus is <alias>bugs13:12
ubottuI'll remember that jussi0113:12
jussi01gnomefreak: happy?13:12
gnomefreakjussi01: always13:12
gnomefreakcant let things get to you around these parts13:12
neopsycheHobbsee: the bug is a boot issue which prevents access to either windows or ubuntu can you see my frutration at people such as yourself asking why i am not pasting? :-) especially when i am not perhaps as fast to type as you?13:13
neopsycheHobbsee: the bug is that it doesnt boot into either os after installation . just for the record13:13
Hobbseeyes, but why?13:13
Hobbseeit works for me, it works for a lot of people.13:13
neopsycheHobbsee: another problem is ubuntu users assuming windows users know whats going on13:14
gnomefreakgrub error 17?13:14
Hobbseeif you can't say why it doesn't boot, then, really, you're being unhelpful.13:14
gnomefreak^^^ popular grub error13:14
Hobbseeneopsyche: or can read error messages off your screen, yes.13:14
neopsycheHobbsee: how am i supposed to or expected to know why when i have little to know knowledge of computing compaired to some if not most on here13:14
neopsycheHobbsee: the error messsage i did paste :-)13:14
neopsychecheck the logs if you like13:14
neopsycheHobbsee: i dont see how that is unhelpful13:15
neopsycheHobbsee: you are being unhelpful by not being understanding that i am telling you i am inexeperienced in these things and continually saying that i am not giving enough information when i am doing my best to try to explain.13:15
* Hobbsee looks at the logs.13:16
neopsycheHobbsee: you will see i mentioned error message 'A Disk Read error occurred'13:17
Hobbseeyes - that's what i was expecting you to answer here, incidently.13:18
neopsychewell. that is the error messge13:18
neopsycheso .. i did infact give the error message13:18
neopsycheperhaps everyone was too focussed on asking for other errors to notice13:18
neopsychehowever after trying to explain i was kicked13:19
neopsychei even tried to spell it out.13:19
neopsychebut then added apology as i was using caps13:19
Hobbseeneopsyche: you appear to think that it was deliberate that the inside-windows installer died.13:19
neopsycheHobbsee: i think it could be a well known bug perhaps. thats why i tried #ubuntu13:20
Hobbseeif it was a well known bug, in the installer, then it was likely to have been fixed by now, no?13:20
neopsychewhich to me sounds like an all round channel for ubuntu ... unlike #ubuntu-support13:20
PiciThere is no #ubuntu-support13:20
neopsychei know13:21
Hobbseeneopsyche: that being said, why did you never give the output of sudo fdisk -l, as you were asked many timse to do?13:21
neopsycheI just tried to start that channel.. and it says it is owned by ubuntuirccouncil event hough they never use it!13:21
neopsycheHobbsee: hobbsee, my pc wont boot into ubuntu so i could not give that13:21
Hobbseethey told you you could by the live cd, and if i'm not reading this, you said ok.13:22
neopsycheHobbsee: nor was i explained to why i must give that13:22
Hobbseeso, presumably you understood.13:22
Hobbseedo you require explanations for everything, in a busy support channel?13:22
neopsycheHobbsee: i wanted more information befere waiting for my computer to boot into live cd13:22
neopsycheHobbsee: yes, as i like to understand the purpose of things to figure out if there is an easier way13:23
ikoniabut you said your not experienced13:23
neopsycheHobbsee: could you help me with this issue? as ikonia has kicked me.13:23
ikoniaand you don't understand13:23
Picineopsyche: And because you didnt get that answer it made it okay to go offtopic and make a scene?13:23
Hobbseethen i really don't think places like #ubuntu can help you, and you'd do better to refer to manuals.13:23
neopsycheHobbsee: no i am not very experienced but i like to learn and understand as best as possible why something is done even if only on a basic level13:24
Hobbseeneopsyche: at this point, i'd boot with the live cd, and install windows on another partition.  there's a nice option there that will partition your drive, and let you use the free space for ubuntu.13:24
Hobbseethat being said, you probably need to repair whatever's happened to your windows first, which might be appropriate to do in somewhere like ##windows.13:24
