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SyntuxGood evening00:16
goshawki've a problem with revu... i've uploaded my first package more than 5 hours ago, but i cannot see it in the revu page00:58
goshawkcan somebody help me_00:58
goshawki've uploaded it again01:06
goshawkah i've found the problem01:09
cesar_boHello All, I am learning to package, I have a question, When I create a package, I use on the maintener field, latin characters: as ñ and é, using gdebi it outputs bad.01:56
cesar_botheres is a way to use the latin characters, to output well ?01:56
slangasekcesar_bo: for all fields in debian/control, you should use the UTF-8 encoding01:58
slangasekbut I don't know if gdebi supports display of non-ASCII characters, it could be a gdebi bug01:59
cesar_boslangasek: Well I don't know if I am using utf-8 on the control file02:01
cesar_boI would look, thanks very much02:01
slangasekcesar_bo: a simple commandline check is to run: iconv -futf-8 -t ucs-2le < debian/control > /dev/null02:02
cesar_boslangasek: thanks, it prints bad as on gdebi02:03
slangasekcesar_bo: hmm?  that check won't print anything except an error message02:05
cesar_bothe <> are necesary ? :D02:05
luisbgcan somebody please kick my other nick? sorry about that02:06
cesar_bodoing that, outputs no error: mariocesar@dedalo:/~/lidios-0.1/debian$ iconv -futf-8 -t ucs-2le < control > /dev/null02:07
slangasekcesar_bo: right, then it's a gdebi bug02:10
cesar_boslangasek: well thanks02:10
cesar_boslangasek: There is the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gdebi/+bug/109907 thanks again :-)02:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 109907 in gdebi "Unicode characters not shown correctly" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:15
slangasekno problem02:15
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Drk_GuyHi guys!03:03
Drk_GuyI wanto to kick in this group to help out03:03
Drk_GuyI already signed the CoC, but can't find an option to go in03:04
RAOFRight.  That's because anyone can help. :)03:04
RAOFAnything in particular you'd like to do?03:04
Drk_GuySpecially, rare software, or with special patch's or fixes03:04
Drk_GuyFor example, Wine + 3DMark03:05
RAOFWine + 3dmark?03:06
Drk_GuyI'm now compiling official winehq's sources with that patch, to test it and upload it to my PPA03:06
Drk_GuyRAOF, it makes wine spoof some of it's characterirstics so more games will run03:06
RAOFRight.  That's not going to be very useful on the MOTU front, but may be useful for other things.03:07
Drk_GuyRAOF, Although it won't modify anything else03:07
Drk_GuyRAOF, I mean, i can try to package anything you ask for, and have my PPA for non-MOTU soft03:07
RAOFThe way to get that into the official Ubuntu packgaes would be to file a bug against the Wine package, attach the patch, and give some justification.03:07
Drk_GuyAnyway, it's not a bug, so it won't just fit03:08
RAOFParticularly: is it likely to be accepted into wine mainline?  If not, why not, and why should we go against upstream.03:08
Drk_GuyI would use my PPA instead03:08
RAOFSounds like the bug is "Some games don't run under wine"03:08
RAOFAnd this patch fixes that bug.  Right?03:08
Drk_GuyRAOF, Actually, they run, but they will whine about DX errors, this patch spoofs wine's capabilities so games run better03:09
RAOFDo they actually run better, or do they just report fewer warnings?  If the former, that's something we may want to have in the official packages.03:10
RAOFJust because it doesn't result in a program failing to work doesn't mean it's not a bug.03:11
Drk_GuyRAOF, I mean, w/o the patch, games like CoD 4 won't run03:12
RAOFRight.  So that's _definitely_ a bug.03:12
Drk_GuyStill, that patch has been available since 9.* branch, but it hasn't been applied to upstream03:13
Drk_GuyWhy?, dont ask me03:13
RAOFDrk_Guy: So, there's probably a reason why it isn't applied.  Either that reason isn't good (such as: no one's actually _asked_ the wine devs to apply it - again, attach to upstream bug), or there _is_ a good reason :)03:16
Drk_GuyRAOF, maybe it is worth asking in #winehq03:16
RAOFThe aim is to get the fix out to the maximum number of people - so the best place is upstream.  The second best place is in the official Ubuntu repositories, and a PPA runs a distant third :)03:17
Drk_GuyGonna research about PPA by now03:17
Drk_GuyRAOF, Maybe creating a fork, wine3dmark and wine03:18
Drk_GuyI have an issue03:35
Drk_GuyI just created my PPA, but it is 40403:35
Drk_GuyIs it normal?03:35
RAOFNo, but you probably want to ask in #launchpad about PPA issues.03:37
Drk_Guyis there a command for generating the special date format of changelog file?03:48
crimsundate -R03:48
Drk_GuyDoes debuild clean the compile dir?03:49
JazzvaDrk_Guy, if you're building from Debian source package, running "./debian/rules clean" might help. If you're building from source, then try "./make clean", it should work.03:52
null_vector https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete03:53
Drk_GuyJazzva, I don't want to recompile03:53
Drk_GuyIt's just a lil changelog change03:53
Drk_GuyAnyway, gonna try to make a deb tomorrow03:54
Drk_GuyThanks for help03:54
rootvzlahi elkbuntu04:01
rootvzlahi sladen04:22
rootvzla>_< slangasek04:22
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kgoetzhi all. is there a script to replace Maintainer: with me, and set XS-Original-Maintainer: to the old Maintainer: value?04:41
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null_vectorkgoetz: update-maintainer04:45
kgoetznull_vector: cheers.04:45
kgoetzis it in devscripts?04:46
kgoetzthanks mate04:47
nxvlsoren: ping05:34
dholbachgood morning06:36
nxvlhi dholbach06:36
dholbachhi nxvl06:36
bliZZardzdholbach : Guetan tag06:40
dholbachhi bliZZardz: Guten Tag!06:41
IulianMorning Daniel06:47
* Iulian yawns06:47
dholbachheya Iulian!06:47
kgoetzits not posable to use dget on an LP PPA (because the .dsc and .gz will be saved in different locations). should i file a bug against devscripts or LP? i'm thinking the latter.06:51
dholbachkgoetz: there's dgetlp in ubuntu-dev-tools06:53
kgoetzdholbach: thanks, i'll use that.06:53
dholbachkgoetz: OR use dget on http://ppa.launchpad.net/5-a-day/ubuntu/pool/main/f/five-a-day/06:54
nxvlor use apt-get source06:55
kgoetznxvl: would involve sources.list changing and updating package lists and similar annoyance.06:56
nxvlwell, yes, but if you have it already not06:56
kgoetzdholbach: hm. well i have the dgetlp. thanks for that :)06:57
Hobbseethere's already a bug on it07:01
Hobbseei think they said they were going to fix it fairly soon, months ago07:01
dholbachLaney: hi - what about those ffmpeg sponsoring bugs? are you going to add patches too?07:31
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siretartdoes anyone have some overview how much fallout/breakage the new ffmpeg package caused?07:38
siretartAFAIK, main is cleared already, and most of universe, at least for packages from debian07:39
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Laneysiretart: There are a few more FTBFS that I haven't done yet, will get you a list after work later07:47
siretartLaney: thanks07:47
Laneydholbach: geser did a load of them and I'll attach patches for the rest if he doesn't plan on doing those one07:47
dholbachLaney: excellent!07:47
* dholbach just triaged a bunch of bugs in the sponsoring queue07:48
LaneyHm, is the sponsors queue moving slowly ATM? I've had some merges awaiting for some weeks now07:51
persiaLaney: Yes, it's moving slowly just now.07:54
Laneypersia: OK, no worries. So am I to be honest, just started a new job07:55
Laney...which I have to leave for now. Have a good day all07:56
persiaLaney: Have a good day.07:56
* Hobbsee wonders why dholbach is light blue.08:02
* Hobbsee ponders doing something on the sponsorship queue08:02
Hellowi am wondering, has anyone contributed a package for Perl?08:17
RAOFWhich particular perl?08:17
Hellowo, ok08:18
jmlHobbsee: dholbach isn't light blue to me.08:18
RAOFVarious pieces of absolutely core Debian infrastructure depend on perl.  It's well maintained :)08:19
Hellowah, ok08:20
RAOF(In fact, I think it's currently breaking Etch->Lenny upgrades in some cases ;))08:20
RAOFHeh.  Kmos mass-closed all the xmms bugs in debian.08:28
HobbseeRAOF: you're not surprised, are you08:31
RAOFNot really.  It's just interesting to run into.08:32
dholbachbecause xmms was removed from sid08:32
RAOFYeah.  The remark wasn't really intended to indicate my approval or disapproval.  Just surprise at seeing a familiar name :)08:33
Hobbseei'm surprised they dont' make all bugs stay until it falls out of all supported releases08:34
