tolstoyHm. Not sure.00:00
tolstoyI "fixed" it, but it's still bad. Time for some radical action here.00:01
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GaryvdMjames_w, mwhudson, jam: I got it working. Tests show a 44% improvement. Patch in the mail :-)00:03
mwhudsonhi poolie00:17
GaryvdMIf you do bzr log FILE, it does graph.iter_ancestry twice. In get_view_revisions and in _filter_revisions_touching_file_id00:31
GaryvdMIf you could reuse the parent_map from get_view_revisions in _filter_revisions_touching_file_id, it would be a huge saveing00:32
GaryvdMI'm not sure how one would do that without changing the api?00:32
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tolstoyIf you do a merge, but don't want it (because you didn't know about preview), is there a way to "unmerge" to get rid of all the changes you just pasted in?00:55
tolstoyAh. bzr revert.00:55
tolstoyWell, there you go.00:55
* Foskasse <Red_Khmer_> e tinha 212 irc cops a trabalharem para mim01:02
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ferrumHey guys, I'm trying to check out the Gnash trunk to work on it. The guys who usually help us aren't present at the moment..01:30
ferrumIt's hosted by Savannah; I'm using the commands on https://savannah.gnu.org/bzr/?group=gnash , but they all exit immediately with "ERROR: Not a branch"01:30
ferrumany help would be appreciated01:30
bob2they somewhat lie - you need to append the branch name01:35
bob2e.g. 'trunk'01:36
ferrumbob2: ah, works. thanks01:36
pygifunny thing ... bzr viewer is broken because of that too xD01:38
mwhudsonbeuno: are you here?02:21
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libwilliamI am having trouble with C/Python with the BugTracker class I hope someone can help me with. Here is my current code03:05
libwilliamThis is more a problem with me having a hard time understand the C/Python part03:05
libwilliamI can get the class but I don't know how to get an instance of that BugTracker class to call the methods on.03:06
Verteroklibwilliam: BugTracker() ?03:08
libwilliami am both happy and pissed it is that easy ;)03:09
Verteroklibwilliam: sorry, just looking at the code03:09
Verteroklibwilliam: the "right" way to do it, is using the registry03:09
* igc lunch03:10
libwilliamVerterok, thanks, I will try that out03:10
Verteroklibwilliam: somethign like: tracker_registry.get(key='gnome')03:11
Verteroknp, glad to help :)03:11
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ToyKeeperHmm, having trouble getting 'bzr.dev selftest -v blackbox' to finish.05:30
ToyKeeperIt just gets stuck forever on ...test_outside_wt.TestOutsideWT.test_url_log05:30
mwhudsonhi libwilliam05:39
mwhudsonhi lifeless05:39
mwhudsonlibwilliam: sorry :)05:40
libwilliamhaha, no prob05:41
ToyKeeperD'oh, sent a message before my list subscription was finished, so now it wants moderator approval.05:45
ToyKeeper(just a quick fix for bug 247150)05:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247150 in bzr "'bzr init-repo' requires LOCATION; should default to '.'" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24715005:46
smevening all06:44
Odd_BlokeWaking up with light outside feels weird...06:56
* ToyKeeper finally gets back to the bzrk-with-diffs thing07:38
ToyKeeperI got most of the issues fixed, but haven't yet taken care of DiffWidget not wanting to update.07:39
ToyKeeperFor now, it's worked around by destroying and creating a DiffWidget every time its contents need to change.  Yuck.07:39
beunomwhudson, I am now  :)07:45
beunothanks for the search review, I'll try and address the concerns today07:46
mwhudsonbeuno: ok, cool07:47
mwhudson(that's what the ping was about unsurprisingly)07:47
beunoI'm off to get breakfeast07:48
lifelessmy machine just oopsed07:50
lifelessbbiab I hope07:51
salubriumI have a php project (vtiger) that was developed using Unix line breaks, then some developers have added quite a bit of modifications and many files are using Windows line breaks. Bazaar is detecting all these files as modified even though their content is the same07:59
lifelesssalubrium: hi, you want the EOL conversion feature; this hasn't quite landed yet but you can probably get the pieces and test yourself. Hhowever - running a script before commit to force the line endinds to unix should ba  goo dwork aorund08:00
lifelessI would say that 1.7 will have what you need without workarounds08:00
salubriumI am new to Bazaar, by the way. I am trying to use it to perform a code-comparison to see what the previous developers have hacked. I tried using dos2unix to convert back to Unix.. but it seems that base Vtiger must use some windows line breaks in some libraries08:01
lifelesssalubrium: ah, that would be annoying08:01
salubriumthanks lifeless.. do you know if Git or Mercurial have a "ignore line break" option?08:01
lifelessthey do; I can't comment on how easy to use etc08:02
lifelesssalubrium: well, to be more precise, they have a feature for during commits08:02
lifelesssalubrium: I don't think thye have an arbitrary ignore-after-the-fact, but I may be wrong08:02
Odd_BlokeToyKeeper: On the "init-repo ." bug report you mentioned sending a merge request.  Is my mail server being dodgy, or has it not quite been sent yet?08:05
salubriumThanks for your help lifeless08:06
lifelesssalubrium: no problem; sorry I couldn't help more -08:06
ToyKeeperOdd_Bloke: I sent it to the bazaar list, but it was sent a few minutes before my list subscription was completed...  so it's probably waiting in the moderator's queue.08:07
ToyKeeperOdd_Bloke: I could re-send if desired.08:07
Odd_BlokeToyKeeper: Don't worry about it, I was just wondering what had happened. :)08:11
ToyKeeperIt's a tiny patch for an unimportant bug, so I figured it could wait.  :)08:12
Odd_Blokelifeless: If you have time to merge one branch into pqm.dev, the fix-tests branch which you've already reviewed would be good.  ATM I'm having to merge it into just about every branch I create myself, and I don't think I can submit branches which depend on it to BB without confusion ensuing.08:14
lifelessOdd_Bloke: you can submit branches with it - just use cherrypicks from it to your tip :)08:15
lifelessOdd_Bloke: that said, whats the url for fix-tests; I'll see what I can do08:16
Odd_Blokelifeless: http://bzr.daniel-watkins.co.uk/pqm/fix-tests/08:16
lifelessOdd_Bloke: tests fail08:22
lifelessbzrlib.errors.FileExists: File exists: u'/tmp/testbzr-Tm95nh.tmp/tmp2Rh46g/work/bzrbranch/.bzr': [Errno 17] File exists: '/tmp/testbzr-Tm95nh.tmp/tmp2Rh46g/work/bzrbranch/.bzr'08:22
Odd_Blokelifeless: I can't replicate here.08:24
lifeless'make check' ?08:25
Odd_Blokelifeless: I'm still not seeing it.  I get "exceptions.IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/twisted/plugins/dropin.cache.new'" from trial itself, but the tests then go on to pass.08:29
lifelessOdd_Bloke: ok, was a bzr version skew thing I think08:34
Odd_Blokelifeless: OK.  I'm using 1.5 here.08:35
ToyKeeperOkay, got the most annoying bugs fixed in the new 'bzr vis' diff panel.08:41
* ToyKeeper ponders whether to submit a merge request now, or wait until after he's added something to remember panel/window sizes08:41
lifelessToyKeeper: now!08:41
ToyKeeper'k, I'll send it.08:41
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ToyKeeperD'oh, forgot to commit NEWS first.08:58
Odd_BlokeHmm, unit testing HTML is annoying.09:04
Odd_BlokeI want to make sure that the SimpleTAL template that I'm about to write produces equivalent HTML to the Mako template I already have, but don't care about irrelevant whitespace being the same.09:06
