thedarkoneinstead of please test stable should be welcome to hell03:36
spiritssight1How can I fix this04:23
spiritssight12008-07-09 23:17:09.090 Unable to parse themeinfo.xml for glass-wide04:23
rhpot1991thedarkone: ?04:23
hadsShould be safe to ignore04:24
spiritssight1ok what is this if you don't mind me asking04:28
spiritssight1what about htis issue should I try and fix this, I am new at all this and looking at the logs04:29
spiritssight12008-07-09 23:17:09.815 Using the Qt painter04:29
spiritssight1mythtv: could not connect to socket04:29
spiritssight1mythtv: No such file or directory04:29
spiritssight12008-07-09 23:17:09.815 lirc_init failed for mythtv, see preceding messages04:29
hadslirc is what controls your remote, if you don't have a remote then that's nothing to worry about.04:30
spiritssight1I do have a remote that goes with the wintv 95004:30
spiritssight1so the question is how do I get that working, I guess I will go one at a time down the list of the log04:31
hadsI have to get back to work sorry but someone should be able to help with your remote. You should be able to set it up in mythbuntu-control-centre04:33
spiritssight1I just don't know which one I pick in that list04:36
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spiritssight1Hello I am looking for someone willing to help me fix a number of things that show up in the myth log, any one able to05:11
rhpot1991!ask | spiritssight105:16
Zinnspiritssight1: Please don't ask if anyone is around or if it is alright to ask a question.  Many people check back periodically and may answer your question when they see it.  IRC is not normally an instant fix so check back often for an answer.05:16
spiritssight1I was just being nice05:23
spiritssight1but ok I won't ask if able to help I just as the question05:24
rhpot1991spiritssight1: its annoying because people ask and never ask a question when people don't respond to them asking if they can ask05:27
Frans-WillemWhere's the option to have my backend retrieve the guide listing every night ?05:30
Frans-WillemSeem to have lost it :S05:30
spiritssight1I have a number of issue with my mythtv log I don't get its posted to pastebin http://pastebin.ca/106760205:30
spiritssight1I don't understand how to fix them, I have googleed a number of them and I just don't have the luck as I did not see any thing05:31
spiritssight1or at less understand05:31
spiritssight1oo ok I get it about the question thing, I will try not dto do it but it does happen and its habit asking for help even when I ask the question I will ask if any one can help05:33
rhpot1991spiritssight1: if you don't get any help you can try the forums05:33
spiritssight1its my nature as I have  many disabilities and I have to ask for help more then I would like05:33
rhpot1991!forum | spiritssight105:33
Zinnspiritssight1: The Mythbuntu forum is located at: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=30105:33
spiritssight1thanks, I will look around there and past05:36
spiritssight1past post05:36
spiritssight1What is Xv when it talks about mythtv05:43
spiritssight1what I found was a grathic maniperlater or some thing like that05:43
spiritssight1what does this mean? :  2008-07-10 00:53:24.688 Using the Qt painter05:55
spiritssight1mythtv: could not connect to socket05:55
spiritssight1mythtv: Connection refused05:55
akuma55is it true i can put mythtv on ubuntu server06:24
rhpot1991akuma55: you shouldn't06:27
rhpot1991not to say you can't06:27
akuma55why you say that06:27
rhpot1991kernel difference for one06:27
akuma55for streaming on the net work06:27
rhpot1991its not built for multimedia06:27
akuma55do you no what i can use to stream videos to xbox and laptop06:31
rhpot1991xbox can do upnp06:33
rhpot1991well depends which xbox06:33
rhpot1991it can do upnp but m$ ignored standards so it can't do mpeg206:35
rhpot1991(what else is new....)06:35
toorimahttp://www.mythbuntu.org/existing-ubuntu I thought one just could add gnome desktop and then add mythtv?06:41
toorimaor is it that much difference between server kernel and desktop06:42
rhpot1991its different enough that debuging any problems you have may be a pain06:43
toorimawell im running mythbuntu so i dont have to worry about it06:44
toorimabut thought one could do it06:44
rhpot1991you could if you wanted, but do you really want to is the question06:45
toorimayeah true06:45
sohocokehmm i must have done something wrong but can anyone help me find out what? I am getting a bizzare error when trying to run mythbuntu-control-centre12:08
sohocoke"AttributeError: ControlCentre instance has no attribute 'mb-apple_trailers_checkbox'. this seems to be related to a package 'mythbuntu-apple-trailers', which i don't think I should have dependencies on.12:09
sohocokeperhaps my apt repository config is wrong? this is a hardy installation but i added the intrepid repository to try out freevo. is this a bad idea?12:09
cmugHi, I just updated my mythbuntu 8.04 with latest updates and now LiveTV says "Error was encountered while displaying video". Logfile suggests there is a problem reading the file in my recording directory, but I am able to write and read files from there with the mythbuntu user.14:56
cmugAny ideas?14:56
cmughttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26468/ there is the log. can I increase the backend logging somehow?14:58
jphillipcmug your hard drive isn't filled or something silly is it?15:19
jphillipalso the backend is run as root so you might want to test that15:20
cmugjphillip, 70% used15:32
cmugi think the problem is that the channel has stopped broadcasting15:32
cmugI attached a normal dvb tuner and the same channel is displaying black but others work ok15:32
cmugi'm trying to rescan all channels15:37
cmugno help :(15:39
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toko_lmcehi! besides I'm too stupid... what could be the problem when I can scan channels with my DVB-S card successfully but when trying to view live TV for all the channels liveTV is black?20:10
toko_lmceany hints on where to start investigation?20:11
MythbuntuGuest18permissions for your livetv dir20:41
MythbuntuGuest18sudo chown mythtv:mythtv /path/to/dir20:41
MythbuntuGuest18whay does using Option "ConnctedMonitor" "DFP-0" crash my system? 7100/630i HDMI diskless client could force it with 169 driver but not this one so i am left blank...also doing this over ssh if it makes any difference21:17
majnoonhi i was wondering if anyone has a sample lirc config file for mythtv i can work from21:31
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craigyboytazshould also say that when it crashes the log file is reset to 0bytes21:47
spiritssight1How can I get my wintv 950 usb stick remote working22:06
spiritssight1I get this in the log of the mythtv log for fontend22:07
spiritssight1mythtv: could not connect to socket22:07
spiritssight1mythtv: Connection refused22:07
spiritssight12008-07-10 17:03:15.261 lirc_init failed for mythtv, see preceding messages22:07
commander-apemythbuntu doesnt appear in my grub boot loader after i installed it. i have ubuntu 8.04 and mythbuntu 8.04 installed, but i dont see mythbuntu to boot it on startup. how can i get it in there?23:02
peopleshey guys23:22
peoplesi currently playing arround with dvb-s2 and mythtv , to test dvb-s2 i've to install a patched version of mythtv.23:24
peoplesi'm not sure , is it possible to install the patched version to another location und run it ?23:25
peoplesparallel to the original mythbuntu mythtv installation ?23:25

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