zyx386how can i approve new member in our trnslation team?00:02
Rinchenzyx386, if it's a team, you can view them on "show all members" ...at the bottom00:18
zyx386Rinchen, https://translations.launchpad.net/wordpress/2.5/+pots/wordpress/ckb/+index00:18
Rinchenah zyx386, that's automatically created when someone actually does a translation00:19
zyx386the exestend member send me now email with screenshot he can't edit more00:20
Rinchenzyx386, oh.. I think I understand00:21
Rinchenzyx386, you're the only member of the translation group00:21
Rinchenso you want to create a translation team00:21
zyx386but how can i approve another?00:21
Rinchenand then we can edit the group to show the team instead of just you00:21
zyx386Rinchen, now can pprove or not, ? :)00:22
Rinchenzyx386, so you want to create a TEAM that does Kurdish translations and then add folks to it... and then have us change the group from YOU to the new TEAM00:22
zyx386how can i creat the team?00:23
Rinchenthere seem to be a few already   https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/people/?name=kurdish&searchfor=teamsonly00:23
Rinchenyou can create a new team by using the "register a team" link00:23
Rinchen(sorry I keep sending you EDGE links. If you delete "edge" your screen will look like the normal Launchpad system)00:24
zyx386we have team in ubuntu translation00:24
Rinchenif you want, you can use that too. It's up to you00:25
zyx386but my translation wordpress be removed?00:25
zyx386because we have team longe time her00:26
zyx386Rinchen, 00:27
Rinchenzyx386, no it shouldn't.  You should contact https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/~nbachiyski   who is the owner of the WP translation groups though00:27
Rinchenand get him to make the change for you.00:27
RinchenI just realized that group was owned so I shouldn't do it for you.00:27
zyx386he never answer me00:28
zyx386i send him more than 5 emails00:28
zyx386he answer another people in wp-mailing list but dont me00:28
Rinchenif you create a kurdish team for you and your friends for WP, and then open a ticket (for tracking) at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad ... I can contact him for you to see if I have better luck.00:30
Rinchenhe might not have understood what you wanted00:30
Rinchenjust subscribe me to the question you create at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad  and I can help you that way00:31
Rinchen(I also have to leave for a meeting now too)00:31
zyx386Rinchen, https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+question/3841200:32
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zyx386Rinchen, thanx01:04
Ursinhanetsplit :)01:09
zyx386Rinchen, i create the group but how can now import our translation from wordpress her?01:19
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zyx386jtv, 01:29
zyx386Rinchen, are you her?01:34
nedkohow long it takes to publish packages? i copied one to team ppa but it is still in pending state, publishing in my ppa was faster01:38
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Hobbseempt: i'm doing what now?02:24
Hobbseempt: if it's on the build page, it's not ppa specific.02:25
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kgoetzhi all. i'm getting an ssl error -Certificate verification error -  trying to dget a file. is this to be expected?03:58
* kgoetz wonders if he should file a bug against dget for showing wgets error messages03:59
* kgoetz files bug04:00
shirishhi all, can somebody help me to attach another package as well for a particular bug, I don't know how to do that04:03
shirishI am on the edge server but still can't figure out a way04:03
kgoetzhere is the output i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/26361/ sorry about the delay, i was testing with curl backend as well. 04:14
LaserJockkgoetz: do you have ca-certificates installed?04:18
shirishLaserJock: can u help me to attach another package for a particular bug, I don't know how to do that although I'm on the edge server04:20
shirishLaserJock: if that can't be done by users but only by developers (as in rights,permissions) then that's ok04:20
RAOFshirish: What do you actually want done there?04:23
RAOFThat looks like a fairly simple "X crashed" bug.04:24
shirishRAOF: ah, thanx, thought so didn't know whether its an xorg-xserver bug or its an gnome-session04:24
shirishRAOF: my actual issue is if I want to file the bug citing two packages, as in this case gnome-session as well as xorg-xserver as well04:25
shirishRAOF: how do I do that? I don't see any easy way to do that04:25
RAOFAlso affects04:25
shirishRAOF: also affects another project?04:26
RAOFshirish: Also affects distribution04:26
RAOFBut that could be clearer.  Let's file a bug.04:27