neobugOdd_Bloke: you could use BeautifulSoup to parse generated HTML09:07
neobugand compare the tree with the one from Mako template09:07
Odd_Blokeneobug: Yeah, that's in the back of my mind.09:07
lifelessOdd_Bloke: I would prefer simpletal please09:07
Odd_Blokelifeless: Yup, I'm working on that this morning.09:09
mgedminwhere could I find a version of bzr-svn that works with the current stable bzr (i.e. 1.5)?09:38
LarstiQmgedmin: bzr-svn 0.4.10 I believe09:38
mgedminbzr-svn in hardy is too old, http://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/bzr-svn/stable wants bzr 1.609:38
LarstiQmgedmin: http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrForeignBranches/Subversion mentions 0.4.10 works with 1.4 and 1.509:39
mgedminnow I only have to find it somewhere...09:40
mgedminfound the tarball on launchpad09:42
Odd_BlokeI'm really struggling to get my head around SimpleTAL.09:47
beunoOdd_Bloke, let me know if I can help. I went through that phase recentely09:48
* mgedmin can't wait for history horizons to become available...09:52
Odd_BlokeI think this all boils down to my basic hatred of SGML-based markup languages.09:55
Odd_BlokePerhaps I was abused my Tim Berners-Lee as a child.09:56
Odd_BlokeMore seriously, the issue seems to be that Mako's macros are much more expressive than SimpleTAL's.09:58
Odd_BlokeAnd I can't work out how to deal with that.09:58
nanderssonSorry if this is a bit off topic, but I would like to know if OpenSUSE Build Service would be of any use to Ubuntu, or if it's a competing platform with Launchpad.10:06
nanderssonI'm curious as I write for Swedish tech-mag TechWorld Open Source10:06
mgedminwhat was the name of that bzr plugin that lets you publish branches using avahi?10:10
james_wnandersson: #launchpad might be a better place for you to ask that10:10
james_wmgedmin: bzr-avahi?10:10
james_wmgedmin: bzr-dbus and bzr-gtk are also useful to have if you are using it10:11
mgedminmy mistake was searching on bazaar-vcs.org rather than on google10:11
nanderssonjames_w, ok. I'll check!10:11
* mgedmin wishes the bazaar ppa had these useful plugins in it10:12
Odd_Blokebeuno: So ATM I'm passing in a list of dictionaries representing messages.  Is there any way I can get the length of that list, or do I need to pass that in separately?10:12
beunoOdd_Bloke, you can do inline python with:    python: len(list)10:13
beunowithing an attrbute10:13
beunoyou want to show the amount of results/list length?10:14
mgedminokay, I'm beginning to think the pain involved in installing bzr-avahi (and then trying to get someone else how to do that, but this time on Mac OS X) is more than the potential gain...10:15
* mgedmin is at a sprint for a project that uses svn and would have liked to try DVCS for sharing prototypes10:16
mgedmin oh, the latest bzr-avahi doesn't work with the latest bzr-dbus anyway10:22
mgedmin from bzrlib.plugins.dbus.server_mainloop import MainloopThread10:22
mgedmin ImportError: No module named server_mainloop10:22
james_wmgedmin: it looks like it may require https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jamesh/bzr-dbus/kill-broadcast-daemon then10:25
jameshyeah.  I've got to go over a few changes lifeless suggested and get it merged ...10:26
mgedminI managed to get the plugin to work after rm -rf avahi; bzr co -r 32 lp:bzr-avahi avahi10:27
mgedminwhat is the bzr-speak for "svn up -r 32" when I have a bzr checkout?10:27
mgedmini.e. getting the working tree to match an older revision?10:28
mgedminanyway, bzr serve claims to work now, although bzr browse finds nothing when I run it on the same machine10:28
mgedminshould it?10:28
mwhudsonmgedmin: svn up -r == bzr revert -r10:29
* mgedmin will try to remember10:29
mwhudsonmgedmin: also 'bzr share' not 'bzr serve' ?10:29
* mwhudson is not here10:29
mgedminbzr: ERROR: unknown command "share"10:30
mgedminbzr help avahi says I'm supposed to use bzr serve10:30
mgedminand all I needed to do was bzr advertise!10:30
jameshmgedmin: I'd suggest running the above bzr-dbus branch and up-to-date bzr-avahi instead10:30
jameshmwhudson: current bzr-avahi uses hooks to run out of standard "bzr serve"10:32
mgedminjamesh: do I really have to?10:32
mgedminnow that I got the older ones working?10:32
mgedminalso, is it hard to get bzr-avahi running on Mac OS X?10:32
mgedminor even possible at all?10:32
jameshmgedmin: well, if the old version does what you want, go for it.10:33
jameshmgedmin: but if you have problems I'd suggest upgrading10:33
mgedminwhat I want is to share the branch easily with someone sitting right next to me, who has a Mac laptop10:33
Odd_Blokebeuno: Thanks, that's helped a lot.10:34
poolielifeless: ok so the problem is that the RepositoryPackCollection also knows about fallback repositories, but add_fallback_repository doesn't tell it when one is added10:37
beunoOdd_Bloke, you're welcome. Although, abusing that defeats the purpose of separating code from presentation, so use wisely  :)10:40
poolielifeless: ping?10:51
james_whi poolie10:53
LarstiQok, online again10:53
james_whi LarstiQ10:53
james_ware you sprinting today?10:53
pooliehello james_w, LarstiQ10:54
Odd_Blokebeuno: I'm using <div>s in most places which require content to be replaced, but this causes linebreaks around it.  Is there a better element to use, or do I need to add 'tal:omit-tag=""' to all of them?10:56
LarstiQjames_w: yeah11:05
LarstiQjames_w: neobug, emilis_info, cyberix and mhammond are also here right now.11:05
LarstiQjames_w: The two Italians (I don't know their names unfortunately) are having lunch.11:06
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beunoOdd_Bloke, well, span elements won't add line breaks11:10
mgedminOdd_Bloke: use <div tal:replace="new content" />11:11
mgedmininstead of tal:content=...11:11
LarstiQneobug, emilis_info: so how are you doing? :)11:32
neobugLarstiQ: I fixed that bug with spaces in editor path, now writing the test11:34
LarstiQneobug: cool11:36
lifelesspoolie: hi; I'll ring you in a minute11:38
LarstiQemilis_info: to summarize, you're looking at bug 109115, you're looking at code to see what the codepaths are that call bytes_to_gzip()?11:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 109115 in bzr "nicer error when unable to commit large files" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10911511:50
emilis_infoLarstiQ, yep11:50
emilis_infoI'm trying to find the correct place to show the error11:50
emilis_infonow int repository.py ... record_entry_contents()11:51
james_wemilis_info, LarstiQ: rockstar was looking at that bug the other day. I think he was working out how to test it.11:53
emilis_infojames_w, I have some shell code that reproduces it11:54
LarstiQrockstar: ayt?11:56
lifelessJc2k: ping11:57
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ChristopheTHi.  What is the best way to put a local bzr branch into a new branch on a pristine svn repository (no branches yet).  I tried push but got "bzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified."12:37
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jelmerChristopheT: bzr svn-push12:39
jelmerChristopheT, There's an open bug about this12:40
ChristopheTjelmer: indeed, I get "bzr: ERROR: bzrlib.plugins.svn.core.SubversionException: ('Delta does not fill the target window', 185003)"12:41
jelmerChristopheT: Hmm, that bit is not expected actually12:41
jelmerChristopheT, What version are you running?12:41
SteveA_LarstiQ: hi12:42