neopsychePici: no not at all, 1. i felt that mentioning a serious bug and the possible ramifications thereof was relevant 2. making a scene as you put it is the natural human response to try to draw attention to an important issue so yes. ;-)13:25
Hobbseeneopsyche: all your bug was is "something in the installer inside windows failed".13:25
neopsycheHobbsee: i have video data on the drive and am afraid to lose it by using the partitioner13:25
ikonianeopsyche: so you still haven't read the guidelines and you still don't understand why your behaviour was not appropriate in a busy support channel13:25
Hobbseeneopsyche: no wonder people were asking for more informatoin.13:25
neopsycheikonia: fine ikonia. your input is not helpful. go away.13:26
Hobbseeneopsyche: that's like me saying "a house is on fire" to a fireman.13:26
neopsycheHobbsee: ok. that makes sense13:26
ikonianeopsyche: I'm afraid thats not how it works, This is not a support channel, I suggest support is stopped in this channel.13:26
Hobbseesure, that's kinda helpful - but it doesn't tell him enough information to even start solving the problem.13:27
neopsycheHobbsee: to me .. i tried to install windows and ubuntu from live cd using dual boot optoin and now it wont boot (error message) was enough.13:27
Hobbseeso, what's the error message for why it won't boot?  is it still "A disk read error has occurred"?13:27
neopsycheikonia: you booted me because you diddnt like the way i was coming across and now i am banned. so let me have my support and dont try to bully me in this channel too.13:28
Picineopsyche: This isn't a support channel. Period.13:28
ikonianeopsyche: I'm not bullying you - this channel is not for support issues.13:28
neopsycheikonia: i diddnt say it was13:28
Hobbseeit is true, it doesn't help that i'm effectively giving support ehre.13:28
neopsycheikonia: you are all quite selfish to deny someone support13:28
Hobbseebut i am interested in whatever's actually happened here.13:28
neopsyche(selfish: those who wnat to kick me )_13:28
ikonianeopsyche: I'm trying to explain why your beahviour in #ubuntu was in appropriate so that you understand and can get back in to re-gain support13:28
Hobbseeneopsyche: that was uncalled for.13:29
ikoniasorry that should read in-appropriate13:31
neopsycheikonia: you make support for ubuntu in this situation extremely difficult.13:31
Hobbseeright.  both of you, stand down.13:31
Hobbseeyou're not helping.13:31
Hobbseeneopsyche: what i'd suggest you do at this point, is what I said above, and to post all the error messages you get, and a long summary of the issue, to ubuntuforums.net - they're more likely to go slower, and to give you explanations on why things are happening.13:32
Hobbseeit also contains a search, which you might find helpful13:33
Hobbseebut i would point out that ranting over how bad linux is, because you've been hit by a bug, which does'nt normally happen, is very unhelpful - no one can actually do anything with it - they can't fix the bug, all they can do is ignore the noise created.13:33
neopsycheok. ikonia. my apologies for using caps and discussing an ubuntu issue as relating to windows users in a channel purely dedicated to support and not offtopic conversations which in my opionion would be better suited to be called ubunut-offtopic as this makes more logical sense but also makes sense if ops want to feel they are 'the' ubuntu support channel to boost their egos, however you are...13:33
neopsyche...the master of the channel , you are the grand supreme elite ubuntu ops that have control over other users.. yes .. its true, and egos do come into it. so please unban me so i can get support.13:33
neopsycheHobbsee: good point hobbsee . im human. what can i say.13:34
neopsycheHobbsee: we arent robots.13:34
Hobbseeat the moment, i can't see a live-chat support environment being a helpful place for you to start, as you do what explanations as well as a fix.13:34
neopsyche* error not ubuntu-offtopic *ubuntu-support was the correct term in the paragraphs above13:34
Hobbseei also don't think it's overly appropriate to play the "blame game" either.13:35
neopsycheHobbsee: indeed .. lets end the balme game13:35
neopsycheikonia: you win. i hope you enjoy your victory.13:35
Hobbseeneopsyche: that's not helpful either.13:35
neopsycheikonia: i am utterly sick of this conversation13:35