shirishROAF: right, for distribution has another meaning where it should be package04:28
shirishRAOF: should I file it against launchpad or something else?04:28
kgoetzLaserJock: unsure - let me check04:29
RAOFshirish: It's probably one of these: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bugs?field.searchtext=also+affects&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.omit_dupes=on&fie ...04:30
RAOF... ld.has_patch=&field.has_no_package=04:30
RAOFEeep!  That url was somewhat longer than expected!04:30
RAOFshirish: http://tinyurl.com/5rasyr04:31
shirishRAOF: checking ;)04:32
kgoetzLaserJock: no i didnt. working now. thanks for that04:32
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kgoetzanyone else having difficulty dgeting dsc+tar.gz from LP PPAs?05:21
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smevening all06:38
* sm wonders how hard it would be to have darcs and others importable on launchpad06:39
stubI think that involves adding support to https://launchpad.net/launchpad-cscvs06:46
smso.. lp uses the standalone cscvs tool to import from cvs/svn, and not bzr's built-in foreign branch feature, is that right ?07:42
mwhudsonthat is correct07:43
mwhudsoni'm not sure what you mean by " bzr's built-in foreign branch feature"07:43
spivmwhudson: bzr-svn and similar.07:44
mwhudsonspiv: that's hardly built in07:44
mwhudsonsm: it's worth noting that launchpad's cvs imports have been running for longer than bzr has really existed :)07:45
smI mean http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrForeignBranches .. I have the impression bzr can talk to cvs and svn natively these days07:45
spivWell, the abstractions in the code to allow different formats of branch to be used more-or-less interchangeably are built-in.07:45
mwhudsonspiv: fair enough07:46
mwhudsonsm: we'll maybe use bzr-svn one day07:46
spivBut yes, the specific support for SVN needs a plugin.07:46
smI see, thanks07:46
mwhudsonsm: there's no foreign branch for cvs though, i think...07:46
smtrue, they recommend using lp fot that07:46
smso the future-minded person that ends up adding darcs support should probably add it to vibrant bzr, not crufty cscvs07:48
mwhudsonwe'll probably go on using cscvs for cvs, there's no other option really today07:48
mwhudson(all the other stuff requires access to ,v files i think)07:49
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jumpkickHi...   launchpad has been unable to import our SVN repo from sourceforge since June 24th... 09:13
jumpkickis this a known issue?09:13
mwhudsonjumpkick: branch url?09:13
jumpkickmwhudson: https://mixxx.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mixxx/trunk09:14
jumpkickhttps://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/mixxx/trunk for the launchpad page09:14
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mptGooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!10:00
Hobbseehey mpt!10:00
huatsmrevell: hey10:01
huatsmrevell: are you around ?10:02
mrevellhi huats, I sure am10:02
huatsi was quite sure you were10:02
huatsbut you might be on a break :)10:02
huatshow are you ?10:02
huatsmrevell: sorry to bother again10:03
huatsdo you know who I have to ask, to know the status of the create of a mailing list for a team ?10:03
mrevellhuats: No problem. I fine thanks. How are you and how can I help?10:03
klettegmb: Did you answer my mail yesterday? Our datacenter had "a small crash" and lost all emails from yesterday10:03
mrevellhuats: that depends. Is it an Ubuntu mailing list or for something else?10:03
huatsI am great too10:03
gmbklette: Oh, fun(!) No, I haven't responded to it yet. I'll be doing so today, though.10:04
huatsit is related to the reception team (for the mentoring of MOTU)10:04
klettegmb: ah, excellent :-)10:04
kletteand yeah, really fun.. the joy of tech :-)10:04
mrevellhuats: In that case, you should send a request to rt@ubuntu.com and also speak to jcastro. Do you know him?10:05
huatsi'll talk to jorge :)10:05
huatsthanks mrevell10:05
huatsI know we have asked for the creation for some time now...10:06
huatsand we are waiting for it :)10:06
huatsI'll look for him10:06
mrevellhuats: No problem :) For the time being, Ubuntu mailing lists are handled separately from Launchpad, so we automatically reject Ubuntu-related mailing list requests made to Launchpad.10:06
mrevellSo, Jorge is the best person to speak to.10:06
huatsI will10:06
huatshey popey o/10:06
nanderssonHi, I would like to know if OpenSUSE Build Service would be of any use to Ubuntu, or if it's a competing platform with Launchpad.10:11
nanderssonI'm curious as I write for Swedish tech-mag TechWorld Open Source10:11
nanderssonI haven't yet found out in what they compete/complement each other10:12
