LimCoredid network stoped working in sokme ubuntus revcently?00:46
LimCorepc -ethernet- moded-router  setup stoped working suddenly;  arp -p shows some things,  but dhclient doesnt get no response00:46
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snadgei think we should discuss some irritating bugs.. which have been there for ages.. just to see if its common to all of us ;)02:33
snadgeill start with compiz .. windows fade to black when they become "unresponsive" .. i like this feature, but has anyone else experienced flaws with it?02:33
snadgeeg.. a really busy window can appear to be "crashed"02:34
snadgesame with a really laggy window coming from a remote X client02:34
snadgei have a remote install of suse happening in costa rica, from australia.. and its amusing to watch the window alternate between color and monochrome .. in some instances the entire X server can stop responding until its caught up02:36
Hobbseeyeah, that one is alawys fun02:39
snadgei think next time i'll choose the ssh option02:40
snadgebut suse recommends graphical first, go figure02:40
snadgenext bug.. not sure if its nvidia specific or not02:40
snadgetyping text into a gnome terminal, sometimes a character isnt displayed correctly.. like its just missing or a blob02:41
snadgebut the char is actually there.. if you backspace and retype it.. it 'fixes' it.. and it seems to happen rather randomly02:41
snadgenot sure if that ones been fixed.. i seem to be unable to reproduce it here at work, intel video02:42
Hobbseeit's a bug in the applications, that they don't respond to the pings quickly enough, iirc.02:44
snadgewe could call that one "corrupted graphics with compiz"02:44
snadgejust like.. sometimes when a new window is created02:44
snadgeits full of garbage until its painted properly02:44
snadgeseems to be specific to nvidia proprietry drivers though02:45
snadgeagain unable to reproduce that here at work with intel drivers02:46
RAOFsnadge: "Full of garbage until painted" is, I think, EXA + Composite.  Or possibly driver related, but it's certainly not exclusive to the nvidia driver.02:48
snadgethis has been going on for quite some time though.. i think gutsy did it too02:49
snadgesame with the corrupted font in terminal02:49
snadgeagain its not major font corruption.. just the occasional seemingly random glitch02:49
snadgeonly reason i notice it is because i use irc in gnome terminal02:50
HewWhat do we do when reports are not in English? Ask for details in English and mark as incomplete?03:50
shirishhi all, can somebody look up my Bug # 24700303:57
shirishBug #24700303:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247003 in gnome-session "gnome-session crashed on Intrepid 8.10 alpha 1+" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24700303:57
macois this where hug day is?04:32
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LaserJockmaco: I believe so yes04:41
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macoLaserJock: ok.  oh, hi :)04:42
macoBug #45167 looks like it was triaged a few days ago by dereck, so should that be changed on the hug day page?04:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 45167 in linux-source-2.6.15 "snd_hda: Default mixer channel is PCM instead of Front" [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4516704:57
macoits listed on the wiki page...i dont know if it should be removed or just marked green with his name for it04:58
macohey guys05:18
macoif a bug is marked confirmed but needs to be tested in intrepid, does it go back to "new"?05:19
RAOFmaco: "Incomplete" seems a better status.05:23
Hew#ubuntu+1 is silent as usual. Does anyone know if Intrepid has Live CDs yet? I don't want to tell reporters to test with something that doesn't yet exist.05:32
Awsoonnwow, I came in just to ask that very question...05:33
Awsoonnway to go Hew05:33
Hewnp, but we have yet to receive an answer :P05:34
Awsoonnthe standard responses say 'scheduled' so, I'm going with it05:34
macoalpha 1 does05:35
macoalpha 2's will be out today05:35
Hewyea, I heard that Alpha 2 would have it, which is close/now according to the schedule05:35
macoer, i assume alpha 1 has a live cd05:35
macobut i'm sure 2 does05:35
macoer, will...in the next 24 hours05:35
AwsoonnA1 is alt installer only05:36
Hewyea, bad assumption :P, I read alpha 1 does not have Live CD, but that alpha 2 does. I just wanted to check before telling a large report to test with it05:36
Awsoonnhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live  someone forced a second build yesterday it seems05:38
Awsoonnso I imagine it is go, lets see if the daily boots shall we? That will be a good indicator05:38
Hewah cool, looking good05:39
Awsoonndunno though, the kernel from two days ago killed itself before i could blink :/05:42
snadgecould be worse.. could be the released version of opensuse 11.0 ;)05:58
* snadge sniggers05:58
* Awsoonn assumes that was a bad day for SUSE05:58
snadgeprobably not, overall its great06:03
snadgei just personally ran into a few show stoppers06:03
Awsoonntheidiotthatisme: doo~06:29
theidiotthatismeHow are you?06:29
Awsoonnawake.... barely~ ^_^06:29
theidiotthatismeYeah, I'm tired but not sleepy, if that makes sense06:30
AwsoonnI get ya, every morning I hit that wall~06:31
Awsoonnso have you hugged a bug yet???06:31
theidiotthatismeI just started triaging today :-)06:33
theidiotthatismeOur LoCo was talking about holding a bugjam at our meeting today, so I looked into what I could do and decided to try some triaging06:34
theidiotthatismeAwsoonn: Your next hug day is tomorrow?06:39
AwsoonnToday in some parts of the world :)06:39
theidiotthatismewell yeah, today here too :-)06:39
Awsoonnit's triage time~06:41
theidiotthatismeIt is easier than I thought it would be, but I cant get into the very technical ones06:45
theidiotthatismeHow do I respond to a bug report that is a feature request and not a bug?06:48
Awsoonnyou need someone with 'the power' to mark it as such06:50
Awsoonnsay it as such and paste the bug # here, someone will usually take care of it06:50
greg-gtheidiotthatisme: so you ask someone in here to set the importance of a bug to "wishlist"06:50
greg-gwhat Awsoonn said06:50
Awsoonngreg-g: :)06:51
theidiotthatismeOkay, so you dont invalidate them? (I'm going by off the Wiki of Triaging Bugs)06:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246812 in rhythmbox "rhythmbox should perform feed discovery when subscribing to a podcast" [Undecided,New]06:52
Awsoonncan you link me to that page?06:53
thekorngood morning, and happy hug day!06:53
theidiotthatismeGood morning06:53
Awsoonnthekorn: Happy bug day!06:53
theidiotthatismeAwsoonn: What do you think?06:55
Awsoonnindeed it is a feature request :)06:55
theidiotthatisme:-) Now according to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage#head-75d49ef9b5993eb63e802bc4bf2b1c5f3527d66406:56
theidiotthatismeUnder invalidating it says you can invalidate feature requests, would I do that or report it here for "wishlist"06:56
AwsoonnWell, I would like a link to that wiki page so that I can update it, I would report it here for "wishlist"06:57
theidiotthatismeAwsoonn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage#head-75d49ef9b5993eb63e802bc4bf2b1c5f3527d66406:58
theidiotthatismeAwsoonn: Sorry, here:06:59
theidiotthatismeAwsoonn: So would I normally just come here and say something like "Will someone add bug (#) to wishlist?"07:09
Awsoonnhow's that? is it clear? I'm a bit sleepy afterall~07:11
theidiotthatismeThat's much better07:12
theidiotthatismeEspecially since I found another one :-P07:12
snadgewill ubuntu improve my sex life?07:12
icemansnadge: before, I used windows. I had no sex life, no friends, and my computer crashed all the time07:13
Awsoonnsnadge: cannot divide by zero07:13
icemansnadge: now I use ubuntu.07:13
HobbseeAwsoonn: nice call.  i was htinking something along those lines, too.07:13
theidiotthatismeWill someone wishlist bug 247172 ?07:13
icemansnadge: and my computer doesn't crash anymore ^^07:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247172 in devscripts "patch dget to suggest dgetlp" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24717207:13
* Hobbsee hits it with the stick07:16
* Hobbsee would prefer for launchpad to just fix their stuff, though.07:16
Hobbseeseeing as they had plans to, a while ago.07:16
theidiotthatismeMore wishlisting: bug 24631607:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246316 in update-notifier "Shouldn't bug user when updates are impossible to get" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24631607:38
Rocket2DMntheidiotthatisme, ill take care of it07:53
theidiotthatismethank you :-)07:53
Rocket2DMnnp, done07:55
theidiotthatismeSorry if I find a lot, I usually just browse for stuff I understand and that happens to be some :-)07:57
Rocket2DMnthats cool, we need all the help we can get07:57