Hobbseeso, how about we end this now, and neopsyche follows the two blocks of advice that iv'e said above.13:35
PiciNo one is keeping you here then.13:35
neopsychebut watch .. ikonia would not unban me even if i read the rules13:36
neopsycheiknoia will make it personal13:36
Myrttihow wonderful to jump into conclusions13:36
Hobbseeneopsyche: ikonia's not the only one who can undo bans, and really, you're not being helpful.13:36
neopsychewhich rules exactly did i break?13:36
Picineopsyche: This is not constructive.13:36
Hobbsee...i'm sure this has already been covered.13:36
Hobbseeneopsyche: i must ask you to leave now, and to follow the advice given earlier.13:37
neopsycheok. i see your point of view is.13:37
neopsychementioning windows issue that was offtopic13:37
neopsycheand caps13:37
neopsycheand not relevant or enough infomration13:37
neopsychethis is such a waste of time13:37
* Hobbsee watches neopsyche talk himself into silence, as everyone else has had enough.13:37
Hobbsee(and only wants constructive conversation)13:38
neopsychewho cares.13:38
neopsychemy apologies for not playing by the rules13:38
neopsycheyour rules13:38
neopsycheand the rules set up by those who run the 'show'13:38
neopsycheif you want to unban me . great13:39
neopsycheif not. thats not great13:39
Hobbseesome people are just...13:40
PiciYes, no need to quantify it, we all saw it.13:41
Hobbseethat being said though...13:41
MyrttiI thought it was fairly close, though13:41
Hobbseei'm surprised that no one pointed out why they needed more information, or tried to be helpful beyond "we need the output of this"13:41
Hobbseethere are certainly a class of users that don't really respond well to that13:42
ikoniaHobbsee: many people asked for more information, and gave commands to get it13:42
Hobbseeikonia: i realise that.  reread what i said, though.13:42
Picineopsyche: Do you have anything further that we can help you with?13:43
ikoniaHobbsee: ahh, I see13:43
HobbseePici: he's probably typing.13:43
neopsycheim still being redirected here13:43
Hobbseeikonia: this isn't the first case we've had like this.13:43
Hobbseeneopsyche: yes, yes you are.13:43
ikoniaPici: thanks13:44
Piciikonia: np13:44
neopsycheHobbsee: yeah13:45
neopsycheHobbsee: hm13:45
Hobbseenow, why don't you go and follow the advise i gave you?13:45
neopsycheHobbsee: life sucks, ubuntu sucks, since my computer is trashed.13:45
neopsycheHobbsee: boot ubuntu live13:45
elkyneopsyche, stop wasting our time.13:45
Hobbsee[22:24] <Hobbsee> neopsyche: at this point, i'd boot with the live cd, and install windows on another partition.  there's a nice option there that will partition your drive, and let you use the free space for ubuntu.13:46
Hobbsee[22:25] <Hobbsee> that being said, you probably need to repair whatever's happened to your windows first, which might be appropriate to do in somewhere like ##windows.13:46
neopsycheelky: put me on ignore13:46
Hobbsee[22:32] <Hobbsee> neopsyche: what i'd suggest you do at this point, is what I said above, and to post all the error messages you get, and a long summary of the issue, to ubuntuforums.net - they're more likely to go slower, and to give you explanations on why things are happening.[22:33] <Hobbsee> it also contains a search, which you might find helpful13:46
Hobbsee[22:33] <Hobbsee> but i would point out that ranting over how bad linux is, because you've been hit by a bug, which does'nt normally happen, is very unhelpful - no one can actually do anything with it - they can't fix the bug, all they can do is ignore the noise created.13:46
Hobbseeend of story.13:46
ikoniaI'd standby in -offtopic13:46
elkyhmm, i think i hit a few extra keys13:46
neopsycheno kidding13:47
neopsycheyou ops all seem to be the same13:47
Myrttithat makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside13:47
elkylikewise you trolls.13:47
neopsychenow we are getting somewhere.13:47
Myrttiwe are?13:47
MyrttiI was sure I was getting hungry even before13:47
Myrttialso: tired13:48
neopsycheso im considered to be a troll.. i guess all windows users are considered trolls by ubuntu ops13:48
* Hobbsee doubts the guy actually wants help.13:48
Picineopsyche: This is not constructive13:48
Hobbseeneopsyche: no, but most people will do something constructive after given information - like, actually following it.13:48
