vorianevening o/02:18
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dasKREechhow are you?02:25
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Hobbseedoing OK02:50
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dasKREechEnjoying no school?02:59
Hobbseethese holidays are long, though03:11
dasKREech\o/ long holidays03:17
Hobbseethey get boring :P03:17
Hobbseei should do some coding :P03:17
Hobbseebut i'm attempting to sort out my resume, and my mobile phone, first.03:17
dasKREechwhats the deal with the Phone?03:19
Hobbseethe credit keeps expiring unless i remember to use a hell of a lot of it03:21
Hobbsee(like, calling a mobile for a couple of hours)03:21
dasKREechOr call Cuba :)03:22
dasKREechfor like 10 minutes03:22
dasKREechHaving an excess of credit doesn't sound like too bad a thing03:26
* JontheEchinda is out for the night03:37
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papabeanIs the python-kde4-docs package supposed to include examples?04:20
papabeanI am using the package from the Kubuntu-members-kde4 ppa.04:27
HobbseedasKREech: you are correct there05:58
dasKREechHobbsee: :) Call me sometime :)06:02
dasKREechAs long as you don't drunk dial06:02
* Hobbsee doesn't get drunk, so no problems there06:03
dasKREechI thought I had heard you say that before :)06:04
* dasKREech has also heard reports of Drunk dialling here :)06:04
jpdsvorian: Yeah.08:24
apacheloggerNightrose: bug 4603608:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 46036 in kdebase-workspace "AmaroK does not gain focus when it is dragged and dropped to " [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4603608:44
Nightrosemorning honey ;-)08:45
Nightroselet me have a look08:45
Nightroseapachelogger: ok - what should i do about it?08:45
apacheloggerNightrose: poke someone08:46
\shNightrose: hardy packages for amarok already available?13:26
Nightrose\sh: nope - but neon is currently = alpha13:28
\shNightrose: hmmm...apachelogger does not his work ,)13:29
Nightrosehe does ;-) he helped me with the release announcement and stuff yesterday13:29
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txwikingerMornin nixternal15:04
nixternaldoes hot swapping in linux work even though I am not using raid?15:08
nixternalthe hardware supports it, but if I pull out a mounted drive, the system about dies15:08
Xand3rhi i have changed the colorsheme, but qt apps dont use it full, what i have done wrong?15:18
nixternalwhere is ScottK when you need him...this hot swapping stuff is probably right up his alley15:18
sebasQt apps don't necessarily adhere to KDE's colorscheme15:19
nixternalyo yo sebas!15:19
sebashi nixternal  :)15:19
Xand3rsebas: ?15:19
sebasXand3r: ??15:19
nixternalI knew that was comin'15:19
sebasYeah, I don't really like people just pointing question marks at me.15:20
Xand3rsebas: i dont got what you said about the qt aps15:20
sebasWhen I take the time to reply, they'd better take at least some seconds to pose real questions15:20
sebasXand3r: What exactly is unclear?15:20
smarterXand3r: there's a checkbox "apply the look to non-KDE apps"(or something like that) in systemsettings' appearence module, try that15:21
Xand3rsebas: sorry i ask my dictionary befor, if it is unclear after i ask again15:21
smarteror try qtconfig-qt415:21
Xand3rah ok15:21
sebasXand3r: It's got little to do with dictionaries, more with "i can't possibly guess what you need to know to understand"15:22
nixternalor my new favorite, "go take a cruise" :P15:22
sebasSo the trick is to let me know that, so I can fill you in where you have those black spots15:22
sebasYeah, that's awesome15:22
nixternalya, thanks for making me spit soda on that one yesterday15:23
nixternalmornin' jonny boy15:23
Xand3ri will know it the next time sorry15:23
jjessemorning richie15:23
sebasXand3r: No problem, just a bandwith problem of IRC15:23
sebasnixternal: Cool :)15:23
nixternalooh, you know you are from michigan when you spell richie correctly (not ritchie)15:23
nixternalfor real, people in chicago add the silly 't'15:23
sebasYou mean Tchicago?15:24
nixternalno, I mean riTchie :)15:25
nixternaland it is chiKago by the way now, I made them convert15:25
sebasJob well done.15:25
* sebas does some writing now15:25
* nixternal does some work before the boss flips out15:25
sebasJust to leave in about an hour for dinner with $gf15:25
nixternaloh wait, the boss isn't here today :)15:25
sebashappy hacking then ;)15:26
jjesseyay for no boss15:27
jjessehow about working at home all week15:27
jjessefor soem reason i hven't gotten much done15:27
nixternalI am planning on working from home tomorrow15:28
nixternalit will be to hot to train it in to the city or ride a bike to the city15:28
Xand3rsmarter: where is that option i cant find it15:32
Xand3rsmarter: or i have found it15:32
Xand3rcrazy thing15:35
Xand3rbut now it works15:35
Xand3rthx smarter15:35
smarteryw ;)15:36
Xand3rsmarter vorian baybe you could review my package http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=digikam-kde415:40
* smarter takes a quick look15:40
Xand3rsmarter: thx15:41
Xand3rmaybe you could also review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=mailody-kde415:41
smarterlooks ok to me, but maybe you should find a solution to avoid conflicting on digikam from kde3?15:42
smarter" * I added COPYING.LIB to the orig source like the upstream it in svn did" << doesn't mean anything15:43
Xand3rsorry i have to go, smarter it mean something ask apachelogger, c ya15:45
papabeanWere the example files excluded from the python-kde4-doc package in the kubuntu-members-kde4 ppa?16:05
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ScottKnixternal: Dunno about hot swapping.  I tend to go with the use commodity hardware and redundancy approach.16:46
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sebasIn Hardy's KDE4 packages, is there the option to switch to the classic menu?19:47
cadooI don't think so but you should be able to add Application Launcher menu which is classic menu.19:48
sebasHmm hmm.19:48
sebasAny idea why it's not in there?19:48
sebasI know how it works, just getting complaints that my hints "right click, choose classic" aren't working in Kubuntu19:49
cadoomight not have been added in that release19:49
sebasIt's kind of hard to address those issues, if it's indeed not there.19:49
cadooit's working in 4.119:50
sebasYeah, sure.19:50
cadooI noticed that when I installed the remix cd19:50
nixternalsebas: if they aren't working, tell them to use the ~kubuntu-members-kde4 PPA and use the Beta 2 packages, because it is there19:56
nixternalHardy non-PPA uses 4.0.4 I think, and 4.0.5 has either been backported or is in a PPA as well19:56
DasKreeChRC! :) Almost there :)19:57
nixternalis somebody building out RC yet?19:59
nixternalI have been so damn busy here at work, I can't even keep up19:59
Nightrosesebas: i can switch to classic19:59
nixternaland now I have the "Hot Swapping w/o RAID" and all kinds of crap to get working19:59
Nightroseonly when applets are unlogged though19:59
Nightrosesebas: maybe that is the problem? ^20:00
yuriy4.0.5 is in backports20:00
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