Kanobut i would just remove the added line,more easy...00:00
tjaaltontga fixed00:39
tjaaltonneed to check what drivers to drop from video/input-all00:47
tjaaltonat least cyrix, imstt, magictouch00:47
tjaaltonoh well, something for the morning.. night00:48
tjaaltonok, xorg uploaded08:06
Q-FUNKwhat would be the correct package for bug #245500 ?09:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 245500 in xserver-xorg-video-geode "Jigdo cannot build ubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso: .jigdo file refers to missing package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24550009:28
Q-FUNKwas reassigned to -geode but the issue is that 8.04.1 jigdo files point to an older version that is not what ships with hardy+109:28
tjaaltonQ-FUNK: btw, cyrix is going to be dropped from intrepid, since it's deprecated and doesn't build against 1.509:29
tjaaltonbut you probably knew that already :)09:29
Q-FUNKtjaalton: understood and expected.  afaik, nsc won't build against 1.5 either09:29
tjaaltonseems like it did09:30
Q-FUNKideally, the milestone to merge back GX1 support into -geode would happen now, so that we can fix this permanently, but it's only scheduled to happen in december...09:30
Q-FUNKit did?09:31
Q-FUNKwas there a new nsc that fixes this?09:31
tjaaltonno it's still 2.8.309:31
Q-FUNKafaik, upstream purposely made it fail in git, because the nsc build succeeds but it produces a non-usable binary09:31
tjaaltonbut geode hardcodes the ABI?09:31
tjaaltonok, unusable is fine :)09:32
Q-FUNK-geode has all the latest #ifdef so it builds fine against 1.509:32
tjaaltonyeah but the Provides: didn't update09:32
tjaaltoncheck how the other drivers grab the correct abiversion from xserver-xorg-dev09:33
Q-FUNKwhat should it be?  not -2 anymore?09:33
tjaaltonbut ideally the package should set it dynamically on build09:34
Q-FUNKIIRC I had decided to avoid parsing those version files from -dev to make it possible to build on Etch but, now that Lenny enters the freeze, I could just as easily upgrade that.09:35
tjaaltonetch didn't have those?09:35
Q-FUNKetch provides 1.0 and didn't use those 3 files for the api and abi versions09:35
Q-FUNKsimilar to ... feisty, IIRC09:36
tjaaltonwell, it's still trivial to backport09:36
Q-FUNKor maybe the ubuntu equivalent would go as far as edgy09:36
tjaaltonso video-all should drop the dep on nsc?09:37
Q-FUNKbut now that lenny is about to release, I could replace my -dev version parsing trick in debian/rules with using the normal 3 files for driver versions09:37
Q-FUNKtjaalton: you can still keep nsc in principle, but I vaguely recall something about it not properly building on 1.5, from the x.org bugzilla09:38
tjaaltonwell, it's not on my list of failed modules, so.. :)09:38
tjaaltonit's fine for now09:38
tjaaltonsince it doesn't block video-all09:40
Q-FUNKjcristau: is lenny expected to release with 1.4 or 1.5 ?09:53
Q-FUNKalright. thanks for the confirmation09:55
Q-FUNKdo we have a name yet for Lenny+1 ?09:56
jcristaubryce: your intel changelog says you don't build reg_dumper because pciaccess isn't in main, but surely that's not true anymore?11:10
tjaaltonQ-FUNK: want me to fix geode for now?11:13
tjaaltonthe abiver11:13
Q-FUNKtjaalton: I could upload one to debian/experimental, from which you can sync, if that works for you.11:14
tjaaltonQ-FUNK: sure, that's better11:16
tseliottjaalton: as regards the serverabi for nvidia-glx-<ver>, shall I add the version to the build-dep on xserver-xorg-dev in the control file?11:20
tseliotif yes, which version?11:20
tseliot(for Intrepid)11:20
tjaaltontseliot: put (>= 2:1.4) like the other drivers have11:21
tseliottjaalton: like this? Build-Depends: xserver-xorg-dev (>=2:1.4.1~git20080131-1ubuntu4)11:22
tjaalton2:1.4 is enough11:23
tseliotok, thanks11:23
tjaaltonQ-FUNK: what's the ETA for the upload? geode is blockin livecd builds :)11:23
tjaaltonQ-FUNK: maybe I'll upload a hardcoded fix now to get it in ASAP, we can sync later11:24
Q-FUNKtjaalton: I could do it now, if I find a sponsor11:24
tjaaltonQ-FUNK: aren't you a DD?11:24
tjaaltonum, DM11:25
Q-FUNKunfortunately not11:25
tjaaltonok, your wikipage says so :)11:25
Q-FUNKtjaalton: yeah, because they didn't have a word for non-DD back then11:25
tjaaltonah ok11:26
Q-FUNKnor did they have separate upoad rights for maintainers. 11:26
tjaaltonI'll upload a fix and we can sync after alpha111:26
tjaaltonuh alpha211:26
Q-FUNKI aksed to be added to DM now, but it might take a few days to process11:26
Q-FUNKand that's assuming that there won't be any protest 11:27
Q-FUNKtjaalton: experimental package uploaded to mentors and awaiting sponsr12:36
tjaaltonQ-FUNK: ok, thanks12:39
tseliottjaalton: the serverabi function seems to work well :-) I'll give you credit for this and for the initial merge in the changelog13:49
tjaaltontseliot: ok, cool :)14:02
tjaaltonI'll try a dist-upgrade from hardy with your ppa14:03
tseliottjaalton: I haven't updated my ppa yet14:04
tseliotI'll do it ASAP14:05
tjaaltonok thanks14:05
superm1bryce, hum... circular dependencies? http://paste.ubuntu.com/25935/14:30
superm1just transient caused by updates, or is something actually broke?14:31
superm1nvm it must have been transient, as it just went away from apt-get update14:31
tjaaltonyou need to change the Provides of fglrx14:32
superm1what to/14:32
