cjwatsonevand: are you still likely to be able to get that localechooser work merged today for a ubiquity upload? I guess we're falling off the end of your working hours now though00:18
udit99Hey guys, I need to check an assumption. If I need to ensure that a package ends up on the pool of an installer CD,00:33
udit99is it sufficient that the package is listed in the seed file that germinate takes as an input00:33
udit99Because I have a package that is listed in the germinate seeds but does not end up on the ISO00:35
cjwatsonyour assumption is correct in principle00:36
cjwatson(I say in principle because obviously something is going wrong!)00:36
cjwatsoncheck each step along the transformation path: specifically the raw germinate output, and the task files output by germinate-to-tasks00:36
cjwatsonmight also want to check the germinate log (I think it's saved in _germinate_output or similar) to see if it complained about the seed entry00:37
hardwiregerminate eh?00:38
udit99im assuming that germinate logs to the cdimage logs too...will check there00:45
cjwatsonno, it'll be alongside its output00:46
cjwatsonerr, sorry, I'm completely wrong00:46
cjwatsonyeah, it'll be in the main cdimage log file00:46
udit99ok.. but I can see the package in the tasks file... which makes me believe that debian cd is whats causing the problem, not germinate00:49
cjwatsonok, that narrows it down00:53
cjwatsonquickest step is to check for further mentions of it in the log00:53
cjwatsonis this package in the same archive as all the others?00:53
cjwatsonhave you triple-checked that its Filename field in Packages.gz is correct?00:53
udit99the only mentions of the package name in the log are from germinate (complaining no source available) and later on there is a warning that says the package has no sources (ignored)01:00
udit99but not surprising because i have no source packages in my repo01:00
udit99i'm going to triple check the path in Packages right now...01:01
cjwatsonworth trying '/path/to/debian-cd/tools/apt-selection cache show packagename'01:01
cjwatson(substitute /path/to/debian-cd and packagename as appropriate)01:02
cjwatsonalso, there are various temporary files constructed by debian-cd along the way01:03
cjwatsoncheck whether it's in the 'list' file (should be in a scratch directory named hardy-i386 or similar)01:03
udit99ok.  triple checked the location of the package as listed in Packages file.  all is well with that.01:07
udit99i'm not having luck wtih the apt-selection script... will have to play with that some more.  I think i am missing an env var.01:21
udit99as for the list file...01:21
udit99I'm looking at scratch/xubuntu/daily/apt/hardy-i386/apt-state/lists/01:22
udit99and there is a load of files in there.  Is that what you mean?01:22
udit99there is a file in there called ...ftp_dists_hardy_universe_binary-i386_Packages in there and it contains the package in question.01:24
cjwatsonno, that's not what I mean01:46
cjwatsonshould be more like scratch/xubuntu/daily/tmp/hardy-i386/list01:46
evandcjwatson: negative; I had to run out after my core hours, I should be able to finish things up in the morning.04:27
S[h]O[r]Tit seems that when i try to do a network install i often get Your network is probably not using the DHCP protocol alot. i see there is d-i netcfg/dhcp_timeout string 6009:13
S[h]O[r]Tbut that is not related to i think the initial network configuration but during the install if the server times out. If that is correct is there anyway to change the timeout for the initial network configuration with DHCP09:14
S[h]O[r]Tif i restart the installer it seems to all work ago09:16
saispocjwatson: ping ?11:09
cjwatsonsaispo: pong11:20
saispohi :)11:20
cjwatsonS[h]O[r]T: you're mistaken; netcfg/dhcp_timeout *is* for the initial network configuration with DHCP11:20
saispocjwatson: have you an idea why germinate gave me this :11:23
saispo* Downloading file:///home/eole/mirror/seeds/ubuntu.hardy/eole11:23
saispo? Unknown eole package: blacklists11:23
saispoi have the same configuration on two machines, one work, the second don't grab all eole seeds :/11:24
cjwatsonsaispo: the error message means that the 'blacklists' package in the 'eole' seed was not found in whatever archive you pointed it at. You should be able to confirm this with the downloaded Packages file (which should be left around in the current directory) and it may be due to pointing it at the wrong archive.11:27
saispoi export all for localdebs...11:28
cjwatsonI'm afraid I am unable to debug your problem at a distance11:29
cjwatsonbut that is what the message means11:29
S[h]O[r]Thmmm thanks cj11:29
cjwatsonsaispo: you might also try removing all the *Packages and *Sources files before trying again, bearing in mind that germinate will generally use cached versions of those in preference to re-downloading them11:30
saispoit's strange, he get some localpackages which his in Ubuntu Packages but with a higher version in my local repos, but does not get the packages which is not in Ubuntu Packages. You're right, i think it's about the local Packages but when i start the project, the files are generated and the packages files tell me i found 499 files...11:30
