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lenardsthere meeting tomorrow is at UTC 15:00?06:03
dholbachgood morning06:36
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dholbachso.... Meeting today at 15:00 UTC?08:06
dholbachKoon said he can't make it tonight08:06
dholbachdoko: did you have a chance to look at anything related to maven already?08:07
dholbachbecause Koon said he didn't have the time yet08:07
dokodholbach: no, focusing on openjdk09:12
dholbachdoko: OK09:27
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* robilad waves14:02
persiaHey robilad.14:23
robiladhi persia - everything ok?14:31
persiarobilad: I believe so.  Roadmap is a little sparser than I'd like, but it's a beginning :)14:31
persiaDid we ever change the time of the meeting?  I remember talking about 14:00, but the wiki page still says 15:00.14:32
robiladi think we left it at 1514:32
robiladare the logs from last meeting online somewhere?14:34
persiaYeah, 14:00 was only discussed here, as it was better for man-di.  Maybe we can change after this week?14:39
robiladyeah - I'll poke man-di again, and we should put 14 h on the agenda14:41
persiarobilad: You'll add it, or shall I?14:41
robiladI'll do it14:41
robiladpersia: thanks for the logs15:34
persiarobilad: Did you get the minutes also?15:36
robiladyes, they were sent out on the list15:37
robiladshould I add thme to the wiki?15:37
persiaProbably a good idea.15:37
dholbachI won't be able to run the meeting, but will be there15:53
dholbachI need to sort out some other few things15:53
persiarobilad: Are you up for chairing?15:53
robiladnot really, don't know how to use the fridge system yet15:55
robiladpersia: can you take ove this time, and I'll take the next one?15:56
persiarobilad: Fridge system?15:56
robiladthe bot running ubuntu-meeting15:57
persiaOh, we forgot to reserve it.  One just emails ubuntu-news-team@lists.ubuntu.com and gives the date, time (UTC) and meeting name.  We'll get the room for free this time, but ought send a note for next time.15:58
persiaThat said, it's just a reservations system.15:58
robiladok, good to know, thanks!15:59
persiaLet's get started then.16:01
* persia reminds everyone that the Java team meeting is happening in #ubuntu-meeting, as it's fairly quiet so far.16:08
persiarobilad: Let me just finish updating the roadmap, and I'll walk you through the minutes.16:43
persiarobilad: Also, what's your WikiName?16:43
persiahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Robilad ?16:46
robiladthough there is nothing on that page yet16:49
persiaOK :)16:50
persiaNow, for minutes.16:50
persiaFirst, create a new wiki page for the minutes (e.g. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaTeam/Meeting/Minutes2008-07-10 )16:50
persiaOnce that is there, add a link to the minutes and the log from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaTeam/Meeting16:51
robiladshould be up in 90 minutes, i've got a phone call coming up in 516:52
persiaAlso, you may want to remove the agenda items covered when updating the page.16:52
persiaTo set the next meeting, edit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaTeam/Header, and send a mail about the meeting to ubuntu-news-team@lists.ubuntu.com to reserve #ubuntu-meeting.16:53
persiaWith luck, I'll be asleep when you finish your call, but I'll try to answer any questions in scrollback, and someone else might also have an answer.16:54
robiladthank you very much for your kind help, persia!16:55
persiarobilad: No, thank you for doing the minutes :)16:55
cvasilakhi there, anyone knows when the new jdk update 7 will be released as an update for the current jdk in ubuntu?19:48

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