ShadowBelmolveFryguy--, <ShadowBelmolve> anyone can help? my ubuntu is mute >.<, i tryed alsa, pulseaudio and jackd, but anyone function, jackd says alsa is in use =/00:00
goldbondcan anyone see what is wrong with my fstab? http://dpaste.com/61239 the boot sequence presents an error that says the / partition does not exist00:00
ikoniajamus: thats not a straightforward task00:00
Chaotic_DescentI'm sure there's documentation somewhere for ... whatever. I'm just not sure I could have ever found it.00:00
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WebcamWonderIs there documentation on wireless for ubuntu?00:00
japhethLns: possibly you will see a file created called /var/run/reboot-required if a reboot is required after updating00:00
macrobadeitreach: Run a debugger, and try to understand the reason. You may also report a bug to the gedit package in ubuntu.00:00
Chaotic_Descentand I don't even know if just copying the one user's files into the other folder will be sufficient! :D00:00
Carbonfluxif I have one machine that is running Ubuntu and I want to install it on another machine from a .iso image on the first machine over network, is that possible using network boot?00:01
unopChaotic_Descent, we've all run into this sometime -- but you have to understand cp does things in a way that is confusing initially -- and that's not usually the way you want it to do things00:01
Lnsjapheth, thanks!! That's what i'm looking for :)00:01
jamuswill it recognize it if i boot 'as is' with no prep?00:01
__yy_Carbonflux: yes00:01
Fryguy--Carbonflux: sure, tftp should work. googling ubuntu network boot should give you plenty of results00:01
unopChaotic_Descent, you need to watch out for permissions now that you've copied one user's files into another00:01
travisdo someone know any working app like xvidtune for nvidia00:01
AquinaHas anyone experience with programs like XawTV or TVtime? Can someone suggest me an app for usage with my old analog Pinnacle PC TV Sterio card?00:01
Chaotic_Descentoh, I find computers in general do that sort of thing. *half smirk, half frown*00:01
LLMPis amarok possible for ubuntu or it will be buggy00:02
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macrobadjapheth: Wow! It was cool!00:02
FlannelLLMP: Why wouldn't it be possible?00:02
Fryguy--LLMP: amarok is in the ubuntu repositories00:02
Chaotic_Descentah, rsync didn't handle permissions then...00:02
Chaotic_Descentgotta still use chown00:02
LLMPbecasue it is KDE platform00:02
Fryguy--LLMP: all of KDE is available in ubuntu's repositories00:02
japhethLns: no guarantees this file will be present on your system, but it's a good place to start checking.  I guess if you KNOW you're system will need to restart after an update, check to see if this file is there, and then you can even use an automated script to update your machines every evening and reboot if required.00:02
WebcamWonderLLMP: It is pretty stable00:03
Fryguy--Chaotic_Descent: that's why i said a while ago to use cp -a, it maintains permissions00:03
zanberdoA co-worker of mine inadvertently overwrote the /etc/sudoers file with one that is owned by a user other than root.  Now all sudo commands reply that the file must be owned by root.  How can I change ownership if I can't sudo chmod the file?00:03
unopChaotic_Descent, it does, but it does not reset them in a way you want them done now -- it does not mind-read00:03
giacomo_casanovanot sure how best to describe my problem but: the display is not properly being utilized, in that a smaller resolution than would use the whole screen is presented in the top left of the screen, below which the graphic interface is repeated.00:03
LLMPSo you could use KDE in ubuntu00:03
Fryguy--zanberdo: boot from livecd or use rescue mode when booting00:03
Fryguy--LLMP: sure00:03
__yyzanberdo: you need to boot into recovery mode.00:03
ShadowBelmolve anyone can help? my ubuntu is mute >.<, i tryed alsa, pulseaudio and jackd, but anyone function, jackd says alsa is in use =/00:03
Flannelzanberdo: Reboot into the recovery console.  And teach him to be more careful00:03
macrobadjapheth: google seems to verify your suggestion00:03
Lnsjapheth, yeah - i'm seeing some stuff on google re: that file, looks like it *should* be present when it's required00:03
__yyzanberdo: I did the same thing a couple days ago, unless you've set a root password there's no way to fix without rebooting00:04
RAdamsscp -r root@example.com:/home/user/www doesn't work to capture the www directory, why?00:04
Fryguy--!work | RAdams00:04
ubottuRAdams: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:04
unopFryguy--, his problem was cp copying stuff _into_ the destination directory00:04
RAdamscram it robot00:04
japhethLns: macrobad: well, if Google agrees with me, we must be making progress!  ;)00:04
Lnsmacrobad, and japheth - something that simple (creating a file) makes it SO easy to create scripts to...email/sms/etc00:05
Lnsjapheth, heh..totally00:05
Fryguy--unop: k, and cp -a is still helpful in that situation for maintaining permissions00:05
nickrudRAdams, probably because you didn't give a destination dir?00:05
marko-_-hello... my computer freezes all the time and i must reboot it... it just doesn't respons... it does that often when i'm using firefox... and now i had to reboot it 3 times because i played a file (first in totem then vlc) and it crashed... i don't even know what to do. Any suggestions ?00:05
zanberdoI think this exercise should teach him to be more careful! :)  Thanks00:05
q_a_z_stevetravis: so now I have to sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop and start from Ctrl+Alt+F2 or something right?00:05
yoshohey, can anyone give me some help on kiba-dock? Their channel is silent.00:05
Fryguy--!anyone | yosho00:05
ubottuyosho: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:05
RAdamsnickrud: oh... it won't default anywhere? didn't know that00:05
marko-_-i mean it didn't crashed it freezed00:05
macrobadjapheth: :)00:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kiba00:05
Chaotic_DescentFryguy--: except that cp doesn't work for this. ok. I think I changed file ownership.00:05
marko-_-hello... my computer freezes all the time and i must reboot it... it just doesn't respons... it does that often when i'm using firefox... and now i had to reboot it 3 times because i played a file (first in totem then vlc) and the computer froze... i don't even know what to do. Any suggestions ?00:05
yoshohaha, ok00:06
Mrevox11Ok. One last question then I shall leave you guys alone.00:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kiba-doc00:06
Lnsmarko-_-, do you think it could be a hardware (like memory) failure? have you checked it?00:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kiba-dock00:06
Fryguy--RAdams: the manpage for scp details a list of optional and required parameters.  give it a read to learn more about the usage details of scp00:06
marko-_-Lns, do you know how to check such thing ?00:06
Chaotic_Descentlater. I'm a little (little??) calmer now. (a lot, considering how much I freakin lost it)00:06
marko-_-with the ubuntu live cd maybe ?00:06
Mrevox11after I rebuilt my xorg.conf My wireless usb mouse stopped working.00:06
unopFryguy--, sure, as does rsync -a - which is what he did00:06
Lnsmarko-_-, memtest via grub00:06
Chaotic_Descentthanks for your patience, everyone.00:06
Mrevox11What must I do to get it to work00:06
marko-_-Lns, i don't know how to do that... could you be more specific00:06
yoshowhen I start kiba-dock, I get a 128x128 white box on my desktop. no dock. The settings manager crashes when I click anything in it.00:06
Lnsmarko-_-, when your system boots, hit ESC and select "Memtest86" from the boot (grub) menu00:07
goldbondglitsj16: i hope i'm not bothering you. did you have a chance to take a look at my fstab?00:07
Fryguy--yosho: run it in a terminal and see if it gives you an error message00:07
marko-_-Lns, thank you! i will try that, be back later then00:07
yoshoFryguy--: nope, no error. it starts, but doesn't show anything other than that non-selectable 128x128 white box00:07
Fryguy--i really should go compile my kernel :/ i've been meaning to do it for 2 days now and I keep procrastinating00:07
yoshoFryguy--: and now it doesn't even show that box...00:08
akuma5i cant find my ntfs partition can someone help?00:08
Fryguy--i end up just sitting in here helping other people instead :/00:08
glitsj16goldbond: sorry, someone at the door, can I pm you ? not sure if i get the whole context on your question after the interruption00:08
Fryguy--akuma5: fdisk -l will show you a list of partitions on identifiable drives00:08
* nickrud was just thinking that Fryguy-- seems to be living here recently00:08
KovertFryguy--: Use your 8 ball00:08
goldbondglitsj16: please do00:08
akuma5ok ill check00:08
Fryguy--Kovert: ?00:08
macrobadFryguy--: People'll remember you! :)00:09
Mrevox11how would I get a Microsoft Wireless Mouse to work in Hardy00:09
yoshoI ran it -v and got: Glib Object Warning: cannot register existing type GFileMonitor00:09
MasterShrekakuma5, sudo fdisk -l00:09
waltons_pacmanlooking for direction -> help with errors in Xorg.0.log file.00:09
waltons_pacmandrive not loaded correctly.00:09
AngelicaaAnyone who knows why I cannot install ubuntu 8.04 ? It comes up with an "cd is acting confusing" error ?00:09
Reformer81Mrevox11: What mouse?  My wireless desktop worked just fine (better than in Windows where I had to install the drivers first) :P00:09
KovertFryguy--: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_8-ball00:09
giacomo_casanovaanyone know any commands or starting points for re-setting the display? correct resolutions are not recognized and screen is "repeated"00:09
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: I know i already helped you, and said i can't offer anything else, but when you ask a question like that, include a link to the pastebin as well00:09
Mrevox11Its a Microsoft Wireless Optical00:10
Fryguy--Kovert: i'm confused00:10
Reformer81giacomo_casanova: Ctrl-Alt-Backspace will restart the X server and reload your config files.00:10
teiseiUbuntu FTW00:10
thiefnessHow could I find out exactly what wireless card I am using without opening my tower? I looked in 'hardware information' and all it said was vendor etc and ralink was the vender00:10
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: thanks for the etiquette tip.00:10
Fryguy--nickrud: compile my kernel for me lol00:10
Mrevox11It was working great then i had to rebuild my Xorg.conf  and now im stuck to using the touch pad on my laptop00:10
KovertFryguy--: thats why you need your 8 ball00:10
__yythiefness: try lspci or lshw00:10
erUSULthiefness: lshw -C Network00:10
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: not really an etiquette tip, just that anybody who's going to want to help you in that situation is going to be like "pastebin your xorg log".  just saves everybody a step00:10
* nickrud hands apt-get to Fryguy-- (oh, that'00:10
yoshoAngelicaa: what was that error?00:10
Reformer81Mrevox11: Then you changed something in your xorg.conf that broke it.  Retrace the changes you made and revert back to the proper settings.00:11
Fryguy--nickrud: lol you should know better :)00:11
nickruds right, uses one of those off brand *nix's)00:11
Mrevox11Well its a new xorg.00:11
waltons_pacmanlooking for direction -> help with errors in Xorg.0.log file. (located here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25810/)00:11
waltons_pacman-> Driver not loaded Correctly <-00:11
Reformer81Mrevox11: You didn't back it up first?00:11
LLMPhow could i play dvd on ubuntu?00:11
Angelicaayosho: It happens when I am booting ubuntu kernel.. Does that help you ?00:11
Mrevox11I did .00:11
Fryguy--!dvd | LLMP00:11
ubottuLLMP: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs00:11
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: true, good forsight. i do appreciate the hlp.00:11
Reformer81Mrevox11: Then restore the backup :)  Or just compare the two.00:11
thiefnessWould the usb wireless card be listed under Host Bridge?00:12
dholbertLLMP: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/07/01/enable-commercial-dvd-playback-on-ubuntu-804/00:12
yoshoAngelicaa: does it happen when booting the cd, booting the live session, or installing?00:12
Ahadielthiefness, If it's USB then you wouldn't need to open your tower up -_-00:12
thiefnessOtherwise I don't see it listed in lspci, and lshw doesn't give enough information00:12
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: being ultra descriptive and providing as much identifying information as possible is helpful to people.  I would also suggest googling some of those errors, see if you can find someone else who has run into a similar issue00:12
Angelicaabooting the live session00:12
Reformer81Mrevox11: You could also try running this command: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg (I think that's right, anyway)00:12
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: i have been. for the last two days. my complete: omg im so confused this is what is wrong can be found here. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5340127#post534012700:13
yoshocheck the disk for errors, Angelicaa00:13
akuma5<Fryguy--> E.g.: fdisk /dev/hda  (for the first IDE disk)00:13
akuma5  or: fdisk /dev/sdc  (for the third SCSI disk)00:13
akuma5  or: fdisk /dev/eda  (for the first PS/2 ESDI drive)00:13
akuma5  or: fdisk /dev/rd/c0d0  or: fdisk /dev/ida/c0d0  (for RAID devices)00:13
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: ah, ok00:13
SeaPhorthiefness, have you tried lshw -C network ?00:13
dholbertQuestion: If I set up ubuntu to automatically unlock my SSH key at login time (storing my passphrase), is that stored in encrpyted form? (presumably with my login password?)00:13
Fryguy--akuma5: fdisk -l00:13
akuma5witch one is am i suppose to us?00:13
dholbertand if someone gained root access to my machine, would they be able to crack that and get at my passphrase?00:14
thiefnessSeaPhor: yes, but it doesn't give a model name or anything like that, i'd like to be able to find if anyone else has had success getting it to run smoothly00:14
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: feel free to check it out and think on it overnight, post back. ^_^00:14
TeppsThe GUI doesn't display when I try to boot into Ubuntu (all I get is the CLI (and I have tried "startx", which has given me errors: "Fatal server error: no screens found")).00:14
akuma5<Fryguy--> oh sorry00:14
__yyTepps: try sudo /etc/X11/gdm start00:14
TeppsOk, thanks00:15
Angelicaayosho: can I do that from my terminal in mandriva ? I cannot open "Configure my computer" atm. on it00:15
Mrevox11ok. I tried that command and It just asked a bunch of questions about my keyboard.00:15
akuma5   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System00:15
akuma5/dev/sda1   *           1       54722   439554433+   7  HPFS/NTFS00:15
akuma5/dev/sda2           54723       60679    47849602+  83  Linux00:15
akuma5/dev/sda3           60680       60801      979965    5  Extended00:15
akuma5/dev/sda5           60680       60801      979933+  82  Linux swap / Solaris00:15
__yyTepps: or replace gdm with kdm if you use kde00:15
FloodBot2akuma5: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:15
thiefnessAhadiel: it is usb based, but it is within the tower as it comes already installed00:15
__yyakuma5: please stop doing that00:15
Mrevox11so what would I need to do next?00:15
akuma5oh oh sorry00:15
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: do you have an i810 driver on your machine (i'm flat out guessing here)00:15
akuma5wont do it again00:15
yoshoeh? no, on the livecd. it's an option right when you boot00:15
waltons_pacmantepps: possible that the monitor/video driver isnt installed correctly, im still stuck in my video driver issue, but look at the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. look for Section "Screens" or something along those lines.00:16
tim167how do i export my calendar from Evolution ?00:16
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: also are you using 8.04?00:16
Angelicaayosho:  Will try now .. I will come back later ;)00:16
SeaPhorwhat model again thiefness ?00:16
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: you would be correct. at least i can boot x-session with driver "i810" in the xorg.conf00:16
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: yes00:16
SmegzorI changed the mysql root user pass and now a lot of install scripts fail with this 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)'.  How do I fix that?00:16
ikoniawaltons_pacman: can you not use the intel driver ?00:16
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: Ubuntu hardy 8.0400:16
ikoniaSmegzor: how did you change the password ?00:17
tim167can i export my calendar from Evolution ?~i read somewhere there should be a 'save to disk' option but i cant find it00:17
__yySmegzor: use the -p option for mysql00:17
Smegzordirectly in mysql00:17
ikoniaSmegzor: explain how00:17
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: this seems like a known bug from this error https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/9196600:17
waltons_pacmanikonia: i can, but apparently, from fryguy, there are errors in my driver load i think that may be my wine problem.00:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 91966 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "screen artifacts after resume, part row of pixels in error (945GM)" [High,Fix released]00:17
steven__im new to Linux (2days now) and im having trouble configuring ventrilo00:17
Smegzori followed a howto in the mysql manual00:17
ikoniawaltons_pacman: that sounds plauseable, what sort of errors are you getting00:17
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: took a lot of inferencing to come up with that, and you have to wade through a lot of other stuff, but your error is in there, in an unrelated portion00:17
ikoniaSmegzor: what, you did a grant, or an update of the table, or mysqladmin00:18
aestrivexi have a new Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro VF0410 which is supported by the UVC driver and which works on luvcview but the device doesn't appear to be supported by anything else and isn't showing up under /dev anywhere.  how do i get linux to acknowledge that it's there?  running hardy 8.04.00:18
steven__anyone here run ventrilo00:18
Smegzori'll find the page I followed.  1 moment..00:18
AquinaHas anyone experience with programs like XawTV or TVtime? Can someone suggest me an app for usage with my old analog Pinnacle PC TV Sterio card? XawTV cause a blank screen...00:18
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: there seems to be a workaround like 85% of the way through that launchpad btw. give it a try00:19
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: Edit /etc/defaults/acpi-support, to comment out "POST_VIDEO=true".00:19
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: since im a noob, what is the syntax for whatever language its written in to comment? // or # or /* */ or whathave  you00:20
goldbonddoes anyone know what "Check root=bootarg cat /proc/cmdline or missing modules, devices: cat /proc/modules ls /dev" means?00:20
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: try #00:20
goldbondi recieve this error during boot up00:20
Fryguy--btw, if this works, somebody better buy me a cookie00:20
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: you00:20
tim167can someone help me export my calendar from Evolution ?00:20
aestrivexi have a new Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro VF0410 which is supported by the UVC driver and which works on luvcview but the device doesn't appear to be supported by anything else and isn't showing up under /dev anywhere.  how do i get linux to acknowledge that it's there?  running hardy 8.04.00:20
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Smegzorikonia  This looks like the method I used.00:20
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: i jumped through hella hoops to find this for you lol00:20
Smegzormeh.  didn't paste :/00:21
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: you are the MAN!00:21
Kernelhello all. now before i get told all about sudo...which ive used many many times and understand......would i break things by setting a root password?. i know in theory it should work..but are there things im overlooking which would be affected?00:21
SmegzorI had to stop the server and update the root user setting a password00:21
Fryguy--Kernel: no00:21
ikoniaSmegzor: what is the method, please give me the exact command you used00:21
MasterShrekaestrivex, never used one, but type dmesg in a terminal after plugging it in may give you a lead00:22
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: how did you find it so fast? ive been doing everything from google to form post to irc chat for two days now.00:22
SmegzorI can't paste into this window.  I'll have to pastebin..00:22
KernelFryguy--: ok. i was pretty damn sure...but i just needed some confirmation. thanks :)00:22
ikoniawaltons_pacman: quick summary of how you got it going please.00:22
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: googled first (EE) message in xorg.log, without the memory addresses00:22
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: PS still dont know if it fixed it but that was a very fast output for so little search criteria00:22
macrobadKernel: Just in case, you've overlooked, try 'sudo -i'00:22
corollaxHello. Would anyone be willing to help me with port forwarding issues?00:22
waltons_pacmanikonia: ill keep you informed no forward progress as of yet00:22
steven__hi i just loaded ubuntu yesterday and i am trying to figure out how to run ventrilo,i run it thrugh Wine and it loads i just cant hear anyone talk, and i cant talk myself00:22
Fryguy--!ask | corollax00:22
ubottucorollax: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:22
Kernelmacrobad: ok will check that now.00:22
rdzis there a way to change brightness of the laptop per commandline? in earlier ubuntu version i was able to 'echo 10 > /proc/acpi/LCD/brightness' or similar. how is it done in dapper?00:22
tim167is my calendar stuck in Evolution ? why cant i export it ? if its not possible i could just as well use a proprietary software!00:23
Flannelrdz: Dapper?00:23
macrobadKernel: You'll like it! ;)00:23
waltons_pacmanikonia: correction, no definitive forward progress.00:23
Kernelah macrobad i normally do sudo su -00:23
rdzFlannel, yeah, on that dapper, i could do it as i said.. but how do i do it now?00:23
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: still, what is the comment out syntax? # i assume/00:24
macrobadtim167: http://www.google.com/search?btnG=Google+Search&q=export+evolution+calendar00:24
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: yah, that's what i said before.00:24
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: it's the standard unix config file comment style00:25
Mrevox11anyone help? I would really like to stop using the touch pad. And i would like my mouse to start working again.00:25
WebcamWonderDoes ubuntu have a problem with connecting with static IP configuration to a wireless WPA2 encrypted network>00:25
rdztim167, i couldn't find it either, but when i reinstalled ubuntu i just copied everything from ~/.evolution to the new ~/.evolution and it worked00:25
shade1Fryguy--, macrobad, I'm back. I tried the tcpdump/ping combo. Unfortunately, while I did manage to intercept packets from my other computers, I don't think I captured any ping packets. Of course, I don't know what those look like anyway. Maybe this is because ping didn't know where to send them? because of the "destination host unreachable"?00:25
Smegzorikonia  http://pastebin.org/4949400:25
rdzbut that was to transfer mails, not calendar... but i suppose it is the same for calendar00:25
tim167rdz: yes but i want to export as ical to import it in google calendar00:25
rdztim167, ah i see00:26
tim167rdz or even csv, some easily parseable format00:26
ikoniaSmegzor: thats why you've borked it00:26
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aestrivexmy dmesg is overflowing with this message [ 2523.233540] atl1 0000:02:00.0: hw csum wrong, pkt_flag:1600, err_flag:80 which seems to be repeating every tenth of a second00:26
Smegzorikonia  Yeah I knew that :)   How should I fix it?00:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gconf00:27
ikoniaSmegzor: well because of how you've updated it, your options are limited00:27
novakhow can I put garbage icon on my desktop ?00:27
aestrivexi'm a bit concerned by that but i have no idea what that means or if it has anything to do with my webcam because it keeps going when its unplugged00:27
macrobadshade1: So, you are saying that other computers' packets reach your interface, but your own do not leave it?00:27
victor__does anyone know if the Kworld PlusTV HD PCI 120 tv tuner works on ubuntu 7.10?00:27
ikoniaSmegzor: you may want to stop mysql, restart it without the --skip-grant-tables, and hope that dpkg can prompt you for a root password when it needs to00:27
Smegzorlimit options are better than none.  How should I have done it?00:27
ikoniaSmegzor: mysqladmin and created a root@localhost user00:28
Smegzorgood to know :)00:28
shade1macrobad: not that I can tell, but I'm not sure, since I don't know much about ping's packets00:28
ikoniaSmegzor: or mysql grant all privileges on *.* to 'root'@'localhost' identified by 'password'00:28
Smegzorhmm..  actually I set/changed the password because I could not log in with mysqladmin00:28
l3dneed help with a printer issue00:29
SitUbuntuSitnovak, run gconf-editor. under apps, go to nautilus, desktop, then check the icons you want on the desktop00:29
ikoniaSmegzor: basiclly the default mysql account doesn't need a password (it doesn't actually have one) so that dpkg can update it when needed, you've changed the password, so locked it out00:29
l3d I thought i installed it fime  when I click to print a test page it seems to try then nothing00:29
afallenhopedoes wireshark have be ran as root? because it's not picking up my network cards as normal but it works as root00:29
BarracudaHi I am trying to add a new user in ubuntu server 8.04 with this command: sudo adduser matt. However no matt home folder was created. Does any one know why??00:29
ikoniaSmegzor: does that make sense ?00:29
Fryguy--afallenhope: usually yes00:29
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afallenhopethanks Fryguy--00:29
ikoniaSmegzor: super00:29
Smegzorbrb  trying your suggested fix00:30
l3dlexmark z32 is the printer00:30
Dreamok, im trying to change my account to root, as its the only account that is used, i try to log the account named "root" and it says system admin cannot log in from the log in screen, any ideas?00:30
ubunubiBarracuda: i'm 99% the home directory isn't created until the new user logs in00:30
ikoniaDream: you don't use the root account on ubuntu00:30
gam3r111how do i get aim for lunux00:30
shade1macrobad: so, what do I grep for to find the ping packets? there's always the chance that I made a mistake, and didn't actually ping during that period. And maybe "host unreachable" means it gave up before even sending the packets.00:30
ikoniagam3r111: use pidgin00:30
Fryguy--gam3r111: use pidgin00:30
IndyGunFreakgam3r111: we went through this earlier, remembrer.00:31
gam3r111im using pidgin00:31
l3dgam3r111 pidgin does aim00:31
gam3r111i want aim for linux00:31
SitUbuntuSitgam3r111, its so old, its not worth it. use pidgin.00:31
ikoniagam3r111: AOL don't make a linux client any more00:31
steven__Can anyone help me with a ventrilo problem00:31
Dreami want msn on ubu, but i use my laptop insted00:31
Fryguy--gam3r111: should be available on aim.com's site, it's very old though00:31
Barracudaubunubi:I see let me give it a try thanks00:31
macrobadshade1: I don't remember it by heart, hold on.00:31
gam3r111but im not sure how to install it00:31
IndyGunFreakgam3r is just trolling everyone, he spent 20min earlier saying he wants to use AIM for linux, not pidgin, how do i compile it, etc..00:31
ikoniagam3r111: it won't run properly on ubuntu00:31
ikoniagam3r111: use pidgin00:31
tim167anyone know what happened to the calendar export function in Evolution 2.12.1 ?00:31
Commie_Jebusgam3r111: you dont need to use AIM for linux... just use gaim or something00:31
ikoniagam3r111: or mail aol and ask them to make a compatible client00:32
ubunubibarracuda:: if that doesn't work you can force a specific home directory using adduser --home DIRECTORY00:32
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SitUbuntuSitgam3r111, i think the dependencies won't allow it on ubuntu00:32
shade1macrobad: One quick, unrelated question: after I saved the tcpdump to a file, I (foolishly) tried to read it with cat. The result was to change my character map, so that half of the letters on my screen were unreadable. do you know of anyway to reset the char map without rebooting, for future ref?00:32
ikoniashade1: tput -reset00:32
ubunubigam3r111: you could probably install AIM 6 with wine if you wanna get your hands dirty00:32
shade1ikonia: thanks00:33
Fryguy--shade1: type reset00:33
Dreamoh, im not shade00:33
aestrivexthis is dmesg's output besides the incessant errors which i have no idea where they're coming from00:33
aestrivex[ 2752.455458] input: VF0410 Live! Cam Video IM Pro as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:13.5/usb6/6-2/6-2:1.0/input/input800:33
aestrivex[ 2752.511816] ALSA /build/buildd/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-2.6.24/debian/build/build-generic/sound/alsa-driver/usb/usbaudio.c:1296: 5:3:1: cannot get freq at ep 0x8400:33
gam3r111y can u juss tell me  how to get aim linux00:33
aestrivexthat directory doesnt appear to exist00:33
gam3r111how do i get aim 6 to work with wine00:33
gam3r111it wont00:33
steven__i am trying to run Ventrilo with Wine and i am having sound issues, anyone know any common problem asscoiated with the two?00:33
macrobadshade1: so, just add icmp to the end of the command, like 'sudo tcpdump -i eth0 icmp'00:33
Fryguy--!work | gam3r11100:33
ubottugam3r111: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:33
ikoniagam3r111: what's the problem with pidgin ?00:33
Fryguy--gam3r111: any reason why you want to use that instead of pidgin btw?00:34
ubunubipidgin doesn't support video chat or photo sharing, for one00:34
l3dpidgin is sweet00:34
ikoniaubunubi: neither with aol for linux00:34
Fryguy--ubunubi: neither does oscar afaik00:34
shade1macrobad: does that tell tcpdump to filter for that, or to bother saving those packets?00:34
gam3r111o because i cant send files to my friends using pidgin and pidgin dosent have the correct sounds00:34
shade1macrobad: could I use grep on the saved packets instead?00:34
Dreamtry EMAILING the photos, and send VIDEO files ^^00:34
ikoniagam3r111: it does support file transfer00:35
Dreamthen be happy ^^00:35
IndyGunFreakgam3r111: so have your friends send you sounds, and yes, you can sendfile w/ pidgin, i do it all the time00:35
ubunubiDream: that's a lame work around. why not just send e-mails instead of pesky instant messages to begin with?00:35
Fryguy--gam3r111: you can customize the sounds fine, and pidgin works with sending files just fine, you have a problem with your network if it doesn't.  running a compatibility layer to get another app working isn't going to help you at all00:35
gam3r111but if they are using aim it is always a failure00:35
bobertdosWhy can't you send files via Pidgin, gam3r111? constant failure?00:35
ikoniagam3r111: it works, we can help you debug that00:35
macrobadshade1: it would bother about the ping packets only. As for the second question, no, you cannot use grep on tcpdump file, but you may feed it to tcpdump, afaik.00:35
DILdil says he suked you all in00:35
DreamUbununi, exactly :P or, just get a 2nd computer to use AIM on >_< and play on ubu on a 2nd00:36
gam3r111ok please help00:36
Barracudaubunubi: I ried log in with the new user I created and still no home folder was created fo that user. Any idea what is going on00:36
afallenhopeI think my gksudo is broken. whenever I run apps using it.. it freezes the app00:36
steven__so noen knows anything about running ventrilo with Wine?00:36
UziMonkeyIs anyone having problems with Hulu on 8.04?  Videos play fine, but they'll randomly freeze up firefox and if you don't pause it quickly, Firefox will stop responding altogether.00:36
afallenhopesteven__, I've heard of people doing it00:36
bobertdosgam3r111, What happens when you try to do a file transfer.00:36
aestrivexwhy exactly does this directory for my webcam not exist00:36
=== gardar`afk is now known as gardar
macrobadshade1: yep. use -r option to specify the file to read packets from00:36
gam3r111it says the other person ended it00:36
Fryguy--steven__: looks like plenty of information here: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&hs=Rhf&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=ubuntu+wine+ventrilo&spell=100:36
ubunubiBarracuda: did you try the adduser --home DIR   i suggested? then log in00:36
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: no white man fix. however, i am now running about aprox 30fps in a city00:36
gam3r111but on their end it says unknown failure00:36
shade1macrobad: ok, I'll try that. It'll take a sec, because I have to swap monitor cables ;)00:36
BaD-Laptopsteven__: maybe the guys in #winehq do and check http://apps.winehq.org/ for compatibility.00:37
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: so you def got something right, even if it wasnt the entire problem.00:37
aestrivex[ 2752.455458] input: VF0410 Live! Cam Video IM Pro as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:13.5/usb6/6-2/6-2:1.0/input/input800:37
aestrivex[ 2752.511816] ALSA /build/buildd/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-2.6.24/debian/build/build-generic/sound/alsa-driver/usb/usbaudio.c:1296: 5:3:1: cannot get freq at ep 0x8400:37
steven__i can load ventrilo just fine and i can SEE people talking because there speaker lights up, but i cant hear, and i cant que my mic to speak00:37
aestrivexthat directory isn't there and the only thing i've gotten so far to recognize this camera is luvcview00:37
Fryguy--steven__: are you using alsa in winecfg00:37
steven__thanks all i'll try those suggestions real quick00:37
ikoniagam3r111: do you want to send me a file with pidgin please.00:37
gam3r111ok wat is ur name00:37
Fryguy--steven__: btw the third link on the google page I linked you to has specific information about this, please read it00:38
bobertdosgam3r111, Are you running Hardy and the latest version of Pidgin?00:38
ikoniagam3r111: ikonia uk00:38
temoto-mobiHow to startup custom daemon? I would like something better than 'get apache initrc script and modify'.00:38
Fryguy--temoto-mobi: what daemon00:38
r00ti have a probleme with postfix00:38
steven__what is alsa?00:38
Fryguy--steven__: advanced linux sound architecture, it is the platform that ubuntu uses for audio playback00:39
r00ti send the message but i dont receive00:39
gam3r111ikonia it only fails when the other person has aim00:39
temoto-mobiFryguy--, custom network application.00:39
Fryguy--!alsa | steven__00:39
ubottusteven__: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:39
ikoniagam3r111: I'm running aim on a PC next to me00:39
ikoniagam3r111: I'll swap to pidgin on this laptop once we've tested with aim00:39
Fryguy--temoto-mobi: so create a script to run it, put it in /etc/init.d/ and use rc-update to add it to a runlevel00:39
r00tplease help me00:39
ikoniar00t: what's up00:39
nickrudtemoto-mobi, /etc/init.d/screen-cleanup is much clearer, probably directly applicable00:39
bobertdosgam3r111,: What version of AIM is the person running on the other end?00:40
r00ti have a probleme with postfix00:40
ikoniar00t: what problem ?00:40
q_a_z_stevehelp! http://qazsteve.pastebin.org/49498 I cannot get my video card working, cannot install the proper driver, cannot regularly get back to 1280x800, which is native to my laptop!00:40
Fryguy--r00t: try #postfix00:40
r00ti dont receive the message00:40
ikoniar00t: what error00:40
r00tmy Os is Ubuntu00:40
ikoniar00t: what error00:40
Barracudaubunubi: I will try this00:40
Fryguy--q_a_z_steve: install kernel sources, just like the error tells you to00:40
temoto-mobinickrud, somewhy no such file on my ubuntu server.00:41
jmallinI'm ready to pull my hair out.. cannot get Wifi working on a Sony VAIO laptop.. the "on/off" switch on the computer does not illuminate when on.. and unable to scan for networks.. reinstalled ubuntu, didn't help00:41
q_a_z_steveFryguy--: nvidia-kernel-sources?00:41
Fryguy--q_a_z_steve: linux kernel sources00:41
aestrivexhaven't gotten any programs to work on new Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro VF0410 which is supported by UVC driver except for luvcview.  dmesg revals input: VF0410 Live! Cam Video IM Pro as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:13.5/usb6/6-2/6-2:1.0/input/input8 -- a directory which does not exist.  the cam is not showing up under /dev anywhere.  please somebody help.  i like pineapples.00:41
nickrudtemoto-mobi, you probably don't have screen installed; you should, it's extremely useful on a console only machine00:41
tim167rdz:  export calendars moved to 'evolution-plugins' apparently, so you have to install that...!00:41
q_a_z_steveFryguy--: I've tried that, but I'll try again00:41
runesI broke apache trying to cinfigure name based virtual hosts00:41
IndyGunFreakjmallin: well, what is your wireless device?00:41
Fryguy--q_a_z_steve: you don't have them installed, or you installed the wrong ones00:41