theidiotthatismeOur LoCo is planning a bugjam, if it ends up being online would it be better to do it on a thursday (hug) day?08:02
AwsoonnThat is up to your Loco, the normal amount of help will be available as any other Thursday,08:03
mouzgood morning all -_-08:04
AwsoonnIf your loco is going to have a lot of new triagers, there might be more help during the jam.08:04
Awsoonn*tosses a bug at Mouz*08:04
Awsoonnguess what day it is~08:05
theidiotthatismeThere are going to be quite a few new ones08:05
AwsoonnI take it you're going to be a fearless leader?08:05
theidiotthatismeActually it wasn't my idea, it was vorian's and another person in our LoCo, I just wanted to know what I was doing before we hit it so I could help if needed :-)08:07
Awsoonn^_^ smart man08:08
* Awsoonn thinks08:08
theidiotthatismeThank you :-P08:08
Awsoonnor woman...08:08
theidiotthatismeman lol08:09
theidiotthatismeKeeping an eye on the untriaged list and working the loco site08:20
Awsoonnthe never ending list itself ^_^08:21
snadgewhere the fsck has xmms gone?08:21
snadgeand wtf is xmms2?? it doesnt even appear to have a gui08:21
* snadge has a heart attack08:21
RAOFsnadge: xmms has been dead for _years_, and has finally been removed from the archives.08:22
snadgeso thats what happens to abandoned packages hey?08:22
RAOFxmms2 is one of those crazy "let's make a music daemon" projects.08:22
RAOFsnadge: After long enough, and with enough unfixed bugs, yes.08:22
* Awsoonn underlines _finally_08:22
snadgenever mind that its been abandoned for years but everyone still uses it because everything else blows08:22
RAOFsnadge: You are _welcome_ to fix it.08:22
snadgewhat.. so it just simply doesnt even compile anymore?08:23
snadgeit still depends on gtk 1.2 doesnt it?08:23
* Awsoonn cheers on snadge08:23
RAOFOh, it does.  It's just that it had a huge pile of bugs, which obviously weren't being fixed, and indeed, depends on gtk1.2, which is also heading out of the archives.08:23
snadgewell none of the bugs ever affected me personally.. and unless they're new bugs caused by different versions of things08:24
RAOFHave a look at bugs.debian.org/xmms - 36 Important bugs, 120 normal bugs.08:24
snadgelet me guess.. for gnome users, that liked how xmms works.. that leaves a huge gaping hole08:25
RAOFOh, and that may be artificially deflated; it seems Kmos has been at the mass-bug unfiling.08:25
RAOFsnadge: Audacious?08:25
RAOFTHere are at least two xmms-descendants currently maintanied.08:25
snadgeyeah.. iirc, beep is like xmms.. except with 5% of its features08:25
snadgei installed audacious... ahh thats where i went wrong.. i installed audacity ;)08:26
snadgeloaded it up and was like YIKES08:26
RAOFsnadge: For the rationale, check out http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2007/07/msg00026.html08:26
RAOFAlso, apparently it's bmpx :)08:27
snadgeok.. so audacious has a very amusing extremely lagged move the window feature08:27
Rocket2DMnsound like good reasons to remove a package to me08:27
snadgei bet it has something to do with the knob jockeys that took over xmms08:28
snadgethe sound people.. oss?08:28
RAOFsnadge: Again, you're welcome to take xmms, fix some of the bugs, and re-introduce it to the archives.08:28
RAOFThe main reason it's been removed is that no-one has cared enough to fix it.08:29
snadgewhich validates my above point08:29
Awsoonng'night all~ before it's not night anymore.... :)08:30
theidiotthatismelol gnight08:30
snadgeim just evaluating audacious as a candidate for its replacement08:30
Rocket2DMnhey im looking at bug 246843 - does this exist because it was disabled for Ubuntu so that reports are filed with apport or directly on LP?08:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246843 in firefox-3.0 "no access to "about:crashes"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24684308:30
snadgeplaying ubuntu sax.ogg ;) hey thats actually kinda groovy08:31
snadgefail.. segfaults when loading a web url08:33
RAOFAh.  That would be the xmms bug coming through, then :)08:34
snadgewell that works in xmms ;)08:34
RAOFNot all the time, according to the Debian bug :)08:34
snadgei have xmms on hardy, must've been left over from a gutsy upgrade08:35
snadgeor whatever the last packaged version was08:35
snadgeand i use it to listen to streaming radio all the time08:35
Rocket2DMnNo comments on the FF3 bug?08:36
snadgecheckin it08:36
Rocket2DMneven if it was blocked intentionally b/c its more integrated with Ubuntu, it should at least say its been disabled08:36