RAOFWe have surprisingly few xmms bugs, actually.08:34
RAOFOh, including one against Xmms2.  Whoops :)08:36
StevenKHobbsee: Debian usually don't.08:51
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dusharaWhy does lintian generate the "native-package-with-dash-version" warning when the version has -0ubuntu1 appended at the end?09:40
RAOFBecause you don't have an orig.tar.gz?09:41
huatsmorning dear MOTUs and contributors :)09:42
dusharaRAOF: oh umm... I used dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa -rfakeroot as suggested in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU (this is my own app). How do I generate orig.tar.gz?09:44
RAOFdushara: What should generally be done is: you grab a copy of the software that you want to package.  This will generally be distributed as a tarball (.tar.gz, or .tar.bz2, or whatever).09:46
RAOFTo build the Debian package, you take this (upstream) tarball, unpack it, and add a debian/ directory.09:46
RAOFSo, in the case of your own software, you probably want to distribute it more widely than just Ubuntu, right?09:47
RAOFIn order to do that you basically want to release the code in some useful way.  A .tar.gz is the canonical way.09:47
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dusharaYes I've got tge .tar.gz. I created a debian dir within the extracted tar.gz with the version postfix etc. Then I entered the command I showed earlier. Have I missed a step?09:49
jpdsdushara: Rename the tarball to packageName_version.orig.tar.gz09:50
dusharajpds: ok thanks09:51
huatsemgent: congrats !!!10:04
emgenthuats: thanks10:12
IulianCongrats emgent.10:13
emgentIulian: thanks :)10:13
\shemgent: congratulations...rocking news :)10:30
emgent\sh: thanks :)10:45
sebneremgent: congratulations!!!! \o/  great mate10:49
emgentsebner: thanks10:49
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voriancongrats emgent :)11:12
emgentvorian: thanks :)11:12
kgoetzwd :)11:13
slytherinemgent: Congratulations. Security ... must be tough work. :-)11:18
slytherinDoes anyone have any idea how much usually a package takes to clear from 'NEW" queue?11:19
jpdsslytherin: At least a week I think.11:20
Hobbseedepends when someone deals with ti11:20
emgentslytherin: :)11:20
* kgoetz giggls and pokes Hobbsee at teh queue11:20
slytherinHobbsee: What if another new version review is waiting for a package in queue. Can I poke someone about it?11:21
persiaslytherin: You can ask "archive-admins: Please NEW $(packagename) to allow an update of $(depending package)" in #ubuntu-devel.  If that doesn't work, you can look up today's archive-admin on the wiki, and highlight them directly.11:22
slytherinpersia: Thanks, will try11:24
dusharahi all11:35
dusharaJust uploaded pkg to REVU. What happens now?11:37
Festordushara, wait11:37
dusharaFester: Cool.11:38
Festordushara, Festor... no Fester.. xD11:44
dusharaOops sorry :-D11:44
FestorDoes anyone know what this means?11:44
Festor"N: 1 tag overridden (1 warning)"11:44
* persia welcomes vorian to the U-U-S team11:45
FestorI get to run the lintian11:45
broonieFestor: Assuming that's lintian output it means that there's an override file.11:45
broonieFestor: and it overrode 1 warning.11:45
FestorIs there any way to locate it?11:46
FestorI do not understand the problem very well. This is the first time I see this warning11:46
sebneremgent: you have to join too \o/11:46
jpdsFestor: Look in the debian dir for an lintian file.11:47
Festoryes, there is a folder called lintian11:47
emgentsebner: i know :)11:47
emgentsebner: persia mailed :)11:48
jpdsFestor: That's probably where the override is.11:48
Festorops, wait11:48
persiaemgent: Most people ask for U-U-S here.  Mailing me takes longer :p11:48
emgentpersia: hehe np :)11:48
sebneremgent: hrhr.11:49
Festorthanks jpds I found the problem11:50
persiaemgent: Now go sponsor some stuff :)11:50
jpdsFestor: You're welcome.11:50
emgentpersia: hahaha11:50
sebneremgent: now go and upload eggdrop :P11:52
RAOFWhat's the average time people wait for a response for an updated debdiff while doing the U-U-S dance?12:03
norsettoAnyone here feeling an hero? If you are brave enough to test an hardy-proposed fix, head to bug 242635.12:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 242635 in trousers "The package cannot be removed if the daemon fails to start" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24263512:04
persiaRAOF: For me, depends on the issue.  In many cases, if it's trivial, and someone doesn't respond to an IRC ping within a couple hours, I just fix it and upload.12:05
warp10norsetto: I felt an hero indeed, but It was an easy one :)12:16
norsettowarp10: you cheat, being a medical doctor you know the tricks of the trade, its not fair ;-)12:17
* warp10 0:-)12:18
norsettowarp10: thanks for checking that out, much appreciated12:20
impi226here i am ;-)12:20
warp10norsetto: my pleasure! :)12:21
norsettoimpi226: shoot, we are all ears (and somebody is all nose too)12:22
impi226my problem is that i do not really know how good my skills are and how i can contribute to ubuntu12:23
norsettoimpi226: what is it you want to do? Help with translation, triaging bugs, helping to manage the universe repo?12:24
impi226my best skills are php, mysql (webdevelopment), but i am also working on and very interested in getting skills programming c++ & java...12:25
norsettoimpi226: perhaps you should read a bit about how we develop ubuntu, I think this should help you to clarify things12:26
impi226in what extend "about how we develop ubuntu"?12:27
norsettoimpi226: did you go through this wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment ?12:27
impi226i read it.12:28
impi226but there is no real starting point saying "contact that person, and he will help you getting involved"12:29
impi226or i don't read intently enough :-)12:30
norsettoimpi226: there is no such person12:30
norsettoimpi226: but there are such persons, right here12:31
impi226thats the matter why i am here...12:31
impi226but i have to go to lunch now...12:31
impi226my workmate is waiting ;-)12:32
impi226so long...12:32
norsettoimpi226: guten appetit then12:32
* norsetto goes to lunch too, his stomach is waiting12:34
IulianHow often is http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/ updated?12:48
persiaIulian: Every few hours.  If you fix something, please leave the bug number in a comment.12:49
Iulianpersia: Sure, thanks.12:50
persiaIulian: Said differently, everything in RCbugs generally deserves an LP bug.  It's not so important now, but as the freezes come, RC bugs helps provide justification for freeze exceptions (although the pressure to backport the fix increases).  Also, many of those might affect Hardy, and may deserve an SRU (although it depends on the specific RC bug).12:51
Iulianpersia: Yea, sure, I will have a look at them though.12:55
RainCTemgent: congrats :)13:09
ScottKemgent: Congratulations.  Use the power wisely...13:11
HobbseeQUICK!  UPLOAD CRACK!!!13:11
emgentScottK: RainCT thanks :)13:13
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udienz-morning null_vector13:26
slytherinRC bugs page is not correct at least in one respect. cairo-java has same version as Debian, still it is listed on page.13:29
\shsebner: hey, you are famous now :) reading p.g.o ;)13:29
Iulianslytherin: Many Ubuntu packages has the same version as the ones from Debian.13:30
slytherinIulian: Then hwo to correct list on that page?13:30
norsettonull_vector: any news about that dh thing?13:30
Iulianslytherin: I don't know. persia says that it's updating every few hours.13:31
sebner\sh: hrhr. didn't know that he is on the planet13:31
sebner\sh: but please, no photos xD13:34
null_vectornorsetto: Yeah, it doesn't work without pysupport installed as is.  If you remove that bit and have pysupport installed, it doesn't work.13:36
\shsebner: :)13:36
null_vectornorsetto: That's why it was a binary upload in debian13:36
sebner\sh: but thanks for the hint :)13:36
norsettonull_vector: ok, please prepare a patch for Ubuntu then, so that we get it out of the way13:37
null_vectornorsetto: ok13:37
impi226back :-)13:38
null_vectornorsetto: You want to make python-support a dependency?13:40
norsettonull_vector: no need, with my patch it builds and installs with just pycentral13:41
null_vectornorsetto: alright13:41
norsettonull_vector: you are using pbuilder I hope?13:42
null_vectornorsetto: yes13:42
norsettonull_vector: good13:42
null_vectornorsetto: Where's the patch?13:43
norsettonull_vector: in my email, its not a patch, its how rules looks now (practically, you delete the after/before and leave one line only)13:44
RainCTsiretart: did you see my msg yesterday?13:49