tjaaltoncurrently it Provides: xserver-xorg-video-2, change that to 2.914:32
tjaaltonwhich is the new video-ABI version14:32
superm1so xserver-xorg-video-2.9?14:33
tjaaltonor, do what tseliot did and change the packaging to get that dynamically :)14:33
tjaalton(like all the other drivers do)14:33
tjaaltonthat would work14:33
tjaaltonfor now14:33
superm1well there is no provides in the source package right now14:33
superm1i'll take a look at what tseliot did then and add it14:33
superm1what does this actually do?14:34
tjaaltonit would allow to have only fglrx installed14:34
tseliotsuperm1: I haven't committed the changes yet. I'll send you a link to the source code ASAP14:34
superm1that sounds like a bad idea :)14:34
tjaaltonyou can leave it out if you like14:35
tjaaltonI thought the error was due to that14:35
superm1well in principle it should be there though14:35
superm1so i'll get that in place14:35
superm1the error was because i did an intrepid CD build last night while the mirror was in a weird state 14:35
superm1tseliot, cool thx14:35
tjaaltonah, right14:35
tjaaltontseliot: what's the ETA of the ppa update?15:05
tseliottjaalton: I'm about to build the packages locally on Intrepid 64. Then I'll have to test them. After that I'll upload them to my PPA. However I will have to bump to ubuntu215:07
tseliottjaalton: I'll ping as soon as they are ready, ok?15:08
tseliotping you15:08
tjaaltontseliot: pl15:08
tjaaltonbryce: the greedy patch for intel makes the server to segfault, see bug 24658115:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246581 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "X server crash in libfb.so when EXA is enabled" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24658115:17
tjaaltonbryce: so, either disable it now or forward port it15:18
tjaalton*for now15:18
brycejcristau: yes, but I left it off since I was building the driver on hardy.  I'll put reg_dumper back on in a subsequent upload once my intrepid build environment is working properly18:11
brycetjaalton: ok on it18:13
tjaaltonbryce: actualy, it's fixed already :)18:17
tjaaltonforgot to tell..18:17
bryceoh whoops18:21
brycelooks like -via is failing to build18:22
brycehrm, I really need to get my intrepid pbuilder working18:27
tjaaltonbryce: yeah I was wrong about the sync.. it hasn't been ported to pciaccess, so it should be removed from the archive18:27
bryce../../src/via_driver.h:216: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'pciVideoPtr'18:27
bryceyeah that looks like a pciaccess issue.  which is why it built fine on my hardy environment but not in the build system18:28
tjaaltonbut it doesn't matter if it won't build, since openchrome is the default18:28
brycewould be nice to have as an alternative though, but oh well18:28
tjaaltonbah, openchrome is a fork of it :)18:29
bryceok I'll put in a remove request on it18:29
brycewell we can dream Via would update it some day, can't we?  ;-)18:29
tjaaltonnah, they should open the specs like they promised18:31
brycebug #24667618:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246676 in xserver-xorg-video-via "Please remove -via from the archive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24667618:33
brycetjaalton: did you see #245888 already?18:37
brycemaybe that one is fixed now18:37
tjaaltonno, compiz is broken on at least i96518:38
tjaaltonthe problems in the last messages are the ones that intel/vesa had/has18:40
brycethis report is for i915, and another with radeon 920018:40
tjaaltonthere  are two bugs upstream about this18:42
tjaaltonand they have been ignored for quitesome time now18:42
tjaalton+" "18:42
brycehm, give me those bugs, and I'll bug my contacts to get them some attention18:43
brycebut breakfast first.  bbiab18:44
tjaaltonyes, I'll dig them up 18:44
tjaaltonbryce: ok, freedesktop bug 14441 and freedesktop bug 1547719:02
ubottuFreedesktop bug 14441 in Drivers/DRI/i965 "Compiz shows only black screen on i965" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1444119:02
ubottuFreedesktop bug 15477 in General "full screen is white when use compiz" [Normal,Reopened] http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1547719:02
tjaaltonfunny that the other bug was filed by an intel engineer..19:05
bryceyeah intel can be weird19:07
brycebtw, do you know if we have bugs in LP corresponding to these?19:19
brycetjaalton: in 14441 from the last comment it sounds like timo found a way to work around the issue?19:24
brycehis comment is a bit ambiguous though19:24
tjaalton245888 is the same as fd.o 1547719:28
tjaaltonadded to that bug19:28
brycesort of sounds like that one is due to DRI2 changes19:29
bryceok, emailed Yong.19:29
tjaaltonyes, something broke DRI119:30
tjaaltonbut when that bug is fixed, 14441 kicks in19:31
tjaaltonbryce: fedora seems to have dropped the "xaa-evict-pixmaps" -patch, probably because XAANoOffscreenPixmaps is now the default20:54
bryceok, think we should too?20:58
brycedoes it cause any issues keeping it?20:58
tjaaltonI don't think it makes a difference in one way or another21:00
tjaaltonsweet, input properties21:24
brycebtw, over this past weekend I worked up a new bug status script thingee21:37
brycethis one's for milestones, and is not Xorg-specific21:37
brycestill a WIP.21:38
tjaaltonlooks promising22:06

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