twentyafterfourHey I think we have an ubuntu-related firefox bug - namely, it doesn't happen with the firefox 3.0 bundle from mozilla.org but it does happen with the ubuntu 8.04 default firefox01:05
ubottuMozilla bug 444472 in Prism "Prism Refractor (v0.2) breaks firefox 3.0 on Ubuntu 8.04" [Normal,Unconfirmed]01:05
twentyafterfourI couldn't figure out the proper place to enter this in launchpad but I reported it to mozilla because it's related to the prism extension which isn't an ubuntu package01:06
twentyafterfoureven though it's not an ubuntu package the problem only occurs with the ubuntu firefox package and not with other distributions of the same software.01:07
twentyafterfourAdded to launchpad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/24713201:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247132 in firefox "[Hardy] The Prism Refractor Extension (v0.2) causes file downloads to kill firefox 3" [Undecided,New]01:22
asactwentyafterfour: try libnss3-1d and libnspr4-0d from hardy-proposed and reinstall the extension after that02:11
twentyafterfourasac: that failed to install02:45
twentyafterfour"E: /var/cache/apt/archives/libnspr4-0d_4.7.1+1.9-0ubuntu0.8.04.2_i386.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libnspr4.so', which is also in package libnspr4"02:45
asactwentyafterfour: wait for next upload. that should fix it09:26
asacor uninstall libnspr409:26
asachi XioNoX09:26
asacjust arrived?09:26
XioNoXhi asac09:26
twentyafterfourasac: is next upload happening soon or should I go ahead and try manually installing it?09:42
asactwentyafterfour: the upload has just happened in intrepid09:49
asachardy upload is happening right now (but will take a bit as it requires archive admin approval)09:50
asactwentyafterfour: i will upload the upload to the mozillateam ppa as well09:50
asactwentyafterfour: ok upload to mozillateam ppa is happenening09:52
asactwentyafterfour: could you please stay in this situation and the do the upgrade from PPA?09:52
twentyafterfourasac: ok09:56
twentyafterfourthis url? https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive09:58
asactwentyafterfour: yes10:05
asactwentyafterfour: add that to sources and upgrade10:05
asacand see if its fixed10:05
twentyafterfourok the upgrade worked, I'll test it now10:06
elmargolhttp://-kol.deviantart.com/art/Grass-Blades-73597063 <- ff3 ubuntu does not open it. It works on XP using FF310:07
elmargolIs this known?10:07
asactwentyafterfour: ok, please confirm that the PPA version fixed bug #24443910:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 244439 in nspr "missing symlinks break binary compatibility with native upstream components" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24443910:07
twentyafterfourelmargol: weird, I have the same trouble10:08
asacand bug #24512210:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 245122 in nss "libnspr4-0d missing conflicts+replaces libnspr4?" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24512210:08
asacelmargol: thats a known non-bug10:08
asacits an illegal url10:08
elmargolasac, why does it work oon FF windows?10:08
asacthat windows accepts it is a bug on its own because ffox uses windows parser10:08
elmargolAh ok Windows has the bug :D10:09
gnomefreakWindows has many bugs10:09
asacjust because windows accepts httpx://----good damn dog shit.com doesnt mean that they are right10:09
twentyafterfourasac: I can confirm 245122 fixed10:10
asactwentyafterfour: please comment on bug and name the package version as well as the where you got it from there10:10
gnomefreakasac: did you get new nvidia packages by chance?10:10
asacgnomefreak: i have no nvidia hardware ;)10:11
gnomefreakoh that might be a good reason why you didnt :(10:11
gnomefreaki really dont want to use his PPA10:11
elmargoltwentyafterfour, do you have a paper or something to prove that a host should not start with a -? I fill a bug on debiantart10:14
asacelmargol: search for URL RFC10:14
asacits illegal10:14
asacthere are other bugs in launchpad which discuss this10:15
asacno time to dig them up though10:15
twentyafterfourasac: commented10:15
twentyafterfourasac: now I'll test my bug ;)10:16
twentyafterfourasac: unfortunately my bug persists!10:27
asactwentyafterfour: what is your bug?10:29
twentyafterfourseems like it might be related to 244439 ... firefox crashes when I try to download a file but only if I have the Prism Refractor extension  installed10:30
asacbug 24443910:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 244439 in nspr "missing symlinks break binary compatibility with native upstream components" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24443910:30
asactwentyafterfour: try to uninstall the extension and install again10:31
asactwentyafterfour: you have a link for that extension?10:31
asacok i thin i have it installed now10:32
asachow to reproduce the crash?10:32
twentyafterfouryeah.. my problem is bug 247132 and the extension is https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/666510:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247132 in firefox "[Hardy] The Prism Refractor Extension (v0.2) causes file downloads to kill firefox 3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24713210:32
twentyafterfourjust install extension, restart firefox and then try to download something like a pdf (any filethat is handled by an external app rather than rendered in the browser)10:33
twentyafterfourfor example try to download this file once the extension has been installed: http://people.mozilla.com/~mfinkle/prism/prism-0.9.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz210:33
twentyafterfourofficial mozilla build doesn't crash but ubuntu's firefox package does10:34
asactwentyafterfour: prism doesnt have a binary component10:42
asacso it has nothing to do with binary compatibility10:42
twentyafterfourasac: weird... it definitely seems related to prism for me though. did you manage to reproduce the bug?10:48
asactwentyafterfour: yes.10:48
asaci am chatting with the prism dev atm10:49
asacbut its not of binary nature10:49
twentyafterfourI thought it strange that it didn't seem to produce a crash report10:49