nickrudtemoto-mobi, especially one you admin remotely with ssh00:41
temoto-mobinickrud, exactly this situation. What is screen about?00:42
jmallinIndygunfreak: I have an internal card with Atheros chips.. tried both the windows drivers and the madwifi drivers00:42
IndyGunFreakjmallin: well, that says a lot.00:42
runesDoes anyone have a good walkthrough of configuring name based virtual hosts for apache?00:42
q_a_z_steveFryguy--: sudo apt-get install linux-kernel-source?00:42
jmallinIndyGunFreak: ?? Atheros cards are crap?00:42
Fryguy--q_a_z_steve: maybe, use apt-cache search to find them00:42
r00tJul  8 01:42:30 r00t postfix/local[6753]: 289406101C: to=<r00t@rachsec.no-ip.biz>, orig_to=<root@rachsec.no-ip.biz>, relay=local, delay=0.14, delays=0.04/0/0/0.1, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to command: procmail -a $EXTENSION)00:42
r00tJul  8 01:42:30 r00t postfix/qmgr[5293]: 289406101C: removed00:42
IndyGunFreakjmallin: no, it says you don't know how to answer a question.00:42
nickrudtemoto-mobi, I'm not going to try to describe everything, but just one scenario: you ssh in, start a process in screen, detach from screen, log out, ssh back in and reattach to screen, with the process still running00:43
Fryguy--runes: Use NameVirtualHost directive on the interface/port you want to use for namebased virtualhosts, and then specify <virtualhost blah> sections, and match on servername, plenty of documentation about this on apache.org00:43
aestrivex haven't gotten any programs to work on new Creative Live! Cam Video IM Pro VF0410 which is supported by UVC driver except for luvcview.  dmesg revals input: VF0410 Live! Cam Video IM Pro as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:13.5/usb6/6-2/6-2:1.0/input/input8 -- a directory which does not exist.  the cam is not showing up under /dev anywhere.  please somebody help.  i like pineapples.00:43
rdzah.. i found it: now i have to send numbers to /sys/devices/virtual/backlight/asus-laptop/brightness00:43
r00tikonia:help me please00:43
temoto-mobinickrud, looks nice.00:43
ikoniar00t: it's delivered00:43
jmallinIndyGunFreak: I don't have my own router but there are many within range.. in Vista, I can see them all.. if I ever travel or take the laptop on the road, I'd like to have the wireless working.00:43
rdzwhich is bad, because now i need to be root in order to change the value00:43
Fryguy--runes: or ask in #apache00:43
temoto-mobinickrud, thanks.00:43
tim167as a matter of fact, ~/.evolution already contains my calendar in .ics format, which google calendar can import...00:44
r00tikonia:but wher is ???00:44
IndyGunFreakjmallin: well, considering you've failed to answer the question, i won't even bother trying to answer.00:44
runesFryguy--: I have tried all the apache.org docs and now I can't figure out what to set in the hosts file for my particular config00:44
ikoniar00t: what mail storage format are you using?00:44
ubunubirdz: just sudo echo VALUE /sys/devices/virtual/backlight/asus-laptop/brightness00:44
Fryguy--runes: so then go ask in #apache00:44
q_a_z_steveFryguy--: maybe I don't have repos... I'll turn on full source, but which one is missing?00:44
Fryguy--runes: this is #ubuntu, not #helpmesetupmywebserver00:45
jmallinIndyGunFreak: 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8039 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (rev 15)00:45
jmallin06:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)00:45
Fryguy--runes:  :)00:45
runesFryguy--: prior to reconfiguring apache I want to make sure the network is configured00:45
Fryguy--q_a_z_steve: i don't know00:45
IndyGunFreakjmallin: took you long enough.00:45
rdzubunubi, yeah, of course, but this means, i always have to enter the password, when running script, that changes brightness...00:45
Fryguy--runes: ping google.com then00:45
ikoniar00t: look in that users maildir then ?00:45
gam3r111bobertdos: 6.800:45
rdzubunubi, i don't see any point security wise in protecting this file from the user00:45
runesFryguy--: mind if I rephrase my question?00:45
Fryguy--runes: and use nslookup on the hostnames that you want to use to make sure they go to the right IP00:46
IndyGunFreakjmallin: try post #7, if that doesn';t work, let me know..  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76652900:46
shade1macrobad: ok, I tried tcpdump with the icmp filter; I didn't catch anything that involved my ip address00:46
ubunubirdz:: there is probably a way to create a blank user with admin privs, and no password, that you can use to echo the value instead of sudo00:46
r00tikonia:my maildir is empty00:46
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nickrudq_a_z_steve, it's  linux-source  that you want00:46
CooperRJBoa noite, alguem disponivel para me ajudar?00:46
rdzubunubi, sounds interesting.. how to do that?00:46
ubunubirdz:: just remember the security impact such an account  might have :P00:46
ikoniar00t: that delivery went through to procmail00:46
ikoniawhat's procmail doing ?00:46
=== rewardmoneyA is now known as UPYERKILT
Fryguy--rdz: add an exception for the command in /etc/sudoers00:46
macrobadshade1: did you catch anything at all?00:46
shade1macrobad: one packet, intended for a different computer00:47
rdzFryguy--, ah.. this means, that this user always has root power? not only for this file?00:47
FungusmanI installed XP, then it erased my grub loader. I loaded a live CD and fixed it. NOW it won't detect xp00:47
temoto-mobiSuppose my custom startup daemon fails and i don't know about it and there is no one to restart it. I believe there are programs like watchdogs who monitor correct activity of services and restart them if needed. Are there?00:47
CooperRJAlguem sabe um repositorio para instalação do xmms?00:47
Fryguy--rdz: no00:47
ubunubirdz: let me look up some details brb00:47
FungusmanIs there a way to auto scan for os's ?00:47
corollax!English | CooperRJ00:47
ubottuCooperRJ: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat00:47
FungusmanI can;t even get into that new partician now00:47
rdzubunubi, cool...00:47
Fryguy--Fungusman: how do you want to determine if a partition has an OS on it or not?00:47
shade1macrobad: so, what do you think is wrong? could it be a driver problem?00:47
r00tikonia:ok thanks00:48
r00tI will try to reinstall00:48
nickrudtemoto-mobi, yes a wide variety. I've used monit in the past00:48
CooperRJsorry, my english is bad00:48
Flannel!br | CooperRJ00:48
ubottuCooperRJ: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:48
ikoniar00t: how is a re-instal going to fix anything00:48
temoto-mobinickrud, thanks.00:48
bazhang!xmms | CooperRJ00:48
FungusmanI want XP back in the boot loader00:48
ubottuCooperRJ: xmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious instead.00:48
macrobadshade1: o_O Wierd. I think you have some problems with your configuration, ip, routing or firewall configuration.00:48
runesFryguy--: I did an nslookup what I wanted to know is what I need to populate the hosts file in /etc with if my local nic is set for and I have two valid domains.00:48
FungusmanIt wont happen just by editing the loader file will it ?00:48
Fryguy--Fungusman: it will00:48
FungusmanI know what drive it is one, but I dont under stand how to fin HD0 or HD1 etc00:49
Fryguy--runes: no00:49
macrobadshade1: so, it's not about physical connectivity or other hosts.00:49
gam3r111how do i log in as root00:49
Fryguy--gam3r111: use sudo00:49
gam3r111wat command00:49
l3dprinter issues with the lexmark z3200:49
bobertdosCooper, hay que utilizar Multiverse y los repos Limitados00:49
r00tikonia:because I can miss a step00:49
Fryguy--gam3r111: the command is called sudo00:49
shade1macrobad: at this point, I think it's going to turn out to be something annoyingly simple. I just don't know what.00:49
runesFryguy--: ok so even hosts config is part of apache forum/00:49
IMANOOBhow do i get uvcvideo00:49
nickrudFungusman, take a look at /boot/grub/device.map , that should tell you what you need00:50
q_a_z_steveFryguy--: nickrud thanks, hope that works. Will be back, I'm sure.00:50
gam3r111fryguy: umm nothing happens00:50
Fryguy--gam3r111: well what do you want to do00:50
CooperRJUbottu - I already have audacious, but he wanted xmms.00:50
ubottuCooperRJ: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:50
shade1macrobad: I don't think it can be a firewall issue, we don't really have that much in that department, unless it is a local, outgoing firewall00:50
gam3r111just log in as root00:50
Fryguy--gam3r111: why00:50
gam3r111to install something00:50
IndyGunFreakCooperRJ: xmms is no longer supported.. tell him to use audacious.00:50
Fryguy--gam3r111: so use sudo to run the install command00:50
ubunubirdz:: take a look at this http://news.softpedia.com/news/Grant-Root-Privileges-to-Regular-Users-41633.shtml00:50
Fryguy--gam3r111: if you insist on being root, use sudo -i or sudo su -00:51
gam3r111o thanks00:51
corollaxCould someone help me with port forwarding issues for torrenting?00:51
macrobadshade1: Just go step by step. Now that we know it is not about physical connectivity, analyse IP issues. Anyway, unless you have a firewall set up on *your* machine, you should have observed outgoing ping attempts.00:51
rdzubunubi, thanks a lot00:51
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:51
Fryguy--!anyone | corollax00:51
ubottucorollax: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:51
ynotFungusman, is xp on the first drive00:51
corollaxI need help with port forwarding for torrenting. Please help?00:52
Fryguy--!ask | corollax00:52
ubottucorollax: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:52
IndyGunFreakcorollax: thats most likely an issue w/ your router, refer to your router documentation.00:52
q_a_z_stevenickrud: Fryguy-- some sort of progress, I'm looking at a much bigger screen, but nvidia-xconfig still doesn't work, and so I'm sure I won't get external display...00:52
shade1macrobad: well, I didn't set up a firewall, but ubuntu server edition might have? I don't think so. It had dhcp problems during install, so I don't see how that would be it's own fault.00:52
macrobadshade1: By the way, try running 'arp -an'. It should give you some mappings between MAC and IP addresses.00:52
IMANOOBhow do i get uvcvideo00:52
Kappaccinocorollax, http://portforward.com/00:53
corollaxKappaccino: THANK You.00:53
macrobadshade1: No, Ubuntu Server 8.04 comes without a firewall.00:53
gam3r111i have ubuntu hardy and it used to be installed with windows using wubi... but i partioned it so i have an ubuntu partition and a windows partition and i un installed ubuntu that was in windows but it still shows up on the windows loader how do i get it off>00:53
ubunubirdz :: here's a shorter version http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/3300:53
macrobadshade1: hmm... can you tell me once more the ip, netmask, and the gateway?00:54
shade1macrobad: could it be a driver problem? I know the driver module is loaded, and the card was recognized properly, but I don't think that lsmod indicated that the driver was driving anything.00:54
Fryguy--gam3r111: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and remove the entry that you don't want00:54
q_a_z_steveFryguy--: nickrud so now what?00:54
Fryguy--!work | q_a_z_steve00:54
ubottuq_a_z_steve: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:54
shade1macrobad: ip: netmask: gateway:
macrobadshade1: It might be a driver problem. If everything else fails, it is most likely to be related to drivers.00:55
IndyGunFreakFryguy--: you can remove wubii entries from menu.lst?00:55
shade1macrobad: the gateway assigns dhcp starting at
Fryguy--IndyGunFreak: no idea00:55
gam3r111fryguy: it says access denied00:55
Fryguy--gam3r111: so use sudo00:55
IndyGunFreak!sudo | gam3r11100:55
ubottugam3r111: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)00:55
cincinnatusI'm trying to go from Feisty to Gutsy and I keep getting an error about "failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/feisty-security/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2"00:55
gam3r111tell me the exact command i need to type00:55
jmallinIndyGunFreak: Did all the steps and it didn't solve the problem.00:55
cincinnatusanyone know how to fix that?00:55
IndyGunFreakjmallin: did you reboot?00:56
zonkersshould i update 8.04 to 8.04.1?00:56
shade1macrobad: so, what do I do to get the right driver? I already spent a ton of time trying to fix it via drivers, but maybe you'll know something I couldn't find.00:56
jmallinYes.. I rebooted after I disabled the drivers and again after the final step00:56
macrobadshade1: Two things. First, can other machines ping the gateway? For example, in our network, even ping traffic is filtered out.00:56
q_a_z_steveFryguy--: nvidia-xconfig still complains that it's not running, which is probably something to do with http://qazsteve.pastebin.org/4950700:56
LLMPI can't get tilp working it says it can't find caculter but i have plug in with the usb cord?00:56
jmallinIndyGunFreak:  Yes.. I rebooted after I disabled the drivers and again after the final step00:56
aestrivexok i'm completely lost now with my webcam00:56
aestrivexi still cant get it to work on any other applications00:56
shade1macrobad: yep00:56
aestrivexi have been running around looking for fixes or patches00:57
shade1macrobad: and the second thing?00:57
IndyGunFreakjmallin: well, i can help you, but you're gonna have to compile an older version of madwifi, and use a patch I have.. i can rapidshare both of them to you, this s a problem w/ a small percentage of those devices00:57
aestrivexand all it has brought me is more confusion00:57
macrobadshade1: Second, can you show 'ip link show | grep eth0'?00:57
ynotgam3r111, are you in ubuntu00:57
IndyGunFreakjmallin: type this w/o quotes.. "/join #indygunfreak":00:57
xadohi everybody00:58
aestrivexis this just an issue that UVC is poorly supported00:58
Fryguy--zonkers: you are already updated, it's integrated into normal updates00:58
Fryguy--zonkers: it's not a dist-upgrade00:58
aestrivexbecause it looks like some people have had similar problems but there are also a bunch of people that look like they've been relatively successful with webcam functionality00:58
xadoI need help with my asus M51se00:58
aestrivexat least for simple applications like camorama00:58
gam3r111ynot: yes00:58
xadoGui doesn't work00:58
Fryguy--ok that's it, i've had enough, i'm leaving later guys00:58
q_a_z_steveFryguy--: thanks for your help00:59
zonkersfryguy. ok, thanks, will there be any kernel upgrades in the 8.04 LTS releases?00:59
aestrivexbut for the life of me i cannot figure out why this webcam is not showing up under /dev00:59
cchanceAnyone know how to setup xp for a dual boot with ubuntu pre-installed00:59
KDB9000Is anyone here part of the ubuntu laptop testing team?00:59
shade1macrobad: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25812/00:59
FelixTheCataestrivex: What model cam is it?00:59
ynotin terminal type sudo -i then type gedit then from gedit open the boot/grub/menu.lst file01:00
shade1macrobad: I typed that in, so it might not be 100% accurate01:00
randallis there a program for ubuntu that will run macros like on windows like shortkeys or keytext just something that will run text for me01:00
bobertdoscchance: Yes, I just did that. It's perfectly doable but very annoying.01:00
aestrivexits a Creative Live! Cam VideoIM Pro01:00
aestrivexVF0410 product number01:00
ftehwI have a 2nd HDD, how do I get it to be automatically mounted (so I don't have to click on it in places before other apps can access it)?01:00
cchancebobertdos, i know what you mean. But how did you do it with xp pro setup?01:00
FelixTheCataestrivex: hold for a bit, let me look...01:00
aestrivexthe UVC page says its fully supported01:00
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macrobadshade1: It need not be. Let me google for LOWER_UP, 'coz it looks suspicious.01:01
bobertdoscchance: want to switch to PM? It's easier for me.01:01
ynotgam3r111, did you uninstall the wubi install01:01
cchancebobertdos ok01:01
Fryguy--zonkers: i have no idea01:01
IMANOOBhow do i test if my webcam is working?01:01
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Fryguy--!webcam | IMANOOB01:01
ubottuIMANOOB: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras01:01
IMANOOBfryguy thanks01:02
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras01:02
vistovistor+OK YDe6x.rU5mR101:02
gam3r111ynot: yes01:02
FelixTheCataestrivex: It looks like it is supported with V4L, not V4L2. Have you tried using Skype or Ekiga (select V4L driver)?01:03
gam3r111 i have ubuntu hardy and it used to be installed with windows using wubi... but i partioned it so i have an ubuntu partition and a windows partition and i un installed ubuntu that was in windows but it still shows up on the windows loader how do i get it off>01:03
ynotgam3r111, did you select not to load grub when you installed the new hardy??01:03
LLMPdoes anyone know how i could get tilp working?01:03
aestrivexok ill try that in ekiga01:03
xserverxI have a server with 8 cpu but I have on top status that mysql and many httpd process take 100% of CPU for each one how thats going on ? and is that's run on 1 Cpu or that 100% for 1 Cpu or all Cpus(8 Cpus) ??01:03
aestrivexftr it seems to work in luvcview01:03
IMANOOBfryguys says i need uvcvideo driver01:04
FelixTheCataestrivex: Aye, some of the apps that use web cams are now supporting only V4L.01:04
FelixTheCataestrivex: I've had this issue using Cheese.01:04
aestrivexit doesnt look like its working with V4L either01:04
Fryguy--xserverx: maybe they are being hammered, or maybe they are stuck doing something, or maybe you are reading something incorrectly, (100% is all cpus IIRC, not sure about gnu top for that, i use a different top)01:04
vistovistor+OK KSg/P/2prI31.DIlX.NJkkZ09WT5c/NHjdT0.CK3m.ipQwT.GGo8g0kAMYp/jZUNo1p7t8n1txKVm1CoA7n101:05
FelixTheCataestrivex: Can you test this on another computer?01:05
aestrivexthat would take me a while to set up01:05
aestrivexthe webcam is brand new01:05
ynotgam3r111, then how is it stil useing the windows boot loader???01:05
FelixTheCataestrivex: This would ensure your cam is not damaged.01:05
aestrivexand it is working with luvcview so i dont believe its a problem with the hardware01:05
FelixTheCataestrivex: Good point.01:05
macrobadshade1: well, it seems that LOWER_UP doesn't mean something bad. Now you have proper ip configuration. So, routing and firewalls have to be verified.01:06
aestrivexwhat i'm most confused with is that the cam is not recognized under /dev/video001:06
aestrivexdmesg reveals this:01:06
aestrivex[ 2752.455458] input: VF0410 Live! Cam Video IM Pro as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:13.5/usb6/6-2/6-2:1.0/input/input801:06
aestrivex[ 2752.511816] ALSA /build/buildd/linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-2.6.24/debian/build/build-generic/sound/alsa-driver/usb/usbaudio.c:1296: 5:3:1: cannot get freq at ep 0x8401:06
shade1macrobad: have we ruled out drivers?01:06
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Carbonfluxdoes anyone have any experience with geforce 9600 boards in 8.04 ? just wondering about the detection issues, I installed from a older iso, updating now.01:06
Fryguy--Carbonflux: you need to try envy or manually install drivers fron nvidia's website01:07
Carbonfluxis envy ok to use?01:07
gam3r111in grub i can choose ubuntu or windows/ loader and when i klik windows it comes up with 2 options vista or ubuntu and if i click ubuntu it says somethiing about i uninstalled wubi and what not01:07
FelixTheCataestrivex: IMANOOB has a good point - check if you have the uvcvideo driver.01:07
Fryguy--!envy | Carbonflux01:07
Carbonfluxit lools easy heh01:07
ubottuCarbonflux: envyng is an updated version of the *UNSUPPORTED* envy package. It is now part of the ubuntu universe repository (envyng-gtk OR envyng-qt) and has community support. As an early version, its results may vary but this should be used over the unsupported envy package.01:07
ubunubiCarbonflux: make sure to use envyng, as envy is deprecated for 8.05+01:07
jtmHow can one add a program to the applications in a keyring?01:07
macrobadshade1: Since the ip link show says that the device is up and running, it is not an obvious problem with drivers, at least.01:07
aestrivexi just installed the uvc driver01:07
gam3r111i just want to get uubuntu off the windows boot loader01:08
Carbonfluxthank you :)01:08
shade1macrobad:  the only thing that makes it seem to me as if it isn't driver problems is the fact that I've tried two nics, both of which have exhibited the same problem, and both of which were recognized properly01:08
aestrivexlet me find it for the records01:08
Fryguy--gam3r111: probably edit boot.ini01:08
Fryguy--gam3r111: in windows01:08
ynotgam3r111,  oh didn't know it did that01:08
Carbonfluxheh, I am hoping to get the 9600 working so I can use it to run blender :)01:08
gam3r111it does01:09
jtmI added a sftp connection in Nautilus and I am connected to the server and such, but why can't emacs open up the remote files on my computer, but someone else with the same setup can open and edit remote files directly with emacs.01:09
gam3r111i want a way to edit it in ubuntu01:09
KDB9000Does anyone have ubuntu running on a HP pavilion dv5000 (AMD64 CPU)?01:09
Dr_willis_jtm,  theres the sshfs - thats totally transparent to all programs.01:09
Dr_willis_!info sshfs01:09
ubottusshfs (source: sshfs-fuse): filesystem client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9-1 (hardy), package size 31 kB, installed size 116 kB01:09
Fryguy--!anyone | kbrosnan01:09
ubottukbrosnan: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:09
macrobadshade1: Let's check routing and firewalls first01:10
ynotgam3r111,  so what is happening is win boot shows you 2 sets of ubuntu?01:10
jtmDr_willis_: I wanted to just do it through nautilus, I think though that the application needs to be on the keyring to see it.01:10
Fryguy--gam3r111: so then mount your ntfs partition and edit it in ubuntu01:10
gam3r111no it shows ubuntui and windows01:10
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aestrivexagh i cannot find uvcvideo on the system log01:10
sensaeHow do I make my brightness control have more levels?01:10
shade1macrobad: ok01:10
aestrivexit is filled with some random error which keeps repeating itself01:10
aestrivexits quite bizarre01:10
aestrivexbut it keeps going on when my webcam is unplugged01:11
aestrivexi have no idea what it is01:11
gam3r111fry guy: how01:11
Dr_willis_jtm,  a lot of times if its not a gnome app. they canhave issues with some of the gnome file manager 'special' things like sftp, or smb:\\ or other special  urls like that01:11
gam3r111fryguy: how01:11
FelixTheCataestrivex: assuming it is the same error repeated, paste one line of it..01:11
Dr_willis_jtm,  i just use sshfs, and have them set up when i login, that way every app sees the remote ssh machine as if the diretory was local.01:11
aestrivex[ 2755.405872] atl1 0000:02:00.0: hw csum wrong, pkt_flag:1600, err_flag:8001:11
Fryguy--gam3r111: mount /dev/yourwindowsdevice  cd to the mountpoint, find boot.ini (use locate or the find command), edit it with vim/emacs/nano/gedit/whatever01:11
ynotgam3r111, your win drive should show up in place you just gotta click on it to mount it01:12
shade1macrobad: well, if the firewall is not on the ubuntu server, then we don't have one. all that's between the ubuntu server and the linksys WRT54g router is an 8 port switch.01:12
aestrivexsynaptic indicates that the uvcvideo package is installed01:12
jtmDr_Willis_ I see, ok01:12
aestrivexum no scratch that01:13
aestrivexit says luvcview is installed01:13
gam3r111it says it cant mount the volume01:13
Dr_willis_jtm,  i dont alwyas use gnome. :) so i perfer the sshfs way. since it dosent require any window manager at all.01:13
FelixTheCataestrivex: Ah! By the way, according to http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.network/98760, that error message has to do with packets that are too short.01:13
aestrivexi installed uvcvideo using the instructions on this page01:14
ynotgam3r111, are ubuntu and win on same drive01:14
Fryguy--gam3r111: be root01:14
gam3r111umm yea but partioned01:14
macrobadshade1: Btw, switches can be tricky as well... let's come back to that in a moment01:14
c0mradehow can I install amavisd-new01:14
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aestrivexso that packet error has nothing to do with my current problem01:15
spiniker_numbhelp in putting xp like button on ubuntu01:15
macrobadshade1: paste output of 'ip route' and 'ip rule', please01:15
shade1macrobad: ok, hang on01:15
Fryguy--spiniker_numb: "xp like button?"  care to be a bit more specific01:15
gam3r111fryguy: how do i be root01:15
FelixTheCataestrivex: It appears so. Have you rebooted since installing uvcvideo or run 'modprobe uvcvideo'?01:15
spiniker_numbi downloaded some on gnome look.org01:15
Fryguy--gam3r111: use sudo01:15
aestrivexi did reboot01:16
spiniker_numblike the start button on xp01:16
gam3r111yea but how do i mount it01:16
aestrivexi didnt run modprobe01:16
Fryguy--gam3r111: use sudo01:16
aestrivexhow do i do modprobe01:16
m-c...press Start when you want to shutdown...01:16
temoto-mobinickrud, monit could be used to replace init.d scripts, right?01:16
ynotgam3r111, go to terminal type sudo -i then type nautilus01:16
ubottuWant to know the differences between Windows and Linux? This guide, called "Linux is Not Windows" is a pretty good read -- http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm01:17
FelixTheCataestrivex: You'd use modprobe to manually insert the kernel module. First, let's check two things. Run 'lsmod' and see if uvcvideo shows in that listing. You may have to use 'sudo' to get it.01:17
spiniker_numbfryguy: like the start button on xp,i found some on gnome.org,how can use?01:17
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aestrivexyes uvcvideo is there01:17
derspankstermy ubuntu hardy laptop "forgets" my network settings (name and password) on a regular basis. Anyone know whats going on?01:17
Fryguy--spiniker_numb: if it's part of a theme, just use the install theme button on appearances menu01:17
FelixTheCataestrivex: OK, the module is loaded and is working, so there's no need to modprobe.01:17
spiniker_numbi know im not supposed to make look like xp,but my sister isnt really familiar with linux01:18
aib_i wrote a tutorial on how to maintain an ubuntu system that mixes packages between distributions. hope it helps someone http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/96509133/m/30100422393101:18
aestrivexok, good01:18
Fryguy--spiniker_numb: you can make your desktop look like whatever you want01:18
izmehI've dismounted a thumbdrive, and now it won't show up when i plug it in. Any solutions?01:18
Fryguy--izmeh: remount it manually01:18
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bullzeye95hey guys, I have a question.  I had ubuntu installed, but I accidentally broke it.  When it broke, so did GRUB.  So, I installed ubuntu onto a new partition, while leaving the old broken one.  This fixed my GRUB problem.  If I were to delete the whole partition of the first one, would that screw up GRUB or my windows partition?01:18
spiniker_numbyeah i know,its just for the sake of familiarity01:19
izmehhow do i go about doing that?01:19
spiniker_numbjust so they can also use my ubuntu desktop01:19
kantorhi, I have renamed all the SCSI subsystem drivers (so Linux can't load them) and all the SCSI subsystem drivers are compiled as modules, but strangely the SG_GET_VERSION_NUM ioctl returns the sg driver version, how is that possible if the sg (and all the SCSI subsystem) driver was renamed and it is not loaded ??01:19
gam3r111ynot: still says it cant be mounted01:19
FelixTheCataestrivex: on that 'lsmod' you ran, did you see the spca5xx module?01:19
Fryguy--izmeh: pmount-hal01:19
macrobadshade1: in order to test the firewall (assuming you're running kernel 2.6 and using iptables), you'd have to check out the follwing commands: 'sudo iptables -t filter -L', 'sudo iptables -t nat -L', 'sudo iptables -t mangle -L', and 'sudo iptables -t raw -L'. They should be more or less empty.01:20
aestrivexfelix: i should have that as well01:20
m-cbullzeye95: I think it would not - just as long as you did not boot to that old partition01:20
Fryguy--bullzeye95: probably not01:20
bullzeye95thank you01:20
shade1macrobad: ip route and rule: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25817/01:21
aestrivexfelix: no, i cant find spca5xx there01:21
ynotgaminggeek,  prob cuz the drive is mounted as ubuntu since it same drive but diff partitian01:21
aestrivexalthough i did install that the other day01:21
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ynotthat was meant for gam3rllll01:22
izmehFryguy--: use fdisk to get the info correct?01:22
Fryguy--izmeh: i guess01:22
aestrivexdo i need spca5xx in addition to uvcvideo?01:22
shade1macrobad: ok, I'll try those01:22
FelixTheCataestrivex: It's possible that's in the kernel instead of a module. We can try running 'sudo modprobe spca5xx' and see if it accepts.01:23
klosanyone cna help with a bcm43xx wlan card? when i boot my system i have to eject the card and when its booted i have to type in the command sudo modprobe bcm43xx01:23
Sorrowfulits been ages since I last joined a channel with more than 300 users01:23
daggerxhello people need some help01:23
klospossible to run this stuff at startup so i dont have to do it all the time ?01:23
SorrowfulHello guys.01:23
Fryguy--!broadcom | klos01:23
ubottuklos: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx01:23
Commie_Jebuswhy has noone ever made a Adium port :(01:23
macrobadshade1: it looks like you don't have a default gateway configured, and it means you cannot access internet. However, you should still be able to communicate within your LAN, because the default gateway is not necessary there.01:23
Fryguy--Commie_Jebus: adium is a port of pidgin01:23
aestrivexfelix: FATAL: Module spca5xx not found.01:23
setitehey anyone can help me with debuild error01:24
aestrivexso clearly its not there01:24
daggerxwireless not connect to my home network01:24
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FelixTheCataestrivex: Aye, more than likely it's been merged into the mainline kernel by now.01:24
daggerxwpa or wpa201:24
setitedebian/rules:2 *** missing seperator. Stop.01:24
xserverxdid some one know server discussion channel ???01:24
FelixTheCataestrivex: From the results I'm finding, that particular model is not supported. There are many similarly named models, but that particular one has no support. http://hardware4linux.info/component/35516/01:24
klosFryguy--, its empty :)01:24
m-cklos: You might consider purchasing a USB or PCMCIA wifi device, if all else fails.  There are linux driver issues with many wifi cards these days.  https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/32516  The cost of a wifi device may be much less than the effort required to enable and maintain a difficult to support wifi device with non-free drivers.   They are less than $20 these days, some less than $10 at Fry's Electronics.  No one is that broke they c01:24
m-cannot afford one.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_open_source_wireless_drivers01:24
shade1macrobad: I may have typed it in wrong, let me check. I tried the iptables commands, and none of the categories had any rules, that I could tell.01:25
Fryguy--klos: scroll through the page..01:25
FelixTheCataestrivex: One last thing to try...hold one...01:25
Fryguy--klos: it's certainly not an empty page, unless your browser is broken01:25
aestrivexfelix: according to http://linux-uvc.berlios.de/ it is supported01:25
macrobadshade1: that means that there was no firewall configured.01:25
klosuh ok :)01:25
klostook soem tiem to load haha01:25
IndyGunFreakm-c: problem is, how many do you buy before one works the way you want01:25
aestrivexfelix: as well as according to http://opensource.creative.com/webcam.html01:25
macrobadshade1: So, what's left?01:26
daggerxcan some1 help me out01:26
klosit still doenst solve my problem, its not a problem with the network card, its an ubuntu issue01:26
Fryguy--daggerx: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=B90&q=ubuntu+wpa&btnG=Search01:26
bullzeye95alright, I deleted the partition without a problem :).  Now, if I were to boot into it, would anything bad happen?01:26
klosthe network card works fine, just ubuntu always wants to load the wrong driver, i think i have to blacklist something and put the other driver in the modules01:26
macrobaddaggerx: you'd better stick to NetworkManager (default with Ubuntu). If not, you'd have to install and configure wpa_supplicant.01:27
derspankstermy ubuntu hardy laptop "forgets" my network settings (name and password) on a regular basis. Anyone know whats going on?01:27
daggerxthats what i have01:27
daggerxi have it installed01:27
daggerxconfiguration: broadcast=yes driver=ndiswrapper+bcmwl5 driverversion=1.5201:27
shade1macrobad: well, you were right about the gw, apparently when I rebooted because of the char map error, it forgot about the gw, but I added it back in.01:27
lastnodehas anyone here ever used google talk / skype successfully under vmware running xp, on ubuntu?01:27
daggerxmy wpa sup list has enabled=0 in it01:27
daggerxmy wpa conf is empty01:27
bob3213243i am trying to connect to my home computer via Tight VNC. How do I connect when I am not on it's network. I have the WANip and LAN ip as well ass port 22 forwarded.01:27
daggerxmy lo is in the interface file01:27
shade1macrobad: also, that first ip address was supposed to be, not 192.168.0/2401:28
Fryguy--bob3213243: vnc uses port 5900, not 2201:28
bob3213243fryguy so I just need port 5900 forwarded so that local ip?01:28
Fryguy--bob3213243: yes01:28
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FelixTheCataestrivex: Ah, I see what you mean. The last step, then, is finding the applications that accept the UVC driver.01:29
macrobaddaggerx: That is what I am speaking about. You either let NetworkManager configure it for yourself, XOR let the NetworkManager do it, and trust me, it is better to leave this job to the NetworkManager, and not to edit any files by hand!01:29
shade1macrobad: hmm, well, I think that there's still a chance (minor?) of driver problems, because lsmod claims that neither of the two drivers that are supposed to be used by my nic are being used. There was also the possibility of the switch causing problems, or routing, I think you mentioned.01:29
daggerxmacro i didnt01:29
daggerxi left it alone afteter i did the ndiswrapper from that no fluff stuff page01:30
lastnodecompiz fusion that comes with ubuntu, when im looking for themes for it, i should look for emerald themes, yes?01:30
daggerxi did what it said and I got nothing01:30
Fryguy--lastnode: yes01:30
bullzeye95Now that I deleted my broken ubuntu partition, how would I go about deleting it from GRUB so that I don't accidentally try to boot into it in the future?01:30
macrobadshade1: Yeah. If the IP settings are correct, it is either the driver, or the switch (I doubt, a router).01:30
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aestrivexfelix: apparently other people have had success in getting the UVC driver to run with a variety of standard applications with other camera models01:30
Fryguy--bullzeye95: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst01:30
lastnodeFryguy--, thanks01:30
Sorrowfulis there a way to run my Microsoft keyboard and mouse elite for bluetooth on ubuntu?01:30
bullzeye95ah, ok, thanks.  I couldn't remember the path01:31
daggerxname the file and ill tell u what in it01:31
aestrivexi dont understand why this one is different01:31
lastnodeim also wondering about google talk and vmware, has anyone tried it?01:31
daggerxinterfaces has the lo loopback01:31
Fryguy--lastnode: pidgin works with google talk, as for vmware, that works fine as well01:31
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lastnodeFryguy--, i have a webcam driver that doesnt work under *nix, will it work in vmware?01:32
Fryguy--lastnode: probably not01:32
lastnodeok Fryguy--, thanks, that's pretty much the only thing that's keeping me dual booting. that and starcraft, but that i can run in a window01:32
macrobadshade1: Try to sniff the trafic with tcpdump, or check the switch config, or check the same card in a different environment.01:32
macrobadshade1: Sorry, I cannot suggest anything else remotely.01:33
daggerxmacrobad network manager is showing my wnetworks01:33
daggerxbut when i try to connect i cant01:33
shade1macrobad: well, this card just came out of a working computer, so I know the nic is good; the only problem is that it was on a windows computer, so I don't know how well linux supports it01:33
FungusmanHey guys01:33
bullzeye95haha, another problem.  I don't know which ubuntu partition is left :(01:34
FelixTheCataestrivex: I had to check something myself. /dev/video0 shows up when I plug in my Quickcam IM.01:34
FungusmanI got a kubuntu live cd I would like to add the KDE desktop to my current ubuntu install01:34
macrobadshade1: run ubuntu livecd on that machine!01:34
FungusmanThing is, I'm on really slow internet01:34
macrobaddaggerx: hmm..01:34
MariachiACHow do I connect to a wireless network using terminal? Wireless network is secured using wpa personal.01:34
FungusmanCan I dl the pakages fromt he cd ?01:34
Fryguy--MariachiAC: use iwconfig01:34
daggerxive done a little homework01:34
aestrivexfelix: that's weird01:34
daggerxand even it I leave the files the way they are, i still got nothing01:35