mrevellhey beuno10:37
nedkohow long it usually takes to review vcs-import branch?10:37
beunomornin' mrevell 10:38
mrevellnandersson: Hi10:39
mrevellnandersson: I think my colleague cprov would be a good person to speak to about that. Cprov, are you able to speak to nandersson about OpenSUSE's Build Service and Launchpad similarities/differences?10:40
nanderssonmrevell, Hi, I would appreciate it :) To me, as an external part, it seems they kind of complement each other. BuildService will for example support an interface to communicate with version control systems, such as SVN/CVS - Would be nice if they supported Bazaar as well, as you're on your way to import 16 000 projects into your dev-repository :)10:44
cprovmrevell: sure10:47
nanderssoncprov, Hi10:48
cprovnandersson: yes, fully integration with bzr is in our plans, it will wider than PPAs, though10:48
cprovnandersson: we will be able to assembly a source-package from a arbitrary branch.10:49
nanderssoncprov, That sounds great, because it seems that Build Service could be used to create the distribution and Launchpad for all the development around it10:49
cprovnandersson: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NoMoreSourcePackages10:49
nanderssoncprov, And that would be fully automized?10:50
cprovnandersson: as much as it can be.10:50
nanderssoncprov, would you then use the OpenSUSE Build Service or would you host it yourself? As part of Launchpad?10:52
Hobbseecprov: oh, were there any plans to finish the dget ppa stuff, btw?  i thought it got targetted for release ages ago10:54
cprovnandersson: we will be able to host everything related to this process -> branches (done) -> source-packages -> binary-packages -> archives10:54
cprovHobbsee: but it wasn't :(10:54
Hobbseeany ETA?10:54
nanderssoncprov, Do you use OpenSUSE Build Service as a foundation or are you developing your own Build Service?10:55
cprovHobbsee: it's pretty hectic right now, so it's, at least, post-2.0 (august)10:56
Hobbseeah well.  okay10:57
cprovnandersson: we do have our own build-service.10:57
cprovnandersson: it's just not integrated with our branch-hosting service.10:57
nanderssoncprov, aha, I get it :)10:57
nanderssoncprov, Now I get the picture. Thanks a lot for your time - and keep up the good work. :)10:59
cprovnandersson: keep in touch, it will be done very soon.10:59
nanderssoncprov, I'll do that - I keep a very close eye on the Ubuntu development. Ubuntu has a big userbase in Sweden10:59
cprovnandersson: great. Just a quick question, I understand VCS-integration is desirable, but how desperately you need it ?11:02
cprovnandersson: I mean, is it blocking you to start using PPA right now ?11:02
cprovnandersson: because some automation can be done in your side already (not ideal, but will do the work) using bzr-builddeb.11:03
nanderssoncprov, I don't know as I'm not involved in OpenSUSE Build Service as a developer. I write for the swedish Tech-mag TechWorld Open Source11:04
nanderssoncprov, So I keep an open eye on everything that has to do with open source11:04
cprovnandersson: oh, I see.11:05
nanderssoncprov, I have used bzr-builddeb myself though :)11:05
cprovnandersson: isn't it great ?11:05
nanderssoncprov, It sure is :) it saves a lot of time11:06
nanderssoncprov, You guys are doing a great job streamlining the process11:06
cprovnandersson: thanks11:07
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cprov-lunchguys, see you in a bit11:10
zyx386Rinchen, r u her?11:45
beunozyx386, he won't for a few hours, it's his sleeping time  :)11:53
zyx386ok beuno 12:01
beunozyx386, maybe someone else can help you?12:01
zyx386i have translation problem12:02
zyx386in this team12:03
zyx386i can just edit translation12:03
zyx386i well approve another person12:03
zyx386can anyone help?12:04
beunozyx386, I don't think I understand the problem. What are you trying to do?12:04
zyx386that is our tranlation12:05
zyx386r u understand?12:05
zyx386i manage this group12:05
zyx386i well approve another person to translate12:06
beunoyou want to approve someone else?12:06
zyx386beuno, is solved12:07
beunoI'd assume adding them to the ~wpkurdish might do it12:07
zyx386i receive email from team12:07
zyx386thanx you to12:07
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dokocan I disable the loooong list of tags in every bug list?12:23
dokocan I disable the list of "subscribed to all" people in bug views?12:23
nedkohow long it usually takes to review vcs-import branch?12:25
andrea-bsdoko: for the first question: are you using edge?12:26
dokoandrea-bs: yes, edge12:26
andrea-bsdoko: you can't, sorry12:26
dokoandrea-bs: will this be reverted?12:26
andrea-bsdoko: I don't know12:27
