naliothnewz2000: you might wish to read the Ubuntu channel guidelines  :)00:23
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newz2000nalioth: I think I have but I guess I'm not sure, can you be more specific for something I should be looking for?04:02
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jpdshi huats, how many I assist you?10:50
huatsI am the leader of the french loco and we have so pb on our IRC... it is a freenode related pb, but I sure some of you have good connections with theur staff10:50
huatswe are facing a very annoying pb :  on our main channel (#ubuntu-fr) we are near the ban limit10:51
huatswe have already reach  that limit, and with lots of clean in it, we have some ban slot available...10:52
huatsbut it will just last for some time...10:52
huatswe know about the +L mode, which is allowed by freenode staff10:52
huatswe contacted them about that10:53
huatsbut they are not answering ...10:53
jpdsAh, what you need... it the +L mode yes.10:53
huats(we have deal with nalioth, who is not answering us anymore...)10:53
huatswe know by instance that our german friends has the +L mode...10:54
huatsso it is possible to get it :)10:54
jpdselkbuntu: Are you around to poke staff? ^10:54
huatscan anyone here, help us :)10:55
huatsthanks jpds10:55
jpdshuats: Yeah, I think we have to ask the IRC Council to poke staff on your behalf... which I just did.10:55
huatsok thanks10:55
jpdshuats: Why is #ubuntu-fr set to private?10:59
huatsjpds: let me check :)11:00
jpdsFlags      : SECURE GUARD PRIVATE11:00
huatsjpds: i mean, let me ask the question to one of the guy who is dealing with our irc channel :)11:00
huatsjpds: one of the guy is about to come and explain :)11:02
huatsjpds: Zic is one of them :)11:02
jpdsohh, hi Zic11:03
huatsZic can you explain a bit to jpds the reason of the PRIVATE Flag on #ubuntu-fr ?11:04
Zicjpds: Long time ago (in a far far galaxy… hem, no), we are +o only when it is requires, like Freenode philosophy want it11:05
jpdsZic: You do not requiere PRIVATE to be set for that.11:06
Zicjpds: yes, I can desactivate it if you want, it just an old flag :)11:06
Zic(because new users query operators and say "please, give me operator privileges")11:06
jpdsZic: It's just that when someone tries: /msg ChanServ access #ubuntu-fr list - to ask an op for help, he/she cannot see who's an op.11:07
Zicnow, we are +o when a lot of people are chating, to prevent from abuse11:07
jpdsYou are not authorized to perform this operation.11:07
Zicjpds: we have a !ops factoids on #ubuntu-fr which advertise us11:07
Zicbut I can remove this flag, no problem11:08
Zicwe have a private channel for moderator only, where users can chatting with ops about a problem of moderation11:09
Zicflag was removed now11:09
jpdsHmm, ok11:09
elkbuntuhuats, is it not possible to clear some of the bans?11:11
elkbuntuhuats, freenode is always reluctant to lift the limit11:11
huatselkbuntu: hi11:11
Zicelkbuntu: hi, we clean banlist all of week-ends11:11
huatselkbuntu: we already clear the list many times11:11
huatsbut we always get the same ones who comes back... a few days after11:12
huatsand ban them again...11:12
Zic(we also clear some old bans, but sometimes users who was banned rejoin the channel, and do bad stuff…)11:12
huatselkbuntu: I can clearly understand that freenode is reluctant about lifting the limit11:13
huatsbut I think we prouved that we are wise in banning... the thing is that we are such a big Loco that this limit is a bit low for us...11:13
elkbuntuhuats, so there's no dynamic addresses in the list?11:15
Zicelkbuntu: It is not end of week yet, but I can take a look now if you want11:16
ZicI have remove 2 bans, one dynamic IP, and an old ban11:17
ZicI don't find other dynamic bans…11:18
huatselkbuntu: regarding the dynamic/static adresse, Zic know it more than I do11:18
Zics/dynamic bans/dynamic IP/ sorry11:19
Zicthis morning, we have 41bans/50, after cleaning, we have 38 bans now11:24
Zicthe limit of 50 bans is too close…11:24
elkbuntuhuats, i've directed a staffer cto contact you when they have a moment11:28
huatshe already did11:28
huatsthanks elkbuntu11:28
elkbuntuno prob. sorry it was slow. i was cooking dinner11:28
Zicelkbuntu: thanks11:29
huatselkbuntu: no pb11:30
huatsenjoy your dinner :)11:30
elkbuntucreamy honey mustard chicken and rice. i think i will enjoy ;)11:30
huatselkbuntu: don't say that I am on a diet :)11:31
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