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ChristopheTbzr 1.6b3, bzr svn 0.4.11exp0.  I will pull the lastest version of bzr-svn12:42
jelmerChristopheT: This is most likely a regression in 0.4.1112:42
ChristopheTjelmer: I still eget the same exception12:44
jelmerChristopheT, is this a public branch you're trying to push?12:44
jelmerChristopheT: With 0.4.10?12:44
SteveAhi jelmer :-12:44
ChristopheTjelmer: I am trying to push to svn+ssh://svn.forge.ocamlcore.org/svnroot/pa-do/trunk12:45
jelmerSteveA: Hoi Steve12:45
ChristopheTI have the rights to do so12:45
jelmerChristopheT: What branch are you trying to push?12:45
olleolleollejelmer: Hi, interested in bzr2svn here. SteveA said it'd be... useful.12:45
jelmerolleolleolle: Hi12:45
olleolleolleThinking of using its API to avoid lotsa munging and collecting SVN metadata. bzr2svn could be a friend in that case, I hope.12:46
jelmerolleolleolle: What sort of metadata would you ike to gather?12:47
jelmerChristopheT: What branch are you trying to push?12:48
olleolleolle"Gimme all the diffs from rev 0 to now," so I can visualize it nicely. I had started with "svnadmin dump" output.12:48
jelmerChristopheT: Can you run with BZR_PDB=1 set?12:48
olleolleolleis bzr2svn a Tailor script?12:48
ChristopheTjelmer: I did a "svn co https://pa-do.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pa-do" and a "bzr branch my-branch trunk"; can I just add, commit and push?12:49
jelmerolleolleolle: bzr-svn is a bzr plugin, there's also svn2bzr which is a python script12:49
jelmerChristopheT, yeah, you should be able to12:49
ChristopheTjelmer: BZR_PDB=1: I am in the debugger.  Now what do I do?12:50
olleolleolleThanks, jelmer.12:50
jelmerolleolleolle: Are you interested in the unified diffs as text or rather the semantical information?12:50
SteveAjelmer: my thought was, if they're working on visualizing revision history, then using bzr's API is going to be a good thing to use.12:50
olleolleolle(unified diffs as text, I think. I am kinda making a "terrain map of my code")12:51
jelmerSteveA: Ah, that makes sense12:51
SteveAjelmer: and, as it's reasonably easy to either convert a SVN repo to bzr format, or to interact with it using bzr-svn, then that makes it a good plan.12:51
ChristopheTjelmer: It starts with12:52
ChristopheT**** entering debugger12:52
ChristopheT> /home/trch/.bazaar.dev/plugins/svn/commit.py(539)commit()12:52
ChristopheT-> lock.unlock()12:52
jelmerolleolleolle,SteveA: Just running "bzr viz" on a Subversion repository should work12:53
jelmerChristopheT, Can you pastebin the backtrace ("bt") somewhere?12:53
SteveAjelmer: I'm flying back to amsterdam shortly.  see you later.  olleolleolle's going to keep hacking on this here :-)12:53
jelmerSteveA: Ah, you're at EuroPython? Have a good flight12:54
jelmerolleolleolle: Are you looking to just browse the history of your project or actually generate a report with all the diffs, etc?12:55
olleolleollegenerating a report, painting a picture, using that information, yep.12:55
olleolleolleDumb q: When I install the bzr-svn plugin, is it enough to do "sudo python setup.py install"? Or is there a step I am missing?12:56
ChristopheTjelmer: .bzr.log: http://pastebin.com/d2a21fd3612:56
jelmerolleolleolle: No, that should be sufficient if you've also got bzr itself installed12:57
olleolleolleI installed bzr 1.5 using the Installeer for OS X 10.5.12:57
jelmerolleolleolle: You will also need to have the Python Subversion bindings (with several patches) installed if you're using a released version of bzr-svn13:00
jelmerThis is a bit of a pain at the moment, but necessary because there are several bugs in the bindings that bzr-svn otherwise hits13:01
olleolleolleOh, thanks. The reason I tried to avoid MacPorts was that... I have a functioning Python that I don't want to break. I'll go look for the bindings now.13:01
jelmerAlternatively, you can use the development version of bzr-svn which only requires the (vanilla) Subversion development headers are present13:01
olleolleolleSounds good to me.13:02
jelmerChristopheT, thanks13:03
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jelmerblegh, annoying netsplits...13:25
jelmerChristopheT, Hmm, doesn't help much determining what's wrong  :-/13:25
uwsjelmer: je werd genoemd!13:26
uwsjelmer: ging over bzr-svn en bzr mirror van gnome13:27
pooliehello uws13:27
uwshi poolie13:27
jelmerah, cool13:27
jelmerhey poolie13:27
uwsyou're at europython?13:28
jelmeruws, is de beslissing al gevallen?13:28
jelmeruws, no, I'm in dublin13:28
jelmeruws, @ wilmers13:28
* uws at guadec13:28
olleolleollehttp://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/bzr-svn/ Is the development version "trunk" or "bzr.dev" ?13:31
olleolleolle(Am looking for bzr-svn, still.)13:31
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a_c_mhumm no bot then.13:40
kgoetzsorry, i just filed a bug (which may be a dupe). if its a dupe hope one of you lot can pick it :)13:40
kgoetz247270 (fwiw). ineternet connection just let the bug through :|13:43
ChristopheTjelmer: "doesn't help ...": anything else I can send you?13:46
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Odd_Blokea_c_m: Hi. :)13:46
a_c_mOdd_Bloke: hey, just formulating a massive message asking my question ;)13:47
Odd_Blokea_c_m: Cool.13:47
a_c_mI have what i hope is a common situation that i'm looking for a nice solution for - which i hope bzr is. We are a small, but growing drupal development shop, So we depend on CVS updates from drupal.org. We also want to have our own mini versions of the core drupal.org CVS which our projects looks to as thier source e.g.    drupal.org --[updates]-->our drupal version--[updates]--13:48
a_c_m>our projects13:48
a_c_mis such a thing possible / easy to do?13:48
james_whi a_c_m13:50
a_c_mhi james_w13:50
james_wat https://code.edge.launchpad.net/drupal launchpad provides an import of drupal CVS you could base your work on13:50
james_wyou can also see branches other people have made based on that13:50
james_wwhat you could do is branch the main copy and make your changes, and then distribute that for your shop to base their work on13:51
LarstiQpoolie: I think there should be two mails to the list that need approval, could you approve them?13:51
james_wthen every day or few days you can grab the latest from drupal CVS with "bzr merge lp:drupal"13:51
a_c_mjames_w: exactly! so that when a new version comes out, we update our branch and test it, before pushing it out to the sub projects13:52
james_wthat should work nicely13:52
a_c_mjames_w: i think we will only ever take releases from the drupal.org upstream (is upstream the right term?), as otherwise it could become a lot of work13:52
james_win that case you can just run "bzr merge" when upstream releases.13:53
james_wI don't know drupal's release strategy, do they release from trunk, or do they make branches?13:53
a_c_mjames_w: branches... i think as trunk is waaaay ahead of where the stable release are13:54
james_whmm, not sure how cscvs deals with branches13:54
james_wyou may want to enquire about launchpad mirroring the stable branches as well for you, as that may suit you more13:55
a_c_mjames_w: humm... wouldnt it be simpler just to import the drupal.org branch myself?13:56
a_c_mjames_w: locally?13:56
LarstiQolleolleolle: I'm currently a bit wound up, but if you want to grab me later to discuss things here at EP, you're welcome :)13:57
james_wa_c_m: possibly, I have no experience with importing CVS to bzr, and how painful or not it may be, so I thought that if launchpad could do it for you it may save you some work.13:57