aestrivexfelix: different applications are detecting the presence of the camera, even though they can't use it01:35
macrobaddaggerx: what's the name of your interface?01:35
MariachiACFriguy-- I do that iwconfig wlan0 essid "network name"   Then what?01:35
aestrivexas in drop down menus recognize that there is a video device called Live! Cam VF04 whatever01:35
shade1macrobad: the switch doesn't have any configuration, it's just a switch. Unless it has some sort of button on the back. I could try sticking the cable in another jack, but we already verified that the physical layer worked01:35
FelixTheCataestrivex: For ekiga, I had to purposefully pick the V4L driver over the V4L2 driver, but you mentioned that doesn't work for you.01:35
Shibawhat is the codename for ubuntu 8.04?01:35
aestrivexyeah it doesnt work01:35
____MaxI'm having huge problems with hardy lately. Firstly, the terminal screen is blank, firefox wont start, my sounds not working with pidgin, everything's falling apart.01:35
shade1Shiba: Hardy Heron01:35
daggerxi believe01:36
Fryguy--Shiba: hardy heron01:36
bullzeye95how would I comment a line on GRUB's menu.lst?  Is it # or ##?01:36
Fryguy--bullzeye95: #01:36
aestrivexfelix: oddly enough one of the instructions that i came across indicated that uvcvideo only worked with v4L2 and not with v4L01:36
macrobadshade1: ah, ok. Actually, switches might be very complicated, and support VLANs, i.e. even if physical layer works they can mess up stuff on the mac layer.01:36
daggerxlogical name: wlan001:36
ynotbullzeye95, look in gparted to see what drive or partition you edited01:36
aestrivexat least iirc01:36
macrobaddaggerx: you're lucky01:36
FelixTheCataestrivex: Hate to say it, but I'm out of ideas. You could unplug the camera, run 'ls /dev > list1.txt', then plug in the cam and run 'ls /dev > list2.txt', then compare them both. That'd at least show you if there is a dynamic /dev file.01:37
daggerxwhah - what do u mean01:37
macrobaddaggerx: I am almost sure I know what's your problem01:37
aestrivexok ill try that01:37
daggerxsee - i told u i did my homework01:37
xbj9000what's /etc/mtab?01:37
eboyjrI don't want to have to wait 3 seconds for the GNOME calculator to start for a quick calculation. Is there anything that will help? Also, how do you say GNOME? I say it like Gee-Nome01:37
Fryguy--eboyjr: nome01:38
MariachiACmy screen reader says it as nome01:38
Shibaeboyjr: try bc for your calculation needs01:38
Fryguy--eboyjr: or ganome01:38
____MaxDoes anyone know how to fix my problems? This is a really weird issue, and I don't feel like restarting my computer every single time it happens.01:38
Shibaand its pronounced Guh-Know-Me01:38
eboyjrShiba:: I'd rather use the GUI... plus the terminal takes 3 seconds too01:39
eboyjrand i dont want to leave my gui01:39
daggerxok macro - what my issue01:39
eboyjrguh know me sounds cool01:39
aestrivexfelix: the two files are exactly the same01:39
Commie_JebusI like the termnal for simple stuffs, GUI for complex stuffs01:39
shade1macrobad: well, even if part of the problem is the switch, I think we would have caught some icmp packets, right?01:39
aestrivexi have no idea why the device isn't being read01:39
Marv3lzit's noam, the g is silent01:39
macrobaddaggerx: In my case I also have wlan0, and it doesn't always work, but I've found a workaround. The problem is that the new kernel network stack (wlan0 instead of eth1 tells me about it) has a bit different way to configure. If you're running Ubuntu 8.04, I can just post my scripts in order not to explain all the stuff.01:39
DarkAuditit's embarrassing... I'm horde and I'm using GNOME >.<01:39
crhello room01:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:40
macrobadshade1: right01:40
bullzeye95What do you know, another problem... I don't have permissions to edit menu.lst.  How would I get the correct permissions to edit it without messing something up like I usually do?01:40
aestrivexor why it seems to be partially working01:40
aestrivexeven though its not being read01:40
macrobaddaggerx: 8.04?01:40
r00tgood neight for all01:40
ubunubiDarkAudit: wow player, eh?01:40
daggerxcan u email em01:40
daggerxwould that be easier or here01:40
macrobaddaggerx: hold on, let me paste them01:40
bob3213243What do I type to gain root access in dolphin?01:40
Ericthegreatcan i install ubuntu on my esata drive?01:41
DarkAuditubunubi: yep... I get a fps hit in WINE, but it runs just fine with Hardy01:41
xtknightEricthegreat, not sure.  isnt esata just a sata port outside your pc?01:41
xtknightno hurt to give it a try01:41
Ericthegreatkinda yea i guess01:41
XVIIyes you can01:41
bob3213243What do I type to gain root access in dolphin?01:41
ubunubiDarkAudit: what video card? my hd 3850 is barely playable in org at 1024x76801:41
strixvHey guys, I just installed the lamp-server package (metapackage?) and now when I ps -A it shows 6 instances of "apache2." Is that normal? thx01:41
XVIIyou just have to boot of of usb/firewire01:41
Commie_Jebuswhats a MUD?01:42
DarkAuditubunubi: nvidia 7800 GS01:42
ubunubibob3213243: what you tried running dolphin with sudo?  sudo dolphin01:42
aestrivexMUD = multi user dungeon01:42
Ericthegreati just do the norm install but to the external drive?01:42
ubunubiDarkAudit: what screen res...and fps?01:42
xtknightEricthegreat, the drive should be detected like everything else01:42
unopemphasis on _should be_01:42
XVIIyes. by the way, what size is it?01:42
xtknightso <external/internal/any-other-controller> ---->   Graphical installer01:42
Fryguy--Commie_Jebus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MUD01:42
Ericthegreat500 gig01:42
XVIIthats great01:43
XVIIit should work well.01:43
Ericthegreatit wouldent all go to ubuntu lol >.>;01:43
DarkAuditubunubi: 1440x900... I can get ~40-50 fps in quiet areas... ~15-25 in Black Temple... do you have -opengl at the end of the launcher command?01:43
ubunubiDarkAudit: yes. and all the pixel shaders and what not disabled too. ATI drivers just suck that badly01:43
XVIIsmaller esata drives/flash drives burn out quicker with an os on them. that's why i asked.01:43
Ericthegreatah i c01:44
unopstrixv, yes01:44
ubunubiDarkAudit: what server ar eyou on?01:44
aestrivexlol these are wonderful ubuntu-related questions01:44
DarkAuditubunubi: Dark Iron... member of Panda Attack, the pvponline guild01:45
macrobaddaggerx: the first is here --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/25820/01:45
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Shibaeboyjr: stop whining then.  either use the calculator, or  fix it so it doesn't take so long01:45
macrobaddaggerx: the second is here --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/25821/01:45
Shibaeboyjr: you've got the source  code, profile it01:45
ubunubiDarkAudit: ah. i have a rogue alt on dark iron from a long time ago but have mains on archimonde01:46
bullzeye95Fryguy--: Sorry, but one last question :P.  I don't have the permissions to edit menu.lst.  How would I be able to edit it without messing something up?01:46
macrobaddaggerx: you should backup your current versions, then substitue them with updated ones.01:46
unopbullzeye95, gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst01:46
bullzeye95thank you01:46
unopbullzeye95, but you should never have to edit the file directly ..01:46
macrobaddaggerx: as soon as it is done, you should be able to 'sudo ifdown wlan0 && sudo ifup wlan0' to bring it online.01:46
Fryguy--bullzeye95: use sudo01:46
tvrtkoim getting strange glibc runtime error with my code01:46
bullzeye95I shouldn't have to edit it directly?  why is that?01:46
tvrtko*** glibc detected *** ...............: invalid next size (fast): 0x0804b028 ***01:47
bullzeye95could I change things another way?01:47
xtknighttvrtko, well what's your code01:47
unopbullzeye95, because you should let the package scripts set it up01:47
xtknighttvrtko, want to paste the source on pastebin or such?01:47
unopbullzeye95, what are you trying to do?01:47
daggerxsweet, which file to open to edit with this01:47
bullzeye95I deleted an ubuntu partition, and I want to remove it01:47
tvrtkousing malloc on a char array and than free. nothing special01:47
macrobaddaggerx: The changes I've made to the scripts are related to the order the commands are executed, and to some parameters.01:47
bullzeye95it was broken01:47
unopbullzeye95, but you still want to boot ubuntu?01:48
tvrtkochar * mystring = (50 * sizeof mystring)01:48
macrobaddaggerx: It's written in the beginning of the file.01:48
bullzeye95yes, I have another partition installed though01:48
xtknighttvrtko, what language?01:48
bullzeye95I just wanted to remove the boot option for the old one01:48
daggerxgimme a minute01:48
xtknighttvrtko, char* mystring=malloc(char[50]); free(mystring);    see how that works for you.  i am not honestly sure abotu your syntax01:48
Phixionanyone decent at scripting want to write me an RSS script for terminal? :D01:49
tvrtkoill upload full code somewhere wait01:49
unopbullzeye95, all you should have to do -- considering you are running the ubuntu install you want to keep.  sudo update-grub -y01:49
shade1so macrobad, if you're not too tired, what do you want to look at first, routing, or drivers?01:49
unopbullzeye95, err,  sorry.  sudo update-grub01:49
daggerxso im assuming the sudo gedit deal01:50
TropicalDudeHi, Im new to ubuntu, Im having problmes with sound/audio when flash player play sounds it blocks Desktop sounds or multimedia apps, and viceversa01:50
macrobadshade1: :) Well, I was preparing to go to sleep already, but still I'm waiting for daggerx. So, let us start from routing.01:50
unopdaggerx, gksudo gedit  rather .. don't use sudo with X apps01:50
joshualis there a good small quick image editor for quick simple edits when you dont want to load gimp for more complex stuff?01:50
unopjoshual, gthumb01:50
macrobaddaggerx: It would work, but don't forget to backup the files!01:50
bullzeye95I am not running the install.  Do I still need to manually edit it (or is it the easiest way)?01:51
unopjoshual, but it depends again on what you want to do ?01:51
macrobaddaggerx: Also, sudo nano might be easier.01:51
tvrtkoxtknight: http://snippets.dzone.com/posts/show/573301:51
shade1macrobad: ok, how does routing work? I've looked at route -n several times now, and everything seems ok, but I don't know if that's all there is to it, or whether I've done it properly.01:51
Commie_Jebus why cant linux run mac apps I mean there both unix based but it can run widows which arenot related in any way01:51
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bullzeye95oh, sorry.  I read your message wrong01:51
unopbullzeye95, well, if you know what you are doing - there is no stopping you from editing it -- but the recommended way is to use update-grub, it regenerates the menu.lst based on your system's setup01:51
bazhangCommie_Jebus, that is offtopic here01:52
Commie_Jebusbazhang: ISNT THIS #UBUNTU01:52
unopCommie_Jebus, linux does not run windows apps -- wine does01:52
Commie_Jebussorry for caps01:52
xtknighttvrtko, ok i can reproduce it.  i will let you know if i figure out what's wrong01:52
IndyGunFreakCommie_Jebus: its ubuntu support, thats not a support issue.01:52
bazhangCommie_Jebus, take it to offtopic01:52
tvrtkoxtknight: seems like the problem is in malloc01:53
bullzeye95well, I just commented out the boot options for the broken one.  Is that the only thing I have to do to update it?  If not, I'll just do the other thing you said.01:53
joshualunop: basically just crop01:53
unopjoshual, gthumb then01:53
xtknighttvrtko, ive never seen this before, but that doesnt mean it's incorrect.  sizeof *result01:53
joshualunop: cool thanks01:53
unopbullzeye95, that ought to do, yea01:53
bullzeye95ok, thanks a lot :)01:53
macrobadshade1: To start with, as a sidenote not all the routes are displayed there. Honestly speaking, there are dozens of "system" ones, which should never be modified. You should be looking at routes to the networks you're connected to straight away, and then to the default gateways.01:53
tvrtkosizeof (char) gives the same error01:54
sonofawhorehow can i install apache?01:54
mike3454hi anyone know how to quick make the start bar pop up like in windows01:54
Flanneltvrtko: You need to malloc one more, for the null.01:54
xtknighttvrtko, are you adding an ull..01:54
xtknightya what eh said01:54
unopsonofawhore, you should change your name first, it's really not appropriate in here01:54
xtknighthe even!01:54
joshualunop: eyeofgnome doesnt do it does it? that seems to be the default image viewer01:54
kenbw2sonofawhore: whats it for?01:54
=== sonofawhore is now known as erohwafonos
macrobadshade1: routes to the networks you're connected to, are identified by the network address in the first field, and zeros in the second.01:54
tvrtkoFlannel: dont understand01:55
Flannelerohwafonos: sudo apt-get install apache201:55
erohwafonoskenbw2: webserver01:55
unoperohwafonos, not funny01:55
xtknighttvrtko, malloc one more char for the terminating null01:55
Flanneltvrtko: Come to #ubuntu-offtopic01:55
shade1macrobad: ok01:55
xtknighttvrtko, (1+str1_len+str2_len)*sizeof(char)01:55
macrobadshade1: routes to gateways are the other way round, plus they are marked with "UG" letters usually.01:55
victor__hi i need help loading an unlisted tv tuner in Ubuntu for the cx88 chipset01:55
tvrtkoxtknight Flannel01:55
kenbw2erohwafonos: to view php files?01:55
tvrtkoxtknight Flannel yeah i understand, ill try it01:55
shade1well, from the last time I looked, the network was, and the gateway was
joshualcan eyeofgnome crop?01:56
shade1macrobad: whoops, I forgot to put your name on that last one01:56
unopjoshual, i'm not sure it can, but i wouldn't be surprised if it does01:56
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macrobadshade1: as long, as you have ip: netmask: it should work ok, and you should be able to see two lines in the 'route -n' output: the network line, and the gateway line01:57
kenbw2mike3454: do you want a start button?01:57
mike3454is there a way i can make my own keyboard shortcuts01:57
joshualunop: apparently not01:57
mike3454just want a shortcut like the windows key ,01:57
Fryguy--joshual: try imagemagick if you goal is to crop something01:58
x__hi people!01:58
kenbw2Alt+F1 by default01:58
unopjoshual, whatis eog  eog (1)              - a GNOME image viewer # that says it all :)01:58
kenbw2mike3454: Alt+F1 by default01:58
MaslowHey, just out of curiosity does anyone here happen to know if Wubi determines what sort of processor you have (32/64bit) before downloading the distro image? Or a way to check which its installed?01:58
joshualunop true01:58
crh0872need some quick help with a bash script, anyone available?01:58
macrobadshade1: That's it about routing, unless you have played with iptables, which you told you haven't.01:58
Fryguy--Maslow: uname -r01:58
mike3454cool thanks01:58
xtknight!anyone| crh087201:58
ubottucrh0872: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:58
MaslowThank you Fryguy--.01:58
macrobadshade1: Do we check the drivers?01:58
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unopcrh0872, /join #bash01:58
crh0872unop thanks01:58
shade1macrobad: nope, I didn't know about iptables until you mentioned them01:59
shade1macrobad: sure01:59
erohwafonoshow can i make files antivirus stealth?01:59
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Fryguy--erohwafonos: what? please elaborate01:59
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macrobadshade1: Ok, iptables - is a generic firewall / routing tool for linux starting from 2.601:59
Maslowerohwafonos, Create a rootkit.01:59
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:00
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victor__ hi i need help loading an unlisted tv tuner in Ubuntu for the cx88 chipset02:00
erohwafonosi don't want clam av to detect my file02:00
erohwafonosso what do i have to change?02:00
kernel_ghostvictor__:  what is the card02:00
Fryguy--erohwafonos: lol02:00
daggerxok i copied and pasted both files02:00
Fryguy--erohwafonos: wrong channel02:00
macrobadshade1: So, let us identify your drivers. If you're using PCI card, you can use lspci to get the model number02:00
daggerxwhats the easiest way to test this02:00
victor__kworld ATSC 12002:00
bazhangerohwafonos, take it elsewhere02:00
Maslowbazhang, Is it ok to tell someone where elsewhere is?02:01
victor__or conexant cx2380002:01
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macrobadshade1: now do modprobe -l and try to find your stuff there02:01
bazhangMaslow, PM him02:01
KcajI'm sad02:01
KcajI can't start Ubuntu02:01
KcajIt goes to some busybox crap02:01
KcajAnd just a command line02:01
macrobadshade1: or lsmod02:01
=== C4-Boom is now known as C4-Bang
KcajThis happened after I installed Compiz Fusion02:01
KcajAny ideas?02:01
shade1macrobad: I've tried two nics. The first was a Davicom dm9009 10/100, and the second was a realtek rtl8139 10/100, which is what I have in there now. both times the card was recognized, and the driver modules loaded, but lsmod claims that they aren't being used.02:01
FAJALOUhelp help!  i am getting a kernel panic, right now i am in a live cd and i can see my / partition and mount it; what i am guessing is that i installed startupmanager and it gave me an error but shutdown, and when i rebooted i got the kernel error, what can i do to either a) reinstall the kernel on the root partition, b) removing startupmanager from the livecd and restoring it how it was, or c) fixing it another way !!02:01
Fryguy--Kcaj: so find out what happened and fix it, try /var/log for starters02:02
MaslowWhere would I go to learn what the outputs for uname -r mean? Is there a page on the wiki that describes it?02:02
shade1macrobad: ok, be back in a second02:02
macrobaddaggerx: do you have dhcp or static addreses?02:02
KcajYeah well, it is difficult when I can't get online while I am doing that02:02
JarrettGreenHey noob here. I've had a dapper server running fine for months02:02
KcajI am not n00b, but close02:02
victor__kernel_ghost:  Conexant CX23800 or Kworld ATSC 12002:02
JarrettGreenjust upgraded to hardy02:02
joshualis there anyway to remove something like eyeofgnome without removing ubuntu-desktop package?02:02
Fryguy--shade1: do you have an onboard nic02:02
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daggerxim on an rj45 right now02:02
ubunubimaslow: uname -r tells you your kernel version02:02
xtknightvictor__, sudo modprobe cx88 card=67 for kworld atsc 120 as you mentioned yesterday. http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb?cmd=file;file=linux/Documentation/video4linux/CARDLIST.cx88;filenode=-1;style=raw02:02
KcajI'll go check /var/log but I mean... maybe if I start in safe mode it will work?02:02
FAJALOUjoshual:  you should be able to just go sudo apt-get remove eyeofgnome02:02
JarrettGreenApache now needs 'apache2-default' in my url find files02:02
JarrettGreenI forgot where this was.02:02
macrobadshade1: err... how does lsmod claim there are not used. I've though lsmod tells whether it is loaded or not. If it is listed bu lsmod, then it is loaded.02:03
xtknightapt-get remove eog actually02:03
MaslowI did not know that. Thank you.02:03
victor__hey xtknight i did that and it tells me the driver is unknown/generic02:03
ubunubimaslow:: open terminal and type uname -r..you can see the exact output02:03
macrobaddaggerx: ok, then can you paste output of 'ifconfig wlan0' and 'iwconfig wlan0'?02:03
joshualFAJALOU: apt-get wants to remove ubuntu-desktop02:04
JarrettGreenThough, could I move all of the files from apache2-default into var/www and be fine?02:04
Gun_SmokeI'm trying to have firefox use thunderbird instead of evolution.. I know it's in about:config But I can't remember what I need to change what to what.. Ideas/02:04
FAJALOUjoshual:  then go into synaptic, and see if it will let you remove it from there w/o that02:04
FAJALOUhelp help!  i am getting a kernel panic, right now i am in a live cd and i can see my / partition and mount it; what i am guessing is that i installed startupmanager and it gave me an error but shutdown, and when i rebooted i got the kernel error, what can i do to either a) reinstall the kernel on the root partition, b) removing startupmanager from the livecd and restoring it how it was, or c) fixing it another way !!02:04
ubunubigun_smoke:: system>preference>preferred applications02:04
FlannelGun_Smoke: update-alternatives --config mail-client02:04
MaslowRight, I got that much. I'm just not entirely sure how to determine if this is a 32 or 64 bit distrobution of ubuntu from the kernel version.02:04
kernel_ghostvictor__:  have u built the latest v4l02:04
Fryguy--Maslow: i686 or amd6402:05
FAJALOU64 bit02:05
daggerxifconfig wlan002:05
daggerxwlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:1f:e1:0f:ea:5c02:05
daggerx          UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:102:05
daggerx          RX packets:44 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:002:05
daggerx          TX packets:123 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:002:05
strixvubuntu startup services: How do you control them? I just installed the lamp-server metapackage and I can't figure out how to get it to only start when I want it to, rather than at system boot02:05
FloodBot2daggerx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:05
daggerx          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100002:05
victor__what's the latest build for v4l kernel_ghost?02:05
daggerx          RX bytes:5821 (5.6 KB)  TX bytes:17742 (17.3 KB)02:05
xtknightvictor__, type sudo modprobe -r cx88xx && sudo insmod /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/media/video/cx88/cx88xx.ko card=6702:05
FAJALOU!paste | daggerx02:05
ubottudaggerx: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:05
* IndyGunFreak sighs02:05
MaslowI would assume that Wubi may just download the 32 bit distro since 99% of peoples processors would support it.02:05
kernel_ghostvictor__:  i have several new model cards that only work with the latest v4l source02:05
Gun_Smokeubunubi, Thanks.. It's gotten even easier.02:05
MaslowI don't know that for a fact though obviously.02:05
ubunubimaslow: uname with the -a option will tell you that..it'll say like i686 or x6402:05
kernel_ghostvictor__: u can use mercurial and the hg clone command to get the source and then build it02:06
MaslowAh, I see it now. Thank you.02:06
FAJALOUhelp help!  i am getting a kernel panic, right now i am in a live cd and i can see my / partition and mount it; what i am guessing is that i installed startupmanager and it gave me an error but shutdown, and when i rebooted i got the kernel error, what can i do to either a) reinstall the kernel on the root partition, b) removing startupmanager from the livecd and restoring it how it was, or c) fixing it another way !!  if i go into syn02:06
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:06
kernel_ghostvictor__: http://www.linuxtv.org/repo/02:06
daggerx!paste | daggerx02:06
ubottudaggerx, please see my private message02:06
macrobaddaggerx: you'd better use paste.ubuntu.com02:06
joshualso bizzare although i'm supposed to crop with gthumb i cant seem to actually apply it to the image02:07
daggerxim learning hold on02:07
FAJALOUhow can i reinstall my kernel for ubuntu from my live cd02:08
shade1macrobad: whoops, let's try again shall we: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25823/02:08
gaspipe1hey people02:08
nuno_nunesHI PPL02:08
m-cFAJALOU: slow down .. what is the error for what you are trying to do?02:08
macrobadshade1: so it is loaded.02:09
FAJALOUm-c Kernel panic -not syncing :VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)02:09
mariorzis there some setting that kills cron jobs after a certain ammount of time? it seems my cronjobs are not completing02:09
=== Infinito- is now known as Infinito_
m-cFAJALOU: Is that coming from the grub boot?02:09
shade1macrobad: yes, but supposedly not used, or do I misunderstand the third column?02:10
macrobaddaggerx: so, you have your wireless interface down now.02:10
m-cFAJALOU: Is the LiveCD working for you okay ?02:10
FAJALOUm-c no i can get into grub fine, it's when i actually try to load ubuntu, my windows partition02:10
guyzmohow do I get the gui to configure my xorg ? :)02:10
jh5386can someone help me with a networking problem?02:10
FAJALOUm-c yes that is what i am running right now (gotta love ndiswrapper)02:10
daggerxim on the rj45 right now02:10
m-cFAJALOU: Can you backup /home and re-install Ubuntu?  That may be the easiest thing to do.02:10
xtknightguyzmo, gksu displayconfig-gtk   ?02:10
xtknightdepeneds if you use fglrx,nvidia,or other02:11
daggerxwant me to go try it and come back02:11
christos__hi there i cat't run some java softwares in ubuntu why02:11
macrobadshade1: no, it tells whether it is used by other kernel modules02:11
xtknightfglrx: gksu amdcccle  ; nvidia: gksu nvidia-settings02:11
m-cAMD developing open source ATI drivers02:11
shade1macrobad: ok02:11
FAJALOUm-c /home is on a sep. partition, but i just did that like a week ago, for a different reason,,, is there any way around it?? like synaptic etc is working fine on the live cd02:11
shade1macrobad: so then how do I tell whether it works for the card or not?02:11
xtknightyup radeonhd is decent for r5xx +rs6xx chipsets, altho r6xx need some time02:11
macrobaddaggerx: can you just bring it up with 'sudo ifup wlan0' and test by scanning the environment with 'sudo iwlist wlan0 scanning'?02:12
m-cFAJALOU: Yeah, it can be a nucience reinstalling, but at least it is a last resort02:12
FAJALOUm-c true, but is there another way to fix it?...02:12
zblachanyone know how to get reiser to shut up during the boot process?02:12
jscinozHi i use ubuntu 8.04 on amd64, and I'm having trouble getting a 32bit binary game to work (ETQW) i got lib32asound2 and now the game starts, but i cannot get it to work with pulseaudio, i believe i need a lib32 version of libsdl or something, but this is not in the repo, any ideas?02:13
macrobadshade1: Well, if it is loaded - it means, it works: you cannot tell exactly what are the calls being made without kernel debugging.02:13
shade1macrobad: hmm02:13
m-cFAJALOU: a kernel error indicates the /boot is not happy.  did you muck around with it?02:13
=== jonathan_ is now known as johoho
FAJALOUi used some stupid package called startupmanager, and i got an error message but it closed out so fast i didn't have the chance to read it...02:14
m-cI reinstall Ubuntu at a drop of a hat - it is so easy02:14
shade1macrobad: well then, I suppose I'll have to presume that the driver works02:14
shade1macrobad: what's left?02:14
macrobadshade1: think of it as of a library being loaded into ram: as soon as a function is required, it is called...02:14
Fryguy--shade1: do you have an onboard nic?02:14
FAJALOUm-c i know it's easy but it's just easier if i can work around it,02:14
macrobadshade1: now, I'm confused.02:14
FAJALOUesp, b/c i just recently did it.02:14
shade1macrobad: what do you mean?02:14
m-cIs it? How much time will you spend researching this issue?02:14
shade1Fryguy--: nope02:15
macrobadshade1: do you have any http or telnet servers, or ftp in your lan?02:15
daggerxhows that02:15
zblachwhen i boot, i get all this debugging information from reiserfs. how can i show errors only?02:15
shade1macrobad: what do you mean?02:15
Fryguy--shade1: pastebin the results of lspci02:15
FAJALOUwell m-c i was going to come here for help, and if not, then i was just going to go see if someone could send me their /boot partition, and see if that fixes the problem...02:15
macrobadshade1: try telnetting to them with 'telnet ip.ad.dr.ess port'02:15
FlannelFAJALOU: SUM should only tweak the grub menu (well, and associated files), and should be fixable.02:15
FAJALOUflannel:  ok then what is wrong ?  ;)02:16
m-cFAJALOU: Maybe someone here has the answer - I hope I am not stopping anyone from speaking up02:16
beautifulsnowhehe i wonder, how many miles do i have to walk to find a music player with ability to change Pitch/speed/tempo?02:16
Fryguy--beautifulsnow: audacity should do all of that for you02:16
FAJALOUflannel:  the only thing i really changed in SUM was splash image,,,,02:16
shade1Fryguy--: I have the relevant line pasted here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25823/02:16
Fryguy--beautifulsnow: that's a function of music editing software, not music playback software (typically)02:16
FlannelFAJALOU: Alright, pastebin your menu.lst (this is the menu.lst on the mounted harddrive)02:17
m-cbeautifulsnow: many - kind of an odd request02:17
=== sean is now known as Guest57860
Fryguy--shade1: i didn't ask for a line, i asked for the whole output02:17
macrobaddaggerx: it means that everything should work. Specifically, it tells us that a network called "uriah" is found in the area, the signal is pretty good, and it is protected with WPA1/WPA202:17
Fryguy--shade1: but ok02:17
beautifulsnowAudacity is a music editor, not  player :/ can't make playlist. Risk overriting my files.. its not odd request, Im a singer.. thats why I was wondering ^^ I use it a lot in Windows, winamp, WMP, Best Practice.......02:17
beautifulsnowive been googling for a whole month  ^^ trying to find something I can use02:18
daggerxthat my network - ill go give it a shot and come back in a few02:18
tovellaI want to install Ubuntu on a computer to ship to my sister.  She's never used Linux, but I can help her via phone and internet.  The only concern I have is for x-ferring her Documents and settings from her old Windows box to the (slightly less old) Ubuntu box.  Is there a way to make the Migration Assistant work via a LAN?  Any other suggestions?02:18
macrobaddaggerx: kk02:18
daggerxthanks much for the files and stuff02:18
shade1Fryguy--: well, I could type the rest of it out if you like02:18
* chalcedony smiles02:18
daggerxbe back in a jiff02:18
macrobaddaggerx: btw, if it won't work you should try02:18
FAJALOUflannel:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/25826/02:18
macrobaddaggerx: 'sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart'02:18
shade1macrobad: I tried, but it failed saying "no route to host"02:18
daggerxah ok gotcha02:19
allaunhello everyone02:19
macrobadshade1: ? No seriously, how come it has no *route* to host??02:19
macrobadshade1: Is it in the output of ' ip route' ?02:20
aidywhere does the alsa-utils init script save the volume levels?02:20
Fryguy--shade1: what is the computer connected to via ethernet02:20
shade1macrobad: I don't know why it has no route, normally ping would say "destination host unreachable". I'll try ip route in a bit02:20
m-ctovella: good for you - good luck with that - sorry I cannot offer you a suggestion02:21
FlannelFAJALOU: I should be here, yes.02:21
FAJALOUok thank you, just IM me if you need to leave, or stumble upon an amazing breakthrough ,and thank you soooo much02:21
tovellam-c: thanks anyway for replying.02:21
chalcedonyI have a laptop, Compaq Armada 1700, running Gutsy, 7.10. It has a wireless card, 3COM OfficeConnect wireless, 3CRGPC10075 Recently the box froze as it has done before (maybe a heat problem) I let it cool and took out the battery and unplugged it. I restarted it and it refuses to see the lan. In System > Administration > network, Connections i have 'Wireless connection, roaming mode enabled' with a -02:21
chalcedonyin the box on the left. Ideas?02:21
shade1Fryguy--: an 8 port switch. Two other Vista boxes are also connected to said switch, and a line to the linksys wrt54g router/gateway, which is connected to the cable modem, and some other computers02:21
chalcedonyshade1: nice02:22
Fryguy--shade1: try changing ports on the switch02:22
Fryguy--shade1: i'm convinced this is a hardware/cable issue of some sort02:22
Fryguy--shade1: feel free to disagree with me if you'd like02:22
macrobadFryguy: He has Ubuntu server connected to the LAN, and we have tried almost everything but couldn't get the connection working properly. Basically, there is a MAC-layer connectivity, and no firewalls whatsoever. I am suspecting routing/switch issue.02:22
chalcedonyi just had to replace an 8 port switch with an intermittent problem.02:22
Flannelbeautifulsnow: mixxx should do that.  Although its probably not the most ideal for your task (and I'm sure theres a better fit out there)02:22
Fryguy--macrobad: i've been watching him all day02:22
victor__kernel_ghost i built the latest v4l source, what should i do next02:23
macrobadFryguy--: kk02:23
beautifulsnowFlannel :/ its so complicated. I just want a slider that lets me go -/+ pitch ,   i dont really want to mix music >.< haha its so though to find something so simple02:23
beautifulsnowbut ill probably download that too and try it02:24
|Zippo|somebody having troubles with svn amsn?02:24
kernel_ghostvictor__:  so u installed it02:24
kernel_ghostvictor__: did u reboot02:24
victor__i need to reboot first then ill be back02:25
mike3454anyone know how to make my graphics normal again without re-installing ,  they are slow02:25
shade1chalcedony: nice?02:25
chalcedonyis there a link for enabling wifi in gutsy?02:25
shade1Fryguy--: ok, I'll try the port change02:25
chalcedonyshade1: sounds like you've been all day on it.. i'll hold back on nice02:26
macrobadFryguy--: shade1: Do you happen to have any routing daemons running there, e.g gated or routed?02:26
macrobadFryguy--: sry. was meant for shade102:26
joshual_hey folks I installed imagemagick package but i dont see anything new added to the graphics menu02:26
mike3454failsafe works fine ,  i removed compiz and everything i installed02:27
Fryguy--joshual_: it's a collection of command line tools02:27
Fryguy--joshual_: use dpkg -l to see what got installed02:27
mike3454even installed flux box,  still lsow02:27
shade1chalcedony, yep, I've been on it all day. fortunately, I'm on break, so I have days to burn futzing with ubuntu ;)02:27
chalcedonyshade1: glad for you, it's good stuff to know02:27
m-cmike3454: can you explain more of your environment??02:27
loa_dudeyo ppl.  where has automatix gone too?  the old website goes somewhere else :-(02:28
shade1macrobad: routing daemons? on the switch? no. It's a D-Link 8port nway switch. I don't think it has an ip address with which I could configure it.02:28
macrobadshade1: No, I mean routing daemons on the Ubuntu box.02:28
reya276Can anyone tell me how to check my logs for remote desktop viever02:28
Drk_GuyHi!, how can i make the output of "zenity --file-selection" fill a variable for other programs to use?02:28
chalcedonyis there some site i should look at for wifi on gutsy?02:28
chalcedonysince everyone seems busy atm02:29
macrobadshade1: btw, check a console port on a switch.02:29
mike3454<m-c>its the newest ubuntu , i tryed to intall compiz then typed compiz --replace then everything buggered up. so i tried to remove it and its slower, but failsafe works02:29
shade1macrobad: ok then, no. not unless ubuntu server starts some. Or I installed the DNS server metamodule, and that causes problems.02:29
rdzhi all. when i suspend to ram, the led of the power button starts to breath (as on macs). is there way to control the led of this button directly?02:29
scales138hey all quick quick question i wanted to try a lighterweight desktop manager for ubuntu.  i was thinking like openbox.  anyone know if there is a wifi app for that desktop manager?  right now network manager handles it in gnome....02:29
macrobadshade1: I didn't need a DNS server, so I cannot say.02:30
zblachscales138: openbox is related to gnome, methinks02:30
mike3454like the graphics are crazy slow and glitchy02:31
Guest57860does anybody know how to spellcheck with kwrite?02:31
shade1macrobad: neither did I, but I didn't think it would cause any problems. If it does, then I'll uninstal it, and will have fulfilled my prophecy of the answer being annoyingly simple02:31
FAJALOUok Flannel back02:31
shade1macrobad: there isn't a console port on the switch.02:31
kwtmmike3454: You're having trouble with compiz-fusion, too?  I had beryl installed with Feisty, and it worked like a charm.  Compiz-fusion is nowhere near as smooth.02:31
FlannelFAJALOU: You get a kernel panic for *both* Ubuntu and windows?02:32
FAJALOUkwtm #compiz helped me out with a problem with that.02:32
FAJALOUFlannel:  no only ubuntu, and recovery mode.02:32
kwtmFAJALOU: You mean #compiz-fusion?02:32
macrobadshade1: so, it must be an ummanaged one.02:32
mike3454kwtm yea I look for beryl in synaptic, and there is nothing02:32
m-cmike3454: please put it all in one line so everyone can read it02:32
AverrosI've got what seem like a dumb question but does anyone know the lib package to install for gcc to be able to read logf functions from within code?02:32
FAJALOUhmmmm kwtm i guess, maybe #compiz redirects there for me or something...02:32
shade1macrobad: I guess so02:33
LLMPcould someone explain this to me in easier words i am kind of confused on the directions02:33
FlannelFAJALOU: So windows boots fine.  That's good.  Because if windows had a kernel panic, there'd be something terribly wrong.  What does the panic say exactly?02:33
scales138zblach: ok, but network manager won't work on it right?02:33
chalcedonyscales138: this might talk about your problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64561102:33
zblachi've not used ubuntu in a few years :)02:33
victor__Kernel_ghost in my dmesg output for the tv tuner i found "Error: firmware xc3028-v27.fw not found."02:33
zblachi'm here out of old habits02:33
FAJALOUFlannel:  Kernel panic -not syncing :VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)02:33
kernel_ghostvictor__: thats a good thing really02:33
kernel_ghostvictor__: u need the firmware and place it in /lib/firmware02:34
FlannelFAJALOU: Ah, much more helpful.  pastebin the output of `sudo blkid` please02:34