null_vectornorsetto: bug 24727513:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247275 in python-minimock "FTBFS in intrepid." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24727513:58
norsettonull_vector: ok, thanks, its on my todo list13:58
huatsnorsetto: !14:02
huatshow are you ?14:02
huatsi went to talk to mrevell about the reception mailing list14:02
huatsapparently we need to talk to jorge about that14:02
huatsto fasten a bit the process...14:02
norsettohuats: to speed up :-)14:03
norsettohuats: unless you want to tie jorge down and abuse him ;-)14:03
huats(about speed up)14:04
* norsetto was scared for a moment14:04
norsettojcastro: (wodoo voice) jcastro, if you can hear us, please give us a sign14:07
null_vectorAnything that needs special attention or just go back to FTBFS?14:07
norsettohuats: do you think we should sacrifice a cock?14:07
norsettonull_vector: you are doing an amazing work with ftbfs, you want to continue or do you want to do something else?14:08
null_vectornorsetto: no that's fine and thanks14:09
norsettonull_vector: thanks to you14:09
impi226norsetto: first off i will carry on reading the ubuntu wiki... is there any use for a php programmer with medium c++ skills and the declared intention doing everything for improving ubuntu? ;-)14:11
norsettoimpi226: everyone is welcome, we can do with all the possible skills14:12
norsettoimpi226: if your interest is mainly in php, you ould help a lot just by triaging php specific bugs14:13
norsettoimpi226: s/ould/could14:13
impi226norsetto: but how can my php skills help improving ubuntu? ;-)14:13
impi226norsetto: i don't think there are much websites to be coded....14:16
norsettoimpi226: as an example, give a look at bug 8733314:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 87333 in php-mail-mime "get notice about returning variables" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8733314:16
ScottKimpi226: True, but if you have a lot of experience in php, you could probably help a lot with triage of php package bugs.14:16
norsettoimpi226: this is the kind of bugs where your expertise could help us14:17
sistpoty|workhi folks14:18
impi226norsetto: okay... that sounds good for me...14:18
norsettoimpi226: if you go to this page: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+search?text=php you will see 298 packages which are related to php14:18
* norsetto bows to supermaster sistpoty|work14:19
sistpoty|workhi norsetto14:19
sistpoty|work(and no, I'm no supermaster :P)14:19
* norsetto checks again sistpoty|work and wonders what the big S on his chest means14:20
sistpoty|worknorsetto: S is for Stefan *g*14:20
jcastronorsetto: you looking for me?14:23
norsettojcastro: is that a De Niro voice?14:23
persiaThat'd be s/for/at/ :)14:24
norsettojcastro: I was told by huats (who has been told by mrevell) that we should plead and beg you to have our team mailing list approved (thats mentoring-reception team)14:25
jcastronorsetto: we're blocking on IS tickets.14:25
persiajcastro: If you are the right person, this is one team that's been without a mailing list for over a year, and could really use one.14:25
norsettopersia: yes, the haircut gave him away :-)14:25
jcastronorsetto: once we finish with guadec we're going to london and fixing lists is like, a top priority14:25
jcastronorsetto: (I share your frustration) :)14:26
jcastropersia: the queue for mailing lists is full of fail on our side14:26
norsettojcastro: that would be cool, we are waiting since a week and we really miss the list now that we have a full team14:26
jcastronorsetto: only a week!14:26
* norsetto swear against himself for giving up so easily14:26
norsettojcastro: did I say a week? Sorry I meant a year14:27
persiaMore than.  It's been since last April or so, hasn't it?14:28
norsettopersia: april of last year, yes14:28
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jcastronorsetto: you have my promise that I will escalate your issue. :D14:28
norsettojcastro: now, don't close by saying "I'll be back" ...14:29
jcastronorsetto: I have to go now, can you do me a favor and forward me any correspondance you've had with us wrt. your list?14:29
jcastrowe've been waiting for the mailing list tickets to get approved since last uds. :-/14:30
* persia pokes dholbach to help contribute prehistory14:30
norsettojcastro: sure, thanks for helping, next time I see you at an UDS I will let persia hug you14:30
persiaNow there's a dangerous offer :)14:32
norsettopersia: lol14:32
gaspazzz.... =.o14:33
gaspahi norsetto14:33
norsettogaspa: morning14:33
gaspapersia: i'm still working on that nbs page, don't think that i dismissed it. (just too busy and a lot of mishaps)14:34
persiagaspa: No worries.  There's a new channel where people are gathering to work on such tools: #ubuntu-quality.14:35
huatsjcastro: thanks !14:43
huatsand enjoy your guadec14:43
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null_vectorIs PATH_MAX defined somewhere in Linux?  I thought that was Windows only.14:58
sistpoty|worknull_vector: yes, it is14:59
null_vectorsistypost: thanks, then it's the gcc4.3 prob15:00
bdrungnull_vector: for gcc 4.3 you have to inlude <limits.h>15:00
bdrungor <climits> for c++15:01
impi226: [1.396031] BUG: unable to handle kernel15:19
impi226interpid alpha 115:20
persiaimpi226: That's the trick with running the development release: it's usually broken in a few ways :(15:20
impi226persia: yes, but directly after the bootscreen? :-D15:21
persiaimpi226: All sorts of times: depends on which packages are broken that day, or what transition is underway.15:21
impi226persia: maybe because i'm at work (running windows, big sorry!!!) and trying to run it in sun xvm virtualbox15:22
persiaMaybe.  Report a bug.15:22
nixternalpersia: you have any non-raid hot swap (sata drives) experience with linux?15:24
nixternalthus far, everything seems to be about raid15:24
nixternalI know our controller supports hot swapping, but when you pull a mounted drive out, all hell breaks loose15:24
persianixternal: Nope.  All my non-raid hotswap experience is old enough to have been SCSI (and I don't have any current test equipment).15:25
nixternalya, same here15:25
persiaThat said, back then, you had to stop the filesystem before you unplugged the drive.15:25
persiaI suspect this is still the case.15:25
persiaIf it still crashes after being unmounted, that'd be a bug.15:26
nixternalya, warm swapping when not in raid15:26
nixternalI can warm swap all day long15:26
persiaYou want to hot-swap when not in raid?  That's not supposed to work.15:28
persiaI suppose you could turn off all caching, and disable the VM layer, and have a chance, but...15:28
sistpoty|workhm... that would still lead to the question with what you want to swap the drive?15:30
* persia suspects a non-broken drive to replace the failed one15:31
sistpoty|workbut where should it get the contents from?15:31
null_vectorHow do you disable certain checks in lintian?15:32
sistpoty|worknull_vector: you can provide overrides, or just use a brain filter when looking at the output15:33
null_vectorsistypoty: They are actual errors keeping it from building, like non-stripped binarys.  But those binaries are explicitly skipped in dh_strip.15:36
sistpoty|worknull_vector: lintian errors keep it from building?15:38
sistpoty|worknull_vector: and there's also the question, why these binaries are not stripped (problems with pitti's -dbg magic?)15:39
null_vectorsistpoty: nvm, sorry. slow this morning15:39
null_vectorper changelog: http://pastebin/ubuntu.com/2647715:40
sistpoty|workugh. nice. sounds like deep crack (but of course that's no news in regards to a bootloader *g*)15:44
impi226persia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/247293 ;-)15:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247293 in ubuntu "BUG: unable to handle kernel" [Undecided,New]15:45
dholbachpersia: prehistory about what exactly?15:49
norsettosebner: you should add the scrollkeeper dependency though15:51
norsettodholbach: prehistory of the mentoring-reception :-)15:51
persiadholbach: Any ancient correspondence about mentoring reception that might help jorge get the mailing list created.15:51
dholbachwhich mailing list? one for the mentoring-reception?15:52
norsettodholbach: I'm trying to get a team mailing list, so, if tehre was any request made by you, it could help15:52
dholbachno, there wasn't15:52
norsettoerr, heya gang?15:57
sebnernorsetto: dependency or b-d ?15:57
persianorsetto: That's it!15:57
norsettophew ...15:57
bddebianHeya gang15:57
IulianHere it is ;)15:57
persiaAh.  Right.  Capital 'H'15:57
bddebianHi norsetto, persia, Iulian, sebner :)15:57