a_c_mjames_w: heh, fair enough - seems like somthing people might use too, drupal is quite popular ;) do you know who i would need to talk to?13:58
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olleolleolleLarstiQ: sure13:58
a_c_mjames_w: but also do you know any good tutorials on setting up that kind of staged upstream system?13:58
jelmerolleolleolle, http://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/bzr-svn/0.413:59
james_wa_c_m: there are a couple of people that hang around here, but they are at the wrong end of the world for you at the moment I expect14:00
a_c_mk well i will hang about in here for a while, guessing the are US based right?14:01
james_wa_c_m: there is #launchpad, but I think one of the best ways might be a question on launchpad on the launchpad-bazaar project.14:01
james_wa_c_m: the best person to ask is actually antipodean, but one of the US guys might know14:01
a_c_mjames_w: going to do some more reading and a bit of playing now - sink a few hours into it;)14:02
james_wkgoetz: hi, are you using a proxy by any chance?14:02
kgoetzjames_w: i *shouldnt* be14:03
lamontbzr log foo/ --> shows me the initial import of the directory.  bzr log $(find foo/) gives me an error.14:03
kgoetzjames_w: i dont seem to be ($http_proxy and $HTTP_PROXY are both empty)14:04
lamontso... how do I get a log of all the changes to all the files in a directory?14:04
lamont"iteration" is not the answer I want to hear14:04
LarstiQlamont: I'd think bzr log foo/ would do that. Hmm.14:06
* beuno has seen this discussion before, but can't remember the outcome14:06
lamontLarstiQ: that was also my foolish notion14:06
markhlamont: so what does it show for you?  Just a single log entry that reflects the initial import?14:07
james_wlamont: there is a long open bug about that14:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 97715 in bzr "bzr log DIR should show changes under dir" [Medium,Confirmed]14:08
lamontmarkh: yep14:08
a_c_mjames_w: seems like bzr-fastimport might be of use to me...14:10
james_wa_c_m: yup14:10
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ChristopheTjelmer: I have this error "bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'lstrip'" when I do "bzr log --line" on a svn co (http://pastebin.com/d7e817d3c)14:13
Odd_Blokebeuno: Thanks for the speedy suggestions. :)14:17
stewart anybody got an idea on why it takes 4 or 5 hours to push a mysql branch to launchpad? (even when it's my 2nd branch). Does launchpad not use a shared repo ?14:18
paxhello,In SVN I can do svn:externals on dir props... is there a way to do sth like this in Bazaar repos...14:19
thekornhi, I've once again a 'is it a bug or a feature'-question:14:20
thekornwhen I do   bzr log -r -2..  i get the text of the last two changes14:21
thekornwhen I run  bzr diff -r -2.. I get the diff from the last commit until now14:22
beunoOdd_Bloke, glad to help  :)14:22
thekornfor me it looks like inconsistency14:22
uwsjelmer: No decision yet14:22
awilkinsCould someone try pulling http://www.datadictionary.nhs.uk/software/dd-publish for me?14:22
thekornso it looks more like a bug, any opinions?14:23
hmelandthekorn: Not sure I understand what you think is inconsistent, but log is a repository-querying command, while diff can peruse both repository and working tree.14:24
james_wstewart: no, it does not, there is development right now to make this much quicker14:24
stewartjames_w: that'd be nice. as right now it's unusable for collaboration, 5+hrs is a long time.14:24
james_whi thekorn, there is reasoning for this I believe, I'm just trying to dig it out of the depths of my brain.14:25
thekornhmeland, ok, but this is something I as a user do not know, I expect '-r -2..' to return not confusing results14:25
thekornjames_w, hey, ok, thanks :)14:26
james_whmeland: it's not due to the working tree, the effect is visible even with no uncommitted changes14:26
hmelandAh, I didn't spot that you said "the last" on "diff -r -2..".14:26
paxhello,In SVN I can do svn:externals on dir props... is there a way to do sth like this in Bazaar repos...?14:26
james_whmeland: make it -r-2..-1 and you get the same discrepancy14:26
james_wpax: not currently, no14:27
thekornmy usecase is: a contributor tells me he changed something in his last two commits, so I run  bzr log -r -2..  to see his messages,14:28
thekornand after this I would like what he changed, so I intuitively run bzr diff -r -2..14:29
hmelandI still think the repository-only/repository-and-tree difference is relevant, though.14:29
james_wthekorn: yeah, I can't remember the reason, sorry. I imagine that if you change this you get some weirdness showing up elsewhere14:30
hmelandSay you commit a change, push it, then decide you want to revert it.  You bzr revert, but want to verify that your tree now really doesn't have any differences wrt. how it looke before the erroneous commit.  What options should you give to bzr diff?14:31
james_wthough I do think having log not show the start of the range would be reasonable.14:31
james_whmeland: "bzr diff -r-2.." isn't it?14:32
hmelandjames_w: So "bzr log 1.." shouldn't show the first commit message?14:32
james_whmeland: correct14:32
james_wthat's one thing that would be weird at least14:33
james_wthekorn: you could file a bug, I have a hunch it would be closed, but at least you would get a reason :-)14:33
thekornok, will do14:34
thekornthanks hmeland and james_w14:34
hmelandjames_w: Yes, exactly -- "diff -r -2.." gives you the diff from *just before* the most recent commit until the current tree state.14:35
thekornatleast it is maybe a documentation issue: both help (bzr help diff and bzr help log) are refering to "help revisionspec"14:35
thekornand a difference is not mentioned there14:36
james_wyeah, mention that in the bug14:36
james_wrevisionspec mentions nothing about ranges as far as I can see, and the individual command should probably mention how they interpret the range14:37
awilkinsAnyone serve Bazaar repos from IIS?14:39
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hmelandrevisionspec says that "-2 is the second-to-last commit", and bzr help diff says that "bzr diff -r1..2" is the difference between rev 2 and rev 1.  Doesnt that infer that "diff -r-2..1" is the difference between the second-to-last commit and the current tree, i.e. for an unmodified tree the changes introduced by revision -1?14:41
hmelandI think there's something I'm not getting here... :-)14:41
hmelandSorry, s/-r-2..1/-r-2../14:42
radixhmeland: when you leave off the second revision, it means "the state of the working tree"14:43
hmelandYeah, hence my "for an unmodified tree" reservation.14:43
radixbut if you use -1, it means "the most recent revision", so the distinction is whether it includes uncommitted changes14:43
radixhmeland: what you said sounds right14:43
ToyKeeperhmeland: If you want the diffs from the past two revisions, try -r-3..-1 instead.  (it's off by one)14:44
radixyeah, "the difference between the second-to-last revision and now" won't include the change that *caused* the second-to-last revision14:45
hmelandI'm just trying to understand why people think the difference in the amount of revisions included in the reports "bzr log -r -2.." vs "bzr diff -r -2.." is a bug.14:46
hmelandThey both appear sane to me.14:46
awilkinsI like the way .pack files are named for their md5sum14:50
awilkinsOk ; I'm trying to dumb-serve a repo from IIS ; why am I getting "Expected a boundary" errors14:51
