AquinaHas anyone experience with programs like XawTV or TVtime? Can someone suggest me an app for usage with my old analog Pinnacle PC TV Sterio card?00:08
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zonkersi have a beef with the xubuntu wireless gui00:49
zonkersi was finally able to get wireless working with CLI but not with the gui. who would need to know this information?00:49
homebrewciderread somewhere to get my walkman mounted to use pmount, worked okay but every time i attached it, it got mounted in another directory in /media. Now i have numerous folders there, sdc1 through to sdj1, all with a created by pmount document in it01:03
zoredacheI don't know anything about pmount, but the obvious question is.  Are you unmounting things correctly?01:07
homebrewciderthought I did, this happened yesterday, but doing the umount command says nothing is mounted01:09
homebrewciderok, I just did it again, it seems to have started from sdc1 again, instead of tacking it on the end01:14
homebrewciderand making it sdk101:14
homebrewciderit seems i wasn't unmounting it01:14
homebrewciderbecause i unmounted it then, reattached and it was sdc1 again01:15
homebrewciderok, so my bad BUT01:15
homebrewciderhow do I get rid of these redundant entries?01:15
homebrewciderand how can I get this to automount? In Xubuntu 7.10 it used to mount automatically, however, in Xubuntu 8.04 it doesn't01:21
cody-somervilleHello Folks :)01:24
homebrewciderhow do I get rid of these redundant entries? rmdir does nothing02:05
charlie-tca_homebrewcider: I don't use pmount, it is not on my system, but can you use rm -R or sudo rm -R to remove those?02:19
homebrewciderrm -R  ???02:20
charlie-tca_man rm; removes directories and files under that directory02:21
homebrewcidersounds dangerous02:23
hadsIt can be.02:23
charlie-tca_It can be. Should be able to use the same syntax as rmdir, though.02:23
hadsYou can `rm -ri` which will prompt you on every file.02:24
hadsIf you are using globing (e.g. rm -r foo*) then trying with ls -l foo* first is good assurance that you're getting the right target.02:25
sean_I'm having trouble with spellchecking with both openoffice and kwrite. I just need to write an essay but both don't seem to have english spellchecking functionality02:33
sean_i have even downloaded aspell, but i can't integrate it into either program02:34
homebrewciderso what would be the command to remove /media/sdc1 ?02:39
homebrewcidernever mind02:41
homebrewciderhow can I get this mp3 player to automount? In Xubuntu 7.10 it used to mount automatically, however, in Xubuntu 8.04 it doesn't02:43
homebrewciderhey there, got cut off before, Xubuntu 7.10 used to auto mount my sony walkman mp3 player, 8.04 does not, and i have no idea what to do, please help.02:58
giacomo_hey folks, quick linux newbie question: from Terminal, how do I edit xorg.conf with admin priveleges?03:20
cody-somervillegiacomo_, append sudo to your command03:20
cody-somervilleso: sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:20
cody-somervillerunning the following will auto-generate it for you: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh03:21
giacomo_thanks, I didn't know what the default editor was for xubuntu!03:21
zoredachevi is available too if you like that better03:22
giacomo_I'll try both, thanks03:23
zoredacheif you have never used either before use nano...  Vi has an insanely steep learning curve03:23
giacomo_how do I save changes in vi?03:25
zoredacheget into command mode then send a ':w'03:26
giacomo_k, I'm going to use nano afterall. how are changes saved with nano? in 'command' mode?03:27
gaurdrofor nano save is ctr-x03:28
gaurdroand there's no command modee03:28
giacomo_great thanks a ton guys03:28
AquinaDoes someone know where logs on shutdown are saved (messages, dmesg doesn't seem to contain them)?04:06
charlie-tca_I think they are in /var/log/syslog.004:08
Guest78138hello. is anyone here?05:53
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:56
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prontohey hey anyone here?06:56
davis_hey, I'm having a bit of trouble cleaning up my applications menus, can anyone help?07:46
microwaveranyone got a decent fix on the fn keys on dell laptops (vostro 1000) ? (iam talking brightness, shutting down, starting wireless)08:15
fretlessdavishey, Im having some trouble getting old icons out of the menus... can anyone help?08:23
fortyfortyhello, i just had a quick question, i just installed compiz through the add/remove in the newest xubuntu but i dont know how to get it to use it08:38
holyguyverHello I have for some reason never been able to get Audacity nor any recording software to work on my computer in Ubuntu, so it must be a driver problem, yet my soundcard works in Ubuntu as I am able to listen to music. So is there some form of salution?09:00
ablomenholyguyver, you have to set the drivers in audacity by hand, or at least it used to be that way09:04
ablomenso you have to just do some trail and error with the configuration09:05
holyguyverI have tried that, it hasn't seemed to change anything, but I am not talking about audacity09:05
ablomenoh srry just your sound input device09:06
ablomencant help you with that09:06
holyguyverThanks anyway :)09:08
microwaveranyone got a decent fix on the fn keys on dell laptops (vostro 1000) ? (iam talking brightness, shutting down, starting wireless)09:13
rockyrockhi guys12:56