snadgei'll try beep... i hate it when projects become obsolete before something better replaces them08:37
Hobbseeasac: ^08:37
Rocket2DMni am going to mark that bug as Triaged, i see no reason that it should be producing that error.  i can duplicate the problem myself08:39
snadgeRocket2DMn: if you choose not to install the feedback agent.. then im presuming that feature is disabled08:39
Rocket2DMnby default, it is disabled08:39
snadgei personally wouldn't call that a bug.. ubuntu distributes a modified version of firefox, mozilla understandly wants nothing to do with it08:40
Rocket2DMni know, thats why its filed under firefox-3.0 (Ubuntu) and not filed upstream08:40
snadgeso who should the bug be reported to?08:40
snadgethe firefox code reports it to mozilla.. which seems like an undesirable outcome08:41
Rocket2DMnwell its not assigned to anybody, its just filed under firefox-3.0 (Ubuntu)08:41
snadgebasically what you're asking is for the ubuntu firefox packages.. to modify the crash/feedback reporting system08:42
snadgerather than just disable it08:42
snadgewhich is more a feature request than a bug?08:42
Rocket2DMnyes, the thought had occurred to me08:43
Rocket2DMni need to know that the reason it is acting like this is because it's done on purpose tho08:43
snadgewell im only guessing.. but i'd say theres a very high probability of that08:44
snadgethis is why in debian its called "IceWeasel"08:44
snadgebecause its not really firefox anymore.. ironically its to remove confusion08:45
snadgemaybe you want to run the official ff3 linux.. see if you still get the crashing problem08:46
Rocket2DMnunfortunately im not running across any documentation that says its been disabled on purpose08:47
snadgeyou could download the source package for firefox3, and look at the diff08:47
snadgeand the changelog08:48
Rocket2DMnyou mean this: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox-3.0/firefox-3.0_3.0~b5+nobinonly-0ubuntu3.diff.gz08:50
Rocket2DMnthere is nothing about "about:crashes"08:51
Rocket2DMnI will mark the bug as triaged with low importance for now.  if a developer says otherwise, then we can add the expected functionality to wishlist08:54
Rocket2DMnsound good snadge ?08:54
snadge+  * Use official branding for beta too as homepage/releasenotes URLs08:55
snadge+    are maintained that way. Disable crash reporter.08:55
snadge+    - update debian/patches/firefox-profilename08:55
snadge+    - update debian/rules08:55
snadge+    - update debian/firefox-3.0-final.desktop08:55
snadgethats from the changelog08:55
Rocket2DMni saw that, but isnt it just for beta 3.0~b1+nobinonly-0ubuntu108:56
Rocket2DMni guess that carries through doesnt it08:56
snadgeyeah because in no future version did they say it was re-enabled08:57
snadgeand from what i can see in the diff, it appears to be commented out.. in the latest diff08:57
Rocket2DMnthen we are left asking SHOULD it be re-enabled?08:57
snadgewell i can tell you now.. the answer is probably no08:57
snadgeconsider this.. the feature was designed and coded by mozilla.. so that if theres a problem with "Firefox" it makes the process of reporting the crashdump etc much easier08:58
snadgebut see for yourself.. ubuntu does not distribute firefox.. theres a 100k compressed diff of changes08:58
snadgeif you were mozilla.. you wouldn't want crash reports from the ubuntu version of firefox08:59
Rocket2DMni understand that logic in that, but that's also making assumptions.  they MAY not want crash reports from the ubuntu version09:00
snadgeif its crashing for you i would suggest a couple of easy things you can do09:00
Rocket2DMnyoure probably right though09:00
snadge#1 try to reproduce the problem in an officially released version of firefox09:01
Rocket2DMnim not having problems, its a bug report09:01
snadgethat has the advantage of if it the problem is reproduceable.. you can report it directly to them09:01
snadgeahh ok09:01
Rocket2DMnsnadge, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/24684309:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246843 in firefox-3.0 "no access to "about:crashes"" [Undecided,New]09:02
snadgeif ubu firefox crashes.. you can probably gdb the dumped core.. and post a backtrace, and the steps to reproduce the issue09:02
snadgeto the ubuntu launchpad09:02
Rocket2DMnalthough there have been a fair number of reports about FF3 crashing, this is just about why the about:crashes page is not available09:03