awilkinsExpected (q1w2e3r4t5y6u7i8o9p0zaxscdvfbgnhmjklkl) line, got '--<q1w2e3r4t5y6u7i8o9p0zaxscdvfbgnhmjklkl>14:51
awilkinsIt looks really close, anyone know what the problem is?14:51
james_wawilkins: is there a proxy involved?14:51
stewartquestion: how come i'm getting moved files reported as removed and added?14:51
awilkinsjames_w: If you wget the file, it matches it's MD514:52
stewartmore importantly, how will this affect merges14:52
james_wstewart: did you move them with "bzr mv"?14:52
stewartjames_w: i think so... but may have accidently run "bzr add" on them...14:52
ToyKeeperhmeland: Since log shows 3 revs worth of changes and diff shows 2, it could be considered confusing.14:52
awilkinsjames_w: There is a proxy, probably14:52
stewartjames_w: (after having bzr mv)14:52
awilkinsjames_w: I am not privy to the secret machinations of the NHS network provisioning team14:52
stewartjames_w: any way to retro-actively bzr mv (i haven't committed yet)14:53
james_wstewart: if you used "bzr mv" first then "bzr add" wouldn't have done anything14:53
james_wstewart: try "bzr mv --after"14:53
james_wstewart: if that doesn't work then "bzr rm --keep" the new name and then "bzr mv --after"14:53
james_wawilkins: I'm thinking of https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/19864614:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 198646 in squid "Invalid http response ... Expected a boundary" [Medium,Fix released]14:54
james_wawilkins: bzr is used in the NHS? :-)14:54
awilkinsjames_w: Well, the project isn't finished yet, but yeah, I guess it is.14:54
awilkinsjames_w: I'm going to add it to the Hall of Fame when I get a sign-off on this project14:55
stewartjames_w: seems to be working, thanks!14:55
james_wawilkins: cool14:56
awilkinsjames_w: bzr AND bzr-eclipse :-)14:56
james_wstewart: did you have to "rm"/14:56
stewartjames_w: yes, did have to "rm --keep" and then mv --after for each one14:56
james_wstewart: good to know, thanks.14:56
awilkinsjames_w: Plus bzr-gtk (local branch thereof)14:57
awilkinsjames_w: We're using my home-built 1.6b2 ATM because it's so much faster than 1.514:57
awilkinsjames_w: But I've been tracking the tip of many things ....14:57
* CardinalFang waves to guilhembi.14:59
guilhembiHi CardinalFang , but what's a Fang?15:00
CardinalFangguilhembi, The name is a Monty Python reference.  It seemed fitting in #python a few years ago.15:01
hmelandToyKeeper: I see your point, but I don't think it holds up; for example, I find it entirely reasonable that "bzr log -r1..1" reports one revision, while "bzr diff -r1..1" reports no changes.15:05
rockstarLarstiQ, I am now.15:20
jama_c_m: By the way, if you are trying to use Bazaar + Drupal, they do have conversions available: http://drupal.org/node/4536815:22
a_c_mjam: thanks... but thats just head, which is version 7 atm... were working with version 5, so its not so helpful. But i think bzr does hold the key - i just created a test local repro, added one of our sites and then updated it to a new version of drupal, by hand - without bzr missing a beat (unlike SVN which just wont do it).15:24
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a_c_mjames_w: just asked in #launchpad :)15:46
awilkinsGah, this is SOO annoying15:58
awilkinsI'm trying to dumb-serve a bzr repo out of IIS. Through a debugging proxy, chained to our main proxy, it works fine15:58
awilkinsHeh, ISA works, FreeProxy doesn't16:00
awilkinsMS finally does something right16:01
ToyKeeperhmeland: Yeah, I don't claim the diff/log behavior is wrong, but I can see why someone might find it confusing.16:01
mtaylorif I do bzr log --gnu ... and I get "no such option gnu" for some people, but it works for me.16:05
mtaylorwhere is the --gnu coming from?16:05
awilkinsmtaylor: A plugin that overrides the log options?16:05
awilkinsmtaylor: The help should list the option and which plugin it comes from16:05
mtaylorhowabout the gnulog plugin16:06
ChristopheTSomething is strange.  When I do  bzr.dev merge https://pa-do.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pa-do/trunk/16:36
ChristopheTI get: "Nothing to do."16:37
ChristopheTBut when I try: "bzr push https://pa-do.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pa-do/trunk/"16:37
ChristopheTit replies with the error: "bzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was specified."16:37
luksumm, push over https?16:38
luksoh, it's svn16:38
james_wwhat does "bzr missing https://pa-do.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pa-do/trunk/" tell you?16:38
kiorkyyo guys, does bazaar supports something like in-working-copy-branches from git or namedbanched "ala" mercurial?16:40
luksno, but it does support branches without working trees, and a way to switch a working tree to a different branch16:41
ChristopheTjames_w: "bzr missing" tells me that I have 3 extra revisions (basically merges from that repo).  So I guess I branch from https://pa-do..., merge in my revisions and pull, right?16:44
kiorkylazy1: so if i have a/ as a bazaar repo, it has two branches 1/ and 2/ , a/ can be switch on 1 and 2, so why isnt that different from  "in-working-copy-branches"?16:44
kiorkyluks: the prolem i got is that mercurial deceived me with the namedbranches :p, i cant delete them, i cant rename them16:45
james_wChristopheT: if you have 3 extra revisions then push should not say that have nothing to do16:45
james_wmaybe there's some interaction with svn that I'm not getting though16:45
james_wkiorky: it looks pretty similar to working-copy-branches, but you do have external branches16:46
ChristopheTjames_w: it is "merge" that says "nothing to do".16:46
james_wthe distinction matters to some people, not others16:46
james_wChristopheT: ah, sorry.16:46
james_wChristopheT: ok, so you shouldn't be told that they have no common ancestor, again unless there is some bzr-svn subtelty I am missing16:47
kiorkyjames_w: the use case is integration with svn, i want to have in my repo the svn branch, and features branches16:47
james_wChristopheT: but your solution should work16:47
kiorkyjames_w: can the rbranches be local, i mean: can the branches not be pushed on a central repo ?16:48
james_wkiorky: absolutely.16:48
kiorkywhow !=16:48
kiorkyfeatures i miss on mercucrial :)16:49
kiorkyjames_w: now, for the integration with the existing stuff i have. Is there something to do as the mercurial forest extension to organize a bunch of repos16:49
james_wI'm not familiar with forest16:50
kiorkylet me a moment16:50
kiorkyjames_w: Overview16:50
kiorkyThe Forest extension allows operations on trees with nested Mercurial repositories, called forests. Those to some degree correspond to multi-project CVS/Svn/... repositories.16:50
neobugkiorky: I don't see why you should push branches to the central place in mercurial16:51
kiorkyjames_w: you have a tree with sub mercurial repos, that you can serve, this solve the partial checl out problem for example16:51
james_wah, I got it16:51
james_wno, bzr doesn't have that yet16:51
neobugdoesn't it depend on the style the developers are using the mercurial?16:51
kiorkyneobug: if you make named branches, they are pushed16:51
ChristopheTjames_w: Ack! "bzr.dev branch https://pa-do.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pa-do/trunk/" starts downloading the revision bu then tells "bzr: ERROR: The branch https://pa-do.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pa-do/trunk/ has no revision None."16:51
neobugI probably missed this detail16:52