twentyafterfourso I guess it's just a software glitch rather than a bug in the compile ... still weird how the mozilla distro doesn't have that bug ... I only reported it because other people were complaining that prism didn't work with ubuntu so I thought I would help track down the problem.10:50
XioNoXasac ?11:03
asacXioNoX: one second ;)11:05
XioNoXI've look into the loop, and there are strange things. For exemple at each new loop, another table is made, and if i just add another row, it display at the same line as the rest.11:05
asacok prism crash solved11:29
asacXioNoX: not sure. i didnt do the layout refactoring11:30
asacmaybe tr was overloaded to not be a block element in some CSS?11:30
armin76asac: should the strace command show jemalloc stuff with those patches you gave me?11:30
asacarmin76: no11:30
asacarmin76: those link jemalloc into the binaries statically11:30
XioNoXI'm starting to du it directly in xul, whereas html11:30
XioNoXwith the advice of gandalf11:31
asacarmin76: if you grab the patches one revision before you get the same, but with shared libs11:31
asacXioNoX: feel free ;)11:31
asacall improvements appreciated11:31
armin76asac: ah..then it doesn't crash11:31
asacXioNoX: we could also move away from manually assembling xul in javascript to rdf datasources11:31
asacbut thats more advanced11:32
asacarmin76: good11:32
XioNoXlater :D11:32
asacarmin76: do you compile with FORTIFY?11:32
armin76forti what?11:32
asacmy crash is somewhere in libselinux.so11:32
asacarmin76: gcc hardening option11:32
asacwe have11:32
asacexport CPPFLAGS11:32
asacpreviously we had -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=211:32
asacmaybe try those two ;)(11:33
armin76k, i will11:33
asacill see if we still need the "normal" fortify or if we can go for 211:34
asac*sigh* ETOOMANYBUGSOPEN11:37
armin76yeah, and the ones i didn't file :P11:47
asacarmin76: can you do my bug work?11:48
armin76hppa, ppc segfaults, sparc bus error :P11:48
asaci think you could follow your passion and at least go through all bugs and ask that they "bumb" :)11:48
armin76i have enough :P11:48
asacand report back if bumb fixes it ;)11:48
asacarmin76: i can write you a python scripts that sends a message "please bumb"  to all bugs ;)11:49
asacPlease bumb:11:49
asac + either bumb to intrepid11:49
asac + or to mozillateam PPA11:49
asac + or hardy-proposed11:49
armin76haha, and why don't you do it instead of me? :P11:50
asacarmin76: because i am not in a position to cause that much traffic ;)11:51
asacand my bug karma is already scary enough ;)11:51
asacarmin76: people would complain: "those canonical guys dont even read my bug before replying" :)11:52
asacarmin76: i would make the python script just send the bumb message and set bug to "invalid" ... asking them to reopen if they still care ;)11:52
asacmy experience shows if you do that you will end up having about 50% less open bugs afterwards11:53
armin76use any of your padawans then :P11:53
asace.g. close everybug and ask submitter to reopen if he still sees it/cares ;)11:53
armin76yeah, tipical ubuntu users :P11:53
asacarmin76: i did something similar for debian two11:53
asacthere were even less bugs reopened ;)11:53
armin76gentoo users directly don't file bugs :D11:54
asaci think i did that for network-manager about a year ago ;)11:54
asacit worked :-D11:54
asacbut some people really got angry ;)11:55
armin76i always have an excuse: if you don't like how i do things, take over mozilla, i don't want to maintain this stuff :)11:56
armin76you don't *g*11:56
XioNoXasac, will I see what I've done into intrepid ?12:00
armin76noes, pay first12:00
XioNoXhow much ?12:01
armin76231 eur12:03
XioNoXok, give me an address and I send the cash12:03
asacXioNoX: yes12:05
asacXioNoX: you are working for intrepid now12:05
armin76he's bumbing?12:05
asacXioNoX: and we can upload the new ubufox to hardy-backports as soon as it rocks12:06
XioNoXcool :D12:06
asaci am stupid ... i fail to edit patches directly :(12:07
asacyeah ... because of that i fail to bumb12:07
asacspinning with maximum pressure using -j100012:12
asacarmin76: intrepid will get 3.0.1 today ;)12:12
armin76not released12:13
armin76ricer version12:14
gnomefreakasac: when is your next planned 3.0 push?12:34
gnomefreakand did you have plans of fixing the about: saying 1.912:35
gnomefreaki see nspr was pushed12:35
asacgnomefreak: the about: page is really a minor issue12:37
asacwe should fix it12:37
asacnot sure if we should do it in hardy though12:37
asacmaybe not in 3.0.1 ;)12:37
asacremember that we still need things that we can fix in 3.0.2 ;)12:37
asacbug 24713212:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247132 in xulrunner-1.9 "[Hardy] The Prism Refractor Extension (v0.2) causes file downloads to kill firefox 3" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24713212:38
gnomefreakasac: we have plenty of bugs to fix in 3.0.212:38
gnomefreakjust wanted to know since i am gonna start gutsy 3.012:38
gnomefreakgod i hate nss nspr names12:39
gnomefreakwth is nss named :(12:40
asacgnomefreak: hehe12:40
asacSONAME version12:40
asacis the keyword hjere12:40
asacgnomefreak: let me induce you12:40
asacplease write this down;)12:40
asac1. dont backport anything except xulrunner-1.9 and firefox-3.012:41
gnomefreakasac: i know but i cant if i upload to PPA12:41
asac2. try to build xulrunner-1.9 as it is in gutsy12:41
gnomefreaki need nspr and nss for PPA12:41
asacgnomefreak: no12:41
asacyou dont need that12:41
asacwell ... the packages that are named in Depends: should be there12:41
asacwe do auto magic to use in-source nss/nspr if the versions available are too low12:42
asacsame goes for cairo12:42
asacif the xulrunner-1.9 build fails let me know12:42
gnomefreakok will o12:42
gnomefreak!info libhunspell gutsy12:44
ubottuPackage libhunspell does not exist in gutsy12:44
gnomefreak!info libhunspell-1 gutsy12:44
ubottuPackage libhunspell-1 does not exist in gutsy12:44
asacgnomefreak: hmm12:45
gnomefreak!info hunspell gutsy12:45
ubottuhunspell (source: hunspell): spell checker and morphological analyzer (program). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.5-6 (gutsy), package size 68 kB, installed size 192 kB12:45
asacwhats the problem?12:45
asacthats ok12:45
gnomefreakjust making sure12:45
