mkargarwhats best graphic driver for install on kubuntu?(my graphic is Gforce 6800 GT)!?00:02
noaXessmkargar: the restricted nvidia.. it should be automatically choosed00:09
mkargarnoaXess:it's not automatically choosed!I want download and install driver from nvidia.com!not problem?00:11
noaXessnot that from nvidia.. use that from restricted driver manager00:12
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:13
noaXesson my notebook i have the nvidia-glx-new installed and i'm very happy.. also with nvidia-settings00:14
mkargarnoaXess:it's not worked for me!!00:14
mkargarnoaXess:this is errors since of installed nvidia-glx-new:http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804/00:16
noaXessmkargar: that not really good.. hm.. i'm not really the specialist for X..00:21
noaXesshave you tried the other, nvidia-glx or nvidia-glx-legacy00:23
mkargarnoaXess:oh!i want download and install driver from nvidia.com!how it?00:23
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noaXessmkargar: okay.. why not.. i think if you compile/install it you have the correct kernel modules and driver..00:24
noaXessso i'm off.. need some sleep.. good lck mkargar.. if i can help later.. i will do.. bye00:26
mkargarnoaXess:I want install it....00:26
mkargarnoaXess:good night:)00:27
geniimkargar: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_173.14.09.html00:28
mkargargenii:ok brother!I downloaded it for my 64bit system!:)00:29
geniimkargar: For 64 bit is different...1 moment00:29
geniimkargar: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia64_1.0-533600:30
mkargargenii:ok!i downloaded it:)00:31
mkargari installing it...00:31
anom01yhow do I reinstall alsa from scratch ?00:36
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:39
anom01ycool I guess I have to reinstall kubuntu just to get alsa to work, wonderful00:41
epimethanom01y: not necesarily00:41
epimethanom01y: what's the problem?00:41
anom01ywell its been wrekced for 2-3 weeks noone knows how to help me00:42
epimethanom01y: whats wrong?00:42
anom01yI origionally set it up having 2 cards in the computer00:42
anom01y(set up = install kubuntu)00:42
anom01ysince then I have removed a card, and now I am trying to use the onboard00:42
anom01yit works sometimes, and some other's it half ass works, now its not working at all00:43
anom01yand I havent done anything to cause this except reboot the computer00:43
anom01ybut if I reset it might work, although it might half ass work too, as kmix sometimes only shows half of the available volume control knobs, and the maximum volume is not very high00:44
epimethanom01y: have you tried blacklisting the one you removed?00:44
anom01yI dont know, I tried alsaconf, and that didnt work00:44
anom01yhow do I blacklist the other card ?00:45
epimethanom01y: offhand, I don't know... give me a minute00:45
anom01ywow alsa magically started to work ???????00:47
ign0ramusanom0ly: what does the command " sudo asoundconf list " report?00:47
anom01yI just ran alsaconf again and for some reason it worked ?00:47
ign0ramusanom01y: lets make sure you have the right sound card set as default00:48
epimethign0ramus: awesome... *you* help him :-)00:48
anom01yVT82xx is the only card reported00:48
epimethmy sound card problems took a long time to fix ;-)00:48
ign0ramusi'll try... i had problems of my own!00:48
ign0ramusanom01y: then run "sudo asoundconf set-default-card NAMEOFYOURCARD "00:49
ign0ramustype it exactly as it is reported in the previous command00:49
anom01yok thats done00:50
ign0ramusok, finally restart sound server: "sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart"00:51
ign0ramusnow, next time you login, your .conf settings will pull from that card00:52
ign0ramusi have an external Soundblaster hooked up to my stereo in my basement, and switch between that and the onboard in the lappy all the time00:52
ign0ramuscd players are the past.  Hooking up Amarok to your home stereo is awesome00:53
offsetDoes anyone know how to blacklist a module when trying to boot from the livecd?  It keep stalling with "[ #####.##] ohci1394: fw-host0: physical posted write error".00:53
offsetI've tried "ohci1394.blacklist=yes" but it doesn't work, and neither does "Boot_Debug=3"00:56
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sean_When I put a KFormula into KWord it shows up very small. When i try to resize the frame, The Frame size increases, but the Formula stays the same size. How do I resize this formula?01:06
brian_how do i get the normal kde calculator?01:08
brian_is it not come standard with kde01:08
Jsn0327is there a support channel for wine other than the one that is invite only?01:11
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Rioting_pacifisti have a drive that parted seams to freeze on how can i wipe the entire thing (including partition tables) or fix it?01:45
Rioting_pacifistbut how do i do that when i cant read the partition table mkfs?01:46
paul_that for win01:47
paul_ i just start lin yesterdy01:48
Rioting_pacifistah well i have no windows installs, but ive managed to start formating the drive anyway01:48
paul_how like h01:49
Rioting_pacifistbrian_: theres speedcrunch and the pannel calcultor too01:49
paul_try 2 find a part manager01:50
Rioting_pacifisti tried qtparted and gparted but they both relly on parted as a backend which is having problems because i unpluged the computer during an install so the partition table is wrong01:51
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paul_try 2 reinstall linx and it so give u some options on that01:52
Rioting_pacifistthe installer wouldnt work with the driver, i dont think its smart enough to deal with my mess up01:54
paul_wha driver01:55
paul_u have windows cd01:55
paul_if u have xp u can del parts01:56
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mneptokRioting_pacifist: tried parted?01:57
Rioting_pacifistno windows cds, parted just freezes up taking all the cpu01:58
geniiRioting_pacifist: How about fdisk ?01:58
mneptok!enter > paul01:59
ubottupaul, please see my private message01:59
GS3Userhow do i increase the number of desktops in kde4?02:01
TopAgenthow would I get on a local social chicago west suburbs type of chat channel02:03
dr_Willisgoogle ?02:03
TopAgenti want to chat locally02:03
administrator_how do I find the chat rooms by topic02:03
dr_Willischeck out the bazillion yahoo/msn chat rooms perhaps?02:03
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines02:03
TopAgentna.. yahoo is nothing but sex bots02:04
dr_Willismakes ya wonder who the bots are talking to02:04
administrator_hate yahoo02:04
TopAgentall I know is I cant talk to a live person.. I hate yahoo too02:05
paul_god does02:05
paul_hate yahoo02:05
TopAgentnow that says something02:05
administrator_before i am finished logging in to a room i get hit up 4 times from bots02:05
paul_it does02:05
TopAgentI cant stand it... so where does a person go to just have friendly live chat?02:06
dr_Willisa local bar? :)02:06
KalThaeden[EK]IRC is one of the only types of chat that aren't plagued by bots. At least in more channels than elsewhere.02:06
dr_Willisthere mahy be some irc servers with regional channels.. but other then google.. no idea where to look,.02:07
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administrator__sup guys02:07
KalThaeden[EK]whats going on?02:07
administrator__not much you02:07
KalThaeden[EK]not much02:07
administrator__let me change this stupid nick02:07
administrator__wait a sec02:07
paul_no one wait 2 talk02:08
KalThaeden[EK]i know, i was just working on something02:08
Flashdofuso what u guys up to02:09
KalThaeden[EK]that seems a bit better.02:09
Flashdofudamn there is like 5000 people here02:09
dr_Willisi see 266 in here02:09
paul_how do i play a dvd02:09
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dr_Willis1175 in #ubuntu :)02:09
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs02:09
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KalThaeden[EK]yep, you usually cannot access #ubuntu at http://java.freenode.net because there is a few thousand there at least.02:10
dr_Willisand not one xxx bot!02:11
Flashdofui was just kidding willis02:11
Flashdofuthere is just a lot of people here02:11
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Flashdofuits my first night on my own Linux02:11
Flashdofui have used it at work and everything but at home I had a windows and a mac02:12
Dillizarhow to install the new firefox02:12
dr_Willisnew? Hardy has firefox 3 in the repos.02:12
dr_Williswas there a update recently?02:12
Flashdofui just downloaded it with firefox 302:12
KalThaeden[EK]the one distributed was a beta release, you should be able to download via adapt02:13
KalThaeden[EK]or download directly02:13
KalThaeden[EK]via browser02:13
Dillizardr_Willis: i have d/l the fire fox 3 and i dont know how to install it02:13
dr_Willisi imagine any updates will hit the repos in the near future.    the final release was in the repos as of a few weeks ago..02:13
KalThaeden[EK]what file format did it come in?02:13
dr_Willisif you just want FF3 final. its in the repos . just apt-get update/upgrade i THINK will get it.02:14
dr_WillisTheres no need to download it from the firefox websites..02:14
dr_WillisLets check the version....02:14
dr_Willis!info firefox-302:14
ubottuPackage firefox-3 does not exist in hardy02:14
dr_Willis!info firefox02:14
ubottufirefox (source: firefox-3.0): meta package for the popular mozilla web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.04.1 (hardy), package size 64 kB, installed size 120 kB02:14
KalThaeden[EK]i just got it out of the repos via adapt installer02:14
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dr_WillisMine says version 3.0 here.02:15
Flashdofualright so what should i try in linux?02:15
KalThaeden[EK]under about?02:15
Flashdofucan we hack something with this :P02:15
dr_WillisKalThaeden[EK],  yes.02:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hack02:15
KalThaeden[EK]I know, i didn't mean to put that as a question.02:15
dr_WillisFlashdofu,  to learn how to use VIM :) its fun and profitble!02:15
dr_WillisRegular Expressions! shell scripting...02:16
KalThaeden[EK]OpenOffice is a great replacement to Microsoft Office.02:16
dr_WillisOr just play with the tools and make some icons.02:16
KalThaeden[EK]Download games with Adapt Installer, there is a ton.02:16
dr_WillisRocksNDiamonds is a must get game. :)02:17
dr_Willis!info rocksndiamonds02:17
ubotturocksndiamonds (source: rocksndiamonds): Arcade style game. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 3.2.4+dfsg-2 (hardy), package size 443 kB, installed size 1468 kB02:17
KalThaeden[EK]Virtually everything is open-source unless you are using the libdvdcss codecs or ati/nvidia card drivers02:17
dr_WillisPySol also a must get.02:17
dr_Williswell libdvdcss is open sourced.. i think.. :) but of sort of a grey-legality area. heh02:18
KalThaeden[EK]if you like any of the Mario games from n64 console, there is tuxcart and a few others.02:18
dr_WillisSlune is a fun driving/cart game also.02:18
CheezwhizAlright guys.  Question.  I just installed Kubuntu for the first time on a machine with a GeForce FX 5700LE and can't figure out how to get the correct driver.  I attempted to do it through the hardware driver manager, but it didn't take.02:18
KalThaeden[EK]right, only in the US is it not open-source. it depends on the country.02:18
dr_WillisWell its still open sourced.. :) just not legal to have.02:19
KalThaeden[EK]it didn't take with nvidia driver (new)?02:19
CheezwhizFor some reason no02:19
CheezwhizI just restarted again and now my resolution is all out of whack.  Essentially I'm trying to get Compiz working as a way to kind of feel my way around the OS, but this driver issue is driving me nuts...no pun intended02:20
dr_Willis!info slune02:20
ubottuslune (source: slune): 3D racing and car-crashing game. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.13-1 (hardy), package size 10442 kB, installed size 25832 kB02:20
KalThaeden[EK]oh, you know what, that is an older video card, right?02:20
KalThaeden[EK]let me look it up.02:20
CheezwhizIt is, yes.  I wasn't sure if I needed to use the old Legacy driver or get a new driver from nVidia.  I'm thinking they might have the Linux drivers available now.02:20
KalThaeden[EK]they should, but otherwise i would try the binary x.org driver.02:22
CheezwhizHow would I go about obtaining that?02:22
dr_WillisTheres Legacy, the normal, and the new.. for the nvidia drivers02:22
KalThaeden[EK]not the legacy, that is for some of the first cards that nvidia released.02:22
dr_WillisTheres a list somewhere. that tells what cards need what.02:22
Cheezwhizalright.  Off to google.  Thanks for the help.02:22
dr_Willis5700 I think does not need legacy or new.. it needsd the middle one.02:22
dr_Willis!nvidia | Cheezwhiz02:22
ubottuCheezwhiz: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:22
KalThaeden[EK]no problem.02:22
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: you need nvidia-glx02:23
CheezwhizAwesome, thank you very much02:23
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: It is FX 5700 as I understand ?02:24
CheezwhizThat's right02:24
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: Than it is nvidia-glx, though you might even try with -new one later.02:25
CheezwhizI plan on doing alot of experimenting, but right now I just want to get the system to a point where I can start learning the basics02:25
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: Than glx is a safe choice. ;)02:26
CheezwhizSounds good.  Greatly appreciated.  And, I hate to say it, but you guys are gonna be seeing alot of me I think lol.02:26
KalThaeden[EK]Hey, this is community supported. Thats why we are here.02:27
KalThaeden[EK]Just stop in.02:27
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: We don't mind . :) ;)02:27
X2683Hey, KalThaeden[EK]. Are you same one from the EK clan on Battle.net?02:28
CheezwhizAlright.  Already got another question.  I'm following the directions for the driver to install where it asks me to type in "sh <driver name>.run and it says that it can't open it...any ideas?02:28
KalThaeden[EK]Yes, why?02:28
X2683Just wondering. Your name looked really familiar.02:29