ChristopheTjames_w: .bzr.log: http://pastebin.com/d5fbaed9316:52
kiorkyneobug: :), frustrating isnt it ?16:53
kiorkyneobug: do not try the localbranch extension it is quite unusable16:54
james_wChristopheT: not sure what's causing that. It's an odd level to get that message from though16:54
neobugwell, I haven't used named branches so it's hard to say :-)16:54
kiorkyjames_w: so how can you organize large repo?16:55
kiorkyjames_w: my structure is there for example : http://hg.minitage.org/16:55
ChristopheTjames_w: Worth to file a bug?16:56
james_wChristopheT: probably16:56
james_wkiorky: you mean how should it be organised without an equivalent to the forest extension?16:56
kiorkyjames_w: yep16:57
kiorkyjames_w: i m used to have tree based organization16:57
kiorkyjames_w: so i dont know how to make in an other way16:57
james_wkiorky: I'm not sure, unfortunately if you require the forest-like behaviour you are pretty stuck16:57
james_wyou can make each of those in to branches fine, there is just no way to grab the top level and get them all, say.16:58
kiorkyjames_w: ok, tahts not a problem17:01
kiorkyjames_w: i just want to organize/have partial checout17:01
kiorkyjames_w: but then, how can i make a branch of a sub branch?17:01
james_wyou can make separate branches in the same way as you have separate repos in hg, you just can't define the structure like you can with forest17:04
james_wit has to be done up front though, there's no partial checkout facility either17:04
semslieI've managed to leave bazaar in a locked state by killing the gcommit process before actually committing. Is there a way to unlock it?17:05
goursemslie: bzr break-lock?17:06
semsliegour: thanks!17:07
kiorkyjames_w: i will try to get a tree structure this evening17:11
Jc2klifeless: ping17:12
ToyKeeperOh, that reminds me...  I was having gcommit issues I should take a closer look at.17:15
ToyKeeper... or not.  Works fine after pulling updates.17:16
cyberixIs there a transport neutral way to find out whether some path is pointing to a directory or just an ordinary file?18:10
cyberixlocal transport has _check_mode_and_size, but that's just the local transport18:11
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alecwhOne of our team members pushed to our repository, in Launchpad, but he didn't have the latest changes to begin with. When he attempted to push (after he commited his changes, he had 3 commits), the branch warned him that he needed to "merge", so he did this: "bzr merge lp:phpns". Now I want to undo what he did. How?18:58
james_walecwh: he pushed after?18:59
alecwhSorry, he didn't push, he just did a "merge"18:59
james_wand commit?18:59
alecwhHe TRIED pushing18:59
alecwh3 commits.19:00
alecwhhere is the repo: https://code.launchpad.net/~phpns-team/phpns/head19:00
james_whmm, I'm not sure I understand, you're trying to fix that branch, or just the one on this developer's machine?19:01
alecwhwe're trying to fix the branch. It looks like we lost several commits from me.19:02
alecwhWe just want to "revert" to before he merged.19:02
alecwhso everything will be normal again.19:02
james_wso he did push after?19:03
alecwhlet me check.19:04
james_wis "kyle's EE in. Ready for packaging (if no more fixes)" the revision that you had as the tip beforehand?19:04
alecwhYes, I believe so!19:04
james_wcool, if you have a branch locally you can do this:19:05
james_wif you run "bzr log -r -1" then you will see your revisions merged in, the number of the top one of these (the indented ones) should be 26.1.419:05
alecwhI have a copy of the branch (the one with the merge) on my desktop19:05
james_wso, if you run "bzr pull --overwrite -r 26.1.4 ." then it will put your copy of the branch back on that revision.19:06
james_wIf you then run "bzr log" you should see it as it was before.19:06
james_wyou can then push that back to lp:phpns. However, it won't let you do that as you have changed history, so you need to pass --overwrite there as well.19:07
james_wYou should check that you have what you want locally before you push though. The situation wouldn't be unfixable, but it's better to catch it early19:08
james_wonce your happy with that I can help you get the other developer's changes merged properly19:09
olleolleolleLarstiQ: Eh, are you still in the... room?19:12
alecwhjames_w: okay, I just pushed the changes with --overwrite, but it isn't showing up on Launchpad. This is just lag, right?19:13
alecwhit did say "Pushed up to revision 30."19:13
james_wyeah, I think so19:13
alecwhthat worked great then!19:13
james_wdo you understand how the other developer should have merged to avoid this?19:13
alecwhOkay, now, that developer (Kyle) still has those 3 commits we want to put in19:14
alecwhjames_w: no, how?19:14
james_wok, so with this style of development each developer should keep a mirror of trunk on their machine that they only run "bzr pull" in normally (using a shared repository will make this very cheap for them).19:15
james_wthey then have at least one other branch that they do their work in. You can have loads, or you can just have one, it works the same.19:16
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james_wwhen you are at a stage where you want to push your work to launchpad you "cd ../trunk; bzr merge ../my-branch"19:16
james_wthis merges in all your changes, you fix up any conflicts and then commit19:17
james_wyou can then push directly to launchpad19:17
james_wthe chances of colliding with someone else when doing this are very small, but if it keeps happening then there are ways to avoid it, but it's probably better to keep it simple for nwo19:18
james_wthis means that you only ever have merge commits on the trunk, and my work doesn't "swallow up" your work like just happened19:18
james_wI can help you to do this for the three commits if you like, as you won't be able to see them in your branch at the moment19:19
alecwhso, assuming the branch is now fixed (merge was removed), I think I'll have HIM clone the branch, and just copy over his "changed" files (because he still has a copy of that merged branch that we fixed), and just commit/push19:19
alecwhthere is no need to branch, because it's all tested and fine.19:19
james_wthat would work, but we can preserve history if you would like19:20
alecwhokay, but those 3 commits he made are gone from the LP repo, correct?19:20
james_wthey'll still be in the repo, but won't be visible, and won't be copied in when grabbing the code19:21
james_wbzr doesn't delete revisions, even if you do something like we just did. It's a small cost.19:21
james_wI mean it's a small cost that they are there even though they are not needed to have some safety about not losing them.19:22
alecwhokay, can we get those "visible" as concurrent revisions? So, his would be revs 31, 32, 33?19:22
james_wyes, that's a "rebase" operation. You would need a plugin to do that.19:23
james_wI can easily tell you how to resurrect them and then merge them so they would just be rev 31, but would show as merged revisions still19:23
alecwhHm, I think it would be easier with what I said above19:23
alecwhjames_w: okay19:24
james_wok, so first we need to pull his commits out in to an old branch.19:25
alecwhso, I need to grab the last commit before he made his?19:25
james_wFor this we will need the revision id of the tip when the branch was messed up. we need the revision id as the revisions are no longer present in the history of your branch, and so won't be given revision numbers.19:25