mike3454i installed compiz , then typed compiz replace then my graphics skowed down so i removed everything and its still glitchy and slow , then wehn i choose failsafe everything works properly02:34
victor__kernel_ghost: where do i find the firmware02:34
macrobadshade1: I've just checked with 'tasksel --task-packages dns-server' that it actually install bind and netbase packets only. So, no routing daemons.02:34
FAJALOUFlannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25830/02:35
joshual_hmm trying to watch a .mov file with totem, says it cant find decoder, but i know that libquicktime is installed02:35
FlannelLLMP: alt-f2, `gksu "gedit ~/.mplayer/mplayerplugin-in.conf"`, hit enter.  Then paste that middle bit, then save/close and restart firefox02:35
shade1macrobad: so, no problems from dns metapackage?02:35
macrobadshade1: Nope.02:35
victor__kernel_ghost so where do i find the firmware?02:36
macrobadshade1: netbase package is installed anyway, and bind is irrelevant, because your problems are on IP level.02:36
LLMPit didnt work02:36
LLMPit says cant fun02:36
kernel_ghostvictor__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25831/02:36
FlannelFAJALOU: Also, mind pastebing the fstab from your harddrive?  (that is, the one on the HD youve mounted)02:36
shade1chalcedony: sorry, I don't know anything about wifi on gutsy. My entire experience with ubuntu has been spent in the past 24 hours trying to get regular ethernet to work ;)02:37
chalcedonyi feel totally stupid but i need help to figure out what could be wrong with  Compaq Armada 1700, running Gutsy, 7.10. It has a wireless card, 3COM OfficeConnect wireless, 3CRGPC10075.. it was working fine but now it won't see the lan.02:37
FAJALOUflannel: how can i do that?02:37
kernel_ghostvictor__:  that will give u the firmware file u want02:37
scales138chalcedony: thanks02:37
victor__thx kernel ghost02:37
LLMPcannot find it says02:37
chalcedonyscales138: yw :)02:37
chalcedonyshade1: you'll get there :)02:37
shade1macrobad: ok then, what are our other, rapidly diminishing options?02:37
macrobadshade1: you must be lucky to start from such an experience! :)02:37
FlannelLLMP: cannot find *what*02:37
FAJALOUflannel ^02:38
macrobadshade1: Uh, I cannot productively think anymore, it's already 04:38 here.02:38
shade1macrobad: very lucky, it just happens however that my luck happens to be of the generally bad kind02:38
shade1macrobad: wow. Sorry to keep you up so late02:38
mike3454NOw im in failsafe and the graphcs are awesome02:39
eboyjrhttp://i31.tinypic.com/ne6ech.jpg <!-- Are those all the sound events I have!?!?! What about max/min-imize?02:39
FlannelFAJALOU: Hmm, well... this *looks* all pretty normal02:39
shade1macrobad: um, early, rather02:39
FAJALOUya i know that ;)   unfortunately it is not acting normal...02:39
shade1macrobad: g'night!02:39
FAJALOUthe UUID matches up and everything...02:40
shade1Fryguy--: what time is it over in your place?02:40
rand0mhow come when i startup ubuntu into gnome, it automatically recgnizes & mounts my xp partition (with all my media and music on it).. but going into xfce, it doesn´t recognize it ?02:40
FlannelLLMP: Whatsays it cant?  When you do the run dialog? or after you restart? or what?02:40
macrobadshade1: You may try to bring there another computer and connect straight to it (don't forget to use a crossover cable then) so that you could either confirm or dismiss switches and routers issue.02:40
Flannelrand0m: because its a gnome utility that mounts it.02:40
acp_can anyone direct mo to a how-to, I would like to connect to the internet using my nokia E61 modem in hardy,tnx!02:40
macrobadshade1: Thanks, will do. A better luck to you! :D02:40
mike3454is xfce better then gnome ?02:41
FAJALOUFlannel: what about reinstalling the kernel from the livecd?02:41
FlannelFAJALOU: thats probably more work than reinstalling Ubuntu, to be honest (since your home is separate)02:41
shade1macrobad: thanks! Maybe I'll see you around tomorrow? I actually hope not, but one never can tell02:41
victor__kernel_ghost: running the script ./extract_xc3028.pl doesn't work02:42
FAJALOUhmmmmmmmm, what would that entail do you know?  because i really don't wanna reinstall :\02:42
LLMPFlannel: Could not open location 'file:///home/milan/%60gksu%20%22gedit%20~/.mplayer/mplayerplugin-in.conf%22%60'02:42
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
macrobadshade1: I might connect to irc from the Lab tomorrow. Well, unless I oversleep, it's gonna happen in 4 hours. :)) Anyway, I retreat.02:42
kernel_ghostvictor__:  what happened02:43
FlannelLLMP: Alright, did you type it just as I said it?  You should remove the backticks (`)02:43
AlphaXerois there a way to upgrade or downgrade X.Org Server?02:43
rand0mrand0m, is there an xfce utility thatĺl mount it for me the same way ?02:43
LLMPFlannel didnt remove the backticks will do it again02:43
victor__kernel_ghost: ./extract_xc3028.pl: No such file or directory02:43
eboyjr`` are cool02:43
AlphaXeromy X.Org.0.log says its prerelease02:43
=== busyTM is now known as o_O
kernel_ghostvictor__:  its trying to find the downloaded zip file02:44
LLMPFlannel" a blank gedit pop up02:44
rand0malso, when i go Quit > Switch User, then change to Gnome in the Select Session part, it doesnt take me to gnome, it justtakes me back into my previous xfce session02:44
kernel_ghostvictor__: edit the pl file if u have to02:44
=== o_O is now known as o_O-away
rand0meven though the box is unchecked for save last session for whatever02:44
PiciAlphaXero: thats standard, just because Xorg doesnt support it, doesnt mean that we don't.02:44
kernel_ghostor just put the zip file in the same folder02:44
FlannelLLMP: Alright, you must've changed something else, but thats fine.  Do you already have that file? If so, open it, if not, paste that stuff and save it as that file02:44
Flannel!away > o_O-away02:45
ubottuo_O-away, please see my private message02:45
nilihanthI have a sharing permissions question...How do I set up a user for access to my shared folder?02:45
AlphaXeroah ok thanks Pici. I only ask cause i'm getting random black screens when i'm doing everyday stuff02:45
AlphaXeroand all i can do is his the reset button02:45
LLMPFlannel it says this Could not save the file /home/milan/~/.mplayer/mplayerplugin-in.conf.02:46
shade1Fryguy--: do you have any other ideas of what could be causing my ethernet problems? It's really weird what02:46
shade1Fryguy--: whoops02:46
AlphaXeroi'm not sure what happened cause i didnt think ubuntu was as crashy when i installed it. must have been one of those "updates"02:47
FAJALOUflannel:  http://www.osnews.com/story/8472/A_quick_guide_for_repairing_your_kernel_from_a_live_CD  does this look like a good one?02:47
=== gOLDfish is now known as afallenhope
FlannelLLMP: Just /home/milan/.mplayer/mplayerplugin-in.conf02:47
LLMPFlannel what do u mean02:48
FlannelLLMP: Wait.  Actually, close gedit, and then open it up nromally.  You *dont* want sudo02:48
FlannelLLMP: Close everything, don't save it.02:48
victor__kernel_ghost: the extract_xc3028.pl is nowhere to be found02:48
shade1Fryguy--: the symptoms are really weird: 1) I get incoming packets from other computers on the lan. 2) I can't ping any other computers, I get "Destination Host Unreachable" 3) I can't get dhcp, probably for the same reason, since I can't connect to the dhcp server. Actually, I don't think my nic is sending any packets out. tcpdump doesn't catch any. So, what could cause my nic to receive, but not send any packets? Thoughts?02:48
LLMPFlannel: ok than what do i do02:49
FlannelLLMP: then, alt-f2, gedit /home/milan/.mplayer/mplayerplugin-in.conf02:49
kernel_ghostvictor__:  u did download the pl script didnt u02:49
FlannelLLMP: then paste the stuff and save it02:49
victor__kernel_ghost: i don't think it was in the zip file02:49
gnome_new install issue: sound is a little choppy with media players and embedded video. suggestions?02:50
LLMPFlannel: what know02:50
kernel_ghostvictor__: http://lists.zerezo.com/video4linux/msg20831.html02:50
kernel_ghostdownload the perl script attached to that post02:50
FlannelLLMP: Now restart firefox.02:50
OSUKid7what interface does vpnc use when it brings up a VPN connection? my connection is completing, but the only additional interface is a P-t-P tun0 interface02:50
AlphaXerosorry if anyone said anything to me. Xorg crashed on me again02:51
LLMPok thanx02:51
AlphaXeroi'm running 800x600 mode now02:51
FAJALOUflannel:  does that look good?02:52
FlannelFAJALOU: Just chroot, add another kernel in there, and then update-grub02:53
AlphaXerook installing drivers again from hardware drivers util02:53
FlannelFAJALOU: update-grub takes care of the menu.lst02:53
AlphaXerolets see if this hunk o junk crashes again lol02:53
FAJALOUflannel:  just do that right now?02:53
AlphaXerobrb reboot02:53
FlannelFAJALOU: Thats basically the ubuntu version of that howto02:54
shade1does anyone have any ideas on what could cause my ethernet card to receive packets (I can capture passing traffic via tcpdump) but not send packets? (when I ping, it says "destination host unreachable" and tcpdump doesn't catch any icmp packets)02:54
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:54
FAJALOUbut Flannel will that work, in the livecd, just do that now?02:54
peterhdI have an installation question.  I want to install 8.04 on a system currently running XP.  The system has two drives.  The XP drive, C, is dedicated to Windows.  The second drive is portioned, and I have available a 39g area (drive H:) on which I’d like to place Ubunut.  Can I tell the installer to use that Drive?  If not, please point me to a thread on how to complete a manual install. ...02:55
FlannelFAJALOU: Yeah.  Like i said, don't replace your kernel, just put another one in there (along with the support files)02:56
FAJALOUFlannel: sorry for being n00bish, but how can i do that?02:56
AlphaXerook drivers didnt seem to install02:56
FAJALOUlike can i just c&p the kernel from the livecd into /boot ?02:57
FlannelFAJALOU: From the looks of it, this is a fresh install.  I'd reinstall, it'll be quicker and easier02:57
AlphaXerohardware driver says my driver is enabled but not in use02:57
FAJALOUok... shoot :(  ummm, ok i am going to reinstall with all the different parts /home /boot etc,,, how much room should each have.02:58
FAJALOUFlannel: i would really REALLY rather try to just work through this,,, :\02:58
acp_hi I have use my nokia E61(3G modem) to connect to the internet via windoz using its pcsuite from nokia, I would like it to try in ubuntu can you direct me to a how to,tnx02:58
l815for installing kde4.1 with ubuntu, am I better off doing kde4-core or kubuntu-kde4-desktop?03:00
Flannell815: The latter.03:00
AlphaXerol815 what hardware do you have?03:00
l815AlphaXero, vaio laptop fz240e03:00
AlphaXeroah ok03:01
l815Flannel, k thanks03:01
daggerxmacrobad left03:02
FAJALOUFlannel, can i work through this?03:02
joshual_how can I get opera to use my gtk theme?03:02
Fryguy--does opera use gtk as it's graphics toolkit?03:03
shade1daggerx: well, it was 4:30 where he is03:03
joshual_Fryguy--: i think not, think its qt03:03
Fryguy--joshual_: then you don't03:03
shade1daggerx: what do you need?03:03
FlannelFAJALOU: You can certainly try, although I'm less convinced its a kernel issue now.  Have you tried fscking?03:04
FAJALOUno, one sec.03:04
shade1daggerx: I'm afraid I wasn't paying enough attention while you were talking with him earlier.03:04
Dreamin icecast ive changed hostname to my ip, and it still is hosted on http://localhost, i want to be able to access the stream on my laptop, and it isnt working, have i missed out something or edited the wrong file?(/etc/icecast2/icecast.xml)03:04
zaapieli installed kubuntu, switched to ubuntu, how can i uninstall all of kubuntu?03:04
daggerxwell, i cant get my wifi to work03:04
FAJALOUFlannel:  bash: fscking: command not found03:04
daggerxhe gave me some files and it didnt work03:04
joshual_Fryguy--: you dont? but its possible to make qt apps use or look like the gtk2 theme your using isnt it?03:05
shade1daggerx: and I can't get my ethernet to work ;)03:05
AlphaXeroFryguy--, thanks for your help in the past. Its lookin like i'll have to say my farewells soon cause ubuntu isnt liking my hardware or some bug just wont let me use it without crashes. I may drop by when intrepid comes out though ;-)03:05
daggerxi can see my network but i cant connect to it, but i can connect to open networks03:05
Pici!puregnome | zaapiel03:05
ubottuzaapiel: If you want to remove all !KDE packages and have a default !Ubuntu system follow the instructions here << http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome >>03:05
shade1daggerx: hmm. did they return any error messages?03:05
FlannelFAJALOU: fsck is a command.  And, the easiest way for you to do it is: sudo touch /path/to/mounted/drive/forcefsck03:05
ventusignisWhats the difference between killing a process and stopping it?03:05
FlannelFAJALOU: and then reboot03:05
daggerxthe files blocked me from connect to my rj4503:05
AlphaXeroventusignis, i think stopping is a safer way to stop the process03:06
daggerxso im glad i saved the backups like he said03:06
Fryguy--AlphaXero: i don't use ubuntu either, doesn't stop me from hanging out in here03:06
zaapielty Pici03:06
FAJALOUFlannel: what is it supposed to do?  and which path, because remember i am in livecd :\ ?03:06
shade1daggerx: it sounds like you have a problem with the encryption, passcodes, or network name03:06
Jimshoe_I am having trouble with connecting my computer to my wireless network. I am running Ubuntu 8.0403:06
AlphaXeroFryguy--, what you using then? lol03:06
Fryguy--AlphaXero: windows03:06
FlannelFAJALOU: Where is your harddrive (the root partition) mmounted?03:06
FlannelFAJALOU: that'd be sda203:06
shade1daggerx: that's odd. Yep it's a good thing you made backups03:06
shade1what version are you using?03:06
AlphaXeroI use windows occasionally but mostly mac03:06
AlphaXerowindows for work (i hate xp64)03:07
Fryguy--AlphaXero: i got a mac at work that i use (and hate)03:07
daggerxyeah, dunno what to do , its still an ongoing challenge03:07
AlphaXerolooks like ubuntu 64 is just as buggy as windows03:07
Jimshoe_can someone help me please03:07
Jimshoe_ I am having trouble with connecting my computer to my wireless network. I am running Ubuntu 8.0403:07
shade1daggerx: so, what process do you go through to connect, and when does it break?03:07
inevaexistedJimshoe_: more info?03:07
Dreamcant help if we dont know whats needed03:07
AndrewGearharthey folks... I'm running into a problem where I can't get apache to work...03:08
FAJALOUso Flannel  sudo touch /dev/sda2 forcefsck  ?03:08
lxusr1AlphaXero: i run x64 8.04, no problems here03:08
Jimshoe_i am using a linksys wireless router with wep encryption03:08
AndrewGearhartthe symptom I'm having is that when I browse to http://localhost ... it prompts me to download a file ~03:08
Jimshoe_i have a 128 bit hexadecimal passcode03:08
daggerxi left click, pick my network and put the password and encryption wpa2-aes03:08
lxusr1AlphaXero: what r your issues03:08
AlphaXerolxusr1, you ever get random black screens?03:08
inevaexistedJimshoe_: have you configured ubuntu? or configuring it the problem?03:08
daggerxit cycles and cycles and doesn't connect03:08
AlphaXerolxusr1, can i pm?03:09
daggerxthen it connects to the eth003:09
inevaexisted*is configuring it the problem?03:09
FAJALOUso Flannel  sudo touch /dev/sda2 forcefsck  ?03:09
shade1daggerx: what kind of router are you using?03:09
Jimshoe_well, I'm new to ubuntu, but i have gone to the network settings page and changed the properties of the wireless network03:09
lxusr1AlphaXero: before i upgraded video drivers... r u using an ati card?'03:09
AndrewGearhartI've attempted to remove apache and start over... several times... to no avail. :-( I'm at a loss on what to do next03:10
Jimshoe_what else do I need to configure?03:10
inevaexistedshould be it03:10
daggerxwrt54g linksys router version 3 with tomato firmware 1.1903:10
* Dream likes linksys cos they're normaly unsecure ^^03:10
FlannelFAJALOU: No.  Where is /dev/sda2 mounted03:11
Krumarhey, i'm having some trouble with Brasero, when i try to burn an audio cd on a cd -r it always tells me that the cd cannot hold what i'm trying to burn even though i'm using only a little more than half the capacity of the cd, any thoughts on this?03:11
shade1daggerx: hmm, I don't know about the firmware, but that is the same model number that I have03:11
daggerxlol thats too funny03:11
shade1Dream: what do you mean "insecure"03:11
daggerxthat firmware is awesome03:11
daggerxlinux powered too03:11
shade1daggerx: I still have the v1.02.2 firmware on mine03:12
Jimshoe_Im sure i probably configured it wrong03:12
inevaexistedJimshoe_: can I pm?03:12
Jimshoe_oh yes03:12
shade1daggerx: sounds interesting. Could it be causing your problems?03:12
Jimshoe_thats fine03:12
daggerxi doubt it03:12
daggerxwindows didnt have that problem03:13
m-cKrumar: Sometimes, the drive will not accept the media identification.  Always check the dmesg03:13
daggerxand i have machines that are wpa and wpa2 connecting to it flawlessly03:13
shade1daggerx: tomato looks pretty cool03:13
Krumarm-c, would it be at the bottom of dmesg output?03:13
shade1daggerx: are they both windows?03:14
Krumarm-c, this is the output i get "[255154.002413] cdrom: This disc doesn't have any tracks I recognize!"03:14
Krumarm-c, this is a brand new spindal of cds03:15
m-cI know -- I had to toss out a 100 spindle of dvds becuase my writer did not accept the media ID03:16
daggerxa t30 and t20  - windows machines03:16
daggerxthis one - dell 1525 is the one running ubuntu03:16
pijuanybody knows hot to block torrent ?03:17
shade1piju: what do you mean "block"?03:17
pijushade1, block all torrent client from downloading03:18
Fryguy--piju: just don't run a torrent client then?03:18
pijuFryguy--, no. not from me. its for client03:18
pijuclient that connects to the ubuntu03:18
Fryguy--piju: there's no reliable way to do what you want03:18
pijuFryguy--, why ?03:19
Krumarm-c, i hope not, it wouldn't burn a few others i had, just got a new spindle of them, it's burning cd -rw fine, and dvd's03:19
cjbHi.  The latest intrepid update looks to have hosed X.  Is there a fix?03:19
Fryguy--piju: because most modern torrent clients encrypt their traffic and so you'd have to go as far as an SPI firewall to even get close to determining what is torrent traffic and what isn't.  Nevertheless, it's far outside the scope of this channel, check out #networking03:19
Fryguy--cjb: #ubuntu+1 for intrepid03:20
cjbOh, thanks.03:20
temoto-mobiPlease advice a console mp3 player03:20
shade1piju: well, you could block the standard torrent ports, but the client could just change which port they use.03:20
Fryguy--temoto-mobi: mpg12303:20
temoto-mobiFryguy--, thanks.03:20
Fryguy--temoto-mobi: or a cli client for mpd, like nmpc03:20
Fryguy--temoto-mobi: if you are running mpd03:20
pijuFryguy--, thanks for explaination03:20
gooodyhow can i install 'libgstreamer0.8-0' and 'libgstreamer-plugins0.8-0'? i'm using ubuntu hardy and it's not available in repository.03:20
temoto-mobiFryguy--, no, thanks, i guess mpg123 is more than enough for daily alarmer.03:21
Fryguy--goody: try getdeb.net, or compile from source03:21
sdfgsPackages may have different names in different distributions03:21
Picigooody: The versions in the repository are newer than .803:22
gooodyFryguy--: it's available in ubuntu 7.0403:23
Fryguy--gooody: you just said it's not in the repository.  i'm confused03:23
Picigooody: What version of Ubuntu are you running?03:23
gooodyPici: i'm running 8.0403:23
sdfgskubuntu :)03:23
shade1piju: this page seems helpful for blocking bittorrent: http://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?pid=42623 Apparently you should just throttle bittorrent down to really low speeds, so that they don't realize they need to change ports.03:23
Fryguy--gooody: so if you want a specific version of gstreamer for some reason, i'll repeat whta I said already03:23
Fryguy--goody: try getdeb.net, or compile from source03:23
Picigooody: libgstreamer0.10-0 is newer than libgstreamer0.8-003:24
gooodyFryguy--: thanks for the info.03:24
te_I have a question03:24
gooodyPici: i have an application that runs only for libgstreamer0.8-003:25
te_How did you go about deciding your online identity?03:25
te_Why did you choose your nickname?03:25
P|P0alguien habla español aqui?03:25
Fryguy--!ot | te_03:25
ubottute_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:25
FAJALOU!spanish | P|P003:25
ubottuP|P0: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:25
Fryguy--|es | P|P003:25
P|P0join #ubuntu-es03:25
shade1Fryguy--: so, do you have any ideas what could make my ethernet card receive packets, but unable to send them?03:26
soobsi would like a bit of help/words of wisdom please03:26
AndrewGearhartwhy does ubuntu use for localhost and not like the rest of the world?03:26
Fryguy--shade1: no, what happened when you changed ports on the switch03:26
Fryguy--AndrewGearhart: pretty sure it does use
shade1Fryguy--: nothing, ping still returns "destination host unreachable"03:26
sdfgs [o3]03:27
pijushade1, seems like iptables need an extra modules . is it ?03:27
FAJALOUsoobs: what is your prob?03:27
Krumarm-c, i just tried the same disc again, but this time burned an iso to the disc using the command in nautilus "write to disc", it went just fine.03:27
shade1Fryguy--: earlier I tried capturing ping packets with tcpdump; I captured passing traffic from my other computers, but no ping packets from the ubuntu box03:27
soobswell, its pretty long: basically i'm trying to use a strange CRT HDTV as a monitor to watch films on with ubuntu, but i cant seem to change the resolution of that display to one it will accept03:28
AndrewGearhartFryguy--: in my hosts file... (which I've never changed manually) is an entry for for localhost... when I try to visit http://localhost or ... things don't work properly (the system prompts me to download a file "~" ... while when I visit or http://andrew (my hostname which is mapped in my hosts file to ... it serves the html file correctly03:29
shade1piju: well, again, it only works for either unencrypted traffic, or traffic on standard ports. If you only throttle their connection, and don't block the ports completely, however, they might not notice, and thus change their ports. Bittorrent doesn't always get very good speeds ;)03:29
soobsbefore i used powerstrip really easily with winxp03:29
soobsamdcccle isn't as powerful03:29
Fryguy--AndrewGearhart: probably related to your apache settings somehow03:29
AlphaXerook peeps. cya. tomorrow i'll be on suse ;-)03:30
soobsbtw: using an ati radeon 9800 card if that helps, using clone mode to have a standard monitor in 1280x1024 and the tv in 1680x1050 i think03:30
pijushade1, its hard to totally block torrent connection03:31
WalloOpiju,  if you want to blovk remote clients from connecting to your client, then just edit the source code of your torrent client to disconnect any remote connection from another client to retreive data'03:32
shade1piju: yep, but you could run a QoS program that lets http, https, and other services that you know your client should be able to use have decent bandwidth, and either block, or throttle all of the other ports down to really low speeds03:32
srid`hello! I am planning to reinstall everything on my computer. should I install ubuntu first and then WinXP?03:32
shade1piju: how many users do you have that are trying to run bittorrent?03:33
WalloOsrid`, XP then ubuntu03:33
Flannelsrid`: Other way around is easier03:33
srid`ah ok03:33
FAJALOUxp first then ubuntu b/c MBR makes it impossible to get to ubuntu w/o having to use a Super Grub Disk03:33
srid`I do have vista installed right, but it is not willing to resize the only partition on my hard disk. resizing in Ubuntu installer hangs forever.03:33
OzoneNerdQuestion 1: When one issues a "./configure" command, why is the "./" there?03:33
srid`*vista installed right now03:33
pijushade1, how about blocking torrents annoucing url ?03:34
Fryguy--OzoneNerd: because your pwd isn't part of your path by default, so you need to give a path for linux to find the file03:34
pijushade1, only one03:34
FAJALOUsrid`:  try burning a disk called gparted and using that to partition03:34
pijushade1, only one client03:34
enzotib enzotibcocloca5303:34
FAJALOU!gparted | srid`03:34
ubottusrid`: gparted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:34
shade1piju: how savvy is this user? ;)03:34
GustavoHello, I have a notebook gateway, with the wireless network on the integrathed USB (lsusb finds that) and the wireless was working on Ubunto 7.0. Since 7.04 it is not working properly anymore. sometimes "iwlist scan" finds the network although when it tries to connetc, it stops.... there seems to be no connection between ifconfig (wlan0) and iwconfig03:35
pijushade1, i want to block it03:35
pijucoz i hate him03:35
Gustavohave anyone suffered with that too?03:35
shade1well, I don't know about blocking it, but you could at least make it severely frustrating.03:35
srid`FAJALOU: I have sysresccd.org. but in the past, when I tried to resize Vista partition without using the Vista disk manager, I end up screwing vista (it never boots again).03:35
FAJALOUGustavo: have you tried using ndiswrappe?03:35
srid`so I am wary of resizing using other tools.03:35
Gustavothe modprobe already says that it is installed03:36
KanjaI'm bulding a new computer, can someone recommend a good mobo that works well with nix?03:36
FAJALOUwell ya b/c vista is evil srid` :) no defragment vista partition first,,, that might help03:36
Fryguy--Kanja: pretty much anything03:36
srid`I did that. anyways, this gives me an opportunity to 'upgrade' to XP. ;)03:36
FAJALOUsrid`:  totally :)03:36
FAJALOUbesides with ubuntu's compiz etc, you won't want vista anyhoo :D03:37
shade1piju: If you try blocking the 6881-3889 ports, bittorrent switches to using http, and I don't know if you want to throttle his web usage ;) However, throttling down those ports to 10kB or 20Kb/s would be pretty annoying03:37
Fryguy--FAJALOU: maybe, maybe not03:37
srid`FAJALOU: yea, XP is primarily for playing games (I am a fan of AoE3).03:37
AlphaXerovista doesnt crash as much as Xorg though lol03:37
Kanjafryguy--: anything? gigabyte, intel, asus all should be good?03:37
FAJALOUFryguy--: we hope for it ;)03:37
Fryguy--shade1: very few people still use those ports for torrents, most clients nowadays default to automatically picking a random port03:37
Fryguy--Kanja: sure03:38
Gustavofajalou: the modprobe says that the drive is talready installed: rtl818703:38
FAJALOUsrid`:  have you looked at ubuntu's wine package, it helps with playing games in ubuntu03:38
shade1piju: as long as you don't completely block those ports, it shouldn't occur to him that he could fix it by just changing ports03:38
Fryguy--FAJALOU: "we".  I use windows03:38
OzoneNerdIf you have more than one directory in your $PATH, and two directories have identical executable files, how does the system choose which to execute?03:38
Fryguy--OzoneNerd: first one in the list03:38
shade1Fryguy--:, piju: well, in that case, just throttle everything ;) piju said he hated the client anyway, but I don't know how far he's willing to go03:38
FAJALOUgustavo: install ndisgtk.03:39
srid`FAJALOU: wine is just a wrapper API (some apps work, some apps won't). I'd rather run the games on XP. later then..gotta reboot the machine.03:39
FAJALOUit makes seeing ndiswrapper much easier.03:39
OzoneNerdthx Fry.  What about my previous question, why does one occasionally need to prefix "./" to commands?03:39
s3a_can sum1 help me with a compiling problem03:39
Fryguy--OzoneNerd: like i told you, because you are trying to run something that is not in your path, you need to specify an explicit path of some sort03:39
smallfoot-Hans Reiser has been charged for the murder of his wife and will be imprisoned for 15 years. This is very unfortunate - not that his wife is dead, but now perhaps he wont be able to develop Reiser4, the kickass file system. :( Is it possible for him to work on Reiser4 inside jail?03:40
Fryguy--22:35:58   Fryguy--| OzoneNerd: because your pwd isn't part of your path by default, so you need to give a path for linux to find the file03:40
Flannelsmallfoot-: #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks03:40
Fryguy--smallfoot-: another group of developers have already started working on it03:40
smallfoot-Fryguy--, oh great!03:40
l3dis there a channel for printers03:41
smallfoot-Fryguy--, do you think its possible for him to get a laptop and work inside jail? or wouldn't they let him?03:41
Fryguy--smallfoot-: no idea03:41
s3a_can sum1 help me with my compiling problem here --->http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5340427#post534042703:41
FAJALOU!offtopic | smallfoot-03:41
ubottusmallfoot-: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:41
GustavoFAJALOU: and then? the configuration seems to be gray03:41
OzoneNerdsrry, I missed your response fryguy, how about when one prefixes a "~"?03:42
Fryguy--s3a_: do you have build-essential installed03:42
FAJALOUdid you open ndisgtk with sudo?  try gksu ndisgtk03:42
Fryguy--OzoneNerd: ~ is your home directory03:42
OzoneNerdI see03:42
OzoneNerdYou have answered all of my command line questions.  Thank you.03:42
leaphello i had to reinstall ubuntu my home files are in different drive all my settings are there but i lost a user03:42
s3a_Fryguy--: ya03:43
s3a_Fryguy--: i have installed many things03:43
=== philwyett_ is now known as philwyett
s3a_look at my last post on that thread (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5340427#post5340427)03:43
Fryguy--leap: so recreate the user, and mount your partition in the right place over /home03:43
=== freaky[t] is now known as fReAkY[t]
FAJALOU!away | fReAkY[t]03:43
ubottufReAkY[t]: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels - it causes unrequired scrolling which is unfair to new users.  (Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead.)  The same goes for using noisy away messages; use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»03:43
sCOTTohey guys - if I just installed a network card into a ubuntu server install and want to get the box to configure it - whats teh command ?03:43
s3a_Fryguy--: look at my last post on that thread (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5340427#post5340427)03:43
Fryguy--sCOTTo: edit /etc/network/interfaces and use ifdown/ifup/ifconfig03:44
Fryguy--s3a_: try installing libxt-dev03:44
leapFryguy--it's there but i don't know how to mount03:45
Fryguy--leap: use the mount command03:45
spiniker_numbhello again03:45
Fryguy--leap: manpage has a bunch of details but it's basically "mount sourcedevice destination"03:45
scream_sayonarahello is anyone really bored and feel like helping me set up my internet connection because im dumb :D03:45
Fryguy--!ask | scream_sayonara03:45
ubottuscream_sayonara: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:45
* scream_sayonara rolls her eyes03:46
spiniker_numbcan i remove the text "Applications Places system" and leave just the icon on my panel?03:46
scream_sayonaraquestion: how do you set up an ethernet connection?03:47
Fryguy--scream_sayonara: you plug cable in and it usually just works03:47
Cpudan80Hello all03:48
Cpudan80I am having a problem with FF3 on HH03:48
sCOTToFryguy--: what should it have writen ?03:48
Cpudan80It wont automatically open JPGs - it forces me to download them03:48
Cpudan80In the preferences box, open automatically isnt an option03:49
Fryguy--sCOTTo: it depends on what your network configuration is, see the manpage03:49
Cpudan80So, if anyone has some words of advice...03:49
NalidAnyone got a moment to help me with enviromental variables? I've been googling and just can't seem to get them set up right.. any suggestions?03:49
Fryguy--!anyone | Nalid03:49
ubottuNalid: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:49
yell0wNalid: specific ?03:49
s3a_Fryguy--: problem03:49
s3a_Fryguy--: creating pr/src/pthreads/Makefile03:49
s3a_configure: warning: Recreating autoconf.mk with updated nspr-config output03:49
FAJALOU!paste | s3a03:50
ubottus3a: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:50
Fryguy--s3a_: that's not a problem03:50
s3a_Fryguy--: but icecat is not in internet03:50
Fryguy--s3a_: what?03:50
Nalidyell0w: i need to make an enviromental variable called FIFO_PATH that points to /home/simpl/fifo03:50
Jimshoe01I need help connecting wirelessly to my router. I am running Ubuntu 8.0403:50
s3a_Fryguy--: icecat (what im compiling) is not in applications-->internet03:50
Fryguy--Nalid: export FIFO_PATH=/home/simpl/fifo03:50
Jimshoe01my wireless card is a Belkin F5D605003:50
Fryguy--s3a_: of course not03:51
FAJALOU!wifi | Jimshoe0103:51
ubottuJimshoe01: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:51
Fryguy--s3a_: you are compiling it from scratch, so you have to add it to those menus automaticallyh03:51
Fryguy--s3a_: manually rather03:51
yell0wNalid: FIFO_PATH ="/home/simpl/fifo" ?03:51
Nalidjust trying.. one sec03:51
Jimshoe01i have already looked through the documentation and forums and have found no help03:51
Jimshoe01does anyone know of a wireless client that can help me connect03:52
Jimshoe01i am having trouble using the one provided with Ubuntu03:52
FAJALOUJimshoe01: have you tried using ndiswrapper?03:52
Fryguy--Jimshoe01: do you have a wireless interface in ifconfig and iwconfig03:52
Jimshoe01yes I do03:52
sCOTToFryguy--: is there an easier way - i am a bit lost :(03:52
Jimshoe01my card is connected, but It won't connect to the router03:53
Fryguy--sCOTTo: from a server install? no03:53
s3a_Fryguy--: u mean manually?03:53
Fryguy--s3a_: yes03:53
Nalidyell0w: when i try to run the build script for simpl it still complains about needing a FIFO_PATH variable.. so apparently its not set up right yet03:53
sCOTToFryguy--:  bugger :(03:53
Fryguy--s3a_: i corrected myself 1 line down...03:53
FAJALOUJimshoe01: go to the network maanger icon and leftclick, see if there is anything there.03:53
s3a_Fryguy--: ok but my problem is: how do i launch it now?03:53
Jimshoe01I can't download ndiswrapper as I have no internet connection with my Ubuntu computer03:53
yell0wNalid: after you set it do   . /etc/environment03:53
notJimshoe: same here03:53
sCOTTooh well.03:53
Jimshoe01anything as in ssids03:53
Fryguy--s3a_: alt-f2, run it from a command line, add it to applications menu manually03:54
Fryguy--s3a_: your pick really03:54
FAJALOUJimshoe01: get on this computer and go to packages.ubuntu.com and find ndiswrapper-command and ndiswrapper-utils03:54
Fryguy--s3a_: create a launcher for it in gnome-panel03:54
yell0wNalid: you have to activate it, . /etc/environment or reboot will do03:54
komputesis packages.ubuntu.com down?03:54
FAJALOUdl them and put them on a flash drive, and then bring them to the ubuntu computer, and install them from there.03:54
Jimshoe01thank you03:54
s3a_Fryguy--: ya but wat command?03:54
FAJALOUkomputes: hmmm shoot it might be,,,03:54
Jimshoe01uh oh03:54
Fryguy--Nalid: you need to export it03:54
Fryguy--Nalid: like i said a while ago03:54
Jimshoe01my computer just froze and crashed and now won't load ubuntu03:54
Fryguy--22:52:50   Fryguy--| Nalid: export FIFO_PATH=/home/simpl/fifo03:55
latI'm trying to learn how to use tar to do a full system backup. Would some tar expert please look at this pastebin, and tell me what all these messages mean? am I getting everything backup up?03:55
IdleOnekomputes, seems it is03:55
latHere is the pastebin: http://pastebin.org/4953603:55
Nalidgonna reboot03:55
AquinaDoes someone know where logs on shutdown are saved (messages, dmesg doesn't seem to contain them)?03:55
komputesIdleOne, FAJALOU : anyone know the admin?03:55
IdleOnelat not without the link to the pastebin we cant03:56
Fryguy--lat: any reason why you are using tar instead of something else?03:56
FAJALOUkomputes:  unfortunately no.03:56
IdleOnekomputes, yeah Canonical03:56
iplaythisgamelat, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3508703:56
AMLNXUSRI cant seem to get my sound card to work with 8.04? does anyone have any suggestions?03:57
FAJALOUJimshoe01 I have the files if you need them03:57
ubunubiAMLNXUSR: if you tell people what your sound card is (model,id,etc) and what drive is currently being loaded, they might can give you assistance03:57
olskolirchi hi guyes03:57
notI have a weird situation with my ubuntu03:59
notIt installed fine03:59
AMLNXUSRI have a sound blaster audigy 2 . I have tried to setup the volume control.  and the digital/analog option and have had no luck.. please help me03:59
olskolirccan someone help me set up my apache server please?  apache203:59
Fryguy--olskolirc: #apache03:59
olskolirci downloaded03:59
notbut whenever I run it normally03:59
Fryguy--!enter | not03:59
ubottunot: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:59
FAJALOU!ask > not03:59
ubottunot, please see my private message03:59
olskolircthey sent me here b/c I have ubuntu Fryguy-- :-(03:59
Fryguy--olskolirc: sudo apt-get install apache2.  now you don't have an ubuntu problem, it's apache specific from that point on04:00
olskolircok Fryguy-- I downloaded apache204:00
olskolircwhat do I do next Fryguy--04:01
Fryguy--olskolirc: sudo apt-get install apache204:01
olskolircI did that Fryguy--04:01
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: dood, why are you still on this thing?04:01
Fryguy--olskolirc: k, so it's running04:01
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: bored, and i need to recompile my kernel and I don't want to, so i'm procrastinating04:01
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: nice04:01
