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gluertried do do an upgrade from 8.04 LTS to Intrepid...crashed and burned! LOL01:12
riddleboxwhat kernel is intrepid using?01:22
AmyRosegluer: You know, that just proves that Linux ain't ready for the desktop! :301:22
AmyRose(just kidding, of course)01:22
Pici!info linux01:23
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component restricted, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB01:23
Piciriddlebox: ^01:23
riddleboxPici, cool01:24
riddleboxI am getting so sick of messing with my pinnacle 800i card, I am so close to risking an upgrade to intrepid to see if it will work, it is supposed to work in 2.6.2501:25
Vegarwouldn't it be easier to just install the intrepid kernel in hardy?01:28
riddleboxI am not using hardy, gutsy01:30
RAOFriddlebox: Well, you'll need to upgrade to hardy to upgrade to intrepid anyway.  Why don't you see if it works in Hardy?01:37
riddleboxit doesnt work in hardy01:37
riddleboxI already have a bug report in, and a kernel developer for ubuntu has said they will not fix it01:37
riddleboxbut I guess I could upgrade to hardy then install the kernel for intrepid01:37
RAOFThat doesn't sound like a wonderful idea to me, but could work.01:39
RAOFIf it's fixed in 2.6.25, it should work with intrepid's kernel.01:39
RAOFJust be aware that things may break.01:39
riddleboxit just sucks, i have compiled the drivers and stuff, but for some reason do not have audio, so i am wondering if it will work with the kernel01:42
RAOFYou'll need linux-ubuntu-modules and possibly linux-restricted-modules, too.01:43
ASULutzy1Whoops, I got disconnected, sorry bout that. Anyway, has anyone else had any problems with Virtualbox? I can't boot my XP .vdi's. They boot fine in Hardy but in Intrepid they go to the XP screen "safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, ..., boot normally" and no matter what I choose it immediately blue screens... Any ideas?01:53
ASULutzy1Also, any idea why smbmount doesn't seem to work in Intrepid but works just fine in hardy? Output can be found here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/26342/02:03
td123does anyone know if alpha 2 will fix the pulseaudio no sound problem?02:04
RAOFtd123: If it's not fixed for you now, no.02:04
RAOFAlso, what pulseaudio no sound problems? :)02:04
td123Oh, pulse audio wasn't working but when I switched it to alsa, it works (sound)02:05
ASULutzy1Nevermind on the smbmount problem, apparently it changed from uppercase to lowercase... that's odd. Still no luck with virtualbox though, anyone else experienced any problems with it?02:06
td123RAOF: will intrepid have a website dedicated to problems with it or will it just be the launchpad database?02:06
RAOFtd123: Launchpad, of course.02:07
td123RAOF: ubuntu 8.04alpha had a website of some sort where you can tell about your experience and add comments/bugs about your experience.02:08
RAOFtd123: There's qa.ubuntu.com, but that's only for testing the candidate ISOs, basically.  Things like "Does it install?", which need special handling.02:08
td123nvm I found it, it's http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/02:13
td123thanks for your help RAOF02:13
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Jordan_UWhat are the chances of kernel-based mode setting being available in intrepid?02:32
rskJordan_U: 5%02:33
* Jordan_U will stick with fedora I guess02:33
DanaGUgh, PulseAudio sounds like crap if I use the "simultaneous" device... even if I only have one physical device to actually send it to.03:06
DanaGBy "crap", I mean horribly crackly -- like somebody talking into a microphone while also EATING it.03:06
DanaGOr something like that.03:06
DanaGIf I use the bare device, it sounds fine.03:06
DanaG main.c: setrlimit(RLIMIT_NICE, (31, 31)) failed: Operation not permitted03:06
DanaGW: main.c: setrlimit(RLIMIT_RTPRIO, (9, 9)) failed: Operation not permitted03:06
DanaGI am in pulse-rt....03:07
RAOFHm.  Odd.  Bug filing time! :)03:10
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* Hobbsee assumes it's not trying to come thru the pcspkr?03:11
RAOFOooh, maybe that's it.  Simultaneous, through alsa + pcspk?03:11
DanaGWOrks fine if I use the bare device.03:11
DanaGI blacklisted the pcsp one.03:11
RAOFAwwww! :)03:11
DanaGIt sounds like rather horrid clipping.03:15