asacgnomefreak: look at jdongs changelog for the previous backport12:45
gnomefreaki couldnt remember if it was gutsy that got it12:45
asacit should list all required changes you need12:45
armin76gnomefreak: asac wants you to bumb the bugs12:45
asacwe need a bug bumper ;)12:46
gnomefreakasac: i didnt know he did a backport already12:46
asacgnomefreak: he did for previous builds12:46
asaci think last done is b512:46
gnomefreakarmin76: asac if i get done with ff i will do bugs12:46
asacgnomefreak: we have 864 open :(12:46
gnomefreakasac: you left it in our build right?12:46
asacin firefox-3.012:46
asacwe have to get back to 200 ;)12:46
gnomefreakasac: thats not an issue i have seen some dupes12:46
asacgnomefreak: not an issue?12:47
asacbug count explodes again :(12:47
gnomefreakasac: i can do them (as in not an issue)12:47
asacall is lost :(12:47
* gnomefreak will start on new today12:47
gnomefreakxulrunner breaks epiphany-gecko?12:48
asacwe have 118 confirmed/triaged/fix committed bugs12:48
asacthat means that 650 are incomplete or new12:48
gnomefreakmost will be incomplete im sure12:48
asacthats a shame12:48
asacwe have to get them invalid or confirmed much quicker12:48
gnomefreakasac: well people need to work on bugs ;)12:49
gnomefreakwho do we have besides me and you that do bugs?12:49
asacgnomefreak: my bug karma is at 15k. when i clean up my current mail backlog it will be at 20k i am sure12:49
armin76ubotu :D12:49
asacthat number indicates that i waste far too much time on bugs already12:49
* gnomefreak hasnt gotten over 4800 no matter how many i do12:50
asacgnomefreak: changing states gives more points ;)12:50
armin76bleh, why nobody commited yet my hppa patch :(12:50
asacgnomefreak: marking dupes gives massive points12:50
gnomefreakasac: might i suggest you read your mailing lists mail that you have laying around. once i get tags/states fixed people will know what to do ;)12:51
gnomefreakhmmmm they were pushed this morning12:52
asacgnomefreak: right. i have to slip that in between doing security updates :)12:52
gnomefreakthats fine12:52
asacgnomefreak: can you look at the bug triager handbook page?12:52
gnomefreakand once answers on that i can finish 3 wikis12:52
gnomefreaki did quickly12:52
* gnomefreak doesnt have links thanks to bookmark exporting being screwed up12:53
armin76<armin76> bumb?12:53
armin76* Shindig has quit ()12:53
armin76<fmccor> Good day12:53
armin76<masterofpc> eh? bumb?12:53
armin76<masterofpc> what does that mean?12:53
armin76i'm tired of explaining it! :P12:53
asacarmin76: create a wiki page ;)12:54
* gnomefreak thought he couldnt spell bump :(12:54
asacgnomefreak: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs/TriagersHandbook12:55
asacgnomefreak: i think thats good enough. i just have to do the MozillaTeam/NormalizedBugFormat page12:55
asacwhich basically describes how the summary/description of a bug must look like12:55
gnomefreakCrashes: strace + backtrace12:57
gnomefreakwhy both why not apport logs12:57
gnomefreak How to Triage (Ubuntu Bug):12:58
gnomefreak   1.12:58
gnomefreak      if reproducible or a reasonable evaluation of the bug exists set to TRIAGED12:58
gnomefreaki have a feeling thats gonna bite us in the ass12:58
gnomefreakbut lets see how it goes12:59
gnomefreakhmmmmmm is in gutsy right?13:00
asacgnomefreak: ok i added crash bugs form13:09
asacwe can change that once we have more experience13:09
gnomefreakasac: java plugin amd64 gutsy13:10
asacmaybe we give a short explanation for each of the items in the Description template13:10
gnomefreakasac: and wht the hell is Guadalinex V413:10
asacgnomefreak: spanish derivative13:10
gnomefreakso upgrade is supported?13:10
asacgnomefreak: used in almost all spanish schools accross the country13:10
gnomefreakfrom that to ubuntu13:10
asacgnomefreak: not supported from our side13:11
asacgnomefreak: if guadelinex supports that is their decision13:11
asacand the user should ask them13:11
gnomefreakok so after upgrade ff crashes i should let them ahndle it13:11
asacgnomefreak: tell the guy to install ubuntu from scratch if he wants support. we cannot deal with guadelinex to ubuntu upgrades imo13:12
asacgnomefreak: he can also try the usual things: uninstall extensions/disable extensions, plugins etc.13:12
gnomefreaki am13:12
asacgnomefreak: ok, what can we do about the bug format?13:14
gnomefreakdont know not reading it atm13:16
gnomefreakdefine what you mean by to do to format13:16
asacrefers to13:18
asacin order to get bugs to state Confirmed13:18
gnomefreakasac: how well do you know apache?13:18
asacgnomefreak: depends :) ... i used to know most basics and some advance stuff13:18
gnomefreaki know the pages i was looking at them already but i have 15+ tabs open atm13:19
gnomefreakWhen trying to access the server Apache HTTPD locally, via http://localhost port 8013:19
gnomefreakwith ff313:19
gnomefreakThough the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection.13:19
gnomefreakthats what i get just browing to the link13:20
gnomefreakhe states it worked in fff
gnomefreakthat looks fairly good but what do we need Type (optional): <null-deref|random-memory|double-free|...>13:22
gnomefreakthe reporter would have that info (as for memory) if that is what you are asking and most of time they dont know how to check or that it might be important unless its a memory caused crash (not so sure that is relevant to most crashes)13:24
asacgnomefreak: its optional13:24
asacits pre-evaluation13:25
asacgood to estimate severity13:25
asacbut i dont expect that incomplete triagers will figure that13:25
asacso we can remove it13:25
asacdoing that now13:25
asaci feel like an upload-dog13:27
asacbumbing everything everywhere ;)13:28
asacarmin76: bumb13:28
asaclets see how i feel about breaching alpha-2 freeze ;)13:28
asaci think i breached it already by uploading nss/nspr to intrepid this morning :-P13:28
asaclets hope our RM is long enough asleep that he misses it ;)13:29
asac-j1000 build runnning again13:32
XioNoXasac, where does the windows get the pluginInfo.name for exemple ?13:38
gnomefreakwho has gutsy with ati?13:41
gnomefreakasac: i still need java info on amd64 in gutsy (what package it is) the java plugin package?13:41