sebnerhi bddebian15:57
sistpoty|workhi bddebian15:57
* sebner is sad. He doesn't have 3d and sound xD15:58
bddebianHeya sistpoty|work15:58
kgoetzbddebian: hi mate15:58
bddebianHeya kgoetz15:58
sebnersistpoty|work: have you got 3d and sound? ^^15:58
norsettosebner: who is going to register the documentation with scrollkeeper?15:58
sebnernorsetto: dh_scrollkeeper?15:59
norsettosebner: no, thats an helper to add appropriate snippets in the maintainers scripts16:00
norsettosebner: those snippets will register the docs, so, who needs scrollkeeper?16:00
sebnernorsetto: gnome-doc-utils?16:01
norsettosebner: b-d are needed in the buildd, deps are needed on the user's machine, who, according to you, needs to register docs with scrollkeeper?16:02
sebnernorsetto: ah xD user16:03
norsettosebner: right!16:03
* sebner is confused of 2 hours trying to fix 3d and sound xD16:03
sebnernorsetto: anything else? :)16:04
norsettosebner: once you upload that I will check everything once again, and if its ok just advocate16:05
sebnernorsetto: k, I'll do that now16:05
sistpoty|worksebner: here at work: yes, though I don't really have too much use for both *g*16:08
sebnersistpoty|work: old or new kernel?16:09
sistpoty|worksebner: 2.6.22-15-generic (gutsy system)16:09
sebnersistpoty|work: xD intrepid! intrepid!16:09
sistpoty|worksebner: I need to do work when at work, not fix ubuntu *g*16:10
* sebner thinks he brokes his system xD16:11
norsettosebner: any reason why you use debhelper 7?16:18
sebnernorsetto: ehm not backportable ...16:21
norsettosebner: :-)16:21
sebnernorsetto: yes, we talked about it :)16:22
geserHi bddebian16:24
bddebianHeya geser16:24
norsettosebner: I won't block it, but next time I would like you to think about it, if there is no reason to use a particular version, than don't just because its the latest16:25
IulianIf anyone has some spare time and would like to review a package, you may have a look at salasaga which is uploaded to revu. (it's an IDE for development of eLearning).16:25
sebnernorsetto: yeah I know, we discussed that with cairo ;)16:25
norsettosebner: yep16:25
norsettosebner: ok, advocated, now find another slave to do your dirty work :-)16:27
* sebner hugs norsetto 16:28
* norsetto hugs sebner back16:28
sebnerDktrKranz: mind uploading hitori on revu? ;)16:28
DktrKranzsebner: so I'm the SOTU? Slave Of The Universe?16:30
geserDktrKranz: more a SOTS :)16:30
norsettoDktrKranz: more like a SOTS ...16:30
sebnerxD xD xD16:30
DktrKranzsebner: you know... 150 euros16:31
DktrKranzoh, it's NEW... more money \o/16:31
sebnerDktrKranz: add a 016:31
norsettogeser: care to shake fingers?16:31
DktrKranzsebner: unluckily I can't do anything right now, I'm on stable, but I'll have a look this evening, ping me for the reminder16:32
sebnerDktrKranz: kay =)16:33
norsettoDktrKranz: stableboy ...16:33
norsettohuats: did you receive my last email, from this morning?16:34
DktrKranznorsetto: at work, I just can't have testing or unstable :P16:34
HobbseeDktrKranz: no, you're YPB.16:34
Hobbseebonus points if you've seen the flowchart reference.16:34
DktrKranzit's a great thing we have three etch in place16:35
huatsbut i just read it very quickly16:35
norsettohuats: okki16:35
DktrKranzHobbsee: YPB?16:35
huatsnorsetto: let me have a closer look now16:35
HobbseeDktrKranz: "you poor bastard"16:35
DktrKranzHobbsee: s/poor/racist/ usually :)16:35
norsettohuats: pls. read it carefully, I really think we ought to do something16:35
Hobbseenot for the blame flowchart that i saw.16:35
norsettoHobbsee: don't talk with that Padano pls.16:36
DktrKranznorsetto: do you want a bit of fog?16:37
DktrKranzwe have tons16:37
norsettoHobbsee: people from Padania, that bit of Italy lost in the fogs of the north16:37
gaspaDktrKranz: you can weigh fog?16:37
gaspanorsetto: it's not "a bit" ...16:38
norsettogaspa: well, the most insignificant one anyway ;-)16:38
DktrKranzgaspa: I can cut it with a knife16:38
* gaspa don't think so :)16:38
norsettogaspa: I lost two sisters to you, one now talks with an accent from Milan, ah, the horror16:39
DktrKranznorsetto: mmmh. You're lucky no people from Milan here :)16:39
norsettoDktrKranz: they are all here now, enjoying their hard deserved (or so they say) holidays16:40
DktrKranznorsetto: more traffic on Raccordo then :).16:41
norsettoDktrKranz: walking is faster16:41
huatsnorsetto: I think it is very interesting (the proposal from persia)16:42
norsettohuats: it is16:42
huatsi really like the idea of various track and regular meeting16:42
* persia suggests #ubuntu-classroom as a good forum for this discussion, as pleia2 is usually there and interested.16:43
huats(I am just a bit unease with the ratio of 1/3 of attendance since it is very strict I think, by instance I will never be able to attend 1/3 of this meetings even if I am really interested)16:43
huatspersia: of let's go there16:43
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_
goshawkdoes anybody know when the list of registered people that are able to upload to revu is updated?16:47
goshawkin the Revu website it says once a day, but when? at 00:00 GTM?16:48
ScottKI think it's just done manually on request now.16:48
goshawkok... please can you do it?16:49
goshawkbecause my key is expired16:49
goshawkand i've uploaded a new one in launchpad16:49
goshawkbut in revu there is still the old one16:49
james_wpersia: it's your chance to sync the keyring16:51
jpdsI'm on it16:51
goshawkthanks guys16:51
sistpoty|workhm... I'm getting slow *g*16:51
* persia is going at about normal speed :)16:52
jpdsSo, we have three people trying to do the same thing? :)16:53
sebnermaybe the server breaks down xD16:53
sistpoty|workjpds: no, I saw that you already wrote that you're on it, so I didn't login in the first place *g*16:53
goshawkone very simple question... since it can be, why is it not done automatically once a day?16:53
sistpoty|workgoshawk: that would take the fun out of it to see who's faster *g*16:54
goshawksistpoty|work: now all get sense :)16:54
sebnergoshawk: you see the life of a motu is really a hard one *g*16:55
sistpoty|workgoshawk: honestly, I don't think there's anything against enabling automatic updates again, just noone did it yet16:55
* jpds runs the revu-key script16:55
goshawkoki :)16:55
persiajpds: It's that we all like to run it: it feels good to watch the keys scroll by :)16:56
DktrKranzdoes anybody know if VM images for hardy (or intrepid) are available somewhere?16:56
goshawkthanks guys, maybe it's time for my first upload :)16:56
sebnerDktrKranz: ask soren =)16:56
jpdspersia: I usually just "import" the key needed. :)16:57
persiajpds: Awww.  That's not nearly as much fun.16:57
jpds..but faster.16:58
goshawkhow much time will take a package to be visible for reviews?16:58
IulianAbout 5 or 10 mins.16:58
goshawkjpds: is fun finished or is your screen full of fingerprint?17:00
jpdsgoshawk: the later.17:00
jpdsgoshawk: Sync done; upload away.17:02
goshawkyep sir!17:03
goshawkError '(104, 'Connection reset by peer')' during ftp transfer of dsss_0.75-1ubuntu1.tar.gz17:04
azeemthat file looks like native-by-accident17:04
daRochai want to contribute to ubuntu by helping in packaging and some bug fixing17:05
sistpoty|workgoshawk: I just manually cleaned the input queue and put back your old package, so you don't need to reupload again17:05
daRochai'll try to do my first package today17:05
goshawkok thanks17:05
daRochai'm reading some docs on how to do that17:05
sistpoty|workjpds: btw.: you can do that too after a keyring sync... just mv all .changes files from /srv/uploads/rejected to /srv/uploads17:06
goshawksistpoty|work: i'll look at revu webpage waiting for dsss to be showed up17:06
sistpoty|workjpds: (most land there due to missing keyring syncs, and the other half are binary uploads)17:06
orbisviciswhen pdebuild works it creates files in /var/cache/pbuilder/build, which is owned by root, even though pdebuild is run by user. How can this be ?17:06
jpdssistpoty|work: I'll note it for next time :)17:07
orbisvicisthey might be created by fakeroot and not actually owned by root, but /var/cache/pbuilder is a root filesystem and fakeroot would have to be run a superuser, and then how would i be able to tell the difference between a fakeroot file and a normal file17:11
sistpoty|workorbisvicis: fakeroot can't simply create a file as "root"... it just pretends to the process running under it, that the file is owned by root17:12
sistpoty|workorbisvicis: any other process will see that it belongs to the user that started fakeroot17:12
orbisvicissistpoty|work, thats a relief17:13