neopsychehobbsee: you have been helpful. at this point i am just too pissed off to focus on trying to fix the problem13:48
PriceChildu< neopsyche> PriceChild: I think you think it is best to step away from this conversation because i am making a point. and my  point is my comments were relevant to the development of ubuntu and expansion of it for windows users, and how ubuntu can take tips from windows13:48
Picineopsyche: Then take a break for a bit13:48
PriceChild as to how to better serve the avrage users and that 'if' ubuntu does not address those issues it may as in 'might possibly' nev'er...13:48
neopsychemy apologies to all13:49
PriceChildneopsyche: #ubuntu is for support *only*13:49
Hobbseeneopsyche: may i advise you that you should take a break from your keyboard, or others will do it for you.13:49
PriceChildI also can't believe this is still going on...13:49
PiciPriceChild: me too13:49
neopsycheim a mess when it comes to solving these issues. who knows maby one day it will change.13:49
neopsycheHobbsee: yeah.. im expecting them to kick me any second13:49
PiciIf theres nothing further...13:50
neopsycheHobbsee: please get them to rename #ubuntu to #ubuntu-support as it is most logical ... and i feel like making waves.13:50
Hobbseeneopsyche: if you want to be thought of as an irresponsible teenager, go right ahead and continue.  i would have thought you had enough self respect nto to do so.13:50
MyrttiI actually feel like kickbanning the whole channel and leaving only the bots and myself here13:50
Hobbseeneopsyche: there's a /topic for a reason.13:50
Myrttithat would be a cool thing to do13:50
MyrttiFUN too.13:50
* elky hugs Myrtti13:51
PiciMyrtti: No fair, you get the bots all to yourself :(13:51
* PriceChild gives Myrtti flags to 'clear'13:51
neopsycheHobbsee: hmm.. self respect online. i think the issue with respect online is lack of accountability13:51
neopsychepeople can say/do almost anything without much accountability13:51
elkyneopsyche, is that what you're doing?13:51
* Hobbsee isn't even going to start on that one, although it is false.13:51
Hobbseeelky: give him the boot please :)13:52
neopsycheelky: yup. guess so.13:52
Hobbseepreferably one for a while...13:52
neopsycheelky: bye hobbsee.13:52
neopsychesee you when maby i have more sanity13:52
Myrttihow about we just leave the growling and gnarling to the other side?13:52
elkyneopsyche, please leave of your own accord13:52
neopsycheyaay back to the loonie bin in the internet13:52
MyrttiALL OF YA13:52
neopsycheyou arent going to kick me?13:53
neopsychehey .. someone ban myrtti for capes13:53
neopsychesince we are all anal retentive about caps13:53
Myrttias long as you sit on your wee ass and listen closely.13:53
* Myrtti glares on everyone13:53
PiciThis is ridiculous13:53
neopsychemaby myrtti has a wee ass13:53
* Hobbsee counts the people that are now acting out of line.13:53
Myrttino one is being productive here13:53
Myrttime even less so than the brightminded folks that have the sensibility of being quiet13:54
neopsycheridiculous is the beginning of all things crazy13:54
neopsycheer or whatever13:54
Myrttiwhy the ban, it so not fun13:54
Picielky: thank you, if I could do that I would have long ago.13:54
* Myrtti pouts13:54
elkyMyrtti, because i want to go to bed, and nobody else was going to stop the cycle13:54
HobbseeMyrtti: i'm sure you can take him into a PM.13:55
* jussi01 thought about doing it, but figured that there was a council member here so let them deal with it...13:55
MyrttiI'll start gathering up the material for the "Ubuntu Ops Training Camp At The Middle Of Nowhere Using Soft Cushioned Baseball Bats"13:56
elkyskip the cushions and just round up the ##politics regulars13:56
Myrttigaffers tape, check13:56
ikoniaofftopic quick13:56
Myrttipantyhose, check13:56
PiciHobbsee: Is the Kubuntuforums the proper place to herd Kubuntu people with questions? I'm looking at setting up a !support factoid for #kubuntu13:58
Hobbseeerm, i supsect so13:58
Hobbseealthough they do have a place at UF too13:59
Pici!support-#kubuntu is <reply> The official Kubuntu support channel is #kubuntu. Also see http://www.kubuntu.com/support.php13:59
ubottuI'll remember that, Pici13:59
Myrttiand here we go13:59
elkylets see how long it lasts...14:02
Myrttiwell he's chatting with me now14:02
PiciYou have the patience of a saint14:03