olskolircdo I have to configure it Fryguy-- or start it in /etc/init.d or something?04:02
Fryguy--olskolirc: it should already be running04:02
olskolircI'm doing this so that I can learn SQL04:02
iplaythisgamewill start automatically04:02
olskolircok but how do I password protect my server04:02
olskolircor test it04:02
Fryguy--olskolirc: what do you want to protect04:02
olskolircmy server04:03
nothow do I turn on drivers in terminal?04:03
Fryguy--not: modprobe04:03
notFryguy--: ty04:03
olskolirchow do I create a mysql database with apache04:03
latFryguy, someone on this forum recommended tar. I open to anything that will allow me to do a full metal backup in case of hardware failure.04:03
Fryguy--olskolirc: use phpmyadmin, or just use mysql command line tool04:03
olskolircok Fryguy-- can i install both?04:04
Fryguy--lat: dd is probably a better choice for backing up an entire partition04:04
Fryguy--olskolirc: sure04:04
iplaythisgamei use tar04:04
waltons_pacmansame, i use tar as well.04:04
iplaythisgamescripts to run it 1rst 15th and every sunday04:04
notdoes modprobe also load restricted drivers?04:06
Fryguy--not: sure04:06
waltons_pacmanlat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25840/04:06
latFryguy, why do you think tar is better?04:06
waltons_pacmanlat: for basic backup04:06
Fryguy--lat: i don't04:06
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: driver question, again. i have a ps2 controller converter. any ideas on finding a driver for it?04:07
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: google04:07
l3dfor the love of linux!   this printer is goint to be the death of me yet04:07
FAJALOUdoes sudo touch forcfsck have a log somewhere?04:07
Gustavohey, does anyone here use a notebook gateway... and wireless connection (rtl8187 USB)?04:07
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: was hoping for a more specific site, google yields an assload of PC stuff.04:07
Fryguy--!realtek | Gustavo04:07
ubottuGustavo: some help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b04:07
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: add the word "ubuntu" in front?04:08
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: well i tried that.04:08
FAJALOUwaltons_pacman: or behind04:08
alekamy ubuntu machine went down yesterday and i am not able to boot it up.. I am currently on a livecd.. how can I diagnose the problem and recover my system?04:08
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: i am capable of using google thank you. not that noobish.04:08
FAJALOUaleka, when you try to start up, what happens exactly04:08
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: you asked for ideas :)04:08
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: let me add the word origonal04:08
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: in front or behind for that matter.04:09
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: write one yourself04:09
Fryguy--waltons_pacman: :P04:09
waltons_pacmanFryguy--: cant, pens broken04:09
alekaFAJALOU: Grub menu, then a blank screen... looks like it tries to start the x-server... but nothing happens, not even a flicker04:09
Fryguy--aleka: ctrl-alt-f1 and look at /var/log04:09
FAJALOUhave you tried going into a tty screen with ctrl alt F104:09
waltons_pacmanLooking for a PS2 controller adapter driver.04:09
alekaFAJALOU: Yes, tried that + Ctrl + Alt + Backspace04:10
JASONCOwhen im running gnome -- and i try to acccess smb shares in nautilus -- it works perfect - but when i try in fluxbox it says it cant -- whats wrong?04:10
AMLNXUSRI have a sound blaster audigy 2 . I have tried to setup the volume control.  and the digital/analog option and have had no luck.. please help me04:10
FAJALOUaleka follow Fryguy--'s advice.04:10
FAJALOUgo into tty and then sudo nano /var/log and look for any abnormalities04:10
guyzmodamn... how do I change the gdm default's keymap ?04:10
guyzmoit does not use xorg's04:10
alekaHow can I chroot into the ubuntu install from the livecd?04:10
Fryguy--aleka: mount your disk and then just chroot /yourmountpoint04:11
Billllhey got a question04:11
FAJALOU!ask | Billll04:11
ubottuBillll: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:11
Billllhow the hekc is my wireless card being detected by ubuntu, it's not even supported...04:12
FAJALOUyou got lucky Billll ;)04:12
Fryguy--Billll: apparently it is04:12
waltons_pacmanbilll got a question, why do you care? it works. :-P04:12
FAJALOUjust because the (normally outdated) site  of all supported cards doesn't say it is, it may be04:12
alekaFryguy--: I am getting the following error when trying to chroot "chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory"04:12
Billllfryguy: it's nto can't be =P, it's a netgear wpn31104:13
Fryguy--aleka: are you chroot to the right location04:13
l815how do i make smplayer look like it does in kde4 with gnome?04:13
alekaFryguy--: yeah.. I just mounted my install (/dev/sdb1) to /mnt then tried chroot /mnt04:13
Andre_Gondimwhere is the file with screen resolution? before hardy heron was xorg.conf...04:14
Fryguy--aleka: ldd /bin/bash and make sure tha tall of the required files are in your /mnt/lib directory04:14
alekaFryguy--: Bah.. nvm.. I mounted the wrong device04:14
__ryan__j #ipodlinux04:14
Fryguy--ANDRA_SMG: still is04:14
Fryguy--Andre_Gondim: still is04:14
shade1Fryguy--: well, I guess you haven't had any ideas ;)04:15
Andre_GondimFryguy--, I don't see things like 1240x80004:15
Fryguy--one of you guys i been helping all day should return favor and compile my kernel for me.  i'm lazy and don't want to muck around04:15
* guyzmo reasks : where does gdm gets its04:15
alekaFryguy--: so after chrooting, looking into /var/log wutomatically takes me to my installs /var?04:15
Fryguy--Andre_Gondim: you might have to manually add them04:15
guyzmokeyboard layout configuration04:15
Fryguy--aleka: you don't need to chroot to do that though04:16
Fryguy--aleka: but ok04:16
alekacd /var/log04:16
guyzmoqwerty is really a pain for me, as I have to type with one hand04:16
guyzmoI prefer one handed dvorak04:16
guyzmothat is configured in xorg.conf04:16
guyzmobut does not work at startup screen04:16
Fryguy--guyzmo: http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+dvorak&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a04:16
latSorry for the delays in answering. I'm experiencing interruptions at my desk.04:16
alekaFryguy--: nothing out of the ordinary in syslog04:16
IdleOne!ask | fuln04:17
ubottufuln: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:17
alekaNetworkManager: <debug> [1215484682.600217] nm_hal_device_added(): New device added (hal udi is '/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_model_RW/DVD_GCC_4480B').  << Fryguy-- this is the last entry... what else can I check... or can I run chkdisk from the Livecd?04:17
corollaxRequest port forwarding and/or ndisgtk help, please?04:17
shade1Fryguy--: lol, I'm not sure I could compile your kernel. Why do you hang around here all day anyway? I don't really like hanging around, and I'm the one with the problems ;)04:17
guyzmobtw that used to work in 7.x and is not working anymore in 8.x04:17
Fryguy--shade1: bored and lazy04:18
shade1Fryguy--: ok04:18
Fryguy--just need to compile in a new module :/04:18
shade1Fryguy--: well, unfortunately, even though my problem is yet to be resolved, I'm going to have to leave soon04:18
olskolircwhen I do am I supposed to see my files?  I see my files04:18
shade1Fryguy--: you sure you don't have any more ideas?04:19
Fryguy--AHA: no04:19
Fryguy--shade1: no04:19
Fryguy--wow terrible nickcomplete :(04:19
latThank to you guys that have sent me links. I've read them.  But what I want to know is do the messages tar is giving me (http://pastebin.org/49536) show that everything is getting backed up, or are some things not being backed up?04:19
shade1Fryguy--: lol04:19
alekahmm... what was the command to manually run check disk?04:19
guyzmoFryguy-- - well, thanks for trying to help04:19
Fryguy--olskolirc: that is the mysql port...04:19
guyzmobut I've already gone through them04:19
guyzmoand I'm stilllooking04:19
shade1Fryguy--: thanks for trying though. Do you have any ideas on where else I could *look* for ideas?04:19
Fryguy--shade1: no04:19
guyzmobut if I'm asking here, it's because I'm in a dead end04:20
olskolircis it right Fryguy-- ?04:20
Fryguy--olskolirc: is what right04:20
olskolircI know 3306 is the sql port04:20
olskolircdid i set it up right?04:20
NalidIf I have an environmental variable say named FIFO_HOME set to /home/mike/simpl and i type cd FIFO_HOME why doesn't it go to that directory? it says its not there when infact it is04:20
Fryguy--olskolirc: i dunno, all you said is "i can see my stuff at 3306"04:20
Fryguy--olskolirc: so probably04:20
olskolirchow do I access my apache2 server or lock it up from the public04:20
halcan i get help with compiz fusion?04:20
shade1Fryguy--: good night04:20
Fryguy--Nalid: because the variable becomes $FIFO_HOME04:21
Fryguy--olskolirc: http is on port 8004:21
olskolircI know Fryguy--04:21
Nalidtyping cd $FIFO_HOME doesn't work either.. :<04:21
Fryguy--olskolirc: change your apach configuration to listen on a non-public or non-default interface04:21
olskolircI want to set up an apache server and learn mysql04:21
olskolirchelp please?04:21
alekagot it.. fschk04:21
Fryguy--Nalid: echo $FIFO_HOME04:21
olskolircok Fryguy-- and where is my apache configs04:22
Fryguy--olskolirc: /etc/apache or /etc/apache204:22
fulnmy OS ubuntu 8.04, how I can enabled visual effect04:22
Fryguy--fuln: system | preferences | appearance04:22
eitreacheverything that uses the file shortcuts crashes when I try to use it. How do I fix that?04:22
bobertdosfuln, if you have a question, go right ahead and ask. You don't need our permission :D04:22
olskolircok i found it and which conf file do I want to configure04:22
Nalidgot it.. had it set wrong i guess.. just getting frustrated. thansk fryguy--04:22
Fryguy--olskolirc: probably httpd.conf04:23
bobertdosfuln: You will probably need to install restricted drivers for your video card and then probably change your display preferences.04:23
olskolirchttpd.conf is empty Fryguy--04:23
Fryguy--olskolirc: well use ls on the directory and take a look at the files04:24
Fryguy--olskolirc: should be pretty obvious what you need to be editing04:24
Fryguy--olskolirc: please ask apache specific questions in #apache04:24
l3dhere is a question04:24
fulnDesktop effects could not be enabled << why..??04:24
spantherinstall your graphics card drivers first04:24
Fryguy--fuln: you need to use a driver that supports 3d acceleration and compositing04:24
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eitreachplease help. my system is becoming practically useless.04:25
Fryguy--!ask | eitreach04:25
ubottueitreach: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:25
l3d is there a way for me to fax a document i would like to print to my fax machine with no modem only broadband04:25
fulnmy graphics card ATI M200, whre i can download this driver04:25
spantherhuh? the driver needs to know 3D acc and compositing? o.o  what in fact is compositing if it is listed special for itself?04:25
=== Infinito is now known as Infinito-
Fryguy--!ati | fuln04:25
ubottufuln: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:25
moderatelybcWhen I try to install vmware server, when I type the post-config commands, it doesn't do anything, just gives me the default prompt again.  Then when I try to run vmware it tells me that it's installed but not correctly configured and suggested redoing it by invoking the following command: /usr/bin/vmware-config.pl. and after I go through configuring that it tells me the configuration was successful, but it still doesn't work.  Any idea04:25
Fryguy--spanther: compositing is the concept of rendering the gui into a buffer so that another device can do something with it04:26
Fryguy--spanther: usually a graphics card, but not always04:26
Fryguy--spanther: see xpra, which uses compositing to transfer the desktop over a network to another machine04:26
Flannelolskolirc: httpd.conf will be empty.  debian uses apache2.conf, and things in /sites-enabled and mods-enabled04:26
eitreacheverything that uses the file menu and shortcuts crashes when I try opening it in root. what do I do to fix it?04:26
Fryguy--spanther: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compositing_window_manager04:27
spantherthank you Fryguy-- ,_,04:27
bobertdoseitreach: Are you using the root account graphically?? You should NEVER do that.04:28
Jazzmaster42im having a problem with screen resolutions wondering if anyone can help04:28
Fryguy--!anyone | Jazzmaster4204:28
ubottuJazzmaster42: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:28
fulnfor u explanation04:28
Fryguy--moderatelybc: try #vmware04:29
moderatelybcOk, thanks.04:29
bobertdosfuln: I warn you though, you might not get the best performance out of an ATI 200M Xpress. It's a pretty low-end chipset, after all.04:29
eitreachbobertdos: No, I use my regular account, but as every other user, I need to access my root system. Whenever I do this with a program that uses the file shortcuts in the open diralog, it crashes. gedit, fileroller, everything that uses it.04:29
Jazzmaster42i tried to connect an external lcd to my laptop, it didnt work well and i gave up, but i cant seem to get my laptop resolution back straight. using 8.0404:29
Nalidfryguy-- k, i screwed something up bad with my env variables. when i do SIMPL_PATH=/home/mike/fifo and then export it and then echo it, it says its right.. but when i restart the terminal it goes back to pointing in the wrong place. ideas?04:29
Fryguy--Nalid: environment variables only exist for a single session04:29
djhashwhats a good IRC client for ubuntu? I'm using XChat and not liking it.. also something other than konversation.. would rather not install something that will install KDE components04:30
Fryguy--Nalid: add it to  your .bashrc (assuming you are using bash) for it to get repopulated04:30
Fryguy--djhash: i like irssi04:30
eitreachdjhash: search through Synaptic. Plenty of clients.04:30
Gneadjhash: irssi rocks, if you don't mind it in a terminal04:30
cycomanyone have a howto on getting horizontal scrolling enabled on a mighty mouse?04:30
ks3Jazzmaster42, you might be able to use xrandr; something like xrandr --output VGA --off04:31
bobertdoseitreach: You mean every graphical program you access as root crashes?04:31
cycomsqueeze button already works, but for some reason horizontal scrolling is disabled.04:31
Jazzmaster42hmm i dont think its trying to output at all04:31
Jazzmaster42im just having problems with the little menu applets working right04:31
eitreachbobertdos: an example.. I can open gedit, and then try to open or save a file - when I do that, it crashes. With fileroller, I can open an archive, but when I want to extract it, it crashes.04:31
Jazzmaster42it thinks its at 1680x1050 but its clearly not (i have to scroll around)04:32
bobertdoseitreach: I see. This is Hardy Heron, right?04:32
eitreachbobertdos: yes, fully updated.04:32
fulnow.. i now04:32
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bobertdoseitreach: When you access these programs as root, what command are you using?04:33
eitreachbobertdos: sudo, gksudo.04:33
JasonCO_hi folks - for some reason -- when i access smb shares in nautilus under gnome - -it works fine -- when i try to do it under fluxbox -- it does not -- running hardy -- any ideas?04:33
Dr_willisJasonCO_,  what file manager you using under fluxbox? nautilus?04:34
olskolircgeezus christ those apache guys are in a comma04:34
JasonCO_Dr_willis, yes04:34
olskolirccan someone help me set up and secure my apache2 server to be private04:34
JasonCO_im sorry -- didnt mention that04:34
Dr_willisJasonCO_,  weird.. i wonder if some gnome service isent getting ran.04:34
JasonCO_ya -- thats kinda what i was suspecting -- i just dont know which one04:35
olskolircffs why don't folks say they don't know instead of having me read man grep04:35
olskolircgive me a f*n break04:35
bobertdoseitreach: gksudo is generlly better for graphical programs. It sounds to me like something might be wrong with one or more of your services or that your hard drive partition is bad. It would seem your main problem is writing to disk in general.04:35
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JasonCO_Dr_willis, i dotn know what gnome services are well enough to be able to track it down either -- but i suspect ur right04:36
DarkAuditso what's the difference between sudo and gksudo besides the GUI password entry?04:36
eitreachbobertdos: thiere's nothing wrong with my harddrive. Everything works fine as long as I don't use the programs with root.04:36
randallhow can i make ubuntu do updates at a certain time like 3am04:37
Dr_willisJasonCO_,  i r3call that openbox added a 'gnome/openbox' menu item to the sessions.. i wonder what its launching in addation to openbox.04:37
moderatelybcWhen I boot up, Ubuntu doesn't automatically add one of my hard drives.  I have to go to Places > 203.9 GB Media for it to appear on the desktop.  I store things such as music on it and if I open up Rhythmbox without first opening it up from Places, the music tracks start deleting since they can't find it.  But Ubuntu knows it's there because it's in Places, but it's not "loaded" er, I don't know the correct term.  Any ideas?04:37
eitreachbobertdos: seems to me the problem lies with the open/save dialogs, since things crash when they open. I don't get a chance to either open or save.04:37
JasonCO_humm - i dont know -- any suggestions where i should be digging? -- im asking in #fluxbox at the same time -- no answers at all there04:38
cincinnatusI'm having trouble upgrading to gutsy from feisty, can someone help?04:38
fulnSorry I can't, bcause me >> newbier ubuntu :D04:39
randallhow can i make ubuntu do updates at a certain time like 3am04:39
Jazzmaster42why do i have to scroll around the screen even though everything is telling me im running at native res for my display04:39
bobertdoseitreach: True enough, which is why I would imagine something is corrupt with dbus or some other service that gets invoked under root. You do get prompted for your password, right?04:39
eitreachbobertdos: yes, when I start the programs.04:40
FezzlerIs anyone have trouble with Compiz under Hardy?04:40
karandoes anyone know how to enable autoloading in apache2 on linux?04:40
DarkAuditrandall: http://kevin.vanzonneveld.net/techblog/article/schedule_automatic_updates_on_ubuntu/04:40
cincinnatusI get an error message whenever I try the aptitude upgrade, something along the lines of "failed to fetch package http://security.ubuntu.com/yadayada.../Packages.bz2 bzip2 error"04:40
Beeno problem with compiz04:40
=== spanthe1 is now known as spanther
randallDarkAudit! thanks04:41
Dr_willisJasonCO_ ya could install openbox, and see if the openbox-gnome session has same problem.. if not.. track down what its running (some script i imagine) and make your own variant that runs what you want to run.04:41
DarkAuditrandall: np :)04:41
eitreachbobertdos: I'm not getting much from the terminal either. Just Segfault.04:42
JasonCO_wow -- ok -- i'll set that up on a testbed machine -- rather not try it on a production box -- my skills arent that good04:42
bobertdosSegfaults, huh?04:42
bobertdoseitreach: Segfaults..........that's very peculiar04:43
hydeI am trying to install ubuntu into one laptop here, where I have RHEL5+WinXP+Win2K3 installed. It currently boots from RHEL5 for all OS. In ubuntu, I am seeing the following partition: /dev/sda1 (ntfs), /dev/sda5 (ntfs), /dev/sda6 (ext3), /dev/sda7 (unknown) (this one is RHEL5). I want to use ubuntu to replace RHEL5 here. Is it possible?04:43
eitreachbobertdos: that's all I see. Shortest error message I ever did see.04:43
__yyhyde: just reformat the RHEL partition and install04:44
bobertdoseitreach: That's interesting. How much RAM does your system have?04:44
eitreachbobertdos: 3gb.04:44
* DarkAudit is bumpin to: Gentle Giant - Prologue on "Three Friends" [5:34/6:14] (128kbps) 44.1kHz) [5.73MiB mp3]04:44
eitreachbobertdos: never experienced it before today.04:44
bobertdoseitreach: In that case, I'll ask, what all has happened to your system today? Any significant changes, updates, or stuff like that?04:45
^tiNee^can someone help me install the driver for my webcam its a logitech quickcam connect and yes i have read the forum and it didnt work for me04:45
JosdellHey guys is it possible to create a WIndows Recovery Disk?04:45
eitreachbobertdos: nope.. I'm rather stumped.04:46
djhash!etiquette | djhash04:46
ubottudjhash, please see my private message04:46
bobertdoseitreach: I guess I am too........04:47
gluonmanI'm having problems with my newest install of Ubuntu 8.04. For one thing, I have compiz cube enabled and other settings, and emerald. The minimize, maximize, and close buttons on all windows have disappeared. The Alt-Tab function, and alternatively the Win-Tab function, seems to be completely disabled or not functioning. All windows are automatically opened on all workspaces instead of just one, and I can't seem to correct that (the only04:47
gluonman exception being the embedded terminal I tried to make that only pops up on one workspace and I can't get it to exist on each one. And, finally, my panel always shows up in the middle of the desktop every time I restart, and I have to open the properties and select expand in order for it to move back to the top where it's supposed to be.04:47
AMLNXUSRand all on my own04:47
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dpeachcongrats AMLNXUSR04:48
bobertdoseitreach: What if you tried it by switching to "root" mode via sudo -i?04:48
halI need help, dear god please.04:48
^tiNee^can anyone help me out?04:48
zarrianask away04:48
^tiNee^im having trouble install my webcam04:48
Varak_i am here my child04:48
djhashHey.. I'm changing settings on konversation.. and am trying the OSD.. can someone just count to three and either send me a pm.. or write a message with nick in it.. (please be nice..) :-P04:49
Varak_state your problem04:49
eitreachbobertdos: this is what I have found to be the closest thing.. - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+bug/20759804:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 207598 in gedit "GTK2 Open File Dialog causes crash" [Medium,Invalid]04:49
^tiNee^the driver wont build04:49
halAnyone here know how to fix compiz. Right now when I open the settings manager it closes immediately in the processes list, and never shows up on the desktop. I have no window borders, I can't close windows and right now this is a clusterfuck on my desktop.04:49
koolranchI also need help; I have a couple specific questions about installing linux on a factory-partitioned hard drive04:49
halI didn't have problems on my desktop, only now on the new laptop.04:49
zarrianwhat kind of webcam tinee?04:50
^tiNee^i tried m-a autoinstall gspca but it failed to build04:50
^tiNee^logitech quickcam connect04:50
Dr_williskoolranch,  i normally resize the windows parittion, and leave the 'recovery' partition alone.  On my Compaq/hps at least. :)04:50
Varak_did you try restarting x with ctrl-alt-enter04:50
Fezzlerhal : Upgrade or new install?04:50
koolranchDr_willis, why do you resize the windows partition, and how do you do that?04:51
halNew install.04:51
Beeanyone ever tried playing warcraft 3 on wine? ever get the "Memory could not be 'written'" error?04:51
Dr_williskoolranch,  err.. so i can have a partition to install linux to. :)04:51
Dr_williskoolranch,  gparted, or vista has a very speedy ntfs resize feature now a days also.04:51
koolranchSorry, I'm an absolute linux newb Dr_willis04:51
Fezzlerhal: I had same problem on upgrade04:51
koolranchwhy can't I put Ubuntu on my unused partition?04:51
halFezzler: what fixed it?04:51
iplaythisgamekoolranch,  the ubuntu livecd installer has a guided resize as part of the installer04:52
bullgard4file:///usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.24/Documentation/mca.txt: "A machine with a MCA bus will have the kernel variable MCA_bus set, assuming the BIOS feature  bits are set properly (see arch/i386/boot/setup.S for information on  how this detection is done)." What is a 'kernel variable'?04:52
__yykoolranch: I don't know, why can't you?04:52
Dr_williskoolranch,  if you have a unused/unallocated section of the hard drive you can.. but thats not the same as 'free space on c:'04:52
LSD|NinjaDo you *really* want to be running Ubuntu on anything with an MCA bus these days?04:52
dpeachI have an nVidia Ti4600 card and have tried installing drivers through the Restricted Drivers wizard. Then I tried the envyng tool. Then the nVidia driver from their site. All with the same result. It just reboots to a black screen. I am not sure what log to check to see why it crashed.04:52
olskolircI'm on a rounter. do I edit my apache2.conf with my ip 192.168.x.x or the other one 67.x.x.x?04:53
Fezzlerhal: still working on it.  Visual Effects Extras shuts off if I select Cube settings.  Also, Pengiun game my kids love locks up the screen04:53
koolranchDr_willis, I have a 120gb hard drive, with 80gb on the c: drive and 40 gb on the d: drive04:53
Fezzlerhal: I think it is a nvidia issue.04:53
koolranchdoes that change what I need to do to install ubuntu?04:53
koolranchWindows is currently on the c: drive04:53
bobertdoseitreach: With 3gigs, this seems kind of silly, but I wonder how much RAM is free right now......04:53
halI have nvidia with my desktop and i never had a problem.04:53
PingI'm rockin' a 7600GS04:53
yowshihow do i access the shared folder of a virtual box guest system?04:53
Pingand no problems04:53
Dr_williskoolranch,  to install to the hard drive. you need another partition,  (or a section of unallocated space to make into a partition) for linux to use.04:53
Pingthe jockey ui works well for me04:54
karanhow the hell do i run phpmyadmin04:54
iplaythisgamekoolranch,  the ubuntu installer will let you resize c: and add a new partition in the space it creates, that is where you install ubuntu04:54
karanthis so isn't working :(04:54
karan*must resist going back to windows*04:54
olskolirccall me :-)04:54
Dr_williskoolranch,  like iplaythisgame  says.. the installer can do it for you. :)04:54
Pingkaran: do you have the LAMPP stack running?04:54
iplaythisgameyou'll be back04:54
eitreachbobertdos: around 2,5gb.04:54
karanPing: i have apache and php5 running04:54
jamusi partitioned my drive with gpai change this rted and now i get a dir in ''new'' partition that says lost+found to which i have no acces how can04:55
karanPing: i've installed phpmyadmin according to the tutorials04:55
koolranchDr_willis, I guess I'm just confused about what to do with the d: drive04:55
karanPing: but localhost/phpmyadmin no workie04:55
bobertdoseitreach: Huh...........I only ask because of the SegFault errors.....04:55
Pinghmm. The LAMPP stack is the easiest way to do it, as that'll throw phpmyadmin in there for you04:55
halcan anyone help me?04:55
Dr_williskoolranch, what do youw ant to do with it?  does it have stuff on it? linux does not use C: D: type naming..04:55
Pingbut then sometimes you have to play around a bit with the MySQL settings04:55
jamusi partitioned my drive with gprted and now i get a dir in ''new'' partition that says lost+found to which i have no acces how can i change this ?04:55
karanPing: where can i find those settings04:55
koolranchDr_willis, the d: drive is empty04:55
Pingit varies04:55
bobertdoseitreach: As a programmer, I'm always wary of those :p04:55
Pingbut someone around /opt/mysql04:56
Pingor somesuch04:56
koolranchdoes that make it suitable for installing ubuntu?04:56
eitreachbobertdos: I tried deleting all gtk-settings root had made as well.. perhaps things will improve when I restart X.. or restart my system.04:56
Dr_willisjamus,  lost+found is for 'recovered' files when the drive gets fscked.. leave it alone.04:56
PingI can't remember off the top of my head04:56
AMLNXUSROk i got one for you guys.. I just fixed my sound but now when i try to play music or videos on youtube its got no sound .. any suggestions?04:56
koolranchor do I still need to partition the c: drive?04:56
=== eric is now known as Guest30971
Dr_williskoolranch,  you can easially delete D: and let linux isntall to the empty space that was D:04:56
halAnyone here know how to fix compiz. Right now when I open the settings manager it closes immediately in the processes list, and never shows up on the desktop. I have no window borders, I can't close windows and right now this is a clusterfuck on my desktop.04:56
bobertdoseitreach: That's what I would hope too.04:56
iplaythisgamekoolranch, the d: drive is ussually a backup/restore partition for your windows. if you dont have another method for installing windows again i wouldnt bother it.04:56
mynick2hi... How can I install a cdrom/r device? using linux mint daryna on hp nx6110 laptop. thanks04:56
Dr_williskoolranch,  IF you want to remove D: that is..04:56
eitreachbobertdos: thank you for your time in any case. nice to see someone put in an effort.04:57
karanPing: nope, not there04:57
Pingquick solution04:57
koolranchiplaythisgame, Dr_willis: so I should just forget about the d: drive and partition my c: drive?04:57
jendaHello. My up-to-date Ubuntu 8.04's shows a 100% CPU usage, but no process appears to be using it. Apps (eg. FF or gThumb, even konsole) It only starts a few minutes after bootup and gets worse with uptime, reaching unusability within 10 or so minutes. The shell (at Ctrl+Alt+F1) keeps belching this error: http://pastebin.com/m7ac8eacb Can anyone make sense of it?04:57
PingAlt-F2 for the "Run command" window04:57
Pingthen do either KWin --replace or metacity --replace04:57
bobertdoseitreach: No problem. SegFaults indicate memory allocation errors, btw, that's why I was wondering about RAM.04:57
IndyGunFreakhis D: drive is 40 gigs, i've never saw a recovery partition that big.04:57
PingKWin if you're in KDE or metacity if you're in GNOME04:57
iplaythisgame!enter | not04:57
ubottunot: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:57
Dr_williskoolranch,  you said D: was empty.. if you want to use the space that D: is currently using. and remove D: you can do so.. or resize C: and leave D: alone.04:58
FuriousDamiFor the nvidia card users will notice that the Web nvidia has a bug in ubuntu drivers to download the system connects with nvidia to know that we targeta. Because the bug is always the result that we have a 200 series card, so they download the driver badly.04:58
FuriousDamiThis bug has already been reported, still was not settled04:58
jendaPossibly related to experimentations with crypttab, although I think I removed all traces of that and the problem persists. Also, it seems not to have yet occured before I launched Azureus. But that might be a coincidence.04:58
Fryguy--jenda: looks like your hard drive might be failing04:58
_Brun0_hello. i've just installed mozilla thunderbird on ubuntu hardy. i tried 2  times to setup a gmail account (once manually and once automatically with the gmail option) but in both cases it says i have no e-mails to receive. my accoun't has e-mails! can anyone help me?04:58
jendaFryguy--: that's what I was afraid of.04:58
jendaFryguy--: what can I do?04:58
Fryguy--_Brun0_: are you using imap04:58
Ping@Karan: I'm not sure where it's at, I'm sorry.04:58
Fryguy--jenda: replace the hard drive maybe04:58
_Brun0_Fryguy--: nope04:58
_Brun0_Fryguy--: nope. no imap.. pop304:59
Fryguy--_Brun0_: do you have pop3 support enabled in gmail04:59
jendaFryguy--: oi. And is there a way to verify if it is really failing, and/or how bad the problem is?04:59
karanPing: do you know of any beginners guides i can read to give me a primer on linux?04:59
koolranchiplaythisgame, Dr_willis: I'm not sure my d: drive was intended to be a recovery drive04:59
Ping@Karan: I'm gonna have to turn in soon; work in the morning. A quick google search of <MySQL config XAMPP Ubuntu oughta> get you what you want04:59
karani find this system very confusing04:59
koolranchI chose to include that partition with the intention of installing linux04:59
koolranchin addition to windows04:59
Fryguy--jenda: disk scan utilities exist from hard drive manufactuers, ultimate boot cd, fsck might give you something meaningful04:59
karannighty night ping04:59
halping: Window manager warning: Log level 8: gtk_paint_arrow: assertion `style->depth == gdk_drawable_get_depth (window)' failed04:59
halover and over04:59
Dr_williskoolranch,  no idea. I always delete the silly wastefull recovery partitions anyway :)04:59
_Brun0_Fryguy--: yes i have but i just realized somehting. there are 2 options: enable pop3 for e-mails from now on and enabled pop3 for all emails.. i think i had it set to e-mails from now on. leme see05:00
Ping@hal: ooh. Sounds like display drivers gone mad.05:00
koolranchhow do I delete a partition, again?05:00
Ping@hal: I've had that problem before, but I tend to reformat/reinstall -- maybe not an easy option for you05:00
Fryguy--koolranch: use fdisk or cfdisk or gparted05:00
Dr_willisUse the windows tools to delete it.. or CAREFULLY read/follow the ubuntu installer and tell it to use the partition.05:00
iplaythisgamekoolranch, my wifes laptop had a 60gb drive that had c: on a 30gb partition and a 30gb data partition. looks like that could be the case05:00
FuriousDamino speak in english :/05:00
IndyGunFreakdoesn't vista have a pertty good partitioning tool w/ it?.. i've read about it, never used it.05:00
redenginanyone had problems with I/O error dev sr0?05:00
hal@ping: easier than you'd think, this is a fresh install05:00
JasonCO_Dr_willis, im tracking something down -- it MIGHT be the nautilus-share extension05:00
Dr_willisIndyGunFreak,  it sure does resize vista partitiosn fast05:01
jamus i cant use the partition  at all (tryed to add smtng and  it wouldnt let me05:01
Fryguy--redengin: that's your cd burner/drive05:01
koolranchso I should delete the d: drive and partition the new single drive?05:01
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: never used it personally, but ive heard its good for setting unallocatd space.05:01
redenginFryguy--: yes, but ripoff keeps hanging cuz of that I/O error05:01
Ping@hal: I hate to say it, but that may be the least headache-inducing option. Trust me, you don't want remnants of messed up drivers floating around your config and kernel05:01
dpeachI have an nVidia Ti4600 card and have tried installing drivers through the Restricted Drivers wizard. Then I tried the envyng tool. Then the nVidia driver from their site. All with the same result. It just reboots to a black screen. I am not sure what log to check to see why it crashed.05:01
Fryguy--redengin: maybe a bad disc05:02
Ping@hal: It makes your life harder than it needs to be.05:02
Fezzlerwhat is the command to not show people entering/leaving room?05:02
Ping@hal: You have an NVidia card, right?05:02
Fryguy--dpeach: /var/log/Xorg.log or /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:02
demfraxanyone know how to get Savage 2 running after installation?05:02
_Brun0_Fryguy--: ok it worked.. i set it to enable pop3 for all e-mails instead of just emials from now on. thanks for attention.05:02
dpeachthanks Fryguy--05:02
iplaythisgamekoolranch, ya, kind of, boot up the live cd and use gparted to delete the partition YOUR SURE contains the wasted space. then you can install and use the free space you just created.05:02
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hal@Ping: yeah05:03
=== djhash_ is now known as djhash
djhashoops.. sorry..05:03
koolranchso once I delete the second partition, I will have an unpartitioned drive?05:03
Ping@iplaythisgame, @koolranch: I dunno, I would recommend running any partitioning software you might already have in Windows if you're new to Unix; you don't want to get confused by the /hdX/ format when partitioning05:03
koolranchand the ubuntu live cd will partition my drive as needs be?05:04
iplaythisgamePing, koolranch, the partitions are different sizes, shouldnt be too hard to tell.   but if you do it that way definitely boot into the livecd so you get the gui.05:05
Fryguy--koolranch: usually yes05:05
Ping@hal: Then I would recommend the following process: 1.) Fresh Install 2.) Install all available updates 3.) Go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers 4.) Click the appropriate checkbox to enable the proprietary NVidia drivers 5.) Press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace (restarts the video subsystem)05:05
^tiNee^can someone help me out with this? http://pastebin.com/m6974196c05:05
Ping@iplaythisgame, koolranch: Agreed.05:05
koolranchwill I need to format my drive?05:05
Fryguy--^tiNee^: make a better formatted paste please05:06
Fryguy--koolranch: probably not05:06
dpeachOk, now that I have read the log on my computer not starting with the nVidia driver, I am more confused. There is nothing in the log that indicates that it did not work.05:06
Ping@koolranch: Yes. I recommend ext3 for the filesystem.05:06
^tiNee^it was straight from the module assistant05:06
iplaythisgamekoolranch, after you delete the partition, the installer will do any necessary formating05:06
Pingsleep time for me.05:06
koolranchwill I lose Windows?05:06
eyeslocalOK, here's a weird one. When I right click on the menu bar and select 'edit menus', I get a dialog box like I'm supposed to, but all the buttons (new item, new menu, new separator, etc). How do I get those buttons back?!05:06
Fryguy--koolranch: no05:06
threedee^tiNee^ what are you trying to do05:06
timercrackhave a nice dream05:07
Ping@koolranch: real quick before bed: not if you format the OTHER partition. :) Just gotta make sure you get the right one.05:07