mouzif i take up a bug from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20080710, how do i know someone else is not working on it?09:03
snadgeits a tough call.. if its crashing for lots of people, ubu firefox should be modified to send the crash dumps to the ubuntu ff3 maintainers09:03
Rocket2DMnok, well i guess we can add this to Wishlist since we know it was disabled09:04
snadgei might go home i think ;)09:05
Rocket2DMnlol its 1am here09:06
Rocket2DMnthanks for the help snadge09:06
snadgedont thank me.. thank my employer ;) hehe09:06
Rocket2DMnhaha, if only i got paid for the time i put into Ubuntu09:06
Rocket2DMnid be a wealthy man09:07
theidiotthatismeIt's 4am here O:-)09:10
Rocket2DMn6:11 pm huh, where do you live?09:13
snadgegold coast, australia09:13
Rocket2DMnso its Thursday evening there?09:13
snadgebut i work in brisbane.. which is about 60kms away09:14
snadgeit is indeed09:14
Rocket2DMnim in California, the day is just starting09:16
mouzplease note until now the stock replies had a minor issue. i edited UbuntuBugDay/20080710 to replace 'the the' with 'the' in a few places.09:46
mouzcould somebody please look at bug 72851? I opened the 'linux' kernel task for it. After that I read the comments and it seems the bug is solved. Then I tried to remove the linux kernel task, but I could not. Now there is an incomplete 'Ubuntu' affects distribution. It seems the bug can be considered solved.10:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 72851 in linux-source-2.6.20 "Intel HDA is not working anymore" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7285110:11
gnomefreakmouz: ok looking10:16
gnomefreakmouz: what one did you want changed?10:17
mouzgnomefreak: what now is Ubuntu, incomplete10:18
gnomefreakmouz: to invalid fix released?10:18
gnomefreakit looks like from your comment in here that ubuntu task should never have been opened is this correct?10:19
mouzgnomefreak: invalid10:19
savvasyou could set it as incomplete, and ask if they have problems with the latest stable release, i.e. hardy 8.04.1 ?10:19
mouzgnomefreak: yes that is correct10:19
gnomefreakwhat about kernel task?10:20
gnomefreaksavvas: from the bug report it seems its fixed atleast from reporters POV10:20
mouzgnomefreak: first i set kernel task, then i tried to remove it, in the process i emptied an input box, then it became ubuntu task10:20
savvasah true :)10:21
gnomefreakmouz: should it stay open or closed?10:21
mouzgnomefreak: it should be closed10:21
gnomefreaki havent seen ben comment after the fix comments10:21
gnomefreakmouz: ok10:21
mouzgnomefreak: thanks :)10:22
theidiotthatismeWould bug 247210 be a wishlist?10:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247210 in firefox-3.0 "double click on a string, should select a word" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24721010:39
persiatheidiotthatisme: Indeed.10:40
Hobbseei can't really see that as a bug..10:56
Hobbseemost of the time, wouldn't you want the entire url?10:56
persiaAh, yes.  "double click on a string, should select a word" is wishlist.  "double clicking in the address bar should select a word" is NOTABUG.11:06
Hobbseepersia: then mark it as such?11:17
* persia is successfully prodded11:18
mouzI'm having a look at bug 96061. I think I should set the status to 'Fix Released' (see also the last comment for the bug). Would someone please put a second pair of eyeballs on that :)13:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 96061 in linux-source-2.6.20 "No sound on IBM T43 laptop" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9606113:38
Hobbseemouz: yeah, i probably would, and ask them to reopen it if they're still experiencing the issue13:40
mouzah yes13:40
mouzHobbsee: thanks :)13:47
* norsetto wonders how many pairs of eyeballs Hobbsee has13:49
Hobbseenorsetto: hmm?13:50
Hobbseenorsetto: i multitask reasonably well13:50
Hobbseeit's one of the reasons i like release management and such13:51
hggdhquestion for all -- which package deals with gnome auto-login?15:42
gnomefreakseb128: double clicking a file in $HOME doesnt open it with gedit anymore not sure what is trying to open it but fails to open with a unknown header*15:45
gnomefreakhave to use open with > text editor (and gedit is crashing half the time when used but thats another bug)15:45
seb128gnomefreak: what ubuntu version?15:46
hggdhthanks, Hobbsee and seb12815:46
seb128anyway not now, open a bug I'll look later15:47