DanaGOn the positive side... I just found a new torture method.  =þ03:15
RAOFYou don't have the stream volume set to 200% or something silly?03:15
DanaGOh yeah, I have default sample channels set to 6, so perhaps it's adding channels incorrectly.03:16
DanaGBut I haven't usually had this issue, even when using the "combined" sink with 6 channels.03:16
DanaGSpeaking of which... the channel map on the combined sink is wrong.03:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about audible04:34
DanaGBummer: latest X broke even glxinfo.04:40
DanaGAnd bluetooth headsets simply don't work.04:40
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HewCould someone tell me if Alpha 2 will have a Live CD version?05:27
Hew(or if the daily images now do)05:27
HewFor the benefit of this quiet channel, the consensus is that Live CDs are now available http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/05:41
alex_mayorgahello everyone, I recently took the plunge to Ibex, looks like bug #121111 was reintroduced somehow in the kernel06:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 121111 in linux-source-2.6.22 "Gutsy Tribe 3 CD don't load on Dell Inspiron 1501" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12111106:22
alex_mayorgaright after I update my laptop won't boot until I added 'nolapic_timer nohz=off' to the menu.lst, is this a regression?06:25
alex_mayorgathis was on Ubuntu 2.6.26-3.9-generic06:26
alex_mayorgashall I file a new bug or re-open the old one? thanks in advance06:27
linux1hmm ,nfs problem's afoot07:56
linux1anyone know what this means mount.nfs: mount to NFS server 'rpcbind' failed: RPC Error: Program not registered07:57
TheInfinitylinux1: it means that your rpcd has a problem08:01
TheInfinityperhaps you forgot to install it, perhaps it just has a bug08:02
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Hellowis this the proper chat to discuss developing interpid?08:13
RAOFHellow: Bang on.08:17
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molgrumis the nvidia drivers going to work soon?09:29
RAOFDiscussion about that right now in #ubuntu-devel :)09:31
molgrumam i invited? :P09:31
molgrumi don't have anything to say anyway09:32
DanaGdamn Flash... I can only view ONE video per Firefox session... and then the rest go grey.10:05
sigma_is alpha2 out yet?10:12
gnomefreaksigma_: no10:24
simihi, i want to try kubuntu 8.10 but i want to install only the core(i do not want to install openoffice or other applications), i need a how to for installing a custom system like in debian10:36
RAOFsimi: Install from the Alternate CD, and do a server instal.  That'll get you a pretty much bare-minimum system.10:36
simiRAOF: i belive it do not ask  if i want to install the server only and i do not seen a link to the server cd for 8.10, i belive that is posible using the alternate kubuntu cd but i am not sure10:46
RAOFYes, it's possible with the alternate CD.10:46
simiRAOF: then i should read the installing manual10:47
RAOFI think it's an option from the boot menu.10:48
gluerinstalled intrepid from cd install worked perfect, then installed updates, now when booting gui screen goes blank, cant fix, any ideas?10:53
gluerusing a compaq nx6320 laptop10:54
gluerusing sirc to ask these questions lol10:54
DanaGvesafb has been replaced by uvesafb.10:55
DanaGand uvesafb needs 'v86d'10:56
gluerdanag: was that directed at me? how do i replace uvesafb?10:58
glueractually quite a lot of fun using lynx and sirc down here ;-)11:01
DanaGoh wait, GUI goes blank?  Are you speaking of just the boot screen, or actual Xorg?11:02
DanaGuvesafb is only for the console.11:02
DanaGFor the latter, other people may be able to help better.11:02
gluerdanag: not the boot screen once the gui kicks in screen goes blank11:02
DanaGANyway, I must go to bed now.11:02
DanaGThu Jul 10 03:02:59 PDT 200811:02
DanaGhandy thing, that /exec plugin.  =þ11:03
gluerwhats that?11:03
DanaGA plugin for pidgin, that lets you run commands and dump the output to chat.11:04
DanaGLike that, which was 'date'11:04
DanaGHandy for such things as "dmesg | grep NVRM"11:04
DanaG[   13.928943] NVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module  173.14.09  Wed Jun  4 23:43:17 PDT 200811:04
DanaGand for "uname -a":11:04