asacXioNoX: in the Wizard.js13:49
XioNoXyeah, i've find that13:49
XioNoXbut where come from the informations present in pluginInfo ?13:50
asacXioNoX: from the datasource.js13:50
asacXioNoX: i gave you the line yesterday ;913:50
asacwhere pluginInfo is assembled13:50
XioNoXI know13:50
XioNoXbut on this line13:50
XioNoXinformations present in the pluginInfo array come from somewhere13:51
XioNoXi've find some python files, which seem to interogate the apt database13:51
asacXioNoX: yeah13:52
asacXioNoX: if you want to improve the website/database part thats fine13:52
asacXioNoX: if you dont, we can just define how the rdf element will be called13:52
asacand i will fix it13:52
XioNoXBut the information line that I have to add will not come from this "database"13:52
asacXioNoX: no. thats why i said you should display a default description "No description available yet." in case pluginInfo.description is null13:53
XioNoXi've add the line description: getPFSValueFromRDF("description"), in the var pluginInfo = { array13:53
asacXioNoX: yeah thats right13:53
asac(unless it throws an exception there)13:53
XioNoXhaven't try yet13:54
XioNoXbut what should I do for that  getPFSValueFromRDF("description") give me back a sentence ?13:54
XioNoXgetPFSValueFromRDF() function is strange13:55
asacXioNoX: dont understand the question about "sentence"13:59
XioNoXfor the moment getPFSValueFromRDF("description") return nothing13:59
XioNoXhow can i do for that he return something (and define this something) ?14:00
asacXioNoX: dont implement the fallback in the datasource14:00
asacXioNoX: implement that in the Wizard.js14:00
asacthats where it belongs14:00
asacthe datasource should just be stupid and know nothing about fallbacks and such14:01
asac(and shouldnt have any strings)14:01
asacWizard.js is clearly UI so strings have to be done there14:01
asac(make it translatable if possible)14:01
XioNoXso where can I put a default sentence like "No description available yet" ?14:01
asacXioNoX: use a translatable properties entry and resolve that in Wizard.js14:01
asacand in wizard check whether pluginInfo.description == null14:02
asacif thats the case use the sentence as the description14:02
asacmakes sense?14:02
asacXioNoX: cool14:02
asacXioNoX: Ill see if i can fix the webservice in bzr today14:03
asacwould have to tell you how to setup though14:03
asacbut maybe you can document it during that ;)14:03
XioNoXok, so it is done14:04
asacXioNoX: maybe say "No description found in plugin database. Report a bug to ubuntu-mozillateam@lists.ubuntu.com" :)14:04
asacXioNoX: that makes it a bit longer and maybe helps to test the visualization of line breaks14:04
asacto learn something you could even make a template out of that string14:05
XioNoXho, there are no line break14:05
XioNoXI don't know why14:05
XioNoXit is the only bug14:05
asace.g. so we can say: "no description found for X in plugin database. ...."14:05
asacXioNoX: fix that ;)14:05
asacXioNoX: in html it would be just filling the text in the <td> i guess14:06
asac(e.g. without label)14:06
asacfor template: where X is the pluginInfo.name ;)14:07
asacmaybe we also want to display a link to a homepage14:08
asacwhich is just left out if pluginInfo.homepage is null14:08
gnomefreakthe bug you see when using back button in firefox while playing a video is that just flash or any video player?14:12
gnomefreaksee bug 211257 for details14:13
ubottugnomefreak: Bug 211257 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/211257 is private14:13
gnomefreaksee bug 211257 for details14:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 211257 in firefox "hitting back button and firefox froze, then crash on exit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21125714:13
gnomefreaknot anymore14:13
XioNoXasac, I've add 2 fields, one (shorter) on the right of the plugin name, and one (bigger, multiline if i fix the bug) under the line of the plugin14:14
XioNoXthe shorter cound be used for a "recomended" for exemple of for a website link like you told14:15
asacXioNoX: hmm. now that i think about it, i think we need four fields for future use: 1. name, 2. link, 3. popularity (like stars), 4. description14:16
XioNoXand the icon ?14:17
XioNoXor we remove the icon ?14:17
XioNoXand you'r sure that popularity will in necessary ?14:17
XioNoXthe adobe flash player will be a lot more popular if by popular you mean installed14:18
XioNoXthan gnash for exemple14:18
XioNoXI think the best is a short but good description14:18
asacXioNoX: the icon is ment to be a "origin" icon not the icon for the plugin14:19
XioNoXyeah, i know14:19
asacXioNoX: we could add another, option icon url that is not displayed if not online14:20
asacs/option icon/optional icon/14:20
XioNoXbut in my mind, it is useless, it is just for decoration14:20
XioNoX(i talk about the origin icon)14:20
gnomefreaki need testers to see if you can load https://itv.com/register/default.html14:22
gnomefreakfirefox 2 and 314:22
armin76doubt its a browser issue :P14:27
armin76doesn't work here14:27
asacXioNoX: hmm. not sure. it indicates whether you get a packaged plugin or a internet installer14:27
asacXioNoX: so the main difference is that the packaged plugin will be installed system-wide, while the other in profile14:28
gnomefreakasac: do you have a debian system handy?14:28
gnomefreakseems DSL has an older version of firefox that was tested i would really like to know if it happens outside of Ubuntu with latest updates14:29
asacgnomefreak: no my chroots are f**ked14:39
asacand virtual box even more so14:39
asaci should not have upgraded to intrepid i guess :(14:39
armin76caught for not bumbing!14:39
armin76for bumbing, instead :P14:40
asacwell. i cannot run the latest kernel and vbox does require latest vbox module which is only there for latest kernel :(14:40
armin76use gentoo *g*14:41
gnomefreaki got testers and i dont like what im seeing14:43
gnomefreakarmin76: can you test link in gentoo (most likely it will time out14:43
armin76gnomefreak: i already said it doesn't work here :P14:44
armin76i'd say not a browser issue14:44
gnomefreakarmin76: ah ok sorry missed that14:44
gnomefreakasac: i dont like results i got :(14:44