seb128hggdh: you are welcome15:47
gnomefreakseb128: intrepid15:48
* persia proxies a boo from norsetto15:57
sn9_how might i be able to find out the status of an SRU?16:12
bdmurraysn9_: Do you know the bug associated with that SRU?16:12
sn9_LP: #24683416:12
sn9_heh, i thought ubottu would provide a link16:13
persiaThe status ought be in the log for bug #24683416:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246834 in xkeyboard-config "No support for for Mac-like keyboard layouts with extra characters" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24683416:13
sn9_i set the bug status to In Progress because it's not in -proposed16:14
persiasn9_: Bugs should only be "In Progress" when someone is actually working on them.16:15
sn9_how can i tell?16:15
sn9_there is a usable hardy debdiff in the bug -- it just needs an upload, afaict16:16
sn9_persia: ?16:19
hggdhsn9_, what persia meant is that bugsquad should not set in progress -- this is a status that the maintainers will set when they get to work on the bug16:21
hggdhsn9_, in this case, I agree it was confusing, since Loic was also dealing with the bug16:21
sn9_hggdh: i had mistakenly set it to Fix Committed before, and i thought i was correcting that16:21
* persia echoes hggdh, but notes that anyone is welcome to work on a bug, if they like.16:21
* hggdh is still too slow to keep up with persia :-)16:22
hggdhI was writing the same :-D16:22
hggdhsn9_, we should probably set it to triaged, and wait for the fixes to be accepted (then fix committed, followed by fix released). The last comment suggests the Intrepid one has not yet made it to the repositories16:24
sn9_hggdh: it's been in intrepid for a couple of days16:25
sn9_that's why i had mistakenly set it to Committed before16:25
hggdhsn9_, right, the last comment is about hardy... sorry16:26
hggdhthe problem is that Loic gave no indication if the debdiff was accepted or not.16:28
hggdhsn9_, are you the reporter on this bug?16:28
sn9_i provided the patch to upstream16:29
hggdhso the bug is assigned to you -- in progress is correct16:29
sn9_the third comment is mine16:29
hggdhah, you are Daniel16:30
hggdhit woudl still be a correct usage of 'in progress'16:30
hggdhbut back to your original question -- we would depend on (probably) Loic to answer to waht is the current status16:32
hggdhfor the SRU16:33
sn9_Loïc (lool on freenode) had asked about possible regressions16:33
sn9_however, he apparently defines "regressions" more narrowly than i do16:34
sn9_i filed bug #24685016:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246850 in libx11 "certain keyboard layouts irreparably broken in hardy; fix already in intrepid" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24685016:34
sn9_the SRU would trigger it, but it is there even without the SRU16:35
sn9_i doubt it would qualify for an SRU, but i was told to request that anyway16:36
=== sn9_ is now known as sn9
mouzThe URL to the intrepid alpha2 in the stock replies on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20080710 gives a 404.17:28
james_wthere is no alpha 2 yet :-)17:30
james_wIt's due to be released later today, it is unfortunate to have that though17:30
chrisccoulsonhey guys, just looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/174199 from the bug day list. this is for Gutsy kernel, but there's already a comment saying it's fixed in Hardy. should i still add the linux task but mark it fixed as opposed to incomplete?18:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 174199 in linux-source-2.6.22 "NVidia CK804 soundcard detected but no sound" [Medium,Incomplete]18:05
bdmurrayogasawara: ^18:07
ogasawarachrisccoulson: I'll take a quick look18:07
hefe_biawas just looking at that, too - had the same question :)18:11
ogasawarachrisccoulson: yup, I'd recommend opening the "linux" task and marking "Fix Released" based on the comment.  However, I'd add a note asking Boris (the original reporter) if it's not fixed for him to switch the status back to "New"18:11
chrisccoulsonok, no problem!18:11
ogasawarachrisccoulson: I'd also set the linux-source-2.6.22 task to "Won't Fix" as it's not really SRU worthy.18:11
hefe_biaI guess I should do the same for bug 136810 then?18:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 136810 in linux "snd-hda-intel - Lenovo N100, headphones does not mute speakers" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13681018:14