Dr_williskoolranch,  the linux installer formats the linux partitions properly. Linux is NOT windows. :)05:07
IndyGunFreakkoolranch: follow Dr_willis advice... partition your drive, and leave whatever you want for linux unallocated, install Linux there, and it will setup the filesystem05:07
eyeslocalerr all the buttons are GONE05:07
iplaythisgamekoolranch, as long as your sure u dont delete the partition containing c:05:07
^tiNee^threedee, install driver for the webcam05:07
jendaFryguy--: ok, I'll try fsck from a LiveCD. Thanks05:07
koolranchok, I'm a bit confused05:07
Dr_williskoolranch,  be VERy carefull what you format. thats why i said to use the windows parittion tool and 'delete' the d partition, leaving that part of the hard drive 'unallocated' the installer can be told to 'use unallocaated' space.05:07
threedee^tiNee^ any webcam rooms?05:07
cpiercestop dual booting05:08
dpeacheyeslocal, I have heard of that before, and I think the guy said it had something to do with the language settings on his machine that made it work.05:08
^tiNee^threedee, i dont quit understand ur question05:08
cpierceits for sissys05:08
koolranchI thought I was supposed to delete the d: partition, thereby merging both partitions05:08
Fryguy--koolranch: you can do that if you want05:08
dpeacheyeslocal, but I don't know what he did to fix it.05:08
koolranchIf I format that newly merged drive, won't I lose Windows?05:08
Fryguy--koolranch: yes05:08
iplaythisgamekoolranch, you delete the d: partition so you have room to install the linux partitions05:08
eyeslocaldpeach: really? I'm using English, but I'll try to change it temporarily05:08
fulnhii all05:08
threedee^tiNee^ i was wondering if there were any webcam rooms05:08
Dr_williskoolranch,  merged? who said merged?   You will have C: and then "unallocated' space afterwards.05:09
fulnhow I can install flash player 905:09
koolranchso I can choose to use unallocated space instead of formatting?05:09
^tiNee^threedee, sorry i dont know05:09
Fryguy--koolranch: yes05:09
koolranchah, ok05:09
iplaythisgamekoolranch, YEP05:09
Dr_williskoolranch,   you have the formating fetish.. and are using the term improperly.. You partition a drive.. you make 'filesystems' on the drive.. then format the filesystems.. the installer will handle the formating of the linux filesystems05:09
fulnplease help me ya05:10
fulnhow I can install flash player 905:10
Fryguy--fuln: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:10
fulnin mozilaa05:10
Dr_williskoolranch,  the installer will take the unallocated space. and partition it as needed and format the newly made filesystems. :)05:10
cpierceapt-get remove ubuntu05:10
threedee^tiNee^ maybe you should open one05:10
demfraxwhen I try and run Savage 2 in Ubuntu a black screen flashes twice and then dissapears, can anyone help me?05:10
koolranchso basically, all I need to make sure I have is enough unallocated space?05:10
Fryguy--cpierce: if you aren't going to contribute anything meaningful, please leave05:10
^tiNee^threedee, what do you mean?05:10
Dr_williskoolranch,  ya got it.05:10
Fryguy--koolranch: yes05:10
jamusis there any way to modify lost+found dir in new partition ( delete) couse  its not on main partition so what is the use of it? (its consuming entire drive 204gb)05:10
cpierceFryguy--: if you aren't going to contribute anything usless stay where you are05:11
Dr_williskoolranch,  and easy way to do that is jut have the windows partitioning tools delet the D: partition.05:11
koolranchwhat do I need to do after that?05:11
Dr_williskoolranch,  IF you really want to delete everything thats on D: :)05:11
IndyGunFreakthat was way harder than it needed to be..lol05:11
yowshihow do i access the shared folder of a virtual box guest system?05:11
threedee^tiNee^ open a webcam room05:11
Dr_williskoolranch,  afterwards.. boot linux cd.. run installer.. tell it to use unallocated space.05:11
yowshifrom the gues system05:11
cpierceyowshi: samba05:11
koolranchand what do I do after that?05:11
IndyGunFreak!install | koolranch05:12
ubottukoolranch: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:12
yowshicpierce: the guest system is a winblows box05:12
roneyshould i upgrade to hardy Heron05:12
Dr_williskoolranch,  after installing? reboot and start using the new OS.05:12
Fryguy--roney: yes05:12
fulnwhre I can install flash player in offline mode..?05:12
cpierceyowshi: it still would be the answer05:12
roneyso its a good idea05:12
koolranchok, I think I have it finally05:12
demfraxwhen I try and run Savage 2 in Ubuntu a black screen flashes twice and then dissapears, can anyone help me?05:12
yowshicpierce: i also dont know how to use samba05:12
yowshior where to get it05:12
Fryguy--!samba | yowshi05:12
ubottuyowshi: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.05:12
cpierceyowshi: apt-get install samba05:12
henuxHello, can I setup Ubuntu to write with Thai language?05:13
Dr_willisdemfrax,  run it from a terminal. check for error messages.. You did install the proper 3d drivers for your video card?05:13
yowshicpierce: i dont think you understand. i want to access the physicasl hard drives from the guest os05:13
iplaythisgamekoolranch, have a look at this. it doesnt contain the information about deleting your partition but it does show a walkthrough of the other steps that could be useful http://www.howtoforge.com/the-perfect-desktop-ubuntu-8.04-lts-hardy-heron05:13
FlyingWVwell probably sudo apt-get install samba :)05:13
cpierceyowshi: i understand05:13
eyeslocaldpeach: well, opening 'language support' did tell me i didn't have some files and then installed some new packages. Guess I'll reboot and see if anything changed.05:13
yowshiapt-get instakll is for the linux os not the windows05:13
dpeachhopefully so eyeslocal05:13
yowshibesides there has to be a simplier way05:13
demfraxDr_willis: to be honest I have no idea, how would I know which ones to get05:14
cpierceyowshi: vmware?05:14
Fryguy--yowshi: samba is pretty simple05:14
|ns|nR8yowshi, you want windows in vb to to access shared folder on ubuntu?05:14
cpierceif you can install vmware you can install samba05:14
Dr_willisdemfrax,  i think we have found the problem then.05:14
Dr_willisdemfrax,  what is your video card?05:14
AMLNXUSRCan someone please tell me how to install vmware so i can run windows on linux?05:14
yowshiFryguy--: thats a matter of oinion and yeah vmware.st i think it is. it is the virtual box thats in the repository05:14
demfraxDr_willis: ..., lemme check05:14
cpierceAMLNXUSR: buy it they will tell you how to install it05:14
henuxHello, can I setup Ubuntu to write with Thai language?05:14
|ns|nR8AMLNXUSR, use virtualbox05:14
AMLNXUSRvmware isn't free?05:15
henuxInto some text editor for example?05:15
cpiercehenux: the thai language has already been written05:15
|ns|nR8noop...only the player05:15
henuxcpierce: How do I use it?05:15
AMLNXUSRthat sux05:15
Fryguy--AMLNXUSR: there's free as in beer versions of it available, it's not opensource though05:15
cpiercevmware server is free05:15
koolranchwell, I guess I'll download ubuntu to c:, delete d:, and then read the install ubuntu to unallocated space05:15
koolranchand follow the rest of the install instructions, too05:15
AMLNXUSRwill virtualbox play world of warcraft?05:15
cpierceand allows for the same functionality as the regular workstation version05:15
Fryguy--AMLNXUSR: probably not05:16
|ns|nR8either will vmware AMLNXUSR05:16
|ns|nR8use wine for that05:16
Fryguy--AMLNXUSR: neither with vmware05:16
yowshi|ns|nR8: yeah i want the windows VB to access a folder on ubuntu05:16
FlyingWVAMLNXUSR: You can use wine to run World of warcraft, i'm pretty sure05:16
iplaythisgamekoolranch, how do you mean download ubuntu to c:?05:16
Jimshoe01where can i go to download ndiswrapper on a non-linux machine05:16
cpiercewine and vmware will play wow05:16
overlordpuppyMy brother is on Gutsy, but it doesn't have the upgrade dist button and he's all updated to current on Gutsy05:16
yowshi|ns|nR8: to put files from the vb onto the physical hard drives05:16
cpiercefryguy: state facts that are truthful or leave05:16
koolranchI'm not sure05:16
AMLNXUSRso i can run windows but cant play wow?05:16
koolranchcan I boot from the hard drive?05:16
|ns|nR8yowshi, the way i did it was shared a folder on ubuntu using command shares-admin05:16
|ns|nR8then connect to it like any other share05:17
dpeachMy nVidia driver install results in a black screen (not starting X). Log file shows nothing amiss. Where do I look now?05:17
cpierceAMLNXUSR:  he doesn't know what he's talking about05:17
cpiercelots of people use CXoffice to play wow05:17
yowshi|ns|nR8: where do i use that command and whats the full command syntax05:17
cpierceand lots of people use vmware to play wow05:17
Fryguy--dpeach: pastebin the log05:17
henuxSo how do I write with Thai script in Ubuntu? Can somebody instruct me?05:17
dpeachFryguy--, ok05:17
IndyGunFreaki thought vmware coudln't do 3D?05:17
iplaythisgamekoolranch, you'll need to make a cd (or usb.. but thats a pain)05:17
jendaFryguy--: no results from fsck05:17
AMLNXUSRlol kk guys thnx for the info05:18
|ns|nR8yowshi, in terminal type sudo shares-admin05:18
djhashAMLNXUSR: wine CAN and DOES run WOW.. check http://www.wowwiki.com/Linux/Wine05:18
portAnybody here know about bluetooth connection issues?05:18
Fryguy--jenda: i gave you plenty of other options to try as well05:18
dpeachuh, how do I pastebin from the command line?05:18
cpiercevmware can do limited 3d05:18
cpiercewow is limited 3d05:18
djhashchange that DOES to WILL...05:18
FlyingWVcpierce: Would it not be easier to just install WoW under wine? I think it's a platinum app, but then again i've never virtualized05:18
IndyGunFreakeh ok05:18
jendaFryguy--: ok, I'll have a look around, thanks.05:18
Fryguy--dpeach: probably easiest to just boot to livecd and use that, otherwise see if there is a pastebin script in ubuntu repositories05:18
demfraxDr_willis: okay, I thought I knew where to find that stuff, but apparently I dont, where can I find it?05:18
dpeacheyeslocal, did that help?05:18
eyeslocaldpeach: nope. still no buttons :(05:18
bingoerhi all05:18
Dr_willisdemfrax,  what stuff? I got a short attention span.. :)05:18
koolranchah, ok05:18
Fryguy--!resetpanel | eyeslocal05:19
ubottueyeslocal: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »05:19
demfraxDr_willis: what my video card is05:19
bingoerI need help - upgrading fiesty 7.04 to hardy 7.04 - I'm getting an error05:19
eyeslocalFryguy--: thanks, I'll give that a try05:19
bingoerI did update, upgrade, and do-release-upgrade05:19
portit seems like any connection by "hcitool cc" is auto disconnected host-side05:19
IndyGunFreakbingoer: you need to upgrade 7.04 to 7.10, then 7.10 to 8.0405:19
bingoernow I get an error with linux-image-2.6.22-15-server05:19
Dr_willisdemfrax,  err.. what does windows say it is?  'lspci' will give a bit of a clue as to what cards are in the system..05:19
|ns|nR8yowshi, actually you jst type shares-admin and click unlock05:19
bingoerIndyGunFreak; oops, I did that already05:19
bingoerIndyGunFreak; I meant 7.10 to 8.0405:20
Dr_willisdemfrax,  Savage2 needs a fairly good video card to run.05:20
yowshi|ns|nR8: where do i type that? the linux or windows cli?05:20
IndyGunFreakoh ok, well follow the same procedure for 7.10 to 8.04, as you did 7.04 to 7.1005:20
|ns|nR8in linux terminal05:20
tannjiI could use some help getting pulse audio configured, got volume in meters, but not to speakers, can anyone give me a hand?05:20
cruddpuppetQuick newbie question: How do I compile C# apps on ubuntu?05:20
Fryguy--!pulse | tannji05:21
ubottutannji: PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions05:21
bingoerIndyGunFreak: the problem is linux-image-2.6.22-1505:21
eyeslocalFryguy--: well, that wiped all my custom panel shortcuts off the bar, but unfortunately there's still no buttons in 'edit menus'.05:21
portDo you guys know where i can go to get bluetooth connection help? Google comes up blank, along with the FAQs05:21
cruddpuppetLike, g++, gcc, etc05:21
bingoerIndyGunFreak: http://pastie.org/22954705:21
Dr_willis!bluetooth | port05:21
ubottuport: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup05:21
cpiercecruddpuppet: sudo apt-get install build-essential05:21
Fryguy--cruddpuppet: sudo apt-get install build-essential05:21
port!bluetooth | port05:21
ubottuport, please see my private message05:21
cpiercewow copycat05:21
IndyGunFreakbingoer: i'm not really the person to ask, i don't do upgrades....05:21
IndyGunFreaki just know the basics of it.05:21
bingoerIndyGunFreak: apt thinks that package is installed, when it isn't and I want to force a remove of this package05:21
eyeslocalwhen you go to 'edit panels' what is the text in your dialog titlebar? Mine is "Edit Menus" but on the web I see "Main Menu" in an example screenshot.05:21
tannjiFryguy:  lol, I went there already, and you already suggested it to me  = )  I have it installed apparently, but need some troubleshooting help05:21
bingoerIndyGunFreak: ok ... but can you show me how to force remove this package ?05:22
cruddpuppetcpierce: Fryguy--: E: Broken packages05:22
=== User1 is now known as _User1
Fryguy--cruddpuppet: so fix the broken packages05:22
=== _User1 is now known as [User]
cpiercecruddpuppet: put in your ubuntu cd05:22
cruddpuppetFryguy--: Attempting to do so brought that error message05:23
cruddpuppetcpierce: will do, thanks.05:23
[User]Is there a tutorial for running Ubuntu off an external HD?05:23
olskolirchow do I pastebin please05:23
Fryguy--!usb | [User] maybe this05:23
ubottu[User] maybe this: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:23
cpierceafter that05:23
Fryguy--!pastebin | olskolirc05:23
ubottuolskolirc: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:23
olskolircI have an error just when im about down05:23
cpiercegoto start synaptic05:23
cpierce"fix Broken Packages"05:23
bingoeroh, and I don't have a GUI installed on the server ;)05:24
cpierce[User]: if you're bios detects it it will run same as with an internal hdd05:24
[User]That's what I read05:24
FlyingWVwould sudo apt-get check not check for broken dependencies?05:24
[User]that I might have to change the boot in the bios05:24
iplaythisgame[User], youll need to pay attention where it installs grub05:25
demfraxokay I cant find device manager in System -> Administration, any clues as to where I can find it05:25
iplaythisgamethe boot loader05:25
yowshi|ns|nR8: i get an eror after installing the services. something about maximum number of connections reached'05:25
olskolircok dolls and cats here is my pastbin http://paste.ubuntu.com/25844/05:26
iplaythisgame[User], what reason are you installing to a external?05:26
olskolirci think its the ip address05:26
[User]What does that do? (Besides the obvious thing of involving booting)05:26
FlyingWVdemfrax: For proprietary drivers, it would be under System, Administration, Hardware Drivers under 8.0405:26
olskolircanyone see my pastbin?05:27
demfraxand what if nothing is in that list?05:27
|ns|nR8dunno about that one sorry yowshi05:27
=== [User] is now known as Vereux
cruddpuppetAnyone have any ideas on how I would go about managing my ubuntu partition? Like, before I even boot into it?05:27
henuxDoes anyone know how to use SCIM in Ubuntu to write using Asian languages?05:27
FlyingWVdemfrax: Not sure, sorry05:27
cruddpuppetI know I can't modify its partition while its running05:27
cpierceolskolirc: did you set NameVirualHost05:27
surihey....by reinstalling linux could I change which partition is boot ?05:27
Fryguy--cruddpuppet: get the gparted livecd05:28
Dr_williscruddpuppet,  to do what exactly?  live cd + gparted = handy tool05:28
basskozzHow can I find out what memory banks are being utilized on my Mobo and what type of Memory my Mobo accepts from terminal?  (god I wish CPU-05:28
tannjianyone familiar with troubleshooting/configuring Pulse Audio?05:28
Fryguy--suri: sure05:28
suri(without formating)05:28
basskozzZ worked for ubuntu)05:28
olskolircyes cpierce05:28
Fryguy--suri: what exactly are you trying to do05:28
cruddpuppetFryguy--: I need to make my partition larger... I have only 50MB left on my ubuntu partition05:28
suriFryguy--: without formating?05:28
cruddpuppetDr_willis: Thanks, I'll look into it05:28
olskolircI just put NameVirtualHost and my ip address05:28
iplaythisgameVereux,  if you need to leave the current hard drives as-is (company related), the install usually puts the grub on the internal hard drive.05:28
demfraxDr_willis okay I dont know what kind of video card I have, but It can play most games, Assault Cube, Spring, WoW, and many other things so it does support 3d, any other suggestions?05:28
cpierceolskolirc:  did you do :8005:28
cpierceor :005:28
cpiercecause it looks like :005:28
olskolircwas I supposed to put the word set in front of it cpierce05:28
olskolircohhh ok05:29
suriFryguy--: I m trying to fix some boot problems of windows which wont work since i installed ubuntu05:29
iplaythisgameVereux, if not dont worry about it, just install away05:29
Fryguy--!grub | suri05:29
ubottusuri: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:29
Dr_willisdemfrax,  if you dont have the 3d drivers for it installed under  linux. You aint going to be playing any 3d games..05:29
ubottuChinese, Japanese, Korean Language input. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SCIM05:29
surii know about grub05:29
Dr_willis!nvidia | demfrax05:29
ubottudemfrax: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:29
AMLNXUSRanyone know why sounds doesn't work in my browser?  it works normal on any other app.. but not browser05:29
demfraxbut the problem is I can play 3d games05:29
Fryguy--suri: and do you know about the howtos at those links?05:29
cpierce!dumbass | fryguy--05:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dumbass05:29
suriFryguy--: the thing is that the windows entry in grub wont work.05:30
yowshi|ns|nR8: ok i fixed that but i cant unlock it. authentication failure. and when i run it with sudo i can press unlock at all05:30
cycomSo nobody has horizontal scrolling working with mighty mouse in 8.04?05:30
demfraxDr_willis: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)05:30
basskozzHow can I find out what memory banks are being utilized on my Mobo and what type of Memory my Mobo accepts from terminal?05:30
IndyGunFreakAMLNXUSR: are you trying to play two sounds at once(like say, an mp3, and a flash video?)05:30
Dr_willisdemfrax,  all i can say is the savage2 demo worked here on my nvidia 8800gtsxxx fine.  Other then that.. run it from a terminal, look for error messages.. check the savage 2 forums.05:30
Fryguy--suri: "doesn't work" doesn't mean anything to us. try to be a little more specific.  Error messages are helpful05:30
|ns|nR8you put the correct password in yowshi ?05:30
AMLNXUSRmaybe that was the case05:30
AMLNXUSRlet me try again without anything else running05:30
yowshi|ns|nR8: yes05:30
|ns|nR8when you click unlock put your login password in05:31
|ns|nR8caps ock not on ?05:31
yowshi|ns|nR8: on the sudo. i see no password spot without sudo05:31
suriFryguy--: doesnt work as in windows does not find hal.dll although this dll is existant...to me it doesnt even find the windowsboot folder05:31
AMLNXUSRi got only the browser running and it doesn't play the sound05:31
demfraxwhen I type Savage2 in the terminal it wont start05:31
yowshi|ns|nR8: i type this password alot man i know how to enter it correctly05:32
chuy_maxsuri, did you tried using update-grub?05:32
=== foka_ is now known as foka
cpiercesuri: edit your boot.ini05:32
|ns|nR8ok sorry05:32
suricpierce: how?05:32
cpierceif its getting that far05:32
Fryguy--suri: it's possibly pointing at the wrong partition on your drive then05:32
basskozzoff to the forums05:32
Vereuxiplaythisgame: lol, not company owned. I just don't want to screw up my windows partition.05:32
cpierceits booting to the ntldr05:32
chuy_maxoh, its a windos problem05:32
Fryguy--suri: more than likely it's boot.ini though05:32
|ns|nR8no idea then...im pretty new to linux myself05:32
IndyGunFreakAMLNXUSR: i bet you're dealing w/ pulse audio issues...  i had a similar prob, couldn't play two sounds at once, if i got an IM the "receive" tone, woudl cause me to lose sound in flash.05:32
cpierceit just isn't booting the right boot.ini05:32
VereuxI also want to be able to just plug in a boot up.05:32
olskolircok im confused it didn't work05:32
IndyGunFreakAMLNXUSR: i switched all my apps to alsa, set all my outputs to alsa, and everything has been fine since.05:32
cpierceopen up boot.ini in notepad  or boot with a xp cd and go into recover console and edit it there05:32
suriFryguy--: i tried all the possible combinations in the grub, wouldnt boot though.05:32
Fryguy--IndyGunFreak: if you are having problems in flash, create a file in /etc/firefox-3/ called firefoxrc and put FIREFOX_DSP=aoss in it, and then install alsa-oss05:33
olskolirccan someone show me what my apache2.conf is supposed to look like in paste bin?05:33
iplaythisgameVereux, dont worry then, the ubuntu install should see the windows install and take care of it so you'll be able to boot both05:33
cpiercehas nothing to do with grub05:33
Fryguy--olskolirc: please ask in #apache for apache specific issues05:33
AMLNXUSRi set everything i have to 16v i dont know what that is but it seems to work and its the only thing that works05:33
IndyGunFreakFryguy--: i'm not anymore, its fine now.05:33
IndyGunFreakjust doesn't work right w/ pulse.. but with alsa, its fine05:33
Fryguy--olskolirc: i would paste you my apache conf but it is surely not correct for your configuration05:33
cycomHOORAY BEER!05:33
cpierceolskolirc: pm me05:34
cpiercei'll help05:34
VereuxIs the grub an actual file that you can cut/copy?05:34
cpiercefryguy would paste you one but he doesn't have one05:34
bingoeranyone ? Anyway that I can force remove linux-image ?05:34
redenginwhat tool can I use to rip from CD to mp3?05:34
Fryguy--cpierce: sure I do05:34
cpiercegrub.conf is05:34
cpiercegrub is a program05:34
Fryguy--cpierce: it's menu.lst in ubuntu05:34
Fryguy--cpierce: at least, what he's probably looking for05:34
bingoerits trying to autoremove it but it can't because its not really installed in /boot05:34
cpierce /ignore fryguy--05:34
Cpudan80Hello everyone05:34
cpierceahh much better05:34
iplaythisgameVereux, you can edit menu.lst to control how your computer will boot05:35
Cpudan80I am having a somewhat whacky problem with my laptop05:35
Cpudan80It appears to right click like crazy05:35
Cpudan80non stop right clicking everwhere05:35
cpierceCpudan80: what kind of laptop and does it do it just in windows?05:35
Fryguy--cpu, try using a different mouse protocol in /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:35
AMLNXUSRis there some type of browser sound options or flash player options i can mess around with?05:35
Cpudan80cpierce: T42 - no windows to check05:35
Cpudan80cpierce: A friend with ubuntu (different laptop) has the same issue05:35
Fryguy--AMLNXUSR: if you are having problems in flash, create a file in /etc/firefox-3/ called firefoxrc and put FIREFOX_DSP=aoss in it, and then install alsa-oss05:36
Cpudan80Both of us are running up to date HHs05:36
iplaythisgameanyone know why mouse keys would turn on seemingly at random, or how to disable them05:36
=== cherry is now known as djancuakz_girlz
tannjican anyone tell me how to run this script or file: alsa-info.sh  ?05:36
Fryguy--tannji: where is it located on your machine05:36
cpiercesh ./alsa-info.sh05:36
AMLNXUSRfryguy, dude you lost me at create05:36
tannjiit is saved as a text file on my desktop05:37
tony403anyone know a picture viewer that has the controls of vista's viewer? scroll zooms and out, click and hold to move the picture when zoomed, and views files in a directory?05:37
yowshihow do i access the shared folder of a virtual box guest system from the guest system05:37
chronicfofieAnyone know why the numberpad on my keyboard logitech mx3200 will no longer work when it did in the past?05:37
Fryguy--tannji: chmod +x ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh && ~/Desktop/alsa-info.sh05:37
yowshithere is supposed to be some function within the virtual box itself no>?05:37
AMLNXUSRg2g thnx for the help guys05:37
Cpudan80cpierce: any ideas?05:37
cpiercetony403:  xv05:38
iplaythisgamechronicfofie, check system,preferences,keyboard,mouse keys tab. see if that is enabled.05:38
tannjiFryguy: thanks... that didnt work the other day, but it seems to now05:38
cpiercedan: try testing it with a live cd or some other form of os to make sure its not just an ubuntu glitch05:38
demfraxhow do I change the owner of a file?05:38
Fryguy--demfrax: use the chown command05:39
rya1Does anyone have any knowledge of using the pam_mysql with md5 support, i cant seem to get the configuration right05:39
cpiercechown <owner>:<group> <file>05:39
Cpudan80cpierce: I can boot the vm of windows05:39
tannjiFryguy: I see that that will upload to pastebin...  how do I get the link for the paste?05:39
cpierceCpudan80:  how does it work in there?05:39
coagentDoes anyone have any experience with load balancing and fail over for two linux routers?05:39
Cpudan80booting now05:39
chronicfofieipaythisgame, how would that help?05:39
tony403cpierce, thanks, are you sure? not on my linux partition atm05:40
Fryguy--coagent: probably #networking is better for you05:40
Fryguy--tannji: what?05:40
iplaythisgamechronicfofie, if it is enabled it would keep you from using them05:40
cpiercetony403:  its an old program it was more of a joke05:40
demfraxwhat happens when it says that its not permmited to change onwership?05:40
yowshiAHHA got iot05:40
cpiercedemfrax: sudo05:40
tony403cpierce, kind of thought so after googling it05:40
tannjiFryguy--: I see that running that script sends a copy of the echo results to Pastebin...  I was wondering how to access that pastebin when it does05:40
Cpudan80cpierce: weird that two completely different machines (same OS) would display the same behavior05:40
Fryguy--demfrax: use sudo to chown it then05:40
chronicfofieiplaythisgame, its not enabled, the enter still works on it as well as all the other keys, just not the numbers05:41
Fryguy--tannji: might get listed on the left hand side of pastebin, dunno05:41
cpierceCpudan80: yeah... i agree what driver is it running in Xorg for mouse?05:41
tony403utilizing a gui with a mouse seems so much faster for viewing pictures though05:41
Fryguy--Cpudan80: try changing the protocol that it uses, to imps/2 or explorerps/2 or something05:41
dpeachFryguy--, finally got the pastbin of my X log: http://pastebin.com/m63bbf9ac05:42
cpierceF-Spot Photo Manager05:42
iplaythisgamechronicfofie, try ctrl numlock   aside from that and the other maybe one of the other guys can help, mouse keys has just been turning on randomly on me05:42
cpierceand gThumbImage Viewer are very nice05:42
Cpudan80Fryguy--: it's using ImPS/205:42
=== The_JoKeR is now known as SplinTer0616
Cpudan80Fryguy--: What are the different options for that?05:42
demfraxwould it be savage2 in the terminal to run it from core?05:42
Fryguy--Cpudan80: unsure, see the manpage maybe05:42
chronicfofieiplaythisgame, wow... that worked, how the hell did the whole cnrl funtion fix it O.o05:42
Fryguy--dpeach: monitor isn't getting detected correctly, try specifying a manual resolution in /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:43
dpeachok, thanks. Will let you know Fryguy--05:43
iplaythisgamechronicfofie, no clue, just ran across it as a possible solution to my problem05:43
cpierceCpudan80: try just PS/205:43
chronicfofieiplaythisgame, thanks for the assist05:44
iplaythisgamechronicfofie, np05:44
demfraxevery time I try and play Spring, I get a could not open wav file error, how do I fix that?05:44
Cpudan80I got the option list05:44
Cpudan80Auto seems best05:44
Cpudan80but I will try PS/205:44
tannjiAnyone able to look at the results of this:alsa-info.sh  to help troubleshoot my pulse audio problem?   http://pastebin.ca/106525805:45
henuxDoes anyone know how to use SCIM in Ubuntu to write using Asian languages?05:45
IdleOnejust had something strange happen to my system. was playing assaultcube and out of nowhere my computer rebooted. any ideas where i can check for error logs to see what happened?05:45
henuxWhat must I do to write in China or Thai for example in text editor?05:45
cpierceIdleOne: one time or many?05:46
IdleOnecpierce, one time05:46
Cpudan80So - let's see what happens when I renable the touchpad05:46
cpierceIdleOne:wouldn't worry too much but you might try a mem test05:46
cpiercecpudan: might also be the trackpad is picking up right click...05:46
cpiercefrom the pad05:46
IdleOnecpierce, random reboots are not normal behavior for Ubuntu. atleast not on my system05:47
Cpudan80cpierce: no - thats not the problem05:47
Cpudan80cpierce: it was right clicking like crazy05:47
Cpudan80too many right clicks for it to be my own stupidity05:47
[The_Oracle]Ubuntu makes me feel alive, and sexy :D05:47
cpierceCpudan80:  no i mean that maybe the software usually provide a little better RIGHT CLICK control and without it ...05:48
IdleOne[The_Oracle], that is great but !ot and not appropriate for this channel05:48
Cpudan80cpierce: Oh I see05:48
cpierceCpudan80: without you even touching the mouse?05:48
Cpudan80cpierce: no touchy05:48
=== Frogzoo_ is now known as frogzoo
tannjiAnyone able to look at the results of this:alsa-info.sh  to help troubleshoot my pulse audio problem?   http://pastebin.ca/106525805:49
FlyingWVIdleOne: Have you recently added extra memory sticks to your computer?05:49
Cpudan80cpierce: the PS/2 thing seems to have fixed it05:49
Beedoes ubuntu come with java? or do i have to download that from synaptic?05:49
Cpudan80Might be worth bug reporting this05:49
IdleOneFlyingWV, no I have not05:49
cpierceCpudan80: its a common thing05:49
tannjiI had to download Java05:49
IdleOne!java > Bee05:49
ubottuBee, please see my private message05:49
Cpudan80cpierce: but why would it suddenly break05:49
nikko_bosatsujava must be installed manually05:49
FlyingWVIdleOne: It's been awhile, but I noticed when I had stability issues, I fixed them by changing the timings and settings on my memory within the BIOS05:49
Cpudan80cpierce: actually - new XOrg packages just came down... maybe that busted it05:49
FlyingWVIdleOne: But you would have to be careful doing that, you could cause damage :(05:50
IdleOneFlyingWV, this is the first time it happens05:50
olskolircfellas I need to fix this to and resolve my vhost to worthyofurattn.com.  here is my pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com/25848/ please05:50
IdleOneif it persist I will investigate further05:50
iplaythisgameBee, http://www.howtoforge.com/the-perfect-desktop-ubuntu-8.04-lts-hardy-heron     part way through this tutorial there is a section about getting java05:50
cpierceCpudan80: test with your friends .. have him do the update and see you'll get better results IMHO from the IMPS2 if you can run it05:50
FlyingWVGood idea05:50
q_a_z_steveFryguy--: Hey, so I'm back. Still trying to get this. I desperately need it for a presentation tomorrow. Other Ubuntu versions have worked perfectly.05:50
Guest78138I am using Xubuntu 8.4, using firefox 3. I have installed restricted and flash. restarted firefox several times even. Still I cannot watch youtube and other online videos. can someone help me fix that?05:50
IdleOneBee, in Synaptic Package Manager search for java and install it05:51
Cpudan80cpierce: Seems to be running much better05:51
Cpudan80cpierce: no more 10 billion right clicks05:51
KappaccinoGuest78138, weird05:51
IdleOneBee, or sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin05:51
Commie_JebusIdleOne: OR sudo apt-get sun-java6-pre05:51
iplaythisgameis it a default repo?05:51
|ns|nR8Guest78138, does youtube say you need flash ?05:51
Commie_Jebusyou beat me05:51
nikko_bosatsuBee, search for java or sun-java05:51
IdleOneCommie_Jebus, :)05:52
cpierceolskolirc: ServerName:  "mysite.com"05:52
Guest78138yeah it does05:52
FAJALOUin grub's menu.lst, what does the 'lock' parameter do?05:52
|ns|nR8Guest78138, manually download flash and install it05:52
=== co_cari_tmn is now known as rara_niezz_
|ns|nR8will have to find out where firefox is install to05:52
Guest78138|ns|nR8: I donno to install stuff manually. Double clicking doesn't work. I am pretty new to Xubuntu..05:52
olskolircI already picked worthyofurattn.com  does it make a difference?  the tuturioal had yet another vhost name http://paste.ubuntu.com/25848/05:52
=== jabop2 is now known as Jabop
olskolircoops wrong paste05:53
IdleOneGuest78138, type /join #xubuntu and ask in there they can walk you threw it hopefully05:53
Guest78138thanks IdleOne05:53
IdleOneGuest78138, np05:53
olskolircI followed these instructions cpierce http://www.daryl.mu/2008/01/20/howto-set-up-apache-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-gutsy-gibbon/05:53
wooianhi, Anyone has experience with lnknet in ubuntu?05:54
cpierceolskolirc:  what is your Listen set to?05:54
olskolircI have two things wrong.  I don't know where to change the 127.0.11 and then make my host resolve05:54
olskolircI didn't see that part of the instructions cpierce05:54
cpierceolskolirc:  check the config .. .also your VirtualHost should be xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8005:54
cpiercenot juse xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx05:54
Cpudan80cpierce: thanks05:55
cpierceCpudan80: np05:55
Cpudan80Fryguy--: thanks to you as well05:55
olskolirci set my xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to my ip in NameVirtualHost05:55
olskolircon 8005:55
isiah_my gcc compiler can not find its include file any ideas?05:55
Beeubottu -thx05:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about thx05:56
IdleOneBee, ubottu is a bot but you are welcome05:57
tannjiCan anyone help me interpret a diagnostic for Pulse Audio?  I am lacking sound to the speakers, and am tired of having to run back to XP for multimedia  = )05:57
Cpudan80tannji: The fastest solution would be to switch back to alsa05:58
norvI'm trying to get lighttpd to be able to display markdown files, but it seems to require having a shebang line... is there a way to avoid this?05:58
nikko_bosatsuisiah, what is the messsage ?05:58
Cpudan80tannji: But I can help you debug the thing if you want05:58
tannjiI couldnt get alsa to work.. and was suggested Pulse....  (Cpudan80)05:58
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norvwell, the server does send the html, but my web browser decides it should display it in a text editor05:58
Cpudan80tannji: what happened with alsa?05:59
tannjiCpudan80: I get volume indicated via sound meters, but nothing to speakers or headphones05:59
Flannelnorv: Thats a mime issue.  You'll have to check lightttps mime types05:59
Guest93026what are u using to chat06:00
Cpudan80tannji: lets try that one real quick since I know that one better06:00
Fryguy--Guest93026: irssi06:00
Cpudan80tannji: So open sound prefs under system --> prefs --> sounds06:00
wooiananyone can help me with lnknet installing in ubuntu?06:01
tannjiCpudan80:  Rog06:01
Cpudan80tannji: Set the first 3 things to Alsa06:01
wooianthx in advance06:01
=== Guest93026 is now known as Miguel
Lord_PhoenixGood morning :)06:01
Cpudan80tannji: set the mixer device to whatever your sound card is06:01
Cpudan80tannji: most likely Intel or creative something06:01
norvFlannel: thanks06:01
vasocretahey everyone, I have a question that I hope is not stupid.06:01
=== Miguel is now known as Guest30199
Cpudan80tannji: dont set it to the playback ones or the capture ones06:01
shockdiodeolskolirc: that error just means you don't have a default server name in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf06:02
tannjiCpudan80:  there are several options in mixer that reference the HDA ALC888 I am trying to use06:02
vasocretawhen my ubuntu hardy machine is not attached to a network it can't access localhost. I have apache 2 installed.06:02
vasocretacan someone explain this?06:02
=== DBLobster is now known as U09526
Cpudan80tannji: can you screenshot the expanded list (prob faster than typing them)06:02
grimridervasocreta:  does your loopback go down along w/ eth0?06:02
norvFlannel: apparently the mime-types are autogenerated based on a script... so I'll have to change that06:03
vasocreta@ grimrider: how can I tell?06:03
tannjiCpudan80:  How do I share a screen shot here?06:03
iplaythisgameanyone experience awn maxing cpu usage?06:03
Cpudan80tannji: hit print screen06:03
q_a_z_steveI have downloaded this file: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_1.0-8756.html and am looking to get it working with my card, but have serious problems every time. I need the RIGHT linux source or kernel source package, please advise? http://qazsteve.pastebin.org/4950706:03
grimridervasocreta: sudo ifconfig when your not connected and it will display all your connections06:03
shockdiodevasocreta: ping localhost06:03
shockdiodevasocreta: or run ifconfig06:04
grimridervasocreta: loopback is labeled lo btw06:04
tannjiCpudan80:  ya, I know printscreen.. but then what?06:04
cpiercetannji: open gim06:04
Cpudan80hrm.... wasnt there some keyboard shortcut to the auto screenshot applet?06:05
vasocretagrimrider: how can I tell if it goes down though?06:05
ymantondoes anyone know how i can get modprobe to play nice with some kernel modules i compiled? im trying out a video driver and it would be nice if i could get the kernel modules it needs to load automatically when i use it06:05
bob3213243What program do I use to record video of my desktop.06:05
grimridervasocreta: it should display the operational status...let me check tho06:05