PiciOr a madwoman14:03
elkythe latter14:03
elkyshe's definately the latter ;)14:03
PiciI'm going to get back to work14:05
MyrttiI must be out of my mind, I'll give you that14:19
Myrttiwould you horribly mind if I'd take the ban off from him and just watch how he's doing?14:23
Myrttifrom #ubuntu?14:23
ikoniaMyrtti: do you really think thats appropriate14:24
ikoniahe's wasted about 40 minutes ranting14:24
PiciI think he needs more of a time out too.14:24
Myrttinot the usage of the word *I*14:24
ikoniahe can get support from places like the forums as Hobbsee suggested if he really needs it14:24
PiciMyrtti: The only opinion I have is my own.14:25
MyrttiI'm afraid from what he's telling me he's in a bit of a tight spot and would really need to have that computer of his working as fast as possible14:25
ikoniaMyrtti: then perhaps he should have thought about that14:26
ikoniaI'm not convinced about how genuine he is14:26
ikoniaif the computer was that important - would he be messing around putting ubuntu on it ?14:26
Myrttibtw, pastebinit works fine and dandy straight out of the package without installing it ... am preparing it to paste his pm's with me with pastebin14:26
jussi01Id have no problems with it - why not? if he behaves, then we have a hppy user, if not, then ban, and he knows he has done wrong and we have something to say "I told you so"14:27
ikoniaI don't think he knows he's done wrong14:27
ikoniahe argued everything14:27
ikoniathen he trolled the other channels.......so he certainly knew he was doing wrong then14:28
jussi01ikonia: really thats my point - its not going to be that much of a disturbance - why not try it?14:28
PiciI disagree14:28
ikoniabecause in my opinion it validates his behaviour14:28
PiciI'm curious to see Myrtti's logs to see what he said14:29
MyrttiI'm trying to find a service that would allow me to put stuff behind a password14:29
jussi01I just think sometimes you have to have a marshall plan - when you have beaten the enemy you help him up and he is so appreciative he isnt that stupid again.14:30
jussi01Myrtti: pastebin.ca iirc14:30
jussi01little box at the bottom.14:30
PiciTheres no win or lose here.14:30
ikoniajussi01: I'm all for that, I guess see what Myrtti says14:30
HobbseeMyrtti: pastebin.ca?14:30
Myrttiwell there we go, he quit14:30
Myrttihold on14:30
MyrttiWHAT do I see with me teeny eyes14:32
Myrtti--- Log opened Sat May 03 23:32:40 200814:33
MyrttiI wonder what happened then14:33
Myrttithis is perfect14:39
Myrttithose intrested may ask14:41
Myrtticommand used was cat irkkiloki/freenode/neopsyche\ freenode20080708.log | ./pastebinit-0.10/pastebinit -b http://paste.f-box.org -a myrtti -j myrtti@gmail.com -u myrtti -p GOTCHAFOOLED14:41
Picier, nevermind14:42
ikoniause/pass doens't work14:42
MyrttiOH REALLY?!14:42
ikoniaI assum -u and -p14:43
ikoniajust clicked14:43
ikoniasend it over14:43
Myrttiyup, why would I bother putting it behind a password and then just chuck the password openly to a logged channel?14:45
Myrttibut pastebinit is pure love ♥14:45
Myrttinp. Carole King - You've got a friend14:46
* Myrtti hugs everyone in their turn14:47
Myrttistarting from jussi0114:47
ikoniaMyrtti: in my personal opinion there isnt much sign of remorse or even interest in getting his PC working14:49
ikoniahe's not tried any of the info Hobbsee gave him14:49
Myrttiwell, not anymore14:49
MyrttiI was willing to give him slack - but then he quit14:49
Myrttinot going to raise a finger for him now14:49
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ir, mib_euryqd said: !mib_euryqd is locobot_515:20
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ir, mib_euryqd said: !mib_euryqd  is locobot_515:21
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ir, mib_euryqd said: !mib_euryqd is locobot_515:21
Pici!scope > mib_euryqd15:21
ubottumib_euryqd, please see my private message15:22
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ir, mib_euryqd said: !no, mib_euryqd is locobot_515:22
Myrttiwould someone slap him?15:24
PiciI'm in there now, the next time he does it I will.15:24
Dave2koji cancel 715:26
Dave2argh. multi-monitor fail. :(15:26
jussi01hrm, why is ubottu in #ubuntu-ir ?15:51
jussi01she shouldnt be in loco channels IMHO15:51
Myrttibecause someone has added him there obviously16:12