gnomefreakin fedora ubuntu debian and XP is fails to load in vista it loads14:45
gnomefreakXP and Vista are same builds for most part with 3.0 no?14:45
armin76gnomefreak: and why don't you think its a network issue?14:46
gnomefreakarmin76: because it happens on too many dists to be a single network issue14:47
armin76i mean a network issue with itv.com14:47
gnomefreakand i have a network working and it fails to load here14:47
gnomefreakbecause it loads in vista14:47
armin76who said that?14:47
gnomefreakimpl > gnomefreak: seems to work for me (Windows, Firefox  3)... I mean, it loads, is that all you need to know?14:48
gnomefreak09:41 <            impl > Vista14:48
gnomefreakive had a few in my lug test it on other than Ubuntu14:48
armin76well, i'd say just one report doesn't make it reproducible14:49
armin76he could've lied14:49
armin76or seeing a cached version14:49
gnomefreakthan install vista and test ;)14:49
armin76try https://www.itv.com/register/default.html14:50
armin76An error occurred while processing your request14:50
armin76not a browser issue14:50
gnomefreakwww.itv.com:443 uses an invalid security certificate.14:51
gnomefreakThe certificate is only valid for <a id="cert_domain_link" title="a248.e.akamai.net">a248.e.akamai.net</a>14:51
gnomefreak(Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)14:51
armin76accept the domain14:51
armin76the cert, i mean14:51
armin76its like asac says that he fixed the ppc segfault, i know he didn't :P14:52
gnomefreaktelnet works14:53
armin76i can try with ie if you want14:53
armin76wget doesn't14:53
gnomefreakif it was site./domain telnet should fail no?14:53
armin76uh, no14:54
gnomefreak1.0 fails but 1.1 works14:54
gnomefreakhttp/1.1 request works fine though14:54
armin76yeah, but does it returns something?14:54
gnomefreakassuming it works means he got output that is good since he tried with 1.0 and it failed14:55
asacgnomefreak: hardy-proposed nss should fix that14:55
gnomefreaksince im only getting ssl/cert errors on one page in that domain it bothers me14:55
gnomefreakasac: and intrepid?14:55
gnomefreakassuming its in intrepid already14:56
gnomefreaksince hardy has it fixed14:56
armin76gnomefreak: omg it works!14:56
gnomefreakif so than i shouldnt fail14:56
gnomefreakarmin76: what does?14:56
armin76do you believe it? because i don't :P14:56
gnomefreakits not working here14:56
armin76i know it doesn't14:57
armin76and i hope the guy who told you that it works didn't type http:// instead of https14:57
armin76because http works14:57
gnomefreakthat makes it an ssl/nss issue14:58
gnomefreakbut i dont have hardy system handy14:58
armin76wget doesn't work either, dammit :P14:59
armin76since when does wget use nss? :P14:59
gnomefreaksince its a register link it should use14:59
gnomefreakarmin76: wget can use ssl14:59
gnomefreakcant remember flag14:59
armin76want me to try with ie?15:00
gnomefreakHTTPS (SSL/TLS) options:15:00
armin76i know15:00
gnomefreakarmin76: you can but what version of windows15:00
armin76but it doesn't connect15:00
armin76--2008-07-10 14:00:21--  https://itv.com/register/default.html15:00
armin76Resolving itv.com...
armin76Connecting to itv.com||:443...15:00
gnomefreaktry it15:01
* gnomefreak bets it still doesnt work15:01
gnomefreakwith https15:01
armin76its not going to work if only one guy says it does :P15:01
armin76asac: bumb gnomefreak, it has bugs15:01
gnomefreakxp doesnt work vista worked15:01
gnomefreakis what i have found out so far15:02
gnomefreakthan im going to go with nss issue15:03
armin76god :P15:04
armin76how can you say it works with only one positive report and 30 negative? :P15:04
armin76it doesn't work15:04
armin76gnomefreak: ask to that guy for an screenshot15:05
gnomefreakupdated bug15:05
asacarmin76: which bug?15:10
armin76asac: he thinks that having one positive report with 30 negative is a valid bug15:12
asacarmin76: which bug is it?15:13
armin76asac: i'm talking about gnomefreak :P15:14
armin76plz bumb15:15
gnomefreakproblem is all linux neg. 1 vista positive15:16
gnomefreak1 xp neg15:16
gnomefreakso not 1 test but many15:17
gnomefreakif someone else would have said it works than i would have 2 but i only 1 person tested on vista and you said it failed for you on IE but you never stated vista or xp15:18
gnomefreakwith the amount of neg there is more than enough for upstream since i never said since its ok on vista its fixed15:19
asacgnomefreak: which bug is it?15:19
gnomefreakits still broken15:19
gnomefreakbug 21028515:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 210285 in nss "Firefox: Site times out when attempting to load." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21028515:19
gnomefreakchanged to nss and asked for testers after your comment15:19
armin76gnomefreak: xp15:20
gnomefreakhttp works fine in Ubuntu 3.0 but https fails15:20
gnomefreakarmin76: it worked in xp? or failed?15:20
asachttps works too15:20
gnomefreakxp pro fails15:20
gnomefreakasac: not here15:20
asacotherwise we would be swamped with bugs ;)15:20
gnomefreakasac: noone else it does15:20
asacthat page doesnt even work with wget15:20
gnomefreakwell the 1 vista user15:21
asacwhich suggests that its just broken15:21
gnomefreaki know but did you give the flag above?15:21
asacmaybe it requires some micrsoft protocol extension for client side auth or something15:21
gnomefreakasac: xp would work than15:21
asaci gave which flag?15:21
gnomefreakthe --no-check15:21
asacno IE would work15:21
asacnot XP15:21
asacfirefox on XP probably fails too unless its a pluggable auth mechanism15:22
gnomefreakwindows vista firefox works is what i got15:22
gnomefreakfirefox on xp fails15:22
gnomefreakboth 3.015:22
asacanyway. thats invalid there are no additional comments in the bug15:22
asacgnomefreak: we dont know anything about that bug. you are the only person that commented so far ;)15:23
gnomefreakasac: invalid but noone i know in Ubuntu can get it t work?15:23
gnomefreakasac: but im able to reproduce it15:23
asacgnomefreak: doesnt matter imo. the site is broken15:23
asacmaybe its down, who knows?15:23
gnomefreakwould telnet work on a downed site?15:24
asacmaybe it uses a microsoft authentication extension which blocks if doesnt succeed15:24
asactelnet doesnt work here15:24