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: why don't u use package manager, it's easier: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx02:29
Rioting_pacifistthx for the fdisk tip, cfdisk got me sorted02:29
KalThaeden[EK]Yeah, i've given up those days of playing games. I'm just focused on school now, but stop in and chat every now and then on EK channel.02:30
CheezwhizMan.  I'm a windows system administrator and this OS is making me feel like a moron lol.  I gotta say I like it so far.02:30
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: btw, it can't open because u need to do it out of graphics mode, with X not started. ;)02:30
KalThaeden[EK]nah, you aren't a moron02:31
KalThaeden[EK]the system is different. it just takes time to adapt.02:31
CheezwhizIt's alot different02:31
CheezwhizBefore I run you guys ragged is there a thread anywhere that will tell me how to get out of the GUI and shut down X-Server?02:31
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: Yes it is, but it's up to you to learn. It can be tough but no need to feel like a moron. ;)02:32
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KalThaeden[EK]yep, just kill the xserver02:32
KalThaeden[EK]uh, you can reset it by CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-DEL, but i'm trying to remember how to exit it.02:33
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: try with package manager beter, It's much easier for a beginner ;)02:33
KalThaeden[EK]CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-BKSPC, not delete02:33
geniiCheezwhiz: logout back to the login screen, if you want console you can choose from there console login02:33
KalThaeden[EK]true. i wasn't even thinking.02:33
CheezwhizAwesome, thanks.  And Gith, when I run $sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx I keep getting a segmentation faulty tree or something to that effect at 50%02:34
CheezwhizNot sure what that means02:34
KalThaeden[EK]nah, i messed up when typing. I was thinking ctrl alt del.02:35
KalThaeden[EK]from windows.02:35
dr_Willishmm... alt-ctrl-backspace will exit X Idmenatly. :)02:35
dr_Willis"Right then!" :)02:35
Rioting_pacifistCheezwhiz: did you try installing it using jokey-kde that tries to avoid problems but im not sure thats relevant to your problem02:35
=== rodrigo_ is now known as blackhawk
CheezwhizI did not, Rioting.  Don't even know what Jokey-kde is to be honest02:37
dr_Willisjokey is the 'hardware-manager' tool ya see in the menus02:37
dr_Willis'hardware-driver-manager' is Jokey  I do think.02:37
maduserhow can you set kopete to open in firefo and not konquer02:37
* X2683 needs to get going. Its late here. Yawn....02:38
dr_WillisHmm..  lets see..02:38
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: that's "hardware drivers" in menu, jockey-kde that is.02:38
CheezwhizAh gotcha.  Yes I tried to install that way and it didn't take.02:39
dr_Willisits jockey-kde02:39
CheezwhizCouple questions before I kill x-server.  How do I get back to the GUI once I do that?02:39
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: with startx02:40
dr_Willisor restart the kdm/gdm service02:40
Cheezwhizk. thx02:41
CheezwhizNot sure what happened, but now my resolution is back to normal.  maybe I just needed to do a startx anyway?02:44
adredsomeone take look at this please:http://paste.ubuntu.com/26346/..i have a problem with /modules and /alises files.02:44
dr_WillisCheezwhiz,  magic? :)02:45
CheezwhizLooks that way lol02:45
dr_WillisCheezwhiz,  the X server is supposed to autoconfigure quite a bit..02:45
CheezwhizMy next question is this.  Everytime I attempt to do "$sudo apt-get install <pkg name>" I get a Segmentation Faulty Tree... 50% line on the console.  Anyone know what that means?02:46
dr_Willisthat sounds... really really bad...02:46
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: Open konsole and run : sudo init 3  Command that will lead you out of graphics mode for sure. ;)02:46
dr_WillisHmm.. ubuntu dosent use the runlevles like that i thought02:46
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/02:46
console_jockeyI'd like to know how I can go about getting the source to an app that I've installed via apt?  Specifically I have installed kweather which does not have a source package specifically listed.  Is there some way with apt that I can retrieve the source or must I just google for it?02:46
Githzeraidr_Willis: Try it ;)02:47
CheezwhizAlright.  Done with nvidia for now.  How do I go about updating without using Adept?  For some reason everytime I attempt to use Adept I get a crash.02:48
adredsomeone take look at this please:http://paste.ubuntu.com/26346/..i have a problem with /modules and /alises files.02:48
console_jockeynm, it appears that apt-get source packagename is what I was looking for...02:51
CheezwhizIt appears that the segmentation faulty tree is cause by corrupt /var/cache/apt/*.bin's, unfortunately I can't figure out how to delete them.  Any ideas?02:55
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: sudo rm -f /var/cache/apt/archives/*.*02:58
CheezwhizYeah, I got it.  Did a little googling02:58
dr_WillisYou get a gold star for googling and reserching!03:00
CheezwhizAlright guys.  Your help so far tonight has been greatly appreciated.  Got the right driver installed, was able to update, and I'm starting to get the hang of it a bit.03:03
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: glad to hear that. ;)03:06
CheezwhizNow I just gotta figure out why Compiz isn't working lol03:06
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: You need to install it first: sudo apt-get install compiz-kde03:07
CheezwhizRight.  I just installed it using the Desktop Effects tool in K-->System03:07
GithzeraiNow install: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager03:08
Githzeraifor easy configuration03:09
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: compiz can be started with: compiz --replace  Use "advanced desktop effects settings" for compiz effect configuration.03:11
CheezwhizAwesome.  I'm getting smoother window transitions now so it's working.  I just gotta mess around with manipulating it03:13
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: well that's the hardest job of all. So many options, so little time . :)03:14
darcywhat does this mean: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.03:15
tony__can someone tell me why my encrypted partition is able to be accessed via linux? what am I doing wrong?03:15
CheezwhizI hear that.  First thing is to set up the cube that I always hear people talk about.  THen I'll move on03:15
* dr_Willis scoffs at the cube03:16
CheezwhizYou don't like it I take it?03:17
dr_WillisIts main use is to make windows-users eyes bug out.03:17
=== C8822814 is now known as chalcedony
dr_Willisthen you turn off all that fluff to get real work done. :)03:18
CheezwhizCompletely understandable.  You have to understand though, that I'm a complete noob, and the cube looks like a cool thing to play around with.  Is it simply eye candy?  Of course, but I need to get my playfulness out before I start messing around with the good stuff.03:19
mr---t-o don't listen to those konsole purists lol03:20
darcyis anyone able to help03:21
dr_Willisdarcy,  you did run the command it suggested? 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' ??03:21
CheezwhizThe konsole purists helped get this OS where it is today.  I'll take the time to listen to anything they have to say...and then respectfully disagree lol03:22
Githzeraidarcy: run: sudo dpkg --configure -a03:22
darcyGithzerai: I did, but it said that I needed superuser authority03:22
Cheezwhizprecede the command with "sudo"03:22
Githzeraidarcy: with sudo :  sudo dpkg --configure -a03:23
dr_WillisLogical eh? :)03:23
dr_Willissince ya ran the apt-get stuff with 'sudo' normally...03:23
darcyGithzerai: nope, thanks. I feel like an idiot now.03:24
dr_Willis'is this command going to affect the whole system.... if yes... sudo will be needed'03:24
mr---t-Cheezwhiz:  I was just joking03:24
dr_Willisis how i explained it to  the guys at work.03:24
CheezwhizI know lol03:24
Githzeraidarcy: don't, it's a common mistake ;)03:24
darcyGithzerai: one more question - i messed around with my window view and now I don't have the x on the top to closeout - any ideas?03:25
Githzeraidarcy: kwin --replace03:25
CheezwhizHmm....can't get the cube to work.  I can get my screen to flip between 2 desktops, but that's it03:25
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: general options - desktop size in ccsm03:26
CheezwhizNot working.  It keeps reverting back to 1.03:27
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: horisontal virtual size slider or whatever it is...03:28
CheezwhizThere we go.  That let's me unfold it.03:28
=== FoxIII is now known as FoxIII_out
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: Now go to rotate effect and turn it on for cube effect03:29
Githzerai*cune rotation effect03:29
=== ccadieux is now known as cadoo
marthiConnect to Wireless on Hp laptop03:31
marthiBroadcom drivers03:31
Githzeraidarcy: did it help ?03:31
marthiI need a help on this03:31
dr_Willis#1 - determine the exact wireless chipset in the thing.03:32
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:32
CheezwhizAwesome.  Got it figured out.  My wife doesn't understand my desire to see it, but whatever lol03:33
dr_WillisMy HP laptop had the Broadcom 4310 chipset.. for some reason the b43 modles did not work with it. I had to use ndiswrappers.03:33
dr_WillisCheezwhiz,  the compiz zoom effect. and the 'show previews in panel' are a little  more usefull eyecandy :)03:33
dr_WillisWiggly windows makes my wife dizzy03:33
ubottuccsm is To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion03:33
CheezwhizI'll check that out03:34
dr_WillisThose are bout the only 2 effects i even enable.03:34
dr_WillisWife likes the zoom so she can zoom in on web pages and stuff easier03:34
CheezwhizWould imagine that that would help get rid of my "books online" induced headaches03:35
tmbgwife likes the pr0n eh?03:35
dr_WillisI still need to track down a Huge monitor I can read my comic books on. :)03:35
tmbgsay, what manual would one look in to figure out how to get konsole to use bash for new shells instead of sh?03:36
dr_WillisHmm.. bash is the default user shell.03:36
dr_Williskonsole has profiles  You can set to launch other shells.03:36
dr_WillisThis is the kde3 konsole we are talking about right?03:37
Githzeraitmbg: default shel is bash, unless u set it different in user configuration.03:38
tmbgoh I'm being stupid. I'm in kubuntu right now, but that was at work in freebsd+kde.03:38
tmbgmy bad03:39
CheezwhizWell....got it installed, got compiz working....the question is, now what? lol03:39
CheezwhizI suppose I should start trying to figure out how to get EQ2 to run with wine or cedega...03:39
dr_WillisThats... sort of sad...03:40
GithzeraiCheezwhiz: now enjoy ;)03:41
CheezwhizWhat's sad? lol03:41
dr_WillisIRC is the ultimate MMORPG03:41
Githzeraidr_Willis: :)03:41
CheezwhizBah.  Used to be.  Course games like Zork used to be the head of the gaming industry too, but you know.03:42
* dr_Willis recalls a ZORK bot once...03:42
darcyGithzerai: yes, thanks. one more thing - I have an rpm file I'm trying to install. I have installed the rpm program to deal with it, but I can't find the program anywhere03:42
bucketheadCrap. I had figured out how to mount smb but I forgot. Can someone point me towards making a script to do it for me?03:42
dr_Willisbuckethead,  if you really want to be lazy the 'smb4k' program lets you browse/mount samba shares.03:43
dr_Willisit actually Mounts them to the users smb4k/ShareName directory. :)03:43
Githzeraidarcy: alien in konsole. But I would strongly suggest that you find propper .deb pacakage if possible.03:43
bucketheadI'd like to build a script so I can push one button and auto-mount everything on home servers.03:43
bucketheadI'll check out smb4k in the mean time.03:43
dr_Willisbuckethead,  you may want to chek out the 'fusesmb' tool also. it basicially 'mounts' the whole 'network neighborhood' to a directory03:44
dr_Willis!info fusesmb03:44
ubottufusesmb (source: fusesmb): filesystem client based on the SMB file transfer protocol. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.7-1 (hardy), package size 30 kB, installed size 140 kB03:44
bucketheadThats interesting. How fast is it?03:44
dr_Willisa command like 'fusesmb Network'    and poof the whole Lan is there. :)03:44
dr_Willisif you are worried about speed.. smb is  a bottleneck :)03:45
dr_Willisnot really tested how the fuse is vs the normal mounting..  seemed about the same to me03:45
dr_WillisI tend to toss large avi files all over the place with no hassles.03:45
dr_Willisfor Linxu to Linux - NFS is MUCH faster03:45
bucketheadCan I run them side/side? I need win compatibility..03:46
dr_Willisthis is linux.. of course you can........03:46
dr_WillisI do recall some mention of NFS for windows.. but never did find it.03:46
darcyGithzerai: what is a .deb package - I installed it from the synaptic package manager.03:46
bucketheadHeh. Around the people I know.. Simple is required.03:47
dr_Willisfor simple/quick and easy transfers.. winscp + ssh - is handy.03:47
Githzeraidarcy: I suggested that u find .deb instead of .rpm package u have ;)03:47
dr_Willisbut it may be a bit slower.. but its easy to get going. and almost fool proof. :)03:47
darcyGithzerai: I'm trying to install lightscribe and this is direct from their website.03:48
dr_WillisI got the lightscripe label and otehr tools the other day from their web site.03:48
dr_WillisWorked decently well.. takes 5+ min to make a label however.03:49
Githzeraidarcy: yes, but don't they have a deb package for download also ?03:49
dr_WillisI was pretty sure they had deb packages for the labeler and other package.03:49
cadoodarcy: i just checked they have deb files there as while03:50
darcycadoo: thanks - I'm going there now.03:50
dr_Willisthers 2 packages ya got to get. :)03:51
cadoonice to see a company with good linux support!03:52
darcyThanks a great deal dr_Willis, cadoo and Githzeral03:53
CheezwhizAlright guys.  I'm off for the night.  Gotta get some sleep.  Thanks again for the help and I'm sure I'll see you tomorrow.03:53