rockyrocki have a problem with my xubuntu12:56
rockyrockwhen i started up my laptop today i found that the Panels are disappeared!!!!12:57
rockyrockthe main panel ( that have the Applications and Places ) and also the one in the bottom12:58
rockyrockbut i remembered that yesterday i was missing with the keyboards, so is there any key(s) that makes the panels disappear????12:59
rockyrockand how can i retrieve the panels?13:00
Odd-rationalerockyrock: try renaming the ~/.config folder and then logging out and back in...13:04
rockyrocksorry but how can i do that?? i'm new to ubuntu!13:04
Odd-rationalerockyrock: well, there are several ways...13:08
Odd-rationalerockyrock: one way would be to open your file-manager (thunar) and then go to View --> show hidden files (or press ctrl+h) then select the .config folder and rename it.13:09
Odd-rationaleor you can execute "mv -r ~/.config ~/.config.bak"13:09
rockyrockwhere can i find the config folder???13:10
rockyrockin wich directory?13:10
Odd-rationalein your home dir13:11
Odd-rationale~ or /home/<your_username>13:11
Odd-rationalerockyrock: also, note the "."13:11
rockyrockoky i found it13:11
rockyrockrename it for what??13:11
Odd-rationalerockyrock: rename it to like ".config.bak"13:12
rockyrocki did it and I'm rebooting the computer now13:12
Odd-rationaleno just log out...13:12
rockyrock:( i did it!13:13
Odd-rationaleyou do not need to reboot. this is not windows... :P13:13
rockyrockthis is great to hear that!13:13
Odd-rationaleonly need to reboot when you do a kernel update or something...13:13
rockyrockthnx for the tip!13:13
rockyrockthe computer has loged in but nothing changes, only the background!13:14
rockyrockno panels!13:14
rockyrocknow i have two .config folders13:15
Odd-rationaletry removing both...13:16
rockyrockand then log out?13:16
rockyrocknow i have only one13:17
rockyrockshould i remove the xubuntu and reinstall it again?13:18
Odd-rationalecan you right click the desktop and get a menu?13:18
rockyrockbut i can't make a SELECTION using the left click!13:20
rockyrocki mean on the desktop13:20
rockyrockonly on the desktop13:20
Odd-rationalerockyrock: ok. so when you right-click the desktop, go to settings --> panel13:21
rockyrockthere is no "Settings"! there is only Desktop settings13:22
rockyrockand in the Desktop settings there is no Panel13:23
Odd-rationalerockyrock: is that computer connected to the net?13:23
rockyrocki installed xubuntu two days ago13:24
rockyrockand i haven't connected to the net since then13:25
Odd-rationalerockyrock: ok. well let's try removing some more config files... try this command in terminal "rm -rf ~/.config ~/.gconf ~/.gconfd ~/.gnome2 ~/.gnome2_private/ ~/.local"13:26
rockyrocki did that and i logged out and logged in again, but nothing happend!13:29
Odd-rationalerockyrock: that is strange... try "sudo apt-get reinstall xubuntu-desktop"13:30
Odd-rationalerockyrock: wait. you have to internet...13:31
rockyrockno i don't have13:31
Odd-rationaleyeah, so that wouldn't work...13:32
Odd-rationalei am very surprised that doesn't work...13:32
Odd-rationalewell, i have to head off to work pretty soon... sorry i couldn't help more...13:34
rockyrocklook i might knew the problem. Yesterday i connected the laptop into a 19inch LCD monitor and the desktop appear too short on the LCD cuz my Video card is too old 32MB INTEL. So i think the laptop got confuzed!13:34
rockyrockthnx for everything man13:34
rockyrockcan anybody tell me how can i change the resoluation of the screen cuz that might work13:35
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rockyrockguys i have a problem that the main panels disappeared15:17
rockyrockwhat should i do to retrieve them?15:17
TheSheeppress alt+f2 and type 'xfce4-panel'15:19
rockyrockTheSheep, thanks man it works great15:28
rockyrockTheSheep, do u know why they disappeared??15:28
rockyrockTheSheep, anything wrong with my computer or a bug or something???15:29
TheSheeprockyrock: there are some bugs in the panel that make it crash sometimes15:46
rockyrockTheSheep, how about fixing them???15:47
TheSheeprockyrock: excellent idea, we didnt think about it, thanks, that surely helps!15:47
rockyrockTheSheep, is it going to crash a lot?15:47
TheSheeprockyrock: onlyif you were naughty15:48
rockyrockguys plzz i searched the internet for a PCI dialup modem that works on Ubuntu or xubuntu but i didn't find. Can anybody give me some15:49
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BlackfieldCan someone help me?19:22
cody-somervillenot anymore :S19:32
stephaneI've install compiz but I've no border !!!19:36
xubuntu-user-helhi. i've got a problem: i need to change the color depth in order that the graphics card of this computer is able to set a higher screen resolution. how do I do that?19:36
xubuntu-user-helmay any1 help me on that? in some windows i can't even see the okay button :-(19:37
xubuntu-user-helhm i gotta go20:00
xubuntu-user-helcu guys20:00
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kiadriverAnyone know how to determine the video driver that xorg is using?21:58
kiadriverSeems that xorg.conf is now generated on the fly and doesn't list the driver21:59
zoredachehrm... that is an interesting question.  But I don't know the answer.  You might see if glxinfo tells you anything22:04
arf`kiadriver, zoredache : take a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:46

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