Kohlrakkinda stupid question (memory's failing me), but how do i move windows from desktop to desktop?06:05
grimridervasocreta: mine says  UP LOOPBACK RUNNING so im assuming that means its up and running lol06:06
vasocretagrimrider: if it does goes down, then what can I do to prevent it from doing so?06:06
ymantonKohlrak: between virtual desktops?06:06
Kohlrakyea, that06:06
dpeachKohlrak, in KDE you just drag the name in the task bar over to the desktop you want.06:06
grimridervasocreta: that i have no clue.06:06
djhashKohlrak: click on the icon on the top right corner.. use that menu06:06
vasocretaI will test something.06:07
Kohlrakdpeach, that worked the first time, actually, but for some reason the window won't move back now06:07
wooiananyone can help me with lnknet installing in ubuntu?06:07
dpeachKohlrak, or right click on the window and then tell it "To Desktop..." whichever you want.06:07
Cpudan80tannji: alternatively, hit applications --> accessories --> take screenshot  --- grab the whole desktop after a delay of XXX seconds (enough time for you to click to expand the list)06:07
Kohlraki see that now06:07
Kohlrakthank you06:07
bob3213243What program do I use to record video of my desktop.06:07
Kohlrakthe dragging thing onyl worked once for some reason06:07
Kohlrakoh well, this is good enough06:07
dpeachglad I could help you, I can't seem to help myself. :)06:08
Kohlrakwhat's your problem?06:08
bob3213243dpeach what's your problem?06:08
dpeachnvidia drivers06:08
dpeachtrying to manually set refresh rates in the xorg file now.06:08
bob3213243depeach more info please.06:08
nickrudKohlrak another way:  alt-tab to select the window,  clt-alt-shift-<arrow key> to move the window06:08
bob3213243What program do I use to record video of my desktop.06:09
Kohlrakvideo drivers is THE problem with linux06:09
=== danopia`server is now known as danopia
asarchHey guys, what is the name of the song which starts at 2:50? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6DBY4iWWec06:09
nickrudbob3213243 lots of people use gtkrecordmydesktop06:09
dpeachbob3213243, I am working through some steps and then I will report back with what I find.06:09
asarchPlease, please, please :-(06:09
asarchI can't hear the lyrics :-(06:09
benhso half of the binary apps out there have been built on one "enterprise" distro06:09
benhor another06:09
nickrudbob3213243 gtk-recordmydesktop, typo above06:09
benhand thus, neeed libstdc++2.10-glibc2.206:09
benhwhich ubuntu, in it's great wisdom ... don't have in hardy06:09
Kohlrakthanks for the tip, nickrud06:09
benhcrap !06:09
tannjiCpudan80:   ok...   first time in gimp... figured out the screen shot with delay dealio...  now, how do I get that to you using pidgin?06:10
grimridervasocreta: result?06:10
Cpudan80tannji: upload the image to imageshack.us and paste the URL it gives you06:10
ymantonso noone knows about modprobe?06:11
norvFlannel: any ideas on how to add mimetype.assign, any attempt at appending to that property seems like it just crashes the server06:11
Kohlrakanother stupid question, what is that tracker applet? Some kind of hash table of files or something?06:12
FlyingWVasarch: The song is "I'd love you to want me"06:12
shockdiodeymanton: do you just want the modules loaded automatically at boot?06:12
* asarch is checking...06:12
Cpudan80Kohlrak: more or less06:12
Cpudan80Kohlrak: with a cache of the file at various times06:13
ymantonshockdiode: i want the modules loaded if im using that driver yes, the nvidia driver seems to load its module, i want the nouveau driver to load its modules if im using nouveau06:13
Flannelnorv: I have never used lightttp, so no.06:13
=== eboyjr is now known as CFC-Nerd
vasocret1@grimrider: for some reason (I have no idea why) it now works.06:13
Kohlrakso it's basically just a thingy that makes most commonly opened files open more quickly by holding them in the ram?06:13
grimridervasocret: lol well then problem solved06:13
djhashasarch: http://www.jamshedpurlive.com/i/songs/sli006.html06:14
nickrudKohlrak tracker is something that indexes files for easy searching06:14
Kohlrakoh, ok. I thought that was what the search too was for... oh well. THanks XD06:14
shockdiodeymanton: well you could just put the modules in /etc/modules and they will load at boot. Just put the module name without the '.ko' extension06:14
nickrudKohlrak search is using tracker :)06:15
Kohlraknow that makes sense06:15
djhashasarch: Artist: Lobo, Title: I'd love you to want me.06:15
=== CFC-Nerd is now known as eboyjr
BeepIIOk, I'm trying to install a graphics driver I got from S306:15
BeepIIso I type in chmod -x drivername.run06:16
|ns|nR8s3 trio ?06:16
BeepIIthen ./drivername.run06:16
dpeachok, I have defined the vertical and horizontal values for my monitor in the xorg.conf file and it still wont start. http://pastebin.com/m2826266e Both the original log file and the most recent one are there.06:16
Fryguy--BeepII: +x06:16
BeepIII just got it from the S3 website06:16
BeepIIoh +x06:16
nickrudBeepII and you'll want sudo ./drivername.run06:16
BeepIIok, that makes sense.06:16
asarchTHANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! :-)06:16
=== The_Docto is now known as Ttech
Fryguy--dpeach: specify modes in defaultdepth subsection in the bottom of xorg.conf06:17
victor__does anyone know why MythTV gets no signal when scanning for channels06:17
dpeachFryguy--, ok.06:17
TolarianAm I at the right place if I need some support regarding a failed distro upgrade?06:18
BeepIIOk, so I did that.  Now, I'm getting this line like 4 times:06:18
BeepII./setup.sh: 14: gawk: not found06:18
Fryguy--dpeach: something like Modes "AxB" where AxB is the resolution you want06:18
BeepIIbut w/ different numbers06:18
esacdoes anybody know what to do with a .bundle file ?06:18
Fryguy--BeepII: sudo apt-get install gawk06:18
cpierceTolarian: whats the troubles06:18
nickrudesac unbundle it?06:18
isaacj87hey all, is "sudo apt-get remove compiz*" a good way to remove all the default installed Compiz packages?06:18
esacnickrud: with ?06:18
tannjiCpudan80:  hope this is it: [URL=http://img519.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sounddeviceye8.jpg][IMG]http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/8892/sounddeviceye8.th.jpg[/IMG][/URL]06:19
Cpudan80well not exactly06:19
Cpudan80but close enough06:19
tannjilol, nope06:19
victor__ does anyone know why MythTV gets no signal when scanning for channels06:19
BeepIIwow that was simple.06:19
BeepIIDo I need to chmod it again?06:19
Fryguy--BeepII: no06:19
TolarianI was running 7.10 and started the upgrader in the update manager06:19
nickrudesac I think that's something from apple ... don't know much about apple stuff06:20
TolarianEverything went well, downloaded and installed some packages06:20
TolarianSeems a package caused an error and the upgrader crashed06:20
Cpudan80tannji: click the top one in that list06:20
Cpudan80tannji: HDA Intel (Alsa Mixer)06:20
ubunoobIf I have the latest updates for Hardy, is there a real need for me to download and install the .iso of 8.04.1?06:20
TolarianThe computer rebooted and now, the login screen will never show up06:20
tannjiCpudan80:  got it06:20
Cpudan80That wasnt easy to read btw ;-P06:20
dunasHow do I merge the contents of two files without using the terminal?06:21
FlyingWVubunoob: No, if you've stayed updated, you already have 8.04.106:21
BeepIIOk, now this:06:21
BeepII./setup.sh: 753 dialog: not found06:21
Cpudan80ok so now close out the sound window tannji06:21
tannjiCpudan80:  too low of rez?06:21
TolarianThe mouse icon is the the "circle" and it's been spinning for hours now...06:21
dpeachFryguy--, can you point me to something that shows me what this is supposed to look like? The default depth subsection?06:21
Cpudan80tannji: its not a big deal06:21
Tolariankilling X did nothing, nor restarting the computer again06:21
Fryguy--dunas: open both files up in text editor and copy/paste from one to the other06:21
ubunoobalrighty, thanks John06:21
tannjiCpudan80: ok06:21
Fryguy--dpeach: Modes "AxB" where "AxB" is the resolution you want06:21
FlyingWVubunoob: Sure thing06:21
Cpudan80tannji: now right click the sound icon on the taskbar and hit open volume control06:21
dunasFryguy--: Gah, I meant folders. And there's a LOT of files to sort through here. ._.06:21
nickrudesac http://filext.com/file-extension/BUNDLE06:22
tannjiCpudan80:   kk06:22
nickrudBeepII sudo apt-get install dialog06:22
=== Charitwo is now known as SlowSlug6
esacnickrud: thanks, i got it. it was just as simple as chmod +x file.bundle and then running it06:23
jamushello , i partitioned a drive with ubuntu on it i want that new part will have nothing to do with ubu (delete lost+found from it and open it for general use without root privilage ) how ca i do this pls {pulled a allnighter messing and fixing im real tired}06:23
Cpudan80tannji: now hit file --> change device --> and select the right HDA thing like before06:23
tannjiCpudan80:  got it06:23
BeepIIok, it's working.  Now, what would happen if I got the wrong driver?06:23
dpeachFryguy--, at the top of the xorg.conf file in the "Screen" section there is a Defaultdepth and it says 24 does what you are saying go under that?06:23
Cpudan80tannji: hit edit --> preferences and check the following06:23
DeadKennedy2880hi folks! anyone here having trouble with the newest update of pidgin? its crashing on me whenever i send an IM now.06:23
dunasFryguy--: The ultimate problem being I'm used to Windows, where it's drag the two folders with the same name, then tell it to Merge them, while here it wants to overwrite.06:24
nickrudesac what was it, out of curiosity. That's the first time I've seen a .bundle on a linux executable/installer06:24
Fryguy--dpeach: yes06:24
TolarianI know that the gdmgreeter process is running constantly, using 15-50% of the cpu06:24
TolarianAny ideas?06:24
esacnickrud: vmware workstation 6.5 beta 206:24
Cpudan80tannji: (If you are missing some thats ok) -- Master, Master Mono, Headphone, PCM06:24
FlyingWVubunoob: If you want to be sure though, you can type this in a terminal lsb_release -a06:24
=== SlowSlug6 is now known as kirby
BeepIIbecase I suspect it might be a via driver that I need even though the graphics card is S306:24
FlyingWVubunoob: That will tell you which distribution version you have installed06:24
tannjiCpudan80:  I have many available, most checked06:25
nickrudesac ah ...06:25
Cpudan80tannji: ok well - crank the PCM up06:25
BeepIIah nm. I'll just see what happens. . .06:25
tannjiCpudan80:  it is06:25
ubunoobok, i'll try that right now John06:25
jamusThe folder " " cannot be copied because you do not have permissions to create it in the destination. --- this is what i get trying to put smtng on new partition06:25
Cpudan80tannji: and still no sound?06:25
=== mike is now known as Guest49642
Cpudan80crank master up too obviously06:26
dunasIs there some way to merge the contents of two folders without doing it manually?06:26
djhashnickrud: an extension really doesn't matter in linux. you can call it file.dontrunthis and chmod it +x and it'll still run..06:26
K`zanAnyone know how to fix this: xvoutput: No XVIDEO port found which supports YUY2 images.06:26
K`zanNividia card.06:26
Fryguy--djhash: it's still try to run, whether it runs or not is pretty important based on whether linux finds and elf header or a shebang line06:26
nickruddjhash true. But often they are indicative of something. Just first time in over 8 years is all06:27
ubunoobyup 8.04.1 installed, thanks, i was just curious to know if there was any benefits of doing a clean install from 8.04 to 8.04.106:27
djhashnickrud: but i do agree.. it is kinda weird calling it bundle!!!06:27
dpeachFryguy--, we are getting somewhere. The very short log file says at the end "Fatal server error: no screens found" and then gives some errors having to do with xf86CloseConsole and xf86OpenConsole06:27
Cpudan80dunas: cd destFolder; cp -R /path/to/source/folder06:27
BeepIIOk, I got another error.  it says to refer to some log files.06:27
Fryguy--dpeach: you probably messed up the syntax for the screens section then06:27
FlyingWVubunoob: Should be good06:27
BeepIIhow do I run them?06:27
Cpudan80dunas: errr06:27
Cpudan80dunas: cd destFolder; cp -R /path/to/source/folder .06:28
Cpudan80That last dot is important06:28
dpeachmode 1024X76806:28
nickrudBeepII   less <logfile> will display it in the terminal06:28
djhashFryguy--: yeah.. i should've been more specific.. saying try to run.. instead of run..06:28
tannjiCpudan80:  I just started a dvd... no sound.  Just occurred to me...  If the Creative card is still physically installed...  will that pose a problem?  (it hasnt in XP, and I do want to get rid of it, just not until I get HDA working in Ububtu)06:28
dunasCpudan80: That'll work even if it's a folder containing several different folders?06:28
Fryguy--dpeach: http://blogs.sun.com/alanbur/resource/xorg.conf  have a look here, notice at the very bottom it has the Modes line, do it like that06:28
Cpudan80dunas: yes -R is recursive copy06:28
dpeachFryguy--, thank you.06:29
Cpudan80tannji: DVDs pose a different problem - no it wont cause a problem06:29
BeepIINikrud,  bash: syntax error near unexpected token 'newline'06:29
BeepIIwhat does that mean?06:29
Cpudan80tannji: go back to that sound menu (system --> prefs --> sound) and hit the top right test button06:29
tannjiCpudan80:   very good to hear, I was shocked XP didnt complain06:29
nickrudBeepII you typed something wrong.  What log file did it tell you to look at?06:29
Cpudan80dunas: that doesn't really do a merge per se06:30
Cpudan80dunas: it just moves all the stuff from the source to the dest06:30
tannjiaudiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback.06:30
bullgard4How does a 'kernel variable' differ from a 'kernel parameter'?06:30
nickrudBeepII so try    less s3setup.log06:30
tannjiCpudan80: sorry06:30
BeepIIah.  no <> brackets06:30
tannjiCpudan80: audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback.06:30
isiah_anyone want to go to the windows chat on irc and mock them?06:30
dunasCpudan80: Ah, ok. This is all really confusing, I'm too used to the way Windows Explorer was handling it @@06:30
Cpudan80dunas: after you verify the contents, you should cd to one level above the original source directory and do rm -rf sourceDir06:31
nickrudBeepII yeah, you'll see people use the brackets to indicate it's a variable you need to fill in06:31
Fryguy--isiah_: why06:31
Cpudan80dunas: You could use nautalius to do drag/drop moving - it works the same way06:31
nickrud!coc | isiah_06:31
ubottuisiah_: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/06:31
BeepIInickrud:  Ok, the log repeatedly says It can't find kernel modules06:31
BeepIIand can't make kernel modules06:31
Cpudan80tannji: switch it to that realtek OSS one06:31
cpierce<> required06:31
cpierce[] optional06:31
isiah_ok sorry06:31
cpiercewatch [-n 1] "<command>"06:32
nickrudBeepII  sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)     <-- type that exactly, it will get you the support you need to make kernel modules06:32
Cpudan80tannji: in all places that had the alsa thing (should be 3)06:32
BeepIIok, but first, a kind of stupid question... how do I get out of the log?06:33
nickrudBeepII    q06:33
FlyingWVOr ctrl-z06:33
FlyingWVNot sure why, but ctrl-z was the first way I found to exit a man page, hah06:33
cpiercectrl-z is to stop a process06:34
Fryguy--FlyingWV: pedantic, but ctrl-z doesn't exit a process, it backgrounds it06:34
tannjiCpudan80:   I have OSS, or Realtek,  not OSS Realtek... switch to OSS?06:34
cpierceif you do that you really need to kill it06:34
Fryguy--FlyingWV: and suspends it06:34
FlyingWVI thought ctrl-c killed it, hmm06:34
FlyingWVOk, thanks cpierce, i'll remember that about ctrl-z06:34
cpiercectrl z suspends06:34
cpiercethen you could do bg %106:34
cpierceto background it06:34
cpierceor kill %106:34
cpierceto kill it06:34
FloodBot2cpierce: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:34
FlyingWVLearn somthing new every day :)06:34
nickrudFlyingWV you might have a bunch of less processes floating in the background.  Try  ctl-z on some terminal process, the type jobs . Then type fg06:34
Cpudan80tannji: just plain realtek then yeah - try the test button again06:35
cpierceyou could also specify fg %106:35
cpierceor whatever the job you wanted to start back was06:36
K`zanTanks anyhoo, time for a wipe install :-(.06:36
=== Miguel is now known as Guest45354
FlyingWVFryguy--: You use Irssi as well right?06:39
Fryguy--FlyingWV: yes06:39
tannjiCpudan80:  ok, default mixer tracks=realtek alc888 (oss mixer). sound playback=alc888 analog. music and movies=alc888 analog.06:39
FlyingWVFryguy--: Is there a setting I can change to push the leave and join's to a seperate window?06:39
dpeachFryguy--, I can't believe this. The problem was my second monitor. Just being plugged in, it kept the machine from starting X. I unplugged it and it started right up.06:39
tannjicpu sound volume: change devices= HDA intel06:39
dpeach2 weeks I have been working on this!06:39
Fryguy--FlyingWV: no idea, try #irssi06:40
Cpudan80tannji: hit the test button back in the first window06:40
FlyingWVFryguy--: Thanks06:40
tannjiCpudan80:  audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback.06:40
powertool08FlyingWV: You can hide parts/joins06:40
jayesh_join #kpug06:40
Cpudan80tannji: hrm...06:40
Cpudan80tannji: Go through and try all of the non capture choices06:40
wuxiais there a way in gnome to display the black & gray cross checkered pattern (that is shown on old x sessions?) I want to tune the flickering of my vga monitor06:41
Cpudan80tannji: use the first row06:41
tannjicpu... so many setting variables..   lol06:41
Flannelwuxia: just turn off gnome and startx, and you'll have X06:41
FlyingWVpowertool08: Ah, I will look into that, thanks06:41
sridI just installed Ubuntu on my Thinkpad and my external monitor (Samsung 22" lcd) is not detected.06:41
Cpudan80tannji: it cant be that many06:41
sridany ideas?06:41
bullgard4How does a 'kernel variable' differ from a 'kernel parameter'?06:41
Cpudan80tannji: Just set the sound playback one06:41
Cpudan80tannji: you could try the pulse setting right there just to see if it works06:42
wuxiaFlannel: how do I turn off gnome? I removbed my .xsession already, and gnome still starts06:42
Fryguy--wuxia: change the session that you use in gdm06:42
Flannelwuxia: just ctrl-alt-f1 and sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop06:42
powertool08FlyingWV: /ignore -channels #chan1,#chan2 * JOINS PARTS QUITS06:42
Flannelwuxia: then just startx, and sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start to turn it back on06:42
shadow420someone else having a graphics problems06:43
BeepIInickrud: The installer tells me it can't make kernel modules which match my kernel06:44
BeepIIeven after installing all that06:44
shadow420I didn't have problems with GNOME or KDE but xfrce I did but i was testing Intrepid06:44
sandmanhi...how do i fix fsck errors related to UUID?06:44
Flannelshadow420: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks06:44
tannjiCpudan80:  Autodetect, ALC888 Digital, and pulse all test with a progress bar, but no sound.  ALC888 Analog, OSS, and ALSA all fail with the previous error message06:45
shadow420Flannel I know that I am not testing it now06:45
Fryguy--tannji: did you check the iec958 checkbox in the sound settings?06:45
Cpudan80tannji: you want to use ALC888 then06:45
shadow420Flannel because I had problems with ahving it on there06:45
BouNCai had some problems with graphics.  when the computer boots, press ctrl + alt + F606:46
BouNCayou'll have a console window06:46
BouNCalog in06:46
Cpudan80tannji: so set that for all three playback things06:46
BouNCasudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:46
shadow420man am I the only one which I had no Graphics or Sound Problems06:46
Cpudan80tannji: then for the device you should use....06:46
kholerabbimy volume controls skip from full to muted. when you try and change them they just jump around.... it's really funny.. odd.06:47
BouNCaand under the section "device"06:47
shadow420maybe it's the hardware I use06:47
Cpudan80tannji: prob the realtek thing06:47
BouNCaand a line         Driver      "vesa"06:47
Fryguy--BouNCa: can you please stop hitting enter every few words?06:47
FlyingWVpowertool08: Thanks, I got it working, and in the process found a nice page with a lot of settings for irssi06:47
BouNCasorry, i'll start over06:48
shadow420BouNCa do you have an high end card like Nvidia ATI or Raidon?06:48
BouNCayea nvidia06:48
tannjiCpudan80:  when I test, should I hear something?  or is the progress bar an indicator that it thinks it is working?06:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about emule06:48
Cpudan80tannji: you might not hear anything yet06:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about amlue06:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about amule06:49
Fryguy--!botabuse | phiqtion06:49
ubottuphiqtion: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.06:49
Cpudan80tannji: just set the three playback things - and set your device at the bottom to Realtek ALC888 ....06:49
shadow420BouNCa what restricted drivers are u using06:49
Cpudan80tannji: select master in the box06:49
phiqtion!botabuse Fryguy--06:49
ubottuphiqtion: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:49
phiqtion!botabuse | Fryguy--06:49
ubottuFryguy--: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubottu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.06:49
Cpudan80tannji: lemme know when you are ready to move on to part206:49
bob3213243I heard that dell was disabling "stereo" on their newer computers and was wondering a couple things. 1: Does this matter if I installed ubuntu. and 2: what is the "stereo" setting?06:49
sandmanhi..how do i automount fat32 partitions on boot???06:50
Fryguy--sandman: edit /etc/fstab06:50
tannjiok... set the 3 to realtek, and at the bottom I have HDA Intel (ALSA mixer), or Realtek Oss mixer06:50
shadow420bouNCa u may have to use the new one06:50
Cpudan80tannji: does the realtek one have ALC888 in it?06:50
shadow420bouNCa > !nvidia06:51
BouNCamine is working fine now06:51
tannjiCpudan80: yes, so I chose it06:51
shadow420bouNCa k06:51
tannjiCpudan80:  close preferences?06:51
BouNCaafter i edited the xorg.conf, and restarted, i was able to get my gui. and then install the nvidia restricted driver06:51
bob3213243I heard that dell was disabling "stereo" on their newer computers and was wondering a couple things. 1: Does this matter if I installed ubuntu. and 2: what is the "stereo" setting?06:52
Cpudan80tannji: right - so now close that and right click the sound icon on the taskbar and hit open vol control06:52
tannjiCpudan80:  and what about device in sound volume: change device?06:52
Cpudan80tannji: yes - file --> change device --> ALC888 something06:52
airin_72do apps from 32 bit work in 64 bit?06:52
tannjiCpudan80:  done06:53
Fryguy--airin_72: not without something extra06:53
Fryguy--airin_72: like a wrapper library or something06:53
Cpudan80tannji: now go to edit preferences and check master and pcm06:53
BeepIIWell, thanks all.  (I guess it's time to get a better graphics card)06:53
Cpudan80tannji: set the master whatever you want - the PCM should be set about 50%06:53
bob3213243I heard that dell was disabling "stereo" on their newer computers and was wondering a couple things. 1: Does this matter if I installed ubuntu. and 2: what is the "stereo" setting?06:54
Fryguy--bob3213243: do you count to 120 before you repeat that every time, lol.  you do it almost exactly at 2 minute interval06:54
Flannelbob3213243: It depends on whether its hardware disabling or software disabling.  Do you know anything specific/have references?06:55
Cpudan80tannji: then retest with that test button06:55
tannjiCpudan80:  I dont have master and PCM, there is :volume, speaker, line-in, mic, cd, pcm-2, in-gain, digital-106:55
bob3213243fryguy just trying not to spam so I just wait for a few in the hopes of not being a pain. ;)06:55
Cpudan80tannji: check all the boxes then06:55
=== ozz_ is now known as gaile
Cpudan80tannji: crank up volume for sure - speaker prob06:56
gailehi guys06:56
gaileis it ok if I ask for help ?06:57
Fryguy--!ask | gaile06:57
ubottugaile: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:57
raheemjust ask gaile06:57
gaileok thanks06:57
phiqtionany good starter guide for hardy available?06:58
gailei just installed the ubunto server 8, I created two users and I want them to run ircd i have problem with connection socket06:58
Fryguy--phiqtion: www.ubuntuguide.com06:58
bob3213243flannel this kind of sizes it up. Just heard of it and was surprised. http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=16964406:59
gaileis there any way to solve it?06:59
Fryguy--gaile: "problem" doesn't mean anything to us.  please give us a specific error message or something to work with06:59
gaileso both users can run ircd06:59
gaileok hold on07:00
bob3213243flannel not a big deal just wondering wtf is up with it.07:01
timandtomHow do I unmount a drive from terminal? It's just called disk on my desktop07:01
gaileheres my problme07:01
Flannelbob3213243: you'd have to ask the Dell people, and/or try it out on Ubuntu to see if its a software thing07:01
gaile[Mon Jul  7 21:23:36 2008] - Error binding stream socket to IP port 700007:01
tannjiCpudan80: well, I give up, lol... no sound anywhere. dont know what else to do.07:01
gaileI only have one ip address07:01
BouNCaumount /media/name-of mounted-disk07:02
Cpudan80tannji: :-/07:02
tannjiCpudan80:  I do appreciate your efforts tho  = )07:02
Cpudan80tannji: you could click the switches tab in there07:02
cpiercegaile: i'm guessing its not
Cpudan80tannji: see if any "digital output" things are checked - if so, uncheck07:02
Fryguy--gaile: if you want to run multiple instances of a server, they need to be on separate ports.  Check the configuration file for the server that you are using07:02
Fryguy--cpierce: i'm guessing it is07:02
cpiercei thought i ignored fryguy07:03
cpierceoh well07:03
cpiercehere goes again07:03
Fryguy--cpierce: bings to all available interfaces, and is not related to his problem in any way. Please see the documentation for socket() for more details07:03
cpiercei know what it does idiot07:03
cpiercei was joking07:03
gaileok thanks Fryguy, i'll do that07:03
cpiercehave you not seen me answer about 1000 questions tonight07:03
cpierceyou don't think i know what is07:03
Fryguy--cpierce: i'm sure somebody who isn't familiar with the socket syscall is going to think you are joking, so you are going to just confuse them07:03
cpiercei'm sure you can suck me07:04
pogztimzguys, is there a way i can install iTALC on Dapper relesase?07:05
VelcroManCan i check how big a package and it's dependencies are before i download and install it with apt-get?07:05
Fryguy--VelcroMan: apt-cache show might give you that information07:05
=== ara_ is now known as ara
pogztimzsooo quiet :)07:06
cpiercein a perfect world you'd live on the other side of the earth so we'd always be asleep when the other was awake07:06
BouNCaVelcroMan --> if u have aptitude u can type:  aptitude show package-name07:06
FlyingWVDoesn't apt-get install prompt you with the hard drive space it will consume before installing? You have to answer yes or no07:07
Fryguy--FlyingWV: only if it installs more packages than you specified, IIRC07:07
cpierceyum does ... haven't really paid attention to apt-get07:07
FlyingWVFryguy--: Oh, got you, so I mostly notice that when it's bringing in dependencies07:08
tannjiCpudan80:   when I mouse-hover over the speaker in the task bar, it brings up the volume status of my mic, not speakers. is that a problem?07:09
FlannelFlyingWV: You can test beforehand with -s (or --simulate)07:09
Fryguy--tannji: if you right click on it, you can change what volume control it adjusts i think07:09
Cpudan80tannji: prob not07:09
pogztimzguys do u have any idea where i can download "super cool" ubuntu themes?07:09
Cpudan80tannji: right click -- hit preferences -- set to master07:09
Fryguy--pogztimz: gnome-look.org07:09
pogztimzFryguy: k. i'll try it now07:10
FlyingWVFlannel: Good point, I noticed that when I just checked the man page, that's a handy option07:10
tannjiCpudan80:  ok...  I give up again for tonight... thanks again  = )07:10
FlannelFlyingWV: Although it doesn't simulate the sizes downloaded, or on disk.07:10
Cpudan80tannji: np - sorry we didnt get it fixed07:11
FlyingWVpogztimz: My theme is comprised of things I got fromm gnome-look.org and art.gnome.org07:11
FlyingWVpogztimz: Both good sites07:11
tannjiCpudan80:  no worries....   XP wins out again....  getting closer tho, lol07:12
pogztimzFlyingVW: i c07:12
KDB9000anyone here from the laptop testing team?07:12
danshtr|workHi all. I can't access gpl.code.de/ubuntu/gutsy/Packages.gz . is it me?07:12
=== Maikoru_ is now known as Maikoru
BouNCaanyone in here from Belize?07:19
bazhangBouNCa, what language07:19
fellaghi all !07:20
BouNCaBelize is a country in Central America. speak english/spanish07:20
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:20
prontohey , anyone here07:21
bazhangpronto, yes07:21
pogztimzi downloded GDM-penguin.tar.gz from art.gnome.org, how do i install it?07:21
bazhangpogztimz, theme?07:21
ubunubipogztimz: is that a gnome theme?07:21
pogztimzyup.. :)07:21
prontodoes anyone else get the problem where flash will always show above stuff it shouldn't like menus?07:21
bazhangpogztimz, drag the theme over to theme manager or open install and go to where you dl'd it and add07:22
ubunubipronto: it's a known issue slated to be fixed in a future update07:22
FlyingWVThat the login screen with the Penguin/Gun?07:22
pogztimzbazhang: ok, i'll try it.. brb07:22
c0mp13371331337Out of curiosity, when will Compiz 0.76 be hitting the Ubuntu repos?  I gotta get my hands on that desktop sphere. ;-)07:23
belendaxwhat's the size of wine cache ?07:23
c0mp13371331337Intrepid: http://www.techenclave.com/open-source/compiz-fusion-an-unparalleled-3d-environment-114472.html07:23
Intrepidc0mp13371331337: ty07:24
IntrepidOh god. That's just delightful.07:24
c0mp13371331337Intrepid: Isn't it though?!  I'm really hoping that'll be in the repos soon. :-D07:25
prontoi might have to get compiz running again, some of those are pretty neat07:25
jchaoulim installing linux everythings done just the lang prob07:25
IntrepidI really like how some of that looks. 3d Windows on a cylinder is interesting.07:25
jchaoulits default to german while i want it english07:25
pogztimzbazhang: it says ""penguin" does not appear to be a valid theme." ???07:25
bazhangpogztimz, got a link?07:26
FlyingWVpogztimz: That file is a login screen07:26
FlyingWVpogztimz: You will need to move the tar file to /usr/share/gdm/themes07:26
bazhangoh, he said it was a theme07:26
FlyingWVpogztimz: then open system, administration, login window07:27
FlyingWVpogztimz: switch to login, and drag and drop the tar file onto that window, it should install07:27
Intrepidc0mp13371331337: If you want to compile it yourself, there's a package called "checkinstall" that works like 'make install' except it adds it as a package.07:28
IntrepidI'm thinking I might go that route.07:28
rand0mis it possible to make icons (and menu items) draggable to docks & other panels & what not in xfce Z?07:28
FlyingWVpogztimz: switch to local, that is, to install the package07:29
c0mp13371331337Intrepid: I was thinking about it.... although I don't like straying from the repos, ESPECIALLY for something as integrated into the computer environment as compiz.  Heck, it IS the environment.  Or at least a shell for it.07:30
Intrepidc0mp13371331337: That does make sense. I try to do the same thing, except sometimes there are just things that haven't been ported to amd64, so I have no choice.07:31
=== cherry_fressssss is now known as cew_mutz
rubydiamondHi ppl07:31
rubydiamondanybody installed FF3 on ubuntu 7.10?07:32
c0mp13371331337Intrepid: I hear ya.  Although if it's not coming our way until the version that shares your name, I may not be able to wait that long to play with that sphere. ;-)07:32
FlyingWVpogztimz: Get it to work?07:32
pogztimzFlyingWV: yeah.. ty07:33
pogztimzi thought it was a theme07:33
FlyingWVpogztimz: Welcome, I only knew what it was because I use that login screen as well07:33
pogztimzi'FlyingWV: i'm downloading Matrix atm.. have u ever tried tried this one?07:34
dimitreeCan someone tell me why : Ubuntu disregards the settings in xorg.conf, i'm using Nvidia and Nvidia X Server Settings to change my dislpay settings, becayse the save configuration to xorg.conf doesn't work, i copyed the contents of the file using the "Preview" in Nvidia X Server Settings, then copy pasted it to xorg.conf and saved the file with admin rights, when rebooting the changes are not there again, the xorg.conf file is as it should be, but sreen07:34
dimitree resolution and refresh rate are not according to xorg.conf, also how come the Nvidia X Server Settings detects currectly my monitor and the refresh rates, but the "Resolutions" settings under System->Preferences->Resolutions does not detect my monitor and resolutions, why does Ubuntu 8.04 disregard the contents of xorg.conf ?07:34
shivamibdimitree: u sure it's actually saving? you need root and all07:35
zaapielhttp://pastebin.com/m24d24283   <----help please07:35
zaapieltrying to uninstall a package07:35
zaapieli tried to unmark it to leave it but than it wants to install all of kubuntu again07:36
dimitreeshivamib,  yes i am , i re opened xorg.conf after the reboot and the files is as it is in Nividia X Server Settings07:36
rand0mhow do set my xfce desktop to automount my ntfs partition so i can access my music files & what not ?07:37
danshtr|workHi all. i search the forums but found too many unrelevant hits. The question is: update-manager fails to get packges from gpl.code.de/ubuntu/gutsy/(Packages.gz|Sources.gz) . Can i just disable these reposotaries?07:37
shivamibdimitree: it does work neatly here, i have an nvidia too07:37
shivamibdimitree: are you using the proprietary binary drivers? tho it shouldnt be it07:37
dimitreeshivamib, how can i make Ubuntu to respec the damn settings in xorg.conf and if Ubuntu is not using that file then which file is it using >: /07:38
shivamibwell it shouldbe using that one07:38
shivamibwhat exactly is it doing? coming up at a lower res?07:39
dimitreedoes it cash this file somewhere or anything like that ?07:39
shivamibno, that's the file07:39
dimitreeshivamib, it comes to the same res but the refresh rate is at 60 and in the config it's 85 also the boot screen is at 1240 :[07:40
=== fongkwan is now known as doseryder
madmnwhat is the command to do build essential07:40
shivamibboot screen does make some sense07:40
shivamibas its a different app07:41
dimitreeshivamib, well when i click Apply in the Nvidia X Server Settings everything is OK resolution refresh rate everything works, so i copy paste this config to xorg.conf and after restart refresh is at 60 >_>07:41
shivamibare you sure your monitor allows that?07:41
madmndoes anyone know how to upgrade to the build essential for GCC?07:41
shivamibi think Xserver defaults to the highest possible one07:42
=== threethirty is now known as threethirty_away
dimitreeshivamib, well if it didn't i wouldn't be able to Apply and use the settings with Nvidia X right ? also my monitor is very special, when the screen refresh rate is not 85 the whole picture is tilted to the left, so i always know when the refresh rate is 8507:42
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
BaD-Laptop!away | threethirty_away07:43
ubottuthreethirty_away: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels - it causes unrequired scrolling which is unfair to new users.  (Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead.)  The same goes for using noisy away messages; use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»07:43
shivamibdimitree: dunno.... maybe07:43
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
shivamibcan you change it while in gnome07:43
dimitreethis sux :/ i just used opensuse and everything works with no problems there under KDE and GNOME :/07:43
olskolirci installed phpmyadmin.  is this supposed to be a gui?07:43
shivamiband then it defaults on reboot?07:44
BaD-Laptopheh, s/|\/>\/07:44
shivamibdimitree: have faith, hardy is kickass07:44
Rat409dimitree: you need to do it as sudo nvidia-settings >merge and save>apply iirc07:44
bazhangBaD-Laptop, what is that07:44
dimitreeshivamib, exactly that, i can change it inside gnome and after reboot it defaults07:44
madmnanyone know how to fix GCC07:44
madmni think it needs a build essential07:44
BaD-Laptopbazhang: probably mangled regex07:44
shivamibyeah, its probably what Rat409 said07:45
bazhangmadmn, install build-essential07:45
bazhangBaD-Laptop, not here please07:45
dimitreeRat409 didn't i do the same thing when i clicked the Preview file option and copy pasted the content in xorg.conf ?07:45
Ryuhomy firefox adobe flash plugin freezes my amarok... i think it's something to do with alsa ... can anyone help me07:45
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
madmnwhats the command line to run it tho07:46
bazhangmadmn, what are you trying to do07:46
dimitreehere i will paste you the xorg.conf i have07:46
Rat409dimitree: maybe nvidia-settings is over-writing yours,just know mines fine GeForce Go 7150M here07:46
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)07:46
bazhangmadmn, ^^07:46
madmnmy gcc is broken07:46
madmnnot working07:46
Flannel!doesntwork | madmn07:46
ubottumadmn: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.07:46
madmni got the command line from here before07:46
bazhangmadmn, see link above07:46