dr_WillisHmm theres 2  different lightscribe laberler programs out.. one is shown above.. the other is from the laCie company.. but i cant find a direct link to a .deb on their web site..03:54
dr_Williswget http://uploads.mitechie.com/lightscribe/4l_1.0-r6_i386.deb03:55
dr_Willisis from an 'unoffical' site.. not sure if thats up to date.03:55
darcydr_Willis: thanks - appreciate it03:56
dr_Willisthose label progrms.. are both very basic. but they did the job. :)03:56
=== root is now known as Guest15684
dr_Willisgrab some fancy label templates/images from the lighscribe page to use with the 4L labeler also03:57
bucketheadWhat the .. "mount error: permission denied or not superuser and mount.cifs not installed SUID"  <- I thought I had fstab skills, guess not.03:59
dr_Willisbuckethead, whats giving this?03:59
dr_Willis ls -l /sbin/mount.cifs04:00
dr_Willis-rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 23K 2008-06-30 11:57 /sbin/mount.cifs*04:00
dr_WillisLooks like my mount.cifs is 'suid'  I think04:00
bucketheadI figured out how to mount the smb shares again and now i'm trying to make it something that I can mount as user04:00
dr_Willisthe 'user' and 'users' option dosent work eh?04:01
bucketheadI thought the user fstab option gave that o_004:01
dr_Willismay be not for smb/cifs?04:01
dr_Willisor mount.cifs needs to be SUID04:01
mefisto__question about memtest: is it unusual for memtest to sometimes show failures and sometimes pass all the tests? does that suggest my ram is ok but I have some other hardware problem?04:01
dr_WillisI would power off the box.. take out all ram, clean/reseat it.. and try again.. give the pc a good cleaning also...04:02
Githzeraimefisto__: I shouldn't happen anyway. RAM can't "sometimes" be good04:03
mefisto__dr_Willis: clean? you mean the contact pins? just wipe them, remove dust etc?04:03
dr_WillisYes to all of that mefisto__04:03
=== fukkass is now known as toiletwater
dr_WillisIts not as big a deal these days.. but i have seen chips get a little loose.04:04
dr_WillisOne problem PC i had.. had a loose screw... stuck under the motherboard... that caused all kinds of issues..04:04
mefisto__Githzerai: that's what I thought. so if I can sometimes get it to pass, but sometimes utterly fail all tests, it's not the ram but something else04:05
dr_Willisalso with memtest. remove all ram. except for one stick, test that stick by itself..04:05
dr_Willisit may be the ram socket thats bad.04:05
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest95657
dr_WillisHad a PC once that for some reason one ram slot was bad.04:06
=== Guest95657 is now known as hdd7
tmbgcould be flaky power.04:06
tmbgcapacitor in the mb's power supply circuitry going south or the like.04:06
dr_Willisdead mouse on the motheboard... :)04:06
Githzeraimefisto__: Doesn't necessary mean it isn't RAM. Maybe module overheated for a moment (memtest gives it a full use ;) )or something equaly simple but problematic...04:07
mefisto__I'll get my cat to take a look at it :)04:07
bucketheaddr_Willis: If I chown the folder to myself, I can pull it off but it asked my password again.. Kind of defeats the purpose.04:08
bucketheadGood enough.04:08
=== jennifer is now known as ishbale
=== jeff_ is now known as slashquit
ishbaleyo willis04:14
ishbalewats a good updated ipod tool for linux04:15
mefistofeleamarok baby04:15
ishbalewats a good updated ipod tool for linux04:15
ishbalei try both brb04:15
bucketheadwhat are you trying to do?04:16
bucketheadfor video, go with gtkpod+04:16
bucketheadFor audio, amarok04:16
Richie086ah ive never used amarok to interact with the ipod04:16
bucketheadThe main reason why I use amarok for music is because it handles all the rest of my music. Provides an easier interface.04:17
Richie086btw ive been a long time linux user that is using kubuntu for my first time.. this is truely an awesome linux distro.. goodbye fedora..04:18
slashquiti like it myself, but i won't even mention what i switched from04:18
nuxilwhy is firefox 2 the same as firefox 3 ?04:20
Richie086it was funny i thought fedora was solid but just recently there were all these little issues that kept popping up that eventually made me take a chance on trying out a different distro.. been using redhat products since 5.104:20
Richie086how is it the same?04:20
slashquitnot sure. my adept lists ff 3 as firefox, but ff2 as firefox-204:20
nuxilfirefox --version and firefox-2 --version shows correct.. but if yo open up the firefoxes and go on "about" you see that ff-2 == ff304:20
Richie086yeah that is weird04:21
slashquit2 == 3? thought that only happened on pentia.04:21
nuxiland i need version 204:21
Richie086whats pentia?04:21
nuxilnot a clue04:22
slashquitmine has listed firefox-3.0 for firefox and firefox-2 for firefox. curious.04:22
nuxilsame here04:22
nuxilff and ff-3.0 is same04:22
slashquitpentia? umm.. very expensive burner elements built by a company in albuquerque.04:22
nuxilslashquit & Richie086, do you got em both installed ?04:23
slashquiti only got 3.0 installed04:23
nuxilcan you try to install 2 and see if you got same problem?04:24
slashquiti missed what the problem was04:25
Richie086actually funny u should mention ff2/3 cuz that was one of the issues i was having with fedora, i had 2 and 3 installed and as my normal user account for the life of me i could not get firefox 3 to launch on my regualar user account even if i went into the install directory and ran it ./firefox it would still run the old version and it was pissing me off..04:25
Richie086i only have 3 installed and kind of plan on keeping it that way04:25
nuxilso you have the same prob04:25
Richie086is that actually the issue ur having?04:26
slashquitok i got 2 and 3 running04:26
Richie086where you ahve two copies installed but only one will launch?04:26
nuxilwell.. i need ff2 but only ff3 is starting04:26
slashquitand two links on the internet directory04:26
slashquitok 2 just crashed04:26
Richie086LOL wow same issue just backwards04:26
nuxileven if i rm ff3 and start ff2, its shown as ff304:26
nuxilits kinda anoying04:27
Richie086and get this, for some reason in ff2 if i entered a search term into the google search to the left of the address bar and hit enter, nothing would happen04:27
slashquitok so loading 2 opens up 304:27
nuxilthere is no version 204:27
Richie086and the back button no longer worked.. i removed and reinstalled same issue.04:28
nuxili need to use a smart card reader and the site only supports version 2.. well.. i havent gotten version 3 to work. the java app dosent start up on that site.04:29
slashquitah i think both versions open up firefox in /usr/bin, but there are ff 2 and 3 scripts, but maybe the main firefox file is the one that's called when you open it up04:30
nuxiltime to hack tha scripts :P04:30
slashquitso i guess it executes the main binaries out of a usr/lib/firefox library04:31
Richie086one thing my roommate mentioned while i was intalling kubuntu in regard tot he firefox issue, look in ur home dir to see if there is a .mozilla directory04:32
nuxilmoz_libdir=/usr/lib/firefox-2 but there is no such dir.. strange04:33
nuxilfrom at /usr/bin/firefox-204:33
Richie086there might be some kinda script that runs when u launch firefox that says where to look..04:33
nuxilRichie086, them all are just scripts04:33
slashquiti got a .mozilla folder04:34
slashquitdunno richie, it looks like it opens up some sort of library, but i know jack about scripts and *nix in general04:35
Richie086let me look @ mine04:37
nuxillol..i have no idea what i just did,, but its started up.. no java though04:38
slashquitmaybe if you only run one at a time it will work04:40
Richie086welll while its running check top to see if it shows the path its running under04:41
slashquitok so it looks like if you're already running it and you try to run another app, it defaults to whichever one is loaded04:42
Richie086java is easy enough to get working again04:42
slashquiti would say run one at a time, otherwise maybe you could run one under another account04:43
nuxilLOL yea..there is def something strange..if i open ff2. then open ff3. ff3 becomes ff2 LOL and VS04:44
slashquitall versions must use the same external variables and objects and all that shared memory stuff with the OS04:45
Richie086sounds that way04:45
slashquitexecuting it checks with the code to see if it's loaded, if it is, then it traps it and spawns another process rather than reload it. i would guess maybe it could be run under a different account tho.04:45
slashquitmaybe like with a runas or sudo or something it could work04:46
slashquitlike i said, i know jack about linux. i just installed it like a week ago.04:48
slashquitreal operating systems are new to me04:49
nuxilwell. welcome to the linux world :) noob :p04:49
slashquitwhy thank you very much04:49
nuxilok. now i need to get java working again04:50
slashquityou might have to install the java plugin via adept04:52
nuxilslashquit, do you like linux ?04:53
slashquitit hasn't crashed on me yet04:54
bucketheadIs there a good GUI front end to ffmpeg anywhere? I'm having a bear of a time trying to convert for ipod.04:54
nuxilbuckethead, maybe transcoding ?04:54
nuxilor was it transcoder. i dont remember04:54
=== root is now known as Guest59738
bucketheadI got nothing under either.04:55
=== Guest59738 is now known as root
=== root is now known as Guest83266
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gtranscoder04:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gtranscode04:56
nuxilthouse ones04:56
nuxilyou must enable multiverse or universe,, not sure.. check the wiki04:57
Githzerai!info gtranscoder04:58
ubottuPackage gtranscoder does not exist in hardy04:58
nuxili got it in my repo :p04:58
Githzerai!info gtranscode04:59
ubottugtranscode (source: gtranscode): GTK front-end for transcode. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.3-0.1build1 (hardy), package size 18 kB, installed size 84 kB04:59
GithzeraiThere it is... :)04:59
nuxilwe need a ktranscoder :P05:01
nuxili bet 5 bucks ther is one somewhere05:01
=== root is now known as Guest69510
nuxiljava dosent work :\05:06
=== toiletwater is now known as lorenisgay
=== Guest69510 is now known as root
=== root is now known as Guest94476
=== lorenisgay is now known as applesauce
bucketheadIt runs. Hopefully it will also work. LOL.05:10
nuxilno it dosent.. it dosent load java app on sites..05:10
=== Cheezwhiz is now known as Cheezwhiz-AFK
solifugusHow can I turn on my ssh server on kubuntu, so i can remotely ssh into it?05:12
nuxilbut you probealy want to configure it first05:12
solifugusok.. first step.. i need to install it.05:13
solifugusI just need to backup this laptop... so i can send it in for repair.05:13
solifugusthis is across my local network..05:13
nuxilon remote pc run sshd and on pc you want to accsess from ssh IP05:13
solifugusnormally its /etc/init.d/sshd start  ---> after kubuntu install, it was /etc/init.d/ssh start   (they just leave out the d)05:16
solifugusi wrote a script to tunnel a tar stream over ssh to a storage device on an winxp machine, using cygwin.05:19
solifugusmy test worked.. so.. here goes 200GB of backups..05:19
nuxilsolifugus, if you want to do backup you lappy over nertwork , you can also use netcat05:20
ubottuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper05:28
nuxiljava app fail to start in ff3.. in ff2 it says it cant load java plugin . i have installed about all stuff named java now from the repo. anyone got an idea why it fails ?05:30
nuxili hate java with all of my hart05:34
mr---t-did you load the jre package or from javas site?05:36
nuxilmr---t-, what you mean?05:39
nuxili just install stuff from apt05:39
mr---t-I know that ff3  java doesn't work if you install from the sun website05:40
nuxilno i didnt do that05:40
mr---t-I also know that mozilla has an add on for java that will interfere with it waorking05:41
nuxilon the site im trying to access. it says. start: applet not omotoalized05:41
nuxilthats in ff305:42
nuxilin ff2 it says it cant load java plugin05:42
mr---t-stupid question  did you rstart ff after installing05:42
nuxilthat site05:43
nuxilcan you load it ?05:43
nuxilthat was wrong05:44
mr---t-I m not sure it's not in english05:44
nuxilclick on Ny epost05:44
nuxilit should be in the top middle of the site05:45
nuxilmr---t-, just look at the status bar05:46
nuxilwhat it say?05:46
mr---t-yes i can load it  I can't read it  but can load it05:46
calcmandanrunning 8.04.1 on an e2180 cpu with 2gb of ram.  My machine was running just fine today.  Shut it down properly.  I came back to boot it back up and it won't boot up.  Tells me to choose a bootable media and hit a key.  So I'm now loaded on a live disc and mounted the hdd.  I am seeing root right now.  Anyone know where I should look to see why grub isn't loading?05:46
nuxilmr---t-, why do you think i cant load it?05:47
mr---t-what's the error  in english05:47
flaccidnuxil: sorry i just got here, what is your issue?05:48
nuxilmr---t-, in ff2 or ff3 ?05:48
nuxilflaccid, i cant get java working,,05:48
mr---t-ff3 they may be looking for windoze05:49
flaccidcalcmandan: if your grub is not loading at all it may not be installed or needs re-install.05:49
flaccid!grubfix | calcmandan05:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about grubfix05:49
flaccid!fixgrub | calcmandan05:49
ubottucalcmandan: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:49
flaccidnuxil: which browser and which java?05:49
calcmandanflaccid: I had grub installed before. it booted up just fine until just a bit ago.05:49
nuxilflaccid, ff2 and ff3 and all versions.05:49
nuxil5 and 605:49
mr---t-flaccid got you I'm out05:50
flaccidcalcmandan: yeah i read that. but asking for bootable media usually means it can't find an MBR if the disks *are* being detected05:50
flaccidmr---t-: huh?05:50
flaccidnuxil: hardy?05:50
nuxilflaccid, im trying to access my site. on a norwegian gambling site. the site is java. and they are suppose to support windows and linux. but not mac05:51
nuxilflaccid, yes05:51
mr---t-you are better equiped to help than I05:51
nuxilflaccid, i got this smart card reader i need for identification. i got it working. easly. but not java :\05:52
flaccidmr---t-: i am, eeek */me runs away :o05:52
flaccidnuxil: does this java display? http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml05:52
nuxil1 sec05:52