saispook thanks11:30
saispoyou want to see a log file for example ?11:31
S[h]O[r]Tnow its working ;)11:32
cjwatsonsaispo: err, I don't think it will really help me. I've told you what the problem is and the most likely causes11:32
saispoyep, i will continue to investigate11:33
cjwatsonsaispo: what is your germinate command line?11:33
cjwatsonS[h]O[r]T: great11:33
saispocjwatson: the same as in run-germinate11:33
cjwatsonno, I don't want you to refer to a script which has changed a number of times over the years and which presumably you must have customised anyway11:34
cjwatsonwhat is your germinate command line?11:34
saispo+ /home/eole/mirror/cdimage/germinate/germinate.py --seed-source file:///home/eole/mirror/seeds/ --mirror file:///home/eole/mirror/cdimage/scratch/eole/daily/germinate/ --seed-dist ubuntu.hardy --dist hardy,hardy-security,hardy-upda+tes,hardy-proposed --arch i386 --components main,restricted,universe --no-rdepends11:39
saispolocal is missing no ?11:41
cjwatsonthat's a very odd thing to use as --mirror. --mirror should point to an actual archive - the sort of thing you'd put in sources.list.11:41
cjwatsonand, yes, if you need to add another component to --components, do so11:41
saispomirror must be the ubuntu archive i rsync all days ?11:42
cjwatsonthat and your own archive, presumably11:42
saisposeparated by "," ?11:43
cjwatsonyou can supply multiple --mirror options for multiple archives11:43
cjwatsonno, like --mirror http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ --mirror http://mirror.example.org/path/to/my/mirror/11:43
saispok, thanks11:43
cjwatsongerminate has a manual page ...11:43
saispoit's strange, i have the same germinate commands on the other machines, and all work :/11:43
saispocjwatson: i suspect the building of 1.filelist_local12:12
saispono problem, i investigate, thanks :)12:40
saispocjwatson: eole  eole.build-depends  eole.build-sources  eole.depends  eole.seed  eole.seed-recommends  eole.seedtext  eole.sources this file have been generated by germinate ?12:55
saispook the difference between the two machine are for example the eole file which have all fine in one machine, and not on the other12:56
saispobut on the machine which have not packages in eole file, she have all in eole.seed...12:57
saispocjwatson: i found why, thanks for your help ! it's about an env variables for localdebs which is handled incorrectly in this case, why... don't know at this time :)13:11
nasrat I'm working on a project that is using cdimage to build their own variant. Now I see  it was excluding tango-icon-theme and human-icon-theme in lists2cd as they are in non-free16:28
cjwatsonUbuntu doesn't have a component called "non-free" ...16:28
nasratI know16:28
nasratbut list2cds matches on Section:16:29
nasrat      foreach (grep { $packages{$_}{"Section"} =~ /Xnon-free/ }16:29
nasratthe X is mine16:29
cjwatsonhmm, but tango-icon-theme has Section: universe/gnome16:29
nasrathmm ok16:29
cjwatsonand human-icon-theme has Section: x1116:29
nasratso maybe I've a stale package16:29
cjwatsonwhere are you getting your Packages files from?16:30
cjwatsonoh, are you building them yourself or something?16:30
cjwatsonI see that those two packages are in non-free in Debian16:30
nasratok let me try track down where they were from16:31
cjwatsonso if you rebuilt the Packages file yourself (e.g. using apt-ftparchive or dpkg-scanpackages without giving it a proper Ubuntu override file) then you'll see that kind of symptom16:31
nasratah yes we're doing that16:31
cjwatsonthe override files are available in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/indices/16:31
nasratand I just need them in the right place and cdimage/debian-cd will dtrt?16:32
cjwatsonwell, the code that's calling apt-ftparchive is presumably your own16:32
cjwatsonbut if you get the Packages file right, it should16:32
nasratthanks that gives me enough to get on with, just getting my head around it all16:33
compbrainIf i've got a early-command that is doing machine provisioning (generating a name/ip, etc) how hard is it to loop in a display of that information to the console?17:28
cjwatsonyou mean something like a note that the installer would need to press Enter to acknowledge?17:35
cjwatsonpretty fiddly; you'd have to create a debconf template for yourself ...17:35
compbrainI'm debating turning off framebuffer (in text mode) and just dumping out to tty1 or the like17:38
compbrainor something equally ugly and hackish17:38
evandupdate on localechooser: when it gets called a second time from tzsetup, it doesn't seem to be respecting that its been preseeded and asks localechooser/continentlist and countrylist, which causes the wrong values to get selected.18:18
evandOnce I figure out what's causing this, it should be ready for commit.18:18
cjwatsonreplace the preseeding of localechooser/alreadyrun with 'rm -f /var/lib/localechooser/preseeded'18:20
cjwatsonat a guess18:20
evandno such luck; picking through the code now.18:24
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