orbisvicisnow how in the world does pdebuild create files in /var/cache/pbuilder/build as root ?17:13
sistpoty|workorbisvicis: if it's run as root? (or setuid root?)17:14
sistpoty|workorbisvicis: otherwise it can't17:14
orbisvicisum setuid17:14
orbisvicisno, niether pdebuild or pbuilder are setuid17:17
impi226leisure-time... byebye ;-)17:19
sistpoty|workorbisvicis: as I wrote, it can only create files as root, if it's run as root17:28
sistpoty|workorbisvicis: and looking at pdebuild, it seems to use PBUILDERROOTCMD to gain root privs, which probably comes from /etc/pbuilderrc17:28
sebnerwuhu, sound is back :D17:29
sistpoty|workorbisvicis: and for me that's set to sudo17:29
sistpoty|workcongrats sebner17:29
orbisvicissistpoty|work, same here .. but that means youd have to type in the root passwd anyway17:29
sebnersistpoty|work: thanks. now intrepid rocks again xD17:29
orbisviciswhich i didnt do17:29
orbisvicisill log in/out, maybe its stored in mem somewhere17:30
sistpoty|workorbisvicis: no, my sudo asks me for *my* pw, not for the root pw (and it keeps the tty-ticket for a while, so the next sudo call succeeds w.o. any further query)17:30
kirklandemgent: ember: I have updated the xchat merge (bug #246330)17:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 246330 in xchat "Merge xchat from Debian unstable -> 2.8.6-2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24633017:31
kirklandember: I add the patch you suggested, and fixed the problem that dholbach identified17:31
kirklandI was not able to determine the problems that emgent raised with the xchat.desktop file not meeting the freedesktop specification17:31
kirklandI politely request emgent to either identify the specific problems or supply a patch ;-)17:32
emberkirkland run "desktop-file-validate /usr/share/applications/xchat.desktop"17:32
orbisvicissistpoty|work, that was it17:32
kirklandember: ah, that helps ;-)17:32
sistpoty|workorbisvicis: :)17:33
emberkirkland heh17:33
goshawkok people thanks... my package is on revu now, it's dsss, if someone have spare time, please review it :)17:33
kirklandember: i was reading a 20 page spec trying to figure out what was wrong when I said f-that ;-)17:33
persiakirkland: We do try to supply tools to make life easier :)17:35
orbisvicissistpoty|work, what is you pbuilderrootcmd ?17:35
sebnerkirkland: you mean emgent not ember17:36
kirklandsebner: ?17:36
emberno sebner he really meant both of us17:37
kirklandsebner: I'm talking to both of them right now ;-)17:37
sebnerkirkland: rofl I'm sorry xD17:37
sistpoty|workorbisvicis: here it's set to sudo... at home, I call it as root (i.e. I rather use my own script which I call with sudo which in turn calls pdebuild and a few other things)17:37
kirklandI'll use em*17:37
* sistpoty|work heads home now... cya17:38
kirklandemgent: ember: okay, fixed the desktop file issue, the depends issue, and added the patch you requested17:45
emberkirkland cool thanks, i've sent the desktop fix upstream17:52
jpdshola NCommander18:14
norsettoHola a todo el mundo, olé18:15
norsettoHola a todo el mundo, olé-e*18:16
jpdssebner: carry on with your eyes like that, and they'll get stuck like that forever.18:18
sebnerjpds: is it spanish? if yes, what did he say?18:18
lagahallo an die ganze welt, olé18:19
sebnerlaga: thx18:19
norsettosebner: carry on with that mouse open and you'll eat plenty of flies18:19
sebnernorsetto: yam yam18:19
norsettolaga: boca :-)18:19
NCommanderjpds, what's up?18:20
RainCTjpds: uhm?18:20
jpdsRainCT: ein?18:20
jpdsNCommander: not much.18:21
NCommanderjpds, I know that feeling18:21
hefe_biaAnybody in the mood to take a look at one or two packages on REVU?18:27
norsettosebner: why don't you give a look at hefe_bia package? I 'm sure he will appreciate it18:31
sebnernorsetto: /me != motu O_o18:31
norsettosebner: everybody can comment on REVU, I'll help you if you want18:32
sebnernorsetto: ok, quick review or hardcore review? since I've not the experience to know how to start a review18:33
hefe_biaWell if you want, here are the links:18:33
hefe_biatomboy-blogposter has been reviewed before. So it's only a few issues left18:33
norsettosebner: as you feel18:33
sebnerhefe_bia: norsetto I'll look at gebabbel <-- sounds funny18:34
hefe_biasebner: :) It's a GPS tool18:34
sebnerhefe_bia: ah I see your comment =)18:36
jpdshefe_bia: You've edited files outside of the debian/ directory in t-blogposter (tomboy-blogposter-0.4.2/Makefile)18:36
sebnernorsetto: README.Debian seems not that important to me18:37
hefe_biajpds: Is this not allowed? Better use a patch system?18:37
norsettosebner: well, the known issue perhaps is relevant18:38
jpdshefe_bia: Better use a patch system.18:38
sebnernorsetto: can't that be put into the manpage?18:38
norsettosebner: if its a workaround for a bug, that would not be appropriate18:38
jpdshefe_bia: "The Debian packaging... is licensed under the LGPL" - which version of the LGPL?18:39
hefe_bianorsetto: That's what I thought. I first had it in the manpage18:39
sebnernorsetto: why is it depending on itself? O_o18:39
* norsetto checks18:40
hefe_biajpds: It was meant to be the same license as the package itself.18:40
norsettosebner: its gpsbabel, not gebabbel18:40
hefe_bia-package +program18:40
sebnernorsetto: /me is confused today18:40
jpdshefe_bia: Current Standards-Version is
sebnerjpds: ah already *.1 O_o18:41
jpdshefe_bia: You may wish to use debhelper (>= 6.0.0) and a compat level of 6.18:41
norsettojpds: we can safely omit the .1, I even think that lintian will complain about it18:41
sebnernorsetto: no. it *is* gebabbel18:41
norsettosebner: the dependency?18:42
sebnernorsetto: omg xD I'll ready now everything twice18:42
jpdssebner: "I'll ready now everything twice" ?18:43
sebnernorsetto: Priority should be optional18:43
sebnerjpds: yes?18:43
norsettosebner: correct18:43
norsettosebner: what about the install location?18:45
sebnernorsetto: ah wait. how can I download that stuff xD18:47
norsettohefe_bia: what was in binincludes? Just traslations?18:47
norsettosebner: you can use dget18:47
sebnernorsetto: nice thanks18:47
norsettosebner: for instance in this case dget http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/gebabbel-0807082010/gebabbel_0.3~dfsg-0ubuntu1.dsc18:47
hefe_bianorsetto: I did not remove binincludes, just the binincludes/gpsbabel* dirs. They were statically compiled versions of gpsbabel without proper documentation18:48
sebnernorsetto: ehm. yes I know ^^18:48
norsettohefe_bia: I see, I think that in principle, if they are build from the same source, they would not invalidate the gpl18:49
sebnernorsetto: you refer to the patch?18:50
norsettosebner: yes18:50
hefe_bianorsetto: They are built from the gpsbabel source which is not included18:51
hefe_biaI think they are just included for convenience18:52
norsettohefe_bia: ah, sorry, I see what you mean, yes, you are correct to remove them18:52
sebnernorsetto: well /bin is not that nice18:53
sebnernorsetto: there only things like "cp" ,"ls" should go18:53
norsettosebner: yes, where would one find a reference for what goes where?18:53
sebnernorsetto: debian policy18:53
sebnerhmm there is also a filesystem page18:54
slytherinDoes anyone know solution to this - cc1: warnings being treated as errors   cpproc.c: In function 'cpproc_forkAndExec':  cpproc.c:89: error: ignoring return value of 'chdir', declared with attribute warn_unused_result18:55
hefe_biasebner: It goes into /usr/bin. Isn't that right?18:55
null_vectorslytherin: remove the warnings as errors flag18:56
slytherinnull_vector: but where is that flag? I don't find it in rules file18:56
norsettoslytherin: check what is in cpproc.c:89 and patch it accordingly to the error message18:56
hefe_biaI thought that one would put /bin in the Makefile and then the packager can decide via DESTDIR whether it is put to /, /usr or /usr/local.18:57
hefe_biaDid it that way so I could suggest the modification to upstream18:57
sebnernorsetto: I have to leave now. will be back in half an 20 minutes, ok?18:58
=== Czessi_ is now known as Czessi
null_vectornorsetto: That's new in 4.3.  There's probably tons of errors if there's one.18:59
norsettonull_vector: not necessarily, just check with a grep how many chdir there are. I just did one yesterday (for an fprintf) and there was only one.19:00
norsettosebner: ok, keep going, you are doing a good job19:01
norsettohefe_bia: your package installs only in /usr?19:01
=== dpm_ is now known as dpm
hefe_bianorsetto: yes, except application icons, desktop files, etc.19:05
RainCTjpds: I don't remember who it was but a DD told me *not* to write the .1 for
RainCTah norsetto already said this too :)19:12
jpdsRainCT: It's just an extra interger :p19:12