nuxil"Test your JVM" and its blank.05:54
nuxillet me try ff305:54
nuxilit started in ff305:55
flaccidwhich browser didn't work with the above URL, nuxil?05:56
nuxilflaccid, not by any chance norwegian?05:56
flaccidah yeah i had problems with that one and don't think i could work it out. run firefox2 from konsole, then goto the java test page above and then paste the output it does in konsole to pastebin05:57
* mr---t- wonders if running both versions could cause a conflict?05:57
calcmandanflaccid: i reinstalled grub using the directinos on that page. If it works man, thank you.05:58
nuxilmr---t-, lol thats funny.. if you start up ff2. then startup ff3. ff3 becomes ff2 and VS05:58
nuxilflaccid, hold on05:58
flaccidcalcmandan: sweet as np05:59
flaccidnuxil: yeah thats how they designed it i think with the ubuntu packaging05:59
* mr---t- guess i'm thinking like windoze....06:00
nuxilflaccid, looks bad06:01
flaccidnuxil: i can't load that page for some reason06:07
flaccidsomething wrong with their server or something06:07
nuxilwhat does it say06:08
nuxilflaccid, did you use ff2 or ff3 ?06:08
flaccidnothing, and a few weird tags in the source06:08
flaccidkonq and opera06:08
nuxilkonq is not supported on that site, but opera is,06:09
flaccidnuxil: put it up on http://paste.ubuntu.com ?06:09
flaccidon pastebin.ca ?06:09
nuxilyes pls06:09
flaccidanyway paste it on the ubuntu pastebin and i'll check it out06:09
nuxil<tr height="3"><td></td></tr>06:12
nuxilthouse are the tags is get06:12
flaccidnuxil: goto http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and put in the output from running firefox from konsole and loading the java test page06:12
nuxili did already06:12
flaccidno @ the ubuntu pastebin06:13
nuxilwhy there?06:13
flaccid[15:09] <flaccid> nuxil: put it up on http://paste.ubuntu.com ?06:13
flaccidbecause your pastebin.ca link aint working for me06:13
flaccidnuxil: did you set up sun java and thats what you want to use or the open java out of the box06:17
nuxilopen java out of the box06:17
flaccidnuxil: when you goto the java test page in fx3, what type of java does it say you are using once the applet is fully loaded?06:19
nuxil1 sec06:19
nuxilit says im using 1.606:21
nuxiljava 606:21
flaccidnuxil: which vendor?06:22
nuxilsun microsystems inc06:23
flaccidso you did install sun.06:23
nuxilno i havent, unless ff has done it for me.06:23
nuxili only use apt or adept to install stuff06:24
flaccidnuxil: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=842739 but i never got it to work myself. you may need sudo update-alternatives --config java . it might also be a good idea to go over https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java06:24
nuxilflaccid, what does your vendor say06:24
flaccidi use Sun06:24
nuxil*         4    /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun/jre/bin/java is set to default06:25
flaccidum you should upgrade and use java 1.6.0 / 606:26
flaccidfeel free to pastebin dpkg -l | grep java06:26
flaccidyou have at least 3 javas installed06:29
flaccidwhat is your sudo update-java-alternatives -l ?06:29
nuxiljava-1.5.0-sun 53 /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun06:29
nuxiljava-6-openjdk 1061 /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk06:30
nuxiljava-gcj 1042 /usr/lib/jvm/java-gcj06:30
flaccidyou might want to update alternatives and select only sun06:30
nuxilerm.. im going to remove all java related suff..06:32
flaccidthere is some you shouldn't remove but yeah06:34
nuxilhehe.. to late :p06:34
nuxilso everything i purged now06:34
flaccidcool, i guess. from memory one of those might be needed by firefox, but anyway06:34
nuxilshould i only install sun-java6-bin and sun-java6-jre  ?06:35
flaccidi never got sun java to work in firefox2 on hardy due to an exception06:35
flaccidand sun-java6-plugin06:35
nuxilok. trying that06:35
nuxilsoon i need some sticks to hold my eyes open.. its 7:30 am and i been messing with this all night06:36
chalcedonynuxil: it's like that06:36
flaccidwell i messed with trying to get it working for hours as well. opera is my main browser so it didn't matter much. i went to #firefox for some help and they didn't care, the only thing they cared about is the launch of fx3. no wonder i prefer qt stuff06:37
nuxilbleh.. it doesnt work.. i06:39
=== zsr is now known as zsr_
nuxili'll continue this carp tomorrow06:39
orvv_kwifi don,t hawe wpa206:44
orvv_what to use?06:44
orvv_I need this ASAP06:44
tuxwulfInstall the supplicant thing?06:47
flaccidorvv_: knetworkmanager06:52
orvv_is it possible to dowload the package into a usb flash?06:57
flaccidorvv_: yes06:57
orvv_are heron packages on some website?06:57
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", the "apt:/" URL in KDE, or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!06:58
flaccidanyone use a program or something to get youtube movies from youtube URLs ?07:02
flaccidah youtube-dl07:03
_2cool  i just applied a patch to libdvdread3 and now i can rib the newer dvd titles07:03
flaccidsweet. i hope that makes the package?07:03
_2flaccid yeah.  i got it from debian.org sid07:04
_2as a tarball of course.07:05
flaccidah coolio07:05
* _2 is happy now.07:05
* _2 gets tic'd when he can't copy/edit/rewrite/hack/'and generally manipulate in any way he chooses' anything on/in his computer.07:06
_2is that an FOSS thang ???07:07
RawSushihmm, why is there no sound in KDE by default?07:07
RawSushiI can't seem to figure out how to fix it07:07
flaccidRawSushi: there is sound by default, you must have a problem of some kind07:08
RawSushiyeah, in gnome there is07:08
RawSushibut in KDE..not on my end07:08
_2alt+f2 enter blah!07:09
_2hear glass break ?07:09
flaccidRawSushi: check kmix and alsamixer to make sure its not muted or turned down. also test that alsa can play within kde with aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav07:09
flaccidok you don't have to then.07:09
RawSushino n07:09
RawSushino no07:09
RawSushiI was answering _207:09
_2flaccid :)07:09
RawSushiI will try what you said :P07:10
_2there is also a sound trouble shooting page    not that it will actually help...07:10
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:10
tuxwulf!dolphin | tuxwulf07:11
ubottutuxwulf, please see my private message07:11
anom01yhow can I change the default file manager from dolphin back to konqueror ?07:11
flaccidanom01y: system settings | default applications07:12
anom01yflaccid: there is no spot there to change default file manager07:12
anom01yjust default browser, email, terminal07:12
flaccidanom01y: you have to do it per extension/mime type in file associations07:12
flaccidi mean default file manager wouldn't really work because of all the different files07:13
_2there is an "alternative" on that isn't there ?  x-file-manager   or something ?07:16
_2in /usr/bin/07:16
_2maybe not.07:16
_2x-session-manager    x-window-manager    x-terminal-emulator  x-www-browser07:16
_2nothing on file manager in dapper07:17
flaccid!enter | _207:18
ubottu_2: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:18
_2now i have to distribute this patch to several other boxen.   at least they are all one arch07:18
_2that ?07:18
flacciddon't do that.07:18
_2don't be a jerk,  you know i dont use enter a punct.07:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about respect07:19
_2you don't,  i wont.   :)07:19
flaccid_2: you have offended me. please read the rules and be respectful as per the CoC.07:20
_2lol  :)))   ok.07:20
flaccid_2: one piece of advice. don't call users names on irc.07:20
_2i call everyone names.   how else can we tell whom we are addressing ?07:21
flaccid_2: by their nickname, not by 'jerk' or other terms07:22
_2like i said,  you don't act like one, i wont either.07:22
flaccid_2: i don't make the rules, i just enforce them. you act like many things, but i aint calling you by them because of the rules and CoC.07:23
_2are you finished ?07:24
flaccidi am unless you continue.07:24
* _2 always continues.07:24
_2continue to what?  btw07:25
* flaccid yawns07:26
stdinDaddy's home, behave children07:26
_2stdin lol07:26
jussi01And big brother...07:26
flaccidim not a child.07:26
Tm_Thi stdin son07:26
_2jussi01  hey,  are you watching me ?07:27
jussi01I watch everyone07:27
Tm_Tjussi01: me too?07:27
jussi01Now lets get back on topic shall we?07:27
_2what topic ?07:27
stdinthe one in the topic :)07:27
_2i'm waiting for a question to show up.07:27
jussi01Kubuntu Support :)07:27
_2are we on topic now ?07:31
_2here's a new topic  "thank god _2 left"  you can all talk about that noe.07:39
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rasmusHi! I have some problem usng a external harddrive.08:58
rasmusi've got a LaCie usb 2,0 disk. Before i had some problems mounting the drive but that is solved thanx to some threads on a forum09:00
greeklegendgo on..09:00
rasmusSo, now the problem is that i can't transfer files containing "bizarr" letters like &, åäö, and such09:00
greeklegendi don't think the FAT filesystem supports putting letters like that in filenames? am i wrong?09:01
greeklegenddo you really need to use these characters?09:01
rasmusWell, i think it's a NTFS system09:01
rasmusWell, since i'm swedish åäö for exemple is pretty well used in file-names09:02
greeklegendNTFS? hmm i'll try making a file on my ntfs partition09:02
rasmusthe thing is that i want to back up my harddrive, and it's not relly conventient to change names on files ;-).09:03
greeklegendyeah i gotcha09:03
greeklegendok well i managed to make a file with the ä09:03
rasmusah, i see09:04
greeklegendwhat are you using to copy the stuff?09:04
rasmusso, do you have any idea of what i sould do09:04
rasmusWell i used dolphin and konqueror09:04
rasmusand they both say that they can't write to the disk09:04
rasmusMy old lacie-disk generates no problems though09:04
greeklegendwhat kubuntu version are you using?09:05
rasmusgutsy gibbon09:05
greeklegendhmm ok i can do it but i'm on hardy09:07
greeklegendcan you copy the files in the terminal?09:07
rasmus well, my old harddrive has a fat partition. Is it possible for me to format my hardrive to fat, using linux?09:07
rasmusHow do i use the terminal for copying?09:07
greeklegendwe certainly can format your harddrive to fat but lets try that later09:08
rasmusso the copying then09:08
greeklegendahh lets say you have a file called /home/ramus/äää09:08
greeklegendand your harddrive is mounted at /media/harddrive09:08
greeklegendtry "cp /home/ramus/äää /media/harddrive"09:08
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rasmuspleas wait and i'll try09:10
rasmusthat's strange, it says it cant find the file on my harddrive, i'll check the spelling09:12
greeklegendhang on, are you copying files off the harddrive onto your computer or from your computer to your harddrive09:14
rasmusfrom my computer. For some reason the konsole don't find any of my files i'm trying to open or copy. I guess i have miss spelled something09:15
rasmusbut i can't see what09:15
hateballTry tab-completing them :)09:15
greeklegendyou're in the wrong directory?09:15
rasmusthat could be the reason. Should i be in the "copy from"- directory?09:16
greeklegenddo you know how to change directory in the console?09:16
rasmuswell, appearently i was there09:16
rasmusYes, and i'm in my home-folder09:17
rasmusthere i have my file "a" (can try "ä" later), but it wouln't find it09:17
greeklegendtry ./a instead of a09:17
rasmusthe dot before the slash?09:18
rasmussorry, does not work :-(09:18
greeklegendis the file there if you type "ls"?09:19
rasmusi wrote this:  cp /home/ramus./a /media/harddrive09:19
rasmusNo sorry09:19
rasmuscp /home/ramus/a /media/LaCie09:19
rasmusThat was the first i tried.09:20
greeklegendok that should have worked09:20
hateballcould try adding a / tho09:20
hateball /media/LaCie/09:20
greeklegendhow are you creating this file? if it doesn't show up in ls something must be seriously wrong...09:21
rasmusno, sorry, didn't work. But now it's not the drive but the file on my computer that is not working. Strange, i'll try to copy it some where else on my drive09:22
rasmuswell, i copied to my home-folder using konqueror09:22
hateballtouch x && cp x x209:22
rasmusand konqueror opens it all right09:22
greeklegendok how about we start from the begining09:23
rasmusthis is really strange. What can be wrong? I tried copy to another place on my computer. It keeps on telling me the source file don't exist09:23
greeklegendcd ~09:23
greeklegendtouch ./abc09:23
greeklegendcp ./abc /media/laCie09:24
hateballcd ~09:24
hateballtouch x && cp x x209:24
hateballis easier :p09:24
hateballshould give you x and x2 in the current dir09:24
rasmuswhait, should i write "touch ./abc" or just "./abc", sorry for my lack of english-knowlidge09:25
greeklegend"touch ./abc"09:25
rasmusok, that's done09:25
sbucatinowho knows alsa input device /dev/etcet  with mic boosteed09:26
=== eloquence is now known as elo_
greeklegend"cp ./abc /media/laCie"09:26
elo_sup people09:26
rasmusHateball, thanx for the help, but it's esier to just get help from one person ;-)09:26
greeklegendlol good to have someone making sure i don't say anything wrong09:26
rasmusthat worked09:26
greeklegendok now let's try...09:27
rasmusso, ill try to make a file containing a ä then09:27
elo_guys i used to run kubuntu feisty and it's been a long time since i have personalized kubuntu, but i recently installed 8.04 and am kinda lost on a few things09:28
rasmusthat didn't work09:28
arkygeek_hi.  in kde4, i don't get focus unless i click on the title bar of a window.... how do i set it so that I get focus by clicking anywhere on a window?09:28
hateballSo it's probably been mounted with ISO-blabla instead of UTF-8 then09:28
rasmussome thing like "not valid or complet" (i get error messages in swedish)09:28
elo_for .deb files i remember having the ability to right click and choose to install it, on this new kubuntu i dont have that choice and have to use the console to do it. also i recently installed a few programs using the repositories and am unable to find any of them in the menu (i'm running the kde4 version)09:29
rasmuswell, i tried changing that before when mounting i dolphin. Didn't make any differens but maybe i should try again09:29
hateballtry mounting in the terminal09:29
rasmusah, great, how do i do?09:29