asacplease mark it as invalid and move on ;)15:25
XioNoXhow does it looks like ?15:25
gnomefreakhttp/1.1 request?15:25
asacXioNoX: looks good15:25
asacXioNoX: how about improving appearence by borders/backgrounds?15:25
asace.g. a rounded border around the description with light grey background?15:25
XioNoXI don't know how to add a littlespace beetween the description and the border15:26
asacor borders around the complete entries?15:26
XioNoXI'm not shure that we can add a background15:26
asacXioNoX: you do that through padding15:26
asacin CSS at best15:26
asacXioNoX: we can probably set background and borders in CSS15:26
asacgive it a try15:27
XioNoXwhere do you want border ?15:27
* gnomefreak still wonders why http works and https doesnt (but i told him to report broken website and marked invalid15:27
asacXioNoX: not sure yet ;) ... i can tell once i see how it looks15:27
XioNoXmaube border will be too much, no ?15:27
asacmaybe a light grey box for each entry?15:27
asacXioNoX: i want each result to be more distinct ... making a light-grey box with rounded borders is one idea15:28
asacif you have others, go for it ;)15:28
asaci am not a UI man15:28
XioNoXok, i'll try15:28
XioNoXme neither :D15:28
asacXioNoX: you never know :)15:28
XioNoXasac : http://img159.imageshack.us/my.php?image=captureservicederecherche4.png15:36
XioNoXpadding and border15:36
XioNoXand all in XUL (i think)15:42
XioNoXbazaar push ?15:47
asacXioNoX: can you grey the cell backgrounds when hovering with mous?15:54
asacanyway, pushing in between would be fine ;)15:55
asacdid you add an example link?15:56
asaclike <a href="http://www.somesite.tld">WWW</a> ?15:56
XioNoXnot yet15:57
XioNoXwhere ?15:57
asacif no pluginInfo.homepage is given we could use href="#" and grey the link out ;)15:57
asacXioNoX: just to see if the link fits nicely in the layout15:57
asacXioNoX: if you dont have a cell for that then dont bother. just thought there would be a free cell under the icon15:57
XioNoXIwas thinking about an icon15:58
XioNoXnext to the ubuntu logo15:58
asacXioNoX: maybe make the border dotted (like the border in the addons dialog)15:58
asacXioNoX: whats the idea?15:58
XioNoXwe see the icon when plugininfo.homepage isn't empty15:59
XioNoXand we just have to click on it15:59
XioNoXthe " can you grey the cell backgrounds when hovering with mous" is kind of difficult16:01
asacmozilla bug 13243016:01
ubottuMozilla bug 132430 in Plug-ins "Real Jukebox Plugin destroys plugin finder service (default plugin) on branch" [Critical,Verified: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13243016:02
asacXioNoX: its ok as its now. i thought using hover in css for the entry table would work16:02
asacbut dotted border as above would be nice still ;)16:02
XioNoXi've try but it didn't work16:03
asacXioNoX: ok. i think a good idea would be to get the favicon of the homepage then16:03
asac(for the link icon)16:03
XioNoXok, now it is dotted as in addons dialog16:05
XioNoXbut maybe in the futur, it would be cool tu use richbox (like in addons dialog, than radio list)16:06
XioNoXso, i use anothre icon16:06
XioNoXwhere is the little dash ( - ) for the moment16:07
XioNoXsomething like a house16:07
asacXioNoX: i agree. actually, in the end the plugin finder stuff should open the addons dialog and have the same search thing as the "get addons" one16:08
asacbut with the mimetype preselected16:08
asacbut thats an advanced task imo ;)16:09
asacand belongs clearly to the things we can look into later16:09
asacfor that we also need to improve the xulrunner infrastructure16:09
XioNoXyes, i agree16:09
asacso support pluggin in distro-specific install/search components16:09
asacso all that has to go into the 3.1 development trunk16:09
asacbut lets do the few quick "simple" tasks first ;)16:10
XioNoXso, what should I do now ?16:14
XioNoXthe homepage stuff ?16:14
XioNoXI want to do a push first16:15
asacXioNoX: go ahead and push16:39
XioNoXasac, bye, see you tomorrow17:08
=== rZr is now known as RzR
candrewsI'm attempting to package Mozilla Weave, and I'm having a bit of trouble.18:54
candrewsdebuild -b18:55
candrewsAnd i get:18:55
candrews fakeroot debian/rules clean18:55
candrewstest -x debian/rules18:55
candrewsdh_clean -pmozilla-weave18:55
candrewsrm -f stamp-extension-install \18:55
candrewsstamp-* \18:55
candrewsrm -rf temp-xpi-Ptj2224718:55
candrews debian/rules build18:55
candrewstest -x debian/rules18:55
candrewsmkdir -p "."18:55
candrews fakeroot debian/rules binary18:55
candrewstest -x debian/rules18:55
candrewsdh_clean -k18:55
candrewsdh_installdirs -A18:55
candrewsmkdir -p "."18:55
candrewsdh_installdirs -pmozilla-weave18:56
candrewsunzip -d temp-xpi-Yce22393 .o18:56
candrewsunzip:  cannot find or open .o, .o.zip or .o.ZIP.18:56
candrewsmake: *** [stamp-unzip-.o] Error 918:56
candrewsdpkg-buildpackage: failure: fakeroot debian/rules binary gave error exit status 218:56
candrewsdebuild: fatal error at line 1329:18:56
candrewsdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -D -us -uc -b failed18:56
candrewswhat's wrong?18:56
asaccandrews: hi19:20
asaccandrews: 1st. please add weave to the Firefox3Extensions wiki page19:20
asaccandrews: and add yourself as the QA contact ;)19:20
candrewsI'm on it19:21
asaccandrews: are you trying to use xpi.mk?19:21
asaccandrews: what is your source and your binary package name?19:21
asacare they identical?19:21
candrewsyes, both are "mozilla-weave"19:21
candrewshere my repository: https://code.launchpad.net/~candrews-integralblue/firefox-extensions/mozilla-weave.ubuntu19:21
asaccandrews: you need to define a build command19:22
asaccandrews: as of now your rules doesnt build weave19:22
asacso there is no .xpi in the top level directory when xpi.mk wants to package that up19:22
asaccandrews: if you just run make in top level dir19:23
asacdoes that produce a .xpi ?19:23
candrews#MOZ_XPI_BUILD_COMMAND = sh build.sh19:23
candrewsalmost - you need to define MOZSDKDIR=/usr/bin/xulrunner19:23
asache? you mean /usr/lib/xulrunner-1.9*/ ?19:24
candrewsis that what it should be?19:24
asacanyway ok. try to use make -C $(CURDIR) xpi19:24
asacas build command19:25
asaccandrews: no, it should do:19:25
asacMOZSDKDIR =  $(shell pkg-config --variable=sdkdir libxul)/bin/19:26