hefe_biajpds: I need the Makefile patched for the clean target, too. How do I do this best using a patch system?19:14
RainCThefe_bia: are you using cdbs?19:15
hefe_biaRainCT: yes19:15
=== cprov-lunch is now known as cprov
RainCThefe_bia: ok, add «include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/simple-patchsys.mk» to your debian/rules then, and create the patch with «cdbs-edit-patch patch_name»19:17
hefe_biaRainCT: I have already created the patch with quilt. Patching is not the problem. Just usually the source is unpatched before clean.19:18
geserRainCT: aren't the patches deapplies before "make clean" is called?19:18
RainCTah ok19:18
RainCTright, /me hadn't understood the question19:18
RainCTthat happens if you read the log too fast... :P19:19
slytherinnorsetto: there is a function call and the return value is not assigned to any variable, so that is the error.19:19
geserhefe_bia: iirc the easiest way to patch "make clean" is to ignore the patch system for these changes19:19
null_vectorWhen attaching a debdiff should I check the patch box?19:20
hefe_biageser: Hehe, jpds just told me to use a patch system ;)19:20
RainCTnull_vector: afaik no19:20
null_vectorRainCT: thanks19:20
slytherinDoes gcc 4.3 compiler with -Werror by default?19:21
slytherinnull_vector: no19:21
hefe_biaHowever in this particular case the error from the original makefile is just ignored by cdbs. So should I change it at all?19:21
jpdshefe_bia: quilt is a patch system (?)19:21
geserhefe_bia: use a patch system for the remaining changes, it's a bit tricky to patch the Makefile for "clean" as the patches get un-applied before make clean is called19:22
null_vectorslytherin: no19:22
null_vectorslytherin: look for any -W* flags.  I think there's a security one that enables those.19:23
sebnernorsetto: oh thx ^^, so back now. Where to continue?19:24
hefe_biajpds: Yup. Some people don't like it - but I don't exactly know why...19:24
hefe_biageser: Ok, I'll do that.19:24
slytherinnull_vector: there is no such flag used in rules file. Iam taking a look at configure script19:25
null_vectorslytherin: Just grep for it19:25
null_vectorgrep -r \\-W .19:26
slytherinnull_vector: found the problem. if no option is passed for --enable-Werror to configure script then it makes default yes in linux systems. So I have to explicitly pass --enable-Werror=no in rules file.19:27
orbisvicisthe sources/ dir is for adding extra files to the source ?19:29
orbisvicis*the debian/sources dir when building a package19:29
hefe_biaI have to leave for about an hour or so... Thanks for the help so far!19:32
slytherinorbisvicis: why do you need to add extra files to source?19:33
orbisvicisslytherin, i dont, but im wondering what the sources/ dir is for19:33
slytherinorbisvicis: well, that I am not aware of. See if you find anything documented in changelog19:33
siretartazeem: well, I do use the packaged version of sbuild, and it does that19:34
siretartRainCT: yes, I did notice debexpo. I probably should find some time to poke at its code, right19:35
null_vectorIs sid still not using gcc 4.3?19:39
orbisvicisslytherin, complicated package. seems all the cgi code was split from the original and shoved into debian/sources19:42
norsettonull_vector: current gcc in unstable is (Debian 4.3.1-5) 4.3.120:02
null_vectornorsetto: So none of this stuff is building on debian either?20:03
norsettonull_vector: you can check current build logs in the package's PTS20:04
slytherinxulrunner-1.9-dev is supposed to replace libxul-dev, right?20:09
geserslytherin: I guess so, but better ask asac about it20:19
siretartnull_vector: the default compiler in debian is gcc 4.3 on most architectures. i386 happens to be not one of them20:19
geserslytherin: what I've learnt about xulrunner is that I best keep away from packages using it if possible20:20
slytheringeser: I was trying to merge classpath from debian and it fails to build where it is supposed to build gcjwebplugin. The problem seems to be that plugin related header files in xulrunner1.9-dev are at wrong path20:21
null_vectorAnyone know how to deal with "20:27
null_vectordamned screen20:27
null_vector"inlining failed in call to "XXX": redefined extern inline functions are not considered for inlining"20:29
siretartsounds rather like a warning than an error20:30
siretartand that some programmer tried to be more clever than the compiler20:31
null_vectorIt actually doesn't say error or warning, and just fails with that.20:31
null_vectorBut yeah, the dev was trying to be clever20:31
siretartgenerally, gcc prefixes every message with either 'error:' or 'warning:'20:32
norsettosiretart: I think I found a bug in ffmpeg-free20:35
* sebner hugs norsetto. Guess where my package is now ^^20:35
* siretart hugs norsetto anyways20:35
norsettosiretart: you have disabled a52, but its still being called by ffmpeg-config20:35
* norsetto hugs siretart twice :-)20:36
norsettosiretart: can that be?20:36
siretartnorsetto: oh, that is 'fix committed'. ffmpeg-config is so broken that it is already removed in debian, and will be gone in ubuntu by the next upload as well20:37
norsettosiretart: ah, good to know :-)20:37
null_vectorthat fixes a few FTBFS20:37
norsettosiretart: so, all packages that use ffmpeg-config will now be broken!?20:38
siretartit causes a few FTBFS. please fix packages to not use ffmpeg-config but pkg-config20:38
siretartnorsetto: correct20:38
null_vectornorsetto: they already are broken because they can't find -la5220:39
siretartnorsetto: do you have a list of affected packages?20:39
norsettonull_vector: lol20:39
norsettosiretart: I was just working on motion20:39
siretartah, if you have a fix, please mail it to 487920@bugs.debian.org20:40
norsettosiretart: so, I guess the fix would be just to s/ffmpeg-config/pkg-config/ but let me check20:40
siretartnorsetto: more or less, yes20:41
norsettosiretart: danke, much obliged20:41
siretartwe investigated the debian archive and found only 5 affected packages, with at least one of them being a false positive20:41
norsettosiretart: well, motion ftbfs because misses a52 which is being called in by ffmpeg-config, so I guess that will be it20:42
null_vectorI'll run a script to grep all the buildlogs for -la52 error20:42
norsettonull_vector: you won't find some of them though20:43
null_vectornorsetto: true20:44
gesernull_vector: check in which package ffmpeg-config was and then check all source package build-depending on it20:44
siretartgeser: that won't catch package that indirectly depend on libavutil-dev20:46
siretarte.g. via libavcodec-dev, which is quite common20:46
null_vectorgeser: How do you do a reverse build-dep search?20:46
norsettosebner: my wife asks that you stop hugging me or she will become jealous ;-)20:46
norsettosiretart: yes, motion b-d on libavutil-dev20:47
sebnernorsetto: bah :P20:47
norsettonull_vector: you can use apt-cache rdepends20:47
norsettohmmm, but that won't catch build-depends ....20:47
RainCTnorsetto: there's reverse-build-depends in ubuntu-dev-tools for the build-deps20:48
norsettoRainCT: ah ok, good to know20:48
norsettonull_vector: ^20:49
gesersiretart: wouldn't that be an error in the package if it needs ffmpeg-config but doesn't build-depend on libavutil-dev?20:49
null_vectorRainCT: nice20:49
siretartgeser: probably yes, but I don't really bother since those package FTBFS now anyway20:49
gesergeser: e.g. with reverse-build-depends from ubuntu-dev-tools or with grep-dctrl on the Sources list files20:49
gesersebner: hug norsetto's wife too the next time :)20:50
RainCTgeser: ... Now you speak with yourself? ;)20:51
null_vectorOnly 6 packages rbuild-dep on libavutil-dev20:51
sebnergeser: then norsetto becomes jealous :P20:51
geserRainCT: argh20:51
* norsetto hugs norsetto20:51
norsettoso there, onanists20:52
RainCTuhm.. that's funny, I didn't remember that I wrote reverse-build-depends (just learned it by looking at the manpage) :P20:52
gesernorsetto: shouldn't you hug your wife, should you?20:52
warp10norsetto: need for some more love?20:52
emgentkirkland: nice work! :)20:52
kirklandemgent: thx ;-)20:53
* norsetto hides in a corner and cry (silently)20:53
RainCTpython -c "import world; world.get_person('norsetto').unhide()"20:53
null_vectorAnd all of those that are broken are broken for other reasons20:53
* norsetto uses his anty-python shield and causes it to sigsegv20:53
* warp10 offers a candy to norsetto20:54
RainCTnorsetto: bah20:54
sebnernorsetto: emo emo emo :P20:56
* RainCT looks at the crying norsetto, and would hug him if it wasn't because of his anti-python shield :P21:01
* norsetto won't be fooled again, and activate his tpm module too21:03
