cesar_boSorry, the Session: "Encouraging women to participate in Ubuntu", would be tomorrow, I don't find the event on the schedule on the wiki ...01:06
cesar_bowhere can I find information about the session of tomorrow?01:12
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huatsthere :)16:43
persiaThe idea of attending 1/3 meetings was about a demonstration of commitment.  I have no strong feelings about it.16:44
huatsI think it is necessary to show the commitment...16:45
huatsbut maybe 1/3 is a bit to hard to acheive16:45
huatsespecially with the rotation of timezone16:45
huatsmay be a good idea could be, but I am sure many mentors wont agree, to let the mentor handle this commitment dea16:46
huatsidea (I mean)16:46
norsettowho is pleia2, james_w ?16:47
huatswhy not have a "regular" meeting beetween a mentor and his mentees...16:47
huatsso the mentee can show his progress...16:47
huatsor at least his activities16:47
huatsor just an email from the mentee to the mentor, to keep him imformed16:47
huatsof the work in progress16:48
persiahuats: Could be: I was thinking of education as much as mentoring.16:49
norsettowhat would be different from now? I mean, do we need to say to the mentor to keep track of his mentee activities?16:49
huatsnorsetto: we should not16:49
huatsbut you cannot impose someone to attend regular meetings...16:49
huatsthe mentee can have his commitment when he can...16:49
huatsthat is my main pb...16:49
norsettowhy not? thats what you normally do in schools, isn't?16:49
huatsnorsetto: sure16:50
huatsbut may be just a regular report might do it..16:50
norsettoI mean, when you attend your fine arts lesson, you know there are these lessons, at a certain time, why would it be different here16:50
huatsnorsetto: i clearly see you point...16:50
huatsand I agree that this proof of commitment is a necessity16:51
huatsI am not sure, that attending a meeting is a good prrof16:52
norsettothe proposal is to integrate the two activities more closely, in a way school and mentoring will not be two separate activities anymore16:52
huatsI understand16:52
huatsand it is great16:52
norsettowe will not require to attend all lessons, but we have to guarantee a minimum attendance, at least to show that you are serious and willing to take commitments16:53
norsettoto me, having mentees available to act as "teachers" for these lessons, is a very good plus16:53
huatsbut I would rather a report from a mentee that tells me :"I could not attend the lesson, but I use it in my work in progress for the last week" rather than someone who shows up idling... because he uses sccreen...16:54
huatsif putput that "small" reaction16:54
huatsaside, I strongly agree with the idea...16:54
huatsand allowing mentees to act as teachers is great too...16:55
norsettobut by making it free we will end it up in weaking the bond16:55
norsettoyou know, people just say, oh well, I can't make, I have to walk the dog, and next time will be grandma sick and so on16:57
huatsnorsetto: I agree16:57
norsettowhat do you think of the time limit for mentoring totally new contributors?16:58
huatsmy idea would be : ask mentee to send regular reports of the work in progress, showing their usage of the last classrooms...16:58
huatsthis is my idea for showing the commitment, that is all :)16:58
norsettoI have to think about it, I'm not thrilled to add more and more bureaucracy16:59
huatsnorsetto: i understand16:59
persiaFrom my limited experience as a mentor (one mentee now almost u-u-c), I'll say that more reports aren't interesting: it's mostly about interaction with the group.17:00
huatsit was just a rought idea17:00
huatspersia: I totally agree17:00
huatsbut if we do the 1/3 stuff, we have some problems : when to have meetings17:01
huatslet's start with the timezone rotation17:01
huatsso I can only attend 2//3 of the lessons (related to the timezone pb) ... at the maximum...17:02
huatsthen we should have a rotation between, weekend and work days...17:02
huatsso we split again in 217:03
huatsso I can only attend 1/3 of the lessons17:03
norsettoin the proposal we say "those not in regularattendance (at least 1/3 sessions) may no longer be eligible forMentoring17:03
persiaWhich was the reason for the initial 1/3 sessions :)17:03
huatsso I cannot miss even 1 lesson that I cannot be part of the mentoring... I think it is too strict17:04
norsettofirst of all, its may, not shall, second, we talk about mentoring, if you can't make a committment, we should not be obliged to waste resources for nothing17:05
huatsnorsetto: come on... we are talking about missing 1 lesson let's say out of 10....17:05
norsettoof course if one loses a lesson, will be ok, the spirit is that a certain level of commitment must be given17:06
huatsnorsetto: but I strongly agree....17:06
huatsi just say that may be, we can be a little more comprehensive...17:06
norsettowe will, but not upfront17:07
huatsregarding the limited time, once again, I fear that 3 monthes can be a little short for new comers...17:08
norsettoI'm a bit confused now, wasn't james_w looking at the school?17:08
huatsif I remember correctly, to become a member it is needed to be active for at least 2 monthes...17:09
norsettothats good, I thougth it was too long :-)17:09
huatson the other side, it is enought time...17:10
huatsI agree too :)17:10
norsettoagain, this falls into the committment basket17:10
huats3 monthes is great17:10
norsettoI don't know, I feel as if it is too long actually, depends very much on the contributor and his level of committment17:11
norsettoyou see, what I want to avoid is having mentors frozen for long time, for contributors which are not particularly (if at all) active and on the other side have willing contributors which have to wait because we have no mentors17:12
persiaI think it's a good timeframe for the mentoring.  If someone needs longer, they may do well with team help, or switching mentors.17:13
norsettohuats: by the way, before I forget, do you think you can take care of jadi?17:13
huatsnorsetto: sure17:14
huatsI'll be happy to17:14
huatsbut you know I am not even a contributor yet ...17:14
norsettowhat I have seen so far, is that willing and committed contributors take a month or less to be productive, while if they take longer, is certainly longer than 3 months17:15
huats(well I have to admit that I am not really sure what would be better for me if I apply)17:15
norsettohuats: I mean to couple him with a mentor :-)17:15
huatsnorsetto: oh :)17:15
huatsi think you were refering to this proposal already :)17:16
norsettohuats: you can help him if you are willing, that would be a great idea17:16
huatsnorsetto:  no pb I'll find a match :)17:16
norsettohuats: it will help you too to see things in a different perspective17:16
huatsnorsetto: definitly...17:16
norsettohuats: as far as I'm concerned, I'll be happy if you introduce him to the basics17:17
huatsnorsetto: I can do that sure...17:17
huats(I just need to find out what are the basics)17:17
huatsbut I will help him...17:17
norsettohuats: well, I can help you to help him ;-)17:17
huatsnorsetto: anyhow you know that I would bother you if I have some pbs ;)17:18
norsettohuats: alas !17:18
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