andrea-bsdoko: try to ask to mpt12:27
mptdoko, the answer to your first question is "Persuade someone to fix bug 59154"12:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 59154 in malone "Don't show all tags on the bug listing page" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5915412:31
mptdoko, and the answer to your second question is "Persuade someone to fix bug 241150"12:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 241150 in malone "Structural subscription list has become an unwieldy and irreducable feature of bug pages" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24115012:34
dokompt: \o/12:36
mptI'm sorry I can't be more help than that12:36
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tarmotHi guys. I'm getting the "This account cannot be used." error message while trying to claim my account. Wasn't the error fixed like a week ago?13:32
Hobbseeintellectronica: ^13:33
tarmot(I may have done something wrong as I first tried to create a new account, and after digging around found that my e-mail was already automatically added; tried to claim it, which was successful, but login doesn't happen)13:33
tarmotactually both registering as a new user and claiming the account (both using the same email) were successful...13:34
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intellectronicatarmot: let me see what's going on. we're still having occasional problems13:38
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nedkohow long it usually takes to review vcs-import branch?13:54
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stewartanybody got an idea on why it takes 4 or 5 hours to push a mysql branch to launchpad? (even when it's my 2nd branch). Does launchpad not use a shared repo ?14:16
Dark_Shadowi want to know what is karma?14:21
andrea-bsDark_Shadow: you may find this page useful: https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/Karma14:21
kgoetzgood vibes. ("points" you have "scored" by work on free software)14:22
wormsxulla!karma ChanServ 14:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about karma chanserv14:42
wormsxulla!karma ubuntu14:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about karma ubuntu14:42
wormsxullaubottu: karma launchpad14:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about karma launchpad14:42
wormsxullawell, you suck! ;)14:42
wormsxullawith all due respect to your botitude14:43
Ursinhawormsxulla, try asking google 14:43
wormsxullaUrsinha: i can't. google.com is in my hostfile14:43
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ToyKeeperwormsxulla: There are other names for google, such as google.co.uk, and other search engines, and in case they're all in a /etc/hosts you can't modify, it's still possible to access them via IP address or proxy.14:57
wormsxullaToyKeeper: i know i know. i was only kidding (i hate google)14:58
wormsxullabut that's off-topic, i guess :)14:58
ToyKeeperAh.  It's too early in the morning for me to detect sarcasm.  :)15:00
wormsxulla:) hehe15:01
a_c_mhi all, i've been playing with BZR and love it... i'm a Drupal developer - so was looking at https://code.launchpad.net/drupal but it seems to only be HEAD and does not have the all important tagg'ed releases - which would make it much more useful to the non core developers... is it possible to get these tagged versions imported as well and who would i need to ask?15:46
mrevella_c_m: Right now, we only import projects' mainline. However, send an email to feedback@launchpad.net and I'll make sure the right person sees it.15:48
a_c_mmrevell: writing it now - thanks15:50
mrevella_c_m: great, thanks15:50
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a_c_mmrevell: sent16:08
Laibschsince a few hours I am the gnucash maintainer on LP.  I'd like to test out translation work wrt gnucash but I don't see a way to activate it16:41
LaibschWhere is the magic knob?16:41
* soren <3 gnucash16:42
beunoLaibsch, https://launchpad.net/gnucash/+edit16:42
Laibschsoren: ?16:44
Laibschbeuno: thanks16:44
sorenLaibsch: It's a heart. It's the way young people express liking for someone or something these days.16:44
Laibschglad you like it16:45
Laibschand indeed it looks like a heart ;-)16:45
sorenYoung people lie down a lot these days, apparantly.16:47
lagapassive voice would be worse..16:49
sorenlaga: hm?16:51
lagasoren: "young people get laid a lot these days, apparently"16:51
sorenIf that's passive, you're doing it wrong.16:51
* laga needs to work on his jokes.16:52
lagasoren: yeah, i need to get on top of that16:52
lagaof grammar, i mean16:52
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Rinchen>> 10 minute advanced notice: Launchpad Team Meeting in #launchpad-meeting.  Come join us!18:48