jussi01I think I am going to check what channels she is in and remove from loco channels - they can have loco bots16:16
Picijussi01: you might want to talk to the channel ops first so that they know you are doing that16:20
bazhangwhat is with everyone suggesting google in #ubuntu??16:21
jussi01Pici: yes16:21
PiciI dont know, but the that was a bit disturbing in -offtopic16:22
bazhangholy cow.16:23
ikoniahow odd16:24
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=== Pici` is now known as Pici
Myrttioh great.18:09
Myrttinow is again great time to remember that I was supposed to take those meds I forgot to take yesterday morning, this morning18:09
* Myrtti facepalms18:09
Myrttimornings. I'm doing them wrong.18:10
Myrttiepic fail.18:10
Myrttieven - MULTIFAIL.18:10
ikoniasexygirl in #ubuntu he's been in a few times, when he doesnt get responses he changes his nick to more "sexual names" to get attention19:38
* Pici rolleyes19:40
* jussi01 jumps19:40
ikoniahe's done it a few times19:41
* Myrtti considers dressing up and going to buy Cheesie Poofs.19:43
Myrttinot Tiger Nuts this time though.19:44
jussi01what is with people tonight - you answer someone then cant actually help them, then they keep pinging you, jussi01 help me!19:44
PiciWeren't we talking about that yesterday?19:44
Myrttiwhat, about jussi01's chocolity goodness?19:44
MyrttiI don't think so, no19:44
PiciYou might have been...19:44
ikoniaPici: sorry, your quicker19:51
Piciit was just a mute19:51
ikoniaPici: apologies19:51
Piciikonia: no need19:51
Piciikonia: :D20:01
ikoniahuh ?20:01
ikoniawhat are you chucking at20:01
Piciikonia: your comment to manoj20:01
ikoniamozzy: ah20:01
PiciI'm Pici, not mozzy20:02
ikoniastupid auto complete20:02
Myrttino cheesy poofs?20:06
Myrttino cheesy poofs.20:06
ikoniaI like cheesy poofs, you like cheesy poofs20:06
ikoniageek_inn2 now trying to date me in a pm20:16
SirTrombaLotI said ciao20:25
ikoniacan we help ?20:26
SirTrombaLoti've got a big problem20:26
sbriggihi there20:26
ikoniasbriggi: hello20:26
SirTrombaLotwhen i try to start an .exe20:26
SirTrombaLotit doesn't start20:27
SirTrombaLotin ubuntu20:27
ikoniaSirTrombaLot: this is not a support channel, have you been forwarded here trying to join #ubuntu  ?20:27
SirTrombaLoti can't join #ubuntu20:27
SirTrombaLotthey redirect me here20:27
naliothSirTrombaLot is a troll.20:27
ikoniaSirTrombaLot: I suspect thats because of your hostname20:27
SirTrombaLotare you kidding me?20:27
ikonianalioth: ooh, I thought it was a simple hostname20:27
ompaulikonia, read the +n20:28
naliothSirTrombaLot: learn some civility and you'll be welcome in #ubuntu20:28
ikonianot there yet20:28
SirTrombaLotit's a dact of fact20:28
ikoniawill do though20:28
ompaulSirTrombaLot, so there you go, there is nothing further here for you20:28
SirTrombaLotbut it's a dact of fact20:28
SirTrombaLotbut it's true!20:28
naliothanything else we can help you with, SirTrombaLot ?20:28
SirTrombaLoti've got a sexual illness20:29
ompaulsbriggi, how can we help you?20:29
sbriggiwhat's this channel for?20:29
ompaulnot help20:29
jussi01sbriggi: see /topic ?20:29
ompaulit is for dealing with IRC operator issues in the Ubuntu space but not locos20:30
ompaulthis world we live in20:30
* ompaul watchs half a 90degree angle approach 20:31
ompaulsbriggi, so tell me how can we help you?20:31
ompaulif there is nothing specific please see the topic, where it refers to idlers20:31
sbriggiah ok20:31
jussi01yay for trolls in pm...20:33
ikoniawho do you have ?20:35
ompauljussi01, na20:35
jussi01our sirtrombalot ikonia20:35
jussi01I banned him in #kubuntu...20:35
ikoniaI'm guessing he's quite well known20:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about btlogin21:18
ompaulthats cos I was confuesd21:18
ompaulcan someone check my comment on bt21:22
ompaulyou need to be a regular in -ot to understand what I am getting at - if you are such a person then please let me know if it is +1 or -121:22
jussi01hehe... http://lifematta.com/jussi01/photo/1194621:23
ubottunonewmsgs called the ops in #ubuntu ()22:50
ikoniamneptok: did you respond to that ?22:59
mneptokompaul took care of it22:59
ikoniaI can't see that, there is a gap in my logs between :22 and :26, I don't know why22:59
ompaulmneptok, :)22:59
mneptokoy Senor O'M23:00
mneptokhow is the Missus O'M?23:00

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