asacor maybe19:26
asacMOZSDKDIR =  $(shell pkg-config --variable=sdkdir libxul)/sdk/19:26
asachavent tried to build weave with our sdk yet ;)19:26
candrewsgot a bit farther - they have a problem in their Makefile around x86_64... I'll hack it for now and report it upstream.19:27
asaccandrews: i think its fixed in upstream hg19:27
asac(the 64bit thing)19:27
candrewsI'm using the 0.2.2 tag...19:27
candrewsis it fixed there?19:27
asaccandrews: i dont know. if it doesnt work for you then probably not ;)19:28
asacits definitly fixed in hg head ;)19:28
candrews# FIXME: x86_64, ia64, sparc, Alpha19:30
candrewsIt's not fixed upstream.19:30
asaccandrews: hmm. strange. in the weave breakage bug we had the dev posted a 64bit extension19:31
asaccandrews: so probably wait for upstream to fix it19:31
candrewshe had to have hacked it19:31
candrewsWell, I put in the change.19:32
candrewsand got farther.19:32
candrews$(shell pkg-config --variable=sdkdir libxul)/sdk/ doesn't quite work.19:32
candrewsit just return /sdk19:33
candrewsi have libxul installed, i checked.19:33
candrewspkg-config --list-all | grep xul19:34
candrewsprobably not good.19:34
asaccandrews: you need a build-dependency on xulrunner-1.9-dev :)19:34
asacas you want to build binary components19:35
asace.g. you dont have that package installed atm ;)19:35
candrewsokay, so i need the -dev package.19:35
candrewsgot it.19:35
candrewsBuild-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), cdbs, mozilla-devscripts (>= 0.5~), xulrunner-1.9-dev19:35
asacthats reasonable19:35
candrewsThank you very much for all this help - I've never done this before, and I doubt i'd be able to figure out it out any other way.19:36
asaccandrews: thats ok, as long as you dont stop helping out tomorrow ;) ... which would be wasted time for me then19:37
asacbut i guess you want to maintain this on the long run, so great.19:37
asacwelcome ;)19:37
candrewsI hope too - I'm trying to get more involved than just filing bugs19:37
asaccandrews: extension work is the right thing to do then19:37
asacyou get started on easy packaging tasks19:37
asacand can help a lot by doing research ;)19:38
asace.g. finding new extensions to package that are ready for release19:38
candrewsunlike this one - which is clearly not release ready!19:38
asaccandrews: this one is ok. our requirements are just: we can build from source + it has a license file in top-level directory that is a free-license ;)19:38
asaccandrews: you can talk to Jazzva on how to best contribute to extension maintenance ,)19:39
asache technically leads the extension team ;)19:39
asaccandrews: have you joined the extension team?19:39
candrewsI have not, but I need to do that.19:40
asaccandrews: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozilla-extensions-dev19:40
asacjoin there ;)19:40
asacand https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozillasquad for now ;)19:40
JazzvaHey, candrews... I'm a bit busy till the end of the week, but asac told you the basics :). To see a list of packaged and needs-info extensions go to wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions/List19:42
candrewsI'll definitely be looking that over.19:43
candrewsmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/candrews/weave-packaging/mozilla-weave.ubuntu/src'19:43
candrews/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9/sdk//bin/xpidl -m header -I/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9/sdk//idl IWeaveCrypto.idl19:43
candrewsmake[2]: /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9/sdk//bin/xpidl: Command not found19:43
JazzvaPackaging instructions are located at wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions/Packaging19:43
candrewsAfter this, i plan to attack Google Gears :-)19:43
candrewsI'm reading that page now.19:43
asaccandrews: see whats wrong?19:43
asacthe sdk is too much in that path19:43
asactry to just use pkg-config output for SDKDIR19:43
asacI'd suggest19:43
asaccandrews: is google gears free-software?19:44
candrewsI should have seen that!19:44
candrewsIt is indeed.19:44
Jazzvacandrews, and that's basically the most I can help you at the moment. I'll be available for chat somewhere next week. :)19:44
candrewsalright - thanks Jazzva.19:45
JazzvaBut I see you're already working on extensions, so dunno if you need my help now :).19:45
asacJazzva: ill admit candrews to the extension team, ok?19:45
asacor do you want to approve?19:45
JazzvaUmm, feel free to do it :)19:45
asacJazzva: what trial period did we settle on in mozillateam meeting? you remember?19:46
Jazzvalemme see... I think 4 or 6 weeks?19:46
asacJazzva: ok lets say 619:46
Jazzvaand I'm off again...19:48
asacJazzva: cu19:49
candrews/usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9/include/nscore.h:51:21: error: prtypes.h: No such file or directory19:49
candrewsThat's weird - a file which xulrunner itself needs isn't present.19:49
candrewsAny idea what library prtypes.h may be in?19:49
asaccandrews: hmm. you need to add the /usr/include/nspr/ to include paths19:50
asaccandrews: oh wait19:50
asaccandrews: please upgrade to xulrunner from ~mozillateam ppa19:50
asaccandrews: that should fix it ;)19:50
candrewsi take it that'll make Hardy soon? :-P19:50
asaccandrews: yes. next week it will land19:50
asaccandrews: better use my PPA ... i think it should have the bits too19:51
asaclet me check19:51
asaccandrews: ok for now its only in ~mozillateam ppa ... my build has not finished yet. but shouldnt be a problem19:52
candrewsI'm already installing.19:53
asacok great19:53
asaccandrews: remember to put the proper build-depends in place (>=
asacdocument that you need at least or higher (because of this)19:53
candrewsI have to upgrade firefox too19:55
candrewsThis is interesting!19:55
candrewsi was just going to cherry-pick those 2 packages, guess i can't do that19:56
asaccandrews: you can ... you just need all ;)19:57
candrewsso it compiled!19:57
asaccandrews: add it to sources list and update, then type apt-get install firefox xulrunner-1.9 :)19:57
asaccandrews: ok cool19:57
candrewsbut lots of errors/warnings from lintian19:57
asacplease paste the build log to paste.ubuntu.com (if its not too long)19:57