chrisccoulsoni might need to ask someone here to set the status to 'wont fix' actually. i can't do that18:14
ogasawarachrisccoulson: I can do that for you18:14
hefe_biaogasawara: Could you please have a look at the above mentioned bug, too? As I can't set to won't fix, either.18:15
stgraberah ?? "standard" users can't mark a bug as won't fix ?18:15
ogasawarahefe_bia:  yup, reading it right now18:15
bdmurraystgraber: yes, Triaged, Won't Fix and importance are all ACL'ed18:15
stgraberok, I became a bug control member when only importance was ACL'ed (well, Triaged and Won't fix didn't exist back then :))18:16
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ogasawarahefe_bia:  the comment you posted looks great.  I'll "Won't Fix" the linux-source-2.6.22 task.18:19
hefe_biaogasawara: thanks!18:20
chrisccoulsonogasawara - bug 174199 is ready for you to 'wont fix'18:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 174199 in linux "NVidia CK804 soundcard detected but no sound" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17419918:20
ogasawarachrisccoulson: thanks, I'll take care of it18:20
hefe_biaogasawara: bug 154411 has been fixed in hardy, too. Don't know if it's SRU-worthy...19:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 154411 in linux-source-2.6.22 "2.6.22-14 Sound does not work on iMac (Intel first Gen) REGRESSION" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15441119:37
ogasawarahefe_bia: lemme look19:38
ogasawarahefe_bia: yah not SRU worthy, I'll close it against 2.6.2219:40
sn9i think bug #229027 is SRU-worthy19:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 229027 in powernowd "scaling_governor falls back to performance when ondemand is not supported; fix enclosed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22902719:41
ogasawarasn9:  I'll take a look in a sec19:42
hefe_biaI think its a dupe19:43
ogasawarahefe_bia: a dupe of which bug?19:44
sn9hefe_bia: of bug #229672? nope19:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 229672 in gnome-power-manager "g-p-m requires twiddling in gconf-editor to for cpufreq to be operable on some machines" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22967219:44
hefe_biaof bug 223812 which should maybe be edited to be more broad19:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 223812 in powernowd "[hardy] Regression: powernowd no longer works with nforce2 cpufreq driver" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22381219:45
hefe_biaBut 229672 is related to this, too.19:45
hefe_biaI had a similar patch in 223812 as in 229027, but I feared there might be timing issues if the switch to ondemand is not fast enough.19:47
sn9hefe_bia: the patch in 229027 is more correct than the patch in 22381219:48
hefe_biaDecided to blacklist the affected chipsets.19:48
sn9the status check should precede the /sys check19:49
hefe_biaI'll take a look at all those bugs and try to update the debdiff accordingly. Have to go now...19:51
sn9how long does it take a debdiff pushed to hardy-proposed to get to the http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html page?21:58
bdmurraysbeattie will know the answer to that22:07
bdmurrayoh, maybe not that list22:07
bdmurrayI think that one is updated hourly22:07
sn9it's been two hours22:08
sbeattieIt also depends on the archive source getting updated as well.22:08
sn9how long is that?22:09
sbeattieI don't know, you'd need to ask pitti.22:10
sn9hmm, been meaning to talk to him anyway22:11
sn9is bug 246850 SRUable at all?22:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246850 in libx11 "certain keyboard layouts irreparably broken in hardy; fix already in intrepid" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24685022:24
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sn9is bug 246850 SRUable at all?23:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246850 in libx11 "certain keyboard layouts irreparably broken in hardy; fix already in intrepid" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24685023:05
Awsoonnbug #24299023:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 242990 in xorg "xorg does not synchronize to vertical refresh" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24299023:15
Awsoonnwhat should be done with that?23:16
AwsoonnI can't tell if it is my monitors ghosting or if I really do see what he sees23:17
RAOFAwsoonn: That's wishlist, and not really X11's fault, IIUC.23:24