hateballI'll skip the sudo, fill in when you're prompted09:30
hateballunmount /media/lacie09:30
hateballor whatever it was09:30
greeklegendits umount i think :P09:30
greeklegendnot unmount09:30
hateballhold on!09:31
rasmusunmount didn't work, so i guess your right ;-)09:31
greeklegendsorry i have to go to dinner....09:31
greeklegendi'll leave you in hateball's good hands09:31
rasmusok, thanx a lot for all the help!09:31
arkygeek_rasmus: umount09:31
rasmusno, it's unmounted09:31
hateballmount -o iocharset=utf8 /dev/sdWhatever /some/dir/09:32
hateballI think...09:32
* hateball ponders09:32
rasmushehe, so, what about sd whatever?09:32
hateballWell the disk is discovered as /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc or something09:32
rasmusso i change it to the apropriate name?09:33
rasmussdb1 could that be right?09:33
hateballif you have one hdd in the system, it's quite likely09:33
rasmusand "some/dir" what, do i write there?09:34
hateballthen it needs to be mounted in to an existing dir09:34
hateballso.... mkdir /media/usbdisk09:34
hateballor something09:34
hateballand mount to that09:34
rasmusso then i write: mount -o iocharset=utf8 /dev/sdb1 /media/usbdisk?09:36
hateballassuming I got the syntax right09:36
hateballdont normally force charsets...09:37
rasmusyou've got!09:37
rasmusok :-)09:37
rasmusso, now i try to copie again right?09:37
hateballyou could just touch /media/yourdir/åäö09:37
* hateball touches because it's a nice thing to do09:38
hateballThe bad touch09:38
yao_ziyua1am i right that kde 4.1 beta packages are not authenticated?09:39
ocs__hi. how can i force an x window app (my_app) to be displayed at position x,y on the screen ?09:39
rasmusso i'll do that directly to the usbdrive?09:39
hateballYe rasmus09:41
rasmusthat seemed to work, i'll check09:41
rasmushm, the file is there!09:41
rasmusso, should i try to move a file with konqueror maybe09:41
hateballcd ~ && touch åäö && cp åäö /media/disk/09:41
hateballso you can see if it can copy09:42
hateballbut sure, konqueror should work as well :)09:42
rasmushey! Your my heroe for the day!09:42
hateballnajs ;d09:42
rasmusso how do i keep it mounting this way?09:43
rasmusWill it remeber?09:43
hateballI think there's a way to configure the automounter...09:43
hateballBut dunno how09:43
hateballor you can add the drive to /etc/fstab09:43
hateballto have it permanently mounted09:43
rasmusok, but what happens if i wsitch it of?09:44
hateballor you just make a little script that does the mounting09:44
hateballNot much, it wont be accessible is all09:44
rasmusok, great. So how do i add it?09:44
hateballlets see09:45
=== kloeri_ is now known as kloeri
hateballWell I dunno09:46
hateballit's not a good solution09:47
hateballif you switch that disk for another or something it wont behave proper09:47
hateballBetter to fix the automount thingy09:47
rasmuswell, i've got another problem to i'm afraid09:47
hateballJust killing time at work anyhow :D09:48
rasmushahaha. Great!09:48
rasmusmy computer is keeping on telling me the drive (tha't you just helped me with) has a size of 10 mb. Well, it's a 500 GB drive.09:49
hateballNow that is a problem09:49
hateballis konqueror telling you that?09:50
hateballwhat does "df -h" tell you?09:50
tictric_-h means human readable09:51
tictric_try 'man df'09:51
rasmusi'll just write it like that?09:51
hateballIt wasnt a question tictric_  :)09:51
hateballye rasmus09:51
tictric_to helpful like always :)09:52
rasmusit tells me the same, 10M09:52
hateballhow weird09:52
hateballis the drive new?09:52
rasmusin deed09:52
rasmusgot it today09:52
rasmusnot formatted?09:52
hateballperhaps weirdly09:52
hateballyou could slap it around with fdisk09:53
tictric_hateball: just saw the question out of the corner of the eye (the right one)09:53
hateballor if you dont mind a few gnome packages, apt-get install gparted09:53
hateballand use that09:53
hateballNo harm done tictric_  ;)09:53
hateballI'm not a kde guy, is there a gparted equiv?09:54
rasmuswell, i don't mind using gparted09:54
rasmusi guess, haven't tried it09:54
hateballah :)09:55
rasmusshould i use that instad?09:55
hateballwell either works09:55
rasmussorry, my spelling is getting wors09:55
rasmusto hungry ;-D09:55
hateballI know the feeling09:55
hateballBeen up for over 30 hours now with no sleep... and hungry09:55
rasmusare you native english speakers?09:56
rasmusoh, that's crazy09:56
hateball /me hails from sweden09:56
rasmusmen va fan, kunde vi inte snacka svenska då?09:56
hateballEnglish chan ;)09:56
hateballPlus someone else could learn a thing :)09:56
rasmusyeah, that's allright09:57
* hateball waits for his workbuddy to get into the office so he can go home09:57
hateballWork yesterday... then party with work... afterparty... and then back to work09:57
rasmushaha, the way of the warrior09:58
hateball4 weeks of freedom await in about an hour tho :>09:58
rasmussounds nice09:58
hateballSo anyhow, how's gparted coming?09:58
hateballor qtparted09:58
rasmusHm, qtparted thells me09:58
rasmussdb1 has 465,61 gb free09:59
hateballSince there's nothing on it anyhow, you could try deleting the partition and creating a new10:00
hateballJust for the sake of it10:00
hateballTrial and error :D10:00
rasmusok, ill do that. Maybe i should make it a FAT?10:00
hateballYeah, FAT32 is a good choice if you intend to move it among PC's10:00
rasmusand i guess i'll have to10:01
hateballUnless you really need to have 4GB+ files on it10:01
rasmusno, i'll don't need to back up movies ;-)10:01
hateballcan always split anyhow, just saying10:01
* hateball cries out for kebab10:01
rasmushaha, ok, i'll try to fix this. Thanks alot for all the help! I'm indeed gratefull. And i wish you a pleasent vacation with alot of kebab10:03
* hateball goes back to not doing anything10:03
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waylandbillI have a touchpad that is not in convenient spot and it very sensitive. Moving my palm simply near it affects it. I disabled in the past using ksynaptics, but notice it is no longer available in the repos. How does one disable the touchpad without it?10:12
gas001remove the synaptics section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:15
slobad23is there any reason why i would lose the outside part of my windows ?10:18
waylandbillgas001: and to enable it later, put it back in.. so I would want to comment it out. Easy enough.10:18
slobad23the minimize/maximize and close part around the window has vanishe10:18
waylandbillslobad23: the window decorations? are you running compiz (desktop effects) ?10:18
slobad23yeah - that's when it started :)10:19
slobad23all i have turned on is wobbly windows and desktop cube. should i just turn the thing off?10:19
waylandbillslobad23: that is one drawback. It's still pretty new software and has problems. Turning it off (using the standard kwin) should fix the problem.10:20
slobad23compiz is pretty new and clunky... or the version of kde i am using?10:21
hateballare you running emerald as window decorator?10:21
slobad23i am such a linux newbie - i have no idea hateball :)10:22
hateballWell did the problem start when you turned on effects?10:22
hateballOr did it work at first?10:22
slobad23it works now - if i log out and back in its all ok again - it just turns off at seemingly random points. like just now i opened konquerer and all the window borders vanished. but i have opened it now and its back10:23
Hamminghey all :) are there any network specific trouble shooting channels?10:24
hateballIt can be buggy like that10:25
slobad23ah ok10:26
slobad23as long as its not something i have done wrong10:26
hateballBut you can just open a terminal and do: emerald --replace &10:26
hateballif thats what you're using10:26
hateballor if its kwin etc10:26
hateballyou can check in compiz settings10:26
slobad23one day someone is going to tell me to put something in the terminal that is going to cause mayhem on my pc and i wont have any idea - i'll just do it without question :)10:26
hateballHave faith in the terminal, for it is the light10:27
hateballLike mum used to say, always google strangers10:28
slobad23apt-get is genius10:28
hateballIt is indeed10:28
slobad23isnt emerald pretty :)10:28
slobad23oh no - i closed the terminal and the windows are gone again :)10:29
hateballthats why you need to launch with an & at the end10:29
hateballso it runs regardless10:29
hateballemerald --replace &10:29
slobad23i put the & in there10:30
slobad23but when i close the terminal it disappears10:30
slobad23i'll just leave the terminal open after emerald --replace &10:30
hateballtry using xterm10:30
hateballinstead of konsole or whatever10:30
slobad23trying that now*10:31
slobad23here is how much of a NUB i am - where do i find xterm in this thing? :p10:32
hateballyou can start it from konsole :p10:32
hateballxterm &10:32
slobad23still vanishing after closing the terminal10:33
hateballthats messed up10:33
hateballis emerald different to what you had before?10:34
slobad23look at the newbie go! i tried "sudo emerald --replace &" and its working without the terminal10:34
hateballyou shouldnt launch it as root tho10:35
hateballshould work just fine anyhow10:35
slobad23give me my moment in the sun hateball :)10:35
hateballJust saying.... sudo'ing at random isnt good ;)10:35
slobad23good to know though10:36
* djwisdom thinks hateball is correct.10:36
slobad23(b ^_^)b10:36
hateballDamn advanced asian smileys :|10:37
* djwisdom thinks try doing exec xterm & then 'might' work10:37
slobad23what is "exec xterm &" all about10:37
hateballstarting xterm10:37
Hamminganyone here got experince using desktop sharing and  remote desktop connection???10:38
hateballI dunno how konsole works (gnome guy, dont shoot) but gnome-terminal wont accept &10:38
hateballWhereas xterm does10:38
jussi01& works with konsole10:38
hateballWell gnome-terminal accepts it, it just... ignores it and kills the app regardless when you close the terminal ;d10:39
* djwisdom thinks yah: but the trick in closing the window is don't click the x button, just type exit. that'll let the executing program run and not close along with the previous terminal.10:39
Hammingare desktop sharing and remote desktop connection the simplest tools to use for remotely helping someone?10:39
tictric_slobad23: google a bit round. I remember there was a setting that one has to enable or disable to avoid that disappearing frame stuff10:40
tictric_I just cannot remember what it was and am not using anymore10:40
Hammingare there any other channels to get help?10:41
jussi01Hamming: Help with?10:42
Hammingme remotely controling my brothers comp and showing how to do some things10:42
slobad23thanks for all the help ladies and gents10:43
Hammingthro the two kde krdc and krfb programs10:43
noaXesshi all10:52
noaXessanybody an idea why k3b can't get audio data from freedb2.org?10:52
noaXessor is freedb2.org out, offline10:52
waylandbillokay. removing the synaptics section in the xorg configuration just makes the xserver fail. :-/10:55
mooperhiya, my mouse pointer has gone all weird11:05
moopercan I reset it?11:05
mooperits turned into a line of weirdness about an inch long11:05
mooperoh, its fixed its self now11:06
HPDV2000you can reset it at the system manager11:06
HPDV2000... ^^;11:06
elo_guys i used to run kubuntu feisty and it's been a long time since i have personalized kubuntu, but i recently installed 8.04 and am kinda lost on a few things11:11
elo_for .deb files i remember having the ability to right click and choose to install it, on this new kubuntu i dont have that choice and have to use the console to do it. also i recently installed a few programs using the repositories and am unable to find any of them in the menu (i'm running the kde4 version)11:11
elo_also i just installed 7zip through adept yet i am unable to access it to unrar multiple rar files... ark is acting like an idiot so i am unable to use it to do the job11:13
djdarkmanhow can I make a user that has the right to access only 1 or more user specified directories?11:16
djdarkmanI want to make a restricted user that can SSH on my PC but I don`t want it to access my stuff11:17
djdarkmanjust the webserver`s directory11:18
powertoo1|lappyWhere can I remove a program from starting with kde at login, not in autostart, just saved from last logout11:24
=== tictric_ is now known as tictric
waylandbillpowertoo1|lappy: close the program before you log out.11:26
powertoo1|lappywaylandbill: I would but it was compiz and I can't see to close it11:27
waylandbillpowertoo1|lappy: you actually have to set kwin as your window manager in that case.11:29
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cbushow do i add a ~/.Xdefaults?12:04
cbuskubuntu feels like ignoring the file :)12:04
Assurbanipalhi guys12:23
Assurbanipali just moved from ubuntu to kubuntu but got no sound12:23
Assurbanipalcan plz someone help?12:24
cbusno clue whats wrong, but i do have problems with .Xdefaults :/12:26
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purrinI've got a compaq presario b1900 and I can't get the sound to work with kubuntu this is my first linux experience any clues.12:45
sheriihi people12:49
purrinI've got a compaq presario b1900 and I can't get the sound to work with kubuntu this is my first linux experience, any clues please?12:53
flaccidnntr purrin. have you checked alsamixer and kmix for volumes and mutes?12:53
sbucatinopurrin: lspci | grep Audio12:53
flaccidpurrin: aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav12:54
sbucatinoflaccid: i have a problem with xvidcap .... it seems is working on oss instead of alsa= low volume -.-''12:54
purrinflaccid: there was no sound from that command.12:58
flaccidpurrin: what was the output?12:59
purrinATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)12:59
flaccidwell sounds like the driver and alsa are working13:00
purrinflaccid: Playing WAVE '/usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 48000 Hz, Mono13:00
purrinI did a google search and it seems I'm not the only one with this problem13:02
flaccida few people have reported this kind of thing recently but im not sure if the cases are the same13:02
=== cherubael is now known as STREENG
purrinany suggestions on where I can go from here then please?13:06
dr_WillisUbuntu/Kubuntu forums?13:06
purrinWe tried those.13:07
mooperhas anyone put kubuntu on an eee13:11