candrewsNow running lintian...19:57
candrewsW: mozilla-weave: executable-not-elf-or-script ./usr/share/mozilla-weave/install.rdf19:57
candrewsE: mozilla-weave: copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-lgpl19:57
candrewsW: mozilla-weave: copyright-without-copyright-notice19:57
candrewsW: mozilla-weave: description-synopsis-might-not-be-phrased-properly19:57
candrewsE: mozilla-weave: description-too-long19:57
candrewsE: mozilla-weave: extended-description-is-empty19:58
candrewsE: mozilla-weave: arch-independent-package-contains-binary-or-object ./usr/share/mozilla-weave/platform/Linux_x86_64-gcc3/components/WeaveCrypto.so19:58
candrewsE: mozilla-weave: arch-dependent-file-in-usr-share ./usr/share/mozilla-weave/platform/Linux_x86_64-gcc3/components/WeaveCrypto.so19:58
candrewsE: mozilla-weave: missing-dependency-on-libc needed by ./usr/share/mozilla-weave/platform/Linux_x86_64-gcc3/components/WeaveCrypto.so19:58
candrewsFinished running lintian.19:58
candrewsi don't think that's too long for irc.19:58
asaccandrews: ok. fix the arch independent stuff.19:59
asaccandrews: since you ship dependent binaries you have to use all instead of any in Architecture: in control20:00
asacerr, any instead of all :)20:00
asaccandrews: i guess you can fix the empty etended description on your own20:00
candrewsgot it.20:00
asacand the too long description20:00
asacand please look at other extensions that are tri-licensed for the proper copyright file20:01
candrewsSeems pretty straightforward from here.20:01
asacthere should be plenty in code.launchpad.net/firefox-extensions20:01
asaclook at the ~ubuntu-dev branches for the proper copyright20:01
asacas those have been reviewed and uploaded alreadey20:01
asaccandrews: another important change you have to do is to open up the maxVersion in install.rdf20:02
asacto 3.0.*20:02
asacso we dont have to update the extension package on each and every xulrunner/firefox upload20:03
candrewsisn't that up to upstream?20:03
asaccandrews: no20:03
asacthey have different procedures20:03
candrewsalready done.20:03
asacok great20:03
asaccandrews: what is minVersion ?20:03
asacok then you have to prevent install in firefox directory20:04
asacthere is a variable that defaults to firefox-addons firefox .... you can just set it to be just firefox-addons20:04
candrewsthat goes in debian/rules?20:05
asacmaybe there is an example line already?20:05
asacotherwise its similar to the other variables defined there20:05
candrewsam I supposed to be "exporting" variables in debian/rules?20:06
asaccandrews: you started with XPI.TEMPLATE20:06
candrewsyes, i did.20:06
asacthere are examples20:06
candrewsE: mozilla-weave: arch-dependent-file-in-usr-share ./usr/share/mozilla-weave/platform/Linux_x86_64-gcc3/components/WeaveCrypto.so20:07
candrewsE: mozilla-weave: missing-dependency-on-libc needed by ./usr/share/mozilla-weave/platform/Linux_x86_64-gcc3/components/WeaveCrypto.soW: mozilla-weave: executable-not-elf-or-script ./usr/share/mozilla-weave/install.rdf20:07
candrewsThose are the 3 I don't know how to resolve... should i worry about them?20:07
asacthe former i need to fix i gues20:07
asacso dont bother for those now20:08
asaccandrews: oh you need to add shlib depends to Depends:20:08
asacin control20:08
asacso you get the missing-dependency error awway20:08
asacDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}20:08
asac+ the other depends20:08
asac(if any)20:09
candrewsthat does it!20:09
candrewsI'm not sure why though...20:09
asacit automatically gathers binary dependencies by lookint at ELF information of .so files20:09
asacthose will be inserted into shlibs:Depends20:09
candrewswoah, magic. I like it :-)20:09
candrewsW: mozilla-weave: executable-not-elf-or-script ./usr/share/mozilla-weave/install.rdf20:11
candrewsE: mozilla-weave: arch-dependent-file-in-usr-share ./usr/share/mozilla-weave/platform/Linux_x86_64-gcc3/components/WeaveCrypto.so20:11
candrewswhat about those 2? the arch depend one i thought would be fixed by switching the arch from all to any.20:11
asaccandrews: thats ok. the latter i will fix in xpi.mk20:11
asacthe former, i am not sure if i care enough to fix it in xpi.mk20:11
asacotherwise you can ignore it20:11
candrewslol :)20:11
candrewsalright, then i'll get onto fixing the doc stuff.20:11
candrewsMost excellent :-)20:11
candrewsI suppose I should make myself a ppa for this.20:12
asaccandrews: you can use the ~mozilla-extension-dev PPA now :)20:14
asaccandrews: but well. if you just want to test, use your own :)20:14
candrewsnow when a new version of weave comes out, what's the easiest way for me to update to it?20:15
asaccandrews: 1st. you maintain a upstream branch (currently thats rev1)20:15
asacthen you commit the new upstream as rev 2 on that20:16
asacopen changelog in .ubuntu branch20:16
asacrun bzr merge20:16
asacand fix issues20:16
asaccandrews: we are working on a way to do this automatically and let extension maintainers just sign-off automerged branches (or if there is a problem in automerging, let them know)20:17
asacbut for now, you have to do it manually like described above ;)20:17
candrewsFixed all the lintian errors, and commit back to bzr :-)20:58
candrewsAnd now the Boss is going to be less than thrilled at my time allocation, so I'm going to do the Day Job Thing for a little bit.20:58
candrewsThanks again for all your help!20:58
candrewsone more thing! It created the XPI as being called sync-Linux.xpi20:59
candrewswhere did it get that from? :-)20:59
asaccandrews: the xpi.mk can deal with every .xpi name as long its in top-level dir after the BUILD_CMD was run21:03
candrewshow about the version? Where does it get that from?21:56
asaccandrews: version?21:58
asaccandrews: you have to use a proper versio nin debian/changelog21:59
asace.g. 0.2-0ubuntu121:59
candrewsah! so it gets it from the changelog!21:59
asacbefore dash there is upstream version (e.g. 0.2.2) after dash is package revision (e.g. 0ubuntu1, 0ubuntu2, etc.)21:59
candrewswhy is it 0ubuntu?22:00
crimsunbecause 0.2.2-1 is not in Debian22:03
candrewsIn theory... when install the deb... it should show up in firefox's installed extensions, right?22:21
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