sn9RAOF: but bug 246850 _is_ libx11's fault23:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246850 in libx11 "certain keyboard layouts irreparably broken in hardy; fix already in intrepid" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24685023:25
RAOFAwsoonn: There is a mechanism for vsync, things (particularly compositing window managers) just need to use it.23:25
RAOFsn9: Right.  But that's not the bug I was commenting on :)23:25
RAOFsn9: That bug could do with perhaps a trifle more description; could you summarise the debian bug in the LP description?23:26
sn9RAOF: in debbugs, it's a pretty long discussion23:27
RAOFWhich is why you should summarise it :)23:27
sn9RAOF: i think the title does that, but if you disagree, feel free to suggest23:27
RAOFSo, the title should be "Finnish keyboard layout missing some dead-key sequences", right?23:29
RAOFThat does seem like a reasonable SRU candidate (although I'm not on any relevant team), but the bug as filed isn't particularly helpful.23:30
RAOFStatements like "irreparably broken" correlate well with poor bugs :)23:30
sn9after the xkb-data SRU, it won't be exclusive to finnish anymore23:30
sn9it will then affect the US layout23:31
RAOFWhat xkb-data sru?23:31
sn9the one the release managers are sitting on23:31
RAOFThen this should be mentioned on that SRU bug, definitely.23:31
sn9on the xkb-data one? the sponsor didn't seem to think so23:32
RAOFsn9: Could you point me at the SRU bug you're talking about?  If it's going to partially break keyboard layouts, it shouldn't make it out of hardy-proposed.23:33
sn9the reason i'm hesitant about proclaiming that 246850 also needs an SRU is that the only viable fix is a backport from intrepid23:34
RAOFCherry-picking the compose changes isn't an option?23:34
sn9in 246850? that would pretty much be identical to a backport23:35
sn9bug 246834 is the xkb sru23:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246834 in xkeyboard-config "No support for for Mac-like keyboard layouts with extra characters" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24683423:35
RAOFsn9: So, we're only talking about mac keyboards, right?23:37
sn9huh? a keyboard is a keyboard23:37
sn9hardware is irrelevant23:37
sn9read the forum thread23:38
RAOFThat SRU bug you pointed me to suggests that only the mac layout is changing.  Is this not true?23:38
* RAOF grumbles. This is why the information should be on the _bug_.23:38
sn9also, the upstream bug report23:39
RAOFsn9: Again, that patch only changes the mac keyboard layout.23:44
RAOFAs such, any problems should be restricted to those using the mac keyboard layout, no?23:44
sn9the one labeled "mac" -- which is hardware-independent23:44
sn9that's rather backwards, since there would be no "those using the mac layout" right now, because it never worked23:45
RAOFSo, the bug you've filed is really misleading?  The keyboard layout isn't going to be irreparably broken; at worst, you'd need to move from mac?23:45
sn9the 246834 sru makes it finally work for the first time, but exposes 24685023:46
sn9246850 was already there, affecting the finnish layout, and that would be expanded now23:47
RAOFBut now I'm not actually sure what 246850 is about - the upstream bug is only about finnish.23:47
sn9yes, because that's where the debian bug originator found the bug23:48
RAOFBut what _is_ the bug?23:48
RAOFA sub-bug is that some compose sequences don't work with the finnish layout.23:49
RAOFWhat is the rest?23:49
RAOFAnd why isn't it documented in Launchpad :)23:49
sn9the bug is that updates to libx11's treatment of keysyms is out of sync with updates to the dev files23:50
RAOFRight.  So, that should be the title of the bug.23:50
sn9it was an upstream screwup that was quickly corrected, but not before debian packaged it. debian soon fixed it, but it got into hardy23:51
RAOFI'm not arguing that it's not a bug.  I'm suggesting ways that you can change your existing bug to make it more useful.  And hence, more likely to be dealt with.23:51
RAOFThis sort of information should be in the launchpad bug.23:51
RAOFThe person who assesses it's SRU-23:52
sn9i could attach a transcript of what was just said23:52
RAOFThat would be fine.23:52
RAOFBasically, the launchpad bug should contain all the information needed for a determination of whether it's SRU-worthy or not.23:52
RAOFThe person conisdering it is not going to come into #ubuntu-bugs and ask if anyone here can actually explain what the problem is :)23:53

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