DanaGLinux GLaDOS 2.6.26-3-generic #1 SMP Wed Jul 2 21:56:15 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux11:05
gluerthat is cool11:05
DanaGJust don't use it for things that should be pastebin'd.11:05
gluerim on the same kernal as you11:05
gluerlol all i need is a text base IM and im set11:07
Paolo88where i can find the news on intrepid?11:23
neggeI just finished installing Ibex alpha 1 in VMware Workstation, problem is after entering my password nothing happens, I never get to the desktop11:44
neggeany ideas why this is happening?11:44
gluerhi, any idea why my compaq nx6320's screen goes blank when booting gui on  2.6.26-3? after upgrade from  2.6.26-2?12:09
gluerdoes anyone have any ideas, how to fix this? i just reinstalled and dont wanna reinstall the updates in case it breaks again :-)12:26
gluerthere are compiz and xorg updates..maybe thats it12:28
neggewow, after logging in with failsafe terminal and managing to update everything I can't click Options at the login screen and when I login I get a message askig something about my default desktop type and no matter which button i press it freezes12:47
neggeguess I'll have to check back in a month to see if things have gotten better:p12:47
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null_vectoryay, nvidia works again14:02
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klerfaytI thought I would ask if xorg version 1.5 is already available in intrepid, if not then how soon?14:36
gluerklerfayt: why do u need it?14:36
klerfaytgluer: to see if one bug is fixed14:36
gluerwhich bug?14:37
klerfaytbug 18995814:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 189958 in libsdl1.2 "sdl and evdev for mice does not work (xorg 1.4)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18995814:38
gnomefreakklerfayt: 1.4 is in Intrepid atm for most if not everyone14:38
gnomefreakX is still going through alot of changes14:39
klerfaytgnomefreak: how many months to go?14:39
glueranyone know how to fix my gui blank screen issue?14:39
klerfaytgluer: what drivers, which desktop14:39
glueri upgraded intrepid to 2.6.26-314:40
gluercompaq nx632014:41
marijusgluer: are you using compiz?14:41
gluerno, just a default fresh install, then i run the updates and reboot..14:42
gluerall goes blank14:42
gluersorry how do i check which graphics card i have?14:42
seisenI have that problem in kubuntu and ubuntu both with intel graphics14:43
seisenlspci gluer14:43
glueryeh i think its intel14:43
glueryep intel14:43
marijusi have it if i start compiz with compiz --replace14:43
gnomefreakklerfayt: oct.14:44
marijuswith  LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 compiz --replace compiz works as usual14:44
gnomefreakklerfayt: as for when new X dont know14:44
marijusmetacity also works14:44
marijusbtw im using intel i91514:45
gluermines a 94514:46
glueris there an app like envy for intel? ;-)14:48
seisenboth of mine are 94514:48
gluerseisen: i turned of desktop effects will that help?14:49
seisenI have no idea sometimes mine boots into the  login screen and then screws up or it loads the splash screen get messes up14:49
seisenyou can try it and see if that is the problem14:50
gluerseisen: yep i just installed the updates so i will try again14:53
seisenya let me know if that is the problem14:54
gluerlol if im not back you know why14:54
seisenya a black screen of nothing14:55
gluerwell im using sirc :-)15:02
gluerseisen: yeh15:02
seisenmine does it off and on in Kubuntu and ubuntu lets me login then starts loading the wallpaper then a white screen of nothing15:03
gluerseisen: same thing here (white screen) after i see the desktop and wallpaper for a sec15:04
seisenit will load in failsafe gnome without any problems15:04
seisenits the only way I found that it works15:04
gluer_seisen: yeh im in with failsafe15:06
marijusseisen: if you using gnome try thisat the white screen... press alt-f2 and type: metacity --replace15:06
marijusyou will not see anything tho...15:06
seisenalt+f2 doesn't work or at least it doesn't appear to work15:07
marijusbut it should bring you back to metacity... hopefully....15:07
seiseninteresting let me try that15:07
marijusat least it works for me...15:07
gluer_marijus: does that have to done every time?15:07
seisenso is this an intel problem than?15:07
marijusnot sure... mesa problem they say...15:08
marijusseisen: let me know if it worked15:11