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dthackermooper: google is your friend, ask google http://wiki.eeeuser.com/ubuntu:kubuntu:home13:21
purrinI tired the compaq website as well still no luck getting sound to work on compaq presario b1900 doesn't look like an immediately solvable probalem any other ideas guys?13:30
dr_Willistry some other disrtos with newer versions of the kernel/other packages. see if any of them work13:34
dr_Willis my one  laptop issues vanished when i tried the next release of ubuntu13:35
purrindmesg says: hda-intel: Invalid position buffer, using LPIB read method instead. does that help?13:41
nitinhello, I can play mp3 songs but when I try to make audio cd by using k3b it says it can't find reqd. packages and asks me to convert to wav files. what package do I need?13:46
dthackerpurrin: have you filed a bug?13:47
purrinno, I've just installed kubuntu and am new to it. I don't know enough to do that13:47
dthackernitin: I use "make a data cd" if I'm going to put mp3 files on it.  My CD player reads it.13:48
dr_Willistheres some extra packages k3b needs to handle  mp3 - i THINK you can install the 'kubuntu-restricted-extras' package and it will grab that package, and some others you mayu want.13:53
=== pascalFR is now known as PascalFR
chack-6Bonjour, quel utilitaire de monitoring doit je utiliser pour monitorer des serveurs linux , en mode text14:03
=== ubuntu is now known as Cuaderno
bazhang!fr | chack-614:05
ubottuchack-6: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr14:05
Cuadernowhere is the grub.conf14:06
ocs__hi. how can i set a keyboard shortcut for changing the desktop ?14:12
ocs__never mind14:13
darcyDoes anyone know why my entire computer would lock up when I'm trying to burn an ISO with k3b?14:16
darcyWhat program would you recommend for burning DVD ISO files?14:17
tdnHow do I delete all files that is in relative paths in a text file? Note that the file names may contain spaces that needs to be escaped.14:18
dr_Willistdn,  some creative scripting and the use of xargs, may be needed.14:22
dr_Willistdn,  in such complex cases. I often make a script that reads the file. then prints out the 'rm whatever' commands. so i can visually check to be sure its doing it right. befor i try the actual command.14:23
=== milian__ is now known as milian
tdndr_Willis, ok.14:23
dr_Willisthe power of the command line. :)14:23
=== keith_ is now known as compilerwriter
compilerwriterWell it took like three weeks but my x-session finally started acting really buggy.  It was a relief though to only have to restart x and not the whole blasted machine.14:33
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=== milian_ is now known as milian
nordmoenI'm having some problems unpacking a rar archive, getting CRC error, Ark is telling me that one of the rar files is missing but it is there...14:47
=== fReAkY[t] is now known as freaky[t]
Githzerainordmoen: maybe rar package name isn't correct14:49
compilerwriterdoes Kmail utilize sendmail to send mail?14:49
jabbawhere is my eth0 device defined? i can't find it in /dev14:50
nordmoenGithzerai: thanks, when you said it, I noticed that 2 small letters should have been bigg, thanks!!!14:50
jabbavirtualbox needs to know what it's called so i can attach it to the interface, and just using 'eth0' doesn't work.14:50
nordmoen*capitalized sorry my English isn't the best14:51
Jucato!br | Filipe_PI14:53
ubottuFilipe_PI: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.14:53
Filipe_PIObrigado ubottu14:53
evan__why must i always start compiz manual?15:15
spirooIs it possible to associate files to a certain wine application installed, so it works? For the moment it does not work to open correct application when I press open on a file.15:35
=== root is now known as Guest23346
jussi01spiroo: yes it is - I have had it that .doc opens in word with crossover15:45
jussi01I just right clicked, then the spanner, then moved the app up on the list15:46
spirooyes, I have phpDesigner which I want to work. But when I am trying to open it fails15:46
spirooThe process starts, but then it just dies15:46
spirooI want all my web devlopment files like html, css, php and so on to associate to phpDesigner. That is the only editor that works good. Unfortunatly they do not develop it for linux.15:48
mefistofelehave you ever tried eclipse, spiroo?15:48
spiroomefistofele: Well, I think I have tried every single editor for linux :D15:48
mefistofeleeclipse is not php-only so I dunno if you tried it or not15:49
spirooAnd yes I have been testing Eclipse, and it is to much and I just hate the interface.15:49
spirooI want a clean app, good support for projects, large projects, nice highlight, and if not I should be able to change every single syntax highlight, which no editor can today except Dreamweaver and phpDesigner 2008 as I know. The highlighter is the most important thing. Then it should have a nice and clean interface which not has anything if I do not want it. I want the screen ONLY to show my code and nothing else.15:51
compilerwriterDoes kubuntu enable sendmail by default15:51
spiroophpDesigner also have a build in debugger, which is quite nice and effectively does my job a lot easier, but it is not any requirement.15:52
mefistofelespiroo: you can set up the association under kcontrol->Default Applications->File Associations15:53
spiroomefistofele: I already have.15:53
mefistofelebut it's not working?15:54
spirooBUT when I am open the file, wine start phpDesigner, BUT it just dies before open the application or the file.15:54
spirooThe only thing that is working is to open phpDesigner itself and then inside the app open my files.15:54
mefistofeletry doing it from the command line15:55
spirooThen I could open the files inside the app. I want easyness :D If I cannot get the most effectively way to do it, then I do not care .P15:55
mefistofeleno, I mean15:55
mefistofelefor debugging purposes15:56
mefistofelego to a directory with some php files you're working on15:56
mefistofeleand do wine <wherever you have phpdesigner> <name of a php file>15:56
spirooah well, why should I? I use my webserver for that ;) What phpDesigner has is a live debugger which print error when I am coding.15:56
mefistofelespiroo: I'm asking you to duplicate on the command line what kde does when it launches phpdesigner with the association, so that we can see some useful debugging output on the command line to solve your problem.15:57
spirooI have a open project which loads a directory. But It would be nice if I just could open the file by double click on someone, and then file and application loads.15:57
mefistofelespiroo: right now it seems to be failing silently and that doesn't give us any helpful information about how to fix the problem15:58
mefistofelespiroo: do you understand?15:58
spiroomefistofele: Ah, hehe, well my english is not the best :D Well, i think I understand. You want me to do "wine <wherever you have phpdesigner> <name of a php file>"15:58
mefistofelethat's character15:59
antonio_alguien habla español?15:59
spirooWell, it is going to take awhile, I have to go into right folder, and wine application folder to find.15:59
spiroomefistofele: Lol, but what is the path to wine and program files folder?16:04
delilazhello everyone, kubuntu informed me to do a fsck in maintenance mode (# mount -n -o remount, rw/), My question is do I have to write the "#" sign and also do I have to do it as "sudo"16:04
mefistofelespiroo: wine should be in your path.  so all you have to do is "wine".  I don't know where your program files folder would be... that could be configured to go wherever you wanted16:06
mefistofelespiroo: probably it's in your home dir someplace, perhaps in .wine16:07
spiroomefistofele: is this correct: "wine C:/Program\ Files/phpDesigner\ 2008/phpDesigner2008.exe index.php"16:08
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.16:08
compilerwriter| antonio16:08
tvrtkowhats the gtype for unsigned long long in c?16:09
mefistofelespiroo: give it a try16:09
spiroomefistofele, well nvm, it was correct. I had the app open. I closed and did the command.16:09
delilazIs maintenance mode the same as recovery mode?16:09
spiroomefistofele. Well, now it works, but when i open by double click or right click -> open then it does not work16:10
compilerwriterIs there a way to use kmail from the command line a la sendmail?16:10
mefistofelespiroo: it works on the command line but not from the gui?  gui is perhaps not configured properly then.  go into kcontrol and look at the file association16:12
spiroomefistofele: Yes, it does work from command line and not gui. But the file association is correct and application opens halfway when I am opening a file. But the application dies before it opens the file.16:13
spiroomefistofele: This is the command line which is configured at the moment which does not work: "env WINEPREFIX="/home/spiroo/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\phpDesigner 2008\phpDesigner2008.exe""16:16
mefistofelespiroo: add  to the end16:17
mefistofeleadd % U without the space inbetween to the end16:19
tuxshello friends!I have problem with nvidia graphic driver on kubuntu!I installed Nvidia Driver(download from official site),but,since of restart Camputer,KDM not runned and it hanged in the black pages!(mysystem complete hanged!)16:22
spiroomefistofele: It does not work, not sure if I have done right either.16:24
spirooIs this correct?: "env WINEPREFIX="/home/spiroo/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\phpDesigner 2008\phpDesigner2008.exe""16:24
spiroo*"env WINEPREFIX="/home/spiroo/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\phpDesigner 2008\phpDesigner2008.exe""16:25
tuxshello friends!I have problem with nvidia graphic driver on kubuntu!I installed Nvidia Driver(download from official site),but,since of restart Camputer,KDM not runned and it hanged in the black pages!(mysystem complete hanged!)16:25
Tm_T!nvidia | tuxs16:27
ubottutuxs: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto16:27
=== jrasi is now known as jukuli2
spiroomefistofele: It does not work at all if application already is open16:29
tuxsubottu:I installed it driver by this doc:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto  !!But,I have problem!16:29
ubottutuxs: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:29
mefistofelespiroo: making it do that is probably not possible16:31
sparris there a program that can tile an animated gif?16:31
mefistofelespiroo: change it to this "env WINEPREFIX="/home/spiroo/.wine" wine "C:\Program Files\phpDesigner 2008\phpDesigner2008.exe" % U" (remove space between % and U)16:32
spiroomefistofele: Gah I hate to be an asshole, but Windows is better for webdevlopers and webdesigners. You could think the linux world would be the platform which have the best editors, but they just suck.16:33
mefistofelespiroo: personally I think eclipse is better than phpdesigner :)16:34
pierre_Hi all - while updating using adept, I lost gnome !!! it's weired. any hint !16:35
mefistofelespiroo: eclipse supports emacs keybindings which I've gotten used to, has mylyn which integrates with trac/bugzilla/etc and has task contexts, has a mercurial plugin so I'm not forced to use svn for everything, can use zend's php debugger, is very smart about handling include paths and libraries16:39
spiroomefistofele: Half of it I does not even know what it is. Probably because I dont need it :P But the most important like i said is highlight and interface as well as project structures.16:41
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ubottudhcp is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol for automatic IP assignment from a router. Ubuntu uses dhclient as a DHCP client but other ones (and DHCP servers too) can be obtained from the !repos. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DHCP16:46
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ImLizhi all, I started my desktop in recovery mode and went to run fsck but a warning stated that my system is mounted... now I recieved this command in a previous fsck warning and wondered if it was written correctly to unmount "mount -n -o remount,rw/"????16:55
ImLizanyone know?16:56
=== ubunturos is now known as ubunturos_
niklas_Hello folks :)17:00
niklas_I or better a friend of mine has a problem, after installing the Kubuntu 8.04 distribution on a laptop Grub won't startup and shows Error: 15, a manual grub-install /dev/sda then only let us boot to a grub command line ( grub> ) but doesn't load the grub menu file. any tipsto solve that? thank you in advance :)17:03
makdaknifeImLiz: you can simply unmount using the umount command... however, if you want to fsck the partition that you system is running on, then you will need to boot off of a live CD17:03
=== ubunturos_ is now known as ubunturos
makdaknifeniklas_: you may want to look at this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29726117:05
makdaknifeniklas_: I generally fix grub problems by booting off of a live cd and then mounting the disks that I am working with, chrooting them and working within that sort of framework17:06
makdaknifeniklas_: you may find some help googling for: knoppix fix grub17:07
niklas_so you mean a live cd other than the kubuntu install live cd?17:08
=== ubunturos_ is now known as ubunturos
ImLizmakdaknife: so the command given above won't work to check the system I'm running on?? It automatically has to be off a live cd... and then fsck /dev/hda3?17:16
ImLizI had already done that before and it stated no problem yet the moniter still blacks out at times when starting kubuntu the first time.17:18
makdaknifeImLiz: you could try this: http://www.howforge.com/how-force-fsck-ubuntu17:22
makdaknifeImLiz: if the monitor is blacking out, it doesn't sound like something you will fix with fsck17:22
maduserhow do i configure my mircophone?17:22
makdaknifemaduser:  could you be more specific about your problem?17:24
maduserI am trying to use ekiga and it doesn't see my mic17:25
=== mike is now known as Guest14546
madusernevermind i got it17:26
=== Guest14546 is now known as popkorn
maduserswitched adio drives17:26
makdaknifemaduser: great stuff :-)17:26
madusernow I have to configure firefox to see sip17:27
makdaknifemaduser: sorry I can't help with that... I haven't looked into it17:29