* ScottK hands norsetto some Perl to help him get lost in the code.21:04
norsettoscottk: \(.*?\)[::word::]21:05
* ScottK wonders if that's good or bad?21:05
emgentnorsetto: i saw now your mail, big LOL!21:06
null_vectorDoes _GNU_SOURCE have any licensing implications?21:07
norsettoscottk: only larry would know ;-)21:07
norsettoemgent: well, propose it to the ml ;)21:09
sebnernorsetto: now I'm going to annoy debian with hitori =)21:09
sebnerkees: I heart that you push packages from debian mentors to the archive ;)21:15
DktrKranzsebner, asking a DD is 3.000 €21:15
sebnerDktrKranz: uhh, seems that you are a lot cheaper =)21:15
DktrKranzI'm not a DD :P21:16
sebnerI know :P21:16
siretartDktrKranz: I'll do it for half the money ;)21:17
DktrKranzsiretart, I already did for half the money ;)21:17
geserprice dumping21:18
sebnergeser: see, everybody wants to do something for me :P21:18
gesersebner: wait some more and you get it for 1¢21:18
DktrKranzsebner, uploading packages is priceless, for the rest there is master****21:19
sebnersiretart: what about the first package is free. for your neighor? (germany -> austria) :D21:19
Drk_GuyOk, i'm going to let wine be my bet into MOTU sponsorship ;)21:19
Drk_GuyAny suggestions?21:19
siretartsebner: depends on the package, I'd say ;)21:20
sebnersiretart: quite an easy one. something to play. http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/maintainer-packages?action=details;package=hitori21:20
siretartPlease login first...21:20
sebnersiretart: hmm?21:21
DktrKranzsebner, it's not out of NEW and you want it in another NEW? impatient :)21:21
siretartI don't feel like signing up for mentors.debian.net right now21:21
sebnersiretart: damn :P21:21
DktrKranzsiretart, no need, just dget21:21
sebnerDktrKranz: of course =)21:21
sebnerDktrKranz: pushing pushing pushing21:22
Drk_GuyGuys, any ideas for MOTU sponsorship?, i really want to give the community something back21:23
sebnerDrk_Guy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted21:23
DktrKranzDrk_Guy, for Wine-related stuff, you may ask YokoZar if he needs help in some packaging tasks21:24
Drk_GuyGonna check it, thx sebner21:24
Drk_GuyDktrKranz, I'm packaging a patched wine21:24
Drk_GuyDktrKranz, Have you read about the 3DMark patch?21:24
YokoZarDrk_Guy: what21:24
DktrKranzNo, I'm not involved in Wine development. Sorry21:24
Drk_GuyHi YokoZar, haven't you heard of 3DMark patch?21:24
siretartDrk_Guy: have you considered helping upstream to integrate patches? - that time is usually much better invested than maintaining forks.21:25
Drk_GuyLatest version for 1.1 was done in the ubuntu forums21:25
YokoZarDrk_Guy: Did it come out after 1.0?21:25
Drk_Guysiretart, It's not really a fork, cuz it only changes two or tree lines of a single file21:25
Drk_GuyYokoZar, Yup!21:25
YokoZarDrk_Guy: Is it in the 1.0.1 tree?21:25
YokoZarDrk_Guy: also, join #ubuntu-wine21:26
Drk_GuyYokoZar, not really, wine-devels must know about it, but for some reason, they don't want it on upstream21:26
YokoZarRight, there are usually very good reasons for that, such as regression potential21:27
Drk_GuyYokoZar, If i had to report it to MOTU guys like you, i would fill a BUG21:27
siretartDrk_Guy: perhaps you should ask them why, then.21:27
Drk_Guy#winehq guys know nothing about the reason21:27
YokoZarDrk_Guy: #winehackers21:27
YokoZarThat's the devel channel21:27
Drk_GuyI shall ask then21:28
YokoZarThanks.  Be aware that eEven simple patches to Wine can break things for other apps.  It's generally not a good idea to accept patches upstream has refused even if they make some program work, as regressions are a bigger problem.21:28
Drk_GuyYokoZar, I have no official news about 3DMark patch causing regressions, or errors, all programs work fine with it, and some apps like CoD 4 won't run w/o it21:29
FestorDoes anyone know about the eclipse package of Ubuntu?21:30
Drk_GuyFestor, packages.ubuntu.com might help you21:30
siretartFestor: launchpad.net knows, for sure.21:30
FestorYou have not understood me. I mean if someone worked on the package ever21:31
siretartFestor: check the changelog?21:31
Festorpochu is not here21:32
Drk_GuyYokoZar, They consider it as a hack, thus not allowing it into upstream21:32
Festorand others are from Debian21:32
siretartDrk_Guy: well, why do you think we should not trust upstream's assessment of that patch?21:33
YokoZarDrk_Guy: stringfellow: well, it's safe in the sense that application that'll break because of it probably wouldn't have worked properly without it either21:33
siretartFestor: try contacting them via email. that would be your fastest bet21:34
Festormmmh... ok...21:34
YokoZarsiretart: it's actually an interesting question with Wine, because Julliard will only commit patches that are "correct" in the long run.21:34
Drk_GuyYokoZar, They say it is a hack, but it is not know to cause regressions, anyway, apps working funny wouldn't work w7o it either21:34
nhandlerFestor: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2008-July/004189.html21:34
YokoZarsiretart: it's completely possible there will be a hack that makes some things work better, but is wrong, and doesn't break anything else (since that stuff was broken anyway)21:35
Festornhandler, thanks21:35
Drk_GuyYokoZar, I would say, it is good, it is a hack, but it ain't bad, anyway, we should make a different package for it21:35
YokoZarsiretart: for instance this is why WineHQ Wine sometimes differs from Crossover Office, which does integrate patches to fix the supported applications21:35
nhandlernp Festor21:35
Drk_GuyYokoZar, like wine and wine3D or something fashioned like that21:35
Festornp? O.o21:36
YokoZarDrk_Guy: no sense forking the package, that's just confusing.  Either we merge it in or not.21:36
siretartYokoZar: true21:36
Drk_GuyYokoZar, So, what do you think?21:36
nhandlerFestor, np=No Problem ;)21:36
Festorahh, ok :D21:36
YokoZarDrk_Guy: I think now that Wine 1.0 is out this is something we'll actually need to start doing (maintaining our own patch set rather than just waiting till release and using the latest Wine)21:37
Drk_GuyYokoZar, RAOF told me it would be like a bug in wine what 3DMark patch fixes21:37
Drk_GuyYokoZar, You may be right, ubuntu is known for adding patches to packages, which make them integrate with the desktop better, or make 'em work better, the case of 3DMark patch would be latter21:38
YokoZarDrk_Guy: We'll use the Ubuntu Wine team wiki page to document each patch like this and why it was added (eg make Call of Duty 4 work)21:39
* Drk_Guy is compiling Scott Ritchie's Wine 1.1.0 + 3DMark right now21:39
Drk_GuyYokoZar, Getting precompiled DEB's for Wine + 3DMark is a lil bit hard, and compiling is not something we want newbies to do (at least IMHO)21:40
kirklandHi motu-  I have a small patch for which I need sponsorship: Bug #247389.21:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247389 in ecryptfs-utils "ecryptfs-utils build should not depend on libltspi" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24738921:43
emgentkirkland: can i talk with you in query one moment?21:44
kirklandemgent: si si21:44
emgentnice :)21:44
LaserJockeverybody, Alpha 2 candidates are up on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com  Please help test them!!21:46
sebnerhuhu LaserJock =)21:48
LaserJockhi sebner21:48
Drk_GuyBug 24739821:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247398 in wine "Wine cannot run some games like CoD 4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24739821:51
Drk_GuyPlease check it out21:52
YokoZarDrk_Guy: What I'm telling you is if the patch really doesn't break things then it should be in the default deb, and if it does it shouldn't be in any deb21:53
Drk_GuyYokoZar, Still, it is a hack, and thus, it is not allowed into upstream21:53
Drk_GuyYokoZar, But it should be into ubuntu's wine21:53
YokoZarYes that's what I'm saying.  If it's good it goes into Ubuntu Wine, and if it's not we don't put it in the official universe repo.  We're not going to confusingly split universe into Wine and Wine-callofduty4players versions21:54
YokoZarSo, yes, for things like this, post a bug report in launchpad, attach the patch, and then when committed we'll add it to a wiki page list (as well as the changelog and ~/debian/patches)21:55
YokoZarThen when we update upstream versions (eg Wine 1.0 to 1.2) we reexamine every patch, hopefully dropping them21:56
Drk_GuyYokoZar, Already posted bug22:01
Drk_GuyBug 24739822:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247398 in wine "Wine cannot run some games like CoD 4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24739822:01
