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pwnguincan anyone else open the ubuntu-title font source in fontforge? I can't =(00:43
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pwnguinhuh. did you know the circle of friends isn't symmetric?05:20
* pwnguin better double check that05:20
pwnguinwell thats annoying05:22
pwnguinthe CoF is fine, this business card is not05:23
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kooldudei am a noobie18:33
pwnguinthere's only one way to fix that18:41
kooldudeim fresh new pwnguin... so can you give me a jumpstart18:53
kooldudeon what were doing18:54
kooldudei am exactly 1318:54
kooldudeand i have alot of computer expirence18:54
pwnguinwell I can't say what "we're" doing18:55
pwnguini just mean, i dont know the team18:55
pwnguinDoes the artwork team have a list of goals for intrepid?18:55
pwnguinusually there's a theme18:56
kooldudei dont know very much18:56
kooldudeabout the goals18:56
pwnguinjust a general question, not directed at you18:56
pwnguinanyways, there's usually a wallpaper and a gtk theme that the art team does18:57
kooldudeoh ok18:57
pwnguinfor intrepid, I believe a dark theme is getting a test run18:58
kooldudei have a pretty good one... ill send a screenshot to you18:59
pwnguinnot a good idea19:00
pwnguinwell maybe19:00
pwnguinim not familiar with irssi and dcc19:00
pwnguinbut that doesn't stop me from using irssi =(19:00
kooldudei see19:00
kooldudehere ill try19:01
kooldudei opened a dialog window accept my offer please19:01
pwnguini dont see anything =(19:02
kooldudehmm then try and right click my username in the sidebar to the right19:03
kooldudeand select "open dialog window"19:03
pwnguinjust a second19:03
pwnguin13:04 Warning: Port sent with DCC request is a lowport (0, unknown) - this  isn't normal. It is possible the address/port is faked (or maybe  someone is just trying to bypass firewall)19:04
pwnguin13:04 DCC SEND from kooldude [ port 0]: kool-1.png [571kB]19:04
kooldudei have a firewall19:05
kooldudeand im kinda having problems with linux and my dads router19:05
kooldudedid you get the photo19:06
pwnguini think so19:06
kooldudeyou should see it19:06
kooldudethe bottom yellow bar is an auto hide bar19:07
pwnguinthe background19:07
kooldudeoh yah... lol19:07
pwnguintheres an artist who did a ton of those19:07
kooldudei found a bunch of those at www.linux-wallpapers.com19:08
pwnguinyea; I believe the goal is to make something new for everyone19:09
kooldudeill show you my windows' theme19:09
kooldudelike that for a dark theme19:11
pwnguinthe white irssi background kinda looks wierd, no?19:11
kooldudethat i can't change19:11
pwnguinkooldude: well, we've got the source code19:12
pwnguinto xchat19:12
kooldudeohh... so you can change it19:12
kooldudei see19:12
kooldudei better with the visuals... not so much the programming19:13
kooldudebut i do have somewhat expirence for configuring it19:13
pwnguinas i understand it, the point of the dark theme in intrepid is to point out the problems with dark themes on the desktop19:14
pwnguinso we can fix some of them19:14
jlduggeractually, you can change the xchat background stuff19:15
kooldudebut i like my dark theme... its nowere nearly as boring as the "high contrast and inverted" themes19:15
kooldudei can19:15
jlduggersettings -> preferences -> colors19:15
kooldudeohhh ok19:16
jlduggerforeground and background19:16
pwnguinheh, here's a fun screenshot http://people.cis.ksu.edu/~jld5445/wipeout.png19:18
kooldudenot so organized though19:20
pwnguinmeh. the point was to try out the wip3out font. it doesnt work well for anything besides text labels19:22
kooldudei see19:23
kooldudeso here is the new and improved theme19:24
kooldudethe bar with the two desktops is a slide able19:25
kooldudei think the dark theme i have RULES!!!19:26
kooldudeat least... for now19:26
pwnguinkooldude: there's a program we use to demo themes19:26
kooldudedemo themes?19:26