james_wI just so happen to have the relevant id here: k.p.osborn@gmail.com-20080710061647-5yzdt3ya4lgsmld819:26
james_wso if you run "bzr branch -rrevid:k.p.osborn@gmail.com-20080710061647-5yzdt3ya4lgsmld8 your-branch/ new-branch/19:26
alecwhokay, great. This will give me the branch before we fixed it?19:27
james_wthen run "bzr log" in "new-branch/" you will see the branch being back to it's broken state19:27
james_wyes, exactly.19:27
james_wnow you can "cd ../your-branch; bzr merge ../new-branch"19:28
alecwhBranched 29 revision(s).19:28
james_wonce you commit you can examine "bzr log" to see what this looks like19:28
james_wwhen you are happy you can again push, and you won't need the --overwrite here, as you didn't modify history, just appended to it.19:29
alecwhwhat does:  M* inc/config.php19:30
alecwhthe *19:30
james_wpermission change I believe19:30
james_wa "bzr diff" should say19:30
james_w"bzr help status-flags" mentions it19:31
alecwhalecwh@alecwh-laptop:/var/www/websites/phpns_2.2.3$ bzr push lp:phpns19:32
alecwhPushed up to revision 31.19:32
alecwhjames_w: you are a life saver! Thanks so much, seriously, this fixes everything19:32
james_wgreat, glad to be of help19:33
smI'm so confused.. might there be a page describing PQM and Bundle Buggy ? who develops them, who uses them and how they relate to each other ?19:43
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Klaas111hi all20:08
jasperWhen I send patches to bzr-gtk@lists.canonical.com the right target_branch is not set (see bzr-gtk mailing list today). Maybe someone knows how to improve the given answer of setting ~/.bazaar/locations.conf?20:08
Klaas111hoping that dummy questions are ok here20:08
jamjasper: I think you want to not set "...:policy=appendpath"20:09
Klaas111I'm using bzr with bzr-svn because I'm tied to a svn repo20:09
jamI hope you can see that through the smiley20:09
jasperwhat smiley :)20:09
jasperOk, I'll try20:09
Klaas111there's a couple of config files that are part of the project (checked in)20:09
Klaas111but I'd like to have local modifications without checking them in and annoying my colleagues.20:10
Klaas111what's the proper way to do this? that is, without having to manually exclude them each time, or move them away20:11
MvGjelmer: Yet again I'm trying to pull from the inkscape repo using bzr-svn, and every day there is something new. As the delete item bug has been fixed now I get a loop in "finding branches 2/3". The progress bar stays fixed most of the time, but occasuonally it jups back 7 chars and fills those up to the previous position. Seems like there was no progress. Can I provide any useful debug information here?20:13
jasperJay!, had to work around some local testing cruft, but I now have ' target_branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~bzr-gtk/bzr-gtk/trunk'. Is this ok, or should I loose the trunk bit?20:16
jamI'm curious why that is the recommend URL, versus http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-gtk/bzr-gtk/trunk or https:/code.launchpad.net/bzr-gtk, or any of the multitude of ways of referring to that branch.20:18
jamBut that is between BB, abentley, and the bzr-gtk group :020:18
jasperTrue.. but with the locations.conf file I don't have to worry about it anymore. I can just use 'bzr send -o bla.patch' again20:20
jasperjam: thanks for the help! I have written a mail with the (I hope) proper workflow to the list20:33
jasperSo, what are the chances for a bzr-gtk release in the near future?20:37
beunojasper, I believe jelmer plans to release this week20:38
beunoand, also, I believe I promised I'd review patches20:38
beunowhich I haven't been able to yet  :/20:38
jaspertime or access rights?20:39
beunotime, unfortunetly20:39
beunoaccess rights is much easier to fix  :)20:39
radixoh, sweet, rc2!20:40
radixahhh, I need to switch to a new PPA20:40
jasperbeuno: only the queued ones on BB or the whole bunch recently merged?20:42
beunojasper, just the queued ones, the other are, well, already merged  :)20:43
jasperwell.. I know of 4 easy one liners in the queue :)20:45
beunojasper, yeah, hopefully I'll have some time tonight20:46
Odd_Blokesm: I dunno if you're still around, but if you have a more specific question about BB/PQM, I could try answering it.20:56
smthanks Odd_Bloke20:56
smare these two parts of one system, or two competing/complementary systems ?20:57
smboth come from within canonical I assume20:57
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smor maybe one came from canonical/launchpad, and one from bzr ?20:58
Odd_Blokesm: They're complementary.20:58
Odd_Blokesm: Neither come from Canonical, originally.  BB is Aaron Bentley's creation, so that a bzr background.20:59
Odd_Blokesm: PQM comes from Arch/Baz, so does have some Canonical involvement.21:00
Odd_BlokeThat's about as much of the history as I know.21:00
smthat helps reduce my confusion, thanks21:00
james_whey Odd_Bloke21:00
smI think currently both are used by basically two teams - launchpad and bzr21:01
james_wthey don't have any direct interaction currently, but they could, it would be good to have, and it might well happen.21:01
james_wI'm not sure that launchpad use BB for their development21:01
Odd_Blokesm: bzr certainly use both.21:01
Odd_Blokejames_w: Hi. :)21:02
jamjames_w: They don't use BB, afaik21:02
james_whey jam21:02
jamThey *do* use PQM21:02
jamthey actually use a coordination point of a wiki21:02
james_wOdd_Bloke: nice patch flood :-)21:02
jamI don't know if they are dogfooding the Launchpad review queue21:02
jamI know they want to get away from a wiki where they post changes to be reviewed, etc.21:02
smand basically PQM handles background pre-commit testing, and BB provides a web/email interface for patch review & voting, would that be right ?21:03
jamsm: There are several Bazaar projects (bzr-gtk, bzr, pqm, etc) that are using Bundle Buggy. But it was pretty much just developed because we were getting too many patches to have a simple mailing list keep us from dropping stuff.21:03
jamSo Aaron basically codified our working practice around the mailing list21:03
jampresenting a nicer UI, etc.21:04
jamsm: correct21:04
smand both are available for other projects to use ?21:04
Odd_Blokejames_w: Thanks. :)21:04
Odd_Blokesm: Yes, both are GPL, I believe.21:05
smgreat.. much clearer, thanks for the answers21:05
smone more I guess, have y'all found them to help a lot ?21:05
jasperfrom a 'user' perspective, BB looks like a great system21:06
Odd_BlokeBB is great.21:06
Odd_BlokeI'm spending the summer working on getting PQM somewhere up to that standard.21:07
james_wsm: BB has definitely helped with the process I would say21:09
james_wI don't have PQM rights to know if it's a pain at the moment, but it does give something to the project, similar to what you get if you start using continuous integration in a project.21:10
hmelandHmmm.  In my bzr.dev mirror branch, when I do "bzr log dir-or-file", the output always includes a few revisions, no matter which directory or file I supply.  Are anyone else seeing anything similar?21:10
james_wextra revisions? the same revisions every time?21:12
hmelandYup, apparently... I'll pastebin, hold on.21:13
Odd_BlokeIt's hard to imagine how the bzr project would function without BundleBuggy.  Without PQM, we'd just have to have a human patch queue manager.21:13
smOdd_Bloke: why not just post/discuss/vote on patches on the mail list, and merge by one or more human gatekeepers when appropriate ?21:16
smlike eg the linux folk ?21:16
smjust curious21:16