bonagerman ubuntu channel?17:33
alumnoam halo17:34
jpdsbona: -> #kubuntu-de und #ubuntu-de17:34
maduseris there a kubuntu sip room?17:37
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Yarcanoxkdebase-kde4 is already the newest version.18:13
Yarcanoxmy kde4 seems to be pretty outdated18:13
Yarcanoxand dolphin is always crashing :/18:14
YarcanoxI added the "deb http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hardy-backports main restricted universe multiverse" and still I have no newer version there than kde 4.0.518:14
Yarcanoxisn't there a newer version available?18:16
snirphi, question: how do I start the Ati Catalyst Control from konsole? It is installed but does not show in the start menu. a.k.a. fglrx-control. Using KDE 4.1.18:18
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=== jon__ is now known as snoper
snirpcome again?18:25
snirpjust once more, to please the crowd!18:29
snoperkurgs kurgs kurgs18:29
snirpWOOOWWWW, did not solve my problem though ;-(18:30
snopersnirp oh you have a problem :018:32
snirpyup, want me tell more about it?18:32
snopergimme a sec18:32
snopersnirp try this command dpkg -l18:34
snopersnirp gives you a list of installed programs18:34
snirpfglrx-control  1:8-3+ Control panel for the ATI graphics accelerat18:35
snoperokay did you try running fgrlx18:35
snirpcommand not found, doesn work with sudo either18:36
snirpfound file fgrlx on /usr/share/linux-restricted-modules/2.6.24-19-generic/modules.alias.override18:38
snopersee if it appears somwhere in system settings18:38
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snirpon a general note: is it possible to add and remove links/programs from the KDE 4.1 start menu?18:40
bobois there a samba channel on here18:40
snirpnot on system settings18:40
orvv_does kubuntu install have like a remote shell option like gentoo?18:41
orvv_I take that as a no18:42
boboanyone is there a samba channel on this thing18:43
gkffjcsbobo try #samba.18:44
DarkAuditI have to sudo to completely eject my ipod in KDE. How can I fix this?18:51
bobo_anyone in here good with samba18:55
bobo_please anyone18:57
rickestjust ask your question18:58
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pteague_workdid kubuntu do something to reset the nice value on strigi threads to be 19 ??19:06
BenPa85hi guys19:27
BenPa85can someone tell me how I can change the apps showed in the application launcher?19:28
timo_hi there19:31
timo_i'm getting a blue screen when trying to play a dvd on kubunut19:31
timo_think there's something wrong with codec19:32
bfrogis kubuntu inaccessible?19:40
bfrogthe website?19:40
bfrogI get some squid error19:40
OutoLumobfrog, it seems to be19:41
rickestbfrog: works here19:41
OutoLumo"Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect. "19:42
rickestahh, try dropping 'www.'.  no idea what they're doing19:43
OutoLumotimo_, have you checked the restrected formats wikipage: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats19:43
rickestI get the same thing /with/ 'www.kubu...'19:43
OutoLumorickest, I get the error from: http://kubuntu.org/19:44
rickester, it's doing it to me now, too19:44
BenPa85when I install an application, I can access it from the kicker with the textbox, but it's not present in the correct categorie, what must I do to update kicker?19:44
OutoLumoBenPa85, do you mean, how to edit the K-menu?19:45
rickestkubuntu site is back up19:46
BenPa85OutoLumo: no, when I look in the folders the applications are in the right categories, but the K-Menu doesn't show them, what must I do to update K-Menu?19:47
OutoLumoBenPa85, what folders? Which apps?19:48
BenPa85OutoLumo: sry, i've installed some new applications, but they don't show up in K-Menu19:48
BenPa85OutoLumo: when I check the corresponding folders, the apps are still in the right categorie ...19:49
OutoLumorickest, not for me... still down....19:49
rickestOutoLumo: same again here now19:49
OutoLumoBenPa85, What folders are you talking about? Where are they? I have the app. binaries (mostly) in /usr/bin "folder" or directory, but what do you mean by that?19:50
OutoLumoSo, which utility have you used to install them?19:51
BenPa85OutoLumo: there is an folder representing the entrys of K-Menu, do you know this?19:51
Nece228whats the bug with qtcurve and gtk apps?19:51
OutoLumoBenPa85, Is there? Where is that folder?19:52
BenPa85OutoLumo: i've used adept manager to install the apps (apps installed correctly)19:52
rickestthere's `kmenuedit' also19:52
OutoLumoI would just right-click the K-menu button, but what is this folder thingy?19:53
BenPa85OutoLumo: sry can't find the option now, there was an edit button for K-Menu what opened a file-browser with folders for each category in k-menu19:54
OutoLumoBenPa85, try rightclicking the K-menu button and selecting "Menu editor"19:55
BenPa85OutoLumo: there is no "Menu editor", just: Application launcher settings, Panel settings, Add Widgets..., Remove this application launcher19:56
OutoLumoBenPa85, are you sure you clicked the button and not the panel?19:58
BenPa85OutoLumo, yeah, but on the hole panel comes the same menu ...19:59
BenPa85(using kde 4)19:59
eloquencesup guys... what program can i add from repositories that will allow me to right-click to unrar files?20:00
OutoLumook... Well, I'm just 3.5. There are still glitches in 4, it may be a bug. Ask the developers.20:00
eloquencei added 7zip from adept installer and thought it would be like the windows version but it was command line20:00
BenPa85OutoLumo, k :( thx20:00
OutoLumoeloquence, maybe ark ?20:00
eloquenceark came with kubuntu20:00
BenPa85is there an option to use the windows key to open k-menu?20:00
eloquencebut it only get one choice fro right clicking... open with...20:01
eloquenceit's the same problem i have with not being able to install .deb packages through right clicking20:01
eloquencei used to be able to do it in feisty20:01
OutoLumoBenPa85, as for KDE4, I think channel KDE might be more appropriate. KDE3.5 is still default for kubuntu...20:02
OutoLumoeloquence, wait a sec...20:02
eloquencei miss automatix :S20:03
BenPa85OutoLumo, just for info: you can open the k-menu folder with, start konquerer -> choose applications20:03
BenPa85OutoLumo, k thx for the info20:03
OutoLumoeloquence, this should do the trick: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/KUnRAR?content=3375120:04
eloquencethanks a lot20:05
eloquenceany idea on the .debs?20:06
eloquencein feisty i used to be able to install from the right click menu20:06
solariesany suggestions for (possibly commercial) speech recognition software for linux?20:08
jussi01eloquence: .debs should install with double/single click20:09
OutoLumoeloquence, check this out: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Service+menus+for+Debian?content=6206220:09
jussi01solaries: there is nothing native. dragon naturally speaking works well in wine though20:10
solariesjussio1: is it possible then to e.g. pipe the text into emacs?20:10
jussi01solaries: no idea, sorry20:10
eloquencemy ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror doesnt have a servisemenus/ directory20:10
eloquenceshould i make it?20:11
OutoLumosolaries, GIYF: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_speech_recognition_software20:11
OutoLumoeloquence, feel free :-)20:11
eloquence(i use the kde4 version of kubuntu) i think i mainly use Dolphin to do stuff20:11
OutoLumoeloquence, I don't know how those behave with KDE4, good luck :-)20:12
solariesOutoLumo: I know that link already. Tried simon+julius. But it crashed and did not accept any microphone20:13
Nece228i have problem with my mic20:13
Nece228i had +20 db selected20:14
Nece228now sound is good but its flickering20:14
Nece228i mean recording volume is good but its flickering20:14
OutoLumosolaries, by the way, as this isn't really a kubuntu specific issue, you might find it more fruitful to ask from some more audio-oriented chatroom... :-720:14
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »20:15
des_do i have to burn iso before installing kubuntu?20:29
mitch__hey I need help installing flash player on kubuntu.20:30
mitch__can someone help20:30
Nece228mitch__: what browser you are using?20:31
seisenwow a whopping minute before they left20:31
Dillizarwhere can i find a divx conv.20:32
Nece228mitch__: are you using firefox?20:32
des_what's wrong with kubuntu site? i can't access it20:32
seisenworks fine for me20:33
seisenNece228, mitch__ left the room20:33
Nece228des_: its still under construction20:33
Dillizardivx converter where can i find20:33
Nece228seisen: thx, but u sayd that too late :D20:34
seisenwhich site are we talking about?20:34
Nece228seisen: i knew that first20:34
dr_WillisDillizar,  ffmpeg, or avidmux can do that.20:34
dr_Willis!find avid20:34
ubottuFound: avida-base, avida-qt-viewer, avida-viewer, sword-comm-tdavid, avidemux (and 3 others)20:34
dr_Willisoops avidemux :)20:34
des_While trying to retrieve the URL: http://kubuntu.org/20:34
des_The following error was encountered:20:34
des_Access Denied.20:34
Dillizarwhere can i find this20:34
Nece228des_: click on link20:35
Nece228des_: While trying to retrieve the URL: http://kubuntu.org/20:35
des_on that link?20:35
seisenya that works fine for me20:35
Nece228des_: When ull get that error message click again on that link20:35
des_same thing20:35
dr_WillisDillizar,  they are in the package manager. You may want the ffmpeg from the medibunti repository - it has more features20:35
des_access denied20:35
dr_Willis!medibuntu | Dillizar20:36
ubottuDillizar: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org20:36
seisenare you behind a proxy des?20:36
Nece228des_: click on it many times20:36
des_it also says: Generated Thu, 10 Jul 2008 19:36:26 GMT by jujube.canonical.com (squid/2.6.STABLE18)20:36
des_Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time.20:37
evilmachine_can someone help me with a plasma problem?20:37
ubottuKDE 4.0.5 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.5.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde420:38
des_i can use internet normally, everything works, but not kubuntu site20:39
evilmachine_dns problem?20:39
des_Access Denied.20:39
des_Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.20:39
seisenmaybe it doesn't like you des?20:40
evilmachine_it seems your provider is blocking the site20:40
des_maybe it's blocked by isp?`20:40
des_seisen, probably because i use windows20:40
seisenits a conspiracy20:41
evilmachine_try it throug mywebtunnel.com20:41
jdbartsomehow my konqueror got uninstalled (my fault i just don't know how i did it) and now when i try to reinstall it a get a vauge error message20:42
seisenwhich is what, jdbart?20:42
evilmachine_well ive got the same problem as des20:42
dr_Williskubuntu.com is down?20:42
evilmachine_kubuntu.org is not reachable from here20:43
rickestdes_: the kubuntu site has been doing up and down this afternoon at least20:43
dr_Willishttp://kubuntu.org/ works here for me20:43
seisenits down again20:43
jdbartit just says error were encountered while processing and the the file for the konqueror package20:43
rickestyes, it's cycling20:43
des_works with http://www.thefreeproxy.us20:44
OutoLumokubuntu.org works now20:44
OutoLumonot anymore...20:45
OutoLumobut now...20:45
OutoLumoand not anymore...20:45
Odd-rationalewow! i like the new site!20:45
des_i can only access it thru a proxy20:45
OutoLumoSeems that the site is being reworked and occasionally tested?20:45
jdbartseisen, if you can tell me how to post the whole output i will20:46
OutoLumoit loads now, but every load shows different layout :-720:46
seisenyou can copy it to pastebin20:46
seisen!pastebin | jdbart20:46
ubottujdbart: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:46
evilmachine_kubuntu.org doesnt like other countries^^20:47
timo_help my kde panel is lost :O20:47
timo_i use kde4.020:48
evilmachine_the application panel on the bottom?20:48
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jdbartseisen, this is the url i hope i did it right...    http://paste.ubuntu.com/26525/20:50
evilmachine_i had the same problem. go to folder /home/username/.kde4/share/config and delete the plasma-appletsrc and the plasmarc file. then type into the terminal killall plasma && plasma20:50
timo_evilmachine_:  do you know a solution?20:50
evilmachine_if you cannot access the terminal delete the files and just reboot your computer20:51
evilmachine_did it work timo?20:54
timo_evilmachine_:  You're not that evil :)20:55
timo_evilmachine_:  thanks!!!! :D20:55
pritamhi :)20:56
pritamcan someone help me with this error message that i get when installing packages or even updating adept20:57
pritam"There was an error committing changes20:57
pritami tried everything mentioned on this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-331085.html20:57
pritambut the error keeps coming20:57
seisenjdbart try this: sudo dpkg -i --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/konqueror_*.deb20:58
evilmachine_hmm. you already tried dpkg --reconfigure -a?20:58
pritamyeah i did20:59
=== blizzzekski is now known as blizzzek
evilmachine_did it run without errors?20:59
pritamgives this error dpkg: unknown option --reconfigure21:00
jdbartthanks seisen that worked21:00
evilmachine_try sudo dpkg --configure -a21:02
pritamyeah thats what i did21:02
evilmachine_any errors?21:02
pritamdpkg: status database area is locked by another process21:02
pritami am getting this when i try it now21:03
evilmachine_type killall dpkg and try again21:03
pritamgives this error now21:04
pritamErrors were encountered while processing:21:04
=== aakash is now known as smarty
smartyhow do you install a KDE4 theme?21:08
smartyI cant find the theme manager21:08
kde_do you mean kde4 itself or just the theme21:09
smartyI got KDE421:09
smartyI think21:09
smartyone sec21:09
smartyyea i have kde421:09
kde_and you need what know21:10
smartyI think i need to install compix21:11
smartyforgot how to21:11
smarty :(21:11
kde_you can install it through the adept21:11
kde_brb smoke brek21:12
smartylol k21:12
OutoLumoIt seems that everyone is using KDE4 these days... Wonder if I should too...21:14
smartyi like da looks21:14
bfrogkde4 is sweet, love the runner21:18
OutoLumoSo do I, but until lately there were some regressions with the panels... I've heard they are dealt with, but I need to check it.21:18