kooldudeplease explain19:27
pwnguinapt-get install thewidgetfactory19:27
pwnguinthen just run 'twf'19:28
kooldudeone sec my sudo is giving me the error crap19:29
kooldudeinstalling now19:30
kooldudek i have it19:30
pwnguintwf is the command, i dont know why it doesnt have a .desktop entry19:32
pwnguinit demos about all the gtk GUI "widgets"19:33
kooldudei can't get my theme to show in the choser19:33
kooldudeand it is saved as KOOL THEME19:34
pwnguinhmm; you've probably done more with themes than I have19:35
kooldudei've costomized everything19:35
kooldudeand im 13 :P19:35
kooldudei dont mean to be offencive t all19:36
kooldudeat all*19:36
pwnguinhave you considered the google highly open participation contest?19:36
kooldudewhat's that19:38
pwnguingoogle ran a contest a half-year ago19:38
pwnguinbasically, people 13-18 are recruited to do stuff with open source projects19:39
pwnguinthey give out tshirts and other stuff19:39
kooldudethat is awesome19:39
kooldudei wish i had known about that earlyer19:40
pwnguinlike money19:40
pwnguinwell, if you're 13, it's pretty close19:40
pwnguinthe government doesn't like child exploitation19:40
kooldudeactualy i turned 13 in apil19:41
pwnguinyea, the context was over in february19:41
kooldudeso that wouldn't be possible19:41
kooldudebecause the did it in febuary19:42
pwnguinanyways, you might keep an eye out19:42
kooldudei will19:42
pwnguinif they do it again, it might be a good way for a young person to get expeience and mentoring19:42
kooldudeman thats kool19:43
kooldudeoh yah19:43
kooldudeand i have alot of expirence with gnome already19:43
kooldudehey... does anyone know that kde came out with a new version19:44
pwnguinhttp://code.google.com/p/google-highly-open-participation-gnome/issues/list?can=1&q=completed&colspec=ID+Status+ClaimedBy+Summary&x=status&y=claimedby&cells=tiles has a list of last time's tasks, if you want to know what you'd be doing in the contest19:44
kooldudei already was looking at that page19:46
kooldudeanyhow did you know that kde came out with a new version19:46
pwnguini dare say, this might be something ubuntu should look into, I think last time they ran out of tasks19:46
pwnguinthey do that19:46
pwnguinand then their bloggers wont shut up about it ;)19:47
kooldudei think they are slightly copying the mac19:47
kooldudeman that's all kool19:50
kooldudeso what improvment's do you think i could do with my desktop theme19:50
pwnguinwell, the window decoration gloss is a bit bright; it makes it hard to read the title19:51
kooldudei can fix that19:52
pwnguinis that the intrepid theme?19:52
pwnguinare you running intrepid or hardy?19:52
kooldudebut i think you all could use it as a base-off19:53
pwnguinyou might register a flickr account to host your screenshots; it'd be easier than dcc'ing and you'd have a historic record19:53
pwnguinyou might also try out the intrepid livecd19:54
kooldudei have one19:55
kooldudeill upload it19:55
pwnguinsee, im connected to irc via ssh so i have to bring up firefox anyways ;)19:56
kooldudei see19:56
kooldudei like firefox20:02
pwnguinI like turtles20:02
kooldudei like penguins!! WHAT NOW!!!20:04
kooldudeso ill chat later, i guess... thanks for the update20:10
pwnguinstay in school! ;)20:11
kooldudewere do we give our themes and icons to22:01
kooldudepwnguin... private conversation please!!!22:43
kooldudei've got something cool to tell you22:43
kooldudei dont know you very well do i22:44
kwwiino idea, who are you?22:44
kooldudei am a recent recrutment22:44
kwwiiso to speak :-)22:44
kooldudeyou too?22:44
kwwiiam I also a recent recruitment?, no :-)22:45
kooldudei started yesterday and none responded22:46
kwwiidon't take that personally, it is really not that abnormal that people miss things from time to time22:46
kooldudei know22:47
kooldudebut was on for an hour or so...22:47
kwwiisometimes days go by, trust me22:47
kwwiinight all23:18

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