smthat's what I do in my smaller project, but I'm wondering how to make the process more robust21:17
smI guess so that you can handle a greater volume of patches without confusion21:17
lukssm: it's easy to miss patches that way21:18
Odd_Blokesm: Well, BundleBuggy helps to make sure things don't get lost.21:18
hmelandjames_w: http://pastebin.ca/106848321:18
james_whmeland: sorry, pastebin.ca doesn't work for me, can you use another?21:19
hmelandI first tried pastebin.com, but my output tripped their spam filter... any others you'd recommend?21:21
Odd_Blokeubottu: paste21:22
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:22
Odd_Blokehmeland: ^21:22
james_wso there's a problem with directories that it normally only shows the revision in which the directory itself was created21:27
james_wI guess here they may be some funky stuff going on in early history that mean that you get multiple entries21:28
james_wthough some of it isn't that old21:28
hmelandI know about the non-recursive directory log thing.21:28
hmelandI'm more worried about the revisions that get printed for both contrib/ (line 1-55) and bzrlib/ (line 56-109).21:30
MvGjelmer: I added some mutters to repository.py and now found out what inkscape was doing here. I got it to print, among others, the value of bp in the loop in SvnRepository.find_tags. While I pull from inkscape/trunk (relative to the root of the repo), it seems to examine not only inkscape/tags/* but */tags/* for possible tags. And as that is a lot of unrelated history, this operation seems to take quite a while. Wouldn't it make sense to try determine21:30
hmelandBut, is this only something that I'm seeing here, or are others getting similar output?21:31
MvGjelmer: Sorry, of course that's bzr-svn doing that, while pulling inkscape, not the other way round.21:31
hmelandI've tried with --no-plugins, btw -- and saw no difference from what's on the pastebin.21:32
jasperI just upgraded bzr to 1.6b2, and just as in 1.5 I get SmartTCPServerHooks deprecation warning when checking out from lp. Do I have to remove some conf foo somewhere?21:59
james_wjasper: do you get it with --no-plugins21:59
jasperno, but the lp: functionality is gone too in that case22:00
jasperold bzrtools version?22:01
Odd_Blokejasper: What does 'bzr plugins' show?22:01
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jasperavahi 0.3.0dev0, bzrtools 1.5.0, gtk 0.95.0dev1 launchpad22:02
jaspermust be the launchpad plugin22:02
Odd_Blokejasper: It'll be avahi.22:02
jasperdoh :P22:02
Odd_BlokeI think the latest trunk has the fix.22:03
jasperyou are right22:03
jasperhmm.. 'bzr checkout lp:bzr-avahi avahi' in ~/.bazaar/plugins/ now gives me 'Unable to load plugin 'avahi' from (..)' messages22:10
james_w-Derror will tell you why22:11
james_wperhaps that you need bzr-dbus22:11
jasperseems there is a server_mainloop missing from dbus according to avahi22:19
jaspermore importantly, the MainloopThread from server_mainloop22:21
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james_wjasper: yup, you need a different branch of bzr-dbus for latest -avahi22:33
james_wapparently revision 32 of -avahi will work with the trunk of -dbus22:33
jasperOk.. thanks. But since I don't think I'll use both I'll just move them out of the way for now22:35
jasperon a different note, I made bzr 1.6b2 bork with MemoryError >:) (bzr checkout lp:mysql-server/6.0 on a P4 2.4 GHz, 512mb ram)22:37
pooliegood morning22:47
pooliejasper: if that was pulling over bzr+ssh you should try using sftp instead22:48
jasperI'll try with sftp another time. Time to go now. Bye all.23:02
RAOFIt seems the gstreamer project will be moving from cvs to $DVCS.  Currently the sole contender is git, because there are a couple of people who will actually do the migration/support work for git.  Is this interesting to anyone here? :)23:23
jampoolie: guess what... I get more conflicts if I don't sort the merges by their ancestry order when inserting into the weave23:24
jampoolie: So it seems that the dependency ordering into the weave file really does matter23:25
jampoolie: of course, my test case keeps breaking when I fix other things because suddenly topo_sort emits the revisions in a different order23:25
jam(It will return the right parent first, if the right parent has no more ancestry, otherwise it returns the left parent first)23:26
AfCRAOF: you might send that in a brief email to the mailing list. There are a lot of people travelling right now. "Possible opportunity to advocate Bazaar to GStreamer" or something like that.23:27
pygiRAOF, we can help with the bzr questions, sure23:34
AfCpygi: it doesn't sound like there are going to BE any bzr questions. :(23:38
pygiRAOF, does anyone from Gst community uses bzr?23:39
LarstiQpygi: some people at Fluendo afaik, although not Thomas himself23:40
pygiLarstiQ, we can't really push for bzr outside23:41
pygiit has to be done inside, we can only be a helping force23:41
LarstiQpygi: they're pretty much in the Gst community23:41
pygiwell, I know, thus make them push for bzr, and we can eventually help them :P23:41
LarstiQwe actually talked about that today23:42
RAOFThere are certainly people on the gstreamer list who express a preference for bzr, and more who are concerned about git's poor windows support23:42
RAOFThe stated preference for git is because someone has volunteered to actually do the migration/answer questions, and a desire to move away from cvs _now_.23:43
LarstiQRAOF: I'm pretty sure we can help with migrations.23:45
pygiand we can answer the questionss23:45
RAOFThat's what I was thinking, reading the discussion.23:45
LarstiQRAOF: considering other migration help with mysql and gnome in the recentish past.23:45
Pengbeuno: Ping?23:46
beunoPeng, at your service23:46
Pengbeuno: Just a random Loggerhead idea that I wanted to throw out there.23:46
PengIt isn't necessarily a good idea, but anyway... Currently, when you visit /some/branch/, you get redirected to /some/branch/changes. It might be neat if Loggerhead showed a regular directory listing just like the web server would, with a link to the changes view.23:49
beunoPeng, right, the Files view23:50
beunothere has been some discussion around what's the best default23:50
PengAh, I forgot about that. I meant an actual directory listing of the directory, not the Bazaar data.23:50
PengMy use case is that I serve my branches at /bzr/some/branch/, and have Loggerhead at /loggerhead/some/branch/. I occasionally throw up a file or two in the branch directories (usually a 'bzr send' patch), and am wondering...I dunno.23:50
beunoah, I see23:51
beunowell, I personally don't have a use case for it, but I can see why you would want that23:53
beunoI don't think it would be too hard23:53
beunoand since I want to be able to serve branches from LH, directory listings will be needed on the logic23:53
beunoso, feel free to file a bug requesting it23:53
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pooliejam, hi23:55
jampoolie: and that's not all.... :(23:55
jamIt seems the ordering I "happened" upon in my earlier patch is the most optimal23:55
jambut it isn't quite anything as far as I can tell23:56
jamI'm still investigating23:56
jamI had a bug in one of my functions23:56
jamso it wasn't returning things in the order I thought it was23:56
jamand then I was using tsort23:56
jamand combined, that gives the fewest conflicts23:56
* jam is quite sad that non-deterministic ordering was winning23:57

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