kde_ok im back21:18
kde_i have a question now21:19
kde_how do convert mp3 files to wav so i can burn an audio cd21:20
smartyon linux or windows :P21:20
kde_dont use windows anymore21:20
smartyarent mp3's meant to be played on a CD?21:21
smartybtw idk if this help21:21
CanageekUse k3b21:21
kde_i need it to play in wav or ogg format21:21
kde_k3b keeps giving me an error on it21:21
OutoLumokde_, mpg123 -w song.wav song.mp321:22
kde_what is that21:22
pritam"There was an error committing changes21:22
kde_is it in adept21:22
OutoLumokde_, command that converts song.mp3 file into song.wav file.21:22
OutoLumompg123 in the program21:22
kde_im lost21:23
kde_use it in terminal21:23
kde_so do that and replace song with the actual title21:24
OutoLumoyes, that is a command to be given in the terminal21:24
OutoLumotry it :-)21:24
kde_ok thanks21:24
=== techtronic is now known as Techtronic
pritamcan any one help21:26
pritam"There was an error committing changes21:26
OutoLumokde_, if you want to convert mp3 files to ogg, i suggest mp32ogg. It's in the repos.21:26
pritami get this error when installing packagees21:26
OutoLumopritam, you are using adept, I take. Which packages?21:27
OutoLumoTry running "sudo apt-get install Python-GTK2" on terminal, and see if it gives any more info?21:30
pritamit says : E: Couldn't find package Python-GTK221:32
kde_how do i install mp3 encoding to soundconverter21:32
pritamany other suggestions21:35
OutoLumopritam, aahha...21:36
OutoLumopritam, try "sudo apt-get update"21:39
aakash_SIGSEGV error keeps popping up21:42
aakash_any ideas anyone?21:43
kde_does anyone in here know how i can install mp3 encoding to soundconverter21:43
Chrysalishow do i save the navigation pannel to show when i restart in knoqueror, it keeps going away everytime i restart21:45
OutoLumokde_, you might need gstreamer-lame package for that...21:46
OutoLumoChrysalis, KDE3 or KDE4?21:46
OutoLumoChrysalis, try "Settings"->"Save profile Web"21:47
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=== fernando is now known as jhuiads
ChrysalisOutoLumo: does that create a profile?21:48
ishbalehey guys any1 know a good program for the ipod "TOUCH"21:48
OutoLumokde, you may also want to take a look at this... http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/soundKonverter?content=2902421:48
ChrysalisOutoLumo: just wonding if i am not overwriting some other settings if it creates a profile21:49
OutoLumoChrysalis, that's the default profile when you use the web. If you want to create new profile, select the next option: "Configure view profile"21:49
ishbalehey guys any1 know a good program for the ipod "TOUCH"21:49
=== root is now known as Guest88506
ishbaleno one knows?21:50
OutoLumoishbale, Amarok?-)21:51
ishbalecan i have link]21:51
ChrysalisOutoLumo: works btw, thanks21:52
aakash_ishbale, can you please clarify what type of program you are looking for?21:52
aakash_Amarok generally comes preinstalled21:52
aakash_and if its not21:52
aakash_it can be easily installed with Adept21:53
ishbaleany that will sync my music to my ipod touch21:53
aakash_you need itunes21:53
=== aakash_ is now known as smarty
smartythere may be someother program21:53
smartyGive me a sec, I'll look21:53
smartyI doubt it tho21:53
ishbalewell i saw vids on youtube21:54
smarty Okay21:54
smartyGive me a few minutes21:54
kde_i found it its called mp3burn21:55
OutoLumoChrysalis, btw, if you have some sites you want to open as one session, just open them in tabs and save as a profile. Then you can load that profile, or even kickstart it from the panel.21:56
smartyis there a such thing similar to System Restore (Windows) in kubuntu?21:57
SebNaitsabeslol not by default21:57
SebNaitsabesthere might be a program like that you can install21:57
SebNaitsabes,but Linux dosan't really need stuff like that21:58
OutoLumosmarty, what would you like to do?21:58
ChrysalisOutoLumo: nice, ive been forcing myself to use it over firefox cause its just so powerfull, but everytime i get my hopes up i come accross some site that doesnt work or wierd looking fonts21:58
SebNaitsabessince unlike  Windows,  Linux is made good21:58
SebNaitsabesof course if you had a kubuntu in a virtual machine21:58
__Ping__does anyone know how to change a user's /home directory?21:58
SebNaitsabesyou could use snapshots in the VM software or a copy of your kubuntu vm21:58
smartyoh ya21:58
__Ping__I've got a weird predicament: my /home directory is on another partition21:59
SebNaitsabes,but if  Windows is going to be your host for that,  uhmmmmmmm no :)21:59
__Ping__which is supposed to automount as /home, but it doesn't.21:59
OutoLumo__Ping__, I doubt if that is possible. Try creating a new user and move all the stuff over.21:59
smartyi thought you set the directory when u install?21:59
__Ping__so I get stuck with this autocreated /home21:59
smartyoh never mind21:59
SebNaitsabesLinux as the host :)  with Windows as a guest if on there at all, that's how it should be :)21:59
smartyread it wrong21:59
OutoLumosmarty, so your problem is really, that the home partition doesn't automount?22:00
OutoLumo__Ping__, that was meant to be22:00
smartylol yep22:00
__Ping__OutuLumo: I guess so22:01
__Ping__Manual mount seems to do the trick22:01
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=== harolddong is now known as peterbuldge
__Ping__Yup, manual mount does the trick.22:02
__Ping__So I just need to make it automount at boot time22:02
OutoLumo__Ping__, what does your /etc/fstab file say about the partition?22:03
ChrysalisOutoLumo: bah, would you happen to know how to get the welcome page back up with the konq logo etc? i unchecked save url and its gone22:03
__Ping__ /dev/sda6 /home ext3 nouser,noauto,atime,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 022:03
ChrysalisOutoLumo: nm, deleting the profile fixed it22:05
electro_hello can someone help me out?22:05
ishbaleso yah can i install itunes with wine???22:05
dr_Willis__Ping__,  why the Noauto  option?22:05
OutoLumoChrysalis, ok22:05
__Ping__dunno, it did that itself22:06
__Ping__is that my problem?22:06
ishbaleso yah can i install itunes with wine???22:06
OutoLumo__Ping__, most likely22:06
__Ping__I'll give that a shot22:06
dr_Willis__Ping__,  You realize that noauto means do not mount at boot. :) or with mount -a22:06
* __Ping__ is a n00b22:06
dr_Willis__Ping__,   I doubt if you really want/need all those 'noXXX' options.22:07
dr_Willis__Ping__,  noexec will cause issues with the users having any executables in their homedirs also.22:07
OutoLumo__Ping__, I guess you don't know what the /etc/fstab file is, even?-)22:07
__Ping__well, I know _what_ it is22:07
__Ping__I'm just not familiar with its options22:07
OutoLumo__Ping__, you are not THAT n00b then :-722:07
dr_Willis__Ping__,  I imagine if you stuck with the 'Defaults' it would be fine.22:07
__Ping__cool, thanks.22:08
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto22:13
__Ping__oh this is weird.22:15
__Ping__I've got no sound.22:15
sgallingerwill fglrx work for a ATI Technologies Inc Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350M22:15
__Ping__My fresh Kubuntu 8.04 install has no sound.22:16
__Ping__This is weird.22:16
crimsunnot necessarily.  Are the speakers/headphones plugged in?  Are the mixer elements muted?22:17
__Ping__Nothing's muted.22:17
__Ping__Wait a minute22:17
__Ping__there's the sound22:17
__Ping__for some reason22:18
__Ping__it has my front and back audio switched.22:18
ubuntumy problem  is /etc/init.d/rcS22:19
ubuntumy system no response22:19
crimsun__Ping__: you can file a bug against linux.  Make sure you attach output from alsa-info.sh.22:19
OutoLumoubuntu, there's one line in that script: exec /etc/init.d/rc S22:20
__Ping__'k. Erm, where would I file this bug?22:20
crimsun__Ping__: launchpad.net.  The name of the source package is 'linux'.22:20
crimsun__Ping__: wiki/DebuggingSoundProblems has the URL for alsa-info.sh22:21
__Ping__cool, thanks22:21
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OutoLumoubuntu, is your /etc/init.d/rc corrupt? My md5 sum is: ea24521cbaf6febb9f0f06349a98650822:23
jhutchins_wkOutoLumo: He's gone.22:23
OutoLumojhutchins_wk, dang :-/22:24
Elefante_Douradoalgum brasileiro?22:27
Elefante_Douradoalgum brasileiro?22:27
Elefante_Douradoalgum brasileiro?22:27
erik_lizardialguien de mexico22:29
jhutchins_wk!br | Elefante_Dourado22:31
ubottuElefante_Dourado: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.22:31
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:32
_r1_I have issues with kmail/kontact22:38
_r1_since an upgrade (not my pc... so I guess that's it but not sure)22:39
_r1_it refuse to launch22:39
_r1_kmail launch alone22:39
_r1_but if I open any directory (only pop account and some local directories)22:39
vipexHi! Does anyone know any good seeds to download linuxx to CD?22:40
_r1_Kwin freeze :/22:40
_r1_Is that a known issue ?22:40
_r1_I actually try to delete files and directories to understand from where come the bug... without solution22:41
_r1_If any idea22:41
vipexis here anyone who's helpin u?22:41
_r1_vipex: not for the moment22:41
_r1_will see later22:41
vipexhow  u did tht?22:42
vipexred txt22:42
vipexlike private chat or something?22:42
_r1_vipex: by writing "vipex" in the sentece22:42
vipexlike this "_r1_22:42
vipexis it seems now red on you22:43
vipexu see it red?22:43
_r1_and thanks, now, nobody can see my problem :/22:43
vipexI dont know anything about ubuntu sry:(22:43
ishbalehey guys hoow do i run a .sh file on ubuntu22:44
vipexI got lot of problems too , but im getting soon new  acer gemstone laptop22:44
vipexbut see ya guys22:44
ishbalehey guys hoow do i run a .sh file on ubuntu22:45
Kharzaishbale: just ./foo.sh22:46
ishbalei just got crossover-pro 6.2.0 how do i install it22:46
ishbalewat that22:46
KharzaOr run sh foo.sh22:46
ishbalek where can i get it22:47
Kharza < ishbale> hey guys hoow do i run a .sh file on ubuntu22:47
ishbaleyah and22:47
KharzaI mean, do it on your .sh file22:47
KharzaWhat ever it's name is22:47
ishbaleexplain im noob22:47
Kharzareplace the "foo.sh" with the .sh-file you want to execute22:48
ishbaleis this in terminal22:49
compilerwriterI generally use Kontakt and thus kmail for email.  Once in a while, whilst I am working in terminal it would be nice to be able to just fire a file in someone's direction.  Can I simply invoke kmail from the command line?22:51
ishbaleinstall-crossover-pro-6.2.0.sh thats the program wat would i put in the terminal22:51
ishbaleinstall-crossover-pro-6.2.0.sh thats the program wat would i put in the terminal22:52
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ishbalek what do i type in to get x-server23:05
=== coralia_ is now known as The
ishbalek what do i type in to get x-server23:06
=== The is now known as The_Zodiac
ishbalek what do i type in to get x-server23:06
ishbalek what do i type in to get x-server23:07
sgallingerI have a ATI 330m/340m/350m and I am having a hard time getting fglrx to work23:09
sgallingerwith the command sudo insmod /lib/modules/`uname -r`/volatile/fglrx.ko23:09
ishbaleit says not authorize how  do i fix that23:10
sgallingerI get insmod: error inserting '/lib/modules/2.6.24-16-generic/volatile/fglrx.ko': -1 Operation not permitted23:10
ishbaleit says not authorize how  do i fix that23:11
vipexhey , anyone knows where i can download quake arena 3 demo to kubuntu . Thanks! thanks anyway if u dont know what is  quake.23:11
ishbalefor xstart23:12
ishbaleit says not authorize how  do i fix that23:12
ishbaleit says not authorize how  do i fix that23:12
ishbalefor xstart23:12
vipex hey , anyone knows where i can download quake arena 3 demo to kubuntu . Thanks! thanks anyway if u dont know what is  quake:D23:12
vipexdo ya know?23:13
maybeway36ishbale: which user are you logged in as?23:13
maybeway36also try "sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start"23:13
ishbalemy only 123:13
vipexmaybeway do u know game called = Quake 3 arena23:14
maybeway36not really23:14
maybeway36ive heard of it but never polayed it23:14
vipexOk , im dunno where i can download that game23:14
maybeway36a little googling found this site: http://www.idsoftware.com/games/quake/quake3-arena/index.php?game_section=demo23:15
maybeway36download the linux version, uncompress it, and then run in a terminal with sudo23:15
ishbaleit wont work23:15
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CheezwhizAfternoon all23:16
ishbalefor xstart23:16
ishbaleit wont work23:16
maybeway36i don't think "xstart is a command23:17
ishbalewat do i do to make it work23:17
maybeway36try startx23:17
ishbaleo ya that23:17
maybeway36also try "sudo /etc/init.d/kdm start"23:17
ishbalesrry typo23:17
ishbalei did23:17
maybeway36try the 2nd one23:17
ishbaleno luck23:17
maybeway36you could try rebooting in recovery mode I suppsoe23:18
ishbalei actually just want to run crossover office pro but it is a .sh file how do i start it23:19
maybeway36change to the directory it's in23:20
maybeway36then try ./whatever.sh23:20
rickestor 'sh whatever.sh'23:20
=== aakash is now known as smarty
smartyi cant drag my windows anymroe :)23:21
ishbaleit said it cant open23:23
jimmy51_homekubuntu.org down?23:23
vistakilleryes i see this23:23
vistakillerthey have change the site?23:23
jimmy51_homei dunno23:23
jimmy51_homehow embarrasing... i've been talking up kubuntu for it's stability and ease of use to my buddy for weeks23:24
vistakillerthey change now23:24
jimmy51_homefinally got him to check out the site23:24
jimmy51_homeit's down :)23:24
vistakillersee it23:24
vistakillersee now23:24
CheezwhizHow do I kill a process in wine?23:28
dr_Williskill the wine pid.23:37
Cheezwhizhow would I go about doing that?23:37
dr_WillisYou dont reall y kill a process in wine.. You kill the wine process. :)23:37
dr_Willisps ax | grep wine23:37
dr_Willisand see what processes are running23:38
CheezwhizHmm....listed one of them, but the other two aren't listed23:39
=== dxfhfgkvk is now known as _CrashMaster_
p2pwhat happends with intrepid xorg-server and ati propietary drivers?23:54
p2pit says an error that can't load dri2 module23:54
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto23:55
p2pthere is no channel for ubuntu intrepid?23:58

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