Rinchen>> Launchpad Dev meeting happening now on #launchpad-meeting. Come Join us!18:57
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mathiazHi - could somebody help figuring out why openldap trunk import on LP doesn't work ?19:12
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=== Rinchen changed the topic of #launchpad to: https://launchpad.net/ | Next meeting, all welcome: Thu 17 July 2008, 1800UTC #launchpad-meeting | Help: https://help.launchpad.net | Questions and spam reports: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com
Rinchenchanged the date for next mtg19:44
wormsxullathere are meetings?19:47
Rinchenas specified in the channel topic here19:48
* sm catches his first launchpad dev meeting19:50
smdang, you guys are smooth :)19:50
smnot even an argument19:51
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Laibschthe server admin of the gnucash svn server claims you've been hosing his t1 line20:19
LaibschHe has blocked you now (I think he's just being a jerk)20:19
siretartLaibsch: perhaps you can explain him the issue and ask him to unblock launchpad? Or even better, he can provide a snapshot of the svn repository?20:21
Laibschtar ball?20:25
LaibschIs LP really taking oodles of bandwidth to import stuff?20:25
LaibschI can't really believe it does20:26
Laibschnormal svn pull of the whole repo takes a few minutes and does not max out my connection20:26
siretarta 'normal' svn pull does not download the whole history20:26
Laibschthe import goes on for days, so the I/O should really be spread out20:26
Laibschwe'll probably get a tarball20:30
Laibschsiretart: I have an URL for yesterday's snapshot20:41
Laibschwho should I talk to?20:41
siretartLaibsch: I'd say the lp ticket and/or mwhudson20:42
Laibschping mwhudson20:42
Laibschsiretart: the thing is that I suspect the LP computers sucking up the bandwidth again once unblocked20:42
Laibschbut if they are blocked, it might also lead to trouble when downloading (if from same IP)20:43
siretartI don't think so, but you need to discuss this with mwhudson, I think20:43
LaibschI am downloading the snapshot to my private computer to make sure things work smoothly20:43
Laibschbut my upload is limited in case I'd need to upload.  It would take a little while20:44
Laibschfew hours20:44
siretartLaibsch: if you pass me the url, I could place it on a machine at my university20:44
statikwhere can i find the source for ubottu?20:50
beunostatik, I believe this would be it:  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots20:51
statikbeuno: ta20:51
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gijsisokHello. My Launchpad account is removed, but I has not removed it. And sorry for my bad English, I'm a 13 years old Dutch boy. 21:20
gijsisokIf I make a new account with the same emailadres it says that the account cannot be used.21:20
gijsisokBefore this it says the same21:20
gijsisokAnybody knows what to do?21:21
tavlaa little patience, gijsisok, someone who knows this error will answer when he or she sees the question21:22
beunogijsisok, have you deleted it yourself, or requested it where deleted, or did this "just happen"?21:23
intellectronicagijsisok: hi. this is a problem we've encountered several times in the last few days. let me see if we can get someone to look at it now21:23
intellectronicagijsisok: what's your launchpad username?21:24
gijsisokit just happens21:24
intellectronicasinzui: gijsisok seems to have lost his account21:25
Drk_GuyI'm having an issue, my PPA is HTTP 40421:26
sinzuigijsisok: How did it happen? adding an address, resetting the  the password?21:26
gijsisokNothing I know, I has logged in a few weeks ago21:26
gijsisokAnd then it was working right21:26
gijsisokA few minutes ago, i has try to make a new account with the same emailadres, but that doesn't works21:27
sinzuigijsisok: ahh I see.I have heard of that. I'm going to fix that21:29
gijsisokOkay, thank you! :) Can I get offline now?21:30
gijsisokIt's time to go sleeping in the Netherlands, so I want to go.21:30
sinzuigijsisok: if you ask a question https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad, I can leave a message when the status is fixed.21:32
gijsisokOkay, I do.21:32
gijsisokI can't, because I haven't a Launchpad account.21:33
gijsisokI can give you my mailadress, so you can send a message to me?21:34
sinzuiHa. I suck21:34
sinzuigijsisok: I'll be in this channel you can ping me21:35
sinzui/msg gijsisok you can contact me at curtis@canonical.com21:35
gijsisokOkay, I ask it in a few days to you. But now I go, goodbye!21:35
sinzuiI still suck21:35
gijsisokDoesn't matter ;) I add your mail to my adressbook.21:36
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