madmni just need the sudo command for it07:47
Flannelmadmn: sudo apt-get install build-essential07:47
bazhangmadmn, are you compiling something?07:47
dimitreeHere is my xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/25860/07:47
Rat409madmn:   sudo  apt-get update && apt-get install build-essential?07:48
SoulwarpRyuho: from my experience i have to close alsa playing application when playing youtube or other flash videos because it won't play at the same time07:48
Rat409whoops flannels faster07:48
__PaCMaN__Any one want to help me out with Rocket Doc install i already installed it but it seems not to work any suggestions07:48
Fryguy--Soulwarp: create a file in /etc/firefox-3/ called firefoxrc and put FIREFOX_DSP=aoss in there, and then install alsa-oss07:49
=== jchaoul is now known as wamty
__PaCMaN__This is Ziggy Fry Guy i changed my Screen name i'm still having problems07:49
SoulwarpFryguy--: im not a big youtube guy it's not an issue for me07:49
__PaCMaN__???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????any one"?07:50
RyuhoSoulwarp: that's pretty stupid.. any solution as of now?07:50
jamushow do i erase dir using root console?07:53
Flanneljamus: which dir?07:54
Fryguy--jamus: rmdir07:54
dimitreeCan you repeat the command after the reboot please ?07:54
chuy_maxjamus, rm -r07:55
jamusi wanted to part my hd with a ubu on it07:55
BouNCadimitree -> u talking to me?07:55
ikoniajamus: sudo rm -rf07:55
dimitreeBouNCa, yes :) repeat the command after the reboot i'm with 600x400 now cant see much :D07:55
ozzloyhttp://pastebin.org/49567 how do i get memory.h, stdlib.h, etc.?07:57
jamuswhat happend is that a device appeard but it has no access from normal users only root and it has lost+found dir on it i wanna destroy them and make a normAl functionigno b.s. regular device so i ca nfreely put my stuff there07:57
ikoniaozzloy: why do you want libopenjpeg, what are you trying to do07:57
ikoniajamus: what file system is on that device ?07:58
vozniakBRi heaving graphics corruption with 8.6 ATI FGLRX and wine, someone know ho i can fix this?07:58
jamusbeen dealing with  this for all night and its getting really annoyng07:58
ikoniajamus: please keep clam07:58
jamusor3 idont remember07:58
ikoniajamus: ok - you don't need to delete everything just "chown" to change the ownership07:58
ozzloyikonia: i want to work with various jpeg files in c.  the overall goal is to take jpgs and turn them into an flv streaming as the pics come in07:59
notsonerdysunnyhow to enable graphical access to root?07:59
vozniakBRgenii: 8.6 driver version of ati cards07:59
ikonianotsonerdysunny: gksudo07:59
ikoniaozzloy: so your quite confident with C ?07:59
pk_voltI have a program in windows called Notebook Hardware Control, that dynamically switches the cpu voltage to reduce heat and battery power when cpu power is not needed.  Is there a program similar for Linux?07:59
ikonianotsonerdysunny: gksudo $application will launch an X11 app as root07:59
ozzloyikonia: yeah08:00
ikoniapk_volt: the kernel manages your power/speed stepping for you08:00
ikoniaozzloy: ok, so you want the "build-essential" package installed08:00
ozzloyikonia: ah cool08:00
BoltClocki removed a program from ubuntu and its still in the Applications menu, but system > preferences > main menu doesnt seem to see it. how do i remove the launcher?08:00
BoltClocki remember there was a file except i forgot its path...08:01
ikoniaozzloy: you don't actually need all of that package, but you will need most of it, so it's easier to do that package and remove it later08:01
geniivozniakBR: Ah. Have you followed the instructions at http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Hardy_Installation_Guide#Method_2:_Manual_Method_.28installing_Catalyst_8.6.29       ?08:01
arunvhow can i mount .nrg files ?08:02
ozzloyikonia: i'm starting to use this machine more, i'll probably be needing it08:02
pogztimzi recently downloaded "Matrix full pack.tar.gz" from gnome.look.org. how do i install this theme?08:02
ikoniaozzloy: then thats perfect08:02
ozzloyikonia: thanks!08:02
ikoniapogztimz: open theme manager and drag and drop it in08:02
Fryguy--pogztimz: use the "install theme" button on system | preferences | appearances08:02
bullgard4What variables are collected in the directory /proc/sys/kernel/?08:03
arunvhow can i mount .nrg files ?08:03
ikoniabullgard4: current kernel parameters08:03
Fryguy--arunv: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149963&highlight=mount+nrg+file08:04
pogztimzFryguy: dude it says ""Matrix" does not appear to be a valid theme." any idea?08:04
Fryguy--pogztimz: nope08:04
ikoniapogztimz: it's not a valid theme file then08:04
arunvk Fryguy--08:04
ikoniapogztimz: the error is quite descriptive08:04
Fryguy--pogztimz: maybe it's packaged wrong08:04
bazhangpogztimz, got a link?08:05
=== ShadowXP is now known as Guest48016
ikoniaFryguy--: I suspect it's a compiz theme or something like that08:05
pogztimzits downloaded 2990 time08:05
BoltClocki removed a program from ubuntu and its still in the Applications menu, but system > preferences > main menu doesnt seem to see it. how do i remove the launcher? theres a file which i can edit i remember08:06
bullgard4ikonia: Your answer is not correct. For example with me, 'ro' and 'vga=0x0361' are not listed there.08:06
ikoniabullgard4: my answer IS correct, I didn't say it listed boot options08:06
Fryguy--bullgard4: those are boot options08:06
KartagisBoltClock: right click Application and choose Edit Menus08:06
bullgard4ikonia, Fryguy-- I will need time to think about your answers.08:07
ikoniabullgard4: what is there to think about08:07
BoltClockKartagis: thats the same as system > preferences > main menu... and its still not there08:07
ikoniabullgard4: that directory is an interface to the current kernel parameters, end of discussion08:07
Rat409arunv: not sure but read this  https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/597908:07
pogztimzbazhang: dude?08:07
KartagisBoltClock: kill and restart X maybe08:08
BoltClockKartagis: eh... hold on08:08
Varak_how do i upgrade to the 2.6.25 kernel?08:08
ikoniaVarak_: you don't08:08
ikoniaVarak_: why do you want to upgrade ?08:08
Fryguy--!kernel | Varak_08:08
ubottuVarak_: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages08:08
Varak_some crap im installing from myth wants something from 2.6.2508:08
Varak_well, some stuff to support myth08:09
bullgard4ikonia: The phrase " end of discussion" is unfriendly. It takes the attitude of a master slave relationship and not a relationship among peers.08:09
ikoniaVarak_: myth is not kernel specific08:09
Varak_no but v4l-dvb is08:09
BoltClockKartagis: well, that cleaned it off, why didnt i think of it?08:09
ikoniabullgard4: no, it means there is nothing more to discuss on that, my comment was a fact08:09
Varak_and thats what im farking with08:09
ikoniaVarak_: thats available in 2.6.24 too08:09
KartagisBoltClock: no idea08:10
BoltClock!ohmy | Varak_08:10
Varak_mmmk thnkx08:10
ubottuVarak_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:10
BoltClockKartagis: thanks though :D08:10
Varak_fark isnt a bad word08:10
somechaphello i installed ubuntu twice on my comp how do i get rid of one installation08:10
Rat409arunv: http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Environment/Tools/Mount-ISO-image-2216.shtml08:10
ikoniasomechap: delete the partition ?08:10
BoltClockVarak_ it represents one08:10
Fryguy--somechap: use gparted to delete the partition08:10
somechaphow do i do that im new to linux08:10
Fryguy--somechap: or fdisk, or cfdisk08:10
Varak_bolt: fuck you, is that clearer?08:10
rand0mhow do set my xfce desktop to automount my ntfs partition so i can access my music files & what not ?08:11
somechapwell the first install has make a file system ina 1,8 GB media08:11
somechapi want to delete that partition so i have more spcae on my disk08:12
ikonia /afr Varak_ #ubuntu-ops offensive language08:12
bazhangpogztimz, you still there?08:12
BoltClockikonia: hes gone lol08:12
Fryguy--somechap: so use gparted, cfdisk, or fdisk, or download the gparted livecd and use that08:12
ikoniaBoltClock: I know - he's still getting banned for that08:12
pogztimzbazhang: yeah.. waitning 4 u08:12
microwaveranyone got a decent fix on the fn keys on dell laptops (vostro 1000) ?08:12
BoltClockikonia: oh, -ban-08:12
somechapok let me try it08:12
jamusikonia:  tnx man , u saved my l.t.'s  life  :P08:13
bazhangpogztimz, you need to unpack that archive and then drop the gtk part on the theme manager; there are several others (fonts, etc) that you need to put into their respective places as well; if you want a slightly nicer theme (ie easier to install) you may consider imetal for gnome theme at gnome-look08:13
jamusnext step wouldve been a sledge hammer08:13
jamusadios amigos08:14
BoltClockanyone have any idea why firefox 3 crashes when i pick a different icon set while customizing a theme??08:14
* Fryguy-- ponders working on the current implementation of glibc in his free time08:14
pogztimzbazhang: ok.. can u give me a direct link? :)08:14
BoltClockand most of its crashes are when its not in the current workspace, but that could be just a coincidence08:15
bazhangpogztimz, hang on a sec08:15
bazhanghttp://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/imetal?content=63734 pogztimz08:15
akuma55can someone help me i cant logon to samba share drivee08:15
pogztimzbazhang: ur cool dude.. tnx for the help... cheers08:16
bazhangpogztimz, this one you need to drag out the gtk folder and drop that on theme manager08:16
gnaskGood Morning, what filesystem should i format my drives in when i install Ubuntu? (I will be using my system for, web, games, music)08:18
bazhanggnask, ext308:18
Fryguy--gnask: ext3 is the standard08:18
geniignask: ext308:18
gnaskThank you for the fast reply08:19
Fryguy--gnask: reiserfs is pretty good too08:19
ubunubignask:: reiserfs will kill ya and hide your body08:19
Flannel!offtopic | ubunubi08:19
ubottuubunubi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:19
bazhangubunubi, not here08:19
Fryguy--ubunubi: and then reveal where it is later (see today's news)08:19
ubunubiFryguy--: saw it :)08:19
zaggynlthou shall not kill -908:19
FlannelFryguy--: You too08:19
ubunubiyou were just waiting on that weren't ya flannel, :P08:20
Intrepidc0mp13371331337: Did some digging. This might be of some use to you. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=50876908:21
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Linux50Hello everyone. Im currently trying to create a launcher onto my desktop. The command that im entereing into my new launcher requires quotation marks as part of the command. How do i tell the launcher to pass the quotation marks as part of the command to the terminal?08:22
fretlessdavishey, Im having some trouble getting old icons out of the menus, can anyone help?08:22
jisatsuis it possible to fsck a drive while it's mounted?08:26
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
geniijisatsu: Not safely08:27
linda_cutecan anyone help me please08:27
jisatsucan it be done if I remount as read only?08:27
linda_cutemy pidgin not in a panel when i minimized it..how can i add to panel?08:27
geniijisatsu: Safer than rw mount, yes08:27
Kartagis!anyone | linda_cute08:28
ubottulinda_cute: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:28
Flanneljisatsu: You just need to fsck without a liveCD, yes? or do you have other reasons?08:28
geniijisatsu: Best to boot into single user mode for fsck operation of root partition for example, or even to scan it from a livecd boot08:28
Chunky_KsHeya all. Does ubuntu have a formal process whereby I could request a package gets updated from what's in the repositories right now, to a version that's been out for a few months?08:28
jisatsuI have a partition set as my home partition, but I don't want to have to wait 30 minutes while it does the regular fsck thing08:28
linda_cutedoes anyone know why my pidgin not in a panel when i minimized it..how can i add to panel?08:29
bazhangChunky_Ks, what package08:29
jisatsubut if it's better to just let it do its thing, I will08:29
orpheanjisatsu: you could easily fsck your home partition just by unmounting it. if you want to fsck your root filesystem then that is... more difficult.08:29
Chunky_Ks2.6 has been out for a while, that includes a bunch of stuff including eclipse project support08:30
fretlessdavishow can I get rid of the icons in the menu left from windows apps after getting rid of wine?08:30
jisatsuI can't really unmount it while I'm logged in, can I?08:30
jisatsu"umount: /home: device is busy"08:31
linda_cutedoes anyone know why my pidgin not in a panel when i minimized it..how can i add to panel?08:31
orpheanjisatsu: sure. just switch to a console and sudo into a root shell. then have at it.08:31
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
Intrepidlinda_cute: Tools -> Preferences -> System Tray Icon08:31
orpheanjisatsu: you may have to enable the root account.08:31
jisatsuoh ok. I'll give that a go then, thanks :)08:31
orpheanjisatsu: if the sudo doesn't work.08:31
* zarrian is away: Gone away for now.08:32
linda_cuteno System Tray Icon on my ubuntu hardy08:32
Myrtti!away > zarrian08:33
ubottuzarrian, please see my private message08:33
ubuntufan_anyone there08:34
linda_cuteno System Tray Icon on my ubuntu hardy Intrepd08:34
Fryguy--linda_cute: #ubuntu+1 for intrepid help08:34
=== florin is now known as Florin2312312312
ikoniaubuntufan_: many people08:34
geniiubuntufan_: About 1200 here, yes08:34
bazhanglinda_cute, intrepid in #ubuntu+108:34
ubuntufan_wine not coming in applications menu and wheni riht click it doesnt say in meny open with wine. plz help08:35
bazhangubuntufan_, #winehq08:35
ubuntufan_wine not coming in applications menu and when i right click it doesnt say in menu open with wine. plz help08:36
ikoniaubuntufan_: how did you install wine ?08:36
ubuntufan_what should I do?08:36
nowoxDoes someone own a Thinkpad T60?08:36
ubuntufan_actually i installed using terminal08:36
ubuntufan_it came in menu earlier08:36
ubuntufan_then i removed wine08:37
ikoniaubuntufan_: did you install it from the ubuntu repos ?08:37
ubuntufan_i installed thru terminal08:37
ubuntufan_using sudo apt-get install wine08:37
nowoxI have a problem with wireless connection on my ThinkPad T60 2007-6QG!08:37
ikoniaubuntufan_: ok - so is wine currently on your system08:37
bazhangnowox, what chipset08:37
ubuntufan_actually i wanted to get rid from applications menu(when i removed) but when i try to install it again it doest come any more08:38
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
ikoniaubuntufan_: please show me the output of this command dpkg -l | grep wine08:38
=== Mr_SpOOn is now known as ilSignorCarlo
ubuntufan_ok just a sec08:39
ozz_can someone help me about ircd08:39
ubuntufan_ii  wine                                       0.9.59-0ubuntu5                    Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binar08:39
ubuntufan_that was it08:39
Starnestommyozz_: what kind of help do you need?08:39
pogztimzbazhang: everytimr i press "CTRL+ALT+F2 " a distorted window appears.08:40
ikoniaubuntufan_: thats fine, so when you left click "applications" you don't see wine at the bottom of the menu ?08:40
nowoxbazhang, Intel 945 / IPW394508:40
ubuntufan_i mean yes i dont see08:40
bazhangpogztimz, trying to do what with that command08:40
ubuntufan_i deleted it by mistake08:40
ozz_in ubunto server 8, i have two users who both want to install ircd and it was successful08:40
ikoniaubuntufan_: ahh you've manually deleted it08:40
ikoniaubuntufan_: as in manually deleted the menu, not wine08:40
ubuntufan_what should i do now08:40
ozz_but only 1 ircd is able to run due to socket error08:41
ubuntufan_what should i do now08:41
ikoniaubuntufan_: re-install wine08:41
bazhangnowox, you have the computer nearby to troubleshoot?08:41
ubuntufan_i did08:41
ikoniaubuntufan_: or manually re-create the menu08:41
Starnestommyozz_: have one of the ircds eithe bind to a different port or a different ip08:41
josh__Can anyone point me in the direction of some good instructions for installing the madwifi drivers for 06:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01).  I'm not having much joy.08:41
nowoxbazhang, ubuntu see the wireless interface but I cannot turn on the radio.08:41
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
ikoniaubuntufan_: right click on the menu and use "edit menu"08:41
Fryguy--ozz_: a process can only bind a socket to an interface and port if it isn't being used by another port already.  Use a different address or port for the second instance of the server that you want to run08:42
ubuntufan_i tried to create it again,  ya i did that08:42
ubuntufan_but it doesnt work08:42
ozz_yah, the problem i have one ip08:42
ozz_i tried diff port and same output08:42
bazhangnowox, is the computer there in front of you to troubleshoot; yea or nay08:42
ubuntufan_is there any code or something that automatically recreates the menu08:42
ikoniaubuntufan_: what do you mean it doesn't work ?08:42
nowoxbazhang, unfortunatly I don't. I'm at work and my laptop is at home!08:42
ikoniaubuntufan_: there is in the "post" section of the deb when it installs08:43
ubuntufan_i mean when i create it menu named Wine and again install wine, it doesnt come there08:43
bazhangnowox, best to troubleshoot with the computer nearby08:43
ikoniaubuntufan_: it won't come there, you'll need to create the menu manually08:43
akuma55i can see my samba share but i cant i cant login why?08:43
ozzloyhow do i install an icon theme from gnome-look.org?08:43
nowoxbazhang, you're right!08:44
ikoniaakuma55: have you set the correct username and password ?08:44
linda_cutedoes anyone know why my pidgin not in a panel when i minimized it..how can i add to panel?08:44
bazhanglinda_cute, what version of ubuntu08:44
akuma55ikonia, yeah08:44
linda_cutehardy heron08:44
ikoniaakuma55: your connecting from windows I assume ?08:44
linda_cuteand latest pidgin08:44
ubuntufan_where is the post section,??08:44
linda_cutewhere can i find system tray icon setting08:45
akuma55ikonia, yeah08:45
nowoxbazhang, I'll bring my laptop tomorrow!08:45
gnomefreakbazhang: its Hardy08:45
ikoniaakuma55: is your PC in the same workgroup as your ubuntu PC08:45
Mohammad[B]my firefox in ubuntu every day is offline and i should make to online manually how i can set this setting on this ?08:45
ikoniaakuma55: is your windows username the same as your ubuntu login name08:45
akuma55workgroup yes08:45
ikoniaakuma55: then you need to do "connect as" and use your ubuntu username08:46
gnomefreakbazhang: did you see who told linda_cute to ask her question in #ubuntu+1?08:46
bazhanggnomefreak, you mean linda"s?08:46
gnomefreakbazhang: yes08:46
akuma55i did that08:46
gnomefreakakuma55: you did?08:46
ozz_Fryguy: how can I achieved that?08:46
ikoniagnomefreak: no - he didn't08:46
ikoniagnomefreak: he's talking to me08:46
gnomefreakakuma55: dont +1 is not for hardy support08:46
Fryguy--ozz_: change the configuration for whatever server you are running.  Or see if it has support for per-user configurations placed in the users home directory08:46
ikoniaakuma55: what does the samba log file say08:46
gnomefreakakuma55: use nickfofperson when talking to someone ;)08:47
pogztimzk bro08:47
bazhang<linda_cute> no System Tray Icon on my ubuntu hardy Intrepd gnomefreak my mistake08:47
akuma55were is the samba log08:47
ozz_i did check, and there's not enough details08:47
ikoniaakuma55: /var/log08:47
gnomefreaklinda_cute: if intrepid please file a bug report08:47
Mohammad[B]my firefox in ubuntu every day is offline and i should make to online manually how i can set this setting on this on make it online every day ?08:47
ozz_ihave problem with the listening port08:48
linda_cutewhere can i find system tray icon setting08:48
pogztimzbazhang: bro brb08:48
ozz_the ip address that im using is being used by another user running ircd08:49
=== belendax is now known as belendax|away
linda_cutewhere can i find system tray icon setting08:51
akuma55ikonia, http://pastebin.com/d77fafefb08:51
bazhanglinda_cute, what is output of lsb_release -a08:51
ubuntufan_hey ikonia08:51
ikoniaakuma55: ok thats good, in that you havn't setup a username and password for samba users08:52
ozz_so guys is there anyway to use one ip but run multiple ircds?08:52
ikoniaakuma55: can't open username map /etc/samba/smbusers. Error No such file or directory see that error08:52
ikoniaubuntufan_: yes ?08:52
ubuntufan_i didnt have to recreate the menu , i just removed two words from applications menu under .config/menu and the menu appeared08:52
xckidoes anybody know if you can "refresh" the /dev/disk/by-id after you partition the drive?08:52
ubuntufan_anyway thanks for helping me08:52
ikoniaubuntufan_: thats great, well done08:52
ikoniaxcki: restart udev08:53
japhethdoes anyone know if there is a better guide to setting up an Ubuntu Server PDC than this one?  http://www.rrcomputerconsulting.com/view.php?article_id=308:53
akuma55ikonia, yeah how do i fix that error08:53
ubuntufan_oh ya the words were <deleted>08:53
xckiikonia does that have any negative side effects i might need to be aware of?08:53
ikoniaxcki: nah08:53
ikoniaakuma55: create a samba username and password map. How did you create the samba share ?08:54
akuma55ikonia, swat08:54
ikoniaakuma55: that doesn't create usernames and passwords for you08:54
akuma55ikonia, i mad a user name and password08:55
ikoniaakuma55: how ?08:55
xckiikonia it doesn't look like /dev/disk/by-id got refreshed it still shows my old two partitions...08:55
ikoniaxcki: is the disk in use ?08:56
joemac1I am having trouble with getting the sound going on Skype. Anyone got any suggestions?08:56
xckiikonia not the one that needs to be refreshed08:56
CO2FanaticWho plays conqueronline here?08:56
linda_cutei google and got the answer08:56
ikoniaxcki: in theory you shouldn't need to do anything but tell udev to re-probe it,08:56
linda_cuteuseless server if got any helper like all of you08:56
xckiikonia ohh my bad.. it is08:56
SubmarineWould somebody know why I can't use alt+click in Inkscape despite having told the windowmanager that I use super+click for moving windows?08:57
ikoniaxcki: ahhh cool08:57
ikoniaxcki: you may want to delete the old entries manually08:57
ikonia!offtopic | CO2Fanatic08:57
ubottuCO2Fanatic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:57
xckiikonia thanks for asking that quesiton... i wouldn't have thought of it. i'm booting from a cd that mounts the partition automatically (home-rw type deal)08:57
ikoniaxcki: ahhh08:57
ikoniaxcki: that makes sense08:57
akuma55ikonia,  i cant rember the command08:57
ikoniaakuma55: well, you can't have done as there is no samba usermap08:58
ikoniaakuma55: recreate the username and password for samba08:58
holyguyverHello I have for some reason never been able to get Audacity nor any recording software to work on my computer in Ubuntu, so it must be a driver problem, yet my soundcard works in Ubuntu as I am able to listen to music. So is there some form of salution?08:58
akuma55ikonia, whats the command again08:58
ikoniaakuma55: depends on what type of auth you want to use08:59
ikonia!samba | akuma5508:59
ubottuakuma55: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:59
snarksteranyone in here familar with cups?08:59
ikoniaakuma55: it's documented in those links08:59
CO2Fanaticanyone successfully installed Conquer Online into their Ubuntu box?08:59
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows08:59
bazhangCO2Fanatic, via wine?09:00
=== belendax|away is now known as belendax
snarksterhow do i restart cups?09:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about restart09:00
CO2Fanaticyeah. i tried it and it successfully installed but i wont proceed to the game09:00
bazhangCO2Fanatic, you read the appdb yet?09:01
holyguyverCan anyone help me?09:01
CO2Fanaticbazhang, not yet..??09:01
bazhangCO2Fanatic, or visited the channel for wine?09:01
CO2Fanatici will try...09:01
bazhang!appdb | CO2Fanatic #winehq09:02
ubottuCO2Fanatic #winehq: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org09:02
t35t0rwhy has packages.ubuntu.com been down for so long?!09:02
AMLNXUSRIm using virtualbox and im trying to load a partition on my hard drive that has a xp system installed is this possible?09:02
CO2Fanaticbazhang.. k ty09:02
holyguyverI have been asking this question in here for the past 3 months & no one has even responded to me.09:02
holyguyverAm I invisible?09:03
CO2Fanaticholyguyver: lmfao :)09:03
bazhangholyguyver, have you posted on the forums?09:03
temoto-mobiholyguyver, yes you are.09:03
CO2Fanaticwhat kind of help do u need?09:03
holyguyverI just asked above, I said09:03
holyguyverHello I have for some reason never been able to get Audacity nor any recording software to work on my computer in Ubuntu, so it must be a driver problem, yet my soundcard works in Ubuntu as I am able to listen to music. So is there some form of salution?09:03
bazhangwhat does lspci say paste to paste.ubuntu.com holyguyver09:03
t35t0rholyguyver, i salute you09:04
ikoniat35t0r: ?09:04
bazhangt35t0r, how long has it been down09:04
t35t0rbazhang, for weeks09:04
bazhangt35t0r, I was on there yesterday09:04
t35t0rwell i haven't been able to connect in weeks09:05
bazhangt35t0r, may be a problem on your end then.09:05
t35t0rcan you connect now?09:05
bazhangt35t0r, let me check09:05
arte__hi there! anyone tried use sony dv camcorder as webcam on skype? how to point device for skype?09:05
Guest1318hey guys. im looking for A Good VNC software. I will mostly be using it at high speeds with huge bandwidth available. If possible id like to be able to work on my home computer using my laptop from anywhere (instead of using the laptops performance, graphics and so on)09:06
=== Guest1318 is now known as J2
bazhangholyguyver, waiting for that paste09:06
holyguyverthere it is09:06
bazhangreading now holyguyver09:06
choe¢Æ Zero IRC ¢Æ  #ubuntu ä³ÎÀ» ÀÚµ¿Á¶Àο¡ Ãß°¡Çß½À´Ï´Ù.09:06
AMLNXUSRIs it possible for me to use virtualbox to load a partition my hd that contains an xp install?09:07
J2can anyone tell me what vnc application is the fastest for ubuntu? (as the server)09:07
t35t0rJ2 do you really want VNC? i would rather use NX09:07
t35t0ralthough there's no easy way to install freenx-server on ubuntu hardy09:08
arte__so ... any ideas about minidv cam as webcam ? why kino so easy recognise cam skype not09:08
J2t35t0r - i dont realy care what software it is. But i need it to be fast and give good quality. whats better about NX?09:08
t35t0rit's  faster and you don't have to worry about separate daemons ..it uses ssh and the standard logins/passwords available on a system09:09
jianfeican i use my nokia n95 as a 5mp usb or bluetooth webcam in hardy?09:09
ozz_hey guys is there any way we can run multiple ircds using one ip address in ubunto server?09:09
t35t0rsure bind them to different ports09:09
holyguyverWell bazhang I hope my paste was helpful.09:10
ozz_what exactly do you mean by that?09:10
J2t35t0r - does it allow multiple sessions? (one person sitting at the pc and another one working on it on a separate session)09:10
bazhangholyguyver, what does aplay -l reveal09:10
t35t0rJ2, yes09:10
philsfI want to create meta-packages to ease bundle installations of preferred packages.Can anyone recommend a beginner's tutorial?09:10
t35t0rJ2, it's allows suspend to09:10
J2thanks! im gonna look into it09:11
AMLNXUSRcan someone recommend a good torrent client?09:11
arte__ubuntu ru09:11
bazhangAMLNXUSR, transmission is default in hardy09:11
holyguyverbazhang it reveals this http://paste.ubuntu.com/25875/09:11
AMLNXUSRbazhang, WHat?09:12
kuilhi all....09:12
bazhang!info transmission09:12
ubottutransmission (source: transmission): free, lightweight BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.06-0ubuntu6 (hardy), package size 0 kB, installed size 20 kB09:12
bazhangAMLNXUSR, ^^09:12
AMLNXUSRso far bittorrent-gui looks to be more poular09:12
jianfeii do like deluge-torrent.. works really well09:12
arte__!info ubuntu russian09:12
ubottu'russian' is not a valid distribution09:12
philsfbazhang: universe?09:12
holyguyverI prefer Daluge over transmission :p09:12
MolePrinceTwo real quick questions.  1: For CLI is apt-get or aptitude preferrable?  2: What is the difference between using invoke-rc.d vs /etc/init.d/ ? Thanks for any clarificaiton.s09:12
wuxiaso i have this font which looks beaufitul for coding with my monitor in normal mode; then I rotate my monitor by 90 degrees, and xrandr, and this font looks absolutely  hideous ... is there a nice wsay to fic this?09:12
arte__!info ubuntu.ru09:13
ubottuPackage ubuntu.ru does not exist in hardy09:13
ericperssonhow come usr/lib is 860mb on my machine.. whats the best way to trim its space needs?09:13
bazhangphilsf, one of the repos09:13
philsfbazhang: being default, shouldn't it be in main?09:13
Flannel!ru | arte__09:13
ubottuarte__: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:13
kuilI am running kubuntu hardy with latest updates and sun java 6 (removed openjdk). I run into a lot of java problems, crashes, in libjvm.so09:13
kuilI have tried to switch between the server and client version of libjvm.. without any luck...09:13
theFATMANopen 24-116-151-44.cpe.cableone.net09:13
holyguyverbazhang any more news on me?09:14
kuilanybody else ran into this problem?09:14
microwaveranyone got a decent fix on the fn keys on dell laptops (vostro 1000) ? (iam talking brightness, shutting down, starting wireless)09:14
bazhangphilsf, youre right that is odd09:14
arte__ta Flannel09:14
apinuntIs USB usage a problem in Ubuntu? My system has no problems with USB when booting WinXP, which I'm trying hard to reach a point where it is no longer necessary, but I often have problems using a USB Hard drive, memory stick, and today my Sony camera.  The camera auto mounted and I was able to successfully copy all photos, spent several minutes viewing them to assure they were complete, and...09:14
apinunt...closed the window, right clicked the icon and clicked on eject. As usual the icon disappeared and no message appeared so after a minute or more I disconnected the cable and then received a message that it was unsafe to remove the device. Perhaps it would be desirable for a safe to remove message to be shown EVERY time an eject is performed?09:14
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holyguyver:'( I feel invisible again :p09:15
bazhang!cn | wyattno2609:17
ubottuwyattno26: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:17
t35t0r!jp | t35t0r09:17
ubottut35t0r, please see my private message09:17
holyguyver#ubuntu the irc room where there is over 1,000 people, yet few of them look at the screen :p09:17
bazhangholyguyver, there are a number of bugs related to that card09:17
holyguyverbazhang , Thank you, is there any workarrounds yet?09:18
mf_ircHi, where can I find the changelogs before upgrading ubuntu?09:18
bazhangholyguyver, you have been coming in here for three months and have not filed a bug nor looked at launchpad in all that time?09:18
ozz_guys has anyone successfully setup multiple ircds in their server?09:19
holyguyverbazhang , No one told me that it was a bug, everyone told me it was a configuration problem & I have been trying to configure it to work for the past 3 months & nothing worked.09:19
J2t34t0r - it requires the server to be on the server machiene, and the vlient to be on the client machine. but whats the node or and where does it go? lol09:20
bazhangholyguyver, it is a bug.09:20
holyguyverWell I wish all of the others would have told me that bazhang .09:20
neildHi I am trying to create a new printer for cups, it accepts all the input, but when I go to 'save' the printer, it asks for a password, then won't accept my valid password :(  I have admin privilages.09:20
holyguyverbazhang , All the others told me to go into the mixer audio manager thing & do some configurering.09:21
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ATA_Dark_Shadowgreetings, how do i get a .25 kernel which is already patched for ubuntu?09:21
holyguyverbazhang , So is there anything I can do?09:22
FructoseI logged in remotely and ran vino-preferences to try and enable remote desktop, but my connection is still refused. What daemon does Ubuntu use for remote desktop?09:23
holyguyverFructose, we have a Vino's around here, they make great pizza :-p09:23
bullgard4"~$ ifconfig; eth0 Link encap:Ethernet  hardware address ..." What does 'Link encapsulation' mean?09:24
FlyingWVholyguyver: Which sound card were you having issues with?09:24
Fructoseholyguyver: I don't really get the name. I can't find any other vino commands.09:25
holyguyverFlyingWV It is in the pastebin I posted09:25
The_ManU_212ikonia: still here?09:25
FlyingWVI joined late, was not in here when the question/information was asked09:25
holyguyverFructose we have a pizzaria in my town called Vino's Pizza :-p09:26
Fructoseholyguyver: I gathered09:26
nowoxsee ya09:26
jianfeibest pizza's are in chicago ;-)09:27
The_ManU_212i got often segfaults e.g. thudnerbird and blender 2.46 in hardy, so i made a memtest86, 3 passes and in test 6 in pass 0 1 error, is this bad?09:27
KiPSeRoNhi someone can help me i cant make nvidia-xconfig work09:27
FructoseI found vino-server in an unexpected place, but it gives me errors when trying to connect. Anyone know how to use this thing?09:28
apinuntbazhang: Is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ the correct url for bug reporting?09:28
neildI am having trouble with setting up a printer...   the printer config isn't accepting my password  :(   why ?09:29
bazhanghttp://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu apinunt aye09:29
apinuntbazhang: Thanks, and It just now appeared, I thought I had the wrong address. I'll give it a try.09:30
bazhangkiosk, english09:30
synquehmm, does anyone have an idea why gnome file operations could get ... stuck? yesterday it happened while copying from an ntfs volume via the file manager, today it happens while emptying the trash09:32
synqueeverything works fine via terminal, as far as I can tell09:33
lytehi, i've still got a system connecting to ubuntu/edgy for updates but they all 404, what are my options?09:33
cyberbuffff3 in hardy?09:34
Flannelcyberbuff: It is09:34
bazhanglyte, you are on what version now09:34
cyberbuffFlannel: do i have to download a new copy or only update?09:35
Flannelcyberbuff: Just update09:35
lytebazhang, i think it's still a fresh edgy install, it's an old forgotten about server that i need to upgrade and i don't want to rebuild09:35
FlyingWVlyte: You can go into a terminal and use the command: lsb_release -a09:35
cyberbuffFlannel: ok09:35
FlyingWVlyte: That will show you which version you have09:35
bazhanglyte edgy? you're sure about that?09:36
Flannellyte: You need to change your repository URLs to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ that'll allow you to upgrade to the most recent edgy, and then to Feisty from that09:36
lyteRelease:        6.10      Codename:       edgy09:36
lyteFlannel, cheers09:36
kantorhi, ubuntu uses the ide-scsi driver to load ATAP cd devices as SCSI devices ?09:36
Anarhisti have a feeling that somebody has seriously fubar'ed the repository, i just noticed that XMMS is no longer there09:37
Flannel!xmms | Anarhist09:38
ubottuAnarhist: xmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious instead.09:38
neildthe cups configuration isn't accepting my password :( how can I fix this ?09:38
Anarhistthanks, Flannel but how come plugins for xmms are still there, like xmms-ogre xmms-midi etc09:41
stevec_anyone know if kde 4 will install on sparc?09:41
rskstevec_: most likely09:42
Gothfunc_trying to fix grub after installing windows on hda1.  ubuntu is on hda2.  grub> root (hd0,1) says "selected disk does not exist".  grub> root (sd0,1) says "error while parsing number".  google seems to lead me on a goose chase.  any ideas what's going on?09:42
The_ManU_212i got often segfaults e.g. thudnerbird and blender 2.46 in hardy, so i made a memtest86, 3 passes and in test 6 in pass 0 1 error, is this bad?09:42
stevec_rsk: it seems to have some dependancy problems when I try to install09:42
vozniakBRi heaving graphics corruption with ATI FGLRX 8.6 and wine, someone know ho i can fix this?09:42
geniiThe_ManU_212: Any errors on memtest is not good09:43
The_ManU_212genii: it was yesterday only one error, today in one complete pass nothing09:43
lyteFlannel, Thanks, that did the trick I can now do an aptitude update/upgrade, hopefully the release upgrade works just as nicely :)09:43
The_ManU_212genii: how to detect 100% if its the ram?09:43
geniiThe_ManU_212: When the ram errors are sporadic it's usually a cooling issue09:44
The_ManU_212genii: the system runs as it is since 3 years, and my case has no place for extra fan09:44
koshariwhat would the terminal command to mount /dev/hda5 as a ntfs filesystem to location /home/user/target be?09:45
koshariiam thinking mount -a /dev/hda5 ntfs /home/user/target09:45
geniiThe_ManU_212: When I want intensively to test the ram I slightly overclock it and run the memtest. Since this makes it warm up and show errors immediately that will later only be apparent when it overheats during normal use.09:45
neildI need help!   The cups config. program isn't accepting my password :( I am an admin how can I fix this?09:47
olskolircdoes anyone here know how to grant a user privlage to a mysql database?09:48
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The_ManU_212genii: the cpu is @ 40°C and the temp in the inner @ 35°C09:49
geniiolskolirc: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/grant.html09:50
Gothfunc_how does one reference /dev/sda in grub?09:50
FlannelGothfunc_: hd009:51
koshariGothfunc_ as in root or setup?09:51