seisenalright go get up and go to desktop15:11
seisenyep it worked marijus15:14
gluer_is it a permanent fix?15:14
seisenmost likely not15:15
marijusno... the problem that the session starts with compiz... but compiz doesnt work with xorg so well atm...15:15
seisenmore like a temporary fix until they fix the problem15:15
gluer_just wondering if that has to be done everytime i restart15:16
gluer_will try mine now15:17
marijusseisen: you can try to start compiz with: LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 compiz --replace15:17
marijusin a terminal15:17
seisenok let me try15:17
marijuswhat is your output of glxinfo?15:19
gluerseisen: thats weird i didnt have to do anything, is working but compiz is off15:19
seisenwell the very first entry is Failed to initialize TTM Buffer manager15:20
marijusdirect rendering: yes or no?15:21
pheerorjust a blind try, no idead if it helps you or not15:22
marijusfails with what message?15:24
pheerorso wait for a new version of drivers for your gpu15:25
pheerori'm also waiting - but for .26 kernel to boot on my machine15:26
gluerpheeror: ah yes.. patience15:26
* pheeror isn't kernel hacker (yet)15:26
pheerorbtw isn't TTM dead? I may be wrong but I've read that it's going to be replaced by GEM15:28
marijusme too read this15:28
Bernardoseisen: I have the same problem (blank screen) with kubuntu, but sometimes it starts15:28
BernardoIf I do a reboot I am sure to get a blank screen, if I start from power off half of the times it shows kdm15:29
seisenthats originally what ubuntu was doing at first15:29
BernardoI also have a intel chipset (945)15:30
td123what about that chipset?15:30
td123(I have it too)15:30
Bernardoblank X screen sometimes (at least I have it and I thought that was seisen problem)15:31
wersis it just me or did the ubuntulooks engine just got faster?15:32
td123does anyone know approximately what time alpha 2 is supposed to be released15:33
jbroomewhen it's ready16:40
cjbHello.  Is X fixed yet?17:15
cjb(and if so, will dist-upgrade work, or do I have to do something manually?)17:15
pheerorupdate-manager -d is more sexy anyway17:17
cjbit would be if X worked!17:18
pheerorthen I suppose that doing dist-upgrade is meaningless without editing sources.list17:19
pheerorif you are running intrepid (I hope you do as something so basic for desktop distro as X is broken) and want to update your system the safe-upgrade is preferred17:21
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* DanaG still has working X... just not working OpenGL.17:38
* molgrum same here17:40
DanaGAnd even 'glxinfo' fails.17:42
daekdroomUpdate-manager isn't showing up 8.10 when I run update-manager -d18:06
* cjb is running intrepid and has broken input -- mouse and keyboard don't do anything in gdm.18:07
geek_inn2hey i have little problem18:09
geek_inn2i created fonts folder,.fonts in home dir but desktop fonts wont change18:09
daekdroomHm. Will Alpha 2 be delayed like Alpha 1?18:12
geek_inn2i think its obvious that no sign of alpha218:37
jasperusi hope its released18:38
daekdroomI can't download Alpha 1.18:38
daekdroomIt doesn't show up on update-manager18:38
jasperusupdate-manager -d18:38
daekdroomdoesn't work18:39
jasperusno idea then18:39
pheeroraptitude update18:39
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pheerordon't know how update-manager works though18:39
jasperusanyone know18:39
jasperusif crossover is worth 40 bucks18:39
daekdroomI had to put update-manager to update the package list so it could show.18:40
jasperusare you trying to install the alpha on your main pc?18:41
daekdroombut I probally will cancel it halfway :p18:42
jasperusheh it was way to unstable for me when i tryed it18:42
jasperusi caused a kernel panic when i installed awn18:43
pheerornice, on cdimage there are *live* intrepid cds18:43
jasperuswell it was on virtualbox18:43
jasperusso i didn't really care18:44
daekdroomThey were supposed to be released along Alpha 2.18:44
pheerori should buy a dvd recorder ;-)18:44
daekdroomjasperus, I'll download some packages and cancel it from time to time, to make it easier when I definetly upgrade18:46
pheerorto test it or real hardware18:46
pheerordaekdroom: you are kidding us, aren't you? ;-)18:47
daekdroompheeror: not really.18:47
jasperuswhat the hell18:47
daekdroomMy ADSL is idle most of time.18:47