norsettoYokoZar: that hack looks awful22:01
Drk_GuyYokoZar, Still, some games won't run w/o it, norsetto22:02
norsettoYokoZar: it practically bypasses what the opengl driver its being told about the graphics card capability with arbitrary hardcoded values22:03
norsettoDrk_Guy: well, too bad for those games, this is likely to break other 3d apps which might otherwise runs fine22:03
Drk_Guynorsetto, i don't have regression notices because of using it ;)22:04
sebnernorsetto: you also have a package on debian mentors O_o22:04
norsettoDrk_Guy: could very well be, does it mean there aren't?22:04
norsettoDrk_Guy: and btw, it might be on your hardwrae, but certainly not on others, for instance you cripple all crads which have more than 8 texture units22:06
YokoZarDrk_Guy: You also don't have many users, keep in mind.  Wine has 800k users in Ubuntu.22:06
Drk_Guynorsetto, anyway, that's why i'm making my PPA22:06
Drk_GuyYokoZar, I'm NOT forking wine, it is just a patch22:07
YokoZarPPAs are fine22:07
YokoZarDrk_Guy: I was commenting on your earlier suggestion (which maybe I misunderstood) to have a separate "wine-d3d" package22:07
Drk_GuyYokoZar, It would be useful for testing, if wine-d3d won't work for you, use original wine22:08
norsettosebner: I have 3 packages in debian already and 2 on their way22:08
sebnernorsetto: cool =)22:09
Drk_GuyNice norsetto, really good packaging skills22:09
YokoZarDrk_Guy: testing is what PPAs are for22:09
Drk_GuyYokoZar, so, if my package performs well, is there any chance it gets into REVU/Universe?22:09
norsettoDrk_Guy: I'm certainly not boasting my packaging skills, which are very poor to say the least, just answering a question22:10
Drk_Guynorsetto, lol22:10
YokoZarDrk_Guy: If it's true the patch doesn't break anything then I'll merge the patch into the Wine package.  So, yes.22:10
Drk_GuyYokoZar, How could you test it, VM'ing?22:11
sebnernorsetto: pfff, don't be so self-deprecating22:11
Drk_GuyIf the package i'm building works fine, i'm going to upload it to PPA, so ppl can use it22:11
norsettosebner: just being honest22:11
Drk_GuyYokoZar, Done making deb with debuild, succesfully builded and signed with ElGamal22:12
Drk_GuyXD norsetto, there might be a great shiny future for you, don't deprecate yourself22:12
sebnernorsetto: when your skills are poor, what should I say? I have no skills? xD22:12
Drk_Guynorsetto, it's true you need to face reality and tell the truth about your skills, but don't go that far22:13
Drk_GuyMaking your package into Debian is enough for me22:13
=== asac_ is now known as asac
sebnernorsetto: now you are speechless :P would you mind reviewing another package for me tomorrow?22:26
norsettosebner: nope22:27
sebnernorsetto: I already fixed again a rpath issue =) <-- see, I'm not ignoring what you say ;)22:27
norsettosebner: thats what lintian says, not me ;-)22:28
sebnernorsetto: lintian doesn't tell me anything -.-22:28
norsettosebner: consider yourself luck :-)22:29
null_vectorIf I need to patch a debian native package then just edit the source directly?22:29
sebnernorsetto: no, if lintian would tell you , you wouldn't need to tell me22:30
sebnernorsetto: argh. if lintian would tell *me*22:32
sebnernull_vector: shouldn't we always use a patch system?22:32
Drk_GuyYokoZar, Notepad test made it seem to work, gonna test it with cod 422:34
Drk_GuyYokoZar, it worked way smoother with Ritchie's mods to official source, and, way faster, considering i have FF3 open22:38
Laneysiretart: http://pastebin.com/f30d6e724 is the failed list (ffmpeg)22:44
Laneythe ones with bug numbers have been done22:45
YokoZarDrk_Guy: Huh?  I am Ritchie22:48
Drk_GuyYokoZar, WTF?22:48
Drk_GuyYokoZar, Nice, sorry if i offended you22:48
Drk_GuyI'm going to try-out a whishlist request, GNU/Linux Commander22:49
YokoZarDrk_Guy: Which two packages were you comparing exactly?22:49
Drk_GuyYokoZar, Official source, and the one with your specifications22:49
YokoZarDrk_Guy: you mean comparing a hand compile to the .deb from ubuntu?22:50
Drk_GuyYokoZar, Both are hand-compiled here, but the official one was make install'd, yours was compiled to a DEB22:51
ScottKsebner: You around?22:51
sebnerScottK: 5 minutes then I'm going to bed22:52
ScottKsebner: Do you have VMs of Feisty/Gutsy?22:52
YokoZarDrk_Guy: Well my package doesn't have any changes from upstream, at least not to the Wine source itself.  So then the difference is almost surely whatever's in the debian/rules buildscript22:52
Drk_GuyYokoZar, Maybe, but it ran a LOT faster, considering i had like 5 apps on bg22:53
sebnerScottK: I had one for hardy and upgraded to intrepid xD, if it's not urgend I would create them tomorrow22:53
ScottKsebner: If you could try the python test case in http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=490217 and see if the port gets randomized in Feisty/Gutsy tomorrow, I'd really appreciate it.22:53
ubottuDebian bug 490217 in python-dns "python-dns vulnerable to CVE-2008-1447 DNS source port guessable" [Grave,Open]22:53
Drk_GuyAnyone here wants to help out making a whishlist deb?22:54
sebnerScottK: of course, no problem =) mind sending me a mail. at this time my brain can't remember things that good usually xD22:55
ScottKsebner: To what address?22:55
sebnerScottK: sebner@ubuntu.com22:55
* sebner hopes that no spam bots are here xD22:56
sebnerScottK: ah my sister has a feisty laptop so I just need a gutsy VM :D22:56
sebnerso gn8 folks =)22:58
=== gaurdro_ is now known as MenschenFleisch
ScottKsebner: Gn8.  Mail sent.23:03
ScottKDear Launchpad: Please peddle faster.23:22
Drk_GuyWhat should i do when a package won't come with authors, readme's or anything23:26
Drk_GuyI only know it's gpl v123:26
Drk_Guytxt-0.1 is the program23:26
Drk_GuyI'm trying to make a whishlist deb23:26
norsettoScottK: Dear Donald: Keep dreaming :-)23:30
norsettoDrk_Guy: where is this package coming from?23:32
Drk_Guynorsetto, Gonna give you URL, pls wait23:32
Drk_Guynorsetto, http://gnulc.sourceforge.net/23:33
Drk_Guynorsetto, It looks like it is dead and abandoned, i am debianizing latest version23:33
norsettoDrk_Guy: are you making this for you?23:34
Drk_Guynorsetto, As i mentioned earlier, it is a wish-list deb23:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 95681 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] GNU/Linux Commander" [Wishlist,In progress]23:35
norsettoDrk_Guy: if its abandoned upstream I don't see the point in packaging it23:36
Drk_Guynorsetto, It didn't take me so much time23:36
Drk_Guydev_scripts make everything easy23:36
Drk_GuyI just have to re-read REVU docs on how to upload it and presto!23:36
Drk_GuyCan anyone resync REVU's keyring?23:37
warp10Hi all23:38
norsettoheya warp1023:39
warp10hey norsetto :)23:39
RoAkSoAxDrk_Guy: i think that norsetto ment that if the development is dead and abandoned, it is useless to have it packaged and on the repos23:39
Drk_GuyRoAkSoAx, Still, want to practice my packaging skills, and, if someone asked for it, and if it's easy, it should be done23:40
Drk_GuyUploading to REVU....23:41
=== keylocker is now known as leleobhz
RoAkSoAxDrk_Guy: yeah but what i'm saying is that it is useless to have an abandoned program in the repos because the development of it is no longer going on...23:41
Drk_GuyRoAkSoAx, One or two exceptions won't kill anybody ;)23:41
RoAkSoAxDrk_Guy: for example, xmms has been deprecated and its no longer on the repos...23:42
Drk_Guylol xmms2 is on it though23:42
RoAkSoAxDrk_Guy: xmms2 is not like xmms, xmms2 is more like and API for multiple interfaces... and xmms is another media player23:43
RoAkSoAxor music player23:43
Drk_GuyOk :S23:43
Drk_GuyRoAkSoAx, Weird, i could upload to REVU, but my account wasn't created23:44
RoAkSoAxDrk_Guy: in other words: If the program you want to upload is no longer under development, it is not worth to have it in the repos because it is considered old and deprecated, or useless...23:45
Drk_GuyRoAkSoAx, :P, i'll follow your advice23:45
RoAkSoAxDrk_Guy: well i suppose you already went through here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=needs-packaging , there are lots of programs that need to be packaged.. so go ahead and practice :)23:47
RainCTgood night23:47
Drk_GuyRoAkSoAx, Ok, i'll check one more, i need to study for a chemistry exam23:47
RoAkSoAxDrk_Guy: i need to take a CCNA Module 2 exam xD23:48
Drk_GuyRoAkSoAx, i would package Frostwire, but it would need Java dev libs and my DSL is very lazy23:48
RoAkSoAxhaha well go ahead and have fun :)23:49
Drk_GuyI'm going to work on songbird, it looks it's old and nobody is really interested on it23:50

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