chrisjrobI've been testing Edubuntu 8.04 and noticed that the thin client manager is not installed by default and must be added by installing thin-client-manager-gnome (the backend is already installed), could anyone advise whether this is a bug and if so where I should log it?11:35
ograits no bug11:36
ograwe dropped tcm in favour of italc for which the client is installed by default and the control app is shipped on the edubuntu addon CD11:37
chrisjrobthanks ogra!11:37
chrisjrobI guess the documentation is lagging a little behind development...!11:37
ograas always (sadly)11:38
ograsorry for that11:38
ograit shoudl probably be mentioned on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyClassroomServer11:38
chrisjrobyes, that was the page I had followd.  thanks for the info ogra.11:40
edistarhello, anyone here using italc? it doesn't seem to work here..13:50
edistardo I need to start the italc client manually on every client?13:50
edistarand the clients all run locally on the server, how do I connect to them?13:56
ograthere is a special port you need to connect to13:58
ogrause: external_server_ip:port for that13:58
* ogra forgot which port that was .... 13:58
edistarogra: ok, I'll check that then14:01
edistarexternal_server_ip =?14:01
ograwell, if you have two NICs in your server, the one facing the outside world, not the client network14:02
edistarI only need one NIC14:02
ograwell, then that one i guess14:02
ograi only tested with a two NIC setup14:02
ograand it didnt work with the TC network IP14:02
edistarwell, I just put the router/gateway into the same network so that other clients not booting via LTSP could also access the internet14:07
edistarso now I don't need the second NIC for internet anymore14:08
edistarogra: doesn't the port change every time the person logs on?14:27
edistarI don't understand how to set it up..14:29
edistarhttp://italc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?title=ITALC_in_a_ThinClient_environment I tried this14:32
edistarbut an echo $DISPLAY does not output the same at all..14:32
ograthats al ltsp4.x which is obsolete since 3 years14:35
edistarogra: ah, ok14:35
ograstgraber, do you remember the port number for italc (that really needs to go on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/iTalc) i cant find your mail to RichEd where you outlined it14:37
ograand thats my only reference for the port :(14:37
edistarogra: isn't it 11 + last bit of ip?14:38
ograsomething like that14:38
ograi think it was 10+last bit for ltsp514:38
edistarogra: and localhost doesn't work for ip?14:40
edistarogra: don't the ips change every boot? or do I need to setup fixed ips for certain MAC addresses then?14:42
ograthey usually dont change unless you have more clients than your IP range defines in dhcpd.conf14:46
edistarogra: okey..15:16
edistarogra: do you think the wiki entry will be updated soon?15:17
ograif someone updates it :)15:17
edistarthen I'll look into that program again in a few days..15:17
ograits a wiki, anyone can (*hint*) :)15:17
edistarstgraber could do that ;)15:17
edistarogra: I don't know exactly what to do, otherwise I'd edit it15:18
stgraberedistar: hi16:34
stgraberedistar: did you try the release we have in the PPA ? it has avahi support and should solve all your ports problem16:35
stgraberitalc uses two different ports, one of ISD (service daemon) and one for IVS (vnc server). With LTSP I'm using 10000+last-byte-of-ip and 11000+last-by-of-ip16:36
stgraberthe iTalc wiki page still needs a lot of work, the idea would be to have an howto for all possible way of installing it (that's a lot :)). Feel free to update it with your own experience.16:37
edistarstgraber: thanks, will try that17:12
edistarstgraber: I added the repos but it doesn't find any updates17:16
edistarstgraber: so it won't install the ppa version17:18
stgraberyou are using Hardy right ?17:21
* ogra would assume so for everyone since ltsp in intrepid doesnt work currently17:34
=== Nuba1 is now known as Nubae
edistarstgraber: yes, I am18:55
stgraberso you should have a proposed upgrade to 1.0.9-rc419:57
edistarstgraber: no, dist-upgrade told me that there was nothing to upgrade20:04
edistarstgraber: thanks for your help anyway :) I'll be off.. I'll have another look around in a few days20:53

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