jasperushow would that work18:47
daekdroomIt worked when I wasn't sure to upgrade from gutsy to hardy.18:47
daekdroomI kept cancelling the upgrade during the downloads, and some packages weren't upgraded.18:48
jasperusi had the worse time upgrading from gutsy to hardy18:48
jasperusi was stupid and installed beta 2 on my real pc and it had a issue18:49
jasperuswith my hardware18:49
jasperusthen i had to reinstall18:49
daekdroomI reinstalled gutsy 3 times after upgrading to Hardy.18:50
daekdroomI'm good at breaking the system.18:50
geek_inn2u mean u like hardy or gutsy?19:02
jasperusi hated hardy at first19:03
daekdroomI liked hardy, except by the fact fglrx has a bug with my vboard in it.19:06
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jasperusare any ubuntu devs in here19:59
Konstigthas any devels seen bug #243933? it's about not beeing able to boot intrepid when you're on VirtualBox.20:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243933 in linux "Problem with ubuntu 8.10 and VirtualBox" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24393320:40
jasperusit works for me in virtualbox20:55
jasperuswhat does it do for you?20:55
Konstigtjasperus: check out the bug22:00
Konstigtjasperus: cannot boot, the linux kernel reports a bug22:00
jasperusi had that bug22:02
jasperusall i had to do was reboot the VM22:02
jasperuswhat i found out though was22:02
jasperusfor me, at least if i leave focus of the VM (ie hit ctrl to move out of it) it would always give me issues, but if i keep it as my constant window it would work fine22:03
jasperussounds really stupid, But that works for me.22:04
daekdroomjasperus: VBox guest drivers bug, perhaps?22:06
jasperusCould be.22:06
Konstigtjasperus: yep, that actually works for me too.23:18
jasperusits so strange right?23:18
DigitalNinjaIs Alpha 2 coming out today?23:22
DigitalNinjaAccording to the Itrepid release schedule Alpah 2 should be out today. What's the story? Where is Alpha 2?23:24
Konstigtjasperus: indeed..23:24
KonstigtDigitalNinja: haven't seen any announce on the MLs yet so probably not. what's the hurry?23:25
DigitalNinjaNo hurry23:25
DigitalNinjaJust want to know where it's at so I can download it when it's released.23:25
DigitalNinjaI thought that was going to happen today.23:26
Konstigtok. join some announce ML and you'll know as soon as it's ready.23:27
DigitalNinjaWhere is the ML at?23:28
Konstigtdon't know but check the wiki23:34
DigitalNinjaI found a list ML's23:35
daekdroomWill I regret if I use Alpha 1 in a desktop?23:35
RAOFYou'll regret if you don't have a backup system, certainly23:37
Dana1I've heard some people mention breakage of Xorg; I've just had breakage of OpenGL.23:39
daekdroomAlpha 2 is out.23:40
daekdroomor atleast is supposed to be.23:40
daekdroomThere are Alpha 2 links on the wiki already.23:41
jasperuscan you link me?23:41
DigitalNinjadeakdroom: I searched for it but couldn't find it23:41
DigitalNinjaWhere's the link23:41
DigitalNinjaWe must have it23:41
daekdroomThis wiki page mentions link to Alpha 2.23:41
daekdroomBut it's 404.23:41
jasperusyou should post that as a fix for the virtualbox issue23:42
DigitalNinjadeakdroom: does this mean it's not out yet23:42
jasperusdaekdroom give it maybe23:42
jasperusa few hours23:42
daekdroomDigitalNinja, It means it's about to be aviable, I guess.23:42
DigitalNinjaI see23:43
DigitalNinjaThanks for the info23:43
daekdroomIt even mentions Ubuntu and Kubuntu CD Images are larger than a CD.23:43
Konstigtjasperus: already done, i've written a comment on LP23:49
jasperuscould you link me?23:49
Konstigtlink to this? < ubottu> Launchpad bug 243933 in linux "Problem with ubuntu 8.10 and VirtualBox"  [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24393323:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 243933 in linux "Problem with ubuntu 8.10 and VirtualBox" [Undecided,New]23:53
jasperusYes, thank you.23:53
jasperusi had lost the link for the bug23:53
jasperusoh you credited me23:54
jasperusthank you.23:54
p2pthere is a bug with xorg and ati non propietary drivers?23:59
p2pi've got in the log that can't load dri2 module23:59
RAOFp2p: I don't know.  That's why you're testing :)23:59
RAOFRight.  That DRI2 warning is harmless, and will be going away.23:59

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